When did Germany Announce it would sink all Ships in Enemy Waters?
who is the first and last(before the present one) president of U.S.??
Whoever is good at History I have a question for you.....?
Who's your favourite figure from the past?
Renaissance? Why? Where? When?
Questions about World War one! Help?
How did Leonardo Da Vinci's work exemplify, or embody the ideals and the spirit of the Renaissance?
how are those places where Jewish people would stay captive during 2nd world war called?
what is it Christmas?
Similarities/differences between The American Revolution and The Velvet Revolution?
Why was Jeb Stuart late to Gettysburg?
History help!! Great Depression!! 10 points to best answer!!?
WWI animation?
A couple History questions?
Is the British government displaying the real Rosetta stone now?
What countries could Queen Elizabeth had married?
do you think the texas revolution was a land grab, freedom struggle, ethnic conflict or all three?
Why did Europeons pick Africans to take as slaves?
Was george washington really as great as people think he was?
When did the "seven years war" between the French & British begin & when did it end?
Is it Inca Empire or Incan Empire?
essay about importance of the past?
how did the views of society differ between the nobles and peasants in 1789 france?
Why were the Scots outraged at the behaviour of Mary Queen of Scots?
Is Hitler still alive after WWII?
what was hitler perfect race called?
My teacher told our class that the USA fought valiantly in World War I. I told her that the USA never...?
why hitler blame everything on the jewish people?
Why was China able to isolate itself from Western influence until the 19th century?
Historians agree that the Great Awakening influenced America's fight for independace by..?
What year did the George Washington Gridge start charging tolls?
Did Caesar Augustus personally see Jesus as a Threat?
History of Christianity for teens?
information on Margaret shippen Arnold?
yes-my next door neighbor -john alderson-died this past sun in st. petersburg fl.he was the father of the new?
How did both the glorious revolution and the English victory in the French and Indian war set the stage for th?
compare and contrast the three estates that emerged during the middle ages.?
10 pounts: How are the French and American Revolution the same? Different? Compare and briefly explain the two?
how did the outbreak of world war I test Germany's reputation of bureaucratic efficiency?
The religious and gay world would like to know if Julius Caesar was gay?
Why do the conspirators smear Caesar's blood on their arms ?
Why did the article of confederation fail to create a stable united states?
How many communists were there in Belarusian part of Russian Empire back in the beginning of the 20th century?
where did motheer teresa go to school?
what is this outlook express rubbish and why cant i send a email-?
what time period was worst for the blacks? slave times vs segregation?
Who was the greatest military general in history?
was alexander the great a good or bad man?
Why does America celebrate Columbus day?
How did the Great Depression effect groups in society in Australia?
why was the Roman army so good?
what is the age of exploration?
What political party did immigrants join in the 1850's?
who built the Giza Pyramids?
What govermental agency .....?
What do the works of Boccaccio, Rabelais, and Cervantes have in common?
Did america become free on independence day?
Persian Gulf or Arab Gulf?
what is carillo during spanish regeim?
Why isn't World War I as well known as WWII?
Who was Ruth Klinger savior of jew refugees?
world famous personalities of 20 th century born on 22 september?
What foreign cultures did James Cook the explorer interact with?
Japanese prints are called ukio-e, meaning "pictures of the floating world," because they?
christopher columbus defences?
What did Germany promise to Mexico if she joined the German alliance?
info on hudson bay point blanket?
where r the romans today ????
Could you list several inventions and discoveries by British people?
Why did the egyptians, the maya and people in south-east asia build pyramids and not other shape??
What in your view, is the greatest invention?
what is the history of China's oracle bones?
The SS uniforms are not my favourite military uniforms but should they be?
How did lincion being elected effect the civil war?
Describe the strategies and tactics used by various minority groups to reach full participation...?
If you were a late nineteenth century enterpreur what kind of industry would you setup in india and why???
who invented kissing?
What did Constantine do to the Roman laws, and of what is he considered the founder?
What is the true birthyear of Rick Wright of Pink Floyd?
Where can i learn history of france?
who knows the story?
which date did hindu festival gokulashthami fall in 1948?
what was the name of charlemagne chapel? what city is it in?
to enforce the 14th amendement more clearly, what did congress pass?
how did the trenches in ww1 impact on the soldiers fighting?
What was the purpose of creating Odaiba island in the 19th century?
do i gotto asko twico?
Is Adolf Hitler( German Chancellor) a vegetarian?
I am doing so horribly in my history class?
How were people as well as other Enlightenment thinkers influenced by Jean-Jacques Rousseau's thoughts?
Ohio River Valley?
USA-Vietnam war - who won?
4. How did Britain come to dominate North America?
where was james armistead born?
What was the schlieffen plan?
Who are the Forgotten Heroes of the Confederates (Confederate History Month)?
If you could get in a time machine and live in any time period in history, what time period would you live in?
Why did the Confederates lose to the Union?
in the old west what was meant by the term "I'll be your huckleberry"?
Any tips on writing a Statement of Purpose regarding a Masters Degree in 'Public History'?
please help me???????? ?
Gilgamesh vs. Star Wars essay title?
Who would you be?
Did whoever made taj mehal cut off the hands of his workers who made it?
In which way were the RESULTS of World War I and World War II similar?(best answer gets 10 points)?
How is Dante Alighieri portrayed as a humanist and how is this portrayed through parts in his Inferno?
Why were people the source of all power in out govt?
How was Julius Caesar killed?? and who killed him?
Why did Americans interest in Hawaii increase in the 1890's?
world war 1?
who was the most influential man in history?
Do you agree with Alexander Hamilton's controversial fiscal program?
weather history for october 2008 in Butler, WI?
How historically accurate is the movie 'Valkyrie'?
Were the English or Irish more at fault in regard to the Northern Ireland conflict?
In what year di the britishers arrive in India?
Which is the exactly date of the first Spanish constitution?
What is the Barroque epoch?
industrial revolution & great Britain!?
Are none of you really interested in where you came from?
what happen during the event of the Trojan war and what were the effects of the events?
What was Barack Obama main purpose for writing his Inaugural Speech?
What are the major events of the French Revolution? I need like 20 :)?
Is it normal for a person in professional school not to know who Julius Caesar was?
Is it true that the name of Christ has caused more persecutions, wars, and miseries than any other name?
Anglo saxon research question?
what are the first 6 major civilizations?
does slavery still exist?
For history I have a choice between two exam questions. Could anyone help me think of ideas for it?
I'm looking for info on the painter Claus Meyer...I think 1886, around that time.?
need a 3 page summary on Seminole ***** Indian Scouts?
why do american assassinate dr king?
how many people died during the genocide in Rewanda?
What is value of Abraham Lincoln silver coin or medal dated 1861-1865?
What are the origins of the word freedom? Does it mean the same now?
Today at work during break i came across a senior female colleague who was suddenly rude?
Question about Medieval artwork?
Do you think there will ever be another Hitler?
Where in Europe gets the most Asian immigrants?
views of hobbes on liberty?
Turning points in history?
I want to retire in a trailior , what are the main things to consider.?
I love learning about the Holocaust Does that make me Racist?
Does anyone have further insight into the lost continent of Atlantis?
How did the need of new trade routes lead in the 16th and 17th century lead to the discovery of the Americas?
James Henry Hammond Justifies Slavery?
How cold the titanic sink?
Is the fact that southern states spent up to ten times less on black schools partly because they were poorer?
What US President was the first to have a phone at the White House?
what was the discipline like in the 1940's?
The Investiture Controversy and its impact on the institutions (church, papacy, empire) involved in it.?
If Abraham Lincoln were alive today would he be a democrat or a republican?
what is the most used weapon in war.?
i have to write about the syrian hostage crisis that took place in 1963?
What items did George the third raise the taxes on?
how did the jews were treated in holocaust in W.W.II in the book called maus?
History is the recorded story of the interaction between _____.?
how could world war 2 been avoided?
Why did the Mormons invade England in 1066?
Who was Sir Otto Niemeyer and what did he do in australia?
Which is the best webpage with all kind of information about the Second World War?
is it possible to earn an online degree from a college in the US while living in England?
how many days were in april?
when did chenjinsheng born?
During World War II why did the Japanesse consider it dishonorable to surrender?
similarities between american revolution and declaration of independence?
Positive facts of world war 1 and negative facts of world war 1?
who is the firstest man on the earth?
Did you remember the 2 minute silence?
History (western civilization question) please help?
When did blacks internalized the supposed inferiority that whites attributed them? Has this been solved?
She was born in France and learned to fly in 1909. Who was the first licensed woman pilot?
What is the Declaration of Independence?
why did early Egyptians study geometry and arithmetic?
What would you call someone who's family has lived in the USA for hundreds of years, but isn't Native?
what are the foreign words for LOVE or sweetheart or honey?
US Military and economic effers WW1?
what was the impact of Christianity on Native America during the Puritan Era?
Why had Africa’s proportion of the total declined by 1800? How was this related to the slave trade?
Is there an ancient mythological account of people who have the wings of and eagle.?
Which one had more slavery Egypt or Mesopotamia?
Did 1776 change your opinion of Washington?
grover cleveland?
Which is the biggest Diamond in our world?
Greatest trial of the 20th Century?
Changes that occured during The Quite Revolution in Quebec?
How was life like for Russians in the 1890's (characters in Chekhov's The Seagull)?
who was the first president of the united states?
who were some artists in England during the 1850's?
what did minstrels sing about in Ren?
how important was the involvement of the United States in World War One?
What do you think about the possible reasons that Van Gogh cut off his ear?
French general NAPOLEON BONAPARTE (or) "pop artist & prankster" RORY EMERALD? Whose gonna' win the battle?
Declaration of Sentiments?
Anybody wish Germany had won WWII or wonder what the world would be like?
who invented time?
when and why was nedinsco started and by whom?
Which planet is the smallest?
Which Hindu god do people in the Ganges plain of India celebrate by dancing in paint or water colours?
i am looking for smithsonian museum's web site, not their mag?
where is the best place to get a book review on books dealing with Texas History? the book is Invisible Texans
Did any tribes (native,white,black) ever go into war/conflict white any knights?
Did Karl Marx ever work in his life?
I want to know how many wounds did Jesus suffer in HIS crucifiction, Please.?
up to what year were castles used in japan?
Who murdered George Reeves?
Auschwitz was a "death camp" right?
who is on the $50.00 bill?
What was the Enlightenment? How is it related to the Renaissance, Reformation, and Scientific Revolution?
What sports did us great british people invent?
If you could travel back in time...........?
How and why did the Cold War begin between 1945 and 1950?
What did Yuri Kochiyama do to help end Japanese Internment Camps?
Why was James Bond Associated with the Number 007?
World War 1- occurrence of folly in month of july 1914?
The Populist Party primarily represented the interests of...?
What images does the Celtic Cross combine, and who came up with it?
When is the exact date of the founding of the Province of Pangasinan?
Which was worse; the First or Second World War?
history question?
Events compared to Salem Witch Trials... 10 POINTS!!!?
What was the stamp act?
Why did the UK fight in World War II?
What language did the Romans speak. I presume it was a mixture of latin and Greek, but did it have a name ?
To what extent was Andrew Jackson a states’ rightist? To what extent was he a nationalist?
Iban origins??
What movie is being filmed in austin right now (May 3rd they were on South Congress @ night & on Mopac earlier
Controversies regarding Mahatma Gandhi?
Why were some Vietnamese supportive of America during the Vietnam war?
Which year comes after 1 B.C.?
What specific functions were the central actions of the state under Louis XIV?
who designed the hoover damn?
Was Patrick a Popular Name for Teen Boys in The 1970s?
How much did soldiers get paid in the 1800's?
who will replace theUS as the next super power?
Compare and contrast foreign policies of harry Truman (1945-1953) and Dwight Eisenhower (1953-1961)?
when the first English "Parliament" building was built & how it compared to the one still in London?
What was the Quebec Act? And was it originally against Catholics?
how does physical geography and climate contribute to the development of Ancient Chinese peoples' lives?
Calling all people who've taken AP European History!?
Who still thinks USA had nothing to do with 9/11 attacks?
I have a question.............? This is really important to me.?
was giacomo casanova a ladies man if notwhat is his true story?
what does mayday mean historically?
Where was the first telephones used at?
How could mali build on ghana's empire?
Have to write HUGE paper on.....?
what is the best African country out there?
how are building blocks from cathedrals stuck together?
URGENT PLEASE HELP what did ancient roman frescoes influence today?
Which of the following was a cause of the English Civil War?
How did national literature reflect political and social developments?
Did anyone actually read Roe V. Wade?
did americans fight the war of independence so they could drive on the right side of the road?
Analyze the events causing the decline of the British Empire.?
do u think world war 3 will occur?
How did the Weimar Republic manage to survive from 1924 - 1929?
will you still love and regards NETAJI SUBHSH CHANDRA BOSE?
If you compare the man known as Barrack Obama, and Adolf Hitler can you see the resemblance?
i have Questions questions about ancient history?
Are you familiar with Renaissance?
Which do you prefer American or World history?
When did the public learn that no American carriers were at Pearl Harbor during the attack?
I am looking for Colosimo's Cafe menus from the 1920s. Big Jim was the owner?
Why Was Tsar Forced To Abdicate His Throne In March 1917 ?
what is the history of 4007 Menoher blvd Johnstown PA?
Is it wrong that I like Adolf Hitler?(im not a nazi)?
Did the Nazi SS units have multiple personalities?
When did america leave world war One?
Where & when did "gypsies" originate... ?
is it true?
i need, article about history of pop music?
Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor ?
what is a south carolina sandlapper?
Who was the gentleman that was able to solve problems within the government when Congress constructed our gove?
Can someone explain to me this: Have the Jewish people accepted that they have killed Jesus? Or?
how did the area of living affect the way apaches live?
What Happened at Gettysburg Other Than the Battle?
What was one of the main goals of the Nazis in the 1930s?
Why everybody hates HITLER? and why not Churchill,Stalin,Roosvelt?
Was Spanish discovery in the New World partially an attempt to draw attention from the inqusition Spain ?
Who is Ivo Andric?
Does anyone know any german philosopher or scientist with a name similar to Breyleen or Breileen?
How long did Jousting Tournaments occur for in the Medieval ages?
Why were the Anabaptist feared by both state and religious officials?
If you wanted to re-live an event in history, what would it be, and why?
Why was Jamestown a turning point in history?
would you say the nazis were 'evil'?
In Common Sense by Thomas Paine who is his intended audience?
Do you believe in Coincidence?
Compare the literary achievements of Boccaccio and Petrach?
What was the most pivotal event in U.S. history and why?
Who was the wilier commander - Belisarius or Narses?
Was the role of women different from European women's traditional roles?
When did the american revolution officailly start?
Who do you think is the greatest human-being to have ever existed in the history of humankind?
did the imperial family leave beijing 4 any amount of time in the 1st opium war not 2nd?
What was Caesar's role in the civil war of 49 BC?
The De Virga world map (1411-1419) showed new lands BEFORE the age of discovery, any explanations?
By measuring blood levels in native americans how did the government distribute land in the US?
What does the Madagascar Plan say about the Final Solution's causes?
this is about mafia 2?
What Charlemagne's nationality would be by modern geographical standards?
what is the importance of the founding of the Mauryan state in India in 3rd century BC?
Tearing down historical landmark?
What were the laws put forth by the founding fathers concerning American citizenship? ?
How did John Locke influence the U.S. system?
Anyone think the world would be better if we hadn't won WW1?
About Bulgarian?
What is a Chancellor?
Did Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte know how to swim?
positives of portuguese exploration? for who were they positive?
can i have a lot of information on king john please?
how were the lives of male and female peasants different?
Which of the following statements correctly explains economic conditions in the North during the Civil War?
if u wer given a chance to chnge a certn part of history wat it wud be?
who was the king who fought Ashoka during Kalinga war?
did the police ever get the dna results back in the christa helm case,and seek patti collins?
Why was Bloody Mary called that? What was she important for besides that?
autobiography of fernando amorsolo?
David Hasselhoff is the greatest living American and brought down the Berlin Wall and communism-true or false?
What's the difference between a pentacle and a pentagram?
what were the blacks not allowed to do?
why was gandhi mad about people bringin fruit into umrachi during the salt march?
How did you know about Y.A?
What roles did religion play throughout history?
Can anyone tell me where i can find more info. on the Columbine Shooting?
Do you have any any kind of fear?
How did the ancient Egyptians move large armies from place to place?
Is George Washington a woman? At last week i read in newspaper about the Lenin's sex.?
What was the significance of the Battle of Antietam to the Confederacy?
what empire/nation did the most for the world?
How significant was government legislation in reducing discrimination towards women in the years 1960-1975?
What did it mean to be a "bad" Roman citizen?
Can anyone remember what happened sometime ago here? specifically on...?
How did the Coercive Acts lead Britain and the colonies closer to conflict?
Who do you think was worse Idi Amin, Charles Taylor or Emperor Bokassa in terms of killing and injustice?
who were the pyramid lake paiutes?
What original book/telegram/report etc is this quote from?
Who was the first person in the world to have green eyes?
question about the metis people? (HISTORY)?
Where can I find photos of Josh Bernstein?
Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and Pericles' Funeral Oration?
Why did women get to vote in WW1 in Canada?
When did slavery end?
How much destruction was caused during the firebombing of Tokyo in WWII?
africa has not contributed significantly to world development.true or untrue?
Why do Swiss Guards guard the Pope? And why the funny costumes????
Why do people get upset when they hear that 6 million Jews really weren't gassed in homocidal gas chambers?
Could WW2 have been avoided?
Why do most countries have a civil war?
Are you still mad about the war???
What does the blue on the American flag stand for?
how did jazz influence American society and what were the causes of prohibition?
What were the Nuremberg Race Laws?
What were you doing on Sept 11, 2001?
who was really buried in Grant's tomb?
What countries were formed by the soviet union split?
what was benjamin rush milam's main goal?
how did diseases play a roll in European domination?
what is a "page" in the stock exchange, early 20th century?
What caused the Committees of Correspondence in 1772?
Explanation for apparent sunken ship on Google Maps?
who would represent the plebeians in rome?
Is it true Richard the Lionheart was French, couldn't speak a word of English, spent less than a year of his?
Can any one give me full biography about Bartolomé de las Casas?
What political ideas of the roman republic influenced modern american government?
why did the sibyl of Cuma use leaves to foretell the future?
Is it right that Chris Columbus was the first man to circumcise the world?
Why was Ji Li Jiang Important/?
Did the Cheyenne Indians have constellations they mapped and followed? I heard the big dipper was one...?
How would you solve this?
How well did Carter handle the oil crisis and the economy in his presidency?
How have U.S policy on immigration laws changed since 1850?
What are facts about the Paleozoic era?
Help with Land PLZZZZZZZ!!!!!!?
What is modern day history (please explain)?
famous speech's or poems about war or hero's ? and its importance?
why did spartans try to prevent change?
Why did congressman Robert H Clancy choose to speak against the Johnson-Reed Act?
When did the Seminoles signed the treaty with the South?
Could you explain the Austria-Prussia battle for supremacy?
Where was the first newspaper printed....?
Who was the best US President ever?
What were the book burnings of Nazi Germany?
i have a personal history paper?
Three states that entered the union during the civil war?
Did the United States ever cohere to a treaty with Native Americans in the past?
10 points! Why did Vasco Da Gama go exploring?
Why did Patrick Henry object to the Stamp Act ?
uses of function of nichrome?
Who is the most inspirational leader in today world?
Hitler had the strongest army. Why he could not win the USSR?
Did the Reichstag Fire kill anyone?
What do you think is man's greatest achievment thus far?
I need information about Hawaii for my school report?
Hey i have a question?
In the trail of tears?....?
Could someone explain the history to me off EARLY AFRICAN SOCIETIES AND THE BANTU MIGRATIONS?
learning indirectly through reason applied to someone else's experiences;?
What religions were in the Mauryan Dynasty??? Help!?
What would happen if the Americas never existed?
why are people so nosey?
where did the term 'china syndrome' originate?
What were the Nazi party politics?
So far, what is Japan's greatest invention?
What are the most important/biggest wars of all time?
What changed before and after the English Civil War?
In Flanders Fields help?
Who was Robert lee?
holocaust never happened?
How did themistokles win the battle of salamis?
Help with History Essay, First Crsuade, gradual evolution or new decisive shift?
Before and during the Civil War, the South had an economy based on what?
what country used to be called prussia?
Why did Germany have to take all the blame for WWI?
Why did Americans name states, counties, etc. after English leaders?
Have you heard of Marie Antoinette, no one knew i was her for Halloween?
When and by whom were glasses invented?
How did people feel about world war one?
history question -help!?
cultural/internal improvements from 1820-1850?
Which of the wonders of the world do you find the most fascinating ?
How did the US indirectly contribute to the Canadian Confederation?
What if Hitler would have won ww2?
what was the greatest crisis during World War II?
I need to get facts about a castle in France called Chinon. Can anyone help me?
Description on V.I. Lenin...?
when was leonardo da vinci born and where did he live?
Are they really drafting a global constitution?
Jimmy Savile - It now transpires that a lot of people were aware of what he was like?
why do we always have stupid presidents?
Was it really designed???
how old was madam cj walker when she died?
Has any country in history ever been successful in spreading democracy to another country?
Why did the Titanic sink?
seeking a book title; Fat Chance by Gilbert Klein?
What is Fluxus and When did it start?
American history experts please help s?
World Civ questions!!!!!?
What was the impact of industrialization and imperialism on British Politics from 1815-1867?
Elizabethan Chain of Being?
How did the Nile River influence trade, travel, and shipbuilding?
Why does slavery still exist in the world?
What is a prcoley?
What did the europeans hope to find in asia?
Has their ever been a leader who was universally applauded by his/her people? Who?/ Who came closest?
What was Emily Davison carrying on her on the day of the derby?
do you belive in god??
I just watched southpark, why did the jews kill jesus?
Why and When did Orthodox and Revisionist views on Hitler emerge?
Relationship between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson?
did you believe in Y2K?
What Happened to someone belived to a witch in the 17th century?
what brought about the need for social reform?
how did prohibition groups and purity crusaders differ from charity, social gospel, and settlement movements?
why did U.S. leaders want to build the Erie Canal? how did the canal change the U.S.?
Do the Americans know that their first President was English?
Do you know where I can find the insignia of the Irish units in UK military, or same in Ireland's military?
Historically speaking; how similar is Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler?
Greek History. Help!?
please could you list some key facts about the 1981 brixton riots?
Who is the first American President that you can remember?
Where were you and what were you doing at the moment of the 9/11 attacks?
General Jose Castro of California?
Summarize one argument against the New Deal (The FDR one)?
What were some of the issues that led to the war of 1812 and why was it regarded as the war for independence?
Why did the First and Second Messenian War Occur?
Why was water so important in defining early civilizations?
What were the main facets of Russia's Relationships with both Europe and China?
list of acts by the sons of liberty?
Which period of history would you have like to have lived in and why?
In Which Time Tribue Of Israleites Exists ?
The real Robin Hood???!?
what is a shingle style home?
Should Nazi Germany be considered the legacy of the Catholic Church since Hitler and Bavaria were Catholic?
why was the growth of big business was good and bad for our country ?
What laws did President Johnson think were unconstitutional?
Who are the wealthy patrons of Renaissance?
why do you believe that ancient relics are so popular today?
which is the oldest civilazation in this world ?
What if: Slaves were never brought out of Africa to any country?
what was the purpose of the Dark Side of Thomas Jefferson written by Henry Wiencek?
what are the greatest inventions of the romans?
Can someone help me outline teh case of McCulloch v. Maryland?
Time Machine??
Was it White people that made America so advanced?
Did Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg have any faults or failures as a ruler?
What is the history of the song "I've been working on the Railroad"?
What does Robespierre mean when he argues that terror flows from virtue?
If hitler did kill all those people, would he be a great leader?
Have any links regarding World war II's effect on sports?
What is the Grand Commandery as it relates to the Knights Templar?
Where can I know more about osha 29 cfr 1910?
What was/is the biggest hoax in the history in the history of time?
Life for middle classes in imperial russia?
Who discovered North America?
What do you think Steve Irwin's IQ was?
whats the worst event in history?
What was the trend in immigration and birth region between 1900 and 1990?
Why do Indian people like Hitler?
If Time travel was possible what year would you go to?
Is there any eyewitness historical proof that Jesus existed?
when Harrold was shot - which eye did the arrow hit?
Who were the people involved (allies, opponents, etc.) in the Pullman Strike of 1894?
why dose no one have a mustache like the one hitler himself wore?
how did rhode island get it's name?
what was the most negative aspect of internal slave trade?
what were the goals of the italian revolution?
Details about the peacock throne, life in the palace in those years, culture of that era etc?
Who was your favorite real life pirate?
To what extent was Germany responsible for the World War 2?
Why were the Manchus so successful at establishing a foreign dynasty in China, and what were the main ...?
should U.S. annex territories in order to establishing global empire?
What impact did the rise of nationalism have on the modern world?
Which of the following was the major language spoken in most courts and diplomatic circles of Europe by the la?
Scottish crest question?
what are some things that the romans did that was really bad?
What was Fibonacci's influence on other mathematicians and or inventors?
Countries that don't exist anymore?
why did the Germanic tribes not leave any recorded books or lasting architecture?
who believes in evolution?
What is American Literature to you?
why did thomas aquinas feel that economic actions were under the field of ethics ?
Did agriculturists hunt?
Beginning in World War II and ever since, the most powerful navies have relied upon _________ _________ to con?
who was Leif Erickson and what did he do ?
Question about the atomic bombing of Japan?
Crispus Attucks Key Ideas?
Medieval Japan History Questions! Please Help!?
was there ever an independent Basque country?
How did 9/11 affect the world today?
what was the cause of russia suffering economically in the 19th century?
Name a great leader (RE)?
Very complicated question on U.S. coins. The details will help. Read on, please.?
What problems did Henry VIII have with his legs?
How much is my WWII Japanese katana worth?
ww2 movies?
Did Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have affairs?
in the phantom tollboth what did milo,tock,and the humbug eat at the royal banqet?
In the 1700's,How did they know if they were pregnant?
Help with history definitionss...?
About Patrick Henry's speech. what does Henry say about the previous speakers?
Was Hitler really as bad as he was portrayed?
what would the formal analysis be for SETI I the Egyptian king?
how did winston churchill die?
what's the history of groundhog day? how did it come to be? ?
Were Sumerian a Turkish people from Central Asia ? If no , who were they?
Did Albert Einstein have half a brain?
Do the 50 Pyramids in Egypt have any thing to do with the 50 states ?
One of the developments that led to the French and Indian War was....?
What are some facts about Pompeii?
Slovenia 1991 cultural heritage destruction?
The statement "No taxation without representation" was partly influenced by the thinking of?
Which major work of the medieval period BEST illustrates the code of chivalry?
Why do good things happen to bad people?
what impact did the mongols have on the islamic empire?
What new epidemic affected the US population during WWI?
should some of the new products offered be allowed on historic restoration?
what year did christopher columbo invent america?
Who was the first human being ever?
Did science help to create WW2?
yeah which continent has the best natural resource?
When did robert kennedy deliver the speech that is played at the END of "bobby" (NOT the victory speech)?
how do u make paper look old and worn?
what were some of the effects of the battle of iwo jima on both sides?
how do u make paper look old and worn?
I read that Wyatt Earp was a bit of a psychopath. Is it true ?
what is the gettysburg address?
How many people died in WW1?
Could Great Britain have won WW2 alone?
read "the sunflower", by Simon Wiesenthal?
Why were the Girondists nicknamed "baguettes"?
Why didn't Macedonia conquer Greece?
Do you believe that regardless of all the wrong doings that a person may of comitted In Life. .?
Whats a historical event that contained Ultranationalism and Genocide?
History Question....America..What happened in 1918 that caused so many deaths....hint ..not a War?
American History buff?
Why does the word "Great" appear in Great Britain?
why did people settle in the new jersey colony?
What happens to be your favorite ancient civization?
The Church VS Martin Luther?
What were the push and pull factors that dominated Mexican immigration patterns in the firs half of 20century?
According to the Passion of the Christ film Jews are directly responsible for the death of Jesus, Is this true
Australia's involvement in the Battle of Bapaume?
Questions concerning Catal Huyuk history?
I need some help...?
How did Hitler lose a testicle?
for how many years did britain rule the world?
who was the first man alive?
sherlock holmes mystery of the mummy?
how much is a penny black stamp worth?
Why did germany surrender in the IWW ?
2. Was Paine right to say that “Europe and England is the patent country of America”?
What was JFK doing the seconds before he died?
I've heard a story about Hitler...?
What is John Donne's best work?
How did hitler die?
what questions should I ask Andrew Jackson...?
U.S. History: diff ways for equality for African Americans?
which action is most closely associated with the term manifest destiny?
How did the Reign of Terror weaken the French Revolution?
What was the main reason for the Texas Declaration of Independence? What caused it?
Why was trench warfare mentally and physically brutal?
what restrictions did the british government place on its colonists that affected their voice in government?
did pope John Paul 2 play professional football?
Why was Egypt the first large-scale, unified state? How long did it last?
Why was the political structure of classical China so stable?
were the articles of confederation a valuable step in the US's journey to nationhood?
You have two bullets...?
What was Hitler's last name?
Was Alexander the Great really tutored by Leonidas?
was America once colonised by Britain?
in the 1900s who was Anne Hutchinson's primary opponent regarding her views and women?
How many slaves died in the middle passage?
What do historians see as American officials thinking about the relationship between the bomb and...?
how did the supreme court contributed to the growth of the market economy?
What role did women play in the Puerto Rican revolution of 1950?
In your opinion, who is the greatest person in history?
Notorious or maligned historical figures...?
Was the Magna Carta a request or a demand?
What is so great about the United States?
why afghanistan was reduce to a collection of terrories and groups of taliban were loosely organized?
how can i find history kong ming?
name the artist, kentucky 1865-70, studied in Paris with Thomas Couture,from a slave-holding family, painted b
HUM101 Question... Desperate HELP :)?
in 1963, what proposals did kennedy make but never had the chance to guide through congress?
American Industrial Revolution?
What is the era in which Marie Antoinette lived?
what were the people who beat African Americans called?
What was Louisiana's numerical sequence in becoming a State....i e 20th....21st?
Why did the Romans crucify their criminals and enemies etc?
When did Germany first colonize Rwanda, and when they leave? Why?
How good and factual is the book "The Creature from Jekyll Island" (about the Federal Reserve Bank)?
What events are similar to the salem witch trials and in what way?
What were the homes like in the Elizabethan look like?
Explain the origins of the Russian Revolution.?
looking for world war 11 discharge papers?
What animals were used in middle age warfare?
Dred Scott Decision? U.S. History?
Favorite decade of the Victorian Era?
What are the Heireogliphics? I could not find in the dictionary because I do not know the correct spelling.?
How do you see our world in another 100 yrs?
Characteristics of wars during 19th century?
wen is ur b-day?
garrett harrison?
Napoleon Bonaparte HELPP?
Where can I find information about the history of Martin Luther King Day?
PLEASE HELP! Thank you! Otto von Bismarks policy of realpolitik..?
How much would authentic wanted posters be worth for Sam Starr and General John H. Morgan?
Who betrayed the Franks?
Dr. Livingstone, I presume?
give 4 factors that led to the collapse of the western roman empire?
How did the Atom Bomb effect the environment?
World War-II,causes,important events,consequences and conclusion.?
what is defiance of versailles treaty?
What were police men called in the 1700' s?
Could Germany have won World War One?
Who thinks that what hapened to saddam hussein was what they should have done.?
who was the first person on land?
Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?
Resons why there was Slavery in America?
Who was Oliver Cromwell?
How do rascim influences in your life?
After all, who invented the airplane? Santos Drummond or the Wright Brothers?
How many people actually believe Hitler shot himself in his bunker?
What was the role of the German SS in world war two?
Were Einsatzgruppen and Death's Head Units the Same?
Who here knows, loves, appreciates Jack Herer?
What event came first: The Iron Curtain or the Iran Crisis of 1946?
please help my 6 grader find pictures and info on ancient roman coins.?
how high is a chinaman?
Where can I find the birth record of Vicente Manjon in Barcelona, Spain?
Why won't Iran attack Iraq to create a big empire?
what's the history of the egyptian pyramids?
I have a naval academy jacket that was made in the 1800's,any idea how much it would be worth?
how did runaway slaves escape?
Were the Normans also "Vikings"? or how , why different?
Who was the Roman Emperor who had ten thousand Roman citizens killed to make it look like the Roman empire was
how many desinations did the union have?
How much destruction was caused during the firebombing of Tokyo in WWII?
What is the greatest and most influential invention in history?
Can Some one tell me were to look for the old english letters?
was Elaine Cawley and Clark Gable Romantically involved??
What do Marx and Engels mean by capitalism? How and why did capitalism develop in Europe? How did its?
Why is Benjamin Franklin's visage on the $100 bill?
Why did the Tlaxcalan tribe join Cortés and the Spanish in fighting the Aztecs?
What Time Era Would You Want To Live In?
where did the white people with guns come from?
What historical artifacts are still missing?
what are some historical events from 1920-2012?
Who's a famous person I can do a project about?
does anyone know about the death of the son of the actor james robertson justice about 1930s?
Was the fleur de lis ever used by the eastern orthodox church? if not did they have a symbol or flag?
my question is on religion,God made adam and Eva they had two sons one got married where did he find a wife .?
trying to find out prices of things in 1926 Oz, its my dads 80th & trying to do a then and now?
Which statement best describes British-American relations after the French and Indian War? ?
Do you like the date september 11 2000fun?
What are the history connection between India and Mexico?
What was around first? Cup or Bowl?
historical dilema?
During ww2 why did british and canadian forces fail to keep Hong Kong from being captured by japan?
What are the two largest castles in England?
What was the fallout of the speech "Duty, Honor, Country" by General MacArthur?
why did the kkk mostly attack africans?
When did World War 1 start?
what time is it in fla?
Why was Helen Keller treated like she had a disability?
What were the cons of the religious (christian) reformation in the 1600's?
In which of these countries the U.S.A. did NOT intervene militarily in 1901-1933? a. Mexico b. Costa Rica?
who is joan of the arc?
What was the greek name for greek hero jason?
What is the best creation/invention ever?
If America hadn't won the 2nd World War,would those European people all be speaking Spanish by now?
In ancient rome, what were papianistae?
in what year did we actually start using the current calendar system?
Does anyone know where I can find information on the crimes that happened at N. Fox Island, MI early 1970's?
where was nancy hart born?
Why didn't they try to use helicopters to rescue people on 9/11?
What is the art history survey course?
how did the geography of china impact its history?
where can i find the paper of Erdos written in Kurdish?
Where is the Berlin wall?
what rights did women have in 1930's?
Is it true that men made from a piece of land?...?
Nickname for Indian criminal?
how did north carolinians further the cause of independence?
I have this old smaller sword that is stamped 1812? Where can I find out the value?
What has England contributed to the world?
who wrote ' a world history' whilst in prison?
Isn't it inaccurate to say that Christianity had a role in the Dark Ages?
What were you doing when 9/11 happened?
Do jewish community loose anythink if Holaucost didn't exist?
what are the uyghur pyramids?
A plane did not hit the pentagon during the 2001 terrorist attacks! who also thinks this?
What would john locke say?
information on a wood carver/sculptor who went by the name r.perrier ?
How did the Jewish communities help the Jews of Ethiopia Russia, Holland, France, Belgium and England? (WWII)?
what are the meeanings of animals in native american totems?
What rights or responsibilities did Adolf Hitler influence?
AHHH please help? History question?
What 18th-century hero’s remains were removed from their original burial site in France and placed in a crypt
what was the ordinary life of the people in the dark ages?
Does anyone know if Nelson Mandela was allowed visitors during the time he was imprisoned?
lifestyle in delhi in the 1300's?
Has anyone read Alexis de Tocqueville's 'The Old Regime and the French Revolution'?
what is the true meaning of BC and AD?
Why are some countries a place were migrants come from and why are some countries a destination for migrants?
Emily Carr history help?
Did Germany and Germans own slaves?
which plan was the most forgiving for former Confederate political and military leaders?
who is mohmmed abdullah alolofi?
Multiculturalism brings a variety of riches?
the united states gained control of the land it needed to build the panma canal by?
What are major conflicts that Philip II had?
What happended in the year 1329?
What inventor, credited with developing Calculus, was so bad with names he sometimes forgot his own brothers!?
how was the schlieffen plan meant to work?
what was the Compromise plan worked out by General Scott in the Pig War.?
What were Nixon's failures as president?
Big question nobody seems to know: WHY Japan did not help Hitler against Russia?
Knowing what you know now?
Who famous quote was this "I Have A Dream" ?
comparison of el filibusterismo and noli me tangere in terms of plotting?
How can I get started in historical reenactment?
how did the gas lamp affect fashion in the early 1800's?
What do you think would have happened to the CSA if they won the civil war?
How were the countries of Southeast Asia affected by WW2 & how they have developed since?
what are the things Adolf Hitler hated beside....?
Did Stalin ever use a racist policy?
why human bings sleep at night only?
I just had a dream that a powerful Hurricane or Tornado hit Washington DC...Is that possible?
Do you think that Adolph Hitler would've been judged differently as a world leader if he didn't ->?
Can you please help me?? I have a huge assignment due in history??? please give me input?
Help me please!! I need these so i can study!!!can you answer these questions?!?
What motivation did the English men have to come to America?
what ethnic group or religion is mural painting significant to?
How did Elias Howe's sewing machine improved the society?
What were women's roles in world war 1 and 2?
What we obtain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly?
Who was the best military genius ever? And why?
is taj mahal really built by shah jahan?
n what ways did events in Britain affect the colonies of British North America during the 1800s? ?
World War 1 question?
what battle involved the first amphibious landing of American forces????
What were the cultural impacts of the Industrial Revolution?
American History , Crossing America to the west?
What can you tell me about John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro, the Bay of Pigs, and the Cuban Missle Crisis?
Questions of Philip II of Spain?
what did women use for there period in the 1800's?
Why did critics dislike the TVA? US HISTORY HELP?
what is forbidden city? whom is it forbidden to?
how many times mohammed ghazni try to invade india?
What was the name of the man who burned down rome and played a violin?
Weimar Republic- Nazi germany...Lesbianism....?
Do you think that you might act like the Robert Ford did?
what factors led to the american revolution?
what time is it ?
please tell me about tutankhamen and his prophesies?
who was the 1st persian king of the qajar dynasty?
Why do so many people throughout history hate the Jews?
help please in U.S HISTORY?
When did the population of Ireland first reach one million?
What effect did Jesus have on history?
Battle of hastings, the three claimants to the throne?
what ia washingtons motto?
what religion was the mughal empire?
Alexander the Great.....?
Who was Chief Big Elk?
american history!!!!?
from geography. what are the seven wonders of the world?
What is a good title for this essay?
What were the key elements of the Aztec worldview prior to contact with the Spanish?
What was the historical significance of the Federalist Papers?
could an arrow shot through the knee kill someone in the medieval era?
How can Whites justify taking over land that rightfully belongs to the indigenous Native American Indians?
Its been 59 years....?
what is the vision of honor in today's society?
what is the name of president george bush mother?
What ship sank the British battleship Hood?
What were the main factors which moved the country into the Civil War?
Concepts of Post-colonialism?
How old do you reckon you'll be before you pass away/ pass on?
What were the circumstances that led to the development to Classical China's Hundred Schools of Thought?
6 U.S History questions study guide 10 points best answer?
why do they teach children that columbus discovered america?
how much is a nazi uniform worth?
Name me 2 famous wars that have taken place after World War2? 10points?
Select the items that describe a cultural influence on a region.?
Was hieroglyphics a spoken language?
how is imagism associated with modernism?
What were the results of Black Codes and who did they affect?
What would take USSR to catch up and overtake USA?
what the Queen of Spain is known for making her country a world power and leader in exploration?
1963 dam disaster In Europe?
What is the oldest university of the world?
who faught in the battle of troy?
What are three major remembrances of Woodrow Wilson that made him a good President?
Did Roosevelt or McKinley imperialize Cuba, Philippines, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico?
What did the Nurse Corps do during WWII?
Compare early British and Spanish views on the native poulations of the New World?
If Hitler was so racist, why did he ally with the Italian and Japanese?
How did owning a large estate play such an important role in the settlement im of new york?
Gas Used In World War 1?
Why were the US and USSR Superpowers?
Who really was the first person to discover the world is spherical?
What civilizations did the Silk Road connect?
In 1949, China became a communist country under the leadership of who?
history help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Where can I find information on the Rose Window in Gothic ART?
What is the Wumpian Empire?
Example of a virtuous woman?
So I hear that the rest of the Mayan calender was found?
ANyone know sumthin about POPE URBAN VI?
what were some of the changes that occurred in Europe during WWI and After?
What are 10 domestic events between 1900-1910?
the first human-made satellite was put onto space by the?
What are some of the major economic/technological changes that happened in the USA during the Gilded Age that?
What ways did Enlightenment transform Western thought and scoiety?
Why was the entrance on the first floor of the Hedingham Castle?
Would Napoleon have been able to make France the #1 nation in Europe?
What was Philip's main military victory?
indias first primeminister?
What do you know about Patrick Henry?
Why were they called concentration camps?
Is Steven Spielberg's movie "Munich" true and accurate?
what wars was Athena in ?
what was the primary purpose of the interstate commerce act?
Do you think Germany can get natural resources while avoiding colonization of the Africans?
Mitt Romney and William McKinley very similar?
Why did earliest civilizations arise in river valleys???
What did mountain men do that helped most for American pioneers and government explorers?
Are Americans *really* THIS stupid?
How much did the Metropolitan Museum of Art pay for the Euphoios Vase in 1972?
Which became an independent country and not a U.S. acquisition during American imperialism in the 1890s?
please help! with world history questions!?
Can you tell me please if the Neanderthal man appeared before or was contemporary with homo sapiens?Thx?
what were aboriginal totems and why are they important?
If America had not joined world war 2 would the British have lost?
What made the Battle of Lexington so significant?
Pearl Harbor?
Who was the greatest(good or evil) orator of all-time?
What was India like during the 15th century? Any good links for reseasrch?
why is it important to study history of western and non western society's?
Andrew Jackson's Presidency?
What is the origin of the king of hearts becoming the suicide king?
What was the historical significance of McCulloch v. Maryland?
Was the work and life of a freeholding peasant exempt from the feudal system? (about 11th century)?
P W Botha passed away yesterday. Any thoughts about him?
Why didn't Hitler just wait until he had beaten the English then attack the Russians?
Which of the following is true about the life of Raphael?
Why was the Holy Roman Empire composed of seperate states prior to German Unification?
What values did Augustus promote during his reign?
What was Andrew Carnegie's formula for succes?
when did kansas become a state?
What steps did Hongwu take during the Ming Dynasty to improve peasant life?
Who Is Greatest Military Commander in History?
What was the worst event in history?
What are some good movies based between 1300 AD and 1800 AD?
Help with history please?
Were "The Highland Clearances" mostly to get rid of the troublesome clans who were also Jacobites?
So Romans were Italians of today?
Can someone help me find a link for "the colfax massacre" summarized?
what is the form of government the ramers of the Constitution agreed to create?
In what ways was imperialism an expression and outcome of nationalism?
Who was the first who make an egg standing??
who is famous african American howard university professor who made documentary movie on arc of the covenant?
What ribbon did Heinrich Himmler wear in his right buttonhole?
Why did Great Britain use a policy of "salutary neglect"?
Historically speaking, what is the Empire of the Great Khan, in 1260 - c.1300?
What happened during the battle of New York? What was the Purpose?
Who was Jim Beckwourth and what did he find?
When did the war of 1812 happen?
What novels were written with Civil War Veterans as characters?
Do you know about the lost scrolls that was found not to long ago and are we able to read what the scrolls say
Why are most races except caucasians, reffered to as minorites?
What was taught in history classes in prehistoric times?
how specifically did the Soviets silence Andrei Sakharov?
name some serial killers throughout history?
**Children do not read!**?
I want to have some info. about "The ancient happenings of the denial of fundamental rights in India".
How did the Romans know it was 33BC etc??
Who won the battle of Lexington and Concord?
Why did Hitler not try and get power in Austria?
who were leonardo da vinci's foes and enemies?
Who do you think I should do my report on: Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Pocahontas, or Sacajawea?
Who originally invented the light bulb? I know that Edison just improved it.?
The bil of rights says freedom of speech, is that really worth it? why??
how did johannes gutenbeg contribute to the renaissance?
History Idea about the world in the Eighteenth Century?
out of all the wars fought between England and France, who came out the overall winner?
Where can I purchase a flag for the Second Spanish Republic?
If you could go back in history, what you'd like to change?
where did vasco da gama first landed in India?
Examples of SURREALISM?
What mainly caused rebellions in tudor times?
Where was the Declaration of Independence read publicly?
Searching for documentation of earliest cockatoos known in Europe (pre 1600)?
Why did the first man invented GUN for?
Why did Hitler hate gypsies and communists?
Who believes Ahmed Osman's theory that Yuya was Joseph the Patriarch?
What British traditions and American colonial experiences with freedom were incorporated into the United State?
What was the cause of rapid expansion in exports after 1885 in British Columbia?
Was the Congress of Vienna a success for liberal nationalists?
I would like an answer to what ancient Egyptians used for medecines?
why do God see human suffer the pain of the pass generation,why.?
What to do on report on Genghis Khan?
What happened as a result of the Russian Revolution?
what happened to the aztec and mayan civilizations?
What are the changing trends in the institution of family.?
How was the Treaty of Versailles Criticised?
What is the name of Documentary film about Tanzania-zambia railway?
What General would you choose?
who was the greatest emporer in the world?
does anyone know how "eostre" is pronounced?
Can the Community of YA help with my quest.?
benefits and problems of india's goverment system?
Was the destruction and decimation of the American Indians (Native Americans) genocide?
describe the roles Abraham and Moses played in the development of Christianity.?
Any one have the Short Line Railroad ?
What brands of drinking chocolate were available in the USA in 1900-1950?
What do historians meanby the term "axial age"? What was "axial" about the period from 500 B.C.E. to 100 C.E.?
what functions did romans prefects like Pontius Pilate have?
What happened in the 1994's that was important to all people?
How did Nationalism change Russia, Italy, Prussia,France?
What is the story of the greek goddess Melete?
If you could go back in time to witness a historical event,what would it be ,and why?
Who are "The Idolaters" in relation to Italy?
Do you agree with Hitler on anything?
How did Queen Victoria get along with Julius Caesar?
If I want to get a rounded, accurate view of history, which historians do you recommend?
Please help!!!!!!!!!?
what did filipinos expect as a result of assisting the united states in spanish american war?
how accurate the guns from the 1800's and 1700's?
What items were exported from Australia in the 1800s?
where can i find info on the 1859-1930 time period? ?
is there any good movies about ww1?
What year was time travel discovered???
What does the "B" in Galo B. Ocampo stand for?
was anyone scared because what the date was today?
history help?
History; Put these events in order?
I am confused by what this question means?
Have you ever held an old coin and wondered who else held it a lifetime ago?
why did european countries not develope new colonies in latin america?
Can you believe History?
To what extent did the battles of Verdun, Somme and Passchendaele help to break the stalemate?
Was the treaty of Medicine Creek Held or broken?
if you could go back in time where would you go?
What were the fundamental differences between the Soviet Union and the United States that led to the Cold War?
What are the U.S. Government’s policy towards conscientious objectors during World War 1?
What years did the tudors rule england in ?
who really built the great pyramid?
Do you think that Adolph Hitler would've been judged differently as a world leader if he didn't ->?