If in 1888 they had the technology we have today, would Jack the Ripper have been caught?
Who invented the first vacuum, and when?
Dose anybody know the impact of the French Revolution on English literature.?
was alexander the great a ruler of the greek empire?
2 questions : 1. Describe Thomas Paine's influence in the colonial struggle against Britain in 1776.?
Why did the National Assembly fail?
hitlers war trophies (britain)?
Describe the oral traditions of early and medieval African societies. How were they significant?
What kings/queens copied Louis XIV?
Da Vinci Code?
What did Transcendentalists think of social status?
what pops into ur mind when u think about the cold war?
I need the history of english theater.?
What's the world without America ? Can you imagine it ?
What gun were used in World War II and by who?
What was the legal age of marraige for girls in the Rennaisance times??
How much was a bag of wheat worth in Florence during the Renaissance?
What are some historic examples of 2 different cultures meeting and successfully integrating?
what was the most famous case clarence darrow ever held in chicago?
Help me know about thiz building pls... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/A4QkrViCQAA_Zbr.jpg?
What is mould made of?
Did France pass a law banning payment in drawings to shops and restaurants in response to Picasso?
what is the difference between a fiddle and a voilin?
Why did Australia realise it was ok to do relations with China- taking into account the communism fear it had?
Who created the universe?
Does anybody know any interesting facts about Adolf Hitler?
what was the significance of The Battle of Flodden in 1513 and what was the battle over?
How does naval mines distinguish between friendly and enemy vessels?
Why does Josh Love people like me?
What did the United States wish to buy from the French when the Louisiana Purchase was made?
Who was at the center of these wars?
Which country do you think has the best history...?
what is Changing British Attitudes?
wat is tha capital of romania?
How is fedralism used in the constitution?
Was Operation Neptune in the Battle of Stalingrad or the Normandy Landings?
When was Jesus Christ really born? I know of some folks who said He was born in October(since He is 6 months o?
How do i write an argumentative essay proving that WW1 contributed mostly to the downfall of tsar nicholas ii?
Fish and rice are the popular food of?
Hi which warrior is deadly? The Samurai or Spartan?
Who was the best Roman emperor?
Did jessica alba quit smoking?
how many people died in nazi concentration camps?
What was discovered when Christopher Columbus arrived to the "New World"?
Information about the Nigerian civil war?
What do Germans and Austrians think of each other?
Was there a king of medieval Spain named "Casiano"?
Are Irish Anglo-Saxon?
Another proud tradition destroyed?
Why is the earth round?
Manam khoobam azizam. Merci. Che khabara?
coketown Hard Times?
What Impact Did Deep Throat (Mark Felt) Have on the Watergate?
Worcester County, massachusetts in 1791?
Is it Inca Empire or Incan Empire?
How did the War of 1812 lead to a reassertion of American independence?
How did foreign relations intensify factions among Americans?
what were some reformations in favor of blacks during the 1960s?
Why did it take so long for early people to reach South America?
i need help on a project about sir isaac newton and his three laws of motion?
could somebody explain to me how zebulon pike's expedition was different from the lewis and clark expedition?
who are dalits?
What were the three most important turning points towards gender/ethnic equality for Latino Americans?
The Wallus Bomb - what's the idea?
After WW2, Britain had massive debts to America, yet Germany paid nothing, that's just not fair?
Would USA endup being politically, socially, religiously like a South American society in the near future?
What did Elizabeth I do to deal with Puritans during her reign?
what is the meaning of life?
is jesus christ portrayed more often with a beard or without?
why do people breathe?
What's the point of hunting down and arresting Nazi war criminals?
Did the constitution resolve the weaknesses in the articles of confederation?
Whom is famous amongst these both Gandhi or Hitler?
What was life like for you during the Cold War?
Who killed President John F. Kennedy?
Why did Governor Michael Dukakis lose to Vice President at the time George Bush in 1988?
why is india called the land of unity in diversity?
What historical time period would you most like to visit ?
In alll sincerity exactly whta is a JEW? Is it a race as in caucasion,anglo saxon.It must be more than a relig?
MOST IMPORTANT FIGURES: 1. Christ 2. Napolean 3. Henry Ford?
what is a tessen fan?
Americans: How well do you know your history?
A Brief summary of quartering act 1765?
how the Egyptians built the pyramids? do they use any kind of technology from another planet?
Was a Methodist marrying a Presbyterian unusual in mid 1800s America?
world war I and france?
How much would it cost to construct the Brazen Bull?
If you could observe any part of history what would it be?
Why are oysters so expensive when they used to be cheap in Victorian times?
Perfect President for 1780 ?
who were the first inhabitants of Hawaii?
how many people died from the atomic bomb in the second world war?
what`s realy going on?
How did I forget that magellen was the first to circum-navigate the globe? When should I kill myself?
what happend 18th September 1956?
Why has Germany not been as successful economically as Japan since WW2?
describe the economic,political,social, & cultural problems faced by the new nations of africa?
whar did martin luther king did for his country?
Population Of Itlay in 1914?
the history of the luo tribe in east afrika?
what is the use of pentagram?
What is the most interesting thing that you know your ancestor(s) took part in?
is the vinci code really a true story?do u believe in this?
Which era would you love to have lived in and why?
is new castile the same as Castilla-La Mancha?
What is the history of Guyana-Suriname foreign relations?
three demontrations of ethnocentirsm that greeks used were?
What is the thesis of"The power of words in wartime"?
do you remember where you where on September 11Th when the tragedy happened??
when you're saying your nationalieies can european be one ?
Any knowledge of an Irish pilot named O'Conor that flew and died flying for the British in WW2?
what is the value of a 1775 quarter?
Who is King Cotton and how can i make a political cartoon on it?
postive facts about Guinea people?
Why was the Arabian peninsula a good starting point for Islam?
how was pocohontas significant to the united states?
Is a revolution possible in the U.K
what is the meaing of i-Pod?
the Mayans' calender?
What factors led VIRGINIA colonists by the late 1600s to rely on African slave labor?..?
Who discovered America?
What would the outcome of World War II have been if Canadians had not been involved?
did engineers fail during their college days?
What are the two largest castles in England?
Do you think you will leave a mark in history?
History : Spice Trade, Triangular Trade and Slave Trade?
what do you (Germans) Think when you see movies from World War 2?
What type of Medieval music is heard during parties in Medieval movies?
How can I prove John D. Rockefeller was a Caption of Industry?
How has secularism developed differently when comparing the United States and England?
What african culture is this mask? (No pic, description)?
Did you think that the world was going to end in the year 2000?
was william shakespeare gay?
What would have happened if Russia violated the French alliance by proceeding with the Treaty of Björkö?
Are there any special key facts for Ancient Greek Warfare?
What was the historical circumstances of Washington's Proclamation of Neutrality?
How was Britain responsible for WWI?
The federalists argued that a stronger national govt was necessary to?
Is "Home Defence" and "Home Guard" the same thing in ww1?
were were you when 9 11 happened?
How was Elizabeth Van Lew helpful and why was she praised for being a spy?
which country comes first? or known?
i am an asian!what should i be proud of?
How do I find the value of fractional currency from 1876?
were filipinos ever US Citizens?
Were all africans in the colonies slaves?
Which culture is better Indian culture or Westeqn culture ?
How did the events/atmosphere of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse's time period influence my topic in history?
why did industrial revolution begin in england?
There were two men who both won the first Nobel Peace Prize. One was Jean Henri Dunant. Who was the other?
Today at work during break i came across a senior female colleague who was suddenly rude?
what happened in the elections of 1796?
what were some of the native americans traditions?
History question about the progressive movement 1900-1916?
why did jewish people leave germany and go 2 jerusalem in the 30's or 40's?
Was Christoper Columbus A Murderer?
By the late eighteenth century, governors of the provinces of Latin America were?
I Black Hawk Down, were we fighting against African Muslims? Why do people now want one to lead our country?
history of the problems in the aravalli hills in rajasthan?
What Issues and challenges did Cleopatra VII have?
Any music similar to this in style?
Do Angkor Wat and the pyramids of Egypt have any similarities?
Were the SAXON English "Christians" before 1066? did Normans force Church attendance on them?
Why does my history textbook say 'American-Indians' when referring to Native Americans?
For serious scholars of race issues from a historical perspective: What is the cause of racism?
Who invented telephone and at which year?
world war 2: who is marshal paton and church hill? and what did they do?
How were the Baltics involved in the Cold War?
What impact did European powers have on the area of SouthWest Asia?
I your opinion, who was the greatest American President?
What was the mason dixon line?
What are British peoples opinion on Americans?
Did cavemen shave?
How did the American get the Atomic Bomb since i know it is invented by a German scientist?
Why would you defend PM Trudeau's use of the War Measures Act as a response of the October Crisis in Quebec?
What was the only northern state to have to pay reparations to a confederate state after the war?
What is the best invention ever?
What was Hitler's plan for invading north America?
during the mid-1800s, violent attacks by Nativists were made against who?
What are some failures/ achievements during the federalist era? ?
What provisions of the Treaty of Paris were the states not complying with?
what do you think about composer pianist Frederic Chopins larghetto and romance?
who was the first female vice president in the USA?
compare and contrast american indians to african american slaves.?
what are some questions to ask a civilian who was a alive during world war 2?
is it true that all architecture came from roman ideals including the Egyptians?
how did the nazi party increase its popularity in 1924-1929?
was the american civil war needless or uncessary? rational reson?
How do I find the value of some old magazines call the mentor from the early 1900.?
Compare and contrast the realtionship between early African slaves and poor white indentured servant's?
life of a member Spanish expedition?
emperor justinian and his reign( include his law accomplishments)?
how can i have my account canceled?
Who was the most influential human being ever?
describe the roles of madison and hamilton in the formation of the first american political parties?
Hi, can anyone tell em how the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Reformation were alike and similar?
How many Gods are there in India according to the belief of Indians?
what was the major difference between Egypt and the other two River Valley civilizations?
The cruelest human that ever lived!?
In CoD Black Ops did Mason kill John.F.kenedy ?
My husband has serial lovers, what should I do?
who is nepolean bona part?
How many hours did Napoleon Bonaparte I sleep?
Were there any gay Vikings?
history-cold war questions?
Where does many arabs wealth come from?
James F. McMillan background.?
How were aboriginal Canadians treated in the 1920's?
Where did the invaders come from?
Besides her being the leader in Southern did Maya Angelou have any other specific role?
were ancient greeks fair skin or tan dark skin?
Websites about Daily life for Puritans in 1692?
Why didn't Hitler have children?
Why did americans severely restrict immigration in the 1920s?
What oil company started out as Humble oil?
arfican americans life in 1920s?
Why were the Inuit hunters and fishers and not farmers?
Did you ever predict that something would happen and it did?
I think it is very important to keep the Celtic language alive by teaching it in Schools around the Country.?
What were the economic and social results of the Black Death in Europe?
Why did people stop lving in medieval castles?
How did women impact the political, economic and social life of colonial America? (18th century)?
what building was the largest marble building ever to be designed when it opened in 1911?
Judaism helpppppppp please?
How was the Korean war related to World War 2?
Which group has NOT historically shared a history of exclusion from mainstream American..?
What did Romney and Obama Have to say about these topics?
Why was the u.s constitution written?
"Boots of Lead"?
did the voting law change for soliders once they returned from the first world war?
If you could travel back in History... what place and time would you go and why?
Explain Adam smith's theory of value- specifically , his theories of natural and market price, their relations
Was it illegal for Robert B. Taney to take money out of the 2nd bank of the United States?
What wars did America win without assistance?
who was the french minister to the united states who attempted to involve this country in an european war?
MUSSOLINI & JEWISH . which relation was between Mussolini and Jewish ?
When was America prospering most?
what's the difference between the amish and the shakers?
Changing course?
well i didn'y mean it as a mean question, i just wanted to know what u think about abortions.?
When was columbus' 3rd voyage?
Are they any Survivors of the S.S. Saint Louis Tragedy ?
Evaluate the role and influence of the army in the successes and failures of the New Order in Indonesia.?
about hyderabad?
What was/is the iron horse?
why are jews enemys of muslims?
Who was Rev. Hugh F Blunt LLD ?
Jesus H Christ! What does the H stand for?
Who is the true King?
Who knows the Philippine Independence Day speech of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo on June 12, 1898?
What is a cool turning point in history...but was sort of recent?
Who was President when you were born?
Do u still like Chris?
What happened in the battle of Binh ba?
Who was the English Prime Minister in 1940-1945?
What were the meetings held among allied leaders between 1941 and 1945?
did the nazis gas the jews or did thay burned them in the gas chambers?
Is this historically possible?
Was Hitler ACTUALLY behind the Holocaust, or was it mainly Heinrich Himmler?
What were the key developments in the rise of ancient Rome?
who is the first person born on earth?
Why are some Japanese angry about the nuclear attacks on them by the U.S. when they started the war?
[History] Why did the Untied States become involved in WWII?
What races of people have ever been wiped out completely?
Why Do Japanese make better electronics and cars than US and Europe?
What were some of the results of Soviet control of Eastern Europe?
What was the date of dussehra(Vijya Dashmi) in year 1982?
Do you know who has stolen the marbles from Athens Acropolis ?
the vietnam War Lessons?
Did the captain of the Titanic cry?
wat was one important effect the chicago Race Riot this event produced either local, national, or internatio?
Is Dorothy Hamill currently married?
Although he is famous for his kite experiment, this Founding Father also invented the Glass Harmonica -?
In your opinion what was the most important medical/scientific discovery of the Victorian era.?
Why do Blacks claim to have invented so much but just LIE?
What would the world be like if Christopher Columbus hadn't discovered that the earth was round?
explain the legacy of the revolt of 1857?
Who would have won the Cold War if it became 'hot'?
I have a piece of paper money that says Abecta reba on it and im not sure where its from..HELP!?
Who Was the first to explore St. Lawrence River?
Why do historians argue that the wars of the roses ended in 1471 instead of 1485?
How can I make my Queen Esther costume historically accurate?
The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass An American Slave. outlining the most important events that oc?
Are all the buildings in Williamsburg historic or only in Colonial Wiliamsburg?
did france actually ever win a war?
During the height of the Roman empire...?
Whatis the history on the biograph theatre in chicago?
Is the South colonies more fertile or the New England is?
what is the Regency period and George III period in antiques?
was calvanism in the netherlands in the 1500s?
What was the grreatest mass murder of all time?
Which was the year when nothing happened?
What Would the World be Like If Native Americans Had Won?
Which Americans - dead or alive - will be remembered 1000 years from now?
What type of nation was the united states after the civil war?
What did girls wear on the Oregon Trail?
U.S History Question?
What are some famous things about the 1990s?
what where the toys the kids played with during the holocaust?
Did the Calusa trade with Mexico or the Carribean before the time of the Spanairds?
How and why did Europeans undertake ambitious voyages of expansion that would usher in a new era of global con?
who was remesis 2 and his wife?
how did the Black Death change Europe's social structure?
Any One To discuss About ALLAMA MOHAMMAD IQBAL?
What is this Illuminati?
Asspects of economy in mesopotamia?
whats Egyptian BCE?
Who was the smartest General who ever lived?
PLEASE HELP?? Important event in Ancient Greece?
What do you think is the ideal breast size?
What does the name Nanaimo mean?
what was jefferson's vision for the united states and what happened to it as result of...?
who is the movie-making of shark tale?
United States VS Russia in 2013?
Where were you on Sept.10,2001? Sep.12,2001?
how was it possible for so many blacks to be elected to public office during reconstruction?
If you went back in time,where & when would you go?
What was the technological advancements in the French Revolution?
What was law enforcement like in the 1800s?
What health issues did technology cause in the 1980s?
nationalities of the british army, under king james 2nd ,andnationalities of william of orange?
what is your view of ku klux klan?
What state did 300 slaves transport south for sale between 1830 and 1860?
where did president kennedy get married.?
Why did the Latin language die?
Philip II worked for all the following goals EXCEPT?
How long was Michael Rockefeller in New Guinea before he disappeared?
Who was chandragupta maurya's wife?
Why wasnt Krupp Armaments ever arrested by the German government for "Espionage"?
What percentage of the UK's population were working class in 1903?
What ended the Cold War?
Who were the translaters of the KJV of the Bible?
Are Americans jealous of the 3000 years of British history?
How did the colonists trick the Native Americans out of their land?
for those who live in the United States.?
Key differences between the I.W.W.’s & A. Mitchell Palmer’s understanding of labor radicalism?
How I can see the answer of ugc net paper of history hetld on june 2006?
Were did thomas jefferson live before the american revolution?
Where can I find Norfork Dam Construction Photos 1940-1945?
what kind of reorganisation and liquidation of comercial societaty was in the U.S.A.?
In your own opinion, was Hitler a ruthless person?
Hi I have untill 10pm tonight to have some info on a historical Aztec woman Preferably at least 1000yrs old.?
WW2 - If Japan had attacked Russia instead of USA?
How did Martin Luther King die?
Is it odd that my Italian friend and my Indian friend both look alike?
john adams?
How smart was Albert Einstein?
do you think the American government is still working?
How is the French Revolution relevant today (in American history)?
what were the ishinyos?
What do Rome & Starwars have in common? & what are there differences..?
what brought the US out of the Great Depression of the 1930s?
Project about genocides...I need help!?
Where did Lewis and Clark expedition spend a winter before returning?
What was the historical significance of the Alien and Sedition Acts?
what is the world's oldest empire?
What two things did the Kansas- Nebraska Act do?
How were the dead sea scrolls first discovered in Qumran?
Did Hitler like children?
why did the framers think the first amendment was important?
what did Hatshepsut rebuild during her reign...PLZ?
how do you make getas?
What Australian mammal, once thought to be a hoax, did Americans first ogle at Bronx Park in 1922?
description of iulius caesar (10 points)?
analyzing greek sculpture?
Esaay on Amelia Earhart?
was jefferson as president able to fully represent the ideas of the Democratic Republicans?
who is Dr. javad noorbakhsh?
What was Thomas Jefferson's claim on the Declaration of Independence?
originality in the Romantic literature period?
What is the Pax Mongolia?
Why did the black death kill as many as it did?
What were Germany's main reason for defeat in WW1?
Which topic is a better History Day Project?
i am super confused, i dont know anything about renaissacne art, plz help?
What issue does the 'sectional issue' refer to in the American Civil War?
Who is the most promiscuous female in our history books?
why do boys cheat on other girls that they like because i do not actually understand that that is why i broke.
does anyone know why the flapper defined a whole new style?
How extensive was Soviet control in Warsaw pact countries?
What happened after the holocaust to all of the surviving Jews?
How did the Neolithic Revolution impact ancient civilization? ?
What were some common steriotypes of the chicago culture in the 70s?
what did Valdimir Lenin do that affected Russia's history?
Who should I dress up as for History Day?
Were all Holocaust prisoners tattooed by the Nazis? Or was it only the Jews?
Do you think Mary Magdalene was an apsotle of Jesus?
how did British soilders in WW1 respond to fighting?
The best PM in UK history?
Victorian/Edwardian romance story?
isn't history boring??
Which of the following was the main reason for Germany's disunity during medieval times?
What was so spectacular about Abraham Lincoln and John.F.Kennedy?
Was Imperator Caesar Decimus Clodius Septimius Albinus black?
How far would you agree that 'The Eastern Question was the most severe threat to peaceful co-operation?
What motivated patriotic women to contribute to the Revolutionary war?
History of the illuminati after christ?
what were the names of medusa's sisters?
Was Joan of Arc black?
Specific dates in typographic history?
I don't get Malcolm X!?
Will we ever use geography or history in the real world?
Who wrote the Compromise of 1850?
Did Malcolm X and Rosa Parks have Different beliefs and methods?
what was the execution of louis riel and what kinda of impact did it have to canada?
Cleopatra had a son to Caesar his name was Casearian. Is this where the term "Casearian" came from?
What role did imperialism play in the shaping of American foreign policy in the late 19th and early 20th?
did hitler ever say i have a dream?
how did the catholic church disappear by 1603?
Was Thoreau a patriot or a traitor?
What was the Phillippines like in the 1890s?
what was the first line of Gettysburg address?
How did Benjamin franklin lightning rod change history, and change in times?
Did Hitler actually kill anybody?
Can the "Holocaust" happen again ?
When in history has Iraq and Iran united against Israel and/or Europe?
does slavery still exist?
Who is Gandhi,and what did he do?
What does the name mu ch'i mean?
How many American World War 1 veterans are still living?
are theo roosevelt and franklin D roosevelt ? related yes or no?
why did the axial age happen when it did?
Harring of the north!?
In what ways did the development of religion influence the advancement of ancient civilizations?
Did Aldof Hitler kill blonde hair ppl?
Was Imperator Caesar Decimus Clodius Septimius Albinus black?
Can a man kill a Full grown Male lion with his bear hands?
What was christopher coloumbus famous for?
What did copernicus discover?
what kind of thinker was hobbes?
who was the first leader of this country?
Did Hitler have any innocent hobbies , like pressing flowers or doing crosswords...?
How did the civil rights movement inspired groups in American life to demand greater equality and fairness?
mughal-afghan contest of 1526?
interesting events in the history of the US?
What made Mussolini so popular?¡?¡?
Who was leader of Italy during the World War II?
Do people in Texas have a southern accent?
What will happen in the year 1999?
When were the philippines discovered?
What effect did the Reconstruction Finance corporation have to the U.S.A?
Who is someone that you admire from history?
where in africa did the name kalonji originate? what region?
How was pompeii affectedd when vesuvius erupted in 79 ad?
Do you think the Truman Doctrine conflicts with the Atlantic Charter and UN Charter? Why?
What will be the ramifications of the decision that was made to conduct military operations in Pakistan?
All about the Temple of Poseidon?
Why has North Africa declined since Roman times?
Did Thespis live during the Hellenic age? or Hellenistic age?
Which empire is the oldest in the world?
History Questions regarding Civil rights!?
how long is the tallest pyramid?
I have to make a dialogue between a few Spartans, and i need answers today. Help?
Why Doesn't America Use the Metric System?
why was hitler appointed to chancellor in 1933?
In the 1500s, how would ships gets supplies?
Why is it that Africans and Black people in American don't know their history?
What historical leader conquered the most land?
The Early Modern Era: The Reformations?
Explain why the American people rejected the peace treaties negotiated on their behalf by Woodrow Wilson?
what are three sections of German society that Hitler wanted to appeal to?
pharaohs wore a double crown what is a double crown?
If you had to be a citizen of ancient Rome or ancient Greece which would you choose and why?
Did any ethnic minority soldiers serve in the British Army in either of the two world wars?
Hundred years war?? Help?
Who is nelson mandela?
How did reformers of the early twentieth century address the problems created by industrialization?
In the Scott's Buro Boys' Trail, who was involved?
Did the Holy Roman Empire, Spanish Empire and the othaman empire co-exists in the 1500s?
who was a better leader king Tut, Julius Caesar, Napoleon vanaparte, Hitler, Saddam or Cleopatra ?
was hitler really a bad guy?
How did the American revolution affect slavery in the 13 states?
what was the first skyscaper?
Why do calligraphers use rice and silk to make paper?
What is a famous case of massacring?
Who won the Civil war?North or South and why?
If America was founded by the British why don't they have a British accent ?
What did you learn about WWII in your nation?
Washington State Greek Life?
Medival Europe - the pope: please help I'm begging you?
what does the name "najirah" mean?
Who was instrumental in developing the Arpanet and helped to invent Ethernet?
When did Piedmont enter the Crimean War?
If the Romans hadn't conquered England would we still be living in huts?
What did Upper & Lower canada each gain from the act of union?
all the advantages that life in the colonies could offer a European who settled there.?
What is the name of the anglo-american historian associated with center and periphery in British colonies?
What is the Bermuda 100?
how many rooms did a typical tudor house have?
why is the sioux nation a nation not tribe?
Why were covered bridges built originally?
Which wasn't a part of transportation revolution in 1820-1850s?
why was London built in England?
during the cold war in the soviet union?
During the battle of Iwo Jima, did the Marines take over Mount Suribachi before or after the flag raising?
Why did the prisoners of war at fort delaware not have adequate supplies?
Was Truman's decision to bomb Hiroshima correct and if so was his decision to bomb Nagasaki also correct?
what should i write in a caption for a politial cartoon about the Populist Party?
Oliver Cromwell was the greatest EVER Englishman. Why, then, is he still considered negatively in England?
when did columbus discovers america?
dinosaur models sculpted between 800bc and 200ad are they fake ?
What regions made up the old C.C.C.P.?
how did consumers benefit from large trusts in the 1800s? why were urban workers on the edge of poverty?
pictures of Griffins?
Was President Harry S. Truman wrong to drop nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing 214,000 civilans,
Is Cleopatra really Greek?
battle of chattanooga?
what other revolutions did the industrial revolution cause?
Davinci code film true or nor???
analyze the origins and development of slavery in britains north american colonies in periods 1607 to 1776?
im doing a power point on the Gupta and Mauryan empire...?
Why hasn't Ireland had ANY famous serial killers?
American Revolution help?
What was the Great Compromise?
If you had to chose a historical study what would it be and why?
What special role did st.peter have in salvation history?
if mary is born to be the mother of Jesus, is Judas Iscariot, a well-educated man, is born to betray Jesus?
Business and industry during late 1800's?
What kind of art became popular in Germany and Italy in the 1930s? ?
History Essay HELP! compare and contrast the holocaust and Armenian genocide?
Examine & discuss the rise & fall of Alexander's Hellenic Empire?
If you were able to meet three historical figures, who would they be and what would you talk about?
why moslems hate the western,even so they like to spend their lives in western ???!!!?
How successful was Henry V111?
I have a few questions about communism?
when did the roger tory peterson institue of history open i need to know ?
Why do the English claim they invented football, when it was in actual fact, the chinese?
irish death and burial customs?
where can i find good WWII wesites ?
Who were 3 significant/influential people in America between 1492-1865?
What is facism?
To what extent was the Bolshevik revolution a coup?
why is d-day so important?
Wasn't Patrick Henry a bit of a pushover?
10 points for first correct answer!?
During Pearl Harbor, what were the Japanese Planes mistaken for?
What difficulties would DuBois have faced implementing his program in the south?
Help with HIST questions please?
Explain two ways in which sectionalism caused conflict or tension in the United States during the early 1800s.?
What are bad things about the southern colonies?
How did American Imperialism lead to the spanish american war and u.s expansion in the south pacific?
If an airplane crashed on the border between the u.s.& canada,in whitch country would they bury the survivors?
When did they stop using horses to pull coal and milk carts in the UK?
Why did the Irish stay out of World war 2!?
Helen keller??
What was the Marshall Court?
Did the Holocaust really happen?
why is Canada not one of our states(US)?
Roman-Germanic kingdoms? Please?
Charles Darwin & Abraham Lincoln were born on the same day - who is more important to the 21st century?
10 years on - Bali bombings - remembering those who lost their lives ?
malcolm describe cawdor last moments before execution?
list three religious groups that left england and describe their beliefs.?
What happened in the 1985 Storm Surge in the Bay of Bengal?
Did Jane Adams just help the white immigrants or did she also help other colored people too?
Was the league of nations successful from 1919 to 1923?
Think Bill and Ted's excellent adventure?
Which of these was a direct consequence of the Civil War?
Myths & legend about african god?
Who committed the Armenian Genocide?
Did Slave masters' wives accept..?
Why did the government kill the cult in Waco Texas? What threat did they have?
Why do Americans believe that...?
How does methylcellulose affect the movement of chlamydomonas?
Do American schools teach what really happened during the Filipino-American War?
Did the Roman empire use the Swastika?
Who was the Roman emperor that ruled under two names?
What were the 13 Original British Colonies in North America?
What were the changes moltkes did to the schlieffen plan?
Does anyone know the mytholology of horescope(eg pisces,Leo,Libra...)? How they exist?Why are there horoscope?
how ancient filipinos produce heat and light?
Did British pilots kill 600,000 German civilians during the Second World War?
where can i find statistics about the height of ceilings during history?
how did the south depend on the north politicaly?
Why did Thomas J. Watson donate the money for the Nazi provenance research library?
Why were Asian and African societies incorporated into European colonial empires later than those of?
The reservations that Native Americans occupied were?
How did CAZUZA die?
Why did the Nazis choose that name, because of the Ashkenazi Jews?
what is the worst thing that happened in mary I queen of england era ?
what is the oldest civilisation and the most advanced civilisation?
Was The Bombing in Heroshima Justified...?
What is the oldest Catholic Church in the United States?
What was the Bay of Pigs?
Are there nice things that Hitler did?
What caused the Salem Witch Trials?
Which three neighboring states fought wars with Israel in 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973?
Please list two effects of Jamestown's growth?
Does anyone like Romeo and Juilet?
What are links to find Online Faculty Positions In Anthroplogy and the Humanities anywhere?
Who said "Tis better to die on your feet than live on your knees"?
What were two of the causes of the US beginning the Spanish American War?
History Books. Should they tell the real story...?
WW2: how did the invasion of Poland led to war in europe?
I have old coins.how do I find the value?
Progressive movement.?
Did most of the Scottish who moved to N. Ireland & then USA originally come from the Scottish Highlands?
Are we in year 2012 counting from what ? Jesus Christ death?
pls convert my name (Jeb or Eve ) in japanese name. tnx?
When was America formed?
what would a typical day be like being a mountain men in 1800's? what qualities would you need?
United States History Question?
What will be your major accomplishments when you reach your death?
Read all of this then answer plz. If you do NOT know PLZ DONT POST!?
Australian History Help!!! MEnzies government?
Will Barack Obama go down in history as the man who changed the West forever?
Did people (specifically, girls) go to college back in the early 1900s?
Where did the "swastika" originate?
Whats a good job i can get If i study World History or Political Science?
How much did the hope for haiti telathon make?
Did science help to create WW2?
Name the Rajput princess whom Akbar married?
Help with world history please!! :-)?
why did artists, writers and academics want a united germany during the romantic movement?
how did Jackson's fiscal policy lead to the panic of 1837?please help D:?
During WW2 was the US really unaware of what was happening or did we just not care??
People who were in school durring 9/11? please help!?
is jennifer lopez is illuminati member?
any privateer info?
What did the average person wear in Ancient Egypt?
Why do most people consider Hitler most ruthless man in history?
Can someone explain to me this: Have the Jewish people accepted that they have killed Jesus? Or?
Did Judaism influence Zoroastrianism, or the other way around?
what were some of the causes of world war 2?
Why did the USA lose the Vietnam war?
Who were you in your former life?
Who was the ruler of Italy during WWII?
womens social situation after the first world war?
Who has affected the history of the world the most?
what is a roman festival and what do they do?
Whose fault is WW 1?
As a teenager what is or what was most important to you?
Why did jesus chase so violently the merchants at the synagogue?
What did the Ohio River Valley have that made it worth fighting for?
What are your thoughts on the Homestead Strike in particular and the early organized labor movement in America
why did poor people first fight in ww1?
History help please? s?
Bielski Brothers in the Holocaust, World War 2?
to what extent does the American Dream shape American ideals?
history help?
a historical event in America?
What would you tell the Founding Fathers?
who was the first prime mister of india?
More help on The Cold War?
what effect did the steam engine have on the coal and iron industry?
What's the historical significance of Mardi Gras?
explain how Beethoven's unique position between 18th century in viennese classical style & 19th century ?
is human evolution is true?
What happened during the first half of the nineteenth century, the "Cotton Kingdom"?
How did the Roman empire disappear? They were so advanced yet mankind went backwards once they vanished?
Why did King Charles I lose his head?
Can you tell me any important things about Central America?
Did any one count on Trump having trump?
what style did the neanderthals use making love?
Nazis: Why would they follow a man like Adolf Hitler?
Energy crisis causes wars and disputes?
what was fundamentalism and pluralism? in the 1920s?
what were 2 causes of the Cold War?
What made Hitler such a great leader?
why some black people in america have asian eyes, is it because they have native american/japanese blood?
I have to do a project on The Vietnam War between 1967-1971.?
what nine nations were involved in the bosnian crisis?
Why do the some african americans speak foul about Haitians.?
IRA are scum? Agree or disagree?
why was josef mengele nicknamed the "Angel of Death?"?
Does anyone have suggestions for inexpensively preserving newspaper? (copies of Washington Post, from Sept'01)
In the old american west when were pockets introduced to men's pants?
History thesis question?
Can anyone give me another example of the Salem witch trials but in real American life?
where can i find a primary source from Karl Marx?
In Ancient Mesopotamia, what were the main sources of conflict?
Could the US have prevented WWII?
In what ways were the declaration of independence crafted?
How were African American slaves persecuted against?
Whats your opinion on the aquatic ape theory of our evolution?
How did Walt Disney die?
Have you ever heard of John Rabe? Is he a well-known historical figure?
who was the first to climb mount everest?
Where can I find a life story of a nun or monk from the 16th century?
Ideas for a political cartoon about Manifest Destiny OR Market Revolution?
why was the treaty or Versailles not passed in the united states?
where can I find King Anan photo of late Thailand King?
What mistakes did Alexander the Great, Hitler, Communists and Napoleon made ?
If you could solve any mystery, which one would it be?
where was rosa parks going when she got kicked off of the bus?
explain in detail about jefferson being elected in 1800?
How much are real WWII bayonets worth?
Any history majors? Any historians? Please help!?
Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists!!!?? (Best Answer 10 points)?
Medieval Islamic world and the Scandinavian Vikings [10 points for the best answer]?
early 1900's to the 1920's how did society change?
what exactly happened to Hitler's body after he shot himself?
What ethnicity was Hitler or was he of Jewish background?
What has been responsible for causing the most wars? money/ oil? religion?
difference between an actual wartime trench and a cross section?
Why countries have flag?
Did capitalism pervert the monetary system?
How did u.s. build a strong nation after 1776?
what is the American Dream?
Who explored north america in the 1600s?
Did you like your school uniform?
when did Aenstein died??
Did parts of Czechoslovakia turn into Slovakia ?
Who is a day labourer?
Was New Hampshire founded for fishing or farming?
Why did President Kennedy believe that engagement in Vietnam was crucial for his foreign policy?
if adam and eve are white how do we have different colored people?
Who were some important people in World War 2?
What are the clauses in the Magna Carta with power over the lives of his family of his nobility?
Question about early British-Chinese trade relations?
World Book Encyclopedia, World War I (Short Question)?
Do you blame the USSR for the start of World War II?
Why did England once fight America ?
If you could go back in history, what you'd like to change?
machu picchu?
What does the word "Areyto" mean?
How did Barack Obama become famous? ?
Mikhail Gorbachev outlined his plans for the policy of perestroika. What was reflected in the provisions?
Did the Chinese culture have entertainment for the masses in 1500 AD ?
How did the Cronulla Riots affect Australia today?
Capital of the Athenian Empire in 450 BCE?
What did the English do to the Irish to make them hate us so much?
Where can i find Arizona death records by address?
what is a good final jeopardy question about 18th century american history?
How would life under the Black Codes be similar to life under slavery? How would it be different?
Did the apple really hit Isaac Newton's head?
does racism still exist today?
Who named our planet "Earth" and when did we start calling it by that name?
How did Hitler die???????
Durin the american rev what hindered the military movement of the spanish in the gulf of mexico?
Who was/is the worst US president and why?
If time travel was possable, what would you change in history?
why is Uncle Sam called like that?
In Your Own Words How Would You Describe the Promised Land was north of the border.?
In which time and place in history would you like to have lived ?
Does any one have any information on Eurasia?
Can you explain who these people are? What did they do?
Why did the German people turn to Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler?
Describe the various attitudes of Americans toward the fight for independence.?
World war 2 question, PLEASE help!?
what is more important in understanding the past of the U.S? photographic or written evidence?
List me some famous books based on WWI and some prolific authors (Literature) that lived between 1914-1919.?
Example of a virtuous woman?
What is all that remains by Patricia Cornwall about? Who was the killer? How did he/she kill the couples?
What are some methods of Sufis?
Alexander the great: Help?
what are the most important factors in determining why some societies are more advanced than others.?
What led the united states to acquire empire abroad in the late nineteenth century?
Klu Klutz Clan?
Why did african american soldiers commit more rapes than wasps in WWII?
Don't you think that the Nazi regime was a parody of an eastern sultanate?
What Was The Major World Event The Year You Were Born? The Year?
Why did Germany lose the first world war?
Describe African Resistance to slavery.?
What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence,Who wrote it and what did it say ?
Segregation, racism, supreme court cases.. HELP(:?
Two facts on Apartheid?
What are the differences between the NSB and the NSDAP during WWII?
How long did the main invasion of iraq last?
History buffs: If you know the "conspiracy theory" regarding the sinking of the Lusitania, please share it
can anyone give me a summary of Harry Truman's executive order 9981?
Any clue or info. on Pirooz, the only survivinh\g son of Yezdedgerd III, the last emperor on Sasanid dynasty?
Nimrod was a great hunter and King, but people use his name to denote someone doing something dumb. Why?
What do you think would have happened if George McGovern was President in 1972?
What area's of London were the homes of the rich in the 1970's ?
In WW2, why did Hitler not attack Turkey?
If you could travel in time, would you want to live in a different era?
What rebellion in Argentina put Perón in power?
War of 1812? Why do Yanks Think They Won?
what will the future status of computer rngineers?
Does anyone out there believe the Mona Lisa painting by Davinci is Mary Magdalene in disguise?
Someone explain Evolution and why it isnt more popular than Christianity?
How do you think the (Jewish)holocaust is related to school? serious answers plz!!!?
who was the first person who discovered america??
What historical personage would you like to have befriended?
where is the lost city of the incas?
My girlfriend was watching the history channel with me...and she said she thought hitler was hot...?
Who do you think is the worse serial killer in history?
What do you think happened on the Mary Celeste?
What was the Bay of Pigs?
Who's fault was the Cold War?
People who believed Emily Davison died accidently?
What are some important themes, event, and people in the canada to confederation history from 1763-1840?
why do indians use their hands while eating?
what are the traditions in london?
Do the Japanese still see Pearl Harbour as a stunning victory?
Fill in the blank. Reagan was the great communicator. Bush Jr. is the great______________________________?
Death Of Singer Ruth Etting In 1977?
What would be the main idea of the American history from 1765 to 1775?
which is the only seven wonder of the world whose construction is till going on ?
What was the legacy of the Enlightment?
where was the location of the pawnee indian tribe?
what were the results of calvinism during the renaissance?
Who knows their american history?
10 points to the 1st person to anwser this History question?
What were 2 of the main policies that made up President Regan's domestic program?
I need advice from Arab or Muslim who uderstands our culture...?
How did poll taxes and literacy tests disenfranchise African Americans?
If Hitler ruined the name "Adolf" why wasn't Stalin able to ruin the name "Joseph"?
what were working conditions like for children in the eighteenth century?
why do black people call themselves AFRICANAMERICANS, when they have never been to Africa????
World Civ - Nationalist Revolutions Sweep the West help?!?
problems that are associated with DNA analysis and profiling?
what does KKK stand for?
What are the MAJOR causes of World War 1?
did the US know the power of the atomic bomb they dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki?
Why was the battle of shiloh(in american civil war) so importent ? what major thing happend?
If you were to go back in time, which historical figure would you slap??
Did Sir Paul McCartney make Lady Diana pregnant?
Why did Voltaire propose an enlightened despot and not some democratic form of government for France?
If Rome had such a powerful empire, how come it fell?
Do Americans believe that your country was founded as a christian country?
Real name of this Chinese sword design?
What 5 major events lead up to the holocaust?
The early 1900s vs the early 2000s?
Help on The Treaty of Versailles ?
Why was Alberta wanting to separate in the 80s?
are we dumbing down ????
PUNIC WARS???? helpp?
Did Africans build the Pyramids or Arabs?
What showed that the new cultural ideas were growing in the South in the late 1800s?
some facts about the battle of savannah?
How do i use President Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural Address?
Who was the ruler who beat the ocean to stop the tides/waves ?
was abraham lincoln a black man?
How did you get here?
Evaluate the significance of Albert Speer's role to Twentieth Century History?
What role did the Cree nation play in the War of 1812?
how did Ronald Reagan over come dementia?
why are the land masses of this hemisphere called american instead of columbia?
Illuminati ?!?!?!?!?!?
i need 3 examples of double shell church?
What benefits did PEI get from joining Confederation?
History Mid Term help please!!?
Who walked to the south pole and flew to the north pole?
American Flag Facts please?
Healthcare question for Native Americans?
Anniversary of JFK assassination in a few weeks! Time for you to learn who killed JFK?
how did the great compromise resolve the conflict between small and large states?
I write on comparative religions,want my articles to get published.Please suggest me some magazines?
World History Question?
What laws were passed during the colonies that had to do with laws and religons?
Who was Tingsing Norkay(sic) ?
Why do we waste money teaching history? No one learns from it.?
what happens if the earth was to stop spinning?
Three important documents or events that contributed to the growth of democracy during the colonial period?
when did the "good emperors " begin?
if you had caught hitler.....?
Is the Davinci Code true?
Liberty Reserve taransfer.........?
Is terrorism about religion or politics?
Who is the most famous person ever?
Are there any white tribes...? As in, like black African tribes or Red Indians...?
hi, i want to know what do western people thank about Arabs or Muslims? Thanks?
history question, 10 points for a good answer?
What do you think the world would be like had the Allies lost WW II?
the French had a strong alliance with which Indian groups?
what would the bibliography be for the white house.com?
what was the average age of women getting married in 1776?
Radical protests up to 1970?
why Benjamin Franklin is on money?
White Australia policy, LOL?
Romance in the 1700s?
where do i look to find death records for family members, that i dont have to pay for info. i can get it for f
If you could live in any time period which one would you chose?
Who are some founding fathers?
Reasons that prove the South started The Civil War?
Facts about Hitler ?
Palentology Camps?
Does anyone study anythng apart from Hitler in History at school these days?
Marriage in 18th century France?
Lorenzo Valla in the renaissance?
Is George Washington our only president not to have held office in US government prior to being president?
what are the good things truman did?
What were Hellen keller's real achievements?
reasons for opposing slavery in the south ?!?
What did the Slavs and Franks eat/ grow?
Does everyone in the Kennedy Family know each other?
which was invented first the Wheel or Fire?
How much is an 1885 Indian Head Penny worth?
who is the best leader in history?
Did the United States armed forces include 15 and 16 year olds during World War 2?
What was the first oldest profession ever?
What was the first piece of electrical technology?
Why do they not teach us about Prussia in school?
if you could own any building in history and never sell it what would it be?
Compare medieval archery to modern day?
Which historical figure would you consider the opposite of Ghandi?
Whose the most famous person that murdered in 1821?
Can you name me any films that deal with racism ?
how is non violence effective/stronger than a atomic bomb?
How do the ideas of Nationalism and the Problems of Eastern Europe contribute to the collapse of the USSR?
Any facts about the Italian town/province, Cosenza.....?
who other significant women of the past who were named Cleopatra but not the last Egyptian queen?
What determines the start and end of a Chinese Dynasty?
Did Hitler personally carry a weapon on him?
Significant world events in 1954?
what is bo le why i cannot find?
If the future has already been established , how would going to the past to alter things change history?
What was it like for germans helping jews?
any details appreciated on the field of the cloth of gold?
why do so many irish live in boston? what was the historical basis behind the original migration?
What event, in your opinion had the biggest effect in world history?
Who really built the pyramids in Egypt and exactly how old are they?
how can you get a copy of a person death certticated online so you can tell how the person die and when?
Which of the following was not a result of the Third Punic War?
Why did Britain, a tiny island in the Atlantic Ocean, dominate the world for so long?
what the hell does bajesus mean. like that scared the bajesus out of me?
Has there ever been a time in recent history when the citizens of a country did not vote during election time?
how did life change in the U.S. change immediately after world war 1?
The "Declaration of independece refers to the "pursiut of happiness."?
what are some important things of andrew jackson?
how do you get apprasal on a world war one helmet?
w has the interpretation of the commerce clause changed over time?
Who was the best President of the United States of America who was a Democrat?
did they clamor {scream} for war,or did they want apeaceful settlement?
A Decription of The Medici Family?
What has been the result, according to C.S. of having England's protection?
What was the most popular form of writing for soldiers in ww1?
Which of the following was not a significant wartime development?
How many people knew of the armenian genocide?
what were the washington treaties?
when did the inca civilication started?
Who killed Alexander the Great's Family?
best ever criminal gang?
Studying black history?
where were you during 9/11 ?
From what city did Belisarius and his army originally set sail to make their attack on the Vandal Kingdom? C?
History of Great Britain in 18th century?
What were three major accomplishments of the 1st Great Awakening and how did they affect the colonies?
What was the Union prisoner of war camp that was as bad as andersonville?
What is your most precious thing.......??
Is it racist to ask about slavery?
When was leonardo da vincis catapult desighned?
Was there an industrial Revolution?
how did the new England, middle and southern colonies develp differently in terms of religion, commerce, popu?
Who use to live in the Lynnhaven house in the 18th century in Virginia?
what is the rule of history in our life?
Are Blacks the only people in the history of the world who have been slaves ?
How did the Mayans know the world was going to end in 2012?
What two different groups help with equality american history?
What is the most used name in the World?
What were some of the measures that Jefferson took to discredit Adams? How did one of these measures backf?
What message did the olive branch petition and declaration of independence send to king George the 3rd?
vocabulario de la lengua tagala by padre domingo de los santos - this is a grammar & dictionary book?
how does south america celebrate columbus day?
my name is wong sok fan. then i want to use flannery as my nick name but a lot of ppl not agree?
who is the strongest country?
Which idea that was once accepted is now considered scientifically inaccurate?
acient greek red figured pottery?
Why did the storming of the bastille happen?
Would there have been a war in the Pacific if the USA didn't enter the war ?
my great grandparents were travellers does that make me one?
Who survived the battle of the little big horn?
Do you Think Hitler was the most evil man in history or the best motivator of people?
What are some past civilizations connected with nature?
Was World War 2 about USA and Germany?
what is the geography like in colonial virginia?
What Historical events occurred in Wyoming?
What was the ideology in France in 1789 and in 1814?
how did local government set the stage for the american revolution?
Evolution: What's your take on it and do you believe in it?
what is the origin of conflicts?
how was andrew jackson's interpretation of liberty consistent with the founders?
How much would original photos of JFK in the Dallas motorcade be worth?
an outlaw who hid in "No Man's Land"?
who became the ruler of france after the 1848 revolution?
names of 5 famous spanish people please?
What were the 5 most known hate groups in the 1920s?
Why did Montezuma welcome Cortés, saying “you have come to sit on your seat of authority"?
United States Tactics in WWI?
Where can I get information about the History and present of Baker Street London?
Where can I find information on Mercy Carter, survivor of the "Deerfield Massacre"?
What were significant key military actions in the Pacific during World War II?
To anyone who's into Roman history here's 1 that puzzled me?
was hitler a millionaire?
Does anyone know when the Great Fire of Britian was?
What factors influence the probability that the Supreme Court will hear a case?
Who was the best prime minister of great brittan of all time?
World War 1...What is the reason the peace settlement signed after the Great War failed to ensure the peace?
Why was the fall of tenochtitlan significant?
what was hiters IQ?
hi everybody i just want to ask where can i find the book about da vinci code in inconvinient ways.thanks?
Im interested on black slaves trade / culture / history. I need a line of investigation, any suggestion?
who is saint norbert please?
Reagan: Was he great or horrible?
What is one type of government the ancient Greeks had?
What were the initial advantages that Germany had in the Russian war in ww2?
Why were there such huge crowds of people cheering on Adolf Hitler when he was obviously insane?
what was used before the spinning Jenny?
Nuremberg Trials !!!?