what were the similarities and differences between the book NIGHT by elie wiesel and khmer rouge?
How much did millwrights make during the Industrial Revolution?
need help solving a puzzle about the titanic(the ship)?
Did you cry when the Soviet Union collapsed?
What did Tagore do for soviet education?
I have a question about WWII?
did the U.S win or lose the Vietnam war?
What is the purpose of a Dreamcatcher and what culture does it originate from?
why started hitler the second war world?
Who was allowed to Travel on the Royal Road of Persia?
Why do you think 1969 was such an unforgettable year?
Do Chinese people know history?
what are some uses for John Deere's new plow in 1837?
How did the institution of feudalism develop? :]?
Is it Fair?
black GIs in ww2 in the UK~ what were your/ your family's memories? attitudes to the uk because of it?
was hitler a smart man?
How did people brand cattle a the San Jose Mission?
Before 1960 which was capital of Maharashtra state?
Describe how the Medieval Manor was the center of economy at the time?
Did the Great Depression play a role in starting WW2?
Which view of the route of the exodus do you believe is most likely correct?
On what vegetable did an ancient Egyptian place his right hand when taking an oath?
lapis lazuli beads from the Assyrian empire?
What are some good seminar questions for the book A world lit only by fire by William Manchester???
Why did Germany invade Holland in 1940? Wasn't it sufficient to invade Belgium to get around the Maginot line
When and where did Abraham from the bible live?
Did Hitler have plans to bring the war to the US during WWII?
If you could spend one hour with someone who has died who would it be and why?
What was the adress of the white house in 1939?
Do you think Hitler was a hero?
Was anybody ever convicted of killing Malcom X? Were they affiliated with rival Islam group?
Who was the greatest leader, political, military or any other in all of history?
who was the first president?
Was the live of hunters and gatherers in europe became less or more heavy when they became farmers?
Agree or Disagree: The Western democracies could have prevented World War II?
When the Great Pyramids of Egypt were built in approximately?
Who was doctor Mirabilis?
where can i find the history of my name?
History Help.... Wagon Train?? Any ideas?
Hi sir/mam Tell me about the Indian ambassador. How is he appoint? What must be achieved for the job? Thanks?
How was the Sherman Antitrust Act used to stop unions actions?
Andrew Jackson political cartoon?
I want to know about the change iwitnessed in the socio-religious issues during the late 18 century to early19
Are Egyptians arabs? if not what are they?
Slave+slave= Free?
did The texas chainsaw massacre really happen and if so were can I find some information?
Effects of the Pueblo revolt of 1680?
Which of the following statements about the Epic of Gilgamesh is false?
living conditions in london and paris during the french revolution?
What is the name of a historical high school in the U.S?
the christians monasteries served Angelo-saxon society by?
CAN someone tell me about Coca Cola...?
How much did cigars cost in the 1800's compared to today?
What were the Greek views of women?
Who do you consider to be the greatest Queen Consort?
What famous building or monuments were built from 1080 AD to 1600 AD?
when people say british empire ,shouldnt it be english empire?
Do Chinese people know history?
what was hiroshima? because i dont now a thing about it?
During WWII, did the Allies know anything about the Holocaust?
Why have heard that Martin Bormann was into astrology & mysticism and shared this interest with Hitler?
In which country is macedonia.?
What was the religion of Adolf Hitler?
what should i do for a flag projects (u.s.a) flag and it has to be non edable?
Why did America decide to drop TWO atomic bombs on Japan during WW2?
Where did ancient people get their ideas for genies and flying carpets?
what role did the royal niger company play in the colonization of nigeria?
if i invent a popular social network what will happen next and long term for me?
What were some key geographical landmarks during the Golden Age of Islam?
i have a history quiz... whats the deal with louis riel?!?
Who fought in the fall of constantinople?
One example of the blending of cultures in India is....?
what is the name of the "bridge" that pirate ships had and were used to board the "victim" ship?
What happened in Colchester in 1984?
can someone name a famous black woman historian?
Adolf Hitler?
How did citizens in Han China interact with their environment?
Who was the first european explorer to fondle a cigar.?
Is it true that when your nose itches... Someone is talking about you?
presentation about somethings?
I need a history teacher or somebody who knows about this!!! Please read details!(:?
What was the condition of US Cities during the influx of immigrants? (1878 - 1915)?
If the ancient Egyptians were so architecturally advanced why didn't any of the pyramids have elevators?
¿Why did Great Britain steal...?
How many Jews were killed in WWII (approx)?
Which country established the world's largest empire?
which empire had a bigger impact the mauryan or the gupta?
Who dosn't like that movie Titianic????
union commander tracking robert lee's army?
Many wars have been caused in the name of religion.Wouldit bepossible to have peace if we delete all religion?
Who discovered gold?
Where do babies come from?
Was there ever a "good" German during World War II?
Why did Stalin close to roads into East Berlin at the start of the Berlin Blockade?
what was warren g harding known for?
What type of Indian Mound appears to be in the shape of a pup tent and was sometimes used as a burial mound?
Has britain ever been colonized or captured by any country in history?
Frusterated by german actions l, one event drove america to declare war. explain that event.?
Is john hanncock irish?
In what way is the library organized for the purpose of establishing contact with generations?
What did Albert Einstein Invent?
paranormal activity did you think it was really scary like night mare scary or whack.?
Why do lots of Brits still hate the Germans?
What was everyday life like in concintration camps?
Historical Evidence (fact) that Jesus Existed?
what is the ageof Mahabharatha?
Was there any literature inspired by the French & Indian War in 1754-1763?
Where is Abbie Hoffman interred?
compare the north and the south during the civil war?
What is the coolest story in history that you know of?
why it is said, "history repeates itself"?
Has Great Britain ever been to war, or had battles at some point in history with Russia?
what did Theodora dislike?
Did the Holocaust actually happen?
How did James W Marshall tried to silence the discovery of gold?
how did the federal government control the economy during the war?
who is still living from ww2?
Will John and Cindy McCain become the ugliest first couple in history if elected?
What would have happened during the Cold War if the US had not bought Alaska in 1867 from Russia?
The Battle of Britain was conducted primarily by?
Any Famous Elys in England? other than the town?
[[history]] what some specific examples of the effects of the...?
What years were coins such as quarters, dimes, & dollars made of silver?
What is the history of celebrating birthdays?
If the concentration camps during WWII had never occurred...?
Ballroom dancing event called THE GIRL GENIUS VICTORIAN MAD SCIENCE BALL; A Steampunk/Gaslamp Fantasy Ball?
is the name "polish concentration camps" correct?
I have a Dr. Flints Stomach Bitters Bottle?
What is the definition of an oral argument for the supreme court?
who am i realated to?
What is Billy Milligan doing now?
why are the john f. kennedy assassination papers kept secret until 2029?
Which empires or caliphates (idk which one) of Islam between 750 and 1258 had expansion?
Are there nice things that Hitler did?
Do you like history lessons be taught by a female teacher or make one?
Would General Custer have survived the Battle at the Little Big Horn?
what are popular names in the year 1600?
when did christopher columbo invent america?
Why is a question about education important to the US?
The navigation acts and the quebec act?
In proposing his Fourteen Points at the Treart of Versailles, Woodrow Wilson called for....?
Why is Washington Irving important to students in today's society?
who was the Prophet of Islam?
What actions did the colonists take to fight against the British when they were forcing acts upon them?
History help?! Easy! .s?
IB -- Extended Essay-- Can some1 help me formulate a question on : (Imperialism and the Partition of Africa)?
If you could go back in time. Which century would you go back to and why?
Moors in Spain?
Famous people in history who are talkative and annoying?
during what time period was the cobblers shoe last made?
current events about classical era?
What caused the civil war and who were the bad guys?
Why was the holocaust the saddest chapter in history?
Who was King Leopold?
What is the correct definition of the "Church"?
Adam Smith and two most important events recorded?
How did America’s rising tide breed bigger boats and build plutocracy?
What are the most suitable 3 laws for a monarchy?
A website where I can find objective information about early christianism in Rome?
what was the first colored town in florida?
what was the child hood name of gandhi ji?
How did Tatikios help make the first crusade a success?
If the black death never happened how would history be different?
How would the American Colonists have reacted to Cromwell's reign?
how did the reopening of the silk roads contribute to new ways of thinking among europeans?
What was Thelonious monks contribution on the muscical word?
Motivations for Abigail, John Proctor, Parris, Hale and Mary Warren in The Crucible?
AMERICAN REVOLUTION: Why/How did the British cause tension in the colonies by implementing Salutary Neglect?
What would it have felt like to die at Pompeii?
Where did Nefertiti live?
How did the geography of ancient Greece affect its religion?
In Japan after WW1, which groups opposed the development of trade unionism and socialism?
Were the black panther party civil rights justified?
what are several basic freedoms that the common people of Europe did not have during the 1700s and 1800s.?
will my ex-ex boyfriend will fall in love with me again?
How exactly was olive oil made in ancient Greece?
Do u think americans were the first ones to land on moon ? OR was it a BIG fraud ?
who was the first president of india?
What major historical developments before 1400 C. E. contributed to the make the world what it is today?
newton 3 laws of motion?
where can i buy tools that have pyrometers inferaret (or any wave) for estimate age (old)of antique?
Master violon buidler in the 17th century?
If all roads lead to Rome...............?
Are schools teaching that the US got involved in Viet Nam to stop Communism?
Waffen-SS Atrocities?
what is the connection between colonialism and imperialism to nationalism?
Why does the American Dream still matter to citizens and new arrivals today?
What's the greatest invention in human history?
Did Black soldiers enter combat in WWII?
Is this the only photo of Peter Van Daan?
Can a man kill a Full grown Male lion with his bear hands?
When did China start being called Zhōngguó(中国) by Chinese people?
Why did the enthusiasm for art and learning wane soon after Charlemagne died?
Why did Voltaire propose an enlightened despot and not some democratic form of government for France?
What time was it when clocks were invented?
Peasant Life in 1600s in europe?
Does anybody knows patrick breedings email addreses,number or anything about him?
The end of the trail came three days earlier thanks to one notable shortcut from Texas-which gave many a cowha?
As fascism rose in Europe and Asia during the 1930s, most Americans?
why did people follow hitler?
Who made the foundation ov Vijayanagara kingdom?
Who is Finnerty and Steinway, and how are thier point of view different about industralization.?
Civil War question...?
What century is 452 BC and 300 BC?
Informed sources at the Vatican claim there were only 300,000 victims of the holocaust-why do the Jews claim .?
Naitanong ni Ibarra kung mayroon siyang ginawa upang malunasan ang gayong mga problema paki explain nga po TY?
agree or disagree?????
Why did Hitler bite on a cyanide capsule AND shoot himself?
on a religious manner, what is kanu?
Is this true about the Holocaust?
what do YOU think the holy grail is?
Explain the differences in the immigration experiences (europe vs asia)?
Bronze age and Iron Age?
How did the Ancient Egypt system of mummification create order and balance in their culture?
If you could travel in time, would you want to live in a different era?
Buchanan Vs. Coolidge Debate?
How did the civil rights movement fall apart after MLK's death?
What things do you research or look up on at wikipedia?
royer chapel?
Did the Holocaust really happen?
How difficult was it to escape poverty in the late 19th century, and who are some famous people that overcame?
How did the 1960s black civil rights movement and the new conservative movement compare?
why did so many people die on the titanic?
how many people know that adolph hitler was part jewish?
Why is Henry II considered the start of a new royal dynasty in England?
What was unique about Alexander the great's empire ?
WW2 - Why didn't the Nazi's or the Communists invade Switzerland?
Where can I find information on the history of the pyramids?
pls locate images of washington dc monument apex to view names and poem carved on it?
were there horses before columbus came to the usa to explore?
what do you think of Adolf Hitler??
where i find the meaning of native indian names online?
Who is the most predujiced person in the world?
was there really a neptune ship that sank in the 70s?
Where and when was first pencil made?
If time travel was possible,would you go back and Kill Adolf Hitler at Birth?
How did eisenhower show power and why?
info on Amanda Hanby Billheimer(1834-1926)the first woman foreign missionary of the United Methodist Church.?
Why were the Dark Ages called the 'Dark Ages'?
What is the difference between 'Britain' and 'England' ?
who was William Lloyd Garrison?
If it wasn't for American help, would the British all be speaking German?
can you please tell me something about Abraham lolcoln?
Who was the most EVIL person that every lived?
List of famous speeches.?
how did reform movements help america to be what it is today?
what is the color spectrum?
who is rodolfo acuna?
What were the crusades in the Italian Renaissance?
How did the underground railroad effect life today?
When will the United States no longer be a world power?
What's the most important change in the lives of men since the Ancient Greeks?
What were the main reasons as to why so many people were systematically killed in the 20th century?
Why are there people out the who deny the Holocaust when it is obvious it did happen?
Why did the Nazis tried to keep the holocaust a secret?
In the 1800s and 1900s did servants live with their masters? And if yes what happened when they got married?
What are some general discussion questions of the progressive era and muckraker period?
what foods did people have in the medieval times?
did china ever have territories in siberia before russia expanded east and took siberia?
Did people back in Jesus time know what they were doing when they were having sex?
what's one positive achievement of Andrew Jackson during his Presidency?
What part of the bible is your favorite part post it!?
Who was Rosa Parks?
In greek mithology what was pans weapons?
Why do so many countries dislike america,what did we do?
What was the most immediate and potent source of colonial disaffection?
Did you read about the giant eye they found on the beach wow!?
History question? What came first in chronological order. Help please?
Do you think American leaders should follow Machiavelli's advice in The Prince? Why?
france culture?
What groups of people in our society did not share in the prosperity that occurred after World War I?
why did james otis rebel?
How much money did Pablo Escobar have before he died?
What was going on politically in the 1920's?
Last battle on the western front.(WW2)?
Did the second continental congress have the task of carrying out the american revolution?
The Challenger expedition (1872-1876) was a unique and historic voyage. Which of the following isnt true?
the Vietnam War lessons?
How did the civil war impact Americans?
i will know more about the populare music of america?
Who was the British agent that tried to kill George Washington by poisoning him with tomatoes?
What does the initial 'R' stand for when a King/Queen signs their name?
What were the strengths and weaknesses of Han China?
Why everyone always blame Germany for every war? even WW1?
who is guru narak leader, who did he listens too?
Name a city found in each of the following countries: a. mexico b. brazil. c. chile. d.argentina e. peru?
Mesopotamia and Indus River Valley?
Woman Suffrage Reform? Is it Progressive?
The 1848 european revolutions?
How did the Manchurian crisis weaken the league?
"Culture, Conflict, and Community on an Antebellum Plantation" from The Way We Lived. There is a common belief
What does Voltaire think about an organized religion? Is it Necessary?
How did Mesopotamian geography and topography affect the area’s history and religious life?
What normally happens in the Buckingham Palace (present). Do they live like in the old past (1950)?
what are 3 ways workrs were treated unfairly on the job during industrialization?
National History Day Project Idea?
did hitler have any relatives that would be alive today?
Oldest religion in world ?
What is the relationship between Mexican art and politics during the 1920s?
Who is the worst, most evil person to be glorified by history?
What is the sickest and most evil act ever committed in US history?
Why did Russia and Prussia emerge as major European powers in the 17th and 18th century?
Who ruled Holland after William of Orange left ?
The Gilded Age Question?
During WWII, did the Allies know anything about the Holocaust?
Info on Jeremiah Lexer's true story?
What was your reaction to the book "Black like Me"?
what can you ppl tell me about art in the Qin dynasty?
which is the most important thing in the world to us?
3 reasons why Stalin was the least likely to succeed Lenin?
What happened in the 1985 Storm Surge in the Bay of Bengal?
Do you agree with Hitler on anything?
How much would history change if?
How did Joan of Arc die?
Why was the Pan-Indian movement formed?
What were the economic policies of the Whig Party?
What do u thnk of interracial date, and the childrens that come from them.?
Did the government aid more than the people in moving the Reformation along in Germany or Britain?
Which country in the Discontinuous South portion of Europe was an original member of the European union?
how do you get a price for a 1902 map on Columbus grande Washington GA Wilkes county?
Did the holocaust REALLY happen?
3 Main Causes of the English Civil War?
What was the Northern response to Fort Sumter?
How did imperialism play a role in the relationship between North and South Korea?
How do the palestines accepted to donate their land to create Israel?
what nationality was St.George, the patron saint of England?
Did early kings of England depend on bankers and a monetary system to be "king"?
If there was a time machine which single event of History would you like to witness the most?
How did the Black Death influence the emergence of the Renaissance?
plz tell me!!!?
The most fascinating personality ever?
Evaluate President Kennedy's handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis.?
How did we actually arrive on this earth?
Is Delacroix's Liberty leading the people an allegorical treatment of event?
do you thnk England should be friends with germany for what they did in world war 2?
Why did Portugal helped the Biafran secession ?
who was better Charles the first or Oliver Cromwell and why?
Who was the highest priest at the time Jesus was born?
water is the most perishes thing on the planet so how come it was turned into wine in the big black book?
india capital?
Could the Great Depression be linked with clinical depression?
Who knows how long the Howard County Centennial Park has been around?
Good three point thesis for an argumentative essay about how Hitler is against western world ideals?
Who Were the Main Characters of Shay's Rebellion?
Barnardos Late 1940's early 1950's help?
what is a good word for pain?
Discuss the political system that emerged after the Glorious Revolution. What role did the monarch play?
Did the colonist go on the french or british side in the french an indian war?
what dose lanthaw mean.?
what were the economic and political motivations behind the conversion of a loyalist into a patriot during...?
question about the 2nd world war?
who is God?
WWII Movies?
What was the Kutai kingdom?
what's the history of makeup?
Who were in "the black hand"?
how did slavery start?
who is the first person climed the mounteverest?
The beautiful side of Adolf Hitler--my paper topic?
Anyone out ther who can give me a good original BAND NAME???
what was the difference between free slaves in the north and free slaves in the south?
Who can tell me something about Alaska? The more, the better?
What was Justinian before he became Emperor of the Roman Empire?
how did the arabs come to Iraq?
Who was Larry and what was he so happy about?
History homework, advertise machine from before?
Besides King Louis, who else was a "bad guy" in The French Revolution?
what were the top movies of the 1960s? And what were the biggest trends?
Who was the first president of USA?
Who was Poland allied with [around the 1920s]?
was the tet offensive a success for the Viet Cong?
Why were the three central characteristics of modern science mentioned in this paragraph so significant?
Why did Hitler hate communists and why did he torture them?
what happened to william aubreys court case?
history question help?
What was king Claudius motvie to plan the murder of Hamlet?
How did the Great Awakening help lay a philosophical grounding for the revolutionary War?
did all journalists in Italy during Fascist rule have to be part of an association?
what was the first town or city in America?
Name the 52 states of the United States?
If you were a woman in ancient Greece . . .?
Native American Research topics?
Can you name every War the U.S. has been involved in?
Popular music during World War II?
How tall were the Romans and Germanic people?
How did Tang Taizong's advisor Wei Zheng influence him?
How can I bring Hitler back to life?
How were American soldiers paid during the War of 1812 - paper? coin? what types?
Where did world war 2 take place?
i need information on the brihadeshwara temple at tanjore in tamil nadu please help me?
Clever History Fair Title?
history/art project? help?!?
How long ago did the Fall of Man occur?
What was the cause of world war 1?
Is there any truth in this?
why was the eiffle tower buit?
What was the Nazis Ideology in 1933?
How did the ideas of John Locke later influence the American Declaration of Independence?
who's the greatest of all?
Would Jerusalem have street names?
Do you think America has a culture?
Machine guns used in WW1 vs todays Machine guns.?
Why are Hatshepsut and Akhenaten so famous nowadays?
Which English King was called "The Hammer of the Scots"? and why?
real nme of taj mahal?
What happened during the French Revolution?
History help please? I'm a terrible student.?
Could some of the German surrenders during 1944 have been avoided?
who was the queen of spain that financed columbus's trip?
How can I find out more about my family's history?
baseball letter sined Hank Hron from 1973 good condition trying to get esmate no it?
How did Houdini influence modern culture?
Who is Bergamo 1400's?
Have you ever knowingly provided " FALSE INFORMATION" ?
What were the year 12s doing?
what is the history of india?
Where can I find pictures of Yuma Indian Tribe Housing?
why did hitler have the double cross written on his armband?
Was MLK,jr a fake?
World War 3 question?
“What the most important medical discovery of the last fifty years, you’d say was?
What season did most of the civil war battles take place?
What were 5 causes and effects of the United Sates rejection of the League of Nations on world politics?
WW1 causes - problems in the Balkans?
Black History month project?
Names of famous people that lived in Tennesse mountains?
girl guiding in 1910?
Who in the world is Rimbaldi?
what is the relationship between farmers,cattlemen and railroad?
I need 10 more reasons why the UK is awesome?
What is the history of food Preservation in Philippines?
Did the Japanese succeed in what they hoped for at Pearl Harbour?
in one word, how would you define nazis?
What is history ?
I need help finding a past history AS exam paper?
history question about commit of public safety?
what do you think about the da vinci code???
Do you think the Soviet Union thought of East Germany as its little brother?
Why did the Mormons invade England in 1066?
is oren lavie an illuminati?
how are those places where Jewish people would stay captive during 2nd world war called?
How did African culture change when it spread outside of Africa?
Who was V.I. Lenin, what did he do for east Poland?
true of false, the major role in defeating german in WW2 was soviet union not usa?
how tall is the world trade center?
did you know that bernie mack died!!??
Was the ancient greek society able to add and subtract?
Past & Present: What lessons does the Progressive Era offer about social problems in the United States today?
Does anyone know the history of Ned of the Hill (Edmund O'Ryan)? Not the song, but the Man's actual history?
Quotes by people from the time of these events?
Where did the symbol for the medical profession,the coiled serpent,come from?
how do the historians give to the spanish empire please read on extent?
comparing representations?
why do hearses have windows in the back?
Benjamin Franklin what order should these be placed in?
Why is the Sistine Chapel in Rome so called?
minoan society I need to know about there social structure.?
Explain how one of the main problems of the constitutional convention resolved through compromise?
Is it true that the moon landing was staged?
Is it true that the name of Christ has caused more persecutions, wars, and miseries than any other name?
Long and short term effects of the printing press?
Why was there early animosity towards Charles I in Spain from 1517 to 1522?
Patriots vs. Loyalists???? Please Help!!?
What are some historical events that happened between Lithuania and the US?
Who was the most successful president?
What amphibian did Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg keep in his pocket and stroke whenever he needed inspiratio
By the latter republic roman slaves?
Why did America bomb Japan in WW2?
how was education during the apartheid era?
Advantages and Disadvantages of each side in the American Revolution?
Who was the best Roman emperor?
Do you love History?Why?
how far did catholic grievances lead to conflict in northen ireland in the 1960's?
Does anyone have any info on ancient greek art and architecture?
Based on information found in the book Abraham Lincoln by Georghe McGovern?
What was the social classes of Guangzhou between 600 & 1400 CE?
In what condition is the titanic?
who invented the bikini??
Did Cowboys come from Gauchos?
Hitler is a good man! R u denying it?
5 Famous Latins!Help?
Was hitler a Christian?
Why is the Holocaust considered worse than Chairman Mao's rule over China?
Documentary about the welsh?
The three best inventions of the 20th/21st Centuries?
what makes a good/bad roman emperor?
did mexicos perpare theirselves for independence?
How successful was Henry V111?
Can you pls tell me about Harold and the Saxons in the last big invasion of England?
The statement "No taxation without representation" was partly influenced by the thinking of?
Were a lot of greek and roman mythological characters homosexual?
how did the American public and the American government deal with issues of loyalty in the first world war?
Hitler or Churchill - who was the 'Kinder Man'??
What happened during the Spanish American war in the Philippines?
Who was the most evil woman in history?
how to get in history?
who established the boy scouts movement?
O people of Britain.....?
What is the clothing worn by the boys and girls during the Elizabethan Age?
If you could travel back in time and visit only one historical event, which one would you choose?
What did the aztec mean when they said "the Sun" murdered their people "on the twentieth day after cortez left
Who did Louis XIV go to war with in his later years? (AP EURO)?
How many children did Elvis Presley REALLY have??
Why did the Ludendorff offensive happen, why did it fail, and what was the importance of this offensive?
does anyone please know some cool facts I could write about for world war 2?
Two history type questions, Comparison of Empires.?
what is ukraine's agriculture?
i am doing a dissertation next year on music as a tool for propaganda in europe 1900-1945. need some guidance?
Can you pull up cleared history on a Nook Color?
what did the american indians use to store their acorns?
What was the relationship of Greek art to Greek history, politics and society?
What do you think it would be like if some states began seceding today?
What did the Romans use to brush their teeth with?
How did the first congress help shape the national government?
Was Andrew Jackson really the “president of the people” that he thought himself to be?
What Can We Do To Erase Racism?
Who are some famous men who never experienced romance?
Can you name every War the U.S. has been involved in?
Why did rudolf hess deny everything at the nuremberg trials?
Who ivented the penis?
what is the purpose for the beads at mardi gras?
Who won the Vietnam War?
When did Pearl Harbour was bombed?
i wanted 2 know complete detail abt mughul emperor Akbar,coz i cud,nt find it free on websites,except wikipedi
who invented toll booths?
How did Hitler really die?
Hitler or Churchill - who was the 'Kinder Man'??
Did blacks fight in the Mexican American war?
What is your favorite flag past or present?
Do you think the U.S. is headed down the same path that Rome did when it FELL?
Famous weapon inventors?
10 Points for best answer!!!!!?
If HItler's ideal race was blue-eyed blonde, do you think - - -?
How Many Women Were Egyptian Pharoahs?
What set the agenda for the European witch hunts?
Which areas did Gregory Blaxland explore?
Why was brown successful in the brown v board of education ruling?
Who was more of a terror leader: Hitler or Stalin?
Do demons exist?
what was the best question ever asked in the history of mankind ?
Is/Was Church Historian Owen Chadwick a Catholic?
Who created the Old Temple of Athena?
most influential person of the 20th centurry?
What did Oliver Cromwell vows to accomplish after the civil war?
What arguments were used against the abolition of slavery?
what exactly are the illuminati?
immigration battle?
How did more people in Europe change from 1914-1920 than they did from 1920 to the present?
remember the 80's? what was your fondest memory(s) of the decade?
If Britain was invaded. who you think would be the first to step to Britain's aid?
Who is the creative force behind a multi-million dollar entertainment company, which has created plays and?
What were you taught about the American Revolution?
Who said this quote? Any ideas?
How/why does the Persian Empire decline/fall?
when did mahatma gandhi die?
How should I begin to research what the symbols represent on a family crest or coat of arms?
How did the Athenian plague affect the economy of Athens?
What wars were fought by the U.S. in the 1800's?
Salem Witch Trials's relation to modern day?
what was john brown interest and hobbies?
Where can I find a clear, good graphic illustration of Napoleon's imperial crest w/the ancanthus leaves and N?
Which list best represents the defining characteristics of early civilization?
how many people survived the titanic?
If Abraham Lincoln were alive today would he be a democrat or a republican?
how much was the goverment the cause of the 1920 economic boom USA?
How did agriculture develop and become permanent in the Near East?
Who killed JFK? (don't just say LH Oswald)?
what is an original homestead act of 1862 certificate worth?
Did Hitler know about the Russian Siberian Forces?
When did men and women start shaving?
was selena really bi or why did yolanda kill her?
Was India ruled for over a century by a company ?
What was significant about the Reign of Terror?
what do u know about john dalton?
Did John F. Kennedy have known extramarital affairs or was that just rumored?
In which battle did The Grand Old Duke of York have 10,000 men?
Are any people that are still alive related to alexander the great?
Why Do We Celebrate Bonfire Night????????
How old was Christopher Paolini when he wrote Eragon?
why did adolf hitler do what he did to the jews?
howd jack the ripper die?
Is the Armenian Genocide true?
How do the wright brothers and Henry ford relate?
what was the difference between pilgrims and seperatists?
Which statement about pre-revolutionary (after WW1) Russia is true and which statement is not true?
World War 2 - 6 million Jews dead- - 13 Million Russians killed.?
will history repeat itself in the coming years.?
How did Homo Erectus commuticate?
What are some names of men who hid jewish women during WW2?
Which historians think that Hiroshima caused the cold war?
what was the fighting like in the battle of the Somme? world war one?
What about all the GOOD things that Hitler did?
How many people died in the trenches?
culture during the abbasid dynasty?
Is Emperor Hirohito a god?
When Napleaon invaded Russia, what was his biggest mistake?
Why did the Nazis have to hijack Jackboots?
what were the interludes?
On what page numbers in Guns, Germs, and Steel does Jared Diamond talk about the environmental factors?
how did they tow boats up the thames in the 1800's?
What was the difference between being the King of Prussia & the German Kaiser? And how was Wilhelm II both?
Who would be considered the best warrior to ever live in History?
inventions? where can i put mine in?
How and why was Hitler able to become DICTATOR of Germany?
I have just got done watching how the government stole all our gold back in the 30's and built fort knox?
what does Alexander the Great mean when he says "I will make those who stay the envy of those who return"?
Who was uncle tom?
What Were The Top Achievements Of Robert E Lee?
what important events happened during middle kingdom?
How do I begin tracing my family lineage?
I need information on the downfall of the Qing/Manchu dynast.?
what did norwegians farm in 1900?
Did Nazi Germany have good defensive tactics during WW2?
Are none of you really interested in where you came from?
what does over the top mean?
Anyone here know the history of Cambodia-Thai?
Where did European Explorers get there maps?
In what ways did developments during the Renaissance help bring out the Age of Exploration?
U.S. History Founding Generation Question?
What would be the pros and cons of censorship of media during wartime?
what is greediness?
Last major battle of the american revolution was?
I need infomation on the structure/size/dispostion of brit army during American rev through 1777.?
What was lifestyle like in England of 1829?
where do i find information that can tell me how much an old childs toy sewing machine is?
Could Jesus read and write?
What is the most interesting period in history and why?
Was there any market in Rennes before 1700's?
What is the difference between homeless people and rich people?
civil rights?
What were the similarities between the Northern and Southern England Colonies?
History question, please help!?!?!?
Who shot John F Kennedy??
where is janis joplin grave?
What is the true meaning of the origination of Eisteffod in Wales?
quick question about the civil war...easy!?
Nevada state, economy, landmarks,and interesting facts?
Places for a Regency Era Duke?
Indian education system?
Who were Azats mentioned as parthian nobles in parthian rule of Iran?Were they jats of indus area?
Did George washington or any of our other founding fathers synchronize by perching with birds to find missions?
Has anyone ever been inside the L.A Ambassador Hotel? If so, what was it like and did anyone know the rates?
should motserrat be closed down?
is mithra the most important/influential deity in history?
what group of indians were in nuestara de la selodad?
why the islam is so much growing and honest religion?
why do the British call the bathroom the Lou and we (Americans) call it the John?"?
what are two consequences of the industrial rotation?
what is the Impat of the Treaty of Tordesillas?
Not trying to be insulting to anyone?
What was a typical job for a working class male to go into in the late 1940's/1950's?
How long ago did absurdiity become the norm?
What were the "Swing Riots", and what did they do? And who was Townshend?
in rome After the last king in the Period of Kings died, the kingdom was separated into what two parts?
confused about incas, aztecs, mayans?
What was the second debate about ?
Whats a good thesis statement saying the American Revolution involved efforts to make society more democratic?
If Britain was invaded. who you think would be the first to step to Britain's aid?
what is dr. dee form the shakespeare time?
early 1900's to the 1920's how did society change?
Why did the US have to pay Columbia 25 million dollars?
I'm doing a history report, and can't think of anybody significant to do my report on. Any suggestions?
Can someone help me with my Mercy Otis Warren speech?
What did Vietnam import and export during the Vietnam War? *HELP NEEDED*?
Compare and contrast the US Declaration of independence to the vietnam declaration of independence?
What should I do for my history day project?
What made Richard Arkwright a clever inventor?
during the 1950s american culture was often described as one of?
who was the first president born in a hospital?
what is 'amish' ?
What groups were formed in the 1920's to fight the racial tension?
who,is the greatest man that ever changed the world's history?
the u.s. was so-called founded only to keep up white supremacy. Do you agree?
I was regressed back to the 1600s and was a peasant working on a farm and I was quite ugly with a club foot?
Charles Dickens?
What were Jinnah's goals?
Which weapon of the 16th & 17th centuries was commonly described as puissant?
When you were young what did you want to be when you grew up.?
The Battle of Atlanta notable event?
I need help with a question on charlemagne?
Where can I find William Shakespeare's childhood information?
Why didn't Spain colonise any part of Africa?
what did the nazis do to the jews of europe during WW2?pls help!!!!thanks?
If today's UK population were called to do their duty in the face of adversity,as their predecessors were ....
Europe dynasty question.....?
the bill of rights??? Alexander hamilton???
How many wives did Mormon leader Joseph Smith Have?
Whho was more advanced? Romans,Egyptians,Greeks,Mayans,Aztecs,In… ?
What did the taft hartley in 1947 do?
what were the advantages and dis advantages to the North and South in the civil War?
A Gandhi question....?
What was Hitler's adopted country?
miniature in neholitic period?what is this about?
How did religions start?
how did runaway slaves escape?
What effects did the Populist Party have on American politics?
In the 1700's,How did they know if they were pregnant?
Questions about William Blount. Help!? Please?
why was the mayan calender only upto 2012?
History.! 14th amendment 20 points!.?
If it weren't for the Mayflower Compact, the Dec. of Independence wouldn't have been written. Why?
What is the oldest existing hospital in the US?
Was there ever compensation for the people put in Japanese Internment Camps (WW2) ?
What were the four main countries that attemted to set up colonies in North America?
how much is this jewish dagger set worth?
Is Winston Churchill a monarch?
Please,Where was the original home of the Israelites since creation.Why are they scattered all over the world?
why is new year celebrated?
Was there a big age difference between victorian couples?
Did the Americans bomb Germany?
Summarise life and its main stages/problems/worries/effects/ etc. ten points to best answer.?
How did World War one and 2 start?
If i told you on Sept. 10, 2001 what was gonna happen on Sept. 11 what would you say?
Has medicine influenced the outcome of a war?
Impact of Italian immigration in Australia post world war 2?
Why American president Harry Truman not punished for holocaust?
how did early settlements like Jamestown prosper?
The Great War rather than the progressive movement was the great catalyst for change from 1900-1920?.........?
Was jesus married?
What is a summary of the barbarian invasions?
Write a propaganda statement from the perspective of the USSR ( Soviet Union ), on two of the following terms?
Did you know that a new Cat-sized Dinosaur was discovered in South Africa?
What prompted the voyages of discovery? Why did the Spanish lead the way?
What was Hitler's last name?
specific expeditions of magellan?
aftermath of conflict in Angola?
What mistakes did hitler make towards the end of ww2?
Was John Adams happy in Washington D.C.? Explain. Be sure to include both the political and the personal.?
My grandma said that during WW2 her family had to keep the lights off in their house, why?
What was the role of a stonemason in florence in the 1600's?
All of the demands of the Peasants revolt were subject to what document? What does that imply?
could you please give me information on ancient sudanese civilization?
Quotes about General Haig being both the butcher of the somme and not?
i want multi messanger running two messanger at a time can u help me plz?
Why do some people believe that the Holocaust didn't occur?
Have you ever held an old coin and wondered who else held it a lifetime ago?
Do you believe i could read your mind?
What was the climate in the enviornment ruled over by the Inca?
What Do Bosnia Muslims Think About "Noz, Zica, Srebrenica"?
Answer this one?
Do you like Adolf Hitler?
What was India called during the biblical times?
how did the British view their empire?
Please,tell me about my future careers and who is my isht dev?
economical changes of the industrial revolution?
Fertile Crescent?
Does there seem to be any change in Western reactions to the Ottoman Empire over the course of a century?
How and why did Silverstein "pull" WTC3?
What is a good counter argument for the statement that the Salem Witch Trials were from more than just(read on?
Which is correct"an" history or "a" history ?
After the boom pf the 1870s & 1880s, agriculture in the west : (CHOOSE ONE)?
if you could go back in time to visit any place, where would you go, and in what time period?
How is The Red Tent important to the study of world history?
Edmund spenser's view on Ireland?
Who was the first person to SURVIVE circumnavigating the world?
Were the people at the Roanoke colony all got eaten the native Indians?
Was it the Greeks or the Romans, the ones who defined and influenced the Byzantine Empire the most?
What is the muslim agricultural revolution? ?
What are the origins of Valentines day?
is it true that most people are always bein threatened if they are gay or lesbian just like matthew shepherd?
how can you say that Hitler was a bad guy?
What Loyalist groups actively mobilized support for the British king?
was it over when the germans bombed pearl harbor?
What was the religion of Hitler's?
AP US History! Help please?
david walker?
What is the address of the best website dedicated to french modern architecture? most complete information&pix
How far was Kristallnacht the most important development in the Nazi treatment of the Jews from 1933-1945?
about george b mcclellan?? please answer.....?
Was Jesus Christ Black?
What famous first lady was twice been elected as one of the top 100 lawyers in the country?
What jobs did women hold in 18th century France?
im looking for an old water mill named Smith's Mill in Albemarle county virginia?
Did Adam & Eve have belly buttons?
where did xmas come from?
Did British pilots kill 600,000 German civilians during the Second World War?
What do you think of the Mayan prophecy...?
If they wrote the bible 80 Years after jesus died, How did they remember what to write? Is the bible even true
What do you think would happen to world history if Hitler did not exist?
Will the Confederate win in Gettysburg if Gen. Stonewall Jackson's alive?
Can we draw similarities between W.W.I and U.S invasion of Iraq?
Why did the great strike start?
WHO was martin luther?
Why do most people here know nothing about anything that happened before 1990?
Why did slavery equate to liberty for southerners?
i am studying an History MA and have lots of reading - any tips on retaining the masses of infomation?
does anyone have any information on a french sculptur named o. ruffony?
Does anyone have a statics about imigration and industrial revolution and please send it to me?
What did immigrants expect when they came to America in the 1900s?
How did the English affect Native Americans environmentally, economically, socially, and politically?
why do people always say history repeats itself? Is it true?
Could someone write me a sentence in ebonics?
when did Audolf hitler died?
I took my air guitar to work and it was stolen...I think I know who did it, but what aproach should I use?
What was the worst momment you had during school life?
The reasons why do you believe of God???
What is the nick name of allama iqbal father?
how many actually waged war started it?
Steps of the Ancient Native American Vision Quest??
Did one of your ancestors serve in WW1?
What was Henry VIII looking for in his 6th wife?
Why do Eurocentrist assume that the red hair on Ramses II makes him white (caucasoid)?
Describe and analyze how the history of early civilization in Mesopotamia (4000-1600 BCE) demonstrates the his?
Why did jonas have mixed feelings about his new job?
in what ways was imperialism an expression and out come of nationalism?
What are two plants very important to the aztecs?
What was ancient Greece's legacy to the world?
Why din't the Germans try to stop the nazis?
How were the lives of children in mining camps different from those of children on homesteads?
what happenedon june 26, in miami, florida?
were upper classes in Britain "Terrorized" by common peasant "Christians" in the 1600s?
In need of title under fake dictatorship?
Is Thomas Edison a millionnaire??
Why does the day of the battle hold special signifiance for Cassius?
What were the political, social or economical consequences of the fall of the Berlin wall for the U.S.?
Where can I find information about the history of Puerto Rico, especially on the 16th century?
What came first the chicken or the egg?
which fruit did Adam and Eve eat?
I Need Help On History Questions? 10 points and 5 stars?
what is like a historical event that is really shocking but like its not that well known?
How was Burr Oak Cemetery founded & how did it become a cemetery?
Up until World War II, the largest seaborne invasion in history was one that the Mongols launched against whom?
who said "Caesar is dead. Long live Caesar"?
What would you do if you were given a time machine and a machine gun?
Who were actually wronged? the palestines or the jews?
who knows the poem: A dream Deferred by Langston Hughs?
Where can I get the book Omoro Soshi?
Is there a massive world event in the last 10 years I could write about for school?
Who would win, Eastern culture or Western?
What was the cause for the feud between Benjamin Franklin and William Penn?
What was worse: the Nazis or the English Empire?
What company does this logo represent?
Until about 550 A.D., Romans thought that silk:?
Both Thailand and Myanmar are examples of states whose territorial morphologies can be classified as what?
What can I draw to represent Thomas Paine's "Common Sense"?
Occupation of African-Americans in 20th Century?
What were the weapons used in ww1 by Britain and how did they develop over war?
any interesting information on the black death plague?
At what age did Alexander the Great died?
what the Normans thought of the Jewish people and did they allow them into England?
what was the effect of the modernization of Europe on Africa in the 16th and 17the century?
Where were Native Americans living in North America when Europeans first came to settle? NEED ANSWER PLEASE?
Ancient European Civilizations on Eng consants?
When did chair invent?
do any of you people actually know what swastika means? You always relate it to something bad?
Who was the worst man of history?
If you could go back in time?
Where do people get the idea that Hitler was a Christian?
If you could live in any time period which one would you chose?
Is 1990 old?
Who really discovered America ?
did the french revolution enable the french to obtain recognition of fundamental rights and freedoms!? explain?
What is racial profiling?
What was Metacomb's war a.k.a. King Pillips War? What caused it? What was the result of it?
Did hiters dad die before hitlers mother died? If so what did hitler do after his mom died?
Who would you say is history's worst villain?
Is this True?
History homework help?? Please!!?
Does any one know who designed St. Paul's cathedral in London?
October 14, 1988?
When did William the conqueror become king of england?
WWII:Would the UK have been likely to avoid Nazi occupation had it been geographically contiguous with Germany?
Explain the british amelioration?
What is the best Defense?
was China and the USA on the same side in World War 2?
What were the concentration camps during the Holocaut in WW2?
Without research can you name 5 famous Scotsmen and 2 famous Scotswomen?
What are the many ways the Civil War changed the United States ?
Since McCain is a Washington insider, what Republican OUTSIDERS get 1st and 2nd place in New Hampshire?
What was the bad news that came from England in the 1830's?
Why has the Declaration of Independence been referred to as the first true Enlightenment document?
well this world cup be most enjoyble than others and if so why?
what are simpple roman foods from the 5th century? 400-499 AD?
Who was Adolf Hitler?
Why was there a peasants revolt in 1381?
What is a turning point in history that I can make a 5+ minute video on?
what is history?
If you could go back in time and prevent one person's birth, who would it be?
How do british kids learn US history?
when did the second world war start?
in ancient times, or olden times, what were the roles of daughters?
What are some interesting historic people ?
Do you believe that dragons existed million years ago ?
On what basis do some people deny the Holocaust?
Who is the most famous man in American history to you personally?
If you could start life over, knowing what you know now, what would you change?
Is it true that everyone in this world is related?
Download Hamsa of Alisher Navoi!?
Which World War II military leader was nicknamed "The Desert Fox"?
The _______ were the first culture to come up with a democratic system of government.?
Did you know our nation overthrew iran in 1953 and caused the revolt they had?
who was the 1th president?
Why did Americans stop carrying around guns like in the Wild West?
What were Metternich's goals? How well did he accomplish them?
Who shot Francis Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo?
Is it a myth that people used to die extremely young in previous centuries?
Is there anyone currently alive with the surname 'Hitler'?
What are some reasons the Cuban Revolution was successful at accomplishing its goals?
Why did the Russians refer to the Jewish settlements in eastern Europe as the "Devil Settlements"?
What were the main events of the Russo-Japanese war? 1904-1905?
how did the mayas disappear?
How did Peter the hermit change the nature and purpose of crusading?
When was the earliest the WWII Allies heard about the Hollocaust in Europe ?
What Gandhi's vision of independence was and how he tried to achieve that vision?
How do you pronounce this name?
Dutch East Indies?
What went on in the United States in the 1930's?
when were the first lyrics written?
In the 13th century which of the following was founded in england that would eventually make most of england?
What race of people (besides Africans) were shipped to early America as slaves?
Aprox. how many people died in a samurai battle?
The Unification of Western Europe??
history: essay plan format?
European nations gained influence and territory in the Middle East during the 1800s because?
Which of the following statements about Franklin Roosevelt's plan to pack the Supreme Court is not correct?
have you ever witnessed a historical event?
What were some recurring problems Imperial Rome faced?
What other state aside from Missouri was important during the Missouri Compromise?
Did the US have the right to use the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II?
Did they have television in 1983? Would this be avalible for working class familys?
What happened at salem witch trials?
Cuban Missile Crisis Essay Help Please?
who diskoverd america?
What Was Hitler's Last Name?
Who did President Woodrow Wilson send to Europe to arrange an early peace during World War One?
Brefly explain the growth of democracy from ancient to modern times.?
How did England acquire Florida from Spain?
Can somebody help with Mongol Empire?
Could the Falklands war of turned into ww3?
“Slaves are in the power of masters, a power derived from the law of nations: for among all nations it may be?
Who were the best navigators?
Who was part of the Double Victory ?
Was the 10% plan for Reconstruction after the American Civil War a good plan?
"Why was the met built in this particular location"?
who was the patron for "Death and the Miser" by Hieronymus Bosch? Please answer, its urgent!?
World History matching questions.. Please help! ):?
What is the original source for the expression Achems Razor?
what do you think of gorge bush with one line only?
When Did Black Slavery end?
what`s realy going on?
who was the first person to sing Volare?
Was the holocaust real?
who is manuel velasquez? There are four major things he did in his life... what are they?
Obama isn't descended from blacks who were American slaves; he was raised as an elitist.?
can someone tell me a famous freighter or famous ship (battle ect....) from world war 2?
What struggles did the pilgrims and the Native Americans?? ( Early American lititure)?
What is the Masada Fortress?
Did the Black Death of Europe affect the peasants more than the nobility?
How did the American fighters differ from the British fighters?
how was hitler involved in world war 1?
When was (the date and day) Ganeshaa Chaturthi in the year 1950
History Questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How did the nobles causes the french revolution in 1789?
How would you explain the French wars of religion to a kid?
what does alma mater translate to?
Nazi Germany versus solo Soviet Union / Western Allies?
Why does Luxembourg exist?
Who would you relate/connect/compare James Madison with another person involved in American History?
In what way did the FDIC insure the success of the first actions of the First Hundred Days to make the bankin?
Who originated Dr. Denton pajamas with feet. Is there a real person named Dr. Denton. Where is he now?
When did the USA became the World Empire.?

What message do you think this propaganda poster is trying to convey to the people during WWI?
what factors contribute to the longevity of early chinesse civiliaztion??
whats the name of the famous burns victim who got his injuries in the falklands war?
Do you think China is a threat to United States economically and military ?
How did China lose the second Opium war?
Was Hitler's control limited in any way?
Ancient Greeks vs Mayans (Who is better) ?
What does M*A*S*H mean?
how do you properly spell boodah?
What is the National Disease of India ?
Was John Adams, the second president of the US, bipolar?
I'm trying to narrow research down to how the Civil War separated families.?
I have an older bottle that has L.B.Lab. Inc. Hollywood California on it. Who,What, Where, When, Why?
was FDR related to Teddy Roosevelt?
When and why did The Normans stop speaking French and speak only English and why?
What implications to education can be derived from chinese and indian philosophies?
How were John Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau and Baron de Montesquieu connected?
What impact did the railroads have on the development of the Pacific Northwest...?
what are 2 facts that columbus's beliefs were wrong?
Does anyone know of any hairstyles from the 1920's?
Why did Stalin help the U.S fight Hitler and the nazis?
Why is Lincoln on the five dollar bill and a penny?
What was World War 1 really about >? (if the soldiers were part of a "self imposed mass genocide"?
Should Britian be proud or ashamed of its history?
is hitler still alive?
what was the name of the person with power in ancient china?
How did Hitler comein to power??
I need some ideas about what was done in the late 19th century in England with around middle class for leisure?
what are your thoughts on the chupacabra?