Will there be a World War III soon?
who are the Native Americans?
How did people use to get fresh clean water?
Which wars had the longest lasting influence on Greek Society and Why?
History 12 Questions? HELP?
Which event do you think is worse the depression or the holocaust?
What was the social Upheaval in the middle ages?
How did the Holocaust really happen?
analiysing sources in history, help plz?
What to write about? Research paper on The Great Railroad Strike 1877.?
what is four scottish ells in hand?
What did Americans use as toilet paper before 1871?
did the mentally challenged people in medival times be the court jesters or something like that?
Did Lee Harvey Oswald really kill JFK?
i need a slogan for william duke of normandy please!?
Compare and Contrast Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism?
Why States Go To War, Jonathan Swift?
Do you ever think to yourself what is your purpose for being in the world?
what was the 3rd colony founded?
How come we have never had a female president?
can you explain "at least" 1 of these pls 1)grimke sisters 2)teetotalers 3)the Alamo?
what did hitler think of jews?
I need information about the Pacific War?
did they/will they ever have a season 9 of full house
If you could raise one person from the dead, who would it be and why?
Please number these periods in order: Minoan, Mycenean Hellenistic, Golden Age!?
What was the date on which festival holi was there in year 1956?
Why did slavery last so long in the United States?
2- How was violence part of the Paris Commune of 1871?
how many artists had mental disorders?
Kai su teknon? Eeegh 20 chars. ?
Could you tell me stories on Japan during WW2?
How did the war industries board (wib) affect the american economy?
Is Napoleon A Hero Or Tyrant ?
does anybody know about the eighth century chineese painter wu daozi?
What do you think was the most amazing battle in history?
What were the changes in the printing technology in the last hundred years?
who was always fighting france in the time of napoleon?
why did the axial age happen when it did?
Was Joan of Arc the wife of Noah?
should women be president??
I cant find any info on the landings and battlefields of Gallipoli 1915 WW1, can you help?
When and where was the first hospital built on American Soil?
Did you know the Mayans predicted the world would end December 23, 2012?
What were William of Orange's aims during the Dutch revolt ( 1566-1609)?
Why dont they teach this in American History?
WHY 9/11 happened? What did U.S do that made them so angry?
Question about medieval times......?
What was life as a peasant and an industrial worker in europe during the 1800's?
What do you think causes people to be ignorant?
if hitler came back what would happen?
What jobs did the Pilgrims have in The Plymouth Colony in the 1600s?
how did exploration and settlement in mississippi ruin life for people in mississippi?
Misteries of the world. Nazca Lines. Who created them and what do they mean?
Ancient necklace with a poem?
What were some of the issues that led to the war of 1812 and why was it regarded as the war for independence?
just a few history questions please help !!?
What religious conflict did the Ottoman invasion represent?
How was the moderates approach on government poor during the french revolution?
Were the beams of the Roman crucifixion flat or round?
Is it true that we were once monkeys?
how and when the human life will end on the earth?
What type of power enabled Eric Raymond to fly a plane across North America in 1993?
why didnt america occupy north vietnam during the war?
Why were Jews living in Europe in the 1800s'- early 1900s'?
how do i get expert help on a roman artifact that i found?
To date, what is Switzerland's greatest invention?
who was the father of aga mulach?
Why did Lincoln at first deny that the Civil War centered on the issue of slavery?
what caused the american revolution and the idea of liberty?
Did Mohammed peace up him has a son?
after indepence in kenya who raised the flag and at which mountain?
If women weren't allowed in the ancient Olympic Games, how did Cynisca of Sparta win them?
what was christopher columbus like?
Help with Frederick Douglas?
how did the Church convert Pagans in Europe and when?
germany first chancellor?
who is the greatest king in history?
What made Italy angry after World War 1?
Was Alaska ever French territory?
Is "pagan" just an arrogant catch-all term invented by Christians that's a disservice to many cultures?
When do you think Americas economy will be fully recovered from this recession? What proof is there its.......?
Why Princess Elizabeth was a monarch? Why Henry VIII charged Anne Boleyn for false charges?
What does AE refer to in reference to coins?
Why were the Nazis prejudice against the Jews?
Who Was The OLDEST MAN Who Ever Lived?
WW1 propaganda poster!!!?
What was the British and Americans reasons for firebombing and killing German civilians in WWII?
Why do the Japanese make so much better quality electronical and mechanical products?
How has the iron pillar in Delhi not rusted inspite of being made of 98% impure iron?
Would buying a copy of Mein Kampf be considered racist?
do any of u know a good book about Scandinavian history?
Why was abraham linkin assassinated?
What religious impact did the russian revolution have on the russian society?
A teacher's salary in the Victorian era would be...?
Questions about Malcolm X?
I have a 100 halala coin year 1976 of saudi arabia what will be d value of this antique coin if i sell it?
Mary Jemison topic for an essay??? NEED HELP ASAP! PLEASE history homework?
I would like to know, In 1962, on what day did the 13th of August fall on ?
What do you think would have happened if the South won the Civil war ?
The person most responsible for the expansion of Greek culture was:?
y did everyone hate the war in Vietnam?
about what era is this antique from?
what was the impact of Christianity on Native America during the Puritan Era?
who was the president that was once a bigscreen actor?
How can you go about tracing your ancestors?
Why did we give the soviet union West Berlin?
who is Alexander the great?
Who was the better emperor: Kangxi or Qianlong? and why?
Who was The first candy bar named after?
Anglo-German relation during 1899?
What religion is Santa Clause?
What is the biggest military blunder of Americans in Last 500 years?
What was going on in the world BEFORE the United States entered World War I?
How many civilians did the Japanese Army kill during World War II?
Why aren't there dinasours in the bible?
Help with gcse history homework please! ASAP?
What are the differences and similarities?
What was the position on the states rights for the union?
what are some of the oldest cave paintings?
how is your knowledge about ancient iran(persia)?
In what ways could the Treaty of Versailles be called fair?
What is the url for Lancaster Co PA historical society?
What were the expectations of WW1?
What inventions during the Industrial Age helped America grow?
The Victorian Age is considered the age of the middle-class...?
What were some major developments in popular music in the 60's?
Why is good friday called so and its the day Jesus was crucified.?
I need help on one History question?
why were certain caste ranked higher than others?
Why was the Manila Bay in the Philipines attacked during the Spanish American War?
What were Louis M. Hacker's views on the American Revolution?
for how many years did British East India Company ruled India?
are australia and new zealand categorised as a continent on their own and what its name or with which others?
us history, colonists smuggling goods?
If you could go back into history into any place or time, where would you go? Why?
what do u reckon happened to tutankhamen?
WHo was your favorite preident?
How did Charles Manson's cult use conformity to its advantage?
History Help please ASAP?
Can someone tell me why has the american flag bars and stripes?
Prince Edward County VA is it now Nottoway County VA?
When did Mustafa Kemal die?
Hispanic americans in ww1?
how do i get into the sandborn maps data base?
Anyone knows HISTORY Well... Post Wars, Q&A, 5 Stars to Best Help?
what makes "asians" asians?
Who were the Abolitions and what did they do?
Does the USA and UK still have a "special relationship"?
Did Quakers in the 18th Century call themselves Quakers?
What happened to the Israelites between the reign of Solomon and the building of the second temple?
is robert e lee dead?
How does Crevecoeur describe an American? What does it mean to be "American"?
How did allianes allow weak and nations to act irresponsibly?
Why was Alexander the Great accused of being involved with his father's death?
What is the Eneabba Stone Arrangement of Australia;a history question?
When did the Polynesian arrive at Hawaii?
What was the death toll for the 1906 San Fran Earthquake?
When did William Shakespeare begin to write plays?
11th century sea travel in the mediterannean?
Who declared first each to other the war in 1939: Germany to England or England to Germany?
wich is the worlds tallest building?
what is the history of baseco compound?
Did Andrew Jackson really violate the separation of powers to destroy the bank of the united states?
How did the Soviet Union work?
think of another angle on nursing vs medicine in relation to nursing history not to $$?
How did the Transcontinental Railroad shape the US as a global power?
Did Hitler actually order the Holocaust?
why was there lack of economies of scale during industrial revolution in germany?
Fatcs of the Hundred Years War?
When was the War of 1812 fought?
what were the ideals of the enlightenment,and how did they contribute to the revolutionary spirit?
at my school people hate Russians .what do you think of that?
which day is 12 september 1944?
who did Captain William Bligh die?
Where is the place of Troy in this century ?
Does Israel really not have the right to exist where it currently is?
causes and effect of ww1 and ww2?
how and in what ways did the renaissance period "breathe life" back into the people of europe after feudalism
Anybody know anything about adolf hitler?
What are differences and similarities between Kush and Axum?
Is there a list of former residents in the Japanese American Internment Camps?
How many years are there between 2 BC and 2 AD?
Who was first?
What was Booker T. Washington's accomplishment?
Did Harriet Jacobs reflect any aspects of "true womanhood"?
Could the British Empire have been saved from American independence during the 1770’s?
What does WWI mean?
Challenges in Classical Greece and Rome?
Where did the city of Rome expand to... from?
why are italians so bad at fighting wars?
What are some specific medical experiments performed at Bergen-Belsen?
what should i do if there is another holocaust?
Following on from an earlier question, which English king was killed by a red hot poker up his jaksy?
where I can find that Stephen Dion's speech at assembly of first nations meeting on Dec 7, 2006?
why do God see human suffer the pain of the pass generation,why.?
How did the codex supersede other forms of manuscripts in Christianity and islam?
US HIstory Homework Help: Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions?
I think I am Hitler. What should I do?
Is the future world a happy world? If so, what is a happy world?
U.S. history homework help-Thomas Jefferson?
Are there any surviving radio recordings of the 1944 Hartford Circus Fire?
How did Samuel Adams save the first meeting of the Continental Congress?
What are seven main events during the Mexican revolution ?
french revolution effects on us early?
What do you do if a boy won't notice you?
As fascism rose in Europe and Asia during the 1930s, most Americans?
What types of military technology was used during the Crusades?
APUSH Trail of Tears Question?
How did civilization spread in Africa?
Did the Apollo landing really happen?
What is the difference between Israeli Diaspora and Jewish Diaspora?
Why were young people angry in the 1950's ?
Why don't people say the Mongol invasions were wrong?
Who is the most influential person in history ?
Why did Hitler spare black people?
Which nations have contributed most to the world?
Where and when was the Munich Pact signed?
Historical scientific figure to write about?
do you guys know if harriet tubman was of race mixed?
Have the American Indians been treated unfairly?
Who invented the Internet (other then Al Gore).?
Did Hitler cause untold damage for the future of the world, because of him we are meant to live in fear?
who and what did blandina do?
which was the worst thing in the world?
On davos's last chapter in clash of kings what happened?
Is rosa parks still alive? or did she died when that guy robed her and tried to kill her?
what is the role of the First Lady?
why did john wayne not join the forces?
Which was worse: Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia?
What should all Americans (adults) know about World War II?
What factors seem to have led to the aggressive nationalism of Germany?
Who wrote the 18th century book Justine?
Why did the Titanic sink?
was Cleopatra having an affair with Mark Antony while Julius Caesar was still alive?
I would like to know who started the custom of 3 meals per day...Is it the custom in most countries?
what does clover tell the king that made him gasp in entwined by heather dixon?
How was Auschwitz a turning point in history? How did it cause change?
ww2 movies?
How old is the oldest white homosapien remains and where was it found?
How was Hitler able to defeat France so easily in 1940?
What was one way music changed during the Middle Ages?
Who came with the idea of a world cup?where was he or she?
Do pirates exist today?????
Nazi propaganda techniques?
When did American President Lines pull out of Vietnam during the Vietnam war?
ANYONE born on the same day as I am? 12th July 1982?
Who was better at fighting Roman Legionnaires or the Spartans?
why is it called good friday if jesus died on that day?
What was the reason the roman empire crumbled?
What religion did Ghana practice before it was colonized by Britain?
How much trouble is Greece in...?
Why didn't Generals Eisenhower and Marshall transfer General Patton to the Pacific after V-E Day?
compare and contrast: the ways in which settlers adapted to life in the new england, middle and southern colon?
does anyone know who Catherine Medicis is?
can you help me with this...... History =p easy points?
How Did Hitler Die?
Who do you hate most in history ?
What role did the media play in the boycott?
What was the most important factor in making Mesopotamia's farmland fertile?
Describe the state of the Roman Empire during the time of Julius Caesar, Pompey, Octavian, Cleopatra, etc.?
Do you know a couple of websites where it states random interesting facts about Washington and/or Adams?
Can you tell me the reasons for the holocaust in YOUR own words?
was there ever a town named Blessing in The Dakota Territory in 1869?
Why did the discovery, exploration and settlement of America occur after 1492?
What was the Arms Race about?
"This tank has more _____ than I do."?
St.Edwards Fun facts?
What was life like during Nero's rule ?
Did ancient Romans have soap, and did Roman women shave their underarms and pubic area?
What are some events that demonstrated weakness in the Articles of Confederation?
what were the problems with the articles of confederation. please please provide detailed examples?
Do you think dinosaurs will come back?
Did Americans uphold it's treaties with the Native Americans? (1800's)?
What were the imediate impacts of the Ireland hunger strikes?
How does art culture affect and reflect on our lifestyles and fashion? Please answer quite long :) Than?
the bible is only one of many ´´holy books´´ which one is right?
When in history has there been a stable bilateral balance of power?
Why did John Hancock affix that Garishly large signature to the Declaration of Independence?
What am I to conclude about Vincent van Gough's letters to Gaugin?
indias first primeminister?
What are the worst disaster events in history that if repeated would cause much more damage today?
who knows french?
How were changes in European society during the Middle Ages affected by the decline of feudalism?
Why did world war one break out in 1914?
don't u think Hitler had been taken rebirth with a new George bush?
What is the Chaldean Empire's history?
Info on americas founding fathers?
this dagger is from afghanistan flee market?
My parents were born in Japan during the US occupation after WW2, why aren't they US citizens?
What was Louis de Broglie's contribution in chemistry?
Did you know that in the 1980's the Italian Mafia in New York did not work on Mothers Day ?
How much was Hitler worth before he died?
who were some of the famous French Kings that changed things much in France and how?
Which Religion is the most ancient ...?
Who do you think was a more influential English Monarch?
how did the ideas of the renaissance challenge some of the ideas of the middle ages?
How did guerrilla warfare help America win the American Revolution?
What did middle class people (in the colonial times) eat on?
how the ifugaos built the rice terraces?
Otto von Bismarck: brilliant mastermind or just plain lucky?
Charles law question and what i think is the answer?
what were the acomplishments of nancy ward indian?
I know that B.C. means Before christ, and A.D. means After Death, see question below.?
Why does everyone hate new jersey?
who is the roman god of fire?
In Baveheart Wallace conceived a child with the queen, was this part factual?
Where can I find the head of St. Theophane Venard in Vietnam?
Why did ancient Athenians choose leaders by lot instead of by election?
What do you call a man who was born in Columbus, raised in Cincinnati, and died in Chicago?
What did Progressives mean by "effective freedom"? How was this idea applied to progressive reforms?
What is the randomest state in the US?
Ok, did god make adam and eve? or did we evolve from monkeys?
why would antoine arnauld not like king louis XIV?
did man really land on the moon?
would you like to time travel?
what are the limitations to biblical archaeologists in foreign countries?
how many people have died because accused of being a witch?
why did my dream mean?
___ increased during the 1920s?
Do u notice any difference between Hitlers actons agaist the jews & the cleasing of Palestinians by Israel?
Is Howard Donahue still alive?
Did dylan klebold have a funeral?
What's a MADE UP, whacky, yet believable fact about an ancient civilization?
what is the national language of brazil?
Is it better to feed the world or to let them know it's Christmas time?
what is sevingen?
someone tell me wat french speaking country called?
What is the mesopotamian creation story Enuma Elish? How can it be compared to the stories in the Bible?
How can you judge somebody you don't know?
Can anyone provide me with the history of the Jewish nationals and their detail story?
The meeting of all adult male citizens of Athens for decision-making was known as the?
how did the knights of labor promote social and cultural uplift of the workingman?
When did the human population begin to get fat.?
Who are the Mayan people and what important things are they remembered for?
did salim and anarkali love each other?
What major events lead to the adoption of a new constitution?
Did the Holocaust really happen?
Why did the Holy Roman Empire think it was holy, Roman and Empire?
civil war outline? help!?
Why president wilson asked congress to arm american merchant ships?
did the bombing of pearl harbour cause ww2/get the countries involved?
Looking for old pictures of boat-yards or old ship yards. When they were made of wood.?
relating Pico's oration on the dignity of man to our current time?
can you please look at the picture in the link below and tell me whether you think it is a British trench + Y?
what would have happened if the jews did not aid muhhamed in 622?
How important is it to keep our country's history fresh in the minds of our youth?
Need help with Cold War?
what does last name young mean?
the harness, invented by Sumer, made its way to china because?
what services did the Egyptians have?
Ancient Irish Celtic Warriors.?
i want to know the history of cabo?
Wooden Barrels of Gunpowder?
What Would You Tell Your Founding Fathers?
Who had more courage,Alexander the Great or Julius Caesar?
What was the Persians' motive for the Battle of Thermopylae? Was it because they lost the previous battle?
How revolutionary was Napoleon?
how are roman,byzantine and ottoman empires similar( need help for finals)?
Who was Louis Mckay? What good inspirations did he have on Billie Holiday?
any one medieval era monument wich is also a world heritage site?
I DO NOT want any Bible freaks answering this,ONLY historians please?
How has the ottoman empire influenced Balkan culture?
Analyze the impact of the American Revolution on slavery and the status of women in the period from 1775-1800?
who is marlene freimanis?
what kind of government did the IWW believe in?
What would a gentleman explorer wear in 1600 England?
What were the principal characteristics of Athenian Democracy?
Were the sandals used by the legions of the Roman empire really all that effective?
why did abe lincoln go down to new orleans?
How did Japan benefit from WW2?
Who's Vasco De Gama?
what was the greatest empire to ever rool?
How did the industrial Revolution change the old social order and long-held traditions in the Western World?
How did the primitive man shave his beard,moustache,hair etc?
well a long time ago there was atown called tucker town in payne county ?
how was the declaration of the rights of man similar to the US declaration of independence?
Can you list me some religious wars that have occurred in Britain?
how did the chinese overthrow the mongols ?
I need a list of noteworthy people from the Middle Ages?
Would you ever do something like this in your life?
President Abraham Lincoln: Hero or Failure?
Do you Think that Jacqueline Kennedy is sexy?
what is the point of saying Hitler was a genius?
Who was the inventor of cheese?
Who assassinated John F. Kennedy?
If Marie Antoinette had to go to college what college would she have went to and who would her Employer be?
What type of economy is Cottage Industry in?
If Hitler would not have been so obsessed with slaughtering the Jews, could Germany have won the war?
What's history of James Taylor building on Cresset Rd in Hackney?
Which was worse: The Reign of Terror by Stalin or the Holocaust ?
Opinion: from a moral standpoint, would slavery have been a justified reason for the civil war?
question about the Lincoln and Douglas debates?
african popes?
Who were considered the NEOLITHIC'S deities?
Question about The Cartesian Plane (founded by Rene Descartes)?
What is the history of golden acres?
how could i find more info.about julius olayon?
why British gov established a cantonment in ambala(haryana)?
hi, how do i lend my voice; hindi/ english to the programmes on the history / Dicovery / NG channel ?
How might the law for the protection of german blood and german honor influenced the attitudes and actions of?
What is the greatest event in human history?
What does the story of Sundiata indicate about the society of Mali?
what are two reasons that the comprimise of 1850 did not work?
If a woman in the 1700s could not inherit her family's estate and she had no brothers, who inherited?
how did they build the pyramids? / how old are the pyramids?
what is the first recorded incidence of hypnotism?
Should the atomic bomb have been used on japan?!?
Can someone tell me the real story of Pocahontas and John Smith and Kocoum?
How did the rise to totalitarianism lead to World War II and what was the aftermath of the wa?
How successful were Stalin's five year plans?
What was the first capital of colonial Brazil?
how were peoples rights expanded in urope and in the united states in the late 1800s?
when was the liberation of the gas camp Treblinka?
What made people want to migrate within the U.S during 1830-1930?
What were three positive and three negative effects of railroad expansion in the 1800's?
What did the American System, by Henry Clay, do for the average American citizen?
Why is Cassius so intent on convincing Brutus to join with the conspirators?
Where does the phrase "face the music" come from?
Do you know something interesting about ancient egypt?
What was Americas role in the WORLD WAR.?
why did the jews started WW2?
what is a musuem tour guide? how to be a museum tour guide? Qualifications?
Was there really such a thing as ODESSA. (AID for former Nazi's to Safety in South America)?
what colonial experiences has north korea had?
What are some positive influence Marlene Dietrich left on American History? ?
Why did Napoleon wear a red belt?
Does any one know primary sources I can use from the 1924 olympics?
Ancient Egyptians mummified cats too?
What effect did the Great Depression have on the First Great Migration and the Second Migration?
Compare and contrast the significance of 1789 for the US, France and England?
How much of recorded history is distorted by politics and religion ?
Mongolian Empire question?
What events led up to the labor unions in Europe?
What ancient warrior had the hardest most disciplined life?
Any worries or fears a teen had in 1967?
why did jim morrison of the doors killed himself with drugs?
What were some economic issues that occurred during Jefferson's presidency?
What effect did the battle of gettysburg have on the Confederate Army?
What did the assisnation of Archduke cause?
Five Modern day cities founded by ancient romans?
how did Genghis khan unite the mongols?
who and what did blandina do?
The New Deal established programs for relief, recovery and reform. What was the initial focus of the 1st 100?
What kind of impacts did muhammad ali have on america?
Need Help With history essay urgent please!?
i am trying to find a criss cross directory for brownsville texas for 1961?
famous elizabethan?:)?
What is in the Kaaba in Mecca? Is it really a piece of the cross?
What was the objective of Battle of Berlin?
Why didn't they try to use helicopters to rescue people on 9/11?
Why did the British turn boats of Jews away from Israel after the Holocaust?
how old were roman gladiators when they started battle?
every one know what is norooz?
If you could have lived in any era, what would it be?
Have Russia ever been invaded or occupied by foreign forces?
To date, what is India's greatest invention?
Did dragons really existed?
Why did australia send troops to iraq??
how did slaves use stitches, knots, fabric color, and quilts to help them communicate?
What is the greatest monument ever?
If the Britsh colonized the US, how did we lose the english accent?
Given the prejudice of white Virginians, why didn't racial slavery appear until about the 1600s?
who was the u.s president during the Holocaust?
What did Roger B. Taney claim were the intentions of framers of the Constitution regarding African Americans?
What would happen if an ancient treasure is discovered by local americans in a foreign country?
who was king tut?
who was responsible for enforcing and upholding the law during the 1990 coup?
if you are born in Britain's r u British even though your parents are not?
Why were African slaves brought to the americas?
The religious goal of early Buddhism was?
who started WW1?
The declaration of lndependence?
i need Mexican history help ! fast?
I Was wondering why many people believe in god,is'nt he dead? he is non existant, & i feel bad 4 saying that.
women voting after the treaty of versailles?
When did the battle of edge hill end?
please please answer?
what for 1857 remembered?
What history events taught in school that actually never happened?
Soviet Union Perestroika?
John Locke french revolution?
what country was first to give women the right to vote?
Why did the Bolsheviks need a secret police? PLZ PLZ HELP! NEEDED?
Why did Germany invade Poland?
why did the TITANIC drowned ?
who is first priminister of india?
Restoring a historical home, grants available?
Stalin was highly critical of Britain and the US before June, 1944?
when was P.E.I hoplessly in dept.?
in a simple form, was the bombing of german cities justified?
Whats a good thesis statement saying the American Revolution involved efforts to make society more democratic?
a summary on the immigration battle?
did elizabeth 1 organise her government effectively?
where did queens live in medeival times?
who were the vikings?
can you tell me the history or the tragedy that happened at bukit kepong?
what does the term "acting white" mean?
help - history question? :DD?
Why was the Manhattan purchase important in the 1600's?
how did colonization affect the AIDS crisis?
Most significant event in U.S. history? What's your opinion?
Can people name me some famous historical people?
how did the holocaust start?
is the first addition of HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY halleck worth any thing?
America sucks????????
How did the American Revolution affect political relationships in America during the 1770s and 1780s?
did you know it was hump day?
What did General Lee do after the civil war?
baron de montesquieu's most lasting contribution?
who was lady godiva? was she real or fiction?if she was real how do we know? where did she live?
How were Thomas Becket and his cause portrayed, both before and after his death?
Can you help me with this question for hist. class?
what are the climate in vienam?
Has britain ever been colonized or captured by any country in history?
what did the ARABS give the world (inventing, scientists etc)?
1910 ticket stub collectors
Why did Martin Luther think the Reformation occurred?
You are going back in time to live in the year 1800, you can take one thing with you - what is it?
How much would a 1953 Encyclopedia Britannica set be worth?
Is the titanic incident a turning point in history?
Please help me in finding this sem-popular NAZI video?
i want to know that english calender date when Islamic Calender has 1st Hiram 1982?
Does the Munich beer hall from Hitler's Beer-Hall Putsch still exist?
need a comprehensive "born on this day" site?
Are persians white?
what were the effects of the quasi war with france?
How could Turkey defeat Greece,France,Italy and England, the superpower of those years in War of Independence?
who shoted to mahatma ghandi?
did hitler drink fruit juice if so how often?
what actress did john f. kennedy date BEFORE he was married?
What kind of relationship did Himmler and Dietrich have?
who was the first president?
My teacher denies the Civil War ever happened....?
Which Major Movement did the Scientific Revolution Inspire?
What were the similarities of how the first 4 civilizations started?
Questions on the 1588 war between the Spanish Armada and England?
Who's your favorite person in history? Why?
who is the great king of india?
jobs in the past in the arabian gulf?
What is the subject matter of the Arch of Titus?
who was the real Dracula?
what role did religion play in the founding of english colonies?
Who was the most tyrannical King/Queen of England, and the most tyrranical president of the US?
'President Kennedy was not a supporter of US involvement in the war in Vietnam.’?
Describe the style of Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield in their preaching.?
impact of imperialism on economy?
Was evolution the belief that made Hitler start the holocaust?
Can anyone else see the parellel of the fall of the roman empire and the possibility of the fall of the americ
how many kids did harriet beecher stowe have?
Was hitler a power hungry dictator or a good leader?
what is a well known historical event that has different perspectives?
Why do the medieval times seem so cool?
explain how the American plan attempted to break up unions and why they were largely successfull?
What are some good movies based between 1300 AD and 1800 AD?
Why did the allies declare war on Germany and not the Soviets in 1939?
What was the name of the association created by the seven seceded states,and how did it protect the institutio?
where did the spanish began to settle immediately after Christopher Columbus voyage?
what is a good historical topic?
When was The Emancipation Proclamation given?
How would you divide Biblical history (before Christ) into 'periods'?
Who is the first American President that you can remember?
What was the British and Americans reasons for firebombing and killing German civilians in WWII?
is iran an arabic country or not? how many years iran have history?(persia)?
Why most people believe that communism is less evil than nazism?
Contrada della Pantera flag..?
who blew up the world trade center? who shot a missile at the pentagon? why is the government lying to us?
Unusual Facts about Galileo?
was once upon a time on nov?
I have a bed made by the cavalier furniture company i would like to know how much its worth and more about it?
How did the establishment of the English colonies in North America reflect ethnic divisions in Europe?
what is a revolution?
Why were both the Russians and the French public eager to go to war in 1914?
how did U.S. expansion in the late nineteenth century extend and change the principle of Manifest Destiny?
If i major in history what can i besides a History Teacher?
what is rural and urban slavery?
Treaty of Versailles?
explanation of the third article sections 1, and 2 of the constitution?
the war of the austrian succession was fought over the possessions of the lands belonging to?
Is it true that the KKK had several Republican members of congress as members?
The history of Cinnamon Bun?
What medical jobs were women allowed to do in the industrial revolution?
Why did the dutch colonize in america?
What is more shocking?
Do you believe this world is in the end times?
What was the significance of each event? 10 points best answer?
What was a direct effect of the Emancipation Proclamation? MULTIPLE CHOICE.?
Who were the European mercenaries that helped the Americans in the Revolutionary War?
did they know how to write around the 1690's?
What is this song all about,and will you do the same on that day?
Write a paragraph that supports the claim that our present and our future is shaped by our past; our history.?
What was the political climate after World War II?
What wars were pointless and fought over the same reasons?
i want to know the history of a past ghanian leader name kofi awonoh?
why and how did england replace spain as the dominent european power?
How did the alliance with france cause the us to become more involved in Vietnam?
did hitler where boxers or briefs???
What were some of the crimes and punishments in colonial New England 1691?
Can anyone tell me more about the use of the "long S" in antique documents?
Which of the following statements was NOT true of loyalists?
History help please!!!?
Most influential person of the 20th century?
was hitler really a bad guy?
Any eccentric europeans in the Dutch East Indies or French Polynesia 18th century?
Which one is which? - isolationism, intervention, and imperialism?
Possible antique from the 1900's?
How can I compare The Wars of the Roses with other wars or things happening in the world these days?
How did the smaller states and the larger states resolve their differences at the Philadelphia Convention?
how many years does it take for an item to become an antique?
What were the cultural influences of the Atomic Bomb?
what do you think will happen within the next 15 years?
How were the ruins of the Indus Valley civilization important to modern India?
How did the experiences of African-Americans during World War II lay the foundation for the modern civil right?
What is the most important lesson that you have learned from history?
Is it true that Adolf Hitler's real name was Tubby Isaacs?
What renaissance period did Hieronymus Bosch work in?
declaration of independence help!?
who invented the toilet?
Who were the wild rovers?
Why does the Australian flag have the flag of Great Britain in it?
who was Jan Luxembourg ?
what would you want to be known in history for doing?
Did the Germans ever try to assassinate Adolf Hitler?
What is John Locke trying to say here? help please!?
What US policy was responsible for the collapse of the international credit strike in the 30s?
What was the theatre (stage) business in New York like during the 30's?
Why did Cardinal Richelieu's prepare the Political Statement speech for?
Who came up with the "single bullet theory" for JFK assassination?
Im looking for a tavern hotel plate that was in 1942. it may have been ocated in kentucky. please help me?
what does vice royality mean?
Please I really need help in expanding my essay about History of Navajo Weaving?
woman should learn early "to submit to injustice and to suffer the wrongs inflicted on her by her husband u
salem town, tamilnadu?
why does the railroad used chinese workers in the west?
how did ethnic ties set up for the great war?
What was the Hundred Year War?
please! family history help!!!!?
What types of clothing did Beatrice d'Este wear?
If the Titanic made it?
What rocks did the indians in arizona use to make arrowheads?
How could we alter the Treaty of Versailles to ensure peace?
where does the word "china" come from? (in chinese)?
Is there even a difference besides the years?
Why are Japanese tanks junk?ww2?
Was Teddy Roosvelt an effective president/leader? Explain.?
revolutions of 1848 in austria hungary,germany,italy,bohemia?
did boys and girls go to the same boarding school during world war 2?
John Trumbull's Battle of Bunker Hill?
Was Maya city or cultures?
How did the colonists respond to the new tax laws and increased military presence of the british government?
What types of gods did the maya worship? what did the maya do to honor thier gods?
What were the impacts of the Maze Prison Hunger Strike, 1980-81?
What was american trade like during ww1?
Any websites on banking during Elizabethan Era.?
anyone know about history from george washingtons time?
Why do people claim that Elie Wiesel (Author of 'Night') is a fraud and what's your opinion?
Who invaded Britain first?
violin makers in new york?
castles middle ages questions?
Was challenge from the Left the main reason why the stability of the Weimar Republic was threatened 1918-1923?
Why was Hamlet so grieved after his fathers death?
what kind of policy did america maintain about ww2?
i have an assigment on the american revolution so do you think if i ask moddanna she will remember?
What did women use as feminine protection before pads and tampons???
Why did we discover America?
did the imperial family leave beijing 4 any amount of time in the 1st opium war not 2nd?
Is history that accurate as we think?
The name of the conversation between General Robert E. Lee and General Ulysses S. Grant?
Help with John Calvin paper?
Why is the PArthenon important to humanity?
who stopped slave trade in africa? who discovered america?
according to the ancient Athenians, what constitutes a democracy?
Can someone help me with US history?
what was the medieval era?
who designed the Epcot Center?
What was Mary Tudor's (i.e. Mary I, "Bloody Mary") views on religion?
who was stronger in world war 1 russia or france?
how do i know my mission on this earth?
Challenges of the 3rd World?
Throughout history, how have people been alerted to dangerous storms?
Where can I find my local historian?
Agree or disagree? "History is written by the winners/victors"?
what ugandan did britain's press say "set an example of self-restraint" and was "as gentle as a lamb" in 1971?
how can i find history on a builing to see what it was before what could I under for the information?
World history 2 help !!!?
The culture, society, and commerce of Pennsylvania were largely influenced by?
Can you help me compare and contrast Ancient Egypt and Canada in note form?
Testimonials preventing future atrocities.?
Who were the main opponents of liberalism and how were they defeated?
Whats the meaning of life?
where are the apostles buried?
Famous American Civil War Heroes?
what was an enlightment despot?
Do you support the Virginia Plan or New Jersey Plan?
Can someone explain what Alexander Hamilton is trying to say?
What happened to the fatal trend for presidents elected in years ending in zero?
Why are some people still in denial that the Holocaust never happened?
Who is Grover Cleveland Bergdoll and what did he do?
How would Britain have been different if the Saxons hadn't invaded in the 5-6th century?
What were social and economic structures In 17th Century east europe? ?
Elements of Fascism - Mussolini and Hitler?
all history experts and current teachers! some catholic/protestant distinguishing exercises?
In WWII, why do the allied forces invaded Germany by landing in France instead of invading from Italy?
What are aspects of WW1 that display American democratic ideals?
Is the story of Spielberg's Munich movie based on facts or completely fictitious?
What food did people in Quebec, Canada eat during the Great Depression?
During the mid 1960s why did hippies come about?
In what ways was WWI good for Canada?
what are the causes of the cold war?
how was the building of the whitehouse funded?
Difference between what Johnson did and Truman.....?
What was the Cambodian civil war about?
Why do you think the declaration of independence was justifiable or whether it was not?
If you could go back in time and witness any event, which one would you want to see?
Thesis statement around Did the US really win the War of 1812?
Who almost simultaneously invented the light bulb in 1776 only hours after Bell without any collaboration?
If JFK was shot today, would he have survived?
Why were Church Services in Latin in the 1500s?
when was the first u.s. postal stamp issued? and what was its rate?
how were the first and second industrial revolutions similar and differant from each other?
Why do most historians claim the man Jesus existed, when they don't even agree...?
do you think segregation should start again cause it seems like people hang around their own people?
Who came to power during prohibition?
What is/are your favorite subject to study of your County and in World History?
In America, the main influence of the Enlightenment was expressed through?
Which religious group did the British allow to migrate to Palestine during the 1920s, for the first time in 2,
What was the growth of Nationalism in america from 1607-1877?
Have you heard about Akbar Anna and Birbal bhaiya?
To whom did the Saarland belong to before World War I?
have to write a 3pg paper bout Eleanor Roosevelt and her impacts. What should i include? THx?
do anyone know about pyramids in xi'an,china?some say its for emperor in 400bc.some say its 3000yo.cant b both?
where is the best place here on earth to hide?
Afro Colombians history...?
were did king Arthur come from?
what was australia like when edmund barton was pm?
Which was worse; the First or Second World War?
What aided the Europeans in their take over of Native Americans?
If you wanted to re-live an event in history, what would it be, and why?
Were Pagan Religions far more Peaceful and Tolerant than the Abrahamic Faiths(esp. Catholic Church)?
what is the mean of Soliloquy????
Could Slavery have been avoided?
when will the world come to an end?
what changes occured during the high renaissance?
what was martin luther king jr about?
In world war 2 what did the children take when they got evacuated?
What are a nuns "dos and donts" ?
who is the winner of lifetime achievement award of the 9th energy globe awards ?
what were the dates (day/month) that the southern states were readmitted to the union?
What were the good things about the prairie days?
What are mosaics designers called?
What was the purpose of cattle drives?
what kind of person was Arnople in School of Wives?
What were the advantages and disadvantages of the US expansion in China?
German term for attack (History Question)?
I have 2 antique mosler safes how do I find someone to buy them and how much are they worth?
Who was Marie Laveau?
What is the most accurate date for the exodus of Moses out of Egypt into the wilderness?
Architecture with Nazi Propaganda?
Which Viceroy of India was assassinated during an official inspection and by whom?
what does the term cloche hats mean cloche hats mean?
Extended Essay HISTORY topics! I really need some ideas!!! Help please :)?
What is some good points about Hitler?
In ezekiel 45 it refers to princes. When, why, how did Israel switch from kings to princes?
What creation did more good for mankind....the Wheel or the Gun?
Who were the Dogon of West Africa?
How strong were medieval warriors?
How did Hyperinflation challenge the Weimar Republic?
The supreme court has struck down laws that require the teaching of the theort of?
Pakhtakor Incident what happened?
What is special abot India??
Why is Galen so important in the history of medicine?
philippines early realtions with china?
a site about hobos?
who is the most popular person in the world today?
what are some company lines like ..McDonalds-im loving it!, burgerking-have it your way!?
What is a change in Germany from before WW1 to before WW2?
Need help finding info on Captain A.C. Lewis, 1882-1892 ? New york?
Why Gold is expensive than other metal?give logical and rational answer not commerce base.?
How was the Confederacy able to wage war against the Union for 4 years?
What writing by Thomas paine convincied thousands of American colonists to separate from the British?
How isolated were the African Kingdoms in the post-classical era?
why is a good leader important to a successful civilization???? !!!?
ap european history helpp!!!!!?
Was Adolf Hitler an Aryan German: blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin himself?
Were john galliano and alexander mcqueen friends or adversaries?
To what extent were the industrialists of the late 19th century "robber barons" OR "captains of industry"?
Did george washington add any states?
Questions about the Holocaust / anti semitism?
what nations did the US trade with between 1950 and 1980?
Before the Civil War, how were most businesses in the United States organized?
What were the long term effects of imperialism on politics and society in the United States?
If moveable type wasn't invented until 1440, how did King Cnut get his name?
whta does the constitution say about taxes imports and exports?
what ethnicity/colour was adam and eve?
Does any one the differnece between Thengalai and Vadakalai Iyengars?
There was this show that i watched on PBS called Dr?????? i cant remeber the name! please help!?
what were the intercultural relationships in the Spain during the VII-XIV centuries?
Why did the "good" allies not declare war on the USSR?
How did Edward J. Smith die?
What are some African American writers and poets 1865-1920?
WHAT R THE AFFECTS ON THE INNOCENT PEOPLE OF Palestine and Israel-because of the war between them?
If you could choose any time period in which to live for just 1 week--when would it be,and why?
what is mean ancient time?
History question, only Stalin of the Allies achieved what he wanted as a result of the war with Germany..?
how well did the articles of confederation solve the problems of its time?
What kind of camera technology did they have in 1967?
What impact did WW1 have on the woman's movement?
“What the most important medical discovery of the last fifty years, you’d say was?
Yo English ppl?
i want to find my brother and sister who were adopted before i was born how could i find them?
What countries or territories came under control of the US in the 1800s?
Was John Hawkin a pirate like Francis Drake or a an official navy soldier?
What started the war between the us and japan?
Who discovered the USA?
what is the navigation acts and why did England create them?
The slave trade myth?
What happened to the victims of chernobyl?
Is there anyone on here who REALLY survived the titanic?
Which east european leader were execute / shot dead by (german) firing squad in early 20th / late 19th Century?
What battle was considered the biggest failure of all? (WW1)?
American greatness?
what does the use of kamikaze pilots show about japanese culture?
Is illuminati really exist, or it's just a Hollywood crap?
Where did the hull of the CSS Virginia come from?
What experience would I need to have to do what Christopher mccandless did? 10 points!?
World war 1...................?
what is a lyawo?
I need a website to find facts about mid evil/eurpean housing. what website should I search for?
Why did America bomb Japan in WW2?
Why people believe Islam?
let's go back in american history: the confederate or union army? ?
Account for several little rebellions that broke out periodically in England’s North American colonies?
How likely was it to find a couple living together with children before marriage in the 1880's?
What does this source tell u about the Indus Civilisation?
What were the five most significant developments in American history from 1877 to the present?
show how the treaty of versailles opportunity was possible lost?
What were the social, political and economical policies during George Washington's administrations?
What impact did this shipwreck have on the Carribean?
Search the Vikings' invasions of western Europe. HELP!?
How did Nathanael Greene meet George Washington?
How And Where did the counting process begin?
What is the difference between the Union Flag and the Union Jack?
What are the Characteristics of romanticism?
Schlieffen plan? History WW1 help please?
What steps would you have to take in a diplomatic approach towards the Cuban missile crisis?
What reason did Hitler give for the Holocaust?
what is the italian horn?
Do you think Anna Anderson could still have been Anastasia (history)?
was joseph kennedy senior a bootlegger?
The American and The French Revolution.?
Are the rajputs of rajasthan the european scythians?where did they come from before migrating to rajasthan?
Did the Peace of Paris solve the disputes that caused the Crimean War?
What is an abstract way of representing two cultures uniting?
why did germany increase their expenditure of arms per person between 1900-1914?
How was abolition movement and the movement toward female equality the same?
whati is the case of a piano?
how.....? please answer?
Is Anne Sullivan related to George Sullivan?
Global History and Geography June 2012 Regents? What do you guys think. Do you remember any answers?
What was the domestic and foreign policy when Grover Cleveland was president?
who were the important leaders in the fight for italian unification?
why do people wear shoes inside their homes? Is there any historical explanation?
who is the most evil person to have ever lived and why?
what were some of christine de pisan's contributions?
What social effects did the American Revolution have?
Why should we remember the holocaust?
How did Mexico achieve their independence?
what was it like in 2012?
The government of Russia during WW1 and WW2 was?
Did John Adams feel any hatred towards James Madison?
Which of the following is NOT true about the middle class during the Industrial Revolution?
From which two previous cultures did the Greek civilization develop?
What city was/is Vimy Ridge located in?
what was india like in 1940s?
How many different types of dinosaurs were there?
hitler rumours??????
what are famous people or things from south america.?
Controversy of the Crusades?
How did the Jews and Judaism change in the wake of the American Revolution? Your answer should make reference?
What one invention has changed the world more than any other?
What was the "Franco Prussian War" over? and how it ended?
what is called bronze age of India ?
what did the europeans give the maori in treaty of waitangi?
Place in Chronological Order(:?
how much is silver certificate one dollar worht?
African Americans..Wow does this hard to ask.. because I really am curious, and don't know who else to ask
How many times could a black person take the 1965 Alabama Literacy test?
I have a coin that on one side says Bank Poccnn with a two headed eagle, on the other side it has a # 5.?
If you could raise one person from the dead, who would it be and why?
Whats the silver content of a 1944 philippine 20 centavo?
who do you think were better warriors?
What's a bibliography?
Where can I can go to learn all about the titanic?
How did the Constitution change from between (1930s - Present)?
long lost family in australia?
How did Nazi Germany lose so much land during 1944?
Who is in charge of the judicial branch of America?
Would the Republic of Ireland have been better off had it remained in the UK?
history of ancient african farming?
what information has been recovered from destruction?
Why did the NAACP begin?
does anyone know where i can find a web page about the supreme court?
who is Aristophanes and what did he do?
POLL Do you remember>>>9/11<<< I Will, Forever ?
did the holocaust really happen and is the same thing about to happen in this country with the blacks although
wome or men r great?
Because of this man, the United States lost one of its most important founding fathers in the prime of his lif?
what was the mughal empire known for?
If america were attacked would australia be forced to help?
how to describe a murder scene of a person shot multiple times?
what where the three important gods?
are these definitions correct?
What is your closest connection to WWII?
what culture was kiev strongly influenced by?
Do you pow wow?
What was the role of women in Greek civilization?
History research help(Oil Industry). Please?
What happened in the 1985 Storm Surge in the Bay of Bengal?
What does WD and JWR located on a Civil War sword represent?
What is the Best Conspiracy Theory of All Time?
Why did adolf hitler + the nazis hate the jews so much?
How did the Lakota train childrens?
Got any fun facts about life during WWII?
i have a badge from the holocust and i need to know if any one know about how much its worth?the date is 1929.
who painted flamingo dancers on mirrors?
Who invented the first wheel?
Explain the fall of Kuomintang and the rise of Mao Tse Tung to power in China.?
the holocaust?
Ku Klux Klan 1915-1944?
do you think that all of the 13 Crystal Skulls should belone to me?
What happened in France after the French Revolution up to the First World War/Great War?
Gods and Generals. I watched the movie and am looking for decent sites to research further.?
Why is it that small (in stature) men in history have tried to take over the world?
The Mona Lisa's dwelling once housed kings.what were the names?
What year was the ban on slavery in Georgia lifted?
Please Help History..! ASAP.! :(?
what are the advantages and disadvantages of military conflict?
How did the Mazatec indian shamans eat their shrooms?
what is the history of the bottlenose dolphin??
Does anyone know if this story if true about Alfred Hitchcock?
Whatwere the top historical events of 1492-1740?
Who made taj mahal.................?
hi who started the revolution In 14 January 2011?
Why is our nation's capital city named Washington District of Columbia (DC)?
play games about world war two?
does anyone else believe that hitler...?
Why was Alexander II assasinated?
identifications-or summaries if you will?
what ports did the first fleet visit on the way to Australia.?
What caused the revolts in Europe from 1830-1848? why did they fail?
What century is the year 1806?
What kind of music did the Greeks have around 700 BC?
" Kibutz " . Symbol of Israel . What's the origin of this name . How kibutz live ?
Why some people are so interested in "The Knights Templars"? what mysteries surround them?
What were reasons to convince Bostonian men to join the Sons of Liberty?
Why did the U.S. refuse to ratify the treaty of Versailles?
When was the fall of Atlantis?
When did congress accept declaration?
what were jews not allowred to do during the holocaust?
Where do I find comics from the 1800's?
What occupations is John Brown most famous for?
How valuable was a speech like this in pre-Civil Rights America? How valuable is it in this present day? expl.?
what did imelda marcos of the philippines have to do with stealing money from the philippine citizens?
where did the word dakota come from? since we hear about the lakota indians?
What were the most important arguments for AND against the ratification of the United States?
Who ruled morocco was it the french?
Whats the top 10 most historic cities in the world ( what rank is London)?
What is the greatest event in the history of mankind?
Why is Hitler more villified than Stalin?
Who don't loves the beaches of Puerto Rico?
what was the role of women during development of the enlightenment?
What are the original oldest people's in european antiquity ?
Did Adam Smith think the role of women in society was important?
who is your favourite human being(from adam till you)?
Nazi genocide victims.?
Did the peace settlement of 1919 reflect Woodrow Wilson's vision?
Palestinian vs Israeli conflict essay?
What was the importance of the North African and Soviet theatres?
when france left nato which country became the critical continental member of the alliance?
What were the limiting factors of alliance size in ancient time?
HELP PLEASE. What month did 9/11 occur?
Brazilian Immigration to Canada 1980-1990?
what is ankh and where can i find it and are there other items like the ankh?
Which nazi gas chamber was the largest or the one where the most people were killed??
As a Brit, I was wondering why Americans are obssesed with Hilter and Nazis?
what common problem did people in the american southwest and the norse of greenland both face?
what date did man first land on the moon,and name him.?
what weapons were used in world war 1?
How did Galileo's ideas replace Aristotle's?
who was right, federalists or anti-federalists?
History videos on youtube?
who were some of the first settlers of costa rica and why did they settle there?
Is it true that Barack Obama was raised (and maybe born) in Kenya?
Which was NOT a goal of the DEclaration of Independence?
what was the animal associated with king richard ll?
What happened during the Salem Witch Trials? What can we learn from it?
Great Britain '' will it ever be taken seriously again''?