Did the call World war 1 that when it was going on?
how were the reactions of arfican and muslim rulers to imperialism similar or different?
Who was the dumbest president ever?
Who was the World War 1 soldier John Elmer Westfall?
what were the lasting effects of the revolutions in latin america?
What are some important or major events during the golden age of greece?
What Nazi said he wanted to use democracy, to end democracy?
Why did Sheffield stink during the 19th century?
Information about the Nigerian civil war?
Who is to blame for what happened in Srebrenica, and why? Plzz Help!?
does anyone believe in the curse of Tutankhamen, or is it just superstition.?
Great Flood of 1927 and Flood ala Hurricane Katrina - similarities?
What era would you of liked to be born in?
When will turks ADMIT the Armenian Genocide ???
when did Rajiv Gandhi died?
Is there anyone in Missouri who can identify artifacts without charging a lot of money?
Who was the person who created the pulley?
who were some influential people from 1960-1969?
how were other nations negativity impacted by the Russian revolution?
Do German people feel thankful to Hitler?
What Was a Popular Pilgrimage in London During Medieval Times?
What were the cultural aspects that France brought to the New World?
How did Roman expansion and conquest compare to Alexander the Great?
What effect did the policy of "gunboat diplomacy" have on U.S. national interests?
How could Adolf Hitler have been a good person?
Was Jesus Christ Black?
Do you know any internet source where I can find a primary source on the Cultural Revolution?
Difference between Soviet and Nazi labor camps?
What was picket duty in the civil war?
Who had the greatest impact in stopping the Nazis in WW2 - the British, The Americans or the Russains?
Why are countries always referred to as "she"?
When mass leisure time truly begin?
could anyone tell me the name of the artist who painted The Abbey?
can any one tell me in a teen words so i can understand why immagrants came here during industrial revolution?
who is first priminister of india?
what is guams culture like?
if a rooster lays an egg on the top of a roof to which side does it roll?
Describe the government in Mesopotamia.?
how do beavers reproduce?
when was the first jukebox invented?
who was genghis khan's father?
How did WNV spread to the United States?
Example or evidence of feudalism? Answer Asap!?
charles darwin and abraham linclon where born on the same day and year?
Which planet is the smallest?
why we have different language in this world?
The virtue of poverty.?
if u making a six facts in greek temple what it will be?
What is the date of the earliest know cuneiform tablets containing the Enuma Elish?
does the troopship "Empire Ken still exist?
help with american history?
Write a propaganda Statement from the perspective of the USSR?
What is Lenin's complete name? Which party did he represent? Who was the Leader of this Party??
Was America the only country to own slaves??
why are poppies in particular chosen to remember the 1st world war?
how black people were removed from EGYPT?Did JESUS have any traits of blackish?
what did the american revolution resolve? ?
Who is the better leader Hitler or Stalin??
Did the Jom Vikings really exist?
What is Prioress?
Hebrews’ development of monotheism?
the black panther party in chicago?
What to include in map of Normandy Invasion?
i found a coin recently?
Y dont u ppl beleive in Allah who created everything and everyone including Jesus....y r u so shalow?
How did galileo explain retrograde motion ?
Which U.S. President said the following and under what circumstances`?
why did the battle of hamburger hill happen?
Other country's that are shown on TV!?
what are the short and long term causes for the American revolution?
The Christian Church in Rome was probably formed by who?
Who were the top ten people that changed history in the world?
people in the great depression??
What were John Adams major contributions in forming the american government?
after the president and the vice president got inpeached what would be the next 5 in line?
Who was Manfred von Richthofen?
who is a good person to do a black history month report on?
which is the oldest living city of the world?
I have a picture from 1916 of the Tech. Bldg of M.I.T. who do I contact to see if they would like to have it?
About Aggressive Nationalists(1905-1919)?
The banking industries. And the music industries, wich among this is control by the illuminati?
Can anyone tell me more about the Navy accident that occured on the coast of Llanelli on January 28th 1868?
What was King George III reaction?
why did Lincoln never calls for a Northern victory?
why is rome called the eternal city?
sir john morgan. captured by sioux(yellow hand) in 1821?
where is sierra leone?
who was sisa in noli me tangere and did she represent in this real world?
TRUE HISTORY!:Cavour said "what we want and will do is to take possession of South Italy".So it was occupation?
How is the US like the Roman empire was?
who was the first king ever?
is there any videos about the Revolutionary War (British vs. Colonists) ?
How does nonviolence help a person act as a responsible citizen?
Can someone please explain guild wars 2?
who thinks cinco de mayo is a silly waste of time?
in which country did the second world war started and which year?
What's a fish women?
Why did the Siege on Savannah happen?
Can you help me criticise this site?
Rome was threatened in the mid-fifth century by the Huns under their leader?
how did the munich agreement prevent a war with hitler?
When did Sweden started being part of the international community?
will pompeii ever have another eruption like it did before?
How many sacred animals were there in ancient Egypt?
Who are/were some happy, famous people?
What was/ is Britains greatest ever achievement?
Roman Names?
What French military heroine is also known as the model of an inspiring leader?
what are problems in our civilization?
what are the time periods of the eyptian empire?
what direction was sutter's home from sutter's fort?
Can someone help me with this test review thing?
Klu Klutz Clan?
Why did some men in the olden days have puffy cheeks (1920s-40s)?
Which Historical Figure Would You Most Like to Interview?
How did the Great Depression affect Canadians?
What did Hamilton hope to accomplish with his economic program?
What ideas did James Madison contribute to the Declaration of independence?
Oliver Cromwell and Henry VIII?
How were the founding fathers democratic reformers?
This is for all the brainwashed people still out there...what did 9/11 and Iraq have to do with each other?LOL
What was the impact of Alexander the Great and Wudi?
So who is bored tell me the history of the world?
Great Fear in France?
How did the World War 2 effect the lives of Ordinary people?
did ruth wakefield have children?
What did Francis Fukuyama mean by the "end of history"?
i am doing a project on pompeii any good websites for info?
What was the world's reaction for the Ukrainian Genocide?
Was Hitler a nice guy?
History question, easy s?
does anyone know the history of wayang kulit in southeast asia?
Was "The Plague" around the same time as "The Inquisition" ? were they tied together maybe?
I need examples from history of heads of countries that fell due to a scandal exposed in the press?
What's the best thing about being British?
What is History?
what if the Roman empire never fell?
I need help on a AP world history change over time essay?
where did the term "black knights" originate from?
Can anyone show me where Hitler ordered the Jews of Europe to be exterminated?
Why is Friedrich August von Hayek still important today?! Please help!!?
Civil War battles in order?
What countries did the Francs invade?
Can anyone help me to find the cause of the attack on Pearl Harbor? Thanks :)?
How did Adolph Hitler die?
What are some resources the early Navajo tribe used?
how did the police force deal with the investigation of jack the ripper?
should national items be returned to who they originally belonged to or kept in foreign museums?
Was Byzantine Empire where mostly started "Christianity"?
Why was the Pacific Theatre harder for Americans than the European front?
is there anybody knows "bubble era" in persian or arabic?
What was wrong with the Jews to make the Nazis (Hitler) hate them? To start the Holocaust!?
I Need Help On My World Histroy?
are armories and armoires the same thing?
Why did Spain close the lower Mississippi River in 1784?
Can a history major become an Archaeologist? I love history and I want to work in the field.?
If you could witness any event that ever happened what would it be?
why did Hitler only like people with blond heir and blue eyes?
Can you please tell me everything about the dead sea scrolls, history,significance etc, using 4 words, thanks?
Can anybody tell me anything about Joseph R. McCarthy on communist?
Why do jews pretend to be descended from characters in a work of fiction?
Was Abraham Lincoln a retard?
Pericles: Was he a leader who cared for his people more than himself, or was he out for his own power and why?
In Korean history, is it Silla or Shilla?
who was Philippos of Macedonia?
Anyone know these Cold war questions ?
who made taj mahal?
How did colonial brazilians feel about the imperialism?
when did the romantic movement start?
Can you give me a primary source from the Underground Railroad?
Why did the Australian Labor party Split in 1955?
i need a introduction on a speech about the salem witch trials.?
in the cold war were there really sleeper cells?
What did Lenin say about Stalin in his testament?
Anyone ever here of the true illuminati being a natural part of human nature?
What is Maya Angelou occupation righht now?
Which ethnicity is the most dishonest people?
Paul Klee painting the revolution of the viaduct?
Who is the Scariest Serial Killer in History?
How did Edgar Allan Poe's stories reflect on his life?
What role did the Atomic Bomb play in the Cold War?
Who was the leader that invited a bunch of other leaders to dinner and then killed them?
What was the MAIN result of the German Revolution of 1918?
Any ideas to name my womens wear collection inspired by the ottoman empire?
What did Alexander the Great look like physically?
What are the Illuminati?
How was the formation of the populist movement based on economics?
More 6th grade History -0-?
what was the first french colony in north america?
what does this talk about someone help with my summary please. The magna carta?
Was the cotton gin really invented by Eli Whitney's slave?
How can I find the year my Besson Tenor horn was made?
Was the British occupation of Massachusetts result of the Townshend Acts?
Modern Human Evolution? How did all populations of humans advance at the same time?
Who discovered America Amerigo or Columbus?
why was house of the scorpion censored/challenged/banned?
Soo many successful bans from Britian?
The supreme court has struck down laws that require the teaching of the theort of?
Are you STILL a "baby boomer?" Can you answer the following? Then we'll know!?
How will history remember the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent invasion of Iraq?
How can I stop writing narrative in my history essays?
What were some presidents and political leaders in the great depression?
what were Europeans powers competing for before WWI?
how do the French and Micmac attempt to understand one another?
Did lampposts exist in Spain around 1506?
What was the name of the british ship sunk by the German navy in 1941?
What was the value of early union membership and political organization in America?
s. Answer fast please! What canadian city were the French in when they surrende the French and Indian War?
does this phrase mean anything to you...?
What did Arthur Conan Doyle think of the Afrikaners?
What if Christopher Columbus had not discovered America?
What happens if hitler comes back to life?
What historical texts/authors did ppl in Elizabethan England have available about European History?
Date of end of World War II?
What's the oldest thing you own?
Who Was the Greatest General of the Second World War and Why?
was there someone with the last name of (shaw) during D-Day?
what single event pushed the United States into world war 2?
First in the Americas.?
How was Italian renaissance theater different from the medieval period?
what day did july 6, 1990 land on?
When was the cold war?
what was the Mesopotamian out look on life and death?
who invented time?
Hannibal and Osama bin Laden (sim and diff)?
in the 1960-1969 music,fastion,foods?
Why are some empires short-lived, lasting only a few years, while others last for centuries?
The Holocaust was terrible, but honestly, were the Jews that stupid that they believed the Nazis lies?
How did the American revolution affect slavery in the 13 states?
The Da Vinci Code - Fact or Fiction?
Example of the US pursuing own interests under the pretense of making the world safe for democracy?
How did the invention of the telegraph and telephone revolutionize communications?
help about ancient cultures?
why is adulthood now considered 18 when most of history people married at 14, 15, 16?
Who led the roman assembly?
does anyone know the signicifcants of zen gardens in japan?
What happens during a nuclear fallout?
Do any of you people remember where you were when September 11th happend? Do you remember what you were doing?
is there a god?
Explain the origins of African slavery?
How were the Dutch and English able to hold their own in war against absolute monarchies like France and Spain?
Are Americans jealous of the 3000 years of British history?
What is a tragic hero?
how do red indians look like , are they living a modern life now ?
How do citizens in the Southern states of America feel about the American Civil War today?
famous and important people in cuba?
was Charlemagne involved in creation of "Hanseatic League" & the trading city states that developed?
Who is the biggest douche bag in history?
what revolutions in Europe were going on during the late 1700's to the early 1900s?
What are some examples of brutus doing what is right in julius Caesar?
How do I determine race(s)? And how far back in my family history do I have to go?
What impact did Progressives have on American society from the 1890 to 1920?
How was Pearl (in THE SCARLET LETTER) viewed by the people?
In your opinion what's the most horrific event in history?
Christan only please answer this????
who is the first man on earth?
What would you like to ask?what was germany's involvement in the world war 2?
All of the following statements about Ottoman expansion are true EXCEPT:?
Why Adlof Hitler is know as an evil, when he was a lesson for other's that not to be evil?
Where did Stalin spread communism?
Was "Camelot " the musical performed in South Bend, Indiana the weekend of the Kennedy assasination?
how old is toby mac?
Who was the most evil - Stalin or Hitler?
How did the loyalty of a colonist change in the 1700's? NEED ANSWER PLEASE?
What is some historical evidence that Canada is Democratic?
Anything on the history of cavalry?
5000 years of recorded history, and we still believe in massive massacres "wars" as tool to solve problems ?
If it were not for the English channel, the UK would have easily been crushed in WW2?
Define Rajuka?
can u tell me above seven wonders in this world?
What was the first leisure-time activity that people of both genders & all ages & social classes could enjoy?
When did France sell Louisiana Territory to the US? for how much? and why?
How long did it take a zeppelin to cross the Atlantic?
why did movies become so popular during the great depression?
was it true ?Marbury v. Madison was sparked by one of presidents adams midnight appointments?
What was Alexander Hamilton trying to accomplish—specifically and generally—with his comprehensive financial p?
P.H. Newby's The Picnic at Sakkara(1955) as an irony on Newby's nationalism does anyone wrote about this issue
What year did Texas become a state?
Who is the first American President that you can remember?
The report on Manufacturers suggested ?
Is America really about to lose its status as a Super Power?
This question has puzzled me for centuries. Do you know the answer??
does anybody know about immigration in the industrial revolution?
Is America the freest country in the world? Or is it England?
Describe the forces that were weakening the medieval society in the 1400's?
Could someone recommend me some books to read prior to taking AP Art History?
Would you have owned a slave if you lived in the past?
Hail Caesar in Latin?
The Holocaust never existed?!!!?
What is a summary of the persian war?
who is railway minister?
Cud you tell much times the heart beats in one minute?
So what could Chernobyl do to better prepare them for this kind of event that had happened in 1986?
I want to know when was the first leap year?
history help?
What lesson have we not learned from history as of yet?
Best War Films Ever Made?
What were living conditions like in Soviet cities in 1957?
Was Hawaii conquered by the USA?
could the ira really beat taliban like it did in deadliest warrior?
When will the American empire crumble?
Y do all UPS tracking numbers start out with 1Z?
Explain how the geography of Canada affected the early development and settlement of Canada.?
some basic info on auterlitz?
what was the civil war about?
When did gay activism really begin to take off? (a decade, year, etc)?
What is the percentage of murder in your home town?
What is the Renaissance construction methods like for it to cause things to lean? Why didn't they check soil?
why did the american indians think they should live in harmony with nature?
Explain some of the important technological developments in China during the Tang and Song dynasties.?
Who is the oldest composer of music in the world sine records were started?
why did hitler kill himself in ww2? was he gay?
world history help anyone?
Describe the way that was the Virginia Company may settlement in the Tidewater attractive to colonists?
Where the Medieval times really as many people think as a romantic time? Why or why not.?
what happened in pax romana?
What are some specific examples of censorship in artwork throughout history?
Why did most of the Nazi leaders commit suicide?
Example of a virtuous woman?
What is the country most rich of history and cultural place ?
10 points! Russian history - source reliability?
when and where did slavery begiin?
Petrarch sent three presents to the Bishop of Cavaillon. What was the third present?
History question!!!!!!!?
Why was Akira (1988) important?
In Pandvas Breathers, who was the eldest breather?
How were the aboriginals of Australia treated under British rule?
Philosophy in the age of reason?? who...?
what are some easy US history before 1877 topics to write about?
New Caligula show on History channel?
Who said "discipline is the training that makes punishment unnecessary?"?
Why was the isolationist policy of USA bumped after WWII? Why all the concern about Europe during the cold war
day the cowboys quit?
Does anyone know anything about Hiroshima? Besides just giving me sources i want to know personal opinions?
Why were the Allies so frightened of facing the German warship Bismarck?
Why did slaves go to Upper Canada in the underground railroad?
where is tajmahal?
What secret societies was JFK talking about in his speech back in 1961?
How did the pendulum affect society in the 1500's?
who was ferdalen magallen?
when did india get its freedom?
Does anyone else think students should do their OWN homework?
Could someone please tell me about my Tiki Head?
Why were the Federalists so important?
In what order were these three major communications breakthroughs invented?
What emperor's name is translated Hu Bi Lie?
Who was President when you were born?
what kind of boy do you like>?
What is the period between wwi and wwii called and why?
who killed JFK?
What was the biggest factor of failure towards the civil rights movement?
what is the definition of Boycott and Mercantilism.?
where can i find out about things from the past about my house?
Hitler confusion please help?
why did imperialism start In the 19th century?
who won the chicamaugue war?
Who did the Monroe Doctrine concern?
I need to Know what page of the book "Eyewitness Auschwitz" this comes from?
I found a rune carved into a castle in Scotland. Who might know what it means? I have pictures.?
Who was Baldazar?
Who was it who created the slogan 'Work Liberates' as a welcome sign to Auschwitz?
Did the Colloseum in Rome ever stage water battles?
who was the female that fought for black peoples rights?
What is significant about Kingdoms of West Africa: Ghana, Mali, and Songhay, A.D. 1000-1600?
did the gallipoli campaign even help towards WWI?
I have been a Freemason for over 30 years and I cannot understand why the youth doesn't enquire about it.?
Who were all the people who were murdered or commited suicide in julius caesar?
Did "The Khazars" originally come from the present region of "Georgia" & Albania, etc?
how tall i the lincoln memorial?
Is the song "Wenn Wir Marschieren" a Nazi song, or just a German song that was co-opted by the Nazis?
Anyone with a History degree out there??? I need help!?
How would you characterize the Magna Carta?
why do Americans speak English?
How is it shown that Churchill strongly advocated democratic ideas, and Adolf Hitler dismissed them?
who knows any fomous sayings?
what American inventor started the concept of Yankee invention that used water power to run a 500 pound hammer?
The damascus affair... 1840?
Information on the (Results Of The Salem Witchcraft Trials)?
what was the three powers congress had?
What were important social and political changes experienced by Rome as a result of the impact of Punic Wars?
What were the major ancient Greek holidays/traditions?
Who was killed mahatma gandhi.....?
What is the United States known for?
What do you think of Adolf Hitler. A Caring Socialist Nationalist? Or a Mad Man.?
What would someone ware to the hajj?
Who is the last person to have claimed to be the emperor of Brittian during the fall of Rome?
Did early eygptians believe that the brain's purpose was to produce snot?
i have an old picture or print from th St. Croix manufacturing co.?
Are all Leonardo Da Vinci's notes and sketches in the public domain?
Were there Native Americans in Brazil?
what did hitler think of jews?
Why is Pearl Harbour a landmark in World War II?
Do you think life was difficult for people living back in ancient times, like the 1950s and 60s?
Did Hitler think the world would appreciate what he was setting out to do in WWII?
Do you believe that regardless of all the wrong doings that a person may of comitted In Life. .?
what is the wand and king uses called??
Why were the Europeans more advanced than Africans, Asians, Aboriginal Australians and Native Americans?
the u.s. was so-called founded only to keep up white supremacy. Do you agree?
One feature common to all of the eventually rebellious colonies was their?
why did spartans try to prevent change?
what do you think?
Why the country is called America if it has been discovered by Columbus?
Millions saw the movie: China's Last Emperor. But who has read his autobiography?
Was Lenin an evil leader?
Was Britain effective during World War 2?
Fashions of the civil war?
Harmful effect of slavery on American institutions back then?
What was Hitler's biggest mistake?
What group has caused the most deaths in history?
What country did the Aztecs come from?
John Brown's 1859 raid of Harper's Ferry...any info?
Why were most of the death camps built in Poland?
Are their any people in history, where two brothers both leading armies fought against each other?
What was the lifestyle of the rich and famous during the Gilded Age?
Can anyone recommend me TV series/DVDs that involve information about Tudor times and crimes before the 1800s?
How many Native Americans were there in North America in 1492?
why was the development of political parties important?
How did the new industrial order shake up in America?
What items did Roman Emperors wear that symbolized Victory over Death?
How did the changes in the textile industry during the Industrial Revolution affect the environment?
what amendments was added then comletely taking out?
To evaluate a work of art properly we must deal with it in the context of?
World history propaganda piece?
what and where exactly is Prussia?
Why is the heir to the French throne known as the dauphin which transates to dolphin?
Can any one please tellme, how to be famous in short period?
what was the significance of alliances in WW1?
Did anyone know John Joseph McSorley who died on 29/9/08 in kilington cumbria near sedbergh?
HISTORY HOMEWORK!: what was the sanitation like in 1850?
who is Carrie Mae Weems?
does this piece of graffiti make any sense to you?
Iran Synopsis?
which is taller Taj Mahal or Qutab Minar?
Why does the full moon makes us act crazy?
Help me Illustrate the impact of world war 1 on america?
What did "certificats de civisme" mean in the period of the French revolution?
Why was Charles II's restoration of the monarchy significant?
where did the events of thr holocaust span?
Who was the worst British monarch and why?
Divided Germany after WW2?
what herbs/seasonings did the romans use?
If you lived during the American Civil War, which side would you have supported and why?
I need help finding topics for history fair. The theme is turning points in history please respond!!?
Why did or did not the founding fathers chose to make voting right ?
When did the counter reformation begin?
Who were the key players in the Greek revolution of 1821 & what was England's role?
Daily American life Post World War 2?
What was the purpose of FDR's WPA and what was its effectiveness?
Presrident Lincolns first vice president was born in Paris, Maine Who was he?
You guys know what happened on March 8 of any year?
whats the oder of thest historical events?
Hello do anyone know some Myth's & Reality of the Declaration of Independence?
when did the viking invade present day norther ireland?
Has anybody found an explanation for the sleeping sickness outbreak of 1917-1928?
Is King David (biblical) a good biblical ruler or a machiavellian prince?
in the 1960 I went on summer holidays for underprivilaged children in east london, where can i find info?
What was hitlers favourite food?
What is the biggest lie in Human History that lead mankind to follow and will not question the credibility?
AP World History project, trade routes, please help!?!?!?
What is the best way to decorate an 8th grade social studies project on Isabella d'Este?
Mystery of Roanoke, what do you think happened to the colonists?
does ireland has an official language besides english and if not?
1776 by David McCullough book questions??
Any info on Songhai?
who are some historical figures from cosa rica?
what did john cabot find in america?
How many soldiers were killed on D-Day in WW 2?
Should history be changed (if wrong) or would it be best to leave it alone?
What do you know about the bigest pyramid on the world in Bosnia?
More US History help?
In the Middle Ages, what was the Education and Entertainment like?
I need History help. PLEASE.?
How did opera change from the 1600's to 1800's?
What president would you like to sit down and have a conversation with?
What Time did the the Arab Spring start?
3 history questions help?
were the romans good for britian?
what is pax britanica?
What is the 'Victims of T4' genocide?
How does treaty and the Indian act affect First Nations health?
how did automobile change american life in the early years of the century?
abraham lincoln beileived the freed slaves should go?
How/why did the Atlantic slave trade start?
why isn't the parliment mentioned in the declaration of independence?
What are the boats for/ doing outside of " St Mary’s Church of Battersea " ?
why did greeks believe there was more than one 'age' of man?
TRUE OR FALSE: Santa Clause is real?
Questions about after world war 1 (1919-1928)?
Which is the best documentary on the history of the Holy Roman Empire & its monarchical history?
What was president jefferson's philosophy that government should not interfere with industry?
How Have Historians (Pre-20th Century) utilized government documents in their attempts to trace the contours..?
How do I make a history?
why were ppl mad about racism and discrimination with the rodney king riots? how was he racist URGENT?
Do you think that teaching American History is harmful to children?
What was the historical significance of the nullification controversy (Nullification Crisis of 1832)?
What was Teilhard de Chardin and Lucile Swan's relationship?
greco roman building with corinthian columns?
What was Alexander the Great's philosophy for conquering cultures.?
How come there is a country called "Turkey", but there isn' t one called "Chicken?"?
I need HELP??
1.who was the wife of Hitler(king of Germany)?
What did America's founding fathers do?
what was a life of a serf living on a manor in early medieval Europe like?
what makes guys more attractive?
What are the periods in which the United States was most divided?
Who was Oliver Cromwell?
Who was the dumbest president ever?
If there was a third world war who would start it and who would finish it ?
What is the origin of the last name Roxas and its meaning?
Treaty of Tordesillas info?
what were people in the SOuth who wnated to winthdraw from the Union called?
why the medicci family helped important artists?
Are all people from Ireland christain?
how did houdini die?
what were the values of yeoman farmers?
How did the rise of towns and trade contribute to the French Revolution?
i heard during world war 2 that the pope shook hands with hitler or mussilinie in a meeting?
What is the mainly reason Hitler didn't like Jewish and killed thousands of them?
why did hitler kill himself?
Which of the following was not a characteristic of the Carolingian monarchy under Charlemagne?
i am looking for a person name gordon osborne who was in the military in guyana?
What is auld lang syne?
consequences of cold war?
When did World War Two begin?
Looking for picture of ww2 Blue Card childrens farm working pass to allow out of school?
In the late 19th century, how was govt both laissez-faire but also willing to promote corporate America.?
Edmund Burke's and Thomas Paine's main points on the French Revolution?
What are some US interests in Cuba?
who founded virginia and why?
What was the structure of the government of the Han Dynasty in comparison to the Roman Empire?
The American Revolution?
why should people remember President Abraham Lincoln and his impact on america?
What does 23 skidoo mean?
Why was slavery a good thing?
what is your all- time favorite piece of art?
Before 19th century the united states had never seen it. What is it?
What is your favorite time period in history?
Why should we in the UK apologise for the slave trade?
What empire came after the Romans?
Is Islam, Christian and Jews are from same GOD?
how can i get hitler to leave me alone while i am trying to take a shower?
What date was Easter 1933?
Was it an anglo saxon invasion of england or did the anglo saxons peacefully migrate to Britain?
What is the theory of Ma'at during ancient civilization?
Questions about the Awakening?
How can I find why Lake Shore Drive in Chicago was built?
can some please explain to me in english what the Cretaceous period was?
what changes occurred between the mid-1700s and 1820?
Who would win in a fight, Stalin or Hitler?
who is alexander the great?
Why did the USA think it necessary to drop the second atomic bomb on Japan?
Should Russian soldiers who raped female German Nazi supporters be condemned for their actions?
Where was the statue of Joe Patterno located?
i need some history on The Royal Stag Pub,Datchet,Berkshire.Can anyone help?
what are some impacts on australian life during the 1960s?
When did the act of guising with the words 'trick or treat' actually arrive in the UK?
The sale and trade of slaves within the United States is called the?
is it true that wolves raise orphan children?
Why was Hitler so attractive to women back in the 30s?
how did miners help to open the west?
Paradoxes of Napoléon?
What sort of domestic animals were common in Nubia?
Does anyone know a scripture that refers to crows?
How did the following events contribute to the end of medieval Europe?
are there any similarities between the halifax explosion and the battle of vimy ridge?
what was the area and the period of Nile civilization?
what should i do for an art project I have to make a flag (u.s.a flag)?
Is there a river in Tenn. name Holston and would it have an area called Horseshoe Bend?
Look at this!!?
Why there are seven days in a week?
why did Hitler completely control Germany by 1934?
why the americans refused to intervene in the french revolution?
What was the number one reason for the Civil War being fought?
whats the history of CHEESE? asap plz (10 points best answer)?
T of F -If you were an "aristocrat of labor", you were probably a member of the American Federation of Labor?
please please answer?
What was your first thought, when those Planes it the buildings in N.Y.C ?
Need specific year of 1957 Annual for Camden, AR high school?
Whose system of government was the best;Athens or sparta?Why?...?
The term "Renaissance" refers to a?
why did the ottomans want to siege Constantinople?
what impact did Henry Ford have on the automobile industry?
Who is in charge of writing History?
How did the policies and actions of countries outside the region influence the Wars of Emancipation in?
Does Abraham Lincoln have any record of any physical illness?
What feminist was appointed Secretary when she joined DC Comics’ Justice Society of America?
Do you think Theodore Roosevelt was happy with his presidency?
Roman siege tactics in the siege of Jerusalem (70AD)?
WAS ritual and sacrifice part of greek religion?
¿who is/was the worst person in the history of the world?
Is it true that Hitler was a cuddlebug?
Interesting History Day topics concerning medicine please?
What was the US foreign policy in the late 1800s?
MLK or Malcolm X?
Will I learn about medieval type things in highschool?
What were the advantages and disadvantages of monarchial rule for England uptil 1600?
Is there any way to find the exact speech Jimmy Doolittle gave to the men on the USS Hornet?
Schoolmaster in the 1750's?
Why does the South get all the blame for slavery?
What did medieval people thought caused the black death?
correctly identify what elected office do latinas successfully win in texas?
Why did the South free its slaves?
What was the currency of zanzibar called?
Who made Martin Luther an outlaw in the Holy Roman Empire?
how is god created.?
where did queens live in medeival times?
why did EngLand initially fail at colonizating America?
ugh... more U.S history help please?
did adam from the scriptures have a belly button?
How was hitler able to kill 11 million jews?
What were the Ports of call for the Great White Fleet?
How can you compare lives of Generals John Pope and Dwight Eisenhower?
Did Sacagawea have a hero or role model?
Professional gamblers tricks?
besides barrymore,douglassheen,roberts,is there any more family actors in hollywood?
what you mean by gladiator?
What were Japanese samurais feelings toward the Europeans in 1500-1600?
do you know sth about papiamentu?
Where is the actor Vincent Price buried?
What do you think about Ottoman Empire?
Rommel and prisoners? HELP?
Global History and Geography June 2012 Regents? What do you guys think. Do you remember any answers?
Did the government aid more than the people in moving the Reformation along in Germany or Britain?
How did people cut grass before lawn mowers were invented?
what would have happen if pearl harbor never happened??
Who was the ruler of Taliban from 1996 to 2001?
Can you list these World History events in order?
What would the world be like if the Nazi's won the war?
Is this a true fact about titanic?
Do the 50 Pyramids in Egypt have any thing to do with the 50 states ?
If you could bring one famous person back from the dead, who would you choose?
Do you know anything about a 1943 Steel Penny?
Why was Jean Moulin so important during WW2?
is anyone else here obbsessed with european history????????????????
Who likes the real Titanic ship?
How was The American Dream important to Ameirca in the 1920's?
what were some immediate and some long term out comes of columbus's voyage?
I am looking for a list of people, who changed profession and become famous after 55- like painter, discoverer
Who was/is the greatest conquerer of all times in your opinion?Why?
why is africa still deprived even when it claims to be the pace setter in development?
What best characterizes the polis?
Storming the Bastille ?
What were the failures of the USA using defoliants in South Vietnam?
Why do people claim that Ancient Egyptians were one race or another?
In the Medieval times, who made crowns?
What were the romanisation policy of james the second?
Where did the Mayans go?, and why?
What did Napoleon do that was good for the peasants around the time of the French Revolution?
How did the spanish and aztecs influence todays mexico?
why is the modern generation better than the one before?
Drizzt-like WoW class?
why was archimedes considered the greatest mathematician?
when did savinaya avagya andolan started?
when was the first building in americal built and where?
Did King Louis XIV use terror to reign?
Question about Babylonians, Egyptians, and the Hebrews.?
What were all of the reform movements during the 19th century?
How many windows are there in Buckingham Palace (John Nash)?
Who father of narad muni?
Can you list good wars in american history? Bad ones?
Who chased away the desert fox?
what will you do if a person enter in your house kill your wife, son, raped your daughter , seize your wealth?
I have a klepto problem and I can't figure out where it came from?
A Question for high school History teachers?
how to learn proficinal engelish?
dhurinder singh was a artist about 100 yrs. back.?
How do the British feel about losing to France in the American's revolution?
what was the population of the U.S. in 1950?
was the original charlie mccarthy 30"?
Charles martel, pepin the 2nd &3Rd and charlemagne?
who said "in order to obtain a thing one must be able to control a thing"?
Which colony was located in the middle region U.S.?
Silver Dime Coin 1964? How much is it woth?
where is the best place here on earth to hide?
Did Cleopatra meet Pompey's bride, Julia?
The history of common law marriage in Texas?
how did america win the revolution?
Hello, i have another question. How many people here know that Jesus was Black. :-)?
what are histiographs?
many generals and kings were killed by their own solders;why?by who was killed Ceausescu?moral responsibility?
Do you Think Hitler was the most evil man in history or the best motivator of people?
What does it take to be a Historian?
Oh say, can you see by the dawns early light?
GOD is pure love right? so where does fear,hate,distrust,jealousy, come from?
Who's the most beloved person in the American hisatry ?
In the time of Ann Boylen was the Reformation taken place?
if we all are supposed to have come from APES, WHY havent all Apes evolved into Humans.?????
if Gypsys,Russians,Gays, Physicaly Handicaped, Mentaly Ill were killed in the holocaust why is a jew thing?
reasons for cold war?
Why were there 3 claimants to the throne in 1066?
When did Television become universal?
Post World War 2 effects?
Who were the aryas in ancient india?
Can you help me with my hw World History?
What is the modern name for Constantinople .......?
who shot JFK?
in what era, were the seeds of rennaisance planted?
What happened during Motown?
Was the ‘annexation’ of the territory owned by Mexico and gained through war a just act by the United States?
how does the shakuhachi end-blown flute fit into the history of worldwide flutes?
Why did ancient assonauts have to wear assonaut suits?
What were the places the Israelis were trapped in during the Holocaust?
why cheritians donot faith on ALLAH?
Compare the end of the war in Europe and the Pacific?
Why experiment on blacks in Tuskegee? Were white used?
how did john jay the federalist have inginuity, valor, great military skill, etc?
i'm looking for info about my father's military history. all i have is his name and branch. where do i look?
How did religion intefere with royal succession during the golden age?
How was Andrew Jackson different from previous presidents?
who is dean moriarty?
who shoted to mahatma ghandi?
What is your favourite decade from the 20th century?
What did Japan hope to achieve from Pearl Harbor?
Why did people in the past think that the world was flat?
what is the name of the famous stew made in Liverpool , England and how do you make it?
Huey Newton Questions.?
Who are the 1st, 10th and 30th american presidents?
What percent of cotton came out of the south in the brink of the civil war?
The Age of Discovery titles?
What event in the past do you think was the most shameful in U.S. history?
Who was the most important Babylonian god?
What were some of the charges against King Leopold and his functionaries in the Congo?
What would a wedding invitation look like in Romeo and Juliets day?
What was the name of the battle that ended the Tokugawa shogunate? 10 points for best and right answer!?
who was the first prime mister of india?
is there true meritocracy in Han and Tang dynasty?
How old was Joan of Arc when she led the french?
Who is the most inspirational person in history?
type of jobs in the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
What is one of the greatest invention ever invented?
Vintage pocket watch value (splendor swiss made 17 jewels)?
Why are Blue Jeans traditionally sewn with Orange thread?
Ap us history question?
At what temp. are *F the same as *C.?
what really was "The Magna Carta"? and why the Normans used Latin?
Does anybody know anything about Samuel Taylor Coleridge?
What is/was the relationship with Texas and the last Ice Age?
Do you know when the Mongols ruled China?
Why did Nazi Germany chose Jews as one of the groups to Massacre?
Where does the Dollar sign ($) originate?
World War II!?!?!?
What diseases did the Europeans bring back to Europe from America, in the 18th century?
Everyday Life in Europe during 1450's to 1750's?
How did Vincent Van Gogh Die?
i have some original documents from WWI that have been in a mailing tube since 1918,anyway to get the curl out
Who are some interesting slaves known for their escapes?
When did the world agree on one calendar and that we have Sun-Sat?
Do you think Germany was the cause of world war one?
What event in history would you have liked to have witnessed?
i need examples of Japanese politians denying WWII history or sumthin lyk dat?
"Don't fire until you see their _____!"?
True or false: A serf was a slave.?
What are the parts of a medieval army?
what is Jeus? why is he different other ?
why did hitler hate Jews, gay people and all those other people?
Why do Italians hate to admit that the first sicilians were black italians who had to create the mob way to su?
History of Water Globes?
What did the Egyptian pharaoh do all day?
please CHECK my answer on these questions!? I am beginning to doubt myself!?
were did the expression "great scott" come from?
How was Gandhi responsible for the creation of Pakistan?
What is the significance of Mount Rushmore? Whose impressions can be seen?
Was the Eastern Front larger than the Western front in ww1 geographically speaking?
what was the reaction to the french revolution?
races of the world; how do you view Malcolm X today?
Cesar Chavez. Characteristics of a leader?
Why did the Jews start WWII?
if you could create an empire what would it be like?
what are the plays of the roman theater?
How did the British East India company support Britain?
What all countries did Germany take over in World War 2?
what should I know about king Solomon?
Why did the early settlers choose Melbourne?
What happened to the "old gentry" of Jefferson and these landowners?
What were the 5 major wars that britons and native americans fought in between 1689 and 1763?
Which country do you think did the most during ww2?
What was the custom of burrying mughal emporers bodies?
Any were in history was there any proof of a therian?
What were some positive and negative results of The Cold War?
How did you get here?
how do people try to solve mysteries at sea (disappearances, unexplained events, etc.)?
If you could be anyone in history who would you be and what would you do?
Time in history where no one believed an individual?
How did duct tape save lives on Apollo 13?
Do you remember where you were on 9/11? What was going through your head?
What were the consequences of building the Pennsylvania Canal?
Felix... Could anyone explain why this guy didn't get burn on re-entry?
Name the leisure activities of southern culture in the nineteenth century.?
What are some significant events of the Seventies?
which is the etymological origin of Alexandria?
What was a newspaper that announced the Indian Removal Act 1830?
Briefly describe how the concentration of oxygen in earth's atmosphere affected the history of life?
Which is the first book printed in the world?
What was Walt Disney's favorite color?
what are some positive decisions that queen hatshepsut made?
Was the mechanical Clock invented during the Renaissance?
wat was hitlers real cause of death?
why are there really three Chinas?
what does it mean elot?
Why was Thomas Jefferson given the primary jobs of writting the Declaration of Indepence?
If u could live in any time period?
What are some reasons why history class isnt important?
I have few questions about Pierre Trudeau?
Native Americans ! help please?
Were can I get ....................................?
who killed abrahm lincoln?
what doe this sentence mean to you?
what was the crisis revolution of 1973?
What is a similar event to Chesley Sullenburger?
Do you think Columbus is guilt of ...?
after australia was established, did the crime rate in britain and australia go down?
drawing conclusions from the things that herodotus reports and wonders about what kind of person do you think?
Who is best personnalities in the world?
what did plessy v ferguson legalized for the next 70 years?
During Holocaust, was the soldiers who killed all the jews German or American?
I need to know what flower(s) the Lakota Indians regarded as special.?
Has there ever been a multiracial society in history where all races were presumed to be equal besides the USA?
What was Queen Victoria's impact on society and why is it important ?
who killed julius caesar?
When did sir John a macdonald Become Prime Minister?
how did the stonehenge represnt the middle ages?
Italian leaders similar to the Borgia's?
Was the Vietnam War a conflict involving the free world resisting communism?
what are your opinions about 9:ll?
why did liam and danielle brake up?
world history question... someone help me.?
please answer me... u might have been in the same situation. I NEED HELP!?
what events happened in the year 1629?
What is a summary of the vikings?
How does Huey Long and Wilie Stark (from the Book "All The Kings Men") relate to Contemporary Poplitics?
If Stalin and Hitler were to have a fist fight, who would win?
Who is Scott Albrect?
Ideas for an Ancient Civilization potluck?
Who was the most famous German General in WW2?
ams looking for website of map of revelutionary war in virginia ty?
Does anyone know who was allowed to vote in the colony of Maryland?
what did the north do with the slavery?
Who shot Kennedy?
who won world war 2 ?
What caused the second world war?
Why do Americans claim Columbus discovered "America"?
What U.S. president, when handed a Romanian flag with a hole where the communist emblem had been, burled:?
Greatest Orator Ever?
military balloons were first used by which country in 1794?
What year was the style "Z5" willson goggles produced?
how does economic betterment describe motivation behind the founding of english colonies?
Will there eventually be white African Americans?
Why is learning History important?
have you got any reactions about the temples of kamasutra?
Who was the first Person to discover gold?
Why was Douglas Haig the butcher of the Somme?
What ideas drove the romanticism movement?
hat were some of the challenges of the transcontinental railroad and how were they overcome?
When did America celebrate its bicentennial?
is mexico considered central america?or north?
What was the historical significance of the elastic clause (Art. 1, Sect. 8, Cl. 18 of the U.S. Constitution)?
need help about ancient markings?
how did the league of nations encourage cooperation and trade?
I'm confused, was Napoleon anti-Semitic or not?
Is history really written by the victors?
how did robert frost change american literacy in the 1920's?
What does Inca mean in its native language?
What did Robespierre discover/contribute to the French Revolution?
Why has it become popular to call the UK the UK?
what does ilyada and odyssa tells?
Ming Dynasty?
Why are Americans not familiar with the Rape of Nanking?
What is Napantecuhtli?
the crusades?
what is the longest a person has lived for till now?
Can someone explain the tensions that existed in Europe.?
whean was martin luther king jr born?
Which battle in WWII was the most critical in defeating Hitler?
the first contribution of the U.S to the war was:?
History schoolbooks in France say that "the americanization process destroy local cultures" - do you agree?
what effects did the student movement in the 1960's have on political,intellectual and social institutions?
why did hitler hate jews so much?
What was the key Asian economic advantage in pre industrial era?
how marsden hartley died?
help with history please!!!!?
What did alexander build in alexandria?
History question! please help!?
Was there special clothing or jewlery the Vikings would wear out fighting or hunting?
Please Help, what are some main events during the reign of King Louis XVI?
french revolution effects on us early?
what did british merchants do after the revolutionary war to drive some american artisans out of buisness?
why is Philippines sometimes called "The Philippines"? anyone knows the history of it?
How can God exist if he doesn't have a mother?
What is the name of FIFA's first president?
is there a chat sight about vintage jewelry?
Who is the painter who painted the paintings on the wall of Great Pyramid and Valley of the Kings?
France's national interests during world war 1?
what sort of jobs were around in the 60's?
Where did the term "Ruby Tuesday" come from?
Which of these iconic buildings do you prefer - Empire State or The Chrysler Building ?
this is KARMA!!!!!!!!?
Any history buffs that know about crime in Detroit?
Will there be a third world war?
What risk was taken by those who signed the Declaration of Independence?
Why is the Vatican not remembered as the most evil organization in history?
What historical figures wore suspendeders in the colonial era? please help i need answers as soon as possible.?
Will Europe go to war with Iran?
Question about the Potato Famine.?
who was the greatest person in history...not a simple question?
What are some music and songs from the French Revolution?
Who would win: The Greek SPARTANS or Alexander the Greats army?
What are some facts about online predators?
How did Artillery impact or have an impact on WW1?
Federalist era help please?
what were some of the causes and effects of the economic boom of the 1990s?
Where was the titanic from?
Who has been the worst serial killer in history?
Who is the god or goddess of school?
How werer Australian prisoners treated in Japan?
in the 1848 election why were whigs and democrats forced to take a stand on slavery?
Dead Or Alive....?
History Essay Help: To what extent was Garibaldi’s intervention in Sicily and Naples the decisive factor?
American History Help! - Capitalism?
Are Blacks the only people in the history of the world who have been slaves ?
Were women skinny in the Dark Ages?
What idea allowed the Persians to develop their society?
does anyone know a website where i can get a good biography on leonardo Da Vinci!!?
Did the Spanish interbreed with the Inca ?
When did men and women start shaving?
What is a yomica?
Can any one help me on U.S. History?!?
why was the battle of waterloo significant?
I need to find out about a real life scenario where religion has caused conflict?
History help! multiple choice?
I need the funniest joke you got!?
Why did the free exchange of ideas led to the democrazation of the USSR?
"“I am a royalist by trade” Joseph ll mean?
Is "ALEXANDER THE GREAT" as great as he's been made to be?
What kind of special intrest groups would have had been for Winston Churchill's cartoon of him as an octopus?
By 1020 the byzantine empire included what?
How did Dr. Seuss feel about Nazism, Hitler, and/or WWII?
Why this month has taken the name May? What is the origin of the name?
Do Holocaust deniers actually believe it never happened?
why did the pioneers finally decide to settle in the great plains”?
What were two health concerns faced by the working poor during the late 1800s in the U.S?
History of Del Mar California Powerhouse?
who do u think arethe best...Korena Chinese or Japanese?
Explain why Meiji Japan modernised so quickly and how they were able to achieve what they did.?
what is an ipod?
What is Jacobs Ladder?
what was the impacts of the cultural revolution on education?
Did humans used to be monkeys?
why columbus discover america?
Who were the greatest U.S. Presidents?
in what way did rinaissance through contribute to the age of exploration?
Why did the US gave back Japan to the Japanese?
What changes were made in industry that affect economic development in the big business from 1865-1900?
Can anyone help me with this History objective?
what is 100 hundred years called?
What environmental challenges did the people of the Indus have to overcome?
What are the first signs of the decline of an Empire?
where can i learn to speak in olde english?
After what the kangarou was named?
What was the main reason that the United States stayed neutral at the start of WWI ?
Who was the first president to be inaugerated on january 20th? ?
how many titanic survivors were alive when the wreck was found?
Where did Cleopatra exactly rule in Egypt?
where was world's first public library opened?
Monroe Doctrine help please?
Did you know the Mayans predicted the world would end December 23, 2012?
What are some great. things you lear from the army and.what are some bad?
What was the purpose of the seven years war?
When Edward the Vlll wanted to marry Mrs Simpson n 1932 the government and the press mention that it could be
why did people who wanted independence have slaves?
Roanoke Colony was part of a royal charter given by the crown to?
About how many miles did Harriet Tubman walk from where she lived to Canada?
If they wrote the bible 80 Years after jesus died, How did they remember what to write? Is the bible even true
how did the war of 1812 defend the country?
analiysing sources in history, help plz?
Or what is the of the name or history of the name Bael?
Why does "All Quiet on the Western Front" have that name?
what impact did the mongols have on the islamic empire?
When did the Town Of Parma in hilton NY go on the flood plan?
HISTORY : Multiple Choice : Enlightenment Ideas 3Question Quiz. 10 points?
What did people eat for breakfast in 1948?
History Help? PLEASE?
What would Britain be like if Henry VIII converted to Islam instead of Anglicanism?
where did friday the 13th started?
Emmet Till Case (Injustice in the court)?
what is your faviorite subject?
What came first - London or New York?
The Federalists...?
Who were James Squire and James Farnell of Australia?
Is it possible to find a used, intact falchion?
In which Eastern European country did different ethnic groups agree on a peaceful division of the country?
where can i find a 3d map of ancient rome?
If we had Y/A when Adoph Hitler was around, what question would he ask?
united states history ?
In a nation's history, is stability a desirable factor?
how many jews did hitler really kill becasue i think hey exaggareted the numbers?