10 points to whoever gets this right: Who's America's heaviest president?
what was the name of the 1st history book published? and when?
One can infer that Jimmy Carter's southern roots made him appealing to the general popula?
How does the Parthenon reflect Athenian philisophical values and aspirations?
Should there be an apology from the US for the corruption of slavery to the black race?
I have a dream (Martin Luther King)?
how did george washington have perserverance?
Mexican Revolution information! help?
I am Albanian. Shall I feel shame for it ?
to what extent was stalin responsible for the cold war?
If the Statue of Liberty could talk, what would she say?
Was the atomic bomb justified?
Judus Iscariot, Genghis Khan, Hitler, were all non smokers so what is history telling us?
Which arab countries were memebers of the League of Nations?
What countries did Iran trade with before the revolution in 1979?
there is a place in Tenn,ala that war fighting happen around the 1800's i would like to find.?
this was the first plan for self rule in america?
what is the primary object according to Madison?
Why do Americans think Titanic is American history?
What caused World War II to start?
who wishes Guy Fawkes had succeeded?
Europeans learned all of the following from Native Americans EXCEPT?
who are some famouse females from the 1700 to the 1800?
What were the Sim. and Diff. between Spanish, French,,Portuguese and English colonization in America?
How did king philips war get started?
What's Adolf Hitler's hair like?
Is history doomed to repeat itself?
What do you think of 'India' as a Country and a Nation?
after effects of Malcolm X's death?
what is Battle of Montgisard?
Significant world events in 1954?
What are the 5 best things about the United States of America?
in the 1900s who was Anne Hutchinson's primary opponent regarding her views and women?
If you could back in time and kill Hitler. Would you and why?
how did charles die?
During which decade of your life did you do the most reading?
What were the ramifications for the balance of power in Europe during the 19th century?
What do you think is the most catastrophic single event that has ever happened to mankind?
Did the pied piper of hamelin really lead the rats away?
did the north go to war with the south over state rights or slavery?
How many jews hetler killed.....and how many muslim bush killed,,who is worst hetler or bush?
Tell me about an event that took a lot of time and energy to complete. What actions did you do and what was th?
Who was the 3rd American president?
For a Midterm: What was the social purpose of photographing the dead of the civil war on the battlefield?
Trying to learn about Native American history...?
How did the 1st world war start?
Who was defending the imperial limes from Rome when the Vandals crossed the Rhin in dic 25,406 bc?
Dambusters: could any other country have done what it took to succeed?
What is the name of the muddiest river in the world?
From whom did Hitler learn to hate Jews?
When Paul Revere is riding through Boston warning that the British are coming, what does he say?
How long did it take prehistoric man to create the firlst langauge?
where were you when the trade centers were attacked?
What did geologist Jim Reiders call the 26 cars he planted on end in a Nebraska wheat field, as an homage to?
where did Adolph Hitler actually Disappear?
How did the rise & fall of the Catholic Church affect Europe?
Where do Nazis live? EXACTLY!!! AND what do they do to you NOW in this TIME ERA?
What would the world be like if the British did not exist?.?
How did the nazis treat the jews in concentration camps?
Are there any cool facts about Theadore Roosavelt?
Why did Albert Einstien drop out of school?
The holocaust never happened.?
Does doodoo birds still exist?
what was kankan mansa musa 1 significance to african american history?
What do you think of 'the first nations Britain conquered were their own'?
Which prophet died twice?
Who were the European mercenaries that helped the Americans in the Revolutionary War?
where does the saying hung like a horse originate from?
What were the differences between african colonization and middle eastern colonization?
What was the name of the First Italian tank? and when was it invented?
How do i send energy for mafia wars?
Tell me how prussia started and ended please.?
How to write I boast about myself that is in anglo-saxon poetry form?
If you could be any person...past or present...who would you be?
what is the definition of arete?
How was feudal europe and japans economy like?
what kitchen gadgets were invented in the 1960s?
how much is a penny from 1907 worth?
Describe the problems in America of finance, supplies, and troops during the Revolution. How did the Americ?
Have you ever held an old coin and wondered who else held it a lifetime ago?
what form of government was used by the islamic empire?
Was ninoy aquino free? why?
what came first the battle of lexington or the declaration of independence?
Should "TAJ MAHAL" consider as one of seven wonders in world ? if yes , why? if no,why?
How and why did we leave behind hunting gathering for permanent homes and settlement?
where can i get a clip of bonnie consolo on the internet?
Name for ancient marble flooring?
who killed martin luther kind jr?
Does anyone know where i can find an article about fashion durring WW2 that is UNDER 1800 words?
Malcolm X?
What effects did the Civil war have on the economy and social system of the South? ?
US HISTORY - 10 points to best answer?
What affect did isolation on china have on the political stand point of china?
Why didn't Franklin Roosevelt did something about the Holocaust?
Babylonian Empire Questions?
i need informaton about the biography of artist Francisco de Goya. PLease urgent.?
How can I publish my book on amazon.com?
Wasn't Hitler jewish?
Did christianity open up opportunities for women in ancient rome?
The Conflict with france that erupted in 1798?
What were convention delegates from smaller states in favor for?
where can find about "tirupathi venkata kavulu" and their literature on the internet?
who is the tallest man in the world?
In the Middle Ages, did men and women fully realize how young they would die?
kjaerlightet what does it mean?
What awards did George Washington receive?
What were the terms of the Compromise of 1850?
What will happen in 2012?
Why Did Hitler Hate the Jews? Poll for school! please answer!?
Did they have mp3 players in 1987?
Help with Art History question! Neoclassic/Romantism + politics?
who made good historic achievement?
Who is Nostrodoms this guy or whatever?
who is the most hated person in history?
Was the economic worst or better after the declaration of independence?
who is Mussolini I DONT KNOW WHO HE IS?
Would Gandhi have been just as successful in leading India's fight for independence if India had not been unde
why did the federal government effort to distribute land to ex-slaves fail.?
Which close associate of Hitler's secretly flew to England on a self styled mission to negiotate peace between
During the holocaust what language did Jews speak?
Would Hitler have liked me?
how much did teachers get aid in the victorian times?
why hitler did not kill all the jews?
What were some changes to Aboriginal life from early European contact?
Do Japanese Emperors still exist or is 'Emperor' a title not used anymore?
Who is worse Ivan the Terrible or Joseph Mengele?
who is the ugliest person ever, alive or dead?
why do people people refer to Germany after ww1 as a defeated nation?
What's the history behind Mexico's "The Day of the Dead"?
Is it true that after the bomb on Hiroshima, Russia dropped another nuclear bomb on Japan?
how were the pyramids built?
what is the speciality of Tirupathi in Andhra Pradesh?
Is there evidence that George Washington grew and smoked cannibus??
what would Abraham lincoln be doing if he were alive today?
Treatment of the colonist, by the British.?
What ancient Greek city was dedicated strictly to the arts?
Which made a greater impact in history. the Pioneer or the Revolutionizer/Popularizer?
what was the difference in american foreign policy before and after the spanish american war?
Does anybody know what was Socrete's method, except dialektiki and meaiftiki?
were the japanese the first to invent gunpowder materials (guns)etc.?
What kind of effect did the Mongolian Empire's expansion have on the arts and sciences?
How did China's economic problems affect the Qing Dynasty?
During WW I what was the PCT Air Service? What did they do? Where were they stationed?
How do you draw a portrait of William Howard Taft?
what was the importance of watching films to soldiers in second world war?
How many people were executed in the past 2 years in the U.S?
How did birds and bees become notorious with "the sex talk" that parents give there kids?
When the Great Italian Wars was concluded, why didn't Spain occupy Florence, unlike most of southern Italy?
If you could, which major event in history?
What landlocked African nation is the smallest country in the Southern Hemisphere?
describe the anti-imperialist feelings from the Gilded Era up to WWI?
Who is more imperialist the Brits or the Australians?
What was the point of Germany invading Poland and why did Germans follow Hitler?
I would like to have a copy of the crew list for HMS Ajax at Battle of the River plate. Can any body help?
What is airmen post in indian airforce?
What are 5 positive contributionsto the society made by Martin Luther King?
Discuss the impact of Elvis Presley on American culture and American music.?
When America falls will the world enter a period of barbarism, like after the fall of Rome?
where was Soekarno, the First President of Indonesia, passed away?
What do Serbian people think of the Latin American countries?
what is an example of poltical symbol?
What do you think was the greatest moment in history? and why?
who opposed the american civil rights movement, and what were their philosophy?
who was involved in the sepoy mutiny/rebellion?
How did Latin Americans struggle for change in the 1900s?
what kind of change did ghiberti bring in the renaissance?
History help pleaseeee?
If Hitler was alive today, would he be considered to have severe Paranoia?
Musée du Louvre during the Medieval and Renaissance period?
What foods did people eat in europe in 1770's?
How did the Egyptians view the setting sun?
Why was WW1 such a great psychological shock for Western people?
what did women do during World War II?
POLL: What was the point of the crusades ???
What was life like between 1958 and 1960?
Who is Rama?
Do you feel sympathy for Adolf Hitler?
Do you believe in the historical Jesus?
how did the first king of Britain become king?
Why was Jefferson’s betrayal particularly painful to Adams?
In your opinion, which disaster do you think was more bad, 911 or the Holocaust?
sumerian votive offerings?
Does anyone know the history of 218 Bath Street, Glasgow? It used to be an old hospital/infirmary?
who is love book?
what are threat of historical monuments?
what are the origins of the vasc or basque people from spain?
How did the Nazis dehumanize the Jews?
what country was the first printing press used in?
Why did the Nazis choose that name, because of the Ashkenazi Jews?
What Happened in May of 1910?
How did Humanism have an effect on the Renaissance?
Wouldn't Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry both be rationalists?
need help with history. please.?
Who's the USA president you feel most praiseworthy?
How is Hitler a hero?
Why was Alexander Hamilton for Pinckney's Treaty?
Was Hitler really all that bad of a guy?
In which city was the Gadar Party established?
What was Englands first long term long term colony and later the sources of many Scotch-Irish immigrants to th?
what are the successes and failures of MLK?
What event was the turning point of world war 2?
Is my book NEW INTERNATIONAL ATLAS OF THE WORLD 1936 worth anything?
Where would you like to fly first, If you had two nice wings ?:))?
i have a 1937 buffalonickel E?
Would you say Hitler was an ok guy?
What were the problems of Sumerian city states?
when did the german stop making silver coins?
Who won the vietnam war?
Rebuilt/Re-created section of Normandy Beaches on D-Day?
What do u know about srilanka?
Who exactly was Marco Polo?
Who were Mahatma Gandhi's opponents and what were some of the conflicts?
Conditions in Ireland in the 1700s?
Why were the effects of the Supreme Court decision Plessy v. Ferguson?
Approximent Valu Doument?
Do you wish the nazis won world war II, even if hitler had fallen?
How long were francisco franco and carmen polo married ?
Did Hattori Hanzō really existed???
the u.s. was so-called founded only to keep up white supremacy. Do you agree?
What is the history behind India's names Bharat and Hindustan?
The Age of European Expansion?
Why did the French fail to complete building a canal in Panama?
is there any truth to old love folk tales or were they all feel good storie?
babies who died in 1989?
What was Vergil's purpose or aim for composing the Aeneid?
why was galileo achivements important..?
Wouldn't it be great if Hitler came back to life?
What rights did women in Mountain Men group have?
who was the first person to discover north america?
what were some bad things that hernando de soto did?
Question on mental illness in irish/english constitution?
can anyone helpo me find a website with timelines for medival india?
What would a factory worker and a factory owner think about the ideas of Karl Marx and Adam Smith?
Does the W stand for 'war' as in George War Bush?
who is pegasus in Roman History?
How can I find information on famous latino-americans in history.?
Did Hitler kill old people?
WWII Leaders, Britain, Germany, USA, Italy, Russia?WWII Leaders, Britain, Germany, USA, Italy, Russia?
What was the significance of the Sacco-Vanzetti trial?
What were the effects on america,europe and the rest of the world ofcolumbs's voyage to the new world in 1492?
What is illuminati conspiracy?
Were Chavin and Inca in Andes?
World war 2 questions?
what is the name of the study of languages and its evolution?
what will you do if you have 1 chance to change history?
If you could go back to any moment in history,where and when would you go?
+who thinks this world is the greatest??? I LOVE LIFE!?
who invented te scalloped potatoes ?
Why don't people say the Mongol invasions were wrong?
Would it be disrespectful to break into the burial room at Oak Ridge Cemetary and dig up Lincoln?
what did imperialism cause between 1800's and 1920's?
Can someone make me armor?
Were Albert Pikes predictions true?
is this a good paragraph (short so please read it)?
Could the German surrenders during Operation Bagration have been avoided?
why did have to Jesus die for the mankind?
Why did the supreme court not allow slaves to claim U.S. citizenship?
Who was involved with making New Mexico a state? Someone major!!?
how was the first person made?
What ancient civilizations arose without slavery or slaves?
Last action by the Luftwaffe?
Why did Hitler claim that Rhine, Austria, and other areas in Europe actually belonged to Germany?
To keep milk germ-free, Louis ..... created pasteurised milk.?
what is the seafarer all about?
martin z mollusk day...what is it? I know it is recognized may 4th?
what year did america hear about spiritual music?
did americans participate in old medival wars?
How did Forced Removals of Apartheid affect black people Economically?
Links to ww2 survivors talking about how they survived?
How did people before the sexual revolution know how to have sex?
What was Isaac Newton's religion?
Can some one help me, i need help researching.?
what events led to the french revolution?
Where was the Inca civilization found?
Why did people come California 1849?
who was the mob boss whos son got hit by a car?
Isn't it sick that early Christian settlers in America tortured the Native Americans unless they converted?
Titanic - Why did the captian go down with the ship?
what land did john cabot explore?
Who is Jesus Christ?And what is his mission to the world?
Was there a viable alternative to either the first or second world wars?
what was the difference between vertical intergrate and horizontal intergration?
why is there no american history before 1400 a.d. just because whites werent here doesnt mean nothing happened
Which religions were practiced in the three regions in Columbus time?
Who had the biggest impact in the civil war?
Discuss the causes and consequences of the Spanish- American War.?
history about my house?
What are 5 Franklin inventions in order of most to least important in everyday life today?
Why were farmers and settlers especially likely to support the war of 1812?
Is Tajmahal included in seven wonders of the world?
6 Million? Jews were killed by the Nazis, over 200 Million Africans died during Slave trade and colonization?
What was the outcome of the gettysberg adress?
easy 10 points ! !!!!!!!!?
What is the cosmology of the Nile Valley ?
What is a major unintended consequence of the Great Awakening?
did General Heinz Guderian tell Hitler to his face that HE had cost the Wermacht the loss in war with Russia?
Hippocrates the Greek Physician.?
Questions about the thirty years war?
How did sports in the 1920s chane how Americans viewed women?
Some experts speculate Hitler had a disease. What disease was it?
Why is the 14 century is sometimes called calamitous for medieval europe?
What innovations occurred as a consequence of French colonization of Africa?
what was the extent of the american identity by the eve of the revolution?
What radio broadcast on October 30,1938, caused near panic across the country?
What was Henry VIII problem? Was he crazy or just a player?
what is a sonnet?
whats in a rocket?
what was the purpose of putting Jews in camps?!?
the historical evolution of blog?
Did the death and destruction at the Alamo have any significance in ensuring the success of the revolution?
What is a good song that talk about society, history, struggle, problems, etc?
Why was Rome's military so good and superior?
What is an important thing that happened in asia during March 13 in any year?
what were the distinct and interrelated roles of the federal govt and grassroots org in civil rights movement?
Would the actions of the Nazi party during World War 2 count as a genocide?
was the Brandenburg Gate one of many gates around Berlin constructed after the Franco-Prussian war?
i dont believe greeks had sex with boys?
besides barrymore,douglassheen,roberts,is there any more family actors in hollywood?
who was the fifth oldest man to ever live?
How did The Great Schism of 1378 to 1417 (also known as The Western Schism) impact the Roman Catholic Church?
Will the name Armstrong be viewed with distrust through out history?
What is a primary burial?
Which is the correct chronology (oldest to youngest) of dominant Mesoamerican empires? ?
Can you please summarize what Nicolae Ceausescu's July Theses were about?
(serious answers only) Was "the Holocaust" one big elaborate hoax?
In your opinion, what is the most interesting battle of any war in any point in history?
Have u forgot when the twin towers felll?
What was the final event that drove america to declare war?
i would like information on Rampurva Bull Capital.Please include pictures too..?
What did Germany do to prepare for the battle of Britain?
In what time period did it become out of style to be plump?
Did William Wallace actually invade York?
What countries have used weapons of mass destruction against civilians?
good name for a 1600's village?
If you could have personally witnessed one event in History?
Archaeology digs: I would like to volunteer on a dig, but have limited financial resources?
history help: teddy roosevelt?
before the revolution war, most american colonist called themselves?
If Hitler had succeeded...?
how did George Washington change america?
If i was to do my homework which is a song to go on the background of war(shooting) how would i do it?
If Columbus would of agreed to his sailors’ demands and turned the fleet back to Spain?
Where can I find lectures or lecture outlines for colonialism in the western hemisphere 1500-1763?
Should ppl feel guilty if family was nazis/slave owners, etc.?
Why do people not like Hitler?
does the origins of the vasco languaje is unknown?
What is the difference between Turks and Arabs?
What happen to the other African Americans after Juneteenth that weren't from the North or the South?
which regions did European explorers encounter between 1450-1550?
Importance of these places in 1880-1914? Imperialism in Africa?
question about history....?
what is the impact of the American Revolution on the slave population?
How did the Catholic Church help Franco/The Nationalists during the Spanish Civil War?
What was Britain’s principal goal at the peace conference?
is taj mahal really built by shah jahan?
Who was Petronius and what didi he mean by the phrase "Mundus vult decipi,ergo decipiatur"?
Why did the Legislative Assembly fail?
What were the economic achievements of the Islamic Empire?
ABOUT Anthony Birthday 1820?
why are hurricanes in US have feminine names?
why according to congressmen boyer, should african americans be denied the right to vote?
What is the illuminati exactly?
Don't you wish guns were never created...?
What was the main contribution of Cortez and Pizarro to Spain?
what were the causes of french revolution?
Who said, "What is American history without the *****..." ?
What is a plausible scenario for Germany starting some world war again or?
if you could talk to anyone right now, dead or alive, who would it be???
how many people are there in the world?
How did appeasement and containment influence America between 1945 and 1965?
whose nickname was the "colossus of roads"?
success of british U-boats during ww2?
I need some Day of the dead facts.?
Did Christopher Cockerell's hovercraft change people's lives?
How successful was Nazi propaganda? A Nazi Historiography Report Question?
What's the worst thing that's ever happened to humanity?
For the graduation class of 1994 in Milwaukee Wisconsin, how many credits were needed?
what is difference between "The Celts" and "The Gauls"?
What is the most popular state in the USA?
Well I was trying to not be here but that didn't happen did it?
Did the Normans kidnap English people & hold them ransom in order to get other English to build their castles?
which country used to be called persia?
Did Rome's empire expand while Augustus was in power?
Explain why John Paul Jones was so successful as a naval officer.?
In what ways did Andrew Jackson support states' rights?
how do u get the intel in call of duty 4 modern warfare 1?
why did britain go to war with argentina in 1982?
Who do you think were the first writers of the Bible? Black, white, "other", or a "combo" of races?
please help with armenian, rwandan ....?
How did the Muslims lose Spain and Portugal?
was there malls in 1940s?
I need a time-line of British imperialism and ireland ?
what was the outcome of the albany congress?
What European country has the most ancient history & ancient ruins?
What do you think ...Saddam's Death is Justice or Coldblooded Murder..?
What is an easy topic for a historiography?
In the Middle Ages etc., when maps of Britain were drawn, how did people know what it looked like?
What were Middle East contributions to WW2?
Did the Bolshevik Government represent a 'mirror image' of the Tsarist Regime?
Why are there so many idi0ts in the history section?
what is the influence of the cold war on the refugee issue?
would you find it weird if somebody in his 20s did not know who hitler was?
Olaudah Equiano answers? anyone know these questions?
How far was the Cold War caused by Truman's hostility towards the Soviet Union ?
Who are the Australian aborigines, The Pygmies, TheEskimos, The Hamites, The Bushmen, The Hottentos, Bant us?
Does anybody know of European studies about the Philippines during the turn of the century (1870's to 1910's)?
What laws were there in olden times against witchcraft?
Do Historians feel important when they hear the quote -those who fail to know history are doomed to repeat it?
who would like the Rialto, Granada cinema in Enfield town to be maked over and back in for buisness again?
How did the protestant reformation lead to poltical conflict and warfare?
What were the 7 acts passed by the King in colonial times?
Far more than classical Greece, India, or China, slavery in Rome...?
name of the georg bush 's daughter?
Was slavery really all that bad?
how do I clean a white adidas hooody?
Apex World history homework. Please Help. One question?
Was the holocaust a lie?
What is popular sovereignty?
was Tony Blair the worst pm in british history?
what did Alexander the Great and Pericles have in common?
who's the first person found America? and who's the first person discovered it as a new land?
Basic Training locations in WWII?
Why Didn't America Capture Berlin???
Did the Parsis/Zoroastrianism (its a religion) become important in china? why or why not?
Can I have some quick facts about Ethiopia?
Was Christianity around when the Romans invaded Britain & fought Buddica & the Brits?
What battle happened before...?
Shay's Rebellion?? Help Please?
Who is the most famous man in American history to you personally?
Can someone answer these multiple choice questions http://osx.lps.org/manila/tlarson/Chapter11StudentPacket.pd?
sites for mlkJR and Malclom X.?
5 basics steps of ballet?
What are some important facts about Diego Rivera?
What is the name of the famous Roman family which controlled many things? The name starts with an "M".
Why ALL americans here confuse Soviet Union to Russia while Russia was one of 15 republics of Soviet Union?
What was the significance of Marbury v. Madison?
Who was Vincent Lingiari and why is he important to achieving aboriginal land rights?
guess the quote?
What diplomatic position caused Thomas Jefferson the most trouble during his presidency?
Do people really write back to the messages on Juliet's Wall in Verona, Italy?
Does anyone know how the world will end?
How can someone like Hitler or Mussolini become a dictator of a nation?
What was Spain like in 1793?
South American Inca's entertainment??
what are the odds of falling through a grate in the street?
what were some compairisons between the north and south between 1829 and 1840?
Describe the basic difference between the rise of austria , prussia and the ottoman empire?
What kinds of clothing did the Franks and Slavs wear during the Middle Ages?
Who discovered america 1st amerigo vespucci or columbus ?
What was Hitler's biggest mistake?
what was the pueblo incident?
why was the Gettysburg address given in gettysburg, why not somewhere else?
Facts about the Ottoman Empire?
What kinds of steps did Americans take to resist British authority? Why did they take those kinds of steps?
Clothing for the Elizabethan time period?
How Blitzkrieg was organised by Germany?
Answer my Christopher Columbus q's please!!?
what happened after Ferdinand was assassinated?
My father-in-law was on the Destroyer, The Satterly, in WWII, and I'm trying to find a picture of it. Help Me?
How long was Gandhi on a hunger strike(fast)?
How did sea and trade routes lead to a expanded european presence throughout the world?
History Help? Leonardo Da Vinci?
Who was to blame for not closing the Falaise Gap?
history of christianity?
what's the origin of applause?
HSC: drop legal studies or Modern History?
What is the reason Scots and Irish are disliked by the British?
who founded the first women's school of higher education?
how does Literature, art, music, Philosophy, and Architecture compare now to during the Renaissance?
what is the meaning of dolly?
Quick German education question?!?
how far back does written history go?
Did European countries use Africans as slaves during the 1800's?
what is the difference between homocide and murder?
What is the mainly reason Hitler didn't like Jewish and killed thousands of them?
What is the exact meaning of Semite?
did lincoln stop slaves?
Who would win in a fight, a Samurai or a Ninja?
what day is USA birthday?
Does Sojourner Truth have a famous quote?
Where would you like to fly first, If you had two nice wings ?:))?
what does the name Alberto stand for?
WORLD WAR 2 was the lend lease plan enough? if we are supporting the alies why did we just send troops?
Your opinion on Americas Founding Fathers.?
who invented the English language?
Why the lies?
why did russia get part of germany after world war 2 ?
what happen on the date 14/2/1966?
quick question about the civil war...easy!?
Was Britain entering world war 2 unesscessary?
need info on us 3 cent postage stamp called the doctor?
which did not contribute to european expansion beginning the 1200's?
Why was the geography of Dorchester Heights so important to both the British and the Continental Armies?
What were the effects of Wilson's Proclaiming WWI as a "war to end war" and a "war to make the world safe for
looking for info on john salling a confederate veteran who died when he was 112?
When the nenaderthals were alive, what did they eat?
how do you make a hoop such as was worn in the civil war era?
What was the salem witch hunt trial about?
Statistics on domestic violence in same gender relationship in the UK?
Trying to Find Recording of Queen Victoria's Voice?
who is lord bentinck?
Who are these historical people?
albanian history?
who is the father of gandhi?
Near what fur trading post did the Oregon Trail end? (Fur Trading 1800s)?
Did Albert Einstein truly invent the atomic bomb?
What is the Gettysburg Address all about?
Homestead Act and Populist Party Question...?
who was the firts viceprisident of united states?
Please tell me about Rwandan Genocide that took place in 1994?
(1 word, proper noun) After the defeat and withdrawal of the German Afrika Korps in 1943, the Allies next at?
What was the national image of Kansas in the later 19th and early 20th century? What factors influenced that?
why should george washingtom go down in history?
Anyone out ther who can give me a good original BAND NAME???
why didnt jews pretend to be catholic in nazi germany?
was there really a jew genocide during world was two?
Cain's wife?
Why did Paul Revere get all the credit for the "Midnight Ride"?
who were authors that tried to show the harsh side of life?
For all Indians and Pakistanis?
origin of neck tie?
Did the native Americans met the Aztecs?
be able to discuss the origins of Christianity: who were some of the key figures that inspired and organized?
what work is inigo jones most known for?
Sioux Indian Tribe?-did the tribe have a social class?
What Greek perceive as the ideal Body?
What social factors affected industrialization?
who isnorman bethune?
Does anybody know what sylloge is?
what would you consider to be the most pointless war?
Can a reproduction be worth something one day?
Were the people of Hawaii happy when the united states conquered them?
What were the effects of the American Revolution on African Americans, women, and American society in gener?
what were the causes of french revolution?
What Is a good website to search for records on people who lived in the 1800's, or what do I type to search it
History help please, To do with President Nixon?
what is the definition of"dozuko system" in the Makiko's Diary?
How the languages arised in several countries, ?
Chicago Manual Style Research Paper?
why did wikipedea take the Dna tribes 'Dna analysis of King Tut and family' off their website?
what colony did gilbert establish and why did it fall?
I would like to know about 'the National Painters Society' I have a lapel badge that belonged to my granddad
Had Hitler not attacked Russia ,do you think he would have conquered all of Europe?
Why was the Fall of Constantinople significant?
what is peer presure??
Was Anne Boleyn in any plays?
What were the people on the island of Sardinia like in the middle ages?
Is it true that the Czars of Russia were desendents ofd Caesar of Rome?
Differences between WWII and Vietnam?
If the Norman leaders were "Christians"..why had names such as "Robert the Devil"?
Was Queen Isabella of Spain a good queen? Why or Why not?
What was the result of alliances between European countries against one another?
(10 points) Where did John Adams live during the American Revolution?
What were the major flaws of the Weimar Republic that ultimately lead to it's failure?
who was the first person to discover sex?
Colonist dressed up as indians when they protested the?
What are differences and similarities of ancient greece clothes?
Who was the last Cesar of Ancient Rome before it fell?
who is calma solti ?
importance of textiles in the transatlantic slave trade?
What is the name of the muddiest river in the world?
what was phillip II of Macedonia's personality like?
Does anyone believe the Jesus of the X'mas story really existed?
answer these History questions?
Can someone tell me all the entries that happened over 1788-1860 in American History?
5 differences between divergent cultures and convergent cultures?
what do you call people who praise hitler?
Can anyone else see the parellel of the fall of the roman empire and the possibility of the fall of the americ
Did Cicero require Pompey's support to gain an aedileship or a praetorship?
What event set in motion the 1911 Revolution in China?
Apart from closing the monasteries what did Henry the 8th do to change the church in England (three reasons)?
How do you think WWIII will happen?
what is a roman festival and what do they do?
One of the great debates in Europe and the New World during much of the late seventeenth and eighteenth centur?
ٌWhat is the greatest and the most influential invention in mankind history?
What's your favourite saying/story of Winston Churchill?
Is there any credible sources of info on Jesus Christ the person that deals with strictly facts?
who would win??
Examine the conditions in Italy after the World war which helped Mussolini rise to power.?
Disagree or Agree with the Davinci code? and WHY!!!?
What were the paintings in the Altamira Caves doing?
why did the Romans die out?
how does ancient towns in europe affect america?
what came first the chicken or the egg?
How was Rosa Parks discriminated?
Democracy Help (Ireland)?
My bro and I have been arguing over who is better nikola tesla or thomas edison?
What is the historical diffrence between a menorah that has 7 candles and one that has 8 candles?
edwin hubbles famous cuz?
how did slaves often survive?
What are some of the main points Thomas Paine expresses in Rights of A Man?
Where was the first telephones used at?
What was a major event in European History between 1500 B.C. and 700 B.C.?
Who out of these people do you think is the most influential?
Warwick the "King maker" and Edward IV Question?
why do Americans speak English?
What were the aims for the Save Our Sons Movement during the Vietnam War?
What is the meaning of life?
Why did Japan Bomb Pearl Harbor?
How did the Atlantic Slave Trade affect the nature of the societies in Africa and the Americas. Explain?
who invented kissing?
Does anyone have any information on this antique porcelain doll?
What impact did georg ohms invention have on people around him?
what is the french and indian war?
I need help with ideas for my Art history paper on Roman architecture! :)?
Did The Jews kill Christ?
Who started the slave trade?
why wasnt the Populists successful ?
Who were some great rulers who have shown mercy?
How did the Republican Party Change during the 19th century?
What toys where there in the 1950's?
How big was Alesia (During Caesar's Time)?
About the Falcon City of Wonder in Dubai?
What kind of schools did colonial new jersey have?
can people BUY STATES in the united states of america?
What did the reformation and counter reformation of the church do to the music of the baroque period?
when did the soviet genocide take place (holodomor)?
What question(s) would you ask a holocaust survivor?
Did Jews start World War II?
Did people agree about Rabbi Albert Friedlander what he said?
who was affected by the compromise 1850, why is this domcument important, people involved in this, and impact?
did you know that Hitler made soap from those killed jewish? ?
Will the future be more volatile?
If history is written by the victor, doesn't that mean what we know about history could be false?
Why did Dadaism end?
Did Washington speak with an English accent?
Who in your opinion was the greatest British military Genius?
how successful was jeffersons effort to create a republican society dominated by farmers?
were the british the best fighting force, ever?
State one way in which life has worsened for people in Russia since the fall of Communism.?
Why did Hitler's racist ideas appeal to many Germans?
During colonial times, what did slaves feel about their masters?
Goverment in Ancient contanstinople?
Who was the old guy that got accused first in court and by who in The Crucible. please answer asap?
Did any member of your family fight in WWII?
What are the similarities and the differences between Medieval Chana and Medival Japan?
Russian Revolution 1881-1917?
Who is Abduraham Wahib?
Who are some famous people from paraguay?
Do you think someone will ever conquer the earth?
What were the cons of pasteurization during the industrial revolution?
Mutiny H.M.S Sheffield 1943?
What is the history behind dreamcatchers?
ineed the governors name that would help because i have to turn it in tomorrow please give me the answer?candy
Why do a lot of white people think that thay're the "supreem race"?
Why did the US gave back Japan to the Japanese?
what lands did the mayas ocupy?
Why did JFK increase involvement in Vietnam?
According to history During WW2,Does The Japanese Imperial Army occupied and invaded Thailand before?
What was the main language(in the 1600s) in England?
Why do we study history, and specifically Western Civilization?
Overall, which is true of the rights of white women in the early years of the country? ?
were there any such things as "orthodox inquisition" in history?
holocaust question...?
After WW2, Britain had massive debts to America, yet Germany paid nothing, that's just not fair?
How long after 9/11 did you know...?
What are the similarities of history of the underground railroad and the book "Underground to Canada?
What cues did the early U.S. Military take from the boy scouts in designing their organization?
i wont to join the illuminati?
How did Europe religiously centralize during the 16th century? (AP EUROPEAN HISTORY)?
what does it mean by 'their finest hour' ?
Has England ever apologised for the acquistion of the monastries?
6 similarities between lord krishna and jesus?
WW1 trench warfare question?
What was the outcome of the Salem Witch Trials?
Why do the Japanese deny the bad things they did during WWII?
2.Rome was founded on what mythical date, and according to myth, by whom?
what was the Tarumanagara kingdom explain?
Who was born on 6th october?
are present day theorists justified in seeing classical Athens as a model for how a democracy should work?
was America once colonised by Britain?
How many people died in the Rebellions of 1837 in Upper and Lower Canada?
is tajmahal one of the seven wonders like statue of liberty?
Was Henry the VIII great?
I need to see a timeline on the life of Marc Antony from the time that he was born till the time he died?
Was Rhineland the same thing as Sudetenland in the Context of WWII and Hitler?
uss eagle;capt w. morris shimsraw was done by jos. meek 2-april 1871,?
can you tell me about arm race?
"The Wehrmacht of World War II was the best army the world has ever seen." Is this a fact or opinion?
intro of history of ballooning?
What is a famous anonymous story from history?
what is the neaming of griva?
what does it mean when an item has copyright on it?
How did the 100 years war, the plague, and the Avignon Papacy affect England and France?
Does the Holocaust make you cry?
Please help....2 questions....10 POINTS!?
explain why thegold rush created a new crisis over slavery?
I like Hitler and what he did.?
Difference between History Journal book review verses a New York Times book review?
why do we always have stupid presidents?
In the case of Brown v Board of Education, the Supreme Court ruled that...?
who is apart of the 2012 supreme court?
whats the history of the "olive branch"?
Why was the Apartheid in South Africa not stopped by the international cummonity? Where was the help?
what roles did the acropolis and the agora play in a typical Greek polis?
What did three branches do during Louisiana Purchase?
what year did Rock and Roll get started?
US has Lincoln. France has Napoleon. Who is the greatest leader in British history?
During the American Conquest, how was Mexican era California becoming dependent on American traders?
The town of Greenleaf, Idaho was named after whom?
how many people were infected by the Bubonic Plague?
I would like to know the entirely history of the marriage institution.?
industrial revolution & great Britain!?
why did all of religiones originate from the middle east?
What are accomplishments of Henry Morton Stanley and his thoughts on imperialism?
Is it possible to time travel and kill hitler?
Who was the prussian junker?
What were the events that led to the starting of the American revolution?
personal biography of charles bibbs?
Are all Leonardo Da Vinci's notes and sketches in the public domain?
What are the main styles in architecture?
What was the impact or effect of William III (Third) of England on the European events after 1689? Please?
Holocaust Museum Question?
why is the rockefeller center so important?
Why do axis countries of world war II make good cars?
from where was joseph stalin? i know but u?
History Question?
May I please know the various origins of the name America ? Was there a tribe named Americ/Ameris/Amerish ?
who where the first Europeans to colonies the United States?
What did Leonardo da Vinci do?
What does the map of africa look like?
The "Great Compromise " of the Constitution?
war of 1812 questions!!! i need help really badly?
Who were the progressives and what were their goals?
Did the slaves drive in the underground railroad?
AP U.S History Help !!!!?
Why did Hitler's other ball get put in the Albert Hall?
Who first thought of going to the moon?
Explain the Seven Years War in its impact on the blance of power.?
Was the eastern bloc to protect the Soviet Union?
When did the Great Leap Forward (or Mao Zedong) start and end?
What if Christopher Columbus had not discovered America?
Was Holland once a powerful country?
History of European film making?
Can Any 1 help me with my voting poster?
Info on West and East Germany Lifestyles?
i am searching for informations and pictures about germans who helped mirza koochak khan in iran around 1920?
what is the history of adidas in philippines?
What happened to Great Britain?
what role did joint-stock companies play in north america colonies?
indian present president?
Isn't life strange?
Changes and Continuities in Europe Caused by Muslims.?
How did the Great Depression affect families?
How come they don't burn people at stake anymore like the middle ages and the renaissance?
how did richard henderson dress up?
who killed john lennon?
Who do you think is the greatest human-being to have ever existed in the history of humankind?
How did Andrew Jackson pay off all America's debts in the 1800s?
"what is the song that has the lyrics " your my everything and everything is you" is from the seventies?
Was Will Durant a good historian?
What are some good websites to find info on Ghandi and 3 non violent campaigns he did?Thanks?
What were the first two rounds of the Battle of Britain? What was the turning point in the battle?
Humor/jokes during the 18th century?
What was the role of foreigners in the American Revolution?
What was oklahoma like in the 1960's?
do you think it would've hurt to be burnt at the stake?
Which group was founded to prevent african americans from exercising their civil rights?
which countries are a part of the former soviet union?
Did anyone fight in both world wars?
why didnt jews pretend to be catholic in nazi germany?
can somebody tell about the use of the atomic bomb...?
How did Andrew Jackson gain a reputation as a supporter of ordinary people?
where there ever 52 states in America?
what is the population of saginaw mi?
whats the difference between death crossing the old iron curtain and dying on the southern us border?
Vasco Nunez De Balboa The Famous Spanish explorer?
Which European country has been the most successful in battles?
A Thousand Confirmed Dead - All China Wants is an Apology - Comments?
what is a famous landmark in iowa?
which president did this?
How far do you agree that the opposition to Czarism between 1881-1905 had more strengths than weaknesses?
The Incas had all of the following EXCEPT?
where the Mouselium "Versaille" of Paris?
was hitler circumsized?
I need sources about how Puritans rejected new ideas/opinions.?
what can you tell me about gangs in the 1920s about prohibition?
Causes of slavery in Europe?
Historians, Can somebody give me a list of the countries that Britain has Colonised, Occupied, Beaten in war?
What happened under Mussolini's rule in Italy?
how did people live before the days of air conditioning?
Is there anything more amusing than the downfall of the English empire?
god knows everything even that will happen in the future?So whats the purpose of us being here now?
Where can I find an analysis of Richard Nixon's "Checkers" speech?
Is there a website that lists every date of our lord and significant events?
HELP!!What was responsible for the fact that Henry viii broke away from the Church of Rome 1527-1533?
What did vasco da gama do as a viceroy?
I heard that King James was a homosexual ...does anyone know if this is true.?
What was the style of writing in the American Enlightenment?
The Gupta saka was founded by?
Did the residents of Stalingrad during WWII have to resort to cannibalism?
Teddy Roosevelt and the Panamanian Revolution?
What were the First and Second Reich's, since Hitler's Germany was the 3rd Reich?
Does anyone know the story about a lost and haunted louisana plantation?
did columbus really discover america, was the world flat?
what periods of Japanese history can i use for my archaeology exsam?
Had Hitler not attacked Poland but allowed his scientists and economy to grow what would have happened?
When did the French Revolution start?
List of outstanding Roman military commanders never crowned Triumphator?
how important was the fear of socialism in winning support for fascism in 1922?
chinese woman in the 1800'sor 1900's? 10 points?
my teacher gave us a paper that said the secretary of education becomes a cabinet position in 1789 & were supp?
will a chimp ever beat a farmer at twister?
how did films(hollywood) help in ww1?
Do you think Napoleon did more to help or hurt the French Revolution?
What evidence is there that Celts ever existed in Britian?
when will we hve third world war.?
why did leidniz succceed in finishing the monadology?
Do you think the United States ever reach the great status it once had again?
Did the U.S. really drop two bombs on Japan?
Your in a medieval/ancient battle, which weapons would you want to be using?
what were south carolina homes like during the 1860s basic furniture?
How did the souths succession affect life today/and during the actual event?
How and why did the Jews become for many other Europeans the scapegoat for the difficulties of political?
Did astronaut Neil Armstrong screw up "one small step"?
do you think the Holocaust could have been faked somehow?
Museums and galleries in the UK?
What did girls and women do about their cycles in ancient Rome/Greece?
well communciated response to a histroy inquiry?
Who were the People Responsible for the Ending of the Death Penalty in New Zealand?
Who was US President between 1945 and 1953?
Who is the most influential individual in the history of human existence?
when was the rose revolution in Georgia?
Is Art History hard? Please help?
What were Napoleon's three costliest mistakes?
When the tour Eiffel was built and how much it cost?
What happened in granada on the april fools day when the muslims ruled spain?
What was the "March on Washington" and when did it take place?
Is anyone else a little disappointed that the cold war didnt end in a nuclear holocaust?
what percentage of people do not prefer to celebrate Columbus day?
what was not a reason immigrants came to the US?
Stamp Act Congress debate help. Taxation without representation?
meaning of easter sunday?
who was/is Jack the ripper?
What can we learn from St. Magdalene of Canossa?
what was the second west arfian kingdom?
Fall of Rome because of their military and barbarians?
If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, what would you want to have seen?
Man Question please help?
Why did the Napoleonic Wars bring about a strong German reaction against the legacy of the French Revolu.?
is the knights templar the same thing as the free masons?
i need some history on The Royal Stag Pub,Datchet,Berkshire.Can anyone help?
When was Harappa built?
Who caused the American Revolution? British or Americans?
Compare and contrast the US Declaration of independence to the vietnam declaration of independence?
How has John Adams affect our American Culture?
What were the names of Carl sandburg's siblings?
What was the deadliest day for Americans soldiers in the Vietnam War?
rotatio and revolution direction and speeds the comet hale-bopp?
If you had the chance to meet one person and kill them, who would it be?
How was Sir John A Macdonald involved in Confederation ?
Which statement best describes a weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
how did the colonist eventually come to feel about the navegation act and why?
How were France,England,Spain and Portugals treatment on Native Americans different ?
Difference between Albanian Orthodox and Greek Orthodox?
In the crash of 1912, the Titanic, what sea did it sink and how many survivors were if there was any?
where are some great haunted towns/houses in australia preferbaly new south wales?
Which English king was the greatest military leader?
what are 25 main events of 2001?
what did the death of the gracchi brothers signal for the future of the roman republic?
morale posters during the Second World War?
who is a famous rock and roll and blues singer born in port Arthur, who died of heroin overdose at age 27?
What were the positive and negative effects of imperialism in Australia?
What was the purpose of the mayflower compact?
Did Christopher Columbus discover America in 1492 and land at Plymouth Rock?
Did the US commit crime when they bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima?
When did Britain start to be called Great Britain, and why?
Describe the Battle of Bunker Hill and why it was important for the colonists?
What is your personal opinion of the changes that took place AFTER the Industrial Revolution?
what was the balkan crisis (1908)?
????????History Help!!!!!!???? Please HELP!?
How did the Ancient Greek Empire prepare the grounds for the Roman Empire?
How did the Olmec use their natural resources?
Why was nationalism popular in the 1800s?
what other sex scadles did th jeffersob have or had besides sally hemings?
Why were the Europeans less successful at dominating trade relationships in China and Japan?
What was the name of the time period during the western schism!? ?
What is another name for doilies?
Sumerians and Jews: are there links?
was mckinley's election really a "conservative" one, or was it Bryan and the Populists who represented the..?
why did the ayatollah khomeini hate the united states.?
what time period was worst for the blacks? slave times vs segregation?
World war one names for video game?
I am researching the murder of Albert L Patterson. If anyone has any information please let me know. Thank you
why did the gangs turn to white-collar crimes?
What is the difference between The 3rd and 4th edition of A History of the Modern Middle East?
Who's your favorite explorer?
Did they land on the Moon in 1969 and all the other times?
Where died Lech Kaczynski?
is daddy mean?
anyone knows where I can get this article? Elizabeth Cady Stanton's "Women and Black Men," from The Revolution
Help! I am looking for a declaration between Spain and Japan signed in 1895, in Spanish, where should I look?
Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal?
History of homecoming questions?
How was the West won?
Did people in the Soviet Union build fallout bunkers like some Americans did during the Cold War?
Industrial Revolution of 1700s... multiple choice question help please?
Why do people believe in the illuminati conspiracy garbage?
Where was the last place Emilia Earhart was spotted?
The political power of most American Indians was spread among?
What were the initial advantages that Germany had in the Russian war in ww2?
can someone explain to me who the transcendentalists where?
Henry Hudson: What did he do or find ?
Who created the universe?
What is your opinion about arabs and muslems?
who killed adolf hitler?
Who said, "The buck stops here."?
What is desertification and drought?
Why did Hitler want to kill the all Jews?
Were Turkey Involved in world war 2?
Why Henry VIII broke with Rome with a important reasons?
As president, would you drop the atomic bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima?
What were the achievements of Ancient Japan?
why did the British suffer so many casualties at the Battle of Breeds?
What is apartheid?
Who is rich?
What was the relationship between Assyria and Babylon?
Was there really once knights in shining armour?
was algeria ever called canton tocqueville, in 1840's?
Was it the Greeks or the Romans, the ones who defined and influenced the Byzantine Empire the most?
How 2 make on answer a picture instead of picture smile?
To what extent and in what ways did Renaissance paintings influence the worldview of the Renaissance Period?
pros and cons of the Roaring Twenties?
which characteristic of the native american societies was at odds with european cultures?
when and why did the euro change ?
How accurately did Mel Gibson portray William Wallace in Braveheart?
why did michigan want to join the union?
Is this Alexander the great on this coin?
World War II primary sources from the Soviets?
what was the life expectancy of a 2nd Lieutanent in Vietnam war?
What would Martin Luther have thought about Astrology in the 1500s?
What is the difference between "white" and "caucasion" as it refers to people.?
civilizitation sicily,italy?
Can you give me any information on the life of Colin A. Palmer?
are there any good sites on the history of the hebrew language?
Why didn't Stonewall Jackson attack the retreating Union Army during the Seven Days?
Could someone walk me through Gibbon's The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire?
who said this and were did they say this?
Compare and contrast slavery in Rome and Greece?
where can i get the article "courtesy by St. Francis De Sales?
Conflict of interest?
Did jews become smart because they were such a tiny minority among so many peoples?
What was the outcome of the conference in Evian,France, in 1938?
Was it possible to get eastern bloc currencies during the cold war?
what is the cariatyd ?
how did the ability to control fire affect early humans?
what did the Nazis believe?
Do you think Hitler was a great leader?
What did simon bolivar have in common with.. (TEN POINTS)?
why did the United states want to buy the Louisiana territory?
why did the apostles of Christ experienced martyrdom???pls answer as soon as possible!!!!?
What did people swear on before the bible came about?
I said German is a beautiful language to a Holocaust survivor.?
Cigars - Regency England?
What is your opinion on the polish invasion?
cpi. it was on a poster with a hammer& sickle,durning the 1940,in a movie;titled the god father?
How would history have changed?
name Sameera meaning?
What kind of emperor(of ancient Rome) was Caligula?
What is a GREAT website (interesting and educational) that deals with the American Revolution?
Hello do anyone know some Myth's & Reality of the Declaration of Independence?
Abraham Lincoln wasn't really a vampire hunter was he?
What was the Great Depression?
how did the ideals of the enlightenment lead to the revolutions that came after?
Compare and contrast Lenin's dictatorship of the proletariat wiht teh reality of Soviet Russia during Stalin?
need history school project help?
Why was WW1 such a great psychological shock for Western people?
What was the most awesome part of Aztec sacrifices?
Does anyone else think Moses was rather like Hitler?
What do you think would have happened if President Nixon had not resigned during the Watergate scandel?
How come no indigenous people ever live in antarctica in all of human history?
how did netaji subhas chandra bose took part in 1857 first war of indian independence in his childhood days?
could a chimp win a connect 4 contest against a drunken smoking penguin?
Why is Alexander Hamilton important?
information about the abacus, where, when and who invented it?
General history of West Virginia?
history chronological order-?
how did the invention of the cotton gin change southern life?
does racism still exist today?
Why were the Crusades a factor in towns beginning to flourish during the Middle Ages?
does Rachel and ROSE together fanilly?
who was cleopetra?
Who did benefit from the Transaltlantic Slave Trade?
Biased info. Does anyone have any non-biased arguments about Hitler?
Why is it that it take ( I'm not a racist ) a white man civilization to bring Christianity to Africa....?
how did benjamin franklin try to resonate to the common people?
history of eatonville, florida?
What good things has Scotland given the world?
Why did people never wash in the times of the Elizabeth I?
What were 5 of the best things napoleon bonaparte did? Ill answer one of yours.?
in thelate 1800sjapanese leaders decided that thebest way toavoid being dominated by imperialist nations wayto
What is Historys greatest blunder?
both alexander pope and jonathan swift satirized society.?
who was upper canada fighting with and why?
did i get the secret clearance...?