what is the value of a verascope richard with WWI glass slides?
Who do you feel was the father of peaceful resistance?
what was clifford siftons policy?
examples of the generosity and kindness of marie antoinette?
When and what was the french revolution? Also how did it affect French Society?
what books would u recommend on american indian history?
virginia resolution of 1798 knowledge/help?
What role did compromise play in delaying the Civil War?
were most jobs that women worked, in and around the home in patriarchal societies?
Greek Mythology?
Why is there no british history pre-roman, taught in british schools?
The rigths letter of the franch citizen, does any body knoes where can I find this???
American history/politics website with archive campaign commercials?
What was the impact of Emancipation of serfs on the farming side of things and Russia?
How were whites affected by slavery?
U.S. response to the Holocaust before, during, and after World War II?
Why were rivers important to the devlopment of such ancient civilizations?
how can i send pictures faster on .com?
Valcour Island. Why did it happen?, What happened?, What was the outcome?, Why was this important?
Didn't all these conspiracies make you distrust history?
how can I find out what day of the week 19th March 1947 fell on?
Did warfare really used to consist of people marching in straight lines up to the enemy?
would we still be segragated if martin luther king was NOT born?
Quote about State Sovereignty?
The Northwest Ordinance had the good intentions of protecting what group?
1960s hippie protest?
Which of the following was NOT a reason for the calling of the federal Constitutional Convention?
i need an example of false authority?
what was america's position during the british and france war?
Nom de mon lycée?
One door policy ? What is it?
where was woodrow wilson born and what school did he go to ? what were his professions?
what caused the age of exploration?
How did communism start and end the berlin wall?
who was martin luther kin jr.?
Why did Hitler attack Jewish people.?
How do you think David Lloyd George felt when it was revealed that his Hero was responsible for the Holocaust?
Why did Pablo Picasso cut off his ear?
What foods did Italy invent?
Has britain ever been colonized or captured by any country in history?
How was Bohr's atomic model similar to Rutherford's model?
which onehas been and is still today the more celtic county of england please answer me?
who was the greatest painter in the world?
How did the hitler affect germanys religion?
Why do some people in Germany still idolize and worship hitler?
URGENT!!! Mount Vesuvius roman help?
Do you believe that ...?
Who and when was the Erie Canal built?
What is an event in history where a group of people was unfairly persecuted?
What role did Africans play in the discovery of Europe?
What did you learn about WWII in your nation?
true or false many Americans idealize the west and south ?
A people's history of the united states by howard Zinn?
How come some events make it into history books, while others don't?
Who is this Carmen Winstead why is everyone talking about her and did she really die?
do you think another holocaust can happen in the years?
Does anybody know about the masons?
san francisco in the 1970s?
In history, who, omitting Hitler, is believed to be responsible for the most deaths?
History question? 20 points best answer?
Giotto , what doea it mean??
Cud you tell much times the heart beats in one minute?
why wouldn't William Randolph Hearst advertize Citizen Caine in any of his newspapers?
Have any US states tried to do what Catalonia and Venice are trying to do?
Who is the most influential person in world history?
how big was the abbasid empire like in square miles?
Did the Treaty of Versailles bring an end to the First World War?
who were some of the most significant people before 1550A.D.and what did they do to be known?
who was the us general who crossed the border with 161000 men?
My teacher said the holocaust really happened?
How long did the 30 Years War last?
Is there a good website that shows historical and current individuals that impacted the world ...?
Isn't this the saddest, sickest, most horrifying thing you've ever heard?
What's the difference between cultures and civillazations?
Why is an igloo dome-shaped?
how did he contribute?
How old was Moses when he died?
What day exactly did the Seven Years War end?
Why Jenghis Khan named "Khan', when he was not following Islam ?
The charges and trial of Louis XVI. Evidence that he fled paris to join enemies?
Did Cecilia of Normandy (daughter of William the Conqueror) marry?
what did the cold war have to do with Nigerians coming to america specifically around the 1950s?
According to Abrahim Lincon what is democracy?
what was the easter bunny's name?????
what were the accomplishments of president James Madison?
Marbury vs. Madison i dont understand where Marshall comes in ?
3 causes of Word War 1?
Where did the second continental congress come from?
according to The Eclectic Review, it is not galleries that make artists, but what?
Why does the greek government want to stay in the euro?
Why do Americans visiting UK Know so little of British history?
Do the 50 Pyramids in Egypt have any thing to do with the 50 states ?
Why was Joseph Goebbels called the poison dwarf?
if you take away the holocaust was hitler really that bad of a person?
What caused the Cambodian killing fields?
How did the Germans feel about the French occupation of the Ruhr?
Coal Miners/Bevin Boys in WW2- contacts?
need map of Greek cities in Turkey,1900?
Who are your choices for the 28 influential blacks in history, for February?
Would you recognize a picture of Adolf Hitler whit out his mustache and uniform?
In what city was the Italian flag born?
Who founded the roman empire?
Who or who were the most famous doctors back then? Like long ago or it can by any famous doctor...?
where is the lost continent of atlantis???
Do you think the United States was justified in using the bomb against the Japanese?
10 points/!!!?
where i m living?
What's the most stupid thing a dumb yank has asked you...?
Is it really true that the Nazis did this with Jews...?
What are reasons why the mesopotamia and the ancientpt civilizations are different?
Are the present day Arabs are the descendants of the Ancient Egyptians?
How could WoW have existed all the way back in Hitler' time?
who was assassinated on April 4th 1968?
how did upper and lower egypt get their names?
What's your favorite speech or quote in American history?
Prove that Cortez cam with soldiers and weapons and started battles with the Aztecs.?
Speaking historically, what came first, the chicken or the egg?
Was Hitler correct in some of his ideas?
how to get the achievement desperado in call of duty modern warfare 2?
How did the Jacksonian democracy reflect on art and literature?
How much impact if any do you think May 1st had on America.?
compare differences between famous people now and before?
Please need help with history!!?
How did Marcus Garvey Inspire people?
History as it happened laughs in the face of religions, why are there so many believers in this section?
What actions did the pilgrims take to survive the struggles they faced?
Who were the major participants and number of troops in the battle of bennington?
its 12.51am can you allgo home please as i need to go to bed.GOOD NIGHT from west aust.?
Was Hitler a Nazi? What was his role in the Nazi party?
what is the short meaning of confederation?
Did they still wear poodle skirts in the early 1960's?
I need any material on Hitler`s views on the nation , Germany and Race particulary the Jews?
How were the Mensheviks different from the Bolsheviks?
Did every soldier in WW2 smoke?
Help me to fill out these definitions? World History?
Considering the standard oil selection, what were Rockefellers views about power?
How long was Russia the Soviet Union?
Why do you think the mummy of Imhotep hasn't been found yet?
what was the rise of islam like?
Who is an interesting European person who is still alive today?
By the 1960s, the major force behind the environmemntal movement was?
Who was known for assisting fugitive slaves?
Buffalo Soldiers.?
What roles did they play in supporting the patriots in the American revolution?
is there any new foundings in pompeii?
Who was in charge of Southern colonies at anytime from 1643 to 1693?
Some art help please!!! thanks?
What did the Romans ever do for us?
what percentage of captives were actually executed during the holocaust?
I want more information on Paramaras of Vidarbha ?
Who is the 15th President?
Winner in "Great Beyond Jeopardy!" : Newton, da Vinci, or Archimedes?
What did medieval stonemasons wear?
in the mid 1600's what group was the least dependent on the labor of serfs?
All the famous "heroes" in history seem to have no faults at all. They seem superhuman, what do u think of it?
what countries supported the north during the civil war?
did Queen Victoria's army recruit men to serve in it who were criminals or had been criminals in past?
How many people died in tornadoes 2011?
did you know that bernie mack died!!??
Why did Hitler hate the Jews?
Is there any good books about sub-saharan pre-colonial Africa.?
since jesus was born on chrismas day, how come chrismas day is not the fisrt day of the year?
How was the Industrial Revolution more beneficial to the European Society?
who are the Native Americans?
How many divisions are currently in the United States Army and how many Marine Corps divisions are there???
How do you think Sam Adams would have described The Sons of Liberty ? *****HELP 10 POINTS ******?
What was the historical significance of Shay's Rebellion?
Why do people only focus on the bad side of the Third Reich and ignore full employment and political stability?
where did the ancestors of native americans come from?ho wdid they get there?
How did Chief Cornplanter deal with the Americans as they moved into his territory? Why?
Whats the oldest man made structure in the world that still stands?
25 questions?
NAPOLEON ..where his Italian origin , comes from ?
What does "CA" mean in connection with a date?
who is Mussolini I DONT KNOW WHO HE IS?
what country used to be called prussia?
what made harvey milk successful?
Discuss the council of Trent – its goals as well as its effects on both Catholicism and Protestantism.?
why did the crusaders want to seize antioch prior to moving on toward jerusalem?
what did people think in the 60s?
Why you Americans say you went to moon first when Germans did?
In the history of the world,who has done the most good for the human race and who has done the most harm?
In the HBO mini series "The Pacific",?
What picture should I use?
Who was the person that found or Discovered RNA?
Who was once the First Lady of Argentina, and known as one of the most popular leaders in the world?
Why would a plantation owner (federalist) support the ratification of the constitution?
How did women do in those balls (in Jane Austen's time) to go to the bathroom, if there was no bathroom?
During whose reign did the British custom of the Civil List begin?
Name an important battle fought in world war 1 and 2, name a leader in both the wars ?
What is a summary of the battle of tours?
where did the battle in 300 the movie take place?
what factors would influence a young couple with 3 chilren to emigrate from ireland to america in 1871?
What is the difference between an EMPIRE and a KINGDOM? What is the diff between a KING (QUEEN) & EMPEROR?
IN1944 in Ostende was camp for russian interns faught against Nazi in resistance. What happen to thses people?
Compare the Gothic cathedrals built during the high middle ages w/ the Renaissance concept of smaller churches?
who built the Taj Mahal in India? And what is the reason?
Alternative History: what if the spanish inquisition never happened?
What is the name of the first president in the US?
where can i find some documents on woodrow wilson's political career? please help me on this...?
Swiss Neutral?
Why did the North oppose slavery in the territories and new states?
I want to research some historical pictures in the Life magazine archive, please tell me how in easy details?
why did people ignore what was happening to the jews?
words meanings?
What is country consists of seven kingdoms?
The Americans did not really win, the British lost the American Revolution. Evidence to support both sides.?
what africa nations became powerful in the 1800s,and how did they do so?
Who were the ancient romans?
What were Robert Kennedy's views on "La Causa"? Ronald Reagan's?
Why did the Bosnia Mostar war begin?
Where they a plague that killed native Americans. before the Europeons got to America?
Who is responsible for maintenance work on The Pyramids? The Egyptians , or The Israelis ?
what was the meaning of the 'peep under the iron curtain' cartoon by leslie gilbert COLD WAR?
who where the 3 main composer of the classical period?
Answer these history questions?
What is the root word or origin of the word "GVDL?" Change the letters to their immediately preceding ones.
1700s arranged marriages - who decided who married whom?
Was there ever a time that our country was actually wealthy, or the economy was going good?
History help! True or False?
why is my seatmate very perky?
Why is the battle of Hastings Significant?
who is jane dark?
Who had containers buried with them?
Is St Georges Day the right day to celebrate our country?
Who killed Wanda Roberson?
Do you think the United States can last another 200 years?
Was Abraham Lincoln an actual vampire?
Who were Moors and what did they do?
What did Andrew Jackson do to voting requirements?
How did rice growing affect development of Japanese culture?
who caused the american revolution?
was the original charlie mccarthy 30"?
If god created the world who created god???
what did france, britain and usa want from the treaty of versailles and why?
Why did Hitler have prejudice to the Jews?
Mo du Chen Yi - who was his father/?
Did you know that Joseph Kennedy, father of John F. Kennedy, was an ardent admirer of Adolf Hitler?
what type of shoes did little boys wear in 1900?
Most common cause of death in the history of the world?
can you give any history about the sistine chapel& artist michelangelo?
was the holocaust real or a big lie? what are proofs?
Is the world going to end on the 21/12/12? Or a new era-w/o?
I need significant words/people/events and such that characterize the US during the 30s!?
what happened to orphans in the 1700s?
How were the Japanese informed about the Relocation Order?
comparison of the ideals of men and women during the years of the Early Renaissance?
What differences can you identify in how China, the Ottoman Empire, and Japan experienced Western imperiali?
Which country do you think might be the next "most powerful country" in the world?
What did Napoleon mean by the quote "Let China sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world."?
What were the biggest problems caused by the Industrial Revolution?
Why does everyone talk most about the Jews dieing in world war 2?
Should ppl feel guilty if family was nazis/slave owners, etc.?
Tell me in simple words some basic info. about the World War 1. I want no plagiarism from wikipedia or elsewhe
When did Margret Thatcher die.?
why is school sooo boring?
What are some technological advancements that occurred in China and India from 400 AD to 1200AD?
salem town, tamilnadu?
What do you think was the most amazing battle in history?
When did wild boars became extinct in England?
What does aiiwa mean?
if the confederates had won the civil war, would there be slavery today?
Where were you Sept. 11th? Please tell how u found out about attack on USA and what you thought?
What periods/eras in a.)English and b.)Scottish history do you find most interesting/ intriguing and why?
from the 1500s to the 1700, there were lots of changes in science, religion and politics?
who was the first president of america before it was the united states?
do more people answer questions at night, or during the day??????????
What Is The Assisi Declaration Of 1986? ?
What really happened during the holocaust era? Open to read more...?
USS James Pettigrew,USS Walter Jennning, and USS John Sutter. Did these ships even exist during WWII?
What was Hitler's biggest mistake?
Which of the following documents did NOT precede the original Constitution?
do you agree or disagree with foner assessment of reconstruction?
Do you think Roosevelt was wrong to try to "pack" the Supreme Court with those in favor of New Deal programs?
What was the historical significance of Gibbons v. Ogden?
Was there any political scandal during the 1910s (USA)?
how much is a british farthing george the first from 1724?
i need information on the kilauea volcano in 1983.?
who is the first president?
Why did Tsarism survive the revolution of 1905 but not that of March 1917?
dated 1845 pendant with st.mark on front and mark cross stamped on the back send me to the right site?
key facts about fort sumter?
who was built takht taos?
WHat was Anton van Leeuwenhoek one of the first to see in the 1600's?
what does "A domino factum est et mirabile in oculis nostris" mean in English?
Gandhara art was propunded by whom?
Which was worse; the First or Second World War?
Why and how did Augustus continue to change the legal basis of his power during the 20s BCE?
When was the first Reichstag built?
Compare and Contrast for Plessy V. Ferguson and Brown V. Board of Education of Topeka?
What was life like in the slave pens? How did slaves influence their sales?
What is the definition of an ordnance plant?
When you notice the last time 1 submarine in Territorial waters in MEXICO?
summarize the 26 amendment and its important?
What is EX-Colorado Prof. Ward Churchill doing now?
By whom was blue-and-white ware invented?
Why was the Bureau of Indian Affairs originally established?
What are some famous Holocaust memorials kr monuments?
Do you think that the WORLD would be a better place if all those young men didn't DIE in the 2 World wars?
was any of the apostles women?
What are the similarities between the Celts and Vikings ?
what if history wasnt Korrect for the same reason, no one knows why?
Why is it that no one questions the historical basis of the things we take for granted as "common knowledge" ?
What were the Sixties REALLY like?
How was the fashion in 1939?
who were the people who supported the idea of votes for women and the Suffragette movement?
how did Alexander the Great feel about Daruis?
Was gandhi really a "mahatma" ?
church in the 1950's?
Explain why a well organised and efficient bureaucracy was necessary for Egyptian prosperity?
why did the federalist fall from power in the latw 1790's?
What were some of the crimes and punishments in colonial New England 1691?
Why did people think that the world was flat?
Why are fossil fuels targets for terrorists? Provide examples and explain how terrorists have used fossil fuel?
Particular Point in World History?
best book on western art history is ...?
Who is Morse?
GOOD QUESTION!!!!! What does Mexico celebrate in 5 de Mayo, and please DO NOT say its Independence (9/15/1810)
who was the first sniper?
Adolf Hitler, what happened?
how did emperor nero of rome die?
why didnt owain glyndwr proclaim himself king of wales instead of prince of wales?
Why were the Rosenbergs held them responsible for espionage and for the deaths of the Korean War?
Why were the common people pleased when Caesar refused the crown?
In World War Two, who had the best uniform?
What effect did the NHL have on Canadians after WW1?
how did America gain all of this power?
need historical examples?
what makes a "world war"?
9-11 - What were your experiences of that day and the days following it?
why were the native americans driven from land?-discovery of gold?
which egyptian ruler's tomb was found in 1922 with its treasure unplundered?
What treaties were France involved with during World War 1?
I want to know about the eyes of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, is it true that one of his eyes was damaged?
i you were the president what would you do to th people who made fun of you or hurt you bad inside?
Did people from the ottoman empire convert and practiced religions and cultures during expansion?
What are some Impacts of Spanish Explorations and Conquests?
how did crop rotation lead to the industrial revolution?
What was the name of the Russian Tzar, who's name was also "the Great"?
If the atomic bomb had 'NOT' been dropped on Japan do you think you would be around today?
where does the original population of UK come from?
the history of the "Pledge of Allegiance"?
What are some difficulties Leeuwenhoek had to overcome while he was discovering cells?
how is the ancient irrigation system different from our modern ones?
What are there root cause of third world war?
need information @ sapony (?sp) wine used in ancient rome to keep wine from spoiling. suspected lead poision?
If you were the allied countries after world war 1 what would you have done?
Question for the history buffs out there about the Indians?
who and when did pizzaro get money to search the new world?
which country produced the world's first paper?
Was there an arguement that Nazism was not an ideology?
Can you answer these two Mesoamerican questions?
Would the United States have entered World War II even if the Japanese had not attacked Pearl Harbor?
What did the Treaty of Paris do for Britian?
Who was the founder of jamestown?
What countries out side Europe speak French??
who thinks i can beat coffee-infused-insomniac in a cage fight?
Was it right or wrong for America to drop the Atomic Bomb?
What did people do with their hands before pockets were invented?
What was the Great Awakening?
History Experts -Who is David Lloyd George?
who was the first non white president of south america who fought against apartheid?
Is the Holocaust a myth?
American History Help! - Communism?
what is the definition of the name "GERALDINE"?
What are some of President Herbert Hoover's accomplishments?
was there any real place like skull island shown in king kong?
How old was Queen Victoria when she became a Monarch.....?
what country asked for the most reparations from germany after the ww1?
did Napoléon Bonaparte change the world?
Did you know Queen Nefertiti of Egypt was a native of Mitanni (Mittani was in Kingdom of Armenia)?
POLL : in The Future Will Their Be Another Evil Man like Adolf Hitler Who would be a Copycat?
When, and what era, did polo originate?
How is antisemitism an ideology?
What is the importance of collecting artefacts?
wat is fudalism?
what were some major key points of Andrew Jackson's Precidency?
four yoga's?
who is alexander grham bell?
what is the significance of 2 dragons in china?
Some information regarding a silver "The American Prospector" coin?
how was the French and Indian War a turning point in British colonial relations?
Which Russian Czar was assassinated by an anarchist group?
How many years did it take for the US and Japan to become allies after WWII?
What was the Gulf of Tonkin resolution and was it good or bad for the U.S?
name of pyramids in mayan civilization?
What is the difference between a parlimentary govenment and a presidental system?
The rebels of the American Civil War were from the South right?
How can some people deny that the Holocaust ever happened?
Were bayonets fixed on rifles during patrols?
So here is what my teacher said...?
How did the Russian Revolution Impact Women?
how did the line of demarcation affect spanish and portuguese colonization in the americas?
How many countries have you been to?
why is history important!!!!!?
Who was the first non-Indian to enter Hetch Hetchy Valley?
Why did the Irish stay out of World war 2!?
Where the dinosaurs real?
mugabe is not the problem.The Western country are the real proble True or false?
What sort of government ruled during the reign of Louis XIII?
How many years was Truman president?
how did humanist thinking pave the way for the scientific revolution?
US History opinion s.?
Which president said "no one is going hungry" in America during the great depression?
Why was Max von Baden famous in WW1?
what was significant about the Muslim conquest made between 632 and 750?
how did adolf hitler use his power for the bad?
Do you think the Indian Removal act was justified?Why .s:)?
Why are muslims so crazy in their treatment of women and very bitter at the real people?
Why did the revolution of 1848 have such a limited impact on the german states?
What was tom buchanan in the great gatsby?
If you could undo one historical event, what would it be?
Is my answer concerning the French Wars of Religion correct? Should I add anything?
What are the 10 amendments?
what country is the most technologically advanced?
Need up with these History Questions?
The problems settlers had crosding the plains?
How did the Inca cut the rocks?
A comparison of the North and South during the Civil War?
How did the first ecuadorians know that they were right on the equator?
Hitler is a good man! R u denying it?
which is important beauty and inteligence?
Why were movies black and white in the early 1900's? Why was it those specific colours?
About the Dunkirk Evacuation?
I need to write a research paper in my history class and my topic is about Euclid from Alexandria, what to do?
How much different would WW11 had been if the miracle of Dunkirk had been prevented? Germans had the means.?
why byzantine is associated with mystery? just because of the chants in Enigma or is there a real reason ?
Because of the establishment of city-states __________________.?
Who do you think was the most evil person that ever existed?
Who's the stupidist person in history? (other than you and me )?
What are gunships!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What impact did Transcendentalism have on American society?
Catherine cookson the girl?
What were the ethnic groups in the 13 colonies?
Before the white man came, how did the cherokee govern themselves. Did the chief have a council?
How did the first people on Earth get their last names?
Regarding "First Inaugural Address" by Thomas Jefferson .....?
Mayan facts about technology?
New Romanticism movement?
She was the first African American female to be elected Secretary of State. What is her name?
in all of history, who burned books?
The Arabian chemist who first developed apparatus for distilling mixtures?
If you can choose which historc personalitie would you be?
Did anyone know that there was a NAACP chapter for Downriver residents?
Why didn't the Vikings start a smallpox epidemic when they visited newfoundland?
Why did nationalism evolve from a largely liberal to a quite conservative phenomenon?
How could henry VII behead his wives?
What was the nature of the slave trade in the 1500s and 1600s in Canada?
What was the actual purpose of Stonehenge and why was it erected?
Nazi regime's unsolved irony?
Is this fair?
Why did World War 1 start?
What conditions led to the decline of labor unions?
Has Art ever been an effective political force?
what were the causes of the decline of Napoleons empire?
did Charles Pinckney crate the Pinckney treaty in the 1790`s.?
History on Adult Day Care Services?
account or the decline of Hellenic powers and the rise of Hellenistic society?
Christopher Columbus Voyage help!?
Whats with all the 'world disaster' theories?
Where in general did spain colonize (Age of Exploration) URGENT?
Movie about Hildegard of Bingen?
How did the enlightenment inspire the American Revolution?
which is the one day in history that the whole world celebrates?
Holocaust Summary? Easy 10 Point!!!?
How did mesopotiamia trade?
is Australia still under the British empire?
What is the offical flower of Italy?
in what ways did perciles contribute to athenian greatness?
what is the most famous nation in the uk?
When did people start saying "Oh its monday" ?
What are the major characteristics of the Spanish empire in the Americas? How did they compare to the English?
How was the historical period of around Shakespeare's time?
Please describe the social,economic,political structure of Germanic Society at the end of Roman Empire?
did the hasdingi vandals stayed on galicia spain and became spaniards please answer me back?
Why you think the Nazis attempted to “erase” Jews from history as well from Nazi-occupied Europe?
How many years of true peace has there been in the world?
When did naturalists first record detailed, accurate descriptions of the natural world?
CCOT - Thesis Statement (AP World History)?
who was the most powerfull empire to have waikied the planet and why ?
What were some political problems that were encountered while building the Panama Canal?
Will Sara Palin go down in history as one of the great political luminaries of the 21st century?
Has New zealand successfully protected native flora and fauna?
what lesson did people learned about the econmic crisis?
What states did Obama win?
Evaluate the following statement history?
What could the Confederates have done to win the war?
what was one idea that the leaders of the americans revolution shared with enlightment thinkers?
'R' word relating to the Golden Age of Greece/Alexander the Great?
11.What is the three-part history of the Hebrews?
Where did Jack London live?
who shot kennedy for real?
What made the American revolution, revolutionary? Was it really a revolution?
Alexander Hamilton, Hero or Villain? (Revolutionary War)?
if you could do time travel........?
How was life like for a woman in the 1800's?
which decade in past 100 years was the biggest "boom" period for new construction and home building?
Why was the battle of shiloh(in american civil war) so importent ? what major thing happend?
Which country was the worlds first superpower?
what country did puerto rico want to imperialism?
What is that pointy thing projecting out from the bow of old sailing ships called?
did hitler ever go to the grocery store?
Religious problems? History help?
did the Supreme Court totally misinterpret the meaning of eminent domain with the Kelo decisions?
Who were Nubian's and what did they?
what period in time caused many to ventur out into unknown lands and seas.?
do every one get head aches over stress?
What kind of technology did Genghis Khan use/invent?
Did the Vikings ever invade the USA?
i want to know about the rich history of georgia. and the great sites to see?
Who were the last 3 Presidents who won by landsldes?
In 1763, what separated Spanish and British claims in what today is the U.S.?
What reforms did Napoleon make?
what really was "the Rennaissance"? what happened differently then and what allowed it?
Why didn't George Washington sign the Declaration of Independence?
In which year did Sir Walter Raleigh introduce the bicycle to England?
In what battle did France take over England?
what are some similies found in Patrick Henry's Speech in the Virginia Convention?
If God isnt reaI, who is open the door when I walking into Walmart?
where can I view old maps of California/united states? Be able to zoom in on maps?
i need 3 reason how puritanism influenced the salem witch trials?
who is apart of the 2012 supreme court?
Which wife of Henry VIII is your favorite?
In your opinion, who was the most original thinker in ancient history?
What were some religions in India from 500- 1600CE?
How do I find critiques of Vincent Van Gogh's work?
What was the significance of 1920?
•How did early Christian communities fit into the Roman Empire? How did Christianity contrast with other Roman?
what were the theories about the origination of "The Khazars" & where spread to and what they did?
What was George Washington bad at during his Presidential period?
One hundred thousand naturalized and American born Japanese Americans were held in internment camps during WW2?
United States (Late 1800's - Early 1900's)?
History Help please!!!!!?
What have been key geography and historic factors shaping development of Eastern Europe?
What states did Obama win?
How many imperial stormstroopers and officers were killed when the Death Star blew up in 1977?
the modern name of the roman city of londinium?
Hitler was a good man; please hear me out?
How did Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam impact the civil right Movement?
How did Charles Dickens feel about the Industrial Revolution?
What Scottish regiment would most likely recruit in the Elliott clan territory?
History Question Help?
enlightenment ideas EFFECTS!?
How did mesopotiamia trade?
Who is the greatest man to come from your area/ city/town ?
EASY POINTS! Modern South Asia Timeline!!!!!!!!!?
What was the situation in England at the beginning of Mary I of England's reign? Please Help!?
how and why did democrats regain power in the south after reconstruction?
if you ruled the world who'd be first against the wall?
Where do Nazis live? EXACTLY!!! AND what do they do to you NOW in this TIME ERA?
Did Lord & Lady Mountbatten and Nehru have relations together?
Do you think one day that ALL people in the world will speak "American"?
Did Adolf Hitler kill anyone in person during WW2 (WW1 not included as he was a serving soldier in WW1) ??
what is the horoscope of che guevara?
Documentaries or films on the September Massacres?
Was the Ottoman Empire still present after WWI?
What do i need to find how many people were in the united states in the 1930s?
If you ruled the world would every day be the first day of Spring?
Does the Albanian Orthodox faith fall under Greek Orthodox?
How long did it take for the Jews to become accepted again after the Holocaust?
what is the history of wayang kulit?and some useful facts/urls about it?thanks!?
Poll: What do you think are the ten most important inventions/developments of the post World War II era?
When did central african republic, chad, mali, and niger gain their independence?
Why exactly was michael pitt's (jimmy darmody) killed off boardwalk empire?
Do you believe there are aliens in our universe?
Explain, briefly, how republican ideology and American independence from Britain combined to change?
What year did Abraham Lincoln die?
who is the father of white revolution?
If you suddenly awoke to find yourself reincarnated as Hitler, about to address the Nuremberg Rally,?
Don't you just want to mock people from the UK and USA when they say they defeated the Nazis?
what is the history of sports?
Does bengali people have any cool ancient history at all?
Do you know any good books, sources or journals explaining British Empire's colonialism?
Was the Erie Canal a wave of the future?
where did the people from the u.s.a get their accents?
Help with history homework, about reconstruction?
"Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492..."-for Spain! How did Britian end up claiming America?
People Get the wrong idea about WW2?
Who is the most controversial man the world has ever known?
what is the american dream?
From the ancient Greeks and Romans, music has survived in terms of:?
what did the romans call france?
Ancient History Help!! Roman times!?
Why did Obama tell his 6th grade Classmates he was a Prince & His dad was King of Kenya?
What was Buddhisms geography situation in the 21st century?
how long did the crusades last?
who is the german artist that painted The Gossip in 1902?
I got 2 F's in history...?
Is the generally accepted history of the Hollocaust historiographically sound?
What appeal did Adolf Hitler and Nazism have with members of the British Aristocracy?
How is the history of the Revolutionary war taught differently in the UK vs. The USA?
_______________ the Great. (a conqueror)?
why was hitler so succesful?
how was peace time after WWII different than other wars?
Anime or cartoon about US History?
why did the bosnian genocide happen ?
I need information on a company in Dubuque Iowa called Withers-Rath Co. They probably arent in business now.?
At what stage of the revolutionary process the arrest of the royal family there? (French Revolution)?
how can i get more information about jessie willcox smith?
What do some people feel the atomic bombing was unjust and cruel?
Whatever Hitler did, was it right? Think again before u answer.....?
Problems from article"Give me Liberty, or give me Death "by Patrick Henry?
what is The Panama Canal and the Hay-Pauncefote Treaty?
What are the key features of the Nazi Totalitarian Dictatorship?
was Gandhi the leader of India? how was he "elected"?
Is there an actual term for taking Pagan themes and making them Christian?
Did 9/11 really happen?
is there anyone who ruled the entire world?
Multiple Choice: What was the extent of western European influence in Kievan Russia?
Name a person who destroyed all who opposed him...her?
who and when was the first softdrink invented?
When did music Begin.?
How did abolitionists contribute to the movement for women's right?
A little American History help please?
what effect did the etruscans have on the roman people?
How many people served in World War 1?
I need a picture of a Chien-lung dynasty cloisonne vase about 12 to 18 inches tall. It has a redish background
how did christianity unite medieval europe politcally and socially?
When America falls will the world enter a period of barbarism, like after the fall of Rome?
Why Is Claude Mckay Important In History?
Two problems I could not answer on my study guide for the test?
Why did Confederates succeed in establishing alliances with some Indian tribes?
What was life like in England in the late 1700's to the early 1800's?
why men will not want a woman peacher?
how was oscar micheaux's work representative of the racial issues of his time?
what does B.C. mean on a timeline?
can someone explain the columbian exchange?
If you could change/prevent one event in history what would it be and why?
Why are people so interested in Nazi's?
Do you hate Japanese???
To what extent were differing views of democracy responsible for the partition of India in 1947?
History project?????
The First Ammendment annd court cases ?
Consequences and Benefits of the Napoleonic Wars on America?
early Christian demographics?
What did the Ancient Egyptions eat?
Would you support the Abraham Lincoln One Hundred and Seventy-fifth Anniversary Act?
On what basis is the calender which we use to refer dates or months built on?
Where did the TITANIC sink?
What was the biggest Anti War song of the 60s/70s?
History help? Berlin Wall? 10 points?
Does anyone believe that Hilter, wasnt as bad as everyone make out?
edsa 1 history?
when the first indian census was started and by whom in which year?
information on madam cj walker?
American history helppppp equality question?
how did prophet mohammed die? Was he sick?
Why did Gandhi appeal to so many people?
What's the WORST thing BRITAIN has GIVEN to the WORLD?
do u think Hitler made Germany one of the most economically and militarily powerful countries in the world?
Did Navajos encounter all kinds of Spanish people?
why is that ????
Does george washington have any living decendants?
reniassance bubonic plague?
How did the French Revolution become more extremly Radical? What led to this radicalization of the Revolution?
whats the difference between dogs and cats?
What are some japanese tortures in japanese occupation during WW2 happening in Singapore?
What was the parados used for in world war 1 English Trenches?
Why did WW2 start in September 1939?
Who is the most famous queen ever ?
What did the Romans use to brush their teeth with?
Was the defeat of the Battle of Britain a large or small lose for Nazi Germany?
Who was responsable for the terriost attacks on September,11,2001?
What happened to the Irish and German workers in the 1800s?
During the 1990s, U.S. troops were NOT sent to...?
what is the difference between titanic and queenmary 2?
Was the Boston Tea Party an act of terrorism?
Can any one name all these units? Ten easy points...?
In 1619 two more groups of people arrived in VA. They were the Africans and the ?
What wars did Thomas Jefferson fight in?
Please Help me, its japanese history!! government structure!?
Which was better during the medieval century Plate or Chainmail?
PLS is there an NGO in the US by name World Refugees Assemblies of Humanitarian Agencies?
what are some important ideas about julius caesar?
In WWII what is Blitz Kreigen?
Why the number 666?
Ancient Roman Architecture?
what city was captured by general howe of britain?
how or why did Howard hawk became interested in films?
On the History Channel, there was a show that said Christopher Colombus was really a Spaniard,true or false?
How did relations between Britian and the colonies change after the seven years of war?
Was there ever a Dutch nobel prize winner?
What other state aside from Missouri was important during the Missouri Compromise?
Could Britain have won the Falklands war without American help?
how did the Revolution lead to the Napoleonic Era?
Which of the following is NOT a true statement about the settlement at the end of the Vietnam War? please help?
What will bill clinton be best remembered for a century from now?
Which challenges were harder for the writes, The Constitution or Declaration of independence?
What were the MAJOR turning points in the development of early Islam caliphate?
what was the name given to manila by king philip 2?
what was the environment that the pawnee tribe lived in?
Who do you think was the worst president in American History?
could the spread of slavery into the southern territories have been avoided? explain your reasoning.?
Why is Britain praised for winning world war 2 when It was the Russians who lost millions to take control ?
I want to Know about vaastu shastra?
when did Baron Stephen Thyssen Bornemitsza die?
Explain how geographic factors effected the procession and outcome of the American Revolution.?
southern views on the future of america?
info on the acient chinese cannons?
What are the short and long term benefits of spanish colonization for Aztecs?
what is defination of murder?
How did the Stalinists betray the Working Class after the Russian Revolution?
Since America has recovered from past financial crisis, will we recover this one? Are things going.....?
How did James Batterson make history in 1864?
why was free trade in grain introduced in France 1789?
Why history repeats itself?!?
Why was the bastard sword important?
Can't find web page for WWII Quarterly Magazine. Wish to subscribe.?
Where did most of the survivors go after they were liberated?
what did incas look like?
Social and Religious changes in the Americas between 1200-1750?
how are plato and aristotle related?
was algeria ever called canton tocqueville, in 1840's?
how was smallpox wiped out? what are some viral disease that are with us today?
who was Andres Bello?
Change that's happened since after the war of 1812 to the end of WWI, what are they?
Who was the most evil woman in history?
Long reach of the Crusades?
Why did King Henry 8th need the Popes permission for annulment?
why is there a conflict between the jewish and the palestinians?
How did indigenous women inform politics among Pre-Columbian peoples?
Has their ever been a leader who was universally applauded by his/her people? Who?/ Who came closest?
Anyone know of a book on the Swiss in the Medieval or Early Modern Period?
How did the dominance of the conservative forces in the unification of Germany affect ...?
Did Adam ( the 1st man created) Have a navel?
What were the positive aspects of the Napoleonic code?
were europeans and africans allies during slave trade?
How was World War 1 worse than World War 2?
what are the major principles of french declaration of the rights of man?ALSO?
What people raided England after the Anglo Saxons?
What is the significance of the Kingdom Of Ghana?
What relationship did Idi Amin have with Scotland?
Are John Knox's reforms still affecting us today?
What was the historical significance of the Battle of Saratoga?
ww1 help on making up a song?
Was the Enola Gay built entirely by women at the factory?
Where can I find the lyrics to Lily Marlane? A WWII song.?
why is george washington on the quarter & the dollar bill?why is the eagle behind it?
what is chinese fan dance literature?
what is love?
Describe Gerald Ford's policy for addressing the economic problems.?
What was the golden age of africa?
How were Africans partially responsible for slavery in America?
What was the case with McCullock Vs. Maryland?
I have an original, in mint condition, Milwaukee Sentinel newspaper from July 21 1969 is it worth money?
what was the impact of the interaction between the European settlers and the Native Americans?
how long did john locke study at oxford?
What were George Washington's political, social, and economical opinions?
What was Napoleon's most humiliating defeat?
when did capitalism start? (what year)?
does anybody else thnk ann frank got her wish in a sense come truth?
Would buying a copy of Mein Kampf be considered racist?
what was chinas relationship with vietnam like?
When is the world going to end?
I am really lost and need just a little bit of help and direction: question about Puritans. help me please!!!!?
Cold War: Detente?
Why did england have a revolution in production?
Why did the American Dream die?
Napoleon Bonaparte ???????????
What human and natural variables could prolong the middle passage across the Atlantic Ocean? How could ...?
What is mankinds greatest century ever?
Was Julius Caesar a real historical person or just a mythical figure?
What were Billy Hughes demands at the Peace Conference?
How has nationalism affected history?
Do u think people looking similar from different countries have some connection?
which southern or midwestern city had the largest population in 1850?
. Discuss, using three examples, how Christianity has influenced the development of Georgia’s history.?
What letter did colonial peasants use to sign their names?
What were the major accomplishments of Leonardo da Vinci?
How would Attila the Hun compare with Ghengis Khan?
What would America be like if we hadn't given it back?
what web site will i find history about my house. like yr built, who built it, past owners,remodeling?
European immigrant in the 1920s?
What information should i put into my skit about the 1920's and 1930's?
What is so important about marilyn monroe?
Can anyone tell me where to get a map of a Rennaisance city?
What year did they start putting the face inside the bill?
What are some turning points in history?
what do you think of Adolf Hitler??
who was the first person?
are the things tht are happened now really signs of the end of the world?
what kind of curency did the U.S. have in the 1820's?
Did the government plan 9/11? Was it staged?
Was the new Dominion of Canada truly independent? And Why?
Would the allies have lost World War II without the U.S.?
Hitler is a good man! R u denying it?
Is Nsingo a name decent from portugal as they did invade zambia.?
what motivated spains conquestof central and north america? how did they suceed?
Who was the archaeologist who discovered the Indus Valley cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro?
How did the Church affect the society in the middle ages?
how many concentration camps were they in Europe and were any outside of poland?
Let's speculate: Would the world be a better place if George III had reconciled?
What do you think is the legacy of Da Vinci's Last Supper painting?
do you know sites at which i can read about Indian old legends?
discuss whether relations between Europe and African nations were permanently altered?
Taliban’s takeover in Kabul?
roman empire surgerys?
Is 1990 old?
what colour robes did 19 centuary german criminal judges wear?
What was Operation Werewolf (WW2)?
regional differences in the 17th century?
did the holocaust really happen and is the same thing about to happen in this country with the blacks although
Is there a picture of George III's chariot?
How were the spanish and ottoman empire different/similar ?
During the War of 1812, if the U. S declared war on Britain, why did Britain come to the U. S to fight?
Films about world war 2?
Any were in history was there any proof of a therian?
Who was Che Quevara?
why did australia see advances in technology, in 19th century?
what was the effect of the collapse of the american economic system during the 1930?
what basis did anti imperialism challenge america imperialism activity?
Were the Christian Churches in Constanţa Romanian Orthodox? The same as Churches in Wallachia?
How do they teach WW2 in Germany?
why all police child in my school so gangster?
ways that people in power restricted poor people from voting in the United States in the 19th century?
Out of first 5 Presidents who,do u think, helped our small,new republic more?
Another proud tradition destroyed?
Francis Galton's ideas concerning eugenics were related to what?
Egyptians, god's, gold, the earth?
Trail of tears... foreign policy?
How did the mexican war affect the native americans?
Compare the British conquests of South Africa, Egypt, and Sudan?
How did the 100 years war affect the monarchs land?
who wishes Guy Fawkes had succeeded?
How did the geography of China affect the development of early civilization there? Be sure to include details?
I have many old Indian coins of different years .I want to know the valuation of these coins?
Was Benjamin Franklin a president?
this is my world histroy can you help me?
Do you believe that the Holocaust happened?
what shakespear did in his lifetime?
What were the major points of the Federalists' foreign policy?
What are Harriet Tubman's parent's names?
Who was the original Molly McGuire that the group the Molly McGuire's named their group after?
20 non consecutive entries set in a realistic concert in WW1?
By the end of the third century it became obvious that ...?
What nickname did the south earn because of cotton?
What are Germany's oldest and most important trade unions?
What were the two sides in WWII?
Amazing history fair topics?!?
United States History please check my answers?
What is really famous about the monalisa smile ???
Union and Confederates during American Civil War?
What would a modern day nazi look like.?
Biographical/ Historical of the play the "Crucible"?
The problems ancient civilizations had that called for the invention of writing? help!?
what travel gadgets were invented in the 1960s ?
What was an honorable moment in history of the United States that had something to do with developing careers?
What was the tudors transport?
How much is a ministry of food ration book worth which was used till 1954 in the uk?
Why was Great Britain the world hegemon and not Spain?
Adolph Hitler?
how far south did the vikings come in America?
In World War II, were the Allies justified in dropping the atomic bomb?
why did the Indians called black soldiers buffalo soldiers?
What was the opposing position on washingtons proclomation of neutrality?
Which coinciding factors threatened France's economy?
what is social amrketing?
how to support the opinion that columbus day should no longer be celebrated?
who is artist Paul Matisse;please explain?
Did the Greeks and the Carthaginians intermingle?
In the battle of Mantinea (362 B.C.E.), the Athenians allied with the Spartans because?
What did Ho Chi Minh hope to accomplish in France?
What time period would you like to live in?
who discovered america?
What does Bartolomeu Dias' ship look like?
Do you have an opinion of Adolf Hitler?
Three specific landmarks inspired during the Middle Ages were...?
Do yankees have a grudge against southerners, like southerners have against the north?
Why do people don't allow children to watch porn?
What are the statue menhirs in the Channel islands?
Black History month questions: (10 points)?
What topic, relating to WW2, can I write a paper on?
how many states were originally in united states?
How important was the militancy of the suffragettes in preventing women win the right to vote before WW1?
how important is it to knw ur family history?best ways to keep family history alive?
what is the history of China's oracle bones?
Using Nicolo Machiavelli's The Prince as standard, do you think he would approve of Tsar Nicholas II's actions?
Which african states were affected by Islam after the 10th century?
Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Franco, or Mao?
How did ideas affect the first global age between 1400-1800?
Which front was more important ww2?
American Lebral Consensus?
water is the most perishes thing on the planet so how come it was turned into wine in the big black book?
HELP! what is an important historical event in Sweden?
is ayurveda the greatest form of medicine in the ancient world?
what is 100 hundred years called?
What are there root cause of third world war?
Why was New Orleans strategically important during the Battle of New Orleans?
Why did Bismarck care to get Germany in the scramble for Africa in the 1800s?
Any info on clothes and fashion during the world war 2?
In the "crucible" how is the american dream influenced by puritanism?
What were the main characteristics of globalization in the period 1700 to 1900?
Why was Hitler trying to create a race of people with blond hair & blue eyes if he had brown hair & eyes?
Why did the Blues and Greens Riot?
What country could I compare Rome to?
Compare and Contrast Catherine the Great and Fredrick the Great?
did you watch america's next top model?
who were the 3 main founding fathers?
what did a medieval troubadour wear?
in your own words summarize , the building and completion of the transcontinental railroad?
What was the most important battle in world war 2?
what type of business entity is closely associated with the gilded age ?
Yo i was wondering how do i find out who has the best weed in town?
what are your favorite quotes from historical figures?
How/who was the NAACP formed?
trying to find more infos about my last name,ZEROUALI.?
What are Negative and Postive aspects of Trench Warfare?
What was the worst war in history?
where did the expression "hog heaven" come from?
If they were to restore the Tzardom of Russia who would it be?
Why Do Palestines and Jews Fighting? Is Just About Land?
What is the most significant event to have effected mankind in the last 10,000 years?
Why were there power cuts in England in the 1970s?
Which of the following about symbols is false? A) Not every culture is filled with symbols. B) Some symbols ar?
Why did the German hate the Jew so much..to want to exterminate them in WW2.?
Is anybody a history major here?
what was the policy of containment?
Sir Isaac Newton Background?
Is it true we Had a gay president?
what were the advantages the south had over the north in the civil war?
why was Shakespeare famous?
how to make museum?
What is a good auto-biography about settlers in 1800's?
Would "illusioned" be the correct term to describe the nazi supporters in 1930s Germany?
Where and When is this coin from?
short term impact of world war one on russia?
Did US really defeat Japan alone in WW2?
Why does history repeat its self?
Ancient Eqyptians vs Incas (Who is better) ?
Jobs for a history major?
‘A historian can know far more about the past than the past itself thought fit to tell us’ (M Bloch) Discuss?
Before ww2 the Sudetenland were giving back to Germany, so why belong to?
who is a famous person from the seminole tribe?
what powre did the articles of confederation give the national government?
Did Ted Bundy have any siblings ?
who was the first president to be photographed?
Did Obama sink Romney's battleship?
Where did the Rus come from and what was their relationship with the Eastern Slavs?
True or False US history questions?
What year did San Quentin Prison open?
Why would Lorenzo de Medici want his son and nephew to become high officials in the church?
can anyone give me a good article about wealth and stuff in the roaring 20s?
why did the U.S. refuse to help the Congo?
Does anyone remember how Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld predicted we would be welcomed in Iraq and war will be short?
To what extent was the development of the Atomic Bomb in the US and the USSR similar and different?
Can anyone please help me answer these questions?
When and where was the first case of the WNV?
Who was that evil German guy who tried to take over the world?
Would you buy an old coin that was date stamped 200BC?
What do ppl think of Da Vinci Code?
who discovered America?
if God is all knowing and all powerful can he really be all good?
why are british stamps teh only stamps in the world that don't carry the nam eof the country?
whats with the sudden interest in hitler?
would y tell the real history of Human being?
I just finished watch the HBO John Adams series and it has scenes which discuss the Federalist Party?
can someone give me any general info they know about african american slavery?
History of Linton hall Military School?
What's the original Hitler's family name?
How were American views/history affected by the media?
How did the American-Mexican dispute about the Nueces river and the Rio Grande border eventuallay led to war?
Who were the supporters of the monarchy?
Taj Mahal is said to be the Hindu Shiva Temple named as Tejo Mahalya. Is it true?
how did greek civilization spread?
Any good ideas for a AWESOME Timeline?
What is your all-time favorite classic timeless fairy tale?
Can you answer these about Emperor Joseph the II?
Of all genocides, why is The Holocaust the only one known by most people?
how did C.D howe contribute to WW2?
Where were you on this day 6 years ago, when tragedy struck American soil??
how are the battles of brandywine and germantown related?
Why are Roman roads so straight?
What were the different types of houses in the middle ages?
Why are people trying to change christmas to happy holidays?
how can i find real people?
are the jews still mad about the hitler thing?
why did adolf hitler kill himself?
New York during the Constitutional Convention (1787)?
Was Julius Caesar a bad leader, or was he just too powerful?
Who was the gayest looking figure in history?
What exact age DId alexander Fleming Die?
Battle of Gonzales Brief Overview PLEASE HELP!?
What are the characteristics a hero must have?
What was the date of the second continental congress?
Carl XVI Gustaf coin help?
how did china,korea,and japan react to the arrival of european traders in asia?
Why have economic historians described the U.S. health care system as “accidental?”?
What was Abraham Lincoln not good at during his Presidential period?
world history question please help?
What's an argument I can make about music history?
Why did the British mandates not blantantly colonize in the Middle East?
Nazi Propaganda audiences?
The first governing document created by the colonists combined the states into a loose confederate union where?
what are the signs of a volcanic eruption in pompeii?
which r the good books for history???
Were there condoms and birth control pills in the 80's?
The northern nomadic peoples who entered central mexico following the decline of Teotihuacan were the _______?
Re-Scramble The Sentence PLEASE ?
Communism..I Am 14 And Need Help?