Is there any way the United States could have brought slavery to an end, without violence or civil war?
Who is a cooler Japanese historical hero Benkei, Yoshitsune, Takeda Shingen or emperor Jimmu?
Why do some African Americans live in the past?
How did dickens portray life during the industrial revolution?
did WW1 and WW2 teach humanity the futility of war on such a grand scale?
baroque art?
Why was mary warren not at home in the crucible?
why does people ask if it's ok to wear white pants after labor day?
I need help comparing and contrasting Rome and Persia.?
Did Hitler do EXACTLY what Stalin had wanted him to do when he invaded Russia in June 1941?
How did I forget that magellen was the first to circum-navigate the globe? When should I kill myself?
Who were the British allies and how did they help them to win so many battles?
Was Moses Jewish?
Can anyone help me with this report?
information on russian eggs?
If you could choose one person from history, and ask that person one question...?
Kennedy assasination? Conspiracy or lone gunman?
I read that A FEW fanatical Germans are trying to get the UK to say sorry over the bombing of Germany in WW2?
is it better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all ur life ?
Where did St. Luke live?
How to write a history paper about the twelve tables?
Alexander the Great question?
What is the actual definition of the word " Yankee"?
How has Pope Gregory VII influenced the modern world? (LOOK AT DETAILS!)?
when is the name roman catholic first appeared?
Why the World hates France?
Harry Truman’s Fair Deal and Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society vs FDR's New Deal?
Robespierre and the French Revolution?
What came first, the chicken or the egg?
if the sas could beat the ira how come they did not?
How would you define feudalism? What advantages did the feudal system have in the context of early medieval Eu?
Ravensbruck Concentration Camp?
Did Hitler do any good things?
the black death?
Poll; do you think the Xia dynasty was real or not, and why?
where did the name "Nazi" come from and whose idea was it to use it and why?
Anne Frank, one of the most memorable people of the 20th century?
If Hitler had succeeded...?
What is special abot India??
where did queen isabella I of spain live?
What was happening in Australia between 1948-1949?
is jennifer lopez is illuminati member?
i need a timeline of events happening in the west during the civil war.?
Information on Europe from 1000-1600?
When did the Saffavid Empire and Mughal Empire take firearms as part of their major armory?
Why did the Romans build sewers?
The sculptures in the Temple of Seti in Egypt - is it true?
Is it possible that i could have been in another past life?
the original inhabitants of new zealand were the?
How do you feel about the passing of Coretta Scott King?
Why did the Normans send armies to southern Italy and then Greece after conquering England in 1066?
was any of the apostles women?
what was the 30 years' war?
What ended the Revolutionary war?
Is it bad for a girl to wear a real corset?
Is there any particular time in United States history that intrests you?
How did Japan improve their army after being beaten by the Soviets?
What are the main causes of world war 2?
if the illuminati is not real why haven't any "elites" ever spoken out against it?
Is chaldeans a religion or ethnicity?
How did immigrants in the early 1900's effect America's economy and culture?
Hey YOU did you know that your ancestors are made on Syria? Please help them on a emergency call.?
What should I write for my intro/thesis statement on my research paper for Salem witch trials?
I would like to know if Sara Crewe is just fiction or does she represent someone real?
Who invented the internet?
1. What were the key geographic features of the Nile Valley?.... History please help!?
where was god gauttam buddha born?
Who has the best national anthem ? United Kingdom or United states ?
mexicans who moved west were called?
Can anybody tell me the history of bags? And what is the benefits of bringing bags?
Do you think Hitler(Adolf Hitler) really committed suicide?
If you could travel through history what 3 events of importance would you visit ?
was history really written to hide certain infamous events?
a) How did discrimination affect free African Americans in the North?
history help please:)?
What happend on 7th July, 1994 in Bucharest?
Questions about Cyprus?
can you tell me about the history of human right in cambodia?
How did the first Native Americans get to Texas?
does anyone know the answers or where I can find the answers to these 4 questions on my history review?
How Long did it take to get from NY to California in the late 1800's?
How did the Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan differ?
How do Italian, Roman and Greek columns look different to eachother and why?
Who killed Lapu-lapu? It states that Lapu-lapu killed Magellan but who killed Lapu-Lapu?
I want to explanation of all National Ledares in India?
Changing the Opium Wars?
WHo created sun records?
Mark Speight?
what was the first drama written by a black woman to be produced on Broadway?
when was dueling first outlawed in England?
Hunting legislation 1613?
who believes in the holocaust??
How do you pronounce "Et Tu Brute?" (Cesar's famous last word) Thanks!?
I would like someone to suggest a good book to read on the history of Aligarh Muslim University?
prices for dickens work diamond edition 1880?
What dictatorships have been installed or supported by the CIA?
In history, what does "foreign policy" mean?? Please help!?
What was the nickname given to the pyramids by the ancient egyptians?
where can i find pictures of the original cold harbour pit now known as furzton lake?
History Help please ASAP?
was julius caesar the best or worst roman ever?
History on the first guitar amp please?
in tudor times what happened if the king's barber mixed with the wrong kind of people?
How does one learn history.I want an answer in two words?
Why does the world use propaganda to make the great Hitler look bad?
What are/were some middle-class areas of London in the 1930s/40s?
What caused many of the uprisings between the native Americans and the settlers?
Do You have to be baptised in orde to get into heaven?
History homework help?
Can someone tell me all the entries that happened over 1788-1860 in American History?
essay: How did Australia respond to the Cold War?
What year was time travel discovered???
Where the Egyptians Black?
What do people think that The Loch Ness monster is?
hitlers rise to power summary?
When did the 21st century begin, in an abstract sense?
how do you pronounce passchendaele?
Anyone with Welsh blood been mistaken for East European?
(10 points) Where did John Adams live during the American Revolution?
What is the political problem between catalans n Spain ?
what are feudal manors?
What did Filippo Brunelleschi do that made him a vital role in our history books?
What was unique about the Colony of New York?
Bakairi Indian Culture.?
How was the Afghanistan war a threat to the USSR in the 1980s?
Why were jews killed on the holocaust?
news/magazine articles online about American Imperialism today? (s)?
Has human evil diminished over the centuries?
American Civilization Ques on Jackson - Please Help!!!?
How do I remember those things I reviewed earlier, and not to forget them tomorrow?
how do archaeologists know where to dig for bones?
Questions about Founding Brothers book?
2 Spanish Questions. Multiple Choice???/?
Is my dad right in saying Winston Churchill was a bad man?
What kind of chair is this?
Why was the year 2000 celebrated as the new millenium?
How did the English Civil war result in Parliament becoming the dominant power in England?
What was the name of Alexander the Greats horse?
What kind of questions would I ask someone who was in China when the Cultural Revolution was going on?
What are (1.5 Mbps download,256 kbps upload) and (10 Mbps download,512 kbps upload) in terms I can recognise?
Need help with Art history question! (Baroque Period)?
what book did plato write?
One consequence of the Spanish Conquest was the catastrophic decline in the Native American population in the?
Briefly explain the Louisiana Purchase and its impact on the early United States.?
why were building projects important for ancient civilizations?
was adolf hitler killed or did he get away?
when were oil refineries first established in South East Asia and where exactly?
History of American People?
If the atomic bomb had 'NOT' been dropped on Japan do you think you would be around today?
How Can One Grow, when he/she doesn't like?
What internal problems that Rome had we're the most serious?
what was the life like of people in Dublin, Ireland during the potatoe famine?
Bayonet Serial Number reference?
what was a plantagenet.?
was Hitler alive after world war 2?
Question about ancient dance (Christian answers only, please)?
First in the Americas.?
for how long was spain dominated by arabs?
What did vikings value?
Where was the first capitol of the Confederate States of America located?
Who do you think was the real "Jack the ripper"?
Womens suffrage?
Adolf Hitler Was A Great Man ? Plz Give Answer Yes/No.?
can someone tell me a famous freighter or famous ship (battle ect....) from world war 2?
The Olive Branch Petition sought to avoid a rupture with England by appealing to the King for a settlement of?
How come the word Housewife for "the case to put threds and needle"?
Who is binue dorah whos nationality is congo?
Do you believe that the Holocaust happened?
what were medieval inns like?
What did pimps wear from the time period 1815-1832?
Is all of the information on a schools history book true?
What is the similarities between the Mesopotamia and Happaran society ?
if you could have been on any jury...which one?
was the embargo act of 1807 constitutional?
Can someone with Social Studies Ancient Egypt?
i would like a pictuere of a prarie schooner from the oregon trail?
wha are seven wonders in the world?
(MC)Which statement explains why the Fifteenth Amendment was proposed by the Radical Republicans during Recons?
Why did the pharaoh's cover their hair?
Did L.J Papineau exhaust all means of achieving a democracy before armed rebellion?
Was Judas betrayal part of a plan?
Can some one give me a composition on: THE BILL OF RIGHTS? THANKS?
why didn't containment work in china?
Who produced the finest coke at the best price and eventually joined Andrew Carnegie in their steel empire?
September 11th a school holiday?
What is americas single greatest triumph?
Medieval History Jokes? PLEASE ANSWER, PLEASE!!!!?
In the 1500s, how would ships gets supplies?
What is the theme of "A War Like No Other"?
algonquin tribe? ?
If you had a time machine....which person in history would you like to have a one hour conversation with.?
What were the main goals of machine politicians and progressives in Pennsylvania?
Why is it important for historians.......?
I need to find information on Raymond Esser of danville?
how do Mexico and Puerto rico celebrate Carnival?
who shot president abraham lincoln?
how was the email invent and who invent it?
What songs or type of music do countries play to represent American History?
What do you think of Paris Jackson's speech?
What did people do before toilets?
if Napoleon Boneaparte was able to defeat the Russian army....how Europe would be different?
How many raids on the North did the South attempt in the American Civil War?
What was bacon's rebellion?
What did eve look like?
Was there slavery in the Northwest Territory?
What era/time is this birdcage from?
where can i find out if old papers are worth anything?
how did the automobiles change America in The 20th century?
what was livy's biggest fault in his writing of history?
Why do communists like the color Red?
Bertolt Brecht's Galileo Alternative Ending?
Essay about African Americans during WWII. Need a little help...?
What is the role of political machines?
Do you think that UK and allies could win the WW2 without the help of Russia?
how did the Native Americans get to North America and south America?
Where do babies come from?
What are the cause and effects of the Jackson's administration policy?
American history experts please help s! !!!!!?
was columbus really the first person in amarica?
I need an old map of south america, specifically, Chile borders prior 1878?
Homework help? Does this sound to much alike?
what is the history of the caribbean island?
the year the RIAA begun?
francisco franco quotes????
Is The Rose of Versailles/ Lady Oscar real character?
If you were on a desert island and u could pick one Famous person to be with who would it be and why?
What do you know about history?
Germany would have probably won WWII if Hitler would/wouldent have done ________. Fill in the blank/blanks.?
How similar is this Ukrainian dance to the original folk dances in Ukraine?
Africa's contibution to development of the world?
When did the Mayans fall?
Do you think Columbus was a good leader or a bad one?
Is anything really new ?
What would you say is the best invention since the 20th century?
what was the reason that john winthrop found the settlement in boston?
Favorite warrior in history?
Why did the Americans react poorly to the Tea Act?
What laws did Congress pass during the Watergate crisis & what was their purpose?
How important are they?
What is that term used to describe?
who is joyce travelbee?
who invented the toilet?
do believe that the holocust actually happen?
Is this social or cultural?
Why did Germany attack the Soviet Union during World War II? Were'nt they allies?
How did relations change between Britian and Germany in the period of 1936-1939.?
How did the term "Black Irish" come about?
What was President Woodrow Wilson's records on Civil Rights?
how did economies of many American Indian groups develop?
Who is/was Ima Sumac?
explain how a young man would start off as an apprentice and eventually become a master?
who first completed translating the bible into chinese?
who is red odare and what did he do?
Why were Mesopotamia and Egypt different or the same?
who are the fascist leaders of the 20th century?
How did the prisoners of war effect Australia?
why did some of the liberals disapprove of the way Louis-Napoleon ruled France after the uprisings of 1948?
If you could go back in time to witness any moment in history, what moment would it be?
Did asian hunters find North america?
Which of the following is right about Renisance History?
What was the historical significance of Horace Mann?
How did European expansion in the nineteenth century differ from that of the early modern era?
which of the four major civilizations had the gratest longevity?
Why did the early prospectors / diggers / settlers in Victoria fear the Chinese settler during the gold rush?
Did they land on the Moon in 1969 and all the other times?
What are the three main battles that George Washington won?
how do you say "it's ok" in spanish?
Who were all the previous co-owners of 343 Indistries?
Who is Uncle Sam??What did he do? It's there really a real person that's called Uncle Sam??
Is the education of the United States that bad?
Which country was ruling the lands that now constitute Israel before its creation?
Anyone have the answer for ANY of the AP US History FLVS class?
do you know information on martin luther king jr's affair with women?
What was inside King Tutankhamen's Tomb?
Who was the first punk?
was the british empire a blessing or a menace for humanity ?
Significance and development of food from the middle ages?
Imperial Japanese army nurse uniform?
modern day prophet help?
On which Apollo mission did Armstrong and Aldrin land on the moon?
*WHO is your favorite person in HISTORY*::*::*:*:*::*:*?
How old was James Bonham when he died?
If Hitler was so racist, why did he ally with the Italian and Japanese?
indian swastika what is the meaning? I was told that it meant good luck?
Has America got an Empire?
Why and how was there a significant upsurge in popular resistance to apartheid from the mid-1970s?
Were the British called the Regulars?
births in BaySprings Mississippi on May 18, 1956?
How did Charles Manson's cult use conformity to its advantage?
History help, I don't understand?
Who is the richest Man in mexico?¿ And what is his position in Forbes magazine?
Can anyone give me the streets of the White Star port in NY City where Titanic was scheduled to dock?
Where is the new exhibition of egyptian artifacts uncovered recently from under the mediterranean being shown.
Battle of Gettysburg?
Does Atlantis really existed?
How were other countries especially France influenced by the American Revolution?
are there any black nationalist haet group's now in this time frame?
kachina dolls?
What did the Jim Crow laws do to limit Progressiveism?
Civil War Shell Jacket, Confederate 19th Texas Cavalry, Company E, Private Rank?
Germany unification question?
When Alexander and his army invaded Asia in 334 BCE where did they first meet serious Persian resistance?
Book on the History of Russian-American Relations?
which is the oldest religion?
How did romans react to the destruction of Pompeii?
In what year did the burning of Catholic churches in Philedelphia occur?
what is the meaning of the nautical star,i want a tattoo of 1 but want to no what it represents?
How can I tell if my rosary has bakelite beads. It is white and glows in the dark?
Did Atlantis ever really exist? Why?
what did charlemagne do to add to the "gorly of his reign"?
Are there any Nazis still around?
A letter story about what your life would be like during civil war one from northern & Southern.?
why did beethoven write "the turkish march"?
Who was the first person to invent light bulbs?
What was the process at Ellis Island?
why was the cuban missile crisis the most serious event of the cold war?
Byzantine EMpire Culture Paper?
How long has the phrase "shut up" been around?
Does anyone know what medieval hennins were made of?
Who was the first Tudor king of England?
Who's your favourite Pharaoh?
What famous person from the Civil war (american) would you like to meet?
Pictorial sources highlighting the USSR Great Terror in the 30s! 10PNTs!:)?
where did kids go during world war one?
Who are the players of the San Francisco giants this year?
What is the purpose of the supreme court?
What country used to be known as "Persia"?
list of tokugawa shogunate features and accomplishments?
What were NC issues that they fought for at the Constitutional Convention of 1787?
Which subject was very difficult for you during your school time?
What historic events scares you?
What are the most interesting events in History?
What are the similarities and differences between the lifes of children in world war 1 and world war 2?
What influenced the writings of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke?
Who was David Livington and Hery Stanley? As well, which King Leopold was ruling during their time?
Would it make any significant in toppling Stalin if ..?
how did india get independence?
What was/is the Australia's battle cry?
In history when they talk about "social" and "political' what are they talking about?
who started the armenian genocide?
what is the average height of a male and female who was living in the 1700's?
How would a Religous Patriost respond to the Boston Massacre, Tea Act, Quartering Act, and stamp act?
origin of the word "mafia"?
What is the main argument of Stanley Elkins, "Slavery and Personality"?
what was constantine's daliy life like?
how did the U.S. Aquire Hawaii?
why was afhganistan established?
Who do you think has been the worst British monarch ?
why did christopher columbus want to go to india?
If you had lived in the 1820, would you have voted for Andrew Jackson? Why or why not?
Why did the Nazi's not win?
What to write about? Research paper on The Great Railroad Strike 1877.?
where did people from europe go when they were trying to escape the black plague?
Major changes during reconstruction era?
Do we still use Alexander Hamilton's finnancial plan today?
How do we know that slaves resisted slavery?
Did Bhagant Singh kill General Dyer during the independence of India or did he really have heart problems?
what is Illuminati in Spanish Turkish french?
What might you recognize about the speaker's relationship to his beloved in “Song”? Support by citing a line
What social, economic and political reasons did totalitarian governments rise after WW 2?
Am I justified in disliking English people?
Is Italy considered a multiethnic nation?
whats some similarities and differences for the mediterranean and west african empires?
Is anyone here been on the titanic or someone you know?
What happened to the Messerschmitt ME-262...?
How did Heliocentrism and Natural Rights change the political landscape of Europe?
what does SPQR mean when Rome was the World Power (Latin, I think)?
Did the Nazis want to kill anyone who was not blonde hair, blue eyed and German?
hey what's up?!....nyweiz.....what's the meaning of ATHENISTA?.... =)?
On davos's last chapter in clash of kings what happened?
Why do people no longer speak Latin?
who was the biggest nut in history?
Who written everything about History?
Why did the loss of the middle class in the cities lead to the rise of the city bosses?
The worst Julian Emperor?
What was Luthers The Babylonian Captivity of the Church about?
did Wales ever invade France or vise versa?
How many wives did Shivaji have and what were their names?
What is the history on the flower necklace known as a leigh?
The Dead Sea Scrolls mentioned a "Dark Priest" but not a Christ during 50 BC to 75AD. Were they the same guys?
Why is my teacher lying about the Truth?
what is the purpose of music in Africa society?
What kind of jobs were there for women and men in 1919 in canada & what did they get paid ?
HW help? What made Domitian such a horrible Roman Emperor?
Describe the knowledge and skills that the Mongol Empire spread across Eurasia?
what impact did the treaty of versllies have on US and Europe?
Who declared that the pope...?
At what point, do you think, the "good old days" ended?*?
Whom would you Ask and what would you ask?
what two major efforts to maintain world peace did the united states endorse in 1920?
help me understand why the jews were killed by the nazis?
Hi has there ever been a First Lady who wasn't born in U.S.?
what is a teppe?
Were Indian maharahas' directly commissioned(selected for NDA, CDS) in Indian Army, without any test.?
Do they still air shows about dinosaurs on the history channel,science channel,discovery channel,etc?
Why wasn't the United States charged with war crimes for the bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima?
How should i present my assignment?
What did people do before toilet paper was invented?
I looking to find out any history on a mask. The mask is called death's mask. I think it comes Borneo.?
Which of the following was NOT murdered/assassinated?
what important events happened during middle kingdom?
How did Oscar Wilde show the corruption of Victorian Society through images and details in the Picture of Dor?
Nazis...were they human?
Can you name the original 13 American colonies & say which became States and which became Commonwealths?
Why is it that it take ( I'm not a racist ) a white man civilization to bring Christianity to Africa....?
whose cute bowwow or lil romeo and who should i choose bowwow or lil romeo?
Should Africa be compensated by the developed world for loss of "resources" incurred during the slave trade?
One of the world wonders are being rebuilt, do you agree that this should happen?
I would like to study classics, but would not like to pursue any of its subsequent careers. What should I do?
how has the human body changed in art history?
what was the use for st peters dome?
Why President Jackson was popular with the average citizen.?
History question help!?
who killed john lennon?
what is the expansion of WHO?
Who were the founders or who was the founder of Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA?
did russia want bosnia herzegovina back from austria?
In which battle did The Grand Old Duke of York have 10,000 men?
why was hitler appointed chancellor in 1933 ?
Images/info about miss usa/universe pageants?
Cause and effects of the Spanish-American War?
What are some personal items Harry Truman used?
Who killed JFK?
what were the sacrifices made during american revolution to ensure the right to vote?
Were Robbers during the Gold Rush the equivalent to in the hood unfortunate homeless people?
Which race of people has killed the most people in history?
If you were in charge..........?
What is the ranking of nobility and military in the medieval ages?
what was the blackfoot people festeval?
If an artist wanted to emphasize the natural environment of a bird in an artistic composition, the use of.....
Who is the best person in history/ancient age?
when will die?
The 1571 event that ended Turkish dominance of the Mediterranean Sea was?
Is there any validity in the hoax document, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"?
my renaissance man machivelli do you know him?
what did religion play in the....... (look at details to see the rest.)?
Is the reason why so many south asians (indians) look white and pale?
Was there a president before George Washington and was he African American?
can anyone tell me mexico's heritage?
What were some travel gadgets in the 1970s ?
History Question? Are these events in right order?
How the crusades helped European Culture become more dominant while leaving Arabs ignorant and poor till today
Why did Hitler use the swastika...?
How were the puritans mistreated ?
how did the nazis killed so many jews?
Why do genocides happen?
What was the Proclamation of 1763?
The largest rivers in ancient Egypt, China, India?
What was the name of the world's first aircraft carrier?
who was lizzie borden?
George W. Bush & Cold War & Iraq/Afghanistan?
Nelson Mandela Essay Help?
The 10 most influential/greatest Americans ever and why?
tora tora tora the chinese boy sent a telegram after the attack what was the telegram?
how did the greeks use art to express their values and ideals?
did obama write a book that says he was born in kenya?
What is the mean of Couplet?
who is the most beatitful woman in the world?
What Was the Original Year The Adventures of Tintin Came Out?
Cleopatra, was she ugly?
Arguing the bill of Rights ? some question about it need your help?
Compare the 12 tables of ancient Rome and the laws of ancient Athens and/or the code of hammurabi?
who was the crazy horse?
Who was Che Quevara?
In Schindler's List, how does Stern first open the doors for the possibility of Jewish rescue at the factory?
is there anyone knows about Hojali genocide?
how was bismarck responsible for germany's failure to evolve into a modern parliamentary democracy?
what does the term massacre mean?
Explain The Weaknesses of The Directory?
Did american help Britain...?
Were there people who actually supported the Vietnam War back when it was going on?
Is it true that a person can sell his soul to devil in exchange for supernatural powers??
Who was the greatest King ever to rule on this Earth ? Explain your answer with reasons ?
Who is Robinson Cadiz?
Which country do you think will be the next superpower if the USA falls and what language will dominate then?
Why were conditions for African-American slaves more difficult in the 18th century compared to the 17 century?
So what was Cleopatra's fascination with the asp?
Do you think Hitler is an emo?
What do you believe? Was the Zimmerman Telegraph made up by Britian-or was it real?
Anyone interested in girl scouts patches from the 1940's and handbook.?
what was the signal atop a church by the president of the mexican army from the battle of the alamo?
Did some people in the 1900s survive influenza?
Compare The American Declaration of Independent and Declaration of the Rights of Man of Citizens(france)?
How did civil rights workers try to win a voting rights act?
why isnt portugual part of the latin flags and if it is please explain why or why not?
What was the social structure like in the 18th century like?
Which of Hitler's methods was the most successful? Overall, how well did Hitler control Germany and its people?
this french peasant girl led the army to victories?
HELP! In what ways have minority groups shaped what it means to be “an American?”?
difference between german soldiers of ww1 and ww2?
how many variety's of quarters are in existence?
Someone wanna answer a hitler question?
which nation was not occupied by the united states out of cuba,brazil,puerto rico,or dominican republic?
who sought to take administrative control when the emperor's control weakened?
When America falls will the world enter a period of barbarism, like after the fall of Rome?
History 101 (WESTERN CIV) study guide need help?
Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone has seen an interactive map of Islam. The growth to today. Blue/Red.?
If you could go back in time and kill (or stop being born) one person eg Hitler, who would it be?
Why do politics and art interract?
Are the French, Celts?
Black Gospel music histry and its connection to black ideology?
Western Civilizations Questions?
When did unicorns go extinct?
What are three important Sumerian inventions that are important to civilization today? and Why?
why did people follow stalin back then?
Why does Britain complain about immigration when the British Empire did much worse to countries?
Important American Figure of the 1900s?
Is it not true that had it not been for the Crusades, England would be speaking Arabic today?
WHAT does BOWLER HAT mean in the 1920's era?
if jesus said ill be back soon and that was 2000 years ago then what is soon?
If you could abandon anyone on the hunting grounds of the Sioux Indians besides Hitler, who would it be?
What did Ralph Rose mean at the Olympics?
Describe the advantages that Spanish conquerors had over the Aztec Empire between 1519 and 1521?
Why did the U.S. get involved in World War 2?
Famous codes used during WW1?
why did no one ever say, or why didnt everyone say: no one shall be paid more than 2x or 5x or 10x the ..?
Townspeople in the Revolutionary War?
Who was the first racist in the history?
What high school did Aaron Burr attend???
How to Find the History of my House?
Jews ?? Holocaust ??
The effect that the holocaust had on the modern jewish people and their greater acceptance of their religious/
What causes and outcomes do the French Revolution and American Revolution have in common?
What is the impact that Vasco de Balboa exploration left?
What is the "New Deal"?
any information about jose rizal?
how did the stock market crash of 1929 effect....?
Who made the idea up of peanut butter?
global history question.?
Is it true that George Washington was English??
Did they still use carriages in 1802?
How did congressional compromises impact slavery in the U.S.?
what is the cause and effect on declaration of breda?
Was the council of Chalcedon effective in achieving its aims ? and what were they ?
What did the Aboriginal people think about the Europeans?
history help please someone !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What did people of the Old Stone Age wear?
Which european country allied with the French to fight the British?
When did Jose Rizal die?
Why was the Battle of the Bulge significant in ending WWII?
during the 18th century france had 3 estates. what was their land ownership, tax requirements and voting.?
time line with dates of Renaissance and of Jacob Lawrence?
Were the gospels written hundreds of yrs (or thousands) after christ lived, and died ? And rose again, for us?
What was Adolf Hitler's role in the nazi party?
In the aftermath of the Allies' military success, analysis of Western culture was characterized by?
explaion to me the peace treaty process post-World War I.?
Okay, so i am doing this stupid SOSE assignment on 'horrible leaders' and mine is on Cleopatra?
Name ten discoveries that Leonardo da Vinci discovered?
If the U.S. hadn't entered into World War II, would the Holocaust still have happened?
what areas of government in the american revolution did the states constitution leave contested or unresolved?
i want to apraise a milner and sons fireproof document safe made in 1848?
What Italian city did Albrecht Durer make two trips to?
Which people 'led' the Russian revolution of 1917?
How did changes in Transportation and markets reinforce the existing social fabric and regional differences?
Did the Black Panthers want segregation?
What happened during Norman Conquest of England?
Did nazi leader Martin Boremann look more "Romanian" than he did "German"?
Did I see the FBI or any kind of secret service?
How did America get its name?
The Vedas and Varna System in the Iron age?
how did the contributions of christianity affects people's lives?
how many people like dragons?
is it true that wolves raise orphan children?
who made the laws in the tang dynasty?
Where did like the phrase "Whats up?" come from? does anybody know?
what was the name of the man who was a constant threat to Hitlers power?
Can someone outline the specifics of the Final Solution?
Ireland Medival dublin?
explain how immigrants who came to the united state in the late 1800s please look at the bottom for more......?
Which Country is responsible for beginning WWI ?
how has the role of civilians changed in warfare between 1850 and 1954?
what are some similarities of china and rome politically from 500 BCE to 500 CE?
How were Wilsons 14 points important in shaping the Treaty of Versailles?
What jobs are available in Canada to study ancient civilizations?
about WWII?
Think about all the beauty still left around you and still be happy.?
NAPOLEON ..captured while he was going to America . Any information about the motive ?
Which best describes the difference between Sparta and Athens?
who is the oldest person in the world?
who formed north carolina and who settled there?
Compare and Contrast thesis? Have all the info... no thesis? HELP :D?
Why was Abraham Lincoln's first inauguration significant in the Civil War?
was economics the main factor explaining the expansion of Britain's Empire in Africa during 1870-1899?
early labor unions vs medieval guilds? World History class!?
Is the Ashanti Tribe polytheistic?
Can you please help me with my history questions i don't get them thanks?
What did the early agrarian people use for clothes and shelter?
how do you explain all this complexity & order in our world if we became about from such an unorderly origin?
ancient greek sailors did not have compasses.how do u think they navigated?
why did some people have problems with signing the declaration of independence?!?
why did the pilgroms come to america?
What is Hitler's impact on the world and on history?
What were the post war relations between the United States and the Soviet Union?
11. How did the English justify using African slaves?
Were "The Normans " really just a large group of "mafia thugs"?
What do you think would happen to world history if Hitler did not exist?
hi thinking of taking the family(2 adults and 2 kids under 3)to london natural history museum i live about 5 ?
Did Italy leave Paris w/ anything after the Peace of Paris in 1918?
How did Mansa Musa maintain power over the empire he ruled?
Unity and Diversity at the same time?
If all roads lead to Rome...............?
How did the Great Depression make the job of the League of Nations more difficult?
How did European opinions about human rights change so drastically over their history?
According to a compromise made during the constitional convention ??/?
Did The Soviet Union bomb Germany/Berlin during D-day?
When did Booker T. Washington die?
What were the Vikings like?
is it true that walt disney was a nazi?
can someone explain the sons of liberty please?
Why was the 'penny-farthing' so called?
What countries did adlof hitler takevover take over in 1941?
Where do the Palestinians come from?? where do Arabs?? Are they descendants of Abraham?
What are some good ways to study for a test?
What year did the European Discovery Start?
What was Joan of Arc's impact on the world?
This practice was called?
Is this correct? (world war one)?
Was the Monroe Doctrine representing isolationism?
what has caused cleopatra and marc anthony's death?
What were some ways that black people were disenfranchised?
who is the most evil person ever?
Is is true that Hitler only had one ball?
Why did Jackie Kennedy regret washing the blood off her face after JFK's assassination?
who did india model its constitution after?
earl roman,greek,german,english societies especially constitutions?
What creation did more good for mankind....the Wheel or the Gun?
What were some reasons people came to the Georgia Colony in the 1700s?
Could you do me a summary of second world war?
what imperialistic forms of control did the europeans use to govern these lands?
Who was Lucas Kranac?
why did the kkk mostly attack africans?
Compare and Contrast Scotland and Wales?
Who might become a(n) Egyptian who wanted to gain social status,as the ability to write was important?
What Were The Names Of The World Major Movements Up To 1800.(Example. Reformation, Enlightenment,Renaissance)?
What kind of job could a young polish woman immigrant get in the late 1800's?
What was the norths incentive to fight the civil war? and what was the south's incentive?
What are the ten most important dates (nn/mm/yyyy) in the History of the United States?
How long did the children ride on the Orphan Train during 1854 & 1930?
How was the Prussian economy and trade affected by the Age of Absolutism in the 1500-1600's?
are there any living code talkers?
How did the Israelites practice Judaism during the exodus?
What would the World be like if Gunpowder was never invented?
Canadian history ! Confederation?
what was the most important event you seen in your life time?
anything about Procopius din Caesareea?
how much time has the human race been under water holding his/her breath?
Did other countries go through as many cultural changes as the United States(america)?
What is Russia's view of Peter the Great?
what is tourism doing to uluru?
What diseases were in the holocaust?
Is The Moon British?
what do you know about ferdinand and isabella?
how come the majority of the paintings of jesus show him as a whtie man?!?!?
give two specific examples supporting your belief that prejudice cannot exist with discrimination?
Do people in the former Communist countries see the 20th century the same way we see the 19th century here?
can i see information and pictures of 1900s home apliances?
How did European warfare and religious reforms of the 1500s and 1600s affect the global exploration that wa?
dirt brown greenish color are the uniform made for solidiers which color is called?
Whoses was alaska before america?
Which year was man born? Why was he born?
Why is the tomb of unkown soldiers guarded?
HELP U.S. HISTORY I'M really bad in history?
What is the difference between rival alliances and alliances?
Where was the titanic from?
how important was interior decoration of york minster?
Was Hitler really as bad as he was portrayed?
What were 2 conflcting power structures that existed in feudal Japan?
Ok all England peoples......?
what are some issues that james rapier had during the reconstruction?
if scientists believe that man came from monkeys...why are there still monkeys around now a days?
History Question im really confused?
how many christians were congressional medal of honor winners?
Why was columbus lookin for india when he accidently found america?
fighting for resources example from the 1800s?
What country/ countries own land in Antarctica?
Who was the Inca and Aztec empires were defeated?
In your mind, who is the most influential figure in history and why?
what type of people leave in cameroun before the white people came in?
I'm American and I'm obsessed with Britain and Ireland?
Questions about World War II?
Where can I find World War One Video Clips for my MovieMaker project. Provide me with a link.?
what affects did propaganda have on WWI and WWII?
To which Continental Congress does the following relate? Fighting broke out before it met?
How did nelson Mandela die?
Adolf Hitler or Barack Obama?
How and when did the "9-11 was an inside job" theories get started?
Assignment HELP...Anyone good at English n Australian History?
When did the Battle of Edgehill (English Civil War) End?
Is the Holocaust a myth?
When the founding fathers of America began to design Washington, D.C., how were they influenced by the Greeks?
who was the first primenister of the india?
Did anything good come out of britain besides?
Did the Holocaust never happen?
what was the berlin airlift?
Do you know any good myths about Aphrodite?
As last emperor of the Aztecs, would u have done a better job of defending Mexico from invading Spaniards?
Pick any ONE battle and important leader from World War 1 or 2 Details on the battle?
progressive era? two muckrakers?
how do I write a thesis on nationalism?
Who invented the door??
When did the Great Depression start?
What do African Power Figures symbolize?
Does anyone know any interesting facts about Stalin?
In what year was the town of Morristown, New Jersey settled?
why febuary having least amount of days in an year?
Why was Lizzie Borden found not guilty despite all of the evidence?
What were some important things Thomas Paine did?
where did domes originate?
what happend at the boston massacre and what was captrain prestons defense??-thanx=)?
Do you believe Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK?
where is tsunami come from? and why tsunami is that name? what is the meaning of that?
Should reparations be paid to the relatives of the victims of the African holocaust, " Slave Trade" ?
When and how was the first firearm invented?
how did the Pioneers solve the problems they faced?
What other of the main causes does alliances link too?(militarism,imperialism,nationalism)…
who designed sydney opera house?
Which religious group was in control of the Holy Land at the end of the Crusades?
Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler?
Info on Rose Greenhow?
what hitorical event effected the food people eat in New England?
looking for website to research murder that happened in 1950's?
Is It True That The Foundations Of Western Civilization Is Slave Labor?
IF YOU could change an event in history what would it be ?
where was First republic Day Parade (inIndia ) was held?
What would a modern day nazi look like.?
Did Hitler have plans for world domination?
*Urgent* How did the Renaissance and Reformation important in eventually esablishing democratic laws and freed?
Why are there so many trolls with Nazi Fetishes on Answers?
Who was affected more by the great depression? ? majorities or minorities?
When did Canada first officially use celcius?
What were the northern opponents to the civil watt what ere the called and who were there leaders?
To what extent were economic and social differences in the North and the South increasing in the 19th century?
Could Adolf Hitler could've took over the WORLD? ANSWER PLEASE!!?
do you know who is Elyakubi family i?
a person who in the early roman empire who had absolute power but time in office was only six months?
Why does the Mayan calander stop on December 21-23, 2012?
Have you ever wondered if Thomas Wyatt loved Anne Boleyn all his life--even on his death bed?
Do Americans know how much they embarrassed themselves?
why did the assyrian empire fall?
Throughout history, Jews have been persecuted by other people of many nations. What makes people hate the Jews
If you could go back in time and witness any event, which one would you want to see?
americans prove they are uneducated again?
In the 17th century, what was it like for a poor family in England?
history of russia?
What did Benedict Arnold do to...?
Top 10 Most influencial people of 1990-present day?
what does Amarillo mean and why was the city called this (i mean Amarillo,Texas)?
Where can I get info on antique marlin firearms?
what is the real history of boxing?
Did JFK have an affair with Ghandi?
What was the first road to cross Wisconsin?
Are there 52 states in the U.S.A?
Who was Southampton's manager before Nigel Adkins?
what has happened to mount st helens since it erupted?
Was there another alternative to Japan and US besides going to war?
did the north go to war with the south over state rights or slavery?
Why did some patriots refuse to attend the constitutional convention?
Who was the best "Military" leader ever?
What would you tell Americas founding fathers?
i have a coin with franklin d roosevelt on it, not money does any one know what im talking about?
Question about step up revolution?!?
what are some struggles dorothea dix faced as a women's activist?
what do women do twice as often as men?
How long was the power of consulship granted for?
How did the US try and enforce the US Policy of Containment?
Who was Jane McCare and why is she important?
what do you think about dying?
Michelangelo's techiniques that he's noted for.
What do you believe is the most important event in US history?
I need Jackie Kennedy help!?
who is benjamin Franklin and why is important?
How did Shays ' Rebellion lead to the formation of the Consistuition?
What is England's national anthem?
what is the name of the city the aztecs lived in?
how many wives did henry v111 have and what happen to them?
who were the greatest fighters in all of history?
What year did False Advertising Laws begin in America?
U.S History help please?
How did trade influence the growth of English colonies?
How did the delay of Second Front in France affect relations between the West and the Soviet Union?
who is the mother of Marco Polo?
Can you please help me?? I have a huge assignment due in history??? please give me input?
How did America end up separating from UK? when, why, how?
which one came first the chick or the egg?
Good Introductary Sentence.?
What came first the chicken or the egg?
What books were written in biblical times other than religious themes, say for the pa gen beliefs?
how and in what ways did the renaissance period "breathe life" back into the people of europe after feudalism
what was the british Empire all about ?....promoting peace ? freedom ? democracy ? white supremacy ?
did tudors get punished for what they believe in?
What did the writers during the Revolutionary Period write about?
which half of the roman empire would have benefited most by becoming officially separated from the other?
Would you consider the slavery that occurred in America racially motivated?
What kind of people are on Answers? Which age groups?
how many deaths did hitler cause?
Trace the history of Germany from its rise as a Prussian state through its collapse after the First World War.
Who discovered America?
Where would you like to fly first, If you had two nice wings ?:))?
What Are The Tactics Used In Trench Warfare?
What were some popular Yankee songs during the Civil War?
2-3 sentence summary of how the Glorious Revolutution, American revolution and the french revolution led to?
What innovations led to automobiles being invented?
What are two examples of rivalries that existed in Europe before World War 1?
What are some historical events that took place in our history?
What were the theories of Johann Gottfried Von Herder? Please help!?
History question about the outbreaks of plagues?
why did Hitler star the holocaust in the first place?
was hitler a weak dictator?
When the founding fathers of America began to design Washington, D.C., how were they influenced by the Greeks?
The Thirty Years' War began after..?
What is an event that caused immigration?
Compare the Mayans politically with Greek, Roman, and Chinese civilizations?
explain the effects that the iron curtain had upon europe in the years after to 1955?
Why did the French capitulate in WW2?
What was the Aztec religion?
What are the main characteristics of the Sumerian period?
If you could meet anyone in history who would it be and why?
TX History Help, "Make A Connection"?
Explain how the league of nations had some success in the 1920's?
Where can i find information on old photographs that are from wwII and are dated.?
In what time period were the first universities established in Europe?
Why would one refer to Adolf Hitler as the "greatest leader in history" or even a "great leader" at that?
Did the Apollo landing really happen?
what is like a historical event that is really shocking but like its not that well known?
Is the U.S. an empire?
who are the neo assyrians?
question on my history assignment?
In ancient Greece and/or Rome, might a child be named *directly* after a god?
Why did england have a revolution in cotton textiles?
What did British get from the Irish?
my last name is Jagwani i want to find the orign of this lastname hw can i do so?
Anyone know any information about Carl Young?
Where was George H Bush when Kennedy was shot?
What does B.C. or B.C.E really mean?
What were the consequences of the Russian Revolution ?
What happened in between the year 476 (The end of the Roman Empire) and the 5th century (Medieval times)?
Who was instrumental in developing the Arpanet and helped to invent Ethernet?
Why does the government want to change the name of christmas to just holiday?
Did you know the South had a right to secede??
If Carnegie were alive in the 1990s, what suggestions might he have for helping the homeless?
Is there any truth behind the irish chronicle's?
After the civil war which american ideals were maintained?
I recently acquired a piano that appears very old and am interested in it's history?
How much does a retired US President make monthly?
What happened to the American Dream?
What is the name of the memorial in Berlin to Christian women who saved their Jewish husbands in WWII?
who would win, Jannisaries or Spartans?
Throughout most of the nineteenth century, employers and governments ..?
Name a French soldier and military engineer whose shorthand diary gave a detailed account of Napoleon'’s life
What was Thomas Paine's conflict or dilemma?
Was Adolf Hitler an atheist: yes or no?
what are some USSR leaders or relating people died of stroke?
Who is The most Famous Man in the world?
who was the first president to appear on television?
How were the countries of Southeast Asia affected by WW2 & how they have developed since?
was hindenburg a doddering old fool?
What was hitler shoe size?
How and why did the great awakening change colonial society?
India has made a machine to identify sunami but the machine was destroyed by chainese?
How does a self-sealing fuel tank work?
What did the first group of accused witches have in common ?
Facts about Eastern Orthodox Church?
who was Saladin?
In 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas, a small five and dime store was the begining of wat major retail chain?
contribution made by various cultures to the heritage of mankind?
Why were the Dark Ages called the 'Dark Ages'?
what were the technolgical advances of the late middle ages?
Did the United States became more or less democratic between 1877 and World War II?
What was the role of government in the lives of citizens in ancient Athens and Sparta?
What is a Wild Banchy?
On what grounds did the Anglos justify their actions in Texas, and how did the Mexican government respond?
Korean Women during Mongol rule?
When Executive Order 9066 was put into order during world war II?
What was the influence of World War 1 and its aftermath on th arts?
what was the greatest hoax ever in world history?
i need to kow about massachutes?
What were the Patriots views on the Boston Tea Party?
US history question s?
What were the 1940s +1990s reffered to as?
what is meant by the old saying of "bread and butter" while two people walk around a post or other object?
what was the population of canada in 1800?
iam looking for gearl frend?
Where could you get a Spiro-Agnew-Clock from?
What are 3 important themes or issues pertinet to "women in war (ww1)" as a defining Canadian moment?
Why would the differences in the societies of Western Europe and Eastern/Central Europe lead to WWI?
What did geologist Jim Reiders call the 26 cars he planted on end in a Nebraska wheat field, as an homage to?
When was the navy created and why was it created?
What is the first battle / war ever recorded?
Why did the french sell Louisiana?
how was the realtionship between big businesses and the government (of USA) during the 1880s?
Why was Akhenaton important and what did he do that was so radical?
What are some Algerian Ceremonies or Celebrations?
How did man first reach the continent of Australia?
Medieval Day qusestion...?
what does ghana (the soninke kingdom)'s physical enviornment suggest about eleventh-century ghanaian culture?
how was napoleon's rule similar to the ancien regime?
Could World War II have been avoided?
Is a peaceful resolution between Israel and arab countries possible in the next 10 years?
How many years were between the Crusades and the Hundred Years' War?
Why did Britain get involved in the slave trade?
Did ancient Egyptians use war elephants? What about the Moors?
As a beginner history learner, is there a good website to do my first reading on Psycho-history?
How did the federal government attempt to prevent the formation of monopolies?
do you agree that jews were killed in wwII for the right reason?
commissioned from the Imperial workshops vs. art produced for the working class?
Why did the Romans changed the New Year-today,the first day of spring-to some dull winter day?
What was New Jersey like in the late 1800s?
who is John Ritter and what did he do?
How really could Ancient Egyptians build the pyramids With such a great precision and all that stuff.?
What Invention besides the television has had the greatest impacts on America, and why?
biografie van Kurt Lange?
When did The World War 2 End?
I need help thinking of people from the 1920's for an ABC book. Anyone know anybody for these letters?
Single worst event in human history.?
What did Andrew 'Boy' Charlton give to Australian history? ?
what was the price of the gas in 1963?
How did Joan of Arc use religion and women's role in society to ultimately win the 100 Years War?
History Help Please?
History help please ): ): ): ):?
People need to get there facts right i did research and Afrika Bambaaata?
Who was Louis Pasquale and did he invent something?
If America has prior knowledge of Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbour, would it still be a success?
How does a Mayan calendar work?
Information about United Kingdom?
To what extent was the Enlightenment resposible for the French Revolution?
where can I find mexican myth stories or mythology?
Question about family history?
What where some good facts and accomplishments of Louis XVI?
Who were the Scythians?
On what river were most of the trading posts and depots located? (Fur Trading in Mountain Regions of 1800s)?
What do u mean by "The greatest single trail of strength during world war II."?
on what day was the domesday book written?
population of seattle?
what was the condition of Pakistan during the war against England in 1947?
Did Congress meet after george washington was inagurated ?
Why are Egyptian Mummies called 'Mummies'?
biography zellweger christopher (silvresmith)?
When did Central Africa Gain Complete independence?
what role did cardinal richelieu play in the thirty year war?
Modern Pros and Cons of Colonization in South Africa ?
Which countries have never lost a war?
How did JFK and MLK force the issue of Civil Rights in 1963 and what was the end resolution in 1964?
How did the Nisga's Case affect the First Nation of British Columbia?
How did nationalism and a return to islamic values present different ways of responding to western domination?
Can you name any countries where women are the leaders? Can you name any top U.S. officials who are women?
What ways was WWI good for Canada?
what were some causes of rome's expanding empire?
With respect to womens rights, was the civil code changed in a democratic fashion? Explain?
Why did the Tsarist regime's failure to establish democracy after 1905 eventually lead to his fall?
is jewish a race or a relgion or a race?
What can I say in a letter from the Okhrana to Protestors about the results of Bloody Sunday?
What would you list as the ten most important events from the big bang to now?
What if the Arabs had won the Battle of Tours?
Why was World War 1 called the "War to end all Wars"?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal System?
isn't sonoma an indian word, what does it mean?
help me please!are these civil war 'facts' right?
Who is the worst American President?
What would great people from the past say about the state of the world today?
When Did Spain Gain It's Independence?!?!?!?
Please help! who are some of the famous black women freedom fighters?
Who is Hitler.......?
How did Ivan the Terrible of Russia rise to power?
What city was not destroyed in Sherman's march to sea?
Winston Churchill and the Magna Carta?
3 reasons why Napoleon bonaparte was significant?
I have Republic of Texas money and I want to know how much I can sell it for?
Who are the Forgotten Heroes of the Confederates (Confederate History Month)?
I what year did Otto von Bismarck die?
why did people not agree with the nazi party invading countries?
what are the social impacts of the 2004 Tsunami disaster?
For Indians - Could someone PLEASE give me info about 'the rise of Extremism' ?
Which famous queen was coronated in Bratislava?
1..Robert Charles Darwin...the theory of evolution?
What is the differences between Hitler and Mussolini in the leader ship?
What did the egyptians use for transportation?
What are the causes of the American Revolution?
How did the geography of India affect its culture?
what area had the romans conquered by a.d. 117?
In WWI, how many sea battles were German U-boats involved in?
Would Germany have won the war if they hadnt invaded Russia?
Can anyone answer this riddle?
In history, what were China's main exports?
If you could go back in time to witness any one historical event, then return back home safely,?
How would history have been different if Britain and France had not declared war on Germany in 1939?
Who would you like to see in a modern day joust?
what are the 7 wonders of the world and why?
How did I forget that magellen was the first to circum-navigate the globe? When should I kill myself?
can a physic really predict the future of someone?
How did centralized power in Middle East impact trade?
Do you think France should be grateful to the United Kingdom for being free from nazis during WWII?
What does mean the word Italy ?
Did you notice Obama did not deny any of the things Romney said about Obama?