Who makes ur list for the five worst presidents of all time?
Immigration research paper topics?
What actions allowed France to become an absolutist state in the 16th and 17th centuries?
Did Caesar Augustus personally see Jesus as a Threat?
why does life begin at 40?
What was the Leipzig Disputation?
What was the historical significance of the Treaty of Paris?
Does mythological stories come under History?
who is to blame for the israeli and palestinian conflict?
Who did win in World War 2?
When was the trail run of the NELLAI express conducted?
How were women potrayed in European literature during the 1800s?
Anybody knows about the famous chefs of Lyon, France in 1970, where can i find some info?
What was Great Britains finest hour ?
What is a good thesis example for how the Huns affected the empires they came in contact with?
When and why did the term "gay" go from meaning all happy and jolly to meaning homosexual?
How did the Cultural Revolution in China affect its educational system?
Why did britain and france generally oppose some of the conditions in the fourteen points?
Why were the Native Americans so important in the clash between the French and British?
was the westward expansion more beneficial or harmful to the united states?
What should I say about the ottoman empire in an essay (not content just stuff to focus on)?
what did the riches and the poorz wear durin the elizabethan times?
when was the Louisiana purchase? was it before or after we purchased Alaska?
information needed on the Vietnam War and the drug use that presided in it?
Question on the title of The Destruction of the Indies?
How was the reliance on USA and "staple" foods a cause of the Great Depression?
Myth roots?
Who was the greatest general of World War 2?
is there a place really called the four aces?
why was Louis Riel exacuted and was this appropiate?
Lancelot or King Arthur ?
What was the war in the aim of the attack upon the Dardanelles in April 1915?
What happened to the philippines in the 1800 and above?
Where did the term "Dixie" originate? It was used to describe the Southern US during the American Civil War
If you could meet any 3 people in history, from any time, who would you meet?
how to delete a web site name from history?
Did you know the Mayans predicted the world would end December 23, 2012?
kjaerlightet what does it mean?
Texas Traditions?
Is Hitler still alive after WWII?
why do people see Che Guevara as hero?
10. What economic and political issues contributed to the rise of Benito Mussolini?
what kind of history do Louisiana?
Native American Research Topics?
are there living descendants of the pharaohs?
Looking for a picture of de Medici cross. Necklace of Catherine de Medici?
Why would anybody question the morality of the atomic bombings of 1945?
Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome?
Information on World War One ?
Is there any fact behind the Cold Case episode "Wednesday Women"?
how many grandchildren did Karl Marx have, and what were their names?
what ways has the piano had an impact on the world today?
Why does Norway possess a tiny little island way, way down in the southern hemisphere?
Why did they crucify Jesus ?
was Russia invaded by the Soviet Union during the cold war?
why the Allies were unwilling to confront the aggression of the Germany prior to the outbreak of WW2?
In German politics/history what is the difference between the DDP, DNVP and the DVP?
What is happening in these pictures in the US in the 1930's?
How did Nia die in the book THE FIRST PART LAST ?
how can i love and stay in love my girl friend?
Was Hitler born in the German Reich?
don't you think mexicans and indians have a lot of similarities?
Why do some people not believe the Holocaust happened?
How far up north is montana?
Who do you personally think is the most over-analysed person in history?
Can people name me some famous historical people?
Is George Washington really and, truly the first president? ?
Picture and history of Chateau Belleneau?
Did american help Britain...?
in what museum is the orignal painting head of a girl by peter paul reubens. this girl is his daughter, clara?
What is the "new york school of photography"?
Who started the slave trade?
is 586 BCE considered 5th century?
Where do your Ancesters reigh from?
What impact did mexico's independence from spain have on the colonization of Texas?
Why are a lot people from Britain delusional when it comes to WW2?
Who is interested in the mystery of the romanov family, you know Anastasia???
what type of clothing did people wear between 1900 and 1920 in northern ireland?
Does anyone have posters and cartoon links regarding the reaction to the signing of the Nazi-Soviet Pact (1939?
Why did the United States enter WWI in 1917?
How was Israel created?
Why the mosque top is in oval shape?
How did napoleons actions change the French government?
What age was Maria Clara in Noli me Tangere?
how was the life of Frederick Douglass?
American history question?
Does Christianity support killing civilians in Iraq(Bush claims 30,000, Amnesty International says 100,000)?
who is the wealthiest person in the world?
How did bloody sunday go down? what was it anyway?
how much would an ancient Greece alarm clock cost?
Name two reforms made during the Third Republic in France?
What is the Tonkin Gulf Incident?
to what extent did the era of the common man (1824-48) live up to its characterization?
how did America gain all of this power?
What where the other designs to the White House?
best place to find arrowheads?
How did Muhammad further the faith of Islam?
Apartheid in South Africa??
Military Supply Lines?
What was the cause of the Korean war?
Questions about speech during the civil war?
Did Mary Boleyn take care of Elizabeth I after her mother (Anne Boleyn) was beheaded?
What lesson have we not learned from history as of yet?
How did the Americans view the Pearl Harbour attacks?
What influences did Roger Williams have on on his colony?
Where to find historical info about Singapore's Fort Canning Park?
Why are there Catholics in Lebanon?
What were the events from 1763 to 1776 that led to the American colonies break with England.?
doz anyone know anything about sapper W.H.wheeler who won the millitary medel & died at flanders ?
How were the bolsheviks and suffragettes similar?
To settle a debate - when was the first written word, pre or post Battle of Troy?
which nation was not occupied by the united states?
Why was Rome able to administer a larger empire while Greece was not?
Is it bad for me to admire Hitler?
Who is/was the most evil leader in world history?
Friedrich Nietzsche: what MBtI type?
The Divine Right Theory (Philippine History)?
In the movies, why do we call the screen silver screen, or in the limelight, when no lime was lighted?
answers for what a juge would do with a criminal would they punish them or help them?
Where can I find information to write an essay on photography in the Civil War?
What impact did WW1 have on the woman's movement?
Info on Issac Newton?
any-i believe there is going to be a WWIII?
Is postimpressionism a continuation of romanticism?
Imperialism and America? PLEASE HELP!!?
History homework help?
What was did families do for fun in the 1930's?
Why are the Jewish people hated throughout history?
Have any archaeologists ever found any of the skeletons of the Giants from Prometheus?
In what ways you think that FDR was not successful at ending the Depression?
Cite a time you were not pleased with your performance. What did you do?
What are some good books about the American civil war?
Compare and contrast - The Congress of Vienna and The United Nation?
I wanted to know what was the name of the pbs 70a or 80a show that had a man who was a scientist or a chemist?
This person invented the motion picture film.?
What's Adolf Hitler's hair like?
Is it true that George Boleyn raped his wife on their wedding night, or am I watching too much of The Tudors?
Who had worse war crimes in WWII? Germans, Japanese or Soviets?
How did homer impact greek history?
Why is the Haavara Agreement involving Nazi Germany not taught much about?
Did you know Queen Nefertiti of Egypt was a native of Mitanni (Mittani was in Kingdom of Armenia)?
Did General Robert E. Lee make the right decisions at Gettysburg?
Where did Jesus poop? Was it offensive to poop in front of others back then?
Are there any half Greek/Scots out there?
I need the full transcripts to the Evian conference and cannot find them?
as any one stayed at a certain hotel?
How come Egypt is a poor country?
What did W.E.B Dubois do to help African American people?
what's your opinion about Aboriginal Residential schools?
Does anyone know where Macedonia is?
How do historians know which sources are reliable, who's telling the truth especially if ...?
What are some Major Political Events in Italy????!!???!!?
What were the major beliefs of John Calvin. How were they similar to Luther's beliefs?
summary/explanation of these lines from julius caesar?
help with history of Jim Crow?
How did Christianity effect Rome?
battle of antietam?
who do you think discovered north america?
Art History Questions!?!?
Why Didn't Starving Sailors Just Fish?
shiloh and antietam battle information?
Did you know the first examples of trolling was done in the 80s?
how were horses cared for in the mongol empire?
Is there still slavery in Latin America?
The world will end in approxamatley 2.5 million years or billions can someone tell me when we die will it hurt
Alteration in American Political Ideas and Institutions 1775-1800?
who is the greatest military leader in histlory?
What were the main Confucius teachings of ancient China? ?
what did william wundt do?
Did Marie Antoinette really say "Let them eat cake?"?
Did Adam and Eve have navels?
Andrew Jackson debate help?!?
In what country was the first book printed?
Slenderman information?
How was the French and Indian War a turning point in British colonial relations?
When Nazi Germany invaded Poland, why didn't Antarcitca declare war on Germany?
What were ancient roman pottery used for?
The British lost 30,000 men fighting the Japanese, How many did America lose? And it wasn't even our war.?
should england build up the empire again and hand over control to the queen again?
Can you name some ancient Egypt explorers for me and facts about them?
What were Julies ceazers last words?
how was the war debt paid by germany in the first world war?
When was Barbara Bush Elementary School established?
How Do Surnames Come About?
who killesd JFK?
where were you on 9/11/07?
What is a Tragic Hero?
Does history always repeat itself?
How strong were medieval warriors?
Pre Confederation Canadian History?
how do i locate some black and white aztec cloring pages?
What are some significant events of the Seventies?
why did the vatican stand still during the holocaust?
Who was John J. Pershing and how was he related to the Spanish American War?
discuss how the sacco and vanzetti case revealed some of the divisions beneath the surface of american society
Were the 1920's a turning point in fashion?
what was the average age of man at the time of Dinosuar era?
How was imperialism part of WW1?
why does the world fight over religion?
seated male from a relief panel?
horoscopic signs, their meanings?
should homes almost 100 yrs old be torn down to build new homes?
what year was the cotton gin invented ?
Where and when was The Mahatma born ?
Was Joan of Arc black?
How did the issue of emancipation transform the Civil War?
How did so many come to believe the Civil War was about slavery?
How many Mormons (Latter Day Saints) were there in New York City (Manhattan) in 1866?
What was the best sub machine gun of WW2?
forms of discrimination faced by minorities in 1950s?
Who discovered America?
Is Richard of York, 3rd duke of York Edward IV of Englands father?
What happened to the Great Library of Alexandria?
What is the most interesting period in history and why?
Give3 reasons of Catherine The Great-Russian Empress?
Is the Davinci Code true?
How did polygamy become illegal?
Was Germany alone to blame for World War I?
what was the name of Sir Issac Brock's policy with the First nations?
any-i believe there is going to be a WWIII?
Why do we need to study the past?
what is the historical sinificance of Bessie Smith?
Could the attack on Pearl Harbor have been prevented?
why do most teachers come to school with bad attitudes?
Economic and political situation in europe during WW2?
Were there any humanist ideas in Calvinism?
Describe J.F.K's and Nikita Khrushchev's role in the Cuban missile crisis.?
WW2 veteran???????????
what was the civil war about?
Did the portuguese or British bring diseases to Africa?
Cold War-related Beliefs and Goals.....?
How could the Srebrenica massacre have been avoided?
Why Napolean Bonaparte abolished the taboo of incest?
Which Religion is the most ancient ...?
who build the first black college?
Medieval Words that have to deal with Chivalry..?
how did the jumping off place get its name on the Oregon trail in 1840-1860?
Which U.S. president is the WORST in American history..your opinion?
Why did the Abbasids succeed in overthrowing the Umayyads?
who was persecuted in the spanish inquisitions?
Who are some famous historical figures who suffered from acne?
How Did The Vietnamese War End?
the people living in the first century, were they aware that they were living in the first century?
What was the war that made France go in debt and had to tax the Third Estate?
How difficult was it for the U.S. to reconstruct the nation after the Civil War? Was it mostly a period of gro?
who is the oxford dictionary Creator why did he say?
what does a secret indicment mean?
How do the palestines accepted to donate their land to create Israel?
Good Civil War books?
How did the United Farm Workers of America give Mexicans an identity?
what was life like in the US before the phonograph?
Is there any story about pirates treasures in Venezuela?
Confused about Western Europe and Byzantine Empire?
Positive and Negative impacts of Immigration into the UK? With Facts!?
What was Saint Thomas More's purpose in writing his book Utopia? EZ 10?
Compare The Byzantine Empire and the Rise of Russia?
what clothing did ancient egyptian merchants wear?
Were are you from? and what's your ethnic background?
Africans made it to America before columbus?
Who was Agnes McPhail?
is every explorer a hero that can do no wrong,is every exploration a success,was every journey smooth sailing?
how many animals of the opposite sex did moses take to the ark?.?
TRUE/FALSE; medicare cover 38 million elederly?
What conditions gave rise to the industrial revolution?
How did the autobiography of ben franklin change america?
Do Americans really think that Columbus is the first European to come to North America?
where did different races come from?
who was Simeon from the book of Luke? is there any historical context that could help me find out who he was?
The great exhibition inventions?
walter sanden bolivia litographs?
Name some global conflicts after 1945?
What are some similarities and differences between medieval Korea and China?
Why were the Brits unable to hold on to their empire after WWII?
Help in a History question?
Which ruler was the strongest England has ever had?
Were de white house be?
The Northwest ordinance was passed ny the U.S congress in 1787.What did the northwest ordinance make possible?
Will the U.S. collapse like the empire of ancient Rome did?
Are angels good or evil?
why did world war 1 start?
During World War II why did the Japanesse consider it dishonorable to surrender?
want a game to play on the pc that includes fighting building and fun?
Where did stained originate from?
i need some brief history?
history help..?
I must know. Why did Americans re-elect Bush, and knowing what they know now, would they do it again?
who are edmund hillary and tenzing norgay?
what is a web sight that i can go to that is free for a criminal background check plz help???
when did Russell Conwell give his lecture "acres of diamonds"?
Why and When did Orthodox and Revisionist views on Hitler emerge?
Do you think Robin Hood actually existed, or was he a Myth?
How/why did the Atlantic slave trade start?
in what ways does Alexander Hamilton have the most influence on the U.S. today?
i have a bible thats 156 years old it has the deaths and births of a family the tompkins what should i do w/it
What kept South and North divided?
were copies of paintings sold in the renaissance?
What Would Have Happened to Hitler If He Survived the War?
How was our government shaped by the philosophical traditions which influenced the framers? ?
president lincoln: read description for full ?
anyone know where i ca find infomation on falling stars?
How did the Mongol Empire affect ancient China, India, and Japan?
What is BBC reel history?
Does Anyone know why during the time of the halocaust they refered To German Jews as mice, & Polish as pigs?
How did the printing press change European society?
Who are 3 famous people of the new york colony and why were they important?
what was the nobility's reaction to the recalling of Estates General?
What are the dimensions for the Chinese water torture device?
When did Thomas jefferson build the Monticello?
do you know were the 16th amendement was passed?
Who exactly was Emmett B. Fry?
Which of those historical figures are the most evil, Stalin, Hitler, Napoleon ?
i need some help on history?
When did the cold war start?
From what city did belisarious and his army set sail to make their final attack on yhe vandal kingdom?
Any good books to read about the Third Reich?
who was sir isaacs newton?
the history of shaikh bizaini tribe?
Despite their accomplishments, why did federalists disapear, what were their weaknesses in political attitudes
Which of the following was not an effect of the military conquests of the Seljuk Turks?
In the history of Punk music, has there ever been any previous public governmental opposition to it?
Do you think the only reason Winston Churchill was so great because he had American blood in him? His mom was?
What was the greatest Empire that ever existed?
is there any pro ww1 poetry or plays e.t.c. after ww1?
How mentally Ill was Hannibal of Carthage?
If you could be anyone in history who would you be and what would you do?
Is there any credible evidence to support Catherine Howard's place of birth as Wingate?
Is it really possible to learn from history?
how was the wheel used in mesopotamia?
Who is affected by slavery? Where does slavery occur? When?
what ways of life did africans develop?
How did the americans joining the war support the countries in the triple entente?
Ellis island-steerage for immigrants how big where the bunk beds?
Why the the neo gothic culture emerge?
dus anyone know of any abandoned building in liverpool in which i could use for a photo shoot?
What did "Stonewall" Jackson's death mean for the South?
The Texas Revolution was a result of conflicts over what?
The sun used to never set on the British Empire, so how were there werewolves in London?
England was a savage place up until 1066 is this true?
what is controversy of pablo picasso's painting of guernica?
What were barber poles a sign for originally?
Anybody like the RMS Titanic and History?
what was family and home life like in Pompeii?
Compare & Contrast Mexican Revolution & Russian Revolution?
Who all came for the Feast of Ascension in 526 before the Antioch earthquake hit?
Mystery of Roanoke, what do you think happened to the colonists?
Summary of Malcolm X's homemade education, HELP?
How was literature in the 19th century?
When was Topanga Canyon California Settled and by whom?
,what about that cindy_ceemakeing her point i think it was great the way she defindedold glory the curse w?
How did the New Deal philosophically alter the traditional government/business roles?
What was the most astonishing, history changing event of the last century?
any information on a s.georgvis medallion please??
Who would you like to see in a modern day joust?
how did the following forces help push europe toward world war I: nationalism, imperialism, militarism?
who is uncle saam?
how come the gov.said only true americains should be in this country when when their n ancestors came here?
How did war drive changes in Russian agriculture under the leaderships of Lenin and Stalin?
who was the English explorer, navigator and cartographer and the first person to cross the Antarctic Circle?
According to Truman what were "Russians' failure to honor agreements"?
What is the supreme court's role in the desegregation of America?
what time period was worst for the blacks? slave times vs segregation?
Why was the holocaust the saddest chapter in history?
Why Was Beheading the Preferred Way of Execution In the Past?
What is Los Angeles's full name?
Which group was the left-wing radicals during the Protestant Reformation?
Names of unsung heroes of the revolution?
What do you think happened to Amelia Earhart?
why did toussaint l'overture suceeded in freeing slaves in st.domingue?
Who decided to let the U.S. join the Allies in World War 2?
What was the power and corruption of the church in Medieval England?
i wanted to know what u have to say about this..?
what dose the bible mean by the love of money is the root of all evil.?
This series of meetings commissioned a new catechism or statement of beliefs, that summarized the teaching and?
How do you make a doll like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr?
Why was a scribe highly regarded in Egyptian society?
was hitler a good painter?
For two decades, Rome waged war with a North African people, who were they, what city-state, and when did Rom?
History fair help please!?
on Philippine history --- who were the 9 girlfriends of Jose Rizal? descriptions and pictures?
What did Hitler think of Sikh People?
In what ways did the role of women change during the 1920s and 1930s?
gas prices though 1970 and 1979?
What was the significance of the Tang Dynasty?
What was the historical significance of Angelina Grimke (1805-1879) and Sarah Grimke (1792-1873)?
history help Please?
going back in time...?
does any know anything about essex during ww1 and ww2?
When was the last time a nuclear weapon was used in warfare and who by/against?
how was ancient rome art like?
analyze the cultural responses of the french to the indians of north america before 1750?
Sigiriya is very important for Travelers?
Who was the first Archibald Prize awarded to in 1921?
How were the ideas of John Locke found in the Declaration of the Rights of Man?
Who was the sickly child ruler of England during the 17th century?
What various purposes could royal marriages serve during the age of absolutism?
What did Hitler think of Sikh People?
(South Africans) Help!!!!! need answers fast please!!!!?
Why did the latin american revolutions begin during the Napoleonic era?
Do you agree or disagree with what Joesph McCarthy is doing to society why or why not?
How did nobles gain power in Japan?
Braxton Bragg why he is famous for?
does anyone know that name of the childrens home that was in great baddow nr chelmsford?
how many crusade's were there?
For Military Historians: What was Hitler's Biggest Mistake?
To what extent did goverment contently apply laissez-faire theory to each of the following: railroads, trusts?
Whats your nationality, what languages you can speak, where and when were you born, and currenlty living?
what does this poem mean?
what did most state constitutions after the american revolution contain?
Who was James S. Woodsworth?
what are the caurses of poor readeship in kenya?
Murdering President Mckinley's inestigation?
I wonder what was Miguel Hidalgo's motivation into becoming an Insurgent of Mexico?
What was language used for in the past?
Who was better at fighting Roman Legionnaires or the Spartans?
The growth of skiing in American history?
The building at 1515 Linn Street in cinti oh was what before it became home to the Art's Consortium?
Who was treated worst? African-Americans or Native Americans?
What was life like for Jewish people in Nazi Germany ?
Feudal Time Period ??????????????
how is Francisco Franco a patron of the arts?
Was King Edward II a homosexual and was he murdered by his own family?
almas shaikh from dariyapur?
When and why was the sword removed from the England flag?
Who invaded Ireland years ago? Where did they come from?
Was hot chocolate served on the Titanic?
where can I go to view these historical writings?
Contributions of the following: John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Montesquieu, DeTocqueville, Rousseau?
what was unique about the way brazil got its independence?
Who will still be famous in 250 years?
Will the UK always have to do what the USA says because the USA saved the UK during WW2?
Why did the Egyptians build pyramids?
What do the Dutch have to be proud of looking back in history?
Normans and English Saxons...............?
Was Adolf Hitler a good person ? also can you see my points why he was good?
the decline of the maya occured:?
did Japan attack America in WW2 because of the supplies the USA were sending to the UK?
Please help me with one short history question? :)?
what are the most gruesome ways of killing people used by armys and leaders?
How do you find out what your roots are?
What was important to George Washington while he was in office?
Why was the Navajo language was considered by the Japanese to be an “unbreakable” code (in ww2)? ?
Does anyone know where could some sort of pics of my father?
Why did Alexander the Great's Empire fall after his death?
Who performed the role of ' Anne Boleyn ' in "The Other Boleyn Girl" (2008) ?
What three words best describe America after the civil war and reconstruction?
what is the historical significance of the illuminated manuscript?
Why were black soldiers not used earlier in the Civil War?
Constantine renamed Byzantium to what?
Where did religion start?
how did lucy webb hayes die?
I need help with homework, please. It's about the Reconstruction.?
Would you say history is written by the victors?
The second industrial revolution?
How did geography shape the development of early civilizations?
need help with Ancient Egypt?
Did the Oracle of Delphi predict the downfall of ancient Greek?
How would history have played out if Rome never fell?
What do people think that The Loch Ness monster is?
why did the han fall?
Pennsylvania ranks first in the production of stone used by consumers.?
Can anyone name the Morden Day Countries/Nations for these Biblical Cities?
what was the United States position at the beginning of WWI?
Did people starve juring the last great depression? What was life like?
Carthaginian culture?
Hi! I am trying to find the historf of the name Fredricks from the 1600's.?
What will be your major accomplishments when you reach your death?
Is their any human-being ever see God before, the one who made heaven and earth..?
why did the hungarians dislike communist contol in 1956?
Where do I start looking for King Arthur?
Pennsylvania History helppp?
What knid of establishment did Alfred tennyson?
Donzaleigh Abernathy is the daughter of Ralph Abernathy and she would like to be my tutor should i say ye o ne
Essay writing competition? Any interesting questions?
Che Guevara?
who were the progressives?
Why Does Love Gotta Be So Sad?? Lol?
what is your all- time favorite piece of art?
why was the Japanese-American Internment Camps bad after Pearl Harbor?
Any website to find facts about a polish noble's life?
How do you start a good history essay?
anyone help me with history question?
whats humanity?
Does the holy grail even exist?
What were the concentration camps during the Holocaut in WW2?
What if the Americas didn't exist, but Coloumbs instead ''discovered'' India/Asia?
What were the principal issues dividing proponents and opponents of the new federal Constitution?
At what age Mahatma Gandhi Died?
There was 6,000,000 killed in the holocaust. But who is the one who killed more people in human history?
what happened to the animals in osijek zoo during the war in croatia?
I need a translation of "de pugna salaminia"?
Why did the twin towers collapse like they had been rigged with TNT?
It was proved that Oswald alone killed JFK but we all like a Grassy Knoll do we not?
Who really started WWII?
What does the last name Laubisch mean?
How did teenagers in medieval Europe endeavour to be "cool"?
what do you normally do at a festival?
Was there an "agenda" to make U.K. men more feminine in 1980s by popularising "gay bands"?
Was there a "human" chattel law prior to the Civil War?
what was education like in the golden ages?
I need some good sites for Pompeii!?
Why didn't explorers years ago use sat-navs?
i would like the email address for christoper hibbert (uk history author) or address of any web site for him?
The french people that's presented in half of Belgium, was the area part of French country?
Most successful Diadochi?
How come B-17 tail gunners were so ineffective against German fighters?
Project about Julius Caesar?
My friend does not belive in god what should I do!!!???
In honor of Black History Month,Please name your top 3 picks for great African Americans.?
what would of happened if Nazi Germany never invaded Soviet Union?
why did anne hutchinson leave massachusetts to help form the colony of portsmouth,rhode island?
were jews hated in germany before hitler influenced the country?
What are the romantic people leaving out about Victorian Christmas's and why we would prefer today?
Do you think Columbus was a good leader or a bad one?
Did The Neolithic Revolution Cause War?
Industrial Revolution 1750 to 1900 Explain Cause and Effect(Outcome)?
what name given by the Sioux was the mountain they lived near?
Will countries such as Germany ever stop speaking there own language and speak only English?
what did marco polo do in china?
how old is the staute if liberty?
my sister n law has a very beautiful blanket can anyone tell me the vhistory on this blanket please...?
i want to ask about lottery of month is that true ? is it real that lottery monthly by ?
Similarities between teenagers in the 1920's and today?
what was education like before the industrial revolution?
Who was the first ever Colonial player to sign for a British club?
What did the Yuans think of the Chinese peasant revolt in 1360's?
Do afghans have ruled india?
How did Suleyman the magnificent usher into the Ottoman Empire a time of military, social, and cultural and...?
When The Anglo-Saxons Arrived In England Many Centuries Ago, Which Race Lived Here???
to be or not to be?
What attitudes does Columbus have about the people he encounters (the "Indians")?
Who is the Walrus?
how does the ancient sea give us enrgy?
How did World War 2 effect Syria?
How could a person become a slave?
The Iceberg that sunk the Titanic?
Was Hitler's Face Ever on German Currency?
what was michelangelo's greatest piece of art of all time?
Why did Hitler hate Americans?
What was the importance of the Opening of the Atlantic?
where can i find info about the apollo of veii?
if Hitler wasnt born?
If WW2 was re-created tomorrow who would win?
All of the following are part of the Shi'ite doctrine EXCEPT?
Supporters of social Darwinism believed that if the government did not interfere with business?
Why did some states oppose to the Virginia Plan?
what is the apadana?
what is an ipod?
im doing a presentation in history on sometihng important with in the last 50 years... any ideas-controversial
Could somebody tell me about thieving skills in Runescape?
Question about history? History buffs I'm calling you out!?
I would like pictures and information on Shtetel clothihg that was worn in early 1900s?
Did the holocaust exist?
What is the Hagia Sophia made of? And the dome?
How did weaponary take place in global ages?
Did Pope Pius XII support Hitler prior to 1939?
What Is The most memorable "HISTORICAL" Event in U.S.A. happened that meant something to you?
What are three effects progressivism had on an American society?
need historical data- phoenix caster co. indianapolis, indiana?
why do white people think columbus discovered america when he did not?
Where are the Benin people from?
Which side took the first shot in the battle of lexington and concord?
What did Nathuram Godse believe in for the Hindu Culture of India?
what was the first industry to industrialize?
I have a coin with a 4 and 1861 B,and k.k. oesterreichische scheidemunze?
Whose face was blasted off George Washington’s right side and moved to the left, at Mount Rushmore?
How is A Separate Peace related to World History?
The Treaty of Versailles was unfair on Germany and bound to lead to a future war. Do you agree? Explain?
Why do euros(brits esp) opine that if not for colonization of India,SEA,china etc we would still be backward?
what was the technology of the the sumerians?
Do you ever look back at history and wonder how we made it this far?
Help with report on Sir William Jackson Hooker!?
Primary source about Captain James Cook?
Are the descriptions of the battles in the Mexican War accurate?
what events happend in 1900-2000?
I am interrested in selling my collection of antique trounchen [ police sticks]. Where do I have to go ?
Who are the 10 persons who have influenced the world maximum during the 20th century?
Does anbody know where i can find documentaries on the L.A. Riots of April 29th 1992? can't find any...?
what tiltle did herodotus have besides father of history?
What culture do you think had the biggest Impact on present day ..The Greeks or The Romans?
George Washington - best president ever?
World War II atomic bombs?
what is the philosophy of a federalist?
If moveable type wasn't invented until 1440, how did King Cnut get his name?
what has been done to limit effects of mt.st. helens volcano?
What was the United States' first national monument?
How did Wealthy families benefit from Land Grants in the West?
Can someone give me an example of a classic German Christmas story?
What factors led to the development of the earliest states?
Hall of Mirrors ; Palace of Versailles?
Is Rose Dewitt bukater and Jack's love story real?
Did the British lose one finger or two in the battle against the French?
Why tribes were settled away from us during vedic age?
King Louis the Fat Died?
Stories about loners who turned into killers because they hated/was jelous of other's lustfulrelationships?
what language do people from Ireland speak?
What were some of Gouverneur Morris' views during the Constitutional Convention?
Before toothpaste was ever invented, how people kept their mouths hygiene?
What Hawaii Artist was chosen for the First Art Show in Space aboard the MIR Space Station?
Why are there Catholics in Lebanon?
Who is considered to be the most intellegent man ever lived?
Can you help me with this History question?
What happened to the Titanic? I just want to know what people think.?
Who was asker ?
what are the architectural character of spanish renaissanc architecture??
what day is the mothr's day?
Who thinks that Black History Month should'nt be for just a month, but always present in our lives?
3 monuments of sultanetat time?
Help a student in need please!?
Who is the greatest living American?
was the great awakening the farthest outpost of the reformation?
Why did the great american president Abraham Lincoln termed Jesus preached false dogma?
What was the Quebec POV during confederation?
Was there a world war before world war 2?
Is it possible that a European man would know more about American history than a 17 year old American boy?
I'm interested in medieval history.anyone point me in the right direction ?
By what means did the early Ottomans expand their empire?
speech on Leonardo Da Vinci?
Was Al Capone the guy who never hurt a woman or child?
dose any one know were u can look4 holocuast?
how much crime and scandel is there today in the Netherlands and how compared to before and other EU countries?
What does "the North won the War, but the South won the peace" mean?
Colonial America question?
greek contribution question?
What are three economic activities of British north America in 1812 and where did they take place?
Are all Leonardo Da Vinci's notes and sketches in the public domain?
What were the contrasts and comparisons between Elizabeth I, James I and Charles I?
What were the political principles of nineteenth-century liberalism?
any info on Lydia Killough?
What were the 3 political goals of the Allies for Germany after 1945 (all beginning with a "D")?
Did u die yesterday?
Not counting GW Bush, who is the worst mass murderer in U.S. history?
Who were the leaders of the triple alliance and triple entente in world war 1?
What was the riddle given by the Delphic Oracle to the Athenians when the Persians were approaching Athens?
The Salem witch trails?
Was was Adolf Hitler and his Government so opposed to Communist Bolshevik elements in German society?
When was the country, "England" discovered and who discovered it?
what is the sources of Grand Canyon National Park?
all of the following were british weaknesses as the revolutionary war commenced EXCEPT?
Why did the Nazis use the swastika as their symbol?
Why were there so many roman Gods?
What tactics did Cavour and Bismarck pursue in unifying Italy and Germany?
What was the final solution?
Was the first President of USA. a BLACK Man?
How did previous antidrinking efforts differ from...k?
What was the historical significance of the war hawks?
Did God really create life, or were we created by nature.?
The factor which most directly contributed to the growth of union membership between 1935 to 1945 was...?
Can anyone summarize A Taste of Liberty (Poor Avrosimov) by Bulat Okudzhava? Do any themes emerge?
Nile River effects on culture?
what are some 60's songs sung by women?
whats the future of subject 'history'? does it attract only students wth low %age even in US and UK?
What did the Intendant of New France wear?
how did britain win world war 2?
Who made god?
Why were the French worse off during 1819 than 1789?
How did the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising affect the Warsaw Uprising of 1944?
compare and contrast the major medieval architectural styles (early christian and Islamic)?
What was Alexander Hamilton’s opinion of John Adams?
Is it true that America "saved Britain" in World War 2?
People who occupied land even if they had no title to it were called what?
Do u know where Ernst Von Rath was born?
who were the native americans of mexico?
British Anglo Saxons have the best bloodstock in the world. Would you agree?
what was jefferson's vision for the united states and what happened to it as result of...?
When do you believe that Zoroaster lived?
Were there American or European people who had no religion in early 20th century?
what was normal clothing for hitler youth?
[American History] How was Reconstruction underminded politically, economically and socially?
What was the cost of a bus ticket from Baltimore to Dallas in 1963?
according to johanson what did scientists believe about early hominids before the discovery of lusy?
In the US constitution it says 'all men have a right to bear arms' at that time, did all Englishmen have that?
Were the Italians the ones who made Europe christian?
Bach's timeline?
Who was more evil Saddam or Adolf Hitler?
Does the human race have a Future?? or will we go the way of the Dinosaurs?
How did the Middle East change over from 1920 to present in terms of politics/religion/hydrographic issues.?
what was the significance of the assembly line?
Which race did Hitler belong to?
how did bank closures affect the average person during the great depression?
The Civil Rights Act of 1866 was passed by Congress in part to counterattack:?
When the constitution took effect, how did that effect federalism in America? (1788)?
the heliocentric gained support when Galileo observed what?
TELL ME EVERYTHING i need to know about 1D!!!!?
What decides a man future?
do anyone of u like history... give me some ideas how to memorise those facts...?
What diffrent political ideas arose during the era of industrialization?
James Winthrops Agrippa?
Did the industrial revolution have a positive or negative effect on society?
What if the UK had invaded France a few years after the French revolution?
Compare the Maya and Axum?
what was one franklin roosevelt's biggest events? explain why?
Why did British a former enemy propose a common policy on Latin America?
What is the full chronology of Malaysia (includes ancient times, if it has one.)?
Exactly how did the Worl War II get started?
How did the "country party" writers influence the political thought of the English colonists?
Looking for information on music and instruments in 8th century Iraq-area/Near East?
How can i find out the crew list of a ww11 navy ship?
who was the first roman catholic president for united states?
What is one of the best little empire formations?
What is Projekt Revolution?
why was there little support for kerensky and the provisional government?
Who do you think was the most evil person in the history of the world?
What year did False Advertising Laws begin in America?
i know its different ages, but would you say the mortuary sword was inferior to a claymore sword?
What are 4 key ideas of Constantinople?
Austria-Hungary's role in causing the first world war?
Were the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki necessary to end ww2?
when was leather invented?
was che guevara used as an anti-establishment symbol during the civil rights movement?
What prevented the Equal Rights Amendment from becoming law?
help me i have a boy problem?
Where did people in the Tudor era keep their money?
what makes guys more attractive?
Saffron is the rarest spice in the world...?
what is the currency in Geneva?
What will George W Bush's legacy be?
25% of Brits think that Churchill was a myth.?
was hindenburg a doddering old fool?
Countries that don't exist anymore?
Where were you when you heard about the 9-11 attacks?
Conclusion help, please!?
i have a repo -- most likely, but it has three faces on it . younger mans middelage man and older man .?
who was the first president of india?
what is neoclassisism? and how does it differ from classicalism?
Is it possible that Jack the Ripper could've been female?
In what document in our history do the natural freedoms appear?
Who killed JFK?
what does chalfonte mean?
How are the nobles from Louis XIV reign hypocrites in term of valors?
Who is your favorite Roman Emperor?
Is there anyone on here who REALLY survived the titanic?
What is the first amendment tell about?
How tall were the Romans?
what all exciting happens in may in texas?
What is a Prayer Box?
Which social scientists are best knows for studying the physical artifacts of a culture?
How did southern whites regain political power during reconstruction?
What was the reason behind the epic war "Mahabharata"?
What are the 5 most important dates in Byzantine history?
What contribution did feudalism make to the establishment of a unique Japanese culture and society?
Why did the writers of the Mayflower Compact swear loyalty to the King of England?
History agian...?
the origin of last name (Bendana)?
What is the evilest country that ever exhisted?
where to find pictures on singapore, world war two?
In your opinion ,who/what is the cause of Chernobyl catastrophe?
i dont believe greeks had sex with boys?
What was Hitler's plan for invading north America?
Do you think that all of History is a History of Thought?
UK question about how to discover history of buildings?
What is your favorite Lincoln quote and why?
if you had a time machine, what period of the world life, would you chose to live?
What ever happen to Gen. MacArthur's only child, Arthur? Is he still alive and if so what is he doing?
What is different between politically, socially, and economically?
Why did european powers take controll of southwest Asia after World War One?
History Help. Can someone help me.?
Can somebody start a paragraph explaining this topic in my university 101 class?
As a whole, was the world better or worse following the Columbian Exchange?
Which the oldest city..........that is still populated today?
'Satyameva Jayate', engraved on the Indian emblem is taken from..................? (Fill the blank)?
What happened to picasso in spain that made him angry 10 Points?
what happened to alexander's the great political legacy?
How many jews really died in ww2?
What is the outcome of Salem Witch Trials?
Are the Illuminati antichrists?
How were the development of isolated regions differ from non Isolated regions?
which team won the 2011 holloween wars on food network?
Why did America,Britain and others not let Jews fleeing the Holocaust into their country?
(Cont my last Question)same goes to the "Britishers" they ruled over world more then a century,there Moto was,
Why would Hitler call his new city Germania when they refer to themselves as Deutch?
plato, john locke & tomas hobbes?
why was kenilworth castle built where it was?
racial apartheid in the united states enforced by law?
How did Otto Von Bismarck successfully oust Austria from a position of leadership in Germany?
Can someone give me a layout to the history of hbcu and their relevance?
A Lot of History Questions about slavery. Please help, I have to write a paper.?
Did anybody read ​Josephine Tey, The Daughter of Time?
how long have the aboriginals been in austrlia?
who was joseph stalin?
What did mountain men do that helped most for American pioneers and government explorers?
I want to tell my real life story ,It will make a great TV show ,or book or Film.Who want to help me?
Who did the populist party try to help?
Can someone tell me a thesis statement about early civilizations in america like christopher columbus?
What is the history behind the Erie canal song?PLZ HELP!!?
why is the color blue called blue and orange called orange? Why isnt blue orange and orange blue?
What religion was Adolf Hitler?
Was the American Revolution a conservative or radical movement?
binladen where is he?
Short Literature 16th to 18th Century?
Who won the Vietnam War?
East African History?
where can i find articles on langston hughes and religion?
did rome or greece have the biggest influence on western society? give 5 examples of their current in western?
Where can I find information about how Canada changed between 1920 and 1940 (Great Depression)?
Were can you get indina ink in benton arkansas?
What would have happened if the tsar bomba hit the ground?
the first retail pharmacy in america was in what city and the year and established by who?
Does anyone think we are seeing the start of WWIII?
what effects did islam have on the middle ages ?
If an airplane crashed on the border between the u.s.& canada,in whitch country would they bury the survivors?
Insufficient deficit spending for the new deal?
what kind of clothes did the quchan tribe use?
Does anyone know why part of DC was given back to Virginia?
what will we ever use social studies for?
Were there middle easterners in the U.S. during the times of black/white segregation?
Why was the english bill of rights important to the growth of democracy?
How many Irishman does it take to change a light bulb?
1906 indian head penny worth?
why herashimi and nakasaki were chosen to be bombed ? what was happening there.?
who knows the history of MTV logo?
Why do PADutch eat sauerkraut and pork for new year-understand it is good luck, but what is the history ofit?
Benito Mussolini was leader of the Fascist movement in?
Why did hitler hate black-haired people (non aryan) if he was one himself?
I need the history of Kim Fields?
What is the purpose of the tactic in "psychological war" of openly making your opponent suspicious ?
What are some of the best, most enjoyable books on Chinese history (in English)?
In what year was the fence that surrounds the White House in D.C. built?
what methods were used by the woemns movement to gain movement to gain equality in australia?
compare and contrast turkey and palestine between the interwar years or 1920-1940?
Did the Crusades had an effect to the current relationship between the West and Islamic countries?
another question on us history??
what is the history of jails in the united states?
Federalism vs. Republicanism.?
Who are some enemies/allies of Catherine or Peter the Great? (names of people) 10 points !?
What was the meaning or goal of Nelson Mandela's speech about the "rainbow nation"?
what was the most popular movie in 1989?
Why did the allies get involved in world war II?
why was it bad for germany that poland, austria, and czechoslovakia became independent? after world war one?
Historical background of Human Resource Management?
What are all the acts from 1754-1783?
How old was the French Queen Marie Antoinette when she died?
In addition to being the King of England until his death in 1952, what Monarch also ruled India, and was...?
What does the Warren report say about Lee Harvey Oswald? Was it just chance that he worked there?
How did the vietnam war impact on the relations between USA, USSR and China?
William Shakespeare Henry VI?
What is the Mandara Kingdom?
What does judicial imperialism mean?
Is there any good sites about viking ships? Any good information about their design and influence on art?
Did the U.S. pay for the weapons and supplies that our Allies used in WW1?
Similarities between the North and South colonies (US) in 1800 - 1850?
Neolithic Facts (20 characters)?
What was the motive for the Pilgrims to settle in the Plymouth Colony?
Help with John Adams foreign economic policy!?
Is it true about Pearl Harbour.....?
Why was the American Civil War fought?
France and Mexico/South America????????
did the inuit live in large groups or small groups? how did they make decisions ?
Who is page Smith?
my question is on religion,God made adam and Eva they had two sons one got married where did he find a wife .?
why the humans believe that we came from the monkey?
i dont believe greeks had sex with boys?
Were African Americans free during the Reconstruction period?
how did people cut grass in the 1700s?
How did you know if HEnry VIII chose you to be his wife?
what school did Dorothy Dandrige go to?
If you could spend one hour with someone who has died who would it be and why?
where did the timeframe of the week come from?
What is the story behind Helen and Trojans?
how to prove that king david of Israel was exist and was not a christianity's legend?
What were the names of the judges at Robert Emmet's trial in 1803?
What was the conspiracy between the British Aristocracy and the Nazis before and during the war?
Salem Witch Trials and/or the Crucible?
Stokely Carmichael?
AP Euro? French Revolution Questions?
are you for or against stem-cell resarch?
cold war spots HELP!!?
what are some small towns established in the 1800's?
The annexation of Texas and California during this time period gave Americans something that they valued great?
Who is more American?
who was Reginald Mahigab The Great?
Help on Elizabeth I essay?
Are christians of Kerala actually brahmin converts?
Was Hitler really supposed to die?
what was at stake during the Reconstruction era?
What wars was out of self-defense? and then retaliate with a treaty?
Between 1960 and 1964, some white citizens protested with African Americans in the South in nonviolent actions?
The Persian Government?
who painted the Mona Lisa?
Interpreting the Declaration of Indepencence?
I need to know....what is Emo?
Where were coin first made or founded.?
how do u draw the trojan horse?
What was the cause of the Korean Cold War Hotspot?
What were the diferences between thomas jefferson and alexander hamilton?
Explain how the development of agriculture may have lead to the development of writing.?
Who would you like to say "Thank you" to???
why are the british seen as bad rulers of india?
How was Hitler able to defeat France so easily in 1940?
Achievements of the Bantu peoples?
What are the seven wonders of the world?
What is the url for Lancaster Co PA historical society?
When William Pitt became prime minister during the Seven Year's War, he..?
Was Hitler right or wrong?
UK vs France vs Spain?
3) How important was the assistance of French sources to the success of the American Revolutionary movement?
travel from georgia to wyoming in min nineteenth century on railroad?
Which countries were involved in the Battle of Verdun?
Where can I get Edwin Armstrong's full suicide note?
Klu Klutz Clan?
Does anyone know any facts about the Freedom Tower?
Who was Joseph McCarthy? (And other defitions)?
what was life like in the trenches?
What exactly were the crusades all about & what caused them?
Who would you to be kissing at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve start?
How heavy was William the Conqueror when he died ?
Where did Hitler kill himself?
Where did Art Originate?
Is the usa better then the uk or is the uk better then the usa?
What countries did japan occupy in 1940?
who was Noble Drew Ali? when was he born? what he did for black people?
i neep help?
I Have To Write An Australian Newspaper Article, About the 1st week of WWII... Help!?
what events lead up to the latinos poverty rates?
Why was it more prevalent that women died during childbirth in the 18th Century?
What is of significance about the date May 25-29 1864?
What year did ma Huang show up in America?
history questions please help!! true and false?
Is the JFK assaassin still alive?
why was mahathma ghandi shot by godse????
What is Burke's Reflections on the French Revolution about?
Who shot John kennedy?
How archaeology has been used in recostructing African history?
What are some modern day revolutions?
africa has not contributed significantly to world development.true or untrue?
Does anyone have a summary for the chapters in Day of Empire?
Before alarm clocks, how did people know when to wake up?
African American timelines 1800-1860?
My mom said that Titanic really happened?
an important event that happened on the 9th of july 1988?
usa reconstruction civil war?
Why did the Second Continental Congress declared all loyalists to be traitors?
Can any one give me a summary of these amendments?
Where can I find some semi professional reflections on why most Germans did nothing in protest during WWII?
Did Man landed on Moon?
US History Quesion: Life in the 17th Century?
List the new countries that were formed at the end of ww1? Homework Help!!?
History of Latin Dance?
What pathogen caused the "Black Death" in medieval Europe and the rest of the civilised world?
Before the printing press, why was the bible copied by hand in Latin?
Who Wrote the Declaration Of Independence?
The scientific method is well known. Is there an historical method that will help to determine fact from fable
What was Europe and America's initial response to the Holocaust?
Mark Speight?
What did the moral arguments and the political actions anti-slavery people contribute to certain causes?
who was Christopher Columbus?
how many campaigns did nelson mandela start? Give details?
History questions ? help?
Individuals who helped shape America?
What was discussed at the Lincoln Douglas debates besides slavery?
Why do people from the united states call themselves Americans?
what was the largest american state in 1790 and 1860?
What were Galen's ideas and methods?
What was the worst thing happened in WWII?
need to sale statue wood E.Rosle Bonn can help me ?
Explain when the Holocaust actually began and who implemented it?
What is the asnwer to Why?
who made the capitol buiding? when was it made?
how was william randolf hearst involved in a being criminalized?
Is the USA obligated to help Liberia? Think about Liberia's history before answering??
ww2 question? Last problem I am stuck?
Who is the most beautiful woman in all of human history?
what are the names of the current alabama's senators?
facts about the blue john cave?
Is it true that 62,000,000 people died in the Holocaust?
What going on in black america in the 1920's?
How did Hitler become chancellor?
what challenged the prevailing ideas of birthright and class distingtion in france?
Positives and negatives of railways in the industrial revolution?
What if Carthage had won (as opposed to Rome)?
Jefferson Davis?
The sinking of the lusitania?
What were some jobs offered to the Chinese in the early 1900s in America?
World war III in 2012?
Every time the garbage truck goes by?
What was it called when an explorer would exhibit his exotic finds to the public, much like a museum would?
why do people hate each other and why do they tell them to go away?
Isn't it sick that early Christian settlers in America tortured the Native Americans unless they converted?
Did the Han Empire absorb the cultures of conquered groups or vice versa?
what is Kurdistan?
Are soldiers treated badly?
Scotlands monarchy?
What were the previous occupations of Germany's Nazi leaders?
Who was the first queen in the United States?
i was born on 12 of feb, abraham lincoln was born on 12 of feb. what can u say about me?
how can I find a free download of Al-Wafi translation?
Is Billy Meier jewish ?
Canada: After WWII 1946-1990 - Technological Advances?
Did ancient greek girls HAVE to wear buns in their hair?
What are some interesting facts about Hawaii and the Hawaiian Islands?
wich native americans tribe in the battle of little bighorn killed general Custer?
Do you think Richard III really killed the Princes in the Tower?
ww2 medals free engraving service by Boots Chemist?
How can the Enlightenment be traced back?