What does it mean when someone has "Napoleonic" qualities?
Britain and the Cold War during the 60s? ( early 60s mainly)?
Which type of geographic feature served as a barrier to protect ancient China?
When was the 4th Amendment proposed & ratified ?
The congressional legislation that extended an array of benefits, including unemployment pay, educational scho?
Why did people wear powdered wigs during the 18th century? What purpose did the powder serve?
Was the Munich Putsch a success?
Why did the south want Missouri to be a slave state?
What does the Gelasius reading tell us about the relationship between Church and State in ancient Rome?
Woodrow Wilson's New Freedom did what?
If you could physically see and hold one genuine piece of history, what would it be?
Wich meeting was held in philalephia in 1787?
what countries colonized yemen at past ?
Please define democracy and discuss how America's political landscape became more democratic during the....
Why did Hitler come to power?
What do you people think about the history of Asia?
mary principle,hear,believe,receive,conceive?
If you could go back in time to witness any moment in history, what moment would it be?
History / Christianity question on roles of mothers and children during biblical times?
Violence and the French Revolution (10 Points!!!)?
If the Britsh colonized the US, how did we lose the english accent?
who were the greatest fighters in all of history?
what other people other than jews were taken into the consantration camps.?
Why did many German citizens follow Hitler's plans to carry out a mass killing?
did the alliance system made war more likely (ww1)?
what was the greatest empire to ever rool?
We have a black history month right> Well were is the white history month. arent we important too.?
What were the Nuremburg Trials?
What was the key issues in the election of 1867 and who won?
What was the impact of the Congress of vienna on Prussia?
is there a web site with a list of german k98 markings?
Social issues of the late 1940's?
i have an old document from the 1600's 12 pgs, it looks maybe like old english? who checks these things out?
Which was more Important in shaping the Treaty of Versailles?
Why didn't black people conquerer the white people first?
What were 4 differences between The Confederate Articles and The Constitution?
Do you think Emily Davison was trying to kill herself or just disturb the race or something else?
What was Simón Bolivar's dream?
history question help?
wen is ur b-day?
When did France team up with the colonies during the Revolutionary War?
I don't know how to lay out my history essay!?
can people BUY STATES in the united states of america?
do u like going to school?
Best warrior ever'?
conspiracy theories - iam a fan?
Why arent Chinese given enough credit for ww2?
White Australia policy, LOL?
why are there so many hater out there?
How can I compare these lyrics to the cold war?
What is the relationship between a formal organization and a bureaucracy?
who is going to watch the new "wild n out " 2night?
Were some nazi's freemasons?
Like or dislike History ?
How many people did both hitler & stalin killed in WW2?
what type of person was king tut?
Here's a map of the USA now and USA before?
help with a history question?
Was Machiavelli really 'machiavellian' or have his ideas been warped through the lens of history?
What is the definition of today's "Renaissance Man?" (See Details)?
treaty of Versailles?
How did the invention of guide dogs for the blind positively impact the lives of early 1900's Canadians?
what does the theatre of marcellus tell us about Rome?
who was the waitangi agreement between?
Help with Post Civil War Reconstruction!?
a link 2 a reliable site(not wikipedia)where there is a general overview of america in the 1840s?
what is legacy?
What were the causes of the Yugoslavian Civil War of the 1990’s?
what is usher real name?
Propaganda? World War 2?
What made women such prominent leaders in the religious and reform movements?
what was the importance of the nicene creed?
Am I a racist patriotic...because I am proud of my English language?
why jose rizal was choosen as national hero?
history of H.G. Spafford?
What were the two main factions of the national convention and what did they favor?
what is Hitler's last name?
can someone tell me a usful invention invented by a woman?
How difficult would it have been for a Yank G.I. to adopt a European orphan (say, from Dresden) after WWII?
what is the idea behind building huge pyramids in Ejipt?
who was to blame for the death of Romeo and Juliet?
Describe the events leading up to world war I. Also describe how the U.S .got involved?
Do you believe in God?
Five perils faced by Christopher Columbus and how he overcame them?
what adaptations may have enabled plants to withstand disasters better than animals?
We are familiar with the naval battle flag of the Knights Templar. We call it?
What series of events happened that made Martin Luther's protestant reformsso successful?
can you answer this question before I have finished typing it?
What happen to Mary Bryant who escaped from Oz after she was freed when she returned to England?
How did colonization work hand in hand with colonization?
when was the first murder committed?
What changes in agriculture led to an increase in population in the Middle Ages?
what are some underrated, umentioned ,african americans that peple just seem to forget in february.?
Title of an old b&w movie, about a school teacher in the late 1800's?
History of the Jewish people?
Could you explain the differance between "zionist" and "jew"?
who built the Tajmahal?
Is the Supreme Court uk bound by its past decisions? (Stare decisis)?
Why was Japan involved in WWII?
where were the most slaves imported to?
got any facts on the north west?
Can anyone name me a few major events that happened between 1840 and 1917?
What happened 03/15/1245? This question is making me batty.?
Can you name every War the U.S. has been involved in?
What would they have eaten in Camelot? King Arthur time period?
What should Hitler have done to win WWII?
how did love and nature inspire the romantic?
Types of music in the 1920's?
website to get inormation of the family history of henry arron hill?
Help please with narrowing medieval topic?
who is the original artist of the song stir it up?
Wars of the roses help?
Why was the Declaration of Independence significant?
Did R.B. Bennett sincerely try to end the Great Depression?
where can i go to find info on the late 1800's?
Who did Italy trade with in the Renaissance and what?
How does the destruction of the Jewish temple in 70CE affect Israel Today?
What were jim bridgers weaknesses?
christopher Columbus?
Did Adolf Hitler ever suspect that he was starring in a real war movie called "World War 2"?
In what way did propaganda justify WWI?
What would history be like without Andrew Johnson ?
What was confederate money made of?
History of University of Texas?
Was Martin Luther King Jr grossly over credited for the civil rights movement?
what causes Loyalty to become important in Arthurian romance?
Explain why Meiji Japan modernized so quickly and how they were able to achieve what they did.?
What would happen if the British had defeated the American during the American Revolution 1776?
after u answered, do u read what ppl answered after u?
Did the U.S. Supreme Court declare the following Acts unconstitutional?
Who said "You must be the change you wish to see in the world"?
does a pregnant Noel Edmonds eat his young?
how should america remember the civil war?
How did the U.S government treat the Japanese Americans during WWII?
American history homework question?
What are the similarities & differences : King Philip’s War, Bacon’s Rebelllion, Tuscarora War, Yamasee War.?
What was done with the people who died from the black death?
How can anyone suggest Americans can compare themselves to Spartans?
Were the Americans justified in using the atomic bomb against Japan sice Japan bombed Pearl Harbour?
did the mayans believe it was possible to control the future?
How many positive accomplishments can be listed for the Axis Powers of WW2?
when did 17 century start?
why are there so many hater out there?
What did 19th-century sailors call the heavy biscuits that sustained them on long journeys?
who was the first person on earth?
which king worked as a shipwright?
What are some the common stereotypes in film that represent the Irish experience?
Give 4 or 5 examples of how we as individuals can "Think globally, act locally".?
Overview on how the French Revolution Started!?
How did the primitive man shave his beard,moustache,hair etc?
Explain the "Natural Rights of Man" and the obligation of the government to protect those rights?
can i get something on Philip Sydney's document "In Defence Of Poetry". I am studying it in Literary Criticism
Historical Crushes?
how would a 16th century person react if they were sent into the 21st century?
Russia/China communism/socialism?
when did jesus reserect?
What the reconstruction a failure or an unfinished revolution?
Who were king louie the XVI enemies?
Can you give me a brief biography of Mary Bethune?
How did the Americans view the Pearl Harbour attacks?
When was the fall of the western roman empire?
Any good headlines for the "First Atomic Bomb Dropped"?
Did Israel have a assassin order in ancient times?
what was the first game?
Where is Kurdistan??
Where was Boonesburg located and why did settlers need to protect it??
Salem witch trials???? questions?
Which country is older, Canada or USA?
Why do people think mexico is a poor country?
What was Thomas Edison's attitude towards his workers?
What do YOU know of Prussia?
analytic history paper about nazism?
What for is Moran-Hugrijan famous?
Is there any history record of a female Sherpa crossing the Tibetan Salt flats by the name of Ilee?
what was elvis's praisely's middle name?
I have a peice of WWII Memorabilia and I dont know what it is.?
help on history questions?
U.S. History questions help please?
i need help with world history?
Is The "Big Book" of Alcholics Anonymous the #2 Best Selling Book ever behind the Bible?
How did people live before presidents or governors?
How is capital punishment (or the lethal injection) important in the development of the 20th Century?
Evolution vs. Bible?
What is the illuminati?
What where the similarities between thucydides and machaivelli and hobbes?
How did hitler do it?
What is reason in english pubs that the muggs have glass bottoms?
who were the key officials of the first crusade?
What impact did the Berlin Airlift have on the U.S?
Music history help please?
Who makes history? ("great people", crowds, nations, folk?)?
Where is the Kyber Pass?
Can someone please explain the crusades to me?
If Franklin Roosevelt had not died in 1945.?
was there a stimulus bill during the great depression? if so, did it work?
I need help on History?
Did U.K. Ever Declare War On U.S.?
what is ment by democracy?
What does wild horse mean?
what influence did the Rosetta stone have upon the Egyptian Hieroglyphs ?
what did you think about the tet offensive?
what is historiometry;please explain?
what is ecological imperialism?
Did Sumerians mint coinage?
What was the hellespont bridge?
wut do u know about pearl harbor (attack)?
Why is Mary Tudor nicknamed "Bloody Mary" all the time?
what is the slave traffic of africans to the americas?
How exactly did nur mohammad taraki die?
Why is Latin America dubbed "Latin" America?
what s the first thing tht comes to ur mind when i say persia?
Indian burial grounds?
If you were in charge..........?
In US paper currency collecting...what is a MULE note?
how did the concept of judicial review develop?
Very sad about the firefighters who lost their lives.?
In the 1930's, what was the quickest way to communicate overseas?
Who governed India until 1858?
intresting facts about the number 18?
I said German is a beautiful language to a Holocaust survivor.?
Is anyone more intrested in WW2 than 9/11?
What ways are Florida, southwest, and California still affected by its historical connections with Latin Ameri
Where were you 6 years ago today when you 1st heard about the tragic events?
Does any one know how many Canadian Soldiers where killed in WW2 ????
s! What is the Intelligentsia?
romeo and juliet: the movie(1968) or the play???
In you opinion, who was the most famous and/or greatest CON ARTIST?
Where did the Indians that were in America at the time of Columbus originate from?
What was it like to be a catholic during 16th century?
Behind the scenes, Harriet Tubman and other free blacks helped fugitive slaves escape from the South?
What was included in the great compromise?
Who isAyman al-Zawahari?
AP European History: Multiple Choice Answer.. Help?
How did grievances differ from Lower Canada to Upper Canada?
TRUE OR FALSE: Santa Clause is real?
Do you think the tombs of egypt should once again be explored?
did the holocaust really happen?
is there any celt castles in ireland please answer me back bye?
What makes you proud to be British?
how many times has easter fallen on april 25 and on what year?
What is Yaksha Prashan?
what information has been recovered from destruction?
In ancient times, what did people use for toilet paper?
what did english settlers know about medicine?
How did Idaho Indians make a sun and wind shelter?
What is your favorite event in history? Anything between the Enlightenment and the Present.?
Did John Dillinger stay loyal to Billie?
Was papyris the first paper?
urim and thummim?
What were the main events that took place in The French Revolution?
Describe in a few sentences what was different about the Phoenician and Persian Empires versus...?
He was an important Protestant figures in Switzerland in the mid 1500s. Who is He?
Why did CA support a much larger number of Indians than did any other region of comparable size in N. America?
in the 1910s, did most people have radio, plumbing, cars and electricity?
Is it true that Halloween use to be on November 1st?
who knows about mother language day?
what is "the last 100 days" in history of canada?
Did the United States steal Hitler's paintings?
What did Joan Scott mean when she stated that"Gender refers to the historical and cultutral construction of ro?
In what year was the name America first used?
Who fought at the BAttle of Hastings?
Why did president James Madison not want a national bank? And what in the end made him agree to it?
who was the first American president?
What were the religious and intellectual effects of the commerical revolution?
What came first the chicken or the egg?
Do magical spells really works or not?
What was the most costly war in US history?
Why do you think Paul Revere drew the "The Bloody Boston Massacre"?
Who is the first prime minister of india?
what role did Rome's internal problems play in its conquest by foreign invaders?
What were some of Franklin's contributions to colonial society?
Is there a picture of a map in WW2 of who was attacking who?
Explain three main differences between the Anglo-Saxon period and the middle ages?
The purpose of the Code of Hammurabi (1792-1750 BC) was?
Why don't the police near Yale University raid the Skull & Bones club building?
was there such thing as hooded/ cloaked medieval interrogaters?
history of praise and worship?
What is the Pinochet regime?
Are you for or against what Abraham Lincoln stood for?
How did Robert Frost make history?
where can I find information on the opinions of present day African Americans on booker t. Washington? ?
Do you think there are still Nazi sympathizers in Germany today?
Tweets by Rodger Sherman?
Does anyone know any info on "The Lovers of Zion"?
How did conflicts that resulted from popular sovereighty lead to the Civil War?
true or false if it is false explain why?
What happened to Nelsons body after he died,was he just embalmed and sent home.?
Name the group of immigrants who faced greatest challenges in us during late 1800s?
How did Henry Knox transport 6 tons of cannons over the frozen Hudson river?
how have artist addressed the notion of commodity, value high or low in art?
Do you think that the Sturmabteilung or SA Brownshirts were rather "scruffy" looking?
Did Konrad Adenauer- former German chancellor- really invent daylight savings time?
Which of the following civilizations was fully part of the global trading network in the 16th century?
Where did the dinosaurs come from?
In what ways has slavery shaped the American society?
"archaeologists 19th century"?
I need a website stating 100 different significant changes during the post classical era?
Is anyone knows about gagandeep murder mystery?
About how many storeys is Khufu pyramid? 15, 35, or 80?
why did the peloponnesian war last so long?
what problems did Jacob Riis see in the tenement house?
Please explain the concept of mercantilism in one sentence?
What was Mercantilism and how did it affect the Anglo-American colonies?
How many civilizations has China been through?
Has anybody played the French version of risk?
What are some examples of extreme prejudice (genocide even) ?
What two health problems did Julius Caesar have?
What's the true story on "The Blood countess" portrayed in the movie stay alive?
Why did jews kill Jesus and is that why they were persecuted by Hilter and his boyz?
If we evolved from a primitive state howcome we dident evolve again ?
What is the name of this American president?
are there any links between the way India was colonized & decolonized and how it is today?
what was the best question ever asked in the history of mankind ?
Who was the first Pope of Rome?
Why did WTC 7 collapse if it wasn't hit by a plane?
Evaluate the organization's involvement and responsibility to the community.?
whats the capital of usa?
History of California's losing of land?
Compare Jefferson's Declaration of Independence to Patrick Henry's Speech at the Va. Convention.?
What would have occurred if the Brits had allowed taxation with representation?
Who really was the first person to discover the world is spherical?
American accent?
facts about laozi? or ancient chinese paper and regular paper?
history help please any one?
Is there a secret organization that rules the earth ?
What role did Gerald Ford play in the Vietnam war?
What kind of foreign policy emerged in the US in the late 1940s?
who “won” the war in Vietnam?
Why do Americans claim Columbus discovered "America"?
my picture?
Websites that has the Holocaust persecution of Jews?
Describe the Ottoman Empire and explain why it began to loose power throughout the 17th and 18th centuries.?
King George 3rd was NOT wholly to blame for the loss of the American Colony. Agreed?
What dynasty did Ptolemy XIII I need to know what dynasty he ruled and where you got your info from?
Why do the medieval times seem so cool?
easter shows jesus wasnt only human but also?
What were the strengths and weaknesses of the northwest ordinance of 1787?
Compare and contrast the causes and results of the French and American Revolutions.?
If the Castles Gates or Walls are breached does that immediately mean its hopeless for the defenders?
What are the effects of World War One on Singapore?
Black American Adults how did you feel about black history month as children?
how did "The Great Society" leave an positive impact on the american society?
What is the Bahai faith?
What is a blank verse??
Most influential person of the 20th century?
How do you pronounce "Aragon"?
Does anybody no some facts on the Santee Sioux tribe of Nebraska?
Did the Titanic sink because of an Egyptian curse?
Why was the Navajo language an unbreakable code during WWII?
Where can I find out how people in the 7th century lived?
How long was the longest fart in history?
Was it common for a 50 year old to marry a 10 year old in the 7th century?
Do you think Indian Modern History brings good to its countrymen? It only elicits Indians to hate the British.?
Where did the last name Stokx originate from?
Is Emperor Hirohito a god?
The primary reason jefferson wrote the declaration was to?
who created the 1st organized navy?
Would it surprise you to find wealthy Industrialists funding or financing Fascist Dictatorships?
How did social class affect inheritance in victorian times?
Nazism..Why did Hitler stress the importance of "legality" in the Nazi revolution?
Is it possible al qaeda had something to do with Titanic?
English civil war poll: which side would u of took in the English civil war?
what year did george washington,thomas jefferson and benjamin franklin sail from Europe ?
Why Couldn't WW2 Have Been Prevented?
How did the countries began to have its allies such as the Triple Entente and Alliance? (best answer)?
what effect did the salutary neglect have on the American colonies?
How did Mayan Culture influence Mexican Culture?
Why did JFK increase involvement in Vietnam?
how do you think the ancient Egyptians built their wonders?
Why did the Chinese give the French name of paper mache?
What did Kung Fu Zi believe was the key to peace?
Was slavery necessary in the United States?
Was World War I a shameless prequel to cash in on the success of the WWII franchise?
After you read the history of the Boston Tea Party, does it hold any relevance to our time in your opinion?
Is it wrong to have a wax model of Adolf Hitler in Madam Tussauds?
How did Queen Bloody Mary leave England a mess when she died?
the holocaust?
Who thinks William Wallace was a Hero?
Does the German infantry carry fullpack during WW2?
What where the major arguments used by imperialists and by anti-imperialists to support their views?
How where the suffragettes and bolsheviks different?
How did the MAYAN civilization die out or disappear?? is there ANY living relative??
how many times was matt dillion shot during the intire lenght of gunsmoke?
who was the most dominant absolute monarch in Europe between 1610-1660?
US Civil War Muzzle loader?
Hitler happened to be a good reason for Indian Independence, should n't we respect him Indirectly?
4. What did the colonies have abundance of and what did they lack?
how do u think people were created?
Did Milo Rambaldi ever exist?
Brown Vs Board Of Education May 17, 1954?
was the US in a state of total war during WWII?
World history help!!?
Why are Romans so mean?
Did girls compete in the ancient olympics?
conection betwin psycology and humanis?
What do yoy know about the seventeenth century Literary Period?
Who is a good american hero to right an essay on?
What does the term "Borodin's Donkey" express?
if the usa was invaded by anouther country what would u do?
when was the first jukebox invented?
what is an other name for water?
What base did the men practice at when they were getting ready for the Doolittle Raid?
The disadvantages of communism.?
Who did Jaheim's grandfather sing with?
concepts of history need help pls?
how did life change during the American civil War?
Was Adolf Hitler influential world-wide?
hitler. (:?
Did Irmgard Moller ever recant her claim that the Stammheim deaths were murder by the government?
when and why did the Normans go to southern Italy and Byzantine Empire to fight after 1066?
All of the following were objectives for the United States entering the war of 1812 except?
ineed any info on anton van leevwen hoek.?
how can i find a biography on the last sumuri movie i mean the summuri's gesture how he acts and behevior?
World War Two . . . ?
What is the most important reason that few African American men held factory jobs in 1890?
Was the cuckoo clock invented in Switzerland or Germany? If in Germany, why is it associated with Switzerland?
We were told that Adolf Hitler had no children. Was he impotent ?
Why do some people believe that the holocaust didn't happen?
When was Marquis de LaFayette born and when he died?
Did we ever have a black president?
who is the man who reached first in the north pole?
when was the Thargomindah Bulloo shire workshop built.?
When did Jean Jacque Rousseau start expressing his philosphies?
Which countries are most famous for having a lot of castles?
Good World War II Movies?
Why was Abraham Lincoln assassinated?
what web sites can I find out about old maps and charts?
Where Catholic Priest Ever Married And What Year?
Did the German people know what was happening in their country during world war II?
Do vampires actually exist???
Did John D. Rockefeller senior only begin giving to charities after his son urged him to?
Who is the most evil man of all time?
who are the first four islamic kalifs after the prophit mohammad?
why was mahathma ghandi shot by godse????
Why did germany lose at Stalingrad?
Why did the Framers pick Federalism?
What does the Shakespeare's The Tempest have to do with the ethnic studies ban in Arizona?
Since the birthdate of Jesus is off, does that mean we're supposed to be in the 2010s?
World war 2 question, PLEASE help!?
how did native american indians?
How far do you agree that religion had a positive impact on medicine in the Middle Ages?
when did cultures begin to use tickets in general, like a date?
What kind of warfare was used most during WWI pick one please help?
why wasn't USA get punished for it's war crimes?
the man who sold the world?
could blacks become police officers in the 1930s?
Which color was forbidden to use when painting in the Fauve style?
United States separate peace treaties after World War 1? PLEASE HELP!!?
what is a good title for a report on how israel came to be and the history of the jews thru all of it?
Do you believe that dragons existed million years ago ?
How does the book sam patch, the famous jumper demonstrate the social history of revolution and transformation?
what lasting impact did bill gates had, and also some personal achievments you could say me please?
What are some important events in Anne Bradstreet's life?
is it wrong to be really interested in the holocaust and massacres?
What did the granger laws try to do to the railroads?
I heard that the south won the civil war is this true? and why is it true?
Who was Involved in the Bronze Age?
what is the biggest still running empire?
What were the economic findings of Hernando Cortes?
There was a lot of sick animals during war?
Racism in U.S in 1950 how was it for the middle eastern?
evidence of corruption and 'sinister behaviour' in the German Army in WW1?
What was a technological inovation in the 1950's furthered by research during the World War II?
what is Fatimid?
Why are white people not called Euro-Americans or Anglo-Americans?
If you were able to time travel, what year would you visit??
What is Humanism....?
Did battleships use coal for power in the 1940 s?
What were the monsters that existed in Panama during the construction of the Panama Canal?
Why did Edward Seymour want to kill Thomas Cromwell?
Do any americans feel guilty about the history of their country?
What was England´s worst fear? Napoleon or Hitler?
did the jews murder jesus?
who is the first woman to clib mount everest?
how did money make the British more controlling over Africa?
How do people become good at History??
How did the Germans get rid of their monarchy?
please help me with these?
What is your opinion on Hitler?
Who was the world's greatest leader in your opinion?
Based on information found in the book Abraham Lincoln by George McGovern.?
how do u make paper look old and worn?
who is nikita?
U.S. History 10 questions help pleaseee?
who are some of your favorite people in history?
what is "enfilading fire" & illustrate please?
is it wrong to like nazi uniform?GxyvlAA81841191207002"> If Stalin and Hitler were to have a fist fight, who would win?
Jack the Ripper's Identity?
1)What was the British mindset towards colonialism when British wanted to find the third port(Singapore)?
in the jfk assination who is the audience?
Who do you think was/is the world's greatest ever leader?
why wasn't USA get punished for it's war crimes?
Is it weird how similar Billie Holliday and Edith Piaf were.?
are their any museums in london which have clothing from the 1700 to the 1900?
cousin's, mom's, brother's, fav. son?
whats caused more wars throughout history?
how old is human civilization?
Help pleeeease?!?!?!?!?
describe the structure of the Roman republic.?
In the USA, did blacks get the right to vote before women?
How did Robert Koldewy discover Babylon?
Who didn't Admire Martin Luther King JR.?
Why did the Spanish hate Joseph Bonaparte?
MC:What three tupes of US foreign policy characterized the turn of the century?
How did sea and trade routes lead to a expanded european presence throughout the world?
I need to find where my aunt lives..?
was rudolph valentino in any films that werent silent?
did ivan the terrible share power?
What are some of the most tradgic events in history?
Important events of the 1980's? (U.S.)?
what was it really about Hitler that made people so interested in him you think?
do you think that hitler was right?
Why do you think that Theodore roosevelt's approach to economic reforms called new nationalism?
Why did Polish civilians lynch Jews after WWII was over?
witch trial and persecution help please?
Islam world history homework?
What is the same about Medieval and Renaissance?
in what year did madonna start prostitution(pop star)?
What was the name of Britian's first stamp- which sold for one penny?
history of queens borough?
what is the enlightenment and how does it relate to End of the modern era?
where does the traditional Russian or "Slavic" dancing originate or borrow from?
What year was Greenland discovered?
What is the meaning of the name yara?
could you check my English please?
does anyone know a brian p prescott? He worked for afro ostrich farm?? He lived in sunnybank queensland, aus?
are guamanians considered latinos?
What caused the second world war?
looking for quotes about the importance of family and friends during the holocaust!?
What were some challenges the Acadians faced while moving to Louisiana and adapting to Louisiana?
Why were women the more productive writters of fiction in early Japan?
Whould you nickname Adolf Hitler, in a short phrase or word?
what was the paten number for Fulton's steam boat?
How the decline of ottoman empire led to World War 1?
which of the following aspects of american development has not been influenced by immigrants?
When did your family move to the United States and why?
Did any of the priests of the Catholic Church try to get their followers to revolt against any of their kings?
Why ally with USSR against Germany when its just as immoral?
can you name all the events that have happened in aphrodites life ?
Has Britain ever lost a war?
What was the reason for the holocaust?
what was the name of the person who was cup bearer to a builed and king Artaxerxes?
Murdering President Mckinley's inestigation?
Does this sentence make since?
I have an anchor wall hanging. On the top it say "pour ramour do mal". What does the "pour..." mean? Thanks
How man y family members were in Oliver Hopkins family?
who was torkamata in ancient history?
What were effects of the Counter Reformation on the Americas?
D-Day includes all of the following factors EXCEPT what answer listed below?
Who was Adam and Eve?
where was the civil war?
when people say british empire ,shouldnt it be english empire?
In finding Nemo where did . . .?
Did john wilkes booth get killed in Garrets barn or was there a patsy?
Got questions about the worth of some US coins?
Identify the social causes of urban growth of cities of early 20th century America.?
when did i first move to the great state of colorado?
Expansion of Democracy in the US?
what gremanic tribe settled in spain?
Why do empires rise and fall?
List dates and time of catastrophic events in the past 20 years?
where is the Taj ?
why with our history of bushfires in Australia do we loan "Elvis" from U.S.A? Why dont we have our own?????
What name was given to those who sold illegal alcohol during the 1920's?
What does a Zion and illuminati have to do with each other?
What was the rise and fall of the QIN dynasty in china?
Who deserves more credit for the decline of the Soviet Union and end of the Cold War, Gorbachev or Reagan?
Why was Hitler trying to create a race of people with blond hair & blue eyes if he had brown hair & eyes?
what do the images used in hieroglyphics tell about society and environment of ancient Egypt?
Is it true that christopher columbus really didn't discover america first?
How do I compare and contrast Jonathan Edward and Thomas Paine speeches?
What did people believe in the olden days?
How do Germans of today view Hitler?
tell me at least 5 person that you admire (historical,politician,scientist etc?
Who did win the war in Vietnam?
Would colonization of America been possible without the spread of European plagues?
What Period of History Would You Like to Visit?
Was adolf hitler a good person?
What did people who lived in the dark ages call the dark ages?
tell me about the noval "Beat to Quarters"?
why do americans act like the heroes of WW2?
was the holocaust terrible?
How was Russia responsible for WWI?
God is all-powerful, or as theologians put it, “omnipotent”; there is nothing that he cannot do.?
History of people being tortured?
Were any Soviet advisers to the NVA killed during the Vietnam War?
what where the faults of france that led to the start of WWI?
Reconquista Summary or Information..PLEASE HELP :)?
Why did the Mensheviks want to stay in World War 1?
Outside of the Bible, where in Roman history was Jesus mentioned during his lifetime?
Why did John Wheelright make New Hampshire a seperate colony?
Who came to America first...?
Why has Britain forgotten the fact that soldiers died for our freedom in world war two?
Does anyone really know how the Egyptians built the pyramids?
Why was trench warfare important in the Somme?
who is the famous man in the world?
Where in Canada can I find (or borrow) a copy of the CBC series, "The Tenth Decade" (all 8 episodes)?
where can i find stories about vietnam as told by the vietnamese?
in gideons trumpet what problems did jacob have in provincing his case?
what were some characteristics of daily life in the English colonies in the early 1700s?
Was emperor Tiberius of Rome a good emperor?
Where any celebrities born on April 8th?
how old was the egyptian king tut when he took power?
history of England and there culture. food, language and some interesting facts about his country.?
Why did GOD allow the tsunami, taking all those lives?
I would like to find the history, and more about, Whitton Woods, in Middlesex.?
in the ancient times did girls shave?
Why did the suburb achieve paramount significance for Americans in the 1950s?
do police have to read you youre rights when they arrest you?
How difficult of a time will a man who looks Indian have dating women in Europe?
Was Hitler to blame for world war Two?
what are the four African american themes?
who is the son of babar?
What are some facts about Mahindra?
explain the reasons why america became increasingly involved in the affairs of vietnam?
Answer question?
Why Hitler was a bad leader?(dont just consider the consequences of WW 2..)?
What was the biggest city on Nibiru? and do they have cars on Nibiru?
How do you burn edges without letting the paper catch on fire?
can you refer me to an informative site about judaism where i can get enuff info for a research assignment.thx
Who were the Yoruba of West Africa?
what was the name of the last receiver-in-training?{the giver}?
Why did the Crimean War start?
How did hitler kill the jews?
history essay!!! please help me!?
Mayonnaise was created because of what historic battle?
if you could go back in time what era would it be?
hi.I need information about history of core competency theory for thesis, plesae help me. send me article?
Western Civilization help?
Should we continue sympathy for the Jewish Holocaust when they actively Persecute Palestinians Today?
Lutheran Reformation??
Compare and contrast the country envisioned for America by John Winthrop and Ralph Waldo Emerson.?
how did the u.s benefit from the louisiana purchase?
Frederick Douglass Abolition Speech?
True or False? Because Canada denied the S.S. St. Louis entry into Canada, anti-semitism in Canada was a long?
how is it that some older societies such as american indians can pass there history down generations with only
What goods from the countrys did The British Empire get?
What or who made the french revolution such an important case study of nationalism?
Unlike most Greek city-states, Republican Rome.....?
what were the fa and fancies during 1914-1918?
What was the most important Japanese ship during the second word war?
Related to Nazis?
did the holocaust actually happen, or was it just staged?
how did colonization affect the AIDS crisis in Africa?
The Great Depression and the stock market?
Did the RMS Olympic sink? If not, where is it?
where did jennifer lopez grow up?
What did Andrew Jackson do that shows he was not a democratic? Please help me.?
what do you think about the Iranian persident wanting to put a wreath at griound zero?
If Hitler was such a bad guy then why did Time make him "Man Of The Year" right before WW2?
Information on the Revolution of 1830?
Did napoleon pick the catholic cardinals?
Why did the Nazis choose that name, because of the Ashkenazi Jews?
How did the Hellenistic Church perceive Aristotle?
What were benefits of the Magna Carta?
Northwest Ordinance Help (History)?
is it worth anything?
advantages of country parks?
Why did the American Indians get robbed of their lands & treated so unfairly. There is'nt much said about it.
history of italiandessert called termisu?
In the Victorian Era, if you were a printer, would you be considered a middle class or a working class citizen?
can someone tell me the a hot topic related to media for presentation?
how the history & culture of the "Highlanders" of Scotland are different than the "Lowlanders"?
Josepsh Stalin Worse Than Hitler?
Describe the make-up of the Estates-General?
what did people think of the anzacs in 1915?
who murdered the great tutenkhamen?
In which decade of the 20th century did the following event's in the Soviet Union?
where can i find the web site for the murder that happened in a la middle school in 1988?
I found a medal and I have a question...?
what are some negatives on alexander hamilton?
titanic, what can you tell me about it?
Can a Christian accept evolution without self-deception?
What did Filippo Brunelleschi do that made him a vital role in our history books?
What was Genghis Khan's origanal name and what did he do for a living?
Russian Revolutions 2?
The irish were so pathetic and delusional. who agrees?
How many people (scientists) worked on the Manhattan project?
Which battle in WWII was the most critical in defeating Hitler?
Why did many reform movements cause resentment in the south?
who knows a free guide for coins?
why do ppl believe in god when theres no psychical proof he existed?
What processes did Patricia Piccinini go through to make 'Truck Babies' (1999)?
if history repeats itself, y have we got to memorize it?
Why did Tyrannosaurus Rex have such small arms?
where are we before we are born? what happens after our death?
What era was the Agricultural Revolution a part of?
What do Rome & Starwars have in common? & what are there differences..?
Who was Zwingli and what did he believe in that was different from the catholics?
what did people do in their free time a thousand years ago?
Can anyone tell me who are the Freemasons and what they're about?
Do we care about the flooding?
Did the United States know about Pearl Harbor before it happened?
Why do people use beads on Mardi-Gras?
Which saint provided the model for church - state relations in the middle ages?
What did William Sumner believe social classes owed each other? (HELP!)?
How do you account for the revival of the monarchies in northern Europe?
Who invented the lightbulb?
How many brothers did Elizabeth Barrett Browning have?
What countries took away guns and what happened when they did?
Links for info on pre-industrial societies vs industrial societies?
Length of President Harrison's inaugural speech?
the baboon...?
What is the single most important event/invention in civilized history???
is kendrick an irish name?
When did Woodrow Wilson run for president and did he win the first time or did he have to run again?
Do you have any facts about the Black Death?
A muckraker was a reporter who...?
Do you have a picture of a warrior with a gladius sword and a silver curiass armor with a medusa heand on it?
Definition of interventionism?
How did Daoism restore Liberty and Prosperity in ancient chinese civilization?
How long did the battle of Gettysburg last?
Why don't my students know ANY history?
Where were Native Americans living in North America when Europeans first came to settle? NEED ANSWER PLEASE?
I need to write a report about mans use of leather? HELP?
POLL: Which is more interesting, US History or World History?
Where did our idea of separation of powers come from?
In the history of Punk music, has there ever been any previous public governmental opposition to it?
Do we know who killed John F Kennedy ?
i would like to know what is a rolling calf.?
Do you like Bush?
i found a small drinking cup that appears to be old with the name richard clark keefe who is this?
what is the celestial walk in china?
How were President Nixon's policies and strategies towards the Vietnam war successes/failures?
were railway line businesses in britain privately owned before ww2?
What was JFK's aims for Vietnam? (History Homework)?
Historians, Can somebody give me a list of the countries that Britain has Colonised, Occupied, Beaten in war?
What is Feudalism? And How is it still in american society?
what is a homogeneous?
what is the relationship between the scientific revolutions and the enligtenment?
The Roman Empire?
How would Southern states become part of the Union again?
Why do American schools teach that the Union was the superior force in the Civil War?
Will Germany invade France again one day?
How did the introduction of European goods contribute to the destruction of Indian cultures?
patron saint of children. he was a bishop and is honored dec 16 in europe?
Who was the first European to reach India by sea?
What was Helen Kellen like?
These priest, an order called the society of jesus.?
What is the story of the cigarette that started American Spanish War?
what was the french artistic movement that tried to catch the rippling of light instead of realistic images?
What can i ask as a sub question to Ancient Greek Religion - Myth and Legend?
Are you tired of WWII history?
Can you give as much information as possible on when the Mongol empire invaded China? thx.?
Jack The Ripper?
why did Andrew Jckson change VPs when he got re-elected?
what was china like under Mongol rule?
How did Neil Simon have an impact on theater ?
I"M 10years old and i've had 2 girlfriends amm Ito young?
Every one here is talking about peace and love! bla,bla,bla,all of you balmed hitler forholocaust and all the?
Why did Hitler find All Quiet on the Western Front to be such a danger to his regime(multiple choice)?
I need some information on: Prejudice in 1930s USA Scottsboro Trails?
what role did nationalism play in the unification of countries in europe?
How were Machiavelli's ideas radical for his time?
What was the reason of World War 2 ?
Ancient History Help!! Roman times!?
Hi. What used to happen when a criminal was in the stocks? Is it true that people used to throw things?
Were the ancient Egyptians black, arab, or brownskinned, white?
HELP! Titanic primary sources...Pictures...ANything!?
what was the ' People v. Hall ( 1845) about?
Before drawing boards were invented, what did they go back to?
What is the signifigance of Newton and Locke for the Enlightenment?
who coined the phrase "The pen is mightier than the sword." ?
why was andrew jackson known as a common man?
What famous people never did homework in school?
Why was Hadrian's Wall difficult for other tribes to attack and easy for the soldiers to defend?
Who are the most important Historian Figures?
what are the sources of african history?
what would prevent so many superpower country to invade the countries of the arabian peninsula ?
what were the social and economic issues caused by industrialization in the 19 and 20th century?
If you could travel back in History... what place and time would you go and why?
what happend to harriet tubman???
When meichal jackson died?
5 facts on Assyrian chariots?
what did congress pass in 1866 that granted full citizenship to african americans?
Ideals of tyranny in the play of Julius Caesar...?
How has the civil war affected you???!!?
analyzation of President Clinton speeches?
¿Why did Great Britain steal...?
how sunday come to be known as the Sabbath instead of saturday?
Why did the US use the world's first weapon of mass destruction on Japan to end the war in the pacific?
How is Terry worgan rememberd?
when was the world made?
How and why did the Industrial Revolution occur? ?
what were the main themes of American writers in the early 1800s?
Can you tell me all or most of the criticism that you know of from one specific inventor?
Why did King Henry VIII punish people?
Holocaust Research - Have the Museums Got it Wrong????
how similar were the Norman rulers in England of 1066 to the Taliban of Afghanistan?
What was the name of the Valcano that destiored Pompei?
A letter to president Abraham Lincoln?
How Goa discovered in the Ancient Period?
I need alot of information for the Civilization of the Mayans?
Exactly how were the Italians able to defeat Hitler at Waterloo?
Can anyone summarize or describe main points of "The Original Affluent Society" by Marshall Sahlins?
Questions about the erie canal?
what is history?
What were you doing on 9/11/2001?
can anyone tell me the actual difference between abaya and jilbaab?
What nationality is ST GEORGE?
Short essay question:?
how was black freedom in the north limited in the antebellum decades?
Which country was never conquered by Adolf Hitler: France, Poland, or England?
Mention any two reasons why CMC hospital in vellore is famous?
Did Adolf Hitler ever laugh?
Why is Magellan Important ?
"who owned a checkered dog?"?
Which of the following was a labor union open to workers from any trade?
Do you think that if Hitler had not invaded Russia,he would have won the 2 nd world war?
Who Built the Konark temple in Orissa?
what does Geisha do? Are they like expensive prostitute or are they artist? do they make love with customer?
What did Samuel Slater do different?
How do i join the Illuminati?
what are the differences between the American war of independance and the wars of indepence in South America?
who is the greatest warrior on the face of this earth?
what is Howard Zinn Theory of History acording to his book a peoples history of the United States?
Why world is angry at USA for droping the atamic bomb on Japan?
Did British pilots kill 600,000 German civilians during the Second World War?
Spanish colonies vs. the British colonies in North America?
Can you suggest some good castles in the world?
who was the first president of USA?
how has the use of robots increse within the years?
is it wrong to be obsessed with hitler?
How did Christopher Columbus influence western civilization?
What if Hitler had died in august 1941 what would have happened after his death?
who was Stanisław Kasznica?
What reforms changed during the Italian Renaissance? Why and how?
Mahogany apothecary cabinets frm South Africa 1891, how do I find out their history?
As a white person, do you see yourself more important than those who are color?
Could the Nazis be regarded as heros if.....?
What is the importance or significance of the plessy vs ferguson case?
Please help! What did Patrick Henry do?
Japanese attack on Pearl Habor?
Why was the Spanish Armada defeated?
what did hitler do in a final effort to bolster his forces?
how can i find details of veterans who served in the royal signals in borneo and singapore during 1945 to 1947?
Did Britain Suffer Lot of Soldiers Lives Building Her Empire? or Because of Vast Military Superiority Little?
Which do you think is worse-finding out that Jesus Christ had a real bloodline or we found out that he's gay?
how can i write this story?
History questions? Need answers ASAP.. Thanks (:?
Who had killed Gandhiji?
why were the soap operas in the 1960s set in rural locations?
Spanish civil war. Where are the Paises Vacos and what problems did they have with Franco?
who is the first indian president?
does anyone else believe that hitler...?
what were the majors forces or causes of the perceived economic revolution?
where can I find info on Eastern European Music during the cold war?
Who gave permission to Critobal colombo (Italian) to take his ships accros the atlantic?
What or who is this Bomos?
project about monuments such as khajuraho konark sanchi etc -- who built it/features/physical environment?
Which of the following is not one of the changes business reformers wanted to see during the Progressive Era?
what is one country that england hasnt gone to war with?
Where did we get the idea of a congress?
What is really "ugly" about the American psyche then ???
Was the Catholic church the brain washing "media" of the dark ages, middle ages and rennaissance?
Why would Muslims and Nazi (germany)would hate jews and Israil?
What is the best book about the Iranian revolution?
How much time did ancient egyptians spend farming?
Which of the following was not done by the National Recovery Administration during the Great Depression?
Achaemenid Empire: Explain how King (Shah) Cyrus II managed to keep the vast amount of land under control?
How many naimals of each sex did Moses place on the ark?
Why did the Germans bomb pearl harbor?
why are people so mean?!?!?
Mother's Day in the United States was first proclaimed in what year?
Can anyone sum up Caroline Norton's English Laws for Women in the Nineteenth Century?
Why was a back-up security system built into the Panama Canal?
why did economy boom in 1920s?
Julius Caesar? Alexander The Great? Or Napoleon? Which was the better Military Genius in your opinion?
If Adolph Hitler were alive today, Who would he be most like in comparison?
What is the Da Vinci code?
What is the symbolism behind having 7 rays in the Statue of Liberty crown?
why Australia is called down under?
In the Mitchell vs. Helms religious court case of 2000, what was the argument?
Why was France not secure after 1920?
What's Adolf Hitler's hair like?
What woman in American history do you think contributed to American history.?
How and why were sweatshops formed?
What's the difference between the the Young Turks and the Turkish National Movement?
Why do some people think the nazi were good people?
What are some good historical fiction books to read?
I want to know about naming i.e. toponimy of India?
Which museum is better, the los angeles museum of tolerance or museum of the holocaust?
Help with world history?
the time change is tonight right?
the 1000 year C.E was the turn of the millinium, but it didnt really exist, why?
What were the motives and rationalizations used to justify the oppresion of racial and ethnic minorities in CA?
After the battle of the somme did the men return to the trenches? WW1?
What were the Jeffersonians’ foreign policy goals? Why did they support continental expansion?
Who is/was the best president in US history?
Will there be a World War 3?
What is the importance of Czar Petro for Russian History?
What is a propaganda.?
how do u explain d-day?
What are three major impacts that World War II had on Canadian family life?
im wondering if a shower lamp from about 40 years is worth money.?
What helped to united the many different citizens of the Roman Republic?
If it was proven that 911 was NOT a terrorist act and was a conspiracy, would the world be living in fear?
what led the huge decline in native american population?
can anyone tell me the difference between communist china and nationalist china?
Who is the most famous best thief ?
who shot kennedy because it was not lee harvey oswald any ideas?
Why was Roger Williams banished from the colonies?
Why are we pulled by gravity?
Martin Luther King Jr. Question?
Who discovered America? This question was perhaps asked by one Arvind?
What was Hitler's religion?
Summary of chapters 3-7 in The Scholars by Wu Jingzi?
Did Adam from the bible have a navel?
Who is saladin and why is he important ?
Compare and contrast Italian Fascism and the Spanish Civil War?
who invented the first written language?
How did the arrival of the Europeans in Canada affect the Aboriginals?
How was napoleon able to crown himself emperor?
How does this fit with your understanding of German domestic history and the ruling elites? (Read more)?
Was Hitler the luckiest man alive?
Who is Karl Floette?
what is the biggest cover up in history?
What was the mission of the Bay of Pigs?
who is the god of fire in the persian mythology ?
Why did shah. johan order the building of the taj Mahal?
what website is best to find history on maps from the years 1400 to 1600?
How did the lights stay on for so long when titanic began to sink?
What do you know about 4/10 in history?
Explain how Americans gradually increased their influence over Hawaii's economy and government?
I heard that the south won the civil war is this true? and why is it true?
Can you show me the difference between the French, British and Spanish Colonizer in this regard?
why do girls become lesbians sometimes? cant guys satisfy them ?
What did al capone die of?
Is there any good video on the debunking of NWO?
Why was Peter The Great such an important leader?
Who influenced the Etruscan's design and style when it comes to gold jewelry, tombs, and bronze sculptures?
Was Joan of Arc the wife of Noah?
What are the causes of empowerment of the central government?
Compare and contrast Rone & Han China?
somethings about cowhands or cowboys,like how they were originated and what they do.?
Diffrences between the 1800s and now?
What was being reconstructed (constructed again) in Reconstruction?
The greatest advocate of militant Catholicism was?
What kind of history do you like the most?
what is the significance of cremean war to nursing history?
When did Arab countries gain independence?
why israel kill the chilidren?
When was the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell...?
So what do you think would happen if hitler never made the holocaust?
Where did immigrants first settle in the united states?
what is a colony in the 1600;s?
History Help!? I Only Have 15 Minutes to Answer! Help! (10 points)?
In ancient times, if all of Europe made one huge alliance, what would happen?
Why was the occupation of the French troops in Rhineland territory in Germany so significant?
What was the pattern of German expansion in Central and Eastern Europe?
Who was the last full-blood Tasmanian aboriginal?
What effect did the British naval actions against France (beginning in 1807) have on American shipping?
describe the actual events that led to world war one?
how was the first person made?
Hi! I am trying to find the historf of the name Fredricks from the 1600's.?
When was the law invented?
Where was St. Valentine jailed?
How did Marbury v. Madison give power to the Judicial branch?
What is the meaning of the word ALINA?
Which of the following diseases likely killed Huayna Capac and many other Inca?
Need help with simple history questions!!? Best answer gets 10 points!!?
I wonder what the value of a 1789 1 pfennig coin with a C. on the bottom might be worth.?
How did the unification of Germany in 1871 change European relations?
why is the sioux nation a nation not tribe?
What's the big deal about 2012? Who said the world was going to end that year anyway?
how did people react to gulliver's travels when it was first published? <3 please help very confused?
Why do new watches sold always show 10:10 on the dial?
Where did the Germanic immigrants now known as (Norwegians) come from?
why weren't the soldiers in the battle of the somme heroes?
During the early sixteenth century attitudes about mineral exploitation changed due to?
How did WW1 affect the attitude & treatment of mental illness?
where can i find a biography of william marburry? yes this is for a history class and i can't find the answer
History 1302 Help!! please?
When Anne Frank died in a concentration camp, did her family die with her?
What were some good things about John Brown?
History Greek Question?
Why did so many Jews remain in Germany after 1933?
If you had the chance to meet one person and kill them, who would it be?
who is the 1st women on earth?
What do you know about Peter Cartwright?
how can i find out how much my silver certificate from the 1800s is worth?
Hitler and propaganda?
Ugh... history help please?
Significance of the Crusades?
Stephan King`s book The Body movie made called Stand By Me based on the novel?
When Germany wanted to take over the world it was WW2; when England did it, it was the British Empire. Why?
What is the origination of the wedding band ring?
who is the most truthful man in the history of the world?
what is the bay that divided the colony of maryland?
What caused the changes in the outlook of men renissance period?
Do you know a country called Myanmar (Burma)?
How did the Russo-Japanese War influence the demographics of the Japanese American population?
does anyone know where i can find how washington state helped in world war II?
what is the arms race in world war one?