U.S history question about the elections of 1828?
radical pass of the french revolution?
Is my list of the 10 most Evil People in History Accurate?
what is a original name lord buddha?
Do you know any graphs or pictures that show something about Singapore or Australia?
in 1903, panamanians rebelled against the government of (a)-colombia (b)-cuba (c)-venezuela (d)france?
where did the word car come from?
POLL Do you remember>>>9/11<<< I Will, Forever ?
did america really land on the moon?
world history question... someone help me.?
what does the 'link' in the missing link refer to ?
who was the president of Nevada's 1864 constitutional convention, he was a former governor of California?
How did citizens in Han China interact with their environment?
What is the asnwer to Why?
Why is it important to state facts when dealing with satire?
Should Margaret Thatcher been charged for war crimes.?
Describing what impression you believe the Romans of the first century were trying to convey with this carving?
did "Furious Screaming style" speeches during Nazi period fit in with typical German characteristics?
Tell me a story with a beginning, middle and end?
If you could put an epitaph on your own tombstone ,what would it be?
What were the important inventions and discoveries in Britain in the late 1700's?
How did the Roman Invasion effect the current inhabitants of Britain?
a question for school name the 3 knights of the purest hearts who finally retrieved the holy grail?
what does e pluribus unum mean?
In "Kingdom Of Heaven" the Knight Templars are the vilains. Are the events of the movie historically acurate?
Help..Crossword puzzle. Easy History.?
what are distinctive stylistic features of music of the twentieth century music to the present 1900-present?
were was gelato invented?
what are the influence of Vikings on English language?
Why did the delegates attended the First Continental Congress? What were the results?
New York during the Constitutional Convention (1787)?
Why did Rosa Parks participate in the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
President Abraham Lincoln: Hero or Failure?
The "Trail of Tears"?
In Chinese shops you see an ugly plastic toad on the counter with a coin in it's mouth. What's that about?
How many wives did Lord Krishna have?
Why are the Romans so mean?
Did you know the South had a right to secede??
In which German state did Trier lie when Karl Marx was born?
Why does the USA change history and events within film and media??
What is the nationality or origin of the last name Dondero?
How was public opinion in Hawaii different after the Pearl Harbor attack (before vs. after)?
If you could go back in time what would you do to change history?
what were the results of the Bay of Pigs invasion?
Explain the history of english.?
Which Anglo-Saxon king is known for his construction of a dyke and his success in unifying southern England?
What 3 actions demonstrated that philip ii of spain saw himself as a defender of catholicism?
A page is missing out of my history book,Davy crockett,Jim Bowie&some friends were praying in a Texas church?
when was the iron pillar of delhi constructed?
How to learn everything about WWII in less than three weeks????
What was the significance of the Colosseum, to Romans?
What is the Internation Brigade? Does anyone know which countries make it up?
What was Britain's major role in WW2?
when is anti terrorist day celebrated in india?
Have u forgot when the twin towers felll?
Can anyone give me the dates of the Ayyubid and Mameluk dynasty ?
In the 1950's, what was McCarthyism a reaction to?
In what ways was colonial American society becoming more "English" from 1700 to 1763?
Bombing Of Panam Flight 103 In Lockerbie Scotland In 1988?
How did cosimo de medici contribute to the renaissance?
arc of the covenant segment (guiness world book of records )?
Dose anybody have any new info on the sundance dispute in oklahoma?
If you could own a piece of history?
criticism on joseph freemans poems?
PAC Coin does anyone know it's origins?
Question about history? History buffs I'm calling you out!?
Who was the Roman soldier who became emperor, but first wrote an account of his expeditionary force to Gaul?
Could the attack on Pearl Harbor have been prevented?
Who invented the map of the world?
Who wrote "Love makes the world go around"?
Traditional names originating from the 10th century?
how were horses cared for in the mongol empire?
is jacques louis david mentioned or used in a tale of two cities?
Do you remember ?
what happened in morocco in ww2? who was fighting?
why did cesar chavez become famous?
Where was Tsar Nicholas II's Abdication Proclamation, of March 2nd 1917 signed?
What were the smells like in 15th century England?
how to write a university research about greek bactria? Wich bibliography do you suggest me ?
did 6 million jews die during WW2?
are there any famous people in history named eleanor?
To what extent did Alexander III change russia?
Creative title for the Aztecs?
I am named after dogs. What am I and which dog am I named after?
Why did the US intervene in Latin America?
Was Hitler a fascist?
where are you from?
Do demons exist?
What does a peacock on a totem pole look like? How can you carve the shape?
What were the achievements of Galileo Galilei?
how did people react to gulliver's travels when it was first published?
what is a zombee?
what is history?
History Of Computer Mice?
Why were the Beatles so successful when they came to america in the 60s? ?
Does any one believe in the Da Vinci Code?
what is the name for a man made object?
how did the protestant reformation succeed?
Did anybody figure out how Greek fire was made?
What was the significance of the battle if Quebec?
who or what do you think was to blame ?
German's views on WWII, the Nazi party and Hitler?
Another Native American History question?
what happened on october 29,1929?
Who is Seymour Duncan?
What is the name of first mosque and where ?
can i have a lot of information on king john please?
What is the definition of Paranimmitavasavatti?
Was America united in the first 100 years of existence?
how did prohibition groups and purity crusaders differ from charity, social gospel, and settlement movements?
In your opinion who is the most influential person in the history of the United States and why?
When did Ramon Magsaysay say this quote?
Powerpoint presentstion on "Accidental Wonders" ?
why was sieyes important to the french revolution?
who is Hoppin?
During which period in art history did the drawing receive notice as an art form?
what is davy crockett military ranking when he got older?
What were the advantages/disadvantages of colonising Cuba?
R.I.P. Eric Hobsbawm?
Help me come up with a topic for a paper?
what were the letter german names for east and west Germany?
Were Davy Crockett and Sam Houston sent by President Andrew Jackson to foment rebellion in Texas?
Who was the First Presiden USA.?
what is anti-semitism? what does that stand for?
What effect did the second great awakening have on society?
In what ways does Benjamin Franklin employ the concept of moral perfection in his autobiography?
How did the new industrial order shake up in America?
Why did the Industrial Revolution cause such social upheavel in England in the 18th century?
What is a geologist?
Who would you say was James I's enemy (James VI, son of Mary Stuart)?
Why did the elite in the russian revolution make the decisions for the poor people?
During WW1 did the German government influence what was written in German magazines?
Does anyone know anything about the battle of Rorke's Drift/Isandlwana which happened in Natal, South Africa ?
Agreement to end the fighting?
Any1 knows what is the name of this building or what is it for?
how did geography affect the ancient Egypt?
how did the triple entente feel about being in world war 1?
I visiited London last year and there were thousands of people just minding there own business when a madman?
did Kaiser Wilhelm probably ever feel guilty for starting World War 1 that killed so many millions of people?
What were the effects of the bombing of Pearl Harbor?
Compare and contrast salem witch trials with.present day.events?
did the usa alone or great britain and her other allies have the biggest part to play in winning ww2?
A People's History of the United States Howard Zinn questions.?
what is the fourteenth amendmenrt?
What would you tell the founding fathers of America?
history help?? please.!?
if the allies had given into Hitler's demands for Poland would he have stopped?
who will win in a duel: ACHILLES or king ARTHUR?
When was Hilter at the height of his power?
Did the child labours in England during the 1900s have Christmas off?
Identify two instances of the “tide of battle” turning on the European Front and two instances of the same?
Historically, why is there not much documentation of smells?
What's with the jokes about anne frank?!?
What do you call the clothes that women wear during the Tang dynasty?
Someone explain Evolution and why it isnt more popular than Christianity?
why is the country ''turkey'' called as an animal's name? turkey?
population of uae?
In Xenophon's Anabasis the remnant of the 10,000 got sick and some died after eating this black sea treat?
Essay on Egyptian Treatment of the Dead?
who killed JFK?
"Don't fire until you see their _____!"?
I'm looking for information on Gen . Hal Moore and the battle of thIa Drang Valley?
What year was kite flying banned by the taliban in afghanistan?
i listen to kind of music very discredited by Romanians because it;s sung by Gypsies what do you think about t
I've seen the swastika used in buddhism and by the Nazi's but has anyone else ever used it?
Was Alexander the Great a visionary or a conqueror?
Would the years 2000 and 2002 be considered contemporary?
What are some important events that occurred before the common era?
Who led the Boston Tea Party?
What were the push and pull factors that dominated Mexican immigration patterns in the firs half of 20century?
Who is the Worst President in United States History????
Civil War History questions?
Question About Ancient China and Japan?
where can I find an archive of Japanese wartime newspapers?
How successful was the 1559 Religious Settlement in settling the religious situation in England?
Alfred Cralle what did he do?
What major wars was Nepal involved in?
how was mesopotamia socially organized?
What was Patrick Henry's family consisted of?
Did Cowboys & Soldiers wear bullet proof vests in the 1700's - 1800's?
Do u think Mahabharata'Ramayan were real or stories. If they weren't real then what about the gods we worship?
How big a threat was the Paris Commune to the Third Republic?
is there any reason why the holocaust should be kept in high school curriculum?
Why does nobody give Austria hassle for giving birth to Hitler but instead Germany?
Where can I get good information on World War II?
how much is 10,000 pacos (mexican money)worth in american money?
What was the opssing position on washingtons proclomation of neuteality?
Martin Luther King, Jr. and John Lennon.?
where did Noah's ark landed?
Why was is called the Roman Empire not the Italian Empire?
Why do people think Hitler was all that bad?
What promise did the British break to the black loyalists?
What was the position of the West in the decades leading up to the Civil War?
Does anyone know what scientific discoveries could have won WWII for Germany had they discovered them?
Does anyone know what the merger movement was?
what types of conversations did middle class have during the victorian era?
Why is there a history of white people murdering and raping?
How was the American Revolution a war about slavery and territorial expansion?
What are some recent political disputes, disagreements, alliances, or wars around the world?
If Switzerland had gone to war (WW2) AGAINST Germany?
do u beleive in the lechusa?
Did you know removes questions that reveal nelson mandelas time as a terrorist?
What facts or real life accounts show the need and want for a dictatorship in Germany (with Hitler)?
What are some important death myths in Ancient Greece?
Did the Holocaust even happen?
L. G. Alexander essay?
Would literacy have transformed people’s daily lives in early Medieval Ireland?
Why do historians sometimes refer to the monarchies of the late 15 century as "new monarchy"?
How come in the Holocaust in western country's. they only mention the Jews?
Question about Howard Zinn's A Peoples History of the US?
Which American president was assassinated at the theatre?
Why are Europeans always saying U.S.A only has 100s of years of history?
who was incharge of first human right order?
Is their a website that concentrates on history of Wemberly stadium?
How many people died in the Cuban revolution?
please explain it more briefly to understand (well for me jk) ok?
Who is Ryukisai Tachibana?
an issue faced by King Louis XVI in the war was that:?
How do or don't artifacts give accuracy on ancient civilizations and history?
why would blacks fight for American independence at the same time they were being denied their liberty?
God is all-powerful, or as theologians put it, “omnipotent”; there is nothing that he cannot do.?
Are there any actual images of an Imperial Aquila with SPQR, or a Vexillum with the Aquila and SPQR?
why the hell did britny spears shave her head??
how did julius caesar come into power?
what is the value of a buffalo nickel? (read below)?
Does anyone know a historical figure who started out with noble intentions but was later corrupted by power?
what the Queen of Spain is known for making her country a world power and leader in exploration?
Murdering President Mckinley's inestigation?
Who were the first people of the world?
who had it worse? please answer?
Was Napolean the Heir or the Betrayer of the French Revolution?
Why would Muslims and Nazi (germany)would hate jews and Israil?
Roman History Question?
What were the interrelationships between peoples and culture from ancient china, greece, egyt, meso?
where the 911 attacks instigated by the us government?
at which port in england did bram stoker's dracula first arrive?
Explain events that led to Malcolm X new spirtual understanding prior to his death?
History ' Two Questions . 10 Pointss !?
How to present a Chautauqua on JFK?
Why was president andrew johnson such a fan of free public education?
Was the Person Who Hired Lee Oswald for the Texas Book Depository Ever Questioned?
What are the 11 locations for the 1906 San Francisco refugee camps?
the englands where catholic right? but how did they pass through catholic to proteztants?
which is the greatest 7 wonders of the world?
what are some strategies australia could use to deal with refugees?
Who fired first in Lexington and Concord? Why?
Where were you at December 31st, 1999 at 11:59 PM?
What are the ten most important things about the constitution?
When did Congress declare war? When did the war officially end?
Major events in England 1790?
Anyone knows History well,check T&F please?? 5Stars to Best Help?
On what sea does Greece lie on?
what did government officials and peasants have in common?
when the Kiss statue was build?
Is it true the Pope was a Nazi soldier and had?
Do you think Hitler was a good leader?
how did elvis presley die?
What did Boudica mean by this statement?
Who else in the Boylen family bore Henry VIII children?
Should the UK celebrate the 4th of July?
How did John McCrae contribute to Canadian history?
why is king tut so famous ?
Does anyone know anything about Cleopatra's servants?
I am looking for cultural traditions on sacrificing in africa?
Is everything true about everything that happend in room 1408 at the dolphin hotel?
What is going to hell in a handbasket mean?
Before 1790, American leaders denounced political parties. Explain why, nonetheless, political parties came in?
Can you refer some books on everyday life in ancient Crete during Alexander's time?
Vietnam war- when the draw for the birthday ballot was being held in australia, was it broadcast on live tv?..?
What battles was Canada involved in ww1?
Differences and similarities between the Milice and the Gestapo?
Were people who converted to Judaism persecuted by the Nazis?
what year was the crown cork bottle opener serial # rd702661 made?
what does the emancipation or loss of any slave mean?
Why were sculptures far more advanced then painting for the better part of human history?
Indian Removal Act of 1830?
What was happening at the times when William Shakespeare lived?
why did people in ancient times not live longer when the world and the food they ate was safer in that time?
wherre the term jack of all trades came from?
During the American Revolutionary War, were women on the battle field helping the wounded men?
Did German U-boats go after allied fishing vessels in WW2?
how was military in a greek polis?
The greatest battle in WW2 was Operation Overlord-How can you disagree?
Anything for historical castle dimensions?
Who is supposed to be the most intelligent human to date?
I would like to hear themes /situations that you think are interesting?
A skit or poem on Claudine Thevenet?
Why was the United States successful at industrialization?
what lasting impact did bill gates had, and also some personal achievments you could say me please?
I need artists who uses shapes in their art but not in a three-dimensional form?
What were the battles that took place during the battle of the somme?
letters from vincent van gogh to theo?
Most colonists who came to Virginia during the 17th century owed 4 to 7 years service in return for for passag?
What is the sickest and most evil act ever committed in US history?
who discovered america??????????
Explain why events are examples of Napoleon being a power-hungry tyrant?
Doodling on walls?
Why was amendment 27 made?
Who is the person who invented optometry?
I'm looking For Robert Lee Hughey who lived at 507 Swinson Rd. Maple Hill, North Carolina 28454?
Weird Coin What might it be?
Who is the coolest person in the history of the world?
Where were children evacuated to and from in World War Two Britain?
How did federal government's power increase during the Cold War Era?
why do we have so many races...black white red brown.....what is the main reason??? and what is the differenc?
Who is more beautiful Cleopatra or Helen of Troy?
Why would Mary Queen of Scots have to be beheaded when Elizabeth was alreadyQueen of England?
How much do you believe your history books from school.?
what did countries did roman soldiers invade?
What are the contributions of the Greek city-state to the formation of the Christianity?
Can someone explain this political cartoon?
in paragraph form no more what was was the louisiana purchase?
hoe does the Voyages of Columbus) relate to whats happening today?
What happened on the 3rd April 1987?
picture of male & female Sepedi traditional dress?
what is first created the egg or the chicken?
Information on THE COWBOYS. From the movie TOMBSTONE?
What was the immediate effect of neolithic revolution?
during the colional times did the British have the best army in the world?
What was the cultural exchange between Chinese Tang Empire and Abbasid Caliphate in 7th to 9th Century?
Which religious group was in control of the Holy Land at the end of the Crusades?
School is out and I want to have fun before next year where are places that would be fun?
which of the following is a definition of the cold war?
which is the oldest country/region in the world?
what happened the year you were born?
What famous document begins: "When in the course of human events..."?
French Jesuit missionary Jean de Brebeuf and the Hurons? differences?
is it wrong to be really interested in the holocaust and massacres?
WWII and Cold War Research Paper Help!?
circut city v adams case brief?
does any one know anything about the monument with our sailors?
What were the reasons advanced for American colonization in Africa?
what are some important events that happened in july 1999?
Who is the proclamator of the independence of Indonesia in 1945 ?
would you like to time travel?
was" Helen of Troy" a blonde?
How many books has writer Shandilyan written in tamil can you give the list of those books?
haberdasher in Canterbury tales!!!!?
Help!!! I want to learn about American Indians!!!!?
Who has the most books written about him/her?
How do such insanely violent people get power to do such horrible things to humanity?
what is antiquiti?
Why is the Bukit Timah Expressway named BKE and not BTE?
Why did the Wold Trade Center fall so oddly?
Who was Che Quevara?
Whats your nationality, what languages you can speak, where and when were you born, and currenlty living?
Are you still mad about the war???
What were Spain's methods for colonization in the new world?
why do we know such little information about Johannes Gutenberg?
World history help!!?
how judaics bring the adoration to sinaguoge?
How did i get a big fat 0?
What is mankind's greatest invention?
What is fort Ticonderoga? Please read details.?
the age,height,weight of slaves at the place of purchase,sale and auction should be supplied?
majoir contribution that ancient egyptian for todays world?
How did Thomas Paine support American indepence in Common Sense?
what was adolf Hitler's mission?
how did the Americans help Germany with their reparation payments?
what are some san antonio de padua hardships?
What would you say were the impacts of communism in Russia from 1919-1938?
Why did murder lead to WW1 in 1914? PEEL?
can someone explain the story of george and the dragon for me?
What were the reasons for the exploration of the new world, by the English, French and Spanish?
how many people were executed in Wisconsin when the death penalty was in effect?
Why do you think the Vikings did not stay in Anerica?
Stock Market Crash of 1929?
What tasks did the Second Continental Congress accomplish?
George Washington and the American economy?
Why did bandits steal money 200 years ago?
When and how the city of Vienna was first established and what is special about its location?
i wants to find kesan daripada peistiwa tentang kemerdekaan 4 my folio?
Who Wrote the Declaration Of Independence?
Citing a chapter from a book...(MLA format)?
what is history?
what makes u think other people are black whiles others too are white?
how entente cordiale affected other alliances/ententes?
I dont understand these?
cold war secrets and fun facts?
What were historical inaccuracies in the NOVEL the Last of the Mohicans?
When and why did British Empire become the richest country in the world?
Who is arguably the best president in the history of our nation?
Was it an anglo saxon invasion of england or did the anglo saxons peacefully migrate to Britain?
what is history?
Life on earth?
what is the role of the cabinet portfolio of canada heritage?
Did any Romanov's survive?
Who were actually wronged? the palestines or the jews?
Why did the Soviet Union stop their Lunar Program?
What were the problems associated with the Articles of Confederation?
Was Hitler really man of the year?
13 original colonies HELPP!!!!!?
Who killed Warren Earp, the youngest of the famous clan of gun fighting brothers, in an Arizona Saloon in 1900
how to protect and preserve monuments of india?
Which of the following was the major language spoken in most courts and diplomatic circles of Europe by the la?
does middle school stink?
second man on the moon?
History help on the French Revolution? Easy 10 points?!?!?!!?
Did ladies maids in the 1800's get time off?
how significant a turning point in the campaign for black civil rights were the freedom rides of 1961?
Please Help!! Revolutionary War?
what did medieval people argue about?
how did "The Huns" rule over the population that they conquered and which people they conquered too?
I need some ww2 sources... (:?
did the africans or vikings come to the americas before columbus?
Who was in your opinion the wierdest person who ever lived?
Since the English colonists let their livestock graze anywhere, wasn't it hard to round them up?
have any history books you dont want can you mail them to me thanks?
was there any famous samurai in the Edo period, and if so who were they?
Why has H. Ross Perot been so quiet since his failed run for the White House? If gagged, who shut him up?
Describe George Pullman's company town.?
History Home work, Please help?
where can i find a real werewolf in louisiana?im not joking so dont give me crap!?
Why the Halifax explosion was important to pediatrics. Know of any books or websites?
What were the major difference between French and British Colonisation?
who discovered zero actually??? Fibonacci a.k.a leonardo de pisa or brahmagupta?
World History Question.?
What prompted the voyages of discovery? Why did the Spanish lead the way?
Well America eventually fall, like Rome?
How did ethiopians win italians at the battle of Adewa ?
"It's not sauer kraut, it's Freedom Cabbage!" How long did this last?
Who was the most evil woman in history?
Why should Lenin (Russian revolution) be remembered as a subverter of the socialist revolution?
what did the vikings eat?
What caused homo sapiens to migrate across the globe?
How does "thinking hisorically" differ from 'normal' thinking?
What is it about former English MP., Michael Portillo, that makes him seem so likeable a personality?
Dietary change as a "driving force" of human evolution?
What interesting facts about history can you tell me?
why was England the first European country to abolish slavery?
What was the role of a medieval knight?
What is the meaning of life?
Is it true the illuminati / 7 ruling families destroyed world history?
case Kelo v. City of New London?
What were ancient roman pottery used for?
Are you proud of the history of Great Britain and why?
Can you help me think of questions to ask my grandfather about American History?
hi, Who is your favourite indian Freedom fighter?
What are three examples of what was "modern" in the 1920s ?
what was Franklin's role during the War?
what was the political condition of india during the first world war?
who killed jfk?
History help what would you ask a ww2 solider who just rescued some jews from a concentration camp?
Why did the Allies bomb Dresden during ww2 and would this be considered a war crime ?
I need information on the history of salsa for my school project?
what were some people's names who were in the holocaust?
What year was George W Bush born?
In the scarlet letter, How did dimsdale and hester know each other before pearl?
Germany in world war 1?
Information on oliver cromwell?
What episode of hetalia did Romano meet Germany for the first time?
How has Blaise Pascal influenced those who came after him?
Did the holocaust exist?
How was the 12th amendment important in the presidential election of 1824?
What if hitler never existed?
At the height of their conquests who controlled the largest empire?
If your last name origin is French or Italian for example, is that your heritage?
Plato vs. Bossuet - help?
wen will the true anglo saxon be the ethnic minorit?
What was Catherine Parr's religious beliefs?
What was the 3/5 compromise?
What are about thirty things that make Lincoln better than Washinton?
did Hitler escape to to Argentina in ww2?
Did Voltaire believe in racial equality?
What should I write about for my US history research proposal?
Where is the least racist place in the States?
US History Professionals?
I have a question on Adam Smith (wealth of Nations)?
what would happen if judicial review was eliminated?
I am confused about Adolf Hitler, please help if you are good in history!?
Who wrote the twelve amendments ?
What society in history has been the most oppressive to women?
Cotton plantations in the 1800s?
What issue did the democrats split over in the election of 1860?
Where were you when the 9-11 attacks struck?
Who was the intended audience of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles?
Explain the Mongols. Who was Genghis Khan? Discuss Mongol military tactics, areas of conquest, and general his?
I need a good, informational intro for my writing.?
what was leonardo da vinci's hobby?
Who is best graphic artist in world ?
In the near future will there be a major viral outbreak like that of the Black Plague?
For Imperialism what did the colonies provide to the factories in the US?
when was the first jukebox invented?
how many people died in the battle of Antietam?
Which of these topics would be the easiest to research/write about?
What if the Axis power won ww2?
It seems that the happenings around the World show that a clash of civilisations is on. What do you think?
what positive and negative effects do you think the Warren Court has had on society today?
Idea for an essay on the Winnipeg General Strike?
when was the first "cartoon human" movie?
How many ppl think the world would b better if nazi germany would of had won?
who made good historic achievement?
What are some achievements and failures of President James Monroe?
What is the history of the gay rights movement?
Is Christopher columbus a hero? WHY OR WHY NOT?
What was the bad news that came from England in the 1830's?
What was the british delimma after french and indian war?
The Germans self defense in wwI?
How many years are there before 193BC and AD757?
how has the time period of the reformation influenced our life today?
Where were you when 9/11 happened?????
Which of the following cities dominated European trade and finance in the early 17th Century?
Explain sit-ins and their impact on the civil rights movement?
what would be a typical meal for a wealthy person in the elizabethan era?
What was a woman expected to do in 1911 ?
Why did Hitler use the swastika...?
who was Tharbis;explain?
I need help in history please !!!?
when did lee become chief general of the south?
What is the history of the Columbina Venetian Mask?
what is the name of a wheel barrel maker?
Did Albert Speer actually ENJOY being locked up in Spandau Prison for 20 years?
What's the best treaty in human history?
Looking for the name of one of Da vinci's sculptures which features the back of a man. Anybody knows the name?
If you were given the chance to go back in time and kill Hitler (or have him killed), would you do it?
Why didn't Queen Elizabeth give the commonwealth christmas speech in 1969?
Why do some people think that the Holocaust never happened?
US History--Help Please!!?
How were bloomers a reflection....?
thread is made how?
who is christopher columbus?
can you connect "night" with what led hitler to kill?
trac down of cherokee indian in you?
DO YOU REMEMBER WHERE YOU WERE ON THIS DATE IN 1987? OR what happened on this day???
whens your B-Day?
What means P O NASO ?
How might relations between Great Britain and their former colonies be affected by the war?
why have science and technology been so important in improving medical understanding since 1850?
What did Joseph Nicephore Niepce invent?
What is the story of American History through 1789?
Do people on here have a huge attitude or is it just me????
Are you a Yankee or Confederate?
briefly describe the role of the muckrakers dduring the progressive era?
do you think nazism can return back ??
WW2 -- Is solving the enigma machine one of the keys to winning the war for the Allies?
Is the movie 300 pushing the limit?
When did the Seminoles signed the treaty with the South?
Reagan was the worst president?
whats the history of form?
rose and raven rosenberg, are they still alive?
How did the emperor of the byzantine empire control the church as well as the state?
What Tools were used to dig up Pompeii?
Did some of the world war 2 and Vietnam soldiers lie about their age and are any of soldiers alive today?
Under Hitlers rule, were the German People allowed to celebrate Christmas?
How much progress did the Nazi's make during 1918-29?
How did beethoven contribute to the society ? and how did he overcome the darkness ?
Fill in the blank: French Revolution Topic?
When was the Hotel Emporio in Vera Cruz Mexico built.?
Did Adolf Hitler shorten the war by holding every piece of land?
Why had some people abandon the nonviolent and integrationist movements during the fight for civl rights?
Was the Ukraine ever part of Russia?
what is it called when in the olden days archers would light arrows on fire?
What was Marilyn Monroe's ethnicity?
what were the most revolutionary aspects of the age of agricuture?
If your Christian then ...?
who said eureka?
History: the First continental congress.?
When was the greek god atlas born and died?
who rules under a king in the smaller regions of a kingdom/realm?
Which of these enabled the United States and the Soviet Union to develop nuclear-capable, long-range missiles?
So far in us history who was the better president...?
What actions did President Hoover and President Roosevelt take to solve the problems of the depression?
What is up with the History Channel Lately?
6th grade Geography Homeworkk?
Did marco polo have political views?
Why did Cortes start battles with the Aztecs?
Is humanist and realistic thinking the same thing?
Samuel Adams Interpretive Paper Help?
What Did My Momentum Go?
Did Ghandi go to Specsavers?
How far down is the Titanic?
How did Amelia Earhart die?
Who was a greater General- Hanibal or Scipio?
How did Hitler manage to stay in power for more than 10 years?
Who is you most fovorite peson in history?
information on ancient jewelley (torc & gold lunalae)?
does anybody have the text of ADMONITIO GENERALIS (Charlemagne)?
Was Caesar born to rule?
can you guys tell me how the rise of democratic ideas started in russia?
When did John Lennon drop out of the Liverpool Institute of Art?
Was hitler really MAD? and was he a genuis?
I need a situation in history where neither side was right?
Compare and contrast the responsibilities and opportunities that were available to elite women?
Heraldry/ coat of arms help?
who did cindy kendrick and curtis kendrick kill in columbus ohio?
can you name all the presedent's name in the United States?
is there a clever person who studies European History who can help me?
Did the NAzis pay for what they did?
What were the pre war alliances in world war 1?
Why was the Russian Empire's collapse due to nationalism the biggest out of all other empires?
Based on any source (please state) was the mayan civilization based and founded on theocracy?
Do you think the U.S. is headed down the same path that Rome did when it FELL?
Did the Titanic sink because of an Egyptian curse?
Why is the Vatican not remembered as the most evil organization in history?
Why did so many Jews remain in Germany after 1933?
What was the purpose of the Emargo Act of 1807? What basic rights are offered in the 5th amendment?
History Help! Please!!?
how many type of human races are there in the world & What are they?
What is some historical evidence that Canada is rugged/Northern? (overcoming our climate and geography)?
is there a list of all the inventions from sharktank?
who thinks that there should be Reparations for slavery?
where can iget ice powers?
I have questions about WW2?
why are we alive? i mean like what are we suposed to do with life?I mean realy why are we on earth? why are?
Osuma Tezuka college transcripts?
How can Americans judge anyone, when their nation was founded on the genocide of native americans?
What impact did Henry Hudson's voyages have on America?
What scientific achievements did Galileo produce to be relevant to 21st century Astrophysics?
How long was George Zimmerman sentenced?
Causes of the french colonization?
convention on biological diversity?
what would you consider to be the most pointless war?
how did people talk overseas before the satalite was invented??
Writing a paper about the Spanish conquest of Mexico.?
who won the 2nd world war?
would the united states entered world world 2 if the japanese had not attacked pearl harbor?
During World War One, a german railroad was to connect Berlin to this city?
Can anybody please HELP me?
How come Hitler was Austrian and not German?
who was most like henry clay from the 20th or 21st century?
How many nuts and bolts are on the sydney harbour bridge??
I can't find the important things that happened in 1756. Can you tell me the answers?
Why do these old records have 2 holes in them?
Why was fray damian massanet important?
Could you recognize who Jan Werich was from Czech Republic?
What are provenance details (history)?
How do I cite a quote by Abraham Lincoln?
Why are people so hateful of Adolf Hitler?
Why didn't explorers years ago use sat-navs?
Why did South Korea hide the truth about war massacres from its people for 55 years ?
What exactly is trench foot?
Why did Laban develop his system of movement?
What is the unwitting testimony in "The Law of Suspects" from 1793?
How did Hitler influenced so many minds in his time?
Did we win the Revolutionary War because of skill or luck?
Who was the first explorer to discover the Australia Continent?
in the years between 1881 and 1900, how many african amerrican were lynched?
How long has Buddism been around?
can u help me with Hitler¨s biography?
What was the new conservative movement?
Which is the first language in India used in internet?
How to remember things that's important?
Where were Shakespeare's plays performed during the 16th and 17th centuries?
What did Thomas Hargreave do?
Is Hitler still alive?
What is the capital of both the Mauryan Empire and the Gupta Empire?
Why does Bailey guess Henry committed murder?
i have seen lovesome dove and rutun to lovesome dove what is the movie called that it in the middle?
what happened when rumsfeld was facing hamdan?
Help with this question for history of the holocaust/armenian genocide?
what were the art and architechture during India's medivial period?
If Hitler did not attack Russia would they have dominated the world?
what is the holy grail?
. Why was the election of 1824 so ridden with conflict and confusion? What was at stake between the competing?
where was the mayan civilization found?
what is the most used weapon in war.?
Was the Vietnam War a conflict involving the free world resisting communism?
Were there any ANCIENT Chinese warriors during the Han, Qin, or the Zhou Dynasty?
Is it true obama's mother was a goth?
History as it happened laughs in the face of religions, why are there so many believers in this section?
Describe the difference of attitudes between that of the general public and the p?
Why did the Romans bathe naked in public?
When did the U.S. coinage for silver take in effect?
who is kalpana chawala?
Quick guys what was important to king edward the 3rd of england city, church, or castle and why!?
How do you get motivated on learning the history?
The Battle of Gettysburg notable event?
can someone tell me more about the Papars?
Did they ever figure out what happened to Amelia Earhart?
A severe recession occurred in 1937–1938 when Roosevelt, Congress, and the Federal Reserve?
Is it true that the Soviet Union dropped more Bombs on Germany than the US and Britain during WW2?
who was laila?
suppose that all televisions in the united states did not work for a year. what would happen?
Is it bad for me to admire Hitler?
How has Jesus influenced the world as we know it today?
When did World War Two begin?
Whose fault is WW 1?
what man didnt want involvment in ww1 or ww2?
which the only surviving construction of the seven ancient wonders of the world ?
Recommend a good, detailed history of the Roman Empire.?
U.S history question help?
Is The Moon British?
what were the causes of the japanese invasion in the philippines?
the reigon at which location became a source of great wealth for spain during the colonial periods?
History help with anyalising?
What is considered to be the Modern Ages?
in ww2, if Britain would of been conquered, would a puppet state have been set up like France?
Did Bruno Hauptmann have an alibi?
If you could meet any 3 people in history, from any time, who would you meet?
What diseases were caused to Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci and Thomas Edison?
How many terms did FDR serve?
do every one get head aches over stress?
what struggles did the settlers have?
What reasons are there to why Henry VIII spilt with Rome?
What type of specialists would of helped archaeologists and historians study the past of Otzi ( Iceman )?
Which website has most Battle of Iwo Jima photos?
Why did the Ottoman Empire decine?
Any help on The Cold War?
Who is Albert Einstien?
what college did Frederick Douglass go to?
What types of servants would have worked in a Victorian period house? Please help?
What impact did the Industrial Revolution have on American cities?
What kind of cloth and colors were used to make clothing in the renaissance era?
Why is this French woman clapping?
"Who was the most influential individual of all time?", what would your answer be?
To that extent were farmers complaints regarding the farm problem valid?
What are 4 ways in which outstanding individuals of the region should be recognized??????
How did the wives of slave owners deal with the fact that their husbands raped black slaves?
Evacuation in ww2 please help?
what did Seinfeld's Frank Costanza want to call the support garment he co-invented for men over-endowed in the
What was Jesus' middle name?
How did Prohibition lead to new problems in society?
why did adolf hitler hate jewish people?
who was marylin monroe in the USA and what was her role to the government or society.when did she die.?
What was the The Souda?
Were the delegates to the Second Continental Congress ready to revolt against George III? Explain?
What are the 5 greatest leaders in history?
I visiited London last year and there were thousands of people just minding there own business when a madman?
How did the industrial revolution influence other nations?
How did General Douglas MacArthur react to the events in Korea?
Why did America use the Nuclear Weapon against the Japanese and genocide against the native aboriginees?
What is the Quit India Movement in history?
how did people deal with rabies in ancient times?
what two southern port did british capture?
yo evolutionist how was people born at the first time?
Is the bible fiction or non- fiction?
Where can I find out about daily life in Seventeenth century (Stuart, Post Restoration)London, England online?
1770's history help!!?
Do you believe in the end of the world? It is coming?
What were the positives and negatives of the Reagan Administration?
How did the 18th and 19th amendment influence the cultural landscape of the 1920s?
How many popes have been gay?
famous speeches from the progressive era?
outline on the devil theory?
Why did the catholic protests (1968-9) lead to violence?
ugh... more U.S history help please?
I want to about histry of art and design?
Can you give me a couple of examples of genocide?
why did adolf hitler do what he did to the jews?
how did Virginia and Carolina developed differently from New England and New Netherland?
Does anybody know what kind of meaning my name ("Ward Adriaan") has?
Describe how the french revolution left a legacy for world history?
What effect did the NHL have on Canadians after WW1?
Who in your opinion are the 2 greatest human beings within the last 50 years?
sun shore city gym leader volkner?
why did hitler hate the jews?
I have a bronze statue of a hindu deiti estimated to be about 700 years old.I wonder what it might be worth.?
How do you exchange pesos for american money?
Why is The Philippines such a failure compared to Japan, South Korea, and West Germany?
How did Suleiman the Lawgiver get his name?
What was the greatest discovery that man ever made?
Where was Bradley Nowell Buried?
History: What are examples of nationalism before and during World War 1?
How did Germany feel about America joining WW1?
What are some similarities between the roman empire and the 20th century?
Which country officially remained neutral during the first years of the Great War?
Was the Mongolian or Byzantine empire better? Why? I have an essay and im trying to decide which one is "bette?
Is Milbank, South Dakota, part of the Louisiana Purchase territory?
does the Black Death still excist today?
Why were so many Civil War battles fought at Federal Parks and Memorials?
What would the world be like if the British Empire did not exist?
who was the first president of the united states?
how were the experiences of the earliest settlers at Jamestown and Massachusetts different?
Who penned the 1965 book Portrait of the Assassin, before meeting two, as U.S. president?
why! was Hitler evil?
why were the american soldiers in world war 2 called GI`s?
another university founded by English students middle ages?
Did nellie mcclung have an accent?
Who broke Alexander the Great's nose?
where is jericho located?
what was the purpose of the kerner commission? what did it find?
Have you heard the news about a couple finding the remains, of a WWII carrier pigeon in their chimney?
who is d best actor last year?
Was Churchill's "Their finest hour speech" recorded?
tell me who is the father of english literature?
who did you want to be when you were younger?
What are some Lucy Stone accomplishments?
How did "Act of Valor" use live ammunition?
why is king tut so famous ?
where can i find same names of famous immigrants? Or do you know any?
how did dutch merchants gain control over the spice islands?
what is the event in december 4, 1783 for the american revolution?
A 17th century map of China by John Speed depicts crucifixion, why is this?
who is the queen? why is there no queen in america or australia?
19th century Russian culture?
Who was the ex-slave sally Carder?
What is the history of courtroom art?
What is the name of the second atomic bomb carrier and the name of the 2nd bomb?
What the importance of the battle of yorktown? Was this Washington's original plan? Why did he change?
who was America´s enemy in the year 2000?
How did The Black Death Pandemic End?
why did hitler hate jews so much?
List of countries which won the Pacific war (according to contribution)?
i need a timeline of events happening in the west during the civil war.?
Compare and Contrast Arab society pre-islamic period to the Abbasid Empire?
What were the names of Catherine of Aragon's ladies-in-waiting?
What were some results of manifest destiny in the 1800's?
Why did societies on the coastal areas of Sub-Saharan Africa develop in such different ways from inland societ?
Were you told stories of the Great Depression during your childhood?
The new mass media of the 1920s decade included which of the following? (Check all that apply):?
what is an nation if you about the nation can you tell now please?
what does the libra charm of st. michael mean?
Pope Urban II called for crusade in 1095. What elements of the medieval world were manifested in the crusades?
History Of Film Festivals?
words to Joe Hill song?
How did the establishment of the English colonies in North America reflect ethnic divisions in Europe?
Who were the Abbasids?
Why did napoleon..........?
Kishkinta of Ramayana is known today as _________?
please help?
Where does the history of the Trojan war come from, and how can any of it be considered accurate?
WHo was your favorite preident?
what was life like in 18th century England?
How would history have changed?
Comparing Mitt Romney with Plato?
if the south had won the civil war?
Did Adam and Eve have bellybuttons? They werent "born".?
Why was the New Deal a success?
who was affected more by the crusades, the East or West? Why?
what year did the letter "J " come into existence?
Definition people A.PhilIp Randolph and Geogre Patton ? Who are they? what was they doing in world war 2 ?
What was nostradamus quote about prediction the past?
Helen keller??
Question(s) on thirteen original colonies...?
What is actually the Bermuda Triangle?
Did the people who fell off the towers in 9/11 felt any pain? Would you have jumped too?
"This machine kills fascists"?
What was the weather in the Netherlands and Belgium on May 9 - 10, 1940?
What is winston Churchill refering to in this line of "Their finest Hour"?
What is the main difference between Jim Crow laws and Black Codes? Are they the same?
what would the vaule of a peter nixon be?
Whatever happened to emotivism, to me it makes the most sense, and yet it has fallen into disfavor?
What would be an amusing thing to say if Adolf Hitler came back to life and you met him in your local sauna?
Why is Booker T. Washington important?
what is your favorite bands???????
Why did the Mormons invade England in 1066?
did leonardo da vinci invent the helicopter?/?
how did people travel before the aiplane invention?
How many Germans emmigrated to America to escape the Nazis?
What civilization was the greatest?
Have you ever wondered what it would be like for us today, if Adam and Eve had not sinned?
How did citizens in Han China interact with their environment?
Can you mention 5 scientist who marked the history?
Vote. Support Or Refute: Conscription was the right policy choice for Canada during World War 1?
Compare and Contrast Byzantine Empire and Roman Empire?
Good debate questions for who started the world war one?
Why did Napoleon always put his hand inside his jacket?
How were britons able to justify the existence of slavery?
When is it Hitlers birthday?
Who was the woman queen of ancient Eqypt? she was famous for love affairs and political genius!?
Why did the colonials hate King George III?
Describe two ways Columbus could still ask the Indian questions?
was burgoyne's new york campaign a key military campaign during the revolutionary war?
How did the Napoleonic war influence Latin America?
HEi US! just give peace a CHANCE...?
What if Hitler would have won ww2?
How tall was the twin towers?
Why did Bible study increase during the Renaissance?
What kind of weapons did they use in the 1530's through the 1630's?
list of Israeli nobel prise winners?
Why is the development of writing important for Mesopotamia?
does anyone have any images of Clarence Dock before it was filled in ?
What are the names of some entertainers who were blacklisted by MaCarthy during the cold war?
Why do Spanish had lose their colony one by one?
How did medieval people cook their food?
where was hitler from originally?
Do you think the only reason Winston Churchill was so great because he had American blood in him? His mom was?
who would you say was the most evil english man in history and why?
Do you know I'm Chingiss khaan's tribesman?
Roman law and its important key points.?
How did the American revolution help model the nature of the United states?
the attack on pearl harbor was the turning point of the pacific war towards the defeat of japan?
is there a modern-day counterpart to "here there be serpents"?
difference between indian village life and european countryside?
What were the effects of the Japanese invasion for the struggle between the Communists and the Nationalists?
Was Anarkali buried alive or did she escape? If so, where?
Medicine through time- Egyptian and Greek period?
What were the 3 main battles in the korean war?
how many states are in india?
How was The Northern United States affected by slavery?
what is the real story of jang geum?
Which of the following ancient Greeks was the most important thinker in the art of rhetoric?
What statues, paintings ect did Ramses II make?
Who is Micheal Borodin?
What was the British colorization?
How did the Romanticism and Nationalism fuel the growth of one another?
what were major flaws made on June 28 1914 and how did this effect the outcome of the day?
Which Asian states managed to maintain their sovereignty in the nineteenth century? Why these states?
Nicolae Ceausescu - what did he do to cause so much death?
When and why were women first allowed to act in plays?
Antibiotics in animals during world war 2?
what was the Cultural Revolution?
how did babylonians honor gods?
Are Native American women interested in feminism or activism?
who is, or was, the first man on earth?
why did bankers wear visors in the olden days.?
How was Hitler able to recruit so many Germans for such an evil cause?
did democracy have to do with the american revolution?
Weird facts about the White House?
What if the Manhattan Project had failed and nuclear weapons weren't invented as a result?
Who was the most important politcal leader in the anicent world?
Is it possible that unexploded WW2 bombs could be in the River Themes in London?
Do you agree with the bnp? campaigning for a Miners Memorial Day.?
why moslems hate the western,even so they like to spend their lives in western ???!!!?
How did geography affect where Rome was located?
How do you feel about archeological statues made of ivory?
What are your views on this?
Why is gender a 'useful category of historical analysis?
Anglo-Saxon Poetry??
Price of things in 1942?
The most loved queen of Henry VIII.?
Who was one infamous or beloved rulers/emir of Kuwait and why?
Give a college kid some history help?
what secret society did jacques sauniere belong?
Did The Holocaust happen?
How did slavery end in America?
What is the History Of Halloween/All Hallows' Evening?
Which arrived first, the chicken or the egg?
mary was jesus's mother but is it true that he married someone also named mary?
How many voyages did Amerigo Vespucci make?
world war 2?
Why you British people say the Falkland islands are yours?
Poison gas?
Who do you think is smarter caveman or modern man?
World War II question help please?
What reform movement was Hiram Johnson apart of?
Other than the Vietnam War, what wars has America lost?
Who knows anything about Ninja's?
why were cattle domestication near the mediterranean sea?
What were some reasons for slavery prior to the civil war?
History question, please help?
Could the U.S.A become a "present day Roman Empire" ?
Who is a great American hero?
What type of place would Freiburg in the Black Forest have been around 1820/30...?
History Help!?
Who is the first president of america ?
Why Antony Sutton is not more famous historian ? (Since he talks about Fords involvement with Russia)?
Did Canada's reliance on US helped cause the Great Depression?
Who was esteban and what was his significance in the pre-colonial era?
What historical time period would you most like to visit ?
Who actually invented Television?
What river can build up the land?
Which were better soldiers during WW2 : the Germans or Americans ..?
what do john smith and benjamin franklin have in common?
test on The Renaissance?
How I can see the answer of ugc net paper of history hetld on june 2006?
Why was the HMS Victory painted black and yellow?
where where you when this happened?
how did islam come to indonesia?
Where can I find good websites on organized crime in America?
From what country do people never touch any part of another person's face or scalp because it's bad luck?
Dude, are you Macgyver?
Does James Bond have any similarity with real life espionage?
Can someone help list some ideologies in the Chinese Civil war?
what was john miltons argument in aeropagitica?
which was the best war ever?
How did the IRA turn from freedom fighters to a group of terrorists?
What are the advantages of a non-violent protest?
WW1 Conscription Question?
How many years apart are 1500 B.C. and 2012 A.D.?
Why did Kennedy have trouble getting his New Frontier through legislation congress?
What is the oldest university in the Americas?
Where is there historical proof of the existence of Jesus Christ?
How did Franz Epp help the Nazis rise to power?
Which is the most twisted and forged part or event of human history?
What is the story behind the snake and dagger symbol used by chemists/pharmacists?
what is the worth of a medal ? C.I.E. FULL SIZE . This one awarded to Col Francis Raymond .?
What is the greatest human achievement?
What do the list of Grievances do?
what did the freedom riders (desegregationalists) of the 1960's wear?
Do you ever think to yourself what is your purpose for being in the world?
Question about Cold War and 9-11!!?
what comes to your mind when you hear or you read the word RED CROSS?
victor hugo what month was he born?
What was the moral basis of the extermination of Indians?
What was the "Geneva Convention"? What was its role?
If you had the chance to ask Leonardo Da Vincci any Question, what would it be?
How did hubris affect the relationship between archilles and hector and lead to thier final challenge ?
How did propaganda shape american views of WWI?
how old is ellen dissanayake?
Who is Elvis?
Explain why many people regard Bejamin Franklin as the greastest American of the Enlightenment.?
Isn't this the saddest, sickest, most horrifying thing you've ever heard?
who was the first filipino hero?
what is the significance of sparta to the study of ancient greece?
what is ideological behaviour?
What British rock band made their American debut on the Ed Sullivan show on February 9, 1964?
Who discovered the bible? How do we know it isn't just a fairy tale written by someone long ago?