Who were the important people of the battle of winter at valley forge?
Who was the first president of USA?
why are simon bolivar and jose de san martin considered to be the 2 greatest leaders of the independence movem?
Why have only seven wonders all over the World.?
What was the battle that turned the tide in Europe (world war two)?
why is Benjamin Franklin considered to be the rue Amreican?
Christmas, does it mean Mary and Christ so we say Merry Christmas?
I want to Know about vaastu shastra?
Why doesThe American flag have golden tastles?
What are three important things William Howard Taft did?
did aliens build the pyramids?
The main purpose of the Freedmen's Bureau was to?
What is the name of the painting that has a guy with a suprised look holding the sides of his face?
Why do they relate "Alien Technology" with Pyramids of Egypt?
I need 2 no 9 facts about 1 famous blak person, perferablly not martin luther king jrorsenior,or coretta scott
Do you think the Proclamation Line was necessary? Why, or why not?
european colonization?
What developments in medicine were made by Galen?
General British teachings on the American Revolution?
How does Rousseau link together the notions of force and duty in The Social Contract?
What is the Ottoman Empire?
What is the overall value of a human being when set against the backdrop of history?
how many presidents aren't berried in the U.S.A?
Why The baroque style came about due to the rejection/rebellion against the of some renaissance design.?
yes yes help?
a brief history about the western farmers?
How did historical imperialism effect francophones?
Who tried to assasinate president andrew jackson?
How long did it take to cross the Atlantic Ocean in the 18th century?
Most important event in of 20th century?
What's the deal with Queen Elizabeth II?
What were Henry Hudson's Major Findings?
What were the similarities and differences between the social hierarchy of the first 4 civilizations?
What materials did they use to buils the Salibury Cathedral?
WHy doesn't greenpeace care about Inuit people?
What year did the Oka Crisis occur?
German population throughout 20th century?
can yanks recover in future all the hell they cause? from a little Brit?
Did the Jews or the Knights Templar invent banking in the Occident?
Iron an African contribution? Contraversy among Archeologist? What do you think?
How did the term "ACME" get started?
Who is the ancestor of the American?
Was James Monroe ambassador of France?
what do you think was th most serious problem faced in jamestown?
French revolution Question?
25th april 1915 gallipoli?
In Australia, what town is located at the most eastern point & who was it named after?
Why did Lincoln at first deny that the Civil War centered on the issue of slavery?
About Glenn Appleman?
i'm doing an essay on egypt. what's it's history?
how did monarchs of the 18th century react to the enlightenment?
what are 5 differences and similarities between John Kennedy and Dwight d. Eisenhower?
Hello, i have another question. How many people here know that Jesus was Black. :-)?
What kind of girls do harry styles like?
What did Sojourner Truth accomplish and how?
Are Lemba really a lost tribe of israel?
Best website about world history?
What was the Revolutionary War ?
did you know Britain doesn't really exist?
Was this true about mikhail gorbachev?
is there a list of the things/animals/people that people worship. if so where?
Was Leonardo Da Vinci an individualist?
Does anyone know anything about Wazner, and not Fex Wazner!?
how many franks did invaded Gaul?
What are the main differences between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution?
can anyone of you can give the name or picture of tagalog artifacts?
who was the last roman emperor?
How does our civil war fit into the World Wide movement to create consolidated nations?
Were the twin towers really hit by planes?
what were the difficulties involved in fighting a guerrilla force?
Who is the General of the legislative branch of the NC goverment?
Who is the most popular man in india?
How Hitler looked like ? Hitler loved blond race ; but what about him ? was he a blond with blue eyes ?
If Someone Lived From 1709-1777, Which Century Did They Live In?
I have some money from many different countries. Could i get amerrican money for it?
The british blokade would eventually cause innocent americans to perish. Explain How/Why?
what are all U.S.A states?
Were the Nazis all crazy really?? and are there many crazy people in Germany too?
Why during the Irish famine, in a country full of lakes, rather than starve why didnt they fish?
What main natural event happened in the world (or in Singapore) on 16th May 1974 at 11pm and after?
If you Travel back in Time to view any event in history,?
In the Tudor period... (Mary Stuart)?
What is the point of history class?
Can you guess what sort of gift Carroll sent to Dolly's father ?
Balkan Wars, History GCSE.?
How did Thomas Edison become famous?
What was the average family income in the 1920's?
When was it made illegal for any noble below the rank of a baron to maintain an acting troupe?
what is pan?
Name the leisure activities of southern culture in the nineteenth century.?
What medical jobs were women allowed to do in the industrial revolution?
Was the British occupation of Massachusetts result of the Townshend Acts?
Had Hitler won the Second World war, what would have happened?
who is saddam hussain?
okay. this may seem wierd. my husband, who has a ...history, has blocked me from seeing any page, or history o?
Is there any truth in this?
Help with Romanias culture?
what was his mom and dads name?
When the two towers came down on 9/11 was that caused by the plane crash or were they just demolished?
Are there any surviving relatives of the Cuban revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara?
report for black history month!!! help?
Robert Bordens use of Conscription in 1917?
when did they stop makeing quaters out of silver?
Why did all the founding fathers live into their 70s and 80s. I thought everyone back then died at age 40?
What did Fauvists and Expressionists do to reject traditional notions of pictorial representation?
If there is an modern day opposite to the Free Masons, what is it?
The Civil War!? ( Antebellum) Industrial Revoulotion! QUESTION! Five stars!?
is it a mith that there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow or have a been looking for nothing :-(?
How is it possible for historians to state exact dates for things that happened 2000 years ago?
How fast were ancient sailboats (Mesopotamian, Medieval, etc.)?
Has the "Lost Colony" of Roanoke been identified as pure Indian or part-European?
where the druids like the American indians of europe (the real druids not the fake ones we have now)?
What would you say have been the most important world events of the last 30 years?
Why is Alexander called "The Great" When he was a big killer and all that.?
How did Adolf Hitler recruit the brown shirts as he rose to political importance?
Which best describes the difference between Sparta and Athens?
How has European colonialism negativity impacted the developing world? s!?
Do history books tell the truth? They were written by people?
Places to watch history TV? Historical shows? Shows about history? 10 points~~~?
What comes first in world egg or Hen ?
Who were the original founders of Arizona?
who is gregor mendel?
Could something, like Holocaust, ever happen today or in the future? Why or why not?
who is the cleverest man on the earth?Is it albert einsteins?
Was Hitler mentally ill or was he genius?
who ruled England after richard III?
How did the British communicate with the Indians when they first had been there?
Which of the 3 MesoAmerican civilizations were the largest?
Who would have won World War Three if it took place in 1946?
did franco and hitler try to kill the basques?
how were the daily life's of the settler's on the new frontier?
was hitler a french assasin?
I just hate Japan so so much that i even want to kill some Japanese?
fancy a trip with me?
any information of the finding of king tut's tomb?
Can you at least admit there is a 1% chance that dinosaurs lived with humans?
The American federation of labor organized?
Description of the arab culture that muhammad was born?
cananyone give me a summary of france in world war 1?
what states started desegregating schools in 1955?
is it ok my husband and i dont want to have a baby?????
Anyone with knowledge on the battle of Stalingrad, or Russian history?
Who was Alfred Wegener and what did he theoriza i always wonder... thanks?
statue where we all could pay our respect?
What was New England land like thousands of years ago?
What happens to be your favorite ancient civization?
Suppose all the states in the USA became independent nations.How might that situation be like&unlike?
In UK there was a tv historical documentary on recently that I missed, I need the name, it was about Gin Lane?
The earliest known attempts to answer the question "how did it all begin" were expressed in:?
what is the exact date that the corn law was repealed?
What were the main characteristics of Chesapeake slavery in the British mainland colonies?
How could anyone believe the holocaust never happened?
What 3 historical events contributed to the modern day conflict taking place between Isreal & their neighbors?
Was McCarthyism comparable to the Salem Witch Trials?
2 monarchs of england during 1500 to 1700?
What are tow Latin American societies and two North American societies that wither developed and/or declined?
can you briefly explain the three types of ainsworth's attachments?
what was the superpower that dominated north america?
in your opinion, how would history have been different without Charlemagne( Charles the Great)?
World History(easy points!)?
Is it true that Haitians taught the Americans tactics to defeat the British in the war of independence?.?
why was the defeat of the persian army so important to western civilization?
How did Alexander Hamilton envision a free and equal republic and what was his industrial vision?
what were the significant Byzantine political,social,and religious institution?
Does anyone know where I could find sites on the history of sareees.?
To what extent did slavery threaten the 13 colonies?
which came first granite or schist?
Articles of Confederation?
why did the american indians think they should live in harmony with nature?
A nation governed by Islamic fundamentalists would be most likely to...?
A few History questions on famous peps.?
major events in Turkey's history?
What were the aims of the Save Our Sons movement ?
When did people in the UK first start drinking Gin?
Explain why newly redeemed indentured servants moved to the back country. How did this impact slavery?
DID AGUSTUS celebrate in the coliseum empire.?
Status of Jewish doctors in Germany during the Weimar Republic 1918-1933?
did palestinians fight in the 6day war?
How are Erasmus and Luther similar?
did columbus find any gold throughout his journey?
Old coin/Token Question.?
What 2 wars was before the French Revolution in France?
I have heard people say that history books change with time...do you know of any examples of how...?
Question for Americans: is that true what the English say about your role in the World War II?
filipino well-known artist?
Why was Chief Joseph made chief of the Nez Percé tribe????
When has the declaration of human rights been violated?
ww2 and people from austria?
did OJ do it?
Was Mangal Pandey really shot or was he hanged by the British?
how did california get their tribe name "yuai"?
which countries were present at the geneva conference 1954?
who won the case brant vs landes?
has america and russia ever engaged using special forces?
Help! What events in 2012 were similiar to events in 1800s?
Whose name is the best-known name in the whole world?
What is the difference between classical liberalism and feudalism?
What is da vinci code ?
Why were political parties formed in the new nation?
If today's UK population were called to do their duty in the face of adversity,as their predecessors were ....
what is better britan or the united states?
Which of the following statements about the Vietnam War is False?
What historical artifacts are still missing?
Was Harry Truman right for dropping the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
What does 9 yards mean?
Were the forefathers (Washington, Jefferson, Adams ect) tyrants? And who "discovered" America?
i want to know what was the age of ataturk when he died?
HIstory source based question(need help)?
Who has affected the history of the world the most?
Who is Hitler.......?
Which was the 1st country ever, to adopt a ‘Written-Constitution’?
tariff act of 1832, constitutional OR not?
I need help I need an idea for history from the 1980s to the 1990s please?
what did the Nazis believe?
Can anyone show me where Hitler ordered the Jews of Europe to be exterminated?
Who are some of the most unfortunate queens in history?
what are 5 reasons there were so many criminals in England in the late 18th century?
Question about Russia. Please help?
what were schools like in the victorian period?
Who is to blame for the division of Germany?
where can i find out the value of my meito, hand - painted made in japan china?
what is punk?
What if the Titanic never sank?
What were Victorian attitudes to crime?
Who Was The OLDEST MAN Who Ever Lived?
Where did the Bronze Age Take Place?
Where were you when...?
Do you think the Titanic's sinking could have been prevented?
what was the elizabethan era like?
What did the Morrill Land-Grant Act and the Homestead Act have in common?
Was Hitler homosexual?
tell me a site of present life story horoscope pls ?
When was Jericho built?
Greatest trial of the 20th Century?
History help?
History: Was Sint Nicholas originally Turkish or Greek?
What is the best invention in human kind?
english womens suffrage...what is meant by ''the right to serve campaign''?
Match the following areas with their status in World War II?
How was the French Revolution a success?
Do you think it was it nessesary to drop the atomic bomb to end world war two? why or why not?
Who killed president J.F. Kennedy?
why do hispanics come to the U.S.?
What is the difference between the ancient Egyptians and Ancient Nubians?
led charge up san juan hill?
Maximilian II, who was he really?
Who was that lady who refused to change her underwear for 3 years?
Basic of American history?
This union was the first since the Knights of Labor to accept women and minorities?
Percentage of native siberians in siberia in 1800's?
What roles do Juan ponce En rile and Fidel V. Ramos played in the people power revolution in Edsa?
in what other states is the pompeii exibt going to be?
kid question: who invented the computer?
when was august 1 selected as the Horses birthday in Australia?
If you could go back in time, Who would you like to meet?
How sexuality became sin act in our small Planet Earth ? Even though we are born with it?
What is the Ulster Covenant?
Prince or Utopia?
Where do the most ancient greek vases come from?
how do we know this year is 2006?
Was Terence mckenna wealthy? financially speaking?
How did Sandro Botticelli impact the renaissance?
Who are the modern descendants of the Aztec?
If you could be any famous women of history for one month?
Are "American Indians" , "Mexicans',& "Indians" distantly yet genetically related?
ENGLAND & IRELAND . where the origin of the problems comes from ?
I would like to see a picture of Hattie Mae White Houston ISD named their building after her.?
Do Iraqian have same race with Persian?
Do you hate the British?
wat is the price revolutation.watwas the reason behind it .in the sixtheen century in urope?
What is your favourite period of history?
Difference: Indians and Blacks?
Between 500 and 1500, the effects of Japan's geography included all of the following EXCEPT?
History help: What happened North and South Vietnam after US troops left?
what was the most important empire in history?
To what extent did Francis I strengthen the French Monarchy?
Art History Question?
When were Winter Hill Mines closed?
who was the make tajmahal?
how did they come up with the word 'F**k'?
The Mayans are obsessed with war, the Egyptians with death, what do you think WE'RE obsessed with?
What happens if hitler comes back to life?
Did Hitler kill old people?
What would you tell the founding fathers of the U.S.?
Whats it like being in a re-enactment society?
Were both Isaac Newton and Leornardo Da Vinci gay?
What are some good historical fiction books to read?
What are the possible professional careers for a History major University graduate?
Help me come up with French to write about..?
Historical question about slaves and indentured servants in the 17th century ?!?
Paul Dunbar wrote 2 poems "the poet" and "the colored soldiers". What is these poems trying to explain?
Have you read all of my questions?
Jack The Ripper GCSE Question PLZ HELP?
Given the world situation as it is today?
Was this a common occurrence back when slavery was legal in the United States?
Were women allowed in the Hippodrome of Constantinople?
im writing a research proposal about reintroducing capitial punishment to britain.?
do u know any good website about what happened today?understand my question please!!?
Who are Koxinga, Alimudin and Fernando Manuel de Bustillo Bustamante, in relation to the Philippines?
please can you help i am looking for a place to sell fox hunting memorabilia?
Is the year 2012 the end of history of world ?
How did cavemen cut the grass?
How did Jong c Calhoun help open the nullification crisis during president Andrew Jackson's administration?
What did the Puritans believe?...What role did women play in this society?
did south koreans have the chance to go to america during the korean war?
the first man killed in boston massacre?
Qing Dynasty?
How did developments within the Islamic world and its interacting with Christian Europe influence?
what did they do at the centennial exposition?
saint gregory the great?
what causes wars. religion or money?
Why is the Great Sphinx minus a nose?
arguement on russia is a example of change and continuity in history?
who invented the clock?
what feelings to you get when i say the word holocaust?
when year did sutter's fort become famous?
is it right for America to have another white president?
Are they ever going to bring up the titanic?
How did the Enlightenment influence the French revolution ?
Why were the Aztecs and Incas conquered so easily by the Spaniards?
where can i find god??
Could a different treat of versaille have averted world war 2?
which southern state was the first to consider emancipation proposals in 1831-1832?
How much would a 1945 wheat penny be worth?
Han china and Imperial rome?
Why was life in the West Indies in the 17th century beset by violence?
What happened to marco polos missing 600 passengers?
What does secularization have to do With the quiet revolution?
Cuban Missile Crisis, am i correct?
Japan outnumbered U.S in WW2, How did U.S win?
what are some present-day relations to the california gold rush of 1849?
give me any controversy in the history of islam the empire of faith?
How long did the average Slave Ship voyage last from Africa to Charleston, SC?
who was the first person to discover sex?
Where did all the anti-white sentiment originate?
What major yopic did sicence start addressing in the 1920's?
In your opinion, Which Great civilization would win?
how the xyz affair affected george washingtons leadership skills?
how long did it take shoqan walikhanov on his journey?
How have Jewish people been discriminated against throughout history, and in your opinion, why?
Question about the middle ages?
Did American society become more democratic during the 1789-1836 period?
Were there any natural disasters during the revolutionary war?
Other than the devastating events themselves, what larger effect did the Stono Rebellion have on the slave Sou?
where were u when the world stopped turnin, on that september day?
Does John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry help the cause of abolition?
What was life like for an African slave; what freedoms were they allowed; what was the "Middle Passage" like?
Do you know of any brave/famous historic military feats?
where was charles cornwallis from?
What was Robert E. Lee's statement during the civil war?
Which sites can I go to to find 16th Century information, as in building materials and wardrobe?
How long did American troops stay in Europe after the end of World War 2?
When do you think America lost it's innocence?
is it possible to achieve total peace in the world?
how did the renaissance ideas encourage and promote the protestant reformation?
integration problem during the industrial revolution in europe ( or england )?
is it true that the peolpe that built the taj mahal in india were either killed or their hands chopped off?
question about cathedrals in the middle ages?
New Deal Programs and the Supreme Court?
What happened in 1756 A.D. that helped lead to German Unification???
How might the history of the English colonies have been changed in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries?
1901 and the Present Day?
How many hundreds of years did Turkey(ottoman empire) rule Armenia?
During the revolutionay period, Blacks gained their freedom through?
Please!Do you have any information about the Chumash burial customs?No,this isn't for homework!?
Albert Hurtado sex gender and culture in old california?
why is ''tanners brook''southampton uk thus called?
What rules dominated a gladiator's life?
Do White People have a right to take Pride in their Race?
why was ronald reagan elected president?
When did the second world war end?
From 1492-1865, was America MORE dominated by limitations on individual freedom or by freedom itself?
if Hitler had a Myspace who would be in his top 8?
How important are they?
Why was Stresemann was so important to Weimar recovery?
how do u say :history: in german?
How much would $360 in the year 1899 be worth today?
10) How did America’s economic situation under the Articles of Confederation affect national pride?
How did benito mussolini use his creation of fascism on italy?
What was a womans role in 1946?
what jobs are involved in history?
What was the traditional political structure of the Haudenosaunee communities before the confederacy?
What did Pakistan Achieve from the Creation of Pakistan?
give me some link for the chapter industrialisation [history] of class 10th?
History help please? :)?
In world history were Farid khan and Genghis Khan related?
who was the first individual to embrance polygamy on earth?
How technologically advanced were the ancient Egyptians?
u.s history question plz help?
do you believe that jesus had a child with mary Magdalene?
How does Westernization happen?
Was Louis Armstrong a composer? What were some of his composed songs?
What are the similarities and differences between Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini?
When was Dublin Castle first built and by who and why?
Could Hitler Rise to Power Today?
Why was the underground railroad important to the civil war?
are Jesus and Santa one in the same? Both had Beards!!?
What were some funny movies realeased in late 1914/ January 1915?
Should we have dropped the atomic bomb on Japan in WWII?
The atomic bomb is what made?
What was our role in the Panama Revolution?
Why is the year 1851 significant with Sojourner Truth's speech?!?
How many Nazi victims could have been saved if Hitler assasination attempt on July 20, 1944 had succeeded?
Is the racism the reason that people REFUSE to accept that the Egyptians were black men and women ORIGINALLY?
When did Pearl Harbor occur?
Teenagers of the 1960's. What did you do on a daily basis back then?
HISTORY HELP. how did slavery lead to an economic issue?
give me information on darwin versus freud.?
Where there any European nations that sent people to Thailand during 1895-1915? If so, which nations did that?
I have an official White House teletype press release from the day after the bombings?
Was Sir Isaac newton in a fraternity?
how did people meet at a certain time before time was invented,for ex. "i will meet you at half two"
Did the civil rights movement in the u.s. affect Europe?
Of what religion were the Nazis?
Where can I find the names and pictures of various swords/knives/etc?
who was Petar II Petrovic Njegos?
can you give me a list of historical African-American public intellectuals?
how did Miners influence the development of the West during the Gilded Age?
Native American Adornments/Jewelry?
What was Alexander Calder like as a child?
Who is michealangelo and why is he so great?
What Was The Major World Event The Year You Were Born? The Year?
what was the revolutionary character of the early industrial era?
do you know any good websites to find interesting facts about catherine parr(not wiwkipedia)?
What effects did the revolutionary war have on a colonist?
What U.S. president, when handed a Romanian flag with a hole where the communist emblem had been, burled:?
Why did Vasco de gama sail for India?
Who was the first person born in North America? Was it in the 1400's or 1500's?
what is a good script to tell good information about constantine the great? help please!?
What role may the crimean war have played upon the later emancipation of russian serfs?
Who establishes the conventions of beauty in a culture?
What are eight causes to the decline and collapse of the Gupta Empire?
How was the black panther party affiliated with Algeria, France, and Cuba?
American History question...?
If America was founded by the British why don't they have a British accent ?
How are commercials(advertising) similar to propaganda ? how are they different?
How is Armenia different/same from Ancient Rome?
isn't it epic if Abraham Lincoln was a vampire-hunter?
+who thinks this world is the greatest??? I LOVE LIFE!?
How did the Etruscans influence the Romans?
what kind of religious differences arose in Europe because of renaissance?
century ago, my forefathers, who by profession were traders in Kabul, migrated to Peshawar, British India,?
can you tell me something about the Jews that were taking captive to Babylon?
Did John Locke have any siblings?
Why doesnt my 1800 have any power?
Who blaimed Germany for WW2?
Was the Civil War fought to end slavery, or was it fought to reclaim land?
what were the acomplishments of nancy ward indian?
World History Question?
How was the philosophy of non-violence used the civil rights movement?
Who was Martin Luther?
Do you personally believe that Napoleon was a hero or a tyrant?
Where was the money during the Depression?
how much did steve jobs sell apple for before he died?
"The Wehrmacht of WWII had the best uniforms the world has ever seen." Is this a fact or opinion?
essay question about monroe Doctrine?
In your opinion, did Stephen A. Douglas’s mid-1850s actions have an impact on the coming of the Civil War?
why did all the good RMS ships sink?
Impact of religious changes on the development of science and technology?
is there a native american chief's statue near mt rushmore?
What are ways that the Women Suffrage Movement changed America?
Thomas Paine's common sense?
The Nazi Party and Hitler?
What was the primary motivation for the 16th amendment?
Where did American Indians originate?
History Help????????????????????????????????????…
who were the children joe louis adopted?
Is it true that Hitler's mother was Jewish?
Why was religion important to people in the 15th and 16th century UK?
Was the Canadian Government justified in placing Japanese Canadians in interment camps during WW2?
Where did Panama's ancestors come from?
Why were the Irish starved out of Ireland by the Potato Famine when they were surrounded by water and fish?
Who are, in your opinion, the greatest leaders in history?
Why did the Irish want to emigrate to North America during the Irish Potato Famine? ?
What are the parts of a Muslim city and were are they in the city?
Are none of you really interested in where you came from?
Have you ever engaged in any conflict regarding race?
Need some help on history of women's right?
When Anne Frank died in a concentration camp, did her family die with her?
Has there been a book written about the dioceses of England?
What was the Supreme Court case that gave land rights to the Cherokee in Georgia?
Do you think secularism and humanism influence these Western Monotheistic religions in early history?
how many troops were sent to the pacific in WW2?
Was there an ancient name for the Delian League of Greece?
Is black history month education people or separating Americans?
Chinese History?
Why did the dispute between the U.S and Mexico over Texas lead to war?
Is this true about the twin towers and tv/movies?
was hitler a millionaire?
What happened to the native African political entities by 1914?
Did I say something racist?
Was Adolf Hitler crazy or evil?
What does S.O.S. stand for? Like when you are trying to get attention when you are lost or something like that
did hitler really die in the explosion?
Was the WW2 a massacre?
Hi sir/mam Tell me about the Indian ambassador. How is he appoint? What must be achieved for the job? Thanks?
what is the physical environment of sun temple konark?
what were the miming habits ?
For anyone here that is old enough to remember, where were y ou when President Kennedy got killed.?
How did immigrants get from mexico to california in the time of the Industrial revolution?
what year was the 2500th aniversiry in Iran peacock throne era?
Conclusions can you make about the balance of party power between the years 1940-?
What was the Mongol invasion of Java?
What was the significance of the National Origins Act of 1924?
can you give me detailos about china's population control?
what caused the dark ages?
Why did the u.s favor immigration in the nineteenth century and restricted it in the 20th century?
What was the dollar value of King Tut"s Treasure that was found in the late 1920s by Carter?
What happenned on the 4th April(or May, i'm not sure) sometime in the 14th century in France??
what did the english think about their new king in 1066?
What were Kennedy's goals in the Cold War/Missile Crisis?
how DID hitler die?
who can help me on my history info?
How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?
What dispute did maryland and virginia have?
what is the pledge of alengence of sparta?
When did the witch huntings start in Europe and what was the cause?
what was the effect of blackbeard's blockade on charleston?
How many doctors did it take to put humpty dumpty back together again?
Web syts related 2 freedom struggle in india?
In what way did the Cuban Revolution affect the relationship between the US and Cuba?
Which of the following . . . .?
How did president James Buchanan effect America Socially, politically and economically?
which one does history remember more kindly: great ideas or the people who had them?
Who is history's earliest recorded troll?
what doe this sentence mean to you?
what were problems in the roman empire during the rule of marius?
why did knights eat roasted pigs and roasted chicken?
How many position of Lord Council of England?
Was St.Louis Missouri union or confederate in the civil war?
If Jesus is saviour why weren't other parts of the world also saved? i.e. N.A. Indians?
Did King Louis XIV use terror to reign?
What is the historical origin of the term "er"?
what is a good symbol for 1900's?
ASAP HELP HISTORY : Multiple Choice : Enlightenment Ideas 3Question Quiz. 10 points?
In a paragraph or less what did the budget control act of 1974 and then the banking reform act do?
Was the Roman Republic an improvement from Mesopotamian and Greek government?
what is love ?
Which one of the following statements is accurate regarding the emperor Kangxi?
Did the United States betray its values with nineteenth century imperialism?
what is disaster contingency plan?
I need help on history ?
Fire world problems in Francophone countries?
What were the weapons used during the Filipino-American War?
How did L'Ouverture's words, skills, and personality inspire haitrans?
Who was Confucius????????????????
What is Jesus' father's name?
Is Adolf Hitler the same person as Hitler?
Which is a good webpage to learn about History?
What changed after WW1 and what stayed the same?
Could you tell me if you think this is a good answer? (World History)?
where can i find same names of famous immigrants? Or do you know any?
Who is more responsible for WWI, Austria or Germany?
Who was responsible for starting the WWl and WWll?
how old is george w. bush?
Where did Ferdinand Magellan explore?
what periods of Japanese history can i use for my archaeology exsam?
how did they transport ice in the 18th century?
What kinds of contributions did Chief Pontiac make to the country?
What color is the American flag??!!?
Explain how the poor treatment of Germany has the potential to cause conflict in the future after ww1?
Why is it important to remember Pemulwuy today?
Why didn't captain cook use a plane 2 visit Australia?
just want to know where my last name came from?
what events in the declaration of independence coincided with the American revolution?
What is geroge gershwin's real name?
How did weak gov. play a role in the fall of Rome?
How did the delay of Second Front in France affect relations between the West and the Soviet Union?
did people like james madison?
Wilson's Fourteen Points?
Is new York going sink and what about the Status of liberty?
Is the Roman soldier who peirced Jesus Christ side at the crucifixion still alive today?
what is marrianne?
Where was Julius Caesar killed?
Would the second world war (and the holocaust) have happened if Hitler had never existed?
Comparisons between the voyages of Zheng He, Dom Francisco, and Christopher Columbus?
Who are the oldest people in europe or how old are serbian people?
What's the name of the soldier who hit Jesus when he got jailed by Pilatus?
How did Stephen Douglas’s plan undo the Missouri Compromise?
how did labor conditions change in the early 1900's?
what determines sustainable human system?
Question about the Mayflower compact!?
What is the meaning of my name larisha?
US actions in Korea, 1950-53?
In the USA, did blacks get the right to vote before women?
Source analysis...............?
Did Canada provide relief for the unemployed in the 1930's.?
Does anybody care about Malcolm anymore?
how can i find real curse spells?
If Atlantis ever existed, what other civilizations existed before it?
what is islam?
what did the peace of augsburg formally do?
Books on Jan Hus/Czech History?
what was geronimo trained to do as a youth? how did this help him in his adult life?
Henry VIII?
If you had a time machine, Would you go backwards or forwards?
Who is Mohamed Suharto?
Thoreau - "In Wilderness is the preservation of the World"?? Help!?
what was the ''unique difference'' between Aegyptus and other province? ( in terms of who owned it )?
Palin hits it big when she quits in Alaska! Now Demo Bayh of Ind. quits! Will Liberals appoint Him their V.P.?
Why Did The White People Treated The Black Folks Badly, When We Are All Equal?
History help: why might an historian say what they say?
I'm German, Is it wrong that I don't have any interest in learning about the Holocaust?
has there ever been a good/nice/positive/helpful dictator?
Do you think the famous backyard picture of Lee Harvey Oswald could have been faked?
The Emperor’s New Clothes” or “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” to give examples?
Tx History News Articles?
why did the united states of america colonize the philippines?
How much did things like gas, bread, cars, homes, etc. cost in the year 1916?
haiti becomes the first black colony to free its self when does haiti gain its independence?
What is the great schism like the one between the eastern and western churches.?
who invented windmills?
ANYONE who is decent with grade 10 history pleaseee help me!?
Help. What are your thoughts on the Homestead Strike in particular and the early organized labor movement in?
after the chaldeans defeated the Hebrew kingdom, they?
Trade Union Movement in the 1920s?
what is USA mean?
Did the Holocaust really happen?
Easy 10 points.....just read + tell me wacha think!!?
Who was a major leader during the black death?
I had a dream that my best friend died in the hospital. Does this mean she is going to die?
Latin 2 culture help please?
Is there any history of the land conqured by russia?
In the past, how have the dominant population treated minority populations in Puerto Rico?
A good name for a movie about Rasputin's death?
how long did it take genghis khan to cross his empire from end to end?
Was America really founded as a christian nation?
how did the laying of the first transatlantic cable make a difference to the industry/industrial revolution?
Is it true that Cleopatra was of Greek heritage?
How did Nadezhda von Meck influence Tchaikovsky?
how bigs the biggest big thing ever ?
When did mandatory service begin?
what challenges did president Kennedy face in trying to contain communism?
How do I clean and care for a antique Whiting and Davis enameled mesh purse?
What happened to the French army after they surrendered in wwII?
How did corruption affect society in the 19th century?
history question...?
Which speech in history do you think is the most powerful?
what fictonal historical events happend in hamlet and what is actually real historical events in the book?
what ancient history books have been written on israel that were not religious?
During and for several years after WW2 most food was rationed. However farmers shot rabbits as pests ...?
History repeats itself. Does it really happen so?
why! was Hitler evil?
What did English puritans hope to accomplish by settling in America?
Who was stabbed to death at a Florida fish fry honoring Red Sox pitcher Ed Morris, in 1932?
What continents did jacques cartier discover?
How successful were the methods of the WSPU in 1914?
When talking about Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X...?
What is the best ancient Greek play?
could there really have been a worse leader than stalin?
victorian era verses elizabethan era fashion?
Need to find a book called "The history of Mission San Antonio de Padua"?
What was the cause of the Cold War and why was it called that?
Around 1820-1840, the economic conditions for casual day laborers in American cities...?
Could Adolf Hitler ever rule again?
What were Henry Ford's stumbling blocks during his invention?
I have to do an American History Disputation... Any suggestions for a topic?
What is the singular and most important cause of the Civil War?
the mona lisa painting,was she a real woman?
what does XII AND XIV stand for?..?
miranda vs arizona?
Romanticism celebrated all of the following except- ?
i have a bottle that is clear and old it has a half or a 1/4 moon on it can you tell me what its worth or year
the most important events that occurred in Frederick Douglass's life.?
Short essay question:?
what is a great thesis statement for my essay on why did the loyalist remain loyal to King George iii?
political effects from dustbowl?
Chose on of the Important Dates from the dates below and Write a PEE Paragraph About Its Importance?
How did the wars of the Middle East start?
Where is the worlds oldest building?
Who whould u liek to be the next presidnt of united states?
What civilization had invented technolgy and used them to help make life easier?
What did people in the 18th century wear in the summer?
How was Napoleon Bonaparte bad for religion?
URGENT!!!! why did the UN fail to solve the present conflict in Syria?
where would i find a good website with Viet Cong tunneling strategies, or tunneling in the vietnam war?
What if the British had not conquered India ?
What order did each of Henry VIII wives die?
information on ice-T?
How many planets are there in our solar system?
What was life like in Britain in 1914?
why is opposition in a dictatorship difficult?
If the Pantheon is a temple built to Greek gods, why is it in Italy not Greece?
Whats a historical event that contained Ultranationalism and Genocide?
What were the general results of the doctrinal quarrels of the early centuries?
Why could the Amerindians NOT win in their fight against the Spaniards?
What was the Patriots main focus in the West and South?
What year was princeton(nj) founded?
What is the ancient name of India?
Explain the value of 20th century literature? Were the changes good or bad? Both?
Only Serious answers. What do you think was Hitlers biggest mistake in WW2.?
who discovered america?
Who were astronauts on apollo11?
Why did the Spanish call their occupation and settlement of Alta California the "Sacred Expedition"?
Where is the death mask Jean-Paul Marat?
What is Russia's Manifest Destiny?
What are three evils of our generation?
How many American presidents are not buried in the United States?
found this amusing... but for those who do not unstand dry wit please read no futher?
Did Liam Payne break up with Danielle??
WWI - Why do wars occur? What are the consequences of wars? How has modern technology changed warfare?
Why do people say that Adolf Hitler was the greatest man to ever walk the earth?
How could the fall of the USSR have been prevented?
which is the strongest - the werewolf or the vampire?
Absolutism Monarchy in France?
what are the details of the louisiana purchase?
Why should families move to Levittown?
What topic, relating to WW2, can I write a paper on?
what is the full name of los angeles?
I found a Indian war axe/hammer in Lewisburg ohio what tribe would have that been from?
How did medieval people spend their leisure time?
A history question for any old people out there, can you tell me what it was like in the 1980s?
What two groups were targeted during the Guatemalan Civil War?
please tell me some information about plate 11, Ea Seguy?
Why is there no white history month?
Who was the 15th president of the united states?
Did the Black Death of Europe affect the peasants more than the nobility?
If you are an American, are you embarrassed to be one? and if so, why?
If you could have lived any time in History when would it be?
Were the founding fathers of the US slave owners?
Will John and Cindy McCain become the ugliest first couple in history if elected?
Did Augustus start out as dictator or emperor?
The Story of Civilization has been Summarized by Micaville, can you tell me where to fnd the book?
how did the mongol invasions affect korean royal women?
Was democracy 1st started in United States?
why were early factories located in the counrtyside?
what were some home skills english settlers used when they first arrived in north america?
how come in US history is one sided?
what are some of the festivals that the mexicans celebrate in their country?
Why was the late medieval Northumbrian giant William Wallace played by the Australian dwarf Mel Gibson?
What is the National Disease of India ?
What is a summary of the punic wars?
Poll........Do you enjoy geography and history?
where can I find free crests for my surname or coat of arms for my surname?
What has happened in Vietnam politically, economically, and socially since independence?
Help please with narrowing medieval topic?
what does the strips on the united stated flag stand for?
Why did soul music turn into Contemporary R&B?
What state was President JFK killed in?
Does anyone know where I could get the complete history of Canada?
why did the Greeks like "Tragedies" so much?
How did progressives want to reform the economy?
If you could invite four people from history to dinner, who'd be your guests and why?
Why was the nozzle important in October Sky?
what job does a medieval serf do?
History help?
What state is known as the "Green Grass" state?
Did the Constitution meet the needs of the Federalists?
what effect did Ottoman Safavid and Mughal influence the western world?
if the usa was invaded by anouther country what would u do?
Heeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllpppppp… About chinese history?
Anybody knows about US History?? In the 1900s???
What was the name of Einstein's friend who developed the Atom Bomb?
World History Help!!!!?
What do you think about the dawes severality act?
When Noah was gathering every animal, did he go to Antarctica for penguins and Australia for kangaroos, or did
how did you get born!!!?
what is good difination of history?
What were the reasons behind the Spanish-American War?
history help?
Did the industrial revolution have a positive or negative effect on society?
I would like an answer to what ancient Egyptians used for medecines?
Aristotle's teachings?
Why did Churchill give his iron curtain speech in Fulton, MO?
which government was more Democratic the direct democracy in Athens or the republic in rome and why?
whats caused more wars throughout history?
Was Ben Chifley the one who challenged the Bill to Ban the CPA?
If you are SMART!!!?
hat were some of the challenges of the transcontinental railroad and how were they overcome?
who was Jevrosima?
I have a few questions about my gas mask?
How many people are in the world?
were to find used parts for farm impulantes?
Could Leonardo Da Vinci be a time traveler from the future of that century?
history song about the constitutional covention?
General Patton vs. General Bradley...who was better?
Where is the best place online to find info on the Regency Time Period?
is the united states constitution much like the twelve tables of ancient Rome?
why didn't racial slavery appear until about the 1600s?
Art history help? Please?
Alexander the "Great"? or the not so Great?
Why are there only four faces of the presidents on Mount Rushmore? Are these presidents wll liked by citizens
What are some good constitutions?
question regarding the Boston Tea party...?
WW2 theory?
What were the 2 opposing ideologies of both the super powers at the end of the cold war?
who made the inventions in medieval times?
who was the president in 1924?
all the following are true about the rise of "Jim Crow" in the South except?
Historical heroes????????????
Governmental bans on certain things throughout history?
Should David Lloyd George's sympathy for Nazi Germany be a stain on his history?
Was George Washington popular as president?
If God created all the good things on earth, why did he create the serpent or evil and it was in the beautiful
What historical developments influenced modern ideas of individual rights?
death record for milford newsome 37 died on 04/29/2010?
I shall ask a question that will prove to be horrible and chronicle.?
State three things that are important to notice when analyzing a work of art.?
Why is Hitler so hated?
Did Egypt build the pyramids to be more like America??
Is it bad that I like Hitler?
Does anyone know a legimate website(s) where I can find 1300-1625 century English Renaissance Literature?
What do the Puritans and romantics have common ?
I'm an American, question for a British historian, please?
is there a tunnel under the alexandria hotel in los angeles?
What time was the caliphate abolished?
How much did a stamp cost in 1976?
Texas history homework?
when and how did isaac hayes invent gravity?
how can i make a webside by myself and every one can open it like .???
What was the impact in Texas of the election of Lincoln as president?
Would you give up your whole family for fame and fourtune?
Who won the vietnam war?
name a country the spanish fought in the 1700s?
king phillip and king richard fought together and capture what?
mugabe is not the problem.The Western country are the real proble True or false?
How did the European view of China change during the 18th century, and why did this happen?
What were the reasons for Pol Pots genocide?
Why did groups such as the Irish, Jewish, and Italian workers often have an easier time in California (1800s)?
Did Adolf Hitlers Nazis kill any Muslim people during WW2?
In the Edwardian Era, is it true that ladies of high-class who dreamed to become a writer were frowned upon?
What places has Adolf Hitler been to? What places did he conquer?
During the Classic period of Mexico, what was built at Teotihuacan?
Why did people never wash in the times of the Elizabeth I?
WW II. 6 Million?
Discuss the effects of the Treaty of Versailles.?
The Salem Witch Trials 1692 ( I NEED HELP)?
who invented gold?
What did Hitler plan to do with all the soldiers who fought for him but had dark hair or eyes?
Wut were some effects of the English civil war?
What were the issues that brought in the US into the war of 1812?
Holy Roman Empire Enemies and Alliances 1600-1780?
What is the date for Good Friday?
When were potatoes first introduced to Europe?
I'm taking American history and I need help?
Prove to me the Holocaust happened?
Were elements of the Holocaust exaggerated?
What or Who is CHUIM ?
What did the Scottish Macleod clan do during the Napoleonic Wars?
How do you battle diagla?
"New African States" summary?
In Prehistoric Times, How Did Humans Survive When Dinosaurs Were Around?
benjamin franklin was an important figure in the?
how significant was WW2 on the lives of american people?
Why does the Pantheon in Rome have a Greek name?
I wanted to know what was the name of the pbs 70a or 80a show that had a man who was a scientist or a chemist?
you know the motto of the french revolution?
Write a propaganda Statement from the perspective of the USSR?
who were the major player in the Bear Flag Revolt and what were their roles?
ok so some people say incest, but it says no where in the bible that God created more people?
Was the Hawker Typhoon (maybe the Tempest also) the best Tank buster of WW2?
what is your opinion in Egypt?...clearly please!?
who knows if pirates exist because i am doing a report on them and really need help?
The age of Napoleon and tradtional heriarchies of europe?
What three mysteries in world history would you most like to have full knowledge of?
What were Billy Hughes demands at the Peace Conference?
Who presented the Statue of Liberty to the US of A????
who conscripted better? King or Borden?
what is the history of the pasaka festival in tanauan, leyte philippines?
Which country's army was primarily responsible for capturing Jerusalem and Damascus in WWI?
what are the effects of the Enlightenment and the Great Awaking on the colonists?
How did the Mayans and Aztecs have such accurate calendars?
i heard that 1 in 200 peoples blood line goes back to Mongol Ghengkis khan? is this true?
help i need facts on richard the 3rd!!!!!!?
how did king harold II die in 1066?
do you know were the 16th amendement was passed?
Did the Dawes plan of 1924 work?
traditional african woman & the killing of twins in Africa before colonization?
How did the Nazis segregate the Jews using executive and legal means?
knights templar?
Chickasaw Indians in Ohio?
what was the usa called before it was called the usa?
Where can I find the history of Mueller Glass of Luneville, France, in English?
Which of the following convinced American leaders of the need to call the Constitutional Convention?
HISTORY HELP! easy ten points!~?
What were African Americans efforts to gain their civic rights and social equality throughout the 20th century?
who opposed the spanish american war?
On May 13th 1929, What did Ralph Gleason become the first person to do?
How did Mansa Musa maintain power over the empire he ruled?
If you had one option to change the worlds history what would it be?
when did pittbull terriers become illegal in the uk?
In World War Two, who had the best uniform?
Does anybody know anything about Henry Bodrugan sheriff of Cornwall 1227?
What is this famous Generals name?
The repression of Non-Anglican Protestants - Ireland?
Can someone tell me all the entries that happened over 1788-1860 in American History?
what news happened international and nacional in the years 1950's-1960's?
Corrections in the Constitution?
What were the positive affects on bombing Japan and ending the war?
A question of Murder - who would you kill?
Who do you hate most in history ?
Auschwitz Bakelite CheckerBoard. who knows about that?
How was the potato discovered?
What makes Brunelleschi a humanist?
Why Couldn't WW2 Have Been Prevented?
why has blackness been such a potent organizing priniciple in this nation of immigrants?
Is global history easier than U.S. History?
In the 1930's some areas of the country suffered from especially harsh environmental conditions.?
Is terrorism about religion or politics?
Do you consider Paris Hilton a historical person?
would you find it weird if somebody in his 20s did not know who hitler was?
who is joseph, stella?
What is the purpose of 'One Day' by David Nicholls?
what is a zither from the middle ages?
What were the significant of the sea roads?
was canada ever apart of the united kingdom?
Help with European history?
Was The Egypt's piramids build by ALIENS ?
Did John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) discover modern day Newfoundland?
How did the constant air combat play an integral role in the outcome of World War II?
Knights of Templar?
What if a Jewish person converted to Christianity while he/she was already in the concentration camp?
Who used to know about friendship?
Was Hitler a great man?
how were the reactions of arfican and muslim rulers to imperialism similar or different?
What is C.E. as referenced to in a year? For example, 900 C.E.?
What does abolitionist mean in terms of the Texas Revolution?
What is the origin of the Kama Sutra?
differences between persian, armenian, and arabic?
What is a good site to find info on Rasputin?
Okinawa history.?
Did the apple really hit Isaac Newton's head?
History Research Questions!?
Wich meeting was held in philalephia in 1787?
do you think the contutionis still working?
Which king acquired Buckingham Palace as a private residence in the 18th century?
How come Asian's are the only pure race?
How important is Sir Douglas Haig as an architect of the allied victory?
What would be the military title of the man in charge of a 19th century army fort?
what are the inaccuracies between Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and the real life of Julius Caesar?
Where can I find infos about Abdul Hamit B' ?
Who Killed Prophet Isiah and in what year?
Why were slaves treated better in the Middle East than in America?
What ways did the treaty of Versailles contribute to rise of radical political parties in Germany during?
What happen in 1215 of U.S history? Please give a complete sentence what happen in that year.?
what were the golden twenties like in the UK?
is god a girl or a guy is he mexican black white italian japanise or whar?
According to history during WWII,Did the Japanese Imperial Army invaded Vietnam,Cambodia,Laos before?
Was Sir Winston Churchill's bodyguard Walter Thompson left handed or right handed?
what is Micheal jackson's theme?
Country of origin , Highest rank and Fate of these WWII commanders ?? below?
do you know giraffes tongues are 1 foot long?
Who do you consider was the finest army ever. now or in history.?
Where were "The Huns" from and how they differed from the Mongolians & Tatars?
What are the time lines in European history?
what id Pasteur prove to kill bacterial?
What provokes Riots?
What happened on your birthday?
Key facts on the British Empire?
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington Historical Connections?
what if hitler was alive today?
What are all of Louis Pasteur's dicoveries and inventions?
what did george washington do as president?
are u stisfied abut ur self?
Is it true that discussion about Holocaust be forbiden?
How did Isabella affect the European Wordlview?
What are the main features of the Roman Republican government?
How was the life of women different in about 1912 times compared to now?
young people of the 1950's were sometimes known as the "silent generation" because.?
what were the northern transportations in the 1820s and 1860s?
Would you admit it if you knew your ancestors owned slaves?
1 history question1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
who is to blame for world war one?
What was the center of gravity for the battle of antietam?
who discovered blindness?
How did the Fair Labor Standards Act help end the Great Depression?
Who was the most influential human being in history and why?
in what ways is antisemitism an ideology?
who discovered hireoglyphics?
What was Raker's Act?
What kind of country has czars'?
Who sat next to Goring at the Nuremburg Trial?
How did urbanization change americans thinking and attitudes compared to rural areas and small towns?
what year did vivienne westwood meet Malcolm McLaren?
Carib And Arawak Indians Difference?
What is the history of Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon?
What were some effects of the Western Expansion of the United States?
What significant about the Treaty of Tordesillas?
what did the God Demeter represent?
Why countries have flag?
Need answers about history?
Is anyone on here a survivor from the Holocaust, or that knows someone who is?
Which World Leader do u think was the worst from this list?
Who was the original guitarist in lynyrd Skynyrd (before the 1977 plane crash)?
The growth of maritime and overland trading routes led to?
Who is Caligula, and why was Caligula assassinated?
How did the Media affect the Vietnam War?
if you take away the holocaust was hitler really that bad of a person?
Is there any movies about Arsinoe? Cleopatra's sister....?
if u making a six facts in greek temple what it will be?
Do northerners think all southerners sound like hicks?
what is the conflict in the invention of hugo cabret?