If australia were attacked would australia have to help, or could they stay neutral?
Will Ireland ever be united?
in the year 711 after christ in spain when the muslims or moors arrived please read?
What were some of Alfred E. Smiths views?
Did contact with Europeans improve Burma or not?
did lucrezia borgia have a incestuous relationship with anyone in her family?
In your opinion, did Sanford B. Dole and other American planters have the right to stage a revolt in Hawaii?
Who are some famous; sports players, jazz musicians and film stars of the 1920's?
the absolute ruler of ancient egypt was called the what?
What would you tell americas founding fathers?
Wha did Albert Einstein do as a method of non-violence? With the bomb etc?
Do you think that UFO'S are...?
what is vizier?
For what reasons did the US develop isolationsm?
name 3 social changes during 1600 in Europe?
What impact did World War II have on the US university system?
Explain how the poor treatment of Germany has the potential to cause conflict in the future after ww1?
In 1914 Eve of War Summit Meeting, What did France and Austria-Hungary want? Any history buffs out there?THNKS
What caused the Roman Empire to fall? (Read)?
Question for Americans: is that true what the English say about your role in the World War II?
How did ww1 change this?
What was the impact and importance of Henry viii's changes to the church of England?
how Adolf Hitler died?
Why were the French peasants supportive of Napoleon around the French revolution?
What was the impact of the Portuguese on Central Africa?
How did music change throughout the nineteen sixties?
Where can I find photographs of First World War Female Quartermaster clerks in uniform?
what eventually caused Alexander's former empire to collapse shortly after his death?
true or false. the california gold rush in 1849 was after the us civil war?
What is the world's oldest city? Damascus or Jericho?
Can someone help me on Wollstonecraft's beliefs?
what is use to make in dynamite?
what caused the canadian blood scandel in the 80's?
who is the first woman in the history to lead a nation?
Who was william blackstone and why is he important to american democracy?
how did food shortage cause the spoy rebellion?
what is Vladimir Lenin famous for?
who benefited the most during the westward expansion?
Is there a fourth of july in London?
HELP describe The Boston Massacre from the Patriot, then from the Loyalist viewpoint?
who was the first person who discovered global warming in the first place besides NASA? IN THE 1800'S?
what were the innovations in warfare that led to knighthood?
The Russian revolution?
Who is the bloodiest Dictator in history?
What were the causes of the Thirty Years' War?
how long did the average British solider serve for in ww2?
the name of a hungarian mathematician who worked on the manhattan project and had a unique marriage proposal?
In the 1920's and 1930's how did the united states respond to acts of aggression in Europe and Asia?
Can you name five Native American tribes?
Why did Japan Attack America in WW2?
renesanse art?
who won WWII?
Write a sentence of your own to identify each of the following: Peninsulares, creoles, mestizos, and peons.?
Which country do you think might be the next "most powerful country" in the world?
Abraham Lincoln and Civil War?
Igbos?? What happened to the Nsude pyramids of Nigeria?
Britain, are you still the Great British Empire? or is it just a thing of the past? that is, just history?
what do you do if you love someone&that someone has chosen another&there is no way to forget bout her?
show me and an example of Paul revere's ride paraphrased?
who was the most evil, Hitler, Saddam, PolPot, Gheghis Khan?
I have a iron bear about 5 inch and it has louisville on the bottom of it and can anybody tell about it.?
what methods did gandhi use to stop the british from taking over india gaining independence?
where did the framers learn about checks and balance's?
When did the following come out and what is it about?
How are these similar? Declaration of the Rights of Man & Citizen and Declaration of Independence?
Was George Herbert a Parliamentarian?
Since India gained independence what has progressed and what has failed?
who was the more important ally of ww2 UK or USA?
what state in india are you from?
What was the main importance of the Battle of Trenton?
Did they have matches in the 1850's?
what is the apadana?
What do i need to know about Genocide?
How did John Langston Mercer die?
What would it have been like to be a soldier in the siege of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks?
What political forms did river valley civilizations create ?
how did the tudors measure out there water?
What was the purpose of the battle of antietam?
I have to create a visual aide for my ancient history class. What should I make?
What was St. Teresa of Avila's point of view on the reformation?
what is the biggest lie?
2010 environmental disaster or techno era ?
Can anyone state what the NAZI's true agenda was?
What would have happened in Nazi Germany if you made fun of Hitler's moustache?
What are the U.S. Government’s policy towards conscientious objectors during World War 1?
What technology was used on Captain Cook's sea voyage to discover the southern continent.?
Do you interesting history of Russia ?
How and why did Colonial Americans feel they were justified in rebelling against Great Britain?
What are reasons for the decline of the Roman empire, espically relating to slavery?
What are some notable influences on american culture by native americans?
What is a nobleman and what did they do?
what race are you?
what is the word for queen in ancient sumerian?
Who made Taj Mahal?
history question help!?
What are the priviledges of American Indians, are they tax exempt and why?
What is the wife name of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal?
How did the Locarno Treaties help Germany?
if god created adam and eve where do darwins theory of evolution come in 2 it?
does the Communist Manifesto "section one" repeat itself?
How can anyone say that the Holocaust never happened?
Who killed the American Indians?
Help with the Cold War?
What happened in 1961 that will not happen again for over 4000 years?
Intresting facts on William Blake?
how did adolf hitler use his power for the bad?
Someone who changed the world?
what year did President John F. Kennedy graduate from Harvard?
Who was asker ?
Two people in American History before the 1960's that I could easily compare and contrast?
Political issues in Europe during the 1960's?
Discuss - Hitler was vegetarian but a cruel & barbarian leader?
Is the Zanzibar revolution the Zanzibar genocide to?
To what degree can 17th and 18th Century Europe be considered "conservative"?
wich native americans tribe in the battle of little bighorn killed general Custer?
Witch Country did the Axis Power Invade first?
i need a web site about aborigine history of carnavon gorge?
is the KKK the modern day Templar Knights?
How is Perseus considered and epic hero?
What has changed in the 20th century!?
Describe the advantages that Spanish conquerors had over the Aztec Empire between 1519 and 1521?
if you could go back in time where would you go?
name the city for start of automobile industry?
Why did cleveland call the pullman strike to an end?
Is this tshirt an illuminati?
Who is tom bombadill and why has the one ring no power about him?
What could I put in a conclusion on a Holocaust Project?
what about....december 20, 1984?
What happened on your birthday?
Need help with Canterbury Tales. Please!?
How did the aztecs view the people the conquered?
Good books about ancient history?
Question about history? History buffs I'm calling you out!?
Who was responsible for starting World War I?
indians americans tipe of hause?
Biased info. Does anyone have any non-biased arguments about Hitler?
Does anyone have a website about immigration and please give it to me!!?
what are the main instruments that Aboriginals played?
when did the American Indians get the right to vote and when did they become u.s. citizens?
Why do Clocks go 'Clockwise'? Why isnt it the opposite direction?
Why was the RWANDA GENOCIDE a human rights violation?
who was the president that was once a bigscreen actor?
What is the orgin of Vanguard, in france? Where did it first apear?
What were the ideological beliefs and values of the USA during the World War 2?
What was Heinrich Himmler's long term effect on History?
What was the first latin american nation to gain independence?
What was Konstantin Tsiolkovsky's last piece of work he created for rocketry?
why did the colonist who rebelled where native american headbands?
Who do you think was/is the world's greatest ever leader?
What is old name of Khairpur.?
Was the weimar republic doomed from the start?
Where can i find the mayan hieroglyphic alphabet? online?
Why is Otto von Bismark characterized as Selfless that took Germany to Greatness???
How were labor unions treated during the industrial revolution?
What is Victoria Ware Ironstone?
in medieval times how do they make candles?
Describe ONE influence from Greek & Roman Culture that is still used!!!?
What would have happened if Hitler had invaded England ?
What Def-con is the united states at right now?
How do I format or outline a Compare and Contrast between Puebloan and Catalhuyuk architecture?
Adolf hitler WW1 question?
is da vinci code over rated?
what was the name of lover whose funeral was pull up by women?
Why exactly were the Templars hunted and killed?
What Object of the Cold War serves as a metaphor of the Cold War?please help?
Who is the greatest Barbarian of all time?
an important american instrumental ensemble of the nineteenth century was the?
What are some Do's and Don'ts for the Oregon Trail pioneers? I need them for a project.?
Is a revolution possible in the U.K
What do you think ...Saddam's Death is Justice or Coldblooded Murder..?
What did the jews do in the concentration camps during the holocaust?
how did the nazies come to power?
I need a list of events that happened on July 7?
What would the life of an Austrian-German woman be like in Amsterdam, 1943?
Who is the smartest man or woman in the world?
How can a contry loving boycan main tain peace on his own with no powers on his hand ?
how can I get a free e-mail address?
how do i get rrom Eunos to the national museum?
conspiracy theories - iam a fan?
Who was affected more by the Great Depression; minorities or white men?
first king?
What is the oldest existing hospital in the US?
Why Do We Celebrate Bonfire Night????????
Who discover newtron?
Is Christopher columbus a hero? WHY OR WHY NOT?
Does the british government have an historical duty to protect human rights of oppressed citizens....?
who was the original inventor and when was books invented ?
Are You Able To Answer This?
Has the USA ever fought a war on its own soil?
How did the genocide in Bosnia end?
did russia want control over serbia in world war 1?
what does the word Barbarian mean ?
Why is Mary Tudor nicknamed "Bloody Mary" all the time?
Why was the RWANDA GENOCIDE a human rights violation?
What tactic did Filipino insurgents use to undermine American power?
Does anyone know about a series on PBS that told the American Revolution from the British Point of view?
Match the following countries with their World War II diplomatic position as of 1942?
Since all superpowers come to an end who will be the next one?
what historical event interests you the most?
When was money or some form of currency first invented?
what was the wild life of the Iroquois?
How long age was writing in Sumer Iraq developed?
What sould happen to the one who bluetooth sadam's execution to thepublic?
explain the reasons why filipinos vehemently opposed the Japanese Martial Law?
How was printing done prior to the invention of the printing press?
The Holocaust?
what color makes you hungry ?
How to prove this thesis about Jonestown?
why did christopher columbo invent america?
why do girls were thongs?
If you could, which major event in history?
Someone who's into archeology answer please?
What were the weaknesses of barbed wire in WW1?
Why did the United States enter WWII? Why did the US win the war? Did the US win?
what conditions need to be in place to justify a war?
Thomas Jefferson suppported all of the following measures Except the?
why didnt america occupy north vietnam during the war?
Arguments for the cause of WWI?
Why did independence movement in africa gain success after world war II?
european nations were able to demand and reveive influence over more regions in china because?
world war 2 Germany.....Is this true?
Timeline of indian freedom fight?
Who is the most famous man in American history to you personally?
What roles did nationalism and militarism play in the long-range and immediate causes of World War 1?
What happened to the CPA after WW2?
were there any Good Nazis during the second world war?
Do you believe in God?
is god in stone??????
What books are there on women's jobs in WW2?
If you were on a desert island and u could pick one Famous person to be with who would it be and why?
how many troops did the Germans have for their last offensive in ww1?
"Give me liberty or or give me _____."?
Question about The War Of The Roses?
origin, background, of the family (last) name FaSzegyy?
how can we know if people really smelled so bad in medieval times?
Did the president lie to us?
were can i find stuff about washingtondcmesums.?
What role did East Berlin play in the international system during the Cold War?
In what way did the Tory government in Britain fear the spread of FRench revolution?
WOW !!!!! I need a little help on this one?
was the american civil war avoidable or not?
which was the most civilization in the humanity history?
why did britain join world war2 ?
what is mercantilism?
Why did hitler put the blame on the jewish?
Turning Points in American History, please help!!!?
Famous Mexican Speech? Pastor guy?
Which was more important to American politics, the role of central gov't or how to handle new western lands
what happened during the miracle at dunkirk?
Who was the greatest president that America have ever had?
Name the major historical inaccuracies in the movie "King Arthur" with Clive Owen?
does anynody know about wilimington nc cape fear?
For those of you who have seen Cannibal holocaust?
AP US History Question?
Why were the Articles of Confederation referred to as the Articles of Confusion?
what is olaudah equiano remembered for?
History ww2 bismark??
Whom Was The Worst Serial Killer Which Lived !?
What time in history?
What happened to the Jews who were sent to Auschwitz but not registered there?
how many died in the battle merrimack vs. monitor?
Why did the Roman Catholic church and the Eastern Orthodox church split?
.s!To the person who gives me 6 correct bibliography citations on books and internet sources about Croatia?
Alexander Hamilton was a federalist?
What does the T in T-Shirt really mean?
Where else did people think the bodies from ww1 were buried?
I need help getting my history back on my computer?!?
how was pocohontas significant to the united states?
What Were Some Failures of Marco Polo?
What purposes did Richmond, Virginia serve in the United States?
DO YOU REMEMBER WHERE YOU WERE ON THIS DATE IN 1987? OR what happened on this day???
What do people think that The Loch Ness monster is?
If we all come from Adam and Eve, does this mean we are genetic mutations because of kin breeding?
do you now how KIng tut died?
I need help please today!?
After WW2 what island did Adolf Hitler get exiled to?
Important events in 1975?
Again. Which nation ever invaded the UK (England) in recent history?
3 reasons why the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the cause of WW1?
Has Sweden ever been under foreign occupation?
what date did man first land on the moon,and name him.?
Who got more women: Elvis or JFK?
What nationality were vikings?
Which has more history, Ireland or the USA?
What is Constitutional Authoritarian?
Why were cave paintings thought not to be from Paleolithic times when they were first found in 18th century?
what was life like for people who hitler liked?
How did the Nazis prove to be effective in the realm of politics?
Primary sources for the role of the church during medieval period in Europe?
Why did nazis give prisoners food?
which gods are heroes of the roman pantheon?
King Frederick II's constitution?
why did president wilson break diplomatic relations with germany?
During which decade of your life did you do the most reading?
How did the Agricultural Revolution lead to the Industrial Revolution?
WORLD WAR2 what was Hitlers greatest mistake at the batle of Stalingrad? what should he have done differently?
if you could live in any other time period which would you live in?
who was the first president of britain?
How many American submarines are still unaccounted for from WWII?
How did the Pilgrims and Puritan differ?
Who is Anaximander and what did he do for ancient Greece?
When did the United States have huge technology booms?
Film Title wanted?
what exactly is a NAZI ??
I need a sexy and masculine gogo/ stripper name?
Who was the first pope? and was he married?
Why did the second world war start in1939?
How was Clemenceaus desire to cripple germany important in shaping the Treaty of Versailles?
does anyone know Dan Cruickshanks family?
How would you characterize Malcolm X's stance?
Two U.S history questions?
I have to do a report on a craft guild in the Middle Ages and I need to know what the requirements were for th
Which empire was the greatest of all empires in human history.....?
i need information on a trinidad carnival character - the bride of satan?
Who do you think the most evil person in history is?
PLEASE HELP!!! European settlementin the mid 1600's?
Which famous dead people contribute to history?
For all you History People out there?
where did george washington use to hangout?
Why am I obsessed with Adolf Hitler?
Contrast and compare the peoples of the southwest to the people of the northwest?
pictures representing holocaust?10 points?
History of what is not Latin America, before Spanish colonialization...?
what is "junkie"?
What's the one great misconception about the Cuban Missile Crisis?
What were the military and political consequences of the cold war in the soviet union,europe,and united states?
History Buffs: Did the French Army Use Regimental Colors/Flags during the First World War?
If you are told to have a date with one historical personality, who it will be and why?
Of the estimated 11 million African slaves carried to America, the great majority were sent to?
They say a hindu priest slaughtered the first COW in India?
what did the black death cause?
Whose assassination lead to unrest in the Roman Empire?
What changes did the New Deal make?
Where were you when you heard about 9/11?
were the crusades successful?what effect did the crusades have on europe?
What does Walter Isaacson mean when he said Benjamin Franklin is the founding father who winks at us?
The largest countries by area and population are superpowers?
How was freedom limited during the Red Scare?
who deniesthe holocaust ever happened?
who really built the Taj Mahal?
What were different countries used for in the Victorian british empire?
What are the condition of marriage in the 14th century?
Is the miniseries The Pillars Of The Earth good?
Why was the "first world war" a "WORLD" war, and not a European one with American intervention?
How was the U.S Economy during 1942?
Why some people are so interested in "The Knights Templars"? what mysteries surround them?
what is life often seen as?
what is the ancient invention that allows people to see through walls?
Does anyone know about the relationship between Muslims and Christians in Medieval Greece (crusades-1500)?
How did Abe lincoln help with the expansion of georgia?
why did abel tasman begin his voyage?
How did these people help unite Italy?
Peasents who were bonded to a manor?
How did the 13th amendment cause or help womens rights?
How were the ancient greek humanist?
Where were you on September 11, 2001? What do you remember about that day?
when first world war start?
Explain three reasons historians cite for longevity of the Byzantine empire?
who had the better plan for the nations future, alexander hamilton or thomas jefferson?
Do you think we'd show the same qualities today if there was a war?
The Kaiser (Kaiser Wilhelm II) history question?
Did Einstein have any children?
what happened to good old fashion values?
What would the World be like if Gunpowder was never invented?
why is the knowlegde of iron came late after the discorveries of bronze and copper???
Why did the founding fathers make the constitution changeable?
best ever criminal gang?
Articles of Confederation test help?
If you could talk to our founding fathers what would you tell them?
What lessons learned from Ancient Greece apply to modern society and civilizations?
liberty party in 1840?
What are all the Trench diseases and Illnesses in WW1?
South and North Native Americans contact?
Did the Ninja have a "death pill"?
How do you know when you're about to be assassinated?
How do you think about Iranian people and their history and culture?
famoust texts for studying ancient middle eastern history?
who killed julius caesar?
Assuming you like to read, what figure in history do you find yourself going back?
What metal was used in making the WWII pilot's badges?
how did the american civil war affect latin america?
what is the most defining moment in india's history after independence?
how many battles did alexander win?
Question about the case Brown v. Board of Education?
What is the meaning of "Veni,vidi,vici" , who said it and when..?
In finding Nemo where did . . .?
what event happened in Englewood Chicago during the late 1950s and early 1960s dealing with racism?
i want to know the procedure for admission in algonquin college?
what do u believe in ...... god or ghost?
How the forces of liberalism and nationalism affected events in the United States during the 1800s?
What occupation was "Surveyor of Windows."?
why did the civil war amendments have little effect in the south until 1965?
Which US President spoke the most languages and which languages did he speak?
what other groups were present when the europeans and early africans landed in the "new world"?
Can you pls tell meabout Harold and the Saxons in the last big invasion of England?
how have anthropomorphic and anthropodenial-based perspectives positively and negatively affected interpretati?
all about albert einstein?
Which one is the invent that change the course of history..?
Isle of Wight historians needed...?
does Europe owe the U.S.?
when is Cinco de Mayoday?
What was the colonists' primary argument against the Stamp Tax?
Please tell me about the origin of Tourism.?
What was the effect of the three field system?
How does the American victory at Saratoga change the war for both sides?
What state is known as the Delta state?
If hitler would have survived the WWII.should there be any jew left alive?
Can you tell me the biography of Fan Noli, and why he can be a virtuous person?
Why didnt countries take in jews during the holocaust?
What was the most shocking moment ever in the United States?
How do I find an expert in ancient coins who will give a free opinion?
When will world war two break out?
While horticulture was not traditionally practiced on mainland Australia, it was practiced on...?
What are some events and circumstances which led to the scientific revolution?
What event in 1700 led to the eventual severing of ties between Great Britain and the colonies?
Ten points for the first correct answer. Willie Park won the very first one on this date in 1860.?
What monarchs were targeted in the Gulliver's Travels satire?
Why did Cardinal Richelieu support the theatre?
Native american place names are no longer used in united states?
wat do u do when u r bored?
Do you have any information on Aquilla Glover who was one of the Rescuers of the Donner Party?
What was the first Republic established in the Americas?
Who was really the first president of the United States?
Where can I find valid historical information on the legend of King Arthur?
If Hitler was bad, does that make all white people bad?
How meat was stored in the past?
stalin's USSR 1928-1953?
Were Missionaries in the Americas during Age of Exploration and Middle Ages fat and physically weak?
England's English bill of rights?
philosophy of Greek Classical Period?
Scotlands monarchy?
What is the social and political history of the relationship between Cuba and the United States?
Why are Canada & US so similar?
How has diversity helped the American Colonies flourish?
What would it be like in a victorian private asylum?
What impact did WW1 have on the woman's movement?
What are some interesting famous archeologists ?
How was Alexander the Great a hero?
Civil war in the south?
Why did Hitler have an Ex Libris? Was he in the society or was he simply being an egoist?
What is the greatest moment in history?
how many states fought over slavery?
who is da vinchi?
Great songs come out of tragic times throughout HISTORY Can you think of one?
How did Rome's victory in the punic wars contribute to fatal problems for Roman civilization?
Who was the governor general of India in 1930?
Causes for Japan's worsening relationship with the west history elective?
The dominant force of the Middle Ages change in the Renaissance?
Unionism in Ireland (AS History)... were these people/groups for or against unionism in ireland... and why?
Positive outcome of the French and Indian war?
which president did not go to school?
what war happened around 1941???
Who discovered Canada everyone help please c: .................................?
Is there someone who knows music?
How did Longwell Green get it's name?
i wanna know the history of pin?
Briefly summarize the Gettysburg Address.?
What did Germany do before American troops would get to the front line and how did this end stalemate?
indian present president?
What steps would you have to take in a diplomatic approach towards the Cuban missile crisis?
The George W. Bush Question...?
Did Abraham Lincoln shoot JFK?
Where did Paul have a vision of a man begging come over to Macedonia and help us?
How were the state and church affected by the French revolution?
How did previous antidrinking efforts differ from...k?
What were some local newspapers particular to Manhattan between 1900-1910?
I remember hearing of a bi-racial lady marrying n 2 european royalty about 200 years ago where can i get info?
What caused the russian revolution?
Who is Washington Olivetto?
What did Ida Baker do in the Civil war/What was her"job"?
What are 5 effects of the nationwide rail network?
Why have the Jews been persecuted throughout history?
Why was Freida Kahlo such a Influential Person?
Is it true that the person who tried to invade mexico until its independence was a french, related to napoleon
When did it become fashionable for women to shave their legs?
what are the social,political,and economic characteristics based on the reformation?
The Treaty of Paris in 1783 granted the Americans control of what?
Why is the U. K. so called?
Why did Christianity gain prominace over the other cults in the Roman Empire?
Do you like your questions?
how old was Amelia Earhart when her father took her to her 1st "aerial meet"?
What is the most important all time invention for mankind?
Where did Jack London live?
What does "taking the cross" mean?
In the renisance time period, what would the life of a clergy be like?
What is the name of the man killed by an sting ray?
what did ancient hindu's wear?
Answer my Question?
Do u know that Arabian gulf is not valid name and correct historical name is PERSIAN gulf?
who did not want the Paris Commune to live?..once again a question for homework.Need help!?
Who was the most ruthless world leader in history?
who is the most hated person in history?
Did Sir Isaac Newton use the ideas of others to arrive his laws? OR ON HIS OWN?
Why is English based on Latin and not Anglo=Saxon?
Napoleon Bonaparte !! Please help.?
what was happening in Venice during the year 1553?
How did the segregated southern United States and the Civil Rights movement compare to Nazi Germany?
What two colonies in early America were self-governing?
Was the British Empire really that bad?
cause of first written communication in early civilizations?
What was the historical significance of William Lloyd Garrison (1805-1879)?
how big is 450sqf?
where are chortens found in india?
What was the population of Poland in 1945?
What year was paul revere put inj the continential congress?
Who was accusing Socrates of the crimes?
Can anyone help me with finding a good site on history?
Explain when John Locke felt it was not appropiate to revolt against the government.?
What impact has calligraphy had on world art?
Was technology as advanced as it was today when you were a kid?
history on lenape indians?
how is conflict in Darfur an example of a cycle of African history?
What was the former Yugoslavian wars about?
If you had to include ten achievements on a historical timeline of the Industrial Revolution, what would they?
who are the main tribes live in libyan desert?
what were the games people played during colonial days?
Who is the most beautiful woman in all of human history?
is there any book that talks about school during the world war two?
A brief biographical sketch on Pliny the Younger.?
before the aztec settled in the area in which they flourished they were:?
Did they believe in an afterlife during Alexander the great time in Macedon?
Want to know about marine drive of mumbai?
Is Revelation the minute entries of an ancient tribunal where Octavian was on trial for crimes war crimes?
What is manifest destiny?
What was the Model Parliament?
Why did WW2 start in September 1939?
why didn't the german's have an german empire, when the british and french had their own empires ? why?
Can you list me some religious wars that have occurred in Britain?
why did the vikings go exploring?
What was the original purpose of Robert LaSalle's journey?
"The compromise of 1850 did not delay the breakup of the union..."?
If someone had killed Hitler how would you show your appreciation to them?
What historical figure has had the most profound effect on your life?
Can you find a map showing the first civil war???? please?
who in history you most admired?
A Real Easy 2 Points?
who sang happy birthday mr president to jf kennedy?
The Townshend Acts did what?
5 events that changed US history?
did the celts crossed from galicia spain in the year 500 to ireland?
did Germany reoccupy the Rhineland with military ambition?
When was Jesus born? I need B.C and the excact date.?
If you could go back in time and uninvent something what would it be? This is for an essay I'm writing.?
How did Aethelberts laws help protect the church?
What were the missionaries who converted the New World - friars, soldiers?
Some historians claim that the overthrow of Romulus Augustulus in 476 AD is the end of the Roman Empire. Othe?
Was the civil war necessary to end slavery?
What civilizations had a sucessful goverment system?
Were where you during 9/11 ?
was adolf hitler killed or did he get away?
Who are the illuminati?
Help with isolationism or interventionism paper?
Is there evidential proof to back up claims that Christopher Columbus was a rapist, murderer, and a thief?
who whispered to Utnapishtim and warned him what was coming?
2. Religious tolerance was a motivating factor for many American colonies yet these societies showed little?
what were the causes of french revolution?
Was America aware that there were German U boats in the Hudson bay during WW2?
Does anyone know if there is a video that exists of General Douglass MacArthur's return speech?
Which ship is more haunted, the Titanic or The Andrea Doria?
Germ warfare during the american revolution?
why is moonshine illegal?
when was nana prempeh the 2nd king of ashanti in ghana buried?
Who was the most important leader in the Shang dynasty and why?
A revolution is an idea which has found its bayonets.?
who is Georges Jaques Danton and Maximilien Robespierre?
why did mexican immigrants come to the US?
who opposed stalin when he was trying to take over the government?
how did tribes eat after and befoure harvest?
Why were feudalism in Japan and Europe similar?
How did the royal family execution occur?
why Asians and Americans react differently to a terrorist attack?
Beginning of resort hotel industry or the historical background of resort operations?
can you help me with an ap euro frq?
Where is the noble tribe arain from?
How can we be sure that World War II actually happened, when no one around today was even alive back then?
Who is this so called "Aristophanes"?
Did you know that "Dr" Martin Luther King was a a thief?
what was jesus's IQ?
why was the great strike of 1877 important?
how significant was william wilberforce in bringing about the abolition of the slave trade?
Which gun did Wyatt Earp use in Tombstone at the shootout at the OK Corral?
what did the kings do in the feudal times?
How did African slaves straighten their hair in the 19th century during the slave trade?
How did U.S. policies change culture/economies of Indians?
how public did Robert Kennedy make about targeting Hoffa? and why so for this?
In your opinion what are the top 10 most significant Battles in History?
Federal Prisons before the establishment of The Bureau of Prisons?
what is the definition of "political frontier" ?
what are the differences and similarities between...?
Do you think America would have joined WW1 if Russia had never left?
What role did "ordinary" or local people play in the civil rights movement?
Did U.K. Ever Declare War On U.S.?
Can someone roughly explain what this George Washington quote is trying to convey?
How was nationalism a force for unity and separation in the Indian independence movement and its aftermath?
Would we all really be speaking German if the US hadn't intervened in WW2?
After WWII, was America ever punished ...?
How did the first states form?
History question...Multiple choice?!?
explain the origins and tactics of the pro-life movement in the 1970s and 1980s.?
neeelam sanjiva reddy family members?
" Justice already was made to benefit the poor persons" . Who said this phrase?
What do you think is Rome's greatest cultural contribution to Western Culture?
was the holocaust real or a big lie? what are proofs?
Is There a Connection Between South Americans and Italians?
Why did plantation owners not allow their slaves to read or write ?
In the war what was worst: the atomic bomb or the holocaust?¡?¡?
How did the economy change in the 17th century in the netherlands?
what would have been the course of history if babur lost the first battle of panipat?
what happened on July 31st , 1979... I need some factual information.?
The Big One?
did aliens build the pyramids?
How did they count in Roman times?
Praetorian's Pride?
German "Enemy aliens" vimmy ridge? help please!?
Did Lybians s0d0mize and torture ambassador Stevens before his death?
What made Philip of Macedonia a strnog and successful military leader?
Who is your favourite historical figure?
Sir Thomas Wyatt and the ryal court?
who is hannibal barca?
In the Hawkes bay Earthquake how did they organise the rescue mission?
a short summary of the stamp acts?
URGENT!!! PAPER DUE TOMORROW MORNING!!!what are some personality traits that andrew carnegie had?
How long did Gandhi fast in Poona?
american history help!!!!!!!!!!!?
what were the goeal, strategies, and support of the 1960's civil rights movemement?
Who's got better stuff, the British Museum, the Smithsonian Museum, Ripley's Museum, or my museum?
How was life in a boomtown during a gold rush similar to life in a cow town during the Cattle Kingdom?
Is their any truth in this statement?
What was the most important battle of WWII and why?
What was the historical significance of the Report on Manufactures by Alexander Hamilton?
Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase? please answer?!?
What came first the chicken or the egg?
Key Points about WWII?
How did the Whiskey Rebellion divide the Federalists and Republicans?
what value is 1st anniversary of the liberation of kuwait coin?
what that means obstacles?
how many people died during world war 2?
What does jing jang mean?
Doing a report on the siege of Vienna?
Which of the following was not an Industrial Revolution invention for the textile industry?
Are Charlie Chaplin images public, or copyright?
The British Trading Empire?
who is the writer of "Saray Jehan say acha hindustan humara"?
how did early people in americas get their food?
What did George Couvier believe?
How are the Texas Republic, Annexation of Texas to the US, and the Mex-Am. War related to each other?
Dead Or Alive....?
What is the importance of London, England, Geneva, Bruges (Belgium), and Bologne during the Renaissance?
wahat was your scienist born?
Based on this diagram, monarchs and viceroys belong to the same?
How does the American victory at Saratoga change the war for both sides?
Do we still use Alexander Hamilton's finnancial plan today?
Which established that the Supreme Court could declare laws unconstitutional?
Black Panther Party- Stokely Carmichael?
Where did Ben Franklin first take rest in Philadelphia ?
following world war II who owned 95% of african territory?
What is it like living in a country that has so many ancient buildings and timeless artifacts in this time ?
Could you joke about bombs in airports before 9/11?
Why did the tin soldier die?
Anyone out ther who can give me a good original BAND NAME???
Roosevelt, Taft, or Wilson?
What are 3 problems that Maria Teresa faced?
Who is the president of the united states?
What Kingdom did Kalonga Mzura rule over?
french revolution dbq help!?!!>!>!?
What is Spanish territory that the south wanted the convert into slave states?
If you were Hitler, 30 April 1945 and the Russians were just yards away, what would you do?
how long ago was australia discovered?
What are some of the main themes seen in American literature during the mid to late 19th century?
is the knights templar the same thing as the free masons?
what did john terraine say and do for douglas haig?
What part of the atmosphere do they reach?
u hungry for history?????:O?
who is Alexander the great?
Is a revolution possible in the U.K
did the CWA propposed by FDR work? Was it a good thing?!?!?
what benefit did the industrial revolution have on instruments during the romantic era?
In your opinion ,Who is the most effective and important person in history ?Why?
Did the protestant/catholic conflicts in England affect it's power as a nation (16th century)?
The batavia shipwreck full story summary?
Why doesnt anybody support hitler?
To what extent were weaknesses of the French monarchy responsible for the outbreak of Revolution in 1789?
what is the best advoice you have ever been told?
Was there a assassin order in Rome?
this is what i know about the empire of ghana pls tell me more?
What 3 or more important discoveries or changes in style during the renaissance?
Would D-Day be considered a Foothold???? the beach of Normandy i mean?
from what year are pennies worth money?
conclusion between buddhism and jainism?
Nation History Day?
Roman Empire questions?
If you could travel back in time, and kidnap Joseph Stalin and escort him safely back to 2012......?
Was Cleopatra 'black'?
What are some effects of the India Pakistan Conflicts?
what were the Constitutional Implications of the Louisiana Purchase?
what wife of a rockstar founded the spirit foundation?
Which was not a contribution to the shift of the Southern economy toward slavery?
What is a typical greek dinner like?
What is Saudi Arabia's history and standing with the Palestinian and Israeli conflict?
1950's Housewives and Organizations?
Why did the frontier colonists recent the Proclamation of 1763?
what do you think of che guevara?
When was the Agricultural Revolution?
The greatest general in military History?
Is the term antisemetism synonomous with anti-Jewish?
What's the difference between the Holocaust and the Genocides of the native americans and australians?
What are some really terrible world known historical events like 9/11?
How did politics change during the Vietnam war?
in the grapes of wrath when trying to vacte a tenant who would the owner blame?
If the Indians hate how we mistreated them so much that why don't they go back to where they came from?
Russian Revolutions 2?
WHERE and WHEN did MIME begin? MIME begin?
why do people hate Hitler so much?
I went back in time and killed Thomas Edison but electricity is still here?
How has nutmeg and/or its products (like spices etc) had an impact on ecosystem sustainability?
Did Saint Brendan of Ireland really make it into the New World?
Interesting events in history which have been influenced by tax policy issues?
T/F Middle Eastrn History Questions 1940s-2000s?
If you could chat to any historical figure what one question would you ask?
Were there any famous battles between the Romans and the Picts (the people who lived in Scotland the time)?
What were the results of the treaty of berlin?
What was a more important motivator of colonial settlement, money or religion?
Do you like the date september 11 2000fun?
What do these laws tell us about social stratification in this civilization? Give examples.?
Did the Reign of Terror save the French Revolution?
How did people feel about William McKinley as president?
need a 3 page summary for Buffalo Soliders to the Rescue?
What was Adolf Hitler's role in the nazi party?
Why did Beveridge believe that the U.S. needed an overseas empire?
How was the Third Estate outnumbered in the Estates General system?
How tall was amelia earhart?
How did european imperialism change life for the people of europe?
Can you tell me anything about Mission Santa Barbara?
Why did WW2 start in September 1939?
How did the Enlightenment change society and help bring about revolutions?
were the indians first to use arabic numbers?
Who was President when you were born?
What are the disadvantages of sending your kids to boarding schools?
What alternative name was Wales known by in medieval times?
When was the first day of powered flight?----it happens to be my birthday!?
What is the origin of bullying?
what day of the week was July19,1948 on?
Why did Canada West unite with other British North American Colonies?
Who here would have sided with Maximilian, the emperor of Mexico, against Benito Juarez?
What role did the Papal States play in medieval politics?
What important happened in Enligsh literature or English history in 1456 and/or 800?
Why was wilfred owens poems important in ww1?
Since the earliest times in india from where all have people migrated to india ?
When did the British acquire Hudson Bay?
Did the RAF and American Air Forces know that they were killing INNOCENT CIVILIANS in Dresden , etc.?
How many crew members were there in German Zeppelin?
this was a really popular toy in the late 70's,it had four large coloured buttons,that flashed and made a part
real nme of taj mahal?
What can you tell me about Abe Lincoln that I might not know?
where can I get info and history of the great wall of china?
What 18th-century hero’s remains were removed from their original burial site in France and placed in a crypt
Why was American Pickers taken off TV?
Where are the pistols that belonged to Patton?
Josepsh Stalin Worse Than Hitler?
Why wouldn't Russia let the Dolittle Raiders land in Russia?
Does anyone hate Adolf Hitler?
British religion in the 19th century?
What did the masks for masquerades parties in the Renaissance era look like?
My man the king was famous in the50's and 60's...?
Why the number '911' was chosen as emergency contact number? What is the significance?
what was harold wilson's political program?
when was kissing first established?
what did the nazis do to the jews of europe during WW2?pls help!!!!thanks?
Why is Howard Carter's archaeological methods different to other archaeologist's in that time?
17th Century Netherlands??? Information?
Is there a timeline of the history of caberet?
What is "mythical method"?
If you could ask one historical figure one question, who and what would you ask?
How popular was English historical writer, Antony Sutton, & his "Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler"?
Which of the following contributed MOST to the British victory in the French and Indian War (the Serve?
Why did the United States choose english as its language?
Where can I find a diagram or blueprint for making a 15th or 16th century Turkish tent (Ionian coast preferred
Is hipsterism the death knell of western culture?
Which came first the Renaissance or The slave trade (atlantic)?
Why do so many people say "you can't blame all Germans back in WW2 for the holocaust?
how to make brick for school projet 5th grde?
how did airplanes change The 20th century?
Which of these descriptions is most accurate of the ratification of the Constitution?
Since the 1970's, american poerty has?
Is the Holocaust a lie?
If you could go back in time to witness any one historical event, then return back home safely,?
Who wrote the booklet "Common Sense"? When?
how can i get true friend?
Was Thoreau a patriot or a traitor?
Cambodian/Khmer and Thai/Siamese reliable history with evidence?
what is the proof for bible being the word of God?
What were George Washington's political, social, and economical opinions?
During what dynasty were the ideals of Daoism and Confucianism formulated?
How did the English monarchy move to consolidate its authority over the American Colonies?
Why was the Man who created Wiki-leaks Arrested?
1. In the Gilded Age, business leaders often influenced American politics by (1 point)?
How would the United States be different today if the Soviets had beat us to the moon?
What did the catholics bring back from the crusades ?
Identify the three USA states that were once sovereign, independent countries- and not part of another country
What were the good things about the Stamp Act?
Who was Bonnie Raitt's Nobody's Girl written about?
Wondering what will happen if we didn't build the transcontinental railroad?
Who was your favorite president?
Did the usa make the first nuke?
What is the opposite of history?
what was president Millard Fillmore's nickname?
The republic of Hawaii had a constitutional provision that did what?
what did nastradamus predict about the 9/11 attack?
How where painters in 19th century Great Britain treated in society?
John Lennon got in trouble for saying the Beatles were more popular than?
what letter is missing from this word s_eds?
Third Reich History Question?
If you could invite four people from history to dinner, who'd be your guests and why?
What HUGE item was present at Fort McHenry during the War of 1812?
To what extent is historical reasoning similar to scientific reasoning, and governed by the same constraints?
✮✮✮Strathalbyn History✮✮✮?
Who was the first maine Democrat to be elected to the U.S senate?
Does anyone remember a movie about the Egyptian president Anwar Sadat?
which Female historical figure can i reference as being a perpetrator of unspeakable sadism or cruelty.....?
what was the difference between the Judiciary act of 1789 and the judiciary act of 1801?
Why did the southern colonies of the Atlantic seaboard win importance before those farther north (MULT CHOICE)?
How did egyptians made the pyramid?
What were Leon Trotsky's (Russia) demands at the Peace Conference?
Is it true that Islam and Islamic societies were the biggest slave traders in all history?
who has taken a quided tour from london to paris and barcelona and what was it like and what do you recommend?
Did the Wright brothers' first plane fly?
prince of Mosul and Genghis khan?
Tulip mania stock market crash diagram??
why did hitler want to take over europe?
what role did usa play in canada's confederation?
Did British soldiers kill 20,000 in Normandy through bombing in 1944, and rape thousands of Dutch women after?
All about MacArthur 10 point.quickly.?
Who's your favorite person in history? Why?
Does anybody know how architecture during the Renaissance relates to todays architecture and how we're influen?
can someone tell me a famous freighter or famous ship (battle ect....) from world war 2?
What role did Alfred Hugenberg play in the Nazi Party's rise to power?
Communist China questions?
What is the religion of New York?
Who were these women?
johesph meeks that married cassie smith, who were his parents?
In your own opinion was the civil war inevitable?
Why did benjamin franklin say this quote?
What is good art, according to Hitler?
World history 2 help !!!?
Most outrageous act that was passed during the Revolution?
Do you think that Da Vinci's Last supper was criticized or celebrated during the renaissance??
What was the technology like back in the 1970s?
There were 137 of these during the fight for independence?
Martin Luther King or Malcom X, who do you respect the most and why?
How did the 'Hitler Youth' affect WW2?
i need to reasearch the problems in today's airlines.?
why were cathedrals built?
What enabled the Nazis to gain mass support in Germany by the early 1930s?
ho chunk culture fun facts?
Which war led to recognition of more civil rights?
We did not find results for: what did the simulation illustrate that you had not considered before? what aspec?
what were the Australian Freedom Rides;who was Australian Aboriginal activist Charlie N. Perkins?
where is adolf hitler buried?
Can anyone tell me what the value of a 1895 old english penny is.?
When did the first camera (ever made) come to America?
Explain how feudalism, manorialism and the church worked together to maintain an orderly but unequal society.?
who sang happy birthday mr president to jf kennedy?
where do you find the romantic period time line?
Do you really think slavery is no longer prevalent in modern civilisation?
where do I find infromation on george washington?
Need help from someone smart please!?
what where some of Patsy sherman's awards?
were hydrogen powered vehicles used during world war two?
what were china's main exports and how did they travel to Europe?
point out a social issue/ theme from the movie Queen Elizabeth that is actually happening at the moment.?
If you could go back in time and kill Hitler as a 10 mth old baby, would you? You know how many will be saved
Austrian Revolution of 1848?
why did bret hart die?
Who invented working 5 days and off 2? Why can't it be the other way around?
History help! multiple choice?
What was the most astonishing, history changing event of the last century?
Name me 2 famous wars that have taken place after World War2? 10points?
did human beings were flying kites before they discover writing?
Lots of information about peter williams (the founder of jack wills)?
Should British Schools stop teaching the Holocaust simply because it offends a minority?
What effects did Andrew Carnegie have on american society?
What kind of cures where there for rattlesnake bites in 1854 on the Oregon Trail?
Slave/master relations?
What were some of the major blunders that British General William Howe made during the early years of the war?
Did Adolf Hitler keep Blonds with light blue eyes alive to be his slaves?
How long was life expectancy in 1940 in Europe?
What did you like about the Soviet Union?
about "Kapos".....?
what is mana?
What are the causes that link WW1 and WW2 together?
what was the significance of the germantown battle?
What sports were invented in 1850-1900?
Help in World History!!! The Kingdom of Ghana?
Why do people say "bless you" when you sneeze?
in 1517, what did they call the name of the Monk's hairstyles?
In what place was God died?
Why were people imprisoned during the Troubles in Northern Ireland in the 20th century?
how to gain popularity on instagram?
what is your favoure time period in History?
I would like to know more about Capt. Jerry Fletcher,from The Maid of Mist?
Could France have defended from a Nazi invasion, had their magnot line worked?
what is the history of world cup's logo?
Do all the major northern English cities have football teams? (Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, etc)?
What are good holocaust movies that are based on true stories?
What made the social tensions between Creoles and Peninsulares the cause of the independence movement?
What was Italy's biggest port in the 16th century?
Countries in the British Empire?
Can someone compare and contrast Chile's government to America's?
Who would win: The Greek SPARTANS or Alexander the Greats army?
In detail, please explain this nazi-related historical question in your words this historical question?
WW2 project- OKINAWA...please help!?
i have 2 do one project on any one monument in india?i want 2 do a diff one.so pls help me?
what is a conquistadore? can you name one?
How did the ancient chinese observe comets?
Is there any meaning to this?(History)?
Were the iron curtain, holocaust, apartheid, inquisition and hiroshima the work of islamic terrorists?
Is illuminati really exist, or it's just a Hollywood crap?
What was the name of the tribe the americian used as radio operaters in W11 against the Japanese?
who is the greatest military leader in histlory?
why was Julius Streicher killed?
Who won the attacking of pearl harbor?
How to talk like a Victorian?
What did the Duke of Wellington discover?
Egyptian and Greek period help? Medicine through time?
How Much Is A 1945 Penny Worth?
Why did Kamakazi pilots wear crash hats?
The New Deal established programs for relief, recovery and reform. What was the initial focus of the 1st 100?
History Help.....What did shamanism provide to Sioux society?
Who were the first Europeans to set foot in North America?
What was Tambralinga in history?
what are some important foods that would have been missing from your area before 1492? what changed in 1492?
How did the Greek culture spread throughout the Mediterranean?
What role the urban politics play in packing town?
what did the watts riot in los angeles illustrate?
i know the holocaust happened, but do we really believe there was 6 million, and on what evidence?
Who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom when Benazir Bhutto was appointed Prime Minister of Pakistan ?
Who employed or commissioned work from Hugo Wolf?
Does anyone know any...?
Did some Chinese and Indian merchants settle in Israel during the time of the Silk road?
Western Cultures Homework Help?
How did the Weimar republic recover in 1924-29?
how did the defeat at Kornilov help the Bolshevik party?
what is the history behind Equatorial Guineas name?
Which Shogun's actions and policies most helped Japanese unification?
when and why the "Magna Carta" was established and why kings would want it?
The first Indian who came to?
Who was Britain's main expeditionary in India when they began trading there?
Who is your favorite French Queen?
Where was the Korean War?
why did john rockefeller sometimes reduce the price of oil?
By What System Of Laws Did The Babylonians Live?
Could one of the causes of the explosion of the Hindenburg have something to do with the Nazis?
were does al capone live?
Do you think Thomas Jefferson really believed that all men were created equal?
what did alva fisher invent and what year did he invent it?
What led to the collapse of the Roman Empire?
I have a school research paper due tomoroow please can anyone tell me some of the bad things president Nixon d
If you could travel back in time would you go to see gladiators fighting in the colosseum for entertainment?
Who did Mary Tudor spare during her reign?
Us history opinion/question!!!!!!!!!?
13th Amendment translation?
HELP The two landmark Supreme Court cases -Plessy v. Ferguson (1890) and the case that overturned it, Brown v.?
I have a history exam please help ?!!?!?!?
what is the point of history.?
During the revolution War is it true the Americans who fought against the British were of English ancestry?
Does anyone miss the 1980's?
archaeological evidence from pompeii and herculaneum?
When was the first was between Israel and the Arab nations?
please help me generate some ideas. Im completely drawing a blank and cant get started?
Can you tell me what is modern about China; politically, economically and industrially.?
science in the renaissance days?
what is the history of waltham airdrome from 1940 / 1945?
who says the holocaust never happened?
What is a St Paul's Cathedral £2 worth?
Why did Germany ultimately lose World War 2?
who was the first explorer to explore America?
How tall was Dr. Martin Luther King?
Was Christianity around when the Romans invaded Britain & fought Buddica & the Brits?
What do you think of the midevil wars?
What is the sickest and most evil act ever committed in US history?
Do you think Afganhistan war was the last resort?(explain with reasons)?
Stupid Q - Did they have days of the week in the 1770's?
How did the events of the English Civil War, the Restoration, and the Glorious Revolution...?
What were the causes and effects on world war 2?
After the cluadian invasion of Britain?
How can I find out more about my family's history?
When did Felix Yusupov & Princess Irina marry?
What were the spanish acquisitions about?
What were the steps taken during the Catholic Counter Reformation.?
why did the ancient Egyptians build the pyramid?
How come some white people don't like african americans?