Name of the woman who wrote the diary "A women in Berlin".?
how and why did the U.S. become involved in Vietnam between 1946 and 1973?
Who was more evil Saddam or Adolf Hitler?
Who was most important American?
How Did Hitler Die?
who was the african american founder of denver colorado?
what is the biggest lie?
do you think the west should return all treasures to Egypt?
Why was Richard Arkwright so successful?
Why is Greece blaming other countries for their problems?
How do I make a renaissance pirate costume (10 POINTS best answer)?
why did the conservative southern democrats enventually reassert their control throughout much of the south?
knollwood cemetary florence mc donald?
what are the words to the hebrew prayer el maleh rahamim?
was there a crisis in the 14th century urope?
does anyone know who Catherine Medicis is?
History Question?
Pernah mendengar sebuah what lanuage is this?
How did President Herbert Hoover react to the depression?
Jack the ripper case, I want my paragraph to be re-written. In the more detail box, PLEASE look and help!?
why has everyone become more and more selfish?
why does everybody think jesus is the savior, but they have never seen him.. have we all been brainwashed?
where can I find info the wizel family?
Was Hitler Jewish?
what was president Reagan's policy for South africa?
Prank Phone Calls?
did michelangelo and leonardo da vinci ever meet?
what are the four long periods of history as defined by western society?
Who was the first president of the United States?
Industrialization and globalization?
Why do the British act as if their past empire was a good thing & was a favor to the world?
Help me please with letter?
Who do I consult to cancel my birthday?
Why did Kristallnacht (night of the broken glass) happen?
History of India- Vedic Period?
can someone explain me why jews during the holocaust didnt revolt against German power?
how did people travel before the aiplane invention?
What is the animal called ' Dragon' in Ancient china ?
Introduction to augmentative essay- please review- 10 points :)?
What jobs relate to Cultures?
Does a collywobble wobble because it lacks a backbone or some other reason?
Did the Union win the Civil War?
Why do we waste money teaching history? No one learns from it.?
How did the assembly line affect production of goods in the United States?
What was Mohammed Ali speech towards the 1960's war?
What is the major historical source of information regarding Columbus’ voyages? What were his findings in deta?
Which region is most prone to hurricane in U.S.? northeast, west, south, midwest?
Why do Native Americans believe nature is sacred?
Interesting European History research topic?
Is slavery today any different than it was before?
whats the worst event in history?
Which Icelandic Saga should I read first?
What were the Freikorps and how did they react to the Spartacists? Why?
did Hithler kill himself, if not who did?
how is the murder of lord darnley related to macbeth?
What was remarkable about Timbuktu’s location?
Was Canada's identity shaped more by war or peace?
What was the historical significance of pet banks?
does anyone know anything about isabella d' este???
Trying to find information on a Dozy Duck lamp from All Plastics Corporation in Avon by the Sea NJ. Any help?
what was the proclamation of 1763?
Why did the democracy in Germany decline in the years 1930-1933?
What did a queen in Elizabethan times do?
Did Lenin want to takeover the world?
What are the political, social, and economic reasons why South Carolina was established?? PLEASE HELP!!?
Salem witch trials helpppp!!?
Do you think that Nostradamus really could tell the future?
Did Adolf Hitler have a body double?
which was larger - the Han or Qin dynasty?
What is the 'racial vilification act' in Australia and how does it effect its white citizens?
why hitler did not kill all the jews?
Questions about the Battle of Vienna of 1683, is Sasha a boy's name and As told by Ginger.?
where can i find information on the midievel time period and the people of that time?
Anybody know anything about adolf hitler?
Columbian Exchange..?
What are rules of etiquette during the Regency period?
Essay help please! Subject is revolutionary war?
what do you think about dying?
Hilter rumor or fact?
What did the japanese contribute to hawaii?
Where were you born?
where did the word fart come from?
Who is this guy named Hitler?
Explain the British rationale and the American reaction to the new taxes after the French and Indian War.?
I need a cave painting picture in spain and i need to know how prehistoric artists made their cave paintings.?
Did Lindbergh cross the Atlantic?
modern warfare help.?
Do you guys know any site for the pen theory?
Why did England colonise everything only to give it back?
why did the huns destroy the gupta dynasty and bring disunity to india?
Help with american revolution and enlightment?
are the Illuminati the same thing as the free mason?
I read that A FEW fanatical Germans are trying to get the UK to say sorry over the bombing of Germany in WW2?
what does this quote by napoleon mean?
What role did Alexander Hamilton play in securing a second meeting in Philadelphia?
will my ex-ex boyfriend will fall in love with me again?
Did the Moghuls ever reach South India?
what is modern economy?
What Florentine business was not very highly regarded?
What was Bishop John Carroll's important service?
characteristics of the postwar japanese government?
Is it true, that the american government knew that the japanese navy was going to attack pearl harbor?
What is the greatest invention ever?
why do successful people have sharp nose?
In general the first wave of state consitution the came out of the american revolution were examples off ?
Can someone help me with these 4 questions about the Kokoda Track Campaign?
Is there anything more amusing than the downfall of the English empire?
History Vietnam work?
nosterdamus predictted that the third world war would start because of religion.lebanon and isreal maybe??????
cults in ancient egypt that would seem strange to the average ancient egyptian?
what does this mean? federalist paper 78?
anyone know some interesting thingsa about the apache indians?
could you do me a summary of the second world war?
Please help? Need help on the Dutch Revolution?
what does Francis Bacon think of revenge in his essay "of revenge"?
i need protestant account of battle of the bogside?
What do you think Htler's last words were?
What topics did the declaration of independence contain?
If Oswald didnt kill JFK then who did?
What happened during the reagan revolution?
what 9/11 was triyng to theach the americans?
An american great, Harry Houdini?
How many states are their in the 50 states of america?
Why didnt Japan go bankrupt during the meiji reformation and changing from gov centralized to private?
Why did they decide to write ze constitution on tablets?
Why is The Swastika popular?
Who was the last Czar of Russia?
How much is a 1913 Helvetia coin worth?
How did Alexander the Great affect the Israelites?
george washington and who were convening a meeting of five states in annapolis to discuss the building frustra?
how Adolf Hitler died?
hi guys! so i have to write a paper about Rudolph Giuliani and what he did about criminality in NY.?
Who said, "Let them eat cake."?
What large island did Rome claim after the first Punic War?
If the atomic bomb had 'NOT' been dropped on Japan do you think you would be around today?
What was hardings attitude towards the return of the proggresive era?
who is the best king in hisotry?
How did the idea of individualism affect society in the Gilded Age? Insight Us history!?
Who had the best Gods?
In what extend was the league of nation flawed?
What are 2 positive outcomes of the Civil War and 2 negative outcomes of the Civil war? (by 4/12 please)?
bible question: after adam and eve who was the first human that god spoke wirth?
What do 'alliances' do for iPhone game World War?
Who was the first to use glue to put together and waterproof their ships?
kennedy, nixon, carter reagan, clinton which one was our best prez?
who was the first presedent of the U.S.A?
Why isn't the American Revolution considered simply another War of Independence?
Whats your favorite dinosaur from the early cretaceous period ?
ussama bin laden?
How many purple heart badges were awarded in the american revolution?
I want to know about the HISTORY OF PAINTING?
Question about Gary O’Callaghan, radio journalist?
Are Americans friends or enemies?
What were the positives/negatives of William Pitt's handling of the Seven Years War?
Who founded the Conservative Party in the UK?
Date Street Liverpool 21 no longer exists. Where was it please?
Who replaced General John Pope after the Second Manassas?
what does mateo means?
How was imperialism different in china?
how the u.s. became involved in the politics of southeast asia and how it impact the u.s. climate in 1950?
Who said, "I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death your right to say it"?
what were the causes for the second world war?
what came first the chiken or the egg?
One of the reasons for the difference in when cod and sea otter became staple goods is improvements in navigat?
Does anyone know where I can find a Holocaust timeline on the web?
What was the institution of marriage in 1912?
Why didn't explorers years ago use sat-navs?
why was the enlightenment important?how did it contribute to the development of democracy?
Is the Holocaust a Hoax?
People who know about "Moses", please answer this!?
How Do We The History We've Studied For Years Isn't False?
How did John Woodward contribute to today's hydroponic systems?
Does anyone know where i Can find stories about how vets felt about getting drafted to veitnam draft?
What happened to "real wages" of British workers from 1850-1906?
how does the election of 1840 "illustrate the shortcomings of democratic politics"?
Nazis...were they human?
Art history help? Please?
How many jobs did Thomas Paine have in his whole life?
How did the Monroe Doctrine & Roosevelt Corollary affect Central America and Caribbeans in early 20th century?
How was the preamble made and what influenced it?
by ordering the berlin airlift, President Truman succeeded in what?
When talking about Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X....?
Why was Hitler Ruler of Germany if he was so evil?
Describe Nixon’s record on helping the economy?
Any creative ideas of important turning points in history? :)?
How did the British Empire get so big, and how did it maintain for so long without fast communication?
When was Jesus born? I need B.C and the excact date.?
what are some economic reasons that the U.S. used Imperialism in the late 19th century?
Was Japan in WW2 bad or good guys?
Cleopatra and Human Rights!!! HELP?
history help please!!!! fast =D?
Who do you think was the best military commander throughout history?
wat colors were the confederates wearing during the civil war,and what color was thier flag?
Why don't we as a culture know more about east indian history?
Who started the sex trade?
Should David Lloyd George's sympathy for Nazi Germany be a stain on his history?
how can we get email addresses online?
Did they ever find out what happened to Amelia Earhart?
what were the weaknesses, failures, or disappointments in Andrew Jackson's life?
What does this question about WWII ask me to do?
What were the social and econimic battles fought during the civil war?
Throughout history, Jews have been persecuted by other people of many nations. What makes people hate the Jews
Differences in education between the North and the South in the 1800s?
What was Austria's view on Italy after World War 1?
Who is the greatest 'WARRIOR' ever in the history ?
Who did x-ray invent?
Napoleon: Do you think he was an anti-Christ?
Alexander Hamilton...?
Why is Union Jack in the corner of the Australian flag? What's the history behind this?
which secret society jacques suaniere belong?
why should people remember President Abraham Lincoln and his impact on america?
who do you think discovered north america?
Civil war???
Why do people think Germany started ww1?
Who's seen Goodbye Lenin...?
How old is the Canadian constitution?
good fact about greek cerberus?
holocaust ?
describe the symbol of Nazi persecution?
the whole 9 yards?
Great study application for FACEBOOK users? ?
what new threats emerged following world war 2 ???
In the New World, how was Indian Life drastically changed by the introduction of horses, disease and trade?
What would happen if the Confederacy had defeated the Union in American Civil War 1865?
how did changes in argiculture affect the industrial revolution?
Do you think the poet E.J. Pratt would say the sinking of The Titanic offers a lesson for those who think...?
How Did William the Conquerer Win the Battle of Hastings?
How did Suleyman the magnificent usher into the Ottoman Empire a time of military, social, and cultural and...?
Why was the great wall of china built and how did the Hunns factor in?
Who invented the first vending machine? What year? What did it dispense?
was Hitler alive after world war 2?
In Bernini's "Apollo and Daphne" how does Bernini show us her transformation? What does she turn into?
Explain how various groups responded to Australia's involvement in the Vietnam war.?
Who is the backbone provider in case of bsnl in india...where it is located...What is VSNL .where does it work?
"Don't fire until you see their _____!"?
Related to Nazis?
What was the name of the doctor who conducted experiments on the jewish people in concentration camps?
What made Chinese Emperors unique?
In what year did the 13 colonies declare their independence from britain?
byington or bobington school in ok indian territory in 1800-1884?
Homo erectus?
What were you doing today 6 years ago?
how do the ancient belief systems adress gender?
reasons as to why Napoleon was revolutionary?
Why were the Romans obsessed with bloodshed.?
What do you think was the main cause of the Civil War ?
How old is the Ashanti Tribe?
do you think george orwell antisipated Nineteen Eighty-Four would be banned in the USSR when wrote it?
why might Canada west reject confederation?
Which 2 colonies were totally against slavery?
Is Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter movie is True story of President Lincoln?
Examples for battles or wars that were lost?
Why the people call them "Flight attendents" instead of Stewardess?
The impact of the Lend-lease Act by Roosevelt?
who in general got made a slave in ancient rome?
What were the social groups of the USSR?
Who was the mother of Pocahontas?
which one of the greek orders is the tallest and most slender and has the curling leaves and base?
What did Immanuel Kant contribute towards the Holocaust?
What did people who lived in the dark ages call the dark ages?
Is there someone who believes that the Bible is the word of humans instead that the Word of God?
What culture do you think had the biggest Impact on present day ..The Greeks or The Romans?
Lepcis magna anybody? help?
what did women use for there period in the 1800's?
who was the 3rd president of the the uNIted States?
Could someone match these history terms for me?
What did the people who were responsible for the Holocaust specifically do?
Who was John Tromp?
what were some of Charles Darwin's achievements?
What worsened relations between usa and ussr between 1947-1956?
can you give me one paragraph on the class system in the 20th century??
Who is the coolest person in the history of the world?
what were failures of henry vii's reign? and also what were his sucesses?
What were the reasons for mob violence revival in the 20th century against blacks and mexican americans?
Babylon, Rome, Ottoman, Persian, British Empire, USSR, … Will USA inevitable follow this way?
what kind of people come on answers ? which age groups?
In classical latin, how is the "h" pronounced?
spian and american empire???
How old were you when...?
what happened on december 7 in history?
What are some films about the two Chechen wars?
TRUE or FALSE : India will become the superpower in the future ?
What influences did Ralph Waldo Emerson & Henry David Thoreau have on the movement?
What labor camp was worse? Nazi labor camp or Soviet gulag?
why did britain go to war with argentina in 1982?
Wtf is mayflower by nathaniel philbrick about?
What is the largest countries by area in Europe and Africa?
How did the French Revolution affect us living today?
What are the locations of the tourist welcome centers in Mississippi?
What do you think CROATOAN means from the colonial town of Roanoke?
What are econmic and social changes after the civil war?
who designed the city of philidelphia?
who is eliza tibbets?
Was Afghanistan ever a part of India? I've heard that it was in the pre-Chanakya times...?
what is the Rosetta Stone?
World History Easy 10 points?
What person in history has the most myths and lies made up about them?
what are 3 ways the Romans altered the Greek design?
what was the nature and purpose of China's cultural revolution?
why were men invented....?
compare the following aspects of the union and confederate states from the civil war:?
Where can I find others who share my love of history?
who was bacchus?
What happened in 1872?
HI, I am trying to learn about the history of "LANE & CO." located in Van Nuys Calif. Circa 1958 Thank You!
who brought an end to the holy roman empire?
what is the holy place of buddhism?
can anyone help me or direct me to a page that will help to understand?
what is the first country who said we should use recycling?
How did the policies of the Harding administration affect American society?
What role did western culture play in creating resentment among the Muslim nations?
was jesus and christianity just created by the romans from older myths in order to unite the empire?
What groups in American society advocated prohibition? What groups opposed it?
Wat is the Da Vinci Code? Is it true wat Dan Brown has predicted?
why do many people feel that the 1950's were an ideal time dispite the tensions of the era including cold war?
World War 1 Slogans or Ideas?
What are you doing now this period?
If you could own a piece of history?
What lessons were learnt from the Holocaust?
how was new netherland different from plymouth colony and MA bay colony.?
how did opposition to the stamp act lead to greater opposition to british policies?
Who was the State of Maryland named for?
What was the meaning of the Latin words in the emblam of the 67th Tac. Recon. Wg. at K-14?
How many people have migrated to Australia since 1945?
Can anybody identify what the real name of this Chinese sword is?
compare and contrast culture in Ancient China and Rome civilizations?
how did larger families affect the world?
who was the first pharaoh in HUMAN form,not in belief?
What is the grossest thing you've ever done/seen?
Which one of Cartiers voyages was most important in your opinion?
what were some significant events and people in the colonial south??
This is one of 3 essays that could be on my exam. Could you list what you know about the subject? Thank you?
If newton hadnt been sitting under the apple tree when he discovered gravity, Wolud that mean the earth sucks?
Question about Robert G. Ingersoll?
what were Bede's weaknesses as a historian?
Does anybody know what happened on April 24, 1915 to Armenians?
What level of knowledge did the ancient greeks have about anatomy?
who was the greatest emporer in the world?
What if the Allies lost the Battle of D-Day? Serious answers only.?
who led slave revolution aginst the masters in haiti?
why was new hampshire founded? economic (money), or Religous freedom?
How should I start my research paper?
Do you know what was used for the first time today in 1929?
World History Renaissance Project?
Why Isn't America Any Good At Winning Wars?
what were the similar reasons for WW1 WW2?
How can I tell a genuine arrowhead from a fake one?
I'm stuck on these history questions! Please please please help!?
When did the 1st Bhuthnese come to the USA?
question about world history! (10th grade) about literature or art that was developed during Renaissance?
why England is called "albion"?
How did Canda's autonomy from Britain change during WW1?
are Martin Luther and John Calvin examples of sects?
What did English Puritans hope to accomplish by settling in America?
What is your favorite historical battle,land sea or air?
where did the last name "lagal" origonate?
are the Palestinians descended from people in Europe?
Need help with some history?
Sexiest Woman Who Ever Lived?
who discovered america?
How come the Allies did not bomb the railroad tracks leading into Auschwitz ?
What are the articles of confederation and what do they do?
Who tried to assasinate president andrew jackson?
what colonialism is, how it worked in america, and why it was put into place.?
Coca Cola items?
What are some similarities of the fall of both Roman & Persian empires?
v- How the Missouri compromise set the stage for slavery debates & it’s provisions?
Did the articles of confederation have an executive and legislative branch?
All of the biggest technological inventions created by man?
Compare indentured servitude of african slavery?
Which country was the slowest to mobilize against threats from the West in the 19th century?
size of main heavy guns British Fortifications Kingston 1812?
Report on Italian Enlightenment. Help?
What is Napoleon Bonaparte's religion?
Where is King Alfred originally from?
Describe the society/culture that king tut promoted or reformed?? Help?
Where can I get old foreign currency (notes) valued?
Why did the Americans get involved in the second world war?
can anyone tell me who is Sultan Tipu?
In Europe there are 5 churches that make up a perfect pentagon - does anyone know where they are & their names
why did Hitler only like people with blond heir and blue eyes?
Should Ronald Reagan profile be carved on Mount Rushmore?
Are Asterix and his rebel only standing village against Romans true?
What are some cool facts about anything?
Turning points in history that involves horses?
Can you please give me a list of honorable moments in history (US)?
does anyone know if Steve McCurry was ever married or has any children?
Do you think historians are all the same?
how big was the roman empire in sq. miles?
Am I the first person tosuggest that 911 was an inside job?
Queen Elizabeth opening Furness General Hospital may 1985?
Did Hitler like children?
If you could go back in time to any event in history which one would u choose?
What do you know about history?
How many Jews were killed in the Holocaust?
What didn't change in west Africa when Islam came in?
How did we actually arrive on this earth?
Could a woman enter a pub or tavern in the late 1800's?
Where is the best place online to trace my ancestors?
should people in korea be abused?
Who has information on the " Cornwalis Township Poorfarm" ?
how many people die on the same day that they were born?
I need to find the short inaugural speech of Norman Mandela...approximately 1990. Can you help me?
pericles' funeral oration by thucydides?
What land claimed by the European country that came to dominate the fur trade?
What were they 3 areas associated with the Triangular trade?
does racism still exist today?
How old is london?
major trading cities during Postclassical Era in Afroasia????
What are the ways to stop reglious teasing?
Three great spears of Japan?
Why did hitler put the blame on the jewish?
How did the temples to the Aten at Amarna differ from those of other gods at Karnak (Thebes)?
2 QUESTIONS: What things still make America a very prosperous nation in the world? Have we ever had the.....?
who are some famous australian actors in the 1900's?
Why latenamerican countries are called laten american?
who discovered hireoglyphics?
How has the British Empire created racial diversity in Britain today?
Where is Hothchi Min City?
I have a World war 1 gas mask I'm thinking of selling?
Who agrees that the Civil War(War Between The States) Was one of the most saddest wars in the history->?
what is the history of cloning?
Was there a large housing boom in the 1980s and early 90's? if so, how differed from the one in the 1950s?
Does history really matter?
Who believes Ahmed Osman's theory that Yuya was Joseph the Patriarch?
what was the capital of the united states before the revolutionary war?
Bombay- munmbai, madras -chennai why not india- bharat?
How are the issues of today similar or different from the issues faced during Lincoln’s time, Civil War era, a?
The content of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was related to which of these?
Please Help!! How should I start the article?
State Development in Europe History Quiz?
In what ways did Napoleon’s rule leave a lasting legacy in both France and Europe?
HELP ME PLEASE!! it's my birthday..you'd be making it the best ever!!?
What's your opinion on the Korematsu Vs. U.S Case? Was it necessary?
I need help with a history assignment. I need ideas for this story I need to write. Please help?
Do you believe in lost ancient civilizations of developed technology?
How did the Republicanism movement during Paul Keatings time impact Australia?
booksellers in warwick?
What are some elizabethan era festivals, celebrations?
Where can I find a description of an Ancient Greek Pyxis online today?!?
roman emperor that conquered Dacia?
true of false, the major role in defeating german in WW2 was soviet union not usa?
What were the contrasts and comparisons between Elizabeth I, James I and Charles I?
what is the value and history of a coins "pivs ix pont max an xxxi joseph vs mariae v sponsvs 1871?
How do oral traditions help preserve a culture?
OMG!! Is this true?
Who was the speaker of the house when Lyndon B. Johnson was president?
if Hitler had listened to Heinz Guderian could the Panzer divisions have destroyed all rail lines in east?
Would the people who jumped from the WTC have died instantly?
Am I right to conclude that there was significantly more brown in the past?
How did Nikolai Chaucescu finally get taken out of power?
Would there ever be another slave trade?
Where the dinosaurs real?
examples of Napoleonic Code?
Do you think Adolf Hitler was a genuis, in his own right, as a leader?
Which statement best explains the unique role that the 14th Amendment held among the Reconstruction Acts?
why is marcus garvey famous?
why did puppet governments replace colonies?
please guys ... am in ESL class so I cant speak English well !?
I have an english class and the teacher wants me to find 1930 handbills relating to CA dust bowl. Any ideas.?
WHO is god ?
Vietnamese freedom fighters that fought against the french in the 1940s and 1950s were called this?
How did this affect Germany (Treaty of Versailles) Please help?
do kamikazi pilots wear helmets?
What was the cause of world war 1?
(MC)Which of the following was a result of industrialization in the United States?
first african american to own land in the united states?
Where can I find Arnold Toynebees original A Study Of History all XII volumes?
Why is Jefferson Davis not given his proper due and respect in U.S. History ?
9th Grade history books?
which one is better? the aritcles of confederation or the constitution of the united states..?
who was the first primeminister of india?
Explain how Mexico achieve its' independence from Spain, and evaluate how its experience was different?
What can i do to help slavery?
Why do people try and claim Hitler was "evil"?
For people really good with history.?
Way may it be said that Columbus was one of the world's most successful failures?
how is the northeast different in its views,history, and why?
Question on competing political positions?
facts about the CANADARM!?
what was one area of life that joseph stalin sought to regulate, and describe his method of doing so?
Why was Nat Turner's revolt significant?
if you could go back in time where would you go?
If you could choose any time period in which to live for just 1 week--when would it be,and why?
Do you think by now we'd have space travel to other galaxies had Hitler won the war?
what is the relationship between farmers,cattlemen and railroad?
History homework help please .s?
What political changes occurred between 1775 to 1800 during American Revolution that changed American society?
what happened to lester wade after the Gideon v. wainwright case?
Who built the pyramids of Khufu, Khephren, and Menkure ?
What was Christopher Columbus's real name?
Who is Claudius I, and how did he become an emperor?
Why Thucydides was called real father of history?
do you love jesus?
If you could visit one day in history, where and when would you choose?
What problems did the Ottoman Empire face?
(this is a filipino question) what is the meaning of tala?
Which of the following is true of the Roman Empire at the end of the fourth century CE?
who where the most famous gays lovers in ancient greece?
What was the most important effect of the dred Scott decision?
what is florida know for?
what is the ecthnicity of portugual and i heard it has spanish in it ?
Is anyone else angry that the Hundred Years War lasted more than one hundred years?
Question about revolutionary war?
What reasons led the Spanish to be able to defeat the Aztecs?
What caused the second world war?
What make and model was the ecto 1 in ghostbusters?
Which is the most significant event in the history of your country, according to you?
When did these diseases start spreading during the renaissance?
What modern countries make up what was Sarmatia?
Is it correct to call Hitler a excellent leader?
how did the industrial revolution effect lower class people?
please tell me about the letters written by Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi from the prision?
If you could have lived any time in History when would it be?
How do I write an essay that sounds analytical instead of descriptive?
5 topics on the famous five?
what are some of Napoleons Characteristics ( 6 characteristics ).?
History of cold springs,ny?
Can n e 1 tell me some facts about Mary Boykin Miller Chesnut?
I need a bit of help with Bolshevism?
where are you?
history: an event that lead to the civil war?
Memorial Day Massacre.?
On a scale of 1 to 10 where would you rate Hitler as a military tactitian?
If you could stop a past event from happening, what event would it be?
Who benefited from Andrew Jackson's spoils system?
When did the village school at Stainton, Barnard Castle close?
How do you call the bunch of leaves on Julius Caesar's head?
how did the emigrants guide to oregon and california help the journey west?
Where did American racial consciousness come from?
what do the colonial families having trouble when they moved to america?
Who is more rich...American beggars or Indian High class?
What is the American Colonization Society?
Al Capone's Son: Still alive?
Axis powerof WW2 were?
Did anybody read ​Josephine Tey, The Daughter of Time?
what was the economy like before the World War 1?
World War One Trench Conditions (Black Adder)?
ahhh us history help! :(
In what ways and to what extent did constitutional & social developments b/w 1860-1877 amount to a revolution?
Was America really founded as a christian nation?
Curious, did pregnant women in the 1880's show?
Is it Weird?
What is more significant for Native Americans?
Why do Jews keep talking about the holocaust even though it never happened?
Did JFK have an affair with Ghandi?
Is it true Artaban was really the fourth Wise Man, or is he merely a fictional character?
Did Romeo and Juliet live happily ever after?
George III illness origin?
What happened to Nelsons body after he died,was he just embalmed and sent home.?
The Counter Cultures' effect on American Society today?
World War II Question??
Did the Franks attack Syria during the crusades?
Compare and contrast the Sumerian government to the Egyptian government.?
whats the story with uncle toms cabin?
how did steve jobs die?
Why did Jane Addams argue it was a practical necessity for women to have the right to vote?
Who shot MLK and what was his punishment?
What role did the Great Schism play in building national identities in Europe?
How was King Henry VIII use his power in relationship to the people around him?
In 1877, the Democrats and Republicans agreed to the Compromise of 1877.?
for those who live in the United States.?
History help please??????
Did woman the woman who killed Selena ever end up killing herself?
does anyone know anything about MIZBAH brooches?
What factors led American planters in Hawaii to overthrow the Queen and make a bid for annexati?
What is babyboomer?
Why was Catherine the Great's Rule Absolute?
out of the thirteen days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, which day was the most important and why?
does anyone knw how hitler died?
Do you believe it's Colombus who really the one to discover the American Continenet First?!?
how do you translate culture in hindi?
A question about Africa?
us history question/opinion s?
Was Marilyn Monroe murdered or did she overdose?
When in control of France, why did Germans not just use IRELAND as an attack base?????????????????????????????
what were the golden twenties like in the UK?
who was the first noble prize winner in peace and when?
If you could go back in time and kill Hitler as a 10 mth old baby, would you? You know how many will be saved
how do i answer history reilability of sources?
Why was'nt Tutankhamun buried in a Pyramid?
Was the New Testament written originally in Greek or Aramaic and why ? Thank You.?
why did realtions between the su and the usa change in 1980-85?
people who have lived under the soviet Union what was life like during the Gorbachev era?
what was the name of the soldier who received more medals than any other American in world war 2 ???
Who is Abel Hggerty?
Challenges in Classical Greece and Rome?
Looking for info on the great Scottish mathmatician Rop ? Possible last name Wright?
Where were you 6 years ago when the twin towers fell?
what church did Giacomo della Porta come from?
What are some positive effects that music of the 60's had on the youth of America during that time period?
Did D.B. Cooper survive the jump out of the plane?
find photo of historical personal use lamps, miner, nautical, carbide?
What did Shays hope his rebellion would force Massachusetts to suspend?
Did WEB Dubios have a wife or any sisters or any brothers?
why and how did the bushmen become important in film making?
does george washington have a dark side?
How was the city-state of Florence, Italy run during the Renaissance?
What are some good sites where I can find info on Sacagawea?
Did the Titanic really happen?
Cost of sending a ship through the Suez Canal? What did this mean to Britain?
How was the Holocaust avoidable?
Which statement about slavery and the Constitution is false?
What were Jefferson’s domestic goals? How thoroughly did he achieve them?
Who from history would you like to spend christmas day with?
What do you think of my fictional WW3?
besides lincoln is there a president who didn,t get a school education ?
How is the Ukranian Catholic Church different from the Polish or Lithuanian Catholic Church?
Who was involved in the Nortre Chico Civilization?
What kind of rewards were given for conquistadors?
What is your opinion on World War 1?
what do you think about your country.?
who is/was the real McCoy?
Does anyone know how JFK and LBJ escalate the cold war in regards to the Vietnam war?
what is the spanish reconquista?
li need a translator?
world war 1??
why do most spaniards these days dont know who Francisco Franco is?
What r those words called such as said,replied, and quetioned??
Explain how the victorious Allies dealt with the defeated Axis powers. Describe the origins of the Cold War.?
why is henry gay?
What actions did William Pitt take to turn the war in Britains favor?
Merit and reputation of von Rundstedt?
What was the enclosure movement?
Why didn't Europeans colonize Sub-Saharan Africa in the same way they colonized the Americas?
Progressive era?? (two questions)...?
who build the tower of babel? is it sargon 1?
where is the Taj ?
what did hitler do in a final effort to bolster his forces?
in the ancient world wich empire was the biggest empire in the world?
10 Points for the correct answer....?
Who was the president of China in 1979?
Is Economic Setting and Historical Context the same thing?
What happen in the Vietniem war? I would like to know the difference between the Vietniem war and the korean w
What was the capital of the Inca's?
What was the term used to describe the end of world war two in Europe?
What did the Hartford Convention do?
old imperialism?
What was inaccurate about Mary Tudor (Henry VIII's daughter) in the show The Tudors: Season One?
The Chinese discovered the Americas way before Columbus did?
Was moviegoing the first leisure-time activity that people of both genders and all ages could enjoy?
What 3 things were central to the Plains Indians life on the reservation?
1930s Fascism denied citizens of all of the following EXCEPT:?
How many inventions did blacks make?
How could people count the years Before Christ born?
What you think Europe attacked for exploiting resources Imperial Age but Companies always do it?
How were the Kush People significant in history?
what are the different countries are part of great britan?
what did the ancient greek people eat?
What differences are there between the American revolutions including the results of the revolutions?
Theater that affected US History?
according to the history channel, in 2013 we will have an iceless summer on the north pole?
when did the silk road start?
Do you believe in God?
What Was The Years That The Europeans Arrive In America (s)?
How did Nelson Mandela show integrity?
Why is Ohio so important during the election 10 points?!?
Who were Stalin's major influences?
What caused the second crusade.?
How did Hypatia die?
economic trend of 1920?
Are the Portuguese a land based Asian empire?
What were the consequences of the Great Depression in the United States and in Europe?
cold war timeline assignment?
How was the economy a cause for the Civil War?
Of the three Gothic tribes, one was the Ostogoths, one was the Visigoths, but what was the third?
in what country was the battle of passchendaele ?
how did the Turks view Elizibathians?
Where can I find information about how Canada changed between 1920 and 1940 (Great Depression)?
When was Dr Pepper first served ?
Would Hitler have liked me?
how could 8,000 British troops killed on the first day of the battle of the somme?
What if a Jewish person converted to Christianity while he/she was already in the concentration camp?
In what specific ways did the Enlightenment movement impact the humanities of 18th century Europe?
what is the background information on chapter 5 in the fires of hatred book?
Why did Austria not establish colonies in the new world?
Question the whole "God had a wife" fad in Biblical archaeology.........?
Organizations which helped the Black people?
Coin/Medal/Token With Abe Lincoln?
the time change is tonight right?
How did Toussaint L’Overture defeated Napoleon and the French?
in greek mythology,name the goddes of the underworld?
what is the modern day culture like in hiroshima?
What were the major decisions regarding Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, France and Turkey?
Imagine you lived in the late 1800's and were thinking of migrating west?
What painter once lived a few houses down from The Pelham, at 7 Cromwell Place?
What countries served as buffer zones between West Europe and Russia during WW1?
Racism in U.S in 1950 how was it for the middle eastern?
Can you tell me a website where I can find statistics on World War 1 e.g. death toll, individual country $cost
Is the legend of King Arthur really true?? What time in history did he exist??.....?
What are 3 major battles I should describe in my WWII report?
anything about Francisco Gordillo?
How did the patronage system impact policing?
World History question:?
so how much longer do you really think us humans are going to be around?
What is the greatest invention ever?
Important people in the classical civilizations?
What were some major problems, struggles, or issues with FDRs leadership style?
why is the USA important to us in Antigua?
It has been said that the “Romans are our grandparents and the Greeks our great grandparents.”?
some one said that pyramids complete weight can't forced the ground .Is it true or not.if yes which rule it is
How did the Industrial Revolutions impact European imperialism in Africa during the late nineteenth century?
Did the Aztecs only FIND the deserted cities of the Mayan indians and claimed them for themselves?
Does anyone have lyrics to the folksong about the sinking of the Eastland?
History from worldwar two.?
Why wasnt Leonardo Da Vinci's inventions ever made?
Nazi Germany: What sort of class of people went to see films in Nazi Germany (1930-45)?
How did the Industrial Revolution influence other Revolutions during its time?
who is a leader?
How did isolationism extend feudalism in Japan?
i am am doing a project on insanity and need information?
american history question?
what were fighting and living conditions like on the western front in world war one ?
If Time travel was possible what year would you go to?
Why were the Medieval Tournaments dangerous?
What effect did the Compromise of 1877 have on politics in the North and South? ?
is the documentary "Hitler's Bodyguard" any good?
who was Ann Boleyn?
what was the greatest impact of spains involvement in the americas?
Any scholar text that talks about the fall of the Roman Empire and the Barbarians?
what was the best german fighter of ww2?
Is there a link between the stories of Sisyphus and Tantalus in Greek Mythology?
Catholic Spanish ruler whose marriage to the English ruler caused a revolt among the Protestants in England?
what is the cult of the virgin?
Please tell me about of brahmins...?
how was hitler?
What actions allowed France to become an absolutist state in the 16th and 17th centuries?
Who planned/constructed the Suez Canal, Erie Canal, and the Panama Canal?
Urgently Need Help!!! Essay Due next Mon...WHO can help with checking/ editing???
Did Aristotle have any kids?
what yr was Ryan Skipper killed?
what changes were made in the engineering evolution since the industrial revolution?
hitler rumours??????
What pledge did the signers of the declaration make?
Knowing what you know now?
What was Steve Irwin doing down there with the Sting Ray anyway?
anyone looking to buy WWII books published by the nazi???
How was the chancellorship of Bruning different from that of Papen and Schleicher?
Were alarm clocks, or wrist watches with alarms invented in the 1960's?
Will the south rise again ever?
Was there a king of medieval Spain named "Casiano"?
If you could go back in time to meet one person from history; Who would it be & why?
What was the biggest Anti War song of the 60s/70s?
Did the choctaw Indians start stickball was it made by a different tribe?
Vlad the impaler, genghis khan, hitler. Who do you rate as the most evil and why?
Why do we waste money teaching history? No one learns from it.?
when was germany made a republic?
I think that is the best?
What was the French-English relationship between the start of world war one and ending at the beginning of WW2?
What was Linen's New Economic Policy in the early 1920's?
According to European History,after Napolean was defeated,Did Duke of Wellington killed napolean instantly?
What were Che Guevara's real intentions?
What year was the Law of Conservation discovered?
What did your forefathers do?
What did the Puritans and Calvinists of the 16th and 17th century stand for?
compare and contrast the causes of World War I and World War II?
back when slavery was legal in the US could slave owners beat, torture or kill their slaves and get away with?
State one way in which life has improved for people in Russia since the fall of Communism.?
Americans are too patriotic, jingoistic I think!!! No?
What was the civil rights movement?
What appeal would National Socialism (Nazism) have had to members of the British Aristocracy during the 1930s?
How did the Republican party's policy of economic boycott in the years 1807-1812 affect the new nation?
what language do they speak in Philippines?
Why was the Bull Exsurge Domine(1520) a key reason for the reformation of the church? (A level history?) ?
What is the difference between social science and history?
What did Maximilien Robespierre do?
Wat did Sam Houston want to do as president?
why and how did ancient chinese emperors stop the chinese people from making contact with one another?
How many grievances against the British king were named in the American Declaration of Independence?
What religions were present in Egypt during the 1850's-70's?
what king of physical obastacles did lewis and clark face?
who were the certain kings that claimed to be descendant of king arthur?
Britain's Hidden Heritage 21st August?
How did the spread of Christinaity affect the cultural development of the Roman Empire?
Abraham Lincoln?
if jesus said ill be back soon and that was 2000 years ago then what is soon?
Did Adam had a belly bottom?
The D - Day in world war 2. What does this letter "D" mean? Do or Die?
why did the civil war occur?
Who won the battle at Roanoke Island on Feb 1862 and how was is significant?
technique used by stalin to strengthen his control of the soviet union?
Can someone help me with theses spanish history questions! Thanks! =D?
Did The Holocaust happen?
can anyone help me find a website with timelines for medival india?
Where is the Ark of the Covenant?
Ok, did god make adam and eve? or did we evolve from monkeys?
Was Henry III gay?
Who was Madame Roland?
ludwig Van Bethovens 1st symphoney need all information for a book report?
who was the first person who discovered america??
What was Thomas Paine's conflict or dilemma?
Everyone talks about how advance ancient Greece was?
where was the great swamp fight?
How did centralized power in middle east affect trade, culture, urbanization?
physical science example?
Three principles of Foreign Policy in the Progressive Era?
why did the supreme court undertake judicial activism in the 19th century?
history report! help on historical significance?
race and equality in the 19th century america?
why did hoover feel threatened by the bonus veterans march in 1932?
when was discovered, who are the leaders , list the gods and goddess and what were there holy places?
Do you remember when the Berlin Wall fell, effectively ending the cold war and marking the end of communism?
How did the Babylonian captivity shape Judaism?
If you could go back in time and see one event or meet one person who or what would it be and why?
Why did Europeans settle in the Americas as opposed to Africa and Asia?
What would happen if America was never discovered?
why did fairfield union change their mascot from "charging knights" to "falcons"?
What did conscription act state?
I need helpful sites on tactics used during the American Civil War?
What was the role of the Tsar Nicholas II?
wht r the materials used in the ajantha-ellora paintings?
If you were on a desert island and u could pick one Famous person to be with who would it be and why?
Should I invite a former Nazi to come speak to my high-school History class?
How to write letter to King of Spain requesting expedition?
British Government system in the 30's-50's?
why did the united states help during the holocaust?
what does washington say in his address?
Why is Egypt called the gift of the Nile?
When was the sugar and stamps act?
Is there any place where i can learn to read,write and talk ancient kemetic (Egyptian) language?
my movie- WW2 uniforms?
Treaty of Versailles?
Just prior to his assassination, Dr. King was planning to call on Congress to pass___?
how many slaves did thomas jefferson free during his lifetime?
If Germany had won the Second World War, would any aspect of life in Britain have been improved?
What effect did both World Wars and the Depression have on Folsom, CA?
What did the ancient greeks do for entertainment?
I have to history questions about politics?
Unbelievable babies made out of clay?
Why didn't Israel make public that the death toll for the Holocaust has been lowered to 3.5 million?
how did the western powers divide china into spheres of influence?
What flag did the antifederalists use?
If you were an African American living in 1895, who would you agree with, Booker T. Washington or W.E.B. DuBo?
who is buried in section 0-2 plot 575 holy sepulcre cemetery totowa nj?
why were the writings of sean o'casey significant to the early 1900s ireland?
did you have a question about your life?
Was Adolf Hitler psychopathic or psychotic?
I would like to know my history of my house?
how did the chicano movement affect the people involed?
How did the Alaska Purchase affect Alaska?
Best War Films Ever Made?
what happened during the "Ten Incredible Days?"?
Of the ten American historic figures listed below, whom do you most admire and why?
Why did slavery get abolished?
What did john hancock do during the revolutionary war?
What "grade" would you give the Incas 7 Elements Of Cultures?
treaty of Versailles?
Whos your DaddyIndian heritage on what native tribes are still alive in the United States?
what is the actual relation between the wife and a husband?
How significant was the Vietnam war in stimulating protest culture in the 1970s?
Why were the Jacksonian Democrats important?
Who were Ben Franklins friends?
compares the War for American Independence with the Vietnam War.?
How did foreign intervention in/into vietnam/French indo china violate the human rights of the native peoples?
Why did the membership in the Puritan Church decline?
What was the French Goverment in 1800's?
What affects our understanding of history? TOK presentation, urgent help needed!?
who was the 23rd president?
Why did the U.S. get involved in World War 2?
should the united state government ofically apologize for the intsitution of slavery and provide compensation?
How was Cubism a break from the Victorian era?
What were Julies ceazers last words?
What significant events happened during Robert Penn Warrens' time?
wat was hitlers real cause of death?
What was Helen Hunt Jackson's view on expansion, and explain her reasoning, plz?
What's the meaning of Sleepthief's Eurydice video?
Pre WW2 Germany History For English Project?
What U.S. president’s homestead attracts visitors to sleepy Plymouth Notch, Vermont?
What is the origin of the term "Roger" used in military radio communications?
what were obama's influences?
America ? tell me where your ancestors came from ???
what happened in the Marshall Plan era? and for how long it was? and which countries it was involving?
Why was Jamestown a Turning Point in history?
what was guernica painted for?
is "i don*t know" an answer??
Was George Washington Abraham Lincoln's grandfather?
What was Europe and America's initial response to the Holocaust?
historically what caused the formation of today Ierland?
how could the decade of fifties be called a decade of promise?
Need help on History Gerald Ford?
A Second American Revolution.?
why this war on islam?
How did Ibn Sina influence the modern world?
I need some good sites for Pompeii!?
Why is Black History seprate from American History? Is it not All one History?
Was LBJ involved in the killing of JFK?
King of the Hill (flim) historical accuracy?
Why do they not teach us about Prussia in school?
world war two paratroopers?
Can someone tell me the main events (name of events) that led to China's rise?
Only for somone who is in the history as a career?
What was taught in history classes in prehistoric times?
where did the term ima axe you a question come from?
what are 5 historical events and 5 cultural events that occurred between 1998 and now?
Is it true that the german people actaully elected the NAZI government?
What was William Frederick Cody's "Wild West" alias?
Similarities between The Roman Justice System and The Anglo Saxon Justice System?
What is Irelands Income per household?
what is the main culture in spain?
What were some surprise attacks on religious holidays?
Non-Fiction Book on Archibald Gillespie?
why is the South African accent so bad?
nuclear strikes illegal?
What were the effects of the Industrial Revolution on industrialized and non industrialized nations?
why everybody says many people in Paris are the most rude people ?
which country has the highest population?
which type of diplomacy was always used to some degree during each of the presidents terms?
Who exactly invaded the Inca and Aztecs empire?
can you tell me which part of Sphinx is missing?
How would Roman and Western history have been different if Cleopatra had never existed?
Underneath it all was Hitler good?
what two brothers are credited with being the first two individuals to prospect intelligently for silver in Ne?
who was the creator of cookies?
bush says, israel is the winner. do u agree with him?
What can I say about International Labour Organization (ILO) ?
Why in Ireland is more English than Irish (Gaelic) spoken?
What was Adolf hitler's occupation before chancellor?
why would a Palastinian oppose or support the Balfour Declaration ?
What modern-day Germanic language did the Gothic language most resemble?
Who is the most noble Roman in Julius Caesar? Or is anyone noble?
Does the Priory of Sion really exist?
help on the Elizabethan era..?
What are some Australians art/music?
What did women use on their periods before World War 2?
Speer's plot to kill Hitler? True or false?
How did Africans, Europeans and African-Europeans approach one another- early & mid 19th cent in South Africa?
i need to know important historic sites and landmarks in Nevada?
name a time or event in history when questioning an authority figures ideas decisions was important?
How did t he world change after followinf revolutions: Neolithic, Commercial, Scientific, American and French?
Who "won" World War II?
what was the relationship between the colonies and england in the time period 1607-1763?
If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, what would you want to have seen?
Who were the "Cheka" during the russian revolution, and why did they shoot people for laughing?
Is there any church who accepted the theory of Charles Darwin that we had evolved from monkeys.?
what is kenya product?
How was a taino indian buried? Was the a funeral ceremony?
where can i go to find free book reports?
was hitler all that evil?
how to make powerpoint presentation more interesting?! s best answer!?
problems american farmer faced during last half of 19th century?
Current event on Angola?
help! ?
who the 3 greatest military leaders of all time?
what is the ugliest thing ever done or event ever happened in history?
When was the last time England was invaded?
what present day country was northeast of china were controlled by this dynasty?
WARREN, Who are they. where they come from?
i wont to know what happen to jews when they got to concentration camps?
Why did the Second World War break out on the 3rd of September 1939?
WHO was martin luther?
Which of the reasons were most responsible for the fail of the League of Nations? Explain Why?
why did Adolf Hitler think up his 'super race', what did he have against Jews?
What was Prussia like?
Does anyone have any info on war brides of world war 2?
What was the language of southeastern Iraq in the 8th century? Particularly the city of Basra?
do you think we should have another bush in office for the next semester for presidency if not who do you want
"the locomotive pulling the country"?
latin american history help?
Was the role of women different from European women's traditional roles?
What position did Lloyd George hold in 1906?
I need an accurate website about the founder of the mormon church, joseph smith?
history and 10 point!!!! please?
what do you think??
What was gandhiji's full name ?
Holocaust Summary? Easy 10 Point!!!?
Compare and contrast the Indian and Chinese Civilizations.?
what do you think of Winston Churchill ?
did America have any motivations for entering World War Two other than the purely economic?
What is liquidationism?
Why did Hitler and the Nazi party become so popular in Germany?
Can you please give me a physical description of M. T. Cicero (espaecially height, if possible) ?
What are some ways that Eleanor Roosevelt helped FDR?
who came up with 12 months in a year?
What happened during the Red Scare?
what are some short famous speeches?
During the Cold War, which Western bloc countries had populations with highest % of pro-USSR sentiment?
What exactly means 'MCMLXXXI' ?
Do you think another holocaust can happen?
Why was Benjamin Franklin such an important figure in the colonies?
if you could go back in time and change 1 historical event what would that be?
Who was the first leader of the?
What did Noel Chavasse do in the war?
How do I find photos of religious headdresses?
A site where i can learn detailed history?
What do non-Indians think about Gandhi?
What political party was Snowdon (chancellor o the exchequer) in?
epitaph please help me?
what discoveries did francisco pizarro make?
Does any body know anything about the "Siege of Damascus" ?
What if Hitler and the Nazi's won World War 2, what would the world look like today?