What are some nonviolent movements in history that failed?
What were the causes and results of : Puritan Revolution,Glorious Revolution, 1830 rev. in belgium, and more?
from 3rd century C.E. to 2012 is how many years?
What is alot about chinese History?
what is the difference between bacchelor and master degree?
How did the Crusades lead to the "Age of Discovery"?
I heard on TV that Adolf Hitler could have escaped in a submarine and lived in another country?
What is the mayflower compact?
Why did Mussolini allow the king of Italy to keep his title?
Where did Racist Science originate from and what was the purpose of it?
how long did isis rule?
Questions about Founding Brothers book?
What is the propertied class in England during the industrial revolution?
How old is the Ashanti Tribe?
what where some strange vehicles used during the australian gold rush?
Where did the term "bastard" originate?
The Holocaust Overall?
How much freedeom of movement did citizens of Ancient Athens have? Could they move to a different city-state?
Does multicuilturalism strengthen America's identity?
Why did Pearl Habor happen?
Question about Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day?
What impact did America have on the progress of world war one?
Canadian national exhibition history?
Why was it honorable for Japanese warriors to kill themselves with swards, but dishonorable for them to live?
What is the name of the painting that has a guy with a suprised look holding the sides of his face?
What did spain lose as a result of fascism?
what empire/nation did the most for the world?
Titanic Boarding Passes?
Can I get a history of Frederick II (1194-1250) reigns?
I am trying to build a model of Auschwitz Camp so any help with best place to get materials etc would be great?
What was president James Monroe term like?
questions for an interview for a historical research paper on the Broadway hotel and tavern?
Was Cleopatra 'black'?
What is Zinn’s main point (thesis) in chapter 3—“Persons of Mean and Vile Condition”?
Was Walter Rodney a Marxist?
Does Napoleon Bonaparte?
Please Help Me Identify This Plaque? Puritan/Colonial (Paul Revere?) Trumpet and FIRE?
What is the legacy of Roman law?
When did Sir Walter Scott write "Ivanhoe"? and what time it is set in and what it is about?
what was an effect of the expansion of the NAACP on civil rights in the 1940s?
how was New Hampshire created?
what is the reason that Pope John Paul was shot several years ago?
because it this good friday does the mail go?
COMPARISON BETWEEN " Bridge at Villeneuve" by Sisley Alfred & "The garden at pontoise" by CAmille Pissarro
who is Jieshi Jiang?
What are the true numbers of people who died in the Nazi holocaust?
Anybody wish Germany had won WWII or wonder what the world would be like?
Can you tell me a good book about the historical (and factual) origins of religions?
Who were some Holocaust heroes?
What radio was in the Secret Annex?
Did Germany have a good reason for holocausting the Jews?
Historically, did women work outside the home or no?
what is roman freeside for?
How would u describe child labor in 1 word?
Why did Gandhi hate the caste system?
Why did Hitler's other ball get put in the Albert Hall?
Why did the new leaders leave Berlin and go to Weimar?
Question about the history of Britain.?
Help!!! important question about the HOLOCAUST!!!!!!!!!?
What did czar paul do?
By identifying Indian nationalism with Hinduism, did Gandhi contribute to Partition?
Is Santa Clause actually real?
What is a "Sunshine Patriot"?
Can you describe the “Croatian” people?
Has Great Britain ever been to war, or had battles at some point in history with Russia?
Italian name changed during immigration?
Madison decided to support Hamilton's debt proposal in return for an agreement to:?
How did polio change Franklin Roosevelt's life?
where online can i find my house history for free?
Question about Colonies?
What were the repercussions on Britain after evacuation in WW2?
What date was the date of Pearl Harbor?
Why during 1799-1815, was Napoleon Bonaparte more successful than earlier French leaders in maintaining power?
can someone Briefly compare the cities of Hanoi and Saigon?
What is the cosmogony of the Nile Valley ?
Only Intelligent Answers Please!?
who was killed in the civil war by?
which was the first Amercian won The Nobel Peace Prize?
Why most of the people don't know about the classical language Tamil?
What are the accomplishments of Benjamin Frankilin?
Why did the Vietnam war stop L B Johnson from having a great society during the civil rights movement?
What is the point Lincoln makes about using the word "nation" in the Gettysburg Adress.?
Is the Earth flat again?
why do white people think columbus discovered america when he did not?
where is albania and are albanians smart .what do you think of an albanian G-friend.Smart think or stupid?
how was the final of byzantine empire?
The age of the invasions of the Magyars, the Vikings, and Muslim raiders had all of the following results exce?
What is your favorite flag past or present?
How did American society gain from the actions of John D. Rockefeller Sr.?
who is to blame for the israeli and palestinian conflict?
do you like your history teacher?
If you could be the king of any nation, which would you pick?
American History Research Paper idea...?
do you belive in humans ?
What did the New Deal accomplish in the 1930s? What did it not accomplish? Why did it fail to end the Depressi?
I need some information on Louis Daguerre?
Many wars have been caused in the name of religion.Wouldit bepossible to have peace if we delete all religion?
Timeline help in history- What years would this apply- young marriage, slavery...And what age would girls wed?
How was helen keller similar to abigail adams.?
captain arthur phillip?
What did Chirchill mean when he said- " History will be kind to me because I intend to write it"?
Questions about Cistercian Monks / History?
what is a chinese dirk? who used them? for what?
Is signing of the cross written in the bible ? If so what verse/s it is found ?
how did the scientific revolution alter men's understanding of the universe and his place in the world ?
How was golf played during Shakespeare's time? (late 1500s to early 1600s)?
when was Fort Ticonderoga abandoned?
What was the League of nations member difficulties?
Was Hitler really that bad?
Who did Dr. Faustus that was famous in The Tragic history of Doctor Faustus?
Help with Global Studies Country project?
why the non coorporation movement started?
What is the only country in history to use nuclear weapons in warfare ?
The D - Day in world war 2. What does this letter "D" mean? Do or Die?
why would you have small animal bones and human teeth in a dreadlock..?
What were Thomas Paine's reasons regarding why America should separate from Britian?
Are Vampires real, was Dracula a Vampire?
Is it True that Good People always died first??
Dó you Think a World war Will hapens?
Civil War photo album (empty) carried by my gg-grandmother during civil war. Value?
Did Martin Luther King own a Car in 1956 (during the Bus Boycott)?
what grade would you give to each china dynasty?
Who shot Kennedy?
Why was Sir John A. MacDonald BAD?
Please anyone with information. con tact me . its very important. thank you?
did you know it was HIspanic Heritage Month?
what time did tokyo get bombed in war world two?
Did Theodore Roosevelt ever kill anyone?
how to make a viking boat?
Obscure history question? Notable figure?
What are the difference between the Qur’an and the Bible. Why do Muslims such as Bin Laden hate Americans?
Do you think appeasement made sense in 1938? (in relation to World War II)?
US History please help, best answer gets 10 points !!?
Was William Bradford a Pilgrim?
who governed the Weimar Republic?
Nelson Mandela, and the qualities he represents...?
Why were the Black Friday bushfires (Australia 1939) significant to Australia's history?
Is history doomed to repeat itself?
What is in your mind if I mention "Swiss Guard"?
Long valued in this culture, calligraphy is traditionally considered an art equal to painting?
When and where was the Munich pact signed?
Did the War in Vietnam Contribute to the Fall of Communism?
the discrimination of african-american in jobs?
which era or piece of history is the most entertaining or fascinating to you?
In a federal system of government governmental power is.....?
How comes it is ok to wear Che Guevara t-shirts?
Is MK-Ultra Conspiracy theory or fact?
The name of the first Native American who met the pilgrims?
How do you tell the age of a horseshoe that I found?
How did Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" support the cause of independence from Britain?
what erases the thoughts and memories of our childhood days (when we were very small,a just born to a toddler?
history help!! 18th century?
Who attacked Pearl Harbor?
What do you think is the most catastrophic single event that has ever happened to mankind?
When did Cary Grant die?
if i say 1845, what century is it?
Australian involvement in WW1 help?
Chronicles of Narnia -why are the children sent to the country?
did pope John Paul 2 play professional football?
The oldest capital city in the world is...?
Should reparations be paid to the relatives of the victims of the African holocaust, " Slave Trade" ?
Any ideas to name my womens wear collection inspired by the ottoman empire?
the 2nd USA president?
How were women viewed in the medieval times?
Was the Kennedy Assassination in 1963 a conspiracy?
How cynical are you?
what happened during the marshall law of the philippines?
What stone were mayan pyramids made from?
How did wealth assist in the building of ancient greek architect?
If Britain and America expected to hang Hitler in ww2,?
how can i find out about my homes history? prior owners and any disturbances?
.s. What Canadian city did the French surrender in the French and Indian War?
What event occured to make the human rights act 1998 be created?
Who originally invented God?
Were there guns during World War II that shot two bullets or more at once?
Why the 2nd amendment?
what were te causes of the mexican revolution?
What were the 5 most important events in 20th century American History?
What was the international language between 570 AD and 632 AD ?
Was author Harriet Beecher Stowe black or white?
how would you summarize Napoleon's Domestic Policies?
Ancient History Help Please?
What are you some famous female historical characters that I can dress up as?
which colonies had cash crops?
Whats the difference between......? History!!! Help please?
Why were so many people executed in the French revolution? Please help!?
What are some of the translations of the Yucatec names for the following Mayan days: Eb, Ben, Ix?
who are the chain gangs?
Do you still view flawed historical figures as great? For instance, founding fathers who owned slaves?
science evolution of man?
how was the roman empire able to survive the reigns of empires like nero and caligula?
Who is the worst person in history?
do you love?is it interesting?
who were the greatest fighters in all of history?
if my grandfather was 1/2 cherokee indian, and 1/2 creek indian, what would that make me?
Info about The Battle of Fort Sumter?
Who was the first man in space?
Did the idealized Spanish town in Mesoamerica have a central square or plaza, and a gridiron form?
What has really been the OBJECTIVES of the British & US military forces in Afghanistan?
what happens when you die?
Writing fictional story on the Salem witch trials?
who was responsible for the foreign debt after the civil war?
Was Hitler's brain found?
Did the United States really drop atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World war II?
Why was the RWANDA GENOCIDE a human rights violation?
how long did rome have a dictatorship?
who was the first th jefferson?when was he born and where?
Who conquered the Incas?
When the slaves were freed why weren't they sent back to Africa?
Alexander the Great vs Genghis Kahn?
Were there any monotheistic religions in North America, South/Central America or Africa prior to colonialism?
Japanese Samurai fought with the Koreans in the Imjin War?
Who was Madame de Montfort?
What has happened to the hanging garden?
Help on my Art history Essay, Im lost.?
Where did union town get its name?
is aryan invasion theory is real and proved one?
What were the arguments for the 9th amendment and what/who was against it?
POLL---Who were the 5 best and 5 worst US presidents?
3 world war?
Who invented the icebox? Who created the first umbrella factory in the US? What was the motto of the factory?
I wanna know the story behind the famous picture of a chinese man being shot in the head at point blank...?
What was the Falkland war about?
help! need information...?
Throughout history, Jews have been persecuted by other people of many nations. What makes people hate the Jews
does any one know what state/country this zip code belongs to 23401?
how did the Magna Carta,petition of right,and english bill of right limit the monarch?
Can anyone help me with this homework?
do you think?
What are the main contributing factors to the expansion?
they want to take titanic out of the ocean!!!?
What drove Benjamin Franklin to work for independence?
If you were a lawyer, how would you defend Louis Riel? Valid justifications for his rebellion?
Did Britain discover America?
Since the earliest times in india from where all have people migrated to india ?
Was slavery an economically bad idea?Morally it was the worst thing in american history.?
Some primary sources for battle of Gettysburg?
was Little house on the prairie about real people?
in what way did rinaissance through contribute to the age of exploration?
How did the Holy Roman Empire develop during the Renaissance?
What did Samuel P langley do to have an air base named after him?
how did augustus consolidate his powers?
What did nobles do for fun in medieval times?
I want a picture of the Dayton armory?
What are some similarities between the French Revolution and the Haitian Revolution?
question regarding African americans after the civil war?
What were the terms and conditions were set after the Union won the Civil War?
what are three differences between roman and greek architecture?
how do you correctly spell nostrodaumus?
Greatest military commanders?
where can i find a site with the spain flag plz?
which theatre company did Shakespeare join in 1594?
what are some important executive orders issued by Richard Nixon?
How economic changes of the1930's influenced American views of limited government?
what is an operating system?
What caused the Boston Tea Party and what did the colonists do during the Boston Tea Party?
Advantages held by the Massachusetts colony in the 17th century, in comparison to the Chesapeake?
In what country was the first book printed?
what do you think about the war in Iraq?
What is a central conflict? :/?
What countries were power before ww1?
what is the french and indian war?
Conflict between nations?
How was 1800 election a peaceful transfer of power?
Describe the dynastic cycle as it pertains to Chinese history and... [cont]?
Could Hitler have been a good leader?
Why is monarch and kingdom lines interesting? got interested a day ago. they make us so diverse/conflict?
Who is that man from Argentina who was in some war and now he's a fad or icon?
What are Luther’s three complaints against the Papacy in ‘Appeal to the German Nobility’?
What prevented the Roman Empire from expanding farther into Europe, Britain, or Asia?
IsGgreat wall of China really visible from space?
A question for TRUE history nuts?
Who is the worst person in history?
How did Saint Bernard of Clairvaux become a saint?
Important advancements for women after the mid-nineteen sixties *PLEASE HELP*?
Does anyone else consider the parallels between the US and Ancient Rome?
Who was the first African American tennis champion?
Who's fault was the Cold War?
how did Plessey v. ferguson and brown v. board of education of topeka kansas affected civil rights?
1) Whose ideas did the constitutional delegates use? What did they end up producing/ creating?
Colonial US history help?
Was Islamophoba more rampant in Medieval Europe?
is it true that jesus christ went to Harvard law school?
Examples of women who influenced and or help changed womens attitudes toward marriage during the 60's?
i wish i can fine me something i be good to eat becouse i am have a baby?
Who was the leader that changed the lives of Black and White Americans?
Have the founding fathers of the US survived the scrutiny of history for being slave holders?
What have been the most Important discovers in oceanography and list the date?
Why didn't Allied pilots bomb Auschwitz's railways and the cremetoria?
who invented the first alphabet?
Who was the best supporter of the early church?
How do Germans of today view Hitler?
about "Kapos".....?
What are some Roman war memorials?
what is sarcophagi?
Help in Floridian History?
Spain History Please help?
What are the soviet states and how were they divided ?
how much time must pass before the greatness of Adolf Hitler will be recogonized?
who was the 1th president?
how did European exploration help lead the way to Scientific Revolution?
FrUsTrAtEd WiTh ThIs StUpId SiTe!!!?
Who were the two saints next to baby Jesus and Mary?
how come you don't read or hear the middle east ever joining the 2nd ww or if not vaguely participated?
What are 2 events women dominated during the french revolution?!?
What did Castiglione believe about men and women?
Which invention has benefited mankind the most?
in the mafia. Who established the 5 families?
What jobs could a man do in the late 1850s to 1860s? ?
Compare Kim Jong Il (NK) to Mussolini?
What is the difference between te saved and the damned? And how did all the puritans act?
Can anyone tell me the introduction of the bikini into australia?
When Marco Polo was captured at war, who was fighting and what were they fighting for?
If you could travel back in time would you go to see gladiators fighting in the colosseum for entertainment?
What kind of oil did they use in lamps in the biblical days?
What has England contributed to the world?
What are the effects of religion in the renaissance?
Do you miss Hitler? do u want him alive ?
when was the first telephone made and how did it work and how did it influence other inventor?
Why is histoy important?
Have you ever owned an LP (music album)?
Rosa Parks: Primary source for her significance?
What explanations do historians provide for the onset development of Cold War during the period c.1945-62?
why did the ancient Egyptians build the pyramid?
baron de montesquieu's most lasting contribution?
Clement of Alexandria help (Music History)?
Who are the Luftwaffe?
Which one was worst the slavery of black people or the Holocaust?
History question about U.S. constitution?
What factors were behind the spread of British settlement in the 2nd half of the 17th century?
which president did this?
If you could have lived any time in History when would it be?
why did so many civil war battles take place in national parks?
what did children in the 1850's do as chores?
Three important facts: Vicente Fox?
what thing did aztec clothes look like?
Anybody have anything positive to say to Adolf Hitler?
What kind of BS is this?
WAS KENNEDY Shot BY 1 or more Shooters ?
Some Random history questions?
the War of 1812?????
why wasn't the south able to win the civil war?
why did the kkk mostly attack africans?
explain the landfroms and waterforms of the philippines?
Hilter rumor or fact?
in the book utopia written by thomas more, what was utopia cathlic, protestant or somethink totally different?
My kingdom for a fortress? or a fortess for my kingdom?
How would you fill in the following on Martin L King?
who is indira gandhi?
How do you think the US would've turned out had the Confederacy won the Civil War?
Philosopher Thomas Hobbes argued that people created the state by?
Is it true that history is written by the victors?
what are some of the acient world technology?
What did US sailors eat aboard men-of-war in the 1850s?
which is the biggest empire ever?
did sirens signal the end of WW1?
Interesting themes about the hippie movement?
Did the Americans take the island of Iwo Jima easily from the Japanese?
Where is Smedley Butler buried?
What clothing did Cleopatra wear?
What happen on 31 mei 1987?
in one word, how would you define nazis?
Best unbiased books about the 1939 "Katyn Massacre"?
If u could pick 1 person from history & ask them a ? that they must answer honestly. Who & what would u ask?
What is Kellogg-Briand Pact?
What were Margaret Thatcher's achievements?
Lizzie Borden. Who REALLY killed her parents?
The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 angered Northerners because?
Why is it called "The Middle Ages" and "Medieval History"?
Looking for a decently written book about General Omar Bradley?
In which years did the 30 years war take place, and who fought vs who?
Why was there a black civil rights movement in the USA?
Most influencial King or Queen from any part of history?
Who si the President of the US?
Am I The Only One Who Wish They Could Be A Kid Again, Knowing What You Know Now?
Which historical figure do you admire?
Why did the english people migrate to Canada during the period from 1815 to 1850?
Do women auctually have a higher thresh hold for pain then guys?
Are there any African Princes still around?
Other than the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians, which of the ancient empires do you find most impressive?
What did Florence Price contribute to the music world exactly?
Do you know what website i can go to find world war 2 coloring posters?
What is the truth about the American economy, and what proof is there to back it up? WHICH TRUTH BELOW?
royal heir in ancient Persia: Wich bibliography do you suggest me?
what are the same of the 1970's and 2000's?
During the middle ages Where did Knights live?
who is BENITO BRIZUELA at mseuf?
where was Fredrick Douglass's family during the civil war and how were blacks treated during the civil war?
Under the Navigation Acts enumerated articles were?
History question please help!?
Who conquered the USA?
is me being half native american the same as being half hispanic~~~?
how did the han dynasty and the roman empire rise to power?
Who was the worst president America ever had?
can you send me some articles pertaining to Jose P. rizal?
What happened in the past and the Chinese and the Japanese hate each other so much?
Indian independence question – any help is appreciated!?
Will history be kind to George Bush?
what is the labor movement?
What was United Flight 93's target?
Who invented the arch bridge? Why?
What was Poland's economy like in the 15th century?
What are the disadvantages to using a flail (weapon)?
What would have happenned if the Nazis had won in Europe,62 years ago?
I have no idea what Y2K was. Can someone explain in baby words?
U.S history help please? I need it within the next 40 minutes?
Why was there a putsch in Munich in 1923 and why did it fail?
Did European nations conquer China?
what was the political organization of the persian empire during 500 b.c.e?
who invented the telephone?
The oorginal 13 colonies were established and govern by?
Is the Illuminati associated with big time music artists?
Was Queen Elizabeth I a fan of Shakespeare?
APUSH Trail of Tears Question?
can you find the hindenburg radio footage?
What was the colonists' reaction to the French and Indian War?
Please help me with this History question?
what is the da vince code?
Was there ever a "good" German during World War II?
What was the most significant outcome of the War of the Sonderbund?
How is baking done during the earlier years in the absense of electricity?
monteverdi's opera that is based on episodes from the court of roman emperror Nemo is called?
cuban missile crisis question!!!!?
What are the codes to gate 666 so I can access the hell hounds?
Which country won World War 3?
What are the Negative impacts of colonization for the North American Indians?
what is Angin Matsuii?
who was the first president to give his state of the union speech at the house of rep?
Were slaves in the United States able to choose who to marry?
what was the significance of the salem witch trials?
When the spanish american war ended in 1898 how did the society deal with domestic challenges?
Best gangster movies?
What was the role of the SS and Gestapo in Nazi Germany?
Was circumcision common among Europeans in the 1600 and 1700's?
Who discover decimal?
Who played a larger role in the Gulf war? UN or USA?
how many movies making in bollywood history till yet?
Who Is Buried In Grant's Tomb?
Hitler was a good man; please hear me out?
i need help with a westward journal from 1840.?
What is the illuminati?
is it true that europeans were not interested in slaves. they simply wanted to establish trade with the africa?
My son wants to be a Nazi and is totally obsessed with Hitler/Nazism, What should I do?
Americans think they saved Britain in WW2?
what were nostradamus's predictions?
Why didn't the Jews fight back during the Holocaust?
What defined a Renaissance humanist?
Who thinks that Black History Month should'nt be for just a month, but always present in our lives?
who remembers the Armenian Genocide of 1915?
Why could the United States not win the Vietnam War?
what's the root of slavic languages?
tell me more about the made in occupied japan products?
what was china's population in the 1930's?
What time in history did Lord of The Rings take place?
What came first?
Davinci code film true or nor???
How did the ideas of Karl Marx differ from those of earlier writers?
Why did the KKK target Catholics.?
What is the controversy about Paul Revere?
who was Robert the Bruce and why did he kill someone in a monastary & get excommunicated?
what quatrain does nostradamus say about armegeddon? and when was it written?
did copernicus publish his work quickly?
the av and ky resolutions were a response to a.election of 1800 b.Haliltion's economic plan?
Did Hera the greek godess have a famous quote ?
do you know any freemason's or are they around where you live at?
what role did John Adams, Abigail Adams, and Thomas Jefferson play during the Adams presidency?
Bermuda Triangle. What can science proof about the mising of both planes and ships in this particular zone ?
Does anyone know the origins of the names of the 12 Months?
who says the holocaust never happened?
What 18th-century hero’s remains were removed from their original burial site in France and placed in a crypt
What is the history of circular motion?
What is the difficulties of a samsui moman's job?
Why do we say "God Bless" after someone sneeze's?
Who was the first person to invent light bulbs?
what did the ancient romans to for entertainment ?
Korean Women during Mongol rule?
Was Salieri really responsible for Mozart's death?
What european country was first to reach asia?
What did Queen Elizabeth 1 do that changed our world?
Who Was The Most Influential Person In History?
According to John Blassingame, what are some contributions African Amerians have made to the American Culture?
What is your heritage?
what are benjamin franklin historical significance ?
how did the conquistadors find the native americans?
What role did Mrs. Birling am Eric Birling play in Eva smiths suicdie?
Where can I get information about the Zhou Dynasty?
Perestroika was the economic plan of?
when is Jesus 2nd coming?
which country has the most intelligent people ?
Do you think it was inevitable for the North to win the civil war because of the population advantage they had?
What will happen on the 100th anniversary of ww1?
whats the name of the famous burns victim who got his injuries in the falklands war?
Which wasn't a part of transportation revolution in 1820-1850s?
What Canadian doctor was noted for designing dozens of medical instruments and was the person who?
History question about american culture?
What is the historical significance of Waseda in Japanese History?
What was "the hellhole of the pacific" and why was it named that way ?
where did the drugs started? ancient times?
What caused the advent of movies?
why did the europeans participate in the atlantic slave trade?
How were the Jewish people treated when they were drafted into the Polish Amry?
Which benefited society more - the printing press with movable type (1455) or the PC revolution of the 90s?
name of a movie, following 4 jewish men released from concentration camp and wander thru war torn Europe to go?
Has a foreign power ever held American soil?
who was famous, in america, in the 1960's(pls give as many ppl as possible)?
question about the 2nd world war?
My social studies assignment?? I need help?
What is the truth about ninjas and were they anything like t.v. has made them out to be?
How was Italian renaissance theater different from the medieval period?
Everything about the 1930's ?
why does the Bible say we should not sleep together before marriage?
name the best invention of the 20th century,and why!?
Who had better control over England, The Vikings or Normans?
Why were there such huge crowds of people cheering on Adolf Hitler when he was obviously insane?
History help please? Do i have the right answer?
Declaration of Independence question?
How long would it have taken to sail from Lisbon to London in the late 1800s?
What is then name of the first person in history?
What was Hitler's blood type? A+ or A-?
IF Japan had attacked the Russian Siberian Armies in 1941 instead of USA..what might have happened?
tell me some japaneese words and its meaning & tell me "i love you" in different language?
1)_____was banished from massachusetts for questioning religious?
Why did 65 nations, including those mentioned above, nevertheless agree to sign the Kellogg-Briand Pact (1928)?
I have a few questions on The Ping Pong Diplomacy?
Did you know the first examples of trolling was done in the 80s?
Why should I (or most Americans) feel guilt for slavery?
What was the name of the ancient trade route linking China to Europe?
Who was the worst person ever to be on the face of the earth?
what do u think of history?
Why do we study history?
How did Carthage being destroyed establish an African province?
what is the origin of 201 file?
who believe's in God?
He was the fascist dictator of Italy during World War II. Benito Mussolini Carlos Ponti Adolph Hitler?
what role did mercantilism play in the exploration of the americas by europeans?
Is it Russia undefetable?
, what did the USA do in reaction to the global economic crisis of 1929. explain why they did what they did?
Is Abraham Lincoln the greatest of all American presidents?
What is Lent?
What Day did Christopher Columbus discover America?
what are your thoughts about adam smiths...?
How did the New Deal effect Blacks in a negative manner?
What years did the tudors rule england in ?
What or who were the machine power brokers who controlled the ALP in the 1960s?
Why was Athens important to the ancient Greek arts?
Johnny Tremain question: What is the symbol of the secret organization?
What historical figure has had the most profound effect on your life?
Explain how some sailing ships in the 17th and 18th centuries benefited from the presence of the Gulf Stream?
why did the US get involved in the vietnam war?
So far, what is Italy's greatest invention?
who is Napoleon?
Why was Japanese American internment worse than McCarthyism?
What was christopher coloumbus famous for?
Do you know the origin of a sterling silver piece with an owl hallmark?
Who was likely to support Charles I in the English Revolution? Who was likely to support Oliver Cromwell?
what does the acronym INRI on Christ's cross stand for?
History Homework Help - World War 1?
what's is the definison to Pharoh?
What was at stake during the Battle of Gettysburg?
Were the English setllers correct in calling Native Americans heathers?
Difference: Indians and Blacks?
Was Marolyn Monroe really a size 14?
When did the ancient Persian Empire begin to lose its power and land?
Which inventor died by their own invention?
why 666 is consider as a bad number??
Which answer best explains how the leaders of Boston reacted to the Boston Massacre? (4 points) • They liter?
Napoleon history question help?
What was David Lloyd George's view on the Suffragettes?
why did malcom x leave the nation of islam and turn away from black separatism?
who was the first pharaoh in HUMAN form,not in belief?
Was shown on History channel. Who was high ranking half indian who's white mother was captured at age 12.?
What is the Correct and True Date (YEAR) of the Destruction of Jerusalem...(by BABYLON...Not ROME) ?
Stalin or Hitler. Who do you think was the biggest tyrant?
What did Booker T. Washington do to help the black?
what is progrom?
Am I a racist patriotic...because I am proud of my English language?
What non-violent strategies could have been used to keep the Union together?
which country as the most know castle in the world?
In what year was Jesus born?
when was babur born?
do you think,epic stories in history such as noahs ark,ect were all made up?
what caused the great depression?
Which groups of Americans were the first to see the danger of fascism and why?
Who were Walt Whitman's lovers?
Cording technique history: Textiles?
Do any of the older generations of the UK hate German or Japanese people?
help me with a research paper topic?? PLEASE HELP!?
What happened to Benito Mussolini ?
Who believes there will be WWIII one day??
i wonder..?
European criticisms of the Cold War?
why was the liberty bell made?
What was the RRYMCA? What eontype of services did they provide? Are they still around?
The Anglo-Saxson court system was based on the???
Since 9/11 how has Islam been misunderstood in America?
Who was Senator Joseph McCarthy, and what was his role in the second Red Scare?
How did the addition of the Bill of Rights help to persuade the Anti-Federalists to support the constitution?
Why did the Majority of the American Public blame President Hoover for the Great Depression?
Why were compulsory education laws and a longer school year implemented in the late 1800's?
does the size of the a sample affect a substances half life?
What was the relationship of the War of 1812 and the Panic of 1819? Are wars good for business?
What kinds of weapons were used in the Cold War?
please tell me about kerala's old coin "four cash"?
Why was it necessary for us to drop the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
I have a history / geography projecg due tomarrow?
what did HARRIET TUBMAN do wrong in life?
10 Important Dates of World War I?
When was Samuel Gray of the Boston Massacre born?
How did Islam change theologically over 622-900?
How would Anne Boleyn have defended Martin Luther?
why do people think richard nixon killed JFK?
How were the Great Awakening & Industrial Revolution similar?
question about the 2nd world war?
How can I be a man like all greatest men in history?
Is GOD with us always?
Again, mental retardation less in Germany since the Nazi's euthanized them in the 1930-45?
September 11?
1763-1776. why did the American colonies move from loyalty to protest to rebellion in the 12 years following t?
Why does the American public portray me as autocratic, evil, and absolute ruler?
is iran an arabic country or not? how many years iran have history?(persia)?
What did the railway change in the Ewdardians?
Which Chinese invention had the most profound impact on the modern world?
how much did a maid in the 1920s?
Why didn't George Washington sign the Declaration of Independence?
credible sources regarding the 3rd Reich working with extraterrestrials?
was mcdowell confederate or union?
how did the revolution sove the political , economical and social problem of russia?
Does anyone think that all the titanics artifacts should be raised and displayed?
What does anyone know about French Cultural policy and how it is financed?
Can you name a single person from history who having failed persistently is worth imitating?
World war term called CBI ie: I would rather be in the occupation force in Italy than CBI?
Who was Southampton's manager before Nigel Adkins?
where is the universe located?
Example of a great leader?
what`s realy going on?
The ideal union of Germany and Austria before Hitler ?
Why does it seem like people have forgotten 9/11??
How did the american revolution help romanticize the US culture?
I want to buy German armor from 1918, but it's like the world has forgotton about it. where is it?
who discovered rubies?
baciles family legend in english answer?
What was common to the process of industrialization everywhere, and in what ways did that process vary from?
help on the history of kind george the third?
Where can I download footage of the Kennedy assassination?
What is the historical significance of saladin?
The holocaust is a lie.?
Why did France give the Statue of Liberty to America?
How does a watermill work?
Whats an armory buidling?
Which countries have influenced the American pronunciation of English?
what is the day of "01 Jan" ?
How was the Papal Inquisition an improper response to heresy.?
what are histiographs?
who was SAINT VALENTINE,and how valentines days was created??????????
why does America is synonym of a nation that is United States?
how does nature law go with aganist abortion?
has Britain ever won a battle heavily outnumbered ?
If you could travel in time, which important point in human history would choose to visit and why?
Ailen vs. Predator vs. Chuck Norris?
Do u think all races are equal? if no what race is the best? white, black etc?
Where do people get the idea that Hitler was a Christian?
who was called karl marx of medieval india?
What did Andrew Carnegie and Bill gates contribute to society? Who was better?
how can you describe sectionalism that existed in the United States prior to the Civil War ?
URGENT ANSWER!!! About Medieval Dish from Italy?
Information on immigration during the U.S. industrial revolution??
Was there ever slavery in Britain long ago?
how did hitler die?
Write A 150 Word summary of the Equality Act and the Coalition government’s proposed changes to it?
Who were three popular women from World History?
Why did Loyalists oppose independence?
Who was the greatest(good or evil) orator of all-time?
Whould you nickname Adolf Hitler, in a short phrase or word?
what does it mean to have something stuck up your craw?
What happened in the 1900's that can be connected to today?
History multiple choice question??????? about Roman Empire?
how did the indus river influence early civiliaztions in india?
Poll: What was your favorite time period in history?
what were the social classes in the 1930s?
who established the boy scouts movement?
Which country do you think did the most during ww2?
did the guy that played jocker killed himself?
How did Trigonometry begin? Who was the first civilisations to experiment with Trigonometry?
waht exactly happened in the armenian genocide???
Should we continue sympathy for the Jewish Holocaust when they actively Persecute Palestinians Today?
do you think that the constitution still works?
Help me answer some history questions? 7th grade.?
What year did human migration around the globe occur?
did the latin american revolution result in a power shift for the people?
How did furnace steel change society?
CATHOLICS & PROTESTANTS . some people say that no different between this and that . then why problems in UK?
Does anyone think Hitler had beautiful blue eyes, or am I the only one?
What were the effects of East and West trade on the Silk road?
who was franciso camps-ribera?
Please explain how the Europeans purchased slaves from Africa.?
European History Help about WWI?
Did holocaust really happen?
Why did so many people move from farms to cities in the late 1800's to early 1900's?
Pearl Harbor.......Do you think this attack was a wise move by the Japanese? why or why not.?
why was their tension between austia, russia and serbia in world war one?
Have you heard of Vasili Arkhipov the man who stopped, a nuclear torpedo from being launched?
what war compared to julius caesar theme?
Will American superiority last another century?
What year did Germany attack Pearl Harbor??
how many times was martin luther king jr. arrested?
Why were b-52 engines in pods?
Were elements of the Holocaust exaggerated?
Why did Hitler Commit Suicide? please include a book where you found the answer.?
Is it legal to print a picture from google images for a school project?
What role did Calvinism play during the religious wars of 1550-1650?
Was the Russian Revolution inevitable? Or, were there opportunities missed by the tsar and others...?
In the civil war, if the north were called the yankee's, what was the south called?
Can anyone give me the streets of the White Star port in NY City where Titanic was scheduled to dock?
How many servicemen did germany have during WWII?
Although he is famous for his kite experiment, this Founding Father also invented the Glass Harmonica -?
Reconstruction Period History question?
Who was/is the greatest conquerer of all times in your opinion?Why?
Was there Black Slavery in Italy?
What was the outcome of Charles I death?
(South Africans) Help!!!!! need answers fast please!!!!?
why were african american slaves brought to the english colonies?
If Tupac came back to life, would the world be a better place?
History help 10 points?
What happened on May 7,1954 at a place called Dien Bien Phu?
Why is Athens important to ancient Greek gods?
What percentage of mixed children prior to 1900 came from a white slave owning male and black mother?
i am looking for the first curio shop boopie dolls were sold?
The result of Greek colonization between 750 and 550 B.C.E. was that it....?
What was the role of white female slave owners?
What are the blueprints of the Alamo?
If there were to be a World War III, what country (or countries) would be the ones to start it??
List some of Alexander Hamilton's Views on Federalism?
Did Sir Isaac Newton encounter any resistance to his laws?
What are some differences between the Federalist #10 and the Constitution of the U.S.?
What happened?
why was France regarded as a victor in the second world war?
Wha really happened to Hitler, was he killed? What happened.?
When will the third world war start????????
What is the French revolution summed up in once sentence?
Silversmiths 1894 Birmingham Makers Mark HB?
Armenian genocide: where did they escape to? What weapons were used in the killings?
What are main points of the Gettysburg Address?
Besides the fact that the colonists were declaring that they were now independent of Great Britain,?
world war 1's affects?
Anne Frank Question(s)?
Was Hitler right or wrong?
During the civil war, is it true that President Lincoln planned to resettle blacks in Latin America?
Who was the neoclassic painter that loved painting the female back?
Where did Palestinians go?
What should the new ten commandments be for the 21st century?
African slave ships?
what did Suleiman accomplish?
good vs bad?
y is there and american prison on cuban land?
How many dresses would an extremely wealthy young lady during the Edwardian Era own?
How did Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse: A Cultural Transformation- influence history?
what does mickey mouse and the swastika have in common?
When was China called China?
Has Germany been completed forgiven yet for their part in WWII? Or is their still resentment in the world?
Do you Consider Mao Zedong more evil then Adolf Hitler?
Which period of history would you have like to have lived in and why?
who was the leader of these countrys during ww1?
Ottoman Empire Questions, urgent please help!!!!?
What happened to the Northern economy during the period of Reconstruction?
if prostitution is the oldest profession, WHATS THE NEWEST ONE?
What's your favourite Blondie/Debbie Harry song?
What were the causes of WW1?
Why was the national assembly formed in France?
North farming & South Slavery?
who are african american females who have made a signifant achievement in world history?
Why was the Tsar (Russia) about to survive up until 1917?
What was the first ever website on the world wide web ?
all of the following are true about General Washington EXCEPT?
what happend on this day in history?
What techniques of Renaissance art does DaVinci use in his Last Supper Painting?
Elizabethan Era Question?
What was Hitler's last name?
Which one is a greater mythical figure Jesus or Gandalf?
What's the meaning of "Lampsilis"?
What year was the Empire State Building built?
do you believe in the lechusa?
How did the New Deal help the US economy recover following the Great Depression?
How the did the U.S take over Cuba with disguised imperialism?
who was the first presedent of the U.S.A?
who was the first man?
what do you think would happen if Germany developed the atomic bomb first?
when and why did Benjamin Disraeli's family move to Britain and how he became so important a person?
What are some important themes, event, and people in the canada to confederation history from 1763-1840?
What were the characteristics of Kongo and Great Zimbabwe?
How Christianity affect the spiritual,intellectual and institutional development of Europe by 1300 AD?
Where did the idea of a God come from?
Similarities and differences between Plato and C.S. Lewis?
i need a feudal japnese ranking chart! A.S.A.P!?
About kim il sung...?
Famous Torture Methods?
What was life like in Canada during the 1960s?
how much debt did japan have after ww1?
Are there any living humans who are ancestors of the ancient civilizations?
What do these 2 pieces of art have in common & what not?
What was the purpose of the?
Why was World War I fought in trenches?
Does anyone know more about Christophe Tzara?
For which event did Samuel Adams use propaganda techniques and why?
What would have happened if christopher columbus found india ?
HELP? difference between leisler rebellion and bacons rebellion?
Question on Jim Crow Laws?
What was the main difference between the Romans and the Crusades?
Is it fare to describe the Italians as?
How do you think ww2 would have ended,?
where can I find primary documents?
What guns were used in Africa?
What are some topic ideas for a term paper in a senior-level college opera history course?
Did a Yankee private in the Civil War carry the flag?
What is the Cold War?
what is love?
Can anyone find me a map of the Norman Empire at its height?
what caused the Renaissance to happen?
who is superpower france or usa?
when was the fist thermonuclear device exploded?
Why is everyone looking for the holy grail when it's been in Valencia Cathedral (Spain) for centuries?
why do some archaelolgists believe that women were the first farmers?
Whom will WW3 most likely be fought against?
before the jewish people were slaves in egypt where did they live?
what was unique about the religion of the jewish people?
what is the breif history of Austin E. Lathrop?
Need help with some history?
what was Siege of Leningrad?
Question on Confucius, very easy if you know your history s?
meaning of LAD?
How did racial segregation begin? please answer this quickly i have to know by 6th period. its 4th period. thx
What were some achievements/ideas that Martin Luther achieved?
Could the Spanish Armada have beaten the English navy?
What did the north have & the south have in 1800's?
What do You Earth mans think about terrorists on World cup in Germany?
What effect did shortages have on the economy during WWII?
Bernie Macs Death? How did this happen!!!!!?!?
The acquisition of which territories during the 18th century helped establish Prussian as a militarypower?
what was public opinion of Hitler during the election and when he took power?
should women be president??
In the song "The Thin Red Line" the terms Kedikoi, claidemaugh, and Rory are used. What do those words mean?
Does someone have a list of the world's population in different times in History?
Pocket watches in the old days...10 POINTS?
What are the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World?
Has the US had its racist history ? Can you give examples ?
how can one find the latest whereabouts of someone who has been living in canada for many years?
if adam and eve were the only people god created and they had children, how did those children have children?
What country played main and major role in defeating fascist army in World War II?
Does Wilson's 14th point try to get rid of alliances...?
how many bibles are there in the world and in how many languages?
what does these mean?: Alexandra, Stain vs. Trotsky, terror famine in ukraine, IIduce?
number of canals in venice?
hollisterrrrr!!!! i need to know th e history on hollisterr. please hepppp?
hello i'm french my name's misslee and aks you where were are you the 9/11?
Who was first?
If you had the power to stop 1 assassination in American History which one would it be?
Who invented the Chrysler car?
When did it come out that the second attack titled the Gulf of Tonkin incident was false?
What would you like your epitaph to be?
Did Gertrude Bell ever live in Ormesby North yorkshire?
How were both Robert E. Lee and Ullssys S. Grant different and similar?
Describe the basic military strategy of both sides in the war for independence?
What did Ulysses S. Grant do for the rights of black people?
Why did some french soilders fight for William and some fight for james II at the battle of Boyne?
what where the costs and benefits of economic growth in the gilded age?
Why are the Inca and Aztek pyramids very similar to those in Africa?
How old were you for your first memory- what was it?
Why did William Shakespeare write?
Essay on the ANZACS in Gallipoli WW1?
Why was the United States at odds with Spain, Britain & France at various times at the end of the 18 century?
Who is this famous woman...?
Which subject is interesting? History or Geography?
the Versailles treaty on Germany!!! help!!!?
What type of wood is a violin and its bow made out of and where does this wood come from?
I need to know what would convince a voter to vote for Teddy Roosevelt at the time he ran.?
What are the benefits of living in a permanent settlement vs. a nomadic settlement?
How were minorities in WW1 treated?
was it a possibility that queen kiya killed queen nefertiti?
In Romeo & Juliet - Paris is a nobleman from this place?
Mellon convinced the government that by reducing income tax, Americans would spend more and the government wou?
If you could travel in time which era would you go back to ?
Dose anyone know where the surname Heppleston comes from?
Where can I find the drawing of the old west girl who said "us Girls ain't no weaker sex"?
what was Lewis and Clark's food source like?
I understand the meaning of Easter, but, where did the Easter bunny come into play?
Need help with History?
War where around 70 of prophet muhammad (SAW) were captured an killed?
What do you think of all WWII verterans that fought in D-DAY???
What do you think the greatest moment was for the British Empire?
what was wrong in the way france was ruled before the revolution and how to improve it?
what is the war called that was in Germany with the Jews?
What was the influence of explorers and mapmakers?
who is the ruler of feudal Russia?
When did the US start using a budget?
While the almost constant fighting of the Thirty Years' War devasted central Europe, the situation was made wo?
why did the american indians think they should live in harmony with nature?
have a huge aluminum sun . found in a river outside of new orleans .can anyone tell me anything about it?
how do you think the world will end?
How many boats did it take to bring all those africans to America?
Problems following the end of the French & Indian War included all of the following EXCEPT?
HITLER ; Are our children still learning about Adolf Hitler?
Is it true during the early stages of the Nazi Blitzkrieg against Poland in WW2..?
Did England and Spain get along in the late 1800s?
US HISTORY HELP!!! Pleaseeee :)?
Why is the election of 1828 important? What made Jackson win. Did he did bad things to win, if so what?
what were 2 labor unions that formed during the late 19th century?
Who is the most beautiful woman in all of human history?
Three amendments that were passed during the reconstruction?
Homestead Act Help!!?
Why are these types of autonomy so important?
What are some political and educatuonal changes for the student unrest in the 1960s?
How was Hitler able to defeat france so easily in 1940?
can someone help me with this open ended history response?
Wasn't Mitt Romney's Slogan "Keep America,American" used by the KKK in 1922?
what does the talmud say about virgin Mary give me link to the part of talmud speaking about virgin Mary?
what culture was affected from the neolithic revolution?
Do you miss Hitler? do u want him alive ?
can you tell me something about the old west?
was hitler all that evil?
9-11 - What were your experiences of that day and the days following it?
how do i find out when a house was built and who built it?
In 1901 the very first Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to whom for his discovery of X-rays?
do u really belive zt the israilee people built the pyramids (as they admiet )and not the egyptian?
what was che guevaras first daugthers name?
When was chainmail first built?
weird facts about the American Civil war?
This crop brought profit to the English settlement in Jamestown, Virginia:?
The Wallus Bomb - what's the idea?
Help with essay on the American Revolution!?
It is often said that World War II was the inevitable outcome of the aftermath of World War I.?
Why was the French port of New Orleans important to the United States?
Where can one find the Embargo Act of 1807?
What was the date of the founding of the city of Rome?
What was Carlisle Indian School and what was their mission?
information about Sylvanus Thayer! Really need some help on this /:?
Why and how did large empires rise and fall during the axial age?
The significance of the artistic revolution in the Archaic Period in Ancient Greece from figurines to statues?
What is a "potted history"?
Do you believe the Battle of Troy and/or the Trojan Horse?
what is the mayan calender?
WW2 Nuclear bombing: why the world was so forgiving?
what was wedgewood's attitude towards slavery?
why is the South African accent so bad?
since 1788,there have been conflicts and disagreement between Aboriginal and white people.What have been the c
How does exaggeration work?
When was Edward Jenner born?
what was life like in the trenches?
Was Casanova a brunet or a blond?
Please help Im not good at this type of thing... History?
What has been the best decade for culture? Why?
in black hawk down why was mike durant captured and everyone else was killed and why was he released?
what wife of a rockstar founded the spirit foundation?
Did you know that Canadians burnt down the White House and not the British?
how did history of colonization affect the vietnamese rebellions?
What era would you like to live in, in your early 20s?
who invented the laungages in the world?
What do you think of Adolf Hitler?
What was the official flag/emblem of the Byzantine Empire?
How does t.v/Hollywood affect the ways of how the USA views death?
What did the algonquin indians do for entertainment?
Who is Ulysses S. Grant?
where did the titanic sink?
plz help us history question?
need help with history homework?
Summary of the Mexican Revolution?
What events, people, and ther things happened in U.S. history between 1815-1824?
what is the origin of "bubbles" in cartoons denoting people speaking?
Will WHITER people ALWAYS rule the world?!?
Hw would you explain what the Reformation Period was in short?
what do you know about armenian genocide?
Hiroshima by John Hersey Questions...?
who took the tennis court oath, what did they vow?
How many Paratroopers were dropped on D-day?
what is the earliest known use of concrete?
the most talented general in human history?
How did the Puritans define crime?
where can we find the lost city?
Why were so many Civil War battles fought at Federal Parks and Memorials?
Art History Problem help ?
When did Africans started to come to America?
Why did agustus stop the expansion of rome?
Why was world war one fought from trenches?
Who is the "Black Jack" president?
what test did the supreme court created to solve the korematsu case?
What are the roles, tasks and problems of a king or emperor within his country and in dealings with other rule?
Is it true that Adolf Hitler's real name was Tubby Isaacs?
christianity people belive that jesuse is the God son my quation is how God let people to killed his own son??
can anyone tell me things about early georgia? Like when in was in the 13 colonies!! plz i need them fast!!!!?