Why did the designer of the titanic boldly say that it was the safest ship ever built?
which place is known as the cradle of civilization ?
hey tell something about subash bose national freedom fighter among all indians..,is he died in plane?
Why is the golden gate bridge called the golden gate bridge?
Major C H Douglas and The Social Credit Movement.?
Who was Hitler and why did he hate jews?
What renaissance period did Hieronymus Bosch work in?
Was there religious freedom in colonial New Hampshire?
Did Hitler and Hirohito have plans to bomb the USA during World War 2?
have u had of lake Victoria?
Did Thomas Jefferson really believe in freedom, or was he a hypocrite?
Who do you think are the most 5 influential people of all time?
How did the governments of the Union and the Confederacy limit Civil Rights during wartime?
do you think that the 9/11 attacks were perpetuated by the government?
Why did Huckabee say the bible is more important than the constitution?
Slavery whats the big deal?
what is the history of microsoftword?
How did William Pitt (the younger) affect social life in Great Britain during the French and Indian War?
what year was Byers Colorado founded by whom ?and what did the town used to be?
when was the first jukebox invented?
History of Ben Sherman (fashion designer)?
who was franciso camps-ribera?
I can't find anything on George W. Russell a clock maker. He was from Philidelphia, pa. and made marble clock
I am participating in a mock trial on European Imperialism?
How did the Nazis (and other fascists) handle labor strikes?
what was thomas jefferson's greatest achievement in the declaration of independence?
Is there any possibility that Robin Hood existed?
how was the military issue solved with the Constitution?
what is the parthenon?
What is the importance of the 30 years war to England?
Songs that remind you of england?
9/11/September 11th?
Why was'nt Tutankhamun buried in a Pyramid?
Why did Hitler use the Maltese Cross from the Vatican's armed order Knights of Malta the as his battle symbol
Why did the Roman Empire(Republic) fail?
So far, what is Japan's greatest invention?
What was the name of the earliest non-Indian settlement in Oklahoma?
What caused the Age of Ideology in the first half of the 19th century?
Chattanooga Campaign? help please?
History questions. Please help?
shiver me timbers?
is conquest and the establishment of empire the natural route that human civilizations take?
where in canada was isaac brock in 1802?
What were Wolsey's successes and failures in foreign policy?
Would Hitler have liked me?
How did the colonists react to the Bristish Advance?
she says shes not my girlfriend we are just friends.please help me with this. what do i do ?
how and why did jocasta and oedipus died?
Why was it necessary to locate the headquarters of the Church in Rome?
How old were Romulus and Remus when they were found..?
World history question?
How did Hitler use the SA to strike fear into the German people and become chancellor?
Which Prime Minister in the history of England, do you consider to be a man you'd put your trust in ?
In the Tudor period... (Mary Stuart)?
What would a typical "Day of Rest" have been like for a Christian farm family in the 1800s?
I would like to find out, What is materialism? and How materialism came to Turkey, Middle east?
Whats your new years revolution?
In the Middle Ages etc., when maps of Britain were drawn, how did people know what it looked like?
why were men invented....?
Besides Jesus Christ, what one person do you think had changed the course of history?
Why did jonas have mixed feelings about his new job?
Does anyone know of any disasters that occured in Ancient Egypt?
did the acient romans have soap?
Why were the Crusades more important for Europe then the Muslim world?
what is the most important contribution that african americans have made in U.S. culture in the past 20 years?
who is the most famous indian in north carolina history?
how to make a propaganda poster??? 10 PTS BEST ANSWER!?
what is the bermooda?
The Coastal Plains Region?
Help! What events in 2012 were similiar to events in 1800s?
Was Wilfrid Laurier correct when he claimed that Canada shall be the one to fill the 20th century?
What's your favourite quote from BBC's "The office"?
Of all the societies in history, which was the most tolerant of minorities in its midst?
why does frederick douglass tend to be remembered and stand out more than some of the other abolitionists?
Who is the coolest texas person?
The fourty-seven Ronin (The 47 Ronin)?
For how long has man inhabited the earth?
i need to know stuff about WW2..?!?
Who turned the power on? African-American contributions to energy.?
why, when and how did black slavery start?
Is it true that when your nose itches... Someone is talking about you?
When were blacks freed from segregation?
What is a good dictionary for pronouncing foreign names of historical people (not of places)?
What kind of advice would you give to a girl from 1912 in the 21 century?  ?
What was the US Economy like during World War 2?
did the americans do the french dirty after the revolutionary war and how?
How do we know the bible is true?
What do u think about Fidel Castro?
What were the cases of Cherokee Nation v. Georgia and Worcester v. Georgia...?
Do any colleges have ww2 history majors?
Has mankind ever killed off an entire species that was a predator, not a competitor?
Who won the english civil war?
When was Alaska colonized?
Discuss the origins and the momentum of scientific revolution make specific reference to the three scientist?
good reasons why world war two should have never happened?
What is a geographis factor in India and how it was a barrier to development?
why was it considered by the french nobility to be un noble to have a job?
what is terrorism?
Did the british contribute to the partition of india, and if so, how?
How has Frank Sinatra impacted the world?
Poland Is Not Racist?
Did Dean Waltrip, Michael Waltip's dad,grow up in Calhoun County Ill.?
Why did WWI, that was supposedly for such progressive aims, become characterized by repression?
what are the major reforms of the french revolution?
what solutions were offered to fix the great depression in America?
i want a figurine of "The Abduction of Psyche" where can i find it?
Isn't COMMUNISM the soul of all RELEGIONS?
nazi question?
if you could go back in time who is the person tou would most like to meet and why?
what did most pirates die from?
What American divisions were to be included in Operation Olympic and Operation Coronet?
my friend is visiting a country in africa called tanzania anyone knows anything about this country?
American greatness?
Modern day conflicts e.g Iraq and Afghanistan and what is modern warfare?
Which ancient civilization is most closely associated with the Twelve Tables, an extensive road system, the in?
What were George Washington's teeth made of?
why did slavery happen?
What was the threat from the Soviet Union in Europe during the cold war?
what is the ku klux klan?
how did the economy assist the modernization of Russia (1861-1881)?
Who is the worst person ever to have lived and why?
History answer this please?
Do you think that the world will end in tre year 2012, as the maya calendar sayz?
How did the Industrial Revolution affect America?
If you could go in a time machine, what era in history would you like to visit?
what else was going on in Israel the time Jesus was born?
Can i get any famous philosophers name?
The Holocast never happened?
Who invented the computer?
why was the Sears Tower built?
How did the Americans overcome sectionalism to be able to beat the English in the American Revolution?
canada history question?
Compare & contrast the causes of the 1905 and feb/march. 1917 Revolutions.?
why the hell do we celebrate christmas on dec 25 it has nothing to do with god or jesus.?
why doea michale jackson like kids and were does he live?
history help. if you know please help ASP!!!?
who made the wheel back in the stone age?
is bloody mary real?
How to live genuine?
Can anyone please tell me the history of the China Islands on Big Bear Lake, CA?
What were the motivations for the battle of okinawa?
U.S. Roaring 20's and the Great Depression question?
why did European explorations expand rapidly in the 15th century?
i have a history question...?
Is it weird for someone's teacher to tell them that they have a butt like thiier wife's?
what's the name of the book that covers World War 2?
Where were you September 11, 2001?
which of these history modules do you think is the most interesting?
Is there a reputable reference for the earliest form of gambling being in BC 2300 in China?
where did the name POLICEMAN come from and what about COP?
Some information in the Caste system in India?
Explain the road to revolution. How did the British respond to the colonists after their victory in the French?
Second industrial revolution completely changed the lifestyle of the people. Explain?
My teacher told our class that the USA fought valiantly in World War I. I told her that the USA never...?
How does the context of the Old Testament change the way that it is understood in modern times?
Although Hannibal won all his battles on the Italian Peninsula , Why was he unable to defeat Rome ?
what is the best title for a viking progect?
Who can tell me if Cesar Chavez an Aztec descendant?
What do you think of Hitler?
what was marshall aid?
where can i find pictures of the court room wre Charles I was tried?
how did chinese dynasties changefrom one to another?
Do Incas Exist today?
Icons of the 1940's?
When Marie Antoinette said "Let them eat cake". What is cake?
I have 5000 ancient chinese books(about 400 yrs old.) what is the value ?
how many books did Jackqueline wilson write?
TRUE OR FALSE: Santa Clause is real?
Where can I get a list of Illinois Veterans of the Vietnam War?
when jesus died on the cross did a prostitute come up to him and give him a hankerchief was she called angela?
Did the Palestinians or the Israeli's want a peace agreement in the 1970's or 1980's?
What 'unusual features' adorn Gen. John H Morgan's mare "Bess" in the statue of this pair in Lexington, KY?
Grade 8 history question?
is it racist or just a symbol of history history?
Reasons for believing the Holocaust never happened?
who discovered Saturn?
fall of the roman empire?
Is anyone more intrested in WW2 than 9/11?
what was the name of the Almanac ben franklin wrote and explain the use of an almanac by colonists?
Conflict of interest?
Information about a George Washinton stamp that says Inter.Revenue Proprietary. It's a three cent stamp.?
was queen isabella I of castile racist to black people then?
how did Americans respond to the fear of Communism?
Do you hate the British?
Where are you from and name a famous land mark?
Why were hot water bottles hard to get during World War II?
I desperately need to sell my Sydney 2000 Olympic Gold medalist stamp collection.Where should i go?
how old was Reagan when he first came to office?
script of el filibusterismo for our school play preferably tagalog?
Which factors helped the independence movements of Latin America in the early 1800s?
Stories of viking cruelty?
I'm looking for interesting reading on Hitler, and also the Knights during the cursades.?
how did the Abolitions and American fight toward slavery?
What is implied about the ancient Egyptians through their building of pyramids, temples, and other monuments?
What is the derivation of 'polyphemus,' a cyclopse slain by Odysseus. He had one eye,but 'poly' suggests many
What was some of the clothing that women performers wore in woodstock 1969?
Web page references for Confederate States of America?
why we human beings r on earth?
How was Dr King influenced by African American poets such as WEB Dubois and Langston Hughes?
do you think Hitler thought he was bad?
Were there any concentration camps in the battle of peleliu?
did hitler actually spare blonde haired blue eye jews?
In alll sincerity exactly whta is a JEW? Is it a race as in caucasion,anglo saxon.It must be more than a relig?
How are you a leader in school?
Who Was the Greatest General of the Second World War and Why?
Calvary charges in US wars?
What were the effects of the Salem witch trials?
How did religious differences shape Colonial America in New England and the Chesapeake?
the founding of Rome and of its republic?
why were the U.S and soviet union afraid of each other pesecuting each other?
If you had a Time Machine what American/ World History event would you want to go to & why?
Defenders of slavery claimed all of the following except?
what is the house of chthon?
what style of architecture is the cultural center of the philippines?
overall, what was the demographic impact of European contact with the New World?
write about Vietnam War?
In Your Opinion, What Ways You Think America Can Be A Better Nation (.s)?
Are you a racist? If yes, why? If not, why?
my unlce has found a picture a very old one with a name on it it is william lord talbot any ideas who he is?
Who is Eurypidondids and what did he do for ancient Greece?
best napoleon's biography?
What was the name of Britian's first stamp- which sold for one penny?
what does it mean when someone leaves you a black rose on your car windshield?
how did the us gain alaska from the russians?
Now i have found a date where it was passed down that these two people left Germany in the year 1856?
who is a modern day hero?
when was the Duomo di Santa Maria del Fiore started and finished?
Why do colonist belive that the king has encouraged the natives to attack them?
List of Medieval Thieves?
I have what I believe is a authenic Ming vase. wher can I get it appraised in southern CA, palm springs area?
What is the Real Story of Friday the !3th...?
Does Alexander The Great was an Ancient Macedonian or a Greek?
who REALLY invented the Telephone, Antonio Meucci or Alexander Graham Bell?
how many years used to build the pyramid?
What was the role of a stonemason in florence in the 1600's?
HOW MANY African Americans have died in civil rights movement any stats about that?
Who traded what with who in the 1500s?
okay guys challenge question ! what is the capital of india ?
was the pied piper the killer who killed the most victims in history?
Armstrong was the first to walk the moon.Who is the second?
Anastasia Romanov - did she survive the execution of her family?
If you could travel in time which era would you go back to ?
why do you think people began to build cities?
why is the nat test is important?
How complete was stalin's control over russia in 1941?
did cavemen know about computers?
Do you like the Renaissanc or 18th century era more?
How tall was the first skyscraper and where was it built?
explain how the spain interfered with the u.s trade?
Why do good things happen to bad people?
Cambrian Explosion?
What is Pals Battalions ww1?
what was the capital of england before london?
If God creates everything in the universe for 7 days, then how come dinasours 's bones?
what happended in San Fransciso today 100 years ago-APril 18th 1906?
Why did GOD allow the tsunami, taking all those lives?
can u tell me about my past life ?
Site info required???
what sorts of weapons did the Normans have that was so superior to what the English had in 1066?
Where did the term 'Working man's paradise' come from?
What was the main language(in the 1600s) in England?
what is a colony in the 1600;s?
ramabai ranade?
As the Dark Ages came to an end, how and why did art become so important during the Renaissance?
how did the tea party movement begin?
What language was spoken in ancient rome?
Why was britain the first country in the world to have an industrial revolution?
Why&How did Joseph Stalin become suspicious?
How accurate is recorded history, especially that of "war heroes"? Do you think they stretch the truth?
How do i make my life soulful and happy with christ?
Shogun!? Opinion/ ideas!! 10 points!?
Can someone explain me the first ten amendments?
Why did the Russian aristocrats support the 1905 Revolution socially but not politically?
When Germany wanted to take over the world it was WW2; when England did it, it was the British Empire. Why?
Were the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima acts of Terrorism?
Were where you during 9/11 ?
Research paper on the victorian times?
What did the Ancient Egyptions eat?
Were the Russian winters when Napoleon and Hitler attacked actually the two coldest in Russian history?
What are the main reasons for rebuilding the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir?
Before columbus, where was the world's largest trading network?
fancy a trip with me?
What are the 10 most significant battles in history?
Was Friar Tuck a real person?
How important are they?
"The Golden Era," when was this era in the Indian History?
The phrase something is rotten in Denmark comes from where?
If you could go back in time and witness a historical event, witch one would you like to see? And why?
If you could live in any past era in history what would it be?and why?
What are the significance of the major battles in the revoultionary war?
Impact of fertile crescent cultures?
If you could change the outcome of one historical event in man's history, which one would it be?
What happened at October 9, 1776?
Do the Japanese still see Pearl Harbour as a stunning victory?
Which has more history, Ireland or the USA?
What did they use before tooth paste and when did they invent it?
What are the Counties of Current England falling under the mythical Wessex created by Thomas Hardy?
HIstory??? please help?
13 Original Colonies First Settlement Questions? *8th Grade Humanities?
What is a muse?
10 reasons Germany was NOT to blame for WWI?
is there eny one know the king tut ank amoon?
what kind of food did the 16th century sailors eat while out to sea?
Which was worst...?
How did the Inuit shelters change during the year?
Why is Alexander Hamilton important?
What is more shocking?
Why were there time lags between inventions in the Industrial Revolution?
Which Native American leader became a valuable ally to the English?
whats the difference between dogs and cats?
Were the initial ancient Dorians invaders or settlers?
Which Lincoln movie do you think more accurately depicted his voice?
settlement and the colonial period 1607-1760?
meaning of gender studies?
This is for my Democracy class....Should the U.S reinstate the draft? Should we draft women too?
Did industrialization in the early 20th century lead to an expansion or contraction of basic american freedom?
what problems did western settlers face and have to over come in the early 19th century and how did their cond?
why is hepatolenticular degeneration (wilson's disease) name after samuel alexander kinnier wilson?
What three events would you like to go back in time and see with your own eyes?
who was the highest ranking female in the third reich?
Were there caveman?
How was World War II a war about race?
Indian Wars - Sand Creek Massacre, Wounded Knee, Little Crows war, Red Clouds war + Battle of little big horn?
if there are the roaring twenties and swinging sixties what are the 1970s and 1990s?
Did Caroline Herschel have a good education?
Does Sarah Palin remind you of Hitler in some ways?
which creatures lived in the precambrian era?
Who do you think has been your countries greatest leader in the past 50 years?
To what extent was Andrew Jackson a states’ rightist? To what extent was he a nationalist?
Another Laura Secord Question!!??
For older people. back in 1969, what did you think would happen now back then?
What time is the day did 9 11 happen?
I want to hear about some good things coming out of the Nazis era,Can you help?
where are photo's with music of http://www.iltrails.org/carroll/carollreunionspencer.html please tell me?
When concentration camps were first made, was that a turning point in history?
When and why did the US abandon washington advice to European politics & permanent alliance?
wars fought over money?
how do i get expert help on a roman artifact that i found?
was William the Conqueror related to the King Harold of England whom he shot in the eye with an arrow?
A little American History help please?
What are Unfree Knights? (Medieval)?
Which state had the most African American legislators?
Which Central American indigenous person has used money from the Nobel Prize to create a foundation to fight f?
Was The World War one big War or 2 separate Wars (WW1 & WW2) ?
what was the biggest moment in history that changed the course of the world? Why?
why did america have to bomb japan with 2 atom bombs? is 1 not enough?
how close is the next world war next ten years or sooner?
What are some examples of individuals who are racially and ethnically the same?
What was the achievement in the Shang dynasty in 1122 b.c.?
In what ways did the Supreme Court boost federal tower?
who else thinks the hitler analogy is getting old?
What did townspeople do with murderers in the US in the 1800s?
When was the War of 1812 fought?
why do chinese people wear masks?
do you believe in the bible?(if so) am i missing something here. you know like creation of man? the ark?
Did the roman conquered syria?
why did the articles of confederation not work ?
Do you think that the WORLD would be a better place if all those young men didn't DIE in the 2 World wars?
how can learn about angela davis childhood?
Which era would you like to time travel to?
What "virgin land" was paradoxically sown with corn in the Soviet Union under Kruchshev's agricultural policy?
Alexander the Great questions?
What was "Capital" in The Industrial Revolution?
Would the actions of the Nazi party during World War 2 count as a genocide?
If you could be any famous person in US History who would you be?f?
What is the role of the nation state in perpetuating violence at the turn of the 20th century?
What Were The Principles Dr. King Talked About In His Letter From The Birmingham Jail?
how did the invention of the motorcycle influence future generations?
What events should I use for a chronological timeline of Josip Tito (12 events)?
In 1935, the Nazis passed the Nuremberg laws to?
HISTORY in 1990 ! 10 POINT?
Did Marie Antoinette really say "Let them eat cake."?
who was the owner of the ocean ranger?
What caliber sized bullet was it that killed MLK jr.?
Did the Pax Romana help the Apostle Paul? Or was it a stumbling block for him?
what is the medicare act...what did it do? good and bad?
Why were plane flights so deadly back then before the 90's?
What were the impacts of all 9 crusades on Europe?
Who is the most important person in history?
Was democracy 1st started in United States?
What year was chester arthur inaugurated?
Should we raise taxes for all Ameicans in the United States?
how old are the pyrameds?
what were the points in Roosevelt and Benettes new deal?
who was the first president of the us?
What were some key Military actions and their significance in the Pacific during WWII??
Native Americans---- HELLPP?
Is 1990 old?
Is there a historical significance to the stars that are commonly found on barns and houses in West Virginia?
In history the Aryans were...?
see if you know this one?
what is the midnight ride of Paul Revere?
what are the 30 markings of buddha?
Two common knowledge questions about the trail of tears?
europe unit test please answer ..?
What should have happned when that boy drew a swastika on my paper?
Who was the first female reporter to have her own byline in the US?
was hitler ww1 or ww 2?
If Winston Churchill could see Britain now, how would he react?
What Is True??
I need information about the Bella Coola Indian tribe?
does slavery still occur in the 21st century?If so, where?
How and why did feelings change about the Iran regime over time?
Who was Adolf Hittler?
i have an assigment on the american revolution so do you think if i ask moddanna she will remember?
what is chile yunta?
who was Roland of Roncesvalles?
How much is the Imperial State Crown worth?
Can you tell me what is the source of Ankh (not it's meaning!)?
anybody knows where Stavropol city is located ?
During which kingdom did Ramses II rule?
title of the book telling about 3 political prisoners escaping from Siberia to India in WW2?
what is revelation according to st. Iraneaus?
American History Multiple choice questions!?
Why don't the Brits hate the Italians and Japanesse in the same way they hate the Germans?
What type of the war on the high sea saw the introduction?
Where can I find WWI Propaganda posters of britsh women?
What are the worst, yet survivable injuries that have lasting effects?
What forces (people, ideas, events etc...) were most responsible for encouraging change in Europe?
All great nations inevitably end up committing suicide. Do you agree and why?
World Studies Question. I don't understand what is being asked.?
What was a mazombo in Latin America?
where is the taj mahal?
what are the types of medieval scientists?
Why did the colonial assemblies reject the Albany Plan of Union?
Is 9/11 the saddest moment in world history?
Global History? Please help need it for a test.?
U.S. History Help please!!?
How did the United States and Israels relationship begin?
What type of clothing did males where in late 1950s?
What did the totalitarian regimes try to do to their citizen's life?
where did gender roles and responsibilities originate?
Who is the most inspirational person in history?
Was Afghanistan Ever Part Of India?
Why do americans think they won WWII
who was the first woman to stand for women rights?
who are some stakeholders for dark tourism?
How would the Digital Age affect history-writing?
Who Was Chandra Gupta ?
Who believes in NWO and the illuminati?
True / False . History <3 Help please !?
Would you characterize Napolean as a product and extension of the French revolution?
why was julius caesar famous?
How were stories about the night sky used to teach aboriginal law?
what was the first capital of USA?
What was the greatest invention ever made ?
What was the similarities between the North and the South during the Civil War?
What type of people would attend an ancient roman dinner party?
What is the historical value or price on a newspaper or magazine called La Caricature its in French from 1900?
10 points: Black history month homework help?????
Why were people considered crazy to vote for president Eisenhower?
What effect did WW1 have on the Russian working class, Middle class, Aristocracy and Peasants?
Did cavemen shave?
which are the seven wonders?
What did the egyptians use to stuff the eye sockets of mummies?
As far as foreign influences are concerned, the Ashikaga Shogunate would be characterized as a period of?
Who won the American Revolution?
What was the stamp act?
How did/do the Japanese feel about Pearl Harbor?
who hates bush?? hes gay plus the people who like him ...?
All of the following issues encountered by the Qing dynasty in the nineteenth century were similar to problems?
my history mocks are comming pls help?
Why have the religious and philosophical movements begun in ancient times survived to this day?
I need info On Cal E. Bromund the artist,he painted "The Little Prince" about Nevada's wild horses
Royal Stafford Bone China...?
Did The Jews kill Christ?
Did the Holocaust really happen? Or is it a lie?
why did the japanese bomb pearl harbor?
how did Hitler died?????/?
What kind of weaponry did the spanish conquistadors have? What were the soldiers like?
who are some key writers and poets during the time of the harlem renaissance?
world history question... someone help me.?
is jesus christ was the follower of buddha ?
what is pickett's charge why was it said I have no division?
who said "Caesar is dead. Long live Caesar"?
how did the first reliable steam engine impact the u.s.a.?
What are the main historic events of the Italian renaissance?
How did renaissance affect art religion science politics ? (Emergency)?
Do conservative and reactionary have the same meaning?
did American Indians along the Canadian border fight with Britain in the War of 1812.?
What food is typical of the time and region in which Alexander the Great lived?
i need help with my project!!!!!! please help meeee!!!?
Is it true that some people believe that Adolf Hitler didn't die when we was thought to have done?
Were there any cannibalistic rituals or customs in Aboriginal ways?
The cost of things in 1929?
What was ironic about the manner in which Oliver Cromwell presided over the English Commonwealth?
why did the partition of africa occur when it did?
what is etymology of the word 'zastoy'?
Why did Japan attack pearl harbor?
Do you think that Islamic ancient civilization has done a favour to the world or not?
Which Reformation leader has been regarded by Marxists as a precursor in the struggle for a classless society?
where did the American flag get its shape from?
I have a $20 dollar bill from the year 1924. I want to know how much it's worth.?
Can you please tell me information on Charles Dickens and prisons regarding to him?
why is this significant about revolution of balntawak?
why did the ancient Egyptians build the pyramid?
do you know of a company called sutherland thomson&coltd from somerset that made lead lined oak bottle boxes?
How did Adam's views of the Revolution contrast with Jefferson's?
What was the Pompeii basilica used for?
who is Louis De Rochement?
When was the Mayan Codex made?
If you had the power to stop 1 assassination in American History which one would it be?
Are the states of the southwest close together?
When Queen Anne reigned in England, what was the leader of the Cabinet known as?
what is Sunnism?
When did the Navajo Windtalkers program in WW2 end? Specific date?
If there is a Holyman or Prophet in our age? would his teaching be copyright protected or in Public domain?
what happened right when Nikola Tesla arrived in the U.S?
What Do You Know About Islam?
ok what was the most popular song in 1989?
Who were the provisions for at Fort Sumter?
According to the theory of social Darwinism, what was the role of government in econk?
answer me plz? Why do the countries that were colonies of the UK accept the Queen Elizabeth as their Queen?
What was the answer to the bob dylan lyric from the times they are a changin on the us regent?
I need HELP!!! Research paper due soon!?
If You could bring anyone out of the past to the present ...who & why ?
Can you describe the “Bosnian” people?
external threats of ancient china?
Will there be a 3rd 'World War' ?
who faught in the battle of troy?
Who were the important people of the battle of winter at valley forge?
Who were the Olmecs?
what was the area like were the Lakota tribe lived?
What were the roles of men and women in Ancient Maya Civilization?
Birth of the Weimar republic confusion?
What day did they attack on Harpers Ferry?
Who from history would you like to chat to ?
Why was George Bernard Shaw on the list of those to be arrested once the Nazis had conquered Great Britain?
13th St Station, Philadelphia?
What are the ways to protect monuments of India and what is the need to preserve and protect it?
Which is the more important legacy for Classical Athens, the democracy or philosophy?
What is the backgroud/life of Barbara Tuchman, the author?
how many cities are in the world?
help with worl history questions?
what is the difference between dictator and king?
what characteristics defined the literature being produced during 1900-1945?
What were some disadvantages that Europeans and non-Europeans acquired through the Colombian Exchange?
Has Frederick T. Taillon died?
Why do public schools try to teach a politically correct version of the Civil War?
Why has the rhine rhur industry grown in germany?
Why was the Manhattan purchase important in the 1600's?
The King Who Never Smiled Again ...?
Did the berlin wall just divide the city of Berlin or the whole country of germany?
I have original World War II photos taken by Scherl Bilderdienst. What are they worth?
what were the goals of reconstruction and how the U.S tried to achieve them?
how Adolf Hitler died?
I was born during WW2 yet i am only 17 years old; how is this possible?
if you were a mythical creature what would you be?
What was the final score of the ball game in the Thayer poem "Casey at the Bat"?
Who discovered America condinent?
Websites that give me the facts about the changing image of jesus?
What was the extent of Alexander(the great)'s vast empire and how did he acquire it?
During Confucius' life!?
Why did the egyptians, the maya and people in south-east asia build pyramids and not other shape??
Does any one know any facts about the Battle of Marston Moor?
Who is/was the singer KOKO TAYLOR?
what did THESE 5 people do to stop slavery?
In America, the main influence of the Enlightenment was expressed through?
History - USA - 1921 - 1940?
What are the 3 stages of Medieval Europe?
What is the best way to look up a family tree on the web?
what happened on the 12th hour of the 12th day of the 12th month?
Would you losers stop asking questions about dating?
who is a tragic hero in history? not a character, but a real person.?
What was the norths incentive to fight the civil war? and what was the south's incentive?
who will gather the pails when Jedidiah arrives?
Russian revolution quote?
Compare the cultures of the Chaco canyon region and the Mississippi River region?
how good looking was hitler, disregard moral and historic considerations, on a scale of 1-10?
how did music effect people in the 1930s?
The Holocaust?
Why was Lot's wife turned to a Piler of Salt when she looked back? why salt?
Who is prophet Zacaria ?
Are the Jews lying about the gas chambers?
Which groups challenged the growth of royal power during the Middle Ages and why?
the ottoman empire spread to?
did the roman eastern empire rename themselves 'the bystantines' (sorry about spelling)?
who won the 2nd world war?
what was hitlers party called?
Georges Washington was he a terrorist ?
what is the name of the creater of the universe?
Single worst event in human history.?
what was the major difference between Egypt and the other two River Valley civilizations?
Who is Atira the Pawnee Earth Goddess?
Was there a mutiny in the Canadian Navy in the late '50's?
Does anyone know a lot about South African history?
how many russian people have an ID?
How many men refused to invade PA in Lee's Campaign that led to the Battle of Gettysburg, & why did they?
what things did Nelson Mandela do that were significant?
Examine the role of Virgil in the Inferno. Why do you think Dante chose him as his guide? What kind of help c?
what are the philosophes of the enlightenment?
How did the death of Philip II of Spain affect English Catholics?
What If Sir Isaac Newton Was Never Born??
who was Kateri Tekakwitha?
Name me 2 famous wars that have taken place after World War2? 10points?
Reasons for the survival of the Byzantine Empire please help! :-)?
Was there ever jack in the box in texarkana tx?
Where in IRELAND was Hitler born?
United states history help?
To what extent was Andrew Jackson a tyrant?
what do russian think about(in) iran and iranian?
I need some pictures of Marco Polo?
Who would have been the best leader of Rome if Brutus and Cassius had defeated Antony and Octavius?
Why did a stalemate develop on the western front?
what causes wars. religion or money?
MC: What brutal event promted the US Supreme court to decide how new territories to be handled?
After President Lincoln's assassination, who would have been president if........?
what does acquisition?
How did the New Culture and May Fourth Movements promote Chinese nationalism?
When did Robert Koch suceed in developing the culture plate?
History Questions?! Can you help me?
what is an incense burner?
Do you think the cocaine epidemic killed more New Yorkers than 9/11 did?
What were some of the censorship the black panther group faced?
John Winthrop's speech in 1645?
Site of a U.S naval base, bombed by the Japanese on December 7, 1941?
In terms of manifest destiny what is imperial pretension?
I am doing my dissertation on the Nazi persecuation of the gypsies. Any topic ideas or any help?
To what extent did hitler and Mussolini use similar methods in establishing their dictatorships?
How successful were the league of nations in Khufu?
Definition of Computer before 1945?
King Tut Question!?!?
what is the meaning of the wedding bells and where is the tradition from?
Johnny Tremain question: What is the name of the newspaper that is the "voice" of this secret group?
what was the outcome when the french citizens' armies won their revolution for liberty and equality?
who was the founder of child language acquisition?
How did Vasco da Gama's exploration contribute to globalization ?
how are the Greek Parthenon and the Etruscan temple similar?
how did italys geography influence the development of the roman empire?
Did George Bush know 9/11 was gonna happen?
History-Life of a slave.?
Was the luisiana territories ever part of spain?
where can i find a written copy of the story about three rusty nails?
Help with A Level History Essay?
what type of government did Pennsylvania have in 1600's?
what were women taught from birth in the Elizabethan times ?
history homework help? .s?
What did the Aryans contribute to the Indian culture?
Who were people that were involved with Manifest Destiny?
APUSH Trail of Tears Question?
Roman architecture emphasized?
Where did egyptians get the idea to build pyramids?
How far did the sarajevo incident led to the first world war?
About the Compromise of 1887 *reconstruction*?
What were some architectural differences in Chicago after the Chicago fire?
Did the Mormons in Gemany support Hitler?
What are the main characteristics of Renaissance Architecture?
what did indian women do in the olden days to keep their sari from faling off their shoulder?
yes, i knew it was a very long time ago but how??who??
What are some events that lead us to the civil war?
The History of Montblanc?
how can we make friendship to all?
Why did/didn't people fight for independence in the American Revolutionary War in 1776?
Major 18th Century demands for liberty called for?
what were the people needed to build a castle?
William B travis during the alamo?
Mahatma Gandhi is wright or wrong ?
leader of the spanish army that conqurered the aztec empire?
Was Alfred Wegener's theory of Continental Drift accepted before or after his death?
where did bill gates was born?
writer of book 'Lectures from Colombo to Almora?
great historian and philosoper?
What made the ottomans empire/dynasty weak?
Does Anyone possibly Know How The First Language was Started? And Where?
Why fight for a lost cause?
Do you think that Hitler was an idiot?
when and where did cows get domesticated?
What was a contact guard in the Australian Army in WW1?
need appraisal on Declaration of Independence of the United States of America?
Earliest written symbols were pictures of items?
Why was Richard Arkwright so successful?
a human what want fom other person such as friend,neigbourhood,wife etc?
Were Egyptians The First To Put A Number On Time?
What was the significance of the Missouri Crisis?
What is a good thesis on the Ukrainian famine of 1932-33 and dekulakization/peasantry or collectivization ?
Why did the American Colonists want independence from Great Britain?
Is there any way that I could find where a solder killed during world War 2 is buried?
Why did Robert Devereux start a rebellion against Elizabeth the 1st?
Why is the eruption of Vesuvious essential to out understanding of Ancient Rome, today?
why do we cover ourself (shy) where does this come from?
How did progressives want to reform the economy?
why were veterans in the vietnam war accused of being baby-killers?
escaping from the "Black and Tans" ?? Ireland who were they ?
What were the changes implemented by Vatican 2? Why were these changes needed?
What playwright wrote Death of a Salesman in 1949?
when was Tincup,Colorado founded?
which is the peace loving (making) nation in the world?
what is the national language of brazil?
how did gunpowder define the middle east?
Do any of you think the native americans were treated fairly by the "american settlers"?
Women and Abolition thesis?
what form of music became popular in america and europe in the 1900s?
Which special events/b'days happened on Nov 26, 1926?
How was life like in Aztec lands before the arrival of spaniards?
The United States entered World War 2 by declaring war on....?
How did the characteristics of peasants revolts in Europe change during the Middle Ages?
I am looking for the details on colclough pottery with a code of H46I. it is part of the ridgway potteries?
is it true that if you see an owl in the daytime something bad is going to happen?
controversial book published in 1934 and still banned in India dedicated to Indian peoples ?
how are african houses constructed?
Help with History please?
what is the bacteria that caused the black plague?
What was the true cause for the Second World War?
What were you doing on Sept 11, 2001?
Was Rosa Parks in the colored section of the bus?
What are the horrible things Joseph Stalin did to the people of Russia?
What are some of the types of sail boats they had in the 1850's?
When were HIGH schools invented?
how long did the romans rule the civilized world?
what are three reasons Hammurabi's code was unfair?
1920s Fashion Question?
Are any of the survivors from the Titanic still alive today?
What exactly did the French do (or fail to do) in the war... ?
Im looking for an old High School friend her name is Katie Hansen and i last heard she was in Milwaukee, WI.?
what are peasants considered in elizabethan era?
What did Oscar Romero do?
Did Raphael Sanzio change painting and thinking was he important to the history of hte renaissance?
who was the best pirate in history?
How will George Bush (the junior one) go down in history?
Why did Germany ultimately lose World War 2?
When were the first shots of the American Revolution fired at Lexington and Concord?
Can someone please give me a brief summary of what happened during World War 2?
how many pairs of animals did moses take into the ark?
Whats the differences between our ancestors holiday Samhain, and what we call Halloween?
Is It True That After WWII Anything Nazi Related Was Destroyed?
If Adolf Hitler's Empire would have not fallen how long to you think Germany's Empire would have last?
Does anyone know about the silver retailer Sanju Saku and the silversmith Mitsumasa Koka?
who is the biggest villein in history and why?
How many hundreds of years did Turkey(ottoman empire) rule Greece?
How long did American artists incorporate Greek/classical styles in their paintings and architectural designs?
how to win the lottery?
Do you know this mystery person?
What were the ways in which the federal gov't sought support on the home front for the war effort during WWI?
What Heroic things did king Henry VIII do?
Who is the most famous and well known person in hstory?
i said what terms and Years did james e carter spend as President!!!! somebody answer now?
What do you think is the greatest injustice ever to occur in history, past or present?
what do you remember the most about the 70's?
what did giaffe mean in the medevail times?
history of the spinning wheel?
What Did Renaissance drink and snack on the poor?
What were the names of the first three U.S. frigates?
what were the main political leaders in the russian revolutions?
How did Prohibition lead to new problems in society?
can someone honestly predict my future?
what was in the library of alexandria?
HISTORY HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Who is Alfred White Northead (1861-1947)?
British war expenses?
Who was America named after?
Who knows the author of this quote?
Did anyone NOT do their 2 min silence?
Hey YOU did you know that your ancestors are made on Syria? Please help them on a emergency call.?
which country did the celts live in?
When did Portsmouth docks first used by the navy?
To what extent did economic issues provoke the American Revolution?
In what ways was the Battle of the Coral Sea a new kind of naval warfare?
is it true that wolves raise orphan children?
Were the ancient Romans sinners because they were more open to sex while modern society is prohibitive?
What were the nicknames that Andrew Jackson had?
What this sentense means: "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind".?
does anyone know about the compromise of 1850?
where were you on 9/11/2001? when the trade towers fell?
About Sidney Poiter.Study?
have you ever witnessed a historical event?
How did the Constitution of 1787 represent a true revolution in government?
what national interests lead to ultranationalism?
which was / were the most shameful act(s) of the British Empire?
Who was the best of the Norse Gods?
how many schools did greg mortenson build after getting kidnapped?
Did Napoleon have a dog named Bernard?
introduction about nazi germany with facist italy?
Im doin a history project & I need info: Women;religion in America fr the 17th-20th cent where can I find it?
Why was Daniel Webster against the Indian Removal Act?
was alexander the great a good or bad man?
Did Pontic Greeks wear fezzes?
Who won the first nobel peace prize?
History ? Changing Role of Kings? (.s best answer)?
What was the place in ancient times, where gladiolas used to fight in a ring? ?
how would I write a thesis statement for a biography on Robert E. Lee?
What blood type was Cardinal Richelieu?
what was the Medang kingdom?
what is the major industry of Darlington county?
What were some similarities between the ancient Jews and the ancient Christians?
Why did the USA think it necessary to drop the second atomic bomb on Japan?
Need help criticising these 2 sources for a school project?
what is a gendarme?
how were some attitudes towards marriage in the 19th century(regency era) different to today?
Who was first president of Greece?
How did lichtenstein influence the world?
Did Elizabeth I's people like her?
How did ww2 start and end?
Hitler "Great" ?
What does the poppy represent?
Why is human civilization only a few thousand years old?
Do you think in a way it was a good thing that Hitler came?
HELP!! History Homework to do with Ancient Rome / Ancient Egypt?
Who was the wilier commander - Belisarius or Narses?
why didn't anyone save the jews from the holocaust?
Why did the French capitulate in WW2?
Hawaii the only state to never report below 0 weather?
high lights of indo-pak 1965 war?
Gothic renaissance heroines?
Who was a better person William wallace or Edward the !st?
what is a manuscript illuminator?
Are there any survivors from the Titanic still alive today?
whats the name of the queen of england?
Why did James I revoke the Virginia Company of London's charter?
HISTORY HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Was there a president named John Apples?
Resurrecting Jack the Ripper's identity - is there anyone who wishes to discuss intelligently?
was Russia invaded by the Soviet Union during the cold war?
What part of Europe was unaffected by the Black Plague?
Which nation had a bigger impact on ww2?
Where will male fashion be in a 100 years?
Alexander launches surprise attack against persians near issus?
who was Tyeb Mehata and what was his/her contribution?
how do archeologists feel about the bible?
Dead Sea scrolls mystery?
last monarch of the House of Hanover to rule UK?
how was life in the 1920s vs life today?
How did the 'Great Depression' end in Australia?HOW?!?
Who was the first Germanic king to convert to what is now known as Catholicism?
For Collins submarine software development, were those responsible already aware that what they were doing was?
What does the word Mesopotamia mean?
How can I learn about Trenches easily.?
Embarrassing fact about Irenaeus?
Women's movement in Canada! How did it improve family conditions?
Holocaust - did it really happen?
Was the sugar cane plant found in mesolithic Ireland?
what is a piano soundboard?
Were the treaty terms too harsh or not and what made them harsh? Did they ask too much of Germany?
Honestly, is the Confederates better than the Union in creating a better America?
Can anyone explain/tell me what the FreeMasons are?
Jack The Ripper?
Can you help me fill in the blank for The Rise of Napoleon during the French Revolution?
How did the Western Great Schism end? And how many popes where eventually elected?
what inventions had the most effect on history?
im looking a tools(instrument) that have spesial light or waves that can give you the old of old antiques&...?
is illuminati good or bad?
wich were the consequences of great geographical exploration except SLAVERY and Trade ?
Can you explain the council of trent?
why gandhi is called mahatma??....?
Were the Italians the bravest soldiers of ww2?
what did chinese first start using compassea?
when Amiel adolf beharing was born?
Why did the German invasion of Russia fail?
Which was greater: America or Rome?
Did the apple really hit Isaac Newton's head?
During the Constitutional Convention what was the main difference between New Jersey play in Virginia Plan?
name two challenges composers faced because of the industrial revolution?
What was the main teachings made by Bernard de Fontenlle and Pierre Bayle?
Compare presidents Washington and Lincoln and why are they considered the most important?
Why does one not meet people called Judas nowadays?
is macedonia a command economy?
Who is the Worst President in United States History????
In what ways was Thomas Jefferson a loose constructionalist?
What did the Greek God Zeus represent?
How did they tell time in the past where they didn't have clocks?
What are some words/famous people from Medieval times that start with X, and Z?
who is right The catholic church or Galileo?
who is abraham linclon?
What kind of chair is this?
was jefferson a supporter of the articles of confederation?
What gives with the Hastings questions?
What time period would 559-330 B.C.E. be?
The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers ran through?
when did the hyolith became extinct?
When Noah was gathering every animal, did he go to Antarctica for penguins and Australia for kangaroos, or did
How much were railroad lines extensions constructed shortly before, during and after WW1 in Europe?
Did the Holocaust really happen?
Who was the first pope?
How did the American Revolution affect France and their revolution?
How did immigrants and people of “color” impact American history and society from 1850 to the end?
The Directory that ruled from 1795 to 1799 was a?
What is your favourite invention of all time?
Any descendants of the forefathers of America on answers?
What are some ancient (famous'ish) examples of extremism?
What are some ways that the federal government's power increased during WWII?
Is this false information about Frank Morris on Wikipedia?
Why did Germany need to conquer France so quickly in WW1?
who really freed the slaves ?
Which man did General Washington make the Chief Inspector of the colonial troops?
Did the first-class musicians onboard the Titanic really play "Nearer my God to Thee" as it sank?
What side was Croatia on in WWI and WWII?
who was the first person on the earth?please tell me i want to know>>thanks?
What did Hitler think of Sikh People?
In Celtic times what were hillforts & promontory forts used for ?
What happened in Mongolia 1162 A.D.?
What is the actual story (ie allegory) behind egyptian gods amen and ra combining?
legend of Luluquisin family?
how has london tourist industry been affected since 2002?
Is it true that the ancient Egyptians were black Africans?
why was the great wall of China built?
what were the main ideas of socialism?
who did I Offend?
Common body later in atlantic southeast airlines flight 529 crash and aloha airlines flight 243 crash incident?
why was the Jamestown settlement important?
History help please? s?
What were some positive sides to Adolf Hitler?
what is a reliable source for us colonial history?
Should i get my wife, my dog, my cats and some dollars buried alive beside me after i die like egyptians did?
was the painter carravagio part of the italian rennaisance?
World war 1 letter censorship?
Good United States economic history thesis?
was hindenburg a doddering old fool?
What role did women play in the Shang Dynasty?
how did neolithic people bury their dead?
A timeline of the 20th century?
what city did Rome fight in the Punic wars against? name the opposing leader in the second Punic war.?
Can you to this day go underground where the Maginot Line was built in France?
Why didn't Hitler have children?
What make civil wars bad?
Did we all really originate from an African female ?
If you could live in any historical period when and where would it be?
The Future of American Politics?
Do you know where your family came from? What do you know about that history?
Did James Robert Kennedy (Radio) overcome part of his illness?
what were the main causes of the genocide in Rwanda?
Is it true that the Soviet Union dropped more Bombs on Germany than the US and Britain during WW2?
What's your theory on the assassination of JFK??
what's the most memorable day in your life?
Source and context of "hot buttered Ralston on the riddle rocks"? (WWII-era)?
Did the Apostles break the law by preaching in forbidden areas towns?
how come no one cares about the hmong people living in laos who are getting killed? they helped the U.S!?
If you could own a piece of history?
European history question, a paragraph would be helpful Thanks?
who is on the $50.00 bill?
I have an old silk japanese flag with signatures on it.Can anyone tell me how to find out what era it`s from?
Help with world history please!! :-)?
whats the meaning of life?
10 reasons Germany was NOT to blame for WWI?
If Jesuss is God, then why he couldn't save himself?
what was the social, economic, and political way of life for the cheyenne tribe before and after settlement?
Hello do anyone know some Myth's & Reality of the Declaration of Independence?
Help with history homework on communism?
what is the meaning behind monalisa potret?
who was the greatest leader(any country) in history?
who discovered America?
How did the United States government policy and the Indian Wars work to remove the Native Americans?
what is the most important lesson you have learned so far during your lifetime?
What were the three distinct colonial regions?
Did Robin Hood and his merry men bathe regularly, or were ?
Do you know why Tennessee was readmitted into the union first?
i need to find a map of all the places Alexander the Great conquered. Where can i see that on the internet? HE
What was appeasement in the 20's used for and what, if anything, did it achive?
is the arms race same as the naval race(ww1)?
A direct result of the Intolerable Acts was the:?
From the perspective of people living in 1600s Europe....?
proof hitlers war record was made up or forge?
Question about cult leader Roch Theriault?
is hitler really bad?
What were difficulties faced by nations like India who chose to stay nonaligned during the Cold War? D: !!?
why isthe redemption of eunice williams so important to the puritan settlers of new england?
Did the Dominion of England include ALL the New England colonies?
Who do you think is to blame for the 1st world war?
US History Questions - 10 points!?
if you were ancient roman..................?
What is Europe's oldest city?
what was the motivation for the indian removal act?
History Help....pls 10PTS!!!!!!!!!!?
Substitute for Chief Minister in 13 century?
can you name me any films that deal with the slave trade?
Who were the first people of the world?
Was Queen Boudicca a good queen?
TELL me about tabliq movement?
how long were the cotton plantation in the south?
who is your favorite serial killer and why?
Industrial revolution in singapore?
What are the differences and similarities between ancient rome and the U.S.form of government.?
Where were karna surya putra kawach and kundal vanished?
how did The United States reaffirmed the Monroe Doctrine in the late 1800s?
What are some of the similarities and differences between the Lincoln and 9/11 conspiracies?
How Do We The History We've Studied For Years Isn't False?
did france actually ever win a war?
What are the main styles in architecture?
Is there any significance to the date July 22, 1948?
when did the great depression end?
who were the anchorwomen on KTVX, & KUTV (S.L.C. UTAH) from 1992-1999?
What major cities and countries did Eliizabeth I of England rule?
Why was the Sherman Antitrust Act passed? Give 2 reason to support your answer. Was it successful? Why or why?
Did the assassination of Louis XVI ultimately lead to greater political stability or instability in France?
Auschwitz was a "death camp" right?
Why Did George Harrison Divorce Pattie Boyd?
What has been the most frequent method of changing governments in most latin american countries? 10 POINTS!!?
was adolf hitler a genius?
why is cbgb's closing after halloween??
What languages did Cleopatra VII Queen of Egypt speak?
What was the importance of giovanni da verrazzano's discoveries?
Which of the following was a cause of westward expansion?
what is the impact of the American Revolution on women?
what is an other name for water?