anyone know anything about german nazi officers dress rings?
artist B . Laney, paintings of trees and nature, paintings known from 1976 to 1980?
could i apply The White Man's Burden to Colonial India?
i need a venn diagram on the differences between the mayan culture and the inca culture please?
From the history of holocaust World War II. How does Hitler died and where is he buried?
What were the main features of Roman military preparation and organization?
Hey guys Help Walla Walla Council/treaty 1855?s! ?
how did the Vietnam war start ? And why did the USA get in voled in the war/?
How much would a 1906 penny cost?
What path did Stalin take to power and what was Stalins style of leadership?
Harold godwinson's journey north and south?
what is the connection between Easter and eggs?
Aldolf Hitler in 1945 Germany: why did Hitler take such an advanced nation as germany. what happened?
The role of civilians in the crimean war?
I need information on the delta dirt food riot of england arkansas?
If you were in the Civil War, would you be a Yankee or a Confederate?
How far would you agree that 'The Eastern Question was the most severe threat to peaceful co-operation?
is it true that one of henry VIII's wives stayed alive 10 seconds after being beheaded?
Can you give me info on Minnesota's volcanic history for a timeline?
What were the roles of children during WWII in the United States?
Where does the quote "Tell the truth and chain the Devil" come from?
what did the Kuomintang do for china?
Wars of the roses help!?
do you know the weknesses of americas constitution pargraph please!?
Why was Lorenzo de Medici so important for Florence's legacy?
Did Britain have a secret weapon(s) during WW2?
Why is the general quality of answer on this site so low?
Three things that Bernardo O'Higgins did that contributed to the independence of Latin America?
Who Started the scriptoria?
What didn't Bernal Diaz like about the Aztecs?
Is it an artists obligation to portray a responsible balanced social message ?
Help with American History? The Gilded Age?
Do you think there were gay cavemen and women?
What are 10 important events that occurred during the renaissance?
Holocaust question!!?
during the cold war when the united states and the soviet union were the world's superpowers, would it be?
Help with History question!?
What was the turning point of second world war?
Ancient indian gods and godesses?
Pearl Harbor??
What/Who was a key person/idea/event in the civil war that had an impact on the war?
Why do people defend the Japanese for ww2?
Women's Suffrage Questions! PLEASE HELP ME!?
how important as a cause of WWI was imperial rivalry?
What was the historical importance of the conversion to Christianity by Kievan Rus' in the 10th century?
world peace?
How far has the importance of hitler been exaggerated in the nazis rise to power- propaganda?
What enabled the Nazis to gain mass support in Germany by the early 1930s?
Before the lightbulb was invented, what appeared over people's head when they had an idea?
How was Elizabeth I Machiavellian?
Describe the president's cabinet and explain its role.?
What was the difference between a bourgeois and a merchant during the fur trade?
What does Nationalist mean?
What drink was Nelson’s body pickled in for its journey back to England?
Causes that led up to the soviet union coming into power? such as the russian revolution etc.?
What powers did the BNA act give the national government?
how did our language come about?
Why are there less native american tribes today?
who led the anabaptist reform movement in the 16th century?
Is there any reality in The Da Vinci Code ?
How did the umayydas expand muslim?
What were Mohandas Gandhi's main obstacles and challenges during his lifetime?
thomas harriot native american tattoo?
In the Elizabethan era, how would someone view the circus? and how much would they pay to watch the show?
TRUE OR FALSE: Santa Clause is real?
"cold war consequences"?
Is it true that in Salzburg Germany, any child born on August 18th was once suspected of being a witch?
Who are some people that opposed imperialism in the 1890's-1920's?
Before current toothbrush&toothpaste were invented, what did ppl use as toothbrush&toothpaste back then?
If you could meet any historic person, who would it be?
what did people do to prevent the black death in the 14th century?
Why was Stresemann was so important to Weimar recovery?
Will the U.S. collapse like the empire of ancient Rome did?
American history help, please!?
picture of Timothy Lawrence?
If you could send a short message back 2000 years to 10AD what would it say?
The Japanese merchant class patronized...?
What does the Gullah language tell you about the enslaved Africans of the colonies?
who is this french person?
Was wine served in churches during the prohibition period in the US?
compare and contrast ap us history essay?
Out of this list ,who has had the biggest impact in the world?
How did the battle of Gettysburg affect the course of the civil war?
If you could go back in time to any event in history which one would u choose?
Why did the nobles want Jacques Necker dismissed from power?
Where and how did Britain get so many soldiers to fight in their numerous battles across the globe in 19thcen?
How did Barack Obama become famous? ?
Why did LBJ send US troops to Vietnam?
get attention for my presentation on the Peasants Revolt?
In what fundamental ways did the Mesoamerican and South American societies differ from those of Oceania?
What would have happened if the Germans and the British plus the Japanese were in the Axis, instead of Italy?
Give me the biography and picture of Jose Ma. Panganiban.. plz?
During the cuban missile crisis, would it be fair to say that the Soviets blinked first or the Americans?
What were some of the most gruesome Japanese atrocities in Asia Pacific region in world war 2?
what's the most important invention of the 20th century?
Why is Hawaii apart of the U.S.?
what is the important of 26 australian day?
Do you think feudalism in Japan helped to unify the country?
If the Mayan calendar were to restart in 2012, would the catastrophes that previously happened happen again?
according to the declaration of independence from whom do governments get their power?
How many people did it take to build the Great Pyramid?
In 1898 William Jennings Bryant made a proposal about American currency. What was it?
why did the spanish conquest regress human knowledge rather than make it progress?
What was the significance of China Under Martial Law in 1989?
Who is one of your favorite person in history?
what does ellisee mean?
why did the Russian/Bolshevik Revolution occur?
Was WWI all trench warfare?
Was religion an issue during WWI? Was it a problem or was it calming?
Explain the aims and effects of the catholic counter reformation?
Let's say the treasure was something like "gold"?
What was the name of the association created by the seven seceded states,and how did it protect the institutio?
What did the Neutrality Acts stipulate?
What was operation mongoose and what were the key points?
Why were orphans taken to concentration camps?
please help me???????? ?
need info on the 1st bible, who put it together and what language it was 1st wrtten in?
What were the justinian's main accomplishments?
What were W.W. Rostow 5 stages of the Industrial Revolution in the United states according to ?
What did Apollo the god "accomplish?"?
how did the Treason Trial of Aaron Burr affect history?
was the the Holocaust mass murder of the Jews in Europe by the Nazis?
are the art styles of the pacific north west and the north east regions of the us similar?
Disagree or Agree with the Davinci code? and WHY!!!?
what were the economic and political motivations behind the conversion of a loyalist into a patriot during...?
who was esteban palacios y blanco?
Do you personally believe that Napoleon was a hero or a tyrant?
If you could erase one person from history who would it be.?
What did the British public do between the end of public executions and the formation of the football league?
what impact did the fur trade have on white or native settlement populations in montana?
who was the leader of the fourth amendment?
What happened in a Slaves journey?
what are the 3 main conflict in east timor?
did Frida Kahlo have a religion she belonged to?
Does anyone know what this means from the Declaration of Sentiment?
why people mention "the 80s building boom",but not much about the 50s, 60s or 70s "booms"?
aryan race is pure german blood, the fuhrer was, i am too, are you? if not? don't try to comment?
Describe the problems created by urban living in the early 1900s?
If you had to interview a Journalist from history?
what was the ethnic distribution in providence during its founding?
What were major problems confronting city managers (politicians, policemen, planners,) during the 1870-1910?
Howcome 18th Century London was such a s**thole?....?
If you could have lived during one time period in past history, when and where would it be?
Who would you say was the best president America has had so far?
japanese and indian imperialism?
What was Hitler's ultimate goal?
Has anyone seen my Holy Grail?
Why did Switzerland say out of the war?
What are the immediate and long term political, social and economic effects of the United States Civil War?
How did the u.s. containment policy of the cold war afffect the u.s.' involvement in foriegn affairs?
What was James Madison's argument with regard to the existence of factions and how best to deal with them?
was the industrial revolution of eupope, america, and japan un avoidable? explain.?
What were the outcomes that ended the Cuban Missile Crisis?
where can I find how many people were burned at the stake during the medieval inquisition?
laws in mississippi in the 1930's?
Small question about the 19th century and the rulers? PLEASE? It is a small question...?
Was british intervention responsible for the growth of Arab Nationalism between 1914-1921?
Historically, what did English people always eat (English/British in that region)?
Did WWII Solve the Great Depression or did the New Deal?
does Morehouse have a good history program ?
Who fought in the french and indian war?
why is germany's population declining?
karl marx's, adam smith's, john stuart mill's ideas?
. Discuss, using three examples, how Christianity has influenced the development of Georgia’s history.?
Were there any humanist ideas in Calvinism?
Did Rwanda have any resources that attracted germany to colonize them?
why is non violence the biggest removal of mankind referring to Gandhi?
What were the last days of the Romanov family at Tsarskoe Selo like?
How many Black Americans born before 1965 still alive?
How much of recorded history is distorted by politics and religion ?
how did king louis VI rule his kingdom?
describe the cultural life that slaves made for themselves within the limits of slavery?
Were Native Americans the 18th century equivalent of terrorists ?
What is one effect that the benedictine monastery was founded at Cluny?
how has money and religion affected the English civil war?
Who ivented the penis?
Which specific area in the USA did Christopher Columbus arrive at when it was discovered ? i.e., what state ?
Where can I get good information on World War II?
How the spolarium became a propaganda material?
U.S History Help!!!!!?
What 2 things did Industrialization need that were not available in the United States?
why do we commemorate ANZAC day!?
What type of clothing did Carthaginian soldiers wear in battle?
What would of happened to Hitler if he wouldn't of comitted suicide?
a question about the Roman Empire?
Why did the public react negatively to organized labor during the 1920s?
What year was Israel created?
how were slaves treated like in the civil war?
From the history of holocaust World War II. How does Hitler died and where is he buried?
was alber einstein an ancient alien?
What would my date of birth be (30.05.1967) in roman numerals? And my Partners 23.09.1978?
What happend in the 60's?
Was the marriage of FDR to Eleanor a marriage of convenience?
Why did Australia invite them selves to the Vietnam war?
Was Ramses II (Ramses the Great) the Pharaoh of The Excodus?
All of the following were responsible for China's stability from the 6th to the 13th centuries EXCEPT a(n)?
Jews in Nazi service under false identity?
what change was made int the Constitution in 1787 that gave the people more voice?
In the 1840/50's when people travellled west, what indian tribes did they encounter?
What laws would you make during Sulyman the Lawgiver?
How did Reagan's attitude toward the Soviet Union change during his 8 years as president?
Will there ever be a 3rd World War?
what was William Rosecrans purpose in the chickamauga battle?
where can i find info on how an american soldier in 1850's life was in the military?
My dad has a confederate flag on his office wall?
Breakthroughs in 1940?
Which 16th century English statesman and royal advisor was the son of a butcher?
What was the role of religion in the War of Independence?
Is 1914-1992 the real 20th Century?
who was the biggest nut in history?
Which countries did napoleon annex to france?
what were Sam Houston's policies to the Native Americans?
whats caused more wars throughout history?
were the grim tales based on true events?
which mausoleum of a famous roman emperor is located just outside the Vatican walls?
what founding brothers does the author focus his book on?
What are the main things affecting the damage of the Parthenon recently?
how long did it take shoqan walikhanov on his journey?
why is it that we africans are black yet people from other continents are white?
some interesting things about/from the 1940s? or 20s and 30s?
Why does the media ignore important stories such as the Bilderburgs and other elitist group activities?
slave burials and rituals of burial?? please help!10 points?
did jesus ever matserbate?
What is doing Juan Carlos 1 about arms in Spain,as we know that he is chef of arms in Spain?
Was Adolf Hitler executed or he killed him self?
Discuss thoroughly your evaluation about the colonization of Spain from 1565- 1898 featuring forced labor?
Who was the first president of the U.S?
U.S. history Question? Different Opinions Needed!?
Who is the greatest leader that ever lived?
What happenend in 1985 on june 4th?
Music played at the end of monroe 5th november?
How did Vietnam War affect the relationship between the US and the USSR ?
Why is communism a bad thing?
African American history home work question!?
what do gargoyles represent/stand for?
Modern times have brought about stability in the ecological balance. A) True B) False?
Does anyone have some notes on the 13th amendment to the Constitution?
did you know that apolinario mabini didn't lose the use of his legs primarily due to polio?
1920s Food Question?
Who killed Zeus?
How did Russia become involved in the Crimean War?
July 4 1776 Us Event?
Did hitler really ruled the whole world and in what year?
What restrictions did the Treaty of Washington 1858 place on the Dakota tribe? What problems followed this?
Why do women always jump on the band wagon?
if you were a mythical creature what would you be?
why did farmers in the cotton belt resent thier relationship to the North?
Why did the puritans think humankind was evil?
why did the jews attack jermany?
Why did the Titanic sink?
can someone explain to me what the arms race was in WW1?
How did the political/religious circumstances change in the years after the Peace of Augsburg?
wat is the name of the person who invented the televison?
why did people want there to be a slave trade?
Titanic sinking help...?
Short summary of Nellie McClungs legacy?
Information about Henry VIII?
I want to know about Mayan Todem poles.?
Why was American imperialism a divisive topic during the age of imperialism?
is Persia the nation currently known as Turkey?
How did the Wicked Witch of the West become Evil?
History Review 2 Questions Please Help ASAP c:?
Can you name one historical figure who you feel is underrated & is not appreciated enough for his/her ->?
a type of mark used on ancient egypt rings.?
why do pigeons fly?
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
i want to keep my record in world genius kids or adults book?
Is it true that the moon landing was staged?
were there horses before columbus came to the usa to explore?
how old are the first coins and who made them?
what do ancient roman insulae and domus look like?
Why did Hitler's racist ideas appeal to many Germans?
Where on the Internet can I find the text of papal bull of excommunication of the Greek church in 1054?
Should we apologize for black slave trade,something did by my ancestors 500 years ago?
Was The Stone Age Really A "Stone Only" Age?
what was the first nations perspective on the war between French and English???!!!!!!?
what came first the chicken or the egg?
which cultures were the most advanced among the native americans of this hemisphere?
Why is the Martin Luther King Memorial important to U.S. History?
declaration tthe Martin Lutter king the discrimination racial?
Was hitler good?
Can anyone answer this history question?
I have a coin that reads... adoption of the federal constitution september 17 1787. ?
I need a picture of a manitar from mithological times (half bull and half man)?
What is the origin of the Basque people in Spain and France?
So What Was Your BIGGEST Regret???
hi every body,i wana know any site about italian culture?
What were the military benefits of African-American soldiers during WWII compared to white soldiers?
what is the highest building in Malaysia?
Where does the japanese took the route in singapore during world war 2?
describe the work of halharrao holkar in brief?
explain the reason why europeans powers colonised African coutries?
Did luther west from resident evil retribution die?
What is a good website for all the information on Donatello? (the Renaissance artist, not the ninja turtle!)?
Militarism and Hyper-nationalism?
Who is the tallest person on earth?
What's the worst name you've ever heard? Like the most ridiculous name ever?
Thomas Jefferson’s frustrations at his reduced role during Washington’s presidency led him to to what?
who started homosexualism?
What were nazi women scared of ?
What did richard Arkwright invent?
Did Eienstein really say insanity is do to the same thing over and over expecting a different result?
In Hamlet.In what ways does King Claudius follow the political scheme that machiavelli outlined inthe Prince?
If Russia won the cold war.......?
Are there any films of the 15 attempts made on Hitlers life?
why dont ppl know what black is?
What do you think about the below statement? Agree or Disagree, explain?
Cons for peasants because of the 18th century agricultural revolution?
How did the power of the church decline during the Middle Ages?
When did black people first come to England?
Is Great Britain a country?
What are the main features of the situation in china today...?
are people from the great escape in world war II still alive?
when did the paleolithic begin and end?
Will the Internet Revolution have a similar effect as the 16th printing press revolution?
Historical Kitchen Facts?
What's the background story of the Eagle of Rome? Why did the Empire choose the eagle as its symbol?
US History questions :)?
Did Chris Colombus think that the world was flat?
who is the author of the deleightful young girl named Amazing Grace?
Will there be a third world war?
World War I questions help?
Saddest death in music history?
What was the goal of the revolt led by Judah Maccabees and his brothers against the Syrians?
How does 50 Shades of Grey relate to the women's movement?
when was haille sailaise president?
How did Cree Native Americans store food?
What were women named in 13th cent. Normandy?
is god real?
In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?
I need help finding a published document?
is there such a thing as neutral history books?
is there really a god? The bible does not say anything about dinasours,and why do children have to die?
Is the movie 300 pushing the limit?
If you were in the Civil War, would you be a Yankee or a Confederate?
why did the wealth of the bourgeouisie grow so much before the revolution?
Illegitimate bastard of the 18th century?
what was the daily life like in colonial maryland?
i want the history of a haunted home i lived in, in galveston, tx?
Who was the ruler of Italy during WWII?
What are the most important dates in Western European history?
The "Middle Passage" of the triangler trade involved transporation of :?
did parts of rome survive after the fall?
Who, after being paralyzed by polio in 1922, has been confined to a wheelchair for the longest period of time?
What is the most affected country in the WW2?
what ever happened to the british empire?
17th century =]?
can anyone help me with US history?
Who would you to be kissing at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve start?
is the da vinci code based in fact?
Triggering the collapse of the East German regime was?
I need an event that changed the world.?
I was born on 14th Feb 1956.My wife was born 14th Feb 1963.What are the chances of us having the same birthday
What political party helped African Americans the most through-out history?
What is the term in Arabic for Vessel and what is the term in Arabic for Vassal?
what duties and responsibilities did the british government to the swan river colony?
How Did The Council Of Trent Answer The Complaint By The Protestants?
If the Mayan calender predicted the end of the world in 2012..?
Do you think Emperor Constantine was a good emperor?
Was the American revolution inevitable ?
where can you find a timeline on halle berry?
Is there a village named like Eaterps or Eatarps between Calais and Armentieres?
what did Aristotle believe about laws and society?
What was life like for women in the Victorian Era?
How many people died during the Holocaust?
What reasons did humanists give for wanting to reform society? Explain?
How did Little Rock Nine challenge segregation?
Is communism a child (metaphor) of monarchy?
When exactly did America turn into a legitimate cesspool of Bible-thumpin' Rednecks and Doomsday Preppers?
creation of adams compare with bruce almighty?
Can someone summarize the American Revolution for me?
What are there root cause of third world war?
is it wrong to be really interested in the holocaust and massacres?
Why don't we have any exceptional political leaders like we did during WWII?
Should an 86 year old German SS soldier go to trial for what he did in the holocaust?
can anyone give me biblical references which explains why the reformation happened?
18 years of Jeus' life not recorde in the New Testament, where was he and doing what during that period?
What minority group was most affected by WWII?
Is Gandhi's Philosophy relevant in today's world?
what did saint patrick do?
Did Japanese and Chinese have same ancestors ?
What historical event would you like to made into a movie?
What was Elizabeth Barrett Browning and the role of women in the Victorian age?
How was Alexander the Great able to achieve his famous conquests?
am i the only one that believes the DaVinci Code has some truth to it?
womans stars?
Americans...Which european country did your ancestors come from?
What (foreign) plays could be seen in 19th century Russian theatres?
in the speech of going to the moon what was the other thing?
who said this quote?
Whats the craziest thing u ever did?
Earlier vs. Now? - Founding Fathers?
Do any of the older generations of the UK hate German or Japanese people?
The world war II proganda posters?
Was the battle of the somme a disaster or a victory?
How did the Russo Japanese war lead to the 1905 revolution?
what is the ugliest thing ever done or event ever happened in history?
what was the cause of the internal political turmoil of the byzantine empire?
Could someone give me some information on the Continental Saxons?
Who influenced our modern governments Ancient Greece or Rome?
Was the ISLAND of England destined to become the most important , strategic trade & power hub in Europe?
How old was Tiberius when Augustus died?
what troops did america send to france in world war 1?
I need help on one History question?
What was the religion of Aryas?
A little about history?
information on development of symphony during classical period c.1730-1820?
How did the cuban missile crisis affect the course of American history?
What if Napoleon had a B-52?
Was Che Guevara a hero or a terrorist?
How did warfare and invasions influence early Aegean civilizations?
Patton's idea for cutting off the Germans in the battle of the bulge?
What would you like to ask?what was benjamin franklins role during the revolutionary war?
how accurate are the reports on rasputins death?
do you think man really did walk on the moon?
Did Hitler think the world would appreciate what he was setting out to do in WWII?
when did world war 2 accure?
what do you know about the last gospel than call it the gospel of judas?
What is humanism? (check my answer)?
which is the eight th wonder of the world ?
Does anyone know how Mussolini died?
How did the great depression affect athletes?
who were Eva Peron's parents and what was her heritage?
The Lochee fish dock, was located approxiamately 3 miles from the sea. Where is Lochee?
What if the Axis Powers (Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan) won World War Two?
In your opinion, could the constitution (of the U.S.) have been passed in 1781?
What was the exact timespan that slavery existed in the United States?
Did Blackpool suffer any Nazi attacks during the Blitz?
what was the first battalion to land in kokoda in 1942?
What is so important about the Cerebral Cortex?
What happend in "germany" after Teutoburg Battle? Does anyone have details about that period there?
3 Ancient Mycenaeans Achievements And Why We're They Important?
The Glorious Revolution occurred because?
Does history make the man, or does man make the history?
Why was Stresemann was so important to Weimar recovery?
What four historical figures would you like to invite to a dinner party at your house?
Which decade shaped Canada's identity more?
Wath do you like?
what contribution to society that Aaliyah made?
Persian Empire in order?
why are hurricanes in US have feminine names?
What are tow Latin American societies and two North American societies that wither developed and/or declined?
Whos is Kamal Romero ??? ^_^?
After Vaccines Were Invented What Afftect Did They Take On The Society ?
If you could live in a certain time period?
whos your favorite presadent?
Where did the word "ain't" originate from?
Coureurs de bois means woodsmean. what did they trade with the indians?
Why did FDR team up with Stalin?
When is the world going to end?
who was the real Dracula?
what is special about the digit 19?
Have the United States ever faced a crisis with expensive oil and an unpopular war that is going to be lost?
How were African Americans treated from 1950's to 1960's?
Could someone help me understand this? ?Does the Communist Manifesto "section one" repeat itself?
WWII Movies?
Did Julius Caesar cut off the arm/arms of captured soldiers so they couldn't fight but could still work?
what was a machine that women worked on in the industrial revolution?
Socrates vs. Plato vs. Aristotle?
Berlin Crisis and Airlift?
Did trojans use roman numerals?
The Rockefeller Center construction workers. Who are they and where are they from?
Who is your first president of your country?
How did the first hunter ,gathers enter into North America during the last Ice Age?
i really need help on a science problem. how did the Lincoln Center Ampitheatre eliminate inteference problems?
Why were feudalism in Japan and Europe similar?
I heard somewhere that Jesus Christ was born in April, not December. Can anybody verify this claim?
Anyone know much about Cleopatra?
Was Thanksgiving enjoyable during the early 1900s?
What time is the day did 9 11 happen?
French History (french revolution)?
What was the name of the only Union survivor of The Battle of Little Big Horn?
did john wilke booth alone kill abrahan lincoln? rational resaon?
World war II reenactment costumes?
Early Human Migration questions?
How did Ivan the Great build the framework for absolute rule in Russia?
who is the most effected architect that affect the architecture and the history of his country?
What 55 year-old former men’s Wimbledon champ once bashed balls in a skirt?
What similarities and difference do you see in the French, American and “Arab Spring” Revolutions of 2012?
does president linchon has any great-great grand children 's living today?
what was the population of african americans in the month of febuary in the year 1810?
Mount Mulligan Mine Disaster 1921 Queensland.?
Was truman dropping the Atomic Bomb unconstitutional?
Was it pointless for the Germans to hold the ports in Europe from the Allies?
What queen was killed by a horse?
How far do you agree that Mussolini had complete power in Italy by 1928?
Which battle did General Anthony WAyne lead against the indians?(name)?
why do people insist the union jack is only called that when attached to a ship?
My family is Pakistani, but my grandfather was born in 1928, so doesn't that make him/us Indian?
What piece of history do you like to research?
What were the top 5 most intense battles of the American Revolutionary War?
Do you know who first discovered North America?
I need help. T/F question?
There had been famous Russian poet & he is descended from Ethiopian family .Who is he?
Why did Genghis Khan oppose Charlemagne?
How did the Korean war affect America's reputation?
Why were the katana blades made, who made them, and when?
History homework about Adolf Hitler and the Wall Street Crash?
What was Hitler's last name?
Americans and the Second World War?
Do you find this worthy of a Jihad?
Are British people proud or ashamed of their history?
Why did Kamikazi pilots wear helmets?
Who is an interesting European person who is still alive today?
did the titanic snap in half?
Whats the difference between a "slave society" and a "society with slaves"?
was hitler a good leader in his time? would he be good leader today if he was alive? ?
When Romans went fishing, was it the rule that the slave waits while the Master baits?
From the history of holocaust World War II. How does Hitler died and where is he buried?
Who was UK prime minister in 1965?
how could an accused witch be freed back in the early 1500s and late 1600s. ?
Why did the Greeks help the Romans against Macedon?
How did Ancient Egypt gain its independence? When?
do women in position of power practice a different kind of politics from men in power?
Why did the US feel it was necessary to build the Panama Canal?
How did people live back in 1888 in the US?
Which event do you think is worse the depression or the holocaust?
What evidence is there that Celts ever existed in Britian?
tallest man?
Why did the governments let children fight in the first ww1?
What were early interactions between European settlers and Native Americans like?
How many of the scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project were Christian?
I need help with these final histroyy questions?
Ideas for making a pro-Nazi poster?
In your opinion,what is the most interesting era in world history?
How did people flee Sudan after the 2nd Civil War?
In Latin American history, what were the beliefs of conservatives and liberals, respectively?
How long was the longest fart in history?
What and when was the March Revolution?
What did Rousseau and Mill mean?
what did federalists believe in?
Do you know the memebers name of Reptilian (lizard man) and illuminati for hunting list ?
Was ODESSA the organization the Catholic Church used to move nazi murderers to freedom?
What were two american traditions that took root during the colonial period?
When did the Latin American drug war begin?
Who thinks that the South was justified in seceding from the Union?
How were albanians treated by the ottomans...?
Does the British Royal family have any connections to the respective governments in Australia and Canada ?
Where did Nazi Germanys hatred of the Jewish people come from?
What states were there in America in 1834? History Day and I can't find it anywhere! PLEASE HELP ME! thank you
Power point on Auschwitz?
Nobility In Ancient Rome?
What 3 things were central to the Plains Indians life on the reservation?
Did the British gain wealth from their Empire?
The title “Was It a Dream?” could be interpreted in different ways. Explain at least two ways that the title c?
What were the similarities and differences between the social hierarchy of the first 4 civilizations?
why was the roman empire and and army so called and not the italian empire and army.?
when did germany form an alliance with russia during the nineteenth century?
help finding the European governments reaction to early US immigration laws?
What crops did the Native American tribe "The Pueblo" grow?
Why didn't the Roman demolish Stonehenge?
which is more important to history?
When did the war of 1812 happen?
Among the early river civilizations...?
words to Joe Hill song?
Is my list of the 10 most Evil People in History Accurate?
What do you think was the turning point in the second world war?
Can anyone else see the parellel of the fall of the roman empire and the possibility of the fall of the americ
American History help, Washington's Farewell Address.?
Which was the most important battle of the American War of Independance?
where did "pin up" girls originate?
whats caused more wars throughout history?
If you could erase one person from history who would it be.?
What are Three of the major outcomes from World War 2?
true or false. the california gold rush in 1849 was after the us civil war?
What important events to place in the year 1900 and 2012?
How did the addition of the new states to the usa create dispute?(around world war one)?
How did the Church hold power during the Middle Ages?
All of the following items dealt with relations between the 13 English colonies and English government EXCEPT?
do anybody know any cheatcodes on madden 06 or tips?
How do you create an atomic bomb?
why was the 1st world war so different to other wars in history?
What were 2.5 million New York City kids issued in 1952, to identify them after a nuclear attack?
Do you know what the significance of this day, Dec. 7, is?
How did Americans feel about the Civil War before the fighting began?
What was the Boer war?
Who invented humor?
who are the main characters in the text Captain Gery and analysis them?
what were the consequences of the holocaust to the world?
who killed lapu lapu?
Was Pres. Garfield really capable of writing in two languages using both hands at the same time?
Why is it important to honor the unsung heroes and often unforgotten patriots?
what does thanatos teros mean?
Did the Industrial Revolution provide more economic opportunities for women in the 1830s?
Does fashion really affect sterile first impressions?
Why is there no "White" history day ?
How historical correct is April 29, 1992?
how did the role of women change in the mid-1800 and in what ways did it not chage?
why does a women take her husbands name after marriage.?
Is the road to Hell paved with good inventions?
What awards (if any) did Edvard Munch recieve?
What were the Jews hated so much for in the past?
Is Columbus a hero?
holocaust question...?
How did the building of the Panama Canal..?
How many eggs combined with lime did it take to build a medieval castle or cathedral?
Would You Want To Live In The Beginning of the 20th Century?
History - weimar republic help?
Why did the delegates believe that a national government was necessary?
headquarters of the Nonaligned Movement?
Tribunes were elected to make sure the actions of Roman lawmakers were fair.?
Need help on history homework. Someone who knows a lot about the french revolution?
Why did Marx's communist ideas appeal to most Russians?
What is a slogan against the quartering act?
Why did the U.S. invade Florida in 1817?
Why are muslims so crazy in their treatment of women and very bitter at the real people?
When did the age of Pisces began?
was hitler a murderer?
I have to defend Andrew Jackson in a mock trial?
I am trying to find a video or dvd of Coretta Scott Kings funeral...does such a thing exsist? I need to help!
What effect did indutrialization have on the power of aristocrats?
Whisky Rebellion help?
can anyone tell me which us president it was that gave osama monye\\ey {nixon, ford or carter}?
at what age were regency british girls presented to society?
Why did the French construct a settlement at Quebec?
Any were in history was there any proof of a therian?
What kind of snake killed Cleopatra?
Does anybody know a lot about feudalism?
Was Jimmy Savile as bad or worse than Adolf Hitler?
what were the two straits that the europeans wanted to capture?
I was wondering you you could help me think of some reasons why the treaty of versailles was justified or not?
The most important things to know about world war 2?
I have to write a 5 minute speech on Julius Caesar. Where do I begin?
What's the largest history community on net, in terms of members,activity and contirbution?
what was the average age of man at the time of Dinosuar era?
Why was the Conflict of the Orders not violent?
Peter the Great's introduction of western customs benefited Russian?
What's the story behind "luck of the Irish?"?
what were disadvantages of silk roads?
what is the age of anxiety in art?
why did The Greek war of independence fight against Turkish Muslim tyranny?
How did the New Deal accomplish/create moral capitalism and economic recovery?
What led to the decline of the Luwaffe?
Why did Hitler use the swastika...?
How was King Henry VIII use his power in relationship to the people around him?
Did the Jesuists hide a fabulous treasure in California sometime in the 1700s?
People Who Wanted Peace Who Were Assassinated?
What will historians write about the Bush family after they are dead?
what were the laws of immigration during 1920 to 1930 in the US?
Why did men join the war?
who among the folowing two is braver,1.adolf hitler,2.mahatma gandhi with reason?
where did the saharan caravan trade take place?
Was Canada settled the same way the US was? (Western Europeans showed up and killed all the natives.)?
Who settled Henryetta,OKlahoma?
What would happen if you were on jobseekers allowance and you became terminally ill?
Significant world events in 1955?
_ Did Gandhi ultimately fail when India was divided into two different countries?
10 POINTS!!! What strategy did Czar Alexander I use to defeat Napoleon in Russia?
Who is the designer for the world cup trophy ?
what was tusculum?
Was Napolean the Heir or the Betrayer of the French Revolution?
what characterized the thought of the renaissance?
What period(s) in history interests you?
Do Japanese grils are much better than Chinese girls?Do you think Japan is a higher class race than Chinese?
Women and African in the colonies in the early 1700's?
In Chaucer's prologue why were they at the inn? Chuacer and the pilgrims?
who could bessie smith be compared with in modern day?
Gun People? Help, please?
Is it true, that the american government knew that the japanese navy was going to attack pearl harbor?
Was Italy taken over by nazis in ww2?
how is my thesis statment?
The Age of Exploration.. help?
how does An Age of Explorations and Isolation (1400-1800) relates to whats happening today?
WW II. 6 Million?
What is the most interesting thing that you know your ancestor(s) took part in?
Thomas Paine's common sense?
Who has lived in my house and what is the history on it 309s ave b Wortham Rx 76693?
is human evolution is true?
what is your favorite ww1,and ww2 rifle?
what is Arabic?
Help PLZ...Multiple Choice...10 Points!!!?
Why do people hate Jews?
Any One To discuss About ALLAMA MOHAMMAD IQBAL?
Tokugawa Ieyasu???
What Enlightenment ideas are in "The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut"?
which is most likely to happan: reunified korea, romania, or ireland?
I found a very old berlap potatoe sack with the the name brand Rebel Potates and was trying to find info on it
Congress of Vienna help?
What supplies did George Washington make after the taxes?
How long were the Celts in spain and why did they leave?
How did geography affect where Rome was located?
How many of You knew that Kosovo is holy ground for ortodox christians & that Albanians invaded it 7 yrs ago?
According to Alexis de Tocqueville in "Democracy in America", American individualism arose as a result of :?
Who is the most famous and well known person in hstory?
explain the growth of christanity in rome in the first and second centuries?
Did Allen Ginsberg believe in existentialism?
taft's dollar diplomacy?
if you were landed back in roman times, with nothing, how can u convince romans u were from future?
What are specific examples of how saddam hussein was a tyrant?
what items were in short supply in britain during world war 2?
what did the rest of Nazi Army Group Center do while their panzers split up to go and surround Kiev in 1941?
Hey history people! During the Cold War, Berlin was in East Germany (Soviet controlled) yet was split ...?
How do they get poison gas to their target?
Is it important to look at differant forms of welfare in differant countries?
What is the actual mission of US in iraq?
do you know?
Why did the Japanese do Banzai charges in ww2?
why is Canada not one of our states(US)?
Did Thomas Jefferson smoke the peace pipe with the Iroqouis or what other persons did?
Has anybody studied Oskar Schindler?
how did the volcano of mount helens affect people far away from it?
In which years were the Brooch and Pendant invented?
From which country kung fu originate?
I'm doing a paper on the great gatsby, and what is the significance of death, lies, and the American dream?
what role did European socialist movements play in bringing about the first world war?
When did the last big invasion of England happen? date? And I mean not the year but day and month?
What is Capitalism when referring to the Nazis policies?
What was the key to the success of Levittowns?
What artifacts would Dante Alighieri use?
Who is the smartest person of all time?
why was the 1905 aboriginal act wrong?
WW1 recruitment poster?
How much money Germany has to pay for the losses of WWII?
What is bakelite?
WW2 History Project, Front Cover HELP PLEASE!!?
What does 23 skidoo mean?
Other than Joan of Arc, where there any other famous women warriors?
Why did hitler hate black-haired people (non aryan) if he was one himself?
Daoism solution for chaos of warring states?
Historian Papers on the Holocaust?
How did Rome's defensive army impact the trend on History?
What is fastest land animal?
What are the cultural universal and cultural differences between different cultures?
what was the alien and sedition act?
What was the relationship between the Nok and the later Ghana empire?
MLK or Malcolm X?
help HIstory hates me?
What does everyone out there think about Bradshaw Art?
what benefits did the lewis and clark expedition give to the U.S.?
What is the Great Compromise?
What evidence do historians have to say that Jesus existed?
who made good historic achievement?
Would you have liked to live in the olden, historical days?
Americans are too patriotic, jingoistic I think!!! No?
Is it true that Mary Magdalene was associated with Jesus Christ ?
Who were the so called Black Knights of England?
"what was so importent about isaac newton?"?
What were the hlobal implications of the Age of revolutions?
what is the origin of the song My bonnie lies over the ocean?
What was the "Struggle of Orders"?
1. What were the relations like between the USSR, South Korea and the USA in the 1983?
What is the origin of Mustafa kemal ATATURK ?
Sadly my Gran has passed away and has left a pendant with CSSU on the back.?
What happen to the 200,000 strong Japanese Army after the Rape of Nanking?
What is the origin of the Molly Maguires in Ireland and what was the reason for wearing women's dresses?
Why were Presbyterians popular in the 17th century?
Did anyone know that African American slaves built the U.S Capitol and the White House?
How did the Spanish communicate with the Natives?
Does Virginia have a state hymn (anthem)?
what effect did the revolutions in great britain and the united states have on the french government?
what was thepurpose of the english parliment?
who was the first president of pakistan?
In what world history point would you want to live in? Why?
Were any slaves on Tortola?
What are crazy conspiracy theories about Jose Rizal?
In what years was esquire scuff kote shoe polish produced?
are there still any titanic survivors alive?
Merry Christmas or Happy holidays?
Who is the greatest person who ever lived?
Ancient history help:) please!:)))?
Types of government in the 19th century?
Did man evolve at the same rate all over the world?
Similarities & Differences in rebel against England and South rebelling Union?
do you think john brown shouldve used violence to fight for slavery?
I need a list of events that happened on July 7?
What was the Gallina culture of New Mexico?
Why are there so many Holocaust deniers?
How did the American accent come about when it was only British colonists at that time?
What is the origin of Count Dracula? How he had reached Carfax Abbey? His journey from Romania to England.?
Did Benjamin Button have computer generated imagery?
Who'd win in a War?
Where/how to order National Geographic books?
what role do nomads play in the interaction between civilizations?
What types of jobs did chinese immigrants have in the late 1800s?
What was the primary motivation for the 16th amendment?
history of commerciall...?
What is the Tonkin Gulf Incident?
I am trying to find marks used by native american silver smiths?
Does anyone know anything about Antony & Cleopatra & the theatres at the time it was 1st played in 1606 (ish)?
Which record do u think is the most incredible record?
achievement african american history in the 1900?
Italian Political Standings?
What were prisons like back in the olden days?
What are the lasting consequences due to the persian war?
How did the Industrial Revolution affected the fashion industry in America?
Did the romans invent the steam engine and then abandon it?
where is galax north carolina?
Medieval knight vs Samurai, who would win?
what did adam and eve do in the garden of eden that made God throw them out of the garden.?
Who was the last person executed in England. What year and day did it happen?
5 sentence summary of Korean War?
Does anyone know a good website to view old archived newspapers?
are myths and historys true?
Was killing someone legal in medieval England?
1776 by David McCullough?
What is History's Most Signigicant Invention?
I just came out of a coma that I was in for 5 minutes, wow has the world changed, can anyone help me catch up?
what was music like in the 1940s?
In a political,social and religious view why was the Jim crow law wrong.?
When did moviegoing become the most popular leisure-time activity among humanity (men, women, children)?
Where can you get a arrowhead appraised in Tennessee?
what is englands national song?
JFK Assassination November 22, 1963. Where Were You?
Why did the law on cooperatives lead to shortages in the time of Gorbachev?
What kind of tools were uses in the paleolithic era?
I really don't know when he died. Is it possible to get a copy of death certificate even I don't know the dat?
what do you think about UFO's?
what was the name of the economic policy pursued by britain in connection with its growing colonial empire?
what famous person was born in 1756 and Died in 1791?
which years did many WWII documentaries first begin being shown on TV and were watched by average person?
why did paul fussell like the atom bomb?
What was the fuel used in the incinerators/crematorium in nazi concentration camps?
civil war help!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are two changes made by vladimir lenin and the bolsheviks?
during fuedal times was peace and warfare an uncommon event?
What's the history behind Mexico's "The Day of the Dead"?
do blondes really know if they have more fun?
The costliest and most destructive war in history?
Why didn't black people conquerer the white people first?
What is Deaf Poetry?
What are the similarities in military aspects of ancient rome and ancient greece?
How did the election of Andrew Jackson represent the rise of a common man?
If you could choose any time period in which to live for just 1 week--when would it be,and why?
wat would ya'll think if we had a black president????
Who was the 4 ID commander after GEN Thurman?
How did the Battle of Neseby start?
Why is King John lll Sobieski of Poland important to Vienna?
what are eight to ten important facts about queen elizabeth the first?
So here is what my teacher said...?
What 5 questions would you ask Rene Descartes, Voltaire, Galileo, Nicolas Copernicus, and John Locke?
who was socrates?
Look at the history of the position of Secretary General. Choose at least two Secretary Generals who came?
why the us got involved in the world war II?
What were some of Hernan Cortes's achievements?
Were 1000 white women really given to the cheerokee indians to keep their tribe alive?
Who wrote "Four score and seven years" mean?
Union Territories?
were dose the name azelda come from?
What exactly is the illuminati?
how did motivation help in history?
Why does everyone hate New Jersey?
can church hierarchy work in the 21st century?
How did the yearly cycle of the Nile River impact on the religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians?
why did france choose to aid america during the revolutionary war?
Where did Nazi Germanys hatred of the Jewish people come from?
Why did the USA lose the Revolutionary war, but the UK gave the USA their freedom?
U.S History help. French patterns with Native Americans vs English patterns.?
What was Jesus' middle name?
what happened to the people who chose amnesty or not to go to the vietnam war?
I need 2 Australian World War One Propaganda Posters?
How did the kansas-Nebraska act of 1854 make civil war more likely?
what is the population of planet?
English Colonization in North America???
discuss and evaluate Phillip the 2nd and Alexander the great?
What was gun violence like in colonial America?
Which has more history, Ireland or the USA?
Who are some famous people that lived between 12,000 BC and AD 1877?
In the Medieval times, who made crowns?
Where did Dr. Carl Weiss, Jr. go to school?
Did you know you are dying?
which was / were the most shameful act(s) of the British Empire?
Common body later in atlantic southeast airlines flight 529 crash and aloha airlines flight 243 crash incident?
Can you help me think of questions to ask my grandfather about American History?
How did/didn't colonists embrace Irish Immigrants in Canada?
Why did the Iranians take Americans hostages starting from 1979?
Why do people still speak Arabic, but not Latin?
Is it true that Hitler banned smoking in Nazi Germany? If anyone has any sources I would really appreciate it
What did the Alien and Sedition Acts do?
did Hitler really died back in WWII?
What do you think of Anne Frank?
the worst inventions ever 2?
how did the mongol invasions affect korean royal women?
if you had the chance to go back in time and kill adolf hitler as a small child would you be able to do it?
How was the fighting in Pacific Area different from the fighting in Europe?
During the underground railroad, were people only allowed to start travel in a certain month?
Why did ( Mountain ) Men Travel West ?
What name did the Mexica (Aztecs) give to the capital of the empire? ?
What we the goal of the Austrian habsburgs prior to the end of the thirty years' war?
what was the names of the 2 robbers crucified with jesus?
What were Hitler's religious views?
Could we fall too?
do we need to know history?
help in history!!!!!?
Who invented the cross?
When was Frankenstien written?
essay thesis topic for influenza of 1918?
If today was Friday, then what was yesterday, today, tomorrow and afterwards?
General Patton vs. Field Marshall Rommel...who was the better commander?
Name a love story that is older than Romeo & Juliet?
what factors contributed to the growing numbers and wealth of the american colonies in the 18th century?
Which country had a failed constitution?
how to compare power of two people?
How can i defend Adolf Hitler?
Is the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt also called?
do you think Ned Kelly was a hero or a villain?
Help on Biography please?
I want to know about the economy,education,infrastructure,science… rate,health,housing,income/man.......
Which Beatle was it that played the guitar left-handed? Did he do it with a right-handed guitar?
What year were Cameos invented?
Otto Frank Holocaust Survivor's Guilt?
why did hitler have the double cross written on his armband?
Could the US have prevented WWII?
why is the country ''turkey'' called as an animal's name? turkey?
what is the meaning of keia?
Did they land on the Moon in 1969 and all the other times?
Learning about socialites?
what is the effect the German army's defeat had on its government in ww1? explain please *10 points*?
how did nationalism and democradic movements effect Europ in the 1800?
how old are figurines if they say occupied in japan stamped in red ink on the bottom of them?
what did people get totured for in medieval times?
What is the best biolgraphy on Lincoln?
what did they use for pads like in the 1800s?
How could Paul Revere say, "The British are coming”, when everyone was British ?
Throughout history what group of people do you think suffered the most?
My history teacher told me all white people are aliens!?
What does the poppy represent?
During the great depression and the progressive era, how did democracy fail?
y people dont beleave in god, as they see miracles from god?
who controlled the greatest temp/les of ancient egypt?
Cracking Da Vinci code? Do you think Vinci really left a message behind? Or is this too far fetched?
How did Harriet Tubman impact the world during the Industrial Revolution?
german officers nazi dress ring doesnt have skulls on it? any ideas?
what is the game call of duty 2 modern warfare all about?
the underground railroad!?
who “won” the war in Vietnam?
how did caliph al-mahadi resolve the conflict of sucession in the abbasid dynasty?
I need help with US history.?
What was it that you liked most about your supervisors ?
Does anyone know where the phrase "going to hell in a hand basket" comes from?
Socrates used so many irony in the republic. What are some of the examples of irony?
Did all 13 colonies support/sign the declaration of independence?
When Will WWIII begin and who will be the combatants?
Is it possible to access www.historial.org ?
Worst leader ever? Apart from Hitler.?
who was the emporer that divided the roman empire into 2 parts in order to save it from destruction?
before world war germans were super power?
Dictator Augusto Pinochet?
What do you believe the worst single act of atrocity has been in the last 100 years?
How did the explorations and discoveries lead to the creation of modern world?
My teacher said the holocaust really happened?
How many countries did Britain bring English to?
Why does July and August have both 31 days?
whats the value of a ten dollar bill from 1950, is it a collectors item?
Was napoleon such a.bad person he got .exiled. and .should i name.my first male child napoleonn?
US History Homework Help?
How were the midwives in Egypt similar to the behaviour of the righteous Gentiles in the holocaust?
How did ronald reagan re-establish the role of the federal government?
·Explain the Roman philosophy of Stoicism and include its founder.?
what was harriet tubman a spy?
What was the main idea of“The War Escalates”?
How can I be a man like all greatest men in history?
How was feudalism a system of mutually dependent relationships between lords, vassals, and serfs? What was?
Anyone know anything about The Romans, who wants the 10 points. Just answer my Q!?
1984 novel help please?
Were the Puritans a group of Lutherans?
difference between Eugene Mccarthy and Robert Kennedy?
Were there any fires in Duncan, Oklahoma during the 1990's?
In as short as possible, explain to me how the Vietnam war started and why?
where was Rembrandt born?
masonic coin?
Why were the Romans obsessed with bloodshed.?
When did wild boars became extinct in England?
What are similarities and distinctions between theodore roosevelt and woodrow wilsons ideas about progressivim?
what would be a good 2013 national history day topic?
when was toilet paper invented?
Do Nazi's still have the same views on jewish people/gay people/gypsies ect, as they did during WW2?
was it the NFB that became telefilm or was it "the canadian film development corporation"?
why is it like that??????
in what kind of houses did the first settlers in Texas live in?
Aztecs and Cotes interacted with each other , and what happened as a result of their meeting?
What would a modern day nazi look like.?
How did the colonists to the Americas 'loose' their English accents?
What event was most important in bringing about the end of the League of Nations and why?
what time period is Lord of the Rings set in?
would i have survived???
If I had been the president of the Korean when the incident(KAL-007) occured,__________________________?
is really the book of shadow can make curse and spells ? and evil thinks?
Does any body like eggs w/ ketchup?
Should the UK celebrate the 4th of July?
Did the Native Americans wipe out Indigenous American Horses?
how come charles v decided to abdicate and give up his empire?
what are differences between religious persecution under mao and stalin?
How did the Holocaust really happen?
Were the Puritans wrong for banishing Anne Hutchinson please give 4 reasons?
How did Mexican Storytelling help people during the Mexican Revolution?
Why do anti-semites persecute the Jewish people?
Why does the world use propaganda to make the great Hitler look bad?
Southern roaylist?
what is islamophobia and why is it such and important topic for our society?
What were Adolph Hitler's favorite movies?
why did jesus and buddha have a hard time spreading their religions?
Why's History in the section of Arts and not in the section of Social Science?
when did rascism end?
what famous document did john hancock sign?
What was the historical significance of the 1807 Embargo Act?
Apex World history homework. Please Help. One question?
Which country did the US not repay their debt to?