what are the main characteristics of the ottoman empire and that of suliman the magnificent?
Did slavery cause the Civil War?
Was Agamemnon a real king of Greece?
who created stone henge?
Question about Africans?
Why/how did the American's win in the Battle of King's Mountain?
Was justice served in the trial of the Boston Massacre?
As a social and political crisis increased in the mid 1780's, which of the following happened?
does anyone have any information about old revolvers?
if i invent a popular social network what will happen next and long term for me?
Which of the following event directly led to America's entry into World War II?
Who was was Ulrich Von Liechtenstein?
challenges to indian economy?
Can you tell me what people wore?
During the 1917 February revolution March 1st what simply is 'order number 1'?
what was the role of slavery in the Chesapeake
what they might have felt like and done immediately upon arrival?
I Need Help On My History Homework?
In what months do russians celebrate the day of their october revolution?
How did the American Revolution affect political relationships in America during the 1770s and 1780s?
Why do people hate Jews?
Who is John Brown and how does he figure into the discussion of black history?
Did men really go to the moon?
what was the equivalent to the CIA in 1940?
How was Hitler able to become the German leader when he was not a German?
Landsknecht vs conquistador? easy ten points?
Where (or what) are the best sites to go to to find out how William Shakespeare influenced other writers?!?!?
What was the conspiracy between the British Establishment and the Nazis?
History of the word...(See Details)?
why were kwame nkrumah's politics criticized?
What was the fashion during the late 1400s?
Is Adolf Hitler German?
Puerto Rico gained Independence from Spain can you help me ?
Was my history professor right or wrong?
I have questions about why margin financing was encouraged before the great stock market crash of 1929...?
How is Rome like the united states?
Who are Asian African explorers?
why was imperialism so important in world war 1?
Who is or was the most intelligent person in history?
In comon sense by Thomas Paine and Civil Disobedience by Thoreau what is the role of an iundividual?
In your eyes what is the greatest invention of all time?
Why do people act like Hitler was such a bad person?
who were the important people in the industrial revolution?
i want to know the value of my davy lamp i want to sell?
In ancient Egypt, what were some important things to take to the afterlife?
How many years did the British rule India?Just the number will do.?
who discovered that you could read a fingerprint?
did the Tatars use people who died from the Plague in Russia to catapult over the walls of cities, towns?
How has Dr. Ambedkar contributed to the Indian society?
What is the complete address to Shakespeare's birth home?
brown vs board of education AND plessy vs ferguson cases?
Was Orem, UT on the Oregon Trail?
Who was in jackson 5?
Could someone give me a timeline of Polish refugees in the United Kingdom?
What was the economy like in Nova Scotia prior to 1867?
Earliest written symbols were pictures of items?
Who provided Elite Support for Mussolini's fascist regime in Italy and how?
Roosevelt's New deal was a good deal?
As the water table dropped still lower, the town and railroad began to discuss water to spur conservation?
what state has highest number of African Americans?
When did it start to be okay in America to...?
Other than in the old testament, where can i read more about Jewish history and origins?
Ancient Islamic Trading city?
Why did central africa fail to develop like europe or east asia did?
was isaac newton married?
who invented kissing?
What brand of jeans were founded/introduced during the California Gold Rush?
What is inscribed over the poe gate at west point?
What is the history on mustaches?
where can i find a timeline about king tut the 3rd?
are Martin Luther and John Calvin examples of sects?
what did you learn from Helen Keller?
What is your understanding of the terms "Moro" and "Bangsamoro"?
How did The enlightment shape modernity?
how did farming lead to specialization?
Thomas Edison?
I live in nj and i was denied unemployment benefits and did my appeal in june and it is now september?
why was the roman empire destroyed?
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres?
how did andrew jackson feel about states rights during his era?
Was there ever an unofficial stat of franklyn?
Why did they lock up debtors in 19th century England?
How important to History is this article?
Why did Congress pass the Selective Service Act?
what are the positive and negative effects of imperialism on cuba?
Thinking about going to Guinea for the summer, there was an attempt assassination on the president there?
Canadian slavary questions!?
can i have a complete summary of when the tripods came?
What were causes that led to the first communist state in Russia being established?
Where can I find more information about the sculpture "Hope Athena"?
World history help!!?
who was the greatest pianter in the world?
How did globalization affect Germany's culture?
How many soldiers did julius caesar have in his army?
What is the best thing that Hitler did?
What was the time period of 1885 to 1925 called? What were the nicknames of this era in American history?
What was the relationship like between Turkey and Iraq during the Saddam Hussein years?
Tell me something about the history of chemistry?
Pictorial sources highlighting the USSR Great Terror in the 30s! 10PNTs!:)?
I have an old chest with handles that have a patent date of Oct 31, 1871. How do I find out who had the patent
Why was the Munich Massacre so greatly regarded as a tragedy?
U.S History International Involvement?
How is the Japanese civilization a compilation of foreign ideas and institutions?
What is the reason behind trench warfare?
what did Henry Bessemer invention do?
An aristocracy, middle class, and slaves are examples of what kind of structure?
What is the difference between a Zamindar and a Jagirdar?-history Question?
Did anyone read The great train robbery?
What was the most shameful event in English history?
Why were the tolls at the tollgates raised during the Napoleonic Wars?
history question please help!!!?
How much does rasputin deserve his historical reputation?
What did Kim Il Sung do that was bad?
Did George Washington get any award? how many?
What were the causes of the American Civil War?
Is racism still going on in America today?
What was Fibonacci's influence on other mathematicians and or inventors?
who was that people who introduce human grooming?
Who can give to me information of American Civil Liberation Union?
What do you think is the greatest invention of the last 2000 years?
Please help on the French and Indian war?
How would you describe the reform agenda of Yuri Andropov?
what are examples of modern day slavery?
What caused the battle of Waterloo?
What's an example of "divide and conquer" that was used as a method of control.?
Everything to know about southern bellea?
Which is the first book printed in the world?
How did constantine come to power?
Which Tudor Monarch Should I Do?
Wilson and Dollar Diplomacy?
How do I look up a painting?I have the artist name.I have some paintings I am trying to find out about.?
If you had a time machine, Would you go backwards or forwards?
What did the green on Gaddafi's Flag represent when he ruled? 10 POINTz?
What was the document travlers of the Oregon Trail needed to sign before they started on the trail?
Dissolution of Parliament?
Who was Gandhi?
what are the 24 ways of naming greek temples?
why do black people call white people "ers"?
3 impacts that communism had in the United States at home!?
which rail station was rod stewart 'discovered' by long john baldry?
who was prez that took us n2 wwII?
What was the reason behind the Bosniak genocide? the one that happened between '92-'95.?
John Lennon got in trouble for saying the Beatles were more popular than?
why did so many Jewish people live in Poland and Russia ?
are there living descendants of the pharaohs?
History Help Please,due in 15 min(:..?
What happened in the 16th Century in Britian that inspired Shakespear to write 'Romeo and Juliet'?
Wich meeting was held in philalephia in 1787?
Is Greenland part of north america or europe?
What is the relationship of anti-semitism and racial purity laws and Kristallnacht?
Anyone else worried that Bush's declining ratings mean he will distract us with another new enemy or such?
What happened at the Battle of Bunker Hill?
George Washington - best president ever?
Did Isocrates live long enough to see Alexander burn Persepolis?
Hitler - was he evil, or mad?
How does rev. parris think his parish feels about him?
Is it possible to have a broken timeline?
what is Leonardo Da Vinci's most important scientific finding/doing?
howard morse????!!!!! help?
In the Cold War why didn't the USA make it's own union?
Why were manuscripts costly and time consuming to produce? What materials were used in the production of the?
What were the impacts of the Cuban Revolution in Cuba?
easy us history true false questions?easy 10 points?!?
If you could live in any period of history, which would it be & why?
in which American state is Yorktown?
Why did the North fight the civil war, instead of just letting the south secede?
What are the greatest inventions of the past 4.000 years and why?
what is Abbassid?
Early psycological warfare tactic?
Is it true that we were once monkeys?
Why did many delegates to the constitutional convention think that a new form of government was needed ?
German term for attack (History Question)?
What was United Flight 93's target?
What are the early roots of the Persian Empire. How are the different than the Arab's.?
What is a personal biography?
which r the good books for history???
Which subject is interesting? History or Geography?
Who was the first king of Ireland?
What did john quincy adams promise he was going to fix: what was his campaign; what were his proposals?
in what ways did native americans resist the indian removal act?
Is there a certain way they said dates in rennaisance Florence?
The city of Berlin is entirely within the former East Germany. How did West Germany (continued...)?
Why was gaddafi killed?
How did Sparta defeat Athens resulting in gaining control of the region?
Can anybody think of something nice to say about Hitler?
Nationalism and the defeat of Napoleon?
In the Cuban Missile Crisis, were the missiles ever launched?
Why did Mexico stay in the stone age when America went into the industrial age back in the day?
Were Jews involved in the Atlantic Slave trade?
what were the advantages and disadvantages of becoming american citizens in colonial louisiana?
theory's on the Mary Celeste?
Is it alright for married man to call his netfriend and meet up with her later?
would you travel to?
In my World History series, should I talk about Orthodoxy in an episode with Catholicism or Byzantium?
when time traveling to the past, what is the best way to avoid altering history?
Describe key turning point events during World War II that led to Allied victory over the Axis Powers.?
Ancient Greek Priests??
why do we always have stupid presidents?
Constitutional Convention?
questions out inventions of the ancient world please help?
Where is the worlds oldest building?
How did the Cromwellians conquer Ireland?
describe briefly of work performed?
Anne Frank Question(s)?
Was the war in Iraq legal?
is this an opinion?
Who is the most famous incan historian?Which is the best book written about the inca civilisation?
What was Adolph Hitlers sole motivation for doing what he did?
There were two men who both won the first Nobel Peace Prize. One was Jean Henri Dunant. Who was the other?
How did the invention of the cotton gin affect life in Europe or the Islamic Empire?
Explain the terms one page summary and in-depth review on research paper?
Who or What is Responsible for the most deaths throughout history ?
what did women in the 60s wear?
If you could change one historical event to make the world better, which would it be?
Was Hitler biased?
I need background history into the letter W?
if the nazis think they are the superior race (world war 2), why did they form an alliance with the japs?
Did Australia going to Vietnam actually make a difference to the spread of communism?
wath were the effects of the american revolution?
Who do you think is a legend?
Why did we have loyalists (upstate) and patriots (low country)? Why did thy disagree and have a Civil War?
how did the kansas nebraska act effect our country?
how far has the importance of (sir Douglas) Haig been exaggerated?
what are the countries associated with allied powers in europe?
who do you think reached the peak of mount everst first?
What was the purpose of the artistic expressions of Renaissance arts?
For anyone here that is old enough to remember, where were y ou when President Kennedy got killed.?
what food items were rationed in ww1?
HELP! Vietnam War to do with Australia question?
Which is the correct description of the Iron Law of Wages proposed by David Ricardo in 1817?
Who controlled Paris during World War II?
what advantages would we have if we all spoke the same language?
Adolf Hilter was the main DEVIL of WORLD WAR I and II... who agree with me?????
I need an encyclopedia entry for the SS St Louis?
are their alot more actress that did moives in the 30,s 40,s 50,s 60,s 70,s?
5 musical influences on japanese composers?
Was nationalism a possitive or negative force for change in the 19th century?
who are on the coins and bills and why they on it?
What has happen to society?
What role did the Atomic Bomb play in the Cold War?
What impacts did the Perry Mission have in Japan?
When were the German POW's released in the USSR?
what happened during the holocaust?
How can I be sure that the HISTORIANS of the holocaust are apolitical, that politics does not distort history?
im loooking the biography of Marjorie Ruth Clark, but i dont found anything; can u help me?
Wich meeting was held in philalephia in 1787?
U.S. President John Tyler's reasons for the annexation of Texas?
Why were the colonists hesitant to declare independence?
Why was FDR able to be elected a third term? Was the two term limit active at that time?
When was the first Recorded Tornado in the United States?
Where did harriet tubman help slaves escape from!?
who wrote the inscription on the bottom of the statue of liberty?
Do you think they served coffee at the Last Supper? If so, what flavor?
Reliable sources for America in World War II battles D-Day to the Spring 1945 offensive in Italy?
What spices were popular in Italy during the 1400s, 1500s, and 1600s?
Why was there such severe inflation in the sixteenth century?
What is the story behind the red and white poles outside a Barber's Shop?
what were the political, economic, and social effects on the Vietnam war?
Is this a true fact about titanic?
Who was the president or governor during the united states vs. eichman case?
What is the most important ingredient in Canadian nationalism ?
what is the name of the Roman inventor of Camouflage?
How I speak in english?
Why was the battle of Passchendaele from WWI significant to Canadian history?
I give 10 pnts help history?
i want to learn about black history.?
was jesus and christianity just created by the romans from older myths in order to unite the empire?
does anyone know what saint amelia did to become a saint?
how long did donatello live?
Why were they called concentration camps?
are present day theorists justified in seeing classical Athens as a model for how a democracy should work?
What were the main factors which moved the country into the Civil War?
What was the first culture on Earth?
Hitler was responsible for the murder of more than 6 million Jews. Do you consider him a sadist or criminal...
what was the relationship between the prussian kingdom and the german empire after 1871?
What lands did the peace process of the Oslo Accords yield to Palestinian control?
History homeowrk, please help!!!?
What Major Battles did England fight in during ww2?
what are the strongest arguments in support of appeasement?
Golden age of the Han Dynasty?
Does anyone know about Stephen knapp's discovery about THE TAJ MAHAL ? If you know then please tell me.?
Who and when was a ship's log invented ?
why was the civil war important in 1861!?
Is President Bush Cool?
Need help please finding this old history movie about a young marine boy?
Did contact with Europeans improve Burma or not?
If jean Paul Sartre and Martian luther king jr were to have a conversationn about bad faith what would...?
Is the humans happy in this life?
Those in the North who opposed the abolitionists believed that these opponents of slavery?
hey i need some facts about China for my history class>.HELP?
how did the spoil system affect US politics in the 1890s?
What English King drowned his brother in a barrel of wine"?
World history!!?......?
how did people get around in 1849?
If you could have the autograph of one person from history, whose would it be?
Why clocks with roman displays show the number 4 as 'IIII' instead of 'IV'?
What do you think of the priory of sion?
few lines about museum of orissa?
What was the holocaust?
Hitler and Nazi support today?
So who was in North America first?
Questions about the council of Trent?
What factors contributed to the fall of the roman republic?
chapter summaries for A people's history of the united stated by howard zinn?
where did albert enstein born and died?
Please help me with all of these questions and I will reward the wiinner with some points....?
i need a conclusion paragraph for why the three colonial regions were economically diverse?
Who discovered America?
All of the following are true about the Albany Plan of Union EXCEPT?
Can anyone tell me the modern history of Afghanistan?
how were humans made ??
what is realy God?
Need 2 historians with opposing views on the vietnam war?
i would like to play poker with pc only?
help please, for test about africa! and longg sorta not really(gandhi)?
in which country was iphone founded?
Who was the first human according every religion ? what were their names ?
Did white people invent the economy?
Discuss theological developments within Islam during the Abbasid Empire?
This religious group was at its height in the 1830s and argued for gender equality?
I need help with the traits of each front from WWI please?
What were some of the issues that led to the war of 1812 and why was it regarded as the war for independence?
anyone good at french history?
what is the nature of marx criticism of the bourgeoisie?
Who won the war of 1812?
what are some of Napoleons Characteristics ( 6 characteristics ).?
What was our country called before winning the American Revolutionary War?
Other than the Jews who else was persecuted by the Nazi regime?
Why did the USA think it necessary to drop the second atomic bomb on Japan?
What were the greatest outcomes of the Renaissance?
was Truman's response to the North Korean invasion in June 1950 justified? how so?
the date steamboats were invented?
How was the Aztec calendar related to the calendars devised by other cultures in Mexico, such as the Maya?
is it realy mary magdelene was beside jesus during on last supper?
what is the meaning of rupin?
Which religions were practiced in the three regions in Columbus time?
Where were you on September 11th?
In ancient Palestine what religion were the people who were not Jews?
Who is this man in this old photo?
History Help PLEASE!!!?
Axis powers in North Africa?
What is this famous Generals name?
What was the most astonishing, history changing event of the last century?
about elegy a refusal to mourn the death by fire of a child in london?
According to the “Weathermen” themselves, why did they believe it was necessary to use violence (bombings…?
If you ruled the world would every day be the first day of Spring?
Does anyone know what happened to Mohammed Ahmad el-Hamed after he discovered the caves near Qumran ?
What year did the lincoln highway Rt. 30 in Illinois change its route?
whats it worth?
History question! Would hitler support the iran against israel of today?
What military strategy did the Allies choose when America started to participate in the 2nd World War (1942)?
movie spy kids,author,write,region,why,princess,pr…
what is the use of computer?
Latin America: Compare and Contrast Simon Bolivar and José de San Martin?
Was Stalin a good leader?
What year did the Battle of Quebec start and end?
What is cuneiform writing, and how was it done? Who developed it, and why was it important?
Were most ancient people ripped?
Was the holocaust a myth?
What was Britain's most famous success during the War of 1812?
What is the real name of jesus, peter, his mother full name...Name them for real!?
What do you think of mormons?
(How) Did the industrial revolution encourage people to invent new things?
What is between A.D & B.C?
how did feudalism change the social structure of anglo saxon england?
Adolf Hitler?
How successful were the methods of the WSPU and NUWSS in 1914?
what is the odeon of domitian?
Loyalists & Patriot help!!?
Was Che Guevara as bad as some reports said he was?
***ANSWER ASAP***Who promised the promised land to judaism?
who invented clothes?
Who was the greatest King ever to rule on this Earth ? Explain your answer with reasons ?
Was there a world war before world war 2?
Which is correct"an" history or "a" history ?
Was Adolf Hitler executed or he killed him self?
Is this a real-life painting?
what gifts did the ancient greeks give their gods?
what was the american town called where they supposedly got hold of an alien in the 50's?
To date, what is Mexico's greatest invention?
why did dalton mcquinty quit tonight?
what was the ancient egyptian slaves entertainment?
Who all came for the Feast of Ascension in 526 before the Antioch earthquake hit?
Which building, on first sighting, took your breath away?
What experiences have you had to become aware of the conditions faced by underserved communities?
help the list?
Whats an armory buidling?
What is the proper number of guns to fire in salute for a Major General?
what is the japanese shogun and what happened to it?
America trusted in God and today become The Issue in World politics. What's really happening now?
What were the concurring opinions of Gideon v. Wainwright?
what years did president george washington work in the office?
How did Double-End Animal Pendants influence Panama?
Why is Otto von Bismarck called the architect of Germany?
Who invented War?
What is love?
Is this paragraph on imperialism in ww1 accurate?
When did people know that there was space?
Why haven't the men with political and economical power created a Utopia yet, a crime free society?
Is it true that Henry VII was the first king to die of natural causes, and not in battle?
How come ww2 era planes weren't painted black to make them invisible for night time missions?
what do you think were the strengths and weaknesses of the roman empire?Why?Please Explain.?
How can I get my boyfriend to wear velvet tights and a cod piece?
The serial killer who could not kill?
Topics for history essay?
show stories in medieval time?
What would you say to someone who said the holocaust never happened?
Do you think the states would still be divided without the Civil War? (American)?
When was china unified under Qin?
Can some one like Don Juan or Casanova exist nowadays?
who responded to the ukranian genocide? how is the country doing today?
what city and state was dr. maulana karenga born in? and his dob?what did the Dr. do as a child?
What was Albert Speer's style of architecture?
How many of you think that 911 was an inside job, that our government at the time had some sort of knowledge o?
What role does history play in the occupation of Wounded Knee?
Did six million Jews really die?
What is the Best Conspiracy Theory of All Time?
Why were the French fighting on the same side as the Nazis in WWI?
How did Saladin the lionheart change the nature and purpose of crusading?
What are "guerilla warfare tactics"?
why did witch-hunting decline?
How were slaves treated?
How do I find Imhotep?
How are these terms connected? Islam unit in World History?
History help???? 10 points?
Why did japan bomb pearl harbor?
what did ww2 soldiers eat?
who owns the louvre museum,paris?
Who was the founder of Harvey, North Dakota?
India and China Compare/contrast?
What is the role of the old west in history?
Who is the greastest person to have ever lived?
Who is your favorite warrior in history? and why?
what impact did the red scare and the cold war have on hollywood?
Is history a lie told by liers before us? How do we know for sure?
Advanced ancient civilization, what is your opinion?
what is titanic? what is the film titanic about?
What would you say was the 'concept of success' for the majority during the victorian era?
If we won the French and Indian war,?
could u please give any information about ?
What was the title given to Julius Caesar that meant he was in charge of the gladiator games?
who else thinks the moon landing was a hoax?
The Glorious Revolution in England and America...?
Who was the first New World explorer to take a dip in the springs of what’s now Hot Springs, Arkansas?
Why was The Great Leap Forward (Mao Zedong) A turning point in history?
what is ?
does anybody know if Vietnam is divided (north and south Vietnam)?
Confused about Hitler?
what are obstacles to the ratification of the constitution?
Where was the Hagia Sophia erected and what does it mean?
Why did America attack Japan with a nuclear bomb?
Legitimate theories about Illuminati?
Did Marco Polo see the Great wall of China or the Forbiden Palace, etc?
where does it say it...?
How long has immigration been apart of U.S. history?
Why no single book about the in-your-face answer to JFK assassination?
Did Jack Kennedy do things With Great Vigor?
What's the last really nice thing someone did for you?
Can man ever go back in past (history)?
What is there such a large a Greek Community in Australia?
i have a vase dated back to 1797 and i am looking for a buyer for it i am from trinidad and tobago?
Did the Nazis invent the atomic bomb?
Why would nations other than Britain care about the outcome of the American Revolution?
How did the 2nd amendment come to be ?
Is America the most powerful nation that has ever existed?
What was the main cause of WW1?
Who here knows about Fredrick Hampton?
The scramble for Africa..?
what is the definition of an epic?
Why do we die and our souls are not dead?
Which of the following regions were dependents to the core zone of the global trade network (multiple choice)?
what is the significance of the battle of saratoga in 1777?
Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
the historical fact about the spanish conquest of the incas people?
How do you start a good history essay?
Does medieval art mean anything?
what was the warring states period in china?
Why "The Rennaissance" & "The Reformation" happened almost at the same time in Europe?
What were the jobs if the 3rd class bourgeoisie?
Long Question: Ancient Greece Alexander The Great?
does anybody know any information about Gordon Stewart Northcott & 'The Wineville Chicken Coop Murders' ?!?
how do objects we find today tell us about people that lived before written history?
homework help: history questions pt.1?
is there a site where i can find a list of German POW names ww2?
Why doesnt anybody support hitler?
What is fastest land animal?
the apocrifer?
How did the railroad system affect the development of a national economy in the US?
if you could visit any era of time?
10 important events of WW1?
Who should I contact to know more about President Wilson's limousine?
Buddhism questions please not too much?
What did Jesus and God call those who had betrayed them?
how did the National Convention create a new order stressing reason?
What if Japan never attacked and helped Germany attack Russia?
Describe a definitive moment in your history?
when is mexican, sinco demio day?
who first invented the haggis?
dangers at the yukon in the 1800?
Why is there no "White" history day ?
My teacher said the holocaust really happened?
how would WWII have ended if America didnt join?
One result of the Boston Massacre?
History questions about St.Augustine "City Of God". Please help!!?
Any were in history was there any proof of a therian?
what is the size of taj mahal?
Who migrated to the Massachusetts Bay colony from the years 1630 through 1643? ?
How and why did Canada develop so fast after the confederation?
what were the customs of the times...?
what was the system called in mesopotamia the people were divided into different social groups?
Why were the Cherokee Indians called "civilized"?
How died Abraham Lincoln?
Is osama alive or dead?
Russian people reaction...about communism!?
If someone gives you 2 grenades who would you throw it to??
Where is bakthipur palace located?
What ever happened to Val Kilmer?
Plutarch wrote a biography of Artaxerxes? I can't find an english translation?
World History help please ?
Who won world war one?
when did the civil war in usa end?
Why is Hernando Cortes guilty of crimes against humanity?
Did Thomas Paine suffer from depression?
what is the biggest two letter word in the world?????
A question abt greek history.............?
Were the founding father of this country, criminals?
This in common between 50's and 20's?
How did the war with Mexico affect the slavery debate?
Who was Rev. Hugh F.Blunt LLD ?
if you truly believe in something can you justify dieing for a cause?
what are chinampas?
Who is the ancestor of the American?
Will the 21st century be like the 20th?
50 years ago, trainspotting was all the rage among boys in Britain. What has replaced this innocuous activity?
I believe in many conspiracy theory's but what about the davinci code, could it be true? I have my doubts?
What is the meaning of life?
The place in which slaves were held before they were loaded onto slave ships was called?
The best PM in UK history?
If hitler would have survived the WWII.should there be any jew left alive?
aaranyaa ???
What was the first book of fiction to be blessed by a Pope?
what is the meaning of the Greek word Athena?
Third World leaders neglected agriculture for all of the following reasons except?
Help with the cold war please?
Ancient History questions. [:?
Why did Germany invade the Soviet Union during World War II?
What were some of the theories from the 1994 Cairo conference on population?
What event happened after the glorious revolution?
Did the Versailles Treaty eliminate the problems that caused World War 1?
Why did Konrad Zuse build a computer in the first place?
could someone explain king Arther & the knights at the round table?
Did women ever really cut their hair in order to fight in the Civil War?
History unite exam help!?
what was the French invasion of Russia;please explain?
What is the greatest event in human history?
how did hitler died?
how did trade and warfare affect ancient Egypt?
when was aronlad rampersad born?
What year did the titanic sink?
American History essay help?
What was the year Mary Rowlandson was captured and released?
When and where were the gilbreth children born?(children from cheaper by the dozen)?
Who was smarter? Churchill, Hitler, Roosevelt, or Stalin?
Why were the westerners significant to US history?
What is wrong with the world? Your opinions matter...!?
What did the Orthodox Caliphate think of dhimmis, converts, and non believers?
what does the name marilyn mean ?
how did texas enter the union as a slave state?
How did the World War 2 effect the lives of Ordinary people?
what were some pros and cons of the dred scott decision and the cession of southern states?
what is the single most important event/object/discovory in the history of the earth?
da vinci code?
What was the world introduced to after WWII?
What is in your mind if I mention "Jamestown"?
Is this century distinguishable from the 20th Century yet?
Who was the man who looked at a cow,and said I'll drink whatever comes out of those?
When did Hitler's hatred for Jews start?
Could Hitler Still be alive?
what was the Act for Impartial Administration of Justice during the revolutionary war?
Are Washington DC and/or Washington State named after George Washington the president?
Explan how religion influenced wars and warfare in European History. 10points to best answer?
who are the urhobos?
How hisotorically accurate, (or inacurate) was the 1965 film Doctor Zhivago?
please help on a history question?
who was your favorite president and why?
who's fault was romeo and juliet"s death?and why do u think this?
How much faith should we put in oral history?
So what do you think would happen if hitler never made the holocaust?
what is the meaning of am and pm when we speak of time???
did copernicus publish his work quickly?
How did government interaction with wealthy industrialists impact the ideal of opportunity?
Did painting overshadow photography or did photography overshadow painting in the 1800s?
aftermath of conflict in Angola?
Whats a good thesis statement when dealing with anything on WW2?
"The Schutzstaffel of WWII had the best uniforms the world has ever seen." Is this a fact or opinion?
martin luther king jr what did he do to change our socity?
Was Adolf Hitler evil or is this just propaganda?
Should it be 'Ghandy' or 'Gandhi' in the names of India-famous Feroz, Indira, Rajiv, Sonia and Rahul(Gandhi)?
Was Lenin's revolution a communist revolution?
when did benjamin franklin first start inventing?
History and origin allegiance?
I'm looking for the history of the grande hotel de la ville on Via Sistina, rome?
hw does luther and calvin differ from renaissance humanists?
What are the states that belonged to Mexico before the war of 1845?
What was Albert Einstein most famous for?
Why did the turkey join in the band?
what was new about about Renaissance art when compared to late medieval art.?
1. What is the current role of the U.S. in the world?
I need to know about composers who influenced the french revolution?
what 4 buildings did Francois Mitterand Have a vision about?
what did stokely carmichael liked to do as a child??
what are some similarities between European colonialism and Belgian colonialism?
anthony and cleopatra conflict?
Who would have won World War Three if it took place in 1946?
Does anybody agree with men like Lee, Jackson, Beauregard, etc., who felt their state loyalties came before...
What was the dominant form of government in Eastern Europe in the 1920's and 1930's?
How long did the Hundred Years War last?
why arn't we building the world trade towers again? I remember seeing prototypes of new towers...?
What is the next step after democracy?
im looking for some info on a old lighter i found that is shaped like an airplane, looks like early 30s?
who was Father Pryce?
Don't recycle your computer?
Why did Mesopotamia people worship the Tigris and Euphrates as gods?
what were Dr Oliver Headley's scientific work?
Where do i list a antique harpoon gun for sale?
What the name of the gulf city which now is building the highest tower in the world ?
What did george tolivar invent?
sample ordinance on forced evacuation?
Can someone explain what happened with President Wilson at the Paris Peace Conference 1919?
What were the political and social change resulted from the impact of WW1?
Who was David Livington and Hery Stanley? As well, which King Leopold was ruling during their time?
when USA become cuntry??
Why were Mexican Americans in Los Angeles discriminated during WWII?
where does "don't tread on me" come from?
What's the quickest way to revise history?
What is the most powerful nation throughout the history of mankind?
how to win the lottery?
Why did Hilter order the killing of Jews? Has it to do with religious belief that Jew killed Jesus?
What the heck were the cold wars?
where can i find the amout of german soldiers used to run the holocaust?
history lovers, anyone?
were aircraft factories in britain privately owned before ww2?
Could the attack on Pearl Harbor have been prevented?
Some History Questions?
do you know anything about the American Liberty League?
What are some facts about Diocletian ( Roman Emperor)?
What was the name of the jewel that Jahanara had possessed?
Do you think Hitler(Adolf Hitler) really committed suicide?
what films were inspired by north by northwestern?
Could the roman republic be considered an empire?
what was the name of the first president again?
why did Jose Rizal need code names for his girls?
Can someone help me answer these questions about the General Strike picture?
do you know bush soul must burn in hell?
what is the most horrific event of genocide in the last 100 years?
what type of timber did prophet noah use for his ark?
'What happened in Spain in the 1500's?
what was the great awakening?
Who wrote American Slavery As It Is?
what are some important actions of george washington during the revolutionary war?
history question about commit of public safety?
What was the significance of printing on European culture, society and politics?
What is the name of Elchin's grandmother?
The Arabian chemist who first developed apparatus for distilling mixtures?
What was the Cluniac Revolution?
Were Jewish people expelled from Spain, England & France all around the same time?
Did Hitler have any good points about him?
Do you think that what happened to Private Harry Farr is right?
how did leonardo da vinci contribute to renaissance art?
Why don't we have more Western philosophy and culture in our schools and colleges?
Can someone help me with this riddle in from an online game?
Is any of this historical or is it all just fiction?
What was the government and social structure like of the Puritans?
Which is true about alexander hamilton?
Who is the third founding father of the US?
Help recalling a historical event....?
Interest in NAZI Germany...is it wrong?
What did howard carter find in king turs tomb?
Who is your favorite founding father and why?
information on the painting famous last words: death of a poet by robert colescott?
what where the trigger causes of the first Russian Revolution?
how i can find some pictures for the civil war / north?
MLK or Malcolm X?
Who is Englands greatest Anglos Saxon Monarch pre 1066?
Who is the leader of utah's silent aryan warrior gang?
why should juliet not marrie romeo or paris?
what are the main bits you need to understand about the cold war?
What do you think the greatest moment was for the British Empire?
What are the first signs of the decline of an Empire?
What caused the World War 2?
Who killed John F. Kennedy. Please cite your evidence, oliver stone movie, warren commission, house committee
Causes of WWI ranking?
Was Hitler a Christian?
How did religion hinder the development of medicine in the eygptian time?
who was Jacopo Nardi?
Where was william dehart hubbard born?
Thomas hobbes what did he believed?
how did eurocentrism contribute to assimilation of indigenous people of canda?
Similarities and differences between the Vietnam War and American Revolution?
Whas Adolf Hitler a jew ?
what is the for de Nochebuena?
Did Marilyn Monroe and JFK have any children?
What were the codenames for the 5 allied beachheads in the WWII D-day invasion of Nazi occupied France?
whome came 1st "egg or hen"?
How did marriage work in US during the 1900s?
Does anyone know of John Dillenger's politcal leanings?
Who were the first "atheists," even back into The Ancient World?
contrast sectional economic, political & social development during 1800?
Who were the most famous actors and actresses contracted to MGM during the 1930's and 1940's?
Looked everywhere, maybe you might know?
How much of recorded history is distorted by politics and religion ?
what medical advancements came out of the french revolution?
What were the most popular religious beliefs in the Arab world and Persia before Islam?
David Livingstone believed that opening the interior if Africa to Christianity and trade would?
did engineers fail during their college days?
What were the advantages and disadvantages the Union and the Confederacy had?
How will 9/11 affect us in the future?
Do you think Adolf Hitler was a good or bad guy? And why?
Did liberal Italy collapse in 1922?
who created roman numerals?
who represtented the u.s. in the first united nations general assembly?
What is slavery and who is geoge washington?
what was Henry II afraid of when Thomas Becket was slain in his name by his knights?
when is mexican, sinco demio day?
Not trying to be insulting to anyone?
What were you doing at famous moments of recent history?
How did slaves and whites resist racial and class oppression? where they successful? why or why not?
What does the star in some Muslim flags represent?
Why did southerners object to Hamilton's plan to pay off America's war debt?
What were surgical instruments in Ancient Egypt made of?
How did Voltaire, Fredrick the Great, and Catherine the Great want to change the government?
What was the chronology of European and American involvements of ww1?
Which came first - Loreley Rock or Loreley the Siren?
Historical arms and armor related careers?
When will people learn Hitler was not Socialist?
Can someone add a link to spain's flag of the 14th century?
Longfellow's famous poem, Evangeline, was set where?
Could an event like The Holocaust ever occur again?
Does anyone know what color the scarf on the old west undertaker's hat was.?
what type of fashion was appropriate for middle class during the victorian period?
"Freedom of the ___" in world war 1? (fill in the blank)?
Who was Monteverdi Palestrina?
What are your thoughts on John Adams? Did you like him?
may i know wat is Y2K?
Why are Twin Studies important and how are they useful?
WHat website can I go to, to find out about masterpieces created in craft guilds during the Middle Ages?
I need an event that changed the world.?
What do you think is the most important reason for the location of Housesteads Roman Fort?
How America was named .....?
Why were barbarians so barbaric?
Has there ever been a war fought over anything other then resources?
what is your point of view about what did denmark do?for the islam?
who was the leader of the French Revolution and editor of a popullist newspaper?
What were some of Emperor Justina's main accomplishments?
when was Great temple of aten built at?
Did anyone used to watch solid gold?
what did James I and pilgrims have in common during the crisis and absolutism in Europe?
what was the town that was developed as a base for the state of ghana?
why did the Mexican government encourage American settlement in Mexico in the early 1820s?
What is the exact location of Atlantis?
Could you list 5 good and 5 bad dictators in history?
I need a definition for "anchorites"?
what was the many reson why the battle of pozieres was fought?
How many days was the Siege of Petersburg, Virginia fought for?
what dances were allowed in the 18th century?
how does the 1911d 2.5 gold indian rate in american history.where does it stand.i would like some info on it ?
What was the Young Patriots Organization/Patriots' Party that had ties with the Black Panthers?
World History help!! Please.?
when did Britain become a democracy?
napoleons domestic policies?
What religion was America mostly consisted of before the Declaration of Independence was written and signed?
What were the air battles of WWII other than the battle of Britain?
what were the results of witch hunts? (salem trials)?
What was the significance of the Treaty of Turin?
does racism still exist today?
Why was New Manifest Destiny important?
what is your favourite period in history?
describe life in germany during the early years of the war ( 5 mark question)?
What are some similarities and differences between medieval Korea and China?
Were there Cowboys and Cattle Ranchers in Virginia when James Madison was President?
Is it wrong to admire Adolf Hitler and the Nazis?
What's something interesting that you learned about your family past?
Do people on here have a huge attitude or is it just me????
Music History Question?
where did the people from the u.s.a get their accents?
What drove genghis khan to conquer his great empire?
What was manifest Destiny? please pick one from aditional detail in #2 see below?
What geographical changes were made to russia from 1890 to 1920?
Is anyone good in History? I need helpppp?:) ?
why is Abraham lincoln on the five dollar bill? why is the lincoln memorial on the back?
Who was Ralph Waldo Emerson?
What were three people that were involved and important in the Underground Railroad!?
Who was the first Medici Patron of the Arts?
How was FDR's new deal a failure?
Did it ever make you dizzy to see the Nanny's legs?
What were Socrates accusers motives?
Why is Christopher Columbus so great for finding America When he didn't the Native Americans were always here?
do you think that another genocide such as this could exist in the world today? In the United States?
What was Missouri in the civil war? More specifically what was St.Louis Missouri in the civil war?
Which of the following felt threatened by the articles of lack of enforcement power?
did adam from the scriptures have a belly button?
Who is the smartest person in history?
I need QUICK help. I need easy thesis paper topic in history: I need ideas of PEOPLE to do.?
What else was going on in our country's' history during the Civil War?
When was the meat grinder invented?
Match the following areas with their status in World War II?
How did the Slavs help shape Bulgaria?
How many during the Holocaust?
Do you think it is possible to have a world without war?
How did the tactics of war change from the Civil War time period to the WW1 time period?
Why are some people still in denial that the Holocaust never happened?
second boer war question, easy 10 points?
How Can I Find Out Whether My Last Name Is An Explorers Name?
the age of enlightenment?
any thing about history of palestine?
Why don't all nations agree to ban bows and guns in warfare to bring honor back into this shameful world?
Why is Andrew Jackson on the 20?
what drew so many people to move to cities in europe and america?
What was the medicine/apothecary system like in William Shakespeare's time?
Was ancient mesopotamia an empire?
Can I do my History Fair Project on the "History of Jordan Shoes"?
Was the Truman Doctrine the best way to deal with communism in the Cold War?
why did biblical characters live so long?
how did Russia's retreat affect the momentum of the war?
Is racism still going on in America today?
did humans regress throughout the ages?
i want to know the biography of Sheila Sutcliffe author of martello towers. is there any body help me.?
how many branches of government did the VA plan propose?
Help with The Progessive Era?
Which of the following is a correct statement about Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase?
Memorial Day Massacre.?
Vietnam in the time following the 1954 Geneva Accords?
who's state prodaction more rice?
Extreme nationalism vs Internationalism?
What actions did the colonists take to fight against the Bristish when they forcing acts on them?
In French Revolutionary terms, what is the coup of brumaire?
Does your web history show on the bill or anything?
how did attitudes in the south towards slavery change after the invention of the cotton gin?
What happened during the "Hundred Days"?
What is the oldest bar in the United States?
what is persepolis?
How many voyages did Samuel de Champlain make?
What were the Articles of Confederation and name 3 reasons why they failed?
the first woman on trouser?
anyone know any famous last words,and were they spoken or acredited to that person?
Who was the 1st president of the USA?
African people in ancient Scotland?
Did the Regulator Movement in North Carolina relate, if at all, to wider patterns of American resistance?
what were the 3 setions Han China's government was divided into?
Declaration of Independence ideals today?
What were five mistakes in the First Crusade?
who the 3 greatest military leaders of all time?
what were some of the bad things that george bush senior did and good things?
Answer this History question (French Revolution)?
what were the factors that might have contributed in bringing about the renaissance?
Did Pakistan get Independence the same day as India ?
What is mould made of?
who thinks that there should be Reparations for slavery?
Would Adolf Hitler or Saddam Hussein be considered dictators?
American History , Crossing America to the west?
did hitler really really kill 6 million jews or is it a lie ?
Which of the following is the most important reason for the formation of trust after 1865?
I'm doing a history report, and can't think of anybody significant to do my report on. Any suggestions?
WWII statistics and interesting facts?
How were non-Muslims treated?
Maxwell Taylor during the 1960s???
What would have happened if the Confederates had won the U.S. Civil War?
If Hitler was bad, does that make all white people bad?
can u tell me the seven wonder worlds name and places?
Who started the habit of starting every sentence with "I mean" and Ending it with "you know"
Can anybody be so kind to tell me since when Jewish people wear a Kippá?
who is the 1st Muslim in the Philippines?
Basic points of democratization of American government from 1787 to 1840?
What were the practices of poor Romans funerals?
How many jews really died in ww2?
What are some good books about the battles that took place in the American Revolution?
What font should I use for a Newspaper Article?
Can you give me some facts about Hitler?
How did the French feel after the French Revolution? Were they happy?
What would you like your epitaph to be?
Why Did America Fail at the Vietnam War?
what was the cause of tokugawa ieyasu's death?
What foreign policy successes did Catherine the Great have?
I'm bored soooo.... wat was the vietnam war about?
How successful were the industrial policies of vyshnegradsky and witte?
What rights did women in France have before the French Revolution?
Is YMCMB in the illuminati ?
What would you tell the founding fathers? Need help on my essay?
Any films related to either of the world wars that are mostly about France or the effects on french people?
History - WW1 Assignment?
what is an Oliver Cromwell hammered silver coin worth?
Do the Japanese really know what the Japanese Army did during World War 2?
World History Question! Please help!?
What is the definition of a "master mind"? (ex. "an evil master mind political leader")?
To what extent is Britain responsible for World War 2?
How many Americans died in the Boston Massacre?
This is tough but....?
why was hitler so succesful?
Were Castor and Pollux winged?
the english parliament and french estates general were both created with the intention of?
Did manifest destiny conflict with "american ideals", & what are the "american ideals"?
Would the United States have entered World War II even if the Japanese had not attacked Pearl Harbor?
What is lincoln's response to the idea that northern laborers are wage slaves?
Songs reflecting European Historical Events/People?
What problems existed with the Peace of Paris in its final form?
What were the positive and negative impacts of colonialism in Africa for europe, and for africa?
Was the Kennedy Assassination in 1963 a conspiracy?
What was the greatest invention ever made ?
Hitler....... please help.?
What was the month, day, and year of the WW1 battles? And the names?
British Clothing late 1800's?
(Emergency!!!!)question about U.S. history?
what african american earned a Ph.D from Harvard University then set out to make everyone aware of the history
What is (are) the name(s) of the chair-like structure that kings were carried around in in the olden days?
What was the wedding between Margot Valois and Henri Bourbon supposed to accomplish?
How will the history judge US President George W. Bush?
Completed in 537 AD as the largest in Christendom, which Church stood undefiled for nearly 900 years?
How did the pre-Islamic Arabian Peninsula affect the development of Islam?
Questions about the Populist Movement?
is Nostradamus accurate about the end of world 12/21/12?
Do you have any facts about ancient Chinese silk?
can you answer this question before I have finished typing it?
how were the teracotta army constructed?
wich one came first the chicken or the egg?
How and why did trans-Atlantic migration to the United States alter between 1850 and 1920?
The 19th century has been described as an "age of reform" in the Middle East?
Which German leader unified his country before World War I?
Industrial Revolution?
Which was a belief held by supporters of the Social Gospel?
What factors led to the weakening power in Athens and Sparta?
where in phoenix az can you have autographs certified?
Did the Irish play a significant role in the navy during the british empire?
"The most famous warriors in history..." = who?
The movie ---Thirteen days question? Please help me !?
why did the 3 new york library systems split up?
What even in history would you most like to have witnessed first hand?
What is the price of the Mona Lisa painting? How many time has been stolen?
Who were the kings after stuarts?
In your opinion, who was the most original thinker in ancient history?
2012 never did seem a good end date.?
Did Joshua fit de battle of Jericho?
Who made illuminated manuscripts?
Was Napoleon a force of good or evil for Europe and its people?
What camos were in the Korean War were it just army green or was it any others?
The second industrial revolution completely changed the lifestyle of the people all over the world. Explain in
How did people harvest crops in the early 1900's?
i need a research topic?
Why did the Roman Catholic church do nothing about the Nazis?
Does this sound Possible???
What was Lenin's Domestic Policies that Changed Russia from Tsarist to the powerhouse it became?
How did the original 13 colonies of America come about and how/why did they gain independence?
World History Neolithic Period questions?
why did political machines and city bosses become common in big cities in the lates 1800's (19th century)?
Who started the slave trade?
Was Odin around before Jesus?
Explain the economic changes that caused women to have to work outside their homes during 60's?
What is the official time period of the Rennaisance?
What are examples of ancient egyptians government?
where and when was christopher columbus born?
Was the Corps of Discovery a Success?
What were the advantages and disadvantages of the highly decentralized political system that developed in Euro?
Where is Amish Acres located?
Who benefited more from the Cuban Missile Crisis image wise.....................?
What kind of music was popular in the year 1900 to 1911?
what change did the Sikhs underwent during the source of the Mughal empire?
what are some historical effects of the westward expansion?
How was beet used by the Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations?
who were the three companies involved in the electricity conspiracy AND what did they do wrong?
Which Muslim country would lead the new global Islamic empire...?
Where did the British army spend the winter of 1778?
What was the difference between a "wet" fishery and a "dry" fishery?
What events led to the American colonists becoming discontented from Great Britian between 1763 and 1776?
What was the historical significance of the Erie Canal?
Imagine if Chuck Norris was around during World War 2?
Can you please give me a list of Latin American countries that were colonized during the period of 1880- 1950?
Is Engelbert Humperdinck a name from Englis folklore?
Social studies question? Or history, whatever you wanna call it.?
which handcraft is the most famous of kuna people?
Who really was in Transylvania first? The dacians or magyars?
is this really true???
can you give me some info on the revolution in Romania 1989?
What is the meaning of life?
who was the first in space?
What was the Pan-Africa's movement contribution to the decolonization process in Africa?
How can Africa get out of her predicament?
was james madison (4th president) a federalist or anti-federalist?
why are women looked down upon and have almost no rights whatsoever through out history?
how do i identify symbols or text of unknown origin?
Discuss how the film style and the type of movement represents formalism in Rope (movie 1948).?
What was the Native American's response to British's colonization?
What is the best invention ever?
What is the oldest building in the world?
Who were the real barbarians? the conquerors (west) or those conquered?