What is Historys greatest blunder?
Was there ever a weapon like the lacrosse stick used in medieval times or earlier?
Did someone ever admit to murdering Walter Collins?
Discuss the real role of Salieri in Mozart's life.was he really as prominent as portrayed in "amadeus"?
King georges rejection of the 2nd continental congress' olive branch petition did all except whatt?
if adam and eve are white how do we have different colored people?
Was slavery necessary in the United States?
What ethical guidelines came out of the Nuremberg trials related to the medical field?
hasanloo cup?
Give me a did u know?
The hundred years war - brief introduction?
what is the traditional text book view of columbus?
How and to what extent did methods and ideals of Renaissance humanism contribute to the Protestant Reformation?
Who could I compare the french philosoper Voltaire to?
**Calling all US HISTORY buffs! HW HELP please! I have an exam soon, and I NEED to understand these terms :)**?
Why was Boston important in the revolution?
Which was the year when nothing happened?
how did canals improved transportation?
Did Christopher Columbus discover...?
You believe the End is Near?
Did the Biblical Jesus really exist?
Well nasa was formed in the 1950?
what is the national language of brazil?
Do you know of articles-events that speak of struggles to form unions?
can anyone give me a quick summary on salem witch trials?
How did the colonist's spirit and determination contribute to the success of the American Revolution?
Why is Genghis Khan important to east asia between 600-1350?
What kind of entertainment did the have in the 1800's?
how many children went to university in the 1970s?
Who was "The King of Saxony" during the 1830s? and what kind of castle or palace he had?
Who was Whitaker Chambers?
my dad found a large piece of petrified wood that turned to stone in the mine is it worth anything?
orientalising period in Greece; what were the effects it had?
What historical significance does a diary from ww2 have?
What do you think would have happened if the South won the Civil war ?
Saw a place on Smash Cuts that historically used fireworks after their cannons were taken?
name of a romantic author who fought in the greek war of independence?
what factors contributed to the rapid growth of cities during the late 19th and early 20th centuries?
When you were like 5, what did you want to be when you were older?
was king arthur a roman left behind after roman occupation?
Which prominent personality to invite in a seminar on "The role of Bengal in Indian Independence"?
Did you know that the ancient scottish kilt was actually created in the late 1700's?
if we all are supposed to have come from APES, WHY havent all Apes evolved into Humans.?????
what type of posters/propaganda were there after WW1..?
looking for comanche pottery with name of ming?
Ferry Prices For Fort Sumter?
who was more professional/organized/scarier - russian bolsheviks or chinese maoists?
What does the "An 18th century slave narrative by Gustavus Vassa" tell us about its time?
Y dont u ppl beleive in Allah who created everything and everyone including Jesus....y r u so shalow?
How and why did the world become more interconnected after the 9/11 attacks?
what is history care?
Japan and World War II reparations, is it time now?
What is the defintion of retro?
Discuss the development of religious and political freedom in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, and Penns?
List of France's governments?
History help Vietnam?
If you could speak to Cleopatra, what would you say to her?
did the trail of tears happen first or the decision of worcester vs. georgia?
Did the British or Europeans colonise Australia?
What were the causes and consequences of the peloponnesian war?
Hector's Dolphin and the Japanese?
How did people use economy in Ancient Incas?
before ww2 did people from other Nations Know about what the Germans were doing to the Jewish or did Hitler?
What signer renounced his signature on the Declaration of Independence and declare loyalty to Great Britain?
Why do people act like Hitler was such a bad person?
what brought the US out of the Great Depression of the 1930s?
Does anybody know any interesting facts about Adolf Hitler?
I need to find where I can study the real Kabbalah,. Who knows? Thanks a lot....give you a virtual kiss!!!?
History question please help?
Reconstruction Questions?
How did al the great affect cultures?
how did European exploration help lead the way to Scientific Revolution?
Why Kamboja and Laos just joined ASEAN around 2000? (.s!)?
history of opera?
Do you think that young people in the UK care about British History particularly WW2?
why human bings sleep at night only?
I have Republic of Texas money and I want to know how much I can sell it for?
what methods did bronson alcott use to improve the american life?
explain why christians believe that jesus' death toke away all the sins from the world?
Who are allies and opponents of Great Britain today?
How did a local conflict in the Balkans turn into a war that involved millions of people?
The action of one man is responsible for millions of people's suffering! Your thoughts.Thx.?
What was the MAIN thing which caused Cold War to end?
Do Americans really think that Columbus is the first European to come to North America?
Explained why the French were so successful in the first years of the French and Indian Wars.?
How did Canada become a prominent peacekeeper during the Suez Crisis, while handling pressure from Britain?
did the africans have a choice to engage in the slave trade?
Just how great were The Beatles??
History Help. 10 POINTS!!!!?
How did they build the simulation in "Stars Earn Stripes".?
What does Max schmeling do, involving the 1936 olympics, that changes the world's perception of Nazi reich?
What happened in America in 1872?
How many jobs did Thomas Paine have in his whole life?
explain how 2 countries in the european union were affected by the holocaust. assignment due tomorrow!?
Egyptian and Greek period help? Medicine through time?
What would happen if president was killed?
What would be a good concluding sentence for an article about the Phoenician alphabet?
Was there an orphanage or workhouse, asylum in Rearsby, Leicestershire?
turmoil in england influencing expansion?
What was the Arts and Crafts movement a reaction against and how did it seek to redress this?
How were Hohenzollerns able to forge their diverse land holdings into the state of Prussia?
what did the spartans call natives when they invaded peloponnesus?
Identify at least three problems immigrants in the cities faced in the late 1800's ?
Anastasia dead or alive?
AP History paper? Dorothea Dix?
What is fastest land animal?
why did Hitler only like people with blond heir and blue eyes?
What year did the romans build roads?
What do you know about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk from Turkey?
What is the difference between an Arab & a Jew?
What was Thomas Paine's conflict or dilemma?
why did Britain and france appease hitler?
What is your favorite historical event in history that occurred during your lifetime?
Why is the Holocaust made into such a big deal when other, modern genocides are occurring?
how much time must pass before the greatness of Adolf Hitler will be recogonized?
I Need Info on Battle of Pusan Perimeter!!!?
Why did the United States consider the building of the Panama Canal so important?
What was the most awesome part of sati?
Are the Jews responsible for all the wars?
What was the worst war in history?
Who wrote the Bible?
Any information about "Babe Didrikson Zaharias"?
US History Question about the 3/5 Compromise?
who is the frist lady bron in the world?
if you could live in any time of history,what would it be?
who is the first us. presedent?
Which country was never conquered by Adolf Hitler: France, Poland, or England?
What makes a British Public School any better to that of a British State School?
why is nobody answering me>>?
Is John Wayne dead???
Who really discovered America ?
What Middle Eastern Country was most affected after WW1 and why?
Was Abraham Lincoln African American?
What was life like for the Teen in the 1970s?
Why is black historyso important?
Do you think Tupac Shakur was a historical figure and why?
For some reason I love learning about WW1 and WW2?
History: Dutch colonization, what places in the world were found(ed) by the Dutch?
what are 40 facts on Johann Gutenberg?
Why are Americans less ambitious nowadays?
Most colonists who came to Virginia during the 17th century owed 4 to 7 years service in return for for passag?
manifest destiny: how were the nateve americans affected by the white man?
Why did Edward 1st build the welsh castles?
Just Wondering...?
how tall is the ancient monument in suderban?
Is there any possibility that Robin Hood existed?
What are the benefits won by the English from the Magna Carta?
How has the prison industrial complex affected African Americans lives?
What would America be like today if Native Americans land was never stolen by white Europeans?
Bubble gum's main ingredient Chiclae, was first intended to be a replacement for the rubber in tires, but?
what the colonists did tp prevent the diphtheria?
Does anyone study anythng apart from Hitler in History at school these days?
facts about our lady of guadalupe?
The Holocaust: Did it really happened?
Why were powdered wigs so popular during the 18th century?
Did Germany have a good reason for holocausting the Jews?
American History 1900's essay help?
What was the effect of segregation to the African Americans?
what is a section 7 ultimatum?
How many Germans emmigrated to America to escape the Nazis?
do u think santa is satan?
who is noor jahan ?
When did the american revolution start?
What was the Rwanda Genocide and what were it's effects?
Who do you think is the most influential person in history?
what changes were brought by Britishers after their arrival in sub -continent?
What were short term and long term social impacts of World War 1?
In the simsfreeplay the coins were 0.00€ and I bought it, Did it charge me anything or was it an error?
What were Sinans accomplishments?
Why was any of Berlin at all ever given over to the Russians?
Would I be lying if I said that Nazi Germany was NOT a technologically advanced country?
Any one want to help me with a project on the French Revolution?
Was Adolf Hitler a Jew?
Do you think that teaching American History is harmful to children?
Where Was the red cross founded?
I'm making a video on World War 1 and I dont know what to do?
What are the reasons for the 4 phases of the Revolution?
what ethnicity/colour was adam and eve?
why bats r lying in head low position?
Why do they call gold miners during California Gold Rush fourtyniners 49ers?)?
what does XII AND XIV stand for?..?
Is Jimmy Carter our greatest ex-President?
explain how enlightnment influenced the atlantic revolutions?
i would like to know about my contribution?
mahathma gandigi why came back to india from africa?
what effect did the Bolschevik Revolution (USSR 1917) have on political extremism in Weimar Germany??
What pathogen caused the "Black Death" in medieval Europe and the rest of the civilised world?
Which was the first capital of India?
In what way did the FDIC insure the success of the first actions of the First Hundred Days to make the bankin?
WW1 trench warfare question?
Why was the Poor Law of 1834 so controversial at the time?
Emancipation Proclamtion?
when did language emerge?
when do people started cellebratin a 'fool's day?
What does POMs actually means? Somebody told me it was used for Aussies and Kiwis and now for Brits.?
What was it like being an Afrikaner post-apartheid?
World cultures. geographic features help please?
Is there any reality in The Da Vinci Code ?
Who was worse between Hitler, Stalin, or Mao ?
History of Pasir Ris, Singapore during 1955 to 1985?
what are fun game web sites?
What are the new monarchs?
Explain the Navigation Acts,Why did England pass the Acts and how did the Acts affect the colonies?
How long did it take to build a house in the 17th century?
Is it really true that the Nazis did this with Jews...?
How can one explain the success of the American Revolution and the failure of the French Revolution when both?
Elgin Marbles????? Who do you think gets them?
Federalist vs Republican party?
What is the eye-and-pyramid symbol on US bank notes called?
What was the historical significance of Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902)?
What's the definition of the greek order?
I need information about Peter Pace and William Rodney Galloway what are they known for, what have they done.
Which statement about the American poor is true?
Whats very significant about Elizabeth 1st reign?
Opinions... Did the Ghettos succeed in dehumanising the jews?
Did Japanese really inflict heavy losses in Pearl Herbour?
what were the purposes of the crusades?
When was China discovered by European explorers?
History Help. 10 POINTS!!!!?
How did the first Americans arrive in America?
Did Hitler just need a hug?
major inventions scientific revolution?
what significant occurrences were happening at the time of the polygraph?
What is wrong with the world? Your opinions matter...!?
if slavery began in 1619, why did it take 200 ?
What was the church like in victorian times?
in the book "The oddesey" did odiseus make peace with posiedon before or after he got to ithaca?
What country did the Aztecs come from?
Who was Booker T Washington?
Why might some people say that communism is to modern China what Confucianism was to the Chinese Empire?
do u think cleopatra really killed herself by an asp bite???
Any Jacobite Rebellion Quotes?
What are 12 Sumerian independent self-governing communities called?
where could the real malgudi be?
Where was the exact location of the car accident that injured, and eventually killed GEN Patton?
Who Built the Rialto Bridge???
Explain: Under pedro 1, Brazil became independent. Under pedro 2, brazil became a republic.?
Who was first?
Just read a book that says Halloween is a manifestation of evil (occult ergo evil). What do you think?
IS 666 a bad number? what if you live in a house of that number put maybe with another number at the end?
Slave trade?
During the Post Classical Era, all of these regions joined the civilized geographic cores EXCEPT?
who was the make tajmahal?
who invented the clap's current/common use-applause?
Why did the Lacedemonians refuse to join Alexander in his campaign against Persia?
Polish: Do you know that you had a true hero in ww2 on your side?
Do you think Hitler was a good leader or a maniac?
I need a copy of Jesse Owens "Letter to a Young Black Man" Does anyone know where I can find it?
Who was the worst US president ever?
What is the name of the first transcontinental railroad in the US?
what is the oldest belief system to have survived since ancient times?
Was Hitler really so bad as he is projected?
Why was Jamestown a turning point in history?
i never did my homework so what's a good excuse?
What is the Yoke of Caudium?
what is the capital of assyria?
what colors did the union soldiers wear in the civil war?
Land art is influenced by the Indian tribe names that mean?
who are the Native Americans?
Who was the worst president in American History?
When America was founded , what Nationality owned and cultivated more land than any other Immigrant ?
what was the role of the residencia?
What if North Korea attacks the United States?
Can you explain the history between the US and Cuba?
Why did the 90's ruin everything?
analyze the transition from hunter-gatherer societies to agricultural societies and herdsman societies.?
In how many days was Rome built?
Modern world history-Please help!!! last question and i dont understand!!!?
what does 'early Roman medicine was primitive compared to Hippocratic medicine mean ?
AP U.S. History Questions; The American Revolution?
1. What is the signifance of tar and feathering? a. Who were the usual perpetrators and victims? 2. I may not?
how historically accurate is history?
What are three reason why Jefferson's life was paradoxical?
How would we see Hitler and the Nazis without the Holocaust?
what is palanquine?
What is the origin of the Khan Asparuh?
In Unified Recognition and awareness of the Universal Declaration of are Inalienable Human Rights.?
How did Abraham Lincoln die?
What languages did Cleopatra speak?
Was Josip Broz Tito a good guy? or bad?
Help with US History?
Are Khubilai Khan and Kublai Khan the same person?
About the Holocaust......!?
During the Industrial Revolution, why were women and children employed in the mines?
How did the famous Painting the Mona Lisa acquire her name?
Why did the metis object to the purchase of Rupert’s land? What did they do.?
who in history you most admired?
help plzzzzzzzzzzzz?
What was the outcome of the USA and the French signing the French alliance?
What happened in History on March 29.?
What was the historical significance of the Three-Fifths Compromise?
a few history questions about the Europeans Explore the East. please help.?
Death toll of the Soviet Gulags?
why did the dred scott case happen?
What were ironclads? how did the north use them?
Did John George Diefenbaker get married?
Did Harriet Jacobs reflect any aspects of "true womanhood"?
Help with a Kwandan Genocide essay?
Why were the elements gallium (Ga), scandium (Sc), and germanium (Ge) important to Mendeleev?
Who were the only 2 people to sign the Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July?
The Country House History?
I want to know about how Joan of Arc led the French and what happened?
When was slavery legal and illegal in Tennessee?
How did Hoover and FDR approached the Depression differently - in terms of solving it?
what did Edgar Allan Poe do in Baltimore?
What's the story on Lilith? (from the Bible)?
where was embroidering founded in the u.s.a.?
Did Ella Baker win any awards and what were her accomplishments?
Henry VIII His actions with the church was both need and desirable ?
What is the historic relationship between China and Japan?
Did the U.S. really drop two bombs on Japan?
In Prehistoric Times, How Did Humans Survive When Dinosaurs Were Around?
What is a good argument i could make between the city and the country.?
what are the types of colony and their differences?
Why is Sir Ernest Shackleton one of historys most famous explorers?
Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
What are some good Documentaries/Historical Dramas depicting Christian Atrocities?
The growth of European Imperialism in the late 1800's. What other forces were at work?
who was more responsible for the out break of the first world war: Austria-Hungary or Germany? and why?
How far did life change after World War One?
What are the names of the names of the various acting companies with which Shakespeare is associated ?
what was the most important long term cause of ww1 and why?
someone tell me wat french speaking country called?
if Japan didn't surrender after the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, what would have been the next bombing?
pleaseeee answerer these HISTORY TRUE FALSE questions 10 points if you answer corectly:)))))?
where is a brief summary about the poem "Life Is Fine" by: Langston Hughes?
who is the famous man in the world?
What effects positive and negative did the crusades have on the Muslims?
why do we cheers(hit the glass) before we drink?and how it comes as a custom?
Could you do me a summary of second world war?
If Hitler had escaped Berlin like his generals advised him to, what do you think would have happened to Hitler
how do you make a hoop such as was worn in the civil war era?
History! please help!!!?
US history easy 10 points multiple choice?
Where did Gustav Mahler lived and composed hs music?
My son would like to know - who invented the computer?
what was the nature of slavery in africa before the arrival of the spanish?
Capton Charles Sturt ?
how does chief justice earl warren use historical evidence to support the supreme court opinion?
What weapons did they have during the mideval time period?
What was so significant of the sinking of the Titanic?
Which ancient empire was the strongest one? Ancient Egypt or Ancient Rome?
To what extent did the policies of the 1920s contribute to the depression? Was the depression inevitabl?
What were President Kennedy's beliefs of the Cold War?
Did the Britannic sink by a torpedo or a mine?
what act by customs officers began a series of events that led to the boston massacre?
How could the JFK Assassination have been avoided?
What did Noah release from the Ark first?
history help have ideas but dont know if they are correct?
If Ancient Rome had developed biological or chemical weapons to use, how would that have affected history?
If ancient Egyptians (Kemetuas) were a Nilotic race than why was King Tut's DNA 98% Western Europian?
Who has affected the history of the world the most?
did knights of the middle ages at times face very adverse situations such as have many enemies or outnumbered?
what role did alliance system play in preventing austria-hungary and serbia from coming to settlement?
what was DA Gama's ship made out of?
what were some non-Arab influences on early islam?
what is this painting worth ?
what came first the chiken or the egg?
What was the historical significance of the Treaty of Ghent (December 24, 1814)?
How did the great depression affect the lives of the people?
What was Atlanta Ga like in the 40's, 50's & 60's?
What were times like from 1850 - 1894? ?
Africa History question about the last 100 years or so...?
Who is Shelly Zagart?
Who discovered family of the year?
where in phillipines did the battle of peleliu take place?
4. According to Paine, what kind of government is most consistent with the state of nature? Explain why this i?
Why did British want to abolish Sati and how was this an example of larger British imperialism?
What is the history behind the Bytown Inn in Ottawa, Ontario.? Where was it located and who owned it ?
How come Helen Keller wasn't allowed to be with Peter Fagin?
As a Brit, I was wondering why Americans are obssesed with Hilter and Nazis?
If you could go back in time and see anyone or anything...?
Any good books on Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders?
who is Urban II and what did he do in the crusades?
Prove to me the Holocaust happened?
What's your opinion on the murder of JFK, what really happened?
what was the hundred days, during the great depression?
How will the history judge US President George W. Bush?
Is it true that when your nose itches... Someone is talking about you?
What was the historical significance of "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine?
If someone was born on December 2nd, 1989, how old would they be now on this exact date?
What are some political contributions of the byzantine Empire ?
Help on a DBQ, please?
where did physical theraphy orginate from?
Why did no one have beards in world war two?
Who said "Let them eat cake"?
Is Circus Maximus a current Italian tourist attraction?
Will The World Come To A End Some Day?
Why did the native peoples of North American not build any lasting structures?
do you think Marylin Monroe was assasinated by the Kennedys?
Who were you taught won the War of 1812?
Was Hitler a nice guy?
who were huns?
What are the powers necessary to perpetuate a strong nation?
What is the meaning of life?
Who wants to help write what may become the strongest book ever written: The Perfect Coup The JFK?
Can someone help me with my U.S. history homework?
Im doing a paper in school about where holister clothing was founded and just history about it?
Why did Britain get involved in the slave trade?
What was the similarities between the North and the South during the Civil War?
In Oedipus Rex, what did Terieius mean when he asked "Dost know thy lineage?"?
Does anyone know general information about the Boer War in South Africa????
why did the french want to explore america?
What is the greatest invention of man.?
How did Governor William Berkeley gain from the trade with the indians?
Do you think there is a "freemasonic" or "illuminati" conspiracy going on with the wars in the Middle East?
should national items be returned to who they originally belonged to or kept in foreign museums?
Who was the first New World explorer to take a dip in the springs of what’s now Hot Springs, Arkansas?
Will good triumph over evil in the end?
Were 1924-1929 the best years of Weimar Republic?
Did the Americans take the island of Iwo Jima easily from the Japanese?
What was James Madison's part in the war of 1812?
who were among the early inhibitors of new hampshire?
Biased info. Does anyone have any non-biased arguments about Hitler?
Is it true ? Amin Al Husseini, the Mufti of Palestine was a key advisor to Hitler for planning the Holocaust ?
what is the name of first killer of mahatma gandhi?
How has the Spanish Inquisiton affect us today?
Why did Athens lose the Peloponnesian War?
What does the Jesuits at Québec and Pere LaForgue say about the role of religion in colonization?
Has anyone heard this news that they think Abe Lincoln was gay?
What is the world's oldest city? Damascus or Jericho?
What was before the World War 1 started and what started the War in the first place?
Geography Essay Question about The Soviet Union?
Why did Jeffrey Amherst want to spread smallpox to Native Americans but not his other enemies?
By the conclusionof the 19th century the dominant form of industrial organization in Europ, US, and Japan was.
Does 'The 14th century' mean the 1400's?
World War 3 ? What's it over ?
how did the Reformation, the Enlightenment and the French Revolution all link to one another?
Why do Americans speak English?
Ancient GREECE and Ancient Egypt???
Are Germans forgeting there once great hero?
how were slaves treated in haiti?
During the Atlantic slave trade, where did the vast majority of slaves were transported to?
Effect of Napoleonic wars on Russian social revolutionary movement? Links?
Will there be an end to d crisis in d middle east?
How many people died in the Rebellions of 1837 in Upper and Lower Canada?
What HEALTH problems did Julius Caesar have?
it is estimated that the population of north ad south america in 1492, was roughly?
How can i find more information about Bowl with Human Feet for an art history paper?
Was Hitler mentally ill or was he genius?
i want know about hitler's life briefly.?
American Race History Homework Help?
To what extent was the outcome of the Geneva conference .... ( continued)?
what effect has the gulf of tonkin resolution (1964) and the war powers act of 1973 have on the presidency?
Who is the most controversial man the world has ever known?
facts about the assassination of Franz Ferdinand?
How many nations were not founded by terrorism?
What is the biggest snow storm in history of Brazil ?
What do you think is the best invintion ever made? For you and for man kind in general?
Who was stabbed to death at a Florida fish fry honoring Red Sox pitcher Ed Morris, in 1932?
U.S. intervention in world affairs in early 1900's?
why does the law is rules established by people who have control of organized power?
why did britain supported locarno treaty?
What were the Germanic Tribes?
Why did african american voting in the south decline drastically by the 1800s?
What are the descriptions about the battle Of Britain?
what is the biggest lie?
What role did the Bill of Rights compromise have on the debate and ratification of the Constitution?
When was Jebel Khalid founded?
What motivated the nations of Europe to engage in imperialist activities?
Who is the only U.S. president buried in Washington D.C.?
How did hitler kill the jews?
how was religion and culture interaction in spanish colonial american different from the ottoman empire?
If you were born before 1968 what do you remember when Robert Kennedy or Martin Luther King was killed?
Why did city states appear in the Muslim world after the fall of Jerusalem?
Is it true that man put his foot on moon?
How did st. augustine synthesize pagan and chirstian cultures>?
Ok, where did the action of smoking originate?
Negative co-worker who can't take any kind of criticism?
how much times was Saint Sebastian shot?
Why was the western side of the Italian peninsula more favorable for early settlement?
Could women vote in other colonies before the american revolution?
I need to know how to find information on a sterling silver slave bracelet, approx. 250 yrs. old?
i want to know every thing about the histoey of Canada.all?
Is Jesus the most influencial person in human history?
Are there any good books about the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre?
elizabethan era... i need help!?
what changes occurred 16th through 18th century with courtiers?
How did the Reconstruction Finance Corporation represent typical conservative Republican beliefs of the 1920?
If you could witness any event in world history, what would it be?
Is it wrong that I'm interested and fascinated with the KKK?
Did any member of your family fight in WWII?
A friend of mine told me that Americans don't study Europe's history. Is it true?
Charles Grandison Finney efforts in Rochester preached daily and developed important new techniques which had?
who is a famous chinese women?
Was their any propaganda supporting the concentration camps in germany?
When does Benjamin Franklin think one should compromise and lead?
How come Canada was never asked to join the Union along with the thirteen colonies?
How old are guns?
What does the phrase " behind every man there's a great woman" mean?
Do you trust wikipedia for you research?
Henry Ford intervened in his workers' lives by:?
What was the significance of the fourth crusade?
Where abouts did Hernan Cortes land before discovering the Aztecs?
To date, what is Mexico's greatest invention?
what was the cause of the first world war ?
Main events of the hundred years war?
Eroticism and Christian History?
there is an old hebrew story about the " the hall of souls" what was this place?
What are some differences & similarites in ancient classical India & Greece?
Was Hitler really vegetarian?
What in the Declaration of Independence gave the 13 colonies expansion rights?
what would you consider to be iconic images of the 1950s through to now?
How does genocide affect the world?
How was Brazilian governmnet and independence different from that of other South American countries?
When thinking of Greece, why did Sparta seem to have just disappeared?
Dakota Conflict. NA and settlers perspective.?
If you could travel back in time and change only one historical event ,what would you change?
does anyone know wat is the main region in Massachusetts?
What happened to J. L. & P. Weidner, a german paint company in Nuremberg, Germany?
who was remesis 2 and his wife?
how are developments in india linked to developments outside of it?
How much tax did the Romans pay ?
Who was that guy that got killed in the bath tub?
wha are seven wonders in the world?
When confronted with what he believed to be an unjust law, Henry David Thoreau opted to?
In the 1600 and 1700s ,,,Which types of peope would visit the large cities of Berlin, Paris, London, etc?
cassatt was irritated by comments such as what?
Help with FDR and his New Deal?
were there horses before columbus came to the usa to explore?
Why is the United States called "Uncle Sam" .... ?
Peloponnesian War 431–404 BCE:Which more powerful on land/water? Why might Persian Empire finance Spartan navy?
Historical documents to analyze from the middle ages in the Non-Christian world?
Where did numbers originate?
which state did not fit the pattern of western migration?
who was the greatest president of the u.s. ?
How did the Nile affect the interaction between Egyptians and other civilizations?
Some pollution is an inevitable consequence of production, presenting society with a:?
if you could travel back in time which time period would you go to and why?
What nation has purchased $1.2 billion worth of arms from the U.S., since invading East Timor?
Did Athens' victory in the Persian War contribute to a more or less democratic state?
Who built the white house?
What made the Spartans capable of such heroic act? What were they fighting for?
What were the major steps in Americas move from neutrality between 1935 and 1941?
Did they have religious freedom in Colonial Connecticut ?
why do you think Portugal and Spain were the first countries to finance sailing explorations?
who was the Confederate general that was the commander of the Mississippi Military Department?
the significance the sterkfontein caves are to south africa and africa in general?
History Help ASAP PLEASE,?
What was Silk Road's importance in the movement of goods?
What are the greatest inventions of the past 150.000 years and why?
Maurice Brazil Pendergast (1858-1924)?
I need information on what was happening in Ireland in the year 1432, Can someone please help?
What are the chances of Charles Manson being innocent?
If you had to name 1 thing that changed the entire world from the World Wars?
What ethnicity and age does this person look like?
Do you think that anything could have been done to prevent the Chernobyl Disaster, nuclear energy, good, bad??
It is worth going inside the pyramids Cairo, Egypt?
How could art be expressed through cake decorating?
which kingdom did Dermot Mc Murrog and Tiernan O Rourk want?
what do women do twice as often as men?
What are some facts about the north and south in the 1800's?
What was the role of the Haitian Revolution in the Louisiana Purchase?
Why is History so boring?
comparing representations?
WHICH DAY OF THE WEEK DID GOD CREATE A WOMAN?...animals had their day!!....i wonder?
did plato write about atlantis?
Was Hitler a true blue German or was he a Jew himself?
What is the History's motor: classes struggle,races struggle,the invisible hand,spontaneous order or what ?
Are these all of the cases that were put before the supreme court from 1800-1860?
Regarding "First Inaugural Address" by Thomas Jefferson ......?
I am currently a history major and do NOT want to teach!?
What was a bigger event: 9/11 or Hiroshima?
What would America be like now if South won Civil war?
What economic effects occured between 1775–1800 that changed the American society?
What did President Nixon's policy of Vietnamization mean for the United States?
why moder people think that the accent people were dum?
Why did America join World War 2?
Of all genocides, why is The Holocaust the only one known by most people?
would slavery have been abolished if it had not been replaced by machines?
four cultures that influenced ancient Rome?
Who was Lucrezia Borgia?
Archduchess Marianne (Maria Anna) of Austria (1738-1789)?
Is this historically correct?
Why do we say "God Bless" after someone sneeze's?
explain how the Missouri Compromise contributed to the eventual abolition of slavery?
was the name elijah common during the civil war period? or other names?
why did the Civil War mark a major turning point in American history?
what comes to your mind if I mention ''Falklands Islands''?
Who's the most important person in the history of mankind?
who is the most EVIL person in history?
was Hannibal the victorious general at the battle of Cannae in the 2nd punic war?
How did people get around before any modes of transport were invented?
Why did president Jackson oppose the recharter of the bank of the united states?
If you could be any famous women of history for one month?
What was the name of Alexander the Great's horse?
If the Norman knights & kings were "Christians"..why had names such as "Robert the Devil"?
What was the term used to describe the end of world war two in Europe?
Who was truly behind the 9/11 attacks?
I'm looking for my sister Munuela Hicks born fey in germany.?
Why was columbus lookin for india when he accidently found america?
What event lead to the release of the boomtownrats song "I dont like mondays"?
According to social darwinism what should the government have done about monopolies?
ugh roman research help.... PLEASE?
Why did people never wash in the times of the Elizabeth I?
hey mr. english?
Rural-to-urban migration was primarily motivated by?
what is Kurdish?
Poll : which is the ancient language that originated first in south India?
Do you think the Americans could have won the Vietnam war?
What US ship survived Pearl Harbor, was sold to Brazil, and sank in the Falklands war?
where can i get a picture of deadman's cay from the movie pirates of the caribbean?
What's the difference between the Holocaust and the Genocides of the native americans and australians?
american history questions?
How did King James have an impact/influence on European society/ world history?
How did the Great Depression affect Ireland?
When did Italy pick its flag colors?
red and black ceramic pot is from which ancient culture?
All of the following about irish is true is except.?
Most influential/greatest nations of all time?
Black Panthers,Malcom X,or Martin Luther King,which one did more for the civil rights movement?
Examine the American colonial response to British imperial policy after the French and Indian War.?
What was the significance of the Time of Troubles on Russian history?
What domestic policies support the notion of Eisenhower as a centrist or moderate republican?
how was the election of 1824 was ultimately decided?
if it weren't for the US armed forces, do you think hitler would have taken over the world ?
What can one visit in Romania?
where did your ancestors come from?
in the original constitution did it ever ban women and religion from running as president?
How did Virginia get started?
Population History POLEASE :D ... Yeah... Polease...?
I need help with world history?
What are the 8 elements of the culure wheel?
Which state was the only state that did not have african americans enlisted by the end of the war?
did hitler really die in the explosion?
If America was founded by the British why don't they have a British accent ?
please explain the partition of India!?
What was the historical significance of the U.S. national bank?
1)what special talent do you posses?2)why history criticizes fools?
The spinning jennying?
words describing galileo?
what are the advantages and disadvantages of the first lightbulb?
Searching for WWII vets.?
Is Taj Mahal a tomb or a temple?
What is the best Nation in the world?
what was the first indochina war?
What Was Hitler's Last Name?
how many inca groups were there ?
Was World War I a worth while war?
How did the Huns fight with lassos?
why did the montegues and capulets started to fight?
What’s your favourite period in History? WHEN would you like to live for a while?
What impacts did the Industrial Revolution have on society?
What are the political views of judaism, christianity, and islam?
If you had the power to stop one moment in American or World History which moment would u pick & why?
How many people lived in the world in 1400 BC?
what do you think of muslim women who cover? opressed or liberated?
was alexander the great a good or bad man?
If the U.S. hadn't entered into World War II, would the Holocaust still have happened?
American Globalization (Late 1800s to 1910)?
the arrival of europeans changed the indian political system?
If you could have been born in a different year or era, when would it be and why?
what is the name of the current president of Liberia.?
How many Nisei soldiers served during WW2?
give me a comprehensive decscription of the processes involved in the auction of slaves?
What are the causes and effects of the Renssaince?
where can I go to get more background information on winston churchill's "their finest hour" speech?
History Essay Help: To what extent was Garibaldi’s intervention in Sicily and Naples the decisive factor?
It is odd that any men were sympathetic to feminism?
could you please send me some articles on the history of cars?
why is there so much unrest in the Middle east?
Did blackfoot indians have a flag? If yes, what did it look like?
what does the term pre 1900 and post 1900 mean?
Invention success?
I need some ideas for a Harriet Tubman statue?
I have a coin and I'm a bit suspicious about it and it is very old. What to find out what it is?
what evidence is there that riel was a hero , a traitor and a maniac?
25 questions?
If one US aircraft carrier was transported 2000 years back, could it take over the Roman Empire?
which state's history is so glorious in the past but now is a poor?
Technology has changed the ways in which wars are fought . How were wars fought I the 18th century?
Why did WWI, that was supposedly for such progressive aims, become characterized by repression?
who really freed the slaves ?
Schlieffen plan, was there any unsupported assertions, i need help ASAP!?
What were Oliver Cromwell's policies towards Ireland and Scotland?
What were the contexts in which the code of Hammurbi and Moses ten commandements written? Help?
what did this group do Young Negroes' Cooperative League?
Where can I find artwork of African American Nurses?
Is it not strange that people admire the Roman Empire?
Why is the Zimmerman Telegram important to North Carolina.?
can i find info on mission nuestrara de la soledad?
Can you help me find WW1 videos?
Who was the father of Marino Faliero, Doge of Venice?
How can I ever trust a Arab person?
How do Plateaus affect history?
Can you please name all the England explorers?
What are some important inventions?
Why did Hitler bomb industrial cities with seaports during the Blitz?
who was Hitler and how did he rise to power? Was he a threat to the USA political strategies in the 1930s?
American people, help!!!?
which factors contributed to the shift in attitude towards immigration in the 19th century?
Excluding George W. Bush and Clinton, who was the worst president in this past century?
Why was there an alliance between Nazi Germany and Japan?
History buffs- Napoleon Bonaparte - dad named for him- why?
What did Wilhelm Konrad Roentegen and Sigmund Freud discover?
Describe the different types of Black Codes with examples and the evolution of universal segregation in the Am?
Adolf hitler??
Why was Midway 1942 a turning point?
Did the Age of Discovery start at the end of the renaissance?
Were the Mongols still feared greatly during the Pax Mongolica?
Australian history 1901-1945?
What year did WW1 finish?
How is it that most people believe that Abraham Lincoln was a good man?
American Government 2 paper? Any topics?
In a nutshell how did the ottoman empire defeat the palestinians what are some key points?
Exactly when were "The Good Old Days"?
How did printing presses (such as those of the Gutenburg variety) work?
What would be a good research paper on D-day?
what was the role of petroleum in the 1800s?
What was the 1875 pure food and drugs act?
Examples in history of....Unsuccessful Peaceful Protests?
Did any of the priests of the Catholic Church try to get their followers to revolt against any of their kings?
Did Frank Siberling & Henry Ford try to create a monoply ? Explain.?
who is the best all-round person in the world?
what steps did the u.s take to thrust itself into the role of international police officer?
where was Alexander Hamilton when he wrote "A. H. reports 9 killed 31 wounded"?
Why do italians not speak latin now when the roman empire did, which really is not that long ago ?
why was salutory neglect good for the British and the colonies?
Art forgers question!?
Do you have any facts about the Black Death?
Do you think slavery would have ended if the south won?
Did the Roman Empire truly "fall"?
how did hudson bay co contribute to the british empire?
Identify two French settlements that were established at the onset of American colonization?
how many people died in the virgina tech?
whats kind of building would fit next to a graveyard which is part of a harbour-city?
What are some Major Events that happened in the years 1868-1872?
Why was it wrong for the British to raise taxes, regulate trad,e and reorganize it's imperial structure?
edwin beard budding??
Did the Aztecs have any love stories?
Banking System In Ancient Egypt,Greece and Rome?
Why was Nazi Germany's army so amazing?
what did people do in their free time a thousand years ago?
who are the surinamese?
what effect do you think the courts decision in the dred scott case had on the eddorts of many ameicans to end?
what was Richard J. Daley's contribution to municipal services?
What were the 3 motives for British Colonization in Jamestown?
How did Ganghis Khan united the Mongold under his rule ?
why did they kill socrates? can u give me a summary about it??
Why Geographic Factors helped Rome to dominated Mediterranean?
If Einstein were alive today?
In ancient Egypt how did get from one place to another?And did Pharaohs do this differently?
Do you have a soft spot for The Native Americans?
Agree or Disagree: The Western democracies could have prevented World War II?
I looking for history on my church Canaan grove Baptist Church in Mason Thing happen in the early church?
Elizabeth I?
How did Oskar Schindler get the jews out of Auschwitz?
Pros and Cons about giving West Berlin to the soviet union?
If the south won the civil war, would they of paired with nazi germany in ww2?
who is the greatest leader in time?
What event, in your opinion, had the biggest impact on American history?
how did the american revolution affect how the articles of confederation were written?
A plane did not hit the pentagon during the 2001 terrorist attacks! who also thinks this?
How did people wake up before alarm clocks?
what happened to William Dawes after the Revolution?
I want to find things that happened, birthdays, etc. on July 15, 2005?
Who are the direct descedants of the phoencians who contributed so much to history?
Do vampires actually exist???
Jose Rizal. Do you know sites and blogs about him?
What years did the Byzantine Empire exist?
What were the policies Francisco Franco made over women?
how's life in malaysia prisons?
What came first, the chicken or the egg?
how did charles die?
Who can i contact to know more about Thai Death Railway labourers (Tamils)? ?
what city in South Carolina became the focus of its planter class and the largest port in southern colonial hi?
Why did Hitler fail?
How did Silversmiths and Goldsmiths make silver and gold in the middle ages?
what were the answers to the june 2012 us history regents?
who stearted word war II?
I have a history homework, and I really need help :)?
In what way did Galileo's view of the universe differ from Aristotles view?
How did Humanism affect literature and social life in the renaissance?
What was Edwardian Protestantism?
why the humans believe that we came from the monkey?
Do you think that spanish language will be more important tant american in the USA?
Stalin or Hitler? Which world leader was more evil in your opinion?
I need to know more in-depth details about the Stephen Truscott case. Can you help me?
Can someone explain Anglo-Saxon culture to me in about 300-400 words?
Does anyone know any good resurces on plagues and their social and political after-effects?
What or who is this Lefkandi?
what was the Harappan economic like?
Can anyone help me out with this Q.... is there a history textbook that...?
Is it true bill clinton bombed serbia cause he was ashamed of america?
did 6 million jews die during WW2?
What vocab word would go with '3 pronged union plan of attack'?
What is the country that lies between France and Spain?
Why was Maximilien Robespierre the most influential character in the french revolution?
who was the best and worse president between Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and Andrew Jackson?
What used to be some arguments against interracial marriage?
Who was the first President of the United States?
parental obedience in the Elizabethan era?
Is Herne The Hunter evil?
wherw do you go?
Great songs come out of tragic times throughout HISTORY Can you think of one?
who were authors that tried to show the harsh side of life?
Plastic Armor?
Will there ever be another war on the European continent?
Historians, Is this roughly correct?
Canadian History Since World war 1?
Blacks who moved north- 1945-1960?
why has school desegration been so controversial in the past 50 years?
French revolution !!!!!!!!!!!?
is life nice?
What was the result of the debate between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists?
2 questions: when were horses introduced into Britain?
Do Marathas descended from Sisodiya Rajputs?
Helen keller??
Who were major people involved in the imperialism of china?
What are some interesting facts about gold?
aztecs !!?
what happened on the 12th hour of the 12th day of the 12th month?
Did liberal Italy collapse in 1922?
Labor issues?
How did the U.S.A. benefit from foreign interventions?
History debate.. help?
What people did Charles Darwin influence?
What is the most important document, book or literature in history?
Sex in the late 18th century?
who is the strongest brittish ruler that lived?
What animal was revered by the ancient Egyptians ?
What if the US didn't shoot down Yamamoto?
Why did different states sway their votes between 1880 and 1956?
Which of the following best describes Mao Zedong?
What were goals of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great of Russia?
which King made Tobacco consumption compulsory in India.?
ow does shakespear got to do with anything with the market town in the elizabethan age?
What do u think of my essay?
can someone relate the 8 stages of genocide to the events of the rwandan genocide for me ?
what was a medieval use for pansies?
Why do people need their freedom.?
Does the human race have a Future?? or will we go the way of the Dinosaurs?
Who do you think was the real "Jack the ripper"?
Was the Civil War fought over slavery?
What year was time travel discovered???
Did one of your ancestors serve in WW1?
Who is the 14th president of the united states of america?
How did Henry Ford's wife, Clara die?
Why did people int the "olden days" not smile when they had their picture taken?
If Britian was Nuked by a Country like Russia, China or France would America Help us?
Is it true that about 1000 blacks owned slaves in the south?
what was marilyn monroes work and education?
Did the Germans use socks during the "Battle of the Bulge"?
Hitler offered us a nazi British empire why did we decline. ?
Has the American influence breached european culture?
What is a short summary of Julius Caesar simplified?
What was the role of the RED CROSS during WW1?
What's the name of this thing that the Lakota used to keep track of a communities history?
what do you think of Winston Churchill ?
Just supposing you could travel back in time, what historical period or event would you want to be a part of?
wut is that one and only true religion?
Briefly explain who Ghandi was and what he did for India.?
Related to Nazis?
Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!!?
How was the french revolution's "radical phase" radical?
Before the 1730s, the most profitable activity of the early Carolina economy was?
How do people in germany teach about World War II?
What do people in America think of us English?
Are there any myths about the Mexican War 1846-1848 ?
Why did the Treaty of Versailles cause so much bitterness in Germany?
Did Christopher Columbus discover the world was round ? ?
Which idea that was once accepted is now considered scientifically inaccurate?
why did the population of the world dramtically increase from 1700-1850?
How were women's contributions to the West recognized by western lawmakers?
Since Columbus is Spanish and found America, why doesn't the US speak spanish?
What countries are in western europe?
how many people were killed by stalin?
Who were the Barclays and Lloyds?
before the industrial revolution what percentage of the world was employed in the agricultural sector?
What does "kunoichi" mean? Female Japanese ninja, written in kanji and hiragana.?
WW2 - Why didn't the Nazi's or the Communists invade Switzerland?
how old the Indian history is?
Why did the Edict of Nantes (1598) succeed where so many earlier peace initiatives had failed?
Any Quotes for (Henry VII) Tudor Nobility?
How old is London Bridge?
Caesar's "came, saw, conquered" saying?
As Americans what country in the Uk do you like the most?
what do you think is the most devastating disaster in the past ten years?
Can any one give brief life sketches of the sons of Mahatama Gandhi (father of nation of India)?
I've heard something about messages on the dollar bill or something? by freemasons and such?
Why do global processes matter in world history?
Can someone tell me why has the american flag bars and stripes?
to what extent would you say or write a story heroditus is the father of history?
Which is more likely to be remembered (pick one) --?
What does this declaration of rights QUOTE mean?
What were some factors that contributed to the isolation, difficulty of governing, and vigilantism of early CA?
So, are you going for the lounge suite? Yes? Well challenged. You're a brave man Karl Marx.?
French Revolution consequences?
The nobles and lords owned ___ of the land during the feudal era?
Did Hitler exist or was he a fictional character like Elvis?
does anyone know anything about the old mythical creature circe?
What if Napoleon had a B-52?
where do I find info. on a company no longer in business in Memphis, TN.?
How much portion of the earth's surface is covered by land in maharashtra and worldwide?
how does manorialism and feudalism provide the building blocks for medieval political structure and society?
What did people in shakespeares time eat and drink?
What did music in the baroque period do to sociual and religious beliefs?
how was the south punished after the civil war?
Do you think those of us who were around during Sept. 11th will ever fully get over it in our lifetime?
tell me something about the Trojan Horse?
How did Christianity begin?
Who colonized portions of Africa?
Can anyone summarize the federalist papers?
news/magazine articles online about American Imperialism today? (s)?
Is there somewhere online where I can read about U.S. History by chapters in chronological order?
What were you taught about Adolf Hitler in school?
i want information on agriculture during colonial period of india?
Do you find that "Indian Removal" during the 1800's was a genocide committed by the US or was it necessary?
"Houston We Have A Problem."?
Is this true or false Sons of Liberty supported the tea boycott by throwing British tea overboard? ?
Why did the women in history zagarit (Shrill) before the men went off to war?
was hitler really a bad guy?
Who was the oldest man to ever live, reaching the age of 120 years and 237 days?
What are the leading officials called in athens and sparta?
Why did the Americans allow the British to evacuate Boston?
Which country did the Hume & Hovell expedition explore?
What are some Minoan Accomplishments?
7 people who have changed the world?
political and economic difference between triple alliance and triple entente?
what were the significant Byzantine political,social,and religious institution?
What is a quote from the french artist Hubert Robert?
What sort of government ruled during the reign of Louis XIII?
in what ways did the medieval world's views differ from that of the modern era?
What was Britain and its American colonies relationship like BEFORE the French and Indian War?
who believes in the bible?
What is web address for Reagan Library in Calif.?
What was Clay and Webster’s strategy to cut into AJ’s popularity before the 1832 election?
Native American allies to the patriots in the revolutionary war? Britains Native American allies?
American history help please?
is padre pio's stigmata accepted by the catholic church?
Ronnie Lavon Lawrence: daughter JaRhea, maybe in Brownwood TX; (history of Marriages & Divorces?)?
what year was minnesota adopted?
Was fighting the viet congs twice as hard as killing the al-qaeda/taliban?
What tools were used to make a sarcophagus?
Interview with an Expert? Abbasid Empire?
Does anyone know where I can find some Good images on Ancient Egypt?
Calling all history buffs- George Washington?
During the classical period what differences...?
What lessons did we learn from the Vietnam War?
about modern renaissance?
Why was columbus lookin for india when he accidently found america?
Is America any different than Hitler?
a tumor is it more common on females or males?
Does anyone know where Patriots Hill in Hemphill, Texas is located?t?
My man the king was famous in the50's and 60's...?
How was the Paleolithic Era similar to the Neolithic Era?
52 states of america?
how did china change after the death of its ruler Yong Le?
Question for all on earth:What is MO-SAD,and what is HA-MAS?
Can you name 6 early American settlers?
in what sense did politics remain the same after many latin american countries became independent?
To what extent was Germany responsible for the World War 2?
I need WW2 pictures for report!?
Was the story of david and goliath around in the 17th/18th century?
Is Boadicea to be admired?
10 points true or false history.......please?
Who was a good artist in the Renaissance period?
Failure of the Conciliar Movement within the Catholic Church meant?
What is the Top 20 Richest Countries in Europe?
If humans lived with the dinosaurs, what in your opinoun would be our population?
what year, in the PAST, would you have liked to be living in ?
who was the first person ever to live on earth?
Who is a great American hero?
Why are we still facinated with the witch trails ? What happen ?
Teen Idols of late 1930's/early 1940's?
could you name some cultures in nashua New Hampshire?
which Norman castles are among the biggest in England and where they are at?
What is popular sovereignty?
if the axis won ww2 would german still think Hitler was bad?
Question about History (absolutisim)?
Any good quotes on the why World War One started?
how did cleopatra try to increase her influences?
In 1945,should the allied side have used the atomic bomb on both occasions on Japan? Was it necessary?
Can someone give me a website?
There are 5 apples in a basket and five people in a room. How can you give an apple to each person in the room
Could someone give me a simple, brief expaination of the conflict between the Palestinians and the Jews.?
what significant events took place leading to the constitution of the confederate States being written?
why did the American colonies rebel against Great Britain?
In the late 1800's, where did people buy clothes from?
What was Monalisa smiling at, when she sat for Da Vinci?
Government in Sparta? What made it similar and different from a democracy?
The Carter administration was known for stressing energy conservation for all Americans.?
When did the Vietnam war end?
What was life like for the Proto-Indo-European people?
what was the tribe that controlled northeaster parts of florida?
I want to know about the HISTORY OF PAINTING?
Which side are you on in the bombing of Hiroshima? explain please.?
How did the English defeat the Spanish Armada? Quick summary please?
during ww2, did the americans know about the nazi death camps ?
why didn't the allies of world war 2 help the Jews?
what historical forces led to the complex society of ancient india?