Does anyone know who landed on what is now America before Columbus ?
why do some people deny that the HOLOCAUST even happend?
Did Tyra Banks Help By Giving Funds To Hurriacane Katrina?
When was the cold war?
Idea for archaeological park for people interested in archaeology. Thoughts?
what's more important the rennaisance or the industrial revolution?
Was any members in your family involved in history?
how did the world start?
What is the most popular state in the USA?
does anyone no about John Muir? If so, please list some facts!!?
What has been mankind's single most groundbreaking invention in history?
What ship was a symbol for british interference in american affairs?
Help Easy 10P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Who was really the first president of the United States?
What is death like in dirfferent countries?
if adolf hitler was so stupid & did very poorly in school how did he use such abstruse words in mein kampf?
Slavery question for black people?
Which Countries have the most blood on their hands?
Who were some of the most famous authors between the years 1865 & 1917?
if you are the king of the world ..what will you do ?
how many language in india?
Do you really feel that Russia could single handedly take on Hitler without the allies' help in WW2?
What was Walter L. Arnstein Major aruguments about victoria?
what will you do if you have 1 chance to change history?
Which technique was one way Andrew Carnegie dominated the American steel industry in the late 1800s?
What were the theories of Johann Gottfried Von Herder? Please help!?
To , please can you tell me how many coustmers do you have and when did the time this site make?
experience of culturer shock?
Did we ever have a black president?
Where to get a primary source on the creation of gunpowder in europe?
Was Alexander Hamilton ever President of the United States?
What were some effects of "The New Deal" ?
Why were many americans against imperialism?
who do you think is the most evil person in history?
what happened to Sierra Alpha Alpha Bravo?
How did Southern states erode African American voting rights?
In what year was the painting "Maison de Van Gogh Arles" by Paul Signac completed?
Can you think of an American historian that lived between (1750-1850)?
Who wore Toga's or clothing like that and when?
tariff act of 1832, constitutional OR not?
How could we act so irresponsibly to call The Pyramids of Egypt as Wonder of the World?
The Selective Service and Training Act established the first peacetime draft in American history.?
How did corruption affect society in the 19th century?
Domesday England: farming.?
Why isn't Malcolm X reviled?
Was Christopher Columbus journey really worth it and why?
Perception of Heroism?
French Flag during the 7 Year War?
how can i write to Holocaust or WW2 survivors?
Can someone tell me a schedule of a noble woman in medieval times?
Are British people proud or ashamed of their history?
Name 10 people who will still famous 500 yrs from now?
How can you prove that Christopher Colombus didn't discover America?a?
how old is god?
Information on Ancient Indian University.?
how long did it take scientests to find pompeii?
is monkeys our ancestors?
what were the economic and political motivations behind the conversion of a loyalist into a patriot during...?
why did hitler pick on the jewish?
Richard M. Nixon's "Checkers Speech"?
What are some explorers from the 1450's?
why did the japanese lose world war ii?
Does anyone know how Christianity became the dominant religion of the Roman empire?
What were some failures made by William and Mary of England?
Who was Hitler and why did he hate jews?
What reforms did Luther seek for the church?
what did the mayans know about astrology that modern science doesn't?
I have a history homework question?
what time period did the ice age occur? paleolithic or neolithic?
who did you want to be when you were younger?
A WW2 question?
Anyone know who Giovanni Cassinis dad was?
Whats your choice of weapon?
Why did the outcome of the Vietnam war cause US leaders to reevaluate the policy of containment?
The origin of the Plague?
Can someone tell me what was going on in Somalia to make the US intervene in 1992?
I need a fake country/nation name. Please nothing dumb or corny?
what were the goeal, strategies, and support of the 1960's civil rights movemement?
Answer these 2 history questions?
What effects did the new technologies of World War II have on the postwar world?
Why did Nazi Germany chose Jews as one of the groups to Massacre?
How did the caste system in India evolve?
What's that little sharp knife thing on the end of a gun called?
could hitler have ever taken russia?
how did joint-stock companies fund colonies?
Please help me on some US History questions?
Historical opera or musicals?
Where did Jaques Cartier recruit his members on his first voyage?
im asking about the cebuano literature as of now.who are the writers of cebuano lierature?
Is this a legend? Did the Brits really PWN Japan's industrial espionage play?
The reservations that Native Americans occupied were?
What did Stalin think should be done after WWII in relation to Germany?
What is the meaning of the names Makia Erika and Miracle Rahshad and what is the oringin?
How many Islamic women are all over the world?
Who was the first president?
where can i find a list of WWII submarines and their crew?
which willbe Major disaster in the world?
What were the concurring opinions of Gideon v. Wainwright?
what do you know about WWII?
who was the founder of the mormon church?
what were the causes of the first Punic War?
What was Darthmouth College v Woodward?
What are some of the major landmarks in the country of mexico?
What did Nazi Germany gain from it's occupation of the Soviet Union?
what kind of sex protection did they have in the 1700s?
What is individual empowerment?
If you could go back in time and meet one person to warn them about something, who would it be?
what are the genres of the harlem renaissance?
Who is Enstein ?
Hi are the Romans are they Italians race?
how does Arthur became aking?
what did John F. Keneddy belive? and what is he remembered for?
date and day of death of bharatiyar of tamilnadu-india?
List territories acquired by the U.S. from 1865 to 1890.Explain why the U.S. is an imperialistic country today?
Actual Date Of Hawaii's Statehood and History?
One day I came across a book that said Hitler was not in love with Eva Braun,but his own niece,true or not?
HITLER OR GANDHI who's the greatest man of the millenium?
Where were you on September 11, 2001 when you heard the news?
what are the differences between myan and aztec culture?
What did George Washington mean?
do you know Ghandi? what does Mahatma mean??
New York during the Constitutional Convention (1787)?
Why did the Montgomery Improvement Association take part in the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
when was the golden age of video games?
Should a 39 year go back to college?
What is the difference between history and Social Studies?
Who was the first to use glue to put together and waterproof their ships?
Do you think WW1 AND 2 were completely avoidable disasters in our history?
was the great leap foward the result of a mao dominated political system?
If you could go back in history and change one event, which would it be?
how did the aztecs arrived to america?
What kinds of games did the soldiers play while off duty during the Civil War times?
how many wives did henry 8th have?
Could France have defended from a Nazi invasion, had their magnot line worked?
does vampires exist?
What was an interesting battle of the American Civil War?
what are some differences from a teacher in the 1850's to now?
Did the Americans take part in WW2? If so, Why? All I know is that Britain declared war on Germany in 1939?
Role of genetics in investigating crimes?
i need to know how to find out who manfactured my sewing machine.?
What were continuities and differences in Confucianism from the 4th cent BCE to the Song Dynasty?
Why does Stalin get no respect for killing over 20 million people, when Hitler gets all the Hype?
Ann Foster Witch Trails?
world war two?
great inventions of society today?
Who iz regarded as the inventor of the simple microscope?
what are thew different types of greek colunms?
is this an opinion?
How did Ramon Magsaysay become a CIA agent?
US History please help, best answer gets 10 points !!?
Ok all England peoples......?
Why no single book about the in-your-face answer to JFK assassination?
Who constructed this famous historical site and where it is located?
Who was the first black president?
What was the Phillippines like in the 1890s?
Does anyone know where I can learn the Celtic language?
why israel kill the chilidren?
Who is your first president of your country?
in ancient times the mummy and pyramids was also made by countries other then egypt which are these countries
How and in what ways does Day of the Dead present ideas of war and represent the time it was made? (1978)?
i would like my text history?
what does lieu out(Lou out?)mean?
What is the history of the removal of the obelisks from Egypt ?
What kind of relationship did Himmler and Dietrich have?
I'm looking for a good (read: nonfiction, but not a textbook) book on the mafia - suggestions?
Where did Hitler plan to have his headquarters in the UK?
what year did rosa parks join the naacp?
Well guys Hitler is a villain in the history because he had failed in his mission.What if he won!I?
Why did the dutch revolt against spain ?
Confederate flag in the north and western states?
What did the King and Queen of Spain rewarded Columbus after he found the new world?
Did Jesus Christ ever promise resurrection of the dead ?
How did Hitler lose the war?
can anyone name the 6 us industrialist who supported hitler & nazi germany before his attack & during the war?
How was the Schlieffen Plan effective in WW1?
what are the governors of Georgia since the 1900's?
History and eyesight?
What were the economic effects of the Crusades upon Constantinople?
how would you say the british parliamentary colonial policy shaped the coming of the american revolution?
what important event happened 200 years ago in china?
what was The Temple of Poseidon used for.?
In what time of period did Lewis Howard Latimer live?
What's the history behind Jack the Ripper?
How did Buddhism spread from India to china to japan?
What is the meaning of life?
Writing letters in early 1900's?
What are Richard Nixon's domestic failures?
why did the us drop two atomic bombs on japan at the end of ww2?and was this ethical?
If you were born before 1968 what do you remember when Robert Kennedy or Martin Luther King was killed?
another name for misericords,projecting ledges on church stalls?
What is the stereotype around older men living alone?
What were factories in the Late 1800's called?
where could the real malgudi be?
how did Elizabeth Hutchinson die?
What was the British and Americans reasons for firebombing and killing German civilians in WWII?
all of the following helped bring on the market revolution except?
What were the causes and effects of the renaissance?
Did Elizabeth the first have any memories of her mother Anne Boleyn?
what is the definititon of liberty ship in WWII?
How did John Diefenbaker help out the Metis in Canada?
What did women wore in the UK in the 1960's?
In what ways were Rome and Carthage different?
what did john b gordon do to help the people of ga?
How did L'Ouverture's words, skills, and personality inspire the people from haiti?
list of grievances, French Revolution?
The MHC is important in?
can anyone give me company lines like "NIKE- Just Do It!!" or "SUBWAY- Eat Fresh"?
The Panama Canal project was one of the largest and most difficult engineering projects ever undertaken.?
who was Ana?
INTERESTING statistics about the United States in 1813.?
Why US have to Nuke 2 town in Japan?
Law and Order in the Elizabethan Era HELP?
Was Malcolm X's most important for making King and the NAACP look more rational?
Where does Martin Luther King Jr. use personification in his "I Have A Dream" speech?
In act three of The Crucible, what events/people/situations are significant?
In the time of the First Crusade, how did the Pope tie in with the Government?
what is the "only thing to fear"? what does it mean during the great depression?
Benjamin Franklin's 13 Virtues?
Who was William Morris?
What was Hitler's Goal?
what luck did william have at the battle of hastings?
Russian Revolution or Yeats ?
how much love a women to his husband?
what will happen to the philippine republic after may 10 elections?aquino or villar?
Zimbabewe's effects of Imperialism?
What Books are key to becoming a great historian?
Why was the death toll during the Civil War so large?
Is this social or cultural?
People think I'm a nazi?
Who colonized Columbia in South America?
Where to talk about Project MK-ULTRA that doesn't have conspiracy theories?
Who agrees that, before 1939, Hitler was probably the greates politican in history.?
compare pirates of the 1600-1700's with pirates today?
what is the capital of Iran?
M.....Where is our culture from??
What is the significance of the orange as related to Spain/Spanish and Valentine's Day? Need ans. 4 Span. clas
What was the name of the association created by the seven seceded states,and how did it protect the institutio?
What happened to the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions?
A few (easy) questions about WW1 (I'm confused)?
could an arrow shot through the knee kill someone in the medieval era?
Complete list of dates when each Country in the world was established?
what to countries merged and formed tanzania?
What was the life expectancy of a slave in louisiana in 1800's?
"Napoleon is famous because he had the battle of waterloo."What is your opinion???
who discover america?
What do i do if someone doesn't like me?
How was the North different from the south in the 1800's?
What were some acomplishments of the Sui dynasty?
What are the modern day results of Spanish colonization?
If you could travel back in time what history making event would you change and why?
Who do you think is the most evil person in history?
What do you know about the Pergamon Altar?
What is the location of the first free library in the United States?
what are the english novel history? eighteenth-century?
Why did United States expand westward so rapidly?
who was involved in the great depression... and who did it effect?
what were the two international aid programs launched during the kennedy administration?
Was Anglo Saxon England stable before 865?
question about university?
What has fingers but can't type?
where did the term "polka dot" come from?
what was president lincolns views on free labor ideology?
what is Relationship of Adolf Hiter with Occult ?
what is ur favorite quote in the history?
Why is our culture defined by cliques and other labeled individuals?
Do you'll think there are still unfound treasures left on this earth?If yes then where could they be and why ?
How did D.W Griffith influence the KKK?
Where can I find a great Podcast for world history?
Does anyone know where i can find info on "Elizabeth Barrett Browning"?
what are the influences of the art of wood-burning?
What are provenance details (history)?
What do you know about Ben Franklin?
What's the truth behind the UK/France declaration of War on Germany in 1939?
Weimar republic history ideas?
Battles that happened in World War I?
During the Renaissance, patrons of the arts were people who frequented many art festivals?
1. Who was McClung? Who was Katzenbach? What was the issue in this case? Write it in the form “whether or not?
who was g.w. kelley?
Railroad Development during the late 19th century.?
how did the aftermath of "The Thirty Years War" change the political situation in Europe?
when did the Mediterranean begin?
What is the Monroe Doctrine and the Roosevelt Corollary?
history of Africa in the 20th century?
Where can I find a history of the famous Hanbury family in Pontypool?
Had Hitler not attacked Russia ,do you think he would have conquered all of Europe?
womens role on indias freedom struggle?
why did the japanese bombing of pearl harbor succed?
How did Christianity affect the culture of the Roman Empire?
Fave Historical figure?
what are william pitt defense on the stamp act main points?
by looking at my features can i tell some of my roots .....?
who was the 50th president of the United States of America?
set of prints from anheuser bush brewing company they are the custers last fight set of 5 what are they worth?
How does 50 Shades of Grey relate to the women's movement?
what was newton discover about motion and gravity?
History Experts. Help Me Out.?
In the colony of Maryland, the Calvert family intended to:?
Who was the good side during the war with Napoleon?
What is an example that Japan was isolated back in before the industrial revolution hit them?
How big was Goliath?
another u.s. history question?
Which library collections in Australia contain the greatest depth of photographic history?
Where does the idea of the world-ending cataclysmal event originate? And what purposes has it served?
What was the bad news that came from England in the 1830's?
French and Indian War questions?
how were the central characteristic of the english and french governments of the late 1600s similar or differ?
how come the usages "Yankee" and "uncle sam"?
Who pretended to be someone their not in history?
What is the most serious mistake that has been made by humanity?
did Edward Jenner pass the Nuremberg Code?
A FRIEND OF MINE HAS A SWORD THAT HAS 12.A E 199 on it. It is suppose to be anceint. Has anyone heard of it?
What was life like for Serbs during Ottoman rule in late 14th Century Serbia?
wat happenes to human after death?
How did the League of nations hope to prevent future wars between nations?
How was the universe existed?
Cold War foreign policy decisions by US poliycy makers and the national interests of the US?
who believes in the bible?
how did paintings, music, poetry etc have an affect on people at the time of the black death?
How did the transcontinental railroad expand interstate commerce ?
How much money does it cost to go to the natural history museum?
Any information/facts about Atlantis, the Lost Continent?
Who took the mary out of christmas?
Why was Rome able to administer a larger empire while Greece was not?
Who hates John F. Kennedy?
Where To Find Facts About The Nootka Tribe?
giorgio grassi life, work and projects?
What is the true story of 5th November?
What is the importance of operation TORCH in WW2?
How did Spain contribute to the conquest of the worlds oceans?
WHAT did moses get from setting the HEBREWS free?
You were slaves kept in overpopulated places?
Who blaimed Germany for WW2?
Good ideas for questions for coursework on Tokugawa Ieyasu?
i need to know about massachutes for my homework.?
Where can I find an artist's rendering of a scene in the Roman Empire?
What is he Muslim belief of art?
Is movie or book "Shawshank Redemption based on a true story?
what is chunu? I've heard it associated with Incan Indians and I was just wandering what it was.?
I need information on a metal 1916 Hammond Atlas of the world map?
Did Benjamin Disraeli have consistent political beliefs?
In what ways was Alexander the Great classically Greek?
How did the United States become a world super power?
In your opinion, who was the most original thinker in ancient history?
What job did Andropov hold up at the time of Brezhnev's Death?
What was the most important battle of WWII and why?
all of the following opposed Great britain in the french and indian war except?
what are some tools in the 1690's?
Thinking about it, wasn't the Holocaust a sort of sadistic poetic justice?
What was the historical significance of Fletcher v. Peck?
what was the invasion of grenada?
What did Hanaoka Seishu discover?
how did catholicism disappear in England by 1603?
What specific privileges did freedmen gain in the Black Codes? What rights were freedmen lacking?
8. Describe the accomplishments of the Portuguese navigators of the 15th century.?
Why was Einstein's hair so messy? Was it really THAT messy?
Who was primarily responsible for the building of the Siviet Union's Red Army?
Roman Empire and King Arthur connexion?
approximately how long did it take to build a medieval castle? ?
Who’s the world’s last surviving emperor?
How was Napoleon Bonaparte bad for religion?
What are Nevada's Native American tribes?
Does anyone like Romeo and Juilet?
Before the use of the Silk Road, how did geography affect early China?
how many Jews were killed in the 2nd World War not only in Germany.?
how did the UK not win the war of 1812, even after capturing D.C.?
Was England right to tax the American colonists?
what is a privy council?
who was Queen Shima in Asian history?
Daily life in the Romantic Era?
How did the Spaniards and Americans influenced the filipinos through music?
What do u think about TURKEY?
When did monarchs start getting numbered during their lives, and not long after by historians?
discuss the U.S. foreign policy in the years leading to World War II?
Mohandas (the Mahatma) Gandhi studied law in what city?
Who was Henriette Delacroix?
What was the percentage of men who were made unfit in world war 1?
Should Britain take Germany as an example & appologize to the Palestinians for the suffering it caused 2 them?
Which one of these do you think was a turning point in the Cold war and why?
Roosevelt's New Deal was intended to help capitalists but why did the capitalists oppose it?
For the History Lovers.?
How did the experiences of African-Americans during World War II lay the foundation for the modern civil right?
What are US casulties in the major wars since independence?
how old was jesus when he died?
Who helped us in world war 1? Who were our allies?
puerto rican history?
How did Herbert Hoover try to deal with the Great Depression and how did it work?
i need information about the effects of the printing press invention in the medieval world. thanks.?
is aberham lincoln still alive?
Do they still air shows about dinosaurs on the history channel,science channel,discovery channel,etc?
Intolerable acts of the 1700s?
how did rockefeller get rich?
Greek vessel/urn thing?
This is a TIME Machine ???
where did latin originate?
who found Red Cross?
was napolean a tyrant or a reformer?
I need information on Operation Crown Jewel?
Did the foreign policy of the United States of America from 1865-1945 exemplify isolationism or imperialism?
Do You Think It's Possible For Someone Like Adolf Hitler To Reign Again?
What are some traditions/stories/recipes of the Mahican/Mohican native American tribes?
a deaf person of Marlee Matlin?
what does the movies tin star, dogs day afternoon, one the waterfront and border have in common?
How can I get best price eveluation of my Old British Gold Coins (George V) ?
Is the story of Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) true?
Is it possible to become an honorary Israeli citizen?
Philosophy Help please?
Not counting GW Bush, who is the worst mass murderer in U.S. history?
what was a negative impact, on the home front, of wartime migration during WWII?
who was grander Alexander the Great or Ramesses II the Great? Why?
What is it like to have a sibling with an intellectual disability?
Where did vikings come from?
What major events between 1730 and 1763 helped to establish an American identity for the colonists?
how did sugery become aseptic?
What was so good about Sir Isaac Newton ?
When is no tax weekend in Texas?
Why is everyone overstressed during the holidays?
Was the Herero Genocide of 1904 a true genocide, or just a war?
Why were the farmers of 1880-1900 discontent and what effect did it have on politics?
Who was the richest person ever?
Positive and negative effects on the Indus River?
who are the four US Presidents whose Face's are inscribed in Mt.Rushmore?
Oppositions to the Spanish American War?
Who was Attila the Hun?
who is rosa park hero/heros?
who was the greatest general of world history and why?
Plz help me!I am having this holiday homework (sst) and i'd like links on the net that'll help.I am desperate!
Did the high infant mortality rate of the past allow parents to not get attached to their children?
How did the Spanish Civil War disrupt US neutrality?
How did egypt change the British Empire?
What was the name of General John B. Hood's warhorse?
Rome Chronological order?
How did the Great Depression affect families?
If America was founded by the British why don't they have a British accent ?
what was jfk`s agenda called?
how much do ancient paintings represent "daily scenes."?
What was wrong with the Jews to make the Nazis (Hitler) hate them? To start the Holocaust!?
industrial revolution?
What were ancient roman pottery used for?
Who do you think Da Vinci's Last Supper painting became so famomus??
Spanish Civil War thesis on the posters?
how much did 1 hot dog cost in the 1920s?
can you tell me the names and dates of famous battles in colorado?
before the jewish people were slaves in egypt where did they live?
what did the Arabs invent taht plays a huge part of our society today?
Why did city-states developed different types of goverment in greece?
Need urgent help on trans-Mississippi west!?
Who benefited from the federal government in the nineteenth century and how?
why was the louvre built?
Can someone explain this quote please?
Which argument was used to support United States acquisition of overseas possessions in the late 1800’s?
Anybody that knows history well?
How did Luther’s teaching on the common priesthood of all baptized Christians undermine the traditional view?
What would Napoleons Britain have been like?
Did the expansion of voting rights in Britain throughout the 1800s and early 1900s happen gradually or all?
American history unit 2 review?
What does everyone think of Hitler's moustache?
Does anyone know who landed on what is now America before Columbus ?
who built the trenches of WW1?
Did people in the medieval era have middle names?
How did Jefferson deal with his predecessors' federalist programs?
What were achievements of the Song dynasty ?
How did Britain appease Germany between 1933-1936?
Do you consider Christopher Columbus a Murderer or a Hero?
what sort of transport did people use in the 12th/13 century to travel from london to france?
European History DBQ!? help!?
Why/how did the start of women wearing pants begin?
I'd like to find out the history of an old house: 241 Main, Millis MA?
Confused American History ?
Where can i find ragtime music online.?
what is the golden age of muslim?
What is a asteroids? Who was the first to discover it?
who is lord mccartney?
How does Imperialism relate to present day?
Brief Summary on the 'Francesca Rojas' case?
What is Prussia?
what is the history of the clarinet?
Who thinks Charles Dickens is a nonsense writer?
Would America Be the Same Today as it Is Without the American Revolution?
History Trivia?
Ramayan and Mahabharat which epic influenced you more?
What is your favourite invention of all time?
how are the nordic countries and balkan counties similar or different?
If the gospel of Judas is true, what impact, if any, will it have on Christianity as we know it?
Aren't we immigrants who migrate from one place to another so what's the problem??
how did india influence other empires in southeast asia?
Communication between the Europeans and the Indians?
Is chandigarh a union territory?
What are the chances of Charles Manson being innocent?
Who is the longest monarch of europe?
What are two reasons the colonsists had to get upset/angry about the Stamp Act?
How did people describe the effects of mustard gas in WW1?
Who founded Thailand?
Did some of the Nazis not want to do what they did?
(1911-1937) what importance of china long march/ consequences of 1911 china revolution (wu han)?
What contributions did John D. Rockefeller make to his Era?
Frida Kahlo.? please help.?
Could someone help me with history?
Universities in the US known for medieval history?
can anyone help me to compare and contrast prpulists and progressives?
how much debt was britain in due to the french and indian war?
5 events that changed US history?
why was john dickinson against independence?
what are some legacies of colonialism in post colonial nation today?
Was Alexander Hamilton a good guy?
Medieval outfit help!!!?
What was unique about Financing the founding of Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee?
when did deforestation start?
Describe czar Nicholas II?
Creation of pillars?
What would China be like today if it the republic of China won the civil war?
who invinted the Hackeysack?????
Did Pliny the younger go with his uncle to save the people in Pompeii?
What was Jefferson’s vision of America?
was hitler really a bad guy?
why is there a conflict between the jewish and the palestinians?
Where did the yellow star come from? What is the yellow star?
Why did nazis give prisoners food?
Korean(English) name of Silla Poets?
Why aren't there "African Europeans"(slavery related question)?
US History help please?
why was there so many riots in ireland over the 70's?
if adam and eve are white how do we have different colored people?
How are William L. Garrison and the abolitionist movement tied together?
why didn't Canada join the US revolution in 1776?
who are the original americans?
Japanese printed bills found in antique shop?
how long/far is the via crucis?
I read somewhere that the Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves in the seceding states in the Civil War?
What is the difference between historical and modern slavery?
If you are full blown American where would your ancestors migrated from?
Where can I find the history of toxic waste sites?
When Nixon ws trying tp cover up the tapes what was actually on the tapes?
How do I get a job as a researcher? I like history and the arts.?
What are some characteristics of the people who served as delegates to the Convention?
Who was the founding father who set up a colony who's basic principle was to seperate church and state?
how many children did jacob have.(bible)?
How did 16th Century ice houses get stocked with ice? Was it shipped over?
History questions. please help?
Help with inventions history? 10 POINTS!?
If your Christian then ...?
good movies about ww2?
What time period am I thinking of?
The most important things to know about First World War?
Most influential person of the 20th century?
Who was Edgard Varese in music;did he use turntables in his music?
Did John Wilkes Booth really ride a bobcat with a saddle?
Why do Americans believe that America was the reason why the Allies won WW2?
Germany, Austria-hungary, Ottman Empire, and Bulgaria were know as what an world war1?
Who else thinks Hitler was a good person.?
Would the Panzers have made a real difference on June 6, 1944?
What good has come out of Africa?
What was the importance of the Scarab to the Ancient Egyptians?
Who is Saladin and why is he important ?
How did the center of Islam move during the Arab conquest?
Where was Alexander the Great from?
why would the nazi's increased support lead hitler to be chancellor?
What were you taught about Adolf Hitler in school?
what is the clam to fame of Sirhan Sirhan ?
How would history have been different if Britain and France had not declared war on Germany in 1939?
Did the Malmedy Massacre happen?
what war was in 1848?
List me some great sportsmen that lived during the WWI era?
Titanic survivors?
What were the famous music, hobbies, fashion, sports politicians during World War 1?
What is a teepee?
Would you kill and give the Indians back their land?
Did assassinations really happen at huge parties?
What is the name of the act that encouraged the settlement of the west by giving families 160 acres land?
Was The Bomb Dropped In Hiroshima A Contributer To Hitler's Surrender During World War II?
why did ariagne help save theseus?
How did cleopatra deal with close family members and with military commanders?
Who was the best overall military commander during the American Revolution?
what type of flowers were popular in the 1950's?
when was the mirror invented? how long before people knew what they looked like?
What did John Winthrop think about the wilderness in the New World?
Who built the Eiffel Tower?
What happened to orphaned children during the middle ages?
what made the french revolution a revolution?
In the beginnings of the Cival War, who were the commissioner successors and. . .?
Why powerful forget his end of life and start violence on powerless peoples?
The Manchurian Candidate 2004 version historical period?
Based on this account, would you say that Plutarch was sympathetic to Caesar or the conspiring senators?
What was Venice like in 1700?
where was First republic Day Parade (inIndia ) was held?
do you guys know anything about adolf hitler other than he was a jerk?
What was Japan's government like before and after WWII?
What did the areas where literacy first developed share in common?
what is the name of the largest river in the Unites states?
What can you tell me about immigrations during the civil war, be specific?
History schoolbooks in France say that "the americanization process destroy local cultures" - do you agree?
If Britain founded and built America, why don't they own America?
I am looking for a book on the net called"Flown" by Arlyle Brown? Where is it?
What did the nazis achieve? Best answer within an hour!?
What was life like for a factory worker in the early 1820s?
Napoleons empire collapses?
Why were the Pueblo farmers instead of hunters?
was there ever a real red beard the pirate?
are there living descendants of the pharaohs?
What are the benefits of a planned economy?
The effect of Renaissance Humanism on the Protestant Reformation?
how do you play hard to get when you really like a guy?
Did John Calvin affect literature?
do palestinians have a defined territory?
Who were the Aztecs and who colonised them?
What did the framers of the constitution seek to fix when creating the new governing document?
Why was silk carried in the silk roads?
Is it wrong to have a wax model of Adolf Hitler in Madam Tussauds?
who was the camp bald guy whp used to present t in the park>?
analiysing sources in history, help plz?
New Inventions? History help!?
is a king smart and r king cronies smart or u r stupid?
how did the south resist changes following the end of the civil war?
What mode of transportation to the u.s. did the chinese take during the gold rush?
Anyone has pictures of Gandhara area? Or information?
Can someone tell me if Texans were justified in their actions to claim independence!?
Can someone help me find information on an artist that started doing realist art work?
What were the cause and consequences of the crimean war?
who is the person who painted monalisa?
Please, i need to know the economic impact of World war 1 on France,and how much did it rebuild after the war?
FrUsTrAtEd WiTh ThIs StUpId SiTe!!!?
I am wanting to sell old railway conductor periodicals. where would i go to sell them?
when allmighty god created human beign there was one religion.?
The French and American Revolution HELP!!!!?
When was Robert E Lee elected president?
WAS ritual and sacrifice part of greek religion?
I would like to know what LONDON had first before any other city anywhere?
facts of 1950's??
What were ten causes to the French Revolution?
How did the people of Ancient Rome identify themselves?
Have confucious and Laozi met?
Was there any sort of major opposition in the American enlightenment?
why hitler did not kill all the jews?
what are some benefits and negatives of a dictatorship government in cuba?
Groups who advocated the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment?
What music did they have in the 1800's?
what is the home state of former u.s president harry s. truman?
Nazism..Was the "legal" revolution anything more than the artificial contrivance of Nazi propoganda?
why did japan lose the pacific war in 1944 with america...give me three major reasons.?
What was the outside reaction of people during the Holodomor?
World Studies Question. I don't understand what is being asked.?
Identify 5 musical innovations of the Romantic Period!?
Who painted the Combat Du 21?
Who was Confucius? Where did he live and what is his education?Why did he have a philosophy to share?
Good topics for a research paper on SC History?
On what did William Shakespeare base the action of Julius Caesar?
why was the mob violence, especially in the form of lynching, tolerated in the United States during the early?
Can anybody tell me the events that happened in 1872 to do with the british empire?
How many nations were not founded by terrorism?
Creative ideas for world history project?
what is the worse? an enemy or a traitor?
What year was the Bromo Seltzer blue bottle made?
Where was Alexander the Great from?
has any union council in Pakistan a web site and union councils's web site describe about local govt system
what are some good stuff i could invent?
Can you name some historical 'bastard' children who went on to great success?
TEMPLARS- what part did they played in history and who were they exactly?
how much is a queen victoria silk bookmark worth commemorating her jubilee 1837-1887?
Art History: what influenced art/artists in the 1950's?
How were immigrants transported to Hawaii in the 1800s?
Would the the Western Allies/NATO and the Eastern Bloc/Soviet Union had a hot war if not for the atom bomb?
do you ever wonder who is/was the hottest person to ever walk the earth?
why did the colonists protest the Townshend Duties?
What is the S.S.?
how did these factors effect ww2?
When did Martin Luter King Jr and Malcom X meet?
name the first legislative assembly created in the 13 colonies that let qualified voters help write the laws o?
How did women's roles change from WW1 to WW2?
Apart from Hitler, who was the most vile nazi of them all?
What happened to Building 7...?
United irish-men rebellion in 1798 - ireland.?
who knows about THE BLACK STONE ?
How did slavery undermine the ideals of the era?
i want to change my secret question answer because i forgot it?
What was the turning point of World War 2?
why were the midway islands valuable to the United States?
who is a leader?
While ancient Babylon and Egypt made celestial observations, they didn't seek answers on how/why things were?
Please anyone with information. con tact me . its very important. thank you?
how many noble prizes did Albert Einstein win?
I am looking for info on a black inventor named W.a. Martin. he is known for inveting the Lock?
What village in Kenya was Barak Obama born in?
what is the best way to Love someone ?
Why was Heidelberg in Germany not bombed by allied bombers during second world war?
where can I get the cheapest Medieval gown at?
who was Marc Antony (aka Marcus Antonius, cleopatra's Husband)?
what is shermans march to the sea?
Each of the following individuals expressed strong opinions concerning the policies of the new nation.?
Were Roman goods found in the ruins of Funan?
What is the best invention ever made in the history of everything?
Why was Andrew Jackson for the Spoils System?
why are the world's lowest points in deserts?
HISTORY- Native American question(s) EASY 10 POINTS!?
Interesting or amusing facts on the guillotine?
what should we do to end homeless?
Where is Kilroy now?
What role did industrial slavery play in the early nineteenth century?
How can History actually be helpful when everyone is changing it to fit their beliefs?
Do you know a site that shows pennies that cost a lot?
what is the reason for living?
What were some names in the early centuries? Where could I find a list of these names?
what caused the american revolution?
If you could go back in time and prevent one person's birth, who would it be?
hey plz answer my Q?
wt does british history consist of???????
What was the first year in history recorded as?
What year did silks song if you came out?
Romes sacking ? ? ? ? ? ?
will history repeat itself again?
What was the most interesting history book you ever read?
World History Homework Help: The Reign Of Louis XIV! Help PLEASE?
Georgia's Reconstruction era Carpetbaggers: I need to know everything about them....?
what roles in Africa did each family member played?
What are/were the strengths of the new government under the Articles of Confederation?
Is it possible civilization has advanced to (or surpassed) our current level of technology before?
How did the Israeli-Palestinian problem all began? All the details or a webpage that explains in details.?
what led to the storming of bastille,and the start of the French Revolution? 10 points!!!?
what is the name of president george bush mother?
I am designing a 60th birthday card,?
Which Roman emperor made his horse a senator?
Very sad about the firefighters who lost their lives.?
How many poems did Paul Lawrence Dunbar write?
When was the earliest UFO sighting?
Why didn't people just use bows and arrows back in the colonial days?
Phone number for artifact verifier?
in what museum the head of imam Hussein could be!?
Books set during the renaisaance?
Please help me to interview about Vietnam war and watergate!?
where there any significant contributions from induviduals in the fall of the romanov dynasty?
What were the causes and signs of America's sudden turn toward international involvement ?
well am i 26male_virginia?nop you ugly beasts missed again?
Who were some famous people from ancient maya, and what are some common names?
Whas Adolf Hitler a jew ?
Why did germany lose at Stalingrad?
What are some things that the ancient greeks influenced on things from today ?
Who ended the holocaust?
Why were the american natives Killed?
what is the english civil war?
Who was the worst president in American History?
Claudio Monteverdi?
What famous artifact looks like an octopus?
how did chaterine of aragon die?
What punishments in a gynecratic system could be done with a lady in stilettos?
no ansar heer py?
Who were the first racists? and who were the first victims of racism?
Do you think Manifest Destiny was a dangerous idea?
i want know about tobey maguire,and can i connect to him?
What does anschluss mean?
how did cavemen know how and what to eat?
What were the influences that the Xia and Shang dynasties have on later chinese history?
What were the turning point battles of WWI?
what Han Feizi say about legalism?
what is the history of cyber bullying?
How did Senator Thomas Benton alienate his Missouri constituents?
what is the most important building in the world?
Why was Joseph Smith murdered in 1875?
what were the results of the glorious revolution?
information about modern campaign for political rights and a comparison with civil rights movement?
who is ebenezer howard?
help me please? in American history? i need it very much right now.?
antonio lopez facts?
who was kid callahan of new york city during the 1930's?
consequences of the Louisiana purchase?
who was the first person male or female on the earth?
What was Margaret Thatcher like as primeminister of the UK?
Framers of the Constiution?
What group has caused the most deaths in history?
is there a summary of "tempest over teapot dome"?
What are the similarities and contrasts of European and Far East history?
Who was the gentleman that was able to solve problems within the government when Congress constructed our gove?
Is it possible that racsim will vanish 20 years from now?
Chinese Industry 1900s?
explain twiggy, waif youth/trend youth culture?
What is Balance of Power? How did this Balance of Power affect the wars during the Age of Absolute Monarchs?
how can i help someone with aquaphobia?
who is the founder of the city of Chicago?
what was the goal of the START 1 Treaty?
How were women encouraged to help the American War efforts? please answer!?
I need information about the storming of the Bastille?
Why didn't the Japanese attack Australia during WW2?
What does MLK JR show the usefullness of conflict and or compromise?
how did black majik come about ?and in what century?
why is pearl harbor important?
What are the cherokee indians doing today?
What do you think of Illuminati ?
I Remember, Do You?
Why would Lorenzo de Medici want his son and nephew to become high officials in the church?
I need A PICTURE of Lyre and Harp an egyptian artifact.?
If you had to fight in a war, what war would you least like to fight in?
Who is Hitler , and what's he famous for ?
How come Nazi Germany wasn't able to conquer England?
How did William Seward contribute to U.S. expansion?
Who supported the 23rd amendment?
Would something like the Holocaust ever happen again?
ww2 in poland?
Identify two instances of the “tide of battle” turning on the European Front and two instances of the same?
history......if you could go back in time....?
How long would Hitler have lived even if he won ww2 considering he had debilitating Parkinson's disease?
what Virginia custom did Madison's opponent do on voting?
who was involved in the protestant reformation and why ?
If you could go back in time before 1900 and stop one world event from happening, what would it be?
In your opinion,what is the most interesting era in world history?
Who is the biggest douche bag in history?
10 British Orchestras and 2 facts about 5 famous Conductors!?
did the lives of immigrants improve after race relation acts in Britain, 1960s?
opening times of Torre Eiffel?
How far was the Indian mutiny the most important turning point in Britains rule of India?
Do you agree with galileo's actions during his inquisitions?
homwork-HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the rest is on da other box!?
How was cooperation/team work important in world War I and II? Pleasseee?
Would you have voted Nazi/Hitler if you were in Germany after WW1?
What is a federalist (during the American Revolution)?
What contribution does archeaology make to our understanding of the history of pre-Roman Italy and early Rome?
what art did the iroquois create?
Roosevelt created blank which organized the shift in the economy to war production during world war two?
Do you feel that most history TAUGHT in the school systems(american) are told?
do every one get head aches over stress?
do you know any think about Egypt ????
Three most important key political and cultural assumptions that shaped the early modern Western experience?
how did the name confederate states develop?
Nazi Swastika?
Are Europeans better than Asians..?
The Roman Empire?
What are the major things Nero did as a ruler? years to please!!?
Why did the Aryans migrate to the Ganges River from the Indus River?
What's the country of Uzbekhistan like?
How is the French Revolution different from the Russian and Chinese Revolutions?
Where would I find a summary of Conquistador?
why is it important that sea-floor spreading and subduction happen at similar times?
Did Augustus Have a Summer Palace?
What country was the reformation started in?
Who would replace Nelson Mandela as a global peace figure?
please help!?
What did african-american slaves do in the slave trade?
Can someone please find me the biography on Jacob Lawrence?
How would you describe the most memorable night of your life?
Who was the best person ever in history?
who is the famous man in the world?
If you had to chose a historical study what would it be and why?
How did the get ride of the Slave Trade?
How to answer a 'to what extent' question?
What was at stake during the Battle of Waterloo?
how much would i get for a 1925 silver dollar, it has the statue of liberty on one and the otherside the eagle
Who killed Robert La Salle and why?
Who was great leader of Indian History? Mahatma Gandhi & Party?Bhagat Singh,S.C.Bose,C.K.AZAD?
What type of religion was predominant in the Incan civilization?
in what ways the revolution of 1848 was different from revolution of 1820 and 1830's?
Humor/jokes during the 18th century?
I need a citation regarding the historicity of Jesus Christ within the Historical Community (US)?
how did simon bolivar's writings make an impact on the development of democracy?
Explain two affects of the second argricultural revolution and the industrial revolution?
why is ulysses s. grant on the 50 dollar bill?why is the u.s capitol behind it?
What was Vietnam battle conditions like? :] :]?
Do you think WW1 was inevitable ?
to what extent did the federal goverment undergo an expansion of powers in the period 1900-1970?
Why does noone seem to care that the Nazis were heavily funded by Jewish bankers in Wall St and Westminster?
Do anyone knows either Hitler died, assassinated, disappeared or alive?
Was Hitler homosexual?
What political problems were there during the Han Dynasty?
What was the custom of burrying mughal emporers bodies?
can somebody help me find some well-informed and reliable online sources about the Paleo-eskimo peoples?
Why were all the large native american civilizations located near Central America?
question about Hitler .?
What famous list sported a total of 451 male and 7 female fugitives during its first 50 years?
what if you woke up in the morning?
After Philip II became king, what did he want the Greek states to do?
If you Had to be stuck in a Decade,Which one would it be,& Why???
During the Colonial Wars of the first half of the eighteenth century, the Iroquois and their allies...?
Since the Emancipation Proclamation only dealt with slaves in the Confederacy?
What were some of the important reform movements of the early 19th century?
did anything amazing happen in 1960 to 1970?
6th grade Geography Homeworkk?
Question on american history?
Why was Titus Andronicus popular during shakesphere's life?
Tribunes were elected to make sure the actions of Roman lawmakers were fair.?
Where can I get a figurine of the greek goddess Eirene?
What groups were involved in the Sierra Leone war?
The Declaration refers to king george combining with "others" and "giving his assent to their Acts of...?
what structure was built to link north and south china?
How did Auschwitz workers manage to cremate 5000 a day in 3 double bed chambers?
What Were the Advantages of Colonizing Puerto Rico?
what time was the clock invented?
is there really a Leif Erickson day?
What are three major impacts that World War II had on Canadian family life?
Who was Ellen Cuffe ,countess of Desart in history?
symbolism of noli me tangere at chapter 25 to 36?
What happened after the holocaust to all of the surviving Jews?
Why is it so hard for the Black man and the white man to get along?
How and why did the Cold War begin between 1945 and 1950?
Do you think the civil war was necessary? why or why not?
What occurred when the Native Americans from the east of the Mississippi were moving Westward?
What was thought to be the main purpose of the Great Pyramids?
what is the full name of mahatma gandi?
Why does Britain complain about immigration when the British Empire did much worse to countries?
American History/The Revolution?
what year, in the PAST, would you have liked to be living in ?
Which battle was the Acropolis destroyed by the Persians?
How do ancient people keep track of their trades?
Could you list several inventions and discoveries by British people?
1.Who was Phillip of Macedon’s son and what was his nickname?
When is King going to be burried?
Is it true that eugenics was widely supported before WWII? What do you know about it?
what was the Quartering act?
what are thomas Jefferson's contributions to the united states?
was northern parts of north carolina during early settlement years?
How old is english laguage. What was the original language of holy Bible?
What else did emperor Caligula do that made him so crazy other than making his horse second in command?
If settlers to North America were escaping England, why were the colonies named after British places?
what does it mean to change a sociaty?
Who discovered america?
where can i find translations to english of north american native place names, like ohio , or oklahoma?
Explain the causes of the American Revolution.?
ways used by society to americanize immigrants include?
Lizzie Borden. Who REALLY killed her parents?
If you could have lived during one time period in past history, when and where would it be?
who is the greatest person to ever have lived?
Does Columbus deserve to be in the history books?
Was it good to live in Britain during the Second World War? ?
Why did the membership in the Puritan Church decline?
can you link a website that shows household "improvments" in the 1920s in canada?
What were the economic effects of the Crusades upon Constantinople?
australia's involvement in the vietnam war ?
what was the role of women in WWI?
What caused the people of York and Durham to rebel against king william 1 in 1069?
what is capital city of Asia?
Did Thomas Jefferson violate/change his belief in states rights when he became the president?
How did paper originate?
which is sadder Armageddon or Titanic?
i need some history help pleaase[:?
why do people celebrate stone cold killers like george washington?
can you tell me what The Holocaust was in simple terms?
What do u think about TURKEY?
anyone know what the French term 'Certificats de civisme' means?
what supplies did amerigo vespucci bring on his voyages?
history of pacitan, indonesia?
Albert Hurtado sex gender and culture in old california?
Who really killed JFK? Aliens, Elvis, or the Loch Ness Monster?
in Rhenen.NL. what is the big graveyards history?
What were matternichi's 3 goals at te congress of Vienna.?
Questions about hoplites and government in Greek city states?
Are they're still descendants of slaves captured by the barbary corsairs living in the middle east?
Looking for an Iron Cross 2nd class suspension ring. Where can I buy such an item? Thanks.?
how sad that the last survivor of the Titanic has just passed away?
What was Catherine Parr's religious beliefs?
How did Samuel Adams save the first meeting of the Contental Congress?
Do you wish Great Britain won the Revolutionay War?
If God creates everything in the universe for 7 days, then how come dinasours 's bones?
Where did Hitler spend his developmental years?
what is contemporary reaction?
why and how was the civil war a turning point in american history?
whaat is the northwest ordinance of 1787?
Which planet is the smallest?
who was the founder of child language acquisition?
U.S. policy towards Puerto Rico and Cuba after Spanish American War?
sack of rome?
Was Greek Medicine based on Science or Superstition?
Explain briefly the significance of the Maysville Road veto of 1830.?
Did the Russia Romanov family have anything in common with China royal family?
If churches owned land and riches in the past (mostly), could a poor person simply join it to have access?
What would have happened if the south won?
world war 1 handguns.?
Help on Avebury stone circle Alignment!?
What doea the Phenix stand for?
Battle of Petersburg....Civil War?
I think I am Hitler. What should I do?
How did the Three Estates lead to tensions in France?
the past..does it matter?
detailed paragraph on second french war?
When was the war of 1812?
why did the united states of america colonize the philippines?
Who were the best warriors of history?
Are there Any Resources or Articles About Cash-for-Title Brides?
DO we in the UK like Egyptians?
what do you think really happened to Hitler after WW2, I think the Russians got him a tortured him for decades?
Hire Purchase credit was the most important reason for the economic boom in the USA?
Was Hitler....... Inbred?
Why do people make such a big deal about the Holocaust when at least 3 times as many Russians were killed?
What is Hercules' mother name?
Put these WWII Events in Chronological Order please?
Which historical person do you admire the most?
help me please?
Where did the Japanese people originally come from?
Is it possible al qaeda had something to do with Titanic?
In what way did the US's entry to WWI change the American policy?
What is " The meaning of life"?
Which arrived first, the chicken or the egg?
how were Jewish people treated by the Romans? and why?
who has constructed TAJ MAHAL?
When did the war between the French & British begin & When did it end?
To what extent was there political and economic progress in Russia between 1906-14?
What were some global issues that were involved in the American war for independence?
I want to take a Road Trip to visit Civil War Battle grounds any prearranged tours or maps?