AP US History vocab?!?!?
How did the Mongols affect the Mughals?
Was Steve Jobs a dictator?
Does anyone out there take Graham Hancock seriously? Besides me? Is there a website we all congregate?
how did ww1 and ww2 affect Germany socially and politically?
What caused the New Imperialism that emerged after 1880? and?
what is the negative and positive effects of the television? and how is connected to the great society?
who are aliens?
What were the cons of dropping the atomic bomb in World War II?
Why have Jews been hated so much throughout history?
What is the biggest issue today in Pakistan?
Why did the United States seek to build a colonial empire in the late 19th and early 20th centuries?
After the Poles were expelled from Moscow in 1613, what Dynasty came into rule?
When did slavery begin?
What is the name of the man killed by an sting ray?
Best place to study History at Unversity?
Did Marie Antoinette really say "Let them eat cake."?
Questions on 1920 American History?
What actions did the colonists take to fight against the Bristish when they forcing acts on them?
How did the Nazis segregate the Jews using executive and legal means?
any ideas on interesting freedom of speech ideas?
What was the worst moment in US foreign or domestic history, in your opinion?
Name three black politicians during the reconstruction era?
How did mass production in the later half of the 19th century distort the established Romantic/Historic styles
does anyone know a site with rare pics of che guevara?
Who were some of the important people in the north and the south in the battle of Antietam?
What is this? (Quick question about the LEAGUE OF NATIONS)?
Why do dogs have the tendency to scratch on surfaces?
Would you mind helping me with IMPERIALISM question? thanks----?
should the atom bombs have been dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki?
Where can I get an antique arabic knife/sheath appraised?
History help? A few questions?
Because of this man, the United States lost one of its most important founding fathers in the prime of his lif?
what we learnt from the history of the Manuneedhi chozhan?
Where did Vlad the Impaler die?
finding recent modern history discoveries?
how has the atom bomb effected modern warfare? 10 points! please!?
How did black political leaders in Georgia help to ratify the new Georgia constitution in 1868?
Why is England considered an Evil Empire?
10th grade history question about the 1800-1900's?
What did the majority of Supreme Court cases in the 1960s have in common?
what pops into ur mind when u think about the cold war?
How was the shape of the shard decided?
I want to know when Good Humor made the Super Humor bar.?
what was the fera?
can someone tell me if this is hitler in the car?
what ended the depredation of the colosseum?
Some questions about Greek Civilization?
I need help finding a Picture of Tara Knowles. are any pics of the real life Tara Knowles?
Did 'terrorism' result in the independence of America?
Facts about The Wilderness Battle in the Civil War?
The use of ethos,pathos and logos in Queen Elizabeth "Golden Speech" Please help?
What roles did religion play in the expansion of European colonial powers from 1400-1800?
American History help required. 10 points for best answer?
if you could go back to any time zone to meet any one who would it be and why?
How many Jews did Hitler kill? And how long was his reign?
Why were the suffragettes successful?
What do you think of Joan d'Arc a.k.a Joan of Arc?
What did servants spend their wages on in Edwardian times?
How accurate is it to say that the Korean war was a conflict without winners?
What did the God Hades represent?
Who is Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck?
How do you think the world will end?
why do we not celebrate the new year from xmas day since the calender started according to Christ's birth?
how popular music in 1920s in Britain compared to popular music in the 1980s in Britain?
what was john brown about?
What did Darius the Great do?
how many fish could Anne Robinson carry internally up a spiral staircase?
Western Civilization help..?
what were french dependincies?
Which states have teaching unions? 10 points!?
If Nostradamus was reincarnated in the present who would you think it could be ?
Why are people SO obsessed with dusty museum artefacts when REAL history is being created by us everyday?
history/modern world studies matching! :?
what is uruguay's major import?
Did Adolf Hitler ever suspect that he was starring in a real war movie called "World War 2"?
Aztecs; human sacrifice ?
What are the benefits of living in a permanent settlement vs. a nomadic settlement?
Cinco De Mayo?
What kind of goods did George Washington make?
I would like to know what LONDON had first before any other city anywhere?
What is hitler youth?
what is your favourite period in history?
who are some of Movers and Shakers of the Sovereign Military Orde?
who was more effective the detroit lions or the bush administration?
Are the Stamp Act/Sugar Act/Tea Act etc. results of the French&Indian War or examples of mercantilism?
Holocaust Research - Have the Museums Got it Wrong????
where can I find lifestyels,animals,uniqueness,weapons,an… of the kickapoos?
Does history really matter???
how did the great compromise solve the problem of representation in congress?
Was the reaction to thomas paine's common sense political or economic?
Is it true that symbols present on U.S. currency resemble those of secret societies? If so, which ones?
Who were the best warriors of history?
Film Title wanted?
why turks migrated from mongolia to today's Turkey?
How long has immigration been apart of U.S. history?
where was georgias capital moved during the siege of savannah?
History assignment help that I need help on.?
i have a watch fob that has this stamped on it.: S.O.B & co. , can you tell me anything about the company?
Need help finding WWI footage?
what is the nature and origin of Nation-state?
1876 election....what was the main result?
How do you get an a level in history?
Were modern " medicines" created by manipulation of chemical compounds to form un-natural compounds?
Thomas Jefferson delegated most of the duties of the First Lady to the wife of his Secretary of State?
Who was the most influential man or woman to ever live?
What were the goals of the French Revolution?
How did religious and military conflict affect Europe during the late Middle Ages?
Why was Che Guevarra captured and killed ?
Did Adam and Eve have navels?
how does the US government differ today than from what was set up by the founding fathers?
can someone give me any general info they know about african american slavery?
Who were the half tribes of Israel and how did they become half tribes?
Why was Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. against Jews?
I want your opinion for this history question?
How can I be a man like all greatest men in history?
Should I invite a former Nazi to come speak to my high-school History class?
Is Adolf Hitler German?
What was Abraham Lincoln's prime goal with Reconstruction for the 10% plan?
Is dinasours really exist?
How did Martin Luther's idea "priesthood of all believers” threaten established political/social hierarchies?
Is the earth created in seven day as says in the english Bible or was it a revolution?
What was the cause of world war one and two ?
adolf hitler did the world a favor by slaughtering millions of jews?
Why did Hitler hate Americans?
when did British people first start buying radios? how compared to Americans?
How did William III / William of orange frustrated Louis Xiv international aims ?
what are some good DBQ topics?
what did the great comprimise create? and how did it adress the nj and va plans?
who fiddled while rome burned?
why do girls were thongs?
all of the following are true about the armistice except?
Where are you viewing the work?
how are peoples civil rights violated?
What did al capone die of?
when was China named China? and by whom?
Who killed Randolph Diesel and why?
What name did Teddy Roosevelt give to his platform of the newly created Progressive Party in 1912?
What was the Greek view of reason?
When was ramayana writen? Year?
What scenario IF Germany never invaded Russia in WW2?
What was the impact of the supreme court's decision in gitlow v. new york 1925?
Where can i get info. about the history of the seismograph?
what songs did pirates used to sing and do you know the reason why they used to sing?
History Help based on French Revolution!?
What is a Stakanovist?
what did people wear in ancient syria?
who wanted control of North america and why ?
Was trans saharan trade route only used by locals?
who was joseph hunter dickinson?
3 examples of historical facts, 3 historical opinions and 3 historical fictions?
Who invented the first vending machine? What year? What did it dispense?
when did the first samurai exist?
how ican change microsoft word from arabic to english?
History question : What would of happend to turkey if there was no mustafa kemal?
Why did the revolution of 1848 have such a limited impact on the german states?
Its been 59 years....?
Where did world war II begin?
How different would world history be if Hitler had died during WW1?
What was a unique turning point in history?
U>S.Grant in historty a sucessfull general?
Please help! American History question?
do u like india?
Question about Auschwitz?
How did Christianity shape societies in the West and East during late Antiquity?
in the roman repuplic great representation in goverment was given to what class?
USSR and Eastern Europe 1930s?
Why Finland is the only Nordic country whose language is of Asian origin?
What town in New York or New Jersey has contributed to a historical event.?
What was the culture in Europe during World War 1?
any interesting facts?
Very sad about the firefighters who lost their lives.?
Was the Roman Empire the most multicultural society in the history of the world?
looking for the story of who shot the noses off the pyramids in egypt?
what are some famous perople in Angola, Africa in history?
How important was the military as an institution in Roman society? What factors contributed to its successes?
U.S History Cold War HELP!?
How does a car fit the theme of history?
how did cleopatra try to increase her influences?
What changes in the industrial revolution made it a revolution?
One hundred thousand naturalized and American born Japanese Americans were held in internment camps during WW2?
Henry VIII called Levina Teerlinc the Kings Paintrix, what does that mean?
why does the silent salute in the hunger games represent a sign of rebellion?
Who are the Iluminatti and where are they in the present?
I am looking for the person who said this quote" when and where I enter my race enters with me" afr amer woma
Can someone take some time off to answer these history questions if you know? Thanks!?
Whats your personal opinion about Reich Marshall Hermann Goering?
why do we have different ctlure in the world?
world history helpp.?
Did the workers benefit from the Europe Industrialzation prior to 1840?
what indian tribe lives near san gabriel?
in syria, What goals do the rebel groups have? Who are their leaders?
According to Thomas Jefferson, “All men are created equal.”?
Would you remember Mary Boleyn as a whore, or as the woman who married the man she loved, defying her family?
Explain the socioeconomic and cultural differences and similarities among the English colonies in N. America?
did we have helicopters in 2ndworld war and if so what were thay called?
Who discovered that South America was a separate continent?
What were the murder statistics in the US in the 1800's? ?
DO YOU REMEMBER WHERE YOU WERE ON THIS DATE IN 1987? OR what happened on this day???
what is circumphormal basilica?
Where the dinosaurs real?
MC:What three tupes of US foreign policy characterized the turn of the century?
WWII Pacific Footage for download?
How did Justinian gain the throne? His father passed on the throne to him. His uncle made him co-emperor.?
The history shows: Empires always get to a tipping point and then they disappears very quickly. Why is that?
Help in history please?
What were some Athenian values/ideas?
Is the Holocaust the worst treatment of humans in our history?
why do people still wear mullets??!!!?
does anybody think that there will ever be a world war 3?
The Vietnamese surname Tran or Nguyen , Why do many Vietnamese people had those surname?
Good famous U.S. Historical person I can do a report on?
What kinds of clothing is typically worn in the different regions of Africa?
Anastasia dead or alive?
what events led to the fall of the roman republic?
How did Benjamin Franklin change the world?
What did Muhammad Ali stand for in the world of boxing and in society?
Poll: What was your favorite time period in history?
Why do we "clink" glasses at special occasions..?
What was christopher coloumbus famous for?
how did john calvin effect religion?
How was slavery justified?
What is the origin and purpose of the Australian Government?
why did trotsky during communist regime in russia say this?
WW1: Did soldiers choose to go to war or were they forced? How old did they have to be?
Briefly describe the twentieth century philosophy of existentialism; how did Simone de Beauvoir apply this phi?
what facts did alexander the great face in order?
Did anithing special happen,in the year you where born?
the halucost?
How many grievances against the British king were named in the American Declaration of Independence?
I Need a Real Answer here, Tell me what you think of native americans?
what is leonardo da vinc's real name??
What decides a man future?
What will be the fall of the United States empire?
Can You Suggest Any Historical Figures To Study?
What is the relationship between the Second Great Awakening and America's modern evangelical movement?
in what way did rinaissance through contribute to the age of exploration?
Why did Riis say the gang is "the ripe fruit of tenament house growth"?
Why does history get soo boring in uni?
how did royalty and nobility hinder or get in the way of the Industrial Revolution?
How and why was William Harrison elected president?
Is it close to reality that Abraham Lincoln was indeed a vampire hunter?
What where various ways the U.S acquired its Western territories between the years 1810-1890?
what challenges do archaeologist face?
Who is julius cezar?
which state in the 1800's were the Gold Rush State??
can someone Briefly compare the cities of Hanoi and Saigon?
Homework help? Does this sound to much alike?
What were the social reasons Japan entered World War II?
what were two ways the u.s. navy countered the U-boat attack?
What were the roman beliefs regarding the creation of the universe?
Who Is Famous For The Following Quote?
what was the selma campaign?
How and when did Adolf Hitler die, really?
when talking to germans?
Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler?
did the Irish invent the ice cream van?
What is meant by "Victorian attitudes and values"?
What was British politic like in the 1700s?
if we all are supposed to have come from APES, WHY havent all Apes evolved into Humans.?????
where was you when president Kennedy got shot ?
george washingtons strengths and weaknesses as president?
how would the british describe the road to the american revolution?
what are the causes of ww1?
when did Spain invade Venezuela?
A little horse I had as a child it was made by Edward mobley Comp 1961. Can you help find this company?
Why were native americans and africans conquered by europeans and not the other way around?
what did the nazi do that was so bad?
Did the black people of america achieve equality during the civil rights movement?
meaning craquen?
the legendary captain morgan?
Racism in the Past..?
Do you find it insulting when Japan has their ceremony for "victims" of Hiroshima?
What does the control cab of an old steam locomotive look like?
What was the theme of the 1964 Marshall Fields Christmas windows in downtown Chicago?
Do you Think Hitler was the most evil man in history or the best motivator of people?
I saw FREE TIBET sign on a car. What is that? What is Tibet?
Were there any people that were trying to warn the German people of the Dangers of the Nazi Government?
What did Joseph R. McCarthy do during the attack in 1950?
For History Pros Only?
What are 5 facts about Gertrude Stein?
did any slavery actually move north in the U.S after the dred scott case?
World history help! Please!?
If Hitler was Austrian by birth, why did he never have any pride in Austria?
Apex World history homework. Please Help. One question?
Which explorer was the first to reach the centre of Australia in 1860?
compare the length of time egypts and nubian civilizations lasted with that of the assyrians and babylonians.?
What big things happened between 1941 and now in the world?
Can someone give me the name of a cathedral that was built in the 14th or 15th century?
where can i learn about the stories of the true mobsters or any italian american involved in organized crime?
what is name of the two mombs which droped on hiroshima and nagasaki?
what are considered the major causes of World War Two?
I need information on the Corn Laws that led to Canada's Confederation. Anybody know any sites??? ?
What 10 people in history would you like to have over for dinner, cocktails and conversation?
Can you think of a reason why someone might have wanted to move FROM Switzerland TO the USA...?
where can i find objective facts and historical information about the war between greece and turkey in 1922?
where i get the work and i am south Sudan and no work because nothing there?
why was portugal the first country to build an overseas empire, and then to lose it?
Which country was the most to blame for World War One?
what I have to do in my future?
Did the Roman Empire have a standard coin?
two questions ? i need help please !!?
Was the Times newspaper for or against the women's suffrage (1910)?
What did many farmers concluded during The Crime of ’73?
Were the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki justified or not?
what power did congress hold under the articles of confederation?
hitler rumours??????
Why was the u.s constitution written?
what is the point of history.?
i'm looking for information on the building of the walls of derry, n.ireland, can't seem to find anything?
What is the mae jemison foundation?
What interesting facts about history can you tell me?
Which Mexican have Indian and Spanish and europe blood?
What's the background of the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka?
Is being a member of the British Aristocracy an achievement and something to be proud of?
can anyone summarize Beveridge's speech, " The March of the Flag."?
What was the British army called during WW2?
What was the name of who discovered microscopes?
I need help with the last question on my history hw please?
Why did Homo Erectus migrate from Africa?
What did "Atoms of Peace" stand for?
what was the name given by miguel lopez de legazpi to manila?
why did van coah cut off his ear?
Since 9/11 how has Islam been misunderstood in America?
who was the 34th president of the united ststes?
What is something or someone Hitler loved?
kindly give me a list of books which are greatly related to Philippine history?
History Essay Topic/ Argument HELP?
why did people ride the rails during the Great Depression? and what kind of people rode it?
How come in the Holocaust in western country's. they only mention the Jews?
What race were the Ancient Egyptians?
George Washington............?
Does any one know a "good" film about the Nazis that I can show to my 13 year old grandson?
what is a good Shakespear feature article about his plays and the way they have survived all these years?
Can anyone tell me all about Benjamin Franklin!! AL ABOUT HIM!! ALL?
who is the father of modern theology?
Why was America's 1920/1930's policy of Isolation justifiable?
Mother's Day in the United States was first proclaimed in what year?
7. In Sri Lanka, the Tamil Tigers were the first group to ever sent their fighters laden with explosives to bl?
who made the very first pyramids.?
what are 3 ways the Romans altered the Greek design?
hoover was carried into office on a wave?
why was hernan cortes arrested ?
What do you know about orphan trains?
who is a famous person from pearl river county mississippi?
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight?
It seems to me most strange that men should fear death, Seeing that death is a nessasary end?
Pleasse Need help!! What are some current evnets that Realte to History?
Plz summarize in detail Sherman's March:The first full-length Narrative of General William T.Sherman..for me?
What happened to the ancestral language of the Germanic peoples? What happened to the language they had before?
Approxamately, when will the human race cease to exist?
Do you think Male and Female cheat in Same Ratio?
Whats my favorite color?
who's your HERO ? PRE 1890 and why ?
In the crash of 1912, the Titanic, what Ocean/Sea did it sink and how many survivors were if there was any?
Would it be accurate to say the push of a button could have been the end of Cuban culture?
what is art?
1. What is the current role of the U.S. in the world?
what is the oldest museumin the worl?please give the url of it?
What is the oldest existing hospital in the US?
Biased info. Does anyone have any non-biased arguments about Hitler?
How soes the concept (thought)of muslim jihad compare to the concept(thought)of crusade?
Any Holocaust movies please?
What was the Role of the Electoral College in the election of 1800 and the 12th amendment?
Names of famous Scientists and their "AKAs" HELP PLEASE?
If you were born in the thirties what was teenage life like?
History help! I have no idea! :(?
Presidential image?
What is older than ancient?
was John F. Kennedy's assassination a conspiracy?
If the Birth of Christ is the point of time that divides AD and BC, then how come christ born on December 25th
Some questions about History before 1877 ?????????
If Rommel had not gone into Egypt but focused on Malta would it have made a difference?
How did the studia humanitatis affect medieval Europe?
what % of usa population is left handed?
What were the differences between Castro and Guevara?
what was ironic about Thomas Jefferson's letter to James Madison?
When the founding fathers of America began to design Washington, D.C., how were they influenced by the Greeks?
what is vasco de gama best known for?
which is the most famous man in USA?
i have j.f.kennedy gold trim plates to sell b4 he was assassinated?
Is America the freest country in the world? Or is it England?
How did the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 affect the American life?
Did elephant cemeteries really exist?
Where to sell WWII Hitler youth knife?
why Horace Mann was important for the future of America because?
sth about stone heng?
when the first book was publicated?
Where Can I find a Biography on George Seurat?
Would you rather be a Jew or a German in WWII?
How did the 3 Laws of Motion affect the Renaissance?
Battle Of Stalingrad questions!?
Critique the ruling of Supreme Court of limitation of freedom of speech during wartime ?
Why did Napoleon rename all of his mistresses?
what is nthe history of ben wah balls?
Select the items that describe a cultural influence on a region.?
What will happen in the year 1999?
were those spartans depicted in '300' all homosexuals in the real world?
Help... Can't find anything..?
which veda is the oldest of four veda?
Were General Custer's last words Zulus thousands of them?
The cruelest human that ever lived!?
What are some similarities and differences between medieval Korea and China?
Who was Julius_Caesar?
Did Frank Siberling & Henry Ford try to create a monoply ? Explain.?
the role of a pastor's wife in the 1800's?
about the "da vinci code"?
How did they contribute to positive growth of society?
FDR's New Deal. Can you help me prepare for a debate?
Was MLK,jr a fake?
AP US History Help Please?
Do you believe Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK?
I need a name of a old prison that isn't being used and is haunted?
Why should we in the UK apologise for the slave trade?
What would have happened if Britain was in the middle of Europe instead of being an island?
last name of the father of library science in india?
Was there a viable alternative to either the first or second world wars?
What is a good auto-biography about settlers in 1800's?
What are some Human rights abuses that occured in th Soviet Union after WW2 under Stalin?
What did supporters of laissez-faire believe was the best way to preserve public land?
whats the origin of the word "Karat"?
why is st.louis,missouri called the "gate way to the west"?
HELP! When and why did the French revolution happen? easy ten points?
What are a few landmark cases of the taney courts between 1801-1860?
Were Germany and France allies before War World 1?
who was it that discovered america?
I wanted to know what was the name of the pbs 70a or 80a show that had a man who was a scientist or a chemist?
What were the positive effects of European colonization?
what significant events changed the course of Islamic history?
what was life like in ancient china for marco polo during the song dynasty?
American History Help? 9 Questions..?
What would be the likely state of the world today if the Axis powers had won WW2?
people before paleolithic period?
when was there last a country calledKurdistan?
If Osama had the same type of power as hitler did, would he have been worse?
did ya know......france has....an STATUE OF LIBERTY TOO???
Who fought to end Slavery Democrats or Republicans?
who was the hapsburg family?
What kind of material was used for construction during the Delhi sultanate?
What historical artifacts are still missing?
how is germany forgiven so easily for the wars?
Who has affected the history of the world the most?
Judaism, Christianity, Islam,which one was there first?
what were the dates of operation in plaszow camp?
why was the underground railroad important to black Canadians?
What were the Herods family mentioned in the Bible and secular history particularly noted for?
Confederation? 10 points?
What other reformers contacted Henry David?
when exactly did amelia mary earhart recive the distinguished flying cross?
what did the vikings all discover?
What were the concurring opinions of Gideon v. Wainwright?
US Intervention of Spanish American Cuban War?
who was the founder of pakistan?
What were the advantages and disadvantages of the zadruga in Yugoslavia?
What is your opinion on the Holocaust?
what religious edifice stood 5 stories with 3 temples?
what was the biggest moment in history that changed the course of the world? Why?
what was the cause of world war one?
Strengths and weaknesses for the Articles of Confederation?
Why did he change what could have happened?
What does Political Subjugation of a group mean?
THe most humiliating aspect of the Treaty of Frankfort ending the Franco-Prussian war was the?
I need help with AP World History Homework??? 10 Points?
How many U.S. Presidents have been assassinated?
What is Mercentalism?
Which irish american effected the most change in today's world?
Is it true or false that Romney left Mass. in very bad shape as senator?
What was Christopher Columbus's voyage like?
What kind of a religion did Muhammad have for his people?
the yellow and brick house is on county road 61 in pisgah alabama?
what should i do for my history fsir project?
what are somali people?
what is pan?
Why do historians sometimes draw different conclusions about the same event? (HomeWork :P)?
Auschwitz camp?
How did William Seward contribute to U.S. expansion?
who were the principle commanders of both the confederate states of america and the union states of america?
how did they weigh horses in the 16th century?
list the largest earthquaques in history?
Where were aboriginal potlatchs held?
what problems did the us face in the vietnam war? what options were available to president johnson? Nixon?
Who played Major Strasser, the German officer killed by Humphrey Bogart at the end of Casablanca?
List the important event or day which comes in october for India.?
Was World War Two a hoax?
If you could party with anyone from History who would it be?
Ugh! How should I respond to someone that denies the Holocaust?
Wow did you know when nobody gets it?
Where is the first patent document located at?
Why do historians call the period after the Romans left britian the 'Dark Ages'?
What was the significance to weakening of British authority?
Will you help me find an image?
who in history is your role model?
which century had all of the small "Protestant" groups forming in Europe and why?
American Foreign Policy 1860-1880. What Happened?
Should the chinese be proud or ashame of the Great Wall?
Is Christopher columbus a hero? WHY OR WHY NOT?
Did the holocaust really happen?
Why was the east end of london during the 1920s a large poor area and how are the conditions there?
Why did the Catholic church's hierarchy not condemn the Nazis in WW2?
. Discuss, using three examples, how Christianity has influenced the development of Georgia’s history.?
Criticism faced by great people who are successful now?
Who are the Dictators in the 20 th century Africa & Europe ?
Where did the Neolitioc agircultural revolution occur, and how did it affect the lives of men and women?
did the patriots stay loyal to england?
why were slaves good in plantation agriculture?
What led to the Spanish conquest of Atahuallpa? Do you agree or disagree with Diamond? Why or why not?
who is the most important person in us history?
History help! Everything about the firs telephone?
if jesus said ill be back soon and that was 2000 years ago then what is soon?
Who was worse between Hitler, Stalin, or Mao ?
what is the purpose of life?
Explain. World History?
You are going back in time to live in the year 1800, you can take one thing with you - what is it?
Which percentage of the Kings & Queens of England had their birth times recorded probably & WHY?
why is ben f. on the $100 bill? what is behind the $100 bill and why?
General (but important) question, would you....?
What is the best soda Coca or Pepsi?
who discovered america?
If Adolf Hitler's Empire would have not fallen how long to you think Germany's Empire would have last?
Why did the United States enter WWI in 1917?
What do you think of Stalin? Why do you think this?
what is the value of a buffalo head nickel dated 1927,1935, and 1936?
Is is true that Hitler and Adolf Eichmann, both had Jews blood?
How did you know about Y.A?
what were the causes and effects of the revolutions of 1917 in russia? and of the mexican revolution?
Where in the Declaration of Independence does it talk about absolute monarchy?
Who are the dictators of Europe and Asia during world war 2 and what is their ideology?
What happened to the French and Britain War?
What was Steve Irwin doing down there with the Sting Ray anyway?
What were the four main causes of World War I?
What were the major historical legacies of the hellenistic age?
True / False . History <3 Help please !?
The Black Robe movie Question?
Question about the Ecuador flag.?
how long was the renaissance?
what kinds of art are in ancient greece?
Did the KKK have any positive contributions to our society?
what was the education of juan rodriguez cabrillo in his lifetime?
who, what, where, when, why, how, about George Washington?
Mexican perspective on the Mexican-American War?
The attack by Massachusetts colonists on the home of liuentenant governor and chief justice Thomas Hutchinson:?
Life in the jungle is fun. What makes fun in that?
what does ADIGA mean ?
how did black people face discrimination in the 1920s?
The battle of chancellorsville?
could someone explain king Arther & the knights at the round table?
What accomplishments were made by Ann Boleyn?
Why do some people believe that the Holocaust never happened?
Was Einstein, resposible for the destruction of Hiroshema& Nagasaki?
Where can I order custom sheets of Fiberglass or Plexiglass?
WHO IS ALIVE NOW WHO SHOULD QUICKLY RECIEVE A KNIGHTHOOD ,Before its too late.Some great ,noble people deserve
What material did ancient Egyptians use for thier clothes?
WW1: Did soldiers choose to go to war or were they forced? How old did they have to be?
How much destruction was caused during the firebombing of Tokyo in WWII?
Did hitler order the subways in germany cities to be flooded with women and children on them?
If we had a world war 3?
I have a few questions about communism?
How did France become Absolute and England become Constitution?
Why was Malcolm x assassinated?
How did he differ from Karl Marx when it came to the issue of dictatorship of the Proletariat? Explain.?
Which was one part of the Marshall Plan?
What do you think would have happened if Alexander the Great had lived on?
The Cuban Missile Crisis: Brink of Annihilation or Exaggeration?
any idea on the famous "may pole" or where I can find info on it???
world war I and france?
where was President JFK's Cuban Missile Crisis speech addressed at?
HISTORY BUFFS- who won the 100 Years War?, and...could you give me a few details?...thanks ahead of time.?
What event was more significant, WWII or Civil Rights Movement?
What is your favorite country in the WW2?
In Prehistoric Times, How Did Humans Survive When Dinosaurs Were Around?
How does reformation challenge the chruch specfically?
Was Queen Mary Tudor Really That Bad?
During world war 2 the soviet union was an ally of the united states. true or false?
what do u think of the speech I had a dream by mlk?
Who was muhammad? and how did he influence the world?
what is love?
Once again, I would like to ask is Sara Crewe taken from real life or is she fictional?
Were cavemen a part of evolution or a part of God's creation?
HELP!! I need topics for a paper?
Modern Presidents try to portray a 'nice guy'image, but was there ever a real bastard of a President?
Why were most of the South/ Central American countries neutral in WW2?
The Monroe Doctrine. please help?
what is the da vinci code?
What's a good idea for a board game about the 1920~30's in the USA?
What was the relationship between the Early Christians and The 'ancient' Greek people?
do ninjas come from japan?
Was there anything the allies had better than germany in ww2?
GO BACK IN PAST . which time you choose ?
Did Park Chung Hee's Saemul movement work?
The first European power to establish a colony in Arabia was?
How many sons did Duryodana have?
what is the weakness of hephaestus (Greek god)?
Exactly how were the Italians able to defeat Hitler at Waterloo?
Do you consider Paris Hilton a historical person?
How did african culture impact the way slaves dressed ?
Who the hell was King Leopold?
Was Hitler good or bad?
appreciate it if someone can tell me the name of a swedish song?
Did Thomas Jefferson ask Congress to suspend writ of habeas corpus?
What is the Swiss Academy?
What Item would symbolize George Washington's Accomplishments?
Why did Anastasia Steele say in her sleep?
Did Garsington, Oxon have a Smallpox Hospital?
History Help! How would I write an interview with Abraham Lincoln as a Confederate?
what are three historical documents about imperialism?
pictures of Fredrick M. Jones?
Anybody know anything about the Tang dynasty?
What did women wear in the 1770s?
What did the conservatives want to change about the government?
What threats did african americans face after 13 amendment?
who was Sir Matthew Decker, 1st Baronet?
Was Alexander the great really great or not??
Every one here is talking about peace and love! bla,bla,bla,all of you balmed hitler forholocaust and all the?
Who are some famous choreographers from 1800-1910?
which year was the waterloo war?
what's the exact dates of the edsa revolution 1,2, and 3?
Help with OK history?? Best answer s!?
what were the materials needed to build a castle and what people were needed?
What year was the Plantation Club founded, and what other info do you know about it?
Why was Hitler Ruler of Germany if he was so evil?
Can anyone identify this bomb?
do luk and muk are true friends of balto?
what is charles buddy boldens mom and dads name?
Anastasia Romanov - did she survive the execution of her family?
where do I find passenger lists UK to Australia 1860 to 1880 online?
What, in your opinion, is the greatest event to ever occur in history?
Aksum became a prosperous kingdom MAINLY because…?
Law or History and Politics degree. Help?
Was U.S foreign policy more pragmatic or idealistic?
how much did the United States pay for Alaska? and When?
Am I wrong to say that Adolf Hitler was one of the greatest leaders in history?
Russia's Major Goals during War World I?
Two guys were walking their dogs...?
What themes did writers in the regionalism time period write about?
Do you admire people who were born in 1889 and are turning 100 now?
Four ways the French Revolution had a lasting influence outside of France?
What are 8 facts about the worcester vs georgia case?
How long has BDSM been around for?
why did Japen give up the war to U.S.?
What people have been most hard done by in history?
What was the fate of SS Hartlepool in WW2? Was she attacked on or around 5 July 1940? If so how?
was hitler a good man & how did he die ?
How many people did Joe Stallin kill?
Is Adolf Hitler the worst human being of all time?
u know this man?
Why do the medieval times seem so cool?
Wonders of the world?
What happened to the cute kid who played Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez in The Sandlot? Still acting?
Adolf Hitler?
famous people or leaders of italy in 1550-1650?
The English colonization of North America?
Why did Hitler get by with what he did for so long?
what were some limitations on the the human rights declaration?
why aids is being a problem?
How did the Inca cut the rocks?
What were the similarities in the revolutions in Mexico, lower South America, and Upper South America?
History, 2 Questions?
If you could invite six people from all of history to your house for dinner, who would you choose?
Explain (in full detail) what Canada was like after World War II? How did it become a peaceful country again?
what the hell was Hitler's problem?
Social inequality in the Early Modern Era?
I need help - History Home work?
Was Africa civilized before the slave trade?
What was the name of the Frenchman who showed the English army a ford across the river for silver?
who is Saladin? what was he like?
I Need to know the Origin of the name "Quillen"?
What surgery was carried out in ancient greek times?
What is the real name of the wife of Emperor Shah Jahan?
Modern history: the schlieffen plan was designed to prevent a war on 2 fronts?
what are the similarities and diffences between the united states and ancient rome's goverment?
What was imperialism and what role did it play in the United States?
describe the impact film gallipoli had of the way australians saw anzac?
Help! Quote on WW1 shortage of ammunitions?
George Washington questions.?
Does 'The 14th century' mean the 1400's?
Is there really a blood lineage from Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene?
Which of the following was designed to simplify and standardize the laws affecting businesses involved in inte?
the cities that florished on the bank of river indus are called?
what role have natural resources played in the politics and economy of ancient civilizations?
Why did the United-States hide their imperialism, at first?
what was the Manifest Destiny?
How did many colonists respond to the Townshend Acts imposing duties on British goods?
What work were the POWs doing in summer of my german soldier?
what caused the french and indian war?
How many days do i have untill i graduate High school???
What were common themes in Spanish medieval literature?
who won the war of pearl harbor?
How do you think the specifics of the Italian War informed Machiavelli’s opinion when he was writing The Princ?
What factors led to the collapse of communism?
when and how did isaac hayes invent gravity?
When was the first Medieval Scriptorium Made!!!!!!!????
How were the Confederates able to over run the Union forces on Henry House Hill?
Who Was Caroline Chisholm? What Important role did she have during the gold rush?
Question about George Washington?
how and why did the U.S. federal government dominate economic and political life in the 1930's?
Does Any One Know About Persepolis(Takhte Jamshid)?
when did the study of history begin?
if there is a God, why would He allow heinous crimes, catastrophe such as earthquake, hurricane, tornado....?
If the Third Reich had won WW II, Europe would be gone, what would become of the United States?
ancient china's themes?
Did Livia really poison Augustus Caesar so her son Tiberius could be emperor?
Is there any website on past and present nigerian masks?
how did ppl find facts before we had the net?
What is the history of stained glass?
Who do you think Jack the Ripper was?
What is the best book on laws of history? Like Arnold toynbee?
Did any of the original Nazis do any good after Hitler came to power in 1933 ?
In what was is the constitution still relavent in todays United States? (speech class...PLEASE HELP!)?
what were the two side in world war 1?
who is the most evil person ever?
How did experiences on the domestic front of Great Britian differ from of Germany and France?
In South Africa, where did all the white who were responsible for the apartheid came from?
is jesus christ was the follower of buddha ?
who is clinton?
Is it fare to describe the Italians as?
Do u think that most people attak penn state because they were not smart enuf to get accepted to Penn State?
where is the holly grail?
Help understanding "Edict of Nantes"?
First King of your country?
How did William Shakespeare influence other writers?!?!?
French and Indian War Question?
Did ancient Egyptians domesticate big cats?
Which correctly describes the extent of the Mongol Empire at its height?
I wonder what was in the original?
What are some traditions American Armenians celebrate today?
Where can I find comparison charts on income from the Civil War to present?
Who is the most famous queen ever ?
where did albert einstein get his education?
If "Culture Club" came popular during WW1..how would British men have liked them or not and why?
the similarities between nations outweigh the differences?
Has the USA ever fought a war on its own soil?
who were the other six soldiers who fought with prataprao Gujar opposite Bahlol Khan?
How many eggs does a Saltasaurus lay?
why were the germans so advanced?
Russian reforms by Peta?
what is the thesis statement for this essay question?
was there gold in jamestown when john smith went there?
Can you write in YOUR OWN words who is GEORGE BUSH? And what are his (achievements)?
why did we only get things such as the computer in the past 100 yrs?
How much was Hitler worth before he died?
is the qing dynasty a genocide?
is tajmahal in the list of 7 wonders of the world?
In your opinion what peoples since the fall of the Roman Empire is the most villainous?
Can someone explain Watergate to me?
explain four characteristics of a feudal economy?
what were the aztec social classes and what order did you go in?
What is life?
What's a good history topic to write about in my essay that's about juan peron?
Quesiton about internet history?
I need help getting my history back on my computer?!?
What was gouverneur Morris' view on the Bill of Rights?
Have u forgot what happen to the twin towers?
Why did the slave population in the American South biologically reproduce while the slave population elsewhere?
Where is God?
Did Germany and Germans own slaves?
What the culture in the West like during the Westward Expansion?
How many U.S. Presidents have been assassinated?
The best Phrase on life?
Who is the president of benin?
What are the differences between the Regency, Victorian, & Edwardian eras?
in the song here comes peter cottentail what does he have for sue ?
why is franklin d. roosevelt on the dime?
what goods were taken to america in 15th century?
When will the American empire crumble?
why did the king of hammurabi get to choose the laws?
Was Jesus in love with Marie Magdalena?
What is one way in which white Southerners prevented blacks from voting after Reconstruction.?
Why did the Germans begin a policy known as “unrestricted submarine warfare?” -WW1?
how did they transport ice in the 18th century?
frances history?
Why did the chicago seven protest?
What is the importance of social class as it applies to british culture?
How was Bacon’s Rebellion a “Virginian Civil War’?
2001 america gets attack, 2005 london gets attack, what country sooner might be next with this bull?
So how did the Egyptians decide what a pyramid would look like?
What does Western Civilization refer to?
What effects did the battle of Stalingrad have on Peruvian housewives?
feeling about my country?
what was the capital of the united states before the revolutionary war?
What is the exact reason for the Engligh to quit India?
what were some facts on Claude Monets childhood?
Other sources for a memoir?
Is French History nearly as interesting as British History?
what do u call people who dont believe that things have happened...like the holocaust?
Who are your favorite figures from the Civil War, North and South...?
Land Bridge from Russia to North America?
did ferdinand magellan have any plants or animals on his voyage around the world?
What are British Students taught about the American Revolution (Rebellion)?
Where did Amelia Earhart crashed?
this is KARMA!!!!!!!!?
What was the historical significance of the Munroe Doctrine?
Would Britain loose the war against Germany in WII, if US didn't intervene? ?
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral: The Films vs. The Truth?
When you were taught history at school what period were you taught about?
Where were you when you heard about the 9/11 attacks?
Could the Salem Witch Trials be considered a turning point in history?
what capitol of Malta and whats the president name?
How come the Vietnam war is not taught accurately in schools?
what is the most powerful country in the world?
What was the main religion in the year 1836?
What kind of leader was john smith?
Did the constitution give too much power to central government?
Help with history homework!!?
To what extent did the new scientific theory and discoveries alter the concept of God and religion?
do you think Marylin Monroe was assasinated by the Kennedys?
how many indepedant (free) and dependant (colonial) countries are there in the world ?
To what extent did Stalinrad turn the tides of the Great Patriotic War?
Imapct of British Taxation On American Colonies?
how do we know about events that happened in ancient times?
What was Chretien's role during the Quebec Referendum?
Do you think the USA using the atomic bomb on Japan was justified?
what were the literary responses to the industrial revolution?
when french revolution was brought?
what were the average life span of a puritan?
Who is the Maid of Orleans and what did she do?
What type of Government did each country in World War 1 have?
how did japan deal with western involvement in the east?
who is the man that is supposed to have been alive for centuries?
Did America have the right use Nuclear weapons to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki after truce was being drawn up?
who made the mayflower compact?
what is the exact date native americans could vote in arizona?
Several foreign armies had intervened in the Russian Pacific coast, any operations brief on it?
american imperialistic goals from 1865-1910?
Who assassinated John F. Kennedy?
was california first ruled by mexico or spain?
What states still had slavery but did not join the confederacy during the Civil War?
Are you for or against what Abraham Lincoln stood for?
If you could go back in time and give yourself coaching speech at age 22, what would you tell yourself?
When was the last time you lost or broke something?
What happened to cause the Rwandan Genocide?
Who built Big Ben in London,England and why was it built?
Good War Bad War Theory WW2?
Revolutions in Europe....?
when was "two studies of architecture" leonardo da vinci created?
Does anyone know the name of this ancient art work?
old newspaper article on Jesse James?
what did the u.s. hope to gain by inserting the platt amendment into the cuban constitution?
how many world wars have there been?
To who ever this may concern i need information on Nairobi, Kenya for a school project?
Who was the best president ever?
Do you know anything about the Egyptian god Anubis?
the incas united their empire by?
In what year was the silk road established?
What ammo did a civil war cannon use?
who was the first principal of waltham high school?
who was the egypian god "rha"?
helen of troy?
give me the list of internationally important days. important days for BANGLADESH, important days by UN?
What was the compromise tariff of 1833 and what did each side get and give up?
What would be the Lord Jesus Christ's reaction to the technological advances in this day and age?
Were there any known gay Nazi officals?
What if a Jewish person converted to Christianity while he/she was already in the concentration camp?
6th grade Geography Homeworkk?
In what battle in WW2 did the most number of soldiers die?
how did the challenges facing the leaders of the weimar republic compare to those of the leaders?
why literature is important?
Analyze the impact of music in the early 19th century western society.?
Has anyone ever wondered how much of what we learned in history is wrong?
important events of all days in january?
Resurrecting Jack the Ripper's identity - is there anyone who wishes to discuss intelligently?
detailed paragraph on second french war?
Which king built the Sun temple at Konarak?
happened in 1063 in the successful campaign against the welsh?
How did sososoweto died ?
Hi which warrior is deadly? The Samurai or Spartan?
what was Diego Rivera concept behind his pan american unity mural?
what kind of house would a stonemason from 1000 live in?
ok so im a student, and i need to know some stuff. What actually did Herbert Hoover do for americans at time?
Do you wish the nazis won world war II, even if hitler had fallen?
who made up the irsh jig?
What are the the main factors contributing to the movements of independence in Spanish America?
What is the secret society Illuminati?
where did the word fart come from?
where can i find out how much a pennie coin is worth?
what is the capital of taiwan?
History of the Gatling Gun?
10 points! Tsar commanding army in Russia?
How many kinds have had children who aspired to become babysitters?
Was it the Greeks or the Romans, the ones who defined and influenced the Byzantine Empire the most?
Two people that signed the Declaration of Independence are not on the back of the 2 dollar bill. Who are they?
How old would you be if you were born in 1478?
What are all major science and technological advances in Europe between 1950 and 2011?
The end of plate armor?
What was life like on the Plains like for Native Americans?
What is your favorite structure/building that is at least 400 years years old and still exists today?
Who is the smartest person in history?
Were Gladiators Allowed to Disobey the Signal of The Emperor?
Why was Owain Glyndwr a hero?
why was the 1st world war so different to other wars in history?
Does anyone know why the sphinx does not have it nose? I heard it was because Napolean Shot it. True or Not?
Does anyone know all the words to the song, "Here comes Peter Cotton Tail hopping down the bunny trail?"
does anybody know anything about thomas franics meagher and the irish brigade from the civil war?
What ended populism back in the 1800s?
Davinci code film true or nor???
Who was the second woman to ever be executed by U.S federal Government ?
which roman legions were in jerusalem at the time of the crucifixion?
who was worse Hitler or Stalin?
What did Hitler saw in the Jews that we did nazi?
how do i write a good research paper for how was life in the ghettos and why did Hitler use this system?
What's that little sharp knife thing on the end of a gun called?
Who are the groups of people who settled in New Caledonia and how did they influence the natives?
Which was the biggest rebellion happening in Israel in Jesus's time?
who discovered the name Camelus dromedarius?
2 US History questions 10 points best answer! multiple choice?
Why were the musketeers named what they were?
Where was Spotswood Rice from?
A question about evolution
What can you tell me about Isis, Osiris and Horus?
What are the specific terms or at least potential titles for the following medieval roles?
what did yal think about Forrest beating Rampage!!!?
How many lifeboats were there on the Titanic and how many worked.?
The Plantagenents.?
WW1!!! Analyzing perspectives?
What was the impact on the military in the Third Republic after the Dreyfus Affair?
who said this quote?
Where can I find documentation on atrocities committed by the British in their colonies?
Why did India choose socialist policies after independence?
Where do your Ancesters reigh from?
Why was communism active in Chicago in the 1930's?
Who killed the most people in the world?
Which World War II military leader was nicknamed "The Desert Fox"?
Is William Wallace regarded as a hero by the Scottish?
What was the cause of the Battle of Bennington?
what is the meaning of the jacobite church ?
How did the slaves contribute to the American Revolutionary war efforts?
What were the motives that brought early Americans to Mexican era California?
What percent of the cocaine flow into the western United States did Jorge Jung control during the 1980's?
Where was silk first made?
what is the last white country to have had black slaves?
why all the interest recently in the historical finds of Christ?
Did Korea really just shoot a missile toward Hawaii?
When Jesus was on the cross, where was God facing; East,West,South or North?
Did the Americans become involved in the Vietnam War only because it had taken place during the Cold War?
How Would You Grab The Readers Attention, Talking About The Underground Railway?
why Columbus discover America on a boat?
What were five deep seeded causes of the American Revolution?
Who won the American revolution?
if you could be anyone famous in this world who would you be? and why?
Was Japan going to surrender prior to us dropping atomic bombs on them in WW2?
Was George Washington part if the second continental congress?
What are the major tenets of the Neolithic Revolution?
How nice is it to live in boston?
In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?
Which was worse?
I am creating a CD of Hitlers greatest speeches, so you can enjoy them time and time again, anyone want one?
what is one country that england hasnt gone to war with?
what were some of the major battles held in the revolutionry war?
How do you see our world in another 100 yrs?
What were you doing when Kennedy was shot?
charles dickens essay on great expectations?
please help me in U.S/American history? asap?
How far has the importance of hitler been exaggerated in the nazis rise to power- propaganda?
what expeditions did vasco da gama lead?
Did Hitler ever live in Liverpool? and did the aliens build the pyramids?
what effects did the world war one had on the u.s?
What marks the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Bombay?
on june 1,1812, madison asked congressfor what?
What impact did the successes of the free soul party have on the democrats and Whigs?
What did Samuel de Champlain do?
Is the Earth flat again?
who hung the lantern in the old north church paul revere's ride?
why do civilizations decline?
What religion was Adolf Hitler?
What condition was the German army in during 1944?
Was Leonardo Da Vinci ga?
who kinda of ethic group were in the mormoms before 1861?
I need 8 credible sources on how the American Indians were forced out of their homeland(urgent)?
how do people usually find out about shipwrecks?
Prior to the success of the communist revolution in China in 1949, what were the policies?
What were positive and negative effects of imperialism in Morocco, Africa?
How would the world be today if Adolf Hitler won the war in you opinion???
Question about the Egyptian Book of the Dead?
Which events are characterised under "entrenchment" in the Cold War era?
Where did the French and Dutch set up their first American colonies?
How did World War 1 affect the US economy?
Historical Statistics?
How did The French Revolution effect the rest of the world?
when were the 13th, 14th and 15th amendment passed?
Bismarck and kaiser Wilhelm ii?
Can someone tell me which human races were victims of slavery in the 17th century?
All the causes and consequences of the American revolution?
What's a carpetbagger and why were they called that?
How did you know if King Henry VIII chose you to be his wife?
When exactly was America discovered? And what were news headlines like?
what is the definition of a co-op?
what war happened around 1941???
What are some benefits for American Indians?
But why did Trotsky have more impact on Russia from 1917-1925?
What were some of the measures that Jefferson took to discredit Adams? How did one of these measures backf?
Without the Atomic Bomb,Can USA able to defeat the Japanese?Why the Japanese so hard to defeat during WW2?
Was Andrew Jackson really the “president of the people” that he thought himself to be?
Medieval outfit help!!!?
Gobekli Tepe.... who's been there?