Whose side are you on? Dan Browns side or the catholic church's side in the Davinci Code debate?
Explain what aspects of culture were shared between the east and west during the 4th through 7th centuries?
what do you think would have happend if Germany had won WWII and Adolf Hitler had the world under his control?
Need a term for the writing down of history...?
Can you please rate my country?
Why do people deny that the holocaust existed? If they really hated jews wouldn't they be proud of it?
Whats the deal with radical Muslims!!!?
How did Salutary neglect lead to the revolution after the french and indian war?
What is your favorite event in history? Anything between the Enlightenment and the Present.?
Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin question?
Did the Reign of Terror save the French Revolution?
Three democratic uprisings in Europe in the first half of the 19th century?
Why did Egyptians forsake the gods of their ancestors?
who is a tragic hero in history? not a character, but a real person.?
Was Charles Manson ever called 'Mad Man Manson"?
Who is the best general in the world?
long-term consequences of the Spanish-American War?
The significance that assassination of Robert Kennedy had on:?
History homework help, renaissance and reformation?
What were the roles of women during the French Revolution ?
Is there a bottle collector that can help me, please?
Why did germany stock market crash?
what was legal age to: recieve driver's license, drink alcohol, and smoke ciggarettes in 1967?
Does the Confederate flag still mean the same thing it used to?
Questions about the Nazis in WWII, please? It is a lovely afternoon where I am, but I am curious...?
Does anyone know a legimate website(s) where I can find 1300-1625 century English Renaissance Literature?
Did the FBI wipe out the Branch Dividians on purpose or not?
the englands where catholic right? but how did they pass through catholic to proteztants?
How did Immigrants in the 1900's find places to live?
I'm looking for a skit about ancient japan that only involves 6 people?
Good title for the south lost the civil war?
Jesus and his crucifixion?
why is there a conflict between the jewish and the palestinians?
Ended french power in north america?
If the Nazis won?
what did the vikings invent?
How has salsa been influenced by African music and when did salsa become so popular?
History help?!?! PLEASE?
history of french ceremics?
Hi you yanks, I read somewhere that when you was first formed?
Which states were entered into the US (1880 and prior)?
If the JFK murder happened today, would medical technology be able to save him?
In 1914 would Germany still have declared war even if Austria- Hungary didn't ?
How did Lessing Gotthold contribute to the enlightenment?
Was the dark ages caused by the Christians?
what problems did the native americans face when building their homes?!?!?
I heard my History professor once point out that Joan of Arc was a schizophrenic? Is that true?
what was the battle of cold harbor about?
Who took the photos of JESUS CHRIST in you tubes?
i need to get photographs of abuse at willowbrook state school?
Why do we study history?
In Our Town, is Si Crowell a good part?
Hitler - was he evil, or mad?
What did the ancient greeks call the planets?
What was the first form of government in Rome and how can you describe it?
what was the american response to the mai lai massacre during the vietnam war?
Was Joan of Arc Schizophrenic?
The United States dropped the first atomic bomb on:?
where is the holy grail right now?
If you could travel anywhere in time (forward or back) where would you visit - and why?
Chinese History for Social studies?
If Hitler had shaved his moustache, would he be as famous?
How were albanians treated by the ottomans...?
What was the importance of organised sport, cars and the jazz age in the 1920's?
how long did the trail of lincolns assassins last?
What was Mussolini's nickname during the World War?
What do you know about zinc quaters,I have one I think it was made in 1945 please reaserch for me.?
I am a Holocaust historian of 20 years. I do not think Hitler knew about Birkenau, Is this crazy?
Stalin vs Hitler, who was worse?
What lasting results occurred in women's rights due to World War I? What were the temporary results?
Which state has a more interest area and history, pennsylvania or virginia?
what do you think the history of the future will be?
Few things I want to know about my ancestors and the history.?
What year did the Spanish Armada sail for England?
a black famous panter?
Role of the citizen in germany?
I am looking for information on World War II German tank commander Herman Bix.?
Were the ancient chinese dragon exist?
why was it odd that men were sympathetic to feminism? in earlier times of the u.s?
What similarities did germany and italy in how they achieved unification?
Would America have lost the Vietnam war if Britain had helped?
Musée du Louvre during the Medieval and Renaissance period?
How long has man been on this earth? I just read something that said 300,000 years. I thought longer.?
What is Paleolithic Period?
Empire State!?
could you please give me a good website about gypsies?
wat was the pax britannica in 1814-1815?
Which colonies had religious freedom??!?
Roman architecture emphasized?
How can you be "readmitted" to something that you never left?
What did Benjamin Harrison accomplish to change America's history ?
facts about worcester cathedral?
Who did win the war in Vietnam?
Why arn't children being told the truth about things?
Did the french revolution achieve it's goals of establishing liberty, equality, and fraternity?
Why do Americans get so angry about 9/11, when they killed 100`s of thousands of civilians in japan in WW2?
How old was Genral Sam Housten when he died?
Socials help :( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!?
Do you think we really ever put a man on the moon?
What is the difference between homeless people and rich people?
What did Shays's Rebellion illustrate?
Why was the Bastille 'stormed' on July 14th 1789?
what ever happened to Malcolm X's mom after she was released from the mental institute 26 years later?
Researching Family Trees?
What are the characteristics of Moghul Architecture?
who was to blame for the reign of terror?
What was the Great Awakening all about?
Who is Anne Frank ? Why did she die from typhus ?Was she Blind?
Did Lindbergh cross the Atlantic?
Can the "Holocaust" happen again ?
How did Islam preserve the Greek culture?
Who killed Kennedy and why?
Did Magellan:(Please Answer and Explain Below)?
What are some weaknesses of the British leader Horatio Nelson?
historical significance of ida tarbell?
What was the treatment in america after the civil war?
who were the quakers and why did they come to america?
Were the any concurrent opinions in the plessy vs ferguson case? What were they? Who wrote them?
Is there such a thing as a Nazi personality and how would you characterize the people who have it?
How far was mass production important in America 1919-1929?
Which is more likely to be remembered (pick one) --?
If you were to go back in time, which period in history do u want to witness?
Information about shoes in general, the history of when shoes were created.?
Why is the French revolution important to the development of women’s rights in Europe?
ISREAL STAR . why Isreal choose this star as a symbol ?
Does anyone know where holocaust survivors went? Besides Israel and America?
Rose and Jack from Titanic?
Wasn't the battle of the Pacific a little easy at times, with Japanese charging like in Verdun?
If you could be any Roman emperor, who would you be?
What, according to Dr Johnston, was eaten by horses in England and people in Scotland.?
What means of tranportation in the early 1800's?
How important do you think race was in explaining the failure of southern Populism?
who designed the bonifacio shrine in manila?
What are some reasons behind propaganda during the First World War?
what discovery turned nomads into farmers?
Words used in the past? (Like 1800's?)?
Are southern children still taught that the Civil War was about the North oppressing the South?
how did the voages of christopher columbus influence the world?
Who's fault was it that the Titanic sunk?
Is there any God before Jesus?
What is important in ottawa?
Who was Roland Garros? Why he was killed? Who commemorated his name for tennis tournaments?
What was woodstock?
What is the biggest military blunder of Americans in Last 500 years?
what treason acts did ann boylen do for her to be charge with treason?
does any one know the laws of the west in the 1800's ?
What medals might a Private have had in WW1?
Why was the regionalism time period and the writers in that period relevant?
True or False any two EPSP'S will always override one IPSP?
what is history?
do you think the us. army will leav Iraq soon?
What groups faced the greatest persecution during the Reformation?
Does any one know what happened in the war agains the Japanese?
Which country would win WW3?
Did France pass a law banning payment in drawings to shops and restaurants in response to Picasso?
Write a short note on ALIGARAH MOVEMENT?
did the Normans sell English slaves to the Moors in Spain?
How did people expecting The Blitz and bombings affect Londoners?
the estate from which a lord's family gained its livelihood?
What were some reasons that hitler gave that made people believe jews we're inferior and bad?
Why was Douglas Haig the butcher of the Somme?
What were conflict between Korea in the cold war hot spots?
How did pres. Jackson's indian policy (in practice, rationale, and effect) to his predecessors?
Who built the pyrimads were they same people that built stone hedge easter island statues and the great wall.?
How did Charles Manson's cult use conformity to its advantage?
can you please tell me something about Abraham lolcoln?
what was the appeal of Calvinism in France?
Please Help...History? :)?
Are there recurring THEMES in American attempts to reform the nation?
Question for old people. I am doing a history report. How did you get cash before ATMs?
Why western countries always like wars ?
How many U.S. Presidents have been assassinated?
what kind of housing was available to nobility before the ninth century?
How many people were said to be in Dachau, Auschwitz, Oranienburg all together?
Is Manchester male version of Chester?
How are horse saddles made? what components are used?
Based on the similar areas of the US and Australia why does Australia have only 6 states and 2 territories but?
how did the Japanese Leaders feel after the atomic bomb in WW2?
which is the oldest democracy in latin america? how to prove it?
Time in history where no one believed an individual?
Please help me with america's reconstruction/civil war!?
What did the ancient egyptians eat? READ DESCRIPTION PLEASE :)?
An analysis of the French Revolution?
When did the 'suit of armor' become obsolete?
How old was Langston Hughes when he died?
1- What are the elements that led towards the idea of German Unification described in the different?
Where can i find the yamashita treasures?
i need to know some stoof about sydney harbour?
What are some facts about General G.A. Custer?
why did they cancel witch?
why do dislike pizza?
what is the relationship between Shakespeare and his daughter Suzanne?
If the JFK murder happened today, would medical technology be able to save him?
what was considered beautiful in ancient Greece in both man and woman?
Did the band T. Rex ever conquer or have success in the USA?
which is the national bird of india?
author of the book Tuanku Rao ?
Who set up the Hebrew calendar in the third century of the Common Era?
Which books give a good history of the settlement of Australia?
List the chief controversial issues of the Jackson administration.?
Ancient Chinese Government and Law: Any info!?
can someone explain to me about Early Jamestown , Chesapeake Bay , And how people died there?
how William Shakespeare know Sir Francis Drake?
What are the 3 most significant accomplishments of Sophocles the dramatist in ancient Greece?
what is the WEBSITE of the Muselium Versaille of France?
Explain the key differences between the society of the Byzantine Empire and Western Europe?
Need help finding sources that give info on ancient Roman slavewomen?
Who was president when jet engines where first used?
Was Hitler a bad person?
how did king leopold colonized the Congo?
What would George Washington do if...?
Who is a day labourer?
What was the Ankhor Wat for?
What would be a better alternative history?
what and where exactly is Prussia?
What is the best thing that Hitler did?
Which Wife did King Henry love the most?
What were some of the key contributions of Manstein?
Do Human beings desire to be free more than they desire to be good?
what was a common feature of the toltarian regimes that came to power after ww1?
Does anyone know if there were contingency plans in the event of the death of major Allied commanders in WW2?
how did Queen Elizabeth die in her sleep?
Where was Sir Issac Newton's funeral?
When did the Mayans fall?
Were there more confederate states than union? in 1865-1867?
Has Obama spent the entire time between debates crying in the dark because of how many times we was zinged?
What caused the provocation of the French revolution?
How is it that I always can come up with great qu. when I'm NOT on Y.answers,and not when I'm actually here?
What are some similarities and differences between the Medieval and Renaissance era?
What is the difference between Socialism and Communism?
Which of Henry VIII's wifes had 11 fingers?
Where is the Arc of the Covenant kept?
2 History questions about 14 points?
during the holocaust, how did the non-jewish world view the jews?
The new Republic Dilemma 2?
can somebody tell me the first line of "re gandhi mati andh tu itar dikhawat kahi?"?
Early Christian Churches?
How do you preserve meat without freezing?
Why aren't the vikings credited with discovering america?
Where were the mayas from?
Which had the biggest impact?
where did the last name "lagal" origonate?
What was the plan that Odysseus took to get him out of the cyclops's cave?
How was Robert Hooke an important figure in the Enlightment period? Can you please list sources?
what are the myths of formation of Ireland?
What would have happened if the US hadn't joined WW1?
If it was a gentleman's world Richard Nixon would have fed Africa?
What is the American religious legacy?
locke v davey?
Why was Jefferson’s betrayal particularly painful to Adams?
Did John Sena really die?
What happened to Napoleon's followers after his first and second exile?
Do you know of any good journal for history master student to begin writing?
Paul Pope lll??? Help?
question about the code of hammurabi?
Was hitler part jewish?
Please name some female heroes who died tragically.?
Which countries were Protestant before the Tudors?
What was Hitler's plan for invading north America?
Was Britain entering world war 2 unesscessary?
I need a quote about the black plague. where can i find one? or does anyone have one?
Who do u think is more evil? I need your opinions.?
who knows the meaning of ' 山行' in Chinese?(type in Chinese words, thank you.)?
when did india get independence?
what are the 4 stages of the french revolution?
Nationalist leader who founded Young Italy?
Who father of narad muni?
whats the best site/way to find the approx. value of an antique ceramic if your not sure what its called?
the last christian stronghold in the holy land, seized by muslim forces in 1291?
Who did leaders of Mesopotamia claim gave them the right to rule and how was ruled passed?
who built the pyramids?
A question about evolution
good reasons why world war two should have never happened?
What impact did Christopher Columbus have on the indigenous people and the western hemisphere?
What are the five earliest centers of urban civilization, writing, and art?
Why did United States Navy Commodore George Dewey lead an attack on ships in the Manila Bay during the Spanish?
Which was an accomplishment of Thomas Jefferson during his presidency?
before modern contraception how did prostitutes stop themselves getting pregnant?
My history teacher says the holocaust is a disputable historical fact, should I report him...?
Details on the Dirty War in Argentina in the 1970's?
Who invented the peace sign?
What were some of the characteristics of the Progressive Era?
Did Adolf Hitler despised jews?
need information on The Group of Seven?
what does B.C.E. stand for?
History help please!!!!!?
Second world war casualties?
What are the different elevation levels in Florida?
Did the phonograph lead to other inventions and industries? If so,what did it lead to?
What is a modern day example of a Machiavellian Prince?
Bram Stoker's famous novel wasn't translated & published in Romania till 1992. Why so late?
what was the aftermath??? please help!!!!!?
When the founding fathers of America began to design Washington, D.C., how were they influenced by the Greeks?
How can some people seriously decide that the holocaust never happened?
What was the offical Capital of Ireland before Dublin?
What is the meaning of the bars in the USA flag?
What are specific examples of how the Virginia Plan would have a negative effect on small states?
Characteristics distinguish the Persian Empire?
Give information about the region La Mancha of Spain during the 1600's?
What would the life of an Austrian-German woman be like in Amsterdam, 1943?
when did Columbus discover America?
Describe the effects of the Reformation and the Counter Reformation on the religiosity of the ordinary Europea?
what is your ancestry?
What's the date for the greatest loss of German life in War ?
Please Help Me With My AP US History!?
What are some differences between pirates of the past and pirates of today?
Who is the person most responsible for the colony of Jamestown?
Why did the Civil War have to be fought? Couldn't the Union just let the secession be?
who discovered America?
Why are the Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Empires sometimes called "gunpowder empires"?
What was Winfield Scott Hancock's role in the battle of Fredericksberg?
why is catherine the great important the the people?
what was the cause for the britesh to live india?
Did the Holocaust really happen?
Good sources about drug use in the military during the Vietnam war?
what are the political differences between john locke and thomas hobbes?
George Washington............?
While Mediterranean society and economics arose out of a agricultural warrior cultures, it....?
what were the dangers faced at the yukon in 1896-97?
How long were the terms of ancient Roman senators?
Who was the person to end slavery?
Did ancient Egyptians like Hatshepsut?
Why is Ann Frank still remembered today?
What is the role of a harlequin and what era do they originate from?
Were there any real gods in the Ancient Egypt?
When did Europe become Americanised?
Does anyone know if Oscar Schindler had any childred?
WW2 records?
Palestinian vs Israeli conflict essay?
Could the US have prevented WWII?
What was the status of West Virginia in 1819?
How did the presence and activities of U.S. soldiers in Iraq represent cultural imperialism?
Turning points throughout history?
Jack the Ripper?
How did recreational activities differ among the colonies?
Pretend you were in the World War II, describe your life . you can be soldier, civilian, axis, or ally?
why is concept of sovereignty important to understanding the relationship between us and native peoples?
When was the turnpike road between Canterbury and Ashford (Kent) built?
What was the Bay of Pigs Invasion?
The American Federation of Labor succeeded as a union for all of the following reasons EXCEPT ?
Art History: What influenced art/artists in the 1980's?
Why isn't there a historical proof about Christ's existence?
Vampires exist?
what do you think kotler did in the boy in the striped pyjamas?
what is alqadisia battle?
Did John of Leyden (anabaptists) have any major works?
Louis XIV question help?
Charles I or Cromwell?
Will history remember Barrack Obama as a great leader ?
Can anyone give some info on the history of adventure nd recreational training or sites I can look at? Please?
how did we discover tea?
What political systems did they have during the age of romanticism?
why did Britain decolonize Africa?
If you were Hitler, 30 April 1945 and the Russians were just yards away, what would you do?
Where and what time was agatha christie found after she disappeared?
What was the first country to take action in maintaining good health, and when was this?
what are the consequences of colonisation in general?
Why was Hitler coming to power an important turning point in history?
question about John Hancock?
From where did Nostradamus pull his predictions...?
Where can I sell my antique bicycles?
Who were the first 10 Filipino presidents?
whats the difference between the austrian and ottoman turkish empire?
How Do Surnames Come About?
James Oglethorpe provided Georgia with a constitution that banned slavery. True or False?
How would I write to Dan Cruikshank's and would he reply?
Do you sometimes wish that they were able to record videos back several hundred years ago?
What was a high rank for a girl in the 19th century england?
World History, 3 page essay, 9th grade?
American History? Henry Clay? anyone heard of him?
what was benjamin franklin plan to achieve moral perfection?
How did the US try and enforce the US Policy of Containment? 10 points?
How did Babylonians form large numbers, like 616, using the Babylonian system of numeration?
why did the japanese bomb pearl harbor?
What was a result of the Boston Massacre?
was sojourner truth born in Hurley New York or Ulster County, New York?
What is your opinion of the Da Vinci Code?
Why was the poem "The White Man's Burden" for America's imperial ambitions and how? Reasons?
Are modern day English people descended from the Anglo Saxons?
Who was in charge of writing the Bible, when was it written?
which veda is the oldest of four veda?
Are gas prices higher today than during the gas shortage in the 1970's?
Anyone ever had a weird experience like this? Disney Land opening?
History of 19th century theatre in england?
what was the purpose of the 13th,14th'and 15th amendments?
What is a racially divided society?
on what basis boundaries of indian states decided?
Was it inevitable that the railroads in the United States would start merging like crazy?
does anybody know about the gold rush or the oregon trail??
In what dynasty of China were women treated the worst?
when did visual merchandising devlope?
where does " ladies first" come from ?
Why is bomber harris a hero when he murdered innocent wome and children?
Who provided medicine in the ancient greek era?
How did the enlightenment fuel revolutions in France and the united states?
Why did the UK and US almost go to war in 1980?
Russian Revolution help?
what was queen Elizabeths's reasoning for joining the dutch revolts?
What were the main features in the Articles of Confederation?
Did any of Leonardo da Vinci's descendents go into politics?
Old Mill RD Troy, New hampshire?
how did Sir Samuel Lewis die?
I would like to know the dynamics of the relationship between Kate Chase and and her younger sister,Nettie.?
What is a brief summary of the coercive acts of 1774?
who won at the second battle of bull run?
What could have if we didn't defeat Germany in WW1?
Why did america win world war 2?
What caused the second world war?
origin of the ephesian people in the bible, where did they come from?
how long did Ghandi fast for?
why did things seem so cheap in the 1800s/ turn of the century?
what is the name given to people who do not like jews?
How were constellations used by Aboriginal Australians as a hunting tool?
industrial nations' attitudes to native americans could best be described as?
Did the British gain wealth from their Empire?
Name one of the important party formed before the Russian Revolution? Why & what were the diff of opinion?
How should my portrait of Amelia Earhart look if it describes her life and accomplishments through her feature?
give some speicial features of roads built by early romans?
Who built Westminster Abbey and when?
Canadian history: Sir John A, Macdonald?
Why did confucious believe he was a failure when he died?
1920-1945 ??
Which is emerged first ,eggs or chicken ???
What were the reason's for Europe's transformation from the Dark Ages into the Middle Ages?
What Security Did the Pyramids Have?
what is digital historiography?
Medicine in the Medieval Times?
Did Nathaniel Banks have kids.?
At what point roughly did the practical political power of the UK's Prime Minister pass that of the Monarch?
In the last 50 years, which 5 events Shock the World?
what does it means "extra quonam"?
What exactly happened to Hitler after World War 2?
Why do people use Aswers for questions that can be easily answered with a search engine?
How did the Conquistadors arrived to Peru?
Homework help please! What were the causes of the Pubic Wars between Rome and Carthage?
Has any one read a Patriots history of the United States
When were reflex (red dot) sights invented?
History homework check?
What were the unintentional consequences of the Lend Lease program during WW II?
what did 19th century sailors call the heavy biscuits sustained them on long journeys?
In history the term specie refers to what?
which satement about the Great Depression is false?
explain a slave's trip north from south carolina?
Was America the only country to own slaves??
I want to become a self educated Egyptologist. Where should I begin?
According to the history of WW2, Was the Nazis defeated by the Russian?
Why do white people think O.J. did it and Blacks don't?
How did the British help India?
Why did the British institute the Tea Act?
what does red, green and black symbolize?
Which Thesis statement do you like for AP history better?
What was the goal/objective of the White Plains Battle?
Who is your favorite historical person?
what play did shakespear write and acted in by 1593?
Discuss the evolution of french absolutism through the accomplishments of Henry 4th sully and Richeliley?
mahathma gandigi why came back to india from africa?
How did railroads change politics?
how can we assure that Lapu-lapu killed Magellan?does those people who says its true are there during the time
If you wanted to re-live an event in history, what would it be, and why?
Question on Jim Crow Laws?
Did "The Inquisition" happen all over Europe or just in Spain?
What factors liberated the creative spirit of the renaissance?
what was (is?) the view of Marx, Lenin (aka the early revolutionaries) regarding the peasants and the rurals?
what is the value on an 1850 one penny?
What should I write about for my UShistory research proposal?
Hitler killed and planned to kill everyone except pure German blood.?
Statues as memorials during romeo and juliet century?
Please!!!! I Need Info On Ancient Chinese Pottery!!!!!!!!!!?
Why do Europeans claim to discover everything ?
If you could go back in time and witness any event in history, what would it be?
Have anyone ever experimented, the visit of a love one who died, can you shere a little bit with us?
Cesar Chavez. Characteristics of a leader?
why do people say that evolution is true?
What sould happen to the one who bluetooth sadam's execution to thepublic?
What is wrong with the world? Your opinions matter...!?
How important was the military as an institution in Roman society? What factors contributed to its successes?
Help needed with an argument Against Enclosure?
whos the worst person on earth?
help with history??!!?
is history a thing of the past?
who was the closet to conquering the world?
Whats going on with America's militarism?
What are some interesting and/or little known facts about Winston Churchhill?
something about hindu gods & their names?
If Jesus is saviour why weren't other parts of the world also saved? i.e. N.A. Indians?
Toyotomi Hideyoshi?
What was the fuel used in the incinerators/crematorium in nazi concentration camps?
Why was trench warfare important in the Somme?
in Genisis chapter 6 it says the sons of the gods saw that....who were the gods?
The Legendary Thomas Paine!! Quick Question.?
whay did the supreme court decide in Gideon v. Wainwright snd what were the consequences of the decision?
What do you think really caused President Lincoln to free the slaves?
how was Chicago's importance as a shipping center maintained?
Why you Americans say you went to moon first when Germans did?
During World War II why did the Japanesse consider it dishonorable to surrender?
some major inventions/discoveries during modern world?
were historical proff of ancient indian genius?
what was the differences in class in 19th century britain?
What was Gaul?
was us defence secretary leon panetta shot by karzie of afghanastan ?
Could u guys tell me the history on boybands? :D?
what are the main categories of the Iranian music after the revolution of 1979?
What civilization was Auschwitz once part of?
Why was the Enlightenment an important factor in causing the French Revolution?
How did the power of the US federal government increase during the antebellum period?
What was the political situation in Germany before WW1?
why don't people focus more on the good things hitler tried to do like universal healthcare, jobs for the poor?
Was the British Empire really that bad?
English Democratic Revolution?
Where is the Monastery at Cluny and what did they find?
What are some of the benefits of written history?
I have a history question that I need help on....?
How did Cherokee their names?
Explain the concept of the General Will???
Is it true that Kilts are not native to Scotland and they originated in France?
If you could take part in or be an onlooker to any event that happened in history, what would it be?
Who wrote the US Articles of Confederation?
Why was Hitler's court trial so significant in his rise to power?
Do you think that Adolph Hitler would've been judged differently as a world leader if he didn't ->?
When did the village school at Stainton, Barnard Castle close?
who was Andrew Niccol?
why is it that flags are put down at 1800hrs and put up at 0600hrs?
HISTORY! choose the term that does not belong and explain why?
what is Ayyubid dynasty?
What's the oldest place in the world?
Puberty in the 1400's?
How were the branches of government established during colonial times and how was power balanced between the?
How many people knew of the armenian genocide?
What is the earliest New Testament Book?
wich country has more History?
Do you think new technology will ever end?
is the world actually gunna end 2mrw !??!?!?
How did ancient tribes survive if they always sacrificed their virgins?
What food did Soliders eat during the civil war?
The Emancipation Proclamation freed?
In Roman law, who is entitled to the child of a slave?
how sad that the last survivor of the Titanic has just passed away?
Assess the validity of the following statement: "Andrew Jackson was a common man in the presidency." Then, in
I have been a Freemason for over 30 years and I cannot understand why the youth doesn't enquire about it.?
Where can I find 3D models of ancient Babylon and Nineveh on the web?
Who built the Pyramids?
Were there any survivors of the Holocaust in the gas chambers?
why did Japan enter WWII?
Scottish tartans... do the various patterns in a Clan's tartan say something about the clan's history?
How did the attitudes of colonial protest leaders change by 1770? A) They grew less sure of the legality of th?
should America dropped the second bomb on Nagasaki?
To what extent did De-Stalinisation bring the greatest change in the lives of the People of USSR 1894-1999?
when did theater first begin.?
German workers came together to form the?
what do yall know about the holocaust?
how did the battle of verdun fail to break the stalemate at the western front?
why were the incas fighting the spanish?
What is the greatest invention ever?
Mozart, the composer died at 35, who died even younger?
History Question....?
Many people, afraid of pain and suffering in purgatory after they died bought these:?
how did the increase population help end the feudal system?
Can anyone tell me what 'fought him all the way to the bank' used to mean?
What were the Viking Expeditions like?
Where can I find a picture of a washerwoman?
What is the most important characteristic of a pirate?
Why did USA join WWI?
Who was a more honorable leader Saladin or Richard the lion hearted?
Were blueberries sold or grown during the Renaissance period?
What exactly was the abuse that Sybil aka Shirey Mason went through?
any info on captain kidd (the pirate)?
which of the races is the highest? or the best?
What did books look like in 1965?
Does racism still exsists in the United States?
AP U.S. History question?
How do I know I am in love? What is the best gift a man can give to the girl friend? How do girls love?
1.who was the wife of Hitler(king of Germany)?
Why did i get a viaolation for this -_-?
What unique circumstances of the interwar period led to ultranationalism?
Why was the 1970’s the turning point in Australian History?
What are 3 important themes or issues pertinet to "women in war (ww1)" as a defining Canadian moment?
Why is the great depression 1929-1939 is important to American history.?
Has America ever won a war by herself?
why is vasco da gama's exploration considered successful? 10 points!?
What two separate cultural and economic traditions make up Latin America?
why do black people celebrate black history? are they celebrating slavery>im glad rosa parks died?
which were the 10 most prominent virtues of Tom Thomson?
Trent Affair. What was it about, who was involved and when?
Compare Bach's duties and compositional output during his time in Kothen and the 27 years in Leipzip?
When did Woodrow Wilson stop using his first name, Thomas, and why?
What are some differences between Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece?!?
Was Winston Churchill the greatest PM The UK ever had?
What did Alfred T Mahan say a nation need to in order build an empire?
Hitler wanted peace and didn't start WW2 , who disagrees?
Early history and Photos on a Property?
which country in the world that produce the first paper?
Hans Caleta?
what is my middle?
What were some of the WW2 books you would like to recoomend me?
what is the historical origins of the handshake?
what was the reputation of Lorenzo Ghiberti like in the renaissance?
I need a photograph...?
Why is religion considered the #1 cause of war?
What happened at the beginning of the civil war?
How did they build the simulation in "Stars Earn Stripes".?
What is 'Cretaceous period'?
What does, Adolph Hitler ist der Sieg, mean?
What new kind of Roman army did Marius create?
Norhtwest Ordinance ?
what is the history of waltham airdrome from 1940 / 1945?
what were some of Charles Darwin's achievements?
Failure of Italian revolutions in 1848/49, State vs State?
How did the Cronulla Riots affect Australia today?
what is an atomic bomb?
Which era would you love to have lived in and why?
Who were Julius and Agustus Ceasar and what was their impact on greece ?
What are the Accomplishments of the OAS?
Who was the woman who along time ago kept adding on to her mansion/ house because a physcic told her to.?
why did gavrilo princip shot the couple ( i forgot there name)....?
What languages did Peter the Great speak?
When was the fall of the western roman empire?
Jay's Treaty was a controversial treaty for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:?
is taj mahal really built by shah jahan?
How did the election of 1912 constitute a defining moment in American history?
The goal of the North Korean leaders in 1953 was to?
Is there a Indian tribe name Hames not sure on spelling an where are they from any one know ?
Is Barrack Obama the worst president in history?
difference of pastoralism in india and africa?
In a mayan civilization (Zaculeu) why would the central plaza be important?
James Monroe enemy??? Who are they?
Who was the ruler of Italy during WWII?
What are your opinions on the dropping of the atomic bomb?
How did Nat Turner survive while he was in hiding?
Why is it that Africans and Black people in American don't know their history?
Who do you think is the most evil person in history?
Who was Claude I. Taylor?
Could Adolf Hitler could've took over the WORLD? ANSWER PLEASE!!?
If KOSOVO has been historically part of Serbia,why should it be granted Independence ?
When was the first Australian constitution written ?
Between 1895 and 1919, the United States developed into an empire few could ignore. Citing at least 6 examples?
4 Examples Patriots used to rally public support during the american revolution?
Do you think Rurik is the same Rorik of Dorestad who led the viking expedition to Ladoga and Novgorod?
Please help me on my history question!?
the famous five how did they die!?
Question is in description (detail)?
Who remembers ! in its infancy?
how to describe a murder scene of a person shot multiple times?
Why was a German invasion of England infeasible during 1940 ?
What is the Monroe Doctrine?
What were the religious, political, social, and cultural contributions of the Roman Catholic Church to medieva?
Should we apologize for black slave trade,something did by my ancestors 500 years ago?
How many people lived in Czech in the late 1800's?
What does the conclusion of a history paper consist of?
Is this the armaggedon? are we watching the end of the world as we know it?
can you name me a female latin president?
If Hitler won the war, would the Germans support him?
Five facts about the elizabethan era?? please. :) :)?
So, tell me way are illegals in this country are saying that they have the right to be US citizens?
Does John Quincy Adams have any mannerisms?
What do you consider the most important invention after WW2?
History books say Federalists (Hamilton,Washington,Adams) favor STRICT interpretation of the constitution.....?
entertainment in 1924- 1929?
What is some information about the internment camp Rohwer in Arkansas?
most important invention to mankind from the past 200 years and why???
When did the British surrender?
who lives in banglore?
Did Konrad Adenauer- former German chancellor- really invent daylight saving time?
How did the battle at Bull Run in the civil war show that neither side was prepared for the conflict that lay ?
list of tokugawa shogunate features and accomplishments?
What are some facts about Japan?
Which was better? Ancient Greece? or Ancient Rome?
The D - Day in world war 2. What does this letter "D" mean? Do or Die?
Is Great Britain a country?
Who is the best general in the world?
who killed magellan?
What is Nationalism, Conscription, Self-Determination?
To Vietnam War Vets/Children of the 60's. What is your clearest memory of the era?
if i be trad my girl friend what will i do next?
How come the Romans never made it to Ireland?
what did the music sound like that the Romans listened to? (did they have traveling court musicians ?)?
What are some important events that happend in Colonial Pennsylvania?
What are reasons the boston massacre was an act of self defence?
What were the Federalist Papers?
What was Cinnibar composed of in ancient China?
In my South Carolina public high school, they tried to tell me the Civil War was fought over states rights.
In what year was the Cite a Docks by the Cattani Architects built?
Who were the Union and the Confederates in the Civil War?
Which of the following was probably true about Julia Francis Daniels?
Do you think believe that Jesus and Mary Magdelene probably were really married?
Songs about American history?
for History please help me I am writing a paper?
What was the last dates US troops were deployed to Vietnam?
Can any one give me full biography about Bartolomé de las Casas?
What is the Charlemagne award? Who made it? Why?
Books on the 'gunpowder revolution'?
do you think is good for canada send soldiers to afghanistan?
Can you give me examples of real life tragic heroes?
Anime or cartoon about US History?
Who was the first pope?
Innocent people and kids?
a capital city from old country in middle east?
If you were given the chance to go back in time and kill Hitler (or have him killed), would you do it?
Did you know what you looked like before you were born?
How did Britain win the battle of Britain in the second world war?
Where is the world's largest display of the brontosaurus?
Why is it so hard for people to believe in GOD, but it's easy to serve a false god.?
Why did the black death kill as many as it did?
this president of the united mine workers (U.M.W) lad a successful strike in 1920-1929?
where can i find the website that has the voting for the 7 wonders of the world?
how arethe soldiers trying to rid themselves of lice in Louse Hunting by Isaac Rosenberg?
how did the Tatars of Russia rule over the population of Russia? how compared to "The Huns"?
What to do with carved objects?
where can i find information on the view of afterlife of ancient Israel?
I`ve heard that Hitler had only 1 Testes and some say one was bigger than the other Is it true??
how cpuld the romans master landscape?
does anyone knw how hitler died?
i lived in hollywood for 13 years from 1985 to 1998 and i was in us army 1979 to 1981 and usmc 1982 to 1982?
what does the AD mean when included in a date in history?
I need some documents about "History of England in the 16th century" (do not use Wikipedia)?
what is troupe de poisson?
Who's to blame for the Civil War?
Who were/are some famous political leaders?
Who in history would you like to have been friends with?
Who was the first european explorer to fondle a cigar.?
when did surrealism begin?
In Jack London's memior, The Road, why does he embark on this journey?
what is the most important contribution that african americans have made in U.S. culture in the past 20 years?
What are some important people from the 60's or 70's?
why did france go to war with other countries after the french revolution?
What are some traditional American values?
did the Normans enjoy visting Bath England after 1066?
Early European Religion/Cult that used drugs during rituals?
da vinci code?
If you had to fight in one theater in WW2 would it be Europe or the Pacific?
why did they build the great wall of china?
when did the native Americans arrive in America ?
What year did Augustus Caesar die?
any word beginning with q and x relating to the American Revolution?
How do the names below tie in with Hamlet? Need concrete answers, not websites. Am out of time. (Thanks)?
Which of the following was the first form of representative government in North America?
Is there accesable infromation about Colonial Music?
can somebody describe me briefly what was the vietnam war?
What if the Titanic didn't sink?
What four main factors led to the rebellion of the American colonists toward the British government?
Who said "On my command, unleash hell!"?
what is the thesis statement for this essay question?
Why were the Romans so much more advanced than the "barbarians"?
How did British women act and how were they portrayed in India during the 20s?
Did racism lead to slavery or did slavery lead to racism?
Why was King Edward VIII (later Duke of Windsor) a Nazi Sympathizer?
What are the name of hills which ancient Rome city build on?
Exactly how many countries are there in the world?
What profession was a cooper?
She was born in France and learned to fly in 1909. Who was the first licensed woman pilot?
Why is the perspective important in understanding history?
who were ark angels besides Michael?
What was Henry McNeal Turner's suggested alternative to the problems in the South after the civil war?
fun facts about united states?
why did urbanization produce so many problems?
What is an example of failure breeds success in history or fiction?
Are there any documents that would show that the Soviets joined the Axis powers in WWII?
Eurpean history...help?
Was ape the first man kind in the world?
Name and explain major consequences of the Sherman Act in 1890?
Who hopes all the Chinese people become Japanese people's slaves?
how did slavery divide white southerners?
What was the impact of colonialism on Niger?
Evolution or God?
when was Daytona Beach, Florida founded?
HISTORY Qs?!?!?! Crusading.?
What are Educational crisis in africa?
In 1904, a photograph was transmitted by wire in Germany. Who is responsible for this?
what elements of african culture were brought by the slaves?
What do cargo cults mean? How are they interpreted anthropologically?
who is a modern day hero?
Are all Syrians of Arabic background?
How do I describe what History is?
What was Beethovens most famous work?
what year did kodak come out with the first camera?
What was the culture in Vietnam like in the 1950's?
How did so many come to believe the Civil War was about slavery?
Two people that signed the Declaration of Independence are not on the back of the 2-dollar bill. Who are they?
why did Austria help Germany in the Danish war?
i have a 1945 rand mcnally commercial atlas and marketing guide that i would like to sell!?
Which is the place of birth for Hinduism?
Who said it and what exactly was said? "Those who forget the past are destined to repeat it."?
How important was Mandela compared to the impact of Economic sanctions in bringing about an end to Apartheid?
What happened on April 18, 1775?
Moses was supposed to be a clever guy.Right? He led the wandering Israelis for 40 years in the desert. Right?
How did Benjamin Franklin embody Enlightenment thinking?
which new world colony did each of these groups of ppl settle in?
Why didn’t the Union use black soldiers earlier?
what is usher real name?
Why were the Democrats much more successful in national politics than the Whigs?
The Holocaust: Is it true some of the gassed were not Jews?
I'm heading to the Renaissance Festival this weekend. Should I dress as a Queen, a harlot, or a jester?
Describe the part played by the lack hand in the assanation of Franz Ferdinand in 1914?
How did April Fools' Day originat???
Who is Thomas Morton and why is he relevant/important to American Literature?
How did the English prisoners get to Australia?
if a country is having economic problems should the U.S. allow its residents to come ?
Do u think that the Holocaust and African slave trade was a genocide?
Is it possible that less than 6,000,000 Jews died during WWII?
What Are The Reasons Of Wars?
What were Jim Crow laws?
How did mining and the Transcontinental Railroad change the West?
What was the last known location of the ark of the covenant before it was lost?
What is a good comprehensive book about WWII?
What date did World War 2 end?
What Is The most memorable "HISTORICAL" Event in U.S.A. happened that meant something to you?
Historians opinion of sir charles kingsford smith?
History - USA - 1921 - 1940?
HELP! What was the social hierarchy of Rhode Island in the 1700's?
why do blacks make up around 12% of the US population but make up around 65 % of the US prison population?
why did michaelangelo name his work The Agony and ecstast?
Ulysses S. Grant Personal Memoir Question - History?
How much is 3 textbooks from Upper Canada College dating from 1848 to 1898?
What was the chief reason for the opposition of the south to the election of lincoln in 1860?
what did early hunting equipment consist of?
What did hippies protest?
what are the federalist papers?
How is napoleon compared to louis 16?
5 Facts About The Treating Of Nanjing?
Short general paragraph on ancient egypts culture?
how effective was victorian policing?
What do you think about this video?
What were Madison’s view of “auxiliary precautions”?
what grade did einstien fail?
What do you call the box carried by four men using poles that royalty and emperors used to travel around in?
What actions were taken to investigate Kennedy's assassination?
Why were Balboa and Magellan's voyages important?
The Progressivism Era?
what was lewis and Clark's goals for the lewis and clark expedition?
U.S History Final Exam help?
When did Television become universal?
What in history is the most dangerous stunt? Tragedy?
what is history?
what were the names of the roman emperors in the year 69ad?? i think they were galba otho vitellius vespatian?
Who were the Ednite group who fought in the revolution?
describe and explain Roosevelt's legacy?
HELP history of jewelry question?
If aliens visited during the dinosaur era, what do you think there reaction was?
How much are these old British coins worth?
Help I suck at History!! Just need to know three of the points in favor of increased U.S. involvement overseas?
Is America th most powerful country ever?
which exist first, dinosaurs or humans?
Why many people are jealous with Great Mongolian Nation?
How did the reliance on plantation agriculture affect the development of the southern colonies?
Research paper: essay topic ideas?
how big were the families in 1826 philidephia?
different parts in the middle aged castles?
what is similar about christopher columbus and zheng he's ships?
Do you have any facts about Ancient Chinese Paper?
i need some info about Rahim(poet)and also about some poet named ?
Who was the king of the Netherlands during the 1780's?
10 interesting facts about the first crusade?
Who is the inventor of telephone?
how did texas mexican war relate to Us intervention in latin america with the monroe doctrine?
if you could travel back in time which time period would you go to and why?
why didn't America help Britain in 1940? like we declared war on Saddam ?
How did wounds get treated during the Vietnam War?
Why our industrialists are not coming in indian politics to devolope our counury?
Did Tyra Banks Help By Giving Funds To Hurriacane Katrina?
What were the element of American victory in WW2 in terms of resources and production preparation & leadership
I am going to a concentration camp TOMMORROW. I am Jewish and 14?
Are you Brits still bitter about the American Revolution?
What's the most terrifying thing in history ever to happen?
What were Arthur Miller's political views?
what was the old name of Malasyia?
URGENT!!Why did European nations want Spheres of Influence or establish it?PLEASE HELP ME!?
Were elements of the Holocaust exaggerated?
How does Julius Caesar's pincer movement work?
Who do you think is more intelligent; Albert Einstein or William Shakespeare?
I need to find out about a real life scenario where religion has caused conflict?
10 points: Black history month homework help?????
What was the most important battle in world war 2?
Discuss the contributions of the Sumerians to the establishment of civilization?
What words can you make out of "george washinton"?
how can i check others profiles?
How did racial profiling began?
Which color represents the Union during the American Civil War?
Was Suleiman The Magnificent in a relationship with Pargali Ibrahim Pasha?
During the early 1800’s, how did America become a strong nation?
Between the years of 1865 and 1945 the path of labor organizations were marked by false starts and wrong turns
Didn't all these conspiracies make you distrust history?
what ia folk dance?
What did General Lee do after the civil war?
Which statement is true about the women who worked during World War II?
how did hitler die?
Can we explore fascism in transnational contexts?
Did the asians help build Australia's economy?
voltaire's perspective on government and the church?
history of r&b and soul i need info?
how did life change for people economically when the nazi's gained power?
what do you think about latin persons living in united states do you like it or not?
when did slavery end??
Who were some of the key figures in the colonization of Africa?
What has England contributed to the world?
Who is your favourite historical figure?
Who fought in The Little Horn Massacre?
What were some negative aspects of the 1960s in Britain?
So, tell me way are illegals in this country are saying that they have the right to be US citizens?
which team is best in cricket?
who were the mamalukes?
Why did the Bolsheviks popularity decline after they took power?
what was the austerity program under Thomas Jefferson?
Help!I got a very old set of bathroom china, washbowl, that stuff. name on bottom is royal ironstone. info?
Changes in the roman life?
Who has inspired you?
Excluding George W. Bush and Clinton, who was the worst president in this past century?
International relations homework, please help!?
Was there an actual tower of Babylon?
does any one now what the best movie in the world is?
In which century were rubber gloves first used in surgery?
who was pope at the time michelanglo painted the sistine chapel?
What should i build from the Medieval times?
What are the three or four most important contributions of the Rome culture to other cultures?
Before the" Roman Empire" was the country where Rome was situated, called Italy?
where were you and what were you doing one 9/11?
I need to find the book that Baudelaire talks about Poe, Wagner and Delacroix?
chronological images of cleopatra's fashion icon?
during the victorian periods, what was defined as "obscene"?
Do you think the holocaust really happened?
how did stephen crane impact american literature?
First human on earth?
early labor unions vs medieval guilds? World History class!?
what wars did president andrew jackson fought in?
European History help?
who killed Lee Harvey Oswald?
how did 1960s greaser girls dress?
Why did America decide to drop TWO atomic bombs on Japan during WW2?
Does anyone else wish that the Confederacy had won it's independence?
Did Jane Addams have any enemies?
Did Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun have a sexual relationship?
Who is the most inspirational person in history?
have you ever seen Schindler's list?
Why are people from Poland considered unintelligent?
Is human blood a commodity?
What are muckrakers? (American History)?
Is it true that once we pass away that we are born back again?
What happened to the Monarchist Party in Portugal? It was one of the political parties in the...?
Do the Japanese still see Pearl Harbour as a stunning victory?
Why have the Jews been persecuted throughout history?
Where was the hypocenter of the Hiroshima Bombing?
Lord Halifax and Lord Rothermere were both Nazi Sympathizers, what is your view on this fact?
The Significance of Petersburg Battle? 1865?
I am doing a essay on family history..?
If you could live in any historical period when and where would it be?
history help please please?
Romans regarded the Germans as barbarians because?
Did Hitler do any violent actions besides the genocide of the Jews?
when did the 8-week term start at oxford university?
What country used to be known as "Persia"?
Is it true, there's a kingdom in the old days named 'Duchlun'?
My in-law is treating me bad, he dont wanna help me and he is very rich. wat do i do?
what's the name of those people who had white fabric mask ?
is Zecariah Sitchin correct when he said that the human race came from extraterrestrials?
thomas jeffersons relationships with the other founding fathers?
How was the Atlantic World a capitalism during the slave trade?
Anicent Rome/Greece Question... What was life like under Heraclius? / Was he a good emperor?
why did britain go to war with argentina in 1982?
Why Were Immigrants Attracted to British North America in the Early Nineteenth Century?
What was the early republican legacy on campaigning?
In what era did humans begin planting food?
examples of jounalisrt who dont respect the code of ethics?
how many deaths per year during the trench warfare(ww1)?
History-Help me with my intro?
which of the following three Athenians are supporters of democracy and which are opponents of democracy?
who was Liu Bang and who were his subordinates to help him build the Han Dynasty?
what was cotton mathers life after the salem witchcraft trials? please be very specific & site sources?
Does anyone have websties about the history of Drug Cartels?
What was william mckinleys foreign policy?
What happened to the USA during cold war?
Describe the social and political structures in Lower Canada, and how they differed from those in Upper Canada?
german military bayonets and knives in the second wold war?
was mohair yarn used to protect gun powder in the eighteenth century?
Why did the cicil war happen when it did?
who said this quote?
seven miracles in the world like big ben london pyramids egypt?
He won the presidencty in 1852 after the Whig Party had lost much of its political power?
What's the difference between socialism and communism?
How did rationing work during WWII?
What did ancient egyptian merchants wear?
Was Napoloeon a Product of the French Revolution?
what happen in 1803?
Franklin Mint UH-1B HUEY Vietnam knife?
how important is reason in the history of humanity? use examples from the dark ages, renaissance & reformation?
Why did the peasants revolt?
How was Kristallnacht a turning point in history? And how did it cause change?
Why did Michael Faraday build the electric motor, electric generator, and found benzene?
Who is Alberti? Was he a typical Renaissance man? Why or Why not?
Did the Titanic really sink or was it all part of an insurance scam?
What where the requirements of a masterpiece in a craft guild in the Middle Ages?
History of the Alphabet book...?
History: How will you remember August 14th?
Where can I find paintings on the internet that depict life during the French Revolution?
what was the result of the Tet offensive?
What are the ten most important characteristics of the postclassical era? Please help?