Is the holocaust funny?
what do you think is the worst tragedy of this century?
The New England, Middle, Chesapeake/Southern Colonies?
In Machiavelli's Prince, what German prince was he referring to?
Which revolution had more affect the Spanish or the French?
The impact of the French Academy of art in 18th century Europe?
Whats another way the ancient egyptians could have organized 360 days into months?
What Were The Effects Of First World War On East Asia, Middle East, And South Asia?
who was William Waller?
how were filipinos treated when they first came to the US?
how do i get over a guy that never has time for me?
What was the social Upheaval in the middle ages?
Has anyone ever heard of Batoche (National Historic Site)?
How did the colonies respond to Grenville's laws specifically the stamp act?
who stabbed martin luther king and where is she now? is she dead? what was her sentence?
Several foreign armies had intervened in the Russian Pacific coast, any operations brief on it?
How could the JFK Assassination have been avoided?
What is the best Nation in the world?
Can You Suggest Any Historical Figures To Study?
What What training did WWI Soldiers recieve?
Why was the monroe doctrine issued? at whom was it aimed and was it necessary?
Hi I am looking for a book "The History of a ManKind". could you please help me find out this book.?
do you know anything on the great escape of world war II?
Did serbia want to unite with the Slavic?
What state was named after a French King?
Was Bill Clinton an amazing President?
What was the relation of the Ottoman Empire to the development of Modern Europe?
what is the national dress of Bangladesh?
Who were two of the most important ancient Egyptian gods?
What themes or events happened in history at the same time in different locations?
Why do whites have so much power if all races are equally intelligent?
how did revolution in south America in the 1800's affect politics/organization of the continent?
Did news companies in the 80s use the early Internet to get news and communicate to other networks?
specific evidence that supports the thesis that the Iroquois confederacy influenced the US constitution?
why do people hate Hitler so much?
Is St Georges Day the right day to celebrate our country?
What's hitler's blood type? How about Stalin's?
Who founded the Boys Scouts of America, and what year were they founded?
What influenced fashion?
Why did the Nazis choose Jews to kill?
Why was George Washington considered a federalist?
Who was the best and worst president?
History help please?!?
why is the west so rich and most of the rest SO poor?
What do you think is the ideal breast size?
I would like to get the information about History of computer graphic in TV.?
Are there any soldiers who, had experienced and wrote on the aspects of any battle of the civil war?
How many naimals of each sex did Moses place on the ark?
Can someone gives me a list of good biographies on Rasputin and tsar nicholas II?
I need written primary sources about iconoclasm in the Byzantine Empire!?
Did you hear that famous historian Howard Zinn ("A People's History of the United States") died today?
Why did the US end isolationism and enter WWI?
what were Trumans administrations and programs?
What was life like in the late 1500's?
What were prohibitionist and purity crusaders trying to get rid of?
What was a ghetto during the Holocaust? and what happened to people in 1?
Manson Murders for Leaving Cert history project?
How would u feel about an Equal Rights Amendment being added to our Constitution ?
Were "The Normans" in fact descendants of "The Huns"? (via Scandinave & N. France)?
What were some successful and failing empires/civilizations that ruled tyrannically or democratically?
why do so many US States have an "Orange County"?
Any site that lists reforms made in Nicaragua since 1990?
How would the world be today if Adolf Hitler won the war in you opinion???
did hitler always have his moustache??? or did he put it on only during the third reich period?
Why are strong king rare and central goverment generally missing under the feudal system ?
Why was Cleopatra hated by the Romans?
Where did Egyptians find the materials to make sarcophagus?
What is the backstory of the Lindberg kidnapping?
WW2 theory?
Why was Hitler so popular among the German people before WW2?
How did Imperialism cause WW1?
If you went back 200 years what item from 2006 would you bring back with you?
Scottish History?
Question about the Holocaust (math)?
What was Hitler doing on D-Day?
Do any Americans know what "Big Ben" is?
what is the history of the bathroom scale?
Was Hitler an elected offical elected by popular vote?
What are the 3 best books to read about WW2 in the European Theatre?
what is the meaning of african-caribeean dance?
what were William Dubois ideas on black progress? and could it have been accomplised in the Gilded age south?
What is the name of an egyptian peice of clothing?
How did the American accent come about when it was only British colonists at that time?
what did Florence look like in the renaissance?
Was Shakespeare involve in the writing of the bible?
Roman law and its important key points.?
Question: Where does the notion “Time is money” came from? What does this have to do with opium and tea?
when did adolph hitler meet his wife and how??
In what kind of relations are heads of states often involved?
I am named after dogs. What am I and which dog am I named after?
Where can I learn about the theories of the "true" history of man?
is there any word that starts with y that has to do with ancient rome, and is there a definitoin to it?
Why wasn't abolitionism ever widespread ?
what is satsuma pottery?
How would history have changed?
Who was the First Presiden USA.?
When the Civil War began,President Lincoln's chief aim was to what?
Trafalgar battle?
How can I be a man like all greatest men in history?
Hot topics in the 1920s?
Can you list 5 facts on Assyrian cavalry and infantry?
Which occupied European countries experienced most civilian resistance towards the Nazis?
World War 1 letter censorship?
what type of Slavery Does hungry have?
Im looking for a man named Dean Smith he may had died in july 12 1882 he lived in steilacoom washington?
could you posably tell me what the value of the boston daily advertiser october 8 1880 is worth ?
I need a list of events that happened on July 7?
how did Bohemond capture antioch?
When talking about Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X...?
What SPECIFICALLY caused people to be FEARFUL of the Catholic Church during the Italian Renaissance?
Is the present day Gaza Strip part of the original promised land?
If JFK had not been assassinated, would America be a better country today?
did hitler really really kill 6 million jews or is it a lie ?
What is the religion of New York?
are the things tht are happened now really signs of the end of the world?
Was Queen Boudicca a good queen?
Why are air breaks important and how are they important to the industrial revolution?
What's some of the Incan Civilization History?
The american civil war?
What good things did Hitler do?
Why was Florence mad at the Catholic Church During St. Catherine of Sienna's time?
What was John Locke's heritage?
What games did they play in pubs in the 1930'S?
what wsa cross war?
That America!? Have started! Unlimited Power of sex! A sex and perversion words give us unusual force and ener
who's your favourite king from history?
How did both the British and the Spanish use slaves to try to gain power in the New World?
How can one compare the emergence of Latin America to the following?
History - WW1 Assignment?
What are some economic differences between the 13 colonies?
Why is Black History month in Feb.?
What was the outcome of the conference in Evian,France in 1938?
Was their a practice mount Rushmore?
10 words to describe the world war?
Top ten pagan/tribal/ancient mythologies?
what is the class relation and association between social classes?
when did mahatma gandhi die?
What are the attitudes characteristics did we inherit from the japanese during the WW2?
How did Marbury v. Madison establish the judicial review?
Why have white races always been so expansive?
what's the highest number of people who died in a mass suicide?
How did hitler view the Indians (South Asians)?
After the War of 1812 how did the US become more agressive. why did the US function better after 1815 affairs
Wich president was nicknamed"Honest Abe"?
who was president when the cold war began?
Is it true that Henry VII was the first king to pass on the throne to his son?
what if you woke up in the morning?
how long was the mission san rafael arcangel used by spain?
what were the slave immigration patterns in the late 1600's?
how many Jew's were killed in the holocaust?
Which was the greatest threat to the Weimar government in Germany ? The right to left parties?
what did native people make canoe paddles from?
In your opinion, which is worse: The Holocaust or 9/11?
can someone please paraphrase this??
what was john brown about?
I want to know about the 'Mandal Commission'?
Is there a site where I can find Cleopatra's complete story?!...?
why did the japanese continue to fight during ww 2 when they were completely outmatched?
if slavery began in 1619, why did it take 200 ?
Who was the founder of New Orleans? (History)?
what happened when the enslaved african americans escaped to Canada?
how did ww2 changed art?
Auschwitz Bakelite CheckerBoard. who knows about that? please do not send me information from ebay?
Where the spartans really as good a fighters as depicted in the movie 300?
How was the 'My Lai Massacre' a turning point in the Vietnam war?
Why aren't Swords and Shields used in battle anymore?
What should I do with my life?
What inventor, credited with developing Calculus, was so bad with names he sometimes forgot his own brothers!?
Is there a list or something out there on when various nations were created?
Colonization? Pro's & Con's, has it bettered society or not?
What good are the British? Have they ever done anything good besides WWII?
Why did Cornwallis burn his armies' supplies before the battle of Guilford Courthouse?
Who freed the slaves?
What was taught in history classes in prehistoric times?
How was unity esablished amongst Canadians after or during The Great Depression ?
Did The Portuguese Use Guerilla Warfare?
explain crisis in middle east?
why are older homes 30+generaly sounder if construction (framing)is about the same as todays standards?
How did life turn out for Pedro and Pablo Vacario?
is creston smart?
can you help me? us history questions help me?
what happened to the Mayans after the Spanish came?
How do you pronounce "Aragon"?
George Washington was viewed?
What were one or two of the ways in which the American economy changed after the Revolutionary War and/or the?
what was the reason of the first crusade in 1095?
Did the Nazi Hitler regime have anything against blacks?
which country has had the greatest history?
About half of the slaves imported to the New World between 1701 and 1810 were delivered to?
what is the cutty sark famous for?
Who is Adolf Hitler?
Why did racial slavery become the exclusive labor source in the south ?
who was nebuchadnezzar I?
what state was abrahaim lincon buried?
why did Jesus called His Mother 'Woman' ?
how has AIDS influenced postmodernism?
Do cats know they are going to die?
Who is the greatest female human in history?
Classify These American Imperialist Events into Categories.?
if you could break down the history of the hamilton-burr duel into 4 or 5 parts, what would they be?
How did the English Revolutions lead to the creation of the English Bill of Rights?
what was Martin Delaney role in Black Nationalism?
Did they have television in 1983? Would this be avalible for working class familys?
Was there a government in Ancient Egypt?
Constitutional question?
do u think the gospel of judas is real??
Statistics of Nursing Abuse in different countries?
Who were the worst U.S. presidents?
how did john and abigail adams meet?
A Question On the Louisiana Purchase?
What have the Romans ever done for us ?
Why do African Americans use the "slavery" thing all the time.?
Relationship between capitalism and bartelbism?
Can someone tell me all the entries that happened over 1788-1860 in American History?
what is a medieval townsman?
What did the Romans ever do for us?
Who ruled after Nicholas II of Russia?
Is it true that many African chiefs and Kings profited off of the slave trade?
History of Technologies during 1920's -30's?
What if King Edward VIII never abdicated?
why did the cold war start?
What are two reasons the colonsists had to get upset/angry about the Stamp Act?
If moveable type wasn't invented until 1440, how did King Cnut get his name?
When did the allies celebrate victory in the European and Pacific theatres of World War II?
Is it true "Adolf Hitler " was a jew?
where did the phrase "seven year itch" originate from?
what was the importance of art and architecture in the renaissance?
Americans are too patriotic, jingoistic I think!!! No?
What are your four favorite war movies ?
Who was considered the most important figure in Elizabeth I privy council?
Is it true that America "saved Britain" in World War 2?
who found louisiana?
What is Africa famous for?
How American culture was impacted by the economic and political changes of the 1920's and 1930s?
what does "S.O.S.", "A.M.", and "P.M.".....stand for?
need american history help or sources for my exam notes?
What concentration camp were most Jewish people killed in?
After what event did Britain start to call herself "Great Britain"? At what date did it happen?
Was america founded on christianity?
To what extent was the condemnation of 1277 a defeat for scholastic Aristotelianism?
History Help? please? (:?
Marco Polo - I did not tell half of what I saw...?
German iron cross question?
If GOD made us where did he come from? I know He's always been but haven't u ever just wondered?
What European cities did the U.S. air attack first and last during WW2?
what were the results Joan of Arc in short and long term effect Joan of Arc in short and long term effect?
what did booker t washington believed that african americans should do to rise their status in society?
what is going on in this crazy world?
What does the name sean look like in the ogham alphabet?
why are african americans brown?
What is 'el dia de simon bolivar'?
where can i find good information about new york city history?
how can i look for the meanings of Michelangelo's art work?
Worst president: Grant, Harding or Bush Jr.?
What if William the Conqueror had lost?
In examining Condert from the perspective of 1950 did he get it right or wrong?
Has the longevity of the British monarchy been the result of the limits placed on it by the constitution?
Did you know that the northern America was a part of great PERSHIAN empire?
who was the first knight?
The Fall of New France?
what were joseph stalins beliefs and goals during his lifetime?
What social changes occured during or because of World War I in America?
Help with Edward De Vere and Shakespeare research please?
who colonized nigeria?
Who has made the biggest impact on your life? What did they say or do?
Describe what the "American System" is, its advocates, its origins, and its impact on the economy?
USSR atrocities (as "Katyn massacre") is "Ethnic Cleansing"?
how did the battle of Kinsale contribute to the plantation of Ireland?
who was the most famous artist in 1800?
Are there any famous Native Americans besides Gandhi?
How did aproaches to punishments change from 1750-1900?
What were early interactions between European settlers and Native Americans like?
help with julius caesar?
What did Justinian and accomplish?
Peace Signs..?
Which Roman emperor after Augustus Caesars reign, has similar leadership qualities to Augustus Caesar?
do you think that the 9/11 attacks were perpetuated by the government?
How many days do i have untill i graduate High school???
What is the Warsaw Pact?
What caused the colonial expansion of Europe from 1400 to 1800?
How did the Latin crusades affect the medieval European economy?
why were the europeans so eager to find all water routes to asia?
what was canada role in the battle of ypres?
The hill borough disaster 1989 what happened and why did it happen?
If you could go back to any era in history, which era would you want to visit? And why?
Who did the Populist Party appeal to and why?
what did prospectors call black dirt flecked with gold?
What did the nazis achieve? Best answer within an hour!?
how did christopher hibbert describe Cosimo de Medici?
how were the vice-admiralty courts diffrent from the reguar british courts?
What is England's greatest contribution to civilization? Plantagenet royals, Shakespeare, Bacon, John Lennon?
before the europeans, who were the main powers of trade? why?
Anyone know what I can do with a big tin of "Civil Defense" survival biscuits??
the political organization formed by the Third Esatate in 1789 was?
Why was it so easy for the Nazis to occupy France in World War 2?
What was the the kingdom of Kalingga in Indonesia?
does anyone know anything about Henry Blair the inventor?
Why do people love Che Guevara?
A Question about American history?
was egypt a former colony?Name the parent country for the history.what is going on in africa today?
why is the orchestra headmaster a violinist?
Can we live in a world without violence, and achieve our goals for change?
What role did big businesses have in leading up to the great depression?
Need a little help on History.?
how many animals died during world war 1?
Can you give me a list of the biggest genocides that have been commited in history?
How does Lenin’s plan for establishing a communist utopia differ from Marx’s?
How did the enlightenment influence the founding of our nation?
When Was America Discovered?
What are the main characteristics of a Confederate government?
what website can i go to to find out when the Jordan's come out?
How have Native Americans, Africans, and Europeans all influenced American Culture?
who had the better armory for the civil war north or south during the civil war?
To portray the histories of their military campaigns, the kings of Assyria used___four-sided shafts with tops?
One of the biggest debates in history...What did the ancient Egyptians look like?
what political economical and social factors helped bring about the reformation?
Did Versailles make a profit for France?
Is the world safer than it ever was?
What are some good books on the third reich?
good vs bad?
Why should we read history ?
what is national language of india?
In what ways did the development of agricultural societies shape the development of religion?
Why can't we leave the Titanic alone?
What are some important things that happened in Elizabeth Bishops life?.?
Where were you, and what were you doing???
Was Dickens's Society that cruel as he described it in his books?
1920s Newspaper article?
How did aggressive nationalism push france and germany to the brink of war in the early 1900s?
holocaust never happened?
What was life like for women in the American West?
is mexico considered central america?or north?
what societies benefited from the european trade networks?
If hitler did kill all those people, would he be a great leader?
How did most Americans imagine “the West”?
What will bill clinton be best remembered for a century from now?
Does anyone know any good sites with history facts about the Royal Park Estate in London?
What was the most significant event of the 20th century?
What kind of man was Langston Hughes?
Why did the Muslim Empire allow Christians and Jews to maintain their beliefs as long as they paid tribute?
1750 - 1900 what affected the population rise?
What money was used during the Revolutionary War & what are good reasons Sam Adams would be wanted by British?
Do any contracts strike you as unusual for the time? Why?
Halocaust survivers?
intmediate 2/ GCSE history help please?
Were the Maori people savage cannibals?
when was the first intifada?
What were the major decisions regarding Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, France and Turkey?
why is the myall creek massacre so significant in australia's history?
Why was the Archduke Franz Ferdinand important to Austria?
Why is so much of history taught in schools?
Three historical examples of how the term monotheism is used in history?
did a queen die of beastiality by being crushed by a horse or is this just an urban myth?
Who won the Peloponesian war?
What Did John Smith Did for Jamestown??
Which race of people has killed the most people in history?
what does hanging of the crane mean..circ.1800's?
What is the backgroud/life of Barbara Tuchman, the author?
What is the russian revolution?
how come in US history is one sided?
3) How important was the assistance of French sources to the success of the American Revolutionary movement?
WHo can tell me about lynching in the south???
Patriotic Monument Idea? For American History.?
How did the stock market crash of 1929 effect American life and art?
world war 2: who is marshal paton and church hill? and what did they do?
What were the causes and consequences of the invasion of Rhineland?
Why do some people say Ancient Greeks were black?
History Questions...?
a level history please help?
what affect did the social security act and other new deal legislation have on the relationship between state?
who is indira gandhi?
How did the Crusades lead to the Renaissance?
What was the religion of Rome before they adopted the Greek religion?
Interest in NAZI Germany...is it wrong?
Word origin of sincere?
In 1901 the very first Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to whom for his discovery of X-rays?
When the two towers came down on 9/11 was that caused by the plane crash or were they just demolished?
if anti-federalists did not approve the government proposed in the constitution...?
What were the main factors of the crusades?
What was society like before and after the telegraph?
How long between the invention of sliced bread and the invention of the sandwich?
Where was Hideki Tojo born?
During the late 1900s, how were the Philippines Myanamar, and Algeria similar?
what is your opinion on the story about Nongqawuse?
Are anthropologists just another kind of western imperialist?
why did the League of Nations fail? Who were the main actors in this failure?
what did they use as protection during sex in the 1940's?
In the book Ramesses, why did Pharaohs from the 19th Dynasty avoid connections with pharaohs from 18th Dynasty?
Main cause of why the Europeans got themselves into the Crusades?
what exactly is radical reconstruction? what would have been different if Lincoln would have lived?
give 4 factors that led to the collapse of the western roman empire?
How do the American people put up with Bush?
causes of the french revolution?
What is the most striking significance of the year 1850 B.C.?
titanic question?
Khan related to the fall of rome?
what were the objectives of the penal system in australia?
Was it true Americans entering Canada in the 1800s were relieved of their handguns?
Why do we exist in the world and is there a god?
What did oscar romero do that was so spectactular?
why did denis kearney immigrated to america?
Am I justified in disliking English people?
The banking industries. And the music industries, wich among this is control by the illuminati?
Illuminati? What is it?
why life give us pain?
Which problems and issues did John Tyler face on taking the office of the presidency after William Harrison ?
need information about the hakrinbannk building in suriname and a picture?
Why are people so quick to believe that the Nazi gas chambers existed?
How did Hernan Cortes achieve power and what cause did he fought for?
Can anyone help name some people that has been discriminated/fought discrimination?
List of names of indian women philosophers or revolutionaries of the 19th and 20th century?
why English?
when did fransico defeat the inca ruler?
Would you say Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a genius in his respective field?
Why did Kamikhazee pilots wear helmets?..seriously!?
How Did The Amendments, Bill of Rights Came About From The Constitution And how do they help us?
why did napolian sell?
source analysis help?
Does anyone know what the Ancient Egypt laws were like?
How long did the Hundred Years War last?
what is fear?
history help please. 10 points for best answer. ?
Why were the Athenians good at conducting warfare? Help please?
what happened to a soldier who lived in Preston?
President Nixon put a price cap in effect when he was in his first term?
have u ever met a cambodian???
Why did Kamikhazee pilots wear helmets?..seriously!?
What did James Madison do to help frame the bill of rights?
What did the reformation and counter reformation of the church do to the music of the baroque period?
was it fortunate for the republic that the federalists had the control of the government for a time?
Is This Statement TRUE or FALSE?
Were there any WW2 Russian victims?
Why did the Hutu and the Tutsis fight?
what were the political parties' views on the building on the panama canal in the 1900s?
History Question Help???????
10 greatest American Presidents?
I need to find some info on how the spanish people have contributed to the United States. Can someone help me?
What was the fenian's involvement in the Great Famine 1845-52?
As compared to 2005, what was the value of the US Dollar in 1875?
what are some social changes during the industrial revolution?
What GOOD did Hitler do for germany?
Identify one way the modern factory changed the character or style of labor conditions.?
Should America have dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima?
Why did people go to the council of constance?
Will We Get To See A Major World War In Our Existence!?!?!?
Can someone describe the rulers of the Ottoman Empire and their accomplishments: Osman, Orkhan I, Mehmet II, a?
things contributed to national unity in the 1800's ?r=1259631392?
When was the exact date when the seven year war broke out in North America?
Would the allies have lost World War II without the U.S.?
did Tsar Nicholas II make any reforms?
Britain and Germany did the same kind of colonization but on a different scale .?
where did people come from during 1849?
Compare and Contrast the South Carolina Ordinance and Jackson's Proclamation on Nullification.?
What were Woodrow Wilson's contributions after WWI?
The person who knows what 666 really stands for gets my 10 points?
as bad as the great depression was, life under stalin was far worse. what is a compare/contrast statement that?
Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor ?
Were Jewish people aloud to be doctors during the Holocaust? Why or why not? Please help me!?
why was Mary wollstonecraft important?
The term _______________ best referred to the economy during the Ford administration.?
Famous Speeches During the Reconstruction Period/Civil War?
Does anyone know about "Babe Didrikson Zaharias"?
why was the Gettysburg address given in gettysburg, why not somewhere else?
what was the social, economic, and political way of life for the cheyenne tribe before and after settlement?
what tactics were used in ww1?
how can i get Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr "i have a dream" address?
who was Louis XIV (14) help help me please ?
Where and how is the phrase "Dovie' andi se tovya sagain" used in english today?
How did the building of the railroad change the West?
Why do designers revive styles of the past?
The Brazilian name of a person who fought hunger?
What laws or rules did the Sioux Indians have?
Are Americans friends or enemies?
History about Nazi Germany?
Is there any value in studying the history of other countries?
Wouldn't it be great if Hitler came back to life?
what to do when one of ur family members start poisoning ur life and who is inevitable?
Were there any Czeck troops in Siberia, Russia during WWI, and what is their mission, and how they reached ?
How would you respond to someone harboring respect and admiration for the Wehrmacht of World War II?
Which territority is the most invaded in history?
After the defeat and withdrawal of the German Afrika Korps in 1943, the Allies next attacked the island of ___?
does anyone know anything about the black death?
What is the age of Nelson Mandela of South Africa?
what influence do you think Washington Farewell address might have had on American foreign policy?
Would the cold war be a world war?
does anyone know about north americas industry in the 18th century?
what two presidents died on the same day?plus what president died five years later on that exact day? Lastly f?
What would you tell the Founding Fathers?
Why is Jesus so gay?
how much did a light bulb cost during the 1900's?
How do I know if I'm physcic?
Who would you consider to be the worst supreme court justice of all times?
what were the advantages the south had over the north in the civil war?
What did the British do with the Aboriginal Slaves?
How do you think the Ancient Romans kept track of and maintained such a complicated religous system???
how,when, and where does the civil war end?
what is the name of the first trading post of the Mediterranean Sea in ancient Greece?
How many raids on the North did the South attempt in the American Civil War?
10 point! Why this is a reliable source (Russian history)?
Why did the Liberty Bell ?
how were thomas jefferson and andrew jackson alike?
wold history questions??????????
what were the main ideas of mercantilism?
who was the the franciscan missionary who settled California?
i was told there is a special name for people born on may 1. what is it?
what was hitlers big mistake?
I am looking to talk to someone that knows about 1930's navy photos.?
What is the difference between WAR and BATTLE ?
Who is the most famous slave of all times?
Did Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus of Rome commission slave to say to him 'You are not a God'?
do u know anything about traditional western clothing (e.g what men and women wore)?
Can anyone give me a list of all of the Signoria families in Italy?
What are some inventions from the industrial revolution?
what religion was there before islam in the middle east?
Were there any civil War battles around Houston?
tell me the names of ages in english literature?
how to make a time capsule?
late 1800's project help?
What was the ACTION and the REACTION in 1941 Japan attacks Pearl Harbor ?
what was the role of religion during the american civil war?
Are pyschic people real?
Who Was Chandra Gupta ?
its Germany's fault for starting WW1`!?
Facts on the life of Che Guevara?
What countries and territories did Hitler and the Nazi Party take over while they were growing?
Where can I find cheap, period shoes for the SCA?
What Was The Years That The Europeans Arrive In America (s)?
Help with history report PLEASE.?
What dynasty was Yu the Great the Chinese leader for?
who was chengiz khans grandpa?
What was the affect of the Renaissance on Religion?
What does WWI mean?
Explain the evelutionary feature of responsible goverment in canada?
Did the political system of the Roman Republic *completely* fail in the end?
are the stories about carmen winstead TRUE (or) FALSE?
who was the most evil person in history?
What are the names of Mother Teresa's sibling?
What two important legal documents acknowledge Indigenous ownership of land?
What is the 9th planet from the sun?
What did the Renaissance architecture inspire from?
what evidence was there at the close of the french and indian war for a revolution?
why was Korea important for the Japanese Empire for reasons of national security in 1940s?
What books can i read on the Italian unification (non-fiction)?
How did Rosa Parks help to abolish slavery?
Is the movie king Arthur as close as it can be to the legend himself?
why was the war of 1812 important for james madison?
The silk road stretched from?
What were some popular hymns written before 1915?
help with world history?!?
who is leonardo da vinchi?
what were the conditions in virigina like in 1607 ?
In 5 years from now, will you remember what you did yesterday?
What does the CE years mean? How is it different from BCE / BC / AD ?
Where did the saying Eeni Meeni Miini Moh originate?
USA before the Civil War. Were free Black people full citizens of the USA? Could they vote etc?
Is there any reality in The Da Vinci Code ?
Which two European countries took the lead in launching voyages to discover a direct ocean route to the Indies?
Where is the LST Memorial in Washington, D.C.?
what is the new deal?
Do German people feel thankful to Hitler?
John Quincy Adams vs. Andrew Jackson?
who killed JFK?
In English history, what was the Spanish Armadillo?
9x8+5-9=2.50? how???
who is the most dangers person in our history?
What were some cultural advantages of colonial Rhode Island?
2 different veiwpoints of Harry Truman?
How did fashion reflect the changing roles of women throughout the twentieth century? Describe three examples?
Did Hitler kill old people?
Where does Nisperos family originated from?
What was Alexander Calder like as a child?
Imagine you are a Native American and the European explorers are coming here, tell me what u think, & see.?
first teacher is Aristotle.Who is considered to be the second teacher in the history?
I need History experts! Especially those who love Western civilization!!! Please help!?
what happened on december 7 in history?
Who are the Incas?
What does the Angel in this painting (Manifest Destiny) represent?
What would George Washington say if he seen his country today?
Why did the peloponesian war start?
What is the effect of Sharia on society?
What's a good conclusion to a Cherokee Indian writing?
Why are Americans so ignorant of history?
why was joseph stalin ruthless?
How did the Australian Light Horsemen contribute to the development of the idea of Australian Identity?
50 states in USA now. Which website I know history/record of number of state is changed?
Did painting overshadow photography or did photography overshadow painting in the 1800s?
ideas for the70's clothing, hairstyles, fashion,& etc.?
how did witch hunts in Europe prior to these trails played a role in the story salem witch trails?
who represents Johnny Tremain in his trial?
What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence?
Who were the first people In America?
Regionally and culturally, where was Jackson's strength in the election of 1828?
US History Photo: What is the significance of this picture?
Why did he really kill 33 student in Virginia tech?
Dates for the bombing of Germany cities in world war 2?
do u think hitler is good citizen?
Isn't it a shame that the ancient Romans and Chinese never met each other...?
what one single event led directly to the abolition of slavery in the northern states where it had been legal?
American history equality questiin only one help?
Opinions on who won WW2?
Who Was Chandra Gupta ?
What was the impact of World War II on Pennsylvania?
What event in history interests you?
how is the American public depicted in art and literature during the great depression?
what are the funds of the ilo?
Why did the English refuse to aid the south in the civil war?
The traditional date for the fall of Rome is?
Interesting events from 1600 to 1900?
What are some facts about Rosa Parks?
How did Native Americans deal with their prejudice after the American Revolution?
How many people were killed in the First Crusade?
how was the ghengis khan empire military system?
ww1 treaty :wilson's 14 points plan approval?
who says the Dakaut are Brahamins?
Who drafted the Declaration of Independence and what do they mean by "drafted"?
Why do people get so emmotional about the nazi holocaust but nobody cares about the 20 million Stalin killed?
Vampires exist?
how was hitler's lebensraum policy responsible for world war 2?
what lesson did people learned about the econmic crisis?
Was Josephine Baker the singer from STL named after the civil rights leader Ella Baker?
what most accurately characterizes the gender breakdown of men and women in most immigrant groups?
What can you tell me about Aztecs and Incas?
During 1812 could the UK have taken back the 13 colonies?
What were the four reasons for the United States entering World War 1?
When did the A.D. year system come about? Did people in A.D. 100 for example, think it was 100 A.D.?
what value is 1st anniversary of the liberation of kuwait coin?
What is narcissism?
What are the sounds of britain?
I'm having same problem wit me beats what cord did u use that was too short that worked good ? I need?
why did the Counter-Reformation fail?
recognize the Armenian genocide?
How many works did Dennis Hopper have in his collection before he died ? - And did any make it into museums ?
Do sodas exist in Medieval period?
Why do people don't allow children to watch porn?
Facts about slavery during 1801-1850?
what kind of computer did hitler use?
Nationalist movements in latin america in the 19th century?
y is Adam n eve connected with an apple?y not orange?
who invented the hammock?
could we zeius and gaia and uranus were real but from the 1st of living greece they were people have secret?
do u like going to school?
what do you think about the case Jackson v Hobbs?
What is the effect of black nationalists groups on white people in the 1960's?
why is india called the land of unity in diversity?
Were Native Americans the 18th century equivalent of terrorists ?
Why did plantation owners not allow their slaves to read or write ?
What nationality was Alexander the Great? 1rst right answer gets 10 points?
What society in history has been the most oppressive to women?
History Homework Help?
what happend in 1943?
Wolrd History definitions?
in cherokee indian, what does it mean when a bird poops on you?
Do we all human beings came from the same family once upon a time?
what was ivan the terribles downfall?
How did King Henry the 8th Die?
Do you love History?Why?
in which city was president Kennedy assassinated?
what famous document did john hancock sign?
Dracula exists?If so,where?
Know anything about the history of England's North American colonies and the early history of the US?
Was Che Guevara a hero or a terrorist?
how did hitler died?
Is it true that Sir Isaac Newton never married and perhaps never had a girlfriend?
if u are 6'3 and u weigh 175 r u fat?
Why did Cavour take south italian money after unific... to cover war price(as he said)? IT'S FUN...?
explain the appeal of hitler and the nazi party in the interwar years in germany?
How was Italian renaissance theater different from the medieval period?
Is there an American history x 2?
who were 3 famous people in Colonial Georgia?
Was Hitler himself Aryan?
in what year was America discovered?
What were John Quincy Adams' views on politics?
What were the highlights of Martin Van Buren's and John Tyler's presidency?
what are some motifs from the early renaissance?
Name for a constitution pamphlet?
why deng xiaoping wanted to remove hua guofeng ?what wrong did he do ,?
define imperialism in mexico?
What environmental challenge did the farmers of the Indus Valley face that the Sumerians and Egyptians did not?
How did people in the 19th century think the 21st century was going to look like?
Anything on a so called "murder" in 1944 of a Molly Greylish,Widnes,Cheshire,England.?
Is it accurate to say that the Europeans came to the new world because of gold god and glory?
can you answer this question before I have finished typing it?
If something is Norse? Where is it from?
Who killed the Black Knight?
what is a runaway democracy ?
How did Adolf Hitler become dictator of Germany?
Help with History homework about the constitution?
why didn't America help Britain in 1940? like we declared war on Saddam ?
I would like to know what everybody thinks the strongest and most important sign of the zodiac is?
What are the dimensions for the Chinese water torture device?
Who was Ramses Xl's wife?
How did the English and the French treat the Indians in their early colonizations in America?
Was Henry the VIII great?
How did Hannah Hoch die?
which language is the oldest language among the indian languages?
What is your favourite period of history?
Why did the British surrender at Yorktown?
Was George Washington a American Revolution war leader?
he's called the "Heart Mender". Who is he?
I want some research information.........history is the subject I am interested in?
For Texans.. What person from Texas History went on to help discover bubble gum? (No cheating looking it up)?
What are the many theories about how life started on earth? Religious and other answers are okay !!?
How did the automobile have a positive impact on American politics/military or geography?
What was so important about the Holocaust?
"History is written by the victors." - Winston Churchill. Do you agree with this quote?
Who where the first nomads and where did they go?
During the revolution War is it true the Americans who fought against the British were of English ancestry?
Did the Israelites, Assyrians, Babylonians practice the killing of deformed or sick children?
how did hitler die?
was the first settlement in Jamestown?
how many years matusalen lived?
explain the reason why europeans powers colonised African coutries?
West African Slavery vs. East African Slavery?
What does afrocentricity mean to you?
Question about the securites and exchange commission act of 1934?
which is the richest modern country that was part of the french empire?
is it true that skylab exist?
What was the shift in cultural patterns to sub-Saharan African models...?
What is an event in history where freedom of speech crossed the line?
Wold History help about the scientific revolution and enlightenment?
Do more young adults live at home with their parents now than ever? how compared to other decades?
What important things happended in Canada?
The Toldeo Symphony Co. made a zither like instrument called dulceola, does anybody know when they were made?
Did you know that God is going to make Jesus Christ, The King of Kings of earth one day before too long?
Who was Francois Villon and when did he die, if you know?
what notes would you recommend i take into a history exam?
who was the first president of america before it was the united states?
how much distance did gandhi marched during dandimarch 1930?
why does Russia want influence in the Balkans (1914)?
In Gideon vs. wainwrite, what Ammendments was Gideon deprived of?
what kinds of foods and drinks would the romans take to a banque / feast?
Someone who changed the world?
Summary/Conclusion to The Tea Act?
Why do we study history, and specifically Western Civilization?
Any opinions on who J.Edgar Hoover really was?
What were some achievements/ideas that Martin Luther achieved?
What did John Locke's ideas have in common with the U.S. Constitution?
was Adolf Hitler so bad ?
What was the leading cause of death of soldoers diromg the American Revolution?
Why did Lutherans and Zwinglians see Anabaptists as radicals?
who is malcom x?
how did the U.S. mint in 1795 benefit people?
What were some factors that led to Robespierre becoming a dictator?
Indus River Valley Civilization?
who was the first man born in the world?
facts about Jaisalmer Fort?
What does this document mean? (World History) 10 points!?
Who are the illuminati?
Elizabeth Woodville and Richard III?
Was Christopher Columbus a bad man?
What are some diferences between the fall of th Roman empire 180-476 CE and the Gupta empire 400-550 CE?
Who are your 3 favorite historical figures? your 3 least favorite historical figures?
i need help with finding a picture. Ladies with Western Instruments?
what was the brand name of suspenders malachi wore in children of the corn?
Why are there so few women in history books and will they feature any more prominently in the future?
American nationalism?
GIve me one reason why I should believe the Holocaust actually happened?
what was the American Indian response to colonization?
What was President Andrew Jackson's position on the deferal government?
If you could go through time and WATCH any point in time for 1 hour, When and Where would u go?
What are five characteristics of ancient civilizations?
Does anyone know when the persecution of the Egyptian god Seth started and if there are any articles about it?
which western country was the first to discover Japan?
Who was worse, Jesus Christ or Hitler?
Were the first and second crusade successful? Or only to a certain extent?
How did the Noblewomen of the middle ages live?
what was precolumbain pottery ,why was it made,uses,who made it ,where ,how ,and when?
How much of recorded history is distorted by politics and religion ?
Do you think Who is the most honourable leader in the history.Why?
where did andrea mantegnacome from and where did she do most of her work?
Do you think those of us who were around during Sept. 11th will ever fully get over it in our lifetime?
What is the most important setting to the book "Night" by Elie Wiesel and why?
What are 3 dilemmas in The Puritan's Dilemma?
what's scylla's pet peeve?
What was the conspiracy between King Edward VIII (later Duke of Windsor) and Adolf Hitler?
Have you ever knowingly provided " FALSE INFORMATION" ?
Help with Benito Mussolini?!?
Washington state history?
What was the main cause of WW1?
From a man's perspective in the 1770s and 1780s, how would you respond to..?
Why doesn't Italy attacked Libya?
how did shi huangdi use military power to unite china?
What was the impact of the Portuguese on Central Africa?
which ancient king and his conqueror son had names meaning "lover of horses" and "helper of men" respectively?
Nobody knows the time or place when Jesus will arrive but can anyone tell me if he is not already here?
What are some facts about Mahindra?
Andrew Carnegie funded the construction of 2,500 Libraries in the US. Is there a listing by state?
What were the ideological beliefs and values of the USSR during World War 2?
Can something like the Genocide in Rwanda happen in the U.S?
i have write topic about australia?
If you could travel back in time...........?
What major events in the long history of earth rendered it a suitable home for modern life?
Why was Joseph Lister known as the father of Antiseptic Surgeoy?
I am named after dogs. What am I?
i need to do a report?
What is the government in ancient Ionia Greece like?
what is Battle of Jacob's Ford?
Can anyone give me a potted history of face masks? I am interested in all aspects?
Who's a good person to do a Biography on?
who is the number one man on earth history?
Did anyone know Jack Ruby worked for Richard M Nixon in 1947?
what did the american revolution resolve? ?
Let me know facts about Adolf Hitler?
It has been said that the “Romans are our grandparents and the Greeks our great grandparents.”?
If you were given a chance to change any one event in the history, what would you like to change & why?
which country has the highest population?
Do people who change our way of life, restrict our civil liberties and put us in debt serve Al Qaeda?
April Revolution in Afghanistan?
who was the first president to have an assassination attempt carried out against him?
Who invented "Tuned Radio Frequency" tube radios?
American History Help!!?
what started the civil war?
When and who robbed all those egyptian tombs and what happened to the "treasures" ?
1937 buffalo nickel-help?
What were the main influences on the structure of the U.S. Constitution?
Alexander launches surprise attack against persians near issus?
what is the best way to memorize dates for art history??
Why did Germany lose WWI? Could Germany have won or was victory never a possibility?
I have 3 japanese paintings that are made from silk thread. Where can I get info on these?
how was john wesley a leader?
The Russian and French Revolution?
Has there ever been a battle fought beneath the Earth's surface?
Who was muhammad? and how did he influence the world today?
pentagon how it deals with magic?
How close to winnig did Nazi Germany come during WW2?
What did Alexis Carrel do which was special in 1902?
during what years did slavery take place?
If you could be anyone from History, who would it be?
Where was world war 1?
What was the purpose of Chief Seattle's 1984 Speech?
Where were the Salem witch trials located?
Who was the first New World explorer to take a dip in the springs of what’s now Hot Springs, Arkansas?
What were the Three fifths Compromise and the Commerce and Slave Trade Compromise?
Did Jewish people die during the Holocaust?
Can someone please explain what is being represented in this cartoon?
lent asks us to be less what and think more of others?
Is their any proof that the JFK assassination was a conspiracy?
What is a good attention getter for an informative speech about the history of sewing machines?
What were the causes of World War I. What was the ultimate trigger?
who is haniah in islamic history?
explaination of royal beads that kings,m chiefs princes wear in nigeria?
How did Christian D. Larson die?
Who won first noble price?
Best War Lord in history?
how does state building affect empire building?
Did the government plan 9/11? Was it staged?
why did europeans colonize in america?
What are five good reasons for going against democracy in ancient athens?
what is the study pythagoris founded?
history homework about 1860's cattle ranching.?
Che Guevara had asthma: which remedies he used to treat it,during guerrilla in the tropical jungles?
Well nasa was formed in the 1950?
who made the old type of furnuture with the nero registerd trademark stamped on it?
What was the relationship between US serviceman and NZ woman during WW2?
what do you think, who was the cleverest man in XX century?
Where in IRELAND was Hitler born?
How do Slavery destroyed the U.S. country in the 1850's and 60's?
How many people died during the attack on Pearl Harbor?
what happened to rome in 300-800ce?
Who's Ireland's most iconic figure?
why did world war 1 start?
Are there any books on the Judiciary Act of 1801?
How did urban politics affect immigrant life?
Who were 3 significant/influential people in America between 1492-1865?
How would've the Founding Fathers described the American Dream?
What is the worst airplane crash in America's history?
how did high taxes destroy rome?
If WW2 had of been worn by Germany and the other Axis powers what would the world be like today?
graph that shows the employment rate between genders?
Has Germany ever been properly punished for it`s mass murder during world war 2?
Is it possible to live like a Celt?
why does America is synonym of a nation that is United States?
Why did Hitler want a world of people with blue eyes and blonde hair, when he clearly had dark hair and eyes?
On radio one, they just asked who the greatest american in history was...who would you?
Can you help me answer these questions I am reviewing for Western Civilization?
Is there a book that tells story from a Germans perspective in ww2?
What is the greatest "INVENTION" of all time?
How can i motivate myself in history class?
in what way did meathods of communication improve in the late 19th early 20th century?
History of Ben Sherman (fashion designer)?
To what extent did each of the following motivate explorers?
Why did colonial men make African women the one a child inherits its status from during slavery...?
What was Thomas stafford'srank during the Apollo susaz missions?
Which of the ancient civilizations do you think is the greatest?
Where can I find these history facts (please help)?
where would i go to find information on house slaves?
why was winchester prison built in the location it was?
who ivented these objects?
If we would have lost WW2, would we be speaking German or Japanese?
About Battle of Stalingrad, why Germany ignored obvious threats?
who is the auther of treasure ireland?
who is your favorite president?
Why does the silent salute in the hunger games represent a sign of rebellion?
Help understanding Declaration of independence?
In 1900, among which of the following groups were labor unions the strongest?
who is the best scientist in the whole history?
how many times u dumped somebody?and how many times were u dumped ?
how did christopher columbus treat the native americans?
who painted the Mona Lisa?
kings own light infantry pontifract?
Was Hitler religious?
Did USA win WWII?
how did militarism and alliance cause ww1?
Did you know that everyone that has predicted the end of the world has being wrong about it? They all die befo
What would America be like today if the Southern states had won the civil war?
Why are pirates so popular?
Is this a good thesis for my AP euro essay?
Who was the first person recorded in accepted historical records?
If God creates everything in the universe for 7 days, then how come dinasours 's bones?
The Quebec Act of 1774 did all of the following except?
Was Abraham Lincoln really a vampire hunter?
Do the Caucasians have everything?
history term paper?
Does Pearl Harbor justify Hiroshima?
what influence did islam have on northern africa politically, economically , and socially ?
What are a few events from the Renaissance period?
What is the difference between homeless people and rich people?
Anyaliseing sources in history?
World history questions!?
How did the British feel about the colonist in America?
i have a kenneth suess oil painting. where can i find info on him and his work?
Why were long time revolutionaries like Yevtushenko's grandfather being arrested?
Do you personally believe that Napoleon was a hero or a tyrant?
What was the fundamental issue faced by Luther in the Peasants' Revolt?
Did America warn Japan before the first nuke was dropped, or the second?
What is the significance of KV5?
Military History of the Colonial Era?
WHo knows how much children were payed in coal mines?
What is manifest destiny?
Why did the enthusiasm for art and learning wane soon after Charlemagne died?
did any monarchs appoint popes?
is it against the law to deny the existence of the holocaust during world war 2?
Was hitler part jewish?
is Ishaq Newton christian or jewish?
How many Africans were shipped during the trans-Atlantic slave trade?
Effects on the history of the world?
what was the war about during the time of stphen bathory?
What were the relations between America and china between 1940-1970?
Could you list the events that triggered World War 1?
Blair vs Thatcher - Which was the greater Prime Minister and why ?
Why do all British heavy tanks begin with the letter C.?
why was Simon Bolivar important?
I need help writing a story ! I need some help with dates and histories of three particular regions .?
Were there Gondalas in medieval Venice?
Italian Military Strategy WWII? 10 points!!!?
Explain how the Archduke's assassination is a catalyst for the war.?
Organized massacres intended to eliminate specific ethnic or racial groups are called __________.?
Clara Barton Questions.(be prepared)?
Who believes in gods and goddesses.?
What are the similarities and differences between the Holocaust and Apartheid?
In what ways did the enlightenment and the great awakening influence colonial views about government?
What are some reasons why Mark antony was an ideal leader?
Alexander the Great vs Gaius Julius Caesar who will win?
Why did the Texans lose the Battle of the Alamo?
where was yoga first originated?
Batavian Republic?
Do you feel that we are witnessing the downfall of America?
please help!! Why did the founders of new jersey (the colony) start it?
Who wrote the twelve amendments ?
my auntie tells me a lot about miracle of god... she even told me that she experienced miracles.. is she lying
Who was the Ch'in Empires greatest ruler?
Who really stopped Hitler?
what was the symbolic start of the french revolution?
why is that we dont have peace on this earth?
Russian Czars against the jews?
what do i name my newspaper based on rome?
what historical figures have you encountered in assassins creed 2 and 3?
What is the importance of the Chicago Plan and Marshall Field?
How do you account for the revival of the monarchies in northern Europe?
Was Adolph Hitler the best leader that Germany ever had ?
why were spain and england at war?
what are some of Benjamin Franklin professional accomplishments and personal life's issues?
How can you be "readmitted" to something that you never left?
did a knight in the middle ages likely get good nights sleep in the castle?
What do you think on the possible discovery of the oldest pyramid and the first one in Europe?
who is the greatest female leader in history?
My children asked me to explain a what is a patron saint to them, can you help in laymans terms please?
Amelia Earhart's last plane records?
How has the US gained economically from imperialism in the past?
Did the love story from the Titanic actually happen?
If Adolf Hitler didn't exist how would it effect our society today?
Were the Spaniards good or bad to the native people?
does the red tide event never took place before the 20'th century?
What 18th-century hero’s remains were removed from their original burial site in France and placed in a crypt
why do some historians consider the agriculter revelolution(farming)to be the most important event in?
what is desperado?
How did Native Americans protect themselves from wild animals like bears?
did adam from the scriptures have a belly button?
A Slave's Voyage?
History help! role of church in the middle ages!?
What was the dispute between the Germans and the British over the Southern Cameroon?
what happened on march 18 1988?
what are thomas jefferson's and alexander hamilton's beliefs about forein policy/affairs?
what important events that happened in 1929 in the U.S.?
What do you think will happen in 2012?