If you could go back and witness anything in history, what would it be?
can i get some help with history?
Who was the best wartime leader and why?
where is born todor aleksandrov?
Did Japan know that the U.S. had nuclear capabilities when they decided to attack Pearl Harbor?
What Happened After Romans Forced The Huns To Retreat ?
In the past, was Indonesian really using sharp bamboos to fight with the dutch or they using anything else ?
What historical European people from 1300-1599 could I research for my A.P. Euro biography paper?
origin of man's culture?
What are the key technical innovations and breakthroughs in the 1950's?
How did art during the Renaissance Period in Paris reflect social status?
what are the 3 ideologies pertaining to governments of nation prior to 1947?
what will our era be know as in a hundred years time?
Bielski Brothers in the Holocaust, World War 2?
World War One is not remembered in the U.S as much as Europe?
What are the primary factors influencing the Development of Mexican-American Historiography?
Which of the following did not contribute to the spread of...?
what did people use for currency before modern day coins and notes?
Can someone give me a short summary of the Middle Kingdom In Early Egypt????test tommorow?
natural mirror?
Is it true that the "Seeds of 1933 were planted in 1871?"?
Hey im New to this but im Stuck doing this Ap work! why did the Pueblo Revolution Begin?
Did the Russians actually have missiles during the cold war? What about the Americans?
American Revolution?
Why is "Brown" never a possible colour when centrics debate about egyptians/jesus?
HISTORYYY. mesoamerican empiress please help (:?
wat is heart of ocean?
Do you believe that Hitler may have realized the Holocaust was a mistake if he lived longer?
What was the name of the Inca king who was ten feet tall, at least, and wore a gold robe?
What was the historical significance of Citizen Genet (Edmund Genet)?
which cities were affected by the plague and facts about the city like death tolls etc?? (exl london) thanks!!
About Paul Revere's life!!!!!?
What's the oldest university in America?
brief central africa history?
history questions refering to the framers plan, mcculloch v maryland, African american voting rights etc. :)?
the Great Depression during Hoover’s and Roosevelt’s administration.?
what do you think of hitler?
Do you think theUnited States joined World War II on time, early or late?
How did world war III turn out to be so predictable?
How did the last of Odysseys men get killed??
Would you consider the slavery that occurred in America racially motivated?
Help world war 1 ?? :)?
pantheon partheon?
Are the Portuguese a land based Asian empire?
Was there slavery in Africa before the white man arrived? Before the Arabs arrived?
What was the purpose of Pol Pot killing millions of Cambodians?
Socials studies Grade 8?
Was Alexander The Great macedonian or greek?
if u wer given a chance to chnge a certn part of history wat it wud be?
Describe the Declaration of Independence in 3 short paragraphs please from Beginning to Middle to End?
What impact did Jean Toomer have on African Americans?
do you think that sherman's destructive march to the sea was necessary? why or why not?
Do you think the famous backyard picture of Lee Harvey Oswald could have been faked?
has Hollywood usurped our history?
Why did colonists come to North America?
What predictions from Nostradamus have come true?
How did the congress of Vienna suppress nationalism?
Who were the southwest Indians discovered by coronado?
where do I find accounts of 19 th century Haitian invasions of Dominican republic?
Which historical figure originated the theory of evolution?
One History Question Check if my answer is right please?
What town was the largest group of the Sons of Liberty in?
When can an item be called vintage?
what is about the mughal empire?
every one knoe what is norooz?
?3 Who is your favorite history icon?
why do we celebrate black history month?
for in what ways were the mercantilist policies of the British burdensome to the colonist? in what ways were t?
Why did the Suffragettes want the vote?
how did michelangelo represent the renaissance?
what were the reasons for the collapse of communism in eastern europe and the soviet union?
What are some important African Americans during the Civil War?
Is there any movies about Jacqueline Kennedy?
I recently found a knife on fort campbell its a 1944 L.M. & C. anyone know what it is let me know please?
Which country has the most historical landmarks?
Does anyone study anythng apart from Hitler in History at school these days?
Was Abraham Lincoln really a vampire hunter before he became president?
What would have happened if Hitler would have won the war against allies?
who invent evening gown ?
The Holocaust never existed?!!!?
Which of the following are details about the Compromise of 1877?
list black genius the are alive?
The 1960's? Was the great society good idea? Read for more information!?
Did Americans Vote for Political Leaders Under The Articles of Confederation?
i want to read a stories of great person such as Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison. where can i get their blog?
who is to blame for the British Empire ?
During long wars?
What did Paleolithic people do to survive?
What were the events building up to the Suez Crisis?
did they ever catch "Jack the Rippper?"?
What were some funny movies realeased in late 1914/ January 1915?
In what ways did the partitions spur the growth of polish nationalism in the nineteenth century?
Why was the cotton and and satin bowtie quilt a message to wear fancy clothes?
What were the similarities and differences between The Beatles and The Doors?
who is Helen Silverman?
What were the 3 coram nobis cases?
Were there any African Americans in the Gibson family?
Why were the germans known as jerrys and the bosh in world war two?
In a historical view, who are the Disciples of Jesus christ?
Are there any famous Native Americans besides Gandhi?
What were the ramifications for the balance of power in Europe during the 19th century?
how did geography contribute to the decline of the roman empire?
Where did the Salzburgers come from?
After 6th century CE, Byzantine emperors maintained political unity primarily by:?
If you could go back in time......?
name of high wedge shoes in about 1975 ladies shoes?
had Soviet's industry size surpassed U.S. during cold war?
History questions??? Need answers ASAP.... Please keep answers short and simple thanks :)?
who is the most talented man on earth?
How did the Nazis get so evil?
was columbus woried about his route?
Is Napoleon A Hero Or Tyrant ? Why ?
who was the first black college graduate in the united states and from what school did he/she graduate?
Which are the seven wonders of the world?
Who do you admire most in history?
Which was an American Trend in the 1950's?
What is the biggest banknote that has ever been printed in USA?
best ottoman grand viziers?
where is bermuda triangle?
What methods did the unia use to try and achieve equality?
Did you know the South had a right to secede??
actual meaning of HELLO?
Describe how Buddhist ideas were represented in the art and architecture of early Buddhist Indiac?
Which of the following was an important EFFECT of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act (1890)?
What was Spain's point of View in the Spanish-American War?
How can we prevent wars?
Is it possible that Jack the Ripper could've been female?
What did James II want?
Who thinks that what hapened to saddam hussein was what they should have done.?
who did pythargoras teach when opened his school in 522 B.C.?
How should i find out that how many people were hanged in India during British rule?
how did Frederick Douglass help America?
what was the overall feeling or zeitgeist in america post world war 2?
Do you think Germany was the cause of world war one?
Why would some people love reading about history?
what ended the middle passage?
good movies based on history?
what year did these countries enter ww1?
Do you have any famous relatives?
What are some of the worst tragedies in World History?
How much does US stamp cost this year? Is it 37 cents?
What are some Nazi's that are still alive today?
Did the holocaust really happen?
“era of agrarian civilizations” (ca. 3500 BCE – ca. 1600 CE)?
Which European country do you hate the most? Why?
Let's stop and think about the good things Hitler did.?
anser theas riddles?
How many years are there between 2 BC and 2 AD?
What was our president's name in 1968?
What would happen if the first five presidents came back to life?
what type of bank was most common decades after civil war?
how would I compare the status of African American men and white women at the turn of the 20th century?
aryabhata,archimedes who's contributions is greater in mathematics?
Easy Qquestion about the Haymartket riot?
Which classical Greek playwright was the most prosperous and successful?
why did USA join first world war?
Where is the Vasa (sunken ship)?
History Question:American Involvement in WWI?
Why did Americans all start crying when 9/11 happened?
What were the causes and effects of feudalism in medieval Europe?
Did anyone go to Vera Duckworth's Funeral.?
What was the Arthurian Legend?
Was the United Provinces of the Netherlands in its Golden Age the greatest country in history?
History multiple choice question???
Why is there so many people that don't have any interest in learning history?
Please how can I have the e-mail of the actor( RICHARD RIEHLE ) ?
where the question came from, and when it is started?
I have an original Homestead Certificate from the State of Arkansas dated 1885. How do I find it's value?
Did most Romans see the Greeks as their ancestors? (similar to how the USA views Europe?)?
Who invented the par can lamp?
What kinds of games did the soldiers play while off duty during the Civil War times?
Who were the “Big Three” and how were their empires organized?
What was the difference for blacks in the North of the US and the South pre civil rights act?
Who was the person in charge of Iran during the revolution?
i don't get the whole deal about masons and freemasons. What's their purpose and what's the difference?
did leontyne price have children and was she ever married...if so...how many and to whom?
how was the storming of Bastille viewed by supporters?
Is it true that the ancient Egyptians were black Africans?
for the person who ask "do you believe in angles"?
why is there no history about my people. (Philippines)?
where the egyptians the first monotheistic people? a king of theirs tried to make only one god, who ruled all?
what clan did william buckley live with?
How did President Johnson, Andrew make so many enemies?
What does the Iwo Jima picture/memorial mean to you?
the color purple?
what are the names of all the 52 states and there capitals?
Do people believe that Hitler was fully responsible for all atrocities of the Nazi's?
How would history have been different if the Gunpowder Plot had succeeded?
what are some names of real woman heroes?
During the early Roman Republic, plebeians were allowed to?
What is a plausible scenario for Germany starting some world war again or?
Who benefited from industrialization and who suffered from its effects. Be sure to explain why.?
Were any casualties of the Nazis double counted to inflate the overall numbers?
Explain the tactics used by Protestant missionaries in trying to convert Native Americans?
what do you think of Adolf Hitler??
Why do I have to restate my thesis in the conclusion?
what rights did free african americans enjoy in virginia before 1660?
How and why did the Irish assimilate so quickly into American society?
what was the attitude of the Turkish government towards the Allies after World War-1.?
Help me please....... FAST!!!!!!!?
What are some facts about ancient greeks language?
what is an ipod?
Why was the Titanic the Biggest tragedy in the World!?!?
whats the difference between a doric, ionic, and corinthian temple?
If he were alive, what would John Lennon say about the state of our world?
Why did the Allies win World War 1?
need american history help or sources for my exam notes?
when was the original plow invented?
Who is to blame for the division of Germany?
Do you think there are still Nazi sympathizers in Germany today?
which fruit did Adam and Eve eat?
i dont know what to call the antique item i have..?
The sixth Crusades questions help!!!?
how was the African American social and community devlopment in colonial era?
The beautiful side of Adolf Hitler--my paper topic?
What did the Scottish Macleod clan do during the Napoleonic Wars?
what were some effects on michal angelo after he painted the Sisten chapel?
how many people have died because accused of being a witch?
all of the following were true of alexander hamilton except?
What do creationists think of the dinosaurs?
What role did religion play in the founding of theses colonies?
How was Nicaragua affected by imperialism?
What types of books were most popular with the english colonists?
Why did the relations between England and Spain deteriorate during the rule of Elizabeth I?
Where did the Aramaic language come from?
How were farmers affected by the industrial revolution? Did it affect them positively or negatively?
where can i find the video peace on earth by teresa jennings?
Why was it that whenever a person died in Egypt and they were mummified, their corpses were so small?
What were the main cultural conflicts of the 1920's?
What were the dates of the Vietnam War?
How many children did queen Maria Theresa have?
what does the celtic symbol of sisterhood look llke?
Were the Celts a Indo-European group of tribes?
What is the battle (on our soil) that has the most effect on England and the way we live today ...?
Compare the fall of the roman empire to the fall of the han dynasty?!? 10 points!!!?
what is the prosecution of nazis after world war 2?
is henry the 8th catholic or protestant?
What is the France and the Napoleonic code?
How did America's economy change after ww2?
is it true?
jesus went were for forty days?
What was the nationality of the Asian guy who guided n led Columbus toward America?
African History? Pyramids discovered in Southern Niger? Why is this not on US mainstream?
how do you find evidence of someone existance that existed before prerecorded history?
How is the Venus de Milo related to beer?
What was the Missouri compromise ?
Ten points to whoever tells me how teenage girls were treated during the Holocaust!?
Who thinks that black history month is stupid?? I know I do!?
Why did solders stop wearing armor when they began using guns?
Sperate Settlement Areas for Diffrent Races?
What is Colonial time?
How and why did Jerry Garcia die?
who was James Winchester?
Could you please tell me the life ,works And ideals of Jose P. Rizal?
Dates in THE AMERICAS history ...?
Why is Tennessee called the Volunteer State?
Who is an artist who painted about native american life in the west during the women's movements right.?
History help with anyalising?
what would happen to a samurai warrior if his top knot was removed?
What was the world largest theft in history ?
Explain major changes during the Baroque Period. Do we still have effects of that in today's world?
what were the 40 million dollar slaves?
were there class diferences in the way people spoke?
Is Saint Valentine really a saint?
9. The first Government of the united states after the Declaration of Independence was?
What impact did religion have on the culture of the time period of the puritans in 1640?
What are 5 huge wars besides ww2 ww1 civil war revelutionary war?
GUY RICHIE like rome series on history channel?
What were the Consequences of US to return to isolationism?
does anyone else believe that hitler...?
How long did WC Handy live in Memphis, TN?
is there someone that has something from the wars like a gun?
which country has the highest population?
Suffix for the word "hero" ?♥?
How did the invasion of the 9th century contribute to the development of Europe?
What were some excesses of the Roaring 20's?
What were the contribution of the Muslim empires?
How to the transcendentalists reflect the nationalism of the early 19 century?
what is Changing British Attitudes?
Should politicians and world leaders study history more nowadays? Learn from your past mistakes!?
What happened the year you were born?
who actually carved the faces in the mountain at Mount Rushmore???
British Anglo Saxons have the best bloodstock in the world. Would you agree?
Who's fault was it that the Titanic sunk?
anyone ever seen a real live ghost before? what does it look like and where??
what is the great stupa used for?
Role of genetics in investigating crimes?
Weapons that would be found during the Prohibition?
Which conspiracy theory from my list if any would you be willing to believe the most that there's a chance->?
could you do me a summary of the second world war?
what is fuke?
what if hitler was alive today?
Describe the early history of Russia. Describe the city of Kiev, the introduction of Christianity, the role of?
What did the areas where literacy first developed share in common?
English Revolution vs. French Revolution?
Are Khubilai Khan and Kublai Khan the same person?
Any suggestions for good reading/movies on the Holocaust?
what foreign country helped america during the Revolutionary war and how?
Where were the American missiles?
Pearl Harbor??
Did the PLO achieve any of its aims?
On Which date this world will finish?
What was the largest slave regime in the Americas in the 19th century?
Help with history, one question?
how did the united states deal with native americans?
What is the historical significance of the Virginia House of Burgesses?
When The Audience Is Privy To Information That The Actors Do Not Have?
What were the causes of the Great Depression?
How did King George III treat the colonists?
which kind of woman take a photo in the late 19th centry in japan?
Seriously, How can Japan deny Nanjing Massacre and say it is just China's imagination...?
Do vampires exist?
When did World War Two started?
What is significant about Dogon art?
How did the world react to Japan's invasion of China in 1937?
What were the key features of Operation Fortitude?
Which group was allowed to keep immigrating to the United States through the early 20th century?
Confederate Flag?
What significant event in American History occured on April 6th 1830?
what happened in book 1 of early history of rome?
Why Did Elvis Presley kill himself!?!?
what was the name of the town that the pudding came from that Charlotte ate in Sex and the City?
How did discoveries in the new world affect European attitudes toward traditional authority?
Why is Claude McKay important to American Culture?
Is Louis Riel a hero? And Why?
What museum in Quebec City has a medieval history display?
What historical figure would you most like to have a conversation with?
Who was the most influential person to have lived in the 20th Century?
what should be my six facts about greek temple?
How did the National Grange and Populist party try to address the economic crisis caused by low prices?
where can i find datails of eclipses,meteors and comets as believed in 15th-18th century Europe?
Which % of Germans, who lived in larger towns, cities , mortgaged or owned their own homes before WW2?
How was wine used by the Greeks?
How did suffragettes feel about the emergence of the flapper?
Who,what,when where and how did chicago get its stars on the flag?
is ancient egypt overrated? what made it so great?
Is this a Rare or just Normal coin?
What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence?
What inventions were created in 1890. Or what other big events / things happened in this year?
where were u when 9/11 happened?
What kind of last names (surnames) are Kilafofski and Pehlivan?
did god create himself.?
a paragraph about Crusades on Europe and the middle East?
how far was Roosevelts importance exaggerated?
IF the Civil War had been about slavery, would it have been a justified reason?
What could I put in a conclusion on a Holocaust Project?
When did World War 1 start?
There's this event that happened in the Olympics, when 11 Israelis got killed by terrorists?
Why ancient civilizations like:Persia,Egypt ,Greek have lost their glorious power,now?!?
Did many or most Germans go to Church and believe in Jesus dying on cross for mans sins in the 1930s?
Where would peace treaty dialogues be held in Medieval times?
which part of india did the eic take first?
The year 1914?
When were black people invented?
list explorers who saild for spain?
what was the protestant wind?
How did Alexander the Great Treat Poor People?
What happened to German criminals/gangsters during WW2?
how many japanese spies were estamates to be in the united states during world war 2?
Is it possible to be an Egyptologist if you haven't been to Egypt?
What did you learn about Winston Churchill's life that could explain the great leader he became?
Can it be a case that the sheer backwardness of a nation make its reformer ruthless?
info on dangers of the gold rush?
How many wars has the U.S. been in?
who, in history do you have the most respect for?
Everybody loves to write books and make movies about the Titanic, but has anyone done anything?
1..Robert Charles Darwin...the theory of evolution?
Is this Empire information correct? Bonus Points for best answer?
Did Stalin ever nominate his own successor (USSR)?
How did people immigrate from Russia during the cold war?
before napoleon, who was the last emperor to be crowned king.?
What effect did the Reformation have on Sweden and Europe?
How did God become God? The bible says that he is the beginning and the end. How is that?
What were 100k Roman soldiers, 20 million Christians & Emperor Heraclius doing to stop 40k Southern Arabs?
History question: Topic is troy and Greeks. What significance did troy have to homer and the ancient greeks?
what years did the land bridge appear and how many times did it rise and fall?
What is the name of the cartoon that Rube Goldberg made that won a Pulitzer Prize?
what type of weather is in El Salvador during spring & fall?
Toward the end of World War 1 in 1918, Japanese and American troops occupied the Russian City located at.?
What was the treatment of Japanese-Americans like during WWI?
why were the states of the Upper South more reluctant to secede? anyone knoe?
where can i find israilian baby names and meanings?
The beautiful side of Adolf Hitler--my paper topic?
Is my History teacher racist or just being truthful?
What can I do with a land grant from 1843 signed by President John Tyler?
who occupied Spain for 1000 years?
I'm related to Christopher Columbus. Who are you related too?
Why did Monet try ti commit suicide?
did churchill hitler stalin know?
Who is the most famous man in the 20th century?
Who do you blame for the Titanic disaster happening?
What are the economic, social, and political changes that happened during the Industrial Revolution?
What Was The Years That The Europeans Arrive In America (s)?
why do we love all the ''illegal'' immagrants so much?
Forgotten People Of American Revolution?
Are "Yuppies" still around in the 21st century? what are they like and what were they like before?
2 reasons why europe was unstable after ww1?
All answers welcome: Explain why there has been a turbulent history between Muslim world and the West?
Who discovered America???When????
Why did America bomb Hiroshima?
Give reasons Marie Antoinette was a bad queen?
What do you think ...Saddam's Death is Justice or Coldblooded Murder..?
Who were some famous people in Ancient Greece?
do the sphinx have a secrete chamber beloww?
Whats your favorite thing from the 70's.?
How did airways crisis of the 1950s happened?
what is fasmer?
History question?????????????????????????
Where can I find scholarly sources about the assassination of julius ceasar?
What was the importance of the introduction of a new calendar 1793 in the french revolution?
Who is known as India's Missile Man'?
Was Maria Theresa and Absolute monarch?
What was the nation that sent troops to help the british fight the americans?
What are the major differences b/w the aztecs,incas & mayans?
Does anyone know when the Romans invaded Britain?
In two sentence, why did they build the stonehenge?
To what extent was Andrew Jackson a states’ rightist? To what extent was he a nationalist?
10points world history rly qk?
How many North American Indians were slaughtered by British colonists totally? any statistics?
Did Hitler just need a hug?
what is your preferred country without the united states?
how did the nazis knew who were the jews?
george washington?
in which country was iphone founded?
Would you kill Adolf Hitler?
In the 1100's the Pope in the West called for a Crusade to free Jerusalem. What did they get out of it?
Why you Americans say you went to moon first when Germans did?
What are some famous girls who survived the Titanic?
Need WWII History/Post WWII HELP Quickly (10 points)?
Japanese internment WWII ?
What were the anti-imperialist movements of the early 20th century?
how is your knowledge about ancient iran(persia)?
Are there any small island countries that are ruled by absolute monarchies?
if you are given a chance to be at an age you wish to be what age would it be?
What important topics did George Washington focus on while he was in office?
who reigned after queen elizabeth 1? SHAKESPEARE QUESTIONS TOO!!?
how did king leopold colonized the Congo?
Who was George McGovern, and what was he most famous for?
who is the first poet in world?
Help with history fair title!!?
What was the most advanced Japanese infantry weapon in ww2?
Did Japanese launch massive submarine warfare in WW2?
was the french Revolution significant?
How did Victoria Ancona-Vincent travel to Auschwitz Concentration Camp?
Did anyone die in the 1968 Democratic National Convention Chicago Riots?
how did Julius Caesar build up rome?
okay. this may seem wierd. my husband, who has a ...history, has blocked me from seeing any page, or history o?
What are the huge stone pictures in Peru called?
do you have information on how to make a tee pee?
How did militant white opposition gradually undermine the Republican attempt to empower Southern Blacks?
who were the ancient egypticians?
What valued witnesses can speak on behalf of Louis Riel in court?
What types of jobs were created because of the Uss monitor invented by John Ericsson?
What happened to ethnic serbs and croats who fought for the bosnian govt. during the 1990s?
what problems did quebec have during the british rule ?
conflicts between the native americans and the american settlers?
Who thinks Obama new about Fast and Furious when it first was planned?
What kind of relationship did Himmler and Dietrich have?
The Crucible (Salem Witch Trials sort of), Homework Question!!!!?
Did Edward II or Edward III want the throne of France?
What 18thcentury heros remains were removed from burial site in France & placed in a crypt at US Naval Academy
in what ways did enlightenment thinkers build on or use the ideas of Newton and locke?
What is the average height for an teenager?
Why did Adolf Hitler hate Jews?
What were the causes and effects of the Black Death based on Europe? 10 POINTS?
What exactly is wrong, if anything, with denying that the Holocaust happened at the alleged scale?
What was Albert Einstein most famous for?
Why did Thomas Jefferson state that "all men are created equal" if he was a slave owner?
What did Abrahim Lincon say about democracy?
who were the first europeans to come to argentina and in what year?
How did Benjamin Franklin believe he could influence the course of his life?
What were Ida Tarbell's key discoveries in exposing John D Rockefeller?
Who can impress me with a bit of historical trivia?
should thatcher have stood trial for the sinking of the belgrano as it was sailing away from the conflict?
who coined the term INDIA ?
who was the last shia caliphate?
Napoleon let me get some tarts?
who is the great king of india?
Is the Meiji Emperor still considered a hero to the Japanese people?
How is the role of a historian similar to a police detetive?
most african americans exodusters migrated west to?
James Monroe and John Quincy Adams? **10 points**?
What race are the people of Iran from?
What has been mankind's single most groundbreaking invention in history?
Were enlightened thinkers naive dreamers, or were their vision of society those for which we should continu?
how did the vastness of the american frontier affect the way in which americans viewed their natural resources?
what is the difference between judicial review and states' rights?
Who would be a good black person to write about for black history other than the tipicals like Martin L KingJr
did you notice after september 11th?
Do you blame the USSR for the start of World War II?
Can some tell me about arnold schwazneger struggles and failures and setbacks in his life ?
What would be a good Ancient Egyptian god,temple,building etc. to build?
Stalin was referring to which territories captured during ww2 and what system did he apply?
Why was Douglas Haig the butcher of the Somme?
Who Was The Only Guy In The U.S To Be Killed By Wolves?
What are some reasons why history class isnt important?
Which group first settled north America? Where did the come from?
If you were Hitler, 30 April 1945 and the Russians were just yards away, what would you do?
what was a big deal in mayan history?????? anything will be helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks!!!! Sarah Parker?
what was the reason for the uproar of violence in the south?
Real story of TajMahal?
what is the difference between the U.S police and the Gestapo?
How did the new industrial order shake up in America?
During the Vietnam war. american carriers would patrol in the Gulf of Tonkin. Officially, and?
What are Gandhi's principles?
Elamites, the Kassites, the Persians, the Mitanni, and the Hurrians all used this type of early writing?
What happened in 1985 in Soviet Russia?
whats the worst possible torture?
what are the causes of the first world war?
Why do people deny the Holocaust ?
Information on Hampton Court Palace NEEDED ASAP PLEASE URGENT?
Executions/hangings in portsmouth uk?
why do many people still worship hitler????
When did it start to be okay in America to...?
How were the Jewish people treated when they were drafted into the Polish Amry?
Why did America wait for two years before entering WW2? Military experts agree that the worst of the fighting?
How many brigades were in the 101st Airborne Division during WWII?
what was the significance of the salem witch trials?
What was the Islamic impact on the western world from the late Middle Ages through the 1600s.?
The Revolutionary War?
What action did Lenin take with respect to the war?
What is the historical context for the creation of checks and balances?
Who wrote the song, "The Battle Cry of Freedom"?
how did Jose Rizal spent his last Christmas?
Sumerians!! (I'll answer yours!)?
In what year did women start being educated??
What is the history of external otitis?
How did the public react to Mount Rushmore?
Besides the Jews, another group singled out by the Nazis for extermination were the....?
How and why did the uganda civil war start?
Who was the first president of the United States?
Which historical figure has ....?
How did Booker T Washington gain status, wealth and power after the civil war?
Which of the following was NOT one of the three ruling parties in the Athenian government?
Was Tshaka Zulu the cruelest king in Africa?
Is someone from?
according to Machiavelli why is it safer for a ruler to be feared than loved?
which country and city is freddie mercury from?
When did wild boars became extinct in England?
Who wrote the Commentarii de Bello Civile (literally "Commentaries on the Civil War" in Latin)?
what was photorealism influenced by?
How come when there is a civil war in Middle East the West always arms the fundamenalists?
what renaissance characteristics did leonardo da vinci represent?
what major effects did spain campaign of guetilla warfare have on the french forces?
Where can I find out about colonial tavern signs?
Can you tell me about haitian music story, Specifically the style named "compas"?
Who said this? Hint: dead and famous?
why were slaves good in plantation agriculture?
what is name of the tower of the pakistan?
Why did Adolf Hitler hate Jews?
What was the reason why Hitler was hateful to Jewish? He exterminated some 11 million of them? I?
Compare Bach's duties and compositional output during his time in Kothen and the 27 years in Leipzip?
What is this I read about Hitler having sex with his neice, ?
Is it just me or is US history the most boring history ever?
Where was the Battle of Marathon?
who is Achilles?
Why was furniture making important in the 1800's?
What was like in Canada when the U.S. were fighting for their independence from Britain?
What was the immigration Act of 1990 about?
looking for picture of the south shields badge with allways ready on?
How is the U.S. Constitution more democratic than the Articles of Confederation?
How good and factual is the book "The Creature from Jekyll Island" (about the Federal Reserve Bank)?
The sea-island, island in the Indian-Ocean- not quite- by India-control (the India sovereignty)?
Washington was the first president. Where was his capital city initially?
signers of the Declaration of Independence?
Hittler ; the real name . An old book of 1941 says that Hitler is not the real family name .Do you know?
American History Question?
has hungry ever invaded turkey?
what did the south and north think about slaves in RELIGIOUS perspective?
George Mason's Objections to the Constitution .. some questions about it?
I have no idea what the Monroe Doctrine or the Latin American Revolution is, or how they're related.?
arun means?
Does the current political and economic situation in the United States mirror the 1930s?
Why do so many people hate hitler?
Why do people think that America was founded on christian beliefs?
How did the U.S. Constitution reflect the experience of its framers both before and after the Revolution? How?
What town did Thomas Hooker find in Connecticut?
What were the languages the following people could speak & understand ? Answer each person separately ?
What was the government's role in labor unions and strikes?
when was the frontier conflict in the ohio river valley?
Did the Spanish interbreed with the Inca ?
what was elvis's praisely's middle name?
Which presidential roles did Lincoln suceed at and which roles did he fail at?
Wha are the Kinds of People are there in East Africa? What is thier Custom? They are White or Black?
how old is George Washington when he died?
Who’s the world’s last surviving emperor?
Who do you think was the best ever president of the united states?
Why did MJ died ? Who knows?
How did Hitler and Germany show its power during the 1930s? in what ways this was different than the U.S.?
Was the Battle Of Somme Worth it for the British?
History please help me out?
Is war the answer? Who dies can be replaced! Also to a worse person!!?
Why is New York city called the Big Apple?
Do you think in a way it was a good thing that Hitler came?
This question takes some serious skills in history and nation flags?
What was the former name of the Nazi party?
Why did the Bourgeoisie want change during the french revolution ?
Is TAMIL ancient classical language????
What were the Motivations behind U.S overseas expansion?
What was The Shame of the Cities by Lincoln Steffens about?
founders of the american dream? can be anyone?!?
How did the statue's on easter island get there?
I Need Help On My History Homework?
where could i find a website that gives information about the fallen angels from the creation of the world?
Were the English setllers correct in calling Native Americans heathers?
Isn't this the saddest, sickest, most horrifying thing you've ever heard?
History Pleasee hellppp?!?!?
information about the value of an 1872 homestead deed signed by Ulysis S. Grant?
How do i join the Illuminati?
wat if u send a question then they give u a wrong answer wat happens?????????????
Why did we bomb Japan after the attack of Pearl Harbor??
Slaveryy around 1800s. Helpp please /:?
What were the Progressives' views on education?
three reasons why plessy v ferguson was so important?
who do you think is a better conquistador cortez or pizzaro?and why?
What is the feeling about the INDIA ?
isolationism & internationalism?
what bad things did the child soldiers in A Long Way Gone do?
How much was Hitler worth before he died?
Why were young people so important to the Nazis?
what was a Russian ruler formerly called?
JFK assassination? The actions of a lone gunman? Or a conspiracy?
What was the purpose of a witch's familiar?
I have a assessment on Thursday. and the chapter name is Road to Independence and there will be a BCR too?
Which U.S. President said the following?
does anyone Know where i can get nomadic life short stories?
What did the Concert of Europe establish?
What options do the Spaniards have when their plight becomes desperate and what do they choose to do?
Income Inequality in the 1920's. What was the main points?
Who" was or is" the best person ever to be on the face of the earth?
after the attack on pearl harbor & during the war...?
During the period following the civil war the united states:?
Why is it that many Fisrt World War memorials show dates of 1914-1919 when the war finished in 1918?
Pasandalan Lebak,Sultan Kudarat history?
Who do you think has been the worst British monarch ?
How did Theodore Roosevelt lie throughout his presidency?
What were women's rights during the 1300's?
What local conflict sparked the Thirty Years' War. How did that cause it to widen into a general European war?
Columbus: Explorer or murder?
The delegates of the Hartford Convention adopted resolutions that demanded all of the following except?
Where did this preposterous claim that blacks in slavery?
Regarding greek civilizations what is Linear A/B?
what were the names of the two sides of the civil war?
Any information about the Irish potato famine?
What is a SYMPOSIUM? and give example?
Where can I find wwii photos?
What was so civil about the Civil War?
World War Two?
What year would historians be looking forward to the most in terms of documents being declassified?
why the us got involved in the world war II?
Can you mention 5 scientist who marked the history?
What color is the white horse of Napoleon Bonaparte?
gupta empire cmpared to malacca empire?
What time did the fighting stop on Omaha Beach?
How did the Qin Dynasty contribute to the Han Dynasty's golden age?
Does anyone know anything about the true story of Baiju Bawra (not the movie version, but his real bio)?
Love Canal: How much cleanup has actually been done and what did they do with the waste that was removed?
During what time period was boston settled ?
In what ways was Napoleon a military innovator and how did the wars in Spain and Russia show the limits of?
what impact did Ellis Island have regionally, nationally, and internationally?
Has there ever been a war fought over anything other then resources?
what where the social and historical aspects for women in 1800's?
What Were 3 Intersting Questions That Were Answered By The President?
What domestic problems did Canada face in the 1960's?
Who are your favourite and least favourite American presidents and why?
When did slavery begin?
How has Jesus influenced the world as we know it today?
What are some good Hammurabi's Code grabbers?
who is a good person to do a black history month report on?
As horrible as it was, is it time for Jews to move on from the Holocaust?
What were positive/negative effects of imperialism in the Middle-East?
Why did Truman decide to drop the atomic bomb on Japan?
Turkey in Europe!!!! what is that who justifies that high risk?
During which decade of your life did you do the most reading?
where is the welsh dragon on the union jack?
Why did the navy half to kill the pirates?
what makes the men in blue the nation pride?
What is the most wonderful event in the last twenty years?
If you could research any topic in all of world history what would it be?
Why is there such a distaste for fat people, when back in the 15th century it was fashionable?
were the GERMAN GRIMM BROTHERS twins or not?
Does Columbus deserve to be in the history books?
Explain how freedom were put back to work?
How did James I's concept of authority differ from that of Voltaire?
(Serious answer) What are positives about the relationship between America and Britain?
This eco-region in Minnesota is comprised of a flat plain left behind by glacial Lake Agassiz?
why did the Romans die out?
who is a tragic hero in history? not a character, but a real person.?
What would have happened if Germany had invented the nuclear bomb before the USA?
Whatever Hitler did, was it right? Think again before u answer.....?
What is the name of the song in remembrance of the Battle of Kosovo?
what caused the emergence of the Renaissance?
Is the history we read, biased by the historians, in favour of their respective nations ??
people i need help with my social studies, its about French revolution ?
What inventor, credited with developing Calculus, was so bad with names he sometimes forgot his own brothers!?
Why didnt countries take in jews during the holocaust?
What was the historical significance of the "spoils system"?
What conditions is it necessary or appropriate for violence to be used in protests?
Why were the Medieval Melees more dangerous than the Jousts?
what do you think??
Did Zoroastrianism foretell the coming of the saviour Jesus Christ?
What is lincoln's response to the idea that northern laborers are wage slaves?
Regarding World War 1?
What's the most stupid trend?
Jhon Kennedy . What's the truth ?
What makes Hitler so publicly known?
What Countries Where Involved in World War II?
In what ways did the Korean war heighten Cold War fears at home and abroad?
Should there be an apology from the US for the corruption of slavery to the black race?
Why do white people think O.J. did it and Blacks don't?
Explain the New Way of Thought. Define Renaissance.?
What is the same between Cleopatra and Nefertiti and Some Differences.?
What are the key points of the Bomg Development in the Cold War?
What is a good song that talk about society, history, struggle, problems, etc?
Are none of you really interested in where you came from?
how did black hawk change illinois?
there's evidence that christopher columbus came from an infamous crime family, where do i go to get research?
what is the difference between intellectual and cultural history?
Is there any independent documentation of St. Aidan of Lindisfarne?
when did the argamemnon sink?
why did the west colonize Southeast Asia?
Where did the first humans live? (besides Adam and Eve)?
Is there a documentary series that can show me battles from a strategic viewpoint?
Who won the French and Indian war?
If the Brits were fighting one-on-one with the Germans would they have lost?
When did soldiers start wearing metal armour?
How long was Cleopatra queen of Egypt for?
are the prices shown on "deadwood" realistic?
How did Debs view himself?
What are the effects of Big Business on American Society?
Do people on here have a huge attitude or is it just me????
what were the at least 5 push/pull factors for vietnamese??? HELP PLEASE!!!!?
What technological advances have happend in the home since the 1890's?
how is the october crisis significant in defining canada?
Who supported Hitler?
In your opinion, who is the greatest person in history?
world history help!!! ten points for best answer!!!?
Why was it wrong for the U.S to use the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagaski to end World War 2?
What happened in 1961 that will not happen again for over 4000 years?
Can anybody identify what the real name of this Chinese sword is?
To what extent did catholic emancipation (1829) reshape Anglo-Irish relationship?
Are their any similarity between the Nazi's and Israelis? ?
Was Hitler of German origin?
How many French Canadians were in WWI?
1950 - 1965 questions, if anyone can answer!?
Did he ever realize it was a hoax?
after american revolution, who did more to organize US govt?
Imperialism in Alaska during 1990's?
What is the Best genius of all the times ?
Hitler, Good Or Bad ?
What are the viewpoints demonstrated during the Lincoln & Douglas debate?
Spikes wheels on Cowboys boots?
Who is/was the most famous outlaw?
why did the axial age happen when it did?
To what extent was totalitarianism Impacted the development of Democratization in the U.S.?
Who ended slavery?
Did you wear a black armband When they shot the man Who said "peace could last forever"?
What could have happened to Britain if Hitler had won the war?
how do i store fragile historical documents?
Sir majhe lagn houn 4varshe jhale ahet mala mul-bal hot nahi doctore che mhanne ahe ki majhe tubes block ahet?
What influenced Arthur Miller to write The Crucible and what did he want to explore about the American People?
have you got any reactions about the temples of kamasutra?
When did questioning came to be?
whos your fav person in history and why?
why do ppl believe in god when theres no psychical proof he existed?
what 9/11 was triyng to theach the americans?
Why was the Cold was called the "COLD" war?
how many people wher killded in the korean war?
Were helicopters used in World War Two?
If you were to fight any historical figure who would you fight?
does anyone know the story of king henry the eighth?
Are you a Yankee or Confederate?
What methods did the League Of Nations plan to use to prevent future wars?
what countries were created from the austro-hungarian empire?
Western Empires dealings with Byzantium what are the key components?
Was Sir Wilfrid Laurier an only child?
what is your favirote?gold or silver.?
What happened to all the trolls that were bashing Obama & saying that he would lose?
Democracy in Athens - how much did it last? start and end?
One hundred thousand naturalized and American born Japanese Americans were held in internment camps during WW2?
mecca related question?
Why did new france have such a low population at first?
Nazis: Why would they follow a man like Adolf Hitler?
What is the history behind the tale Fetcher's Bird?
WAS ritual and sacrifice part of greek religion?
At the beginning of the Depression, did the Democrats politically suffer the most from the stock market crash?
Where is this Egyptian proverb from?
Europe 1815?
What was your favourite plague?
What are the most important/biggest wars of all time?
do you consider the "rebel flag" I mean the stars and bars racist?
What contributions to American culture were made by the French?
Otto von Bismarck: brilliant mastermind or just plain lucky?
History-Related Question?
what did Leonardo DaVinci invent using akite?
How many wives did Prophet Mohammed have?
Under Hitlers rule, were the German People allowed to celebrate Christmas?
why did they decide to build trenches in the first word war?
Why the Magna Carta? What propelled its inception?
Why did people hate Catholics in the 1800s?
what was the roman legion name for a green soldier?
When did today's penny design get created?
(serious answers only) Was "the Holocaust" one big elaborate hoax?
What were 2.5 million New York City kids issued in 1952, to identify them after a nuclear attack?
why did the USA and the USSR become rivals in the period 1945 - 1949?
What can be the Factor behind the great growth of the Americans and the down-fall of the native Red-Indians?
What were trenches like before World War 1?
Any Holocaust movies please?
What kind of gun did Adolph Hitler use to commit suicide with?
What other countries besides the US are a democracy?
Stamp Act essay help!? I'll award best answer?
Education In Ancient Rome?
Can someone please tell me the history of PETER ANSWERS?
any information about medivial architecture,literature or music?
Should the UK apologize to India?
what is are the seneca indians famous for indians famous for?
Who was the oldest statesmen of the 2nd continental congress?
Does anyone know where Macedonia is?
was the virginia plan a bicameral body?
Who discover iodine and bromine?
Where did the idea of crossing the 7 and the z originate from?
History question help?
Classical Greece and Rome compared to American..?
Schindler's List.. doesn't it sicken you?
How did women react to the reformation and the counter reformation?
Why did the Republic of Ireland help Nazi Germany in WW2?
Do you think there ever would be a world war 3?
WW2: Name of the bagpiper in the movie “The Longest Day”?
I need a non-white person who has influenced Us history..?
When did sudanese refugees come to Australia?
Who was the first person to take pix of themselves?
when and where was founded or created neshoba county in ms?
Is it better to be a knight or a citizen in medieval times?
What was the first form of government in Rome and how can you describe it?
what lessons can i take away from napoleon's life?
Are there more Jews today than there have ever been in the history?
Did the Holocaust really happen?
what are the effects of separation of east and west pakistan?
Why did nations occupy other nations?
Where can I find a detailed timeline for ancient India history?
Was the whole world really at war during world war 2?
Can someone list several major wars that resulted in major border changes?
on Walter Lippman’s Theory What were his central propositions?
What caused the Israel Palestine Jews problem?
What discovery in the last 200 years has benefitted MANKIND the most?
Richard iii Act 4 Scene4 Help!?!?
Who was St Sava (Sveti Sava)?
How did early Spanish explorers cope with their existence in America? (up to 1750)?
true or false the civil war only lasted about 6 months before union won .?
what are the amendments of RA 5527 ?
David lloyd george speech?
Why did ancient Europeans think eggplant was poisonous?
Did Hitler himself have Jewish ancestry?
The Kingdom of Israel reached the height of its wealth and influence under __, who built a magnificent te?
was John Delorian Armenian?
What was New Hampshire's view on slavery during the constitutional convention, and in the 1700's?
Why do empires fall?
What first led grendel to travel to herot?
In what SPECIFIC manner were the african slaves captured?
what percentage of captives were actually executed during the holocaust?
What does the abbreviation "s.p" in old French currency (livre) mean?
i want to know more about the puerto rican heitage?
I know someone who thinks their house is haunted,from the 1800s where do I go to find info on tht?
social studies homework! Due Monday! help!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
Frusterated by german actions l, one event drove america to declare war. explain that event.?
What was the good and bads things of the civil war?
what is the war hawk congress?
in 3 ways who would have been affected most by the great depression, the rural folks or city dwellers?
What was the historical significance of Marbury v. Madison?
if stoneage beings were the first humanoids, when did adam and eve come in? at what point in time?
why is women health care in america important?
HISTORY QUESTION henry the 8th and his chief ministers?
How was Bohr's atomic model similar to Rutherford's model?
What is the meaning for aryan ? and who r they ? where r they from does it have any history ?
where would i find pictures of the old west or old cattle drives?
what is the most accurate time? where would i find it?
u of washington essay?
what materials did ancient Greek warriors use to create images on their shields?
What did George Washington Carver invent?
Why is Britain praised for winning world war 2 when It was the Russians who lost millions to take control ?
When did Lydia Newman die and when was she born?
Can you tell me anything about bowls made by Evelyn Strongbole? How old? are they worth anything?
Do you have any online history resources you'd like to share?
true or false. history?
what was the child hood name of gandhi ji?
there are seven arts in the world,what are there?which one is the first?
who were the goddesses involved in the Eleusinian mysteries?
Can someone describe some of the things that a field slave and a slave overseer would debate?
is revisionist history a real thing that happens?
Why was Oda Nobunaga died by Akechi Mitsuhide in 1582?
Foreign Art History question?
Where can I know more about osha 29 cfr 1910?
5 people to meet in history?
In 1789, Congress created the Departments of___,___, and___. (please help!)?
Tell me the history and pupose of the Nicene Creed?
Anyone know of an online world map showing the possessions of the Imperial European powers?
Would anyone like to know who killed JFK?
What were the differences between John Smith and William Bradford?
Is there a movie for the confessions of Nat Turner?
Free Masonry: is it Evil and Satanic. Is it the Devils Organisation ??
who invented the hammock?
What candy bar besides chocolites is popular at easter time?
Who was the best "Military" leader ever?
How did the first states form?
What was FDR and Chamberlain's goal during WW2?
history??? please help?
what are some facts about reconstruction in the south after the civil war?
What key changes did emancipation make in the political and economic status of African Americans?
Why was the Bastille 'stormed' on July 14th 1789?
Would it be disrespectful to break into the burial room at Oak Ridge Cemetary and dig up Lincoln?
Is the story of Dangerous Dan McGrew Fictional or real??
Samurai, ex-Samurai, and damiyo question.?
where were you and what were you doing one 9/11?
Where did the whole dumb blonde thing come from?
ho was hitler?
why was the atom bomb dropped on japan (asia) and not in germany (europe)?
What does the development of cities mean about the development of a civilization?
history of medicine? history of science?
What is the value of the professional historian in today's society?
what was the total USA death total from WWll?
What did John Cabot take on his voyage?
Germany and the Nazis?
Do jews believe in jesus (at least as a profet)? What about muslims?
What was Baron de Montesquieu primary role in Enlightenment? please help!!?
how long did the french revolution last?
What are three successful and unsuccessful consequences of voyages?
Do you think it was inevitable for the North to win the civil war because of the population advantage they had?
Can you make the argument that it's more important to have a Black as president, before a female?
Explain how the Panama Canal helped the world?
What were the most powerful arguments made by Frederick Douglass against the institution of slavery?
how many stones are used in building the great pyramid of Egypt?
Who was the best president ever?
I heard a few weeks ago that Columbus didn't discover america.who did?
what was life like for men in the 1950s?
what is contemporary reaction?
How did WWII affect those who fought in the war?
Where can I find a two page summary of World War 2?
When and how was Israel formed?
Which of the following is true regarding Chinese cultural influences in Japan?
people,..the human race is sick..very sick..dysfunctional..and heading towards extinction.why?.religions.yes.
Did Australia or America suffer more during the Great Depression?
What types of things are/can be included when discussing the Columbian Exchange?
Anybody know much about Navy UDT 1(1948-1952?)?
If the atomic bomb had 'NOT' been dropped on Japan do you think you would be around today?
Were there black people in England before America was discovered?
Cristianity, communism and nazism: which of those ideology killed more people?
What are the three most important inventions ever in your opinion?
Did anything good really come out of Britain ?
Help please! Did Vladmir Lenin follow the April Theses? Give examples why.?
Who were the first Gipsies?
Did hitler liked Arabs?
what would have been the difference in height btw the Colossus of Rhodes and the Statue of Liberty?
Did Isaac Newton wrote the book "Principia"?
Why was the 12th century a world at war?
why did howard carter want to find king tuts tomb???
Does god exist?If so in what form?
In Britain do they learn about the revolutionary war?
Why do historians argue that the wars of the roses ended in 1471 instead of 1485?
emperor of the aztec empire?
what are the names of Celine Dions parents?
Who is the worst serial killer in history?
Do you think what the Japanese did in the railroad?
How did America develop into a world power?
what impact did early Spanish exploration have on people of these continents . Europe . The Americas?
true or false?
where the bamileke tribe ever masacred in cameroon?
Short Summary on these open door policy paragraphs:?
Who killed Robert F. Kennedy (John F. Kennedy's brother) and what did he give as the reason for murdering him?
Did Man landed on Moon?
Please Help! What did the volunteers do?
How are Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller similar/different and why are they important to history?
Roughly how many Norman cathedrals are there in Britain & which percentage are in England?
Which of the following is NOT a counrty that occupied Berlin after WW2? -?
Do you agree that Leif Eiriksson found North America first, or that Christopher Columbus did?
i'm not used to studying roman history, let alone any history, let alone at undergrad level! please advise?
Theodore Roosevelt - U.S. History?
The role of the women in 17th Century? 10 points?
How is logic displayed in common sense by Thomas Paine?
Basic similarities between luther and zwingli and luther and calvin?
What do you think Htler's last words were?
Why miners, railroads, and homesteaders caused problems for the Indian Nations of the Great Plains?
How was the Roman empire influential after the punic wars?
Was Christopher Columbus a rapist and a robber?
What is the sickest and most evil act ever committed in US history?
Who is the greatest leader of all times?
The Russian Revolution of 1917:?
Can someone give me 3 points about why the route of the Canadian Pacific Railway(CRP) was moved south in 1880?
hey are you agree or against to the atomic bomb in Hiroshima & nagasaki?
How did the Northwest Ordinance try to resolve future conflicts over western lands?
What were adolf hitlers political beliefs?
How did the colonists respond to the new tax laws and increased military presence of the british government?
she was Annie Oakley,who was Annie Oakley (American history)?
How did carrier pigeons know where to deliver messages to???
How did King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia die?
Can the world survive another tsunami?
Should ethics play a role in politics? If so, how much should they influence politics, and why?