Where did world war 2 start?
Is the road to Hell paved with good inventions?
What were 3 issues that Abraham Lincoln dealt with during his presidency?
looking for an original old map of andelucia southern spain where will i get one tried internet no luck?
What was life like in british north america in the year 1850?
When Henry V was declared heir and regent of the french crown in the Treaty of Troyes 1420 ?
What was the Buddhas's real name?
Who was guru of neei & nal?
"Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492..."-for Spain! How did Britian end up claiming America?
Theodore Boone the accused?
What is the mainly reason Hitler didn't like Jewish and killed thousands of them?
what did Abraham Darby II create and how was it a good thing?
a list of the lesser gods of the underworld?
What did Henry Box Brown do for Civil Rights?
China and Japan during imperialism.?
Did Hitler build his own home?
who discovered america?
what is the most horrific event of genocide in the last 100 years?
What chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the 1990s saw four public schools named after him by 2000?
Hitler the savior of Germany?
What role did John Lennon and Groucho Marx have in the Russian Revolution of 1917? My history professor?
what are some april fools day pranks?
How was Napoleon Bonaparte bad for religion?
Which British monarch's favourite spaniel was named Dashy?
How did the Nationalists overthrow the czar in Russia?
What is Bolshevik revolution?
What is your all-time favorite classic timeless fairy tale?
how do i look at the history of my house?
are there any authentic german nazi's still alive?
Do any of you think the native americans were treated fairly by the "american settlers"?
How many jews hetler killed.....and how many muslim bush killed,,who is worst hetler or bush?
what wasthe new British strategy to win the war?
Why do people from the united states call themselves Americans?
what are the space need as a mayor in a town hall?
What was so great about "The Beatles"? (they are boring really? sound is plain boring?)?
Interest in NAZI Germany...is it wrong?
What are statistics that prove that the Supreme Court is influenced by politics?
what states are in the south?
why does 'Hollywood' never give enough recognition to Britain in World War Two?
Why did Huckabee say the bible is more important than the constitution?
Did thomas jefferson make a important contribution to american indeperdence? Why?
A paragraph about Martin Luther and his 95 theses?
Why was King Ludwig II considered mad?
What does R.K.O.stand for at begining of a movie?
How were the new England colonies land used?
Did racism lead to slavery or did slavery lead to racism?
Do you think america had the right to enter the world war I?
Which of these events happened in order in the American revolution ?
Are there any survivors from the Titanic still alive today?
Why did people in the past think that the world was flat?
Why was Panama the chosen to build a canal?
History Books. Should they tell the real story...?
When will the world end?
What is the most ironic thing about Hitler?
Why wont Americans admit they didn't win World War 2?
How close to winnig did Nazi Germany come during WW2?
Question about History (absolutisim)?
what are the importance of trade in egypt?
what was segregation like in the 1930s?
about adolf hitler and worldwarII?
When was Tarpeia born/killed? And was she part of the Roman Monarchy or the Roman Republic?
what German border territories did the Netherlands receive after WW2 and then give back in 1958?
Where & HOw can I get a copy of Mao Tse tungs RED BOOK.?
How do you get an a level in history?
Where is the first patent document located at?
If it was proven that 911 was NOT a terrorist act and was a conspiracy, would the world be living in fear?
Three immediate results of the french revolution?
Some questions about Dorothy Scott??(WASP pilot)?
How did the Magna Carta contribute to the fall of feudalism?
what caused the Great Depression?
did Jews live in ancient Ubar?
History Question? Please help?
Did you know why Albert Einstein died?
Cylon’s attempt at tyranny date?
How did Alexander the great died?
what is the similarity and difference between FDR’s new plan and lenin’s NEP?
When did the Caste system develop in Ancient India?
Why do black societies have no ancient monuments or history?
how old is chuck norris?
Who wrote the Mahabharata?
How did the great depression affect the lives of the people?
How did the greeks view incest?
What kind of technologies did the native Americans have?
origin of catholic religion?
who will replace theUS as the next super power?
Where can i find a stone age item such as a sphere or any stone weapon that doesn't cost alot for a project?
IF the Civil War were fought over again what side would you take?
True or False US history questions?
Any films related to either of the world wars that are mostly about France or the effects on french people?
railroads took over as the main form of transportation before what?
was there once a country next to France that no longer exists?
Huge slabs of stone in England?
Post-World War II eugenics programs?
usually on historic buildings, what does the star with a white background and blue and red borders signify?
Why was Chifley accused for being a supporter of communism?
What impact did the blending of spanish and american cultures have?
Who is the guy that killed so many Jewish people?
whats the worst event in history?
What did Louis-Joseph Papineau do for canada?
Did Bill Clinton ever say sorry to the American people ?
During World War II why did the Japanesse consider it dishonorable to surrender?
Did Britain sell weapons to Libya then Libya would give weapons to the IRA to fight the British?
Do you think America has a culture?
Trace the development of christianity from a sect of Judiasm, to a cult, and it's transformation to a church.
What drives your passion to study history?
All of the following led to the switch from Republic to Empire in Rome EXCEPT?
who in history would you say was your hero?
How is Plato’s ideal state, described in The Republic, reminiscent of ancient Indian civilization?
What was the main financial reason of the Great Depression?
Comparing apples and oranges?
What is England famous for?
Why did jesters always wear little shoes with bells on their toes??
i need some help on the london blitz if anyone can be lovely enough to help me out??
History help!!!!!!!!!~?
Did Euclid had a job?
Telephone/New Market Economy?
2 main ideas of charles darwin's life for 10th grade english?
how can affect the roman empire of invading of the german?
What's an interesting event to do a history project about?
What were the roles of these people in nationalism?
What's the significance of Clovis?
Why do the Japanese deny the bad things they did during WWII?
Why do you think we have so few names to associate with sub-saharan African history in this period?
What where the main causes of the south american revolution?
What immediately happened when the bomb exploded in Japan, explain the nuclear reaction?
all the british colonies india?
Following the collapse of the Gupta Empire unified rule in India was temporarily restored by?
feud /revenge between arabs or within arab countries?
Why are drugs used to spike drinks called 'Mickey's?
what is the true strory of pocahaontos?
What were the positive affects on bombing Japan and ending the war?
how do you think crop circles are being made?
How did the collapse of the Gold satndard contribute to the Great depression in U.S?
Where was Franz Ferdinand assasinated?
what is the name of the site that I can see an area map of my own house?
whatis the size of the horse on the lascaux caves?
What interest did the french have in vietnam???
Why Hitler was killing Jews only? why Nazi's were so against Jews? What is the history ?
Why was the March of Washington Important?
Do you know something about Ancient Aramaic Documents from Bactria?
how were grenades used in world war 1?
Articles of Confederation natural culmination of the American revolution?
Do you know any information about Proserpine the Roman Goddess?
what in your oppion is the most helpful invention of 20th century?
EXPLAIN HOW.........?
Where can I find out what Marylanders' sympathies were during the Civil War?
what rights did women have in 1930's?
i have a mississippi history project that is due tommorrowand dont know where to find facts on mississippi?
How are you a leader in school?
Where did the first humans live? (besides Adam and Eve)?
what is your opinion about iranian people?
During the 1960s, race riots occurred primarily...?
Where was Karl Pohlke Born?
Why and how did Sir Walter Scott include a Jew as the main character in his "Ivanhoe" story?
how did the scientific revolution alter men's understanding of the universe and his place in the world ?
Harlem Renaissance?
Who is the king that take the throne longest of the world?
what was the legacy of nat turners insurrection?
If you could beat up any famous person who would it be?
Who is tired of the " 90s " was the best era ****?
Why don't we have a decent WTC memorial yet?
If you could live in a different era, which one would it be and why?
The crisis of the early third century was precipitated by?
Who deserves more blame for nationalism: Mohammed, Attila, Khan, Vikings, Caesar, Persians, Jews, or Chinese?
how can i trace my ancestry without subscibing?
Olaudah Equiano HELP?
What items contributed to the formation and strength of the Gupta Empire?
Were jim crow laws against middle eastern people?
What efforts did the national government make to regulate production, labor, and prices duringg World War 2?
What is a feudal society?
how do i get over a guy that never has time for me?
history question please help?
Who broke Alexander the Great's nose?
picasso's family?
Was The Bombing in Heroshima Justified...?
Where did the Tlingit Native American's first live?
In art history, do writings and plays count as art?
How successful was the league in solving the menchurian crisis and corfor incident?
How did Tokugawa Ieyasau change Edo?
How can a man know about his previous birth?
Why the economy is in mess and civilization is not yet started?
Was the reconstruction a sucess or failure?
History help please? I'm a terrible student.?
why does much of Washinton DC look like Ancient Greece?
How valid was the Sioux chief's indictment of the pretensions of white civilization related to George Catlin?
i want details about MPSC exam?
who was the king defeated by Ashoka in kalinga war?
Can somebody explain how Gandhi's civil right movement influence Nelson Mandela?
How did the map of Europe change because of WW1?
Compare William the Conqueror’s treatment of the defeated Anglo Saxons with the Roman Empire’s treatment of ea?
Why was Bloody Mary called that? What was she important for besides that?
What was life like as a crusader?
What were the similarities between the development of Bhuddism and Christianity?
Who said "I shall return"? And did he ever?
Who are the modern day Thracians?
What race/religion was Christopher Columbus (honestly)???
wat is humdread year revolutation.and why it is occered?
when did the first battle of bull run ended?
Was Alexander the great really great or not??
what was the population of asia in 1200 A.D.?
what are the tables called that are like one under the other..??
so i heard hitler died.?
history on 26 scroggy house limavady northern ireland?
HW help. Salem Witch Trials questions. I NEED HELP?
What is this ancient stone table like thing called?
Where (on the internet) can I find a copy of the original Council of Laodicea A.D. 364, Canon 29 document?
Please help. How democratic was Andrew Jackson? I need 3 Analytical Categories to talk about.. thank you?
how did john lenin die.?
i have a bronze coin thats dated 34 bc on it. how much is it worth?
1st thorough answer 10 quick points! Constitutional Convention(Philadelphia Con.) 1787?
Were the Sicarii good?
How much does a 1926 SILVER 1 DOLLAR COIN costs?
Art definitions someone help?
why did we only get things such as the computer in the past 100 yrs?
Can someone give me some information on Music of the Enlightenment?
what do you think about criticism?
what did the nil contribute to the egyptian society?
Did Adolph Hitler became chancellor of Germany due to the changes he made to the Nazi party?
Why were Jim Crow Laws and Plessy v. Fergusen important?
Is this a piece of copyrighted material?
How important are they?
how did the art, literature, and music of the revolution reflect the times in which they were created?
To what extent did the Elizabethan Religious Settlement affect the beliefs of ordinary people?
How did you feel when Saddam was about to get hanged?
Are Conspiracy Theories reliable tools to explain what is going on in History ?
Is George Washington our greatest President?
was bagwanji really subash chandra bose?
What did pope leo x commission?
When did Neil Armstrong Die?
Who do you think the saddest person in history is?
Where were you when you heard about the 9-11 attacks?
Describe Japan's involment in WWII?
What were George Washington's opinions/ideas about taxes?
Why do we only read books in school about the Holocaust and none about African-American slavery?
Who is arguably the best president in the history of our nation?
how did Hoover respond to the stock market crash?
a greek myht with hestia as the main character?
Important dates in world history?
Did Jewish people die during the Holocaust?
What was going on in Paris in the late sixities?
If you had a time machine what period in history do u think u wouldv'e loved to go to?
What is the historical significance of the Cane ridge revival in 1801?
How do you interpret these Brown v. Board of Education cartoons?
what are the political and social effects of industrialisation in the period 1780-1850?
What was the most costly war in world history?
Where can I find a two page summary of World War 2?
Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor ?
Suez Canal?
Is it true that some people believe that Adolf Hitler didn't die when we was thought to have done?
please tell me two names of some major events concerning the history of the united states of america?
The main benefit gained by the unions during the late 1900s was what?
History question: Topic is troy and Greeks. What significance did troy have to homer and the ancient greeks? H?
What was the main nationality of the people who died on the Titanic?
Can you explain the Crimean War to me?
Does anybody known any famous people that live or were born in Pennsylvania?
what was the name of the french middle class that was a part of the third estate?
how was Hitler such a big FOOL you think?
What was the significance of the Nuremberg Trials?
how can you say that Hitler was a bad guy?
Do you have any 3D project ideas for greece. See more info inside.?
how did the us gain alaska from the russians?
when and who invented shopping carts?
What role did "big business" play in the annexation of Hawaii?
I am trying to get information on a french watch that I own. I don't know who I would contact about it.?
Who was the best "Military" leader ever?
After the English seized the town of New Amsterdam from the Dutch in the 1660's, what did they rename it?
What impact on history did cleopatra leave?
- This is not a inmmigration question - Why some well educated american people is very ignorant about Mexico?
What happened in 1921 that did away with Jim Crow Laws?
did they know how to write around the 1690's?
Who said that the work of the formation of the United States was a "noble cause"?
What is George Washington's first name?
Was there ever a country or time in history when big noses were seen as attractive.?
Was Wilson's Article X a blunder?
U.S history question?
I am trying to get a breakdown of the preamble of the U.S constitution where can I find an answer?
What would the city of Rome been named if it was Remus who became king instead of Romulus?
Martin Luther King and Malcolm X?
does someone have a picture of the whole city state of ancient Sparta?
what school did sister clara muhammad go to?
Do majority of English people follow the Vetican or Church of England? Why?
Why is communism a bad thing?
why did shakesphere use conflicting emotions in romeo and juliet?
Some American History...?
How can anyone suggest Americans can compare themselves to Spartans?
Is there any credible source of the Nanking Massacre than this?
When did Russia first come into contact with Cuba?
discuss the reasons for america's rise as a world power from 1865-1895.?
which is important beauty and inteligence?
Did the Soviets actually help Jewish people in WWII?
Why did the gods in Gilgamesh bring on the flood?
Why did the Titanic hit an iceberg? Was there something wrong with the rudder? Or they didn't see it? Or what?
Why is it in european countries is it illegal to question historical evemts on the ww2 holocaust.?
Can anyone provide me with a summary of the end of Military Reconstruction?
Was Nikita Khrushchev a dictator who was impeached?
Why/How did the 30 years war end?
Solon's movement toward democracy?
what is the meaning of impoverished?
Henry VII questions, 10 points to the best answer!! XD?
Why was Huang Ho called the sorrow river?
Classical China?
What have you learned from watching 'A Great and Mighty Walk' by John Henrik Clarke?
What impacts did war have on the technology of airplanes?
What was the french revolution?
who voted for US president during the 2004 elections and why?
how did charles 1 let his country down?
Many historians view Africa as the recipient of everything, but the Create of nothing?
what is the name of mahatma gandhi?
do you really think the Russian army raped and murdered innocent German civilians like the documentaries tell?
How did medieval people cook their food?
is the american dream still alive!???!!!?
Who was the first governor-general of Australia ?
what is a bolster? It has to do something with clothing?
as a presidential candidate.. - us history?
what can we learn about the life of the former inhabitants by the remains of a ruined city??
which killed more people?
I said German is a beautiful language to a Holocaust survivor.?
Why were there such huge crowds of people cheering on Adolf Hitler when he was obviously insane?
what did thomas malthus argue about population and poverty?
How was fate bad for Rome?
Who thinks the year 1985 was a good year?
About Newton second and third laws?
Can any one give me full biography about Bartolomé de las Casas?
Wasn't Amon Goeth worse than Hitler?
who was the first president?
If you can go back in time in history, what time period or periods would it be?
who was the secretary of defense prior to secretary gates?
Some information about the Vikings? The Battle of Largs?
Why were Britain and France so important while making the Munich Agreement?
Is it a myth that people used to die extremely young in previous centuries?
Why did Germans support Hitler in the 1920s and 1930s?
social structures for ancient civilizations?
why was the location of constantinople considered strategic?
Compare the cultures of the Chaco canyon region and the Mississippi River region?
are nosferatu and dracula the same?
In Bourne Series, Why was Carlos the Jackal fired from the KGB novgorod facility?
What are some differences between the ottoman Tulip Period and the Dutch Tulip mania?
Is there some way of learning about history without a liberal or conservative bias?
David Composing Psalms!!!!! NEED HELP NOW!!!?
Why is St George the patron saint of England/Portugal/etc ?
What are some other examples of the clash of civilizations throughout history?
What is your favorite era / decade?
throughout the colonial era, small-scale manufacturing in the southern colonies was?
If you had to chose a historical study what would it be and why?
Which ancient castle looks like this one?
Is 'The Da Vinci Code based on historical facts?
What is the 'shawl' worn by Jacques-Louis David in 1794 self-portrait?
'Germany were mostly to blame for the failure of disarmament in the 1930s' - Do you agree?
history of any african nation that made them poor?
Was it a proper and legitimate policy for the U.S to join imperialism during the nineteenth century?
What was Louis XIV's ruling style and view of the Edict of Nantes?
Was Christ really born on December 25?
Were there any white people involved in the Civil Rights movement?
What are some interesting and/or little known facts about Winston Churchhill?
Can you write me a short summary on what you know about the bourbon family of france and the 30 years war?
what was the first language in the world?
Who's the Geniuses who came up with the brilliant Mann Act and why did they want it up?
where can i find more about the Big Ben?
what did winston churchill do to help in the war?
what were the acomplishments of nancy ward indian?
was hindenburg a doddering old fool?
Why didnt the Germans stop the Nazis?
what is the secret behind US invadition of iraq?
why did the articles of confederation not work ?
Anyone here read Guns Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond and liked it?
How successful were Puritan as a "City on the Hill"?
Wladyslaw Szpilman - Pianist who survived Holocaust?
When Prince Charles becomes King one day, why will he adapt the name of George?
who is the best all-round person in the world?
how did both Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson achieve Progressive goals?
Help me with history please !!! 20 Points!?
Identify two conflicts between colonists/Americans and Native Americans?
Do these new photos pretty much sum up the 'glorious' United States of America?
hey dude why do african americans during history month only get 28 days out the month.?
Will the Bolsheviks rise again ?
how many people know about chinese new year?
Why do so many people hate hitler?
who was the last confederate general to surrender his forces?
By the end of the 17th century, roughly how many Europeans were Protestant?
What happened to the Native Americans after the British left in 1783?
What happened during the 1917 russian revolution? Answer in full detail peoples.?
Need to ask someone about the 50's era....?
If you could raise one person from the dead, who would it be and why?
Does anybody know about immigration in the industrial revolution?
What are native american custom that clashed with traditional western norms?
Why did Russia's Communist Revolution fail?
If the US was against the Berlin Wall, are they hypocrites for wanting to put a wall down by mexico??
How did alexander the great become the leader of Greece?
significat world events during richard the lionheats life?
Did the Holocaust really happen?
Repression of Catholics in ireland?
How did Franklin D. Roosevelt's political philosophy affect both his New Deal policies and executive conduct?
How did natural resources effect the Industrial Revolution?
What did the Goddess Hestia represent?
why did American and british military leaders engange in clandestine activities?
How many weapon do you know about WW2?
What colony was francis hopkins from?
who are the present day Ammonites and Moabites?
During the Summer of Sam in 1977 New York City, How much did wig sales and hair dye sales increase?
Why in the edwardian era did upper class married women have breakfast in bed?
What happened to the site letmewatchthis.ch?
Why is April 19th considered humorous day?
When Henryvll Married his last wife, did they have any children?
The large and expensively produced cathedrals in Europe came to a halt due to many factors. What brought the?
why did romans have festivals?
Name the oldest konw printed document in the world ?
Why do farmers have bails of hay scattered across their fields ?
Do you think it was it nessesary to drop the atomic bomb to end world war two? why or why not?
why was the roman empire divided (geographically)?
Francisco Vásquez de Coronado info?
A defender in the Prosecution of Martin Luther 1521?
Were there ever any Jews in Israel prior to the 1800's?
How did slavery end in the northern states?
Anyone can give a brief and concise french history?
The Navigation Acts began to be strictly enforced during the time of George III. IS this true or false?
Explain how some sailing ships in the 17th and 18th centuries benefited from the presence of the Gulf Stream?
Did Adolph Hitler became chancellor of Germany due to the changes he made to the Nazi party?
Are swastikas used in Mexico?
Where did sterms came from?
whats this guy's last name? (WW1)?
how did the Early Americans get food, household items, and clothing?
Causes and effects of jim crow laws in the south?
why is it people have bad or sad dreams about themselves or the ones they care about most?
I heard that the south won the civil war is this true? and why is it true?
Weird question about history? quick s!?
What were the Romans' greatest achievement in the Golden Age of the empire?
The term acropolis refers to_____?
Were the Puritans right or wrong for banishing Anne Hutchinson? If you so wrong please give reasons?
in WWI what was the convoy system. give me as much info as you can..?
I really need help on my AP History DBQ essay?
The 1980's?
What is the reaction to the Renaissance forms of art, and what were the changes that it incurred?
Did painting overshadow photography or did photography overshadow painting in the 1800s?
What were the crises of the later Middle Ages?
What were some 1937 inventions?
any experts on european history?? lol?
When were the southern colonies founded?
How strong was China in the past 2000 years?
which are the seven wonders?
do u belive in Holocaust ?
the last page the dresden codex what does it mean?
An object such as an animal or plant that serves as an emblem of a family or clan in Native American culture..?
where can I sell a ring found in pompee in ww 2 cat claw each end?
Why do you love History?
Why was there a Second New Deal during the Great Depression?
what caused the Mafia's rise to power?
Battle of the Boyne - 1690 - Ireland.?
Which is the most famous indian in this world.?
for people from italy, or people who can help, have you ever heard of the bellafrontos?
What was Germany's big strategic mistake during WWII?
What were the objectives of the American offensives in the Mexican War? Why were the Americans victorious?
(-Did Dey Build The Twin Towers Back?
who was president when the cold war began?
What was the history of the French-First Nations fur trade in Canada?
Please help??! I suck at History?
after american revolution, who did more to organize US govt?
Did any people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki survive the atomic blast and lived to old age ?
what is the effect of the proclamation of 1763, the stamp act, the quartering act, the townshend act, and...?
Who was the mathematican, and professor of astronomy, who designed the present day ST. Paul's Cathedral?
what if hitler was alive today?
What were the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation that were corrected by the Constitution?
When did the war of 1812 happen?
Why did America drop an atomic bomb on Japan?
hanu man is son of which indian god..?
Can you give me a list of the top 10 world villain from the last 100 years?
why do so many people say that the holocaust did not happen? can someone explain this perspective?
Who is the most inspirational person in history?
What were the Gentlemen's jobs in the 1500s?
What is better Spain or The United Kingdom?
What are some failures of the Reagan administration?
Which country contributed the most to the defeat of Hitler in WWII?
How has the renaissance influenced modern society? *10 POINTS*?
What is the most famous battle the United States fought in World War 2?
How did the Declaration of Independence change the way the colonists viewed themselves?
How did the statue's on easter island get there?
What is a historical investigation?
Why did Britain and France declare war on Germany, but not the Soviets in WW2?
how did johannes gutenbeg contribute to the renaissance?
Where can I find information about J F Lucas, a furniture maker from Staunton, VA in the late 1800's?
About european modern history!?
would there be any benefits to the "elite" of Europe to organise WW1 & 2 to kill off unemployed?
Is England sinking?.?
Im Doing A history project based on the 1920s we need to make a magazine, anyone have any ideas for a title?
Which Sikh ruler foresaw the complete domination of India by the British?
Who's a "better" role model: Abraham Lincoln or Eleanor Roosevelt?
in ancient Egypt or Ancient Rome which one was there the most improvement in disease and infection?
How was 9/11 a turning point in History?
Who was at the battle of san jacinto?
How long must a person be a resident to vote?
Who would you nominate as the hero of the last century ?
when did japan change from imperial to metric measurement?
What ARMY regiments manned the WW2 Sea Forts?
Were nuns corrupt in the middle ages?
How did Manet break with conventions in his paintings?
Did Uncle Sam actually exist or was he made up?
Latin Truth?
What two factors brought American attention to the Cuban rebellion ?
What were the causes of imperialism in America? (early 1900's)?
What was the nationality of Cleopatra Queen of Egypt?
Please help me with this History question.?
what propaganda can i use for a loyalists poster?
who do i talk to about getting to work on an archeological dig if i am not a college student?
When did Barak Obama graduated in harvard?
how were credit unions formed?
what was Abraham Lincoln's speech called?
What are some good websites for maps of ancient civilizations in the Middle East?
What are the differences between William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow?
There's a line in the sand, where do you stand?
What was the sleep attire in the early 1900s?
Who is Chin Peng?
What could i buy my male history teach for a leaving present?
who was the first lady of the united states?
What were the effects of having to use rivers to complete such long journeys?
how did victory in the us mexico war lead to the break up of the union in 1861?
what were the pros and cons of battle of dunkirk?
which was the contraceptive used 500 years ago?
good points about colonialism?
Was John Wayne the greatest American ever ?
What is the colonialism in mozambique by the portuguese about? the reasons, facts, timeline.. etc..?
tel me about ramanaya's bali?
What is hadrian's wall?
When Will WWIII begin and who will be the combatants?
Did Jesus Christ exist?
what were the LAWS of conscription?
Which of the following gained the greatest support from emperors during the Ming era?
why did the the Nazis called themselves the third reich?
5 changes made by Spanish?
Discuss the decline of African kingdoms in ancient history?
did you know that Hitler made soap from those killed jewish? ?
What began the american colonization society?
What are two important symbols of the French Rev?
picture of Timothy Lawrence?
What controversial issue, law, or injustice did Gandhi address in the name of morality, justice or conscience?
What great inventions or discoveries has a non-white male made in the past 300 years?
What did Socrates philosophize about?
What were the main factors which moved the country into the Civil War?
Why Arches are called Roman, when 1,000 years before them the Greeks had 2 and 3 dimensional arches?
Is a field marshal (Generalfeldmarschall) the same thing as a "General"?
which island has sexy woman?
Shakespeares dark sinister era and his tragedies?
Who was responsible for the start of the Cold War?
compare and contrast modern china art with south sung chinese history art?
What were the EFFECTS of Stalin's Foreign Policy?
why is apollo important in the odessy?
Who do you think is the worst person ever in history?
being a samurai?
what is a quote about war? specifically on LIFE IN THE TRENCHES?
why did War World I began?
How did Joan of Arc contributed to the hundred year war ?
Why Political parties were opting reservation system in India?
What role did the Naval Soldiers play in World war one?
Is America the most hated country on earth?
apart from your own country what other nations history interests you most?
When/why did the Russian nobility begin to speak French?
What are “ledger” drawings? Who used them?
prophet mohammed: was he gay?
describe how the constitution of the united states is like a contract.?
When did the Catholic Church move to Rome?
What was the purpose of creating Odaiba island in the 19th century?
8 facts about Federalist No.51?
What song did Nero play while Rome burned?
What might've been teh consequences for whites and blacks in the South if Tilden won the election of 1876?
Is there a movie about the Legendary Admiral George Dewey?
Why do you like pyramids?
Conscription in Australia during WW1?
Why did intolerance towards immigrants and foreigners emerge after ww1?
Did HarrietTubman get to learn by some boby in 1844-1890?
How did Joan of Arc change history of both France and England?
Who is the king who stands outside the parliment building in London, England?
What did modern governments inherit from Ancient Rome?
What was the first Catholic radio station in the United States?
What was the US like when it was 31 years old.?
Would you admit it if you knew your ancestors owned slaves?
What childhood memories do you have of your local cinema?
What about the 12 stones of the Jordan?
True or false: Most conversions to Islam in the sub continent were through conquest?
What are some fun facts about Marco Polo?
What would have happened if the U.S. hadn't entered World war 1?
Who are some famous Canadians and what did they do?
Should England apologize and pay compensation to the Scots, Welsh and Irish for imposing?
Where were you on 9/11?
john the revelator on sons of anarchy?
Difference between Modern and Early Modern History course?
what do you think about UFO's?
which country produced the world's first paper?
What do you think of Opus Dei?
Can anyone list the main things that happened in an average ancient egyptians life starting from the morning?
why did people want there to be a slave trade?
Why were the War Hawks of 1812 important?
Were the articles of confederation a valuable step in the US's journey to nationhood?
what age and year did the city of Troy begin?
HELP! never had to write a thesis statement before and my subject is canning for history day.?
how was the frontier in europe different from the one in america? mainly during the first half?
When was the organ, harpsichord and piano invented (approximately)?
where did queens live in medeival times?
When did the Battle of Round Mountain happen?
Was Adolf Hitler psychopathic or psychotic?
Were Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh and Joseph Kennedy all sympathetic to the Nazi regime?
explain why christians believe that jesus' death toke away all the sins from the world?
I need to know how many golf ball deaths there are every year. Very important bet on the line?
Freshwater by Virginia Woolf..............?
is god real?
During the 19th century, was it common for impoverished widows to give their kids to other guardians?
What native nations were affected directly by Columbus?
What were some of gandhi's achievements?
Who were the two opposing rabbis that are cited on the Talmud in times of Jesus?
what are other ways someone could inherit a throne besides having royal blood?
Was there ever a Political Vote where a person won by one vote?
how do you read a boring book? why cant i finish this book?
How were Africans partially responsible for slavery in America?
What was the importance and nature of slavery in China and India?
What are Dutch traditions?
Why do we call our back teeth molars?
How did the Nisga's Case affect the First Nation of British Columbia?
Who made the Nazis.....?
who immigrated to the southwest?
Where is the ancient town of Ile-Ife?
Who were the rulers of the ancient qin dynasty in china?
why is a civil war different from all other types of wars?
When did the Mongols Invade China?
The worst monster of all time?
Where can I find a cow on a diet?
Who did the British send ...?
how did slavery threaten the unity of the 13 colonies?
How did Utah join the United States?
If you had a Time Machine what American/ World History event would you want to go to & why?
What happened to the Texans at Goliad?
What is the industrial depelopement of South Asia?
where is Alexander the Great buried?
For what reason Finland is now considered a Nordic country?
is it a mith that there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow or have a been looking for nothing :-(?
what is the history of moulin rouge?
What prompted the voyages of discovery? Why did the Spanish lead the way?
American Women's History?
approx. how many people have ever lived and currently living on earth.?
what are the major beginnings,events, and conclusion of the COLD WAR?
How were hitler and mussolini's principles different?
my friend is visiting a country in africa called tanzania anyone knows anything about this country?
What are four different names for the North and the South during the Civil War?
Need help with Cold War Propaganda poster?
A series of books were written from a famous European slave in the 20th Century. Who is it?
World history help! please check my answers, i dont know if any are correct?
What are 5 ships that have sunk in the Bermuda?
HELP PLS!What words Would Women Use in the 1850's?
During WW I what was the PCT Air Service? What did they do? Where were they stationed?
Why are people so interested in Nazi's?
Was Hitler a fascist?
What exactly does the term "49er" mean?
Were does the word "CATEUS" come form,what does it mean?
Who is an American icon I can write about that has affected culture?
Worst form of torture in the history of the world?
did women slaves ever achieve the right to vote in ancient athens???
which pope gave "last rights" to all who died of black death...?
Help! True or false American gov questions! 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER?
What do you think really happened near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947?
Information on the Black Wars of when the British colonised to Australia?
how do you think the toy was invented?
Who is Genghis Khan?
+who thinks this world is the greatest??? I LOVE LIFE!?
what was the historical context of the temple in the time Jesus was born?
How old is Oprah?
is australia an asian country?
Buildings by the Pantheon in Rome?
Did King Edward discover potatoes?
why is Henry VIII marrying 6 wives such an interesting segment of history for most British historians?
What happened to Thich Quang Duc's heart?
Compare/contrast the governments created under the Articles of Confederation and created by the Constitution?
where will i find the poemabout a world without black people addressing black inventors?
what is an other name for water?
what was the story behind the shield that leonardo da vinci designed for his father?
what is the capital of taiwan?
How did Ivan IV get to be tsar?
who had bigger advantages in dominating the new world Spain or England?
Current Event that Relates to World War I Western Civilization?
I need to find a controversial historical event/person which has been subjected to debate. Thanx heaps.?
What was the Stamp Act?
madhurai&tanjavur rulers are telaga,balijanaidus or any other?
Help on a WW1 Mind Map?
Why did he do this differently from Luther?
AP Eurpeon History "between the wars"?
Which of the following statements was NOT true of loyalists?
What year did Vietnam unite under communism rule?
what empire/nation did the most for the world?
Athenian empire questions?
If Da Vinci Code is right,what is Jesus' heir doing right now?
I am Eric, predict my future.?
what were some major issues with the 17th century witch hunts in europe?
Why did the second battle of Ypres happen!!?
did you believe in Y2K?
Why did the amount of executions under civil authority significantly decrease in the 1970's?
First time filmmaker looking for funding, and/or educational assistance on First Nations film project.?
Injustices toward the french third estate?
After the revolutionary war how did family's still in Britain get to America?
What is a white protestant?
What rations did a Canadian soldier have in WWII?
Treaty of versailles?
How can historians determine dates before Christ when the BC/AD timing was created much later?
What are the four steps in the Aztecs ordinary method of sacrifice?
An odd, but fatal question?
what are some cultural facts about Mexico?
what is the epa all about in 1961-1975?
what is the full name of mahatma gandhi?
how many years it took to build seuz canal?
why is it necessary to protect indian monuments?
did correct the war of maratoon?
Charcteristics of dictatorship?
Did Hitler really use to say "White Power" or is that just a neo nazi thing?
Why did A lot of the vikings attack monasteries?
how many american soldiers died in world war two?
Did Frank Siberling & Henry Ford try to create a monoply ? Explain.?
Why is it ok for the Jews to be mad about WWII but not the Chinese?
what was the worst century in A.D time ever?
Has anyone noticed that the reasons for the Texas Revolution and The American Civil War are almost the same?
How did the Apache Indians use their environment? Explantion...?
History/Geo Helpppp on assignment?
the Escape from Sobibor~ history question?
i'm looking for a web page where i can get valuations on roman figures?
What are some Roman texts that display interpretatio romana?
What is the main reason people do not give there lives to Jesus Christ?
What happened to Jamestown?
Why didn't Germany invade Switzerland in WW2?
What was life like for Jewish people in Nazi Germany ?
some questions on John Adams and the American Revolution!?
Who was right in the Cival War?
Genghis Khan's Questions help?
Alexander the Great questions?
Why was Sadie Alexander important?
describe the indian societies and their geographic distribution before the europeans?
Was the leaders of Nazi Germany in cop-operaion with extra terrestrials?
Was Marolyn Monroe really a size 14?
why were so many lives lost in the civil war?
What is the impact that the Bosnian war has on us today?
How was Napoleon responsible for the revolutions in SA and Europe?
Mao Zedong & Jian Jieshi?
What is a good topic for a 20page history research paper?
How did Martin L. King affect your life?
Why was Alexander Hamilton for Pinckney's Treaty?
in what year were native american boarding schools abolished?
heraldry project for school. i dont understand...?
What is some historical evidence that Canada is rugged/Northern? (overcoming our climate and geography)?
Where did Francisco Pizarro explore?
Did Eugene "Jack" Armstrong know he was about to get beheaded?
would The First Nations of Canada have been better off if the Europeans had never arrived?
Did Maine have pirates on their coast?
is today the day I will die?
Is it ok to love Britain?
Explain Operation Alsos (World War 2)?
what is one specific action malcolm x took to get more freedom for blacks?
What are two ways that the Soviet authorities dealt with dissidents under the leadership of Brezhnev?
what made calvin coolidge a consevative republican?
what were the maya people best at?
What part of the Declaration of Independence did Thomas Jefferson write?
How many are the Chinese Chracters???
how did the ability to control fire affect early humans?
Why did Britain, a tiny island in the Atlantic Ocean, dominate the world for so long?
Jobs that a foster carers in london would do in the blitz WW2?
is it easy to do m.b.a after doing history honours?
Who invented clothing?
What is the nationalistic movement in Italy that had goals of liberation and unification?
Are there nice things that Hitler did?
What arguments did Americans use for expansion during the 1800s?
What was Erich Honecker doing on 6 November, 1989?
Good Slogan for the U.S. during the Cold War against the USSR?
What kind of clothes did wealthy men wear in the 13th and 14th centuries?
what was the outcome for the french After the french and indian war?
How did President Herbert Hoover react to the depression?
Why did many workers feel the need for labor unions in the Post-Bellum Period/ Gilded Age of America?
What is the Correct and True Date (YEAR) of the Destruction of Jerusalem...(by BABYLON...Not ROME) ?
1990s into 21st century True - False questions?
How did Richard nixon's administration deal with an economic downturn in the early 1970s?
Why didn't people smile during civil war photos?
Is it alright for married man to call his netfriend and meet up with her later?
Who is Malcom X and what is he famous for.?
What were some of the hopes and expectations of the freed people?
what were the staple institutions of mesopotamian society?
Colors of the Confederate flag ?
why did the kkk mostly attack africans?
Is a revolution possible in the U.K
PLEASE HELP!! what impact did leopold von ranke have on today!?
Are Native Americans of Israelite Descent?
what did robert boyle contribute to science and what year was it contributed?
What were William the Conquerors problems after winning the battle of Hastings in 1066?
Why did Europeons pick Africans to take as slaves?
Why is Africa unique?
Book of Mormon: Hoax or not?
Mock trial Jefferson Davis a traitor? Does anyone know where I can obtail research material?
Turabian Style Research Paper?
I need help fast please! Another question for the history fans?
Where can I find circulation or readership statistics for pre-1900s newspapers or magazines?
What was the name of the African American cook that show down Japaneese planes at the attack of Pearl Harbor?
Facts about hitler?
I would like to know what were the cuss words used in the medieval times?
What do i need to know about Genocide?
what did the cherokee indians do for us?
How did Roman law help lay the foundations for law of the civilized world in future times?
What was the kingdom of Kediri;explain?
why historical monuments and art and crafts are important for us?
How did geography lead to isolation in the greek world?
What if Hitler had died in august 1941 what would have happened after his death?
how old are the great pyrmids of egypt?
History Analytical Question, URGENT Pleasee!!!!!?
Can someone tell me what happened in the revolt in Northumbria in 1065?
history homework help..league of nations?
Why is it that racism still exists, so many years after the emancipation proclamation?
was adolf hitler killed or did he get away?
culture during the abbasid dynasty?
What is the picture called from WW2 that shows a sailor bending over his girlfriend and giving her a kiss?
are all msyteries solvable or unsolvable? why?
what percentage of USA belongs to the native Indians?
Islamic World history: What are the 15 MOST IMPORTANT dates?
The City of God?
I need a biography of Johann Sebastian Bach.?
did prices in food go up or down during world war 1?
1/22 chance of being born in America?
Pros and Cons about giving West Berlin to the soviet union?
I want to have video clips of sheik zayed ( the late president of the United Arab Emirates)?
The Oresteia, The Eumenides?
why do people study karate?
why was the press so important to the american people at the turn of the century?
What were some fads/trends of the 70s?
what was roosevelt experience in goverment prior to his presidency?
How did the values of the Renaissance reflect on their archiecture and literature?
What was so civil about the Civil War?
Why did white people hang black people?
where dose sinue come from?
Shivajei maharaj death date?
I need ten facts about the turin shroud !?
Why did Egyptians often build additional buildings around that pyramid?
Was Adolf Hitler a clever fox or a fool?
Elizabeth Short, AKA The Black Dahlia?
what is a Bard and what does it do?
what did native americans write letters on?
What years did Sparta existed? From when to When?
who brought Communism to Russia?
what is chosun and Empire of korea?
What is the purpose of the bicycle?
what are the goals of the afrocentricity movement?
Does anyone know where I could find a picture of what the Elephant Man would look if he wasn't sick?
am i going to go insane from real people?
What are some Renaissance sculptures in Milan?
According to some scholors, the key to the understanding of ancient china is stability.?
where did the saying "geronimo" come from?
Significant world events in 1955?
What U.S. president’s homestead attracts visitors to sleepy Plymouth Notch, Vermont?
Does anybody have an idea about a female pirate in south-east asia? She was quite famous in 60s~70s.?
Is Adolf Hitler Jealous of the Jewish people?
How did conflict lead to the decline of Athens?
Compare Montesquieu and Rousseau?
How is British Columbia different from the rest of Canada?
Who was William Pitt?
After the civil war, did the union retaliate against general Lee by begining a cemetery close to his house?
George Washington Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
do you believe the revolutions of the 18th and 19th century were due to the philosophers of the enlightment?
What was the irish problem in 1885?
Why did Hitler use the swastika...?
Who was the first person convicted of witchcraft in the Salem Witch Trials?
what was the name of the musical instrument which the tenth guru of the sikhs guru gobind singh used to play?
Which of the following New Deal projects was not involved in conservation?
how do you build a caer cynan castle?
Industrial Revolution?
if yall know anything about the Holocaust tell me?
what is the real version about romeo and juliet?
When did the British first arrive in India, and how did the Indians and the British react to each other?
Who's your favorite President of all time!!?
The legacies (ideals) of the french revolution?
what is the name of USA PRESIDENT?
What Swiss citizen was executed by the Nazis for attempting to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1938?
The british blokade would eventually cause innocent americans to perish. Explain How/Why?
What are the conspiracy theories and hoaxes surrounding the famous Lindbergh Kidnapping case?
What is the newest discovered Ferdinand Marcos Property?
I am building a timeline...where is the best place to get lists of dates and events?
How to defend Weltpolitik as a cause for WW1?
If I were to be beheaded,would I be able to see and hear for any period of time afterwards.?
why is eugene v debs such an important reformer?
intersting facts about Marcus Garvey?
I can't get my head around the way women were treated as spoils of war and were shared out for sex?
Have some questions on American history?
What does the confederate flag represent?
how many popular place names (like cambridge) are based on river in the world please cite names as possible?
Who is the founder of world's first naval corporation in Sagres?
What kind of democracy did the roman republic have?
Who Said The Quote...?
What was the name of the man who burned down rome and played a violin?
What were the intricacies of the Clinton and Bush era?
Is the lockness monster still alive?
famous speech in: 1942, 1996, 1998, 2001?
The Ausgleich of 1867 was all of the following except it......?
The Shepherd's Praise Of His Sacred Diana?
US history- compare & contrast British, French, and Spanish imperial goals in North America?
what were people in the SOuth who wnated to winthdraw from the Union called?
what is between assyrians?
i need help on a out line of johnny cash?
In the US domestically from 1865-1900 & the US internationally from 1898-1980 what ?s haunted...?
Does any body like eggs w/ ketchup?
What was the Nullification Crisis?
Who was Christopher Columbus?
who was the first prime minister of india?
In what way did the FDIC insure the success of the first actions of the First Hundred Days to make the bankin?
How long was the iceberg that the titanic hit?
Who were the 3 smartest people ever?
Can any one tell me where the lost city of Sartel-Oriell was originally located and when did it vanish?
Who among the following taught the doctrine of ‘Shunyata’ ?
What hardships did the Sweden's deal with immigrating to America?
What vocab word would go with '3 pronged union plan of attack'?
What were the six reasons for establishing the preamble of the constitution?
Has America got an Empire?
What was the name of the famous US General who led the Third Army across France into Germany (world war two)?
Which of Wilson's Fourteen Points were included in the final peace treaties?
Define civil war in Iraq?
Did the Bantu Migration occur in East, North, West, Central, or South Africa?
How is Vietnam war similar to the war in Iraq?
What are some physical features of spain ?
what is the name of the first man to go to the moon?
What were the causes and effects of the renaissance?
a history lesson..very interesting!! have a history teacher explain this..?
Is the holocaust for real?
Why are Roman roads so straight?
Why did persues kill meduda?
What evidence is there that the Indigenous Australians were here over 40,000 years ago?
Why is the Umayyad conquest of Hispania an invasion?
What two American Presidents died on the same day, the 4th of July and which one do you like better and why?
What did the central powers want to achieve in the long run?
A list of 10 amendments in order?
What is a Vimana?
Does anyone know what caused the shift from neoclassicism to impressionism in painting?
Analyze the use of atomic weapons during World War II and the aftermath of the bombings?
Who was Belle Oglesby who entered Utah with the first groupof mormon pioneers in 1847.?
i want to know how shakespeare's tragedies spoke about the great chain of being?
Is organized religion responsible for most of the hatred in today's world?
Can someone explain the magna carta?
Imperialism between British & India?
Invasion of Abyssinia?
How did the indus valley military help ots civilization?
what did the ancient greek people eat?
Did Sprio Agnew come into the public any after he left office in 1973?
How did Leonardo Da Vinci embody the Renaissance in his life?
Why is Leonardo da Vinci famous? Why is he important to the Renaissance?
French industrial revolution?
what was Obama and Romney talking about, about education and?
what is real name of Anarkali?
Anyone knows Apdullah Çatlı or Mehmet Ali Ağca ?
Can you find me long spread out dresses from the 1940s?
what war was in this time period, if there was one?
what was the allied decision to invade North Africa and what was the cross channel invasion ?
who do u think was a better leader, Joan of Arc or Cleopatra VII???
Mesopotamia Ranks?
Historically significant vs impact on american history... confused!?
who was the last emperor of the roman empire?
What's a good website to find American Inventors born in North Carolina?
Is this an old mortuary ledger?
How Do We The History We've Studied For Years Isn't False?
What were the Intolerable Acts?
Does anyone have information on Bruyere pipes?
Need help coming up with a research paper related to early medicine (17-early 19th century)?
Compare the unification of India with the unification process in China under the Qin and Han and in southwest ?
History Research Questions!?
how did the loyalists help?
The Farmers' Alliance did which of the following?
What do you think the Greek God of Peace's bedroom would look like if he's a stoner?
Was George Washington the first president?
can anyone explain to me the process of mummification and the need to undertake this process ?
Which major document did Madison hope to replace at the Constitutional Convention?
who was the first Baron Wolverton?
What does "Manifest destiny" mean?
who will win world cup?
what happened on 20 december 1924?
Apart from Ireland what other countries supported Nazi Germany and their allies?
what was spain rennaissance currency?
Did The Cliffs of Dover (aka. seven sisters), England play a role in WWII?
What do you think about Portugal and portuguese people ?
Why was what Sir Isaac Newton did so important?
After the cluadian invasion of Britain?
How did the Chinese Exclusion Act impact the Chinese population living in the U.S?
When was the last time that the world had clash of civilization resulted in large number of death?
Treaty of Versailles and Germany?
What would happen if Turkey recognizes the Armenian Genocide?
Who wiped out the Arawaks? What island were they on?
what battle did grant successfully gain control of the Mississippi river and split the confederacy in half?
Does anyone know of a Spanish book called "Corazon" that was made by a Chilean author in early to mid 1900s?
if you were a protestor on the washington march 1963, what would you say?
Single worst event in human history.?
How old was James Bonhan when he died?
what copying method was used to make Stone copies of the declaration of independence?
Defend the Indefensible Question 1 - Adolf Hitler?
What iconic image in history resignates with you the most?
Will there ever be another time where soldiers that came home from war is neglected or hated upon?
What would be a good topic for my history research paper?
What important social and historical events took place in the world between 1863 and 1935?
who were the delegates at the constitutional convention?
What products were first introduced in 1968?