what colour is tourquoise?
The miranda warning was upheld by tge supreme court in 2000 in?
when did Aenstein died??
When did suffering start in Africa and why?
What are three important events that influenced the united states in its inception?
how did the Smith and wesson model 10 compare to the other Service revolvers/pistols of its day?
Charles Grandison Finney efforts in Rochester preached daily and developed important new techniques which had?
black wax museam what's the e-mail address?
Socials help :( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!?
History, they Yellow River in China...?
What was part of the executive branch when George Washington was in office?
Why did lincoln favor an easy policy toward the south?
1990s Bosnia War Movie: "Shot Through The Heart"?
what is the statue of liberty made of ?
How did World War II affect Illinois?
What was the greatest invention ever other than electricity or the wheel?
HELP on ancient Greece and Rome?
Why did the South secede from the Union ? Other than slavery ...?
can someone give me a site that shows me what african americans have contributed to technology in history?
how did the american government react to the great depression?
From 1492-1865 did religion in America support established order MORe than it broke it down?
What were the political,social and cultural impacts of the French Revolution?
Who was the most influential person of the 20th century?
what is the role of hollywood in teaching, or "mis teaching" American history?
oops whos owns the communications industry world wide...mqajor player?
Why was the divide of England into Tories and Whigs significant?
Was Thatcher Good or Bad for Britain ?
do any body know what a pencil factoy is????
If an artist wanted to emphasize the natural environment of a bird in an artistic composition, the use of.....
What effect did English industrialization have on the propertied and working classes?
Why do the yanks think they won both World Wars when they only came in at the end of both?
Who was the mayor of Singapore in 1930?
What were some innovations of the Roman Republic?
what time is it?
a definition of feudalism, including Medevil art?
Has America got an Empire?
who are on the coins and bills and why they on it?
Where Native Americans in the entire New World in a point of extinction?
Do you believe Oliver Cromwell was a hero or a villain?
Prince Fillippe . what's the heritage of Prince Fillippe ? How he met Queen Elizabeth ?
the impact Eleanor Roosevelt had on her husband’s policies?
Besides ,Abraham Lincoln,who in your view has been the most famous American President?
what happened to Horatio Gates at the Battle of Camden?
What could the League of Nations have done to stop WWII?
Compare and conrast michelangelo's and donatello's david?
Which specific area in the USA did Christopher Columbus arrive at when it was discovered ? i.e., what state ?
medieval history of india means?
~~~~~~~ Die Glock Location? ~~~~~~~~~?
what year was the 1st time native americans voted?
Why would the white elite want to determine when and how slavery would end?
Why britain succeeded in avoiding the storm of revolution which?
Why was Islam universally appealing? (6th - 9th century)?
The Causes and Effects of the Industrial Revolution?
If you could be any historical figure, who would it be and why?
World War 3 coming soon?
When was the war of 1812?
Why were the Jews targetted by the Nazis?
What did the U.S constitution say about citizens responsibilities?
Who was the descendant of Timur and Chingiz Khan who laid the foundation of an empire in India?
How were women presented in the Victorian era?
What can economic crises tell us about larger patterns of history?
do we selebrate some thing today ?
How did the use of wine in Roman culture differ from that of ancient Greece?
who would win??
Do you guys believe the Protestant Reformation was an evolution or a revolution?
She was born in France and learned to fly in 1909. Who was the first licensed woman pilot?
plz help me look up the death that took place on Danny Matis he was born in Coshocton Ohio,43812?
History of chettikulangara temple?
During the American Revolution, why didn't Canada help fight?
what is the indian history?
did the greeks steel the 12 zodiac signs from the egypitains?
How did the Assyrian Empire impact the growth of Jewish diasporic communities?
Question about JFK assassination?
History Homework Help?
what is the artillary job?
who did the 1st parachute jump out an airplane?
why do they teach children that columbus discovered america?
When did we start using hats in history?
How did Harriet Tubman affect the civil war era?
Im doing the ancient aztecs in class anyone know any good websites?
Koplan Products and textiles?
What were all the events that had led up to the Cuban missile Crisis?
Bible scholars! Did Adam die before methuselah was born?
Explain the Mongols. Discuss Mongol military tactics, areas of conquest, and general history.(Genghis Khan))?
what is the meaning of "milam"?
To what extent and in what instances did the Cold War blocks influence the Decolonisations of 1947-1975?
What is the relationship between frontier and front line?
Please help me with history about columbus.?
Can any one tell me about the Armenian Massacre during the early 1900s?
how did the cuban missile crisis effect cold war?
What Enlightenment ideas influenced the French and American Revolutions?
Was the 70s or 80s the first decade that African-Americans and Whites lived in a desegregated equal Society?
sre u against/for about gay marriage?why?
what is this medallion and what is its worth?
I have a 2006 Limited Edition Napoleon Coin and I can't find any information on it anywhere. Please help me?
a famous king who ruled Bihar in the 16 century .?
Can you tell me what people wore?
If the holocaust is a hoax created for profit, then how is anyone profiting?
Who is the worst President in History?
In what ways did the Vietnam War contribute to the transformation of American Politics?
Desribe one way farmers,women,and city dwellers of each of the following demographics contributed?
HELP PLEASE! Questions about the Victiorian Period! Please Answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Where can I find info on Asgardian mythology online?
what is the meaning of the name 'cynthia'?
Who was the first man to orbit in space ..... ?
What is the name of the French Emperor whose final battle was Waterloo?
Is there anybody in the Atlanta area that wants to learn and practice Judaism?
What effect did Teddy Roosevelt have on the presidency as an institution?
what year did christopher columbo invent america?
Fall of saigon question??
how do I fins a list of people who received the silver star?
Know any expert quotes about newton/galileo/descartes?
Why is AP US History so booooooring?
what were the foundations of the economies of the northern, middle, and southern colonies?
Why was the Sacco-Vanzetti case corrupt?
how to face fear on heights like climbing etc?
where can i find or get a fake id?
what is Hay-lush-ka?
Daily Life of a Farm Boy in 1911? respond asap plz?
what are the seven modern wonders of the world?
who believes in evolution?
Do you thin Je_us ever visit Britain?
why did people in the sunbelt tend to be conservative?
What was colonial society like in Vietnam (When the French Ruled)?
During the Middle Colonies, what were the similarities and the differences between New York and Pennsylvania?
how bad were the Japanese prisoner of war camps?
Who is the author of the Satanic Bible?
what event caused the japanese to invade the chinese province of manchuria?
Did we not kill thousands of civilians by dropping bombs on them as in GERMANY AND JAPAN?
Clayton-Anti Trust act?
What was the Bay of Pigs?
wat teddy roosevelts opinion about the American foreign policy from 1890–1920?
Can anyone describe the legacy of the first world war?
Exactly how did America become a nation?
favourite person in history?
why did Everett think that three states and president Jackson violated the right of the native american tribes?
What important way did the northern revivalist experience differ from that of the south?
What changes were made in government,education, and work due to the impact if the Great Depression?
Is holocaust worse than Stalin's starvation? Is it comparable?
What do you think will happen in 2012?
why are the arabs morons?
What was the Impact of ibn battuta?
Great wall of China. The history of the king ?
"NEGARAKU"how many characters in a song?
What was the language of southeastern Iraq in the 8th century? Particularly the city of Basra?
Tell me about the Cyrillic alphabet no links please just in your own words and keep it brief?
"COWBOY /Pilgrim FOOD" i want to create some food for a Cowboy and Indian party, what did cowboys eat?
What happen in the Pullman Strike in 1894?
Who is the greatest man to come from your area/ city/town ?
what was the weather like in england in 1649?
Are events such as the massacre in Nanking mentioned in Japanese schools?
Why was Rosa Parks defiance more signifincant that those who did the same before?
what is a burial inclusion?
Was there slavery during the 1930's? What type of clothes did they were in 1930? What did they do for fun?
How were the Mongols pastoralists ?
What are some interesting facts about the francophone country Ivory Coast ???
Cowboy-era Revolver names please?
Who commanded at Stalingrad?
Inca Empire ???
what is the meaning of Roben?
do we have original ten commandments in Ethiopia?
HISTORY: Israel's land borders?
The history of connecticut colony?
When and where was the Tuskegee Institute founded? ?
Is it true no one in the so-called Dark Ages/Medieval times thought the world was flat, it's only a myth?
**How was the monarchy involved in the black Plague, also known as black death? (s) PLEASE ANSWER!!**?
supply examples of shipwrecks and their dates and places of occurrence during the transatlantic slave trade?
Does anyone know what EVENT historians most often refer to as the "greatest irony in the history of mankind?"
what are two ways in which spains long rule influenced mexican culture?
What are some US supreme court cases dealing with the Tenth Amendment?
Anyone from Cuba who can tell me why many Cubans risk so much to come to US?
what discoveries did francisco pizarro make?
which country is better USA OR INDIA?
what is ur favourite war?
how would you describe charles cornwallis?
how were african americans affected by the civil war?
Things that Franklin D. Roosevelt promised?
what, when by who was Germanic Justice?
What other options did the US have other than the A bomb?
how did the us gain alaska from the russians?
Benjamin Franklin?
How did the Spartan government train the boys to be though?
why, when and how did black slavery start?
What are the differences between Mesopotamia and Eygpt?
Why was Bloody Mary called that? What was she important for besides that?
What rebellions were made by the presbyterians against British rule in Ireland?
What are the seven wonders of the world?
do you think Gandhiji had negative qualities?
was it possible the gov. killed jimi hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain?
when the anthrax terrorism occurred in the USA I remember reading several news reports. 1 that the first?
what are the meeanings of animals in native american totems?
Does anyone know that if during World War II, Hitler personally killed anyone?
Where can I find some information on antique cameras?
Was there any opinions that agreed with the dissenting opinion in the Plessy vs. Ferguson case?
Facts About The East India Company?
What happened to the LAST Lady of the Lake?
How many Jewish families were in the Middle East in 1800?
Why was Benito Juarez elected? Like what good things did he do..?
what is madam defarge famous for?
If Harry S Truman was alive today; which Democrat caucus/faction would he be a member of?
What mistakes did Bush make regarding foregin policy errors of Truman and Johnson in the Persain Gulf war?
Compare the religious leaders of the Byzantine and Roman Empires?
I found an old medallion in one of my Dad's junk cars.?
What was Walt Whitmans opinions on slavery?
Death was the penalty for telling the secret of silk-making.?
Which American presidents would have been elected to a third term if allowed?
what is the origin of the word safari ?
10 most loved people in history?
What species of hawk was most commonly trained in the Shakespearian time period?
Why is Renaissance Architecture full of domes?
whats the pros and cons of German Unification.Explain which you think is the stronger argument.?
What did al capone die of?
How many years did the first four Crusades last?
Name innocent reasons why the Irish got detention cards in Ellis Island during 1860-1910?
Help With American History?
What happened in the way of treaty demands to countries like Turkey, Austria-Hungary at the end of WW 1?
Indigenous African cultures persist despite the advances of Islam and Christianity. Do you agree?
What changed in art to indicate a new view of the world and society during the Renaissance?
Hypothesis about Jezebel?
are there any decent ,scholarly documentaries on The Roman Empire?
Did the Three Fifths Compromise give the South less or more representation?
Who were the first European settlers on San Juan Island and why did they come to the island?
Is "Stuff You Missed in History Class" a reliable source of historical information?
how does ialian monopoly , crusades , reformation , treaty of fordesillas contributes to the exploration of?
Why was Joseph Smith murdered in 1875?
Other than a flight instructor what else did Jimmy Doolittle do during WW II? Need an answer ASAP please.?
what is the nickname of president wilson's term?
How is the Ancient World similar to our modern day society?
How do british kids learn US history?
What was the most costly war in US history?
What do you think is the greatest invention of man and why?
did the recruitment of British soldiers stay the same throughout ww1?
What caused the bombimg of Hiroshima?
what are the limitations to biblical archaeologists in foreign countries?
shays' rebellion, annapolis convention, articles of confedeation, how r these connected to eachother?
where are slums today, why are they there, and how could the problem be solved?
Which American Authors did not receive the Nobel Prize for literature?
what age were you an where were you when 9/11 happened ?
Firearms question: when did copper powder flasks go out of use?
Why is the term "great britain" used to describe the UK?
during world war I, federal agencies did all of the following except?
What were the key beliefs in the transcendentalist movement?
Who were some famous people who were the youngest of three siblings?
why were british and irish had bad realtions?
Who loves Satan?
Analyze the use of atomic weapons during World War II and the aftermath of the bombings?
Why were koreans so so so so so upset when their leader died?
What was the urine chart and how was it used (Middle Ages)?
How to prounounce Buchanan?
What were the original reparations Germany had to pay after World War One?
Imperial Order, 1900-1929 questions! easy s!?
What is prince henry the navigators slogan?
where can i find cliffnotes for band of brothers novel?
what was the Aztec economy like?
Research Question on Andrew Jackson please?
Another proud tradition destroyed?
How come you never hear about Charles De Gaulle?
Why did the idea of freedom and the rule of law figure prominently first in ancient Greece?
Why is law the greatest legacy Mesopotamians left us?
Roughly how many Norman castles are there in Britain & which percentage are in England?
Slavery whats the big deal?
When would you rather live? In the 90s or the 80s? Why?
Philistines, Israelites, Arameans, and Phoenicians?
who was the only african american man to perish on the Titanic?
Have you ever fantasised about a prominent historical figure?
When was the 'F' word first used in the English language?
Which of the following most likely led Anna Comnena to become a historian?
What parts of white society encouraged slavery to continue?
marquis de pombal?
can someone tell me about about the 1666 Fire of London and the Ending of the Black Plague?
Did Germany and Japan ever fight along side each other in WW2?
What are some interesting and/or little known facts about Winston Churchhill?
how Stalinist Russia represents dynamic leader?
What is the history of Kurt Geiger?
What were some of the thing wealthy Virginians had to lose during the revolution?
Prospects for the 21st century?
Describe the life of a gladiator in Rome and the Empire.?
what do you think will happen, if all african americans moved back to africa. to start a whole new life?
History of the Boleyn Family ?
Who was Jack the Ripper?
What Happened to Abyssinia after world war two?
How is the Marshall Plan like to economic events in the Middle East currently?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of preserving the past, in particular, the built environment?
What is a good idea for a short 10 minute play on Singapore's History?
what happened in the united states in1787?
im trying to do a family tree but i need to find them can you help me on some web sits to look for them?
Why is Josef Stalin painted in a negative light all the time?
I need help! I have to debate The French wars of religion!?
Does anyone else think that if Lincoln were living now, he'd be a Democrat?
I need help with the french revolution history questions?
I have to interview a person about the berlin wall?
Explain how the Prussian victory over France impacted Bismark's goal of unifying Germany?
How did they form tagalog?
What were Serbian goals during World War One and how did they accomplish these goals?
If someone was to take a crash course in guitar history where would one go?
Why did the USA lose the Vietnam war?
What was the name of the newspaper in Great Britain during WW1?
why wasn't the south able to win the civil war?
What has been the most succesful empire in history?
many german jews served during ww1. what happened to these german soldiers during ww2?
What are the pros and cons of the Industrial Revolution?
what form of music became popular in america and europe in the 1900s?
A Brief summary of quartering act 1765?
What is communism?
Which athiest killed more people: Mao, Hitler, Mussolini, or Stalin?
Was Mary Todd Lincoln in on her husbands assassination?
Was the U.S. justified in annexing Hawaii?
What if the Titanic didn't sink?
facts on roman empire?
Can anyone tell me if there is a big ben clock in London where is?
In Canada, what did the Maritime Union have to do with the other colonies?
What patriots often covered loyalists with?
what was the primary reason Britain and Spain supported Native American resistance movements???????????????
please answer americans?
Why would one refer to Adolf Hitler as the "greatest leader in history" or even a "great leader" at that?
do you know giraffes tongues are 1 foot long?
If you could have dinner with any 3 people from throughout history. (no relatives) who would it be ?
when did the British navy become the Empire of the Seas?
If you had the chance to choose an era to go back at, which would you choose?
Why and how were the "dock sides" or "docklands" areas of London and New York known for their "notoriousness"?
Who was the second president of the USA?
if my grandpa was born in 1929 is is possible he fought in WW2?
what where song negative and positive aspects of india BEFORE and AFTER british imperialism?
How was Jon Corzine elected to the position of New Jersey?
What is the Woodland Indians religion??
(serious answers only) Was "the Holocaust" one big elaborate hoax?
varun wive you didnt come to shcool?
Importance of Francisco Pizarro to United States history?
what was inside the pyramids and why?
what was the creek war of 1813-1814 about?
why did mary cassatt have difficulties getting to paris?
Why and when did the term "African American" become popular?
where r the romans today ????
What came first? Age of European exploration or crusades?
4.Which country has the longest ruling family lasting for over 1300 years?
does anybody know anything about cambodia??
Nanking/najing massacre question?
circut city v adams case brief?
what are some examples of nation states?
What was the reaction of 'One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich'?
Names of well known Lakota in history?
How many laws are too many?
Did you know they used to call obama's mother "pearl harbor"?
History question......?
Tell me about the Revival of European Nationalism in the late 19th century?
Among the most important societal changes of the period in italy was the..?
Who were major leaders during the black death?
Did mary I really deserve her nickname 'bloody mary' ?
should the us pardon all illegal aliens and give them citizenship?
Where can I visit in LONDON to see amazing Viking artefacts? I'm a teacher and I wish to take my Class?
World War 1 question?
what are the effects of the first maroon war on the british west indies?
Did Queen Elizabeth ever have a child?
where has genocide taken place since 1990?
What is meant by "The Enlightenment" and how did it affect art?
Can anyone help me with world history hw?
who was to blame for the holocaust?
No offense but, why do SOME white people say ALL black people are lazy when they had US as SLAVES?
what are two theaters in london that shakespear played at?
US History, Tenement Farming?
Does anybody REALLY know how the Egyptian Pyramids were built?
What king is honored by a holiday in Hawaii every June?
what did the french national assembly decide?
How did cleopatra deal with close family members and with military commanders?
does anyone know of the ship called the apodaca this is where the vase came from on this ship in 1797?
what is the true story of jesus christ?
what was adolf Hitler's mission?
what is an Adile? the Adile Appius Claudius undertook construction on the first aqueduct, appropriately named?
in what ways was the pearl harbour attack not successful?
To what extent did the Islamic Republic enjoy the support of ordinary Iranian citizens?
Which countries did the USSR control during the Cold War?
Who was the fifteenth president?
Was adolph hitler really guilty?
Can you name any countries where women are the leaders? Can you name any top U.S. officials who are women?
Who conquered the Palestine?
What has fingers but can't type?
how much is this book worth?
Can a nation avoid revolution?
What did the Iroquis use to make their longhouses and why?
what led to the collapse of the great roman empire in medieval times?
Why did the NAACP take part in the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
how did the US constitution structure legislature?
When was the château d'amboise built?
Is the Mayan calendar correct ?
GCSE History, quick question about cartoons?
i feel compassion for Hitler!?
What was it about the European worldview that led them to be imperialistic ?
True or false about democracy?
What were the strenghts and weaknesses of Athenian democracy?
why did christ not show his power when he was hanged, and why he did not punish the jews?
which of the following three Athenians are supporters of democracy and which are opponents of democracy?
Remnants of Mayan/Aztec culture in modern Mexico/C.A.?
What are the things Leonardo da Vinci is trying to tell us with his paintings?
What were the size of the armies/ amount of casualties during the western front ww1? sources please?
Hitler & Arian race . What Hitler ment , exactly ?
Grade 8 History Homework Help?
How were the pyramids built?
Relationship between aboriginals and French in New France?
how was the Dieppe raid a defining moment in Canadian history?
How does alliances relate to world war I?
Fall of European Communism?
Don't ever feel responsible for what your ancestors did in the past?
What are the main industries in Berlin?
Theodore roosevelt believed in?
What do you call people like Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler?
what are some dramatic ceremonial performanes that are part of your comunity?
What did the British do when the Irish Famine of 1846 hit?
What should I do for my history day project?
Is EThames Graduate college of London founded by any nonresidential nepalese?If not who are the founders?
Can anyone help me out with an essay about Cleopatra?
City-state help for Ancient Greece?
what does the arms of madrid (comunity) represnet?
im looking to find name for my disco club , its arabic oriantal stile ,..?
What were the scientific achievements during the reign of Alexander the Great?
Will America ever be a good place to live again or are things going to get deathly worse from now on?
If "Culture Club" came popular before WW2..how would British men have liked them or not and why?
What finally went out of fashion in ancient Rome, prompting people to begin wearing short pants called feminal
report for english what was the importance of Author Richard Wright?
What happened to Albania when the christianity got separated in two basses :Vatican ,Constantinople?
After first 6 weeks of battle, the WW1 devolved into what?
The Lewis and Clark Coin?
How did the Americans view the Pearl Harbour attacks?
how did the black market work in the US during WWII?
explain the impact of the agricultural revolution in England in the late 1700s?
What does this quote by Jefferson mean??? help me and ill help answer your q too thanks!?
What Countries Where Involved in World War II?
How would the Digital Age affect history-writing?
What was the main cause of the Great Depression?
who is becky quick?
Why were the native americans more likely to help the french than the british?
Has any important events took place on november 23 1994?
Agree or disagree: if more than 50% of living people can remember an event, it's not really history?
Who was better Patton's 3rd Army or the 3rd Reich?
TRUE OR FALSE (Dwight D. Eisenhower)?
British reaction and World War 1?
What was the significance of the Second Bank of the Unites States?
tell me about the the life of henryseaven?
I want info on some Norwegians who blew up a power plant in Norway the end of WWII. It involved heavy water.?
in what ways did religion affected the history of near east from c. 1000 bce to 500 bce?
What are reasons to admire ancient Rome??
Is it true that the Czars of Russia were desendents ofd Caesar of Rome?
How did the canadian government keep law and order during the klondike gold rush?
who is Beringina, Maize, Cahokia, Hopewells, Pueblos, vikings, Columbus, Vespucci, Desolo, Cartier, Roaroke?
Battle of Atlanta/ Atlanta Campaign?
Could "Jack the Ripper" have been a bad police officer?
How did the Argentines feel about the Falklands War?
What did Alexis de Tocqueville mean in 1835, "The only thing that does not cause them pain is their vote."?
Civil war in the south?
All of the following were characteristics of Jacksonian democracy except?
any-1 believe that there will be a WWIII?
what problems did the british government face after the 7 years' war ?
Could an event like The Holocaust ever occur again?
What role(s) did woman play during the renaissance?
history of 300 E. Ohio St. Trafalgar,In46181?
How many "Dukes" does Great Britain probably have and how did one become a "Duke"?
May someone please explain the term "sense of comradeship" in the text of World War I.?
how did the Trojan war influence daily lives?
Native American Question?
"Analyze some of the existing conditions that led to the Thirty Years War"?
what did Hernan Cortes do to conquer the Aztec Empire?Who led the way in sponsoring exploration for Portugal?
Why dressing is so important for us?
When will the American empire crumble?
what castle was set on fire in Downton Abbey season 3 episode 5?
On what basis do some people deny the Holocaust?
who's your HERO ? PRE 1890 and why ?
How did America's opinion about over sea expansion change in the late 1800s?
Who won the 2nd world war?
Burke find so offensive about the leadership of the French Revolution?
what are the major differences between history,natural sciences and social sciences?
who is Chisng Kai Shek?
what historical event would you like to have lived?
do u think that hiltler is good or bad?
Do you believe that dragons existed million years ago ?
why america the terrorist drop atomic bombs on japan in 1945?
Why was Alexander II assasinated?
The February Revolution of 1917?
History help please? I'm a terrible student.?
is it wrong to be obsessed with hitler?
Check my history please!! 10 points?
I need help with a coin i found It is a rutherford hayes coin I would like to know if it is worth some thing?
arguments for the articles of confederation?
Was Rome ever ruled by a different country/empire?
questions to ask Voltaire ? please help?
Did the whites aid the Cherokee the year after they moved to the west of the Mississippi?
what is naveen?
How old is the Eiffle Tower?
How did communication change during the industrial revolution?
How would people react if there was a "White History Month"?
Decline of the Roman Empire?
What happened 03/15/1245? This question is making me batty.?
What Did people in ancient india do for fun/work?
where was President JFK's Cuban Missile Crisis speech addressed at?
How did the Mayans know the world was going to end in 2012?
What one historical event had the greatest influence on the world as a whole?
Why did the Italian revolutions of 1820-30 fail?
What is the oldest existing hospital in the US?
isn't history boring??
who is the father of Queen Elizabeth 2?
how did eisenhower deal with the cold war exactly?
How many years are in a century?
what color eyes did Georgia O'keeffe had?
What was the impact of the thirteenth amendment?
How to join illuminati order from africa?
causes of the sepoy rebellion?
Did America come in to the end WW2 or did America cause the end of WW2?
what can make the first child or the only child to be an achiever.?
Why is there so many people that don't have any interest in learning history?
list of france's, poland's and spain's castles? top 5-10 for each? s best answer!?
What role did George Rogers Clark play in the battle on the western frontier?
what was the first telegraph used for?
What day was the Indian Civil Rights Act passed?
Where is the Berlin wall?
The Alamo, Dunkirk, The Bridge at Arnhem?
What time period did Robbin Hood live in?
who was he wolfgang amadeus?
Where were you in Jan. 1986 when the space shuttle Challenger blew up? How did you find out?
what did the death of the gracchi brothers signal for the future of the roman republic?
Jefferson Davis was observed by his contemporaries as too?
Who were Washington redskin quartbacks?
what were jews not allowred to do during the holocaust?
Who offered the liberty's kids shelter?
Why blacksea is called by that name?
History and origin allegiance?
Who were the most influential politicians/leaders of the twentieth century?
What did agent orange look like and what was its purpose?
Why did South Korean soldiers kill South Vietnamese Civilians during Vietnam War ?
Did L.J Papineau exhaust all means of achieving a democracy before armed rebellion?
In the French Revolution, did the National Convention make taxation for all people?
Who is the worse president in US history?
can any one tell me what happened to queen of jhansi's adopted son after her death?
what stage of genocide were the nuremburg laws? what were the nuremburg trails and what was the final solution?
What were the effects of Panic of 1873?
Was World War I a worth while war?
Mayan calendar explained?
those guys who cry "Bring out your dead!"...?
What did you do....?
Why were many in Congress offended by President Johnson's position on Reconstruction?
How does the period of 1800 - 2812 look if viewed through American Indian eyes?
Can someone explain this paragraph to me? (AP US History)?
what were two push factors for immigrants?
Turning points in history?
Were the war world 2 war trials fair? answer please!?
How important was the Enabling Act to the Nazi Consolidation?
Did Peter the Great's armies use hand guns or rifles very often?
Did Lenin want Nicholas II dead?
The relevence of Zorro to American History?
If the U.S, did not enter into WW 11, do you think Hitler could have acheived his goals, or doomed to failure?
Did Man landed on Moon?
Who do you think Jack The Ripper Really was? & Why?
Who did Japan ally itself with in WWII?
Why did the American colonists fight for their freedom from the British rule?
what did the Romans ever do for us?
If the statue of liberty is Effiel's French mom, do you think she has hairy armpits?
What is the best invention ever made in the history of everything?
what did the case of Commonwealth v. Hunt establish?
who discovered south america?
Industrialized Countries?
What's that famous quote about patriotism during times of treason?
In the Massachusett colony what age did kid get jobs? ANSWER?
what sort of car have bush?
Did the Dutch find the middle colonies?
Good or Bad, Who is the most influential person in HIstory?
Main Reason For why Asian Spice in the 1300 was so expensive by the time it got to Europe?
What information/ benefit could i get by reading the anglo saxon chronicles?
19th century speech patterns?
why did Hilter blame the Jews?
How did the papacy affect the eventual unification of medieval Britain?
Attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt! Joke (another oldie)?
Who would u rather spend a day with, Stalin or Hitler?
How do I get information like a background check or crimnal recond for free on the web.?
I need the biography of Augusto Pinochet?
Did european imperialism create underdevelopment in regions under imperial rule?
Did the sailors on the mayflower do all they could to help those pilgrims who went to settle the new land?
who invent the blue jeans and when?
How & when did WW II begin? Why & when did the U.S. enter WW II?
where can I find a translation of Gospel of Judas (maybe in pdf format)?
WhIcH Is Real aNd bEtteR 0lD sKooL pUnK oR nEw sKooL?
Who were some famous people who were the oldest of three siblings?
What do you think of the colonization of India by the United Kingdom?
What was the feeling of the American home front during World War II?
Development of Colonies?
what did Marie Antoinette think of the people of France?
What happened to Amelia Earheart?
Who is the best General of History?
what was the role of women in classical societies?
Does Pearl Harbor justify Hiroshima?
need help with history please?
when was the first war ever?
Is it true that 90% of the German dead and wounded in World War 2 were on the Eastern Front??/?
why did the united states enter world war two ?
Who invened the cowboys hat and why?
What was the significane of the pope's declaring Charlemagne emporer?
Why do people need their freedom.?
how did napoleon achieve his position of power in the reign of napoleon?
What is the history behind the caryatids at the siphnian treasury at delphi?
If you could witness any time in history, what would it be?
do you think prometheus the titan did the right thing?HELP!?
what was king george VI's first name?
I need some Fur Elise information?
What do you know about number 22?
What are the differences and similarities between the Aztecs and Mayans geographically?
Who where the original people of America?
book about the holocaust for a strong reader?
i need jeopardy questions on women spies during the civil war, where can i find them?
I'm looking for online english edition of 18th century BC Akkadian Atra-Hasis epic.?
What was George Wallace's Vietnam policy? [when he was running for president in 1968]?
Where was the communist party democratically elected for the first time in history?
What do YOU think??! Imperialism? 10 POINTS!?
if you could change one thing in this world what would it be ?
hi frndz,is it true dat taj mahal is actually a hindu temple and it was nt built by shahjahan?
What were Jawaharlal Nehru's associations with the Congress Party and Muslim League?
Why is the Black Forest in Germany called like that?
Would you have enjoyed living in Medieval times?
Which two consecutive decades were the most different?
What kind of reputation do these former English and Scottish leaders have nowadays in the UK ?
Why was abolition important? 2nd great awakening?
If "Culture Club" came popular before WW1..how would British men have liked them or not and why?
information about Irish culture..?
Define balance of power. Then describe how this principle operated during the reign of Louis XIV?
How did Texas newspapers justify the secession of Texas from the United States, and why did they explain it th?
Who is the worst President in History?
Videos about ancient greece?
why has nelson mandella got a statue up in the uk when hes got nothing to do with our country i know uk people
do you think this really happend? I don't think that something like this is really true?
Why does the Australian Flag have the union jack on it ? ?
american in Vietnam,french in Algeria,soviets in Afghanistan-whats the history and present situation of them?
Art history help? Please?
Who's responsibilty were the poor in 1912?
Do you have plans for Adolf Hitler's birthday?
Roosevelt and Dole in U.S. history?
what ways did the united states exert its power in Latin America?
What does this question stating?
How were the American Indians affected by the differing views (social, economic, and political)?
How come Andorra, Liechtenstein and Monaco were never colonized?
About the early explorer Francisco Coronado?
can i find info on mission nuestrara de la soledad?
to whom does maria clara resemble in present life?
Would Wellington have won at Waterloo if the Prussians hadn't turned up?
How Important Were The Henrician Reforms?
i have to write argumentative essay about woodrow wilson, but i dont know what argument will i discuss?
Civil War Wilderness?
if you went back in time and became hitlers babysitter?
What was the most destructive event ever witnessed by Man?
what does axa mean in the Bible?
Thomas Kuhn's Impact?
Pear Harbor Vs 9/11 Question?
who killed augustus lindbergh?
What former governor is the father-in-law of New York shoe designer Kenneth Cole?
What historical figure should I write a short essay on?
why was Shakespeare famous?
What are the main artistic movements?
Bielski Brothers in the Holocaust, World War 2?
Who is Big Terrorist? Osama Bin Laden or Pope?
what makes "asians" asians?
Does Mein Kampf contain plans for World War II?
Was there ever a battle of Troy?
Treaties with the Natives?!?
Did America save th UK in WW2?
What was the Missouri Compromise?
what are some social impact of kkk to U.S.?
What have you done that made the deference?
What was London like during the French Revolution?
where is the world's oldest library?
In your opinion, which disaster do you think was more bad, 911 or the Holocaust?
the native american leader tecumseh met with governor harrison to?
What musical works make up the "divine dozen" to which Leonard Bernstein has referred?
Does anyone know of a World history book?
History is the story of the interaction among people, their ideas, and _____.?
Olmecs where did the olmecs live?
What was the war of 1812?
I have a quick question about Abraham Lincoln...?
In what ways did colonial rule rest upon violence and coercion?
Renaissance Reformation help?
Do you think dropping the atomic bombs on Japan was the right choice to end WW2?
Who's The Most Famous Person To Have Ever Walked The Earth?
Bucket-list ideas for an ancient history/travel fan?
How many people did the Nazis murder in their campaign for racial purity?
was smallpox used as a biological weapon against native Americans?
Why is german music so successful in germany?
when was the very first flute discovered or who invented the very first flute and how was that persons life?
Which city is known as the wickedest city in the world? Port Royal or Sodom?
what was the global impact of the Korean War?
Who took over west berlin?
An important historical event that happened on the year 1215?
What obstacles did the kings of fifteenth century France face in obtaining royal authority?
where can i get information on my antique ivory calligraphy pen?
When was Camano, Washington founded? ?
What does the term "Europe carved up Africa" mean?
what are Trace the origins of the African slave trade?
Who was the first child born in the American Colonies?
Question about Japan's feudal society?
Which was establish 1St the the 2 Jewish kingdoms or the Palestinian city-states?
What is the pyramid of Spanish social structure in the Americas?
what year was the Battle of Hastings?
what is colonization?
tenant farmers lives during the great depression?
In 1945 what were the beginning countries that joined the United Nations?
What was Georgia's place in American history during the time of Ronald Reagan's presidency? During....?
Is there an American History Event similar to the Salem Witch Trials? :)?
Who was the first pope to create a cardinal and why?
Who was the most beautiful person in history?
A critical event in the years following 1763 was the?
What are the 4 Ideals of The Declaration of Independence?
who is Simela in greek mythology. Have she any rely whith Eirini? Pleace HELP?
what's the most famouns haunted place in USA ?
most influential person of the 20th centurry?
how did medicine improve after world war I?
How many years did prophet Adam A.S spent on the earth before death.?
What was the reign of the greek goddess Selene?
History Greek Question?
why is the Pisa tower bended?
Why did the bonus army march into Washington DC?
nazism or komunism? which was worse?
What impact did the frontier have on American attitudes, behavior, and institutions? Is the “frontier thesis”?
Why does the US and UK have the strongest relationship in the world?
where did the pioneers poop? how did they handle their excretion?
Why did the Nauvoo House not stand forever and ever?
What does the poppy represent?
Did WWI deserters form international communes behind the front lines?
Is there anything important that we should know about the battle of Britain?
how to describe a murder scene of a person shot multiple times?
I am an american and i was wondering if people in the U.K. learn about the american revolution?
Two questions about Aleister Crowley?
Is the Davinci Code true?
Which term refers to the time period preceding the agricultural and industrial revolutions, when farmers began?
What are two works, from different periods, that celebrate a political leader?
Which best describes the difference between Plato's and Aristotle’s ideas?
When where the last time Britian and France at war?
What is the best Nation in the world?
How was the Third Estate outnumbered in the Estates General system?
Why do you think its important to study history?
whats a good hook for the battle of bull run history help?
which two presidents were responsible for interstate highway systems?when did the program get underway?
How did the Norse gods influence the Vikings' everyday thoughts and actions?
Are antiques a thing of the past?
what all brought about wwII and how did we come to be involved?
What were the primary religions of mainland China at the turn of the millennium?
Which were the ports of entry into the United States for immigrants c1910?
What did the British Empire give to the countries it ruled?
Compare the cultures of the Chaco canyon region and the Mississippi River region?
what was Jonas dream in chapter 5 ?
Discussion/Essay: “Napoleon was a child of the Enlightenment.” Assess the validity of this statement.?
Why did the US gave back Japan to the Japanese?
How did the Parliament enact the theory of mercantilism into policy?
Did Sir Paul McCartney make Lady Diana pregnant?
Anyone know any good books on the German Unification of 1871?
What was the Second Front in the Cold War?
What were Adolph Hitler's favorite movies?
who helped arkansas throughout its history?
Why do men have more body hair than women (evolutionary purpose)?
what amazing things as Australians invented or achieved or DONE that as really changed the world?
Who were you taught won the War of 1812?
Views of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton?
Who was Larry and what was he so happy about?
Effects of discovery and colonization on the Americas, Europe and Africa?
Value of a button from a coat in the Goliad death march?
does anyone hard Dracula ?
Why did Henry The Eighth Break away From Rome?
SLAVERY is it actually ok and is not exactly a bad thing if treated correctly?
What did Hitler think of Sikh People?
The single largest New Deal project in the West was the construction of the?
Were can i find info about my mom with out paying?
Whoses was alaska before america?
Do you find that "Indian Removal" during the 1800's was a genocide committed by the US or was it necessary?
Who was the first black slave?
Names of women in history?
can someone honestly predict my future?
What connection was made between imperialism and the american frontier?
What did men where in the 90s?
am i antisemetic?
The French Revolution?
Which factor contributed most to the rise of the feudal system in Europe? ?
can u do my homework?
Through its history the White House has survived two different fires. The first fire was set by who in 1814?
What was Luthers The Babylonian Captivity of the Church about?
How did baseball help industrialize cities in America (late 1800's)?
How can and do we use historical knowledge to solve problems in the present?
Who invented the bloody help?
had Jack the Ripper been arrested in the 19th century ?
Emergency. Help me PLEASE [history]?
How did ancient Egyptians keep cool?
Who is the most controversial man the world has ever known?
How did I forget that magellen was the first to circum-navigate the globe? When should I kill myself?
Did the second continental congress have the task of carrying out the american revolution?
who was the first person to create world cup?
Were the Jews were as badly off in Nazi Germany in 1933 as they were in 1941?
what was the two pieces of evidence used to prosecute Charles Darnay?
Is there any historical proof that any of the miracles in the Bible ever happened?
What are the significant events in american history before 1492?
Who knows what is a Beastmaster/Consort?
Is it true that the English are originally from Germany?
louisiana purchase of 1803?
good facts about Apollo the sun god?
What do you think about school history?
What was the language used in Mideival africa and muslim traders?
Who is the greatest living being on earth?
Who was a better person William wallace or Edward the !st?
can anyone compare and contrast the revolutions in the United States,France,and Latin America.?
From whom did the Persians borrow their system of money?
If you had to die in one of history's disasters, which one would you pick?
When did the Unites States overthrow the governments of Iran and Guatemala in the '50s?
What changes have taken place in the European class structure since the World War II?
What was NOT one of the reasons the national-origins quota system of selecting immigrants was considered bad p?
What entertainment did they have in castles during the rennasiance period?
How did the Holocaust really happen?
History question Help please?
why was the industrial revolution a positive event?
what is your opinion...the DaVinci CODE is real or not???
How were motion pictures a unifying factor in the 1920s?????Help?
who has the hold the world record of longest time of hunger strick?
what events did happen on this day?
What were the living conditions for doctors in the war at Vimy Ridge?
What was a peasant's place in the feudal hierarchy? Who do they owe loyalty to and vice versa?
What was the decision of Plessy v. Ferguson?
Is it because of Winston Churchill that Britain won World War II ?
Who was the first to use glue to put together and waterproof their ships?
What is the backgroud/life of Barbara Tuchman, the author?
Is the Declaration of Independence a radical document?
Who are some important people in history that are not well known?
Whats the difference between the role of women on the ottoman empire and the tokugawa shogunate?
facts about ancient Roman Villa?
Who is regarded as the worst president in US history? Not current history but since 1776 who was the worst?
who says the holocaust never happened?
Why did the indigenous people in the Americas think Columbus and his men came from the Heavens?
what is Irena Sendler's birthdate and month she was a Holocaust Hero?
Which was not a belief of the Republican Party led by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson?
What were the causes of imperialism in America?
Do you want to fight against the illuminati?!!!!?
How was Malcolm X Honest,Courageous and determind?
does anyone know what this means?
what island did the genre of music originate?
I need info ozomatli, the aztec monkey god of music and dance, not the band?
why did the 54th regiment burn down a small South Carolina town?
Which of the following groups was a primary source of labor for the textile mills?
Was John Hawkin a pirate like Francis Drake or a an official navy soldier?
Do you think something bad had to happen in order to make The Renaissance possible?
which one of henry viii's wives would you be?
can you help me on my history homework please?
The results of the Battle of Saratoga ?
The World Wars the complete history of WWI and WWII?
What is the history of saying "OK"?
Why did Hitler hate gypsies and communists?
how was the civil war fought?
Why did murder lead to WW1 in 1914? PEEL?
why did Hitler loose the war? and who really beat the Germans USA or the Russians?
Where is Pollitt, VT?
Basic geography questions, REALLY need the help!?
How beneficial would it have been to have lived under the British Empire?
Describe the Baroque Age in art. What three movements occured within this time period?
Did the Holocaust really happen?
Why did Christianity gain prominace over the other cults in the Roman Empire?
what ia modernismo ?
How does Newton's 3rd law apply to soccer?
explain this!?
Could someone explain the radicalism in Britain after the French Revolution 1789?
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
what is the fiesta of the Anglo-saxon?
Why did Sumerians develop writing?
how is the presedent of USA IN 1980?
Illuminati: help me think about this.?
what is the lyrics to check on it by beyonce'?
What good things did Julius Caesar do?
Why is Malcolm X's speech called "Message to the Grass Roots?
who fought in the gulf war 1990-1991?
what is your favoure time period in History?
i have a bronze coin thats dated 34 bc on it. how much is it worth?
Historical analysis of an image?
In the Civil War (and other wars) why did they stand in lines and shoot at eachother? It doesn't seem logical?
how did the phoenicians change their environment?
Who would u rather spend a day with, Stalin or Hitler?
Why did Waldo seem surprised by the soldiers attitude?
How did American Women Challenge and expand prescribed gender roles after 1865?
Explain how the Panama Canal helped the world?
Who was their leader? What were some of the leader's qualities?
does anyone kno anything about david bagley and/or clarinda tabor that died during the civil war?
What was Dr. Thomas John Bernardo's perspective about the industrial revolution?
In the middle ages what did European peasants do during winter?
What's the chance of there being a tsunami in Santa Cruz, California?
Why was the Siege of Vienna significant?
During the WW2,The Nazi almost get defeated by the Russian before the Atomic Bomb was dropped is that true?
Why did people move to the west in the 1800s?
who was the king during which fray bartolome de las casas was in the new world?
What years, for pennies, are valuable?
Which was the greatest empire of all times?
which dynasty is ruled longer days in tamilnadu ?
a history section question?
Which president's terms of office were more important Madison or Monroe?
Why did the colonists “walk into a hornet’s nest” and get soundly defeated in the battle of Quebec?
development of american weaponry from constitution to WWII?
What is the Bermuda Triangle?
Why was the Group of Seven significant to Canadian history?
What was the run and hide method?
What problems of poverty and discrimination were faced by African Americans in the late 19th and early 20th C?
Why did England once fight America ?
If you'd been a woman living in Medieval times would you have obeyed society's rules for women?
Effects of Black entertainers on society iin the 1940's?
How did the impeachment of Andrew Johnson help African Americans?
What was the significance of the 1848 revolutions?
when did slavery end?
In past when some one have a child (girl) then he fell shame what about now?
What's the most stupid trend?
Do you think that historical fiction is a great way to learn history?
during which dynasty panini wrote aastadhyayi?
What was the last major naval battle that used oared ships?
Native American US history question!?
what did the vikings eat?
who bulit tajmahal?
What was the possible motivation for writing these laws?
If you could have been born in a different year or era, when would it be and why?
What is John Stuart Mills view on social classes?
In your opinion, what is the single most important event in the history of humanity?
Was dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki the right or wrong thing to do in WWII?
Is it true that Romeo and Juliet both worked for UPS in one of their warehouses?
`do you believe in superstitions? is it true?
where is Empress Carlota of Mexico buried?
How many hundreds of years did Turkey(ottoman empire) rule Greece?
What does one need to know about humidors?
Where is chiffon fabric from?
One point that President Jimmy Carter made to resolve the energy crisis was to....?
If you could go back in time and witness any event in history, what would it be?
How did the conquistadors impact exploration?
Was Adolf Hitler an Aryan German: blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin himself?
On what day did the Eiffel Tower open?
Send in the literature of the great conquests in the history of mankind?
what is the estimated value of a 1609 map of the Carribean?
GOD is pure love right? so where does fear,hate,distrust,jealousy, come from?
development of modern western society?
How did Athens and Sparta have similar beginnings?
World News during the civil war time period?
Do you think that UK and allies could win the WW2 without the help of Russia?
who do you think it's the greatest person in the history?
What do the numbers on the bottom of china wear mean?
what jobs were around in the 1950s?
Did you cry when the Soviet Union collapsed?
Can Someone Tell me When Trade and Commerce in Ancient Egypt Began?
why did america have to bomb japan with 2 atom bombs? is 1 not enough?
What would the invasion of Britain (in 1940's) would have liked if the channel tunnel and Eurostar existed?
question about guild wars?
Can someone summarize the fall of the Ottoman Empire?
Why did the treaty of Paris Cause such a debate among Americans?
What was Winfield Scott Hancock's role in the battle of Fredericksberg?
who is woodrow welson?
A good Website that list AMerican Presidents and there political party?
If you could be any historical or living person for a day, who would it be?
How did Saladin the lionheart change the nature and purpose of crusading?
before vietnam, america had supposedly never lost a war, then who lost the american civil war?
Harold godwinson's journey north and south?
Why was Roger B. Taney important?
how did the american colonist react to the stamp act?
Looking for a good book on the HISTORY of the Bible (read more)?
what impact did marie salle have on ballet?
Was Christopher Columbus an imperialist?
what did ignatius sancho do to abolish slavery?
Aurangzeb's daughter zebunnisa... where can i find her account of her father's cruelty?
I'm forigin student. I want to know history of queens borough for my assinment.?
What was the historical significance of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
was the city of Vienna the most Jewish populated city in the 1800s? if so, why so many?
What was Panfilo De Narvaez name of ship ?
On average how much did investors lose in the 2008 stock market crash (as a % of their investment)?
did Mussolini and Hitler achieve their goals?
What was the Dawes severalty act?
is ancient egypt overrated? what made it so great?
Questions about Ancient/Imperial Chinese history?
How many years are there between 2 BC and 2 AD?
what is the meaning of jesus?
Can you think of a real life character who has faced downfall also to the extent of losing the glory of a city?
Please suggest good book(s) about USA history. Have to be written BY AMERICAN AUTHOR. --?
how did our language come about?
In the worship of the sun God Aten, the egyptian emphasized?
who is the most stupid man on earth?
how many countries do u think it would take to over power america and britian if they fought side by side?
What steps did Roosevelt take to defeat Hitler in WW2?
how did the people who were wealthy merchants in Europe first get their money to start out their trades?
what is mein kampf?
who are fannie lou hamer and paul robeson?
Does enyone of you ever heard about this text?
How did industrialization and monopoly Capitalism contribute to Imperialism?
What are three things thoreau would protest against if he were alive today?
in the whole world,what is the most common name for men?
What were Mao Zedong's ideologies?
why are marullus and flavius angry with the celebrating workmen?
What are some creative inventions that were created in the workplace?
Which world wonder would you have saved?
What were some of Napoleon's reforms?
How far south did Marco Polo's travels take him on his return journey?
was Adolf Hitler a good leader?
What do you think could resolve war?
why did wilson began ww1?
When did they change the nickel?
How successful was Harold Macmillan’s premiership between 1959 and 1963?
Was Voltaire consider a revolutionary for his time period?
When was Nelson Mandela imprisoned in Robben Island?
why did noah not awt the 2 mosquitos ???
how did the highland clearances happen?
True or False Art questions?
what was thomas haryeys role in the enlightenment period in europe? please help me!!!!!?
What was the inquisition during the catholic reformation?