who is classified as the craziest person in the world?
What were companies like in the late 1800's?
were mormon farmers taking financial help from the government during the great depression in america?
People Get the wrong idea about WW2?
How Would You Explain America to the Romans?
Quick Easy History Questions?
can you explain it: the spread of literacy?
Why did so many germanic tribes begin invading the roman empire?
Who were the people involved in the Khilafat Movement?
What was the new process developed in the industrial era that helped production of steel?
What makes you proud to be British?
what was the name of that guy who believed all our problems are caused by sex?
Does Las Vegas have a Historical Preservation Society?
what the differces in girls and boys?
Did none Europeans join the Wehrmacht?
looking for pic's of st. joseph orphanage in little rock ark. i was there when i was a kid?
Abrahm Lincon?
How did the Divine Right of Kings theory justify unlimited royal power?
What were Germany's main reason for defeat in WW1?
what positive impacts did the lightning rod have on the society?
Is Jesus is without father than who is the Adam's father?
Photos show second China stealth fighter prototype?
Why were Africans used as slaves in America and not any other race?
What do you think is the greatest invention ever discovered by human?
What is SilkRoad? Where is SilkRoad? How did the word SilkRoad comes from?
if u had the chance to choose ,which the old civilization you would like to be born in&when?
Ideas for items to put in a Holocaust Scrapbook?
what caused the american civil war?
what is the worse? an enemy or a traitor?
Which explanations for nationalism does Ernest Renan reject? Why?
Why does history say that columbus was the first person to find america if the indains were already there?
Political Science question about the Austro-Hungarian Empire Division?
Is it possibile to book a local scholar in Pompeii Italy to walk one through the ruins with serious commentary
Was this good for the colonies?
What was Nathaniel Hawthorne's contributions to society?
why britain colonized Ireland?
how did 19 century mail system work ?!?
Why did Latin American nations have trouble preserving democratic governments?
Why did Phillip the II have El Escorial built?
Who should I dress up as for History Day?
What was the worst war in history?
What's the oldest profession (and what's your evidence/reason for your answer)?
What were the most important events of the revolutionary war?
Why are most Americans celebrating a mass murderer today?
Who was the first female firefighter and the history of her and her story?
Name some facts about medieval japans intellectual development?
Have Greeks ever created an Empire in history?
what was the traditional society in the seventeenth century?
Is it wrong to have a wax model of Adolf Hitler in Madam Tussauds?
What are the Transfer Informations for the printing press?
where is the Taj ?
How much would a old german coin will sell for?
Who was King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and Hanover from 29 January 1820?
JFK assassination?
senator Sam Brownbacks?
Does the county of kent have the exact same borders as the ancient anglo-saxon/Jutish kingdom?
what was a major state in the 1970?
what defines the 1920's? Why was it a time of economic prosperity?
what are benjamin franklin achievements during lifetime ? like imprtants events?
cplease help me to find a more detail history about malaysia from the british?
What were the economic forces in the 1920s that contributed to the Great Depression?
how gay is henry?
What are some items that represent cleopatra?
I have to do a brochure about columbus' third voyage & I need a little help.?
what is the view of women in benjamin franklin's advice to a young man on the choice of mistress?
History of 207 loose road Maidstone kent England and about dead body found in front garden?
who failed kindergarten?
Any Users from Bronson Michigan?
Which was worse: Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia?
What were the economic,political and social factors that allowed Italy to be the birthplace of the Renaissance
Comparing and contrasting Alexander the great's and Genghis Khans motivations?
Che Guivara . Does Che Guivara , now what he wnts ?
Back then, they had toilets but didn't have a flush that will go down the pipe. So how they got rid of it?
what was invented int he years 1900 to 1945?
How can I find out the prices of various items in Germany c. 1847?
Henri Bourassa... WW1?
What was George Washington's horse's name?
was adolf hitler killed or did he get away?
The English Government Before the Civil War?
How Do We The History We've Studied For Years Isn't False?
Comparisons between the Northern, Middle, and Southern colonies of early America?
wut was the name of the second boom that hit Japan during world war 2?
History of Great Britain in 18th century?
Modern Day Architecture?
Why did Hitler want to kill the all Jews?
What was the 1967 Referendum all about?
It has been said that the “Romans are our grandparents and the Greeks our great grandparents.”?
I want to major in history but my dad wants me to lean toawrds medical science, what should I do?
who were opponents to the Temperance Acts.?
Define Liberalism and Conservatism.?
Anybody know anything about comanche religion?!?
how old is tutbury castle?
Why was civil war in Siberia expected in the early stage of German invasion to USSR?
What is the price for this two shillings coin(1951)?
how did george washington die?
Did Progressivism die out after World War I?
What are reasons that cause wars?
Who was Benito Juarez'?
black death, bubonic plague?
Please help with US history?
what is the meaning of life?
In MLA paper, how do I cite facts in one paragraph that came from the same book but different pages?
AS level History question about Stalin and collectivisation. Please help this is due in very soon?
why did japan surrender after the US dropped the atomic bombs in WWII?
History question of the free soil Help?
german unification, austria and prussia?
Am I considered part British?
Have you read any books on Alexander the Great? And if so, which would be your highest recommendation?
have they really found the ark of the covenant?
Who is the greatest historical figure in your opinion?
what was the main drawbacks during indipendence?
How does The Homestead Act of 1862 compare to The Prohibition?
please I need help in history!!!?
when approximate date or era was the goma mask made? PLEASE HELP ME?
How had science and humanities change post WWI?
In what ways did Athens contribute to its own downfall?
What symbolism did renaissance artist use?
My history teacher says the holocaust is a disputable historical fact, should I report him...?
If Adolf Hitler had succeeded in conquering Great Britain, who would have been his ideal collaborators?
What was Ireland's role in the second world war?
why were immigrants willing to let city bosses control their lives?
Who was Voltaire??????????
what is the value of a one penny coin in 1933?
Comparison of two very different works of art between 1870 to 1900....?
Who wrote the bible??
Did Alexander The Great Ever Visit Cyprus?
did the allies have any specific plans on what to do if hitler was caught alive?
How did World War II contribute to the outbreak of the Korean War?
Why do people fear each other so much nowaday's?
What three countries did Roosevelt consider the biggest threat to World Peace?
Is Bush a terrorist?
Why were cats considered sacred to the Egyptians?
Which American president was assassinated at the theatre?
My father was in the merchant marine durg WWII.He served on a merchant ship called the Aspinwall. Web site?
im in love with my boss he is 64 and im 25 he is married and is my lover. i found a guy that says he loves me.
Did Julius Caeser Live only In rome? Where else did he live?
Where on the internet can I find information about Ancient Mediterranean Art?
What are some World War II interview questions about the Home Front?
In old history wgat river(s) associated with the indus valley? what river(s) associated with yellow river?
What is the single greatest achievement of humanity?
the bushmen and hottentots can be found in what part of africa?
Why do new watches sold always show 10:10 on the dial?
Chinese Civil War question!?
What Role Did the Women In New France Play?
How can i go back in time ?
Do you think the Proclamation Line was necessary? Why, or why not?
What were excise laws, and what did Thomas Jefferson have to do with them?
how did marco polo respond to problems?
What roles did the colonial assemblies play in the american protests of british policies after 1763?
What event do you think was the most important in the Civil Rights movement?
I want to know the weight on the coronation stone of moctezuma II?
Other than the "Pax Romana" what else did Augustus Ceasar do for Rome?
What contributions did Cesare Borgia have to the Renaissance?
How did the Reconstruction Finance Corporation represent typical conservative Republican beliefs of the 1920?
Indicate ways in which the Magna Carta influenced the foundation of government in America.?
help me on feudalism please?
History help...? Andrew Johnson and Impeachment?
How did the "Anaconda Plan" contribute to the fall of the confederacy?
philco 100, 1958 radio made in great britain, any info and value?
Why Luther King in his speech repeats "I have a dream" so many times?
Name a Black Women that was born in New Jersey?
Why did the Americans get involved in the second world war?
Who is allmighty?
Do you know one ancient civilization artifact?
Death Outside of the United States!?
Do any one know anything about "Adolf Hitler"?
Should Britian be proud or ashamed of its history?
what was the declaration of independce about?
In medieval times, what was a cooper?
famous irish mobsters?
What did the catholics bring back from the crusades ?
Who is the greatest woman in history ?
What is the connection between Art Nouveau and Post-Impressionism.?
Who are the illuminati?
purpose of common sense by thomas paine?
Did U.S practice imperialism when moving Indians?
Why did the Jack th ripper case attrat so much attention?
why did the greeks like bumming reach other in the old days?
What changes were made to the Treaty of Versailles once the Germans responded to the Allies?
How old was James Butler Bonham when he enterd a Texas War?
Have many people stopped watching local news and even national or world news since internet came out?
Why did Denis Didorit create the Encyclopedia?
how and why did democrats regain power in the south after reconstruction?
what were jews not allowred to do during the holocaust?
Most admirable Union General?
What is the reason why we have ANZAC day?
is there a link between the great awakening and the american revolution?
300 movie.....a very BIG lie....what do you think?
Who do you think Jack the Ripper was?
when did mining start in the world who was the first miners?
question about world war 2?
How did NC Native Americans keep time?
If all books of our world history were to be burn, which one would you want to keep?
The hostage crisis in Tehran was considered a significant factor in his political demise.?
What does the 'eve' of World War II mean?
How Do Thomas Paine's view on the government support American Independence?
**10 Points** What were the attitudes of the two superpowers towards new countries?
Is it possible for someone to admire the uniforms worn by the Nazis without admiring the Nazis themselves?
when the world ends will gays lesbians and transexuals be able to go to heaven if they get saved?
How did boys deal with nocturnal emissions during the 1910's?
How did the protestant reformation lead to poltical conflict and warfare?
Explain the causes and effects of the Peloponnesian War.?
need some help please?
What are some words/famous people from Medieval times that start with X, and Z?
What was the most important thing in U.S. History?
Why is Shakespeare famous? How did he get famous and what made him famous?
why is Europe really not the most enlightened and important player in the early modern and modern world?
not human nor animal but always following you?
Where an I find passenger train timetables in the 1800s around Albany, Buffalo, NY, Toronto Hamilton, Detroit?
Hello! Please provide your ideas on Christopher Columbus journal of navigation?
CAN I READ A SCRIPT FROM THE HOLY CARON ?i need help finding mark 13:26 in the holy caron?
why has America been named after the sailor, Amerigo Vespucci?
is there any photography movement in the history?
Summary of 1066: The Year of the Conquest by David Howarth?
In what ways does Rome serve as both model and cautionary tale for later European empires?
History readings -- Thesis Statements?
What exactly is COURTLY LOVE, and what is some rituals of love and courtship today?
Can you give me info on any of these people? Please specify who you are writing info about...?
What does 'Mandate Of Heaven' actually mean?
How WW1 was good for Canada?
How is the illuminati dangerous?
Why is Leonard da Vinci's name sometimes written with a capital letter?
Did brits invent everything or just most things?
How was the Treaty of Versailles Criticised?
Who is or was the most intelligent person in history?
Does anyone know any websites or any information on the first African Americans?
how did hitlers life experiences have an impact on his Nazi ideas?
Can anyone link Chaos in greek mythology to Christianity and Judaism?
What are the similarities between Sitting Bull and Brutus?
Do you think theUnited States joined World War II on time, early or late?
Why do jews pretend to be descended from characters in a work of fiction?
Why were young people so important to the Nazis?
John and James Throughout History?
What did Aristotle make a living from, where did his money come from?
Who was the gentleman that was able to solve problems within the government when Congress constructed our gove?
I'm in a history course and I'm not sure how to cite this?
Why do you think the mentally ill were treated so badly in the 1800's?
Looking for a book The Master, by Colm Torbin?
How can we be sure that World War II actually happened, when no one around today was even alive back then?
what does physical statue?
What is a medieval craftsman's typical day?
How did Nigeria fight back to the British and HOW did they gain their independence?
antique chest wondering what its worth?
Would N/A (not applicable) have existed during the 18th Century English?
How was Madonna a leader and how did she show leadership? Give examples n explain briefly please?
How have Jewish people been discriminated against throughout history, and in your opinion, why?
Which of the following was a characteristic of the German Empire?
What's the history behind Singapore's Intenational Friendship Day?
1. Symbolists believed that the world was a collection of symbols that...?
What is the link between Arius and his teaching (Arianism) and St. Patrick?
What's the greatest invention of the 20th century?
Why did the U.S fight the Spanish-American war in both the Caribbean and the Pacific?
i need help with my history flvs?
Was the Vikings the first settlers that came to America?
In what ways was the US different in 1877 as contrasted with 1777?
how did the relationship between Aisa and Australia develop after the vietnam and korean wars?
What factors enabled the city to survive foreign attacks for hundreds of years before finally falling?
Is Kabbalah a comming up "ancient - new " united science of the next Civilization?????
Compare and contrast the flood narratives in the book of Genesis and Gilgamesh?
Who was the Nordic god of darkness?
Which two consecutive decades were the most different?
How is the Supreme Court influenced by politics?
Did Tuscarora Indians raid all kinds of English Colonial people?
what comes to mind, when you speak about Islam and Muslim?
Did Anastasia Romanov survive the execution?
"Name an occupation that excisted in the old west.?
How many ghosts haunt the Queen Mary swimming pool?
Samuel Palmer?
White people caused most bloodshed are white people evil?
Were there people who actually supported the Vietnam War back when it was going on?
The month of august was named after what man?
Where was the temporary capital of the new government?
could you please send me some articles on the history of cars?
What does make you so sure that the Holocaust happened or not?
What size bombs where used to bomb London during the ww2 blitz.?
How was Russia responsible for WWI?
What was the title of Justinian I before he became emperor?
Should African Americans receive reparations for their ancestors being slaves over four hundred years ago????
Who were the Sleb?
When Lenin said, "You're either with us or you're with the terrorists," who was he referring to?
What did Egyptians trade their golds for?
whats the most important festival in west virginia?
What would you tell America's Founding Fathers?
who would be a great african american person i could do a report on?
how to i find history of my house?
Do you think it was Jessica Simpson's fault that the Cowboys did not win yesterday?
white slaves...not prostitution?
Who was the greater person, Spartacus or Marcus Crassus?
What is the Holocaust?
Who is more imperialist the Brits or the Australians?
Where is Hitler buried?
What reasons did George Washinton give for not seeking a third term?
What is the historical value of the Harrapan civilization?
Renaissance Art piece anyone?
what makes napoleon less of a monster then hitler?
What did the ancient romans eat?
World War II?
Who invented supermakert carts? What are the carts made of? Where did they originate?
Do you know where is Isfahan?
Newspaper article on the Gold Rush (in Victoria 1851-1860)?
where did Shaw get the idea for Pygmalion?
How were industry and Empire related to each other?
Who lives in Ludwigsburg Palace?
The American Revolution - Causes of the French Revolution (World history homework help)?
What would have caused people to migrate to the US during the late 19th century-early 20th century from europe?
Could you please help me with these history questions?!?
who were the living saints?
can you pls give a discription of a Rococo room in details?
where is a illigal?
what were the dimensions of an average house in the 1690s?
What activities does Opus Dei pursue and does it have a centre in Mumbai?
What piece of history interests you the most?
what do you think would happen if i were to travel in a time machine and.....?
Could Abraham Lincoln be the vampire he was really looking for?
Identify and describe two of the four main climate zones of Africa?
What is more dangerous? Nationalism or Religion?
What are some facts about Mahindra?
Why did the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) remain strong while the Western Roman Empire declined?
what were the five historical factors that helped to explain the spread of christianity?
What would you find in an early 1900's child's nursery?
Help with Civil War? Who was Lincoln, unionists vs confederates?
How did people brush their teeth during the era of Little House on the Prairie?
How did Augustine and Boethius integrate Christian and Greco-Roman thought?
Maybe I'm like well young or something, but what did that Hitler dude do that was so bad, worse than Dubya?
Who was killed mahatma gandhi.....?
Im asking about my ancestors in Serbia a place called Velika? if anyone knows anything. Im Albanian.?
Why did President Hindenburg's use of article 48 help hitler to become chancellor?
Why was John Adams the most influential Founding Father?
Intercultural relations in the Near East by the time of the Late Bronze Age?
What was the Reign of Terror?
if rome wasn,t built in a day, how long did it take?
explain how the declines of the new kingdom in egypt and the kushite empire in meroe were similar?
wat i mean is do you have any reaction on what you've gave to me.. actually thats about the kamsutra?
What's the oldest profession (and what's your evidence/reason for your answer)?
What are the biggest misconceptions about Ancient Greece ?
Can someone explain the McCarran Internal Security Act?
does any body knows any thing about vivaldi's biography?
why did the catholic church support feudalism in the middle ages?
important events in Holy Roman Empire/Prussia/Germany in 16th, 17th, or 18th century?
poland? ww2? royalty?
Who was the wilier commander - Belisarius or Narses?
Where did the term teufelhunden originate?
Was Hitler Jewish? Cuz I heard he was.?
When did Islam decline in infulence and why?
what is the day T. Roosevelt wife and mother died?
10 POINTS!! Who had more power under the Articles Of Confederation? How many Branches of Government were there?
Does anyone think that William Wallace is a Fact or Fiction, Legend or Myth?
Whatever Hitler did, was it right? Think again before u answer.....?
Who's your favorite person in history? Why?
Who won in Second World War?
When did Ancient Egypt reach it's "height"? I need a link! Worth points!!?
Let me know facts about Adolf Hitler?
Why did Zapata continue fighting even after Carranza became president?
2 major event that could be seen as the start of french revolution?
how were women impacted by the reformation in england?
Documentaries about the First world war?
Where are the surviving masamune swords?
Why did japan choose to develop an asian empire? What impact did this choice have on singapore?
When people talk about the ancient Egytians being Nubian, are they talking about the period in the 800's b.c.
is there a timeline of Chester A. Arthur life?
I need Information on the Missouri Compromise!?
Explain who bears the burden of the payroll tax in the case of an inelastic demand for labor curve?
which are world's best and ancient archeological sites??
about the 52 iranian hostages of 1979?
Which statement about the burial practices of the ancient Egyptians is fales?
World War One Causes Debate?
What significant changes occurred in the U.S. because of the Civil Rights Act of 1964? ?
Manstein plan? what is it and what battle was it used in?
To be a citizen of ancient Athens, one had to be a what?
History Question!!!! EASY s?
Did psychologists in the 1800s and early 1900s see people with "psychological problems" as "Being in a dream"?
How was the US involved in the Hatian Massacure of 1937?
Is abolishing the death penalty "inevitable" the same way abolishing slavery was?
What year did the pilgrims come to America? Like in the Mayflower?
How did the Painting "A sunday afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte" get its title?
What were ancient roman pottery used for?
What do you think about the American military intervention during the Vietnam War ?
what are some good/interesting facts about the Boston Massacre?
how did the Revolution lead to the Napoleonic Era?
i need info on the history of nuclear energy?
What are the main features of the diet typical of Northern Europeans that today are typical of the American di?
how do i clear my history? Like if I'm on and i look for an image?
Fill in the American History blanks (1790s 7th Grade)?
What was the " Stono Rebellion" written by James Oglethorpe's?
How was the rule of the british in burma similar to or different from the rule of the French in Vietnam?
When is The last Empire in China is End?
What are three factors that lead Southerners to secede?
How did the colonists react to the Bristish Advance?
what organisations were private before the war and were taken over by the goverment during the war in britain?
Does anyone know a lot about John Wilmot? And does the movie "The Libertine" hold true to his life?
What did we get out of the 80's and 90's?
Anybody got a suggestion for a good history book about the Roman Republic & Empire for a 15 year old?
what is the name of the study of languages and its evolution?
w influence for women the protestant reformation or the catholic reformation?
who is Rockfeller?
How did the Enlightenment influence the French revolution ?
During Holocaust, how did Believer (in God) let each other know that they were Believers. Did they have a code
What are some facts about the name Emily?
Can someone please explain what is the history and the significance of the North American Auto Show?
why did all of religiones originate from the middle east?
how many language in india?
why did european nations want more land?
If you could visit one day in history, where and when would you choose?
if you could own any building in history and never sell it what would it be?
Why were the Jay Treaty and Pinckney Treaty thought to be controversial ?
Please Help Me With My Gobal HW?
which fruit did Adam and Eve eat?
Where is the ancient city of Milesia located (specifically)? Still exists, new name. Turkey?
Who was Tenzing Norgay's partner?
"To Kill a King" (Film, 2003): Is it an accurate depiction of - The English Civil War (1642–1651)?
Description of 16th century London?
whom are the famous persons born ed on May 1 ?
Why did European Christians believe it was acceptable to enslave other human beings?
Why was Western Europe able to dominate the rest of the world in the 1800's and early 1900's?
Both Grant and Sherman pursued a new type of warfare. Explain the change in strategy these men employed. Note?
what language do people from Ireland speak?
Who was the famous traitor during the American Revolution?
What was the main economic activity of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan?
if i really hate a boy that is touching me all over the place and i tell him to stop but he wont what should i
Which came first: dinosaurs or Adam an Eve?
How did Thomas Edison die?
What is the history on mustaches?
what happened to Khrushchev's peaceful coexistence theory?
What were the cultural differences between East and West Berlin when the Berlin wall was up?
were native americans able to domesticate food or animals?
Name the importance of steamboats to American transportation in U.S. history?
Why admire the vikings, who pillaged, raided, murdered, enslaved and extorted money out of others?
During the 1800's ______ and native-born Americans moved to cities in record numbers?
What was the Progressive Movement at the turn of the century, and it's lasting effects?
what is the true story of jesus christ?
What countries in the Americas continent had more European migration?
How did Stalin take control over the Eastern Europe?
How was Louis Sullivan important in English?
How was political representation determined under the Connecticut compromise?
Who was the better WW2 general: George S. Patton or Erwin Rommel?
Democracy in Athens - how much did it last? start and end?
What historical event would you change from the past, and what would be the consequences of it in present day?
Why did the south want Missouri to be a slave state?
Pre April 1917, were other parties more dominant than the bolsheviks in Russia?
Was there ever slavery in Britain long ago?
Why and When was Nelson Mandela Imprisoned?
What were the consequences of the Protestant Reformation?
History help with anyalising?
What's missing on this website?
Were there any other famous/staple mob bosses in Chicago other than Capone?
I want a Henry 1860 rifle.?
if you are born in Britain's r u British even though your parents are not?
why did the japanese bombing of pearl harbor succed?
In your opinion, what was the most siginificant battle in history?
Where does the term Baroque come from?
History question help please?
Poet Rabeenthranath Tagoor has written national anthom for two countries. Which are those countries?
I am a senior in college and will be graduating with a history degree. What kind of jobs can i get?
Did the Americans bomb Germany?
Why do people think we lost Vietnam?
Compare how the international community responded to apartheid in South Africa and Rwanda?
Who invented the peace sign?
Why does Stalin get no respect for killing over 20 million people, when Hitler gets all the Hype?
Who was the inventor of the first vaccine?
Partition of India...?
were there any groups persecuted catholics in united states in 19 century other than kkk?
What is the Tron Church?
Websites and other information about "Little Scandinavia, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. From late 1800s until today
Was the "Holy Roman Empire" named by the Caped Crusader's trusty sidekick Robin?
Urban legend or fact?
POLL : Who Was The First One To Invent a Time Machine and Travel Through Time?
What are some historical events, issues, and movements that have influenced Christianity?
What was the exact date Columbus discovered the new world?NOT THE YR<<<BUT "the actual date"?
Summary of the Renaissance Humanism?
When did Hitler really die?
What are Corbies?
where is the best place to find info on 14th century german artsits?
Can someone summarize the American Revolution for me?
how did Oliver cromwell became the leader of england?
O people of Britain.....?
What were some effects the Arab Spring had?
Which of the following would be considered a secondary source for information about the western movement...?
What were they fighting about in the american civil war?
Korean war question easy 10 points?
Why do we use the Gregorian calendar?
Which race did Hitler belong to?
what is an other name for water?
Did there use to be a town under part of Lake Quachita around Hot Springs, AR?
What book did napoleon talk about the superman theory?
best way to present an argument in Indian culture?
can someone tell me about Malaysia?
history of patina metal finish?
What is this historic site?
history help please ^.^?
Looking for a document regarding slavery?
Was Hitler a great leader?
why were people attracted to Heuy Long? and what happened to him during the Great Depresstion?
What caused the decline of the Roman REPUBLIC?
What is Roland Barthes feelings on the photograph as a trace?
how did mexicans get to Texas in 1800?
who was the first person on the earth?please tell me i want to know>>thanks?
Could someone provide me with a list of all the books/memoirs written by Sir Winston Churchill?
what geographic factors would have helped these states to remain independent from Napoleon's control?
Mariitime, Ships etc?
How was Walt Disney connected to the illuminati?
what did the Sacco and Venzetti trial an the red scare show about attitudes towards immigrants in 1920's?
The Magna Carta??????
is god real?
Did the attacks on Pearl Harbor give Franklin Delanor Roosevelt a good reason to go into WWII?
Was Adolf Hitler a hero? or a infamous dictator..?
Where is Churchill buried ?
what were the problems that plagued the Roman Republic in the last century B.C.E?
5 pre-civil war events.?
Could Helen Keller Talk?
What war was Edward elric in on conqueror of shamballa?
Did Hitler ever visit his concentration camps?
Has one or more common features that make it from surrounding areas ?
Notorious or maligned historical figures...?
What do you think of Palistine?
If you could live in any century, what would it be and why?
Striking Characteristics of the elements of the music of Indonesia & Thailand?
what are some consequences of political murder/assassination?
what were the similarities between europe and africa in 1000 ce?
Does anyone know where to go for istant messenger thanks bye.?
did reba mcentire really die in a plane crash today?
Who were the Boers? Dutch?
My grandfather was apache Indian he was born in Prescott Arizona and I want to get a tattoo .....?
any interesting information on the black death plague?
in what way was MLking involved with Brown vs board of education?
What is the meaning of Kushan OR Guishang?
How much of the Great Wall was built by the Qin empire?
When and where did the art of mime begin MIME begin?
Was A.Hitler a Jew by ancestry?
Why was it called the cumberland road?
Why is the election of 1828 important? What made Jackson win. Did he did bad things to win, if so what?
How might being at war affect the country?
i have a hazen mfg co hand pump just wondering how old is this ?
How did the assembly line change daily lives? Help please?
The writers of America's Declaration of Independence would appear to have adopted similar ideas to those of th?
I need help on one History question?
Were biracial (Japanese/Caucasian) Americans also put into internment camps in WW 2?
What year was the ipod invented and if you know who invented it put that too.?
Did the series of Union victories in late 1864 help Abraham Lincoln win reelection?
How to say ancient dates?
i would like to know the hardships the Chinese faced and their lifestlye in the Us in the 1900s.?
what does mickey mouse and the swastika have in common?
What are some interesting facts about Indian culture and what are some famous celebration and traditions?
Was the united states ever out of debt?
Do White People have a right to take Pride in their Race?
Who was pope urban II?
How did the promotion of peace and prosperity contribute to cultural advancements in the age of the Guptas?
who killed john lennon?
How did the plane crash that killed the Marshall University athletes and fans happen?
Do you think we would have won ww2 if?
Why did Jackson became a white?
I would like to know if Sara Crewe is just fiction or does she represent someone real?
what country is run by a dictator or has a communist government.?
who was the real founder of S'pore? include -when S'pore founded-how was S'pore like before?
When did humanism start in Italy?
could you check my English please?
12 main greek gods and who they married?
Can i get some history about how the state :New Mexico was formed in USA ?Do they speak Mexican in this state?
what are the leading axis power?
are there still any titanic survivors alive?
Did women in the Roman Empire shave their legs?
who was the first american to do brain surgery?
What was worse ?? The Nazis killing the Jews or the American bombing of hiroshima and nagasakhi??
Are there similarities between the decline of the British empire and America?
why is Raffles hotel important to singapore's history?
What are some important, main events that happened during the Han dynasty of China?
Was berlin ever part of russia?
Earth's summit?
Ice, Thanks! You got it, that's the ships name I was after.?
Which was a bigger controbuter to the cold war, the Berlin blockade and airlift or the Korean war?
help please with a couple of history problems i got stuck on? Thanks!!!?
What role did French Bishops play in the 1700's?
What was the name of Martin Luther Kings wife?
How big was virginia city in 1800?
US History Questions? Please help!?
What diseases were in the holocaust?
Who was the best absolute ruler in history?
Sources on the Ancient Olympic Games?
Did any of Leonardo da Vinci's descendents go into politics?
From 1909 to 1927, what did many women experience?
Did most medieval practices changed or stayed the same?
What were some major territorial advances by the U.S. in the 19th century?
did the Normans starve the English into submission and in essense into "slavery"?
What was the original source of electrical power for the lights in the Statue of Liberty?
what kind of supporters did william jennings bryan have?
Is England most evil?
How do you use a khopesh (aka sickle-sword)?
how to make bluebonnets out of popcorn?
Where's bora bora?
were guns Made of iron? if so what kind? and why?
whats the greatest thing man has ever invented, discovered or done?
Immigration helps America?
How did the Arabs, Turks, and Persians take advantage of Europeans to secure their independence around WW1?
How did Shakespeare depict things differently than the actual events in Caesar's lifetime?
Who was the founder of Neonatology?
The holocaust ...what people say is ridiculous?
What single event in the 20th century do you believe will have the greatest influence over the 21st century?
Human history of the future?
American Cultures Politics Anyone?
Who is a good american hero to right an essay on?
What changes might be made in this provision in thee napoleon code?
What is the only country in history to use nuclear weapons in warfare ?
How were the Kush People significant in history?
how did china get world power in the 1200s?
The Civil War proved to be very influential on wars such as..?
who fought in the US Civil War?
Quotes about how music has influenced peoples' opinions on important issues?
when was the last time you did something for the first time.?
What did the Magyars do to the people they captured?
How Did The Annexation of Hawaii Benefit the US Military?
why did rizal marry nellie boustead?
How and why did the romans copy the greak mithology?
Do you believe this world is in the end times?
What were the causes and effects of "The Spark" in World War One?
How was unity esablished amongst Canadians after or during The Great Depression ?
Irish mob leader?
What is Da Vinci code....?
What are arab contributions to language(including writing), education, and religion of civilization?
Did the Spanish conquer the Aztec empire or the Inca empire first?
I am trying to locate a speech by Eva Peron.?
if you had to decide which side to fight on during the civil war in america which would you chose if any...?
Explain the Military Reconstruction Act?
Hypothetical History Question: What if massive fossil fuels & atomic power had never existed? -- MORE BELOW --?
Had Belgium broken up as a result of the post-WWII royal controversy...?
What were protestant beliefs or Elizabeth I?
was charles xii of sweden a psychopath?
What was the period of Lord Cornwallis's appointment as Governer General of India?
1) What was the possible motivation for writing these laws?If so, how are they similar?
does anyone care that today was d-day?
why was the holocaust able to happen?
What does the name Sharra mean?
I'm doing a history report on ancient Greece and i need some help?
was George Washington the first king of the US?
what do these sources say? about storming of the bastille, history essay?
What are the top three biggest empires in world history?
What do you interpret as the most serene/peaceful period in world history?
Who is the best fighter in history?
What was life like for african americans when they....?
Where did the Indians that were in America at the time of Columbus originate from?
i need a map of ancient egypt by monday were do i get one?
What was the barrel of the little boy atomic bomb made of?
Who was Prince Vlad, the Impaler, in what country did he live, and in what era?
is "i don*t know" an answer??
Why were the Germans unhappy with the Treaty of Versailles?
What are some important, main events that happened during the Han dynasty of China?
Which is not true about the religion of early Hebrews?
if you were a mythical creature what would you be?
Can someone summarize the Counter-Reformation of the 16th/17th century, please?
Classical Period of Art?
Why is the FSU psychology building named after Francis Eppes VII?
How did Switzerland remain neutral in World War 2?
a day in the life of a scribe in ancient mesopotamia?
What technological advancements increased agricultural production during the high middle ages?
Wilson's 14 Points. Point 2 calls for an end to attacks on shipping in international waters.?
why a brand new wathches, also in an add, always show ten past ten?
do you think it is important to remember the holocaust?
Writing in dissent to the Adkins majority, Chief Justice Taft says the conclusion in Adkins rests on: A) the v?
why did people not agree with the nazi party invading countries?
Why was the nozzle important in October Sky?
how many of you love God?
When did Russia get baptised? By whom?
what good things did Ida tarbell do?
why did hitler persecute gypsies?
How does the US Women's Rights Movement in the 1800's connect to the events that occurred during that time?
what helped cortez defeat the aztecs?
what did James Madison mean by "next place oblige it(government) to control itself" in the federalist paper?
did the illuminati kill St. Peter?
Can anyone tell me The Oxford Classical Dictionary definition of Asceticism?
What did Paul Keating do in relation to republicanism? Were there any major events?
is there any website of union council koral islamabad?
When did Britain start to be called Great Britain, and why?
Comparing and Contrasting Brotherhoods?
What were the push and pull factors of moving from Russia to the USA just after WWII?
Explain how the new government of Canada had representation by population?
what was the second state to take military actions during warld war two?
Can anyone help me? =]?
Define liberalism?
HISTORY help how did the Schliffen plan cause tension and conflict?
Who benefits from l'arche?
Would I have died in the holocaust?
what is the history of POINTE dancing??
Europeans learned all of the following from Native Americans EXCEPT?
Art History Question.?
What traditions did Jamestown have? (1600's not modern)?
If i wore a Che Guevara shirt would it offend you?
effect of the decision of engle v. vitale?
Who invented clothing?
Who was the first Roman Spanish Emperor?
what are the aspects one must follow when discussing a painting?
How much exactly did the ancient greeks know about the body?
Ranching, mining, and farming on the western Territories of the United States?
Turning points in history?
How Did The Nazis Rise To Power?
when was the boto discovered?
GO BACK IN PAST . which time you choose ?
what year did the civil war start and when did it end?
Why did Hitler have a small moustache? Was it fashionable, or was it to hide his psychotic tendencies??
What do aztecs and mayans have in common?\?
If you could go back in time and kill (or stop being born) one person eg Hitler, who would it be?
i want change my messanger password plz advise me how ?
What Historically what was the most efficient type of village/community?
Who were actually wronged? the palestines or the jews?
How many betrayers in history do you know?
HELP! World History!?
Were Roman's medical ideas simply a copy of those of Greeks?
Which of these four U.S. Presidents had the most influence on America? GOOD OR BAD influence?
LSD Mormon tempels all sites?
Progressive and Regressive elements of our current society today?
World war one names for video game?
did the romans see gods as equals?
“The response of each society to European imperialism grew out of its larger historical development and its?
Reasons for European Imperialism?
I want to know what happened on the 30-4-1926?
If Wilson was a progressive president, then why...?