Is Pipi Longstockings like the Belgian Peeing Boy? Is there a story behind the name?
What political center served as the focal point for the Russian liberation from the Mongols?
what is the most successful architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright?
How did the world react to Japan's invasion of China in 1937?
who is the builder of tajmahal?
whats a big event that happed in 1920?
American History: How did life in the colonies lead to the American Revolution?
what was the worsest day you had?explain?
what were the trades of the Ancient Romans Empire?
What was the Arms Race about?
What did Trevor Huddleston do or say about racism?
How did Vincent van Gogh contribute to the field of art?
Sex in the late 18th century?
why do the southern whites reject economic development?
Do the following quotes prove our nation was founded as a Christian nation?
Wars of the roses help?
I have a metal(silver and copper)chop? and need some help IDind ing?
I need to find a controversial historical event/person which has been subjected to debate. Thanx heaps.?
i what a picture of china bombing someone were do i find it?
Do Serbian and Kurdish people have history with each other? Good or bad? ?
If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, what would you want to have seen?
What was the Dawes PLAN?
How to understand Pitt, Peel and Liverpool?
in the continental army, state militia units?
Was there a lumber industry in California in the late 1800's?
Can someone please help me with this history question?
What occurred as a result of Intolerable acts?
what are some questions I can ask about how slavery affected the writing of the constitution?
Does anyone know a lot about both Martin Heidegger and Plato?
Was Adof Hitler REALLY a bad guy?
Why did the British institute the Tea Act?
harriet tubman?
Is the sacred geometry symbol of the tree of life really something that was found in an egyptian pyramid?
Why was the Tet Offensive considered a "psychological" victory of the Viet Cong?
Positive and negative lessons learned from the French Revolution?
Was Adolf Hitler executed or he killed him self?
Should the United States have taken a more active approach in the war prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor?
What mainly caused rebellion in tudor times? And why?
How did Byzantium become so big so fast?
when is the next tv showing of flight 93 on a & e channel?
How did the protestant reformation change the face of Europe and set a stage for the modern world?
give the one words of the following where bracket show the number of alphabates.?
If you could travel to any period in history, where would you go??
What types of illnesses were in Shakespeare's time?
What Impact did Frederick Banting have on Canadian society. How are this persons contributions utilized today?
How did the Japanese woodprints influence the French Impressionists?
is slavery an example of manifest destiny?
Why was Rosa Parks buried in Woodlawn Cemetry?
what was the role of women in WWI?
During WWII, how much did The Allies know about The Holocaust?
when you see film reels of Hitler & his generals fighting over the pencil to the maps of Russia in WWII.....?
what was the situation during the Nazi war campaign against Russia ..where Hitler's generals begged he listen?
Who owned the mayflower.?
Why did people conquered by Cyrus The Great seldom rebel.?
Adolf Hilter was the main DEVIL of WORLD WAR I and II... who agree with me?????
Apartheid vs Holocaust?
who was MATA HARI ?
What were some thing that people did with the gold from the California Gold rush?
Compare and contrast Egyptian and Nubian society.?
In what way did the FDIC insure the success of the first actions of the First Hundred Days to make the bankin?
history help?
Social Darwinism is the theory that...?
why and how did the bushmen become important in film making?
Does any body know the reasons that made U.S win World War II?
What roman people were on coins?
What one person do you think has contributed the most to our world?i?
SWTOR where did the sith empire come from?
'Boules' originates from which country?
what about the history and where did it come from?
Did Hitler really promote a "blonde hair and blue eyed race"?
Who is your favorite historical leader and why?
How many biological children did Gandhi, from India, have?
What was the purpose of the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece?
Did Martin Luther believe in transubstantiation or consubstantiation?
Who was responsible for the start of the Cold War?
How did John Kennedy feel about Ho Chi Minh?
Do u know anything about the concentration camps Sobibor, Treblinka, and Breedonk or Breendonk?
Where in Florida is the best archive centre or primary sources collection on black history (for my MA thesis)?
Do we not consider it genocide when the US atom bombed Nagaski and Hiroshima where thousands died?
How did the French Revolution end?
Which of the following was true of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty?
who made god?
Napoleon and Hitler meet up in Hell and settle down for a game of Risk. Who do you suppose would win and why?
where did george washington use to hangout?
What came first - London or New York?
Motivations for Abigail, John Proctor, Parris, Hale and Mary Warren in The Crucible?
did the Founding Fathers follow the aspirations of John Winthrop's City Upon a Hill?
If the holocaust is a hoax created for profit, then how is anyone profiting?
why did the pope excomunicate luther?
who thinks that WWII history is fascinating?
did "Magna Carta" allow rich people to rule Britain behind the scenes instead of kings?
Early 1900s, how did ppl from Toronto travel to Europe?
what's the importence of D'day.why its called so.?
Is the illuminati watching me?
Need Werewolf Advice?
Who was Adolf Hittler?
Raising the Titanic...can it be done?
whats caused more wars throughout history?
What was Adolph Hitler's politcal beliefs?
Why was Hitler so attractive to women back in the 30s?
Who else were admirals in the U.S.N. during World War II besides these men?
seventeenth century France vs Netherlands, what were the main differences.?
What are the blueprints of the Alamo?
What is Atomic Diplomacy?
Ive searched and searched and cant find the answer to this ? i cant think of 2 examples =(?
An interesting person in history?
Who was to blame for the titanic disaster?
Can you please explain who Honor'e De Balzac was and what he was famous for in his life?
What were you taught about the American Revolution?
What did the Metcalfe Federal Building replace?
wherer is osama bin laden??
what were ancient EGYPTIAN domestic slaves's entertainment?
What is holocaust?
What economic indicator showed the weakening economy of 1920?
How many people know an indiginous person from this continent?
Why did the greeks need/develop a number system?
What can you learn about 18th century society through Candide?
anyone got an example of a current african despot ruler?
Illuminati conspiracies; Where did it all come from?
who were the big six of the civil rights era?
Who was responsible for the huge loss of life with the sinking of the Titanic?
Today in history site not there.?
what part of the constitution allowed andrew jackson to go through with the trail of tears?
How long was the Battle of Adrianople?
Who, or rather, was there a british prime-minister around the year 1580?
why are the john f. kennedy assassination papers kept secret until 2029?
What hindered the spread of Protestantism throughout europe during the reformation?
Which 2 countries from Africa have n't been colonized?
Controversial events before the 1960's?
During WWII, had FDR gave approval to use a nuke of Japan, or was it still in development stages?
Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi - help finding info/research about him-Islam?
Are the Vanderbilts' still in industry and do they own the old houses?
In the 1960's what ways did advertisements reach the people?
Describe 4 results of the Vietnam Conflict.?
Who was Anne Frank ? in doing it for a history lesson , and i really have no idea ?
how was the roman houses built?
how do u delete a web site that u want to from your history?
What were factories like in about 1910?
who was g.w. kelley?
what major ideological conflicts, security interests, and events brought about the cold war?
After Boston Tea party, the sons of Liberty march into town and gather for what?
Which characteristic of the 1920s is best illustrate by the Red Scare, the trial of Sacco &Vanzetti& the kkk?
What happened to the Clergy during the French revolution?
I am still looking for info on Edmond & Thomas Porter, as to who thier parents are, can anyone help ?
Why do people say "we would never ally with someone as evil as the Nazis" (British point of view)?
Why did the North and South come to such different views of slavery in the years prior to the Civil War?
how did the french revolution affected or influenced the american revolution and Spanish american war?
How many Alantic locomotives were built by the Great Western Railway?
how did primitive music evolve?
reading guide for Night by Wiesel?
Who is thefirsy ruler of uk?
is it true that walt disney was a nazi?
During the Embargo Act how many ships did France and England seize?
What are the origins of North American slavery...?
Do you thik any european arrived to America before Columbus?
When did anne frank begin school? I need the month and the year.?
Which Ohio National Guard unit was responsible for the Kent State Shootings?
What was the difference in patrician/plebeian power from Republic to Empire?
Why do Americans maintain that their ancestors were adventurous explorers...?
I have a world war 2 german gun, how do i find out who used it?
did the titanic really happen?
Could the U.S have stopped the Rwanda Genocide of 1994 if they wanted to?
what are the predictions of Nostradamus for our period?
Whom does washington irving describe as being plump as a partridge?
Who discovered the bible? How do we know it isn't just a fairy tale written by someone long ago?
what kind of jobs were there for women and men in 1919 in canada & what did they get paid ?
How can I post some objects w/digital photo on internet to find out info on them?
how did civil service reform affect President James Garfield and Charles Guiteau?
Revolutionary War Opinion Question?
In your opinion, Which Great civilization would win?
who were popular icons of roaring 20's?
What object was used instead of a soccer ball before in the past?
What took place during the post cold war era in not just Europe but the US as well?
why was the titanic such a disaster?
I have a history / geography projecg due tomarrow?
How did the colonist and patriots organize themselves against Britain?
Why was the goddess Artemis assigned the realms she has?
who is moesos? what ethnic background is he? What color was his skin?
When did Sweden started being part of the international community?
did the massachusetts government act apply to the other colonies too?
what was United States foreign policy during Cold War(1955-60?
What were the mindsets of the North and South of the United States before the Civil War?
How much context gets lost when oral tradition is written down?
can anyone tell me what a brilliant solutin inventing the american constitution is about?
What was George Washington's biggest mistake as President?
How were languages formed, and what was the first language invented?
I try to find holocaust final sulution.?
How did Amelia Earhart's marriage to George Putnam affect her reputation?
How bad was slavery?
Where can I buy a fountain pen from the 1800's with ink?
What would the world be like if Christianity had never spread through the Roman Empire?
If you could travel back in time to observe one historical event what would it be?
What was the manorial system and how was it used?
how did cavemen know how and what to eat?
What were some common nicknames significant others gave each other in the 50s/60s?
what will our era be know as in a hundred years time?
where can i go to find the history behind the conflict of texas A & M and Texas UT?
please answer me... u might have been in the same situation. I NEED HELP!?
Which action of a Mughal emperor turned the Sikhs into implacable enemies of the Mughals?
What impact did world war I have on europes colonial empires?
What US ship survived Pearl Harbor, was sold to Brazil, and sank in the Falklands war?
which king united the various states of the peninsula and the islands of sicily and sardiniia?
What military rank did the man on the picture have?
who is the best all-round person in the world?
Which one of the more famous European explorers' main goal was to spread Christianity?
The British Aristocracy was full of Nazi Sympathizers during the 1930s, why is this not a well-known fact?
2007- What did Hamas accomplish in Gaza? How did Israel react? How did Fatah react?
Accomplishments of southern christian leadership conference?
what were the different styles of music in the Middle ages and the Renaissance?
Cold War History Questions?
which provision was part of the first draft of the articles of confederation submitted to the second continent
Did Robert Dudley ever have a child with Queen Elizabeth?
Did Russia participate in Imperialism before 1914?
why did robert alexander schumann get depressed when going on tour with clara?
who was involved with the bombing in the worled trade center in 1993?
What are three ways the Catholic Church influenced colonial Latin America?
History questions? PLEASE HELP! 10 points!?
who was albert pike what were his predictions?
How were the minorities treated during Canada's early years?
Middle ages iron ball torture?
Who discovered the New World BEFORE Columbus did in 1492?
What Came first in History?
How did the English Bill of Rights influence delegates to the Constitutional Convention?
Was joan of arc a witch ??
What happened in US history in the year of 2007?
what IS bouccan?
Which religious group was expelled from japan in 1630?
Name 6 things [[That Can Be Drawn]] that remind you of WWII. Examples:Swastika,Hitler.......?
CROSS OF HITLER FLAG . is it a special cross . why it looks like that ? Any reason ?
Do you think that many if not most of the people in Auschwitz were not jewish?
To date, what is Mexico's greatest invention?
the richest empire in the world was belong to which country?
6 famous people from tudor times please?
Muslim rule in Spain?
Before the death match, what language did Hitler use to give death threats to the players of Kiev Dynamo?
i have a doshu nanbu medal and a victory medalfrom world war 1 are they worth anything thanx for your time?
What were the two confederate prisons in Ohio and where were they located?
When did The Holiy League die?
What do you think is the best invintion ever made? For you and for man kind in general?
Did Germany reoccupy the Rhineland with Military ambition?
in ancient times what does the pentacle protect against?
How did plays influence people in the 1790s?
Why do Koreans get so insanely pissed off if you say they came from China?
History ?. Explain how the process behind Supreme Court Justice appointments.?
Reconstruction Timeline Events U.S. HISTORY HELP?
What is the logic behind "holocaust deniers"?
how many presiednts has Curacao had in the last 100 years?
Why did the Germans bomb pearl harbor?
Napoleon : Is he Italian or Frensh ?
Was Jesus really Ethiopian?
What was the market revolution?
Why do so few americans know about the Bataan Death March?
What is brahmins?Tell me about it.......?
Who are some of the most influential people in US history that aren't Presidents?
How can I add more to my first question?
British English or American English, which came first?
How did the Egyptians use hieroglyphics?
The role of civilians in the crimean war?
In the late nineteenth century, conditions for the workers did begin to improve (industrial revolution). Why?
whats the cause and effect united state acquiring texas?
other groups of interest who influenced the era?
Why people in America do not recognize A. Meucci as the inventor of the telephone?
would the american experiment with self governement have survived if the articles of confederation had been?
why England is called "albion"?
FESS UP - would you rather have gone to see a Shakespeare play or dogs and bears tearing each other apart?
Who were the Native Americans?
Was the 'Boston Tea Party' a protest against duty on tea or actually the taking of the duty off?
diary of magellan's cruise?
would it be weird if i was to wear a poppy?
what does Honore Sapientia Gladioque mean?
How did the NAAC fight for civil rights?
What were the alliance systems and leaders in World War 1 (before and after)?
Martin Luther and his affect on the Peasants War?
Help with 2003 AP US History DBQ?
Why did Benjamin Franklin think that nothing could possibly be wrong in the world?
A teacher's salary in the Victorian era would be...?
Which of the following was NOT central to William Penn's vision for his Quaker colony?
who was a native woman who accompanied lewis and clark?
why martin luther king was murdered? when it happened and where it tooks place?
declaration of independence?
What are the expectation for the knights?
Was The Egypt's piramids build by ALIENS ?
Which country lasted longer: the USA or the USSR?
Who here is a Christian and is not afraid to admit it!?
Why are those who claim to be interested in history actually just obsessed with WW2?
why was hitler a genius?
Outline the major political, social, and economic reforms that were proposed by Enlightenment philosophers...?
What was the foreign policy when Rutherford B. Hayes was president?
How did each families ( poor and wealthy) in ancient rome obtain/cook there food?
"religion during the english reformation"?
What is the greatest human achievement?
Why do people look at the Bible as the "EXACT" word of God when it has been changed & rewritten so many times?
was the 'shot heard round the world' fired at the battle of bunker (breeds) hill?
How and why did the Truman doctrine develop the cold war ?
Is the Holocaust the Greatest Tragedy of the 20th Century?
How would a businessman engaged in trade with the Allies view WWI?
Describe factory conditions at the turn of the century.?
What were the social, economic and politcal and military effects of wwII on canada?
do u consider hitler a hero?
Can you help me find WW1 videos?
How did the printing press change European society?
How did the "philosophical revolutions" affect Roman and Chinese Empire?
is it actually a small world?
Why have Jewish Americans been so important in the prosperity of the entertainment industry?
Nazi symbol vs. Peace symbol?
Why did the Russian aristocrats support the 1905 Revolution socially but not politically?
Who are the five worst Presidents in American history?
why did adolf hitler kill himself?
What did the british do in response to the boston tea party?
When did the United States revolutionize Europe?
What was the title/job name given to bill clinton when he lived in the white house?
changes in south africa after apartheid era?
How did they get Helen Keller to talk, I don't understand it- She was deaf and Blind!?
was louis the 16th responsible for the french revolution?
Why would a rich Italian support Mussolini?
Did Hitler have plans to bring the war to the US during WWII?
Do you believe that the Diary of Anne Frank is a fraud?
who is the author of Arthasastra.?
Influence of THE VENERABLE BEDE (Historian)?
Is it possible to time travel and kill hitler?
What is a 'Spindrift'?
Poll: who won the WWII?
who was king henry the 8. how many wifes did he have.?
What is Periodization In World History?
Witches in the 17th century?
Which of the following areas was a loyalist stronghold during the Revolution?
What were the prinicipal features of the philosophical movements of the Hellenistic period?
People of the 1920's and 30's?
Hoover's response to the great depression?
who was the first person to discover how to determine the age of a tree?
Which one is a greater mythical figure Jesus or Gandalf?
Will someone confirm or help with my hypothesis on the affect of the absence of the US on League of Nations?
Why was Doric Order used?
can any body tell me how did bruce lee die?
Who else thinks that too much history is taught in schools? This stuff is worthless!!!?
How did Stalin know that Britain & France would only attack the Germans after they both invaded Poland?
Has anyone felt this way, particularly about The Last Crusade?
Name a group of people who willingly gave up their position power because they knew that it was morally wrong.
why did the colonial americans use slaves so much for labor?
history- what was the "on to ottawa trek"?
Were the bombings of London, Coventry, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Southampton, Birmingham etc a war crime?
Help! World History questions. I need aid.?
How does Gods made?
Hammurabi's codevwas important because it was the first thatba state's laws?
who invented the phone number 911? and why those particular numbers? why in that order? 911? why not 123?
Searching for a WW2 documentary?
What bibles describe about Prophet Muhammad ?
What is the name of the island Chistopher Columbus first stablished himself in.?
What did the Three-Fifths Compromise state?
How France changed after final defeat of Napoleon Boneaparte?
Why was the klondike gold rush important to seattle?
Who is Morse?
How did technological developments affect Indians, miners, and farmers in the West?
World war one speeches?
Who is the man who was Machiavelli's model ruler?
my great grandparents were travellers does that make me one?
How did Helen Keller make a difference?
What concept of freedom played throughout the 100 years of american history?
Did hitler actively participate in the holocaust?
give 4 factors that led to the collapse of the western roman empire?
Which country did the aboriginal people support during the 7 years of war between the French & British?
what are three major spartan events?
Which ruler was the strongest England has ever had?
what kind of things were scarce at home in America during world war 2.?
Who was the dumbest president ever?
Did Butch Cassidy die in a shootout with Bolivian troops or come back to the U.S. and die later on?
Who did Alexander Graham Bell ring after he invented the first telephone?
Was Clemenceau satisfied with the treaty of versailles?
Compare and contrast the characters of Julius Caesar and Brutus. Who was the true protagonist and why?
Was Che Guevara a hero or a terrorist?
history homework! berlin crisis, etc?
Why did people at the time of WW1 say that World War I was "a war to end all war" ?
Do you think there is any truth in the Dan Browns book the Da Vinci code?
Did Martin Luther and Johann Eck debate in front of the church?
How many kids did most women have in the 1800s?
Explain the changes and the conflict that occured when the diverse worlds of Europe, Africa nd the Americans c?
What are the names of most sacred Christian sites in Israel?
URGENT! (Deadline 19\5) Was Ferdinand von Zeppelin the only inventor of the rigid dirigible? (Blimp)?
are you afraid of americans?
does anyone know of any really good websites that have info about switzerland's last prehistoric ice-age?
i would like to meet someone who is knowledgeable about the kalinga epic, Banna?
How did Elizabeth 1st treat the puritans?
Did Magerat Thatcher have a positive effect on history?
What are five important advances made during the renaissance?
Were the major Northern English "cities" all built pretty much in the same decade/decades?
- When did the English Liberal Party change to the Labour Party ?
Who is this University of Toronto professor?"?
What is the origin of Bulgarians?
When talking about Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X...?
Will Britain ( England, Ireland,Scotland and Wales )?
Was the French and Indian War was the catalyst for the Revolution?
bruning calling new elections in 1930?
Why Kemal Ataturk is important as a leader?
Why do we say "God Bless" after someone sneeze's?
What were the causes and effects of the war of 1812?
As a justice what should be your decision for a person who kill millions of peoples just lied to nation,world?
Why, in your opinion, are americans so nostalgic about the " wild west " era?
Do you remember where you were on 9/11? What was going through your head?
when Barbara Sonneborn introduces why she chose to make Regret to inform, she say, the same unanswered?
Do you know anything about the Cathedral of the Assumption in Covington, KY?
Why Did Hitler Hate the Jews? Poll for school! please answer!?
What was hitlers favourite food?
People Get the wrong idea about WW2?
Most significant event in U.S. history? What's your opinion?
Why did nazis(hitler n al) wanted to get rid of the jews???
Did humans used to be monkeys?
History Questions? Please Help!?
What was Isaac Newton's religion?
what is circumphormal basilica?
Why does the Dreyfus Affair matter?
Which constitutional amendment was designed to nullify the Dred Scott decision, 13th or 14th?
where do the ants get the dirt from to build the mound?
who knows where esfahan is?
do u believe the bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki was justified?
How would I be able to tell if my Pablo Picasso painting of Don Quixote is worth anything?
Who was asked before Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence?
In the Middle Ages etc., when maps of Britain were drawn, how did people know what it looked like?
What events lead russia to forefit world war one?
what is the history of the war between mexico and the usa?
Is it true that Native Americans were called "Indians" by Colombus because he thaught he was in India?
who was the architect of the executive branch?
History homework about non-conformist Protestants and Catholics in Britain in the 1800s?
in what ways were the independence movements in brazil and haiti different from those in the spanish colonies?
what is the relationship between history and archaeology?
which was the best war ever?
what is the most important background or history of domestic violence?
What was the life of women like in the Kingdom of Jerusalem (1099-1187)?
What countries took away guns and what happened when they did?
How Did John Hancock Die?
Where did Hitler say that blonde hair and blue eyes was superior?
history help me out please!!!!?
Why did no Germans of the 1920s and 1930s question Hitler's Austrian background?
What was the run and hide method?
How long did the search for John Wilkes Booth take?
a good website to find info on the history of the canadian prairies?
do you know that the Kab'a (in Mecca ' ksa) is locating in the CENTRE of the world & built before 4000 yrs.
Why would one refer to Adolf Hitler as the "greatest leader in history" or even a "great leader" at that?
I have a wooden statue of a man holding a staff and shield. seems to be hand carved. is about 2 foot tall. w
When did warfare become so savage?
Is It True That After WWII Anything Nazi Related Was Destroyed?
what is your favourite historic person and why?
How did african american slaves contribute to the development of America?
Was Holland once a powerful country?
were pinky and the brain of the same smart?
what is love? people that care?poeple that meet other needs? the world is fill with poeple but amany poeple.?
What was America's strategy for winning the war against the Axis powers?
What caused World War 1?
At what age does an item become an antique?
the post war economy suffered severe what?
who was the father of aga mulach?
what does the quote "first in war, peace, hearts,and countrymen" mean?
Trade Union Movement in the 1920s?
what challenges did the CHIJ sisters face when they were coming over to singapore?
Explain the difference between the first invasion and the second invasion?
Who said, "the sun never sets on the british empire"?
how did president reagan change the makeup of the supreme court?
What was the purpose of WW2? What did Hitler want, besides control of Eurpoe?
how was imperialism detrimental to the countries being colonized?
How was Napoleon an outcome of the French Revolution?
what was the date of the day that the power went out in the entire country?
What is one thing very unique about Hitler?
who can i do for black history month?
Do you believe in 'conspiracy theories' ?
what was arden like in the war?
its Germany's fault for starting WW1`!?
can you please tell me who is the mother of god vishnu?
How did the American fighters differ from the British fighters?
Why was joan of arc Tried as a witch?
who invented Jacob's cream ers and where and when did they originate?
What is the worst question you have asked here?
Confused about the wall street crash in America?
Important Nazi question?!?
Are horses indiginous to the Americas? Or were they possibly brought over by the Spaniards?
what happened in 1955?
the principles of greek art and architecture are most closely associated with the mathematical assumptions of?
1920s Chicago costume ideas?
Please HELP! Historiography topics?
In 1066 King Harold was aledgedly killed but where is he buried.Doyou know?or does anybody.?
Did the Soviets steal designs from America?
help with history question...Guy Fawkes?
How did teenage relationships work in the '90s-2005~?
Should we care about war crimes in the past?
Info on victorian travelling circus'?
Did the Bubonic Plague hit Ireland?
What were Alexander the Great's motivations for conquest?
Who was first President of independent India?
What if the Titanic never sank?
How did Napoleon gain dominance over Europe?
What are reasons why the mesopotamia and the ancientpt civilizations are different?
Do you think Bartolome` de Las Casas view of the Native Americans was accurate?
The link to the Slave Stories (Narratives) I posted yesterday is corrected here. So sorry!?
Why is history important?
who was the first lady on the earth?
which culture came first greese or mayan?
History repeats itself, nothing happens new- do you beleive it?
What is New Mexico's State Bird?
where can I go to get more background information on winston churchill's "their finest hour" speech?
when did Anne Frank die?
This person, and crew ate 2 slaves and their spouse to avoid starvation during pirate times?
what are the consequences of colonisation in general?
when the first "Wesminister Hall" was built for an English Parliament & how compared to later ones?
What wars were the Ming Dynasty involved in?
How did the first people get to the north american continent?
When Nazi Germany invaded Poland, why didn't Antarcitca declare war on Germany?
Whose army did the British defeat in the Battle of Plassey to mark the beginning of the British empire in ...?
Who do you think is the most evil person in the history?
do you agree that jews were killed in wwII for the right reason?
Why did the Civil Rights Movement gain momentum in the 1950s and the 1960s?
What is the Guillotine?
How did a pound sterling look in the 1600's? (picture please)?
What's your favourite Blondie/Debbie Harry song?
what is the meaning of am and pm when we speak of time???
What pastime did Mozart enjoy besides music?
what historical event took place relation to the holocaust?
How do british kids learn US history?
how many wives did henry v111 have and what happen to them?
Has there been any society where there was no belief in the concept of "God"?
Explain the value of 20th century literature? Were the changes good or bad? Both?
What did the Second New Deal accomplished during the Great Depression?
When did world war II start?
Events of 2000-2010 in Europe.?
Why was Herodotis called "the father of history?"?
What are some things that states are prohibited from doing?
Here's a question i'm curious to see what you think. (involves history)?
do you know about the armenian genocide?
Julius Caesar question. 10 points!!!?
Who from history would you like to spend christmas day with?
Bielski Brothers in the Holocaust, World War 2?
can this be considered true?
Were there any black officers that served during the American Civil War?
whay does renita mean in spanish?
After World War 2 how did the British stop German kids from hating Jews?
did eminem ever go to jail?
Is there any historical evidence that the Rothschild s were involved in creation of the Fed Res bank in 1913?
Who won world war one?
is hitler really dead?.....?
Whats your favourite Bushism?
How can some people deny that the Holocaust ever happened?
Mexican history questions?
When was Hitler born?
What did ancient egyptian domestic slaves wear?
What countries and territories did Hitler and the Nazi Party take over while they were growing?
What methods did the Bolsheviks use to gain the support of the Russian peasantry?
How did people in the Ancient times deal with mental illness?
Who invaded Ireland years ago? Where did they come from?
According to the French Rev. calendar what day is May 21st equilalent to?
Regarding "First Inaugural Address" by Thomas Jefferson...?
why is history so important?
Why do Americans buy Bush's lies HOOK LINE AND SINKER?
What is your favorite former Soviet republic?
what was the effects of hyper inflation in germany?
Immortals..and no i did not read to much Twilight?
Has Obama discovered the Holy Grail of how to win elections?
Words and phrases that were used by 19th century Americans?
the movement westward between 1865 and 1902 greatly impacted on the size, power and wealth of the U.S?
Can you name any famous female American scienists of the 20th Century?
why are jews enemys of muslims?
Why was the formation of new countries in post-World War I Eastern Europe so ethnically diverse?
PLEASE HELP!!! Europeans in the mid 1600's?
What factors led Virginia colonists by the late 1600s to rely on African slave labor?
Does anyone know any famous cases where 'chatham house rule' was used as a defence?
What are some good websites for information on the ancient greek city of corinth?
How did the American Revolution contribute to the writing of the constitution?
How does the ideas and events of the French Revolution have an influence on today's life?
Is anybody aware of the fact that Christopher Columbus had syphilis?
Who is Harriet Tubman?
Is England sinking?.?
how can you get an A+ on pop qiz?
What is the US coastal city of Yorba Buena now known as ?
If Archduke Ferdinand was killed by a Serbian ......?
what court case took place on october 10 2012 which was argued in the supreme court?
Did the Nazis make lampshades out of human skin?
Why did nuclear Fission not make power free like everyone thought it would?
Are they really drafting a global constitution?
what was the function of the masons or the free masons?
History Help Please.!!?
Who Was The President Who Was Loved By Most of the American People in the Last Hundred Years? If Not Close?
Do people really believe that the famine in Ireland was responsible for so many deaths from starvation?
when did Aruba stop being part of the netherlands?
If you were born before 1968 what do you remember when Robert Kennedy or Martin Luther King was killed?
Where did campaigns to achieve suffrage first meet with success?
Was there a viable alternative to either the first or second world wars?
expain how artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci contributed to the renaissance?
How did Indian ocean trade promoted the continued spread of religion around the world?
how can i find a good quality girl? then how you going to give me a good favor? i dn't like do a love for a jo
when did darwinism come to america?
When were the first sailing ships made and who made them?
What is the current year for the Hebrews?
what did saint patrick do?
who invented the dvd player?
social studies questions for history experts!?
What did john quincy adams want to accomples?
i need a list of the us wounded in iraq by name. and if they have a story?
the effects of Ho Chi Minh's leadership on his own community?
When did the 'suit of armor' become obsolete?
If an airplane crashed on the border between the u.s.& canada,in whitch country would they bury the survivors?
What good things has Scotland given the world?
why did the burning of jamestown anger the colonists?
why was the titanic made of lead?
How did America get the name America?
HELP!? how close did african americans come to acieveing civil rights during reconstruction?
I have what I believe to be an Indian Artifact from Michigan called a celt but Im not really sure?
Need help with APUSH?
How did the Black Plague speared?
question about martin luther king?
If you could go back to any era in history, which era would you want to visit? And why?
Who were the first Europeans to set foot in North America?
Where did the American troops go during WW2 while waiting to go to the frontline?
any differance between slavery and shangha but the work?
who were the faces on the cuban money?
what was the Kingdom of Kalingga in Asian history?
Exactly what did Native Americans smoke in the peace pipes?
What book was Mark David Chapman carrying when he shot and killed John Lennon? Name the author of the book.?
After the American Civil War, did slave owners get compensation for freed slaves? How much did they get?
Bolsheviks and lenins success?
history help?
Examples of Canada doing whatever Britain wanted them to do?
united states history ?
What happened to cause the era of the clipper ships to end?
When and by whom were glasses invented?
a summary of THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION (1917)?
What are the names of the swords of Sir Gawain and Priamus in the legends of King Arthur?
IB - EXTENDED ESSAY- Can some1 help me make a question on :(how did economic factors help in rise of the Nazis?
Bucket-list ideas for an ancient history/travel fan?
When did the First World War commence and which countries were involved in it?
Have any Caffè dell'Ussero news on web ?
Has Chris Brown said anything about when was the last time he spoke to Rihanna?
What were the good points and bad points about Henry VIII?
How did the structure of the League of nations Weakened it? GCSE style please, Really Urgent!?
If Yudas Iscariot was to Yesus Christ and Abu Lahab was To Muhammad SaS, Whom?
Did Judas betray Jesus or was it all part of the plan??
Why did US drop atomic bomb on Hiroshima?
Explain why by 1900 most of the countries of Western Europe had rejected Laissez-faire & scientific socialism?
What were 5 achievements of the Persian Empire?
During the Conquest (Spanish Conquest) how many indigenous people were killed? Any record of it? (Source?)?
In Queen Elizabeth 1 time, protestant as well as East India company formed-Any other important events there?
The trial of Jesus Christ, what was he charged of?
Question about Korea after Japanese Occupation?
How did most Americans feel about the war on the eve of Pearl Harbor attack?
Lands discovered between 17-19 century?
Does anyone recognize a significant historical figure from 1981?
when was Princess Theater,Torquay,Devon. built?
Did the world War one shape Canada's identity?
how did serbia double in size?
Are all the Ninja ....?
why did the fish fall out of the sky?
What is the difference between a delgate and an elector?
Who took over after the Assyrian empire disintegrated?
who was the first Demacratic party nominee to become american president, after the civil war?
WHO is god ?
Hitler also did good things.?
In 1900 there was a furniture company named McGill Furniture Company I need some information?
Why was the league of nations not more successful in the 20s and the 30s?
In Europe and Japan, What kind of behavior did the code of conduct emphasize?
Was Fredrick the Great buried with his dogs, the way he wanted?
If you had a choice would you visit China this summer?
What were some beliefs in Medieval Arts?
What was the term used for the men who checked out the underground terrain during the Vietnam conflict?
Can anyone explain in detail please...?
what was the most famous propoganda poster for world war 2?
how do u make paper look old and worn?
From Adam and Eve to Abraham – What was going on with humanity?
what role did spices play in the age of exploration?
Is there any 'travelers' or "gypsies" Out there?
What does Nationalist mean?
What was the atlantic slave trade?
What was the story about "in american landscape art of natures nation?
What was the name of the German Sub that sank the Luisitania?
What name was given to andrew jackson's practice of rewarding political supporters with government jobs?
Questions about 'Jack the Ripper!'?
Atomic Bomb in World War 2?
how long did it take michelanglo to paint the sistine chapel?
Did Confucius say this regarding questions?
All of the following were brought to Europe during the time of the Mongols EXCEPT?
Who was to blame for the sinking of the Titanic?
I am becoming angry because my honest attempts to get to the truth of the Holocaust Myth are banned. Why?
What society in history has been the most oppressive to women?
World War II Question?
Why the Mexican revolution in 1911- 1913 not have the ability to achieve it's aims?.?
why is Cleopatra the most famous of Egyptian queens?
Do you believe in God?
A question about Nazism.?
how did the constitution initially recognize the relations between blacks and whites in the 18th century?
Which of the following was not a characteristic of the Carolingian monarchy under Charlemagne?
who was the first Prime Minister of India?
The most crucial battle of world war 2?
how babylonia succeeded?
What was the congress of vienna?
What was the role of the German SS in world war two?
did the acient romans have soap?
were police in the 19th century trained and how did this effect them?
(Emergency!!!!!)Did reconstruction(after the civil war) have positive effects on the south? why?
Titanic survivors?
Peloponnesian War 431–404 BCE:Which more powerful on land/water? Why might Persian Empire finance Spartan navy?
What is the meaning of life?
Did foreign policy trump domestic concerns in the first three presidencies?
Interesting facts about the Ottoman empire?
When did Neil Armstrong Die?
what is 'Illuminati'?
give me a brief hitory of the uniform?
Napoleon: Good leader or bad egg?
HELP PLEASE How much was farmland in the 1800s?
How did the delay of Second Front in France affect relations between the West and the Soviet Union?
Do you believe in GOD? And why?
What ended WWII?
How has the ethnic diversity in Russia and its republic impacted the region?
Was Malcolm X against racism?
If you were 15 years old in the year of 1914, what year would you have been born?
can you give me a map of christopher columbuses last voyage?
Did the holocaust really happened?
explain the 14th amendment?
Who was An American civil war general, famous for his stand at the first Battle of Bull Run? As a result he ga
Who is R. Grant Graham?
is martin sostre dead yet? if not, what happened to him?
What were Philip II two major defeats?
what do you get from an empire?
What was the political, social, economic impact of WWI on the American homefront?
is there any website where i can learn american history ?
For the first time in history the Egyptians formally what?
Who ivented the penis?
Why did America view Italy badly after World War I?
Help me Define this def: A patriot is someone who feels a strong support for his or her country.?
what where some challenges faced by the southern colonies?
information about mormon faith?
Ok, did god make adam and eve? or did we evolve from monkeys?
Who is present rail mantri of india ?
What if Jack the Ripper was caught?
Why are the historians not sure if the Trojan war really happened?
Did you know that the Americans occupying Japan after WW2 constantly frequented brothels?
what kind of goverment did the progressives want source it please?
how did desiderius erasmus impact history?
Can anyone name the Seven Wonders of the Anceint World?
A question about Africa?
how is car run on gas?
The Roman Colosseum?
Was Ferdinand Foch a good commander during World War 1?
what is the gdp of east timor?
Where can I get a detailed description of the Dansh invasion of England during the reign of Alfred the great?
you know the motto of the french revolution?
where is the half of word city?
What would Maquiladoras use to help Mexico's economy?
Who was the great conqueror who said it was better to impose new laws quickly rather than piecemeal?
whats the name of the person who fans people - punkerwaller?
In your opinion, what was the most decisive battle in WW11?
What country should Americans fear the most?
Did the ancient Egyptians trade with Tartessos?
i want to know which is the first languange - tamil or sanskrit ?
'No Irish, No blacks, no dogs' - what was the other side of the argument?
Did James Madison ever hate George Washington? or did they both have anything against?
Why did Hitler regard Russians as ugly stupid Sub-Human that shall be enslaved?
Was it mostly Germany's fault (Isle of Wight, was Clause 231b of the Treaty of Versailles justified?
What was origami used for in early chinese and japanese times? what is it used for know?
Imperialism opinions?
what information or enhancements could i get by reading the anglo saxon chronicles?
were i can find medieval history research?
Why did China bring in the Extraterritoriality law?
Who in history is considered as Asia's Hitler?
Reasons why Columbus is a good person?
Who is the greatest man of Indian history?
-who was Josef Muller-Brockmann swiss graphic designer biggest infuances in his work?
What date was the first battle that United States fought in in WWI?
Even thoug Napoleon, Alexander the great, & Hitler did the same thing we call two of them heros and one killer
Role of men after ww1?
Why did northern European nations search for the Northwest Passage?
I have a coin I bought many years ago. It is small and foreign. All it says on the card is India Fanan????
how did marian anderson die.'?
what were some shortages of natural resources in france in the 900s? also what were some abundant natural ....
Did the holocaust REALLY happen?
What were the US's aims in the Gulf War? (1990)?
Does anyone know what Quanza is ? The holiday ?
Who is your fav Great British hero?
AP European History Questions?
where is located Palau?
Was Oklahoma a Confederate state...?
what is the meaning of life?
How many people were on the first trip to the Virginia Colony?
i wanted to know what u have to say about this..?
what ernest hemingway did in world war 2É?
Why did plantation owners not allow their slaves to read or write ?
Were white European women the ruin of empire?
Where did this clip come from?
What did the Sumerians invent that made their chariots so effective?
What was one of the first important political effects of the American Revolution?
i am doing a poster on the romans what good and bad things did they do for us?
Compare the cultures of the Chaco canyon region and the Mississippi River region?
Would you kill Hitler?
Question about cult leader Roch Theriault?
What impact did the Roman empire have on the development of Jewish history during the ancient period?
who is the more important,a girl or a boy?
how the issue of westward expansion in America affected foreign and domestic policies of the United States?
Analyze the effects of the Black Death in Europe.?
impact in singapore when india gained independence?
d day vs battle of stalingrad?
is the movie 300 true? were the greeks really much better fighters than persian?
Why isn't World War I as well known as WWII?
Why did New england have the best living conditions in the 1600s-1700s?
Who discovered the remains of the Mycenaean civilization?
what were the patriots and the loyalists were also called before The Revolutionary War?
A further explanation of the Great depression?
which is the national bird of india?
what was the effect of congress rejecting the league of nations?
how did military conquest help spread islam?
Victory on American Revolutionary Way?
What are the historical and present day obstacles to voting in the U.S?
How Did Admiral Ackbar Know it Was a Trap!?
what was the greatest problem the plain farmers in 1800?
Did Martin Luther King own a Car in 1956 (during the Bus Boycott)?
What was the name T.E. Lawrence gave to his motorcycle?
Can any one tell me anything about a whale in the Tamar River near Launceston?
Where there any Russian military outposts on North American soil(excluding Alaska)?
What was a humanist during the medieval times?
Why were German military leaders confident of a victory on the Western Front at the end of 1917?
who made good historic achievement?
what makes up the interior of the earth?
What was happening on the corner of 235 N. Garey ?
Were there any gay Vikings?
In what sense was Binchois’ De plus en plus (1425) part of an historical medieval tradition?????? HELP!?
Out of these historical events, which are the most important?
What aspects of our culture and society are shaped by the influence of ancient Greece?
The theory of Social Darwism promoted the idea?
Why was America at war with Japan back in WW2?
a source of bitterness for french nationalists was?
Did God have a father and mother-Are they alive still?
what important or relevant events happened during march,1 1445 - may ,17 1510?
World History Question!?
Who can tell me the History behid April fools Day........?
Why was Princess Diana so loved and adored by millions?
If all world history begins in Africa, why would the statement "all history is African history" be consider co
if human evolution says "monkey became human" then why don't other monkeys become humans?
Any civil war facts........?
What are the consequences of the French Revolution?
how did adolf hitler die ?
Who is an important "historical" figure?
does a stae in american union have the right of secession? rational reson?
Between 1786 & 1824 Why did the United States nearly get into a war with France? Why was war adverted?
what makes humans different from other animals?
What was Pablo Picasso's tragedy?
What was the role of white female slave owners?
What was the Branch Davidians all about?
What was Rome like at around AD 70?
Do you believe the Battle of Troy and/or the Trojan Horse?
What's the best thing that's ever happened to you?
Why weren't Japanese war criminals pursued over the years, as the Germans were?
Describe three causes of the new Imperialism.?
What technological advancements were made during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)?
Do you know any 19 Century Russian boys outfits between 15 to 16?
was the moon landing real or made in a theater? what do u think?
Describe two Mayan building accomplishments.?
dose any1 no when the world war II memorial opens and closes?
Did Cicero require Pompey's support to gain an aedileship or a praetorship?
Check my answers? :D?
when is jose rizal's death?
Does Britain have a historical duty to protect the human rights of oppressed citizens in other parts...?
Did St. Petersburg used to be called Leningrad?
Who is the himmler person Hitlers mate?
I need facts about President Grover Cleveland!!?
As the older generations die off, will the young people know the truth in modern history?
columbus had 3 ships what were their names?
in what web site do they show pictures of colonies houses?
Where did the british accent come from?
What is the historical origin of the term "er"?
why did james garfield won the election of 1800?
What was Samuel Gompers Reform?
prejudice against whites?
what is some basic information on the renaissance and the reformation?
Did Christopher Columbus really discover America?
Pope Clement VI defended Jews during the Plague...speeches?
Anyone know anything about The Romans, who wants the 10 points. Just answer my Q!?
List of Grievances of the early 1800s ?
Did you ever think you might have been happier or more successful if you grew up in a different era?
What does the map of africa look like?
National History Day Ideas?
What are the contributions of European, African, Asian and Native American cultures to the United States?
Help!!! I want to learn about American Indians!!!!?
I'm writing a paper on Mothers of Grace. Where can I find mothers of grace?
write a two page write up on why we consider the middle east region strategic place for Global development and
Maronites are from where. Discuss.?
When was first world war?
what is the name of the french flag?
20th century History?
Which American President, when he wanted to speak to his wife in private, spoke to her in Mandarin Chinese ?
During the Battle of the Stirling Bridge, what was the budget the Scots had or what were their expenses?
Should I get this tattoo?
describe the ideology of fascism?
What was the normal day of a Squire?
Apex World history homework. Please Help. One question?
Information on possibly old swords.?
Where can I find some good information about the history of Wisconsin's airports?
When did Nikita Khrouchev say we will bury you referring to the usa?
When did JEWS first come to England in large numbers and why? (were they around in 1066 even?)?
Help on Declaration of Independence paper please!?
Questions about the Holocaust / anti semitism?
What happened to the Roman republic as a result of the death of the Gracchus brothers?
What were jim bridgers failures?
which of the following is not a factor that contributed to the outbreak of war in europe in 1914?
What's the date for the greatest loss of German life in War ?
Did the Franks attack Syria during the crusades?
A mausoleum built for a beloved queen?
Changes in the political institutions of the roman empire?
Mary Wollstonecraft...?
What is the history of Singapore's International Day?
European reaction to the Emancipation Proclamation was.....?
Ancient Rome; 10 points to person who answers all questions!!!?
How old was Abraham Lincoln when he died?
Any specific # to call to find out if the historical pics and documents I have are rare????
Which groups and issues led to the populist party?
help me with world history?
What are the 8 wonders of the world?
what would the romans have called the atlatl?
I need alot of help with my project. its due tuesday 4/18!Does anybody know websites about the renaissance????
Who were you taught won the War of 1812?
Why did hitler micromanage everything?
Dose anybody know why germany wanted to take over alscae-loraine in world war one?
What mainly caused rebellions in tudor times?
What role did te united states play in the Korean war?
help with tardiness in history?
Why did the Mensheviks want to stay in World War 1?
did hitler really commit suicide?
Why did Hitler want the jews dead?
how did the French Revolution turn into a Reign of terror?
what are phsrisees?
How come in school, sometimes we do not hear two sides to the story?
The most influential woman in history?
How did Stalin's social and economic policies help him establish totalitarian control?
• How did they help in the making of the Indian nation-did they give a sense of identity?
The capture of Stalingrad was key to the success of Hitler's strategy to?
Why did 9/11 happen? What was the point of it?
what did the black death cause?
If you could get in a time machine and live in any time period in history, what time period would you live in?
Another proud tradition destroyed?
When the 911 attacks first happened, what came through your mind?
do we have the conditions in europe at present for a rise in fascism?
When will the third world war start????????
What is the meaning of "AIDA"...?!?
Why did the Japanese do Banzai charges in ww2?
What do you call a man who was born in Columbus, raised in Cincinnati, and died in Chicago?
was the salem witch trials real?
why is it important to study history?
Any information about amendment 9?
Why do people get so outraged by the holocaust yet they treat the indian genocide like its no big deal?
How can anyone say that the Holocaust never happened?
Anybody know how many American troops fought under Australian command in WW1?
Was King Arthur a real person?
What was the best fighter plane, to be deployed in significant numbers, of WW2?
What have the Romans contributed to modern society?
Where can I buy a functional reproduction black powder blunderbuss?
BATTLE!! would pirates or Vikings win at sea?? on land?
When did Chalmers Johnson say that Okinawa is “the Puerto Rico of Japan"?
why did France, Russia and Britain join WW1?
how is the murder of lord darnley related to macbeth?
what was some of the benfit of the christian crusade leader?
Alcatraz really haunted?
Any good people to compare/contrast che guevara?
The crusades and the orient?
development of colonial america essay?
Who won the Peloponnesian war?
Contrast the societies of Athens and Sparta in the so-called “classical age” of Greece?
Did anyone of your family fight in WWII?In what combat arm?
Whats The Definition To An Empire?
Washington's army at Valley Forge?
Please help me with the French Revolution? (Questions!)?
What is your opinion on World War 1?
What did Elizabeth Petrovna do for Russia from both an economical and political standpoint?
What historical figure would you most like to have a conversation with?
when did monarchy first come to Russia and how? and from where?
Need help in world history?! please helpp?
Why do some people say Ancient Greeks were black?
Did Robin Hood (or someone similar) actually exist?
How does Germany cope with the fact that they caused both world wars and caused the death of over 100,000,000?
Blockade of Germany: HELP!?
What traditions and regional patterns arose in history?
Why have Jews been hated so much throughout history?
why was the constitution of america weak?
how did egyptians mummy's body ......?
where to find antique coin dealers?
Is it true that native Americans came from china?
Where were some of the places USSR ground troops trained in WW2?
what is the value of Tutankhamun's artifacts?
When did England claim Georgia as a colony?
can i pull up a list of phone numbers that i have dialed?
time period of world war two\?
What are some major events that happened in Canada in the 60's 70's and 80's?
Who Killed More Indians than General Custer?
What was the threat from the Soviet Union in Europe during the cold war?
why black are denialed of their rights?
Are any of Hitler's speeches translated on the web ?
what are good solutions to solve family problems?
Did JFK support the dividing of Berlin?
What is the size in milimeters of a Russian Czar NicklasII silver 1 rouble, a gold 5 rouble, a gold 10 rouble?
I am Searching for pictures of John D.Wells?
what was the weather like in england in 1649?
Which problems did Otto von Bismarck face in unifying Germany?
what is the ku klux klan?
how would history have played out if the soviet union had beaten the united states in the space race? let´s?
Why do Americans believe that America was the reason why the Allies won WW2?