who invented Bycycle?
Do you think the A-bomb in WW2 was America's final option or they just wanted to kill thousands ?
Where did bell dacing originated?
end of WWI what would russia ideally get out of the treaty of versailles?
How did the theology and practices of lutheranism and calvinism differ from that of the catholic church?
What is so important about Anne Frank?
How did the invention of paper affect Ancient Egypt society?
In what ways did war affect the literature and language of the twentieth-century Britain?
Who were the first Westerners to arrive in India?
Who wanted to create a French Empire in America?
why is elijah hunt rhodes considered such an important source of history?
How far was the Declaration of Independence created by Idealistic Motives?
What does the idea of "Contingency" mean?
What policy is Gandhi talking about in this quote?
Iran's Islamic government under Khomeini did all of the following EXCEPT..?
Why wasn't slavery addressed in the Declaration of Independence?
Ghandi's Influence on Martin Luther King!?!?
Who is the most famous person in all of history?
What are some examples of discrimination that happened to black and coloured people during apartheid?
How was Madonna a leader and how did she show leadership? Give examples n explain briefly please?
why did the democratic-republicans support the French in their revolution, &the Federalists become anti-French
how did aztecs give importance to education?
Why do people think that only Jews died in the concentration camps?
who is fr. ruel gallardo?
splintercell double agent last lvl i think?
How could henry VII behead his wives?
why has nelson mandella got a statue up in the uk when hes got nothing to do with our country i know uk people
Why did the Nazis choose Jews to kill?
Who was the second leading fighter ace of World War I?
Why was the re-establishment of trade so important to the transformation of Europe?
How did Benjamin Franklin change the world?
who is Antigonus of Sokho?
where is the taj mahal?
history lovers, anyone?
In world war 2 who were the Americans fighting?
how and why did the U.S. federal government dominate economic and political life in the 1930's?
What does one refer to when discussing the 'tradition of the journalist-policiers' of the early 20th century ?
What was happining in France during the post-impressionism era?
Which came first in England, the Romans or The Saxons?
when exactly king Herod the great died ?
Native Americans prevented mosquito bites how?
Who was the most ruthless world leader in history?
why was Antonio lopes de Santa Anna important?
Describe me "good leader"(for term paper!!!)?
Was Napolean the Heir or the Betrayer of the French Revolution?
Why did Woodrow Wilson promote the Fourteen points?
was peter the great the first czar to travel in western europe?
What year did the huronia exist?
So here is what my teacher said...?
Who are Australia's allies and enemies?
Can u help me with these history questions?
Compare 17th century French Absolutism with 17th century eastern European Absolutism.?
Philip II Foreign Allies? Enemies?
if you could go to any time period in the past where would you go?
In what year did Al Gore invent the internet?
need american history help or sources for my exam notes?
Good reference books for World History?
Americans think they saved Britain in WW2?
How and why did the Industrial Revolution separate the goals of liberals from the goals of socialists?
Which crops grew both in ancient Egypt and in the Mesopotamia (that are the same). (World History)?
Someone called into radio show asking when the 1 time in history US flag was flown at 3/4 mast. Any ideas?
If Hitler wanted blue eyed blonde hair people in Germany why didn't no one call him out for not being one?
What will lead to humankind's downfall?
This is not an ask this is history of Coffee for those interested?
Who was that girl in joe nichols video broken heartsville?
Do you remember where you were when...?
If you had to chose a historical study what would it be and why?
is there are any holochost survivor?
Montgomery Bus Boycott. who, what, when, where, why?
Can someone help me with this history please?
Who's heard of king Aurthur. king of England?
Is it just me,or are guys very perverted?!?
how can I get info on old 78 records?
How were Africans partially responsible for slavery in America?
What is the oldest standing building in England?
which of the following events directly led to america's entry into world war two?
If the Statue of Liberty could talk, what would she say?
What are the differences and similarities between the reformation and Renaissance?
what kind of clothes did people USED TO wear when they did the tango?
comparison help plz :)?
Who were the Suffragettes?
Why is it important to study leisure?
how did early complex societies in Africa develope?
Match the following countries with their World War II diplomatic position as of 1942?
General William Sherman... why was he important in the civil war? what did he do in?
Who were the two major world powers involved during the Cuban Missile Crisis?
How did the industrialists (Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, J.P Morgan) impact America in the late 1800s?
Who was to blame for World War Two???
Why did America,Britain and others not let Jews fleeing the Holocaust into their country?
Why did Hitler use the swastika as the Nazis symbol?
history project.. leaving cert HELP !?
Abuses of the Dutch East India Company?
History help please please!?
What is the best soda Coca or Pepsi?
What repeated factors cause empires to decline?
were the bodies of witches during witchhunt era used in dissection - anatomy learning?
Why so little knowledge about European Dark Ages?
san juan river history between 1820 and 1877?
What is the National Disease of India ?
during vietnam, what where the major weapons used?
Could the Holocaust happen again?
How did the Racial Laws in Germany come about?
Apartheid and world opinion Questions?
why did the gangs turn to white-collar crimes?
Was Alexander Hamilton ever President of the United States?
booker t washington reports for kids?
What reforms did the Manchus attempt in the late 19th and early 20th century?
How did the Nazis know who was Jewish?
what is your interpretation of the meaning of the phrase common grace?
why did people immigrate to America from Europe or Germany in 1880-1920?
How do citizens in the Southern states of America feel about the American Civil War today?
who were the 3 most influential gangsters of the 1920's and 30's?
Whould you nickname Adolf Hitler, in a short phrase or word?
Does anyone else think this comparison of the greatest genius the world has ever had is true?
hey UKers.. do y'all really not learn about the american revolution?
Is Auschwitz scary to visit ?
Do you think the end of the Cold War caused people to grow more materialistic and narcissistic?
how do you explain the changes in anglo french relations henry vii and henry viii?
why is james oglethrope important?
How was Napoleon bonaparte a leader ? What kind of leadership qualities did he have ?
who was the first president born in a hospital?
where did henna tattoos start from?
Help with the greek civilaization!?
What was Nathaniel Hawthorne's contributions to society?
the war of the austrian succession was fought over the possessions of the lands belonging to?
how to read using mayan characters or glyphs?
how is the modest proposal a satire?
What were the changes that ensured survival in Jamestown?
Did you know the Mayans predicted the world would end December 23, 2012?
Who was the first scientist to see animalcules, or tiny living things that moved?
Who is the greatest icon/ person who have ever lived?
what is the history of marching bands?
what month was you born?
Which race of people has killed the most people in history?
Is the storyline in the HBO series (ROME) historically accurate?
What are two achivments form the Assyrians?
What superpowers did nixon have?
How many cannons did the Victory II British battleship had?
Were the Americans right to drop the two atomic bombs on Japan which pretty much ended the ww2??
What were the main ideologies involved in Nationalism?
when was Harlem written and what time period was it?
Question about Victorian era clothing? How did they wear their corsets?
Was Jack the Ripper ever identified?
What are the main causes of world war 2?
how to translate shakespeare language to modern english?
Who took the original pictures of Andersonville?
What were some of the things that President Kennedy pushed for in his Civil Rights Speech?
why am I attracted to Adolf Hitler?
Was there ever an attempt to send africans back to africa back in the day?
Whoses was alaska before america?
any new news about the titanic disastor?
Why didn't John Adams declare war on france?
where is effil tower?
In what ways did Daddy King discipline Martin Luther King, Jr.?
what is William H Harrison middle name the U.S President?
Does anyone know a legimate website(s) where I can find 1300-1625 century English Renaissance Literature?
are noel redding and mitch mitchel still alive. can i have their email address?
do you think that ALL german SS soldiers were criminals or just the algemaine SS? why?
Where is Hadrian’s Wall and why was it built?
Why did Bible study increase during the Renaissance?
The settlement of America could not have been accomplished without the aid of the native Americans.?
I need to know more about the history of MSG(Mean Subject Grade)?
Did the Government give the people their own blackouts?
before world war germans were super power?
where does the rhyme "how many miles to babylon, three score miles and ten.." come from? specific origins?
French military successes?
Ireland socially after the easter rebellion?
How much time did ancient egyptians spend farming?
Why did i cry when i meditated?
Problems faced by 15th/16th century explorers?
How long has suede been used for shoes?
A history question for any old people out there, can you tell me what it was like in the 1980s?
Which of these products were available in California in the 1800s?
What do you think about "The Gospel Of Judas"?
What do people think about dams?
Help with History- Vietnam and Korea war differences from WWI and WWII?
How was the home front mobilized during World War I?
Why might Wilson have said that a vote for Democratic candidates was "a vote for the nation itself"?
Who Was The Man Who Killed People In California?
Who was Cyrus the great's wife?
Where did Nazi Germanys hatred of the Jewish people come from?
How did Bushido affect modern Japanese culture?
What happend in holodomor can someone give me a summary of it 10 points?
Is calling Hitler stupid an insult to the victims of the holocaust?
what were the fugitive slave act of 1850, fugitive slave law of 1793, and the personal liberty laws?
Did you know the South had a right to secede??
Name five facts about the Parthenon.?
When talking about Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X...?
Why did Germany invade the Soviet Union during World War II?
will britain be a strong nation in the Future?
after the romans left britian the progress they made in the public health didn't continue, do you agree?
why did Hitler hated jews people?
Was the weather generally cooler in the past, or did people just put up with it to look proper?
who were sojourner truths children and the dates of there birth??
whatr are same important things that happened between 1550-1564?
Which nations were involved with the Black hand in 1910?
Would the Japanese Military be able to overrun Australia in WW2?
What did british people along tima ago usually trade or occupy?
who is the 13th President of the USA?
The emperor Justinian did his accomplishments positively or negatively affect the Byzantine empire? why?
can you help me to do this?
Is it just me, or was Richard Nixon one of our greatest Presidents?
History Help?.... 10 Points Best Answer!?
what were the causes for yhe vietnam war?
What are the main differences between the Israelis and the Palestinians?
what were some facts on Claude Monets childhood?
Who was Jezzabelle?
Should abortion stay legalized ? Explain?
Was America part of the Nazi Olympics in 1936?
How many gods did the Mesopotamens have?
Any laws in MA about disaster pay?
what are the difficulties and positive things of being a miner in 1850?
What else happened in WW2?
Do leaders control events or they are controlled by them; discus with historical examples?
brief history of edsa revolution?
Really confused about Romans and Ancient Greeks?
The man who organized the Texas Army and led it during the Texas Revolution was?
Which side took the first shot in the battle of lexington and concord?
indian present president?
Which egyptian ruler was known for expanding trade particular. one expedition to punt the resulted in the acqu?
what red clothing does it symbolizes to the chinese?
who is the worst murderer in euopean history?
What was FDR plans to add justices to the court?
Did France pass a law banning payment in drawings to shops and restaurants in response to Picasso?
What's the name difference?
Adolf Hitler, was he really responsible for the killings?
Which of the following conditions during the Industrial Revolution supported Karl Marx’s ideas?
in which country did the second world war started and which year?
why is hollywood in california?
were women treated as chatel throughout most of history or is that not telling the whole story?
Don't you think Japanese is much more smarter and important than any other country?
jewish americans: creation, migration, extermination, explusion, secession, segregation in america?
Which of the following is not associated with classical Islamic culture?
How people lived in Britain during WW2?
Did Hitler ever visit England?
Not including Adam and Eve, who was the only person in the Bible Not to have any parents?
Did JFK support the dividing of Berlin?
Main ideas of the Progressive movement?
who was the youngest President of the U.S.A ?
Info on Hernando Cortez?
Was Adolf Hitler part Jewish?
what is the main aim of life. how we spend our life in positive way in every condition or negative way .?
Jesus did exist?
Is there a good English-language book on the history of Africans in Mexico?
Does anyone really consider Confederate Flags to be symbols of hate?
what city was captured by general howe of britain?
who was Caesar?
What is Helen of troy? Is she greek? Or trojan? I've heard both. Who was Paris her lover? Greek or trojan?
can you tell me the biography of Edi Rama?
Who do you think was the most evil person that ever existed?
What is the mayflower compact?
When did man discover that the sun also moves, that it revolves around the galaxy?
what are 3 reasons we study the holocaust?
how was wagon wheels made?
what do the colors on the maryland colony flag represent?
Who was apart of the feudal system?
What are some reasons why i should wear a poppy?
Were the National Grange and Farmer's Alliance movemenmts a success or a failure? explain.?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of the early Chinese nationalists and communists?
Why Didn't Africa Develope?
What were the costs of the Social Security Act?
what is the single most important event/object/discovory in the history of the earth?
What were the unequal treaties?
What are the differences between art and ethics?
What are 3 problem Fredrick the great faced?
How did rosa Parks inspire others? and How was she a leader?
how many people did henry VIII kill and why?
Has anyone ever heard of Camp Legion?
Which statement about the burial practices of the ancient Egyptians is fales?
Did women wear makeup in Ancient times?
Why did Wilson's 14 points failed?
the anti- sandiniststas guerilla groups in Nicaragua are called the what?
History Help!?!?! (Canada)?
What would have happened if christopher columbus found india ?
Where were you when the 9-11 attacks struck?
i have tried to find out whats the meaning of my name and i cant find it help me with defination thats ELPHAS.
what dose Nixon say that threatens Americans future as a free society?
were the "Vikings" really a group of Judaic converted tribes similar to "The Khazars"?
Hilter rumor or fact?
What Nazi said he wanted to use democracy, to end democracy?
how having no money, no home, etc. after WWII affected many German civilians and their children later?
how did the grand remonstrance lead to the english civil war?
Can U handle the truth that Jackie killed JFK (anniversary soon)?
How did the north/south split over slavery and state's right have an impact on the Gold Rush?
Whats wrong with Fort St. George?
Who's fault was it that the Titanic sunk?
historical treatment of Native American nations?
Medieval knight vs Samurai, who would win?
When were black people invented?
What was Shah Feslal's percentagne score in ias?
According to you is senator Joseph McCarthy famous among American people?
Information on Rita Monaldi & Francesco Sorti?
in the history of man what is the worst event that has happen?
Can you list me some religious wars that have occurred in Britain?
I'm not a KKK supporter. What does "Ku Klux Klan" mean beside racism?
What was the relationship like between italy and soviet russia in the 1920's and 30's?
how do i find my uncle in texas using the internet for free?
length of great wall of china???and why was it built???
does anyone know where i can get some good information on the istanbul city theatre where fatih yurdakul?
what should i write a 5 paragraph essay for civics on. what is something interesting i could do it on?
history of Mid triblutation?
how did the romans mold the inside of the aqueducts into a circle shape?
Are the '90s and '00s scifi times?
I love learning about the Holocaust Does that make me Racist?
What were some of the main changes to the world mape after ww1?
How is the monarchy related with napoleon?
How did the Chumash dress before the missionaries came?
How come Europe developed quicker than the rest of the world?
Were Pythagoras, Aristotle and Herodotus before the Greek's Hellenistic age?
what would prevent so many superpower country to invade the countries of the arabian peninsula ?
what was charles lindenburghs life like before the war?
What was the entertainment in 1911?
improvments on the ferris wheel?
computation of weight and balance;history of weight and balance?
How would people react if there was a "White History Month"?
What factors led to the "German Miracle" after WW2?
How did they build catapult's in the Medieval Ages?
What was the significance of Gandhi's presence in South Africa?
Who commissioned Bernini's The Ecstasy of S. Teresa di Avila?
Why is a family's Coat of Arms so significant?
so who was the master debater ?
Address the relationship between the issues the political system dealt with in the Gilded Age and current?
what was one effect the battle of gettysburg had on the south?
How was the Monroe doctorine the pre cursor of today's foreign policy?
what are three circumstances that are direct causes of the boston Tea Party?
What did me do during a spanish mission?
Why did the Montgomery Improvement Association take part in the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
who was the first queen in the world and i need laods of detail of or about her!!!?
Does history really matter???
How did the people of the southwest maintain their identity and preserved their culture through assimilation?
No question on YA is invalid. Who knows what Japan was like before WWII?
What was life like before and after the Russian Revolution, for ordinary Russians?
what were the major factors that contributed to the growth of cities in the late 1800s?
Why does conflict exist between african americans & latinos?
Is there such a thing as a Nazi personality and how would you characterize the people who have it?
what is the main message of The Epic of Gilgamesh?
Woodrow Wilson and the Treaty of Versailles?
to what extent was the whigs view of king andrew accurate?
What effecs did the 1911/12 revolution have on China?
What dose the name Ishvhella mean?
American Military (2012) vs Red Army (1945)?
justify the self-perpetuating social and political nature of feudalism?
Why didn’t the American Revolution put an end to slavery?
what kind of character was portrayed by macbeth??
What were the similarities & differences of Adam Smith,Thomas Malthus & David Ricardo's economic views?
Before and during the Civil War, the South had an economy based on what?
what is the significance of Mount Zion?
are the things tht are happened now really signs of the end of the world?
artist B . Laney, paintings of trees and nature, paintings known from 1976 to 1980?
Did the NAzis pay for what they did?
Looking for any info on old soda shop owned by man with the last name of Quarelli in MA before 1950?
How did patrick henry indicate that the british were going to attack in his speech?
What was one concession that FDR made to Stalin during the peace agreements that angered the American public.?
who has the most influence on the moral life of the population after the fall of the Roman Empire.?
What became of Mary Magedlene after Jesus died?
Why does USA never mention its war crimes, yet it always points out the Nazis and the communists?
when mozart died what was his station in life?
who was the last president of U.S.A.?
Is there any purna janam case?
are Cannons still used to day?
writing a historical fiction?
Who was McClellan?
Important events of the 1920's?
What happened in Poland in 1976?
which country was living in the territory where Israel is located now when the nation was scattered in Europe?
Who is the most famous incan historian?Which is the best book written about the inca civilisation?
What kind of material was used for construction during the Delhi sultanate?
the iron curtain speech? please help!?
What stradegies did America and Britain use during the war of 1812?
What year was the slave trade to the US and the Americas the highest ?
Why Jesus?
when did the natives americans (north and south america) start to colonize europe?
how do i find the information i need for a research paper about the Warsaw ghetto?
Where were you at December 31st, 1999 at 11:59 PM?
"J" in the younger futhark?
What would happen if Annexation didn't exist?
What did indulgences state?
How was the League of Nation formed?
the tudors?
Looking for a unit history of the 903rd AAA coastal artillery corps in world war 2?
What was the highest rank a Nazi solider could achieve if he was in the military for 4 years?
how did johnson's plan and the radicals come into conflict?
My girlfriend was watching the history channel with me...and she said she thought hitler was hot...?
Why did the colonist change so much from 1754 to 1774-6?
during the 20th century a major change in argiculture in the united states has been?
what is pantheonism?
Who was al Capone & why was he famous?
what did the dawes plan provide?
How was Britain responsible for WWI?
why do yanks call a chocolate bar a candy bar?
how has European colonizations in North America affected present day Aboriginal People?
Was the Dark Age in Greece really a Dark Age?
is it ture that there was eight priendest before george washington?
Did the arabs bring much science and forms of maths to Europe?
Who is Uncle Ho?
What should I add in my history paper?
What was Huey Long's reference to High Popalorum and Low Popahirem?
whay website can u go to to find out info about anyone?(like your mom or friends)?
Who influenced william shakespeare?
Information on witches in tudor England? Please?
help:history terms define?
Many wars have been caused in the name of religion.Wouldit bepossible to have peace if we delete all religion?
why is washington on the $1 bill?why is alexander hamilton on the $10 bill?why is jefferson on the $2 bill?
I want to find an editorial on the titanic. Written in newday, september 1985. Any ideas?
The folowing things we aren't suppose to know (see details). Do you believe them to be true?
what drug is a history to Chicago?
Woman kidnapped by indians....?
American accent?
What was the reason why Hitler was hateful to Jewish? He exterminated some 11 million of them? I?
Was Stalin the main reason that caused the Soviet Union to defeat the Germans in World War II?
How democratic was Andrew Jackson?
need info on artist Fredrick D. Odgen?
Was Elizabeth really the virgin queen??
how do i get a copy of old yearbooks?
Is honors history important?
How did Adolf Hitler die? and what belief system and group was hitler considered to be the founder of?
Questions about the Nazi's during the holocaust?
Who were the European mercenaries that helped the Americans in the Revolutionary War?
The Civil War effectively determined the nature of the Union, the economic direction of the?
how can I know what the case of the NAACP V Georgia Ollie Marshall was all about?
Trying to find out what an antique mantel clock is worth , it's date and so forth?
Good thesis statement for Alexander the Great?
Why was "The Gospel According to Mark" (by Borges) set in a small rural town rather than a city?
what does the 14th amendment state?
what are three reasons why the marshall plan started the cold war of 1947?
Did Hitler cause untold damage for the future of the world, because of him we are meant to live in fear?
Who has been the worlds most deadly tyrant?
What was the first priority of WWII battling for the U.S.?
How many raids on the North did the South attempt in the American Civil War?
slave plantations in Africa?
Is the Great Wall of China one of the seven wonders of the world?
What was Great Britains finest hour ?
how did colbert deal with trade?
Should we commemorate the end of Slavery?
3.Do you think President Nixon’s actions in the Watergate scandal should overshadow his administrations?
If you could go back in time to live your life in tht era where would u go?
How does the industrial revolution effect the Artisans and Nativists?
History of international relations and the development of the state from 1648 to present?
who was assasinated in sirbia that sparked world war one?
How many people have died in all the wars in all of human history?
How did a small group of Americans defeat the British ?
Was Constantine the Great one of the greatest Roman military leaders?
Vasco Nuñez de Balboa and the natives?
What was the president in 1936?
Strengths and Weakness' of Ballistas, Mangonels, and Trebuchets?
Where did the Armenians go after the genocide?
what technology did people have in the 15 and 16 century for navigating to the new world?
How many Americans were conscripted into the armed forces during World War 2?
What year was the bike invented?
was adolf hitler a genius?
translate nuestrara de desamparado?
Where does the family name DeCoste come from?
what does anachroism mean?
What problems did Col. Shaw face when commanding the 54th regiment?
Who was Neal Dow and what was his ideas for reformation?
What was the historical significance of the Tariff of Abominations (1828)?
What communacation gadgets were invented in the 1960s ?
Do you love history?
Why do converse shoes have the swastika symbol under the soles?
Why did emperor Chin create a subterrainial river out of mercury in his tomb ?
What were the three distinct cultural areas in the English colonies in North America?
what is a good thesis statement about the civil right covering all four of the ethnic groups?
How much would it cost to build St. Peter's Basilica, in modern times?
When did the United States of America get Midway island?
If you could go back in time to any event in history which one would u choose?
What were common names in the 1920's and 1930's?
What can be learned from the US employing a cold war nuclear strategist with Schizophrenia?
How did the Silk Road and Indian ocean Maritime system differ?
the six flags over texas, was because texas belonged to 6 different countries. Is that the most of any state?
the greatest blow to the organizational strength of U.S parties was ?
Why are portable skills important?
World War 3 question?
American lady Bullfighter, Patricia McCormick in 1950's.?
Did Johannes Gutenburg expect to change the world the way he did?
May I have the picture related to captain scott expedition in which a foot with gangrene is showed?
plzzzzzzzzzzzzi am stck on the last question pleas u.s history?
What have the Ottomans ever done for us??
when was portland railway nsw Aust build and knoked down?
What was the Lavo kingdom?
So far, what is Japan's greatest invention?
What was woodstock?
What Is The Best Invention Ever Invented?
What is the longest period any country has lasted before facing another civil war?
Why do some people say that Jonathan and David were homosexuals?
If slavery existed today, what kind of labor do you think blacks would be forced to do?
American History , Crossing America to the west?
what are the economic policies of spanish regime during their occupation in the philippines ?
columbus had 3 ships what were their names?
What empire had the greatest impact on the development of Jewish history during the ancient period?
Which of the following was NOT emphasized in Roosevelt's 1932 inaugural address?
how can we know if people really smelled so bad in medieval times?
The origins and results of the relationship between the French and English?
What were Harold Urey's main contributions to science?
Who was the first Person to discover gold?
nosterdamus predictted that the third world war would start because of religion.lebanon and isreal maybe??????
Who build stone henge?
Who can tell me Jesse Owens's siblings from oldest to youngest?
Interesting western history articles to publish in a school journal?
Why Do Japanese make better electronics and cars than US and Europe?
My family history question?
How did residential schools affect the aboriginal culture?
Do you know who are assyrian and where they living and are there live to day?
Akbar's religious policy was typified by?
Why has the Middle East/Southwest Asia/North Africa been such a hotbed for violence for so long?
what do you think is the greatest man made invention?
who've purchased the famous book "Stompin Grounds"?
What happened to Hitlers kids?
how many people died under stalin was it 20 million or 66 million what is the true figure?
Who was the first punk?
What were you doing at famous moments of recent history?
who was alonso díaz moreno?
Perhaps Christopher Columbus already knew 'America' was there?
What besides slavery was the most important cause of the American Civil War?
why was Texas, Louisiana, and the Oregon trail considered nationalistic?
looking for native american beaded gourd shakers used in gourd dancing?
What role did the Punic Wars have in the decline of the Roman REPUBLIC?
What is militarism and how did it lead to WW1?
Pertaining to European History what was the cottage industry?
Colonial opposition to the Stamp Act was stronger than opposition to the Sugar Act because?
Why did the US stiff the French at the Citizen Genet Affair & the did the US ever settle the debt with France?
how come we only really learn about the holocaust in school?
world war one question/?
Did people back in Jesus time know what they were doing when they were having sex?
Nelson Mandela???
What was the life of a factory owner like in the 1800s? What were changes they went through?
1) How was Napolean a true son of the Revolution? 2) How was Napolean a tyrant who wanted to expand his empire?
What Amendements were passed during the years of 1845 to 1849?
i want to know my death date,place,time?
I am looking for the international trade statistics of Colonial Malaya. Or a Balance of Payments?
How could Christopher Columbus "discover" America when they were already millions of inhabitants living here?
Romans Law?
From the end of the Cold War explain how the political map of Europe has changed.?
what is colyflour?lol?
why was Hitler a vegetarian?
If Hitler took his father's advice and became a civil servant, what would happen then? Would world war happen?
What is the best gun in the world?
how do u think people were created?
what was the constitutional convention and its purpose?
Art History Homework Help True or False?!?!?
United States History help?
Does anyone belive in God and why?
Why did the NAACP take part in the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
What is alike about Sir Gawain from Sir Gawain and The Green Night.. and The Redcrosse Knight from the Faerie?
History.. 10 points to best answer...?
Why did the Armistice of 22 June 1940 divide France into two parts?
Which native Americans were mound builders?
Do you believe there are aliens in our universe?
What was the danger of John Adams defending the Redocoats in the trial for the Boston Massacre?
is it true the Jews took over Germany that what lead Hitler to kill them off cuz the jew took over?
How did WW2 influence the world of ballet?
Isn't a large portion of the world brainwashed by lies and rumours about Hitler?
i need a really interesting event between 1900-2000?? :]?
8. Describe the certain things that indentured servants were sometimes given after they were relieved of their?
history of virginia who drafted declaration of independence?
I am an eastern african lady i want to some one as a pen friend from abroad how i find it?
was Ma Rainey's Black Bottom based on August Wilson?
What does "land between the two rivers" mean in greek?
Mayan Calender 2012?
Why Did The White People Treated The Black Folks Badly, When We Are All Equal?
Did the black plague in Europe of the 14th century bring Europe out of the dark ages?
When Cleopatra was forced to marry her brother, do you think they still....?
What country influenced America the most?
how was wiliam the conqeror sucessful?
What would you tell America's founding fathers?
how did kokoda track effect WW2?
Where did Adolf Hitler go? is he Satan?
How did Aldof Hitler die?And what happned to otto frank after the halocaust?
What is the Illuminati?
Why did Hitler kill his people?
If you could live in the past, what part of historic event would you want to see?
What were the political and social change resulted from the impact of WW1?
At the end of the great depression, what did FDR do to prevent farmers from being so hurt and effected again?
Why did hitler hate Jewish people?
History 1. Ancient Greece and Rome civilization inspired people during the Renaissance period.?
Who was Anne Frank ? in doing it for a history lesson , and i really have no idea ?
Does anyone know anything about the Cold War's influence on Asia (Korea, China, etc.)?
what does belfast has to do with cromwell?
in which way were the Chesapeak society and the Carolina socitey NOT alike?
How did Germany get itself out of the Great Depression?
who is the first president of america?
during the Paleozoic era was there mountains?
What was Englands first long term long term colony and later the sources of many Scotch-Irish immigrants to th?
What kind of BS is this?
WHy do some people say that the Holocaust never happend?
Ideology in causing the chinese civil war?
During the early sixteenth century attitudes about mineral exploitation changed due to?
do you think what Hitler did etc has still have an effect on people's lives today?
Was Barbarism was better than Civilism after the Italian Invasion of Abyssinia?
What economic school of thought preceded Mercantilism in England?
why did people in other european nations view napoleon as a threat to their country?
Why did Waldo seem surprised by the soldiers attitude?
What would have happened if Britain kept the British Empire?
what does bce mean in years bc means before christ but bce?
What was life like during the time period set in the book Sos Titanic?
what are the bad things that King Louis XIV had done in france?
How could the euro debt crises effect me as a american?
Was There Nazi Propaganda In Sport?
When the sumerians migrated into mesopotamia, what happened to the native semites?
Who was the person in charge of Iran during the revolution?
If you were given a chance to go back 10 years from today, what will be the changes you'll make to your life?
What determined nobility in the late Middle Ages?
why fighting in WWI is often described by books & documentaries as a kind of "Friendly competition" ?
Was Marilyn Monroe murdered or did she overdose?
How did Judaism influence the culture in the Middle East?
Approximately what percent of the American people were unemployed during the Great Depresstion?
I Need Help On My History Homework?
How many dynasties in China's history?
how did henry VIII get divourced?
One significant event from wwll and its,effect on europe?
When is my Birthday?
In what, did the destruction of the Second Bank of the United States result?
What were some of the measures that Jefferson took to discredit Adams? How did one of these measures backf?
I am looking for Conrad Hilton's speach of Prometheus stealing fire from the gods...anyone know it?
Did Caesar Rodney Get punished for signing the declaration of independence?
What were some scientific achievements of Rome?
Jewish-German relationship before the Holocaust?
If you were asked the question "Who was the most influential individual of all time?", what's your answer?
whos the heck is conor kennedy?
who was the father of aga mulach?
Arkansas in the global arena.?
Who are the Hezbollah?
Hard Basic Geography, need the help!?
Of the 13 colonies, which was the worst? And why?
The primary focus in America that led to conflict between France and England in 1754 was?
Who were women who were killed fighting for womens rights?
who would win in a battle between the black knight vs the white knight?
where is Anne Boylyn's head?
who is the greatest military leader of all time and why?
the american dederation of labor advocated..?
scientific name for man?
What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence?
What is the history of the Lucien Piccard Watch Company, especially from 1955-1970?
Was Abraham Lincoln an abolitionist?
what factors discredited the republican party during the early 1870's?
what is name of the two mombs which droped on hiroshima and nagasaki?
Are there records of women going to college during the early 18th century in the American colonies?
How did Hitler die? ? ?
did shakespeare write plays especially for queen elizabeth?
During WWII, how much did The Allies know about The Holocaust?
What religion is bill gates?
Is it true, that the american government knew that the japanese navy was going to attack pearl harbor?
MACHINE GUNS?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
What medicines were discovered in the British Empire?
What happened 14th May 1958?
Why is religion considered the #1 cause of war?
actually what differenciate the continet from each other?
who was romeo as depicted in the william shakespeare?
Why do we exist in the world and is there a god?
Describing someone as white vs. African-American?
How long was Miss Jean Louis's "kale binge"?
Name the gigantic statue built by ganga dynasty at karnataka state in india?
Did FDR intentionally cause the attack on Pearl Harbor?
why did Hitler think it was the Jews fault that Germany lost World War 1?
an historical event that happened in the year of 1776 and 1918?
Was hitler's body ever found?
What is your definition of colonisation?
Who actually was the better person, Hitler or Churchill?
is anyone pissed for st georges day in england,i am.?
What is the history behind Everywhere I Look composed by Molly Carew?
whatwere thegoalsofthediffrentcoloniesin northamerica,andhowdidthosegoalsaffect realationswith nativesmericans
who would win??
Has anyone ever heard of the term "Harry boscoe"?
Explain Macbeth's ambitions. Was he overly ambitious or not ambitious enough? was Macbeth ruthless in his ambi?
Any new pieces of the 70 jordan metal tablets besides the ones published (see notes)?
If you could choose one person from history, and ask that person one question...?
What was the overall British situation in 1763?
Who took the treasures of the Inca lost city of Macchupicchu?
Why was the Colosseum designed the way it is?
Was Hippocrates and Archimedes before Alexander the Great's conquest?
what is the meaning of life?
how can i trace my call history?
I am looking for some matirials aboit admiral John Pol Johnse?
Why did the Kwakiutl make waterproof houses and waterproof coats?
what is the writing on the 1821 revolution monument in cancun mexico avenue?
What effect was there on Kent and Sussex after the Norman Conquest?
why did the Nazis lose the war?
what uniforms were the soviet union using before they ended.?
first world war?
who, in your opinion, was the worst dictator of all time?
When was the UN secretariat established?
Did the court use torture to get confessions at the Nuremberg trails?
Why is Christopher Columbus celebrated and Richard Amerike and Amerigo Vespucci are ignored?
whens your B-Day?
I need to make up the history of my made up country?
Thesis statement for the Battle of Yorktown?
What did Albert Einstein Invent?
Would the cold war be a world war?
Was Thomas Alva Edison hispanic?
Was Joan of Arc Schizophrenic?
can someone explain to me the sides of the vietnam war (including US) about communism ect..?
If king louis was a absolute ruler what problems might france have?
Do you think the great wall of China was pretty useless?
I'm looking for any info on Kilkenny Marble chimneypieces all over Britain mainly in the Great Houses.Help?
who was davy jones? the infamous sailor?
Which civilisation is older; German or English?
A few history questions.?
Who invaded Britain in the 5th century?
how did TWO of the following help shape American national culture in the 1920's?
in what ways were the independence movements in brazil and haiti different from those in the spanish colonies?
Why did the nineteenth-century Americans tolerate the enviromental ravages of rampant industrialization?
if u were a holocaust survivor. and Hitler was still alive today......?
how were the conquistadores heroes?
Where is the Lost Ark?
Do you think that Adolph Hitler would've been judged differently as a world leader if he didn't ->?
What happened to Emmett Till?
ho was hitler?
Unlike Qin legalist philosophy, Roman imperial law...?
What were the main historical events that happened in England in the 1800's?
why will the united states go down like the romans did?
What Are Some Major events that happened to Anne Frank While Hiding?
Did John Adams popularity make his administration more successful than Washington's?
Why did the sixties radical era die out so fast?
American History do you know this?
*** Who was Hul Gu ***?
what is a brief history of florida?
What's Good About Being British?
Why did the carnage of WW1 lead to both an acceleration of certain Progressive actions (name a couple) and yet?
History Homework...Help? The Reformation!?
what were william massey contributions to math?
Was Friar Tuck a real person?
Why did the Romans fight as they did and how could they be so successful at it?
Calling All Historians...?
did napoleon injure or wound the pope?
How did Thomas Jefferson’s contribute to public schooling.?
Best leader in American history?
heres a trivia question?
Vietnam? What started it, and why was the USA in it?
Anyone on here watched the movie 'threads'?
what languages do egyptains speak???????????????????????????????????…
what did a home cost in California in 1976?
what did oskar schindler do to help the jews?
What event in history interests you?
indian burial grounds?
Why is Hitler more villified than Stalin?
How did the treaty of Prague end the Swedish phase of the Thirty Years War?
Name the publication that shifted the colonists toward independence?
Why is gandhi father of our nation?
who was andrew jackson and what was the democratic role in the historcial shift?
Do u guys support the armenian genocide??
tell me the name of first person who born in the world?
The Eiffel Tower was the tallest building until what building was built in 1930?
Who is your favorite historical figure and why?
Possible recovery of the Titanic Victims?
Why does American and Ireland as nations get on so well ?
Why is it bad luck to break a mirror?
wut was the name of the second boom that hit Japan during world war 2?
Why did Britian support the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia?
What was the historical significance of the Boston Manufacturing Company?
How did the Scientific Revolution contribute to Modern Philosophy?
What was the religion of the ancient Empire of Ghana, also known as the Wagadou Empire?
kinships inpueblo tribes?
Why is a civil war called 'civil'?
how did scalawags change government in the south?
is there a way to trad the satanic bible fro free online?
What features did government posses during the Industrial revolution?
How did the thieves enter the museum at Canada largest art theft netted more than 2 million when thieves broke
The Cherokee Removal: A brief history with documents..?.?
What minority group was most affected by WWII?
what is the name of people with good art?
when was stonehenge constructed and by whom?
Art History Help pleasee !!?
Please explain the French Revolution!?
i need to know how the economy of the fatimid empire was.?
What were some succesful buisness's during the 1800's-1850's in New York?
american revolution bicentennial john adams coin info?
Were hoop skirts fashionable in the 14th century?
Was there a subculture similar to that of Hippies before the 1960's?
empress theodora do need facts of every thing?
How do you sell old coins of 1904,1908 and what is the coast value?
Why are Roman roads so straight?
Is it better to be a knight or a citizen in medieval times?
Failed Revolutionary Leaders?
How was the Spanish-American War of 1898 a turning point in American foreign policy?
What exactly was on the Squidgy Tape?
Will The 21st Century Have Distinct Decades?
how can i find the old english alphabet?
What were the major causes of the Revolutions of 1848 and why did the revolutions fail?
Why did the Yamasees attack English settlements in South Carolina in 1715?
Where does this fist-salute originate?
Is there any constant fight or debate for a capital city change in a country?
Who was important in the Lewis and Clark Expedition?
Which two consecutive decades were the most different?
After the soviets lost in Afghanistan war, was there any wars afterwards that they were successful atleast?
Why did nazis(hitler n al) wanted to get rid of the jews???
Where was the money during the Depression?
How did the colonists trick the Native Americans out of their land?
why was the appeasement policy attempted?
explain Canada's participation in World War I and how it led to a growing sense of independence?
I have alot of mexican friends. I won't to let them know I care about the whole immigration thing but how?
Is Israel now guilty of the same genocide it was once a victim of?
How was the National Assembly formed?
I just noticed that so many films have Jewish families or Jewish weddings or Jewish stories in them?
Good thesis statement for Alexander the Great?
What in your opinion was the lowest point of the second world war?
Why is the Weimar Republic being set up?
Why did the Spanish explorers looking for the straight of Ainian?
how old is jesse mcartney?
Was Hitler biased?
History extra credit projects?
Why do pirates say, "Shiver me timbers!"?
Why was King George II the wrong monarch at the wrong time for England in regard to its North American...?
when did india get independence?
who had the worst history, the jews or african americans?
What was the first treaty the Iroquois Indians signed that forced them to move/settle in a different area?
Why does history repeat its self?
French History Question?
Which Name For A Girl Do You Like Better? Tiki, Titi, Tulip, Tutu,Tzvi?
what is Red Sea?
were the hasdingi vandals related to the saxons please answer me back?
who holds the record for the longest fast aside from biblical scripture?
Is it easy to join Illuminati?
Who was the 15th president of the united states?
Which country do you think has the best history...?
tami island mask?
What kind of material was used for construction during the Delhi sultanate?
How did the Soviet authorities treat the Ukranian Catholic Church?
How did hitler die????
Was Hitler really supposed to die?
what are the ill effects of era of computinghas brought upon the human race?arguewhether these ill effects are
How did technology and medicine allowed the europeans to take over so much land?
Who was the overall worst U.S. president of all time besides George W. Bush?
Has any country invaded the U.S.A. this century?
How did the English defeat the Spanish Armada? Quick summary please?
Have you ever been to Europe?
what is mean of Holocaust?
According to the Passion of the Christ film Jews are directly responsible for the death of Jesus, Is this true
Do they speak english in Mozambique?
how did the african americans confront the obstacles in the 1950s?
What is the spiritual meaning behind the rocks?
how did industiralization change the united states from the gilded age to the age of progressivism?
whats the history behind russia hateing america?
Economic and Social changes for Woman in 1700-1850?
What impact did the British Empire have on India?
Who did Medieval Monks serve in the Middle Ages?
why do the British call the bathroom the Lou and we (Americans) call it the John?"?
When did U.S. History actually begin?
What were the four main countries that attemted to set up colonies in North America?
What type of bow did the Cree people use?
How much did the united states pay for the Louisiana territory?
Can you make sense of this song by the Clash, "Capitol Radio"?
What was Hannibal's impact on warfare?
When was the first time the Greeks asked for the Parthenon Sculptures back from the British government?
Who were the Hatfields and McCoys, and what is the significance of what happened at the OK Corral?
Why was property important as a qualifier for voting in British America?
Is this worth any money?
what were native americans like during the westward expansion?
how did the vietnam war shape present day america society?
What is the origin of the term "bizantine discussions"?
Britain.1939.A sixteen year-old pilot in the RAF? What would be the route to becoming a spitfire pilot in WW2?
What would happen if the first five presidents came back to life?
If Hawaii was not a state during World War II, why was the attack on Pearl Harbor against the USA?
I am named after dogs. What am I and which dog am I named after?
2012. what do you think? Mayan Calendar?
How can I go about selling an original,orthentic JOHN WAYNE signiture?
who is the greatest american?
Why did Hitler's other ball get put in the Albert Hall?
When Was Armor Introduced In Medieval Europe?
what were the goals of the Essex Junto?
what were the men like who made up the corps of discovery? what type of backgrounds did they come from?
what was the first written language?
when was Iraq invaded?
Does anyone hate Adolf Hitler?
when did colonial rule in sudan and which countries were the colonial powers?
how does desegration help us now?
Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson on foreign policy?
What important world events that occurred during the 1900's?
Question on Italian Unification?
what instruments did tchaikovsky play?
Do you believe it could be argued that Pol Pot was worse than the Nazis?
Why Do We Celebrate Bonfire Night????????
What is the name of Desert Fox during II world war ?
What is the term for quick weddings before soldiers left for ww1/ww2?
Why is the Union Jack an anachronism?
Does any mafia or mobster have influences from the Italian Renaissance?
What is one event that has recently been caused by the Plessy V. Fergusson act?
how successful were the tactics search and destroy and defoliation?
How can the American Revolution have begun before the soldiers started fighting?
if the usa was invaded by anouther country what would u do?
Did US really defeat Japan alone in WW2?
what is love?
where were you during 9/11 ?
Who would be the monarch today if the old pretender and his descendants had being the monarchs?
How did Bacon’s Rebellion contribute to the proliferation of the slave trade?
please help me with these 5 questions about the native americans?
Ben Franklin on Rev. Whitefield 1739?
can you tell me a page worth about stuff on the alamo?
What is facism?
what right did canadians gain in 1982?
Why did the Egyptians build their tombs as pyramids?
Are Aryans Germans ? Is Sanskrit an European language ? Were Ramayana and Mahabharatha of European origin?
I need help finding topics for history fair. The theme is turning points in history please respond!!?
What was Hitler's plan for invading north America?
How much was Benjamin Franklin's salary after Second Continental Congress appointed him as general postmaster?
what is a revolution, & an english civil war?
Why are the bells ringing at noon in every catholic church on the world ?
How do the American people put up with Bush?
which subject should i study at AS History?
When did the town of Krakow ,Poland first appear and from where did it trade with?
who is indian president?
what age is considered old in 1888?
Klu Klutz Clan?
What are the principle differences between the Greek (Helena) and Hellenistic Civilizations?
Who was the first president of the us?
Why did Japan attack pearl harbor?
Can you mention 5 scientist who marked the history?
Analyze and explain how the emotions of love, fear, and anger can be all motivations in war.?
Did the bombing of pearl harbor have an effect on the united states?
How did A.D. and B.C. come about and when did they occur in history?
Which time period produced the most change?
how is newton's first law of motion used on roller coasters?
how many husbands did catherine the great have?
why was Greece seen to be threatened by the Soviet Union at the start of the cold war?
What was the final out come of the battle of Pozieres?
Do you know that the Taj Mahal is in fact a Hindu temple of Lord Shiva?
discuss two different conflits or criss during the cold war era?
Did the germans mistake hitlers request for a glass of juice with gas the jews?
How did the constitution became the law in 1787?
ww2 question? Last problem I am stuck?
If you could live in any time in history which would it be?
How did the church dominate laymen in the 14th and15th centuries?
What kind of things have the Ancient Greeks given the modern world?
if Amerigo Vespucci mapped america... why did he not actually go ont he land and colonize it?
Did Adolf Hitler have a body double?
What are some important dates of Ancient Rome?
where didi the maias disapear?
did the trail of tears happen first or the decision of worcester vs. georgia?
Could WW I soldiers over 30 sign up to be drafted?
History Of Woman Engineers?
If you could go back in time...?
was hitler a good painter?
Who was the sexist president?
History help please!!?
One accomplilshment of the national vogt under the articles of confed was?
what is the history of colonial connecticut?
Why did popular sovereignty fail in Kansas?
Which two institutions of the...?
history 2 middle ages to classical?
which culture came first greese or mayan?
how did these african writers express their points?
What will bill clinton be best remembered for a century from now?
Why is the US not a member of the British Commonwealth yet it was once a British colony?
Why is Carahunge (Karahunj) in ARmenia 3,500 years older than Stonehenge?
any interesting information on the black death plague?
History of English women's fashions around 1830?
when was leonardo da vinci build his cannons?
What is the history of Maltese Jews?
What Good Came From the End of Feudalism?
what would be the traditional birthday gift for 75th birthday?
what are some of the problems associated with lack of "fit" between nations and states?
Where can I find information about the British Whigs in Parliament who supported the American Revolution?
Who wrote the Voynich manuscript?
who knows the meaning of Amusing Myself, li bai in chinese?
what are some memorials towards Lincoln?
What were Erastus Burke's accomplishments?
Who and what did Perseus do?
about famous mathematician?
What was Hitler's final solution policy?
wat is tunami?
What was so important about the aztecs?
What Empire was the most powerful in history?
History help... 10 points.. please help:}?
Who was the first African American woman to become a millionaire?
what was the social, econimical, and political climate of our country from the late 1880's- early 1900's?
Working class in the Russian Empire from 1900 to revolution?
What is the reason why the first revolution against Spain failed?
what did south africans call blacks before the term still was adapted?
why didn't Kennan sign the "long telegram"?
when was Marten Luther king born?
Did Hitler have both Jewish and African ancestry?
the Constition of the untied states of America what is it?
Anyone else who is interested in history thinks that if Henry the VIII had not?
How did the Halifax explosion happened?
Was Leif Ericson as important as Christopher Columbus?
Who killed Warren Earp, the youngest of the famous clan of gun fighting brothers, in an Arizona Saloon in 1900
Help! 2 AP US History True/False questions. Please?
How did John Marshall's decision in the Marbury v. Madison case changed the balance of power?
If Jesus was born 2000 years ago, and Adam and Eve 6000 years ago, how old is the earth?
who are the first settlers in the philippines?
what jobs did people do in the iron age?
Was Australia involded in any of these two big wars?
Did hitler ever have a wife?
How much money would it cost to fund the holocaust?
why was simon bolivar important?
Two of the three common states of matter can be grouped together. Which two states share a similar property?
Did Chris Colombus think that the world was flat?
What languages did Cleopatra speak?
What movement in literature reflected the surrealists interest in the unconscious?
Columbus first voyage seen as a turning point in history?
Which answer best explains how the leaders of Boston reacted to the Boston Massacre?
what is the origin and meaning of the name Omar?
was king louis xiv a monarchy like catherine the great?
where can i see a map of the battles that the union won during the civil war?
Who has the most fun, a city kid, or a country kid? Please explain.?