Brief description of the history of baalbek, lebanon please ? :)?
Africans in Texas artifacts? (Late 1800s)?
what did the viking culture think of as beauty?
Where can I find the Philadelphia homicides of 1910?
Where were you and what were you doing when you learned of the 9/11 attacks? Also.....?
I need help with this history, I answered but need a double check?
What do you think about President Lincoln?
do you agree jfk is the greatest president in usa history?
How will the history judge US President George W. Bush?
Why are there so few women in history books and will they feature any more prominently in the future?
Should David Lloyd George be condemned for having been a Nazi Sympathizer?
who is the father of gandhi?
What was the must-see film during June 1913?
can somebody tell about sites that speak about different cultures from different parts of the world?
lady be good nose art where can i find it?
what infrastructure allowed for the persian empire to have an effect system of communication that was crucial?
How did the American get the Atomic Bomb since i know it is invented by a German scientist?
what did the british get in the treaty of waitangi?
history of a painter named andres orpinas/ and his painting sailing ship at dawn?
Who was Jack the Ripper?
How did the colonists trick the Native Americans out of their land?
What can I do to improve my DBQ in Ap Euro? Can someone give me an example of a DBQ paper thats an A?
What is Charles V, (Holy Roman Emperor) most known for, and his contributions to history?
what was the systematic approch nazi germany used to carry out hitlers agenda?
I'm in need of some good books on Chinese and Japanese history?
if you could live in any other time period which would you live in?
the name of the first school?
How did the indus valley military help ots civilization?
Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!!?
What sorts of tensions can you find between the Anglo immigrants and Mexican even before the actual fighting b?
Who were you in your former life?
history question?
what was life like in 1400 verona italy?
How were the domestic circumstances of China and Japan different during the 19th century?
To be a citizen of ancient Athens, one had to be a what?
What patriots often covered loyalists with?
What William Harrison did as president?
Were some of Hitlers' political ideas good?
why does the buildings from Chernobyl look like this?
What were the 3 most significant battles to WWI? Why?
19th Century British Class System? PLEASE HELP!?
How did Germany lose against Russia in WWII ?
What peninsula did Germany and Russia both want to control in world war one?
Clarification about the French Revolution, need help?
history of the christ nail?
Was the byzantine empire a theocracy?
first swimming pool opened in the world?
Why was Great Britain involved in the Napoleonic Wars?
Was the holocaust a myth?
Why did the Greeks migrate to America in 1758?
How did Saladin the lionheart change the nature and purpose of crusading?
Why should Alexei Rykov have been Lenin's successor over the other potential candidates?
who would win if Ghandi fought Joan of Arc?
How did leonardo da vinci achieve his acomplishments?
where can i find how to dye a toga at?
what were the economic and political motivations behind the conversion of a loyalist into a patriot during...?
did human beings were flying kites before they discover writing?
Account for the several little rebellions that broke out periodically in England’s North American colonies; no?
How man persons have been murdered throughout human history?
did obama write a book that says he was born in kenya?
What was your first thought, when those Planes it the buildings in N.Y.C ?
Who was the firt Navy Veteran to become President of the U.S.??
How were the economies of latin american colonies and european countries connected by trade?
what were the living conditions of the proletrait in russia?
How do i join the Illuminati?
why did the Nazis lose the war?
Causes And Effects of Abraham Lincoln Assassination?
Why were manuscripts costly and time consuming to produce? What materials were used in the production of the?
how old was the oldest person who died on earth?
At what time of the day (hr / minute) did Christopher Columbus die?
was eleanor roosevelt really a lesbian?
How can I join the illuminati?
What diseases were in the holocaust?
what happened to mary bryant after she got married and moved to cornwall?
Did Queen Elizabeth's actions bring the Spanish armada on to her self?
importance of salad as an starter in the presant senario?
what is the meaning of the name jerome and what is the history?
Empire Total War serial,Which onlineshop is the best?
When did Hungary truly become independent?
Where would i find people who would like to walk around the world for charity?
Vikings Vs. Pirates?
Was Hitler a good man?
Which, When & Why were 3 new states added to India & what are their capitals?
When is ben Fraklin's birthday?
Who was esteban and what was his significance in the pre-colonial era?
Who is the most evil man in history?
were can i find the german song "das ist meine heimat"?
Existance of Trading?
In which way was the distinction "serf" different from that of "slave"?
I found an old puter coin on a chain with Kind Leopold the 2nd on it can anyonw tell me more about it?
Was Hitler's aim really to rule the world?
Could we not make Jimmy Carter a Czar of something to keep him on TV?Does that make his wife Czarina.bill a?
What is Behavioristic Perspective?
Who found Malaysia!!!!?
Who was your favorite US President and why?
If you could change history... what would you change?
Looking for information on Cape of Good Hope Postal history especially triangular proofs.?
president jefferson davis...is it pronounced Davis or Davies?
Where can I find a picture of a Blacksmith costume?
these people lost their land and died from european diseases as the english sett in america?
What were some of Queen Ranavalona of Madagascar's accomplishments?
Where can I study about Ancient Kemetics in the UK?
Is there a (historical) unit of measurement 'equal' to the maximum range of an archer?
Where did Gandhi go to school?
do we need to know history?
imformation or photos of the b29 double or nouthing?
Why did Lincoln use the repetition of words relating to death in the Gettysburg Address?
What events, people, and other events happened in U.S. history between 1815-1824?
what is islam?
What would have happened if the Roman Empire/Republic hadn't fallen?
what cold war fears were there during the black civil rights movement?
Were there any humanist ideas in Calvinism?
i need to find the m72 tank?
Name a pro-bomb scientist?
biggest blunder in British military history?
why did hitler pick on the jewish?
what type of document is the declaration of sentiments?
Is democracy the cause of civilization and technological advancement?
Industrial Revolution help please?
The impact of the Holocaust during World War II on Jews as well as other groups?
How long would Hitler have lived even if he won ww2 considering he had debilitating Parkinson's disease?
Does anyone know any good pranks to play on a Friday night?
what is the meaning of maal hijrah?what is the factors of maal hijrah?
Who do you think is the most evil person in history?
who and what did blandina do?
Why did white people treat black people so harsh in the early and mid 1900's?
During what Century was the era of The Pirate and which King ruled England at that particular time?
how can you tell when a bruise happened?
should the us pardon all illegal aliens and give them citizenship?
Do you think Hitler was a great leader?
Royal Navy prevented German invasion and not the Battle of Britain?
Do you think the united states was a great place to live in during the eighteenth and nineteenth century?
why do large empires break down?
Compare and contrast the contributions of Mazzini, Count Cavour, and Garibaldi to the Risorgimento.?
Why do Americans maintain that their ancestors were adventurous explorers...?
when did black slavery start?
I have stamps that are from the early 1900's and I'm wondering how much they are worth?
How would the anti-McCanns feel if Madeleine was found alive?
It was called the cold war because?
Why did no Germans of the 1920s and 1930s question Hitler's Austrian background?
What are reasons that cause wars?
why does britain turn back the clock when the summer begins?
Did the Titanic really happen?
slang word origination?
Why is Hitler the bad guy when another guy from the same era killed six times more people?
What are some differences between Thomas Paine and Jefferson?
Who is Roy A GAllant?
4 words to describe adolf hitler?
what was Otto Von Bismarck like as a person?
Who (the name/culture) came up with the concept of the 'surprise'?
In Surrealist painting two major avenues of investigation evolved. What were they?
what is the name of laxmana's wife in ramayana?
What was the date on 9th of muharram when Imam Hussien Fought at Karbala according to christian calender?
Why are famous people "assassinated" but normal people "murdered"?
Why were the Irish given so much trouble when they came over?
Find some smaller partys involved in todays politics and talk about wat they believe in. Anyone know? Social s
Who is/was your fav. President of the US?
Leader that was feared AND respected?
who is the most important man for Moslem's ?
How were native Americans subdued?
15 bullet points about slavery in the civil war?
How did british masters control their wifes in colonial North America?
HELP U.S. HISTORY QUESTION: What did northern merchants get from the constitution?
Would Britain have won World War Two without the Americans?
who was a better leader king Tut, Julius Caesar, Napoleon vanaparte, Hitler, Saddam or Cleopatra ?
I have a few questions regarding pharaohs and servants in ancient Egypt. Can you help?
Would Jesus have spoken Hebrew or Aramaic?
What area's of London were the homes of the rich in the 1970's ?
Can some1 help me wit my project on Bangladesh?
Was Mohammed a warrior, or a reluctant leader?
Looking for some sites for info on topics relating to Canada and WWI?
Under Franklin Roosevelt's Good Neighbor policy,?
when was the humane society of Canada founded?
who wrote the 1812 overture?
Did hitler actively participate in the holocaust?
Question about the Church of England?
Was there a form of inquisition on the native people in Americas from the Spanish?
How did the events of Sherman's March to the Sea affect the outcome of the Civil War?
who's the youngest and the oldest in the 12 apostles?
What did mesopotamians eat?
what is Uruguay famouse for?...?
Are there any sites that tell all foreign relations and such?
What Was The Best Time Period of The Past?
i need help with History... :)?
Who was a better leader Alexander the Great or Ivan the Terrible?
Did president thomas jeffersons purchase of louisana double the size of the united states?
The American Revolution?
What kind of speech was John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address?
To what extent were territorial terms of the Paris Peace Treaties based on the principle of self determination?
Was Ancient Egypt a patriarchal culture?
When did harry homer from the titanic die?
What are some simaltries between Jim Crow Laws and the Laws Hitler inforced for Jewish people?
what war was in this time period, if there was one?
An history event that connect Italy and United States?
What is the Lyceum movement and for what was it named?
How much do the British learn about the American Revolution?
Most evil country ever?
what are the american educational policies in their occupation in the philippines ?
The Canadian Confederation Help?
what does the name Miranda mean?
San Marino and the romans?
What is/was the most powerful Empire in history?
Help me please....... FAST!!!!!!!?
when in history began " the buying Christmas present seasons"? and why then?
Where does dictatorship exist today?
Was there anything " Great" about Britain to begin with?
Why did Germany fail to build the atomic bomb before the US?
Back in the day there was a herd who never tired of scaling the 3rd. Known by their silver and gold, their fea?
What major contributions and major conflicts did the USS Midway make to this country ?
How did the battle of Iwo Jima help end World War II?
what economic opportunities were created by industrialism and wealthy capitalists?
What is the conversation between General Robert E. Lee and General Ulysses S. Grant.?
Did the love story from the Titanic actually happen?
what country was colonized by the portuguese?
please help me with American History?
when u loose ur virginty the first time does it really hurt or does people just say that?
Paul Mccartneys mum were nurses together and we were born on the same day can I write to him?
why the greeks made greek temple?
What was the first battle of bull run about?
Why did the humanists wmphasize the study of history?
the historical fact about the spanish conquest of the incas people?
American History Question?
were did the first vampire come from?
Is it true that the name of Christ has caused more persecutions, wars, and miseries than any other name?
PROVE repeat PROVE God Exists, no theories, no guesses, only PROOF?
The most important innovation in the history of mankind is??
how many books were in the library of alexandria?
how did Mary Wollstonecraft impact history?
What role did Nicholas Biddle play in the struggle over the Bank of the United States?
who in the hell was Socrates?
What was the significance of the Whiskey Rebellion and the way the government responded to it?
What are some of Delaware's colonial traditions?
In the 1878 Michigan election, what minor parties ran against Dem & Rep? one starts with "N", other "Pr".
How would you go about writing a historical case study of war-related suppression of information or expression?
end of 18th century start of 19th century united states faced many foreign and domestic challenges, what were?
What was a Digital History about? and also the Politics of Prosperity 1920's, and the U.S Economy 1920's.?
how did the colonists try to resolve conflict with britain?
Modern AraBIC LiterAture?
abolitionists/ anti-abolitionist?
History questions about St.Augustine "City Of God". Please help!!?
can you tell me more about a chinese discovering america 70years before columbus?
how did hitler died?
What is the full poem by John Masefield called Sea Fever?
What caused the second world war?
What was education like in America in the 1920s?
Any information on F.B.T. Carter?
Need help on my tx history hw! Please?
What were the results of the Elizabethan Settlement?
do anyone no this old school group named candy rain?
Is America still the backbone of the world?
What would have happened if my girlfriend did not cover me with a blanket?
What was the American economy like during WWI?
Whats a cool name for destined/destiny or great/greatness?
how was abraham lincoln assassinated?
Who is the Son of Man?
What is a example of a Good Trust and a Bad Trust during Teddy Roosevelt's presidency?
Government in Ireland before Easter Rebellion?
How many groups claim to have discovered Australia and who were they?
Where is the town in Mexico where French Foreign Legionaires were pinned down by a vastly superior force?
Who was the worst General?
what does the name thedra mean/ what significance does it carry?
who is elam biggs in gold rush history?
Help PLZ...Multiple Choice...10 Points!!!?
1998 Revolution?
Nazi uniforms in WW2?
Who sponsored 18th century classical composer J.S Bach?
What is the difference between the women of ancient Egypt and ancient Greece?
What should I write about?
Northerners opposed to the Union cause were known as:?
9. Why did Europeans embark on an exploration in the 15th and 16th centuries?
Did the NAzis pay for what they did?
History: why did Switzerland get Marshall aid?
Can anyone tell me some cool facts about The Cheyenne Indian Nation?
what influeeence did Billie Holiday have on the Harlem Renaissance?
Why did the people of India enjoy a golden age in the Gupta Dynasty?
Portugal was a leading colonial power before the 19th century. What were the reasons for its decline ?
How many of us have heard about the great monk from India "SWAMI VIVEKANANDA"??
If you could go to any date in history, when would you go and why?
Why did some people find the "Culture" promoted on American TV shows ,,,such as "Seinfield" very distasteful?
Where did the Cherokee and Choctaw tribes live before the Trail of Tears?
What was Mansa Musa’s effect on the economy in North Africa?
Catherine the Great????
The Greeks and their Mythology?
what is the author's purpose to writing guns, germs, and steel?
Why was Cimon ostracized?
historian help?
Which of the following was not a business practice employed by the titans of industry in the late 1800s?
Which person from history would you most like to interview?
Would you agree that blacks, Native Americans, and Jews were the 3 most oppressed minority groups in history?
Hi, whats ythe origin of the name "Linden" from the city of New Jersey?
What did the Galactic Empire do that was so bad?
What was the goal of the dream act? what do you think it failed to pass congress?
Which president are you most like? ( since our nation was founded)?
What's the difference between a Byronic hero and a Romantic hero?
Historically, how likely is it that Jesus existed?
was julius caesar really a great man? or was it octavian's propaganda of caesar that made him great?
What did JFK try to exempt from the Cuban trade embargo, until he faced objections from Tampa manufacturers?
If the Victorian period was named after Queen Victoria,?
Who Was Hitler ? explain.?
what was Giovanni da Verrazzano's Occupation/Experience before his discoveries?
What was one event that took place after Louis Jolliet met with the natives?
What was the most popular meal during the 1930's?
Why is England considered an Evil Empire?
Were ancient tombs booby-trapped?
Where is there historical proof of the existence of Jesus Christ?
Why did the major strikes of the late 1800s lead to the backlash against labor unions?
Do you believe this statement can stop Wars in our world?
Was Texas used to be part of Mexico?
what was the reconstruction period for?
Hitler:Good leader or bad leader?(explain with supporting ideas)?
Would you compare Obama to Ghandi, Jesus, or Lincoln?
Sun ya taken argue that Chinese nationalism must be different?
What was Helen Kellen like?
How different would WW2 have been if Britain had opted to remain neutral?
Some Differences between DuBois And Washington ?
Did Queen Elizabeth have Queen Mary beheaded because she wouldn't put out ......?
Could Helen Keller Talk?
Discuss the Truman Doctrine, resulting Marshall Plan and the ensuing Cold War.?
Who was the worst president ever?
what are 3 policies James VI made??? HELP?
what r the 7 contents of the world?
In what ways was Elizabethan and Jacobean literature inspired by the Renaissance and the ProtestantReformation?
help me someone history is the death of me?
Which year Afganistaan was part of India, which was then called Hindustaan or Inderprastha?
My grandparents are Holocaust survivors, they wont talk about it at all, is this reasonable?
famous battles?
How did Hitler create a Youth Army?
american states nicknames?
Did the French colonise Louisiana and what happened with the Spanish?
Was adolf hitler a good person?
I am looking for the origin of the name "Pier 97"?
How did nationalism of minorities vs. majority contribute to the origins of the First and Second World Wars?
How does Johnny Tremain signal the others outside of the church after Samuel Adam speaks?
Was Pearl Harbor An Excuse?
Who was the longest serving president in US history?
What subjects do we borrow from ancient Greek education?
Who invented the alphabets?
what year did jerusalem become the capital of israel?
did Japan truely kill the korea's empress?
what type of dogs did Col Fawcett take with him on his last expedition?
what is the origin of the bisayan dialect in the philippines?
Did the Roman Cult at any point try to get overthrow the English government?
Why did Muhammad violate the secret law of no war during pilgrim month and attacked the unarmed Pagans ?
If you could be a famous historical person for one day, who would you like to be?
How to contrast TV from the 1960s and today?
When did Lewis and Clark reach the Pacific Ocean?
what and where are the ancient da vinci parchments?
What was the worst-ever type of British bus?
The location of genetic information on chromosomes had been established beyond any doubt by?
Is it Weird?
AP U.S History Help !!!!?
whats the general history of lgbt in the uk?
In 1979, this country gave Bin Laden weapons to fight the USSR,now they want to capture him.?
Where can I find an image of the Sanskrit word "Shanti" meaning inner peace?
What is the book that Thomas Jefferson wrote that had many racist ideas, titled something "virginia"?
Why did the plains Indians move about so much?
Where did woman circumcision take place in history ?
What are some scholarly websites for information on medieval cosmetics?
How did the ruling political elites bring colonists together to fight for independence?
What did president monroe tell europeans in the monroe doctrine?
German's views on WWII, the Nazi party and Hitler?
Why did the National Assembly Fall?
Person who lived in WW2 but didn't fight?
did the Gauls defeat the Romans?
what 4 buildings did Francois Mitterand Have a vision about?
How did the Japanese internment camps in the United States affect those who lived through it and...?
What is the greatest and most influential invention in history?
how many years in the century??
what is the difference between muslims and islamics?
If you could live in the past, what part of historic event would you want to see?
Were poeple racist/discriminate towards black musicians in the 40's to the 60's?
What was foreign interference and is is bad or good that Henry VIIII stopped it?
Which civilization had the most influence on the Greek culture?
Executions using fire?
What is the most ancient of languages?
Is it possible that unexploded WW2 bombs could be in the River Themes in London?
Who were astronauts on apollo11?
What is the origin of "What God has joined together let no man tear asunder" used in wedding vows?
Question for European History buffs only?
Why is it that price controls never work?
discover the phillipines?
what are benjamin franklins important dates ?
Was Albert Einstein a Jew?
Is it safe to say pretty much anyone who has german blood outside germany is a decentdant of a nazi?
How will histroy judge Bush Jr? A great president or the absolute worst? or what ?
After the War of 1948 in Israel, did Israel experience any of the following?
the concept of eroupe feudalism?
How did people prepare for winter in the 19th century?
How did the Brahmins gain power?
Help with essay questions on ancient world history!!?
Can someone give me some interesting facts about Al Capone?
What do marxist/trotskyists think of the Kronstadt rebellion?
help finding the European governments reaction to early US immigration laws?
what is the theme of resistance during colonial times?
American Revolutions Question?! Ten points!?
why didn't anyone save the jews from the holocaust?
history help?
What is the family history of Mendoza?
"Name and describe 2 laws that support mercantilism"?
Imperialism of British Africa?
Who Greatest Army In History?
a short note on the monument TAj mahal?
My grandma said that during WW2 her family had to keep the lights off in their house, why?
How did the frontiersmen from the appalachians feel about the Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party?
What was the purposes of groups such as the Hitler Youth and the Young Maidens?
What did Immanuel Kant contribute towards the Holocaust?
How did Hitler die?
Can you give me a list of the top 10 world villain from the last 100 years?
why should the new 13 states have a strong central government?
George H. Bush gained a great deal of political experience while serving under which President?
Why was Winston Churchill so important for the battle of Britain?
Who was Christopher Columbus?
Holy violence?
What laws or sort of goverment did the Native Americans learn from the English?
If you could go back in time to a historical period or just talk to some one from history who would it be?
if the nazis think they are the superior race (world war 2), why did they form an alliance with the japs?
Which of the following was not a characteristic of the Carolingian monarchy under Charlemagne?
How many people have died of old age versus died of war and/or disease since modern times?
what is the name of Lenin's father?
how did ancient greeks celebrate epimetheus?
Need your opinions on the ancient astronaut theories (see the videos) of aliens having visited ancient earth?
When exactly did America turn into a legitimate cesspool of Bible-thumpin' Rednecks and Doomsday Preppers?
Does anyone believe that Hilter, wasnt as bad as everyone make out?
George Washington - best president ever?
What would be an amusing thing to say if Adolf Hitler came back to life and you met him in your local sauna?
describe the rpocess by which the supreme court writes an opiniom?
if theres a black history month then why not a White history month? 10 points to the one who answers the best?
What was the difference in the political philosophies of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson?
Why was the british anthem played at the f1 today @ abidabi?
Pictured of the kings armys uniform!?
What role did Islam play in the Iranian reformation/revolution?
current issues in sao tome and principe?
what were the arguments/reasons northerners were against slavery (being specific)?
Why when somone mentions the holocaust?
abolitionists what happened to the women who attended?
title for salem witch trials essay?
who is king bacchus of mardi gras?
how many chapters are in explorers of time?
Can one consider WEB DuBois as not a complete radical?
if you could change 1 event in history, which would it be ?
What are basic 20th century Hollywood statistics?
Who were actually wronged? the palestines or the jews?
how did galileo discover the thermometer?
"Asiatic Society" was founded by?
summarize the events of the 3 panic wars?
which one of henry viii's wives would you be?
What was the first Musical movie made?
What is progress?
why is margaret catchpole remembered today?
Who helped Hitler with his plans?
How much is a full set of antique Royal Swan "Riverdale" china worth? And where can I sell them in Nova Scotia?
what is a australopithecine?
i need to create a comic based on african american soilders?
who were the American colonists?
When was money or some form of currency first invented?
What important world events that occurred during the 1900's?
If there was evolution what will the world look like in 100,000,000 years later?
Could ww2 have been prevented if the u.s. had taken out hitler preemptively?
can anyone plz help me find a website about historic chinese or japanes games?
What books can I read about French history?
In 1763 American colonists were happy about being British citizens.Discuss events between 1763-1776...?
why was the quartering act good for the colonists?
If ancient Egyptians (Kemetuas) were a Nilotic race than why was King Tut's DNA 98% Western Europian?
If history has taught you anything what is it?
History Help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
"You should feel guilty...!" Well, shouldn't we all?
is god a girl or a guy is he mexican black white italian japanise or whar?
What would this country be like if we hadn't won our independence from Britian?
After Castro dies & Communism falls, should the new Cuba join the Union?
Do you believe that Hitler may have realized the Holocaust was a mistake if he lived longer?
What was the impact of the Portuguese on Central Africa?
how long did it took to know about something in a long distance in the past?
anyone from Indus world school here?
How did religions start?
How was the French Revolution a success?
What are some of the ways in which colonists protested against Stamp Act? (Social Studies QUESTIONS) 10 points?
I Remember, Do You?
What are some advantages and disadvantages of international relations?
Best leader in American history?
Please help me history?
a full set of encyclopedia britanicas from the 1980's?
what are some important actions of george washington during the revolutionary war?
what r some stories (true) about colonial pennsylvania?
Why did Hitler claim that Rhine, Austria, and other areas in Europe actually belonged to Germany?
what were the effects of the Boston Massacre????
was the holocaust a jewish, german or european disaster...?
What happened to those people whose religious beliefs differed from others in the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
What caused the south to lose the Civil War?
The Art of War is a Chinese classic that reflects the thinking?
what were the similarities of adams' and jefferson's presidency?
Russian army in WW1 & WW2?
How can you tell if Silverware is made of Bronze?
us detainees?
Is anybody else really freaked out by the Zapruder film?
how old is the united states?
When were fossil fuels first discovered by man?
What were the goals of Tiberius Gracchus' agrarian reform program that led to lack of support from the senate?
why was Thomas Edison so curious?
What was the role of white female slave owners?
How long did it take to make the trip from England to America back in the 1700's?
What madness lies buried in Silbury Hill?
How did the U.S recover from the Great Depression of 1930s'?
Clean, good songs about WW2?
Does the Holocaust make you cry?
who invented the radio?
what is the word a.k.a. stands for?
Was John Hawkin a pirate like Francis Drake or a an official navy soldier?
If you had the chance to ask Leonardo Da Vincci any Question, what would it be?
When did Europe become Americanised?
who was Fredrick Douglas' influence and what did he/she teach him or why was he influenced by he/she?
Big essay tommorow on early greeks please help?
what strategies did johnd. rockefeller use to develop his buisness empire?
Why is history important to learn?
What countries took away guns and what happened when they did?
when did savinaya avagya andolan started?
what did the 5 rings symbolize on the olympics games?
Why did European colonialism start?
How did the land gained during the French and Indian war contribute between colonists and Britain!!?
After Civil War - 'True or False' and other questions?
Does anyone know anything about Giovanni Amendola?
How did the American revolution affect slavery in the 13 states?
In the Collins project, did some officials have "questionable ethics, and integrity lapses" ?
How do you think the study of geography differs from that of history?
Why was the constitution written?
Did Mr. Obama look like a boy that had been to the woodshed?
How did Christianity spread throughout the world?
who did I Offend?
what did diseny leave out in there movie "mircale"?
What were the ideological origins of the U.S Bill of Rights?
What invention would you take back with you medeival times and why?
Which of these intensified the nuclear arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union?
What are three challenges to building a railway ?
What has fingers but can't type?
Which of the following statements concerning the Mongols conquest of Song China is most accurate?
Why was Tutankhamoun one of the most famous pharaones ever although he died young?
why do pigeons fly?
Research and describe Plymouth's?
who ratified the declaration of independence of the united states?
remember the 80's? what was your fondest memory(s) of the decade?
What was the connection between the Enlightenment and the French Revolution?
In Britain do they learn about the revolutionary war?
when did theseus live?
who was the first person male or female on the earth?
what are the conditions that helped the growth of imperialsim?
How much do English people know about Irish history?
Why did the United States enter WWII? Why did the US win the war? Did the US win?
Did Paul Rand popularize Modernism?
What is communism?
What were some bad terms used during the American Revolution or during the 1700's by people?
what would be the worth of one rupee silver coin with queen victoria's emblem minted in the year 1862?
Why was the titanic buoyant before the iceberg?
What has happened in the last 25 years that surprises you?
GENGIS KHAN, the great mongol emperor and warrior, had a religion? some say he was a christina.?
i need and article on how hernan cortes was arrested?
did u know that arnold schWARzenegger will be president of the usa? = (?
What makes you ashamed to be British?
Europe's political revolution:?
What is popular sovereignty?
American History help ?? pleeease?
What were all the wars that Czar Nicholas II was in for Russia?
beyond the obvious why did the first world war start in 1914 and not 1913?
The excerpt by Bernal Diaz the Spanish foot soldier was a firsthand account of the attack on whom:?
who did the aztecs use for sacrificial victims? and why?
which is the first african nation to again independce and in which year?
Patrick Henry was from what state, do you know?
Why does the world have a vendetta against Women?
What is the most popular style in art right now? Mixed media or ....?
how are hieroglyphics and the indus plumbing system similar in something?
napoleons empire? HELP!!?
How much did it cost to build a castle in the modern day?
What is a lithographic painting?
do people still use teapots? I myself have not used one for years?
In it's heyday, how did Britain get so rich and powerful considering it's small size?
Did women play a role in the Industrial Revolution?
identify catherine the great and frederick II and explain why they are described as enlightend despots?
how was the south punished after the civil war?
In WW1, what was the impact of German U-boats and what was Canada's response?
Historical sources for the American Revolution?
What type of gun did they use in 1802?
do you think its possible for a WW III to occur?
how did demise Russo's die?
any info on Alexander Hamilton please.?
Three times a year, during the time of Solomons temple, every Israelite was to come to the temple in....?
Inventions I can do ???!!!!!!!??
What was Hitlers gravest mistake in operation Barbarossa?
how did slavery start?
Which army was the best during WW2?
Is it bad that I like Hitler?
What were the reasons for weakening of the Byzantine Empire?
How did humans go from hunter gatherers to civilization?
Americans think they saved Britain in WW2?
If you could go back into history into any place or time, where would you go? Why?
Post World War 2(society,big business, popular culture)?
Who said this quote; Hitler or Bush?
If you could have lived any time in History when would it be?
who is the greatest american?
What are the dates for..?
how did the mayans suddenly dissapeared if they were on the top era of their civilization?
What country influenced America the most?
what do the 13 stripes on the U.S flag represent?
Answer if you know about the battle of Vimy Ridge?
Information about Charles Bronson the prisoner?
What has been the story of Genghis Khan's “afterlife” in Europe from the 14th century onwards?
Was Abraham Lincoln gay?
what are ant mound made of?
Why did the United States enter WWI in 1917?
what was the time between the British declartion of war and the..?
2. Explain the role of geography (land and ocean) and environment in shaping the New World settlements?
When did the us declare that there was no more frontier?
Discuss the history and progression of the voice telecommunications industry. What are the current voice netwo?
What is the most interesting period in history and why?
Where can I find infor on The Orignal English 13 Colonies? I need things on the POPPET Dolls they made?
Higher History- Democracy in Britain :)?
where is the ajanta caves situated?
Is this a good introduction to a history paper?
Was Pericles talking about an ideal in his funeral speech?
Who in your opnion was the best President from my list?
What was the Chinese Exclusion Act and why was it made?
what was the religious conflicts during the Elizabethan period?
How old would you be if you were born in 1478?
Adolf hitler??
Why was the Hundred Years War Important?
what is cinco de mayo?
Art History Question?
Early 1900's history?
Identify two instances of the “tide of battle” turning on the European Front and two instances of the same?
Why does Santa Claus get a Key to the City every year, does he lose the previous one?
Comparison between spain and united states governnment?
Space Race (interesting story)?
What do you think causes people to be ignorant?
Habsburg Family, why were they important?
During world war 2 which countries were part of the Allied Powers?
Persian Rulers during the late 19th century?
in world history, muslim general who led an expedition into spain from africa in 711?
Do you know who discovered America?
what restrictions did the british government place on its colonists that affected their voice in government?
what was life like for new zealand (maori's) before thebritish colonised it?
What books and papers did Werner Heisenberg write?
Jefferson's action in tripolitan war? Did he maintain or change his policy when he became the pres.?
Vincent van Gogh only sold one painting.. which one was it??
Did geography play an important role in developing the british colonies in 1600?
I want to know what is a dictator?
Are there any living descendants of niccolo machiavelli?
Was Hitler a good leader?
What was "special" about Vincent van Gogh - what was special about his life and works?
help with jewish history vocabulary! please!?
history HELP!does subhash chandra bose come under the national movement (1935-1945)?
How has the world previously done in the past to deal with outbreaks of dease?
What was the early American enlightenment?
Who is attributed with the quote, "ideas have consequences"?
what were the causes of shays rebellion? What were the results? was rebellion justified?
whats the importance of byzantine empire?
Do the Americans learn about the holocaust in school?
When the US was being colonized was religion used to justify harsh treatment of Native Indians?
Where did the term "bastard" originate?
what president was abraham lincoln like 15 20th?
What make men get excited when they look at women wearing Garter Belts and stockiing? Why Satin Bras is sexy?
what is quality control?
where did the term "redneck" originate?
Facts to back up the German army's power in WW2?
Important dates from the Hippie Years?
Homosexuals in the Old West?
A question from Paris, France : in Forrest Gump, the character with an american flag shirt, is he historical ?
The invincible Roman Empire collapsed. Could the USA? What do you think?
How was northern economy affected by the civil war?
why do people where a Queen Nefertiti pendant around their neck?
To whom was Cato the Elder referring when he famously exclaimed,' If they are victorious now,?
How did the Chinese Exclusion Act impact the Chinese population living in the U.S?
what was the climate in the envirionment ruled over by the Inca?
Out of all historical famous characters, who is your favourite one of all time?
How was Homer the basis for Greek Education?
Which type pf science studies cultures?
Was Napoleon relay that short like History book said?????
What would be a good research paper on D-day?
Johnny mentions to some men, "You owe the observer six shillings." what does this mean?
what empire/nation did the most for the world?
Do you believe history teaches us about the future...and history repeats?Example?
In the early 1900s, what was the process for an immigrant to become an American citizen?
Had people lived in north europe in the 17th century?
What policy did the United States implement in postwar Japan?
What has happened in Vietnam politically, economically, and socially since independence?
Is L. Mcollum an artist? I found a picture dated 1913 he had painted.?
What was the Red Baron's real name?
What are three things thoreau would protest against if he were alive today?
looking for a list of airborne operations in WWII. Who When and Where?
Please Explain at-lest three ways he was sucsessful? Please help ten points!?
Why is Jesus so gay?
Just curious what type of exercises did ancient Egyptians do to keep a figure?
Expansion of Democracy in the US?
what was the first line of Gettysburg address?
History of lawn mowers?
what does the El Castillo pyramid have in relation to the seasons and mayan calendar?
Who is the most demented, psychotic, evil person that ever lived?
Why did colonists protest the tax on tea?
How was the roman colosseum damaged?
why ashkenazim speak yiddish?
Why were the French considered the most significant influence in Canada in the late 19th century?
ur opinion on poverty in 472 B.C. compared to TODAY--->its killin me!!!!!?
What is the significance of Japanese Nationalism?
what is the most popular book in the world?
what is the purpose of marriaqge in christianity?
In My Bondage and My Freedom, Douglass writes that his white playmates joined him in condemning slavery.......?
Who invaded Britain first?
How did pharaohs gain power?
How many catastophic events have we had in the past twenty years?
what does 2 gold stripes on an american flag mean?
Any good Information on Ancient Egyptian Temples?
What are the differences between William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow?
How did Adam found Eve?
Did Helen Keller die blind and deaf?
if jesus said ill be back soon and that was 2000 years ago then what is soon?
cHINESE Empire and the Tranformation of Japan in the late half of the 19th century?
Who would win a fight, St George or Long John Silver? Why?
history of wrapper?
what are the Greco-roman Philosophies?
which came first the chicken or the egg?
who is mary bliss? She was a Loyalist but i need more info..plzz give...?
What really happened during the annexation of Puerto Rico?
who founded america?
When and where did the first beheading occur?
Was slavery on the decline before the US civil war?
Who knows Ronald Macpherson who was the founder of Macpherson Secondary ?
Following on from an earlier question, which English king was killed by a red hot poker up his jaksy?
Western Influence on Egypt?
What caste do you associate with the rig-Veda?
Why was there a lot of ornamentation in Chinese monasteries?
what is love?
what is the most valuablee vintage item you own and how is it important to you?
Was the original Statue of Liberty a black woman?
Who here is a Christian and is not afraid to admit it!?
American History/The Revolution?
History question:Nullification crisis?
Is collecting WW2 Nazi items weird?
Arkansas was the _____ state to join the union?
What are the rules vampires must live by?
Compare and Contrast Islamic states and non-islamic states of Africa? (15th century)?
What factors led to the end of the Cold War tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States?
Did Christopher Columbus discover America in 1492 and land at Plymouth Rock?
Is North Korea a legitiment nuclear threat?
How did Attila the Hun die from a nose bleed?
What are the five rights guaranteed in the 1st Amendment?
History/ Geography Work Experience In Sheffield?
which is the biggest empire ever?
How did economic collapse in Germany help Hitler rise to power quickly in the 1920's?
What was Lenin's Russia like?
Well guys Hitler is a villain in the history because he had failed in his mission.What if he won!I?
How long did Babylon survive?
who found the adam & eve?
Who is the worst person in history?
What was army organization like in the 1700s?
what is hip hop?
What did King Henry II have to do with Common Law?
How did Germany Pay Reparations for WWI and WWII during the Cold War?
Change and Continuities during imperialism?
are there going to flying cars in the next generation?
i need to know how cruel hitler was?
Can anyone tell the story of Cutty Sark and Breaker's Yard? It's urgent, thanks a whole lot.?
What was Poland like in the 1930's?
Do you think the United States ever reach the great status it once had again?
Who was worse the Nazis or the USSR?
Scottish American history project?
whats the negative effects of industrial revolution?
who invented thr telegraph?
wich native americans tribe in the battle of little bighorn killed general Custer?
How did people tell the Date and Time before we had computers?
i need to find some good history about zambia the country can you help me?
Did Queen Elizabeth have "Bloody" Mary beheaded or not?
how has the 14th amendment been used in the 21st century?
which Islamic empire had a well-equipped and highly organized army.?
Hitler was a genius true or false?
Is it true that once we pass away that we are born back again?
History homework about Adolf Hitler and the Wall Street Crash?
how does this statement show the dilemma that many ppl faced in the 1500's?
Isaac Newton....help!?
i have a 1964 phillipines 25 centavos. doe any one know the value?
how do you find out the history of your housing estate?
What are the the main factors contributing to the movements of independence in Spanish America?
Why does the color purple signify royalty?
what might life be like if you lived in a puritan community?
What has history taught you about the nature of mankind?
where can I find more information on SCLC?
Who founded Williamsburg?
What happened to Hitlers kids?
What ancient group of people put their hair in a knot to show where they came from?
Who was the greatest person of all times?
where can I find information on a 1914 original copy of "the vatican its history--its treasures?
Name the African countries which have qualified for the Fifa world cup-2006.?
Hitler was a Jew?
"the americans were justifiably right in dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Are era in any way antichrist?
who was the founder of the mormon church?
Just wondering about the Nazis.?
What Did The Compromise of 1877 do??
What food did people eat in the early to mid 1800s?
Did Samuel Sewall record his apology for the Salem Witch Trials in his diary? If so what month, dayand year?
The United States bought the Louisiana Purchase from France.......?
How did the Greek Empire Rise?
Any "Miss Kenya" pageants?
What ancient group of people put their hair in a knot to show where they came from?
How did Ann Arbor, Michigan get it's name?
1.Antique Currency, Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok?
how can you force/make someone who just want you to be his/her friend to fall in-love with you?
Which was an accomplishment of Thomas Jefferson during his presidency?
who was the founder of \n jainisam?
Have flame throwers ever been usefull in warfare?
What effect did Emma Edmonds, aka Franklin Thompson, have on the world, and what were her accomplishments?
is it wrong to like nazi uniform?
About the Jews during World War 2?
what does the term pre 1900 and post 1900 mean?
Judus Iscariot, Genghis Khan, Hitler, were all non smokers so what is history telling us?
Why does the World have wars?
How do you feed the paper through a REMINGTON RAND 5 STREAMLINE TYPEWRITER? Which lever is it?
Civil War Buffs please answer.....?
who was Radulph Agas?
Do you think that history lessons in future will say that Amur'ca and Russia fell at the same time?
Does everyone in the Kennedy Family know each other?
How did the U.S. renounce trade with the british after the war of 1812.?
who was the first president of india?
achievements of vienna conference?????
How was Jesse Ramsden educated?
How did centralized power in Middle East impact trade?
Why did the USA side with Hitler during World War II?
Did Columbus really discover America?
What was the world called before it was broken up into continents???
Help on history paper please.?
What caused the fall of the Portuguese Empire?
What came first, the chicken or the egg?
I heard that George Washington was NOT our first president, but that we had a few more.?
Does anyone know anything about the germans march on the arc de triomphe?
Was it true about the battle of Britain?
Hitler as a bad leader.?
What's the worst part of your nation's history?
How long did it take to construct the Biltmore Estate?
isit true that hitler wanted to share europe with britian or is it some thing i herd?
Please need to know. Very important?
who is armen dator and his invention all about?
When was Vietnam firstdiscovered?
What are some of the symbols other than the Fleur-de-Lis that were on Joan of Arc's banner?
which is the history of lemon grass the herb?
Medieval History Forum?
To what extent was Germany responsible for the outbreak of the First World War?
What's the biggest cause of WWI?
what is the difference between Pro Northern to Pro Southern during the Civil War?
Who introduced the 17th amendment?
what was the greatest hoax ever in world history?
Involvement with what country led to Germany’s defeat in WWII?
what is federalist paper #12 is all about?
hitler commited sucide or he was murder by other leaders of the world.?
if emblem of Pandyas is Fish, Cholas is Tiger and Cheras is Bow and Arrow. Whats emblem of Pallavas?
Please explain the ideological differences in the Chinese Civil War?
What were the negative effects of independence in Latin America?
Why did the framers thought it was important to include a bill of rights in the constitution?
a 10 sentence summary of how the french and indian war started?
Who ran/ funded hospitals in 19th century New York?
Why are Human Beings so stupid?
If you had the chance to meet one person and kill them, who would it be?
who is galileo?
What lesson have we not learned from history as of yet?
How did the Russians surprise the leadership of the missions?
Please guys! Could you please give me a link that'll have quotes from settlers in the colony of Connecticut.
what is the offical language of the united States of America and why?
How long was columbine high school closed after the shootings?
Do you think the Europe will ever become a nation?
Can someone make a mind map from NASA to West Side Story?
Why did the 54th regiment burn down a Georgia town?
If the atomic bomb had 'NOT' been dropped on Japan do you think you would be around today?
California wildfires?
From the 1400s to the 1700s during the witch trials around the world, why didn't..?
Do you think JFK Jr was assassinated?
How many of you disagree with the fact that White European race is behind all inventions on Earth?
Who is/was your fav. President of the US?
What are some ancient Chinese Legalist texts, other than The Book of Lord Shang or The Han Fei Tzu?
What was the fourth crusade in italy about?
Why was slavery less prevalent in the northern states?
why is pietro manzella famous?
Was A.Hitler a Jew by ancestry?
The Holocaust?
How did the Abyssinian crisis weaken the League?
how did the phoenicians adapt to their environment?
What does george santayana's quote a country without memory is a country of madmen means? please reply quickly
hey are you smart are do you think you are dum?
Good facts on why gandhi become famous?
old military land grants?
Do the 50 Pyramids in Egypt have any thing to do with the 50 states ?
why did malcom x leave the nation of islam and turn away from black separatism?
So what do you think would happen if hitler never made the holocaust?
If Russia won the cold war.......?
What was the fate of Lenin´s mummy?
What are some great inventions from 1790-1860?
What´s the worst lie about Jesus?
Economic problems in Italy 1935?
I need a list of events that happened on July 7?
What was the historical significance of the Shakers?
How did Napoleon change the world?
Which of the following countries was NOT a scene of battle during Spanish-American War?
Is there a historical record of Jesus anywhere other than the bible?
World history help!!!?
I would like to know why the UK abandoned ALL former British colonies especially in the West Africa.?
who conquered the aztecs and the incas?
spartan female inverntor of horse racing?
In the colony of Maryland, the Calvert family intended to:?
What was the historical significance of the "gag rule"?
Scripted Court dramas to perform in the classroom.?
CHE GUIVARA . what the Argentinians think about him ?
Historians against Munich?
Why did some people from Sept 11th attacks jump?
If I were a Christian who was stuck in Jewish Poland during the war, would the Nazis still have killed me?
how fired the first shot marbury or madison?
How did Germany gain power so quickly?
What was in a Confederate soldier's backpack during the Civil War?
If you have slanted eyes does that mean your asian descent even if your african american?
Explain the socioeconomic and cultural differences and similarities among the English colonies in N. America?
Do German people feel thankful to Hitler?
When The Anglo-Saxons Arrived In England Many Centuries Ago, Which Race Lived Here???
19º century europe?
What is your favorite subject in History?
Naval battles between Union and Confederation ships during the US Civil War.?
What were Alexander the Great's motivations for conquest?
was there any discrimination?
gunpowder was invented by the?
Massacre at Lexington?
Did you know there were two almost identical ships to the Titanic?
How could one relate these two things together?
Who was Cippola and what did he accomplish?
customs, beliefs, or ideas the Romans derived from the Etruscans?
what did canada do after world war two ended?
What does history / heritage / the past mean to you?
was the 'shot heard round the world' fired at the battle of bunker (breeds) hill?
FRENCH REVOLUTION...brief information...!!?
What Types of jobs did women do?
Are antiques becoming a thing of the past?
Did God have a father and mother-Are they alive still?
What happened to the original le coeur de la mer diamond"not the one in Titanic movie" in history?
1) describe the events and results of the holocaust?
Could Hitler have been a woman ?
How did John Locke influence Thomas Jefferson?
what would be a typical meal for a wealthy person in the elizabethan era?
Do you wish Great Britain won the Revolutionay War?
Can you name some historical 'bastard' children who went on to great success?
Was the American Revolution a success?
what's the main differences between 5.56NATO and .223?
did u know how is the most killer person in the world after hitler.?
In the battle of Vimy Ridge, di the Canadians dig underneath no man's land to surprise the Germans?
Why did Julius Caesar add 90 days to the year 45 BC?
how did guatemala affected world war one?
How did the Congress of Vienna maintain balance of power in Europe?
WWII - How did Germany in 20yrs become a major power again?
When have we not lived up to Americas core beliefs?
What do you think was the greatest moment in history? and why?
Compare and Contrast the Gettysburg Address and Mr. Luthar King's I have a dream speech?
Did the United States armed forces include 15 and 16 year olds during World War 2?
why was slavery a drag on the economy?
In what way did Charlemagne bring order to France?
What's the oldest living thing alive?
Why where the Bolsheviks successful?
I need a great book on the founding fathers?
Do Christians realy know what the New Age satanic mafia with its mystery religion is all about?
how did mary cassatt feel about art awards?
{PHOTO} Victorian Girl In Plaid Dress?
did Thomas Jefferson use music to write the declaration indepence?
Were do rich african americans hang out in phila. pa?
How old is the art form of film or cinema?
What kept the Cold War from becoming Hot?
What impact did the Enlightenment have on the Great Awakening?
Who was the leader of Honduras in 1969?
Who was the first punk?
Who surrendered first? Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown or Burgoyne surrendered at Saratoga?
Did the Mayan calender account for leap year?
Why is Lady Liberty's "torch" always inaccesible?
Why were th Olmec, Mayan, and Aztec cultures so influential?
Who was much worse, the Japanese or the Nazi's during world war II???
What does "“was not a question of principle; it was a question of tactics.” mean to you?
The American Revolution probably would not have succeeded without the direct military support of the French.?
What do you think is the most significant event of the 20th century and why?
Britain and the Marshall Plan.?
When Napleaon invaded Russia, what was his biggest mistake?
What happened after the 1906 san francisco earthquake? Did it affect the immigrants differently than others?
who is the indian tiger?
this fish can swim both backward and forward.?
where was gautham Buddha Born?
who caused the american revolution?
in your opinion is benjamin franklin important ? why or why not ?
Compare indentured servitude of african slavery?
Slavery. Why do young african americans feel angst, and make grandiose statements about slavery?
how many people died during world war 2?
Can someone explain how come this was possible?
What the first song you remember as a child and is it still one of your favourites?
Who is a prime inter-pore?
For all Indians and Pakistanis?
what was a big event that happaned during ronald reagan's presidency?
Medieval period...?
What role did the Turks play to bring down the Abbasid empire ?