who are shoguns?
history question..i need this answer for my history essay a.s.a.p please...so basically talk about north korea?
I need audio / video clips of the speech given by Mr Nehru "Tryst with Destiny" on 14th August 1947 Midnight.
price for a 1938 continental typewriter?
who was the first primenister of the india?
what is ur favourite war?
Are you shocked by the number of people who actually believe the Holocaust (Ha-Shoah) never occured?
what does the word year mean?
Which group of people first settled the New England colonies?
what are the political features of ancient indian civilization?
Who invented the wink?
Do you think one day that ALL people in the world will speak "American"?
HELP ME WITH THIS multiple choice problem?
explain the differences and similarities between the monarchy in england and the newly formed american democra?
Are there any myths based around the armadillo?
Ancient Roman Leaders? And other stuff about ancient Rome?
Why were koreans so so so so so upset when their leader died?
trying to find out apt haunted from a murder in it?
Top 10 Historical Events in Nicaragua?
How was postage delivered to another country in the 14th century?
Does anyone know the origin of why the English driive on the Left and Europeans drive on the Right?
Sir Francis Drake???????????????????????????????????…
History essay stuck on one of the questions?
36% of the canadian women have done it.. what is it?
How did the Nazis (and other fascists) handle labor strikes?
Tips for studying Euro history?
i am looking history at 10 of november 1988?
Please help with world history thank you soo much?
Where can I find info on a German WWII soldier. I know the name but of my grandpa but not where to look.?
How did the American people face the 20th century?
westerners of late 1800s regarded themselves as rugged?
why did people in ancient times not live longer when the world and the food they ate was safer in that time?
What did your forefathers do?
John Pickering and Samuel Chase were ?
I'm stuck on these history questions! Please please please help!?
Name of most loved person in the world?
Human civilization starts where?
Who is the worst, most evil person to be glorified by history?
The date of the entrance into Canaan by the Israelites?
whats 29,035-15,771?
If you read 1776 by David McCullough what did you think?
What would you do if you could change one thing in your past?
Hitler or Stalin?(or tiny moustache V's big fat moustache)?
why did fresh prince of belair stop?
Questions about Ancient/Imperial Chinese history?
Hitler as a bad leader.?
not races but I want to know?
how did the u.s benefit from the louisiana purchase?
why did the Germans dropped bombs on Britain from 1940 onwards?
How did historical imperialism effect aboriginals?
What came first, the chicken or the egg?
Why did American Indians have statues of bearded blue eyed men before columbus ever came?
What was the name of the song played by the band while the Titanic sank?
what 'im looking for is a picture with a man holding a globe in the front. can you find it for me?
if you were a mythical creature what would you be?
Why do we study history?
short answer question?
family history problem?
does any one now what the best movie in the world is?
WWI letter back home?
Who was the president who, after the civil war was over, claimed that blacks were not allowed to be slaves?
Why Romania still a Latin country and not influenced by Slavic countries?
How did the economic infrastructure change in Britain in the Victorian age?
What day is the Ides of March?
Do you feel keeping a journal is a lost art in this day and age? Why or why not?
Do you find it insulting when Japan has their ceremony for "victims" of Hiroshima?
Why is the Royal Standard of Scotland gold and red?
Why where Hitler and the strasser brothers in conflict with one another?
why did we have to lie to each other than we tell the true?
Do you think the jewish holocaust really happened?
Spain’s effort to colonize Texas in the late 1700s was impeded by?
How do u feel about the Holocaust??
who were ark angels besides Michael?
ancient city of Tarsus?
Who´s the most important person in England´s history?
what is one major accomplishment of john adams??!!?
When was the last time a nuclear weapon was used in warfare and who by/against?
What are some values sentiments, attitude of Canadians during 1900-1914?
How did the French Revolution began and end?
American Indian jewely craftsmen's signatures?
What was the first name of the guitar composer who went by "Rigot"? And when and where is he from?
Do we oversimplify the past?
Can you list all the ship disasters?
The statement below was made by President Truman in the mid-1900s: "It must be the policy of the United..?
What events lead up to the boxer rebellion?
Who would you say was the greatest leader in all of history?
Why is my teacher lying about the Truth?
why did some japanese during ww2 tie cloth across their backs?
Who designed the confederete flag?
What happened to Willa Muir's son Gavin and is he still alive?
I think it is very important to keep the Celtic language alive by teaching it in Schools around the Country.?
Is it true that Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin he built himself?
How was William Wilberforce different to Granville Sharp?
Why was the year 2000 celebrated as the new millenium?
Does anyone think that all the titanics artifacts should be raised and displayed?
How Old is Jared Selcraig?
If we supposedly?
What was the former name of the Nazi party?
What events helped jump start the film industry?
How did the miniskirt influence Australia?
What where the 1920s like?
Did people in England know what the Nazis were doing to the Jews in WW2?
is Hitler considered a Christian ?
Was the Lunar Landing and Apollo 11 Mission a hoax (see details)?
Salem Witch trials questions?
what are 2 greek gods name and what is there roles?
Who were given wreaths of olive branches to wear?
Who invented the peace sign?
Most evil country ever?
why was winchester prison built in the location it was?
Describe how the Ayran invasions affected the Indian Culture?
What did Rennaissance humanists believe about people's abilities?
Description of New France, Canada, around the years 1700?
Why don't we have any exceptional political leaders like we did during WWII?
How many people have there been who have called themselves Barry?
What would you tell the founding fathers if they came back to life?
who won the civil war? where? when?
was the indian act a failure or success !?!? how !?!?
During the Spanish-American War, American racial prejudice caused American leaders to?
who was the W.A criminal found in the early 90's in Quinns Rock,was on the run with pregnant girlfriend-Britt?
What did the navajo code talkers do?
Who made the basic policies of the new south?
what is cleopatras nose theory?
what were the names of the children of zeus and athena?
history of the free masonic society and it origin.?
how was the economic position of the soviet union before stalin took control.?
What would be the Lord Jesus Christ's reaction to the technological advances in this day and age?
Which country was the first to explore the western hemisphere?
What was the progressive movement?
Why was "Hiroshima" left out of President Truman's press release?
famous Leaders in the War of 1812?
why did civilizations with stronger rulers typically survive longer than when they had weak rulers?
The haps berg empire did all of the following exept....?
What are some facts about the illuminati?
What was the Bucking Machine invented by Nash Broyles in 1909 used for?
Which U.S President grew gray hair the fastest during their term(s)?
HINDHU CHRISTAIN MUSLIM - can any one say what is same in them?
Which U.S. President did historian Walter LaFeber describe as:?
is the les dossiers secrets real?
Which of the following has helped historians learn about the Inca empire?
In the history of England who has faced the most persecutation?
Can any one tell me what was was before was was was?
How did castro maintain his power and control?
Why dont dominicans ever work?
What are sectional rivalrys? for us history?
In Americas history would you say that immigrants out numbered americans at any point in time?
What type of Australian Groups were used in the Vietnam War?
What constitutional rights were denied in the Dred Scott v. Sandford case?
who was the most important person in US history?
Which dictators throughout the world in history deflated/devalued their nation's currency were lawyers?
Who knows the meaning of life?
how did the Rockettes change us. history?
Who was the best political leader in history?
Was the Treaty of Versailles a harsh treaty or unwise treaty?
I need western civilization history help....?
who were leaders of the mexican independence?
How did Frederick Douglass effect other slaves?
did the roman eastern empire rename themselves 'the bystantines' (sorry about spelling)?
History question about the new world?
what did Jackson's unofficial cabinet become known as?
Discuss the legacy of the social, economical, and political developments of the 1920's. Was the decade of 1920?
History Ukraine?
What is the Policy of Neutrality?
How Adolf Hitler won elections against powerfull opponents?
How Historical is "Braveheart"?
list horrific world events between 1980-2005?
Milman Parry and Albert Lord?
untlod history of the philippines?
who is Alexander the great?
The Athenians and Spartans worked together to defeat which armies during the Persian Wars?
Do you have any any kind of fear?
Did Anne Frank's dad not get put into a camp because he was an officer in WW1?
What do you think happened on the Mary Celeste?
Did Hitler have any brothers or sisters? Are there any living relatives of Hitler?
What did people do before the internet ?
how many times is agon used in the greek new testament?
What were India's earliest writings?
What were the major defining characteristics of American foreign policy from 1789 to the 1850s?
"Sa kabataang Pilipino" by Dr. Jose Rizal?
What would have happened if Germany won World War 2?
anything on bridges in carmarthenshire?
Is it possible to live like a Celt?
Why do Americans always hijack history?
Which legendary leader was supposedly stabbed 23 times?
Effects of the national assembly (french revolution)?
Despite the horrific working and living conditions of the broad?
what is the difference between 1st green revolution and 2nd green revolution?
Can you give me a link on the Mongol invasion of China that is not wikipedia?
what changes came to russia during or after the Romanov dynasty fall?
Which American general defeated Mexicans in California near Los Angeles?
Explain how the colonists might have done a better job of starting and establishing the Jamestown colony?
After Charlemagnes Coronation how did he affect western europe?
How was Gunter Schabowski responsible for the fall on the Berlin Wall?
During WW2 did the Germans defend their front lines well?
Research one person who has used freewill for good?
What were 3 ways war effected the land and people of europe?
why they never talk about the participation of the haitian people in the savannah battle?
can anyone please tell me where to find Ruy Lopez Villalobos pictures or portrait?
Why did the cicil war happen when it did?
What basic problem confronted the Puritans who wanted to migrate to America?
What was 2 conflict that has threatened peace in a nation or region?
What were some local newspapers in Greenwich Village Manhattan between 1900-1910?
How did humans find out have to have intercourse?
i want information about CAPSA from BUCHAREST?
What does the statement "perpetuate a large monied intrest" mean?
What characteristics set Charles Mansons family apart as a cult?
how to find a family members army records?
What do you know about the history of polar expeditions?
what were u doing a little while b4 u heard about 9/11?
How do you think the U.S. would be diffrent today if the South had been allowed to secede?
Who was William Davidson in British History?
have u heard about Philippines???
if ABC family is on channel 36, what is the history channel on?
What was the 1980's famous for?
what was the main drawbacks during indipendence?
was joseph kennedy senior a bootlegger?
what periods of Japanese history can i use for my archaeology exsam?
Where did the idea of two different color eyes as evil?
which of the following was NOT a result of the doctrine of manifest destiny?
Which were the more important pilgrimage routes in Britain and Europe?
which european nations explored the americas and where?
Dracula exists?If so,where?
Do you know about James Sullz, who wrotte "Noise and Civilization", in 1878 ?
Why was thomas becket killed?
How was Khrushchev influential in European history?
what is the life span of a homosexual?
Can someone give me just a general description of the French Revolution?
what is queen elizabeth 1 greatest achievements?
What two weeks in your life would you delete and restart?
My son in school in Georgia was asked what Scotland had ever brought to the world. Please add any I missed
Characteristics distinguish the Assyrian Empire?
what kind of jobs were given to irish immigrants in canada?
Why are Golliwogs offensive?
is our life better from our forefathers?
taggers history!?
Which is the greatest nation of all?A nation which has great culture and has able to keep it intact for 1000?
what is city design?
In WW2, why did Hitler not attack Turkey?
is there any good movies about ww1?
Why did Jackson became a white?
why did robert alexander schumann get depressed when going on tour with clara?
Was the holocaust a lie?
Did Bishops visit men in the trenches in WW1?
Who do you admire more, Abraham Lincoln, or Edgar Allan Poe?
Historical Ireland - Mother?
Where can I find an E-book on Che Guevara?
Who won the American Revolution?
I need names from the early centuries. What are some good ones and where could I find decent lists?
Does anyone know what "IG i" means in the footnotes of an article?
What specific events in Australian history are significant?
how was the nomadic societies viewed differently from other societies?
Who are the Hezbollah?
Do you know the TIME 100 of the 20th century? I need a list of all the people!?
do you ever wish the mid east was more peaceful so that we could visit and view some of wonders it has?
Who was the most dangerous person in all of human history?
Select a metaphor that you feel most aptly describes African Decolonization and explain why?
Deleting previous history on 4g?
Good things about Prohibition in the US?
Can anyone tell me a little bit about Wudi of the Han Dynasty?
What was Alfred Thayer Mahan's thesis concerning national power?
What do you do if a boy won't notice you?
Operation Valkyrie short summary?
Asian values?
Panama Canal Research!! s!!?
Do you think the Palestinians invented bloodshed? How do you think Jews took the land from them?"?
what role do pope julius II and raphael play in michelangelos life?
How did slavery mold the economy of the British North American colonies?
Why did the Soviet Union invade Hungary?
in his book Tristes Tropiques,Claude Levi-Strauss mentions some German military man who met Mbaya. Who was he?
I need a more informative western civ book?
How do I go about getting demographic data for Canadian soldiers who fought in the Korean War?
The Industrial Revolution changed the face of the modern novel forever. Can you cite specific examples?
Which amendment is least important?
How did the Qin dynasty ended?
Famous weapon inventors?
Do you believe that dragons existed million years ago ?
When Delhi become capital of India.?
How did the French Revolution affect us living today?
Were you born in the wrong era?
Why was imperial rome so important?
can evelution be true in a biblical perspective as is in a scientific?
what is the legend of Baciles?
need help on ancient Mongol questions?
Is life significantly different for humans living in civilizations compared to life in a hunting-gathering or?
what is bering land bridge?
Can someone tell me three reasons why or why not the Treaty of Versailles was unfair?
Which battle in the Middle States was a major turning point in the Revolution?
What was the largest colony of the British Empire?
Why were the colonists dependent on Britain before the American Revolutionary War?
What was the company of a 100 associates?
Did Martin Luther king propose direct action, if so why?
is the story of the ramayan real ?
How far was the treaty of Versailles justified?
what is the worst thing that happened in mary I queen of england era ?
Romeo and Juliet or Tristan and Isolde?
what is the most intersting historical moment in U.S. history?
the top 10 famous watches in the world?
how did a surplus of grain contribute to low grain prices?
What similarties did Ancient Greece and China have?
What would America be like if we hadn't given it back?
Why did Patrick Henry feel so threatened by the British?
What Was The Best Time Period of The Past?
What are 8 facts about the worcester vs georgia case?
How many children did the Whaleys have?
Did Santos-Dumont really beat the Wright brothers in the "first to flight" race?
What is slavery like?
Who is the biggest badass in the history of mankind?
do you all know that the Arabic language was the root of all languages?
What were the Mongols warfare tactics?
can i get some baseball history on a player from double a baseball in salinas, puerto from 1972?
Do women who talk about 50 shades of grey talk crap?
History Question about Russia in world war 1? please helppp, thank you?
What is the history of Hispanic Heritage Month?
How could whites blame black people for problems they caused in the past?
Why is Hitler so hated?
History homework help please?
What were Genghis Khan's motivations for conquest?
What is the establishment od democracy in the united states?
Whats avocca's zip code?
Which cities have changed the world?
What people group established an empire in the Valley of Mexico?
Group of people who've gotten involved in politics in recent history...?
Who really discovered America ?
What was life like during Nero's rule ?
What was World War 1 like?
Arguments for the federalists during the drafting of the constitution?
Ancient Sumer 10 Points!!?
who invented the typewriter?
What's the oldest university in America?
What are long and short term effects of the migration on Poles to Chicago?
Does anyone remember the Alamo?
who is leonardo da vinchi?
was francisco franco a corrupt dictator? if he is, why was he included in the list of benevolent dictators?
What jobs did women and men have during WW1?
President Lincolns speech?
Was the treaty of versailles caused by the 14 point plan?
What was metal first purified from ore?
who is John Hankock?
What are/were the motivations of pirates? Also what are/were the consequences of Piracy?
Was there ever a case in history where a royal marriage was never consummated?
Why was the "social contract" important during the Enlightment?
Where can I find information on 1930's era Essex in Great Britain?
Which historical figure has ....?
What were the four categories in the Greek and Roman medical theory of the four humors?
What happened and why in vietnam war?
Who deserves more credit for the decline of the Soviet Union and end of the Cold War, Gorbachev or Reagan?
How did the Republican Party regain pollitical power in 1942?
Questions about evacuees?
Does anyone have any information on Fort Trial?
does anyone know where easter originated from?if you know the that will be a big help to me.?
What were Simon Bolivar's chief objections to spanish rule?
is adolf hitler still alive?
please give me some ideas on Franklin D. Roosevelt's "First Inaugural Address"?
history im ganna work on it and hope that we both have the same answer?
what economic and social events and conditions allowed hitler to rise to power?
Who ran Roman Temples?
What are the ten worst inventions of mankind?:?
Monkeys Turnes Into Man After 1000Yrs.Is it Possible that,todays Monkey will be Man After Some period?
What were you doing on Sept 11, 2001?
Who was responsible for Caesar's Death Note?just kiddin.who was responsible for caesar's death?
Is it true that Christopher Columbus never discover America?
Which institution does have the power in U.S ?
Salem Witch Trial Questions. Multiple choice.?
Early in the twentieth century India’s independence movement split in three: Congress, the Muslim League, and?
who started nike?
Does anyone know who Dr. Paschal Beverly Randolph was in the 19th Century?
What reasons did the USA establish age of consent and convict adults for statutory rape?
Who was the first Australian Prime Minister?
Who were Antonius and Cleopatra?
where did America's real political revolution take place?
Political divisions of the countries in Africa & the head of states?
Has England ever apologised for the acquistion of the monastries?
why did michael Jacksom completley ruin his "good" loks?
why are sports matches between local teams always called derbies?
Im from Kentucky, whats first stereotype that pops in your head?
Was Truman right to drop the nukes in Japan?
Did the Roman Army encourage homosexuality among their soilders and if so, why?
what was the cause for the britesh to live india?
Conversation between John Galliano and Jacqueline Kennedy?
What were the primary factors contributing to the declining status & welfare of nonwhites in the New Republic?
Question on slavery and the antebellum period of 1820-1860?
Can we Survive without interactions?
Your Opinions: Are Trojans REALLY related to Phoenicians? EXPLAIN?
Did anyone fight in both world wars?
who was the president who got sniped?
what is the true story of jesus christ?
When did Robert E. Lee invade Maryland?
major events in Turkey's history?
were there any negative effects to the natives of the philippines during spanish imperialism?
What great historical event would you like to see made into a major motion picture?
Was Jack the Ripper ever caught?
compare eirk erickson's and james fowler developmental stages?
In general, North America was colonized:?
where do you belive bin larden is hiding?
Best President Of All Time?
Why did England once fight America ?
How is Africa, Middle East, and Europe modern and past cultures the same and different ?
If you had a choice to go back in time where would you go?
What were the Tengu. what did they believe in who founded them?
Was Abraham Lincoln really a vampire hunter before he became president?
Asian-American History in America - Quick Question?
Question about World War 1?
In what years was august 7th on a Saturday?
What was the turning point in World War II?
How were men treated in 1917 if they didn't go to war?
What historical events affected the population in ireland? In the last two decades?
Explain how Kant completed the epistemological turn.?
Which list best represents the defining characteristics of early civilization?
What was the publib health like in ancient greek times?
is anybody else here obbsesed with king henry Vlll and his six wives?????????????
Why, how were the 1970s not good for economies?
I understand WWI ended at 11:00 AM on November 11th, but why was that time and date chosen?
If Robert E. Lee fought for the Union, would the war have ended sooner?
What would be the Greatest Invention of Humanity?
What was so "great" about the Great Depression?
which was the worst thing in the world?
is there any good indian history available on internet free of cost?
What would the Muslims have done if they were in the holocaust and it happened to them?
are the british european?
Who is the greatest conqueror in human history?
Is it true that Abraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter?
major events or writings of the abolitionist movement?
I need props to act like Charles Lindbergh?
Do you think Germany WW2 if they did not invade the USSR?
what was the townshend act?
Is There Anyone on Y!A Who Is Older Than 15?
Celtic nations?
Who was the single most evil man to ever exist in the history of man???
Describe U.S. Foreign policy after WWI?
Can you think of a reason why someone might have wanted to move FROM Switzerland TO the USA...?
Where can I get free propaganda posters and booklets?
What Would the World be Like If Native Americans Had Won?
Why was Hoover reluctant 2 relieve the suffering of the poor or 2 direct economic recoveryduring da Depression
Were the Americans justified in using the atomic bomb against Japan sice Japan bombed Pearl Harbour?
Is Ben Franklin a hero?
the fathers of the first nephilim on earths were something more than humans. what were they?
do you, the people of the u.k., find Napoleon Bonaparte annoying?
How long did it take to construct the Biltmore Estate?
Significance of Ashoka?
how do fingerprints differ?
Article on racism and segregation in Alabama during the 1930's?
whats the history of serrano?
When exactly is the Queens 80th birthday?
In ancient roman times, would the roman Aquilifer fight in the battles aswell ?
what religion was henry hudson *HISTORY?
How did the rise of the labor movement influence politics? 1820-1860?
as the civil war dragged on, why was the north in better shape to win than the south?
Hitler was bullied by the Russians!?
What do you know about Aryans?Did they really go to India only a few thousand years ago? Was Lord Ram an Aryan
during the medieval era what class were artist and musicians from?
If you could go through time and WATCH any point in time for 1 hour, When and Where would u go?
what does the greek art both visual and literary tell us about the greeks and their culture?
the night chicargo died ?
what was the system called in mesopotamia the people were divided into different social groups?
why do people celebrate stone cold killers like georrge washington?
find work as a historian?
Where did Racist Science originate from and what was the purpose of it?
What is meant by concept of nation ? What features do nations share in common?
When was St. Matthew the Evangelist born?
What were Machiavelli, Savanorala and Martin Luther's beliefs?
Were there museums in the 18th century?
Why do you love history?
Why did the Russian aristocrats support the 1905 Revolution socially but not politically?
According to you,who has been the most influential person in Indian History?
Help with ancient History ?
how to build a home made forge, the tools needed etc....?
What are the major regions studied in AP World History?
How did The fight between Slave and Non-Slave State Proponents lead to battle?
About the Holocaust......!?
Short stories from the 1700s?
What future events did the Daubert vs Merrell case help solve?
Was Benjamin Franklin really great?
help with United States history?
Where did Hitler spend his formative years?
How is the Holocaust remembered today?
How did the role of Native Americans change in North America from 1607 to the 1840s?
Why were the activities of president washington so important before and after the constitution was submitted?
which of the following actions occurred during the Iran-Contra Affair?
If there was one significant person in history that you could wipe out of existence, who would it be?
The election of 1876, PLEASE HELP?!?
What is Ludwig van beethoven's hobby?
in the history of man what is the worst event that has happen?
ww2 archives of soldiers
articles of confederation?
who was the biggest nut in history?
if you had a time machine.......?
Who had the biggest ego in the history of the world?
Is William Pierce racist?
why does a women take her husbands name after marriage.?
Who is your favorite person from American history?
Did you grow up with corporal punishment?
Where did Jews originally come from ie; what country?
Why did relations between the Somalis and U.N. peacekeeping forces worsen in 1993?
where can I find imformation on the old oakdale mental in michigan in lapeer county?
find history of grafton regal hall?
How did the steam engine impact the society?
Help on Elizabeth I essay?
Is there any film depicting the life of Arabs during Abbasid, Ayyubid dynasties?
What was a Mirmydan think thats how you spell it?
How did the Great migration lead to the Harlem Renaissance?
Who discovered the New World BEFORE Columbus did in 1492?
is rt here any history "fact" that ur government education system teaches u and u dont believe?
What influences has Egyptian architecture (mainly obelisk) had on our current modern day architecture/culture?
Do you think the cliche "those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it" is wrong?
what wife of a rockstar founded the spirit foundation?
Who will come to save our world?
did pope John Paul 2 play professional football?
What are 3 main reasons why The Great Depression was significant to American History?
Was America aware that there were German U boats in the Hudson bay during WW2?
Information on William Bernard Hickie, (WWI General)?
what is utopian?
how did nationalism spark the independince movment in africa?
Panamanian Cultural Traditions?
why western people use body language more than asian people?
in ancient days(befor Sahjahan era)was Tajmahel a hindu mandir(temple)?
Has history got it wrong. Again?
Has a commercial jet ever had to make an emergency landing on a highway?
tell me info about the three fifth compromise?
What was the bloodiest battle of georgia during the american revolution?
Renaissance/ protestant reformation!?
Which answer best describes how some Americans viewed the British Empire?
were woven paper hearts made as ornaments during the civil war around 1864?
what was the collective name or group of satellite countries formed by the ussr during the cold war?
What is the internal and external forces that led to the decline of the Ottoman Empire between 1689 and 1918?
where can i find information about the colonial minister?
Why is Greece blaming other countries for their problems?
What century is the year 1806?
What was the total death toll of Jews killed by the Nazis 1933-1945?
What were the economic and social results of the Black Death in Europe?
compare martin luther's teaching of the 95 theses and and the teachings of john calvin?
ok if jews people were compensated for the Holocaust. why not black people for slavery?
Why's history written and taughten in such a boring Fashion?
1900-1914 is what century??????
History Question having to do with the Protestant Reformation.?
What was the most astonishing, history changing event of the last century?
how was the piggy bank invented?
What were 3 major controversies when planning the constituition?
How is Africa, Middle East, and Europe modern and past cultures the same and different ?
what all do they eat when cellibrating The Day Of The Dead (Dia de los muertos?
History repeats itself, nothing happens new- do you beleive it?
In 200 words Revolution?
what are the conditions that helped the growth of imperialsim?
How had Civil Rights in USA changed by 1960?
Edwardian lady writers difficulty in maintaining respect?
What can we do individually to live out Martin Luther Kings Dreams?
What was exchanged in the silk road?
It is said that the US was initially not part of WWII. How and why did they jump into it?
Who was the First Presiden USA.?
During Holocaust, was the soldiers who killed all the jews German or American?
can you teel me who is princess of sumatera in indonesia?
How did the production techniques affect the price of automobiles?
My grandmother, who is edging 100, says that Barack Obama is only as hated as JFK was when he first became ?
is it possible to achieve total peace in the world?
Explain why few people voted for the nazis before 1930?
was alexander the great a good or bad man?
Why did Hitler's other ball get put in the Albert Hall?
How did sailors prevent dysentery and and typhus?
What American Revolutionary battlefield can be compared to Gettysburg?
How do I find history on my grandfathers service in WW II? He served on a aircraft carrier.?
Who is M.A. Cherry?
how long did it take hitler to conquer Russia?
Did Adolf Hitler have any children?
what do u call a group of humans?
what were the main causes of the civil war?
Who invented correspondence?
Was berlin ever part of russia?
What do you call the time era from 1900-1910 and 1910-1920?
Did the Industrial Revolution provide more economic opportunities for Women in the 1830s?
Sir Walter Raleighs Exploration...?
where did the ideal of the easter bunny come from?
Who is this "Stalin" character?!?!?
What do specialization, John Deere, and Cyrus McCormick have in common?
can a woman become a Buddhists?
anyone kno wha mysticism mean?
Timeline History Project?
how did andrew jackson increase the strength of the federal government?
What was The main concern of the rebels who carried out Shays' Rebellion was to protest?
ok so i need more help?
What is the symbolism of David to the Renaissance era?
If you could play shuffleboard with any figure throughout history, who would it be?
where can i find out about my ancestors for free?
How did Joan of Arc influence history?
Is Nessi still alive?
how did the reform movement in briain and the anti-slavery movement in the united influence womens sufferage?
what was the minimum wage between 1914-1919?
Who in your opinion were the 10 most famous people of the 20th century?
john the revelator on sons of anarchy?
The Reconstruction, KKK, and Congress?
who's best civilization of Egypt or Roman?&why?
does anyone no when melba ware was first produced and there value ,?
Did John F. Kennedy have extramarital affairs like he was accused of?
who is Ur idol ?
Whoses was alaska before america?
whats the history of salt?
What was the goal of Japan at Pearl Harbor?
What does 4 score and 7 years ago equal?
Why do so many people find the Confederate flag offensive?
If you were forced to marry one dead historical figure, who would it be?
Why did the Mongols invade china?
How did Empress Dowager Cixi weaken China?
Why do empires fall?
How old was Bobby Kennedy when he faced Hoffa in the trials?
where is the British built forte shaped like ship and that city named after that fort but now has new name?
I need an interesting fact about Wisconsin for my child's state report.?
what is the name of the wood used in columns of the Forbidden City?
test tomorrow: why was calvinism more wide spread than lutherism?
what should i do if there is another holocaust?
What did the collapse of English rule in France have to do with the outbreak of the Wars of the Roses?
Where were you on September 11, 2001? I was in New Jersey on a military boat.?
Did anyone of your family fight in WWII?In what combat arm?
I need to find someone who can authenticate very old items.?
What are the legacies of the Columbian Exchange?
What was the first sector of industry to experience industrialization, and what was the primary resource used?
Invasion of Abyssinia?
How many Native American lived in Hispaniola when Columbus arrived?
What was/ is Britains greatest ever achievement?
How has the work of Jackson Pollock influenced artists who came after him?
Is ART (fine arts) really dieing?
what year did christopher columbo invent america?
where can i see kohinoor diamaond?
how did laurel clark die?
Most progressive reformers advocated suffrage for women because they thought it would...?
What was the purpose of bombing Hiroshima, 1945?
What underlying weaknesses in the American economy contributed to the Great Depression?
Why is it important for a race to know their history?
Where is your family from?
"Aristocracy" during colonial america?
need help with missoula montana history?
are there traditional birthday gifts by the year like anniversary gifts?
Will there be any signs of ancient civilizations found under the antarctic ice?
Was the king of Spain Alfonso or Alphonse?
Who was the 20th century's most evil dictator ?
Did Lincoln approve of the Compromise of 1850?
Excluding George W. Bush and Clinton, who was the worst president in this past century?
When did Vietnamese Forces conquered French forces in Dien Bien Phu?
Who killed Nelson Mandela?
Why did the witch trials end ?
who was the first man alive?
Does anybody know the comparisons between the assassinations of J.F.K and Abraham Lincoln?
What was the nationality of Cleopatra Queen of Egypt?
Is the island of atlantis historical or mythological?
a 10 sentence summary of how the french and indian war started?
when did christianity entered india and how many people were following it since the entry in india?
Please help - History homework question!!?
Explain the difference between an enabling act and an act of admission?
What is an elederberry pipe and how do I make one?
what are some reasons FOR the internment of persons of Japanese ancestry, and reasons AGAINST it?
who did our lady of fatima appear to?
Do you think it offensive for someone to be interested in Nazi Germany and to collect memoribillia?
In Julius Ceasar, were the conspirators justified? This is, did conspirators have good reasons to kill Ceasar?
Does anyone know of an online source for...?
what tribe is the most famous among the tribes of the world?
where did the people from the u.s.a get their accents?
Why was Andrew Jackson a good president?
What area of the United States would a very wealthy family likely live during the period of 1880-1900?
Did a russian T-34 driver have to hit the transmission with a mallet in oorder to swich gears?
What was Oskar Schindler society/factory like before he changed/made it?
Hitler....... please help.?
before the cold war info HELP!?
Will the real terrorists please stand up?
How come the Arabs avoided Greece?
What year would people in Europe, Rome, Greece area say they were in in 74-75 BC?
Jefferson's indian removal act, was the the Judicial or Legislative that could have stop him.?
What are the best movies about Native American Indians ?
Were there black soldiers in WW2?
What is the Oprichnina?
Who invented/innovated canals during the Revolution Industry?
Who created the universe?
Why were American colonists angry over the Jay's Treaty?
Was Hilter part-Jewish?
Where did Pire Reis get the info for the 1513 map?
What happend in holodomor can someone give me a summary of it 10 points?
Who was Woodrow Wilson before he was president?
In the film A beautiful mind When told of his winning the noble prize-- why did everone give him a pen?
when was burma fromed?
are you closer to the equator in north argentina or south spain?
What was The White Man's Burden?
who is ancient ovid?
Someone wanna answer a hitler question?
Who was dred scott and what is his legacy?
i really need help on this. just moved schools and my teacher asks me to write an essay?
What can you tell me about Operation Keelhaul?
King Tutankhamen vs. Rory Emerald?
Outline the events that led to the creation of the State of Israel in 1948.?
communism best thing to happen to earth?
What does Guy Carletons statement have relation to the Quebec Act?
1. Wars, for all their other consequences, are often marked by periods of intense social and political change?
if u could go back in time where and when would u ga and why?
What year was Zedekiah's fall?
Some one knows a site were I can find the story of Pocahontas?
What are battles/battlesites that happened withen the 13 colonies?
What was Englands first long term long term colony and later the sources of many Scotch-Irish immigrants to th?
OMG!! Is this true?
Was Adolf Hitler Evil?
What was Trotsky's point in his book the History of Russian Revolution?
What is apartheid?
What were Elizabeth I's three options to do with Mary Queen of Scots?
what meens aris?
Did hawaii ever fight for independence against the U.S?
how do u think people were created?
Who invented the question mark?
Why did the UK fight in World War II?
are you glad that adolf hitler died?
What is the only country in east africa that was never colonized by europeans?
do indians get free checks?
what did the mayans create?
Why is The Third Reich is actually third? What about the first and second?
How tall is the Statue of Liberty including its pedestal?
did scotland and wales ever have any wars with each other in recorded history?
Does anyone know Abraham Lincoln REALLY REALLY GOOD?
What year did the Battle of Quebec start and end?
what events happened in thwe 1700 hundreds in louisiana?
How can I get more information on the German painter otto Antoine?
No one is answering this question about hitler? 10 points?
is it fair that big states have more electoral delegates?
What was impressment and why did the british do it to us ?
How was the Nazi Concentration Camp was an outgrowth of industrial society and culture of the post -WWI era?
describe the nature of revolution of 1848 in europe.?
what is the Links incoroporated?
Comparing and contrasting the US and Confederate Constitutions. Help on this one part please!!!?
How did smog affect people in the Industrial Revolution in the 17oo's?
where is effil tower?
Hitlers Berlin...................?
Who is the greatest man of Indian history?
why didn't the egyptians tell us how they made the pyramids?
how old is god?
What one historical event had the greatest influence on the world as a whole?
Where is the worlds oldest building?
What is the byzantine empire?
Nineteenth Century Britain?
does anyone know about Donald Stevenson who comited suicide in 1961 in Australia? in Mornington...?
What is the history and origins of lettering and calligraphy?
What year did False Advertising Laws begin in America?
Why do we say "God Bless" after someone sneeze's?
Was the caste system practised during the Gupta empire in India?
information about the great depression?
in working men of all countries karal marx and friedrich engles what do marx and engels want?
In WW2, did the Russians rape German civilains?
What was the kingdom of Negara Daha?
How did American's respond to the aggressive actions taken by Germany, Italy, and Japan in the 1930's?
What were the mostt important events of World War II ?
Roman,bazyntine,ottoman,mongol,russian or british empire was largest in area?
where can i find the charactristics of mary todd lincoln?
Should David Lloyd George's sympathy for Nazi Germany be a stain on his history?
what are the names of the 52 states in america?
was hitler a weak dictator?
How did William John Rankine die?
Why is Babylon so important to history?
In what Literary ways did the Colonial period & the Revolutionary Period Differ?
how does Joyeuse help us understand the culture of when it was made?
what is the history of telescopes?
if men were angels no government would be necessary?
why did black people leave price tags on their hats in the late eighties? that was some silly stuff?
full name of sultan muhammad ghoori .?
can you help me with this please? i have a test tom and ive been studying like crazy yesterday and today?
Founding Brothers by Joseph j. Ellis?
If the greek letter omega symbolizes the end then what symbol means the beginning.?
I need to know what this is called for a project.?
What was the historical significance of the Whiskey Rebellion?
Important world history questions!?
What were some events that changed women's lives in the great depression?
Is the world gonna end on June 6 2006? that is the devils#.?
is it true that the sicilian mafia jailed for 4000 years in the 1980's?
who is to blame for the israeli and palestinian conflict?
Indian Removal Debate?
Yes, metaphors will help!?
what lessons can i take away from napoleon's life?
Which planet is the smallest?
What modern corporations were involved in the work camps?
Historians, Can somebody give me a list of the countries that Britain has Colonised, Occupied, Beaten in war?
Who is the better person of india ?
The religious and gay world would like to know if Julius Caesar was gay?
how do i get over a guy that never has time for me?
What good has come out of Africa?
Governmental bans on certain things throughout history?
Marbury vs Madison???? Please!!!?
...........absolutism ?! PLEASE HELP!?
What was Germany's big strategic mistake during WWII?
Are Taj Mahal replicas considered unlucky?
what does the use of kamikaze pilots show about japanese culture?
How might be our present time if Antonius had not opportunity to meet Cleopatra?How the history may change?
Do you have plans for Adolf Hitler's birthday?
how did rentmark help germany recover in 1923?
discuss how design fueled the consumer boom in 1950's america?
da vinci quest day 21 help plzzz?
whats caused more wars throughout history?
Where is the nearest slave cemetery in Lancaster PA?
whose rule ended the medieval theatre period?
What does the epic poem beowulf tell us about anglo-saxon society?
when was the triple alliance completed?
Was Spain occupied by Germany during World War II?
will britain be a strong nation in the Future?
what is the most important in the authority?
Question about fireplaces?
what were the social classes of south america?
History Questions 10 pnts?
People think Racism is gone right? Well their wrong! Why do people treat people of a diffrent race unkindly?
name 7 countries from asia, africa, america and europe continents?
Can language of different continents be similar due to drifting of the continents?
Why did America attack Iraq instead of Saudi Arabia?
How was abraham lincoln a turning point in history?
where were you when the trade centers were attacked?
who is the father of gandhi?
Is it true or a myth that after the Taj Mahal was built, the emperor had the workers' hands chopped off?
Why aren't wars considered romantic anymore?
Was it easier to rule during Medieval Europe or Medieval Japan?
who started B&O union?
following world war II who owned 95% of african territory?
how do i go about joining the kkk?
where did the saying "geronimo" come from?
(Dark Ages/Medieval) History Buffs, strut your stuffs!?
in world history, what were muslims from spain called?
what was joseph f.smiths theme/wat he was known for when he was president of the church?
History help? Please! :)?
Who's the real enemy of India?
please help me with these?
When comparing the roman dynasty to the han dynasty, rome wanted peace and china wanted war. Why?
Why did the United states withdraw it's troops from Vietnam in 1973?
why did the japanese continue to fight during ww 2 when they were completely outmatched?
Why did Joan of Arc...?
me plaire cela?
did cardinal wolsey commit suicide or was he murdered?
How was Mussolini's Fascist movement aided?
Bran( Dracula's) Castles Dimensions?
Why did so many sailors have a crucifix tattooed on their backs in the 1700's?
Where did P.T. Barnum go to school at? (Did he go to school?)?
What one single event led directly to the abolition of slavery in the northern states where it had been legal?
Does doodoo birds still exist?
how and why did swindon change in 1830-1860?
what are the 'philosophical' backgrounds of the american revolution?
Declaration of Independence: About King George III ?
Did Charles Dickins have a home in Ramsgate or Broadstairs?
how do u feel about the KKK and the Noe Nazis and should they be treated as terrorist in the usa?
what is the imanciptation proclamation?
Three reasons for the protests in czechoslovakia in 1967?
What are three key elements of tragedy that are associated with the Japanese treatment of prisoners of war?
why do american (or other)soliders have peace symbols?
I want to know about Disease in the time of mummy?
was a crises in 14th century europe in sixtheen century .give me answer in brief?
why did so many people from Pakistan move to the UK and when did they do this?
reasons of the black death?
can someone pls tell me what exactly happened at PEARL HARBOUR?
What was the very first "Bug" found in the earliest computers that broke the circuitry?
what cause was promoted by some groups within the New Right?
Were USA men drafted into WW1?
in the victorian times in the coal mines what was a mistress?
World War II Allied propoganda?
What if Hitler was steal alive?
What were the two immediate threats to US security that occurred in New York & Pennsylvania after war in 1780s?
What could you get for 1000 rubles in the late 1800's?
Information On The Shanghai Ghetto please!?
Big question nobody seems to know: WHY Japan did not help Hitler against Russia?
rory emerald is one but how many?
Do you think that the British Empire was good for some eastern countries and Africa?
what gangster is credited for starting las vegas with the flamingo hotel?
The oldest Known man-made Objects?
Ways Canada changed economically, Socially and politically during and after WW1 and WW2?
Can/do Agnostic people believe in Reincarnation?
Interesting facts about Italia~?
which one is tallest building?
What is a cool turning point in history...but was sort of recent?
What did cowboys do in a typical day in the 1800s?
Is a field marshal (Generalfeldmarschall) the same thing as a "General"?
I'm doing a History course in university. May you give me any writing tips?
Slavery question? (multiple choice)?
When you hear someone is MORMON, what is the first thing it comes to your head? Why?
Who said "You must be the change you wish to see in the world"?
Describe four achievements of the Mayan civilization.?
Were the Persian empire and Babylon empire the same empire ?
do you thnk England should be friends with germany for what they did in world war 2?
who fought the most in the civil war? blacks or whites?
How did the Twelve Tables of roman law affect future societies?
What is the meaning of the COPPOLA, symbol of Sicily?
witch state did not send a delegate to the constitution convention?
A.P US History questions help?
England's break with Rome? Quickly Please!!!?
How did wealthy Italian families take part in the politics of the renaissance? (especially art patrons)?
where was the compass made?
Name me 2 famous wars that have taken place after World War2? 10points?
How did the wall street crash of 1929 help Hitler to gain power in Germany?
How did Jefferson and Burr persuade voters to win the election of 1800?
What political writer attempted to negate Thomas Paine's Piece "The Rights of Man"?
Why did Hitler hate the Jews so much?
how did sequoyah help the westward expantion?
What role has Adolf Hitler played during the Holocaust?
Three important facts: Vicente Fox?
how did queen liluokalani's main goal conflict with american imperialist goals?
why are italians so bad at fighting wars?
I would like to know if anyone knows the name of the ship that was being converted to carry troops in the 1st?
who was sandra o'connor in relation to ronald reagan?
What is your favorite flag past or present?
Single Most Well Known Person of ALL TIME?
the real reason for abraham lincoln's failures?
What kind of government did the ancient hebrews have in general?
do you thnk England should be friends with germany for what they did in world war 2?
why did louis riel kill thomas scott?
What were the conditions like in Germany during the 1920's and 1930's that helped Hitler come to power?
What is the way of life in the epic of gilgamesh?
Slavery whats the big deal?
why is hard money better than paper money? in the us we used to only have hard money?
what is the provisional government? and why was t so important ?
information about Kannur district in KERAlA,history,presentablepersons,movmen… a TV program)?
what is $50 in 1790 worth today?
Who was Honoria?
1. Why did the Portuguese,Spanish,English,French & Dutch explore & settle the Americas & what impact did that?
I have to write an article about Cameos. What should I cover in the article?
What happened to Al Caphone's Kids?
American Revolution Questions?
History questions help?
How come Germans were considered evil for what happened to the Jews, but Americans get a pass on Indians?
What led us to believe Hitler actually died?
what are the accomplishments and failures us the new deal?
History as it happened laughs in the face of religions, why are there so many believers in this section?
whhy when i want make something i thnk its right but pepole think its wrong?
what were the effects of stalin's policies?What were the effects of world war 1&2?
What makes Judaic law and theology different from other faiths?
where is village muraliwala?
How did Charles Manson's cult use conformity to its advantage?
West Point, New york in the 1930s?
Were the founding father of this country, criminals?
After 1648, how was the power of the Holy Roman Emperor changed?
are there still blacksmiths in Japan that forge samourai swords as during the samourai periods?
Who was the commander of the german Luftwaffe?
what was your stand on the vietnam war??
Many of the Salem Village farming families believed that Salem Town’s thriving economy made it too __________?
Why did the National Assembly fail?
How could have Julius Caesar avoided his death?
Who killed John Kennedy? And Why? WHY?
What were the Iroquois memorial feasts like? Why did they hold them?
What was the proclamation of 1763 ?
when was the nile river established?
Why is it that Americans seem to think that they won WWI and WWII all by themselves.?
prewar,they used to say the British Empire was the Empire upon which the sun NEVER sets?
how did the scientific revolution alter men's understanding of the universe and his place in the world ?
What year was world war 1?
Class project on the 18th century?
lenguages in which the holy bible was translated?
Hungarians dress traditionaly when they are where and doing what?
why wasn't mose made a saint?
How does life in the Roman Empire compare to life in Modern USA?
George Washington once paid $200 dollars for it. today, americans eat about 14.5 quarts a year. what is it?
where was/is Old Zealand?
If you were hit by lightning and zapped back in time 1500 years, what modern day stuff could you "invent" ?
When did Pearl Harbor occur?
Did we learn anything in terms of human anatomy from Nazi concentration camps.?
what did gildas write about?
Which part of India, people still speak Portueguese?
what is the sort of education adolf hitler get?
Who is the most evil man of all time?
Which areas did Gregory Blaxland explore?
How did people try to escape the plague in the fourteenth century?
any good John D Rockafeller info I may need to know?
what was John Smith's leadership type and why was it effective?
How would the United States be different today if the Soviets had beat us to the moon?
Who all came to america before christopher columbus?
What were three things thomas jefferson did when he took office?
What are 3 major achievements of William Shakespeare?
I am looking for pictures of the REAL Newton Gang from the 1920s from Uvalde, TX?
Is there a biogragphy written on John Mitchell (maker of "The Mitchell Map" ?
Wars of the Roses help!?
what life was like as a medieval executioner?
How could workers die during the construction of the Panama Canal?
Is it Fair?
Why do people think North American natives had a fighting chance?
And can somebody tell me what is the name on the Beethoven lover?
Who murdered Martin Luther King Jr?
What's your favorite 9-11 song?
who was the first man alive?
what is gatorball?
why are african americans called african americans, when 90% of em have never been to Africa?
why were british and irish had bad realtions?
punishments during the middle ages?
Is there someone who believes that the Bible is the word of humans instead that the Word of God?
Apart from Hitler, who was the most vile nazi of them all?
Why were slaves slaves in the first place?Why did the color of their skin be the decision that made them bad?
Main failures of Qin?
What cities in France were occupied in the Holocaust?
buddhism was brought to china by;?
Jews in Nazi service under false identity?
which of longfellow's poems use metaphorism? and what do they symbolize?
Is it true that the name of Christ has caused more persecutions, wars, and miseries than any other name?
If you could send a short message back 2000 years to 10AD what would it say?
How often did gladiators survive their bouts?
Anne Frank, one of the most memorable people of the 20th century?
was there any european settlement in iran before the revolution?
In the Holocaust, how did SS become SS?
What is it correct? Iulius or Julius?
What did Nazi Germany use Jewish hair for?
Did south aferica just have a photo exabition?
some names of the people or soldiers who fought in the battle of fredericksburg?
Describe the life of a gladiator in Rome and the Empire.?
Historically speaking, has a race ever died out?