did the geisha originate in kyoto?
i have a black iron cross with the date 1939. was it from the holocust or what? And is it worth much?
When, where, and why was the stonehenge made? By whom, and for whom?
What is the backgroud/life of Barbara Tuchman, the author?
Horrible Histories, French rebel woman?
What single event, in your opinion, is responsible for the way the world is today?
I am trying to find history on any pottery signed Ana 2?
malfunctions during spanish colony in the philippines?
how long life well ex est?
What year was george washington born?
Asthma in colonial America (or rather, the 1770s)?
In the 1700s in France would the Bourgeoisie wear fancy clothes like the 1st and 2nd estate?
Who owned Hawaii's largest Sugar plantation in the 1890's?
Do you have to write a dissertation if your planning to get a Bachelor or Master in history?
Anyone know European music and art history from 1907-2000? can you direct me toward the most important things?
What was the historical significance of the Jay Treaty (1795)?
Political, Economic, and Social consequences of the Protestant Reformation?
How was the cannon an improvement of weapons used before it... why was it a technological advancement?
A couple History questions?
What is the history of the city of Twinsburg?
Compare and Contrast Cities during the Enlightenment and the Victorian era?
What is then name of the first person in history?
In the classical Mediterranean world, gender norms...?
did the mughals built the qutub minar?
Why did Kamikazi pilots wear helmets?
Genetic Map or Chart?
East and West Germany Lifestyles from 1945-1990?
How many young American men and women have died in Iraq since Sept.11,2001?
what were 2 significant punishments used in England to try to deter people away from crime?
Question about Dictators??? 10 points?
What was one of the most important consequences of the PEace of Westphalia?
In what ways were the city-states and civilizations of Africa diverse?
What was the name of the fight between pope Gregory 7 and king Henry 4?
facts about the turkish empire in 12th century?
In what present country do the hanging gardens of Babylon reside?
When did Peter Grimes die?
Who was the most important person in the history of the world ever ever ever?
Were Akbar’s military exploits successful? Explain how.?
who won the 2nd world war?
What were the benefits of the Black Death?
A Real Easy 2 Points?
To what extent did rapid industrialization shape social, political, and economic transformations in US?
what was the effects of hyper inflation in germany?
Who traded on the Silk Road BESIDES the Romans and what did they trade?
Who are the 10 greatest military generals in the world?
Is it true Betsy Ross did not sew the 1rst American flag?
What are some historical themes that deal with the "Iron Law of Oligarchy"? And what is a good modern example
Can anybody think of something nice to say about Hitler?
What is the word for the demands that black students make in regards to their fare share in educational needs?
Were did throwing money down a fountain come from?
What was the first Musical movie made?
How many children did Cleopatra have?
Excluding George W. Bush and Clinton, who was the worst president in this past century?
what the greatest event in history?
what do you think about pre -maternal sex?
Why did the Church not allow human dissection in the Ancient Times?
How can Whites justify taking over land that rightfully belongs to the indigenous Native American Indians?
Thoreau/Gandhi/Malcom X?
Which country was to blame for the Cold War?
Did aliens visit the earth in 1837?
How much did colour films cost back in the 1940s?
when was slavery, and segregation started and ended?
Roosevelt created blank which organized the shift in the economy to war production during world war two?
My husband has serial lovers, what should I do?
What centuary would 1500 be?
During the cuban missile crisis, would it be fair to say that the Soviets blinked first or the Americans?
Yalta Conference Question?
Exactly how were the Italians able to defeat Hitler at Waterloo?
when developed the first "Parliament" in Britain that had power equal with the monarchy?
Did Albert Einstein play an important role in WW2?
10 POINTS,can someone give me a brief summary of napoleon's campaign in europe?
What is/was the most powerful Empire in history?
Other than the Vietnam War, what wars has America lost?
Why did Cecil Rhodes establish the Rhodes Scholarships?
what are the dimensions of the holy mosque in mecca?
Why meaning of Hindu kush is Massacre of Hindus?
Describe how the Ayran invasions affected the Indian Culture?
what did saint patrick do?
I have a question about native American Indians?
1801- 1900???
where did the phrase "seven year itch" originate from????
why did Clay ask Biddle to attempt to re-charter the Bank of the United States in 1832 instead of 1836?
What developments were necessary for human beings to colonize all of the inhabitable world by ca. 12,000 BP?
I have to do a 3D representation of Miguel de Cervantes?
can someone tell me about Quebec and the American Revolution?
what was the french and indian war?
Why was florence nightingale's school of nursing important for the development of nursing?
Help. I need a topic for a history project. Something easy. I'm really stuck. Help?
In the 19th century, why was it important for America to trade?
What did the Greek Goddess Hera represent?
why does the media avoid the genocide of the native american indian?
Are none of you really interested in where you came from?
what is a half man half goat called in greek mythhology?
monarch is to president as knights is to ?
What happened to the pre-Indo-European peoples of Europe?
is there a book about the history of bangalore in english?
What do you think is the greatest invention of man and why?
How come in school, sometimes we do not hear two sides to the story?
68 STUDENTS REBELION . what's the real story ?
what happend in slavery?
who discovered america?
Why were women and children uses so extensively in the new factories of the Industrial Revolution?
What ideas did Montesquieu, Voltaire, and Rousseau contribute to political philosophy?
Some history questions....(?
Can you mention 5 scientist who marked the history?
When did india get independence?
Has the US ever been asked by other countries(including,but not only former colonies) to pay reparations & IF?
Does anyone really know how the Egyptians built the pyramids?
Hitler: genius or insane ??
What occupations is John Brown most famous for?
Were the Acient Greeks gay?
Who is Hitler.......?
Do you know Americans do not exist?
Quick! give me all info. u can on Prince Henry the Navigator!....?
Can you explain the symbolism in the story of Noahs arch?
Seen some WWII films - were the Nazis basically like Muslims?
What does Chip on his shoulder mean?
find arizona arrest records on D. Klaphor dob 2/1/78?
How did Mississippians react to the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860?
Life for middle classes in imperial russia?
What is 'colonial anxiety'?
As one of those days you'll never forget where you were...?
how was the printing press made?
President McKinley and Independence of Cuba Questions!?
What minor party has managed to replace one of the major parties in us history?
When did we first start using soap?
List of countries were mongols settled?
What elements of the arts could be censored during the Elizabeth period?
i have two octaganal tripod mahogany tables with leather inlay on tops i think they are maybe victorian but i?
Why did the Great Depression cause Latin American countries to improve their economic systems?
Places the Confederate's attacked in the Civil war?
Why are there more muslims in Bosnia than in Serbia?
If you could start life over, knowing what you know now, what would you change?
We're the Salem Witch Trials a turning point in history?
Who wrote the ***** National Anthem?
History Homework Help please....?
Why was the Gatling gun considered a big technological advance at its time?
What were common building materials of the 19th century?
What is the single greatest achievement of humanity?
what did hitler did that everyone hated him?
Who had it worst, Slaves or jews?
Was the Elizabethan Age/Era actually a Golden Age for average and also poor English people? Please provide?
is there ever a chance that all the Orthodox countries will become a union with Constantinople as the capital?
Question about Bismarck for history buffs?
What's your favourite quote from BBC's "The office"?
What were the Dark Ages, in a nutshell?
Which of these enabled the United States and the Soviet Union to develop nuclear-capable, long-range missiles?
are vampires also a demon?
when were kids considered adults in the mid 19th century (1800's)?
who discovered america?
Who was the first president of USA?
Who or what is the illuminati?
How did blast furnace change society?
who was more effective the detroit lions or the bush administration?
Why do lazy students think I should do their homework for them?
Can someone write me a thesis statement on Botticelli please?
Why Hindu's and Hitler's Naozis have the same symbol of ''Swastika''?
what was the cause for the britesh to live india?
Help! I Am looking for a Potential muse who lived in Indonesia in the 18th century?
How and who designed the English language?
Do you think one day that ALL people in the world will speak "American"?
Besides Osama Bin Laden, what other terrorists have been trained by the CIA?
does any body remember joe pine , and what he called kkk members?
Did Joseph Stalin have a... significant other?
What was the culture like in Rome from 750 BC to AD 500?
Who are the foreign artists that performed in the Philippines. since June 6?
Slave trade?
what was the colonists protest to the Stamp Act?
where do i find a book report or summary about Treasure Island by robert stevenson?
how did world war 2 end?
all about guru arjan dev(sikhs)?
Has anything that was written in the book of revelations actually happened?
who invented kissing?
What was the Americans attitude to heroes in the 1920's?
When do you consider, for instance, an island discovered (a) when it is seen or (b) when he sets foot on it?
Citing work that has been cited in another work?
how did the qing dynasty take control of china?
Christopher Columbus was evil?
Where can I find video clips of traditional African dance?
How slavery affects African Americans today?
The life of a slave in Ancient Persia?
What is the most significant aspect of the American Revolution?
why is the constitution sometimes described....?
Which is your favorite part of the history?
What did General Lee do after the civil war?
before Columbus, did the american indian eat chicken?
What were some of the issues that led to the war of 1812 and why was it regarded as the war for independence?
About Adolf Hitler...?
what was the global impact of slavery between 1500-1800?
When was Leonardo Da Vinci Born?
what was the indo aryan government like?
Why wasnt it a good idea for Harry Truman to drop the atomic bomb on Japan?
Where is the statue of Liberty?
Name an occupation that excisted in the old west.?
What did aztecs do?
What happened to abigail adams during the revolutionary war?
Does anyone know any facts about card?
Do you like history lessons be taught by a female teacher or make one?
if neil armstrong did not land on moon first then who did?????
What can u tell me about the Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas? 6th grade answer?
what has christianity said about islam in the ancient?
What years did WWII take place exactly?
Who lives in columbia mississippi?
who are the first people coming to Pa?
Define: Simony and Crusade?
What are some of the best books in military history?
does racism still exist today?
Religion and Piracy - The Barbary Coast?
How did colonial Boston survive economically?
Question related to Indian History! Urgent! Please Help.?
Slovenia 1991 cultural heritage destruction?
When was the 50-Star Flag adopted by the USA ?
Klu Klux Klan Formation?
How do i start an essay about a women who did something for U.S.A. i AM DOING sOJOURNER?
What did Ferdinand Magellan accomplish?
did Lord Halifax of the 1930s have many descendants live today who are involved in politics?
how many ponies died during the pony express?
WHERE can i find WWII photos online?
Why is Alexander the Great's legacy so strong?
6th grade history regarding Susan B. Anthony?
Three locations that posed a threat to the Assyrian Empire?
Anyone know any WW2 open questions?
Information about Global History?
People think I'm a nazi?
Searching for Samuel May's Pictures From Stephens County High School?
What was the culture in Europe during World War 1?
Business in the late 1800' s?
When did Jews live in Scotland?
Edmund Burke??
were hitlers human test put to sleep before the surgeries?
i'm doing a project on verona,italy during the late 1400s and the early 1500s.?
Common Sense by Thomas Paine?
if you could be anyone from history who would it be? and why?
How far were these difficulties likely to cause problems for the tsarist government in the first decades of th?
Where did the earliest civilizations tend to develop?
Which of the Founding Fathers of the united states do you think was the least reilgious?
Any one willing to agree that Russia was the main cause of the allies winning ww11?
Little red button?
Give me information about Che guvera?
US History help please?
re there more dead people in the world or more alive people?
Did you think that the world was going to end in the year 2000?
Was the death of Ophelia inspired by a real tragic accident in Stratford-Upon-Avon in the 1500's?
what is ur favorite quote in the history?
What were the effects of America being run by republicans from 1970s?
What did men do during the great depression?
What colour were the ancient Egyptians?
Who is the greatest historical figure in your opinion?
How did the United States become an overseas empire in 1898? Was this mere chance or political design?
i want a web about symbol of god?
who was the main man Ghengis Khan or Alexander the great?
How can the USA want freedom for all?
is the USA becoming the new Nazi Germany?
Hitler was a vegetarian, does this mean all vegetarians are nazis?
Am I a nerd if i like history?
What were the roles of men and women in a citizen family?
if you could be anyone famous in this world who would you be? and why?
Why is the dinosaur hoax still being taught in schools?
what was the name of this show on the history channel?
If I was elected pope during the Protestant reformation..?
How Did This Happen???
i found a piece of glass at a yard sale its date is may 30 1911 i was just wondering if someon knew its value?
How did the soviets maintain control over eastern Europe from 1945-1989?
why did Chinese build the great wall?
What was New England land like thousands of years ago?
How did the culture of the Ancien Regime reflect the social structure of french society post-revolution?
Is it possible that the Ancient Britons?
what were the major characteristics of the 1920's?
How did renaissance ideas differ from medieval ideas?
The Wade-Davis Bill suggested that the re-entry of ex-Confederate states into the Union would require?
Did religion help or hinder progress in medicine in Greek times?
What is a cool turning point in history...but was sort of recent?
Could America ever be taken over by another empire in the future?
what happened the 22 june 1948 in england or in one of their colony?
Was Hitler a good leader in your opinion?
is jesus christ was the follower of buddha ?
where can I get this movie?
What 1916 event caused major damage to the Staue of Liberty?
how were the plantations and farms after the Civil War?
Who were Julius and Agustus Ceasar and what was their impact on greece ?
After world war 2 the main rival of the u.s was?
Can anyone plz give me a summary of Anne Frank or a website that could?
Why did Private James Ryan get to go home during World War II? (Saving Private Ryan)?
I need to know everything about the first telephone?
does anyone know how much the pope gets paid?
what is special about march 2nd 1964....?
How extensively did the candidates talk about the tragedy of our assassinated U.S. Ambassador in Libya?
Please help me if you understand the MAYAN CALENDER?
who is the worst president in history?
What does the "YKK" printed on zippers mean??
Did the Constitution meet the needs of the Federalists?
Which of these sounds more interesting?
what was the harlem renaissance?
why do pigeons fly?
What was the threat from the Soviet Union in Europe during the cold war?
History Research Paper Topics?
Does any one know what the zip code for nigeria is?
How does history help one with their logic thinking?
Since the 1970's, american poerty has?
For School: I need some examples in history where a fairly free government gave its rights for protection?
Why is the Transcontinental Treaty of 1819 important to the United States?
How bad was Canada in the 19th century?
In the Crimean War, Czar Nicholas I threatens to take over part of the Ottoman Empire.?
who invented technology?
the 30's depression.history question?
Were housing shut up during the 1854 london cholera epidemic like they were during the black plague?
What would a boy in the colony of Massachusetts wear?
what things would you promote if you were king louis xiv at his time?
Cold War? Need some help!?
Who originated the notion of 'freedom'?
Chinese woman's in 1800's history?10 points?
Is the Earth flat again?
why was the open door policy adopted in 1900?
where has a village been flooded to make a reservoir?
why don't people focus more on the good things hitler tried to do like universal healthcare, jobs for the poor?
When did the counter-revolution at the time of the French revolution begin and when did it end?
where can i find a site about the history of the phoenician?
who was William Throsby Bridges?
who were the major leaders in wars of phillip II spain vs. netherlands?
Anyone knows the contact of chinese antique appraisers in singapore or how to sell chinese antique in S'pore?
were there riots about the homophobia bill in Uganda?
what was unique about the religion of the jewish people?
was the battle of britain the most crucial battle in history?.?
16th century houses...?
I'm looking for meanings of some pictures on vases found in greece?
what is charlemagne's failures?
Who did the 1930s isolationists get their support from?
what methods did Charles Finney use to improve American life?
Whats the story to the Lilydale path in Minnesota?
Where and when did the concept of total war originate?
When were Australian 1 and 2 cent coins removed from circulation?
What are the pictures of kings in cartoons called?
Are there any shows on Discovery Channel about the Revolution?
What the was the biggest road block to understanding the universe during the Scientific Revolution?
can you answer this question before I have finished typing it?
Can anyone tell me more about this coins?
What were H. Ross Perot Jr. and Jay Coburn the first to circumnavigate the globe in?
Did yellow people ever enslave anyone?
why America? why was the new wold call America?
Does it create a division or a unity in the nation?
What are some good ways to study for a test?
Why do the Wealthy American's hire Nanny's from other Countries?
Does anyone really know how the Egyptians built the pyramids?
How do I get an alliance with the United States?
what is the history if the bible used in the inauguration of president barak obama?
what type of buildings does Einhard tell us charlemagne particularly took under his care and insisted ?
who was U.S. president in 1879?
How did Ulster differ from the rest of ireland?
How did they survive?
how many jews did hitler really kill becasue i think hey exaggareted the numbers?
Was Jesus a terrorist of his time?
what is ur expectation of life?
Which people lived in fear of the KGB?
which physical feature may i have based on ethnic background?
Titanic experts?
i need info on "lorenzo de medici"?
What was England's main religion during the rule of James I?
What was innovative about Carnegie's management of his factories?
please help!! america in the 1920s....?
Is it right that history repeats ?
Why did men join the war?
Is the year 2012 the end of history of world ?
Why did Hitler claim that Rhine, Austria, and other areas in Europe actually belonged to Germany?
Quick facts about famous people in history-->s reward!!?
how can i find websites that have history archives on the town i used to live in when i was a kid.?
What did people do when they were at Fort Laramie when traveling on the Oregon Trail?
who was the female that fought for black peoples rights?
Why did jesters always wear little shoes with bells on their toes??
Why does the USA refer to itself as "America". Isn't this a bit cocky?
Why was general haig & the Somme a cause of World War One?
which was first to form Egyptian or mesopotamia civilization?
what were major political and economic factors of the russian empire?
what is the main reason why there was an American Civil War?
how did life change after the great depression during the past?
Where can I find pictures of Ceasar Chavez?
why was paul robeson famous?
Where can I find a re-created modern "The School of Athens"?
Ideas about how the american flag has image on our society?
Who are Bandidi and Camilla?
How many hundreds of years did Turkey(ottoman empire) rule Armenia?
When was the war of 1812?
Info on West and East Germany Lifestyles?
What is money made up out of?
What events occured before and after Caesar's lifetime?
If you could go back in time, Who would you like to meet?
Why did countries in the west hate Communism so much?
who are some modern day famous greeks who contribute to society?
How will George Bush (the junior one) go down in history?
What do people think that The Loch Ness monster is?
french revolution-voltaire?
how far the human race is from extinction?
HELP PLEASE How much was farmland in the 1800s?
How did mongol tribes defeat the technologically advanced song china? Did mongols have that much resources?
What did you like about the Soviet Union?
what is the texture of tattoos?
What would have happened if America lost the war of Independence?
where is jennifer lopez now?
Town in Ancient Macedonia (5). P - D - A?
Why has Germany been forgiven for the Holocaust when the WWII generation is still alive and well?
what did joseph stalin change while russia was under his control?
What was the louisiana purchase?
was Greek language among the candidate languages for the official language in the USA?
During the early 18th century, colonial assembles?
Where Japanese soldiers in ww2 trained for urban warfare?
pls i need a writeup on architecture without architects?
Why did the Native Americans smoke pipes?
How did the Plessy v. Ferguson case affect race relations in the U.S for the next 60 years?
how did the missouri compromise lead to the civil war?
Do you wish Trotsky was still alive?
who is a famous hispanic woman who had died?
**WWI debts...August 1, 1922, this BRITISH NOTE?
in what country in europe did the name clovis originate?
what is the meaning of noi?
Why do (most) southerners believe they won the civil war?
when did the german gas attack ypres begin?
What was the term used to describe the end of world war two in Europe?
titaness Metis costume?
Is this a bad thing machiavelli?
if slavery began in 1619, why did it take 200 ?
The fortress of Masada?
Puritan Superstitions?
how i can found love and best friend from your site and make relationsheep?
What are the names of some of history's most famous horses?
Who was Andrew Johnson?
screen printing originate?
Careers of the Italian Renaissance?
Why are men drafted in wars but women aren't?? Are men seen as not important?
Did hitler have any good in him?
What was Stalin: communist, socialist, or what?¡?¡?
Describe and explain the influence of republican ideals and thinking on american life from 1776-1860?
Which of the following was a weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
why were slaves used in the 1700s?
Would Jesus have spoken Hebrew or Aramaic?
What are 2 major historical events in Austria that happened in the last 300 years?
What steps did some nations take to avoid becoming involved in the Cold War?
Do you believe that ILLUMINATI still exists?
A few questions for AP world history?
Does anyone know the actual history of America and Americans?? who they are and from where they came here??
How the "building boom" in the 1980s differed from the one in the 1920s or 1950s?
i want to a list of all american president?
Which of the following government officials had no power in Japan?
I have an April 1910 $10 Large Note from the Austin National Bank Value?
Which one of the following is not a source of conflict between younger and older workers?
How does the ww1 armistice compare with the Korean War Armistice?
Is it true Hitler was Austrian and not German at all?
Need some info about History of Whitehall, Ohio!?
how did karl marx arrive to this conclusion? "capitalism would dig it's own grave"?
describe the events that saleiman I set into motion for the ultimate destruction of the ottoman empire?
Events leading up to the Tennis court oath ?
What if Hitler had successfully invaded in England?
I heard a few weeks ago that Columbus didn't discover america.who did?
What are the benefits of the Civil War on America?
I need the kalupi by benjamin pascual?
Name ALL popular people, who were here in New France?
can anyone tell me anything that stalin contributed to russia???
‘How far do you agree that the 1905 Revolution was a revolution without revolutiona?
Leopold Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor?
what was significant about the 1910 influenza virus?
Why did the Anti-Federalist insist on a Bill of Rights?
analiysing sources in history, help plz?
The President that Transformed our Country?
What are good holocaust movies that are based on true stories?
Was the World War One magazine the Bystander produced by the British government?
ok so i was looking in a paper from 1890's and saw ad for slave likewives. what is this does anyone know?
Did Hitler like albino people?
Do you think that what happened to Private Harry Farr is right?
how was the west transformed economically and socially during the Civil War?
URGENT!! What did Trudeau do that changed laws or politics globally?
please help me with the history question?
Spain was ruled by an Islamic State. For how many years? How widespread was interbreading?
What where some important details George Washington did as commander-in-cheif?
Who is greater? Christopher Columbus or Neil Armstrong?
Who was the greatest General of all time?
My friend said he travelled through time?
where did Coretta King died?
Hey! Who read my book?
Why was Confucianism popular with early Chinese dynasties?
where did john c calhoun grow up?
Can you rely on Wikipedia...?
Is the country were you were born considered to be your homeland?
How Do Surnames Come About?
Asap : World History - How did the enlightenment inspire the American Revolution? 10 points?
What were Che Guevara's real intentions?
What were the responsibilities of priests in ancient india?
Does any body know the reasons that made U.S win World War II?
How was Henry Clay's American System a plan to help the country?
mongol threat in india?
Platonic Dialogues & Cultural/political features of Athens?
How does Westernization happen?
do the homes and buildings in the last samurai reflect the history of the time period?
Expansion of Democracy in the US?
In your opinion, who is history's worst dictator?
Canadians, was Stephen Harpers apology to the First Nations necessary?
why is andrew jackson on the $20 bill? why is the white house on the back?
History homework Hitler, Nazi's ect?
Can anyone help me gather information on medieval funerals? PLEASE!?
Can somebody tell me a quote that deals with american history?
Ancestry.com important (10 points)?
why did hitler have the double cross written on his armband?
william marbury's biopgrhaphy'?
What environmental groups spoke for the environment at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution?
Do you think the only reason Winston Churchill was so great because he had American blood in him? His mom was?
two questions?
did france actually ever win a war?
Is it true ''Hitler'' was a vegetarian?
Where might I find information on the true story behind the movie "In Pursuit of Honor"?
In February, 1943, Field Marshal Friedrich Paulus surrended the Germany Sixth Army at the city of __________ o?
What US city is recognized as the oldest in settlement and is still there today?
Does anyone know what the deal is behind the Da Vinci Code?
Did nurses have dog tags in the Vietnam War?
mugabe is not the problem.The Western country are the real proble True or false?
of what important is egypt to nile?
Why did Queen Victoria always say"We are not amused?"?
How come Nazi Germany wasn't able to conquer England?
In what respects were colonized people more than victims of colonial conquest and rule?
The major contributions of the Yuan dynasty include?
who shoted to mahatma ghandi?
what message did the Gettysburg Address communcate to our war-torn nation in 1863?
How would someone living in 1890's Connecticut talk?
why does the orange order still march today?
what is Siege of Acre?
how did mccarthyism effect society in the us?
Raising the United States Flag upside down what does it mean?
Despite the horrific working and living conditions of the broad?
how do i get rid of ice cream headache?
Can we make anonther Taj Mahal ?
When did newton born?
Have you ever looked up and looked at the moon on a clear night, and felt truly "connected” to the billions..?
Who ivented the penis?
Why did Africans become the best workers when other slaves had died out?
Future of the world? Second Great Depression? WW3? Another American Revolution?
A market revolution was stimulated in the United States in the 1820 and early 1830s by all of the following..?
I am looking for historical info and pictures of the Buella Villa Hotel in Sulphur Well, KY??
find me:- i am going to die in 11 days. i wont come into your life goodbye?
Was there ever a confrontation between the Spanish and Eastern armies?
why did columbus have to wait untill after the reconquista to start his voyage?
Your thoughts on Sept 11th?
Who fought the battle of Saratoga?
Will Ireland ever be united?
Qué hizo y quién fue Roller Blade?
If you could observe any day in the past, but not change anything, when and where would you go?
Who is the most famous and well known person in hstory?
what is this item? world war 2?
who were the top two u.s. military leaders in the pacific theater of operations?
What do you think historians will say about George W Bush presidency in 50 years time?
How did nullification relate to tariffs in the early 1800's?
If you could choose anytime in history to live your life, when would it be?
In what year was an Australian man to make history for the greatest aussie invention?
D-Day was the largest sea-born blank in world history?
Where (place, not city or state) was old Tricky Dick Nixon when he made the "i am not a crook" speech?
which came first, Architecture or Medicine, in history?
Is there a documentary series that can show me battles from a strategic viewpoint?
what is the most intersting historical moment in U.S. history?
whats the schmelzer history?????
How can the USA want freedom for all?
what secret society did jacques sauniere belong?
something interesting about Renaissance?
Did the United States armed forces include 15 and 16 year olds during World War 2?
Who invented the lawl face?
What do you think that has happened....?
How did John Locke affect the Revolution of his time?
What is one thing very unique about Hitler?
How is it that we got the notion that a day is only 24 hours?
Is it really possible to learn from history?
who invented the printing press?
pre-Columbian (before 1492) South America. The Inca have just conquered your territory. As leader of this con?
how did the economic crisis contribute to the decline of the roman empire?
Opinions on President Kennedy's death?
How does Jesse Hawley think the Erie Canal should be funded?
"A Prisoner of Honor" Movie question! Its about the Dreyfus affair in European History?
What influences did Ralph Waldo Emerson & Henry David Thoreau have on the movement?
World War I is considered a war whose gains were overly anticipated and losses not foreseen. Is this correct?
What U.S. president, when handed a Romanian flag with a hole burbled: “Thanks for the poncho”?
y did leonardo paint mona lisa?
Examples of something good & bad happened to countries because they depend on some other countries?
Where do your Ancesters reigh from?
what do you know about principalities and powers?
hcs sample paper of history?
Why Ronald Reagan called Soviet Union an evil empire?(Please give your answer in detail)?
What caused the 'encirclement' of Germany by hostile powers?
what was the legislative assembly?
Time Machine??
how did rocky mountain spotted fever get it's name?
Do you know alot of the American Revolution? Could you answer these questions please?
Did Malaysia wipe out communism in Singapore after the merger?
When was the balaclava introduced to America.?
What was the reason of World War 2 ?
Historically speaking; how similar is Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler?
What was cattle herding influenced by?
In your opinion, which is worse: The Holocaust or 9/11?
how did the growth of slavery affect farmingin south carolina and georgia?
Why facism and communism(the major ideological alternatives to liberal democracy in 20th century Europe)fail?
How did shays' rebellion change people's opinions about the articles of confederation?
If the American Indian had remained as the main culture?
California History Help?
What are the 15 most important events of the American Revolution in order.?
what are the historical circumstances on african american armed forces (1940's-1950's)?
Were the IRA freedom fighters or terrorists?
Slavery never became the foundation of the northern colonial work force because:?
who was the leader of the anti-British feelings in Boston and helped state the committees of correspondence?
how many graves per acre in a cemetary?
what is the english of 春秋戰國?
How did John Locke’s concept of a social contract play a role in the fight for independence?
help with yorkshire ripper please answer!!?
How did in the 1920 cars change things in the usa?
what are some contributions of the byzantine or muslim civilizations?
How long did India fight for Independence from British rule?
How many years are there in a "four score and seven"?
who came with the idea of sex and when was that?
COLD WAR: How many flights did the British fly into Berlin during theAirlift,and what air corridordid they use?
Harlem renaissance?
Title ideas for a thesis on the Communist Party of China?
Magna Carta vs. Charter of Liberties?
Looking for antebellum designs for dresses during the war between the North and South?
Who has seen "the patriot"? If so may you answer these questions?
What happened to Alexander’s empire after his death?
Any facts about Chinese Exclusion Act???
I need major help on my history of photography project... i'm totally stuck :'(?
WOW !!!!! I need a little help on this one?
What factors caused the Aboriginals to be hunters and gatherers, rather than farmers and herders?
How long did the battle of Waterloo last?
can someone explain the columbian exchange?
How many countries are there in Africa?
Is anybody alive who survived Titanic?
what year did these events occur?
where did the titanic sink?
All of the following comments about the international situation during the American Civil War are true except?
how did the era of the industrial revolution start?
The Treaty of Fort Laramie, in which the U.S. government gave control of a large part of the plains to....?
what famous document did john hancock sign?
Who thinks Charles Dickens is a nonsense writer?
what do u think that why the victorian bushfire was so bad?
Is it true that once we pass away that we are born back again?
If Evolution Was Discovered During the Time of the Greeks, Do You Think Christianity Would Be as it is Now?
What can each province give/offer by joining confederation?
what wages did men and women in 1899?
What are some inventions of the last 50 years?
If hitler came back to life what would you do?
crufixion, the nails. would like some history on the nails used for Jesus's crufixion?
What's an example of a scientist in history who was told he/ she wasn't meant for his/ her field?
Which of the following steps did President Ronald Reagan take in an effort to end the Cold War?
Who is more rich...American beggars or Indian High class?
history of kamal khan building ownership bhindi bazar mumbai?
when christian era stated in kerala india?
Who won todays debate and what were the main points?
what were the events that led to the making of the edict of nantes?
Who is a famous American that everyone would know just by their initials?
what was the first skyscaper?
Hi. What was the smelliest thing that people used to throw at you if you were in the stocks?
how did hitler take advantage of situations in allowing fascism to rise to prominence.?
If Hitler had invaded Britain during WW2,what do you think the sequence of events might have been?
how did ramsis ii die?
what was the purpose of putting Jews in camps?!?
Evidence Please Help.!?
Was Emile Francois Zola(1840-1902) unhappy in love and cried?
POLL Do you remember>>>9/11<<< I Will, Forever ?
Who was the first queen in the United States?
What do you think Benjamin Franklin meant when he said Lighthouses are more useful than churches?
what was the first skyscaper?
what is history??????
what was the significance of alliances in WW1?
Who was the first modern republican?
Was the dropping of the atomic bomb a military necessity during WWII?
Why did Kip Kinkel choose to kill his father silently?
was the confederate government effective?
what is the name of the Greek God of the sun?
How did nationalism manifest itself in Turkey and India during the early 20th century?
why is the napoleon era named after napoleon?
How did Great Britain take such a commanding lead in the Industrial Revolution?
Help from someone who lives in/knows Rome. Romantic treasure hunt for boyfriend in September?
What cultural, economic, and political factors of the North and South caused the Civil War?
Summarize:How did democracy arise in ancient greece?
To what extent is it justified to characterize the industrial leaders of the 1865-1900?
WWII Yugoslavia: why did the West Allies support Tito and not the Chetniks?
the richest empire in the world was belong to which country?
What role does Hollywood play during WWII, The Cold War, and today?
any info about bedrikhan family,,history???
What inventions have scottish people invented?
Do you know historical things?
Antar's books of poetry were for whom?
What effect did the Dawes Plan have on the economy of postwar Germany?
What is your favorite WW II fighter plane?
whene was american girl building constructed in?
what are the blackface minstrel shows?
Helpppppppp? Long essay?
The conference that kept Czechoslovakia independent but placed Sudetenland under German control?
when was the model 1911 colt pistol invented?
From a military technology point of view, what was the significance of the battle of Crecy?
Why did the national assembly want to have scheduled Estate meetings during the French Revolution?
During WWII, how much did The Allies know about The Holocaust?
Why did william win the battle of hastings?
i have old documents and letters addressed to lords dated 1600,Do the have any value?
How many wars has the Roman Empire been involved in?
What are German children taught about Hitler and WW2?
Hitler also did good things.?
Congress of Vienna!!!! PLEASE HELP IF YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS!!?
To expand its membership in the 1920s,the klu klux klan engaged in what?
Hitler holocausted 6million?
NEED TO KNOW A NAME- a writer who lived in the same time as shakespear. his goal was to die at 30.?
why was slavery the cause of the civil war?
What advantages did the English have during the First Industrial Revolution?
What is the most important lesson we should take from history?
Was there a world war before world war 2?
Who were Clarence Darrow's main supporters in the Scopes monkey Trial? and why did they support him?
What is the name of indian coin?
what was Englands first long term long term colony and later the sources of many Scotch-Irish immigrants to th?
What is England's greatest contribution to civilization? Plantagenet royals, Shakespeare, Bacon, John Lennon?
If Britian was Nuked by a Country like Russia, China or France would America Help us?
Did Hitler have any brothers or sisters? Are there any living relatives of Hitler?
Social Studies Questions for my Bro?
US History Help! Help me.?
I need some websites on what people took on the ship when traveling to the New World?
if not now, when?
Christopher Columbus was evil?
who would you say are the top 5 American Presidents in history?
what did louis pasteur invnet?
why are african americans called african americans, when 90% of em have never been to Africa?
whatever happened to Stanley Tookie Williams?
What were the Succeses and Failures of the Weimar republic?
What was 'romantic" about the final phases of frontier settlement, and what was not?
How can I find the biography of Kungfu master in Ching dynasty such as Huang Fei Hong,Ten Tigers etc...?
What do these food items stand for in Christian art?
Hitler...why didn't someone assassinate him like Kennedy or Gandhi?
Cruelest Dictator Alive?
The main occupation of early Aryans of Rigvedic age was-?
how did jefferson and adams differ in their views about government role in socieity?
who knows a talent discoverer ?
What was the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and what events led to its passage?
Is there any historical Proof to Moses and The Ten Commandments?
how do i get instsent messenger on .com?
How did men in the Elizabethan times treat women?
Is it true that the Roman soldiers were not allowed to eat meat? if so,,, why?
What democratic ideals did we inherit from the Greeks and Romans?
What is going on in Spain? How did the crisis all start?
What act by George Washington stunned the world?
When was toiolets and plumbing invented? What did people do before that?
When did the titanic sink and what time did it sink?
Who is an interesting European person who is still alive today?
what did Wichitas wear?
Looking for an awesome history of the world book?
who was the first to play jazz music?
How were the incinerators/furnaces ignited in Nazi war camps?
Skakespeare and the bubonic plague?
Why is germany known by so many different names? Alemania in spanish, & french, deutchland in germany, etc.?
Who did Otto von Bismarck not target?
question regarding the Boston Tea party...?
what tribe is the most famous among the tribes of the world?
Why were jews killed on the holocaust?
What do you know about number 22?
Why do apologists claim that Adolf Hitler was admired by most of the Western World prior to the war?
Is history a lie told by liers before us? How do we know for sure?
Tell me one of the unique/coolest facts that you know about the United States of America.?
why did the holocaust happen?
Which is the old capital of Pakistan?
What are the names of people who fought in work war 2 with Patton?
What would you like your epitaph to be?
Do you expect that humans moving from the latter modes to a civilization would need to make adjustments to the
The Holocaust?
Are memories real?
WWI question?
Why were homosexuals treated so badly during and before the 1950's?
Why were the women painted back in history on the heavier side?
Why does the Australian Flag have the union jack on it ? ?
Soviet Union in 1917- The aim and failure?
I wonder if CHRIST was born after MOHAMMAD,would He been able to become CHRIST?
what is buffer state?
Do you think think that the United States should have gotten involved in the Vietnam War?
Facts about Jacques Cartier?
Why was there little technological advance in Subsaharian Africa?
Did the French colonise Louisiana and what happened with the Spanish?
How did America help non communist forces in the Chinese Civil War?
the rhythm, meter,harmony, tempo, dynamics, mood of Handel "for unto us a child is born"?
Where can I find a good online reference on dinosaurs with images?
Who / What are the "Thinite Kings"?
why does the U.S. dollar bill have a pyramid on it?
Which country do you think might be the next "most powerful country" in the world?
what is the key ideologies of communism, marxism and stalinism?
Do u think that Hitler was right in his mind for what he did to the jews...?
Has the sun finally set on the British empire?
Another question about Pte Harry Farr...!?
American idoll question??????????
Ancient Egyptian Architecture and Society?
Earliest records of falconry?
What would happen to a slave who could read and write in the 1400s?
im trying to find out about a US ww2 hat pin some one gave me can you help?
The corses of world war 1?
Western or traditional?
Why was virginia an important place during the revolutionary war?
which key rulers and events shaped the Gupta Empire?
Any good ideas for a AWESOME Timeline?
whats a major historical event?
What exactly were the crusades all about & what caused them?
How was wealth viewed by each city-state? (Athens)?
Mary Tudor History question?
what was the violation of the 1791 treaty made by the U.S?
What happened to most ethnics groups in the U.S. during World War II?
Why were presidents allowed to have slaves?
Can you show me a picture of cleopatra's tomb?
RACISM started in U.S??
Why has Germany been forgiven for the Holocaust when the WWII generation is still alive and well?
Who controlled the Mississippi River in 1861- the Union or the Confederacy?
When was Indira Gandhi killed ?
what is 1 example of Indian Nationalism?
Who portrayed Kimberly Wallace (20-year-old) in "My Best Friend's Wedding" (AD 1997) ?
During Mao's 'Great Leap Foward', why did all the steel China produced, illegitimate?
what was the purpose of japanese castles in feudal times?
what cause the spanish territory to diversify their economy?
have you ever listened to rage aginst the machine?
Who built the wall seperating the Romans from the Barbarians in England?
What invention was the best ever?
what lessons can we learn today from the Holocaust?
What do you think Louis XVI's thoughts would be on the French Revolution?
how many times did Aeschylus win a prize?
Why was Palestine awarded to the Zionist Jews in 1948 by the UN Partition plan?
Why did Khrushchev decide to place Soviet missiles in Cuba in the Cold War...?
how did hatshepsut die?
history question?
What is one fun fact about Charles Darwin?
Upon becoming President, Theodore Roosevelt attacked certain powerful businesses by... ?
Why did Hitler kill himself?
I trying to find out about a painting that possibly is called "Blue Boy".I just want to know the history on it
when did..............?
What would Machiavelli say about Robin Hood?
why did lincoln say nation instead of union?
The first European power to establish a colony in Arabia was?
What would the first interaction between the Indus Valley Civilization and the Aryans be like?
In what ways did the constitutio0n strengthen the central government?
Compare the British conquests of South Africa, Egypt, and Sudan?
What made Hitler such a great leader?
Bread and Circuses help?
What was 26th January, now observed as Republilc Day, originally observed as?
i have a watch fob it reads"to the company of dusty miller.holbeck ward 1902"any ideas what its origins are?
What ar some names of american minuitemen of the colonies?
info on raymond robins?
Rosette Stone essay help (three points to reflect upon)?
In which american city was the international society for krishna consciousness originally registered in 1966?
Why did the patriots not support the british government on the stamp act?
Pope Gregory the Great was responsible for all of the following except?
Why did Guy Fawkes attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament?
How does Newton's 3rd law apply to soccer?
did the 53rd batallion in ww2 deserve the poor reputation?
Did the people in Britain have to pay taxes for the French and Indian War?
Andrew Jackson political cartoon?
What was the effect of the Holocaust on the Jewish people?
what was the most common man's name in the 1950's?
Is Police Educatiion exactly the same with Criminology?
If you could briefly change places with a historical figure, who would it be? Why? What would you do?
if you best friend was killed and you know what the person look like that did it what would you do?
what currency of money was used in the 1700s in America, Spain, and Britain?
Pope Alexander VI?? FAST!!!!!?
When was Legalism Founded?
What is the importance of the Children's Crusade?
What was the main event during the devonian period?
What is "druid Time"?
how did the states desire for a weak central government reflect their fears and uncertainties about the govern?
from where "The Taliban" originated and how they were treating people in Afghanistan prior 2001?
Anyone know a good headline for The great Depression?
Henry V111: Wolseys failed domestic policies?
Question the whole "God had a wife" fad in Biblical archaeology.........?
Who is the greatest person of the past millenium?
The Great Compromise settled one important issue at the Constitutional Convention, how to?
what did the pompeii looked liked?
What kind of world it would have been if there was no WW2.?
what is kathakali?
Which is the first book printed in the world?
Today, why would one call Adolf Hitler the "greatest man in history" or even a "great man" at that?
Who in your opinion was the most ruthless person in history ?
seven wonders of the world?
Help with Regency England history?
Why do you love history?
What was the social Upheaval in the middle ages?
Do the Caucasians have everything?
Did the Proclamation Act prevent colonists from moving into Ohio?
What is the history of brazilian foods?
question about slave families?!?
Why was raphael a significant figure?
the causes Europeans and Americans to enslave Africans?
Carmen Winstead real?
1. Who is Sir Philip Hampton of RBS PLC London? 2. Is there any account name as Dr Justin Yak with Rita Yak?
Was the Battle of Thermopylae a waste of 300 lives?
How did the queen of england end up getting higher status than the king?
If Anglo-Saxons came from Schleswig-Holstein, would not then the English be actually German?
Books about Chernobyl?
why is there no indian holocaust or slavery museum in the USA?
Can someone tell me the Islamic conquest in a nutshell?
who is my ancestor and can i get a picture of them?
What Native Americans were on the California Trail?
Overall, what tone and figurative language did writers use when writing during the Harlem Renessance?
Can anyone tell me what the origin and the significance of the hitler salute was in the second world war?
Was Hitler correct in some of his ideas?
What type of king was William the conqueror?
to what extent were canada's first nations population better off before european contact.?
Could someone please explain the trench warfare?
Name of Greek king who killed his father and married his own mom?
Should we thank the russians for fighting the germans and not surrendering?
Why din't the Germans try to stop the nazis?
Who can tell me the lyrics of the songs Henry VIII wrote?
Who were the most influential politicians/leaders of the twentieth century?
Why are there 50 stars and 14 stripes on the american flg?
How did the policies and actions of countries outside the region influence the Wars of Emancipation in?
Who invented flags and what's the actual point in them?
Why do so many people believe the ancient Egyptians were black skinned?
When did World War 1 start?
Will Mary Pope Osborne write more books of Magic tree house?
What were the major consequences of World War One?
How did 'dollar diplomacy', more American investment and trade with Latin America, help the US increase its?
What treaties and agreements aided in the expansion of the United States?
What is the meaning of the name yara?
Does Hitler Have Any Descendents Alive Today?
why did ann frank have to get killed?
What impact did the Corn Laws have on the economy?
What negative impact did the Roman Empire have on Britain?
Did God really create life, or were we created by nature.?
How did Carnegie and Rockefeller created their fortunes?
what is the difference between the western roman empire and the eastern roman empire?
Write what you know about the following events and ideas and how they shaped history.?
After the defeat and withdrawal of the German Afrika Korps in 1943, the Allies next attacked the island of ___?
Are we really going to dien in year 2012?
what are the short and long term effects of the industrial revolution?
What is a famous case of massacring?
Who was the better general during the Vietnam War?
How many people really believe in GOD?
How did Progressive's attempt to achieve their goals?
What factors caused the french and Indian war?
i have a german handgun from ww2 is there a way to find out who it was assigned to?
Guns, Germs, and Steel question?
Which one of the following personalities regarding Adolf Hitler is true?
What are the similarities and the differences between Medieval China and Medival Japan?
What US president is this?
Compare the United States removal of tribes east of the Mississippi River to its attempted removal of tribes?
Who are the founders of the IRA?
When and where did 12 years of schooling originate?
What materials were used in ancient greece?
What was the real height of Adolph Hitler?
town meetings and colonial assemblies had what result?
Was Adolf Hitler a genius ?
Briefly explain how racial tension and prejudice played a key role in the earliest anti-narcotic legislation?
Censorship. Why do governments BURN books instead of simply tearing them up or something else? Why BURN tks?
Was adolf hitler a good person?
Compare and contrast the government of maya and aztec?
Military history (World War II)?
who is the winner of last arab Israel conflict? hizbullah or Israel?
AMERICAN REVOLUTION please help :((((((((?
How did the Tatars rule over the population of Russia? how compared to "The Normans" in England?
history questions about the founding of america?
How can I tell if my 1877 Indian head penny is real?
Do you think new technology will ever end?
Who wrote the Mahabharata?
What was the fastest land vehicle in WW2?
Why were young people angry in the 1950's ?
why dont American schools teach American history anymore?
Did the holocaust really happen?
how has federalism changed from 1790 to present 10 POINTS FOR FIRST RIGHT ANSWER?
i need information on an emporer from spain named maximiliano escobedo? or did he even exist?
HELPP WITH POSTER. Clever thinkers needed.?
Which areas did Gregory Blaxland explore?
Contexto sociopolítico del siglo XV Descubrimiento y conquista del territorio Américano Caida de los imperios?
who is the greatest king in history?
What was the Clayton-Bulwar treaty, and who signed it?
In what ways was the US different in 1877 as contrasted with 1777?
Why do we need to learn history?
Why did Islamic Empire spread/move to the East instead of the West?
How much is a mana of silver?
what was the name of the pilgrims first ship.?
Trade in the Holy Roman Empire?
Name the current vestiges of the Cold War?
What was so important about the pope crowning Charlemagne "Holy Roman Emperor"?
Was the Norman Conquest a turning point on the lives of the English people?
what was not a reason immigrants came to the US?
How much of a hero is this man?
Can anyone help identify this coin, found in the back garden?
Since Jesus was born in Bethlehem (which is in Israel)...?
Did Albert Einstein have half a brain?
Who invented the internet?
How far was the growth of the American economy in the period 1890-1914?
What is the name of the French Emperor whose final battle was Waterloo?
In the feudal system, do you think knights ever felt conflicting loyalties?
Who was Charlemagne? What was his contribution to education?
Features of Rule for Islamic Civilization?
world war 2 and japanese occupation?
which secondary school subjects you dislike most?
Is the renaissance and the scientific revolution in the same time?
who was the one of the foremost impressionist as well as the truest to the style?
Who first had the idea of Fire Insurance?
At what age did Adolf Hitler turn evil?
Civil rights activists targeted segregation in interstate transportation?
how has the american dream changed through history?
who was the first female vice president in the USA?
What was the Golden Age of Islam?
How did Martin Luther become a priest?