What are some Roman texts that display interpretatio romana?
Were there any restaurants open during the great depression? Just how bad was the great depression?
What were the "Big Three" roman empires and how were they organized?
End of Victorian age?
On Iranian callendar?
does anyone know of the ship called the apodaca this is where the vase came from on this ship in 1797?
Who was a peaceful, trustful great ruler that never killed people?
how many people were killed by stalin?
how was the dust bowl a turning point in american history? PLEASE HELP?
Are Blacks the only people in the history of the world who have been slaves ?
what did the nazis achive durring the holocaust?
who wrote the controversial article about the Enola Gay, that landed the Smithsonian Institute into hot water?
Why did the CIA commit the huge mistake of funding the mujaheideen in Afghanistan against the USSR?
Hispanic americans in ww1?
Anne Orthwood's Bastard?
In The Great Gilly Hopkins why do you think that Trotter does not want Gilly to talk to William about visiting?
Answer these questions about Adolf Hitler?
what is terrorism?
Is it true that the USA "saved europes butts" in WW2,or is this just American hogwash?
what is the difference between ancient rome and ancient greece geography?
Why was the Korean War important to US history?
Would Jesus have spoken Hebrew or Aramaic?
black history month, whats the point?
Good books on ancient Chinese Culture and pearl diving?
What was President Wilson trying to achieve...?
In Paul's Letter to the Galatians, according to Paul, what was the purpose of the Law?
Relationship between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson?
Who was the best and worst U.S. President?
Why is modern 'patriotism' completly opposite of the ideas, laws, goals and morals the US was founded on?
I need some help with information about Andrew Johnson?
Medieval or Dark Ages Research paper?
help with the new england way pleease?
What is the most striking significance of the year 1850 B.C.?
Does anybody know what really started the Civil War?
ARPANET was established?
differences between renaisance and reformation?
Why did the puritans settle in Massachusetts?
Was ape the first man kind in the world?
how many times did dred scott go to court before obtaining his freedom?
Which Mt Rushmore president is on the west end?
What did howard carter find in king turs tomb?
what were the consequences for searching gold in Texas?
Is Americas economy going to recover again, or is it falling into a third world nation like Fox News says?
How many people died in the Rebellions of 1837 in Upper and Lower Canada?
Why the Weimar Government survived in 1923.?
What is some of the superstitions in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar?
The motivation for Russian expansion to the east was?
Where can I study about American history?
what is a good title for a research paper on world war II?
what was hitlers big mistake?
How did cyrus consoildate power in ancient persia?
looking for a antique whiskey bottle thats made withdark red leather on the bottm half top deerskin?
Where were you on September 11, 2001? What do you remember about that day?
Which country had the oldest civilisation?
why did england become a protestant country?
What was the historical significance of the U.S. national bank?
when did Usain Bolt break his own 100 meters record for the first time, and were ?
how did the Panama Canal get its name?
What is the original most popular leisure-time activity?
In the beginning of the primitive universal, Which one come first? Chick or egg?
Why was the pacific coast important to world war II?
Did white women know their husbands slept with slaves?
My grandmothers maiden name was Simon . does that make me jewish ?
can someone tell me good info about peasants during the reign of terror?
what were some economic and political reforms in 1890-1920?
Why did the Montgomery Improvement Association take part in the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
Whats your new years revolution?
Are you a cookie or a fish?
The Alamo, Dunkirk, The Bridge at Arnhem?
HOw did Lenin Stop Russia's involvement in World war I?
Was the maxican revolution successful?
Help WIth Research Project? 10 Pts best answer!?
What materials have changed over the years and why.?
what were some of the limitations & value of the black panther party?
Name the group of immigrants who faced greatest challenges in us during late 1800s?
How far did Islam spread during the Middle Ages? What led to its decline in the?
i migth be moving 2 a place called alton missouirand i dont wat 2 but mymom said i have 2 what should i do?
How mislead would I be by reading a 1940's book on ancient history?
Why was the Navajo language was considered by the Japanese to be an “unbreakable” code (in ww2)? ?
Why history repeats itself?!?
What do a child need more then anything in this world TO SURVIVE?
Which Latin American colony had a revolution?
What were the American continents called before they were named by Amerigo Vespucci?
Europe in the Middle Ages vs Byzantine Empire?
Who was historically important to Africa?
can anybody name some famous victorians?
what were the 12 memeberstates of the commonwealth of independent states?
Why did Joseph feel that it was important to test his brothers before he revealed his identity to them?
When did Alexander Hamilton say "Those who stand for nothing fall for anything" and why?
intresting things in the middle ages?
What benefits did Australian soldiers gain upon return to Australia?
Any information on the Invasion of Poland during World War II? I need some information about it for a report.?
1936-1946 funeral home letter?!?!?!?
What religious order....?
How do ancient Chinese read dates and days? Do they have calenders?
Where did the Bantu people migrate?
is taj mahal really built by shah jahan?
how you can tell the prosperity or lack of prosperity of the Etruscan peoples?
To what extent and how did slavery lead to the Civil War in 1861?
Why was the Plymoth devoid of hostile indians when the settlers came?
As rajputs of rajasthan are scythian descent who's origin lies in the caucasus area are they european descent?
What was Voltaire's treatise on toleration about and how did it effect the age of enlightenment?
Any experts on the Middle Ages?
Why did Hitler hate the Jews? How did he get away with killing so many and why wasn't he stopped?
what is a timeline of Booker T Washington's life?
Which British queen fought in her chariot against Roman Invaders .....?
Results of foreign intervention?
What was Food Production like in early states (civilations) in the World's history?
Who won the fisrt nobel prize?
Are Muslims being seen in America in the same light as the JapaneseAmericans of WWII?
How long has immigration been apart of U.S. history?
What was an example of how trade spread knowledge in Columbus time?
who was the audience of Thomas Paine's writings?!?!?!?
What did Florence Price contribute to the music world exactly?
The primary impetus for abandoning the Articles of Confederation and forming into the United States was the?
Was welfare available during the Great Depression?
I need information about walt disney (company & person) during WWII?
how to honour parents in indian culture?
How did the American Constitution influence the French Constitution of 1793?
History Help ( Vietnam War )?
what is the best documentary for learning about the history of the Jewish people?
Did Carnegie, JP Morgan, and Rockefeller really collude to buy the Presidency?
Is movies enough for learning history?
what did pirates think of puritans? and what did puritans think of pirates?
Us history help. Unions?
Were American GI Rape of French and German Women Shockingly Higher than we think?Sources Please?
Before the 19th century the united states had never seen it. What is it?
was Russia invaded by the Soviet Union during the cold war?
Causes of rivalry in the balkans in 1900?
who invented the first successful steamboat and what year?
How did Simon Bolivar have an effect on Venezuela's independence?
what are some main trials in The Odyssey and what happened in them?
is it true that walt disney was a nazi?
What is pro-British sentiment?
Since Columbus is Spanish and found America, why doesn't the US speak spanish?
Which country do you think did the most during ww2?
5. One of the characteristics that distinguished the Hebrews' deity from other Mesopotamian deities was:?
How do you pronounce the word "drachm"?
Is terrorism about religion or politics?
Why didn't the General Assembly use Uniting for Peace resolution to deal with the Hungarian criss in 1956.?
Do you think the U.S. was right in bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
How did Hitler get away with this?
How Do these very different topics relate?
do you know any good facts/websites about the titanic that are useful!?!? (links please)?
What is the colonialism in mozambique by the portuguese about? the reasons, facts, timeline.. etc..?
how did King Leopold II conquered Congo?
Name at least one positive thing about Hitler?
Calling all clever and creative people!?
henry miss understood gay man?
Was abolishionist John Brown an abusive tyrant to his children?
Why do people use Aswers for questions that can be easily answered with a search engine?
Bombing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki?
Why did Calvert's founding vision for maryland fail?
Augustus has been called the first Roman Emperor. Why?
What did you do before the internet existed ?
obstacles norwegians faced while coming to united states?
In the need of straightening things up the death of George Macgovern - will this affectanything politicaly in?
what names are on the Memorial Cenotaph at the Hiroshima Peace Park? like a list of names?
When did the English begin to speak English as we know it today?
Consequences of Killing Baby Hitler?
What commodities were involve in the triangular slave trade?
Who was really behind the bombing of the World Trade Centre?
How many non-Jewish people died in German death camps during World War II?
Who are some famous female martyrs (preferably not saints)?
Where were you when you heard about the 9-11 attacks?
Does anyone know any movies that were created in during the 18th century (1700-1799)?
Does barbaric splendour and the empty vista epitomize the colonial mindset during the Scramble for Africa?
where can I find 's rss feeds?
i need to know about russian army in the old times was the army stong?
In what ways might the Industrial Revolution be understood as a global rather than simply a European?
Who is your favorite ruler?
Why was the llama considered sacred to the Incas?
Who was worse Hitler or Stalin?
What was the experience of women and children during WW2?
Members from the belzec camp?
i need information on relevance of history?
Who's Vincent Cavanagh's Girlfriend?
In general, what was Voltaire's attitude towards despotic of autocratic government?
What did Japan hope to achieve from Pearl Harbor?
did hitler drink fruit juice if so how often?
The best Phrase on life?
How was life during Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution in China?
How did Richard Nixon impact U.S. History?
What are the caparisons between Ancient Rome government and the us government?
How did the Great Depression affect the economy?
what is the best way to research Irish History from 1865 ti 1873?
who discovered the warka vase?
what is the name of first killer of mahatma gandhi?
why the ku klux klan was allowed to operate as an american terriost organziation within the united states?
what party did Abraham Lincoln belong to?
how did they travel to the goldfeilds in 1850s?
I am looking to translate the phrases "with unity comes strength" and "with strength comes power" into gaelic
why does everybody think jesus is the savior, but they have never seen him.. have we all been brainwashed?
Whoses was alaska before america?
describe how values and styles of art and living changed from the middle ages to the renaissance. pick 3 areas
I think I am Hitler. What should I do?
how can i find information about my antique furniture?
Who actually won WW 2?
What is this British Coin (Queen Victoria era)?
How did the contrasting post-World War II goals of the Soviet Union&the U.S. lead to the to the Cold war?
How were albanians treated by the ottomans...?
Big Houses?
What is the oppinion in Bosnia today about Gavrillo Princip?
Who were 10 presidents who remained popular through their term and who were ten that didn't?
Who were important Persians in the Battle of Plataea?
Where is "Chiricahua City" in AZ?
Why were both the Russians and the French public eager to go to war in 1914?
How old was William the conqueror in the battle of hastings?
Polands decline as a major political entity during the 17th century can be attributed largely to?
Was the American Civil War over slavery or high tariffs?
What were the challenges that Apollo 13 had to solve?
What historical figure would you most like to have a conversation with?
Which nations have made the greatest contribution to world history?
1.who was the wife of Hitler(king of Germany)?
present-day France was given to which grandson?
How many years did the Nazi burn books?
Who was the greatest general of World War 2?
how did the Smith and wesson model 10 compare to the other Service revolvers/pistols of its day?
can you tell me the history or the tragedy that happened at bukit kepong?
What was Hitler's surname?
Are men more aggressive then women?
What leadership qualities did John F. Kennedy have?
Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?
most evil person throughout history?
help with a history question?
Paleolithic or Neolithic? Social Studies.?
When was the second iconoclastic period?
Is it possible that the Incans had wheeled toys but not wheeled vehicles ?
Why would one refer to Adolf Hitler as the "greatest leader in history" or even a "great leader" at that?
where did WWII take place?
Was clay used by Mesoamerican/pre-Columbian cultures?
Difference between Bronze Age and medieval times?
I have stamps that are from the early 1900's and I'm wondering how much they are worth?
Were you able to choose who you married in early 1900's?
What was a notable event of the Battle of Shiloh (Pittsburg Landing) in the USA Civil War?
what are some significant rulers of the Zhou dynasty and what did they do?
How did each of the following demonstrate a growing U.S. involvement in the world: Washington’s farewell Addre?
Compare and contrast the governments that arose in Ancient China, Greece, and Rome. What was common?
Is there a site on the internet where I can get specific information regarding a British patent?
Is there an inventory of the kinds of weapons humans have to kill others?
What did the industrial revolution replace?
Who Favored "Civil Service Reform"? What Steps towards it were made under Hayes? Under Arthur?
what were the effects on the age of exploration on the new world and in europe?
What are the complaints of the second estate (noble/knights) during the French Revolution?
In the feudal system, do you think knights ever felt conflicting loyalties?
DId Europeans ever try to invade Asia?
Did Don Jensen win senate seat?
What role did slavery play in the civil war?
Which of the wonders of the world do you find the most fascinating ?
How Terrifying is it to fend off heavily armored elite cavalry (Knights,Samurais,etc) with spears?
How much are WWII Navy uniforms worth?
Why was the UN-authorized coalition so against the invasion of Kuwait in the Gulf war?
We're there any Vietcong who defected?
why are there so many languages in this world? wasn't our real primogenitor a chimpanzee?
Who likes history???????????
Favorite decade of Victorian era?
how did the dropping of The atomic bomb change The 20th century?
History of Drama from the Mesolithic period to the Restoration?
What was a famous thing Diocletain did?
who, in history do you have the most respect for?
What is the only country in east africa that was never colonized by europeans?
In what year was the city of baghdad founded?
How much would a 2" obsidian arrowhead be worth?
Do you think that Rasputin was really the downfall of the Czar?
How and why did France protect its borders from 1919-30?? PLEASE?
If Marie Antoinette had to go to college what college would she have went to and who would her Employer be?
Them Japs were into WW2 coz they ran out of toothpaste?
Why do us Americans,the British,and Aussies think they won the Pacific war alone?
how come some countries get to be called mother land and others father land?
who are thotmos the third?
Did the Reign of Terror change the course of the French Revolution?
I need to write a letter about the french revolution. I don't know what to write?
If Hitler had never existed, would the U.S. be the world's superpower?
How would American history have changed if the North and South Carolina hadn't ratified the Constitution?
why do white people think that the ancient egyptians were not black?
When was the Chelsea Hotel built?
what is the history of wayang kulit?and some useful facts/urls about it?thanks!?
why is biological factors regarded as most important factor for affacting birth,death and migration?
What kind of currency was used in ancient Cairo?
What's the story behind Civil War song, Tell my Father?
who was the lady priminister who ruled britain for many years?
History of what happened financially in the years 1925 ~ 1939?
how did king leopold colonized the Congo?
why was the invention of the internet so significant?
Are the Jews lying about the gas chambers?
What was Hitler's adopted country?
How did Britain react to the Amritsar Massacre?
History multiple choice question!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what were the effects of military reconstruction of the post-war American south?
How long does it take to climb Mount Everest?
did hitler kill people that were aryn(people with blonde hair and blue eyes) or jews?
What was thaddeus Steven’s plan for radical reconstruction?
Do you think we will ever have a World War 3?
what did government officials and peasants have in common?
How did Kublai Khan's postal system function?
Can anyone help me make questions for my project in History?
What was happening in the Northern and Southern kingdom during the post babylonian exile period ?
Is it true that Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin he built himself?
Anne Boleyn... Witch or Religious Martyr?
What reasons would you give for "regime change"?
Did we ALL come from Africa? My history teacher said the other day that all of our ancestors were black?
Who do you consider was the finest army ever. now or in history.?
What was life like back in the mid 1800's on the American frontier?
Montgomery Ward Trunk?
Reasons why Americans hated immigrants in the 1900s?!?! PLEASE HELP!!!?
do u think hitler is good citizen?
Why do people think we lost Vietnam?
is the xylophone a descendant of the gamelan in musical history?
Did WWI bring any benefits to Europe?
Some countries were not members of the league of nations when it was set up. How did this weaken the league?
Woman's suffer age campaigner?
do u know what is life? Where we form and Where will be go?
Compare the role of the state during the Maurice Duplesis era with that of the Quiet Revolution.?
Greece and Rome LOVE/HATE aristocracies?
I'm looking for info about the Thimbleton O'Neal Home in Florence Alabama...help please?
Would you rather live in this time and age or in the eighties?
who's the first American President ?
The first gang were asian(chinese) dated back in the 1760's then known in the 1800's...?
Why did people never wash in the times of the Elizabeth I?
who came first in this world...black skinned or white skinned?
Anyone know what events made us think that the Soviet's represented expansionist evil? Please HELP!?
Having a problem. Please help?
Were Castor and Pollux winged?
who is marlene freimanis?
U.S. History Question Please help!!?
"By protecting the interests of the community, one inherently protects the interests of the individual."?
Why was Grover Cleveland unpopular in his second term?
What caused the Western Roman Empire to fall? There was no single cause, and no sudden fall. Rome’s decline?
What good things did the Vikings get from they're exploration, and plundering?
What would happen if America was never discovered?
When did the first homo sapiens emerge?
Of all millions Hitler killed...?
To what extent could Russia have avoided the 1917 revolution had the admirals and generals been better ?
To my mates Brits!What are you proud most of your national history?
How were the Maya and the aztecs similar and how were they different?
What were the two assemblies of government in Rome and how did the power shift between them?
In 1980s sitcom best depicted collar America ?
Is anyone else angry that the Hundred Years War lasted more than one hundred years?
What's the importance of money during Renaissance? What does it do to the people in this period?
how did religion and philosophy help to sustain chinese and indian societies?
Women and Jim Crow Laws?
1.How do the economies of scale affect corporations?
What obstacles did jack swigert had to overcome during th apollo 13 ordeal ?
why did we only get things such as the computer in the past 100 yrs?
do you belive that ghost excist or life after death?
History Question?????
What was the civilization of Baan Chiang;explain?
How much does the President of the USA makes monthly?
When was the last time you were taken by surprise?
What exactly did the Americans fight for in Vietnam war?
What was wrong with the Monster of Glamis?
what was "hawks" in vienna, 1866? the reason austria went to war with prussia?
Why did Britain abolish the slave trade?
What areas did Charlemagne rule? (cite answer)?
The difference between black americans and africans?
where can you go to find your family linneage?
what is the name of the creater of the universe?
i need a research topic?
the difference between ancient egyptians and mesopotamians?
Whats a good job i can get If i study World History or Political Science?
Lincoln and the American people dreaded the ____________?
Did the Federalist and Antifederalist have a symbol?
How did New England Puritanism decline?
Why do new watches sold always show 10:10 on the dial?
why do most of us hate someone who is exactly like ourselves?
Tx. History Questions? Please read!?
Who was truly behind the 9/11 attacks?
what is modern warfare? world war 1?
Was there a difference between the technology in WW1 and WW2?
Can you name at least 3-4 significant archeological digs that occured in Latin America?
What happened after Hannibal one the war with the Romans?
I need to create an American Revolution slogan, help?
What was the greatest creation ever made?
Is a house an artifact?
HELP. Difference between chemistry and history in a relationship.?
I found my high school history book on WWII from 1978. It states 3 million jews were killed in holocaust.?
How many wives did Prophet Mohammed have?
What is the best free website that can help us find our ancestors?
What Was The Best Time Period of The Past?
Islam world history homework?
(history-nazi germany) what does it mean to dissolve the reichstag?
Why Is Aaron Kosminski The Strongest Jack The Ripper Suspect?
what did the African slaves eat?
tell me about great wall of china?
How many imperial stormstroopers and officers were killed when the Death Star blew up in 1977?
Humanism in The Birth of Venus?
When and how did area of Poland become Catholic and who converted them?
What in your view was the short-term significance of the election of the liberal government in 1906?
which college was outgrowth of a mission school founded to train Indians as missionaries to thier own people?
Do you know what Makahuna is?
If Someone Lived From 1709-1777, Which Century Did They Live In?
Have th e english ever won a battle without the help of Scots?!?
What do people think that The Loch Ness monster is?
How are those ancient cathedrals in Europe that are made of stone held together?
Need help with the historical significance of these events in European history?
Why was the Eye of Horus important to the Egyptians?
Who was the first person to invent light bulbs?
What was The Changes Brought Against Galileo At The Trail?
Do you agree with Albert Einstein?
What did the atomic bomb help accomplish during World War 2?
This may sound random but was David Low (cartoonist) gay?
Short paragraph on Ancient Egyptian Culture?
How did the seleucid, parthians, and sasanid empires try to position themselves as the heirs?
Why did hannibal hate the romans?
Whom would you Ask and what would you ask?
where is timbo?
Why were the Holocaust set up and having people persecuted?
Where did office clothing originate from?
There were important distinctions between Spanish and French efforst to colonize the new world.?
What is a really famous picture of the Vietnam war?
Can you name some one that was nominated to the cabinet by the president that was rejected by the senate?
Who were the progressives and what did they want?
Would you have voted Nazi/Hitler if you were in Germany after WW1?
Will there be a 3rd 'World War' ?
who is the founder of Oklahoma CITY?
what was the most significant thing that the blue chariot team accomplish?
Was the mayan culture better than the egyiptian culture?
During Ronald Reagan's presidency...?
How did people flee Sudan after the 2nd Civil War?
What is the treatment of Malaria? Anyone no?
Who were the HYKSOS? Same people as the HAIBIRUS?
who invented the first newpaper in Nigeria?
How did Shakespeare keep his audience entertained during "The Merchant of Venice"?
HELP with History Question!!!!?
History question..............................?
What are some good movies based between 1300 AD and 1800 AD?
april showers bring may flowers. what dose Mayflowers bring?
What are three things thoreau would protest against if he were alive today?
On Revolutions...?
anyone know about the story of elisa day?
If Adolph Hitler were alive today, Who would he be most like in comparison?
Who commanded the French forces at the WWI Battle of Verdun, but was later villified for his role as the head?
Why did the British choose Singapore as a Port?
what would you put in the truman library?
Why is Martin Luther KIng famous for having a dream....everybody has dreams?
What's the meaning of life?
Do you believe that MAN realy landed on the moon?
in 1775 what geographical features did boston and neighboring Charlestown share?
Need help with research thesis Berlin Wall?
What were the Sim. and Diff. between Spanish, French,,Portuguese and English colonization in America?
Was william wallace at battle of culloden?
What is the historical significance of Bras Basah?
Who played the omega man in the film in 1971?!!?
The open door notes.....?
how did LBJ die?
what do you understand about roman catholics?
dongson civilisation?
which gun did hitler commit suicide with?
Apart from Ireland what other countries supported Nazi Germany and their allies?
do any of u know about JACQUES CARTIER the explorer?
why was Shakespeare famous?
Does the Baptist Religion give up meat on Fridays in observance of Lent?
why was the Franco- Prussian War important for Germany?
What are 7 Places I should see Before I Die ?
Did you know the Mayans predicted the world would end December 23, 2012?
Who is the biggest douche bag in history?
I think that my wife is unfaithful, what should I do?
Who traded on the Silk Road?
how did spanish explorers and their crew live on the boats?
Is it okay to have an early marriage?
a year in the bible equals how much time? How much years?
Plato, Aristotle, or Socrates...or maybe another Greek?
Which of the following events did not occur during the war of 1812?
How old is neal young?
who shot kennedy because it was not lee harvey oswald any ideas?
where can I find books on ancient Vietnamese history?
Why didn’t the Union use black soldiers earlier?
How many French Kings have been cannonized?
Why does everyone hate New Jersey?
How is the Hamiltonian/Jeffersonian debate still around today?
Have you ever been to an Renaissance fair?
what was it like in 2012?
Do animals know the difference between male & female animals?
Interesting Places in the Byzantine Empire?
What was the reasoning for Pearl Harbor? What was the specific reason Japan decided to bomb us?
If you are a teenager out there (gils) why do fall 4 stupid stuff like guys that are cute but rude?
How did hirbert hoover die?
Stanton served time in prison for contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over parts of Booth's diary. Why?
Does anyone know where i can find plans for da vinci's tank?
Is it quite possible that the Explorers of America poisoned the Native Indians?
I need to find frequently asked questions about Braille.?
If Adolf Hitler was a Christian then why did he state the following statements?
Can you name anyone who changed history by committing a crime?
Why did Europeans settle in the Americas as opposed to Africa and Asia?
What are the chances of a convicted murder getting out when appealing a case?
Questions about the Holocaust / anti semitism?
a brief history of japan after World War II?
why were the wars between Thailand and Burma fought?
Who famous quote was this "I Have A Dream" ?
What were the citizen's rights under king louis xiv of france?
does anybody know if Vietnam is divided (north and south Vietnam)?
What wars, or revolts are displayed in Animal Farm?
Can anyone recommend some good books on renaissance and medieval history?
How did Amon-Re become king of the gods?
What famous people were big contributors to US history during the 1860 to 1900?
In France in the 900s, what did people commonly own and what countries did they come from?
did richard nixon have JFK shot ?
history of chicago!!!!!!!!!!!Helo!?
How did the slave trade begin?
why did Jefferson eliminate criticism of the slave trade from the declaration of independence?
How long did it take to build a house in the 17th century?
leader of the spanish army that conquered the inca empire?
What is the most serious mistake that has been made by humanity?
who is the first man in the world???
Who exactly wrote the 25 point plan for the Nazi Party (1920)?
What now with the christian faith with the latest revelation about Judas Escariot?
Help with history GCSE exam question? Please :)?
Was 'Mein Kampf' useful to the Nazis?
how many rivers run uphill in the world?
what were the benefits of winning WWII?
What is the most famous battle the United States fought in World War 2?
Justice Taneys opinion in Dred Scott?
what city and state was dr. maulana karenga born in? and his dob?what did the Dr. do as a child?
Who is the most likely suspect for 'Jack the Ripper '?
What important topics did George Washington focus on while he was in office?
What kind of cases will the supreme court hear?
Why was there a French Revolution ?
How was the French Revolution seen as a changing point in world history?
How did Gilded Age culture lead to the Progressive Era?
Is Pres.Bush a honest and humane person?
was monaco really a rich principality in the past? or was it like a backwater?
Factors that prevented the development of a unified German state in the 16th and 17th centuries?
Why are WW1 fighter pilots mythologized as "knights of the air"?
Why were the Viet-Cong so harsh?
Who unholied the Roman Empire?
How did Elizabeth I feel about her step-mothers?
If you could go back to any era in history, which era would you want to visit? And why?
When was the Blue Ridge Parkway planned and then built?
the question is below in the "question details" space?
Are the Jews responsible for all the wars?
Can someone please answer my question about history (Martin luther king jr. speech "I have a dream")?
Before the 19th century the united states had never seen it. What is it?
Who was your favourite, mother theresa or hitler?
History.. 10 points to best answer...?
What's a modern day witch hunt?
In your opinion what peoples since the fall of the Roman Empire is the most villainous?
Do you believe in God? He created us. We all should thank him for our lives.?
What are the 10 achievements, people, inventions or events by Greece?
What caused the Etruscan culture to change during the 5th century?
The negotiations to end the Russo-Japanese War were mediated by?
In Rome, what was the plot of Terence's Brothers?
What happened to the populist party in 1891?
What was the stance regarding collective bargaining in Nazi Germany?
Another history question?
what are the differences between hitler and stalin?
Who called George Washington "one of the greatest captains of the age"?
Know anything about Roman Handweapons?
Information on persian empire started by Cyrus the Great 200 years of rule ancient world?
What were the influence and actions of trade unions on labour issues during apartheid in South Africa?
who was first lady sultan of india?
History: Examples in history when there was social protest movements that advocated or employed violence?
who were the first americans were?explain your answer?
when did slavery end?
why was the assassination of archduke franz ferdinand the spark to set off ww1?
In ancient time what would happen if someone spoke out against a pope?
What were peoples opinions about Isaac Newton?
Why was it in Pres. Woodrow Wilson’s political interests to maintain American neutrality between 1914 and 17?
Help on Surrealism & Government?
What is the History Of Halloween/All Hallows' Evening?
What did people think of jean batten's actions and ideas during her lifetime?
How can I be sure the holocaust did actually happen?
canadian achievements in the 1900's?
What wars were the Ming Dynasty involved in?
Who do you think is the most evil person in the history?
how did knights of the medieval deal with any taunts?
What is valued more at unis History or Geography?
what did the social securty act provide?
Where can I find a book documenting all of America's crimes?
What was the reason of WWI?
What are some interesting topics in modern European history?
A major fear of Anti-Federalist was that:?
do you think hitler did anything good?
What was the historical significance of the Democratic-Republican Party (anti-Federalist)?
who is called as an "earl" ?
Compare the fall of the roman empire to the fall of the han dynasty?!? 10 points!!!?
what is a gargoyle?
What happened to the 20 somethin Black republicans in the late 1800s that resigned?
do u believe that the ancestors of the mexicans were egyptians?
What do you think is the single most globally influential event since the end of the Ice Age.?
how many people died in the Port Aurthur Massacre?
Why did the Jews start WWII?
In your opinion, what is the single most important event in the history of humanity?
how did tinkerbell come about?
What are some examples of "Ethic of Service" today in America?
What about the good things Hitler did?
Some general , common , key differences between Greece and Rome ?
so wen we fought in that battle for usa independence u were jealous cuz we won usa rockz who agrees?
What is the main cause of the bloody wars in the present era?
What do these phrases mean?
What were the political, social, and economic developments in China during the 20th century?
Where can I learn more about Roman civilization?
What were the causes of the collapse of the Russian Empire?
Leonardo Da Vinci Helpp?
Any one willing to agree that Russia was the main cause of the allies winning ww11?
By Nazi standards was Hitler himself Jewish?
Please help me with these three history-related questions?
Who did the cooking for the Last Supper?
What was the benefits of a standardized system of weights and mesurements in Rome?
How does the civil war affect us today?
Would Patton has ever beaten the Soviets if he was given the green light to do so?
WWI Questions that i'm struggling w/. PLZ HALP?
World War I left Germans feeling?
What are some good reliable sources of knowledge on the Bay of Pigs?
ww1 question...............?
If Britain invaded USA during 1830 what would the outcome be?
what were the successes and failures of the U.S. cold war polocy of containment as it developed in...?
How many stars did the American flag have to begin with?
what happened in 1962 between china and india?
What was the influence of explorers and mapmakers?
American History Question?
What historical events happened in the 1250 a.d.?
Who is Ferdinand Magellan?
What did Douglass obtain to protect him from the beatings?
how is women's rights an important part of canada's history?
Ever heard of the Donner Party? (Nineteenth Century, America)?
Why did Hitler and the Nazis become so powerful?
What was the most important thing in U.S. History?
who is the most beloved massive headwound recipient?
What group of women was responsible for running one of Canada's first hospitals?
Which US WAR post WWII was more intense and dangerous ?
What was rome like in the year 477?
What was America like by 1790?
salem town, tamilnadu?
What is the difference between british and American people?
American Revolutionary war questions?
AP U.S. History question?
What government post would David Lloyd George have been given once Adolf Hitler had conquered Great Britain?
The number of bacteria in a certain culture was found to be 4x10 6 at noon of one day. At noon the next day?
history of the American flag?
How was the government of colonial new Hampshire set up?
is the movie BraveHeart based on a real story?if it is ,what happened after William's Death?
What are the features of feudalism?
What to write about? Research paper on The Great Railroad Strike 1877.?
What was the role of Egypt in world war two?
How did centralized power in Middle ages impact trade?
Which empire is the oldest in the world?
When the war ended, did rationing end also?
What is the one painting sold by Vincent van Gogh in his lifetime?
Where did u bought the parol kit online?
why are pyramids built triangle in shape?why not square?or any other shapes?
When were undergarmets first used?
Can you share an interesting, little known fact(s) you know about a historical figure/group of people?
What was Food Production like in early states (civilations) in the World's history?
"Katyn" - 2007 Polish Film about 1939 massacre of Polish Officers?
highest causes of death in HISTORY?
Was Valentinian the last emperor of Rome?
Is america doing the right , with iraq iran and the whole world??
Why do some historians call Reconstruction the Second Civil War?
who was the founder of gold?
What were some battles America fought in during World War one?
when was the last time an execution was done in the united states?
when did cesar chavez parents died?
balinese cultures??
World war term called CBI ie: I would rather be in the occupation force in Italy than CBI?
Did religion bring stability or instability to Europe between the fall of the Roman Empire and the 17th cent?
What did the catholics bring back from the crusades ?
did nazi's make soap out of jews and polish people and lampshades out of them?
Is there a site where you can obtain public records for free?
What were the major aims of the feminist mvoement&the National Organization for women? (NOW)?
Why Isn't America Any Good At Winning Wars?
What are the answers to this thirteen colonies in 1770 worksheet?
Where is the restroom?
how many brothers and sisters did Maya Angelou?
Can anyone give a very thorough explanation of the "Five Good Emperors"?
who was Sanders Anne Laubenthal?
Your favorite Supreme Court Cases?
Anglo-German relation during 1899?
Was 1896 Revolution in the philippines a success or a failure?
what do you think is the most devastating disaster in the past ten years?
Why did countries in the west hate Communism so much?
Which English monarch had the most illegitimate children?
Was Robert F Kennedy leading the polls before he was killed?
Where do the inland empire start and end ?
What is the correct order (History)?
Why is it important to study leisure?
the bet school of archeology?
What are some general historical examples that can be used on the SAT essay?
what was US position prior to World War 2?
I need some help with American history, please!?
was HITLER a jew !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why did Alabama join the confederacy during the Civil War?
about illuminati and ambigrams?
What came first the chicken or the egg?
Were there native americans in or around boone, nc? Anyone find any arrowheads near there?
Only Serious answers. What do you think was Hitlers biggest mistake in WW2.?
How did methods of wielding political power and enforcing social hierachies change from 1500 to 1789?
What were the roles of these people in nationalism?
Who was the greatest Jewish king of all time: King David or King Solomon?
How did the yankees soliders contribute to the united states???? giving best answer to first best answer...?
why is history important!!!!!?
if you could be anyone famous in this world who would you be? and why?
How did Pope Alexander VI support Christopher Columbus?
HISTORY HELP?!?!?!?! 10PTS!!! AHH!!!!?
What movies were made about the Olympic murders?
Will you help me find an image?
What came first, the chicken or the egg?
What were the weaknesses of the Spanish army during/around 1803?
does anything like past life exist?
Do you remember where you were at and what you were doing when you found out about the World Trade Center?
What did Bartolome de las Casas mean?
Explain some of the important technological developments in China during the Tang and Song dynasties.?
was it embarrasing/accepted to shoot a medic under world war 2?
Why did German moderates support Adolf Hitler before he became the ruler of Germany?
can someone tell me about the human rights work of Pope John Paul the 2?
how many children did Gandhi have?
can anyone tell me a brief history of Japan?
what if you had a time machine where you go?
Life in the 1930s and 1940s in the US?
South and North Native Americans contact?
Information on life in 18th century Europe?
what does the american emblem represent?
what are so dead poets?
The printing press was invented during the Renaissance Period. What effect did it have on music?
the summary of rilke's spanish dancer?
Why was World War 1 called "the Accident" by the Irish people?
Who, in your opinion, is the most influential man ever to live in history?
New England colonies compared to the Southern Colonies?
What color is the white horse of Napoleon Bonaparte?
Why did barack Obama buy a dog?
Where were you, what were you doing, what was your reaction on this date 8 years ago?
Facts about the new republican party?
Why do scholars try to discredit the fact that there was an African influnence in the Americas?
What was schooling/education like in Ancient Rome (461 BC)?
Are Americans *really* THIS stupid?
can anyone send me a directory for antique solid silver hall marks from Europe and asia?
Where do you find info about the first jersey swap in history? I'm doing some work for school?
did muslims mean to convert or they just wanted to create an empire in 632A.D?
How did the Mongols get past the Great Wall of China?
How close was Pocahontas's life story compared to the Disney movie?
Once Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic Church, what did the Church of England look like?
Has anyone ever meet Dan Cruickshank in person and what was he like?
Who was the Queen of France as well as England" She was also Europe’s legendary central figure of the Middle A
Was Queen Cleopatra Greek or Egyptian?
Did Britain have a assassin order?
can anyone help me with my harriet tubman essay?
the dominion of new england ruled by sir edmund andros joined new york,new jersey, and new england into a?
Who "won" World War II?
Do you think we will ever raise the Titanic?
What were the state constitutions developed for the Continental Congress of 1776?
What led to the suburbanization of the U.S. In the 50's?
Do u know of any Web sit that would have info in Ohio con in columbus?
When were black people invented?
titanic? Please help me settle this?
If your anwer is Best I'll Gaurantee you 100 PointS!!!?
Is there any reliable evidence that Jesus Christ ever set foot in Britain?
why was the 'stab in the back' a problem for eberts new weimar government?
what is political, social, and cultural conformity?
how old was jeorge washington when he die?
why should we know history?
Is Emperor Hirohito a god?
If 'I' wanted to measure scientific progress through time, what data could I use? And where would I get it?
why do black people argue that jesus was black?
Who do you believe is the most influential person in history?
What are examples of racism in Jesus' time or before that?
Did America conquer much Communist territory & enlarge S. Korea at the expense of N. Korea during Korean War?
Did dinosaurs really exist in the olden days?
In what ways did Darwin’s theory influenced modern science?
Many historians consider the period from 1914-1945 as the 31 years war. Is this a correct assumption?
how were some attitudes towards marriage in the 19th century(regency era) different to today?
is protecting the 1st more important today than 100 years ago?
what were some of the causes of world war 2?
i need a research topic?
blood street gang information and knoledge for blood members?
What was the most important short term cause of ww1?
who invaded Mesopotamia?
How to make items in castle miners z?
What would the world be like if the British won the American Revolution?
dubai and sharjah border dispute which was settled by world court what was the outcome of that case?
have i got a question, how did america get its name, and how did they name each state?
Only Serious answers. What do you think was Hitlers biggest mistake in WW2.?
what makes a person sinned?
To combat France's economics problems during the 1980's,Francis Mitterrand did NOT?
roles of women in history in 19th and 20th centuary?
What is the main reason why the Deir el-Madinah expidition was so important ?
Britain's contribution to WW2 victory?
which rote did the viking eric find his way to america? where did he land?
do u like going to school?
Could Jesus read and write?
What would you call someone who's family has lived in the USA for hundreds of years, but isn't Native?
Whats my favorite color?
does james have add?
How many Jews did Hitler kill? And how long was his reign?
what would you want to be known in history for doing?
Black History Month taking precedence over Hispanic Heritage Month in America.?
If u could live in any time period?
how did the spaniards lost their territories on british columbia please answer me back?
Who discovered America?
need help for topic for history research paper?
did ancient greece have freedom of religion?
how did the us acquire the land for New england?
what connections does young goodman brown have with the salem witch trials?
I have a picture of George S Patton JR has a biography his name engraved on a bronze plate and signature?
How did natural resources effect the Industrial Revolution?
Are there any good books about the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre?
dimensions of the uss arizona memorial (Lenth, Height, and Width).?
What was the cause of world war 1?
Do you like History?
Ugh! How should I respond to someone that denies the Holocaust?
What two areas in present day Israel belong to the palestinians?
why did the united states help during the holocaust?
What factors led to Europeans exploring for new routes to the east?
What little known facts do you know about President Lincoln? My son's 2nd grade class is studying him @ school
If you could go back in time...?
Who is an interesting European person who is still alive today?
differences in slavery in Africa as opposed to the English colonies?
What was so great about JFK?
Why was Athens important to the ancient Greece government?
why were veterans in the vietnam war accused of being baby-killers?
Who was the first president of the us?
Why was columbus lookin for india when he accidently found america?
Define political change please?
Where did Hitler travel in the world? During World War II?
Is Pyrrhus of Epirus a very underrated General, historically wise?
When was the Red Cross founded?
who started the french revolution??
What was John D. Rockefeller's personality like?
If I was elected pope during the Protestant reformation..?
What advantages would a Union soldier have if he moved to the south after the civil war?
how long is a 500-700 word essay?
Who was Stanley milgram?
Which ruler ( wheter hindu or muslim ) has ruled all of india?
Was Tiberius a pedophile?
who is joseph frangieh ? any idea?
how did a cowboy in the 19th century live? what was daily life for them?
Who is from hastings xD?
Can you help me fill in the blank for the information about Reign of Terror during the French Revolution?
According to the Articles of Confederation, this power was granted to Congress.?
Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?
what was the knights helmet called?
How is Vietnam war similar to the war in Iraq?
What relationship did religion have on early hierarchies?
Why are the Americans so insecure??
Who led the battle of the Bull Run in the Civil War?
What did france lose in the F/I war & who gained it?
What sould happen to the one who bluetooth sadam's execution to thepublic?
If humanity started with 2 people, how did people discover other people on new land?
Did any Nazis actually escape and stay free enough to live out their lives?
Did you cry when the Soviet Union collapsed?
What are some ancient Greek festival traditions that appear in Western traditions today?
What were some of the issues that led to the war of 1812 and why was it regarded as the war for independence?
Am I a racist patriotic...because I am proud of my English language?
who made the greek alphabet?
*Ahem* What factors affected Indian nationalism from 1800-1900 (I need three)?
Is the white house trying cover up truth about ambassadors murder in libya?
Who is that pioneer who was opposed to riding on horses, so walked along side of his horse through NM?
examples of evil in history?
What can a mummy reveal about beliefs and culture of people who created it?
why was harriet tubman important?
Why did Charles dickens write great expectations?
American History question. PLEASE help(:?
The hill borough disaster 1989 what happened and why did it happen?
What were the main events that happened during the Weimar Republic? (timeline)?
Do artificial chemicals in processed foods make one feel "drugged" after so many days of eating them?
How did our view of alcohol change since 1920?
How did people worship Zeus during Ancient Greek times, in comparison to how people worship Gods nowadays?
who do you think were better warriors?
During the Embargo Act how many ships did France and England seize?
History Break Up Letter.?
does history tell the truth or is it a or could it be a lie? how can you you prove?
Us history exams need help to study for next thursday?
Spanish-American War?
Why wasn't anything named after Hitler ?
how did the WESTERN Roman Empire differ from the former Roman Empire?
Would Europe have been better off if they'd dug a huge river across Istanbul?
From the American perspective, did anything positive come from the Vietnam conflict?
The term "Jim Crow" most likely came from _____.?
If you could travel through history what 3 events of importance would you visit ?
What Technologies Would Someone From 1912 Be Impressed With In 2012?
What effect did Japanese prosperity have on Japanese society?
What policies did the Kennedy Administration adopt for defense instead of using massive retaliation?
what did st. lucy work for?
does anyone know when the Detroit,MI capital was rededicated?
What was the historical significance of Cyrus McCormick?
Why did Nazi Germany chose Jews as one of the groups to Massacre?
What room in a monastery was used by monks to copy the Scriptures and write down history?
Just Curious?
what do you think the history of the future will be?
Music history help please?
Why didnt countries take in jews during the holocaust?
Should English people be made to feel guilty about events that hapened before they were even born?
Do you ever look back at history and wonder how we made it this far?
summary of two cities?
What are the best casualty estimates for the major battles during the Persian Wars?
What is the greatest event in human history?
How did railroads contribute to total war in both the eastern and western front?
what is evangelical humanism?
what were williams henry harrison's accomplishements ?
what is the freedmans act?
Why when somone mentions the holocaust?
Question? What country ignored the British when they were in trouble in 1939?
Could Germany have won World War 2?
how much is a penny from 1936 worth?
Elizabethan knowledge of medicinal herbs?
history biale en tehauntepec by diego rivera?
how many miles did amelia earhart fly?
haiti becomes the first black colony to free its self when does haiti gain its independence?
who was the oldest man in history?
Russian leader of the 1920s?
who is true the merchant of venice?
Was there ever a "good" German during World War II?
How was literature in the 19th century?
what do you think is the greatest thing since 1945?
What was the percentage of people in the UK that voted Parliament and voted the King in the Civil War?
In Equatorial Guinea, it's illegal to name your child what?
How did David defeat Goliath?
what were the benefits of winning WWII?
what happened to Arthur Miller upon testify?
Why do "white" people try to justify all the evil in their history?
were the gargoyles of the christler building ever used on a car?
Could the Salem Witch Trials be considered a turning point in history?
reasons why philippine population boost?
why did the chesapeake colonies not prosper during the earliest years of settlement?
circut city v adams case brief?
Africans made it to America before columbus right ? But why do whites think they discovered everything lol?
How was Israel formed? Why are Palestine and Israel are fighting?
Compare and contrast the early colonial empires of Spain and England in terms of motives, ...?
British North American Colonies- Women?
America can't win a foreign war without help?
Where do real british people of pure english descent live in the U.S.?
Who is your favorite historian?
Why did the Allies win WWII?
What has been the cost in Human Life of Roe v. Wade?
6. Define appeasement. How was this policy pursued by Britain and France in the second half of the 1930's?
What were all the 15 independent nations the Soviet Union broke up to?
I've heard Morgan Freeman say that Black History Month is a joke. What do you think?
LOUIS RIEL; please help =)?
After World War 2 how did the British stop German kids from hating Jews?
What does Mamari mean?
How did the Whiskey and Shay Rebellion relate to the Farewell Address?
short answer question?
Does anyone else think this comparison of the greatest genius the world has ever had is true?
hannibal of cartgage?
What is the Third Estate from world history?
From the American perspective, did anything positive come from the Vietnam conflict?
what are three human characteristics of hermes the greek god?
Did Iceland have Indians?
During the revolution War is it true the Americans who fought against the British were of English ancestry?
how states saw themselves in the early republic in america and compare it and contrast it with states nowadays?
Revolutionary War Opinion Question?
Why didn't Senegal become part of France in 1960?
Spain’s effort to colonize Texas in the late 1700s was impeded by?
is calgary a renaissance city?
How the American revolution was won?
Will the United States share the same fate at Old ROME?
when and why was nedinsco started and by whom?
what will make differences?
help! writing paper on ancient roman attitude towards women...as discussed by Cato and Ovid?
What did Frederick R. Law do on February 2, 1912 to become a part of US history?
Whose statue is on the top of the United States capitol building in Washington, D.C.?
help me i have a boy problem?
Why was it difficult to make a breakthrough on the Western Front? In the World War I?
Why was Hitler an evil man?
political parties up to President Jackson?
how is the electoral process we engage in today different from how it was done by the founders?
EASY POINTS! What were goals that ronald reagan had set and achieved?
where can i find chinese antique appraisers?
what s the first thing tht comes to ur mind when i say persia?
What was the first work of ancient Greek literature: The Iliad, or Oedipus Rex?
What happened in Europe and Asia After WW1?
what happen during bronze age and why did it happen and what where the effects?
Hi everyone, which city are you in ?
who discovered the name Camelus dromedarius?
Can anything be changed?
if you had a time machine, what period of the world life, would you chose to live?
What have been some of the major contributions of the Civil Rights Movement?
Why was'nt Tutankhamun buried in a Pyramid?
what is the de vinci code, what does it all mean????????
What did each police force think of Jack The Ripper in Whitechapel?
Arthur Of the Round Table's wife name was....?
How was France during 1400-1600?
Where do I get info about a mail box bomb that exploded at Kent and Slater in Ottawa in the late 60's?
What was unique about president William Howard Taft?
Has anyone ever read La Reine Margot...and cried buckets?
[true or false] sheshonq was a native egyptian?
Very Powerful and Tricky Question???
What would be a good RESEARCH PAPER TOPIC, HELP PLEASE (:?
Shays Rebellion!!!? Help!?
Was hitler solely to blame for the outbreak of the second world war?
can someone list the ethnic groups that were left without nations after the nationalist movements of the 19th?
Five worst presidents in the U.S. history?
about queeni kennedy?
what did the fourteenth amendment accomplish?
How do historical buildings and monuments in Singapore contribute to our national identity?
Did Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew stay in touch after Agnew resigned?
how did the role of women change in the mid-1800 and in what ways did it not chage?
Houses in Salem/17th Century?
What were the characteristics of ancient city-states?
Question about the Vietnam War?
What is the meaning of word SOMA in Greek language?
Why was the "first world war" a "WORLD" war, and not a European one with American intervention?
What were the the 5 or 7 traditional skills that male nobility were supposed to learn back in ancient times?
I need an advertisement?
Abraham Lincoln's Cabinent Members?
DO you believe that there was a real Jack Dawson on the Titanic?
Why did the Romans bathe naked in public?
Why was it necessary for us to drop the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
What were the most popular sports in the 1930's in Australia?