Whats a good job i can get If i study World History or Political Science?
Would Hitler be a good leader?
pizarro and the inca ruler?
what is anti-transcendentalism?
Where was the first telephones used at?
who were the kids of hermes the greek god?
During WWII, did France or Italy do anything that could be considered evil?
anything about indian old books in mumbai? where to find?
Second Boer war HELP!?
what was life for a young girl during the early industrial revoulotion?
How was organized crime in the 1920's involved in prohibition?
do you know who is mohammed the prophet(pbuh)???
What year was the c.d. 's invented.?
What was the greatest discovery that man ever made?
Why were the Japanese-Americans relocated during World War II, and not the German-Americans?
impact of bown versus board of eduacation?
My husband has serial lovers, what should I do?
What does the Iwo Jima picture/memorial mean to you?
what does Siempre fe mean translated to english?
Was the name Polonius ever used in Denmark history prior to Shakespeare?
Did six million Jews really die?
AMERICAN Military units of World War II?
What would have happend to black coloured people if Hitler had won the war ?
POLL : in The Future Will Their Be Another Evil Man like Adolf Hitler Who would be a Copycat?
How do we know so much about ancient rome?
How did the united states know where bin laden was ? how did they know it was him? and did pakastains know whe?
The Spanish-American War?
Compare the lives of royalty, court and church officials vs the common people during the French Revolution?
What were President Kennedy's beliefs of the Cold War?
What was the bad news that came from England in the 1830's?
What was the historical significance of the separation of powers?
how did the phoenicians adapt to their environment?
What were adolf hitlers political beliefs?
the years that preceed world war 1 are often referred to as the revolution of expression in music, why?
what types of discrimination did homosexuals face through out history in the United States of America?
Why did Hellan Keller's dog kill itself?
what did cultural centers mean in world history?
What is the asnwer to Why?
Can you think of some of the great chickens of history?
most influential person of the 20th centurry?
What year was Israel created?
Pets in the French Revolution?
I know christopher columbus didnt discover amercica but what was the impact of his travels?
Can anyone give me any information about the artist Robert Rauschenberg?
This word means warring or fighting?
why do some World War One Memorials give the date as 1914-1919 when the conflict ended in 1918?
is there a god?
does racism still exist today?
Why honor Columbus Day?
If American colonists were so proud of their connection to England in 1763, why by 1776 were they decalaring?
How did galileo explain retrograde motion ?
Who "won" World War II?
Effects of history of Rome?
Describe Aztec religious practices and the role of the priests?
Does anyone know who landed on what is now America before Columbus ?
Who were the Nords of ancient Nordic lore?
How did revolutionary ideals in Europe and Latin America affect the first half of the 19th century?
Are most English people descended from the Anglo-Saxons?
which president was the first president?
Which list best represents the defining characteristics of early civilization?
Would you say that Anwar Sadat was the strongest arab leader ever?
sandridge church in west virginia?
how was nationalism born in north america?
who was Cassandra in greek mythology?
How did become wealthy in money?
Who was the first man on this earth ?
anybody knows where the concept of retirement originated from? What's the story?
What was the influence of explorers and mapmakers?
Info on victorian travelling circus'?
Who did the kingdom of Mali trade with?
A Franciscan scholar who was influenced by Roger Bacon?
Was slavery really all that bad?
Who was that lady who refused to change her underwear for 3 years?
Meaning of 20th century america?
how did republicans use anti communism to help them regain power from the democrats?
Hispanic americans in ww1?
who is peter cotton tail ??????
Can I offer you an hour of mind boggling?
did you know that Hitler made soap from those killed jewish? ?
Who was the ruler of Kalinga when Emperor Ashoka attacked it during kalinga(now Orissa) war?
why are kings compared to king david?
SEPTember-7th, OCTober-8th, NOVember-9th, DECember-10th. Why aren't they in that order?
Americans are too patriotic, jingoistic I think!!! No?
Bronze age and Iron Age?
What led people to suspect that there was viking settlement in north america ?
Who is the most famous/well-known person in the world?
What musuems have the best examples of pre-christian Germanic art?
What US president was the best?
Did the Russian Revolution of 1917 benefit the Russian people?
list three facts you know about adolf hitler?
why do we celibrate columbus day when we know the vikings were here first?
I bid on a library as i wanted the metal bins.paid 500.00 Dollars?
WW2: Name of eccentric club for RAF fighter pilots in India?
Where can i find good information on J. S. Bach, the composer, for my neighbor's son? He is in jr. high?
I need help with history please!!?
What do you think about the possible reasons that Van Gogh cut off his ear?
What are some good governors in Florida history?
How do I find my purchase history?
Us history questions?
what was the secession of the plebs?
Ancient Egyptian Trade, Money and Commerce?
A.D. means after death of Jesus Christ and B.C. is Before Jesus were born. Then what is between AD & BC?
please help me with history thank you :)?
What country suffered the worst from English colonization?
Did Samuel Pepys ever recover the Parmesan cheese he buried just before escaping the Great Fire of London?
Churchill and the British knew that Japan was going to attack the USA (Pearl Harbor)?
what is a romanticized war?
Can you help me figure out the specifics of this story about irish history?
what influence did the florida land boom(bust) have on the great crash of 1920?
Need help finding sources?
identifying central ideas what ideas did the social theory contribute to the development of the american syste?
Help please!! Quebec History help!!!?
help us history question PLEASE us rebel?
The "Middle Passage" of the triangler trade involved transporation of :?
Ancient Rome (Romans) vs Aztecs (Who is better) ?
What were some of the differences in how each European society related to the Native America societies with*?
Romanticism in the 1800s ?
Was Hitler to blame for world war Two?
What is a summary of the renaissance?
How does communism work and why did millions die under it?
Is the holocaust for real?
Which World War was a bigger deal?
Do you believe Ronald Reagan was good or bad?
How did Thomas Jefferson Advocate State Rights?
What was worse ?? The Nazis killing the Jews or the American bombing of hiroshima and nagasakhi??
How is new orleans connected to england?
Who built the famous Sanchi stupa?
How did Augustus Expand the Empire?
Was The First American President Black ?
What information can one discover about early Russian Society from the Primary Chronicle exerpt?
In the history of the usa, which race got opressed the most?
What were councils like in the late middle ages of Europe?
What would be a good conclusion paragraph to an essay about The Black Death?
A strange subject/theme on history from19th century?
I need to find out more information on the first English Non-Native American Settlement?
What were the funerary rites of the 15th/16th century Ottoman emporers?
in the 1900s who was Anne Hutchinson's primary opponent regarding her views and women?
which english speaking island is known as the mother colony of the caribbean?
The folowing things we aren't suppose to know (see details). Do you believe them to be true?
who is jack the ripper?
How did the nature of immigration to the u.s. change during the late 1800s?
What contributions, to the world as a whole, has France given to us?
What did the light and dark stones in the ambulatory of the Dome of the Rock symbolize?
I need a timeline of Napolean's life and Major accomplishes?
Around the 1910's in Ireland, did they hunt animals?
how old was Vasco da Gama when he died and when did he die?
How many wives did Shivaji had ?
Why don't nurses wear traditional white dresses and caps anymore?
can you please look at the picture in the link below and tell me whether you think it is a British trench + Y?
How did the first Americans arrive in America?
Are there any similarities between Napoleon and Louis the fourteenth as leaders of France?
Did people back in Jesus time know what they were doing when they were having sex?
Wasn't there two Babe Ruth's? One black and one white?
Which figure in Western history would you say has been more controversial.............?
what food did mayans eat before 1500?
what are children songs with history meanings?
What were the risks of being a loyalist in the American Revolution?
Was Queen Elizabeth I Anne Boleyn's daugheter?
Did people in the past really go to their wedding nights as innocent as we are lead to believe?
Who was the bad team in American civil war?
Where were you on this day 6 years ago, when tragedy struck American soil??
What was the Effect of Guadalcanal on the Culture of the Marine Corps?
Would Hitler be a good leader?
why did parliament feel that it was necessary to draw up a list of specific charges against the king?
Please may someone do my history essay, due for tomorrow?
explain digital art?
Where was Krylon Created at?
"Native Americans (Indians) and Americans of African descent share a common history because..."?
would you like to see the risen Christ ?
If Time travel was possible what year would you go to?
the ultimate question??????? what shoul it be ??????
japanese Style Photo Album?
How is the situation the Provisional Government found themselves between March and October in 1917 ?
Was the American Civil War about slavery or not?
why wasn't USA get punished for it's war crimes?
whats value of 1836 fifty cent peice?
who are/where the most influential people in history?
is there any history journal in india ?
What was the appeal of Jonathan Edwards to a slave in the Great Awaking?
How did the counter-reformation affirm the Churches authority & reform it as well?
Did the Constitution of 1791 abolish Catholisism in Frane during the French Revolution?
My last period was october 4th and the dr said i concieved on november 5 2011 what was the day i had sex? ?
I have to know this... disturbing question?
Politics/government of france after WW2?
Why is the white Nile white?
What were the names of the two groups of the Phoenicians?
How did George Mason support the federalists points?
has the wooden object (a large boat) near the top of Mt. Ararat?
does anyone know about the Buddhism,and info about budda?
Why was the Munich Massacre so greatly regarded as a tragedy?
What happened in Canada between 1763 and 1867?
Was saltlake city called as saltlake town before it turned to city.?
why is there no american history before 1400 a.d. just because whites werent here doesnt mean nothing happened
how does chief justice earl warren use historical evidence to support the supreme court opinion?
Researching history of U.S.S. DECATUR, 1854-1859; in search of journals or sketches by sailors and marines.?
What is the subject of the declaration of Independence?
Guys i have been founded culprit in a chip case?what should i do ?
did the holocaust really happened?
Questions about African Slave Trade?
Who betrayed the Franks?
Effects of French Revolution in Europe and America (1750-1974)?
A strange subject/theme on history from19th century?
facts about Miners rock houses during the gold rush?
World war one diary???!?
how did the cultural values of the 60's influence media production?
what is the origin of the peace sign ( three line converging into one inside a circle) very famous in the'60s
Why did Henry The Eighth Break away From Rome?
villains in US history?
number of people unemployed in america during world war 2?
Help with sentence structure and grammar? Please!?
Which of the following was NOT an early attempt at colonial union? The?
History homework help?? Please:)?
What percentage of the Chinese population was Buddhist in 600 AD?
In 2012 how would you start a revolution?
Did poetry and fiction address the same concerns in the decades between WW1 and WW2?
River that formed the southern boundary of the Gupta Empire ???
What are the MAJOR causes of World War 1?
Do you think Australia made the right decision to fight in the Vietnam war?
What items were rationed in WWII? In US or Great Britan?
What or who created the expression City of lights to the city of the same name in France?
Describe the battle and outcome on the western Front?
Names of states in the north central zone in Nigeria?
Who is the most influential person in world history?
has there been anymore donkey symbol for the Democratic party.?
Has britain ever been colonized or captured by any country in history?
What were the major events of the Cold War? and How did it affect American politics?
Nazis...were they human?
why is hufflepuff represented by a badger? was there a famous British person who had the badger for a crest?
Research paper on the Holocaust and death camps.?
For how many years British Empires ruled the Indian sub-continent & in which period?
What is a fire service bell mainly used for? What's the history?
When did the slave trade stop in Bermuda?
Principais Correntes Historicas desde a antiguidade aos nossos dias?
What factors contributed to the development of segregation in the late nineteenth century?
Did lions live in Ireland?
What motivated the conservatives to pass the 1867 reform act?
What was Thomas Jeffersons intention of sending his ambassadors to France?
what was a concern of many citizens about the constitution before it was ratified?
Why don't the Myrmidons fight?
Whose curse got its start in 1922 when Lord Carnarvon died of an infection after nicking himself shaving in Eg
Who is the best example of a modern day renaissance man?
Are Vampires real, was Dracula a Vampire?
The effects of the Thirty Years' War?
What social changes caused a clash of values between the older and younger generation during the 1920s?
How did nationalism manifest itself in Turkey and India during the early 20th century?
How did the French Revolution began and end?
What was the religion of Greece during 461 BC (The Golden Age of Pericles)?
What were the political causes for the disgrace of Chang and companion feng?
How Did Aung San Suu Kyi challenge authority?
French Protestant prohibited from settling Catholic French territories?
(10 points)Mention all major terrorist attacks according to timeline?
what do i name my newspaper based on rome?
Who was Hiram Weseley Evans?
A music group composed of 3 guys from the middle east that were born in the USA?
Why is Hitler regarded as the worse dictator ever when Mao left a death toll of nearly 80 million people?
list of 30 largest concentration camp in WW2?
who was the Nazis closest ally in Europe ?
Why did the colonists drink other beverages rather than water?
Was England destined to become the most important , strategic trade & power hub in Europe?
Why did the continental congress have difficulty financing the war?
who said eureka?
can someone tell me about world-war 2, please!?
why did adolf hitler ban books published by john dos passos?
How did Bill Clinton win the southern states when he ran for president?
OMG!! Is this true?
Who do you think Jack The Ripper Really was? & Why?
Can You supply me with a summary of The Uprooting of a Japaneese-American Family by Yoshiko Uchida?
1920's and today. What is the same? What is different?
What are all 7 Wonders of the World; where are they located? (Manmade and Natural)?
what was the significance of the germantown battle?
How was Hong Kong Under British Rule?
What were the charges for selling beer during prohibition?
How do Plato's works of Republic and Symposium embody the idea of Greek Tragedy?
why were men invented....?
What is one of the best little empire formations?
why did france choose to aid america during the revolutionary war?
Is it true that one of Adolf Hitler's favourite films was the Wizard of Oz?
what were the primary foreign policy goals of the u.s following ww2?
Which King of England was homosexual?
Why were the Beatles so successful when they came to america in the 60s? ?
what is the difference Discovery Christopher Columbus,and History Vasco Da Gama,?
untlod history of the philippines?
Short Term Consequences & Long Term Consequences of Vietcong Tactics in the Vietnam War?
Why did US decided to help France in WWI?
Why do people not like Hitler?
Was western Poland ethnically more Polish or German prior to WW2?
About how many castles are in the U.K. and Ireland?
What was John C. Calhoun's role in the Compromise of 1850?
when was stopwatch created?
Why Hitler was a bad leader?(dont just consider the consequences of WW 2..)?
Name the 5 native indian tribes of Florida?
How many of Napoleon's soldiers died on his conquest for controlling the world?
What Colony Did John A. Macdonald represent? And What was his Profession? help plzz!!!?
?!?!?!? Russian Revolution?!?!?! 10 PTSSSS!?
What is the single greatest man-made invention ever?
do you love to read history or comic???hm??
What do you think would happen to world history if Hitler did not exist?
During WWI, did the government take over major industries in the united states?
are there people who believed the holocaust never happened?
what is the connection of colonialism to imperialism?
What was Napoleons nick name?
Was Napoleon Bonaparte Italian or French? He was born in Corsica,who did it belong to when he was born?
History worksheet help?
What was the significance of the Battle of Tannenburg (1914)?
I need help with only two questions.?
who was the first prime minister of great britain?
Is there one language that is the root of all languages?
How did Adam and Eve knew how to make children ?
What did Meriwhether Lewis realize when he ascended the summit on the Lemhi Pass?
did Jewish people in the middle east help the Jews in the holocaust?
Weird facts about the Mayans?
in ancient rome, what was tapped on the shoulder of a slave to become a free man?
My last period was october 4th and the dr said i concieved on november 5 2011 what was the day i had sex? ?
how does Don Quijote e used for evidence to discuss spain at the turn of the 17th century?
How did the Farm Security Administration use Dorothea Lange's photo "Plantation Overseer?"?
Why did imports from Great Britain decline from 1771 to 1776?
- This is not a inmmigration question - Why some well educated american people is very ignorant about Mexico?
Us History essay help?
did oscar romero get the nobel peace prize?
Can someone help me write a thesis for Milosevic and tito?
Who was the Brown in Brown vs. Board of Education?
Jefferson and Hamilton were two of the most intersting men in history. Why?
Did Beethoven had a child?
What was the result of the French and Indian war?
In the 16th and 17th century, what did people commonly accept as proper personal hygiene?
how do you pronounce Bilyk?
Did Lunatic Asylums change the world?
different galleon trade in the time of the spanish?
Am i the only one who thinks the nazis and hitler had a cool voice?
why were the patriarchs important?
what time is it?
give me 3 reasons why louis riel was a hero?
what can't I find a nice young gorgeous girl who fear GOD and is smart?
World History?! please help! new asian empires?
a question about the enlightenment?
Could some German surrenders have been avoided during WW2?
why was people power revolution?
what religious impact did the russian society have in the revolution?
What was Phocaea;please explain?
how many countries are there in the world? and where do the aliens exist?
Which countries officially surrendered to the Axis powers during WWII?
What did the committee of detail have ?
In the late 1800s,reformers attempted to?
i just can't forgive Germans for what they did ?
African American history home work question!?
why is eugene v debs such an important reformer?
When was christopher columbus born?
Where or how can i find the history on buildings in the area of downtown Farmington,NM?
how heavy was the titanic?
What is the dumbest invention of all time?
What arts and craft did the Indian tribe Navajo do?
i have a mexican peso liberty cap form 1898?
Was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand a cause of World War 1?
how many people died during world war 2?
how to shirley temple contribute to dance history?
Identify and explain the two predominant views of how federalism should operate.?
does any one know about a doll named robby who haunt key west in flordia?
Could the Tower of Babel have been built by ancient advanced civilization?
do you think nazism can return back ??
history question helpppp?
What was the German confederation?
the pronunciation of the name Exekias?
who oganises the rally to commemorate the battle of cable street, (london 1936)?
Where can I find any Nostic Christian Church existing in this world?
If you could go back in time and witness any event in history, what would it be?
who said people were selfish by nature?
What is the connection between Lenin and Pavlov ?
Were we(Churchill) right to become partners with Soviet Russia in 1939?
is the invention of the 365 day calender an important invention ? if yes why ?
Albert Einstein in the 1930?
please help! why did the renaissance start in italy in the 1400's?
How did the stock market crash affect canada for world war two?
3. Describe what Jamestown went through the first few years after it was settled.?
Where can I find details about the life of Nicholas Spykman?
John C.Calhoun what did he mean?
what was the role of religion during the american civil war?
in the ancient world wich empire was the biggest empire in the world?
Did anybody read ​Josephine Tey, The Daughter of Time?
Is it fair to say that the BBC only came into its own journalistically after the departure of John Reith?
What has been the most famous historical event in your lifetime?
Explain four principles on which the Constitution is founded. How does the Constitution incorporate these prin?
what is a good word for pain?
How did Hitler lose the war?
What were women allowed to do during the time of Elizabethan Theatre?
why must everyone treat woman as a lowly pleasant?
Who has had a stronger influence on American culture: John Winthrop or Thomas Jefferson?
Is Each Century Different?
why does the media avoid the genocide of the native american indian?
do u think that hiltler is good or bad?
When did Isis originate?
Are there any survivors of the Titanic still living?
The constitution and the articles?
AP U.S. History....How did cotton?
what was the townshend act?
What are some examples of Works Progress Administration projects today?
What are the most important influences of Japanese in Filipino culture?
Do you Think Hitler was the most evil man in history or the best motivator of people?
What is the difference between a Tyranny and a Dictatorship?
what were most of the allies looking for after the peace conference?
Do you think the U.S. was right in bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
What will happen if women ruled the world ?
Tell me about Picket's Charge?
Was the Invasion of Normandy America's first offensive in Europe during WW2?
What do you think happened after the witch trials in 1693-ish.?
How does the Greek's philosophy influenced the modern world?
Paraphrase it ?
Hitler happened to be a good reason for Indian Independence, should n't we respect him Indirectly?
What year was samuel de champlain born in?
Who are some of the meanest lineman?
why was Joseph Stalin feared by everyone?
does the gospel of judas already translated in english?
what is the value of an Edwin M Knowles porcelian washbowl and pitcher dated 1915?
What was considered attractive in the mid to late 19th century?
Why were people oppossed to building an YMIA(Islam version of YMCA) two large blocks away from ground zero?
Does anybody have any information on Merce Cunningham's rainforest (1968)?
What was post WWII Europe like, culturally?
Is America th most powerful country ever?
Is it OK to believe that the United States is the worst country in the history of the world..?
how long did it take Hernando Cortez to reach mexico for the aztecs?
how 2 be proud?
whats some information about Sir Galahad?
would someone please explain in detail the 4 main causes for the sinking of the Lusitania?
Do you have any information on Paul Gauguin?
are you afraid of americans?
Why do Americans buy Bush's lies HOOK LINE AND SINKER?
what events happend in 1900-2000?
How did Andrew Jackson refute South Carolina’s justification for secession?
Qin Shihuangdi.....?
who won the world war 1?
History Roman Republic?
Discuss Marshall and Soffar’s theory concerning the Great North Road.?
What percentage of US slaves were Black?
im looking for a betty boop coffee mug?
why did mexican immigrants come to the US?
what is e-mail adress of SOUTH Carolina Francts Marion Univesity?
How do you compare the Arab Springs with World War II?
What did 16year olds do during the day in the Athens?
Art forgers question!?
In 1928 Steamboat Willie launched the career for whom?
What was the worst event in history?
the story of the 300 spartans was real?
Roman Republic~Roman Empire?
who are the egbas in abeokuta?
Before Brown v. Board of Education was desegregation a matter of states rights?
how reliable are wikipedia's history related articles ,as any one is allowed to edit them ?please advise thank
Where can I find a picture of Gabriel the archangels name in the Aramaic language?
What did Jefferson support about the anti federalist cause?
Did the Roman Empire have any cons/ disadvantages?
Who is the worst serial killer in history?
History Help Quick!!?
What is a geisha?
how many years have white tiger lived?
How come Andorra, Liechtenstein and Monaco were never colonized?
JJ Scarisbrick's Henry VIII?
What did Martin Luther King Jr. caution black Americans not to do in his "I Have a Dream" speech?
s to whoever can answer this question about Columbus first?
To the best of your knowledge, when will the world end, and how?
I was once proud to British but not anymore once i leaned British History?
What were one of the biggest impacts on Canadian history?
How was Julius Caesar similar to the tyrants of ancient Greece?
English Democratic Revolution?
Do you think Lizzy Borden was guilty or not of killing her parents.?
why did kamakasi pilots wear crash helmets?
where the 911 attacks instigated by the us government?
what was the importance of the crusades?
What did Andrew Jackson do that was bad?
US history question, on 1825 western states, not exactly sure how to answer...? please help?
which country has the oldest civilization?iran or egypt?
if usa went to war with the world who would win?
Could the Salem Witch Trials be considered a turning point in history?
Can history be written and understood impartially or does it always have to be biased?
The best countries that..?
Who was a famous classical Greek artist and what were one of his most famous pieces or art?
What is the meaning of life?
What did america think of east germans in the cold war?
The congress of vienna and the congress of Europe were the same thing correct.?
what did the ARABS give the world (inventing, scientists etc)?
What were women's roles like in 1900-1910?
Need help on history homework. Someone who knows a lot about the french revolution?
Who were the founders of the Constitution?
Is the Golden period during or after the Baroque period?
Someone said the protocols of zion controls us where can you learn about them?
why do indians celebrate independence day?
AP US history..the colonies poll?
What are some cultural events from 1975 to present?
Becoming a historian?
Please give me a short summary of the Battle of Lexington, during the Revolutionary war?
In a paragraph describe what Julius Caeser did while he was in power?
What made the Nazis a bigger threat then the communist?
who was Hitler?
Who were the first Europeans to set foot in North America?
How would you best describe the term "Rise of the West"?
which of the following is true about cheif justice john marshall?
in what year took place the french revolution?
Where is the headquarters of the United Nations?
how to turn off history?
what does 'you don't put new wine into old wineskins' mean?
Hitler the savior of Germany?
What were some of the omitted passages from the Declaration of Independence from Thomas Jefferson and Why?
is aberham lincoln still alive?
What Happened 2,050 Years ago on March 15?
Who was Sir William Coppin?
Spain became the number one power in Europe during the 16th century because:?
What happened in 1987 (1980's) in Australia?
How could the Srebrenica massacre have been avoided?
What shaped the European alliances that formed during the 18th century?
How different would the Battle of Pelennor Fields been if Gondor was ready or Boromir wasn't dead?
How did the boston tea party seperate the colonists from the british political system?
what do you call the action of demolishing(10 letter word)?
Who was the first president of Egypt?
In 1477 Archduke Maximillian of Austria offered the first diamond betrothal ring to his future bride. What was
What problems has Pennsylvania been facing since the 1970s?
Need to ask someone about the 50's era....?
who is Clara maass?
Who was the first european to have family in America with a native woman?
Can you tell me the similarities and the differences between the Aggressives and the Morderates in India?
Have any visited the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Farmington Hills Michigan? If so whats anyones opinion on it?
Which country first devised a modern infantry regiment that could defeat armored knights mounted or dismounted
During Civil War we had revolvers and slow muskets. Why didn't they combine a revolver with a longer barrel?
Do you think Tupac Shakur was a historical figure and why?
What adversity did JFK face as the first roman catholic president?
What was the polictical environments like during King Louis XIV(14) regine ? (:?
What is the difference between Medieval Japan and Medieval England?
what happened in 1962 between china and india?
Could Hitler have been a good leader?
which countries are not part of the outer space treaty of 1967?
What would have happened if NAZI-Germany had discovered nuclear weapon before USA started Manhattan Project?
Is Buddha a guy or girl?
do you think man really did walk on the moon?
if adolf hitler was so stupid & did very poorly in school how did he use such abstruse words in mein kampf?
who was lord robert dudley?
Was Hitler a monster or a leader of great vision?
What was the role of the German SS in world war two?
Why was Hitler wrong?
Any good sites that have an explicit explanation about the ancient Athens democratic establishment?
Ten points to whoever tells me how teenage girls were treated during the Holocaust!?
Which of the following is one of the geopolitical changes Peter the great had on russia?
Can you tell me the biography of Fan Noli, and why he can be a virtuous person?
Are we top dog?
where's the best, oldest church to visit in the uk?
What are some major events happened under each President of the United States as the history progressed?
Who was the first non white judge in the US?
Napoleon Bonaparte and the revolution? Help!!?
what if God made Eve first and the forbidden fruit was a bannana ??
What was it like growing up in 1920s Germany?
Do you think WW1 AND 2 were completely avoidable disasters in our history?
on a scale of 1-10, how good looking was Hitler here is a pic of him http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/ro/
What reason/s can you give to support the idea that Robert E. Lee was not a good general ?
Son admires Erwin Rommel?
why? can't we all of equal gender work together rather then discriminate and criticize one another?
Archaeologists Would Classify All The following objects as artifacts except a st?
Are there still Human remains left in the Titanic & under the sea?
What type of government did Romania have during 1918-1939?
Why did the Allies win WWII?
Anyone have interesting facts about "The titanic?"?
What were the 3 earliest schools of greek philosophy?
What was at stake in the battle of Actium?
Does anyone know how the world will end?
does anyone know history?
history of image viewer?
what is el greco's impact on the world?
HELP WITH "Victors and vanquished: Spanish and Nahu views of the views of mexico"!!!?
History Project On the Salem Witch Trials, what direction?
i need to know the effects on holocaust survivors can you help me?
How was the nazi concentration camp system an outgrowth of modern industrial society and culture?
Was the holocaust good?
What was the similiarites and differences between lord-vassal relationships in feudal Japan and Europe?
What is the effect of Sharia on society?
Where are you from and name a famous land mark?
how did neolithic people preserve their art?
what year was the telephone invented??
Hitler vs. Stalin ;was Stalin as bad as Hitler?
what is your first line of defense against foreign invaders?
What happened to the middle east? What went wrong?
Who made more money during the Industrial Revolution in Europe in 1800s? Factory workers or skilled laborers?
In the Election of 1896 which candidate won the most states? What regions of the United States gave the most?
what belifs did the delegates share? what ideas divided them?
Why is the Sinai Peninsula so important to Ancient Egypt?
How did mercenaries contribute to the fall of Rome?
What was the French & Indian War Mainly About?
all abuot the transcontinental railroad?
What led to the decline of feudalism?
did adam & eve (first people created) have belly button?
to Egyptians only: So your ancients ancestors were not black?
Can anyone guess this city?
Was Britain the most powerful country in the world in 1776?
Why was this period significant to the development of drama?
What was the best decade to study on Australia.?
could germany have won ww2?
why were servant necessary in Virginia?
Che Guevara... hero or villain?
who wrote the bible!!!!!!!!!!!
what are the types of speeches?
can you explain to me the symbols of the u.s flag?
What is American Civil Liberation Union ?
What was prophet Mohamed want from Arab and all humanity ?
what happened to 1881 presidential assasination Charles Guiteau?
what ever happened to child killer mary bell?
who led the efforts to draw a japanese constitution?
where is the universe located?
What was the span of the eastern front and the western front of ww1( geographically speaking)?
Does anyone know what trade Britain had with Germany before, after and during World War 1?
at the Yalta conference what happened?
Did Elizabeth I bring back Edward VI Book of Common Prayer after mary died?
the first era of european exploration and expansion?
WW1 recruitment posters?
could you please tell me the 27 parts of a castle could you please name them with a description ?
what was life like duing war time Germany 1914-18 ?
Why was Nazi Germany's army so amazing?
What does B.C. or B.C.E really mean?
What was the attitude to love and marriage in the 1500-1600's? Shakespeare Times?
how was the freedom of opportunity protected?
holocaust question....?
What role did French Bishops play in the 1700's?
what are comanches?
The battle of dieppe?
How I can see the answer of ugc net paper of history hetld on june 2006?
provide a brief summary of the history of the environmental movement?
computers in the 1960s?
Who was alive in 510 A.D? (Cultures, people, ideas, ect...)?
how did islam influence africa economically?
what does "the emperor has no clothes" mean?
What is a Piazza?
What was Benjamin Franklin autobiography about?
What events led to the American colonists becoming discontented from Great Britian between 1763 and 1776?
do u think Hitler made Germany one of the most economically and militarily powerful countries in the world?
How far can Shylock be considered a case of racial discrimination in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice?
Books about the Berlin wall?
Was the battle of kursk the real turning point of world war 2???
The League of Nations was always going to fail because USA did not join?
mahathma gandigi why came back to india from africa?
Who did worse billy the kid or jesse james?
Question about the ancient greeks?
Is this a good paragraph on the Battle Of Ypres significance?
During the Stamp Act, could the British REFUSE to stamp something?
What land had Spanish explorers discovered by 1512?
Who concerned with Freedom of North Americans Indians?
Who did the sound effects for star trek?
How do you think the world will end?
Looking for opinions from 3 people currently in their 70's about the Cuban Missile Crisis?
clothing during the 1700's in France?
how did slavery threaten the unity of the 13 colonies?
Who Do You Think Killed JFK!?
Does anyone here enjoy studying World War II?
What did the U.S use from Fundamental Orders Of Connecticut ?
Why do people fight and wage wars?
What were the first two Reichs?
What were you doing on 9/11/2001?
how did the holocaust begiin... please 10 points:)?
during ww2, did the americans know about the nazi death camps ?
why were veterans in the vietnam war accused of being baby-killers?
What was one benefit of Mali becoming a Muslim city-state by the mid-thirteenth century?
One of the most important indices of culture in Gupta era was?
What were the Sim. and Diff. between Spanish, French,,Portuguese and English colonization in America?
William Shakespeare Thesis Help?
who really was the first to discover the americas?
Summarize the Declaration of Independence in once sentence..?
Is it correct that Mahatama Gandhi who assured 'Ram Rajaya' after independence could not define Ram Rajaya?
How would you compare the legacy of European colonialism in Africa and the Middle East?
How was the collectivization of agriculture characterized under Stalin?
Battles involving USS Monitor, USS Minnesotta and CCS Virginia during the US Civil war and the result?
English Civil War question (history) badly needs help for tomorrow?
what is a weaver's rod?
how does money represent different cultures?
why is adulthood now considered 18 when most of history people married at 14, 15, 16?
Why were 4,000 Jews forewarned???
What are the historical significance of nation-state?
what are the benefits of learning about other cultures?
Did The Jews kill Christ?
what part of history do u like?
Who is Teddie Rhodes?
Why was the cold war arms race so terrifying?
Mary LIVINGSTON Grahme, waiting-lady to Mary Queen-Scots-I need her genealogy up to 1885 Pensylvania GRAHAMS.?
did Europe send prisoners to settle in the new world?
When and why did German Expressionist cinema come about?
How did the Revolution shape the lives of ordinary people, including women, blacks and Indian?
Facts about The Big Dipper?
During the late 1800s, Native American tribes experienced which of the following?
Current State location of the place where President Andrew was Jackson was born?
Charles Greeley Abbot?
Who is the greatest artist of all time?
What was the life expectancy of a slave in louisiana in 1800's?
Who was Tacitus?
Who was the queen who toured her country to see if it was ok when it really was not?
Was general Haig the butcher of the Somme?
and also what motivated the town to endorse the witch hunt and trials?
Which nation made the best contribution to human development?
why did nobody stand up to the batman killer?
How did Saturday Night live influence American people?
Can someone suggest some Stalingrad sources?
I was told the first book ever printed in history/ USA was the Holy Bible; is this true?
What can you tell me about Henry Bergh?
was the holocaust bad news for the jew?
Were there certain surnames that were used more when Native Americans took Christian names?
Help me with history!?
how did african americans resist slavery in the north american colonies?
Mamaluk period of Egypt?
why was there a civil war?
why were the colonists upset about the taxes?
Let me know facts about Adolf Hitler?
what major allies wanted to achieve and did they want to comply with Wilson's vision and if not why?
Really want to see this world war 2 show?!?
Could you name some gender inequalities that occurred during the victorian era?
Does anybody know how many songs did Mozart wrotte?
Biased info. Does anyone have any non-biased arguments about Hitler?
Who is a better leader, George Washington or George W. Bush?
Would you have voted Nazi/Hitler if you were in Germany after WW1?
How can I find the date/value of an old sewing machine?
What policies did Alexander III introduce which made it very difficult for the opposition groups to operate?
Whats your choice of weapon?
What were the main differences between the political system of ancient Athens and Sparta. Help Plz!!!!!!!!!!
Why were B-17s only used in the European Theater of WWII?
Why did Ms.Hakim use the term polyglot to describe U.S. cities in the late nineteenth century?
Explain how Social Darwinism was used to justify actions of big industrials?
why was the restoration of monarchial power in Austria and Prussia a fatal blow to the frankfurt parliament?
Congress of Vienna?
what are the causes of ww1?
what was the westward expansion?
I need a primary document on Nikita Kchrushchev!!1?
What were the various argume?
Gilded Age living conditions?
what did einstien invent?
how did king leopold colonized the Congo?
When was Sumer found?
Who was the English fictional character who goes "native" in Africa after surviving the death of his parents?
In alll sincerity exactly whta is a JEW? Is it a race as in caucasion,anglo saxon.It must be more than a relig?
why did the europeans colonize the african countries?
What did Mary Todd Lincoln die of?
Why was hitler so popular in Germany?
what was the President’s Lincoln's plan and Congress’s plan for the Reconstruction in the south?
Why did Cornwallis burn his armies' supplies before the battle of Guilford Courthouse?
What year did Athens lose her place as the dominant city-state of Greece?
need help with history homework (ancient africa)?
A-Level History Essay on decolonization?
Who was the worst British monarch and why?
Who was the worst President ever?
Who was the 1st black woman to walk on the moon?
what are a few differences between persia ancient greek and ancient rome?
what did the tyrannosaurus rex do?
What great historical event would you like to see made into a major motion picture?
Was the Boston Tea Party good for the Patriots?
If Germany won the Battle of Britain, would they have won the war?
Why do you think constrictive corsets and dress were so popular in the 19th Century?
What has been the story of Genghis Khan's “afterlife” in Europe from the 14th century onwards?
What ceremonies did the ancient chinese perform?
Did the three languages on the Rosetta Stone say the same thing?
Eyewitness Accounts/Quotes on Flamethrower Use in WWI/WWII?
What were some of the crops or plants that the Ancient Persians cultivated?
Did the pomos indians have a permanent home?
Does our Government worship satan?
What do Marx and Engels mean by capitalism? How and why did capitalism develop in Europe? How did its?
What changed about Henry the 8th personality when he got older?
Global history August 2012 ? ?
how did the siege of ennis evolve?
Why was Locke's Second Treatise of Government significant to enlightenment thinkers?
What modern battles have been influenced by ancient ones?
IF you could resurrect one person from past or present, who would it be and why?
What is the history, in short, of Ethiopia?
Pro-Imperialism political cartoon ideas?
Which do you prefer American or World history?
What event, law or war was Elizabeth Tudor involved in and how did it affect the Monarchs land?
why would conscription become such a controversial issue among Canadians in 1917?
How have the ancient Egyptians managed to built the Pyramids?
was the united states for or against the berlin wall??
How many Sons did Rama Have?
what u think about pink city?
Was Australia's participation on the Western Front irrelevant to the outcome of WW1?
History question? 10 points best answer :)?
My history teacher says the holocaust is a disputable historical fact, should I report him...?
What is the fate of humanity going to be?
How did,or when did anti-semitism start?
where can i go to find victorian style homes in california?
OMG Steve Irwin died, What went wrong? How do you feel?
Was the red scare the biggest problem the USA government were facing?
How has John Winthrop had an impact on our American Culture?
US history-the colonies?
Do you feel sorry for your colonial past?
how was mesopotamia socially organized?
Is there a middle paleolithic era or a lower paleolithic era?
what were members of the paris commune called because of their clothing?
what event in world history and what factors in world economy led to the transition slave trade in the 1500s?
Info on the "disappearance" of the Era of Good Feelings?
Arguments between Factory Workers and Slaves?
What were Visa's during the Holocaust? What did they do?
how did japan turn democratic and when?
the great depression of the 1930s?
do you think its possible for a WW III to occur?
what was it like in pompeii before the eruption, its for my geography hw helllpppp?
Was Llloyd George "pro- Boer war" or "Pro- peace" in the early 1900s?
What factors were used in planning the location of canals in Britain?
In Biblical Times were there Herding dogs?
who was leonardo's scientific painter counterpart in upper italy???
about great indian personalities who were once dreamers and now achievers?
World War II Propaganda?
What role did Jeanne Mance play in the church and New France? ?
“What the most important medical discovery of the last fifty years, you’d say was?
Why is the 19th amendment relevant to what is happening today?
i dont really understand the attack of Pearl Harbor?
Was there an orphanage or workhouse, asylum in Rearsby, Leicestershire?
What opposition did Francesco Petrarch - aka the Father of Humanism face?
Invasion of India by Muslims and the effects thereon - How much affected the present India?
During world war 2,Allied forces fought Nazi Germany,What is the meaning of the word NAZI?
what is iucecb?
Why did Hitler attack Jewish people.?
Where did religion start?
Assyrian, Persian, and Hellenistic Empires?
How was life like for Ecuador from 1919-1939?
Who was the most important King of the Old Kingdom?
What is the oldest building in the world?
Romulus founded Rome. What happened to Remus?
who invented high heels?
how popular was English historical writer, Antony Sutton, & his "Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler"?
what happened at the battle of tippecanoe?
Who is an important person from the early river civilizations?
nigeria's history?
who invented the first clock?
Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter fake?
Which 2 Ancient Cultures should I choose.?
Did the duke of Windsor (King Edward VIII) have any children at all, illegitimate or legitimate?
did wilson's idea of "peace without victory" shape his proposal of the 14 points?
feb 10-1914 can you tell me anything about it what it may be worth and were it came from?
I need a website to find facts about mid evil/eurpean housing. what website should I search for?
Did you know that 30% of Americans don't know what year September 11 happened?
In the all religions, god is great, I want now the god change the born and death rules or not, if yes, how wou
When did eire go independant?
How old Chad Mcfarland is and what his kids names are?
Why did John Wilkes Booth killed President Abe Lincoln? What's his problem?
Please tell me any first-hand source about Rwandan Genocide?
How did European colonialism shape the modern day map of the middle east?
tell me the achivements of mahatma gandhi?
What is implied about the ancient Egyptians through their building of pyramids, temples, and other monuments?
Relationships between gallic tribes and tribes living in Germania?
What are some similarities and differences between medieval Korea and China?
is Quintus Sertorius underrated?
renaissance regilion comared to day's religion?
since we have allowed so many immigrants into canada and usa that don't believe in Christmas?
how was Germany like after communism ended?
What happened in Giverny?
What were the positive and negative effects of the Reconquist of Spain?
What were one of the biggest impacts on Canadian history?
have you ever witnessed a historical event?
Where can I find wwii photos?
What year did the United States surpass Great Britain economically?
during wwII was hitler n on ne thing w/ the japs?
I am looking for things that are significant with the number 5000?
Explain the role of the scientific community in validating new evidence?!?
Causes of World War One. Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, Nationalism, and the Schlieffen plan?
In the US constitution it says 'all men have a right to bear arms' at that time, did all Englishmen have that?
What Did the Treaty of Ghent Entail? What did it mean for the future of America and what was to be changed?
What happens to be your favorite ancient civization?
what is some good imformation on shakespear to write an essay?
pre-Columbian (before 1492) South America. The Inca have just conquered your territory. As leader of this con?
What brought about the American Revolution:?
How did the Russian defeat in the crimean war develop modern russia?
Which planet is the smallest?
What was the relationship between the abolitionist and women's rights movements?
Who is the most evil man in history?
True or false: A serf was a slave.?
Which conspiracy theory from my list if any would you be willing to believe the most that there's a chance->?
3 types of major govement according to artistole were?
I want to know about the english men.I'm from Brazil.?
Did Pontic Greeks wear fezzes?
what reforms did plebeians win during the early republic?
womens roles in medicine 1750-1900?
where could I find drawings of mount olympus?
who is the most dangers person in our history?
After Cuba won their independence by the President Roosevel, what did Roosevelt ask them to do for helping?
What do you believe the American Dream is TODAY?
what was life like for individuals who settled on the great plains?
Who is sexier: Stalin, Lenin or Kalinin?
What methods of torture did the Communists use?
HELP: I hate history so much?
Who were the kinds aftr stuarts?How were they related?
did woman make any long-lasting gains as a result of their expanded economic and military roles during WW2?
united states history?
i am doing a report on south dakota and i would like to get some information.?
Brief history of Japan's government?
Who was the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence?
what is otto von bismarck's opinion of democracy and war in his blood and iron speech?
what is the worst thing that happened in mary I queen of england era ?
How many siblings does Billie Holiday have?
As president, would you drop the atomic bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima?
What is 'muzak'?
Were we Expansionists or Imperialists?
10 facts on Han Dynasty?
how many Pieta's did michelangelo create?
Were there any pirates in the Maritime Provinces?
can i have at least 5 facts about Dreadnought battleships?
How would a theatre stage in late 19th-century Vienna have been lighted? Electric? Gas lamps? Placed where?
Why did the League of Nations fail? Who were the main actors in this failure?
what was the 1947 partition?
How did people adapt living in Savannah's Africa?
Petrograd Soviet Goals?
Why did President Woodrow Wilson decide to ask Congress for a Declaration of War in April 1917?
When the war ended, did rationing end also?
American Revolution. True or false/History questions. Help?
What land and/or peole was affected by the Cuban missile crisis?
What is a great movie about cherokee history?
Why did the Romans build sewers?
Does anyone think the world is worth saving?
how did Theodore Roosevelt die?
Did anyone NOT do their 2 min silence?
Are we really going to dien in year 2012?
Celtic nations?
How did world war 1 contribute to isolationist feeling in the 1920s and 1930s?
I have a question.............? This is really important to me.?
Why can't we bring the titanic back up?
Tlatelolco massacre why it happen?
Battle at waterloo?facts?
Who built the Karnak Temple?
what was the state of europe at the time of the crusades?
does anyone know the history of wayang kulit in southeast asia?
i would like to see book on bassed on history.i?
were hunter-gatherer societies egalitarian or patrarchal?
What are some famous black civil rights cases?
Does anyone know how to make a steam roller?
Art History question about Islamic art?
what are the strengths of jose rizal as a national hero of the philippines?
what day is USA birthday?
Why would anybody question the morality of the atomic bombings of 1945?
What is Postmodernism?
Give evidence to show the role that economics played in killing the populist movement?
Whats my favorite color?
Last essay question I have that I cant find any information on. Help is really appreciated. Thank you.?
Who is your favorite US Civil War figure and why?
AP US History chapter 6 multiple choice questions?
Oleg expelled the Khazars from Kiev near 880, then founded what?
Wtf is the illuminati?
Did you watch live the 1969 moon landing? How did you feel?
Who wrote the German Constitution?
What was E.B. Sledge's attitude toward the Japanese and did it change during the course of his experience?
If Hitler was bad, does that make all white people bad?
what did Hitler have to do with WWI?
What brought about the great awakening?
List the strengths and weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?
Analyze the impact of German Unification on the Balance of Power prior to 1914.?
do you think what Hitler did etc has still have an effect on people's lives today?
Where was the battle of waterloo fought?
history!!!! help please! (johnny tremain!)?
what are new york states natural attractions?
Was Hitlers domination of czechoslovakia oppertunistic or part of a master plan?
why did Stalin unleash the great terror?
why did king tut move the capital back to thebes?
What are five main parts of Nazi propaganda?
Explain the role Religion played in the revolution?
Question about Vietnamese History?
Explain how the Panama Canal helped the world?
does anybody know all the information of the wars between peru and ecuador?
Is japan a innocent country to be attacked by America in 2nd world war ?
What was the atlantic slave trade?
Why did the united states paricipate in the 1991 Gulf?
Which country suffered the biggest losses during world war I?
Can i get some people to tell me a whole bunch of facts about TN?
I have heard that it was considered very manly for men to wear pink because it reminded them of blood? T/F?
Where can I find an artist's rendering of a scene in Medieval Europe?
West africa, the region where most slaves came from, had a large black muslim population as early as the 1500s?
what is the meaning of memorial day?
who started?
the foreign policy of the 1970s was ruled by the policy of?
When exactly was thomas stone born?
How does Lenin’s plan for establishing a communist utopia differ from Marx’s?
How many people died during the H bomb attacks in Nagasaki and Hiroshima?
What where the roles of the Mauryan Leaders in India?
Who helped liberate Venezuela in 1821?
Islam - The Sunni and The Shi'a?
Who was the greater king of Israel: King David or King Solomon?
Did uboats got as far as the eastern coast of the us during ww2?
what sorts of weapons did the Normans have that was so superior to what the English had in 1066?
Can someone put this American History events in order for me?
I feel bullied into wearing a poppy!?
kayagum sanjo?
why the soviet union viewed as a potential enemy to the u.s. after ww2?
What was the job of the master mason in building a castle?
How was the slave trade beneficial?
Who do you think was the worst U.S president since 1776?
what is the cost of these victorian wine glasses?
What do u know about OTTOMAN EMPIRE???
Any info on clothes and fashion during the world war 2?
What did hippies protest?
Milk in France esp. 15 century?
Why is the Line of Demarcation important?
Who invented humor?
Who was the most well known/ powerful member of the Rockefeller family?
What was the War of Roses ?
Help with an artist!?
Why was hernando cortez journey important?
Does anyone knows something about Alexander Filhellen,a macedonian emperor and how he got the name.?
what technology was available for traveling across the seas in the 15th century?
Do the French have any ties to wolves in legends or in history that involves friendship between the two?
how do i find out if someone has performed at carnegie hall?
If you are an American, are you embarrassed to be one? and if so, why?
Can you name anyone who changed history by committing a crime?
I need a picture of Juan Diaz de solis?
"SCIENCE", why was it in history considered develish?
Can you name an important figure who is a great leader, revolutionary, hero, pioneer OR sportsman?
what was placed inthe bandages of mummies?