Where can I get historical info on the Danbury 12?
History Homework Help Please !!! Mormons.....?
Why didn't the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 not come before the Supreme Court after it was sign into law?
how were the holocaust camps liberated?
How do English people feel about the Revolutionary War?
I Need a Real Answer here, Tell me what you think of native americans?
is there historical evidence of conquerers destroying valuable information?
what did Eugenio maria de Hostos did for his country but in englis?
10 greatest American Presidents?
What was the federalist party?
Did you know the South had a right to secede??
What is the role of men in ancient songhai?
who was the portuguese exploration positive for and how?
Can someone explain the first attempt to assassinate Franz Ferdinand?
Explain how puritanism was a motivating force in the witch-hunt and the hysteria that follows?
What happened at Watergate, and what is Woodstock?
What were Hideki Tojo's qualities as a leader? (WWII)?
when did monarchy first come to Russia and how? and from where?
who ruled after charles 1st?
i want the history of a haunted home i lived in, in galveston, tx?
Why did nazis(hitler n al) wanted to get rid of the jews???
What happened in Berlin December 1944???
Ethiopia and Italy war?
In all of the famous paintings and drawings, why is everyone WHITE?
why did america say farewell to new deal spirit, what effects did this have on truman's presidency?
When is the first gold dinar in the world and why is gold dinar died?
With reference to Europe, the "demographic time bomb" usually refers to:?
Who was the most dangerous person in all of human history?
Was Jack Ruby pimping at the Dallas police station?
Compare the challenges faced by the Austrian Hapsburgs and Prussian Hohenzollerns?
what is the primary object according to Madison?
6 or 7 examples of byzantine culture?
Help with some history for the Ottoman Empire 1700?
Who was Manfred von Richthofen?
how did the White house get its name?
Is this how people from Rome and Greece dressed in Egypt during the time of Caesar?
What was the duty of Chancellor in Tudor England?
How was China invaded by Russia?
Why do americans have an annoying way of re-writing history when they make a film?
Do you think the Ancient Egyptians had help from aliens when they built the Pyramids?
hello, i'm from Navarre (Spain), how are you? what is exactly "Great Britain", a reality? an invention?
is jesus born in christmas?
Why does the World have wars?
what is nino fidencio's birthdate?
Is there still aggression between the North and South because of the Civil War?
What do you think was the greatest moment in history? and why?
in the history of man what is the worst event that has happen?
Patrick allitt please please please help?
Why did so many people in Northern England (Ex. Birmingham) so strongly support "The Boer Wars"?
Did you remember the 2 minute silence?
Do you believe Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK?
if someone had died in 1930s?
Can any one give me full biography about Bartolomé de las Casas?
what are some historical effects of the westward expansion?
How many castle around the world?
What does it mean to "psych out" out someone? and what it meant to "psyche" your enemy in war?
Where did the term "KIT & KABOODLE" Come from?
Can you help me look around the neighborhood and the house? world history?
what's the best hollywood movie depicting an historical event?
Julius Caesar put on trial? (Ideas Needed)?
all these people asking each other questions? so why should there be race?
What kind of Invention can I make by November 30th?
world war two paratroopers?
who was the person who found poland?
Where can I find the list of crashed B-26 Marauder in France and Germany?
reasons why Australians landed in Gallipolli in WW1?
which Female historical figure can i reference as being a perpetrator of unspeakable sadism or cruelty.....?
Who are the 10 greatest military generals in the world?
why everybody says many people in Paris are the most rude people ?
what is the meaning of the word KILUMINATI?
help on the history of kind george the third?
What are the best sites to search pictures for world war 2?
Was the "Era of good feelings" truly an era of good feelings?
Was the gospel of Barnabas ever found in any form other than Spanish or Italian prior to translations?
why doesnt anybody talk of the more than 20 million russians who died in ww2?
want to work in Indian central Government. Suggest me?
What does that date C.E. stand for and how does it relate to A.D. and B.C.?
Why didn't explorers years ago use sat-navs?
tell me the name of first person who born in the world?
Who is your favorite general /military leader in world history and why?
can anyone tell me anything about this sword?
how does the election of 1864 play a roll in the civil war?
what year did segration end?
Why did Zheng He explore?
who was the winner of the huxley-wilberforce debate?
What were the causes of imperialism in America?
Did Hitler actually order the Holocaust?
what did Napoleon really achieve of lasting value in Europe?
How did the Tea Act affect trade?
Archaeology is all there is so- Romans in Britain-History or pre-history?
What are you some famous female historical characters that I can dress up as?
Mussolini’s “Born of a Need for Action” and Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf?
what is your point of view about what did denmark do?for the islam?
Is The Iliad the oldest work of ancient Greek literature?
Territorial advances?
what happened on december 7 in history?
What was the social and political effects of the industrial revolution in England?
Why do the English hate France and Germany?
Who was born in 1797, in New York and spoke out against slavery and for women's rights?
how is Alexander Hamiliton political ideas is related to the world today?
who is macapagal aroyo?
What is the best thing that Hitler did?
Lincoln's assassination?
What is the differances between prejudice and discrimination?
Does anyone know who William Wilberforce is?
Which has more history, Ireland or the USA?
Can propaganda just be a drawing illustrating the theme and plot?
Who were allies to the americans during revolutionary war?
Who was Margaret Sanger? Define the women's rights issue with which she is associated, including the outcome o?
causes of christopher Columbus sailed to america?
Europeans reported that the Arawaks and mainland Indians were:?
Mr Crowley?
Does anyone know the dates of the arrow war? I need to know as soon as possible.?
What was Russia's flag in the early 1800's?
If you had the money to spend would you buy a piece of artwork by Hitler?
What are some reasons why i should wear a poppy?
Who was the King of Britain during this time and how did he treat the colonist?
The end of the trail came three days earlier thanks to one notable shortcut from Texas-which gave many a cowha?
why did the blitz happen ?
AP US History Class is Killing me!?
What race were the egyptians?
why did Germany's use of U-boats lead to conflict with the united states?
Who is the most evil person in the history of the world?
The British Aristocracy was full of Nazi Sympathizers during the nineteen-thirties and nineteen-fourties?
Who Alexius II and what did he do during the crusades?
In what country was the first book printed?
Seeing the story on o that in Jenna, La there were people protesting the MLK makes me feel sick?
who is leonardo da vinchi?
What do you know about the genocide of Armenians?
did aliens build the pyramids?
Can You Help Me With Filipino History? 10 points?!?!?
6. How did Hitler use the Jews as a scapegoat?
help me find me links for Miwok Recreation & leisure?
Was the Jew 'holocaust' just a load of Allied Zionist propaganda?
who's the most famous Titanic passenger?
What is wrong with the world? Your opinions matter...!?
What did the people in the Indus River Valley do for fun? Entertainment?
Do you know any information about Adolf Hitler?
Why did Revolution occur in France and not in other European countries?
What did Atticus say when he was asked if he was afraid of fright?
What was so "great" about the Great Depression?
What made Cleopatra VII a good leader?
are there any movies about Japan's mission in mexico?
What was Hernando de Soto's political view?
Explain Alexander Hamilton Quote?
Did Jesus Christ exist?
Which one was worst the slavery of black people or the Holocaust?
What was the historical significance of the Democratic-Republican Party (anti-Federalist)?
What did Immanuel Kant contribute towards the Holocaust?
what was harold wilson's political program?
If time could be reversed, what would you change?
What president (not recent) interests you?
What was Orwell's prophecy all about?
what were the dates of the long war?
what were the materials used to construct the fortress of louisbourg?
After the romans left britain the progress they had made on public health did not continue. Do you agree?
How did the development/invention of medicine effect World War II?
Spirits, ghosts, Apparitions?
what is the first leading cause of death in the united states?
what was the European colonial holdings in South America and the Caribeans?
From what backgound does the name Nadine come from?
Is it true that Hitler visted his stepbrother, in this country, before world War I.?
Which side did the Cherokee support in the fighting at Pea Ridge? Why?
Has a commercial jet ever had to make an emergency landing on a highway?
What imoact did Geoffrey Chaucer have? What was Geoffrey Chaucer trying to change?
How did Hitler die?
how did napoleans conquest of the iberian peninsula affect the colonies in latin america?
How did centralized power in Middle ages impact trade?
what test did the supreme court created to solve the korematsu case?
Andrew Jackson political cartoon?
What books give the history of the American Red Cross in England during the Second World War?
was John Dillinger enlististed in ww2?
what foods did immigrants bring to australia after WW2?
where were you on 9/11?
Who is the most famous person in all of history?
who was the first king of spain?
Do these two coins have any value? Are they worth anything?
How did Adolf Hitler died?
What came first - London or New York?
what were peoples views in australia concerning word war 1?
when and where was the social contract written by John Locke?
Was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki the right thing to do? Explain.?
how can i find out if i have a indian rool number?
If you could go back in time and ask jesus one question,what would it be and why?
Who all came for the Feast of Ascension in 526 before the Antioch earthquake hit?
Homeward Bound: American Families in the Cold War Era?
Who was the mother of Aja (Son of Raghu of Raghuvamsa)?
What's your opinion on the 9/11 attacks? And about the innocent that died?
World History! Please help!?
Why is the penny brown?
Are they as guilty as the Nazis?
A really interesting fact about 'Jack The Ripper'?
How many siblings did Robert Ballard have and what were their names?
How were the planned cities of the Indus Valley different from other early cities?
Describe the effects that the Military Reconstruction Act had on the South.?
What do the colors of Knights clothing symbolize?
How did religion intefere with royal succession during the golden age?
the colony of georgia was founded?
)Following World War II, the federal government put in place programs to help people do which of the following?
what type of buildings does Einhard tell us charlemagne particularly took under his care and insisted ?
how are the development of cities and government related?
what did helen keller say to annie sullivan at annie's funeral?
can you please look at the picture in the link below and tell me whether you think it is a British trench + Y?
Did you hear about the tragic event when the bridge collapsed????
How did the government of Sparta and Athens differ?
Why do most people here know nothing about anything that happened before 1990?
did plato write be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle?
Do you know people like this?
Who started the arab-israeli war?
List effects caused by the Radical republican reconstruction. PLease?
Who do you blame for the Titanic disaster happening?
What was the moral perspective on the Triangle trade?
History Essay homework! about Russian Revolution ! help plesae!?
what significant events ocurred during the time period 1817-1825?
will i passed my h.s.c. exams and i will get admitoin in j.j.arts schoolor not???????
what place has the most excavated human sacrifices?
where did the name of Flin Flon in Manitoba get its name from?
I once heard that Hitler owned land in the U.S. - Where was that land?
Does nationalism inevitably lead to xenophobia?
Which of the following statements reflects a Confucian value that influenced Tang and Song dynasties?
What was the pet that modeled American girl clothes ?
Before President Buchanan left office seven States seceded from the Union. What actions did the President take?
who was magellan's king?
why was there a civil war?
Should African Americans receive reparations for their ancestors being slaves over four hundred years ago????
List names of Wiiliam the conquerer followers?
Why do people call royalty 'Blue Bloods'...?
why is a monument for amelia earhart on Waikii island hawaii?
Why is the US the only previously Britished ruled state which successfully gained its indepenance by force?
Is Mount Rushmore displayed on any coins/bills or buildings?
What was life like in the czech republic during the iron curtain time?
How does Stalinist Russia represents state of society?
European expansion?
how do archeologists feel about the bible?
were was diana the roman goddess born?
How did Suleyman the magnificent usher into the Ottoman Empire a time of military, social, and cultural and...?
Discuss the idea of love in16th and 17th century poetry?
How did Mycenaen civilization affect the later Greeks?
how did george washington have courage?
Who were The Western Powers? (World War 1) HELP!?
. Besides how slaves were counted (in the Constitution) for purposes of representation in the?
Why was the emperor Hadrian "hated by all"?
how many american presidents were assassinated?
why did the japanese continue to fight during ww 2 when they were completely outmatched?
Information about Henry VIII?
Did anyone of your family fight in WWII?In what combat arm?
during medieval times, why did women marry so young?
What is the real reason why the Egyptians Sphinx nose was broken?
Were white people ever lynched in America?
Geographically how large was the city of New York during the Colonial Period?
what happened to the characters of el filibustirismo after rizal's death?
What part of Hamilton's economic plan was most opposed?
how widespread was rationing in world war one?
What mistakes did Martha Washington make as First Lady?
(1800's) How did railways help Germany's economy grow quickly?
please help me with my history?
can I ask someone to explain who Oliver Wendell Holmes is in atleast 3 paragraphs!! and what he was and did!!!?
Why did the US increase its involvement in the Vietnam War in 1964?
he was galileo's challenger on laws of motion?
what happened during the holocaust?
Any Links to read about The famous Incident in which Julius Caesar walked on the bed of fire ashes!?
What diiference did Harriet Tubman make to someone?
Which U.S. President said the following and under which circumstances?
To what caste does the two following surnames belong to??? (Indian)?
who thinks the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a war crime?
Historical figure/ counter argument ESSAY?
When did the last big invasion of England happen? date?
Paleolithic bands were made up of roughly how many members?
Was Nelson Mandela a terrorist?
i need help on some govenment class homework?
How do you burn edges without letting the paper catch on fire?
What was the punishment for germans who helped jews?
Besides castles and cathedrals..which other things did the Normans build in England that lasted 1000 years?
Do you think the German people knew what Hitler was doing to the Jewish people before the end or near end of?
Was the American Revolution a conflict that could have been avoided?
how did the protestant reformers and the christian humanism contribute to the religious change?
League of Nations - Two countries received low interest in order to bring inflation under control?
where is Alexander the Great buried?
did the scots-irish support the Revolutionary War?
What is the holocaust?
if lord of the rings is set in anglo saxon england how acuractely is it represented in the flims?
How did the Haitian Revolution influence South America?
What four countries or continets paticipated in the Triangular Trade?
what is the difference between Don Quijote and Che Gevara ?
Haynes of Elmdon Hall?
How much of recorded history is distorted by politics and religion ?
american civil wr. what were the war cause, the result and was there any importance.?
Who was the first person to invent point shoes?
culture of francia?
Who was the worst: Hitler; Stalin; Pope Innocent III; Truman?
How did Israel manage to defeat several arab nations at once?
What are some turning points in history ?
give 5 examples of analogous...kind of term?
Please help this is kinda mind-boggling...?
which culture had declined before the others began to flourish in the americas?
what was the motive behind the settling of virginia?
Was the story of david and goliath around in the 17th/18th century?
What did the mesopotamians and the egyptians construct?
what did muslims save?
What was the role of white female slave owners?
can i have a list of fundraisers/institutions by Henry Clay Frick?
Social studies? ANSWER PLEASEE!?
is orlando brown is sexy?
what are the cultural, economic, and political impacts of Islam in west africa between 600 C.E. and 1750 C.E.?
my dad found a large piece of petrified wood that turned to stone in the mine is it worth anything?
Was their any out of trench fighting in WWI?
How old today if MLK is still alive?
How do you become a archeology?
Do you know any good electronic resources for Social Studies?
Is it Fair?
Why are the little characters called avitars?
I need the definition and the significance of Sturges v. Crowninshield, or even a website for quick info.?
Why were the 1960's so bad?
i like Scottish folk music am i a geek?
Which of these people is a poet-musician: a troubadour, an illusionist, or a vagabond?
did dictatorship come from rome?
How many countries were under the authority of the communist union?
Why do apologists claim that the British Aristocracy admired Adolf Hitler only for his economic policies?
What caused the farmer's plight in the late nineteenth century,?
How would one describe the modern historical period and culture?
How did Indians respond to American expansionisms? Was there an alternative to the conflict that resulted?
What was the Korean music scene like BEFORE Kpop came into the picture?
How did reformers respond to the harsh results of the industrial revolution?
Please help - London 1800's?!?
Don't you wish guns were never created...?
write a sumery about 2 samuel chapters 11-20.?
what factors affect france's popultaion growth?
how Van Gogh was made popular after his death and when roughly?
I need help on a civil war lincoln question?
in greek mythology,name the goddes of the underworld?
Why are some people still in denial that the Holocaust never happened?
Do you believe in fall of civilization?
What was the Bay of Pigs really all about? It was before my time!?
What was aztec legacy on history?
What was the percentages in the upperclass,middle class, and lower class in America in 1950?
Why were the Geneva conventions of 1929 needed?
What is the historical significance of the Cane ridge revival in 1801?
howw did the nomadic people of eurasia impede and or contribute to the development of the silk roads?
how did the allies defeat central power with the help of the american?
Do you think Martin Luther King really changed America?
Who was the first African- American in space?
why is april 1 called april fools day?
How did the Black Plague speared?
who created roman numerals?
what roles did china france and japan have in the vietnam war?
how many times was vladimir lenin arrested?
In South Africa, where did all the white who were responsible for the apartheid came from?
How was Napoleon a tyrant?
Which event during the Cold War is often regarded as the moment when the world came closest to nuclear war?
What is the history of the "War on Drugs" and who were the major actors?
in history, is it, Thomas Beckett, or Thomas o' Beckett, & what was his occupation woteva ?
What economic factors were responsible for he decline of Spain and the Dutch Republic at the end of the 1700s?
what is the oldest woodern building in there world and where is it?
Do you think historians are all the same?
What are the differences between Roosevelt's first and second inauguration speeches?
The music of the Middle Ages was dominated by religion, specifically the Catholic Church.?
when exactly was "Big Ben" and the "Houses of Parliament" built and how long it took?
What composer was friends with a king of france who when he found out he was gay planned 2 have him killed.?
What do u think about Fidel Castro?
what is the importance and relevance of artefacts in the philippine history?
why did the persians invade greece?
ancient egypt was protected by natural barrier formed by what?
Why did they remove the classic banjo tuners from the gibson firebird v 2010 model?
when was the second world war?
why did the greeks like bumming reach other in the old days?
Where can I find photos of original MGM studio building?
Reasons the Benin Head should be returned to Benin?
what language do they speak in Philippines?
who was inspired by michealangelo work?
Why are the people on so clueless?
What is the only country in east africa that was never colonized by europeans?
Which war was more costly: the Falklands war or the Vietnam War?
What did Jefferson tell Congress in 1803 would help the U.S. stay out of the affairs of European countries?
Any one know any famous ballerinas who are 5'4 or shorter?
Russian Revolution History Question tips and help please?
Effects of the role of the Roman Senate on the creation of the Principate?
I need an essay about Post Civil war reconstruction. I need help!?
What influence did Egyptians, Phoenicians, and Minoans have on ancient Greeks?
Anyone seen the movie "The Patriot" that can answer these questions?
Why didn't Islamic nations like the Soviets?
what effect did the transcontinental railroad have on settlers moving to California?
By 1900 who was entitled to American liberty?
Why are african americans associated with watermelons or fried chickens in american culture?
life why do we have it?
Why did stalemate develop and continue on the Western Front during WW1?
did girls and boys go to school when the taliban was in power?
what's the history of valentine's day?
What challenges did medieval silk road traders face?
During WWII, was it unspoken law not to shoot a medic who was attending to an injured soldier?
Question about In Cold Blood by Truman Capote?
Is it safe to say pretty much anyone who has german blood outside germany is a decentdant of a nazi?
What laws did the Emporers Decius and Diocletian enact as an attempt to abolish Christianity?
Why did Congressman Robert H Clancy speak against the Johnson Reed Act?
how did WW1 change beliefs?
What is illuminati? I don't know........?
Why and how did Augustus continue to change the legal basis of his power during the 20s BCE?
Where was Francisco Franco Buried when he died ?
It's rumoured that Abraham Lincoln was gay, Is it true?
te changes?What Makes King Camp Gillette a Charismatic Leader?
Forms of government during the Renaissance?
What if I told you Jesus was GAY!?
how was hitler involved in world war 1?
Did the Holocaust really happen?
Was The North or South right???
Was Hitler so bad?
Is the Yeti real?
How did Booker T. Washington die?
Gilded Age Question?
Looking back at the three major Political bosses in Pennsylvania History ......?
agree or disagree?????
how did the conflict between congress n andrew johnson in 1868 illustrates the principle of checks n balances?
what were the events that led to the declaration of independence by the Second Continental congress?
Why did these African Nations achieve independence at the time that they did?
Does anyone know latin for these phrases?
a movie with advocate changes in social or political attitudes or traditions?
what foundations were used to build the harbor bridge and why?
when was the Roman Catholic Church establish?
What empire controlled most of the Middle East except for a few years between 1516 and 1917?
is it a mith that there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow or have a been looking for nothing :-(?
United states played a big part in ww2 correct ?
What were the intricacies of the Clinton and Bush era?
what was marco polo? and why was it an important impact?
does anyone know why the world is running out of sense,?
what was normal in the american 1950s?
who was the leader of the united states during most of world war II?
Which president chopped down the cherry tree?
if the germans took over the uk in world war 2 would we be speaking german ?
When were ancient Chinese fireworks invented?
What are areas in Asian History that has not contributed to the development of Asia?
What terms did Grant impose on the confederate soldiers at Appomattox court house? were they considered harsh?
what is the biggest brake through in science?
wat would ya'll think if we had a black president????
What Is Your Opinion On Željko Ražnatović (Arkan)?
Which country didn't have a weak economy because of the Great Depression?
Who was the greatest leader, political, military or any other in all of history?
how did the French and Indian War helped create the first attempt at unifying the English colonies in NorthAme
How did the Birmingham Bombing change our history?
How many days it took Greeks to build the "Trojan Horse".?
Which ethnicity is the most dishonest people?
Somebody please tell me about the extortion that used to happen black musicians by the mob .s?
Which three things did great britain attempt to do in north america after the french and indian war ?
What were the economic and social results of the English Civil War?
How do art histrians name object?
what continent does New Zealand belong to?
what is the tower of babylon?
Why would it be a good/bad idea for the US to use force to break through the blockade with supplies?
What would have North America been like if there had never been the War of Independence ?
Western Powers had less men in 1946?
What are the greatest inventions of the past 150.000 years and why?
What were you doing in October 1989?
identify the first document and the year it was written that established self government in the colonies?
If the most popular pencil is a #2 Pencil - Why is it still #2?
How Did Indian Society Influence Islam?
What were the main justifications for ebtering the war?
Color consciousness in the african american community?
What did B. Obama do when he was senator in Chicago?
what did peter do to make russia a world power?
Why did people from Europe move to Chicago in the 1800's and the early 1900's?
what were the three tactics used by militant suffragists to get the vote?
How many people still believe Osama Bin Crazy organized Sept 11th and not our own Government?
s for three reasons (and if u can make them into 3 paragraphs) as to why u think nationalism is a constr?
Where was the nearest aboriginal tribe to fremantle in the early 1950's?
I had a dream about my great grandmother and great aunt and they both was alive talking to me what do that mea?
What happened to kids back in the 1940's and '50's who came to school with a black eye?
Why did the storming of the bastille happen?
is alexander the great gay?
Why was world War II call the good war?
History Question about Qin Shihuangdi.?
what do you think is the most powerful speach?
would you say the nazis were 'evil'?
how was the maya empire organised?
Want answes of History of English literature,from internate:?
how did Judaism impact the lives of its followers?
why do we celibrate columbus day when we know the vikings were here first?
How did some white Americans frame their objections to the treatment of the Cherokees?
Does anyone know of any hairstyles from the 1920's?
Explain the history of english.?
Why did the Soviet Union fall so easily and so fast compared to it's rival the United States?
who is the best king in hisotry?
Why didn't Hitler win WWII?
Did you thank a Vet today?
When you think of a famous American, who do you think of?
Looking for a story/article/essay about the late Western Roman Empire?
What state was JFK in when he was assasinated?
Why was the Haavara Agreement an important development to the Nazi treatment of the Jews?
Is it close to reality that Abraham Lincoln was indeed a vampire hunter?
Is it safe to say pretty much anyone who has german blood outside germany is a decentdant of a nazi?
similarities and differences between the American and French revolutions?
during ww2, did the americans know about the nazi death camps ?
Do you think that the theory of Jesus being married is complete blasphemy ?
was john lennons death a cultural event?
What was the historical significance of the Indian Removal Act of 1830?
What event started the Pax Romania?
How many years are there between 2 BC and 2 AD?
I feel bullied into wearing a poppy!?
gunpowder was invented by the?
Why did the Irish do to cause the British to treat them like utter Filt before the 1916 rising?
Did Hitler actually kill himself because he could not pay his gas bill?
Were the English setllers correct in calling Native Americans heathers?
are we, at the start of a new millenium, going throught another Renaissance in art and culture?
what was " Laissez Affair" economics and when and how first implemented?
will my ex-ex boyfriend will fall in love with me again?
where did queen victoria die?
Emperor Constantine's involvement in the creation of the bible?
Was it the Arabs who forced the Jews to throw Prophet Yirmiyahu inside a dungeon?
Did Caesar Augustus personally see Jesus as a Threat?
what is the nicest thing you ever did for somebody?
the trip to bring slaves from to america was the?
why was "QueenMatilda" chased out of London by the people in early days of English monarchy?
What if the Allies lost the Battle of D-Day? Serious answers only.?
What is the oldest english tradition?
sample paper how the other half lives?
I don't get it.In the Bible the first people were Adam and Eve but in an educational book it's cavemen,which
What would you like to said in your final epitaph?
Why were the Germans so dumb in WW2?
Need help with world history questions!?
What is the name of the chief minister of mizoram?
What does the dental rod of Asclepius look like?
i would like some suggestions on admirable leaders BC, other than Cesear and Cleopatra for a report Thx?
i need help answering these..these are based from 1607-1692?
Was the Civil War really about slavery?
Who was the prisoner sentenced for murder in texas and released 3 or 4 times and each time murdered again?
Why was slavery bad in the North?
What are some of the obstacles to development that nations in the global south face?
were Trojans Hittites ?
in what country was the battle of passchendaele ?
10 points for first correct answer!?
Which member of the United Kingdom wanted home rule during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.?
Compare & contrast the impact of the technological changes of manufacturing of the 19th century and modern day?
what problems in the middle east are caused by western colonialism?
what is a gendarme?
when and where did marco polo explore?
How did slave owners respond to resistance?
Why was furniture making important in the 1800's?
can you tell me how much a 22ct gold set of china ware worth.?
yo people how many docters were usually in the milatary to help the poor bleeding soldiers?
Because Texas was a slave state, the Americas wanted to limit their what?
why did the outcome of the simenole War differ than that of the trail of tears?
Who were the Loyalists?
How did the goals and attitudes of the loyalists and patriots differ?
Why did LBJ not run for another term?
How do you turn parchment yellow with lemon juice?
why is the Roman Coliseum one of the few wonders of the world?
How did the latest constitutional Ammendments in France reduce periods of " cohabitation ?
Why do you think that Alexander killed Bessus?
All scholars know that Beethoven didn't wrote those title for his piano sonanats. So who gave the titles?
Why did Europeans avoid territorial acquisitions in Latin America?
How has Race influenced Domestic and Foreign Policy in the U.S?
what are the sources of african history?
Who had worse war crimes in WWII? Germans, Japanese or Soviets?
What is the most accurate date for the exodus of Moses out of Egypt into the wilderness?
supreme court decisions constitutional right?
Why do we celebrate Columbus day and not Leif Erickson day?
The panic of 1819 got many people involved in politics because they resented?
Why is it the lawyers in England wear those white wigs while in court?
Hello, i have another question. How many people here know that Jesus was Black. :-)?
Native American Migration theories?
I want full history of Purtegual in Muslim's time.?
What question could I ask that sums up all these questions?
More US History help?
Was it a trend for the french people to wear white-only clothes in public some hundred years ago?
One of the major problems of the Confederation Congress was what?
is it true that hitler was a nazi?
True/False or sour grapes from the Republicans who did the same thing during Reconstruction?
Who were the key actors in the second red scare ?
Was the 75mm the best artillery gun of WWI?
Who was Cristopher Wren and what did he contribute to science?
What types of guns were used in Africa?
How did Benjamin Franklin change the world?
Does Going After Cacciato make any references to the My Lai Massacre?
Cold War Origins Debate?
What is the single most important lesson to be learned from the Salem witchcraft trials?
ancient Hinduism gods and goddesses?
why has the concept of love changed throughout history? What significant event made this change happen?
How did Spanish nobles support themselves?
If you could go back into history into any place or time, where would you go? Why?
middle ages question?
Dicussion about the aims of propaganda?
Do Tristan & Isolde exist?
What was the historical significance of Worcester v. Georgia?
Before the" Roman Empire" was the country where Rome was situated, called Italy?
Life of Marie Curie ?
why was the classical era so important?
Were the Nazis all crazy really?? and are there many crazy people in Germany too?
who is first indian prime minster?
Major changes in technology,industry and society in 1818 and 1982?
What Do You Think? 10PTS?
I would like to know more about the old Beauty World, which used to be situated along Bt Timah Road. Any lead?
How were the Salem Witch Trials a religious turning point in American history?
What was the worlds first train?
How did the Protestant and Catholic Reformations get (or retain) their followers?
What was something that changed the between the time of 1892 and 2002?
which group experienced an early depression in the 1920's?
wat is 100years war.and why it is occered?
For some reason I love learning about WW1 and WW2?
How did olden day European skirts look like?
how did the church effect science in the middle ages?
Did Adolf Hitler believe deep down inside that the British and the Irish are a superior Aryan race?
Whale wars, were the 2 zodiacs recovered?
What if King George had've...?
Is the Holocaust a Hoax?
France vs USA...?
Assess the main influences that determined the Elizabethan church settlement in 1559.?
who/what was the first logotype/wordmark design?
· What are some things in your hometown that are part of history?
What were old gothic castles made of? (stone wise)?
What did cavemen have for breakfast in a mornings.?
What Are the facts of the battle of first bull run?
how to be a good graphic designer?
What were the Puritans really like?
Who is the only U.S. president buried in Washington D.C.?
Jesus did exist?
What was some world war 1 diseases and medicine?
why was the neolithic revolution so important?
help on galileo and his math?
Holocaust Research - Have the Museums Got it Wrong????
did columbus really discover america, was the world flat?
What kinds of rights did a citizen of the Roman Empire have before Julius Caesar?
Are there any surviving works of poetry written by the vizier Imhotep?
Were the Phoenicians Semetic or no ?
why was Liverpool, England the main city for the African slave trade during the 1700 & 1800s?
How is Terry worgan rememberd?
when did chenjinsheng born?
Do you know the history of Madame Tussaud Wax museum?
The three best inventions of the 20th/21st Centuries?
persian gulf or arabian gulf ,which one is right?
Was there ever battle between France and Americans?
why are wigs in the 18th century white?
Is there going to be a WW III?
need some facts about antifeminism in the 1970s and female sexuality in the 50s?
Interesting non-European history?
If you were Jose Rizal...?
Why and when women started wearing high-heel shoes?
Was Voltaire seriously polygenist?
diffference and similarity in the early and late renaissance?
In 1850 most northerners never dreamed they would be fighting a war aginst the south.?
what do you mean by life?
what is vaulting in relation to castles?
Name the civil war weapon torn from the 1648 English church tower.?
Why is religion a factor for the European explorers to discover new land?
what is the another name for great depression?
how did john adams thought of electing leader?
What current branch of the U.S. military was a corps of only 50 soldiers when World War I broke out?
How did the Tang Taizong's use of a bureaucracy help make his empire stable and secure?
Who invented the peace sign?
What did Herbert Hoover do to reshape the economy in 1932?
Which nazi gas chamber was the largest or the one where the most people were killed??
why was the Catholic church important during the early middle ages?
What factor led to the weakening power in athens and sparta?
How long was the longest fart in history?
What is the correct way to say the prayer "Our Father" in its original language - Aramaic?
Could Hitler have taken over the entire world?
"The Prince by Maquiavelo"?
Victorian England, Crisis of State Contained?
What did the Maya's grow?
CLICK HERE to see my questions please i need help really badly just answering one of the questions helps a LOT
why were the vikings important to america?
How long did it take the Saxons to rule the whole of England?
What is traditional history?
were plantation owners afraid that the slaves used musical instruments to celebrate a slaves escape?
Honestly, is the Confederates better than the Union in creating a better America?
what is Kingdom of Jerusalem?
Question for teachers - Why do kids need to learn history?
Salem Witch Trials in America, why did the believe what they did?
Did kids in 50's call their father "sir"?
What happened to Sherman after the civil war?
Money used in slavery era?
If you could take one modern invention back to 1600 to use, what would it be?
What aspects of Nazi Ideology did Sophie Scholl object to, and was she successful in her public opposition?
what are the drawbacks of " jack the ripper" ?
what are the benefits of mining (any kind)?
Is it true that Adolf Hitler's real name was Tubby Isaacs?
What was the Antietam war and what caused it and what were the major points of it?
a womans head hallmark origin?
what was the 1st 7 states to seceeded from the union?
Did humans used to be monkeys?
Why is the name 'William' changed to 'Bill'?
the bible is only one of many ´´holy books´´ which one is right?
are u muslim?
If you could travel in time, would you want to live in a different era?
how did the renaissance help us to develop into a democracy?
was england an empire between 1450-1800?
all Cristian's are terrorists or all terrorist are Christians?
facts on revolution ?
what skills helped thurgood marshall accomplish his goals?
Where can I get a picture of the worm that was used to dye roman robes crimson in the Biblical times?
How can they say Colombus discovered America when there were people already there?
What is the history of Consumer Protection?
Who WERE the native americans?
What was the religion of Aryas?
Nazi Germany: Hitler, the holocaust (help!)?
during the colional times did the British have the best army in the world?
What day was Martin Luther King Jr. killed?
i need some things on pharaohs?
information on benito mussolini?
Who was smarter? Churchill, Hitler, Roosevelt, or Stalin?
how did mummification get started and who was it started by?
who is the greatest leader in time?
Any one good at history?
how did john proctor indirectly set in motion the events that led to the witch hunt?
The first oil well was dug by Edwin L. Drake - in what state did he dig it?
Can someone tell me a thesis statement about early civilizations in america like christopher columbus?
W.E.B.Du BIOS is the father of pan-africanism who was his mentor?
how did you feel about the poor Spartan hoplites abandoned at Sphacteria?
to americans?
what do you understand by the term 'post-industrial' society? discuss?
Can you explain this quote about western history?
what does kajeet mean?
What effect did the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 have on the nation's currency?
was hitler ww1 or ww 2?
Motivations for Abigail, John Proctor, Parris, Hale and Mary Warren in The Crucible?
I was born in the queen elizabeth hospital in birmingham uk, on the 14th oct 1961.what time was i born?
Where was the first telephones used at?
why did world war 2 happened?
who were msadegh's ministers?
Historical problem solving: Spanish-American War through WW II?
Was hitler really as dumb as every one though?
How did the social and economic times during the early 20th century influence jazz?
what is the difference between discover&invent?
My friend does not belive in god what should I do!!!???
Where did the Viet Cong live?
What are any links to articles about life in Chicago in the 1920s?
what was Progressivism?
is the women of the south the same as the harlot?
Why was the battle of stone river (in the american civil war) so importent?
is this a good paragraph (short so please read it)?
What are these glass slides?
What is the basic theme of The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli?
Was the making of the atomic bomb possible without Niels Bohr?
what kind of people in the viginia colony live?
Can someone please summarize a decision that was made in the civil war?
How did the late 19th century frenzy for gold and silver out west transform both the region and the mining?
The literary form in wich heroes and heroines live idealistic lives beyong the level of everyday life is?
How did Spartacus and the rebel slaves conquer the Roman Republic?
why did nobody stand up to the batman killer?
Need help writting intro?
Do you know any public houses that have really interesting names because of their history?
What is the actual mission of US in iraq?
What are some examples of appendages of something?
Why did Hitler hate the Jewish?
what's the primry purpose of man's life?
Is there any famous people who are one-sixteenth Creek Indian?
what was the worst part during the south African apartheid?
What would if happen i go inside a time machine to america 1400s and warn..?
What is a clever name for someone who owns mulitiple guns and believes strongly in the 2nd Amendment?
One characteristic of the Delhi sultanate was?
Why was Andrew Jackson know as the common man?
What are your thoughts on Hitler?
what are some good books about technology, science and ways of living in the ancient worlds?
After WW2 what island did Adolf Hitler get exiled to?
What happened to Canadian soldiers after they took Vimy Ridge?
How did Europe become a global power?
When was Greenwell Sorings Louisiana founded?
In the Salem witch trials, why was anyone who was accused of witchcraft prosecuted?
What are the goals of the Amana societies?
How was pompeii affectedd when vesuvius erupted in 79 ad?
What major problems did Austria- Hungary encounter as a result of WW1?
What famous list sported a total of 451 male and 7 female fugitives during its first 50 years?
what did did president Kennedy believe the government could do to solve economic recession?
What exactly happended in canada to the natives ? school Q?
Who started World War1 and World War2?
What does Zen Tepi mean?
Why are the nose of ancient Egyptian statues chiseled off?
What does the diversity of Great Plans architecture tell us about the tribes indigenous to this region?
How come knowone caught Jack the Ripper?
What was Yazoo Parcel?
What was Italy's first heavy tank?
Did the Holocaust really happen?
History Question?? Please help us. Its due at midnight.?
What factors led to the collapse of the Roman Republic? Which was the most destructive to Rome's Repu?
How the Bacardi's get rich? and How did they still have the best rum?
Was Custer a coward? how about General Patton? how about Obama? how about Collen Powell?
what are three reasons the u.s got involved in world war two???
approx how painful is labour?
Why was the blarney castle built and who occupied its premises?
Is there any place where i can learn to read,write and talk ancient kemetic (Egyptian) language?
why did attacks against corporations fail in the 1890s?
Contemporay views of Charles Parnell?
Who was Aphrodite?
How were the collapses of the Roman Empire and the Han dynasty I similar?
what was the price for the average slave in the 1820s to the 1840s?
What did people do to pass the time on Christopher Columbus's Ship?
Who is your favorite and most respected General From the Civil War?
Does anybody else out there feel guilty when doing something?
i need info for a really big project on world war II and the holocaust?
Rubens did a painting cycle of the life of Marie de' Medici with how many paintings?
When was it recognized that the British Empire had established 13 colonies in north america?
Why was the French Revolution not a success?
who was the great gernal?
Could Einstein draw? Did he enjoy it?
What would you ask/tell America's founding fathers?
What value would you put on Tony Blair's life story?
clothing during the reign of Lous XV of france?
what were some of the borrowings of the hittites?
I need help on a debate? on history...?
Would the allies have lost World War II without the U.S.?
what was William Rosecrans purpose in the chickamauga battle?
why do large empires break down?
Were girls allowed in the Roman Army?
Squatters fleeing Virginia settled around what large sound or estuary in North Carolina?
example of effective and successful leader?
What does < means in the dictionary?
How to sell very old rare ethiopian bible manuscript?
what was life like for a kid in ancient.......?
Was Mongolia ever a part of World War I or World War II?
Has anyone ever been inside the L.A Ambassador Hotel? If so, what was it like and did anyone know the rates?
what did the sudanese do with the teddy?
what did people wear in ancient syria?
What would Thomas Hobbes say about ...?
What types of obstacles do historians have to overcome to get a straightforward account of events? ?
If God created everything in 7 days, then how come dinosaurs's skeleton were found million years before ours?
Is Abraham Lincoln rightly celebrated?
how did the world start?
If Hitler had conquered Britain first, would have the war took a different course?
Why did european powers take controll of southwest Asia after World War One?
Has the music industry ever discriminated against anyone throughout American history?
Why did it take Europeans so long to discover the Americas?
Compare and Contrast the North and the South between 1800 and 1850?
What are some things a family would send a family member in World War 1?
what are important amendments after the tenth?
Question for old people. I am doing a history report. How did you get cash before ATMs?
History of American People?
Why was Dred Scott decision significant?
What were the advantages of colonizing Brazil?
Analyza Alexander Hamilton's attempt for particapation at the Constitutional Convention ?
Why is Greece called offically "Hellenic Republic"?
Did you know Baghdad was built by muslim arabs to revive?
Why is german music so successful in germany?
If the crusades never happened how advanced woulld the muslim civilization be?
why is europe named europe?
Where were you on September 11th 2001?
Us history question?
someone please write me a paragraph of sumarry on Abe lincolns life.i really need it?
the 1600's you say the king returns from france!?
Why is the nose of Egypt's Sphinx look weathered or damaged?
Is Britain the oldest democracy in the world?
St. Catherine of Siena?
where can i find info on rocco laurie?
Who was Hannibal and why did he take his elephants over the alps?
Has a African American born after 1960 change black history?
What is the doctrine of affections, and how did it influence Baroque music?
what do you call people who praise hitler?
Where was the only battle of the Civil War, in Arizona, fought?
Help with National History Day project interview about the beatles and the british invasion?
How is the word agape written in Greek or Hebrew?
Why was coal important to the Industrial Revolution?
Many Germans voted Nazi 1928 - 1933 because they were afraid of communism. Do you agree?
why all police child in my school so gangster?
Is it true that Santa Claus was really Black?
Information on a chicago brewery in 1910. my great grandfather was a brewmaster lived near ward 29. ?
where is bora bora?
Ap Us history help? Please?
In the USA, did blacks get the right to vote before women?
what were the two worst presidents in history, excluding the last five presidents?
how did the manifest destiny set up the stage for american imperialism?
why was Hitler a vegetarian?
History essay topic suggestions please?
Does any one believe in the Da Vinci Code?
who is the 2nd prime minister in malaysia?
How did the boundaries of the United States change?
If the Birth of Christ is the point of time that divides AD and BC, then how come christ born on December 25th
Is it true that Russians found a a woman in the ice from the Titanic some 80 years later?
Who was the leading political figure urging Greek Resistance to Macedonian expansionism under Philip the 2nd?
What is a merchant prince?
What is the name of this American president?
Whcih Japaneese held territories did the allies attack from the island of tinian?
was the drought the reason for the boxers rebellion?
Roman emperor trajan's achievements?
how many american indians were killed by the white man?
who found the ancient Incas?
HELPS PLEASE!!!!! need history topics?
Why did Hitler kill himself?
pros and cons about women in the military....?
Does anyone have information on the history of 1970 cars Australia ?
Why was the Mayan number system remarkable?
Why was rationing brought into WWI and what kind of impact did it have?
how did the glorious revolution lead to the development of john locke's "social contract?"?
is there anyone who ruled the entire world?
How can Whites justify taking over land that rightfully belongs to the indigenous Native American Indians?
Should we raise taxes for all Ameicans in the United States?
Would you regard Leonardo Da Vinci as one of the most talented men to ever live?
Where does the red carpet come from?
Why are still at war. Who is wining the war. Why war.\?
Who was the commander of ground forces during the Vietnam war?
If Hannibal led Elephants from Spain to Italy, how did they get there in the first place?
I need some explantion of an cyclical unemployment?
Why did emperor Nero castrate a guy he fancied?
18th & 19th century history questions?
Who participated in the American Revolution?
Was the London Blitz a war crime?
Which British rifle had the more fire power and stoppage potentional in combat?
How was the Korean genocide organized?
how many (American) lives were SAVED by dropping the atom bomb(s) on Japan?
How did the toltec get their food?
Can anyone recommend me any ww1 or ww2 books?
islamic geometric orniment?
History Question.. Please help!?
Who invented the computer, and when?
What is the total number of allied troops killed in WW2?
Is America at its rise, golden age, or decline?
Was cameroon a german colony?
Anyone knows who Bai Mei was?
how did tragic effects of 1968 affect the nation?
russian cival war?
What major offices did Hitler hold? What significant relationships did Hitler have?
Why you British people say the Falkland islands are yours?
I found out about my great great great grandfather?
question about aboriginal history?
Gun from inglourious basterds?
Would world history have been much different if Hitler hadn't killed himself?
HELP me 2 pick a topic 4 my presentation, PLS? (10 points)?
Who actually won WW 2?
2 history multiple choice questions?
what are some signifigant events in canadian history?
what was the classical roman civil war about?
What was Food Production like in early states (civilations) in the World's history?
why hang Saddam,we never hanged the emperor. of japan- after world war two?.?
Why is Chicago called the windy city? Does it have anything to do with politics, as well as the wind?
who put the naughty word in scunthorpe?
French Revolution Question! 10 Points!?
How did French and American revolutions influence latin america idependence movements?
What is history of the word "Villain"?
is it fair to say the kaum muda as patriotic while the kaum tua as nationalists ?
history question about the 1950's?
Could Hitler have been a woman ?
Can someone please explain this History question on Race?
Gospel According to Judas - what does it mean?
Please help me with history!?
what started world war 2.?
How had the Catholic Church become too powerful during the Italian Renaissance?
Stalin or Hitler? Which world leader was more evil in your opinion?
In what year did Al Gore invent the internet?
What happened in the 1985 Storm Surge in the Bay of Bengal?
How did Hitler die?
Do different countries think differently of Napolean? France/Europe?
brief history leading up to the bataan death march?
how successful was Thomas Paine's '' The American Crisis?? ''?
Could Jesus read and write?
Why did Germany surrender in 1918?
Who was the oldest person on earth? How old was he when he died?
I want to know about the symbol of the Prince of Wales?
Creepy buildings in richmond virginia?
Who was Jim Garrison?
Is there any truth in the story that the town of Seville was founded by Sir Jimmy Saville ?
Why did Adolph Hitler kill himself?
In 1477 Archduke Maximillian of Austria offered the first diamond betrothal ring to his future bride.?
What was the name of the association created by the seven seceded states,and how did it protect the institutio?
Why is Mona Lisa smiling?
How much should the U.S. be involved in World affairs?
What was the Niagara Movement?
Drawbacks of labor unions 1800s?
In history, who, omitting Hitler, is believed to be responsible for the most deaths?
What will happen this year according to ancient mayan calanders?
What would Adolf Hitler do if he had the internet?
Is there a historian in the house?
How did Roman entertainment reflect society and serve its purposes?
What political impact did Elvis have on the world?
What are the first and second "ways of life" that Truman refers to?
why is the Pisa tower bended?
What is the source of Ancient Greek mythology?
Yes I have came across a 1861 Confederate States Of America 1/100 copper coin. Any info will help.?
Who were the first people of the world?
The is the Constitutional question related to the Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier case?
President Carter said that peace between Egypt and Israel?
how did nationalism and democratic movements affect europe in the 1800s?
Why was the victorian famous?
Why did the steel industry need the oil industry?
Why won't Hamas recognize Israel's right for existance?
when did dale Earnhardt die?
tell me about per civil war?
who is edward pococke?
What is the Harlem Renaissance?
what is the capitol of australia?
Do you think the Proclamation Line was necessary? Why, or why not?
nazi question?
information about vincent van gogh?
did Charles 1 train the royalists at battle?
Was Thomas Jefferson's First Inaugural Address Biased?
Origins on american political thought starting with jamestown and ending with the declaration of indepence?
Is it possible that Africans were the first settlers in America?
What did West Berlin represent to the US? How did the world interpret the building of the Berlin Wall?
are we friends and major allies with north korea :D ?
People in elizabeth I's time were Elizabethans, people in Victoria's time were Victorian. What are we called?
List of outstanding Roman military commanders never crowned Triumphator?
How did the air forces and the navy affect World War 1?
goals and features of Lyndon Johnson?
What Republican president spent $30 million on his inaugural celebration, a 20th century record?
History questions please help?
what is a floating stone which is known located in jerusalem?
Who was to blame for World War Two???
what are the lasting effects of horace mann bring about?
What lesson have we not learned from history as of yet?
do you like the title for my nexy movie"september 11 2000fun"?
Why is it that the full history of Islam is not taught in schools?
Was Napoleon a child of the Enlightenment?
who in history has been called "great"?
Is the illuminati watching me?
Was Canada's involvement in WWI positive or negative?