History: How did the Roman Empire come to an end and what happened afterwards?
What do you thing about what the Movie The Da Vinci Code illustrate.?
Historically,during times of hardships people fall back on religion as a source of strength and comfort?
History/story/any facts about this mask?
How did Voltaire's ideas influence French Revolution?
how should Heinrich Himmler be remembered as a man?
What are 3 main reasons why The Great Depression was significant to American History?
what drive people to explore?
Who do you reckon killed JFK?
what are the differences between t.e.lawrence and w.s.churchill?
Which of the following was an early style of polyphony? One Question. 10 Points to First Answer.?
Romanticism in the 1800s ?
WWII statistics and interesting facts?
Why is Germany called Allemand and Deutschland?
Why the chambers are in the Pyramid?
Why does the Vatican keep secrets from the public?
If you could invite four people from history to dinner, who'd be your guests and why?
Where are pianos and organs made in the United States?
What would you like to explore further about Persian values if you had the time and opportunity?
To what extent was the development of the Atomic Bomb in the US and the USSR similar and different?
Did the German people get off easy for WWII?
English Renaissance question?
Do you agree with me that GANDHI WAS A HYPOCRITE???
Important events that led up to the Civil War?
is alice in wonderland based on a drug induced experience?
Who was your favorite president in American history?
who said this? the graveyards of the world are filled with indispensable people?
who is the first president of america?
How are the nobles from Louis XIV reign hypocrites in term of valors?
one of the surviving Sumerian legends concerns...?
who is the person who killed 1/4 of the earth population?
Persecution of Jews in medevil times?
What are some good movies about the Holocaust?
what movies was eva duarte in-and are any avalible for sale?
Difference: Indians and Blacks?
The Constitution can be described as a set of compromises. Identify the issues on which delegates compromised?
Knights of the Order of Australia?
was oliver cromwell radical as an army leader?
How did columbus realised that the Earth is round.Did he read is in the Bibile?
how devastating was the volcanic eruption that took place in kratatoa nort-west region of autralain?
how do the Irish feel about the Death Penalty?
Why did the idea of freedom and the rule of law figure prominently first in ancient Greece?
Why do the English think they were heroes during WW2?
The year 1914?
Was Joseph Mengele, a German physician who was named SS garrison physician of Auschwitz, psychotic?
what were the links between the mex. amer. war of 1846 and lincolns presidential election in 1860?
where was you when president Kennedy got shot ?
Did Jesus Christ preach to the Native Americans during His time on Earth?
Please help me on my AP US History?
what countries did the Astro Hungarian empire send its soldiers to fight in?
Russia was primarily settled by who?
What were significant things that Nellie Bly did? Explain them also.?
what was life like in the trenches?
Cold War Interview Questions?
10 most important contributions of the Romans to the future generations and why those things are important.?
How exactly were the Eqyptian pyramids built? Did the Aliens really helped the various Pharoahs builders?
how many Jew's were killed in the holocaust?
in the 1800s who interprets laws passed by congress?
World History: England?
how did they build the titanic?
what are some major cultural events from 1975 to present?
emperor justinian and his reign( include his law accomplishments)?
Any history lovers out there, that could, and would debate with me ancient history (through messages)?
What writing implements did American reporters use in the 19th century?
Was there ever an act of war or opposition against Jewish that was justified or logical for those opposers?
What is symbolic about the marble David sculpted by Donatello? Perspective,balance? Does it tell a story?
What is the crimnal history of 405 platt street toledo ohio 43605?
What do historians do for their job?
how extensive were Native American trade routes?
What is your opinion of Joseph Stalin as the Russian President- was he good, evil, or ?
Sarah Good, an accused witch in Salem, any primary sources on her wealth??
What are some Good History Topics?
Who really discovered America ?
Did Germany and Germans own slaves?
I need help with history?
If you could be any historical or living person for a day, who would it be?
when was america discovered?
Did the Han Empire absorb the cultures of conquered groups or vice versa?
Can someone please summarize and explain the backgorund and outcome of the Coeur d'Alene riots in 1892?
What were the points of view of the loyalists and patriots?
Henry VIII?
who was the greatest leader of all time( military, government,social,and sports)?
what each of the pairs have in common?
west germany became an independent country in?
Nuremberg Trials vs. Rape of Nanking Trials?
What are the economic recoveries of Hitler?
Okonkwo why and who did he kill and how is it different to our chargers today?
how was life on the homefront during the civil war?
what region of American colonies was primarily dependent upon the triangular trade?
What is the meaning when a military equestrian statue is on one, two or three hooves?
Who Was Confucius???
what happened between 476 and 650 in europe?
i need some title book name of policy?
How many criminals are there in the world?
United States Strategic Air Forces?
What was the height of Jawaharlal Nehru?
What does Sophocles Antigone tell us about power held by women in classical Athens.?
Help me please....... FAST!!!!!!!?
What is the best book on nikola tesla?
who was the viking king in 800 ad?
Why was Ypres important to Canada?
What is the greatest palace in the world?
How did the invention of the Telegraph affect America?
If you could take part in or be an onlooker to any event that happened in history, what would it be?
What did american indians trade items?
What were Thomas Paine's reasons regarding why America should separate from Britian?
Could WW2 have been avoided?
What were the tactical maneuvers used in the Burning of Atlanta in Sherman's March to the Sea?
Who were these famous peoples mentors?
benjamin bonneville/why was he famous?
Was there a Y2K thing on the year 1000?
Yugoslavia Being Split Up?
Trail of Tears refugees?
What are 4 major achievements of the second continental congress?
make up in different cultures?
who is cyrus the great?
can anyone identify this symbol?
Summary about modern democracy?
Can someone give me some medieval (preferably spanish) girl names please?
Result : Passage of personal liberty laws?
What was Davis's first reaction to the endless march of German soldiers?
why was Liverpool, England the main city for the African slave trade during the 1700 & 1800s?
Who has been the most memorable British Prime Minister in your lifetime?
Who are the Mennonite Refugees ?
What Arcadian landscapes means?
if ww2 was a global why was it a global war?
Did the hessians or red coats invade peoples houses and did they fight in the war agents each other?
Which is your favorite part of the history?
Who was the woman the Trojan War was fought about?
what did medieval people argue about?
What are you some famous female historical characters that I can dress up as?
What is known as the greatest communication disaster, past or present.?
how World War I affected American society.?
Multiple Choice History Question..?
What does this paragraph from my AP European history book mean?
Name the importance of steamboats to American transportation in U.S. history?
was bob dylan the most influential musician of the 20 century and will is legacy live on?
What is the definition of the word "the"?
How did the Native American's feel about Plymouth conlony?
I need to find medieval banners.?
the theological system called nominalism was based on william of ockham's fundamental insight that?
what was the proclamation of 1763?
What are several of William the Conqueor's accomplishments?
were can we find some pioneer pictures?
Why was Gandhi able to win the support of so many Indians?
who was affected more by the crusades, the East or West? Why?
Is my name a boys name?
does the original stones of the ten commandments exists?
If Marie Antoinette had to go to college what college would she have went to and who would her Employer be?
What exactly is a bureaucracy?
What would u do if...?
Why was Prince Henry eager to find an all-water route to Asia?
What is a good thesis on the Ukrainian famine of 1932-33 and dekulakization/peasantry or collectivization ?
where can transripts of the knights templat trials be found on the web?
why did japan surrender after the US dropped the atomic bombs in WWII?
Can anyone give me the dates for the following? can u put the dates in BCE or CE?
What was the cause of the Great Depression?
Did Ibn Battuta travel through the Mediterranean Sea Trade or the Indian Ocean Trade Route?
I don't understand how people can deny that the holocaust ever happened?
How do we know the bible is true?
dont understand Mein Kampf saying?
Otto von Bismarck's plans?
what does ilo tempore mean?
What were the inventions which made the age of exploration possible?
As a Brit, I was wondering why Americans are obssesed with Hilter and Nazis?
good fact about greek cerberus?
Why did the antebellum South oppose tariffs?
People i need help with my social studies, its about French revolution ?
Was Adolf Hitler a clever fox or a fool?
American history experts please help s! !!!!!?
Why did Europeons pick Africans to take as slaves?
Help with my history essay?
Were the jews from the holocaust ever unburied?
anyone ever heard of an antique wurlitzer desk?
What is the Oldest Nathional Anthem in the world ?
Explain Eusebius’ Christian Theory of Empire?
Is the holocaust overemphasized?
The Treaty of 1725....?
were black childeren ever been curb stomped?
Why did the Argentinian dictators kidnapped women and babies during the Dirty War?
What kind of floors and cielings did people in colonial Connecticut have?
What's the first computer you or your family ever owned? What did you use it for? What year was it?
what problems are raised by regarding history as the plaything of individual figures?
what were the the conditions or when was the ranchon rancho los alamitos built?
Economic and religious concerns in British North America?
Please help me with my history homework?
Does anyone have any personal knowledge on where "Cunninghams" came from when they came to the US?
What is the real reason why the Egyptians Sphinx nose was broken?
How did the status of women change so drastically from the minoan culture to the ancient greek culture?
What was the civil war?
What is the date of the earliest recorded human fossil.?
What did females do about their periods in 16th/17th and 18th century England?
history of art?
who actually discovered America apart from natives?...?
Luther vs The Church Debate?
Is there a good study book about whats scientifically proven and what's assumed about dinosaurs?
Was the 1832 reform act a conservative measure with limited effects?
what is Chartism? and when were working men were given the vote and why?
Information about Cincinnatus?
questions about east germany?
if adam and eve are white how do we have different colored people?
Need help with a paper for world history?
If you could change on historical event, what would it be?
what is Bengal Introduction?
what is the current status of Pompeii? what is it use for?
why the bear toys called teddy bear?
What were the consequenses of Middle Ages going into the Modern Era? PLEASE HELP!?
History of the aborginal reserves?
Why did Alexander Hamilton argue in favor of the development of manufacturing in the U.S?
Was Hippocrates and Archimedes before Alexander the Great's conquest?
During the National Era, how did American government evolve from a confedration to a strong federal system?
Is it true that Hitler was a cuddlebug?
Who was the smartest General who ever lived?
Adam smith?
The most economically diverse and prosperous American colonies were located in?
how many Jew's were killed in the holocaust?
How old is canadian federation?
What can I do fo History Fair?
who did win the war in the Vietnam .?
who are the egyptian monements big dealers?
Was cleopatra Tutenkahmun's mom?
Why is Wise Women, one of the Worst Job in History during Medieval?
Who were the natives of Khuzestan?
is it true that one of henry VIII's wives stayed alive 10 seconds after being beheaded?
Who is the most famous suicide bomber?
First crusade massacre question?
Help on my Veterans Day Essay?
Is the sinking of the Titanic part of British history or American history ?
help with history on the new millennium?
Where is St Paul buried?
What are the top 5 a.)people in general and b.) politicians in particular that have changed and influenced the?
First person to suggest independence from Great Britain?
were any of the slavery compromises fair?
what methods did margaret fuller use to improve american life?
Was it true about the battle of Britain?
What was the name of the first war ever????
What caused the fall of the roman empire?
How far back in history does Chinese civilization date?
American History Help! - Supply and Demand?
The Battle of Britain was conducted primarily by?
when do the nigerians celebrate their independence day?
How was printing done prior to the invention of the printing press?
What was flying cash?
Which was NOT a result of the Emancipation Proclamation?
who painted the Mona Lisa?
When the kamadhatu level of borobudur temple was enclosed?
What was Washington approach a life as president of the constitutional convention?
Do you find Presidential history to be the most fascinating part of US History?
what is a full analysis of Jefferson Davis's inaugral Address on February 18, 1861?
What are some similarities between Harriet Tubman and Joan of Arc?
who was Count Saint-Germain?
What country could I compare Rome to?
Were any casualties of the Nazis double counted to inflate the overall numbers?
What are websites about the Revolutionary War?
How old were you when 9/11 occurred? [PLEASE ANSWER]?
Where can I get Russian WWII uniforms and replica guns from?
Even though i dont drink everyday. I do every weekend!! Am i an Alcoholic?
why do people say that evolution is true?
was adolf hitler bisexual?
Is 1990 old?
who was the English explorer, navigator and cartographer and the first person to cross the Antarctic Circle?
American forces won the greatest victory of the War of 1812 two weeks after?
What was the source of the bubonic plague and why did it spread so rapidly in Europe?
When and why did World War 1 start?
Abraham Lincoln's presidential election 1860?
Why are men attracted to skinny girls when they should be attracted to curvy women?
Who do you believe built the Great Pyramid?
a poem on the battle of bunker hill?
Was concrete just not in use in the 8th century or did the Doctor's history march on without him?
how did the rule of the mongul empire affect russia and china?
Ninja or Samurai?
I have 4 antique gold rim plates that are initialed AMA but supposedly belonged to Abigail Adams. Please help.
What do people in America think of us English?
What is Los Angeles Assembly District 74?
In which battle did The Grand Old Duke of York have 10,000 men?
What would the first interaction between the Indus Valley Civilization and the Aryans be like?
Who were the members of Pol Pot's family?
"a list" series and "au pair" series similar??
how have political events impacted scientific advancements from ancient greece/rome through absolutism? ?
What hindered trade between Germany and the US in 1965?
did any one of you take a correspndent classamerican history?
What is the history of drums?
what are some of yesterday's and today's important mexican people?
Given the ability to project yourself into the past but not return, would you do so? Where would you go?
Do you believe that the advantages of the industrial revolution outweighed the disadvantages?
Example of Canada looking up to Britain for help?
did black people live in europe back in the middle ages?
What types of illnesses were in Shakespeare's time?
How come in the Holocaust in western country's. they only mention the Jews?
I know spain enslaved and killed millions of native america but did they call africans also?
Who deserves more blame for nationalism: Mohammed, Attila, Khan, Vikings, Caesar, Persians, Jews, or Chinese?
Where were you on 9/11?
what were saws and such made of in the bronze age before we knew how to work iron?
How long is the Golden Gate Bridge?
is the world really going to end like the bible?
Who was the ex-slave sally Carder?
Should history be changed (if wrong) or would it be best to leave it alone?
What role did these regions play in the Indian Ocean Trade?
How did Great Britain get its name?
When was the foundation of the city of Stockholm?
Please answer the following question, please!?
Napolean Bonaparte?
In History, when was the unwritten rule about being quiet in the Library started?
How did Pyramid were built ,Is past human beings were so strong to built it ?
Not counting GW Bush, who is the worst mass murderer in U.S. history?
What was art used for during the Renaissance?
Help with Holocaust essay please?about the warsaw ghetto uprisings?
i want a programm for dowloading music like winmx ..?
Who is greater? Christopher Columbus or Neil Armstrong?
How old is the oldest person ever to live?
Bolshevik revolution any help would be great?
What is the historical line of the bible era?
What were the inner workings of the 17th century opera houses in Venice?
Where did the women stand in social status during the Regency period?
Were there multiple causes for Vietnamization in the 1970s?
How did Aztecs Sstrengthen their empire?
why does god allow us to go through trials and tribulations?
how does modern architecture compares/contrasts with ancient Greek architecture?
How did Luther’s teaching on the common priesthood of all baptized Christians undermine the traditional view?
what discovery turned nomads into farmers?
when and how did the Normans become Christians and why?
History of Central Africa?
Where does SPQR in Rome come from?
anybody know anything about the red baron?
is meat diet has anything to do with being us so much in love with starting wars?
Does anybody know whatever happened to Tereska?
Is history art or science?
During the Constitutional Convention what was the main difference between New Jersey play in Virginia Plan?
how did Theodore Roosevelt die?
United States History Question?
different characteristics between the youth of early years and youth of today?
Can you get me a big picture of an igloo?
What was Maximillien Robespierre THINKING?!?
Why do some people think that the Holocaust never happened?
i want to know alittle about sally beauman.she is an author.?
Does history always repeat itself?
what were the responses of people affected by the dust-bowl?
What was the historical significance of Joseph Smith (1805 - 1844)?
1What is the historical context of the era in which Romanticism occurred?,?
When was the last time the U.S. military ACTUALLY fought for its citizens "freedom"?
How did the laws of Mississippi black code of 1865 limit the freedom of movement of ex slaves?
What was the Mayflower Compact?
how does the size of indian territory compare to the size of their homelands?
What year am I in!!?!?
was hitler a smart man?
things that were invented in europe from 1700 to present?
Similarities between teenagers in the 1920's and today?
Elizabethan Era Etiquette ?
What are the Hellenistic and Roman periods of Ancient Greece?
what was the sacco and vanzetti trial about in one paragraph?
Who is the earliest person in recorded history of whom there is irrefutable evidence?
If you could go back to any era in history, which era would you want to visit? And why?
Is Hitler a good LEADER or not?(not genius or insane)?
In what specific ways did the music of the 60s influence American politics and society?
What are reasons Luther is considered a conservative?
In their sweep to victory in 1828, Jackson and Calhoun captured states in all of the following regions except?
What's the largest empire there's ever been?
When did the Scots first invade and settle in Scotland?
How did a distinctive American literary culture develop?
What was traded on the Silk Road?
What event happened after the glorious revolution?
what were the rights of passage in australia?
can you find people?
who've watched Colosseum- Rome's Arena of Death? (10 points)?
who discovered America????????????
why did ronald reagan yank fundings from the United Nations during the 1980s?
what bad things the Hitler did when he was in power?
Which truely started America??? (Jamestown or Plymouth)?
If man is descended from monkeys and apes, why do we still have monkeys and apes?
To what extent were our founding fathers democratic?
What do you think our founding fathers would say about USA if they came back to life?
Controversial questions about Justinian?
The Untied States of Europe?
What does the theme "might tempered by mercy" mean?
how many people died under stalin was it 20 million or 66 million what is the true figure?
What was Mansa Musa like before he was King?
What do you think of Hitler?
Who would win a fight, Lief Ericson or Caesar? How?
how did the Ottomans prefer to administer their conquered territories?
Please help me in History?
has the Al Qaeda ever denied the September 11 attacks?
Do you know something interesting about ancient egypt?
What did Confucius seek for society?
who was general horatio gates?
Are you a Yankee or Confederate?
how did sports change during the civil rights movement?
The Know-Nothings were?
Why did the Holy Roman Empire think it was holy, Roman and Empire?
What was the effect of the Black Death on the European economy?
name the countries of asia?
where can i find a website for makers markings on a porcilen vase and bowl?
Describe mi'kmaq government prior to european arrival,?
why did the kami-kaze pilots have to wear crash helmets?
True or False in Chinese music...?
When did medieval knights fight?
who was Ahmad Alaq?
i need a website that is at least 2 pgs long and describes the role of canadin women at the home front in ww2
Where were you on September 11th, do you remember what you where doing?
Did things get better or worse after the Declaration of independence?
Does anybody have any intresting facts about Charles I?
whats the cause and effect that U.S acquiring texas!!?? NEED HELP PLZ!?
What's your favorite speech or quote in American history?
Cold War-related Beliefs and Goals.....?
Has anyone seen Elvis recently?
when was edinburgh castle built?
in what ways were the roles of women in greece, china, and rome the same? What were they different?
Why was it virtually impossible for Japan to ever win the war against the USA (WW2)?
A few question about the Canadian Confederation?
Ancient Greek buildings?
Before 19th century the united states had never seen it. What is it?
What is Harry Houdini clothes look like?
What was the purpose of cattle drives?
What is the difference between homeless people and rich people?
How did Rome rise to greatness?
How did the miniskirt influence Australia?
How were hitler and mussolini's principles different?
what effect did the sinking of the titanic have on the U.S.?
In establishing the Virginia colony, the London Company hoped to?
How old was Methuselah when he died?
What impact did Brown vs. Board of Education case have on The Civil Rights Movement?
What's the general name for a research facility in the victorian ages?
Why do people get so emmotional about the nazi holocaust but nobody cares about the 20 million Stalin killed?
why was Europe open to American culture during the 1920s?
What are really great plays of the 1920s and 1930s that have very few characters?
what did the meiji government do as apart of its efforts to modernize and industrialize japan?
r muslims not human beings?
what did john winthrop mean when he told the puritans that they had "entered into a covenant with God?
WHo was a better leader Cassius or Brutus?
where can i get a good link that will tell me good facts about ancient greek houses??
Why did Napoleon start the Russian Campaign?
What were the social, Political, and economic effects of the Jim Crow laws in the south?
what is the meaning of cowdenbeath?
What president are you leaning towards?
Who said: "I'm the president of the United States and I'm not going to eat any more broccoli"?
Difference and similarities between kiowa and wichita indian tribes?
what ended on April 9th 1865?
how was the french revolurtion a failure to the enlightenment?
I have an egyptian dog statue. has a round metal label (artisians guild international) any info on history?
Who is the most influential person in the history of the past 200 years?
In year did the USA take over the Anti-Communist sector known as South Vietnam?
What are the most important aspects of u boats ww1?
who were the leader,allies, of great britian in 1914.?
What could i buy my male history teach for a leaving present?
Who benefitted from the Dawes Act?
Please I need help? explain the ideals found in the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States?
Was Andrew Mellon a robber baron or a captain of industry?
What important way did the northern revivalist experience differ from that of the south?
The rebels of the American Civil War were from the South right?
Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?
Which one of the following is not a source of conflict between younger and older workers?
what do people think of the Inuit?
why did daoism start?
In what ways was the foreign policy of the US different from George Washington's?
What is segregation designed to do?
Are the Nahuatl and Aztec indians the same?
Would Germany have won the WW2 if Hitler did not persecute minorities the way he did?
how did they write during the renaissance?
Is the Siberian Land Bridge the same as the Bering Land Bridge?
Why do you believe in god?
who was the first leader of America?
any recommendations for websites that will inform what life as a 17th century german officer was like?
What lifestyle are you attracted to that existed within a society before 1500 CE, and why?
What is the most famous ship in history?
What normally happens in the Buckingham Palace (present). Do they live like in the old past (1950)?
Description on V.I. Lenin...?
hohokam artifacts?
Where can I find the history of Fairmont City, Illinois?
Where were you on September 11, 2001? What do you remember about that day?
What if the British had not conquered India ?
Who made the first steel in America ?
Did Constantine split the Roman Empire?
why was john lennon not a leader?
do u know anybody famous from mexico?
How did the Navigation Acts affect England's ECONOMY ?
how is this picture............(history) Britain's industrial revolution?
Who killed Martin Luther King Jr. as the music video THEY SLEW THE DREAMER pictures.?
What topic, relating to WW2, can I write a paper on?
Question about the AP US HISTORY exam?
What were the laws like in Victorian England?
Did more change between 1990-2000 or 2000-2010?
When did central african republic, chad, mali, and niger gain their independence?
does anyone have any info on a sculptor named o. ruffony?
what makes a revolution a revolution? ex. French revolution, Haitian revolution?
Do any of you celebrate Sinco di mio Day?
Did slavery cause the Civil War?
Can anyone point me to a book going over historical weapons?
What is the difference between invention and discover?
what do you think would of happened if our constitution was never written?
During the 1300's to 1600's. What were the cultural clashes and mixings of these three groups?
why was there a decline in jingoism in Africa?
History of lawn mowers?
Due to the rapid growth of American cities in the 1800s?
AP World History Essay question?
Who is the bloodiest Dictator in history?
If the Statue of Liberty could talk, what would she say?
Which specific area in the USA did Christopher Columbus arrive at when it was discovered ? i.e., what state ?
Ancient Egypt's Government..?
How did we benefit from Voltaire's ideas?
Who in history would you like to ask a serious question and what would it be?
Explain how the Constitution addressed the major failings of Articles of Confederation.?
At the end of 2007, more people were living with AIDS in the South than in any other region of the United Stat?
How did the role for women in 1920-30 evolve?
The cold war began in 1944. do you agree?
What was the name of those Japanese submarines that were like two subs stuck together w/a bomber hanger on top?
Poll: What do you think are the ten most important inventions/developments of the post World War II era?
Do you think history repeats itself?
What archaeological techniques did archaeologists use on Cleopatra's Underwater Palace?
Was Caesar a bro? Hmm?
How did the redefining of culture lead to the flourishing of the European renaissance in the fifteenth century?
Best history books????????
What is the name of the "city poet of Cologne" who wrote a song in the 1200`s or 1300`s?
How can a man know about his previous birth?
What was the candidate position of John c. Breckinridge?
Gilbert Stuart's, famous portrait of what president is featured on the front of the $ 1 bill?
what do we know about mayan astronomies relationship with aliens?
How many South African Casualties were there at Passchendaele?
which country won world war 2?
How did centralized power in Middle ages impact trade?
Why did the Nazis choose that name, because of the Ashkenazi Jews?
HELP! How did businesses change over the period 1870-1900?
standard issue rifles of ww1.?
Why is history in the arts & humanities section, as opposed to social science or society & culture?
What do you think of Adolf Hitler?
What was Vietnam war about?
Should the Holocaust be taught?
Was Charles Sumner a freemason?
tell how two late-19th-century entrepreneurs affected the rise of industry in the U.S?
If you could change one thing in you live what would it be?
Do you think the world may end this year?
Who discovered the Twin Saltman?
Was there a unified 'india' before the British Raj?
At the Constitutional Convention in 1787, John Dickinson said:(see details)?
How should we view documentaries, history books and films on the war correspondent?
If you could go back in time, which part of history would you like to have a finger in the pie?
collaboration between the United States and the french during the Battle of Yorktown?
who did named mexico in american south ?
What do most people think of the Cold War?
How much would a thing that gos an a camles back for a lady to sit on be worth?
How many pyramids did the egyptians build all in all?When was the oldest and the newest ones built?
how is imagism associated with modernism?
Which German Expressionist created paintings that were violent social commentaries presented?
Why is black historyso important?
why wasnt there any people during the dinosaurs era ?
Rememberance day why do you promote murder and rape?
analiysing sources in history, help plz?
Why did the Romans kill Jesus incorrectly?
what was the Great Trek in South African history?
What i think about Columbus. What do you think?
Discuss the Absolutism in England?
How did Islam impact Europe politically?
Help! World History Questions!!!?
What is the origin and history of the dream weaver?
Please help! Super stuck!!?
when did black people really become free citizens, free to be just like every other American.?
Homework Help!!!?
Was Soviet Russia planning to attack Germany before Operation Barbarossa?
why did britain and france declare war on germany on september 1939?
In WW2 why didn't the Australians just fly from Port Moresby to Kokoda air base instead of hiking it?
How does ancient Rome affect modern society IMPORTANT NEED HELP?
if "The Cure" came popular before WW1..how would British men have liked them or not and why?
The New Deal established programs for relief, recovery and reform. What was the initial focus of the 1st 100?
Other sources for a memoir?
why and when did Hitler become involed in politics?
What were 5 things that the acient Romans did daily.?
i need the history of the wild land fire fighting tool the mccloud and pulaski?
Which is an example of how growing nationalism resulted in revolution and change in Europe in the 1800s?
Why is Greece blaming other countries for their problems?
Did Noah exclude dinosaurs from the ark?
Do you have a favourite poem? This is one of mine, Did you take the trouble to read it?
Why did southerners support Horatio Seymour?
To what extent did the work of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke influence the U.S. Declaration of Independence?
Which person defended the constitution in the Federalist?
World War 1: Describe the part played by Germany in increasing European militarism?
Why do people need to hide their "private parts"?
what did they trade in east africa?
Since all superpowers come to an end who will be the next one?
how did assimilation effect the aborigines?
Who Greatest Army In History?
what is tropical dependency?
People's daily lives during the French Revolution?
How did "The Nine Power Treaty" impact Portugal?
What should i wear for Halloween? I want a scary historical costume?
what is the capital of Iran?
when is the day of art or artist!?
color of truth and false?
American History questions?
Why UK is so sensitive to German's Baghdad Bahn?
How did sewing machines impact the role of American households,?
Why did Hitler identify himself as ''German''?
Could Jesus read and write?
What is the unpopular principle that Hoover followed during the first three years of the Great Depression?
Please prove me wrong that the holocaust never happened with facts?
a short note on history is written by victors?
What were two rights granted by the Magna Carta?
Why was Rene Descartes important?
What were all the fur trading companies in the 1800?
Hi World! Who Suffered more Native Americans or African Americans?
I am looking for the real royal affairs in history..?
what did people use for currency before modern day coins and notes?
Any Holocaust movies please?
Can Any Indian Answer This.?
is there exists any jesus people or their family person in the world?
who established tampa?
Do you know?
why is washington on the quarter?
Have there been worse financial crisis's in America than the current one? Is it going to recover this time?
Was Mahatma Gandhi, A Saviour Or Terrorist...?
Why is Christopher Columbus celebrated?
how many wonders in world?
According to history when was Banknotes introduced?Before banknote was introduced,ppl using what for exchange?
parallels between todays society and the crucible?
What are some Major legislations passed during the Presidency of Harry S. Truman??
musket ball and lantern?
Where were you when...?
What is the impact of Jewish wars on Judaism?
The genocide of Hutus in 1972?
what is niobid?
What kinds of games did the soldiers play while off duty during the Civil War times?
Alternative history and conspiracy theories?
Why do I sneeze when I look at the sun?
Explain what happened with japanese americans?
how many jews migrated in world war 2?
what was a papyrus?
In a century from now...?
what did our fathers and grandfathers die for on a pay of two shillings a day, 1939-45?
Name 3 latin american areas that were controlled by spain in 1790.?
why is moonshine illegal?
what was CA first winery?
Question on Manifest Destiny?
Does the U.S. use nuclear arsenal to portray itself as irrational and vindictive if its interests are attacked
How was life for women in communist Russia? What was the Cold War?
What are some famous events of the 1930s in India?
when was leonardo davinchi born?
of the three major native language groups in the eastern part of the U.S. which one dominated the St. Lawrence?
Legacy of the Choson dynasty?
why Pahlavi regime did so?
how did mountians affect greek settlements.?
Where was the Boer War fought?
why were the jews get sent to the concentration camps?
How would exploration ships have communicated with their sponsor nation?
What were the similarities between the development of Bhuddism and Christianity?
were Protestant armies in the 1600s similar to the rowdy footbal fans of today?
Does anyone know what a Polozera is..?
What were Harriet Tubman's talents and Position in Society?
Who was proclaimed Emperor of Mexico in 1864.?
What Period of History Would You Like to Visit?
which of the following best describes the Black Hand?
what about Adolf Hitler?
what was Ben Franklins opinion on ....?
What important events happened in 2002?
Cats were once venerated as gods... has that ever happened to dogs?
Argument against this?- south had no power in gov because Lincoln elected without southern votes?
differences and similarities in the fascist regimes of germany, italy, and japan?
how does the greek tragedy have an influence on the drama today?
Do you think that teaching American History is harmful to children?
What came first? Age of European exploration or crusades?
The best books or sources on the Gauls?
good movies about ww2?
what is so special about berlin wall?
things invented in the mesolithic age?
How did the second industrial revolution affect the economy?
who was the ruling monarchy of the region of Lativia during the 1600 and 1700's?
Which nineteenth century British prime minister held office four times?
Why should elizabeth 1 execute Mary queen of Scots?
Did the usa make the first nuke?
Saw a 1907 yearbook "Spoonoid Club" pic of female couples at Pres. College in Charlotte, NC.What's a Spoonoid?
can someone tell me where the holy grail is ?
Where were you and what were you when president doing when JFK was shot?
Can you tell me about nobell prize?
Does the human race have a Future?? or will we go the way of the Dinosaurs?
Why did the federalists have more support than the anti federalists?
How did the Anglicans affect colonial America?
Australian Baby Boomers what do you remember?
who was the father of aga mulach?
what was benjamin rush milam's main goal?
Was a telegraph 'instantaneous communication' in aprox.1880?
how did julie andrews change or impact history?
Who were the revolutionary bourgeoisie in the 18th and 19th century?
what is the first country who said we should use recycling?
Does anybody perhaps know how westward expansion affected slaveholders?
Have th e english ever won a battle without the help of Scots?!?
What were the political, social and economical consequences of the fall of the Berlin wall for the U.S.?
Why did the Nazis hate Jews?!!!!!!!!!!?!?!!?
why do you think the hungarians received no support from the west?
Japanese Canadians & Jewish People in Europe. (WW2)?
What is the name of a puritan religious group?
What did Anne Hutchinson advocate, and why would the Puritan leaders find her actoins so ?
Why did America,Britain and others not let Jews fleeing the Holocaust into their country?
Why was the Treaty of Versailles signed in Paris?
did Mussolini and Hitler achieve their goals?
What is the significance of the French term :"ca ira"?
Braxton Bragg why he is famous for?
explain about 5th normal form?
tell me something about mona lisa?
Which of these people were really in the Trojan War?
during world war two did the royal family receive the same rations as a normal person?
Does anyone know a legimate website(s) where I can find 1300-1625 century English Renaissance Literature?
how has colonization shaped brazil?
Can I get some help with IB History?
how did people live during the classical period 1730-1820. lifestyle, society?
What "great teacher" said "athenians, if you deprive them of their liberty, will die."?
In your opinion, who had more influence in modern governments? Greece or Rome?
History help please?!?
Are you happy to be alive at this time in history?
Who was Hernan Cortes?
Where did the pop culture reference of being a "sheep" come from?
What other nations or military?
can any1 on tell me about how the presidency of the united states started and also when democracy started?
what did the rothschild dynasty have to do with the napoleonic war?
What might've been teh consequences for whites and blacks in the South if Tilden won the election of 1876?
What were the motives and means for Early Modern European expansion?
help me with topic "the role of revolutions and modern democracy"?
What were the causes and effects of the renaissance?
Did youknow that the Taj Mahal was once a Shiva Temple,turned into a tomb,by muslim invaders?
How would John Calvin (Protestant Reformer) feel about the song "Imagine" by John Lennon?
"the other pioneer"?
myan,indian whose knowledge in mathematics and astronomy was the greatest?
one of the problems facing great britain after ww 2 was religious disagreements with who?
Who invented a Microwave?
List all wars between french revolution and vietnam?
(was john adams trusted as a politician)?
Where is Romania location?
How can make my picture to 600x600 pixels?
Failures in history that we later learned from?
what are your favorite quotes from historical figures?
Children in colonial times were considered chatel?
Can somebody give me links of picture galleries of gowns and female clothing of the 1870s in Paris, France?
What was the political system like in Ancient Rome (461 BC)?
what the causes from the cuba revolution?
I would like to study classics, but would not like to pursue any of its subsequent careers. What should I do?
if it was up to you to save the world, what would you do?
When did George Washington Carver make peanut butter?
how tall was the worlds tallest man?
What name did the Mexica (Aztecs) give to the capital of the empire? ?
In what ways did Uncle Tom's Cabin Contribute towards the growing divisions between the North and the South?
What street did you live on when you were 8 years old?:?
In the 1984 election, what were Reagan's main policies?
Where did Hitler plan to have his headquarters in the UK?
Where can I find images and/or info about a room in the House of Amboise?
Who is John B. Russwurm and what did he accomplish as an African American living during segregation?
how hard is it for a mental patient who is or was smart to be known for their intellectual work?
Who was Hiter? what did he do? and why did he kill all jews?
Do you have any Miss Grace Jean Johnson living in the camp? She came Democratic Republic Of Congo.?
Thesis Statement on Frederick Banting?
What creature did Sang Nila Utama actually see when he landed on Temasek ?
what was the primary goal of the alabany plan of union?
was hitler a smart man?
did the nigerians really have egwugwu?
what came first egg or hen?
in the year 711 after christ in spain when the muslims or moors arrived please read?
what does philanthropic activities mean?
Whats an armory buidling?
What led to the suburbanization of the U.S. In the 50's?
who is john f kennedy?
Was Hitlers domination of czechoslovakia oppertunistic or part of a master plan?
what was Booker T Washington's & W.E.B Dubois views on the status of African Americans?
Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia?
What Happened to Dredd Scott in the aftermath of the Dredd case?
What was England's view on Euopean matters in 1794?
During the late 19th century, which two organizations had similar political goals?
How did Odysseus use his "metis" in his confrontation with the Cyclops Polyphemus?
Who is the greatest American hero of the past 5 decades?
In U.S. history, were the 1920's radical, conservative, or both?
Anyone got any information about anatomy schools in London in the nineteenth century?
Who do you think is the most Courageous hero in history?
Why didn't America help the Jews during the holocaust?
What is the origin of the "Deccan Empire"? It doesn't have a Maratha origin...right?! :O?
Nazi Concentration Camps?
Has Britain ever been asked by other countries(including,but not only former colonies) to pay reparations& IF?
photos and stories of child abused victims?
what did Jean Baptiste Lully and Pete Fountain have in common?
what is permuda triangle?
What are the American equivalents of these German units:?
what are the names of evil murderers between the 12th century and the 19th century?
Will good triumph over evil in the end?
Who is Emma Sampson from the American Revolution?
How did the tiny frog make it to the top of the high tower without collapsing?
how old is human civilization?
what type of clothes did men wear during the Elizabethan Age?
What were the consequences of viewing cold war in such narrow terms of "free versus slave"?
How were the French and Russian revolutions similar? How did they differ?
The other day, i found a piccy of the battle of the somme plan, which i now cannot find.?
How did the phrase "dumb blonde" get started?
City founded by the Amorites, destroyed by the Assyrians, and revived by the Chaldee to ask?
what is california culture?
Main topics in Stalin's life?
Explain the origins of World War 2, including how the UnitedStates got involved.?
I`ve heard that Hitler had only 1 Testes and some say one was bigger than the other Is it true??
Did they Ancient Romans ever hunt for food?
how did the agrarian revolution affect the caribbean?
Who was An American civil war general, famous for his stand at the first Battle of Bull Run? As a result he ga
What were the 5 reasons for the fall of the roman empire?
it is now year 2006.I heard that it is year 1997 in Ethiopia.I heard also They have 13 months a year.what ?
Why were so many people appealed to Hitler?
Why didn't America conquer Europe?
Why was the stamp act justified? nEED HELP NOW!!!!?
How do I find a specific old map if I only know a few things about the map I am looking for?
Why didn't the Air Force destroy hurricane Sandy with bunker buster bombs, cluster bombs, and nukes?
Music history question?
What would you have done when the strong European nations were so aggressive?
which of the following is a true statement regarding Soviet Society?
during 1793-1794 Robespierre and the committee of public safety owed much of their influence to the support of
What was the basic order of how our government came to be?
Did Mitt Romney lie during the presidential debate?
who were the disinherited of the progressive era?
what kind of book does statue of liberty holding?
what happened to Horatio Gates at the Battle of Camden?
Who has affected the history of the world the most?
What are some ideas contributed to the constitution by western civilizations ?
How would you write this History thing in your own words?
HISTORY!? What changed in Europe to prepare the continent for expansion?
what were the names of the two sides of the civil war?
Could the British restart it's empire, excluding America, and if we did try, who would stop us?
how may have the magna Carta and English bill of rights influence colonial leaders?
Why did this difference in development occur?
what is the ancient egyptian word for venus?
what is a free mason and how did geroge washington treat the native americans?
I want to change my English name-Pewsephone,Ariel orPonie Which one is best?
Help with history homework please?
what was the war between Italy and Etritia about?
did Prussia when or lose the "Napoleanic Wars"?
what is diocletian's invention of the tetrarchy?
Do you think Joseph Stalin was murdered, or did he died of natural causes?
Identify this Artwork?
what happened 11 years ago that stopped the world?
what do all dinosuar eat?
What do you think happened to Roanoke Colony?
The Pure Food and Drug Act & Meat Inspection Act?
BIGGEST BARRIERS in achieving a unified nation state?
Who was truly behind the 9/11 attacks?
what year did the berlin blockade begin?
what famous person from the era of the 1700's smoked the peace pipe?
What is Deutscher Werkbund?
chapter of history, Background to the Cold War ?
why the greeks made greek temple?
The history of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia ?
How did newport rhode island established itself as a boating community?
How effective was the Progressive Movement?
What happened at Kent State University in 1970?
What's a MADE UP, whacky, yet believable fact about an ancient civilization?
Who is old enough to remember the feeling in the country when Nixon was President...?
Short deffenication of genghis khan and kublai khan?
What is a Nazi ?
Why did the USA help the British Commonwealth attack Nazi Germany?
How did Native Americans protect themselves from wild animals like bears?
what was the most famous propoganda poster for world war 2?
who is the best king in hisotry?
If GOD made us where did he come from? I know He's always been but haven't u ever just wondered?
Do you think USA is the world´s leader?
what is Wafania?
How did the Ten Commandments compare to Hammurabi's Code?
Where is/ was England's mining located?
Why Jesus?
What was the importance of the treaty between Hitler and Stalin?
taj mahal is situated in?
In American History, who were the ten most and ten least honest Presidents?
Why is the attitude in this quote surprising?
What are some examples of how the federal government intevened on behalf of civil rights during the movement?
Compare and contrast the major revolutions of 1848?
American colonists in the 16th - 17th century began to use African slaves primarily because?
How did L'Ouverture's words, skills, and personality inspire haitrans?
Did Abraham Lincoln really hunt vampires before he became president?
What can I draw to represent slavery?
What Age are we in now? (Stone Age, Bronze Age, Ice Age) etc.?
Who was Al Khwarizmi? What contributions did he make? Explain plz....?
what are some of the famous landmarks in suriname?
Who is the greatest American President?
who was really responsible for 9/11?
Are Nostradamus' prophecies really true?
As Americans what country in the Uk do you like the most?
Why is there a pyramid on the USA curency ? is it something about Egypt ?
what is the oldest thing you have ever touch IE an old book ,antique,ancient artifact?
Which of the following is not a factor that contributed to the outbreak of war in Europe in 1914
how many people survived in the waters after titanic sunk?
n the United States, Armistice Day was official changed to Veterans Day in what year? ?
Do you consider Neil De Grasse Tyson to be the genius of our time the way Da Vinci was the genius of his time?
What can I write about the culture of London?
was william wallace a traitor?
what would dwelling of a middle class family in chicago during 1960s be like?
How many followers did John Brown last words before hanging created? in 1859?
What important things Gamel Nasser did?
What impact did Islam have on Africa?
who did the american indian take the land from?
What are some of the first and earliest gyms(any and all) to have opened in the United States?
which topic should i do?
who made langston terrace?
Do you think its acceptable for Jews to still dislike Germans/Germany?
Was conscription really important? Did it impact Canada?
what are some of correta scott king's accomplishments?
why did Stalin's' show trials happen?
a how do u make yo hair grow fast?
If Osama had the same type of power as hitler did, would he have been worse?
was taj mahal built by shah jahan or its a hindu temple..?
American history question. Can you check my answer to see if it's correct or not?
I Need A New Slang Word of the day. Let Yours Rip?
Where can I learn about Hitler's study of the Cherokee removal in the US?
Federalist vs Republican party?
Favorite pilot in US History?
why did hitler like the aryan race if he didn't have blonde hair and blue eyes?
is there an ice guardian ?
What did Albert Einstein Invent?
What did the lakota sioux call the black hills?
fashion in the 1930's?
Which in general is more reliable, documented history or oral history?
thread of love was a gift from whom to whom in poetry?
How many temples did the muslims invaders destroy or converted to other use in India?
Why is the thirty years war an outstanding example in european history of meaningless conflict?
What equipment did the ancient greeks use, and is it still used today?
What city is the Leaning Tower of Pisa in?
Why do the British act as if their past empire was a good thing & was a favor to the world?
which is the city of palaces ?
Why have white races always been so expansive?
commodore perry owens 1887, lawman.?
What is your heritage?
what was the single most important difference between American application of warfare against Native Americans?
What is the meaning of the expression "delay is life"? It is from Lord Salisbury.?
immigrants to ellis island came primarily from which type continent?
I've searched but cannot find out. What did the SPOR during ancient roman times?
what did queen victoria die of?
what is the artistic style of "athena attacking the giants"?
How much historians know about "The Slavic Tribes" ? how compared to "The Germanic Tribes"?
How did the unification of Italy and Germany increase the potential for a major war? (WWI)?
what was the Antonine Plague?
Noah's wife is mentioned five times in the bible,yet she is never named, what is her name?
American History between 1550-1650?
Through western history, how have women been identified in your opinion?
what was the albany plan of union? why did it fail? what did it reveal about colonial unity?
What does the word Soliman refer to?
I'm in need of some good books on Chinese and Japanese history?
What ever happened to Cable-Nelson pianos?
who is marquette and joliet?
What was Abraham Lincoln's hired girls name?Please answer ASAP.?
Does anyone know the top five bloodiest war's in Africa and where Liberia's Civil War's go in that list?
Which european country allied with the French to fight the British?
How did war affect Man Ray's art? Which photographs or paintings specifically?
what happend during 1991 to 2006?
Who killed John Kennady?
How important were Anti-Air guns in WW2 /Modern Warfare?Could a base defend itself with Planes alone?
Where did absolutism first develop?
who was the internet a turning point in history?
What happended to the Aztecs when Cortez arrived?
What was a major event that relates to the black plague?
Who first actually coined the term "Renaissance man"? Please provide sources, any and all that you can.
How and what caused the Chinese imperialism to end in the 1900's?
Did Richard Nixon give another country the instructions on how to build the atomic bomb? If so, which country?
which states were "slave" states in 1854?
Has anyone heard of the Boston Molasses disaster of 1919?
What is the best preserved history to date?
What was the battle of Signal Hill?
How did the Byzantine people not hate themselves?
What does Laus Deo! mean? and where would I find it used?
Gerald Ford vs Ronald Reagan?
Who is an interesting Hispanic American I Could Write About?
Why did some Victorian business men and yuppies believe that having a 14-year-old wife symbolize power?
how were slaves granted manumission?
Homework help question, Goldwater Era.?
Can someone please answer my spaghetti with meatballs quesition?
Is Weber Fixture & Showcase Co., of L.A., Cal., still in business?
History help PLEASE, best answer will be picked?
Where did Adolph Hitler go wrong in a concise sentence.?
How long did the seige of Vienna last?
Before the invention of interstate highways in the 1950s, how did Americans drive between cities?
how much is an ancient penny from 1930 to 1940 worth?
who is paolo gucci. Is he related to the gucci ?
What do soldiers do if they need the toilet during battle?
Americas greatest naturalist/artist?
Where is Tuskegee located and why was this area chosen for training?
During Enslavement African people had to endure __________ . . . Fill in the blank?
country of Ghana?
What is a putting-out system?
who was the first president to make millions?
Are political-physical maps a political and a physical map combined?
does anyone know what nostradamus predicted?
why couldnt napoleon invade great britain?
how many people in the world is gay?
I still dont really get the concept of 'World Wars'?
why are benedick and beatrice reluctant to reveal their love in public?
why did wilson began ww1?
Why did Patriots support independence?
is it true that Columbus sailed for India but discovered America?
Who agrees hilter was a genius?
I am looking for a Benjamin Disraeli quote dealing with the concept-we judge society by how it treats the dead
Why did the USA and the French sign the French alliance?
Describe Carter or Reagan's foreign policy, perhaps even contrast the two?
How was the US government directly inspired by English civil war and the enlightment philsophers of that time?
What did Kautilya think was the key to effective rule?
How did the atomic bomb change the nature of international politics?
Ice, Thanks! You got it, that's the ships name I was after.?
will WW III ever happen?
is a 1958 penny worth anything?
Who was Edmund Burke?
can any body tell me how did bruce lee die?
Julius cesar vs Augustus?
what changed in africa after WW2?
In his attitude toward the German Social Democratic Party, Bismarck sought to?
Why did people in 9/11 need cpr?