Who said: "We will have the government we deserve" ?
What influenced the French Revolution, how did it happen?
Is it wrong to be interested in who was jack the ripper ?
what impact did Ellis Island have on New York?
why do people blame the British for bad stuff in history?
How did Teddy Roosevelt choose which trusts to break up?
Other sources for a memoir?
who came first ' egg or chicken'????????????
How did emporer Charlemange use Christian, German, and Roman practices to rule his empire?
1. Compare and contrast the global effects of WWI and WWII. How did each shape?
Historians, Can somebody give me a list of the countries that Britain has Colonised, Occupied, Beaten in war?
10 points and 5 stars for helping me?
what verb do you use for a history that happen once again?
Were the uniforms of the Wehrmacht Infantry a handicap during the invasion of the Soviet Union?
who was the main man Ghengis Khan or Alexander the great?
what is nationalism and nationalism in ireland simple please?
Was slavery necessary in the United States?
where do i find info abt the russian revolution?
How did natural resources effect the Industrial Revolution?
What are the biggest crimes done in London/ Uk?
Can I name my kid Hitler?
How did the bombing of Pearl Harbor influence the United States involvement of World War 2?
what was the brand name of suspenders malachi wore in children of the corn?
what is the process the chinese use to take over other civilizations called?
Name two features of a Baroque-style building.?
Does anyone know if Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings was played at John F. Kennedy's funeral?
Did Jewish people die during the Holocaust?
2 monarchs of france during 1500-1700?
Imagine you were present to hear one of Savonsrola's sermons. how might have you reacted?
What was the Proclamation of 1763?
What were the wages of a laborer in Philadelphia in 1744 and where would I find this informantion?
importance of architecture in history?
Why were "spices" a big issue in the latter part of the medieval era?
why was violence effective in the french revolution?
what was the largest empire of the near east?
Which was true about Roman senate? (it can only be one)?
What was the most important battle of WWII and why?
did man really land on the moon?
when did Nicholas Kalashnikoff die?
why did U.s. enter the wars?/ how did the regime of the czars collaps?/?
Ancient Celtic meals?
Who was Prince Vlad, the Impaler, in what country did he live, and in what era?
What is the greatest moment in history?
Question about the Communist Manifesto?
Do you think we have curfew is good thing for teenagers?
Did painting overshadow photography or did photography overshadow painting in the 1800s?
What role did the printing press play in the Protestant Reformation?
What year did Teddy Roosevelt write "The New Nationalism"?
Which came first in history?
Which of the following historical events increased the urgency of determining who could control Israel?
How did the role of women change in North America from 1607 to the 1840s?
Where were you on 9/11?
Did Japan and the United States really need to go to war?
Can someone tell me about Kenya and modernization in the 50s, 60s, or 70s?
During the medieval times, would an extremely beautiful girl be at risk of being called a witch?
What great event have you witnessed?
How did humanist ideas change the western society?
Who is Francis Bacon?
How successful were the tsar's social and economic problems?
was Charlemagne involved in creation of "Hanseatic League" & the trading city states that developed?
Why did the British stand no chance against the full might of Germany?
What is worse?
Fourth Amendment thesis statement?
during what decade did the federal deficit more than double?
what was hitlers last name????
How did Annie Douglass, Frederick Douglass's daughter, passed away?
a essay on telephone?
Who were the southwest Indians discovered by coronado?
anybody know what MLK historical references were in his letter from Birmingham Jail? please help me!!!?
who were 3 members of the baby boom generation? identify & explain.?
why the dog is the best friend of the man and not the horse?
What are the real reasons why God kicked Lucifer out of heaven? Best answer wins!?
Can anyone tell me about the 100 year war?
where did st.elizabeth die?
Please Help!!!! I don't understand question!!!?
who prepared the design of menar e pakistan?
Why did the friendship between Hitler and Mussolini end so abruptly?
Childrens Residential Home - Waterford 1940s?
What was the outcome of Red Terror in Russia?
What is an example from history where the "ends DO NOT justify the means".?
About Adolf Hitler...?
what is a gendarme?
What is the story of the Rwanda Genocide?
Art history question help?
how did mali's size lead to its fall?
Is there scientific evidence that shows the Bible is true?
George W. Bush would go down in history as?
What was Hitler doing on Pearl Harbor?
What types of illnesses were in Shakespeare's time?
Representative Democracy by Alexander Hamilton ASAP please?
What is modern day slavery?
What novels were written with Civil War Veterans as characters?
In julius caesar bring out the constant between Brutas and cassias?
what would happend if an elected president came out as an atheist?
Why are people sayin' that Lincoln freed the slaves?
What is the history of the Chickasaw Nation?
What did Military Hospitals do in peace time? (UK question)?
What is a Swamp Yankee?
info on a 1 cent coin i have it's a elizabeth 11 det gratia regina 1962 coin?
Tea pot by Thomas Whieldon and Josiah Wedgwood, 1760-1765?? did they make it?
Where does the word Aztec come from ?
Why Did World War 1 Cost So Many Lives?
what are the first kind of human being in the philippines?
What did Andrew carneige control?
How were german pows treated in russia?
What actions, issues and conflicts helped lead to the American Revolution?
Compare Canada with some other nation – making reference to the similarities and differences?
Did Washington speak with an English accent?
What caused the Puritans to begain moving away in the late 1600's?
Why was the temple of Jupiter important to the romans?
Christopher Columbus sought a route to China to?
Did someone spare hitler in ww1?
Why was the Spanish Armada defeated?
What is the plague called that hit Europe in the 14th century and killed a huge amount of people?
What are some careers dealing with history?
Did you know that the Americans occupying Japan after WW2 constantly frequented brothels?
Where is the London bridge?
What are some accomplishments of Andrew Jackson?
Can someone please tell me some facts about the educational system of the 1930's and 40's?
Grenades and how they resulted in many deaths?
How did the white moman woman treat their black slaves during the slavery?
in all of history, who burned books?
Who thinks the year 1985 was a good year?
why do people say hitler was the most evil person ever?
When will the world blow up?
in what ways did the philosophies of rationalism and deism contribute to american independence?
How did centralized power in Middle East impact trade?
Tuberculosis and Handkerchiefs in 1800s?
Whos good at world history. need help with rome?
What new opportunities did the American Revolution create for women?
How did African American deal with their prejudice after the American Revolution?
Could the Rape of Nanking have been avoided? How?
where can i buy an ethiopian bible of the ethiopian orthodox church?
what is the origin of new york's name/?
What caused the wars and genocides in Chechnya from Russia?
Was Henry VIII a "Norman"? or how much was he a "Norman":?
Why was the German campaign in the Eastern Front during WWII a failure?
How did/does the Dust bowl affect our society (paradigms) today? s for best answer!?
how the industrial revolution changed people geographically?
if the axis won ww2 would german still think Hitler was bad?
What is C.E. as referenced to in a year? For example, 900 C.E.?
Where and when did the first pulp mill open?
How should I end my essay on the atomic bomb in WWII?
Which GENERALIZATION concerning labor unions in the US during the period 1890-1910 is true?
Is birth rate and death rate are of equal level?
world war 1?
What lesson have we not learned from history as of yet?
How did the Vikings worship their gods?
How many ppl did Jack the Ripper murder?
what is the real ploblem between indians and pakastanies?
"The Prince" by Niccolo Machiavelli....modern times?
If you could meet any historic person, who would it be?
How did Hitler get away with killing the Jews?
Who started Hinduism?
who is apart of the 2012 supreme court?
What are the impact of colonialism in Philippine?
Difference from Ancient rome and greece?
did the 13th amendment come after the emancipation proclamation?
Good, Factual WW2 Book?
How did the United States' involvement in World War 1 began a slow process of involvement in world affairs?
What did Aztecs do to humans?
How do you pronounce "Aragon"?
What was the difference between the Spanish republicans and nationalists?
What are present physical conditions of sanchi stupa?
what was the extent of the french empire in north america?
where is charles mason?
In your own opinion, was Hitler a ruthless person?
What were Julies ceazers last words?
what was life like in british prison?
when people say british empire ,shouldnt it be english empire?
About the Holocaust......!?
Who was the first permanent English settlement in North America named for?
What was the trend in immigration and birth region between 1900 and 1990?
Was Adolf Hitler really a racist?
Why is the millennium between 2000 and 1000 B.C.E. a critical period of change in global history?
what was the first president?
is Martin Luther's translation of the bible considerable social or economical?
looking for old goltry okalahoma artifacts newspapers, postcards artifacts ect.... To purchase?
Who is the first president of america ?
Why did the indigenous people in the Americas not have metal weapons before the Europeans?
Life as a child in the United States during 1940-1950's.?
life is good for the most part, Are you ejoying yours?
Who do you think it will be the next Empire in the World ??
what were the results of the russian revolution on russia and the world?
People who know a thing or two about castles, please help!?
When the vietnam war had started?
How did TE Lawrence affect the outcome of WW1?
What did John Wolfgang von Geothe thing about Napoleon Bonaparte?
I am looking4 Cherokee indian symbols that mean love/friendship for a tatoo I want to get. Where can I getINFO
Mariotti . Famous name of hotels in the world . Who's the original Mariotti ? Where does he come from ?
was cleopatra white or black? i say she was afircans amerisan but this dude ays she white.?
Why were Chinese called Celestials?
1920s Fashion Question?
what is older germany or u.s.a?
which is better Dr pepper or coke?
Does any body know somebody or some interesting facts about the holocaust?
Do you think the Ancient Egyptians had help from aliens when they built the Pyramids?
How do you explain war and death to a five year old?
what are the social,political,and economic characteristics based on the reformation?
Canada was a country?,why did't anyone tell me this?
who discover new world or America?
How did the Genocide of the Jewish people affect Germans and the Jews?
what is leonardo da vinc's real name??
Great leaders like Peter the Great, Bismark, Napoleon...?
Again. Which nation ever invaded the UK (England) in recent history?
what is imperial portraiture?
Why were the romans so fond o stuffed dates?
How were the effects of Imperialism reflected in the United States entry into WWI?
When did the fractional reserve banking system start in the US?
what continent is Asia on?
what do you first think when you heard 18th and 19th century?
does anybody know if Vietnam is divided (north and south Vietnam)?
If you could go back in time and witness in real time any 15 minutes of history, where and when would you go?
What was the greatest single defeat for the US during the Revolution?
Why did company owners thought children were worth more than adults?
looking for arias, apainter from spain?
How can stereotyping be controlled in this society?
Why do you think that the Native Americans were not as industrially developed as the Europeans?
Which dynasty do you think was the last of China´s greatness?
Where did the first human came from?
who was the first U.S. billionaire?
How did Buddhism and Hinduism from ancient India have a lasting importance to history and on our society today
whitch act allowed settlers to purchase land on credit in the western region of the United States?
Which are the three greatest human beings who ever lived...?
The life of Anthony Johnson, an African slave who first arrived in Virgina in 1621, illustrated that:?
why did egyptions make art?
Why did people not want to let women vote?
what is the meaning of this?
Why did Kerensky try to stop the Bolshevik Revolution?
Is it true that Hitler didn't mean for the Holocaust to happen?
what do you think will happen, if all african americans moved back to africa. to start a whole new life?
Who really stopped Hitler?
who were the first 16 presidents?
what is Evoluationary and Revolutionary innovation?
What did men have to do in the 1940s?
How and why did Communist control end in Yugoslavia?
What were counter-revolutionary activities during the French Revolution?
in what ways did territorial expansion impact national unity between 1800 and 1850?
Why did peasant want to live on the king's land?
HOW DO i FIND my ancestors and If anything is left behind for me?
Do you believe that Hitler is Dr Jose Rizal's son?
What does the D in D-Day stand for?
If Adolf Hitler was a Christian then why did he state the following statements?
where is everest..and what is the reletion between india and that?
How did Sigmund Freud change the way people viewed the world in the early 1900 century?
Western Days - If you could be anyone from then?
Anne Frank, one of the most memorable people of the 20th century?
are trojans greek or roman?
If you had a time machine, which year would you go to and what would you do?
This movement lead to sevreal wars and division of the christian church?
"the age of jackonian democracy"?
why taoist wear taoist attires????
did the Greeks move to Italy to become the "Romans"?
what was the French & Indian War in a nut shell (please be very basic)?
Where, when, why and how did sheep arrive in Australia?
Does anyone have any information on life in the 1930s? First person with best answer gets 10 points.?
What is the true reason the Roman Empire fell?
Who makes ur list for the five worst presidents of all time?
how did charles lyell's research affected charles darwin's?
Histroy Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
The place in which slaves were held before they were loaded onto slave ships was called?
i don't mean this to sound horrible.. but have France ever won England in a war?????????????????
good reasons why world war two should have never happened?
The Constitution made which concession to slavery?
Why did slavery in the middle passage end?
does japan still have resentments towards america over them dropping an atomic bomb on them?
what is demolay?
How did the people of Boston influence the American Revolution?
what are the four noble truths?
If one US aircraft carrier was transported 2000 years back, could it take over the Roman Empire?
Who was the elected lady in the Bible?
What were the long term effects of the sepoy rebellion?
Explain the role of agriculture in Latin American economies?
what did ferdinand magellen explore and do?
what was the worsest day you had?explain?
If the Axis had delayed bringing America into WWII and had built up it's war machine more, would we still win?
Which 1980s sitcom best depicted blue collar America ?
what did the treaty of Versailles do to Austria-Hungary?
Question about Varna and Janti (Ancient India)?
How did the British government raise money to pay for the French and Indian War?
Why did no one have beards in world war two?
what was the date on sukla paksh ashtami of phalgun in 1968?
What are the factors that led to the fall of Hitler?
Describe the common conditions that Italian and German forms of fascism sought to address.?
Why the statue of Balto is in New York?
Why didn't Newfoundland join Confederation in 1867?
what are the basic causes of of World War II?
How did the Catholic Church react when James 1 was a strong Protestant?
supreme court .................?
The holocaust is a lie?
Are there any significant Canadians during the inter-war years?
if you could have a 15min conversation with anyone in history...?
What are some Technological Advancements since the 1900's. Name the site you have gotten the information.?
Why did WW2 start in September 1939?
who invinted words?
What is the date of Marie Antoinette's d e a t h ?
letters on england and enlightenment?
How did the sepoy rebellion change the relationship between the british and the indians?
Thomas Paine ,revolutionary war hero when died in new york most newpaper print an obituary what it said?
How did William Franklin's (son of Ben Franklin) political views differ from his fathers?
What Countries did these Countries invade?
how were the merchants of bristol involved in the exploration of North America?
who was Philippos of Macedonia?
Do you agree with galileo's actions during his inquisitions?
Ronald Reagan's role in the relationship between the USSR & USA?
Was there ever a ship called 'Lyndie London' during the evacuation at Dunkirk?
Who was Adolf Hitler?
What are some good things about Eugene Debs?
About the industrial revolution?
what was the level of the oceans 10k years ago. when people were living in what is now the English channel?
What was religion like before and after the Iranian Revolution of 1978-79?
Where can i find information on the holocaust final solution?
did they ever catch "Jack the Rippper?"?
Wilmington race riots of 1898?
How did Enlightenment ideas spark revolution through out the world?
Which event before Andrew Jackson's presidency reflected how he made the decision's about the Bank of the U.S?
In the long term did humans benefit from the Mount St Helen's eruption other than the economy?
Looking for the history on war war 2 uniforms for the salvation army?
Which country won World War 3?
HELP! Need help with some ideas for 1920's and 1930's FASHION!?
History study guide? Please help.?
What is Vera Britain?
Strong corporations that expand to the extent that they greatly reduce competition are called?
What contributed to the beginnings of the Harlem Renaissance?
any info on Alexander Hamilton please.?
what does the legislature branch have inside it?
Which country was the most to blame for World War One?
List and explain what you consider to be the three important events of President Madison and President Monroe?
what did caryll houselander do and how did she accomplish it?
The Alamo, Dunkirk, The Bridge at Arnhem?
Why can't I find a time history where white people were enslaved?
True or False ?
WHat does Odessa mean?
Which country suffered the greatest number of casualties in World War !!?
Do you belive in GHOSTS?? if you do tell me a scar story about it!?
How much do English people know about Irish history?
What were the cultural influences of the Atomic Bomb?
rise of western imperialism in the late 19th century?
How was Henry Ford a Robber Baron?
who do you think is the most notorious/legendary criminal of all time?
What kind of history do you like the most?
What changes in education occurred in America from 1790 to 1840?
**please help** how did warfare change in the 20th century ?
Why did Jeffrey Amherst want to spread smallpox to Native Americans but not his other enemies?
what did the death of the gracchi brothers signal for the future of the roman republic?
history question about the 1950's?
who's your favourite king from history?
i want know that realy god exist?
what did maggie lena walker's mother do for a living?
keltska ostava na juhoru?
montegue evans armed robber 1970s?
are there any surviors alive from titanic?
why did we change from institutionalisation to community care?
Was the Texas war of 1836 really about freedom or Slavery?
Does anybody know anythng about immigration history?
Why did opposition develop to the migrant boom?
do you know of a company called sutherland thomson&coltd from somerset that made lead lined oak bottle boxes?
what is the importance of augustus and the pax romana in the history of the roman empire?
Can anyone tell me of any female artists from the Renaissance?
what was the benefits and deficiencies of the Indian caste system?
What were the differences between the Spanish Colonial System with that of France and England's system?
In what country was the first book printed?
Question for Mongolia experts?
What is the real importance of the Italian Renaissance?
Do you think that the Great Society had much in common with the New Deal?
Where can I buy a real Viking costume?
Where to look for information on French Shelter up until 1500s?
Why were presidents Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren reluctant to admit Texas into the United States?
did france invade england before?
In your opinion, which of this men was most responsible for the unification of Italy and why?
After the cluadian invasion of Britain?
who invented the phone number 911? and why those particular numbers? why in that order? 911? why not 123?
did alexander really defeated porus?
Describe the process of writing and ratifying the constitution, forming the United States Government?
Why did the French capitulate in WW2?
What rumor did Democrats spread in the summer of 1864?
Where did Amelia Earhart disappear?
What if gandhi didn't get shot and lived on.?
what were the main causes of the civil war?
Wealth of Nations Question History?
Besides her own work, how did Mary Cassatt influence artistic interests in America?
If you could travel back in History... what place and time would you go and why?
in what year was America discovered?
Do you know any information on the events during 1920's and 1930's?
what the Queen of Spain is known for making her country a world power and leader in exploration?
In terms of colonial terms, what did North America have that other countries wanted?
Does anybody know what's the fifth book of the Earth's Children Series? written by Jean Auel,?
What was the date of jj thomsons discovery of the atom?
How do historians remember all these events and dates?
what is the freemason handshake?
Compare indentured servitude of african slavery?
who thinks that America's superpower status makes others jealous?
Who said, "my work is done here"?
What year did Albert Einstein say........?
how do i get over a guy that never has time for me?
what is the difrences between Aztecs and Myan people, who ruled?
Was gandhi really a "mahatma" ?
Who is braver - A Conscientious Objector or a Combatant?
The United States Major Battles?
A few European History questions?? (multiple choice?)?
Why was Stresemann was so important to Weimar recovery?
Why does Britain complain about immigration when the British Empire did much worse to countries?
escaping from the "Black and Tans" ?? Ireland who were they ?
who was the last king of Scotland?
History question......?
where was Cecil Rhodes from and how did he become so important in South Africa?
history help please :D?
Did people in the 'old west' refer to the era as the old west?
U.S. History help? (Civil War,reconstruction,industry...)?
History help please? 3 questions?
What were the limiting factors of alliance size in ancient time?
what events happened the day of august 29 in 1986?
Do you think that there is a Macedonian nation and language or they are part of Bulgarian language and nation?
How do you get property listed on the National Historical Site Listing?
name 10 types of RGB filters?
Would Wellington have won at Waterloo if the Prussians hadn't turned up?
What century was Bram Stokers Dracula taken place in?
Spain’s effort to colonize Texas in the late 1700s was impeded by?
What former governor is the father-in-law of New York shoe designer Kenneth Cole?
What was the impact of the Church on the Middle Ages?
I cannot find any pictures of the Steven Foster Home on the net.?
The SS uniforms are not my favourite military uniforms but should they be?
Why were the Dark Ages called the 'Dark Ages'?
How did Ancient Greeks Happen, Come Into the World?
Why do people say that Benjamin Franklin was a president?
What is/was the most powerful Empire in history?
Did Taoists have any weaknesses?
Art in european history?
why was the Sears Tower built?
Why do you think the author compared the eagerness of the drummer boys to the older men?
Who is the greatest man so far, considering every quality man can posses ?
i was in depressed state so i got drank with my co-worker . I never thought we would be both drank .?
what military school did general james longstreet attend.?
European history help?
what was the great migration of canada around the 17th century?
Were people afraid that Hitler was the Antichrist and WWII was the apocalypse?
how much time must pass before the greatness of Adolf Hitler will be recogonized?
Why was slavery a good thing?
I like both guys but they both ask me out what should I do?
Western civilization before the printing press?
Is the events in Assassin's creed real?
did columbus really discover america, was the world flat?
about entire call history?
A spanish war in the 1400's?
I need some geographical data in Chile, where do i look online?
does anyone please know some cool facts I could write about for world war 2?
Which race did Hitler belong to?
what are the long term and short terms ofthe first wiorls war?
Any Historians out there? Need help.?
Antony and Cleopatra Brainstorming?
What was Adolph Hitler's favor meat?
Did Emmett Till's murderers ever serve time for his death? Also, what movement was sparked by his death?
Why did the sale and taxation of tea become such a major problem between the colonies and the British governme?
homework help... what was hollywood like in the 1920's ?
In ancient Chinese creation beliefs, the universe was created by Pan Ku and everything in it was linked by the?
What currency was used in the 1930's?
Why & how did the Great Depression cause people to lose faith in democracy?
How much was a pound and shilling worth in 1750?
Who founded Harvard University?
Who was the first person born in North America? Was it in the 1400's or 1500's?
I need a title for history: Pearl Harbor?
why did the titanic sink?
So My Great Grandmother on my fathers side was cuban and indian. What does that make me and my father?
i have a class debate about Christopher Columbus?
Dear founding fathers?
Why are coins placed on tombstones? They are on Poe and Rockwell's tombstones..?
President Kennedy's Speach "Man on The Moon"?
Why is Caroline Kennedy being treated different then Sarah Palin is it because of Kennedy’s social class?
Merriwether Lewis' s death?
What were the 1300s like? What new inventions were made in the 1300s?
when did calligraphy start?
who were the two top political figures in the english romanticism literary period?
How is Mahatma Gandhi, the great Indian leader, a freedom fighter?
What color was the statue of liberty as desgned by the french designer?
Did Henry V1 institute a day called love day to encourage chivalry?
Who is the coolest texas person?
Visual Culture in Europe 700-1000 Rome, Basilica?
who is on the five hundred dollar bill? who is on the one thousand dollar bill?
Which one was power full gosperpreacher for 20th centuary?
Who was the wilier commander - Belisarius or Narses?
Was the New Testament written originally in Greek or Aramaic and why ? Thank You.?
do you agree that economic power was the most important factor in acheiving equality for people of color.?
Has collateral damage in British wars ever been acceptable?
How long was Henry VIII married to Catherine of Aragon for?
Compare the ways in which the combatants percived one another and by inferance themselves.?
WW II majors!!!! i need help with websites for this....?
Should i get my wife, my dog, my cats and some dollars buried alive beside me after i die like egyptians did?
do things from ancient socieities have any significant value?
Please Help me, its japanese history!! government structure!?
The Natives of what country were treated best at British settlement, rank best to worst: Aus, US, Can and NZ?
The wrinkles on a Pug's forehead were thought by the Chinese to resemble the character for which word?
Who is the worst serial killer in history?
How did trading evolve from the early stone age to the bronze age?
I'm looking for some useful information resources for the Lake Poets of the Romantic Movement.?
Who is the best * in your oppinion* great inventor?
What was the historical significance of the Virginia Plan?
Chapter 7 Summary of a Peoples History of the United States?
Social Studies Help Please- Pre Confederation Canada?
When did the days of the Wild West finally end?
How do you defeat a soldier with a flail, considering the weapon is almost unblockable and unparryable?
Who is/ was the most famous Rom , apart from Django Reinhardt?
what are funny words people used in the medieval times?
When did they stop using horses to pull coal and milk carts in the UK?
Can someone give me a good website that can answer these questions on Reconstruction of the south?
What was the french revolution?
What was gandhiji's full name ?
Why was the battle at Crecy important?
what was the twenty fifth dynasty of Egypt;please explain?
History homework help?? please i just have a few questions?
Who is the biggest gangster: Al Capone or Michael Coreleona (of The Godfather)? And why?
Do you think we will ever find out who Jack the Ripper was?
Judiciary act of 1789?
Where did the Lady or the Tiger come from?
In Advent, why is the "Rose" candle lite on the thrid week, and what does the color Rose signify?
Who discovered America?
The Dieppe raid (1942) ........................................…
where did columbus bring slaves?
help with history question please?
If you had the chance to meet one person and kill them, who would it be?
Hitler and Nazi support today?
How did Americans migrate across America?
how did the Normans get the English people to build their 100s of castles around England?
Was SLAVERY evil or beneficial?
Was Maximilien Robespierre the first person to...?
Will I die walking around chernobyl , or suffer any radiation symptom?
Portuguese Timor?
What's the best world history website?
how did colonists justify their protests and ultimate Rebellion? What sources did they call upon?
What were some political, social and economical gain by the settlers of Jamestown?
I am looking for information regarding the Horne's Restaurant Chain in Kansas, they replaced Stuckey's in 1970
Would it have been better for the Native Americans to maintain neutrality during the American Revolution?
How has the establishment of the NY Times affected American Literature?
Essay on a key battle of WW1!! homework help?
What is the reason between the secound world war>>>>?
The United States responded to Diem's governing by?
Did anyone see the Alive Day Doco on foxtel the other week?
Why is Africa unique?
How did the english gain control of dutch and french interest in north america and why did the english want to?
Are Native Americans of Israelite Descent?
What lies under Rosslyn chapel near Edinburgh.?
Titanic - Why did the captian go down with the ship?
Who (or what) was on the penny before Abraham Lincoln?
What was the purpose of the cotton gin?
Are the Mexicains going to attack the Alamo again and the U.S.?
What happened to the Holy Roman Empire after the last Emperor was abdicated?
why are we buried when we die?
what is the mystery of bermudatriangle?
why was London built in England?
how did eisenhower's approach to the cold war differ from truman ? history help please@?
Were belt flags medieval?
what was the cold war in terms of its ideas and policies"?r=1257801710?
Why did the Civil War Take place in the 1860s instead of the 1830s or 1840s?
All about George Washington in "1775"?
How does sexual norms in Chinese culture during the Cultural revolution time period threaten political order?
When was St. Gregorys University in Shawnee Oklahoma Built? By whom was it built? How was it built?
How did Luther’s teaching on the common priesthood of all baptized Christians undermine the traditional view?
In the spirit of President's Day who are your 3 favorites President's & your 3 least favorite President's?
Why did the Aryans migrate to India? From where did they come?
Did Paul Rand popularize Modernism?
1.Land acts played a large role in the fulfillment of manifest destiny true or false?
How many soldiers were at the Peterloo Massacre?
Da Vinci Code Game, Need Help?
what aspects of gangs have lured young males ever since the early 19th century?
Did Adolf Hitler speak any English?
Question about two presidents in American History?
Good site for pictures of victorian houses and shops?
Did Hitler have plans to bring the war to the US during WWII?
why do people refer to the us coast guard as jewish navy?
In Ancient Athens how did the laws of state aim to preserve the individual oikos?
What's the King Alfred Plan?
American History , People moving west?
Who built the statue of Liberty? and where?
What problem did establishing time zones solve?
Who do you think the worst person in history is?
Short paragraph on Ancient Egyptian Culture?
Who was right in the American Revolution?
what do you think this world would be like today if hitler had won ww2?
Which of the following . . . .?
Did the US have the right to use the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II?
Should The U.S. should have Different Laws during Wars?
How did cleopatra deal with close family members and with military commanders?
Abolitionist Movement ?! HELP :( US History?
who made the very first pyramids.?
how were the english colonies in the new world were different from one another?
What's the last really nice thing someone did for you?
did reconstruction transform the south into an industrialized, urban region like the north?
where can I find what the price of certain consumer products were in the year 2002?
Why was half of Austria in the Holy Roman Empire?
What can I do to make my report look old?
what is the 'bess's' real name as in the lady in waiting in elizabeth golden age?
How were the Bronze Roman coins of Cleopatra made?
Would you have dropped the atomic bomb on Japan?
What was something that changed the between the time of 1892 and 2002?
What is a country or region taht illustrates three of the four demographic transition phases??!?
After Texas became independent from Mexico, Texans hope that Texas would become part of the United States.?
I'm in need of some good books on Chinese and Japanese history?
What day of the week was Thomas Jefferson born?
Who were the Byzantium people and why did they fight with sassanid?
Why did Robert Munford, who wrote "The Candidates" support independence of the 13 colonies from Great Britain?
why where che's hand amputated?
what did world war two accomplish?
Anarchy is the answer, prove me wrong?
what are the seven wonders of the world?
the lingering effects of slave trade on the image of africa in the international community.?
why do you think hitler was short, has dark hair and eyes?
Did WWI deserters form international communes behind the front lines?
How did Christopher Columbus control the slaves?
Compare and contrast the governments that arose in Ancient China, Greece, and Rome. What was common?
Mark Speight?
HITLER ; Are our children still learning about Adolf Hitler?
Do you remember where you were when...?
Where can you get some of the works that Thomas Jefferson wrote?
I am mad. Do you know?
Was saint Louis a real saint?
Is it possible for Europeans not to have known about the holocaust whilst it was happening??
Is G.Bush trying to build an empire?300yrs to late; jealous of Gt.Britain; frustrated by modern technology?
Name 3 differences between the Federalists and the Republicans?
briely describe the different styles of islamic calligraphy?
Why The baroque style came about due to the rejection/rebellion against the of some renaissance design.?
How does Louis IX die, i.e., under what circumstances?
Why was Antigone's eldest brother, Polynices, not allowed to have a proper buriel?
Informed sources at the Vatican claim there were only 300,000 victims of the holocaust-why do the Jews claim .?
If the could have dinner with any three guest from the past or present whom would you invite?
Who came first, Dinosaurs or Adam and Eve?
schrowed of Turin ? information and picture website ?
The Civil War!? ( Antebellum) Industrial Revoulotion! QUESTION! Five stars!?
Are Christians responsible for the most deaths in history? Bush, Hitler, Crusades, Bosnia, IRA, WMDs in..?
What Are Some Medieval Drugs?
The Holocaust wasn't real? What?
Which composer came first? Mozart, Beethoven, or Handel?What would you like to ask?
say goodnight gracie reviews?
The Treaties of Jay's, Pinckney's and Alexander Hamilton?
How was the National Assembly formed?
Did the Aboroiginal people live in Quebec during the 7 years of war?
plz help!!!!!!!!!?
Who is the O"Shaughnessy Dam in California named after?
What were the results of the Mexican Revolution?
How was the Prussian economy and trade affected by the Age of Absolutism in the 1500-1600's?
If Jesuss is God, then why he couldn't save himself?
Who was Rodriguez Ballon, who gave his name to Arequipa International Airport?
Do you think dropping the atomic bomb was moral and justified? Why so or Why not?
I What is the Boromhe Movement Cup? Presented by Mrs. Corcoran in 1930?
who are some not so famous people, but should be, in the 1900s?
Can anyone tell me what were major conflicts in England in the early 1800s?
What were y'all doing when 9/11 occured?
Did you know that....?
Do you remember where you were when Neil Armstron landed on the moon in 1969?
In which country did first human being originate?
Why did America use the Nuclear Weapon against the Japanese and genocide against the native aboriginees?
What movies from the 1980s were important?
Did soldiers from american territories fight in world war 1?
What city was considered the center of Enlightenment at the height of 18th century?
Longfellw's famous poem, Evangeline, was set where?
how long ago was the pioneers years ?
Examples of famous people who went from "Rags to Riches" in America?
besides bill clinton...?
Would the Republic of Ireland have been better off had it remained in the UK?
Since when do humain beings walk?
What is Allahabad famous for?
need american history help or sources for my exam notes?
Assignment HELP...Anyone good at English n Australian History?
What was michael eisners weakness as a leader?
what is moulding & what is coiling by ceramic?
How did Adolf Hitler die? and when? (That's if he did actually die?)?
What is the earliest civilization known to Man?
why is africa still deprived even when it claims to be the pace setter in development?
Looking for stories about John Bailey who was in the illfated Willie Handcart Company who crossed the plains.?
who invented love?
what would you write about for a magazine article theemed on safari?
How has technology changed over the years?
What was the main reoson for Englands split with the Roman Catholic Church?
How did building seven drop along with the two towers on 911, if it wasn't hit by a plane? :\?
Who was the first man in history went out to the outer space?
What is the difference between the East and Western parts of Europe during the 10th century?
?how much money did a apprentice earn?
Do you know anything about the Cuban Missile Crisis?
My sister is advised to always dress one of her twins in red and the other in blue. Is that a good idea?
Why did the bubonic plague just disappear?
What was the lasting accomplishment of Bartolomé de las Casas?
What were the greatest slave owning southern colonies in America and who owned the most/dependent?
Schindler's List.. doesn't it sicken you?
Has anything good come out of Britain ?
Which of the following shows a similarity in the business practices of John D.Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie?
if you could visit any era of time?
what happened when Harold Godwinson prepared for William and the Battle of Stamford Bridge?
Why is the constitution on tablets?
Where and when the Longbow was invented in Europe and how it was better then previous bow and arrows?
History HW help please?
US History True or False??!?
Why do British policemen wear helmets shaped like breasts?
who invented the laungages in the world?
Positives and negatives of railways in the industrial revolution?
what were the goals of the calha norte project?
What was Hitler's religion?
Can you please double check for me these answers?
How did lincion being elected effect the civil war?
What did servants spend their wages on in Edwardian times?
What is the evilest country that ever exhisted?
Did Christopher Columbus discover the USA?
who thinks the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a war crime?
What were the causes of the Soviet Union fall?
what did harriet tubman do?
Who wrote the first Pledge of allegiance under 22 words?
Is what my step dad said true?
first use of the word jew?
What was the Alaska Boundary Dispute about?
What kind of effect did the Mongolian Empire's expansion have on the arts and sciences?
Which site give details of holocaust freely?
Why was there a "Great Awakening" in the early nineteenth century?
How did Greek Mathematics help America?
I need help finding history on an old murder that happend in my old house?
Why did Mexican-Americans as new citizens living in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and California feel that they?
How can i get the best information about sacrificing virgins in the history?
what were the names of the first 2 lasting english settlements in modern US.?
What race were the Ancient Egyptians?
what happened in the 1990s?
when did Caesar say Veni, vidi, vici?
What were the differences between north and south carolina?
Why did the Provisional Government face problems in autumn of 1917?
What did the Romans do in Levefanum (Rijsiwjk) ?
have Hollywood movie producers had much influence with Wall Street and Washington DC?
About incest, why was it okay back in the day, but nasty now?
what is better britan or the united states?
Who founded Romanticism in painting?
what is the "Da Vinci Code" and why is it such a big fuss?
Who is the most demented, psychotic, evil person that ever lived?
1-Why did Americans' attitudes toward overseas expansion change?
How would a state under a Machiavellian ruler be that to one organized like Utopia? How would it be different?
could the mastiff have originated from persia?
How did da Vinci's artwork effect both the Renaissance and our world today?
History Question. Pls. Help?
Where was the first telephones used at?
How did Watson Thomas Senior manage to gain the overall control of IBM despite ...?
Sack of Rome by Vandals: What building wasn't touched?
Do you think the Egyptians really walked... well... like an Egyptian? If so, why?
Since Columbus is Spanish and found America, why doesn't the US speak spanish?
What is the story behind the Gray Eyed Indians Disappearance? I am thinking about doing a research paper on it?
What "mini battles" made up the Seven Days Battle during the Civil War?
My son wants to be a Nazi and is totally obsessed with Hitler/Nazism, What should I do?
how did Romans use the work of art in communication?
immediately following world war I,........ agree or disagree?
Who knows the location of the Ark of the covenant presently now?
Was King James II a good leader?
What would african americans have said about the election of 1824 candidates?
what is marrianne?
What were some of Teddy Roosevelts accomplishments OUTSIDE of his presidency?
How did Picaso and Braque develop the art form known as "Collage"?
Why are the Victorians seen as hypocrites?
Popular songs, paintings, poems or speeches that caused or agreed to rebellion?
what do you think of fascism in your own words ?
What regions in Europe were disputed territory between France and Germany as Otto von Bismarck tried to unify?
what kind of time was the Ancien Régime ?
Jesus was a women?
franklin d roosevelt inaugural address summary?
Why does God suck?
Christopher Columbus question?
Training for becoming a samurai?
Name THREE instances in Roman History in which the Legion's EAGLES were captured by the enemy.?
Who was the best President of the United States of America who was a Democrat?
What was the world called before it was broken up into continents???
Where can I find a list of the people the FBI listed as communist or enemies during WWII?
name the best invention of the 20th century,and why!?
cave paintings for my social studies class?
If you had the power to change one event in history ?
What were some interests of George Washington?
describe four ideological differences between the superpowers during the Cold War?
why was the inca an important impact?
Cyprus during World War 2?
Who was the Civil War's first casualty?
What was the significance of 1920?
who is margaret hayworth?
Any ideas for thesis ? want to do it on the Ukraine famine regarding the effect of policies on peasants?
Upton Sinclair and Mary Harris (Mother) Jones?
Medieval Europe and the Ottoman Empire.. Plz help me!!!?
What was the atlantic slave trade?
Am i going to Juvenal?
During what year approximately did people start having telephones in their household?
During the early Middle Ages, Germanic tribes and the remnants of the Roman Empire came crashing together.?
Which party, during the Reconstruction era, was more likely to support tax payer funding of "internal improvem?
What is your favorite memory and why?
With whos death did the Tughlaq dynasty come to an end?
If Jesus is saviour why weren't other parts of the world also saved? i.e. N.A. Indians?
What service did the Byzantine Empire perform for European civilization?
Need Help with Romeo and Juliet: Mercutio?
I need help in History with Peaceplan..by p. woodrow wilson to Paris?
Who is Ravi Shankar and why he is very famous?
Did US Presidents in the early years of the republic have body guards?
Can u name 3 features of Harappan society?
If you are born on February 29 of a leap year, when is your birthday?
Why did Tyrannosaurus ate the lawyer on the toliet seat in Jurassic Park?
Who was the best military genius ever? And why?
What will people in a thousand years call our generation?
Printing Press................*********?
Did you know you are dying?
Who is the coolest texas person?
i realy realy realy need your help?
What problems did immigrants face as they sailed to Canada in "steerage"?
What are some important African Americans during the Civil War?
Why is bessie smith on a postal stamp?
2nd world war street parties pics?
Why do the British lack a sense of humor?
jacques cartiers journey resume..?
how many answers can one get?
Explain the defense of the Byzantine Empire after the death of Justinian.?
on what site i can find book "tarihi-rashidi" Haidar Mirza Doglat?
where is the best website to help me on my project "A day in the life of a slave"?
what can you tell me about race and gender issues in the 19th century America?
Favorite warrior in history?
What is calcium?
why are pyramids built triangle in shape?why not square?or any other shapes?
How many lives were lost at Ypres during WW1?
do you think how the men can able to constuct an pyramid by himself in AD's?
Some instances where oppression spurs rebellion?
Why was the Byzantine Empire involved in the crusades?
Why did everything in the 50s have fins on it?
How did Herbert Spencer help advance society?
Which event during the Cold War is often regarded as the moment when the world came closest to nuclear war?
When, in your opinion, did the Cold War actually start?
Benito Mussolini left the premiership of Italy?
I have a small glass jar with two metal rods on the top it says devilbiss # 15 on it, is it an airbrush?
who is leader,anyone, of a 3rd country who have done plenty of decrees or orders and was endicted from it..?
Does anybody have any intresting facts about Charles I?
History Question! Please help!?
Help with Shakespeare and Elizabethan era?
What is the Battle of the Washita?
what happened in the first scottsboro trials?
timeline of the pre-industrial period and industrial period?
what was leonardo da vinci's social status?
Who were outcasts during the time of Christ?
When were the different periods of art history?
what r 1 of the events in the 1760s that led to tense relations between Great Brit.N.its americancolonies..?
who were ark angels besides Michael?
Was the U.S economy good in the 1960s?
What do you think is this purpose?
Who wrote the quote "Life has no remote. Get up and change it yourself”?
how did rana regime start in nepal?
What dramatic event occurred at midnight on 08 May 1945 ?
When was the city-state of Sparta founded?
Were there ever any Jews in Israel prior to the 1800's?
which civilisation is the oldest in the world and what is the name of the university first started?
Who was vice president in September 2004?
What are the two major types of constitutional reform advocated today ?
What did Spain do to produce birth rate?
Why did no Germans of the 1920s and 1930s question Hitler's Austrian background?
If you could travel back in time and visit only one historical event, which one would you choose?
What were they fighting about in the american civil war?
what was the madonna-or-harlot polarity period?
Who were the best warriors of history?
Why was Daniel Webster against the Indian Removal Act?
Why is money so important for the illuminati?
The Kingdom of Prussia's government?
What was Robert Owens factory called?
What were the causes or events that lead to the Revolutionary War?
What were controversial issues regarding medical breakthroughs in the US in the 1970s?
Where is the best place to start researching the history of Australia?
Am I Bosnian or American?
What did america think of east germans in the cold war?
If the American Indian had remained as the main culture?
during industrial revolution, did parents' social positions affected child's fate? Why?
Does anyone else enjoy looking up and reading all about old spooky abandoned places?
Do you really believe Christopher Columbus founded America and why?
What were the founding fathers' ideas about what america should be?
Who do you think were the first writers of the Bible? Black, white, "other", or a "combo" of races?
Why was music, relics and images abolished after the Protestant Reformation?
native indians reservations?
Hi. What used to happen when a criminal was in the stocks? Is it true that people used to throw things?
Do you agree that the 10t h of May is the right date for "anti slavery" day ?
What is the dumbest invention of all time?
¿Best King or Quenn in England ever?
Which subject was very difficult for you during your school time?
what do south africans call foreigners?
Who is Cornelius Vanderbilt?
How old was Methuselah?
Explain why Quebec City was selected as a perfect site to set up a new colony?
who invented man?
where can i get a picture of deadman's cay from the movie pirates of the caribbean?
name one of the most famous couples in history?
The Neutrality Acts were the five acts congress which passed beginning in 1935, which were intended to keep th?
4. Whose side (if any) did the United States take at the start of the war?
what happend 18th September 1956?
how old ago was cheese invented?
What are some great. things you lear from the army and.what are some bad?
Did "the Greeks" move out of Greece mostly and Turkish people moved in after fall of Constantinople?
where do nits originate from?
What was a deserter WW1?
Where is the home of Leonardo's Codex Foster, which is in north of the Victoria and Albert Museum?
who was the first u.s. pilot shot down in vietnam?
What advances in Japanese technology made it possible to attack Pearl Harbor?
How did disagreement over slavery in the 1850s lead to the breakup of the United States?
Has anyone every seen an actual alien?
Who was the greatest ever american military leader and why?
jimmy page homework?
Where do you think Jimmy Hoffa is?
How did the events at lexington and concord change the conflict between great britain and the colonies?
how did boston play a key role in the imperial crisis that moved the British colonies toward independence?
How far do you agree with the view that Curzon made a ‘Colossal failure’ of his job as Viceroy?
List some important pieces of equipment the cyclist should consider.?
how much was it to send a telegram in victorian times?
Global History and Geography June 2012 Regents? What do you guys think. Do you remember any answers?
Did men really walked on the moon?
what is Crusaders?
Who do you think is the most evil person in history?
Does anybody know the comparisons between the assassinations of J.F.K and Abraham Lincoln?
How can I find out if my "original" painting is in fact a real original?..pinup knowledge is a plus.
What was the late 1800's called?
Why do we say "God Bless" after someone sneeze's?
Do YOU have information about Shannondale Springs, a once world famous resort in Jefferson County VA(now WV)?
Well guys Hitler is a villain in the history because he had failed in his mission.What if he won!I?
What Is A Sovereignty?
Were there any people that were trying to warn the German people of the Dangers of the Nazi Government?
Contributions to Western Civilization by Greece?
Ok This is On Your Opinion..?
How many people really believe in GOD?
Why would Mary Wollstonecraft have supported women in the workplace?
What happened in the February and November Russian revolutions of 1917?
What 3 things did Sam Hughes do wrong?
why is it that we africans are black yet people from other continents are white?
did john smith and pocahontas ever officially get married? hey just so ya know i need by friday for a project?
whould travel in arabia be easy or difficult?explain your answer?
Hitler confusion please help?
why did wilson strengthen antitrust regulation in the United States?
Who won first noble price?
please help..its about justice.?
What caused railroads to expand in 1865-1900?
What was Holika's Real Name.?
Who were some of the admirers of Mussolini and his fascist regime? What were Mussolini's goals regarding Afric?
when did rascism end?
Does anyone have the video of saddam calling people out in the auditorium on July 22, 1979?
History: with what countries did the Italians have war?
Why did Germans support Hitler in the 1920s and 1930s?
where can i find a good site with a lot of information on the history of photography without buying a book?
Was Alfred Wegener's theory of Continental Drift accepted before or after his death?
Which country was the only country to use a nuclear weapon in war?
Do you think Gandhi was right?
Hi. What was the smelliest thing that people used to throw at you if you were in the stocks?
What year did samurais start and what year did samurais end?
History question about WW1?
Who was the First Presiden USA.?
Who in your opinion is the most influential person in history and why?
Compare the effects of the Mongols on settled societies?
what did federaslists believe vs antifederalists?(about the consititutiion creation)?
who was the first woman to perform a spacewalk.?
Cuban missile crisis research question?
Who do you blame for the Titanic disaster happening?
Were Robin Hood and William Wallace two of the same?
Who was the most significant American in WWII?
Can the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ever be justified?
Did hitler hate the blacks?
Did the japanese ever apologies for pearl harbor???
What shape was Pueblo Bonito?
How can i get a free cope from Da Vinci Code Book from the Net?
Which Indian God has the maximum number of hands and heads?
when did jesus die?
do u like hitler and his works?
Do you think there are similarities between Hadrian's wall and the Berlin wall / iron curtain?
What was training like for a soldier in WW1?
Betsy Ross did not sew the first American flag people. Does anyone else know this?
describe how the columbia river project reflected broader changes in american life and thought during the new?
To date, who is the tallest person on earth?
How did Henry Clay and Daniel Webster try to save the National Bank?
Why did Europeans kill a lot of native Americans when they came to America?
do you think england is becoming a moslem countery?
Could the British restart it's empire, excluding America, and if we did try, who would stop us?
How could Christopher Columbus "discover" America when they were already millions of inhabitants living here?
Antique Map "Americae Sive Novi Orbis, No, Va Descriptio"?
Were the changes Americans reacted to in the 1920s recent developments, or were these changes inevitable?
Do you tink the Da Vinci Code is true?
Where would respectable women who traveled stay, in the 1800s?
What happened in 1928?
Can we count Italy as Allied power during WWII?
Does anyone know exactly who C. K. Fox was & why the Haverhill, MA, school was named after him?
AP US History?
Galileo galilei?????
What does the term 'Anglo Saxonism' mean in American History?
Even thats happened before 1600?
Can you make any sense of this account (written by communist leader Mao Tse Tung/Zedong)?
do more young adults live at home with their parents now than ever?
What's something really interesting about British History?
Why was Julius Caesar should have been assassinated?
Why did people let the holocaust happen ?
During the local renaissance festival here in town,people were referring to Gothic as if it was a time period.
what cain of benefi i get been a firts time buyer?
What was life like for the Teen in the 1970s?
If the 9-11 attacks were an act of "defense?"?
what are three reasons the u.s got involved in world war two???
what is Baalbek?
What were some of the main ways in which the government tried to deal with the trusts? How did the Interstate?
Which of the following beliefs most likely lay behind the actions of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla on September 16
Ancient Egypt help...?
Do you think there were gay cavemen and women?
In Roman Catholicism, what is believed to have happened to babies that were in Limbo prior to Vatican II?
How many Xanax did Hussein take before the debate? Did it look like he was?
JFK Assassination November 22, 1963. Where Were You?
New vocal form that was created at the end of the 19th Century?