who is the 1st man on earth?
If WW2 had of been worn by Germany and the other Axis powers what would the world be like today?
He was the fascist dictator of Italy during World War II. Benito Mussolini Carlos Ponti Adolph Hitler?
In world war 2 what did the children take when they got evacuated?
Which countries took part in WW1 trench warfare?
Who killed John F. Kennedy. Please cite your evidence, oliver stone movie, warren commission, house committee
what entertainment gadgets were invented in the 1960s ?
What was Botticelli's influence on society?
Between which years did Stefan cel Mare ruled Moldavia?
How did World War I affect the fall of the Russian Empire?
do you know anyone whose name is a type of animal?
Can anyone name me some female historic figures?
wh did anne frank spend time with is the axxis for two years?
Have you ever owned an LP (music album)?
what internal conflicts in france affected the progress in the french revolution?
Why were children sent to live with strangers in the country during World War II?
Why when it comes to world bodies, England, Scotland and Wales represent themselves as UK but for sports diff.
Freedome in America?
For the Lewis and Clark expedition, what was its goal in repsect to the indians?
If the Smithsonian would let you have one item to keep what would you take ?
What is illuminati code?
Was John D. Rockefeller a sociopath?
how did imperialism contribute to the emergence of 20th century global conflict?
What's the most terrifying thing in history ever to happen?
Do you think your perfect?if not why and if we was how would you imagine it?
Why did the English restore a monarch to the throne in 1660?
I found an old chest and I would like to know how old it is and who it belonged to.?
Was Albert Einstein really smart, or just a nut?
Opinions... Did the Ghettos succeed in dehumanising the jews?
What were the consequences of the Persian Wars?
was hitler a murderer?
What is some historical evidence that Canada is rugged/Northern? (overcoming our climate and geography)?
How many years did slavery last in America ??
I need a way or someone who can translate Latvian for me. I have a hand written story?
How did a king know where to build his castle? *Read carefully please*?
Please help with this history ? Thanks?
what do the images used in hieroglyphics tell about society and environment of ancient Egypt?
who was called karl marx of medieval india?
East India company got its license cancelled in the year 1858 after first war of indian independence.?
History questions? PLEASE HELP! 10 points!?
Is there anyone from the Rock and Roll/Rock era that you believe have a legacy that could compare to Mozart?
What is with the saying on Alabama's license plate - Stars Fell On???
What was the real cause of the American civil war?
Who is credited as being the first black American to publish a book?
Why does the Netherlands have two capitals?
what happened to the bonus marchers?
What was the “P” short for, in J.P. Morgan?
Which historical figure has ....?
What year was the Colonial America?
Has anything good come out of Britain ?
What are some inventions of the last 20 years?
If you could pick an era to live in, which one would it be and why?
Is politics very important to our life?
What would be in a colonial meal?
How did Woodrow Wilson attempt to promote international peace and progress?
What was the significance of the Battle of Stalingrad?
What year was Julius Caesar born.?
How did the printing press affect religion?
what is area 51, and what happened there?
I need to draw pictures for history! About spain during the 1500s and 1600s? ss!!?
How/where can I find accurate information on 19th-century France's police force?
What exactly is the illuminati?
James Madison's Presidency?
The romans: enginnering in empire?
What influence did World War I have on literature, art, and intellectual life in the West?
what are some Oliver Cromwell facts?
Your search - the renaissance,the reformation,the scientific revolution, and the enlightenment constituted def?
How were the poor expected to behave in 1912?
Was John Hanson our first president of the united states?
Define and describe the Industrial Revolution. What were its key features?
why did kami kazi pilots where helmets?
How and when was god created can anyone answer that????
What was the German reaction to the Swiss shooting down German aircraft?
was "The Plague" maybe caused by the rulers of Europe and Asia ? did they have a medicine for it?
What are some historical events that took place in our history?
History of Christianity for teens?
Who was Pearl Mesta;explain?
is ormond plantation still standing?
Did Hitler have any kids?
Did the holocaust really happen?
who is the father of hitler?
I have a gold looking pocket watch it has no cover roman numerals is a cardinal swiss 17 jewels is it real?
When and where was the Munich pact signed?
what is the history of the toy? WHAT IS THE EARLIEST COLONIOL TOY? what is the earliest native american toy?
Is David Starkey the greatest historian of all time?
can some one give me history of how the UAE founded oil and stuff?
what makes athens great and unique?
What would America be like if we hadn't given it back?
Was the german campaign on the eastern front during WWII a failure?
What if it was discovered that Native Americans are the descendants of Israelites?
why was William Hutt Curzon Wyllie assassinated by Madan Lal Dhingra?
Name the treaty that surrendered all Cherokee lands East of the Mississippi River.?
Why cant whites have White History month?
what were the irish terrorist's called during WW1? ?
One of the most significant problems for the early French Third Republic was?
Why did the Impressionist painters focus on scenes of leisure and landscape?
if god created us, how was god created?
How would you characterize the Magna Carta?
HELP ME WITH THIS multiple choice problem?
Fill in the blank. Reagan was the great communicator. Bush Jr. is the great______________________________?
i want a biography about bill gates please .............?
Which of the Following Never Won a Nobel Peace Prize?
How do I sign up for MY YAHOO?
what was the action taken by parliament in 1842?
Where did Pizarro, Cortez, and Cabral claim land for their countries?
What did Thomas Paine do to help the cause of independence ?
what's the historical diff between chritianity and islam?
What was the last thing said to Jesus Christ when he was nailed to the cross?
were MOST of the major trading towns along the rivers of Europe created by "The Vikings"?
what are the names of the black regiments of soliders that fought for the south in the civil war?
What was the value of a pound in the 1880s in England?
What monarchs were targeted in the Gulliver's Travels satire?
i want to know about history of the idependetday of america?
How did people living in castles get their food?
what was the moment when the student/man with shopping bags walked out in the street to stop the tank?
What is your opinion on George Washington?
Are Iraqis considered Arab or Persian?
how much does the Mona Lisa real paint cost?
How long would Opreration Downfall (Allied Planned Invasion of Japan) during WW2..?
was hitler a french assasin?
Which groups in iran were the shah's cheif opponents?
Why where the Britains and the French at Gallipoli with the ANZAC's?
Other than China, where were eunuchs found?
Why was David Lloyd George known as "The Welsh Wizard"?
Why is Africa unique?
When did Chalmers Johnson say that Okinawa is “the Puerto Rico of Japan"?
what means SPQR?
How did the printing press impact the Protestant Reformation?
How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?
Did the romans use the steam engine? Did they abandon the idea?
What were the founding fathers' ideas about what america should be?
whos a good person that i should do the history fair about?
Shelter for franks or slavs empire of the dark ages?
The army of Terra Cotta Warriors were?
Why do "white" people try to justify all the evil in their history?
Can someone explain IN DETAIL Marbury vs. Madison and it's importance in American History?
Hitler was a good man; please hear me out?
What is the difference between the Union Flag and the Union Jack?
Who were the first members of gorge washingtons cabinet??/?
Historical Figures with Strabismus aka lazy eye, aka cross eyed?
Name of person who quoted " A life lived in fear is a life not worth living at all"?
Has the American election ended? who won?
What was the style of suit in the 1950's and early 60's?
What was the Arms Race about?
who was the first man to be called wells?
what is a nationalist?
american to admire??
Help! I Need Help With My History project !?
In which country the gutam buddha has been born and at which year? When the gautam Buddha he died?
ive got a little pot with the letters o&g on it what does it stand for?
why did adolf hitler hate so much the jews and jehovah witness?
When was the reign of Genghis Khan?
I know this will be offensive but i got to know what you think?
Could Stonehenge have occurred naturally like Ayers Rock and the Giants Causeway did?
What were the charges for selling beer during prohibition?
What promoted the abstract expressionism movement and how did this play a role in the art style?
How did the automobile culture of the 1920s help the US progress as a world power? Thanks!!?
why was domesday book an important project?
Whats a difference and similarity of mongol empire and America empire?
SYKSCRAPERS: why are there not so many in europe?
I have a question about Rousseau, Montesquieu and the Enlightenment...?
What was the impact that Andrew Jackson Presidency have on the people?
Reasons the Benin Head shouldn't be returned to Benin?
Information on Henry viii?
Who are the founding members of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)?
Which event do you think is worse the depression or the holocaust?
Did 9/11 terrorists choose that specific day due to it being the emergency number 911?
In your opinion, could the constitution (of the U.S.) have been passed in 1781?
ronald reagan?
What are the main elements of Roman times?
Where was the world's first university established?
What are some famous historical unsolved mysteries?
How did self-determination in china lead to WWII?
What does B.C. or B.C.E really mean?
What are some good nonfiction books on the causes of the american revolution?
Give more links and information on Mardi gras ?
How was Julius Caesar killed?? and who killed him?
Which of the following was the main reason for Germany's disunity during medieval times?
what did elizabethan servants do ?
what were the arguments for and against the league of nations?
Where can I get the US History and Government NYS Regents answer key!?
What is the birth date of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk?
why did anti-Federalist support the bill of rights?
Why did ben franklin support the constitution?
Describe the relationship and interactions between Spain and the Netherlands.?
why are people today concentrating on slavery, when Irish and Native Americans had it much worse back then?
how did people travel before the aiplane invention?
was alexander the great a good or bad man?
historical significance of stone ruins on zimbabwane bank notes?
How did white people see the buffalo?
do you think that hitler was right?
Were George Washington and Abraham Lincoln friends?!?
What traits did West African societies share in 1492?
Argo story: an act of political courage by a U.S. elected official that occurred during or after 1956?
why everybody says many people in Paris are the most rude people ?
What was the largest dinosaur that had ever lived in Earth's history?
Who is Ulysses S. Grant?
would it be considered treason when count fersen had an affair with marie antoinette?
did the columbian exchange bring along variety of crops?
hit me with some info on oliver cromwell?
who deniesthe holocaust ever happened?
Why do the British act as if their past empire was a good thing & was a favor to the world?
Am i mad? History, and modern times?
when television was invented?
What are 3 specific things the Wright Brothers invented to have a controlled flight?
I am looking for biographical information on Rabbi Yehoshua Kalmanson, he was a Rabbi in NYC around 1870?
Are the Germans ashamed?
Was Hitler mentally ill or had a personality disorder?
Civil War: The role of railroads?
What is more shocking?
desription of renaissance art?
history of folkdance?
When did Chinggis khan born?
what are the factor related in history?
Did every one have a British accent in the Dark Ages?
Why do people only focus on the bad side of the Third Reich and ignore full employment and political stability?
Why did the United States consider the building of the Panama Canal so important?
What can i do to know the whole history of journalism since its bigining to till now with ethics and laws?
why was the french and indian war important?? why do we need to know about it?
do you know the biography of Marcelo h. del pilar?
What dialect of hebrew is "Shalom Aleichem"?
Which country was to blame for the Cold War?
can you identify this creature? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250175147558&ssPageName=ADM
what are the comparisons between the salem witch trials and the crucible?
where did albert fish commit most of his crimes?
Who would win in a fight...?
Am I really here? Is this just yesterday playing over and over again in my head?
Which American President translated Dante from Italian to English as a present for his wife ?
Why did John Adams so despise Thomas Paine?
Information on the pink triangle life during WWII?
The Meaning of A Dream Within A Dream BY: Edgar Allen Poe What Does It Mean What Is he talkin about?
Was it superior weapons and technology that meant the Spanish beat the Aztecs?
How did division of labor increase profits for factory owners in the industrial revolution?
i need to find names of psychologists and researchers that have studied borderline personality disorder?
don't you think Europe wold be better off if nazis never invaded russia?
what did hitler tell his people to turn them against the Jews?
Lincoln liberated slaves , but before him there was Jhon Woolman .Who's Jhon Woolman?
Socials Studies 10 Help: Explain the British Plans for Upper Canada in a paragraph?
Did the Versailles Treaty punish former Austria-Hungary the same way it punished Germany?
what do you know about ZAMZAM water?
What was the effect of the Trade laws established in 1764?
why do many people find Napoleon Boneaparte & "French Revolution" a BORING subject?
what were the key factors governing business activity in London in 1500?
Trying to learn my house history?
In the 1950's where would the bath be stored? - Remembering that there was no bathroom.?
Black History month?? whats the point?
United States in 2007?
world war 2 achievements?
What improvement in technology allowed the Egyptians to become a military power in the eastern Mediterranean?
On what date was hitler Born ?
name the architect who was a US president?
did hitler where boxers or briefs???
who is indian president?
1918 Sedition Acts Help?
how can i sure that how old is my antique or painting by waves?
Has anyone by the name of Anna (Ann, Hanna) lived in the Castle in the City of Rochester-Upon-Medway?
who is the greatest military leader in histlory?
Is Brazil successfully overcoming its history of social and economic inequality?
is robert e lee dead?
How did the public respond to Edgar Lee Masters' work?
What were the cons of the league of nations?
Why did Pearl Habor happen?
What are at least two problems with "Dollar Diplomacy" in the early 1900s?
how long did the Mahabharata last?
Need info on french guiana bank note?
what was the different between the ancient Jewish calendar compare to the modern calendar?
Explain the important factors which shaped the life and works of Dr. Jose Rizal.?
Where do I find the history of United Arab Emerates?
How did the Fountain of Youth benefit the sailors?
Germany in World war II.?
Do your know a good website for history on the town Gold Bar WA?
What's the diffrent between 'Virgin of the Rocks ' and 'Madonna of the Rocks' , of one da vinci's painting ?
American and French revolutions?
...Gavrilo Princip question...?
what is iraq?
What did people do before the internet ?
good movies about ww2?
can some one tell me who is the richest person in the world?
can someone explain how davy crockett was a hero?
What's up with Hitler's mustache? Was that a popular style in its day, or was it unique to him?
I have a Napoleon essay. How did he betray the French Revolution?
Where, when and how did hugging originate?
do you thnk England should be friends with germany for what they did in world war 2?
am looking for a old community called hayrick in coke county tx?
What was Thomas Paine's conflict or dilemma?
What was Clifford Sifton's last formula for building a nation?
what famous event started in calafornia in 1848?
When the whites were shipping slaves from Africa how civilized were the blacks?
what were Dr Oliver Headley's scientific work?
What was Nero the Emperor famous for and what was he infamous for?
I need stuff on Japan in 1930?
Who should be credited with finding America first, Amerigo Vespucci or Christopher Columbus?
Does anyone know anything about William Alexander?
Christopher Columbus was evil?
i have a bronze coin thats dated 34 bc on it. how much is it worth?
What parts of America did Christopher Columbus discovery?
Best place to find cheap history books?
Did peasants in the Medieval Ages really use Pitchforks to fight in Wars?
What air defennce was their in world war 1?
Ideas for a monument like the 7 wonders?
the effects the development of Christianity had on the roman empire?
Is it true that Satan made love to Eve @ eden?
What did Yuri Kochiyama do to help end Japanese Internment Camps?
the French & Russian "Revolutions" were both "ORCHESTRATED history events"?
what is the difference beetween Bolshevik and Menshevik?
Did the materials benefits of the Industrial Revolution outweighs its social costs to England?
How many first class passengers were on the titanic?
who are the famous women philosophers, political workers, revolutionaries, lawyers of 19th and 20th century?
What type of motor was used to open the large locks in the Panama Canal?
what was the prime mover in V. Gordon Childe's theory of Urban Revolution?
anyone knows the history of wayang kulit?
please please help.... where do i look to find records of WW2 german p.o.w help in hampshire, i am at a loss?
Were some of Hitlers' political ideas good?
5ws of The Supreme Court v. Jackson in the case of Indian removal?
why did the Trojan war happen?
The safavid empire, any information on them?
How historians now date the modern times, the Middle Ages, Classical civilization and ancient times?
What is a child to do when growing up in a home with a racist family?
How was the Armenian Genocide a turning point in history?
What were the roles of federal government in the nineteenth century?
Does anyone know a name of a famous woman who everyone doubted before she she did what she was famous for ??
Did anyone ever try to stop slavery? And who were they?
The United States said it intervened in Latin America to protect all of the following except?
Two lyric poets of the Romantic Period were?
who founded ancient ghana?
why were slaves less common in new york and new jersey compared to other states?
Portrait of Miss Evans by Thomas Gainsborough from 1786-90?
Who is history's earliest recorded troll?
who is jerryli's illustrater for his books.?
What made Franklin D. Roosevelt stand out compared to all of the other Presidents?
what are the effects of nuclear wars?
Should we rember the holocaust?
What were some struggles for the patriots in the revolutionary war?
what do you think kotler did in the boy in the striped pyjamas?
What was Canadian family life like in 1935?
Why is the Spanish Inquistion called the Spanish Inquistion when it was started by the French?
Ancient History help! Roman times!?
First pyramid built by who?
why did the 3 new york library systems split up?
So Romans were Italians of today?
help w/ a question.?
Define and explain The New England Town Meeting and how it contributed to democratic government.?
Which of Henry VIII's wifes had 11 fingers?
Germany WWI?
American people, help!!!?
Rita Ora works for the illuminati?
What experiences did the Vietnamese children have to go through during the Vietnam War?
Sumer.....ancient history??
According to you,who has been the most influential person in Indian History?
what is your name?...what is your favorite color?... what is the floght pattern of an african swallow?
How did James Watson and Francis Crick contribute to HUMAN HEALTH HELP NOW ASAP 10 POINTS!!! PLEASE!?
What would our nation be like if Shays Rebellion never happened?
What will happen in 2012?
in what year was electricity invented please.?
Who invented the alphabet and numbers?
Renaissance Art vs. Romanticism Art?
Which of the following . . . .?
What are some differences and similar ties between The United States and India? ?
In the battle of Uhud, who attacked first? why? and who won?
what is the conflict in the invention of hugo cabret?
Is it Weird?
spaniards&americans weren't sucessful in subduing mindanao during their occupation,how about da japanese?
In the spirit of President's Day who are your 3 favorites President's & your 3 least favorite President's?
Who is a day labourer?
Historical figures related to Chernobyl?
what econmic changes did germny exrince after war war 1?
Who was the original publisher of the Saturday Evening Post in 1728 and where was it published?
What is Madagascar's involvement in the transatlantic slave trade?
KING OF EGYPT . who killed him ?
what is TARP and...? please?
10.The Bible is made up of which two parts? What two religions? What two original languages?
What funded Dresden, Germany's building boom from 1880 to 1900?
Why was it ok for Americans to napalm Vietnamese kiddies, but not ok for countries like Iraq to own WMD's?
spanish history and information on Cervantes and Don Quijote? 10 points to correct answer PLEASE HELP ♥?
Did the Mohawks continue to live on the same land as they 16th century ancestors?
how did the spanish civil war impact peoples lives?
Significant outcomes of 'The Gilded Age?'?
What was the reason why Hitler was hateful to Jewish? He exterminated some 11 million of them? I?
what is the holocaust??
How do the humanist philosophies of Machiavelli and Mirandola differ?
In 1979, how many stars would there be on the CIA Wall honoring agents that have died in the line of duty?
why couldnt napoleon invade great britain?
Please help me with my East Timor history?
When did UCLA fond?
What does B.C. or B.C.E really mean?
Why and how did Augustus continue to change the legal basis of his power during the 20s BCE?
How did the months get their names?
The way the end of the Cold War changed the importance of the century’s ideologies.?
Did Adolph Hitler have any biological children?
Describe African Resistance to slavery.?
Where can I find information on the Defeo family, murdered in their home of Amityville, Long Island?
what is the best advoice you have ever been told?
Do you think Martin Luther King really changed America?
a number of people or provinces ruled by one central authority?
What were President Kennedy's beliefs of the Cold War?
What should I put in my medieval village?
History Question on women in the 1815-1860's Please Help me. Very confused?
Why is there no british history pre-roman, taught in british schools?
Why Is It Important To Know The Constitutional Amendments?
Hitler, Madman or Genius?
What is the Baltic union republic that is most Roman Catholic by percentage of population?
How did William Penn's view of the holy experiment differ from the Puritans?
How do the Qin ShiHuang control civil wars? ( HISTORY )?
what makes napoleon less of a monster then hitler?
If the Titanic hadn't struck an iceberg what effect would it of had on the timeline.?
do you think schools need to emphasize more about eastern history, and middle eastern?
How and when was kissing invented?
most significant event in american history?
When will people learn Hitler was not Socialist?
True or false; countries needs to get to lowest point?
What was the worldview of nobles in medieval times?
This is kind of important?
What piece of history interests you the most?
what words can be made from the word destructive?
Why was Alexandria so important in Ancient Egyptian times?
when did economic crisis arised?
how many men were in Napoleon's invading army?
Other than the fiction Robert Langdon, are there Symbologists? Or are they Art Historians?
what was Mithraism ,how was it connected to the Roman army?
why do blacks make up around 12% of the US population but make up around 65 % of the US prison population?
I need information on the yellow river and the tigris-euphrates?
Why did the staple farmers find themselves in dire economic straits during the last decades of the 19 century?
For Friends of Bill W.?
If you could change anything in history, what would it be?
why they close a hospital that was located were food 4 less stands today in the corner of atlantic and slauson?
why didn't the latin American countrys that was pro axis join the axis?
How was the British East India Company able to conquer India in such short amount of time?
When were horses first used in war?
Decleration of Independence?
Who is the latest french modern architect?
What is an oracle bone and how it came form and where did it discover?
March 8, what the meaning of it?
trust were a combination of companies that dominated industry and reduce competition, true or false?
How to tell if my Deutche Luftwaffe Nazi armband is real?
Christianity's "Holiest Day" Christians please reply...?
Was there anything wrong with the 1950s' American culture? If so, what?
Had Hitler not attacked Russia ,do you think he would have conquered all of Europe?
why did people in mentle hospitles get treated so badly in the 1800's?
what skills helped thurgood marshall accomplish his goals.?
Irish immigrants in the 1840s and 1850s often?
Who sponsored "letters of patent" for John Cabot, also called Giovanni Caboto, on his expeditions to?
what is amanism?
Semester History Review help?
World history Paper... HELP PLEASE?~?
Who was Dr. Felipe Flores of guatemala?
who was the Sufi Nasreddin;explain?
How did the lewis and clark exploration have an impact on the development of our nation?
How did Native Americans deal with their prejudice after the American Revolution?
Bought a Trojan helmet. Don't know anything about it.?
why was it important for Frederick douglass to be named minister of Haiti?
What was Hitlers gravest mistake in operation Barbarossa?
Do they speak english in Nigeria?
What was Japan thinking when they attack Pearl Harbor?
Australian History Question - Doc Evatt and the UN?
Why did so many people immigrate between 1971 &1981?
how did humanism affect renaissance art?
Is a passage from the Malay Annals translated into English a primary or secondary source?
A question about the Glorious Revolution?
whats ur oppinion about new president of iran?
how many people have died because accused of being a witch?
Why do Jews get all the attention for the holocaust?
What was the biggest match in WWE History?
When did the american revolution officailly start?
Why didn't Allende's Chile turn to the USSR after the USA's acts of economique and political agression?
Full Question is below, Analyze the contribution of TWO of the following in helping establish a stable?
help with history questions?
On what page of Tituba of salem village does Tituba get acused of being a witch?
what were the social effects of the american revolution?
Worst human experiments during the holocaust?
How did teenagers in medieval Europe endeavour to be "cool"?
Judicial appointments during Progressive Era?
How many ants are needed to make a colony?
did nazi's make soap out of jews and polish people and lampshades out of them?
Do you believe in G.O.D?
Titanic body recovery question?
How do aborigines conserve water?
Three facts about feudalism?
how and where did writing originate?
During the revolution War is it true the Americans who fought against the British were of English ancestry?
Does anyone know who conquered the Dacia? And in what year?
which r the good books for history???
ancient greek sailors did not have compasses.how do u think they navigated?
what is it about the three pillars of protestanism that supports the foundation of Ameican democracy today?
What were the military accomplishments of Publicola?
What did the Denmark and the Bulgaria do to help the Jewish citizens?
Are the Matrix and Da Vinci code trying to tell us something?
Which religions were practiced in the three regions in Columbus time?
what was the date of the peace of lorris? January 1243?
Are there 52 states in the U.S.A?
why did Greek immigrants settle in large cities?
What is the influence Spanish culture had on Texas.?
What and where did Sir Francis explore?
Is Slavery still exists in Britain??
Where did the people of balkans originally come from?
who was on the grassy knoll in Dallas texas in 1963?
history question help?
who said, "mine is not to reason why, mine is but to do and die."?
Explain the reform act?
Could someone give me a simple, brief expaination of the conflict between the Palestinians and the Jews.?
Why do pple recognize holocoust so much !!!?
Did WWII Solve the Great Depression or did the New Deal?
Who were the Candidates running for Governor of Wisconsin in 1900?
What are the seven wonders of the world and what was the criteria to choose them?
Which country did you would like to stay and WHY?
was violence an intentional tool for revolutionary leaders during the french revolution?
What were the different types of Machine Guns used in WWI?
Was it common for kids to die at school during the 1900's?
what time is it?
History help! Alexander Hamilton?
what is the anagram of "harvest a wet kite?
what caused the french and indian war?
What 3 factors helped industrial revolution?
why does this happen?
Greatest invasion in history: 10 points for best reasonable answer?
Which was worse - The jewish holocust in Germany or slavery in America?
Were pre-Christian Wars all about religion?
Did Albert Einstien actually have any connection to the inventions listed?
In what ways did the britsh misunderstand the conflict with the colonies?
Could Richard Nixon be in HEAVEN giving the finger at the U.S. ever time it rotates around?
why Constantinople change name to Istanbul ?
If I were to be beheaded,would I be able to see and hear for any period of time afterwards.?
which are the seven wonders?
If you could spend one hour with someone who has died who would it be and why?
Is it possiable for 2 brown eyed people to have a blue eyed child?
did the Greeks ever have Long swords?
What did the British call India in the 1940s?
Grade 8 history help on confederation of Canada West?
what years/time period did alchemy first emerge in?
When did the Great Depression start?
The Church, The King and The Scientific Revolution?
how do u make paper look old and worn?
God created man in His own image.What is God's image?
what did the victorian steam trains used to carry on them?
Three major points for this essay question please? History question?
Where are you from and name a famous land mark?
what is the name of the artist of the painting guernica?
Industial Revolution:?
Some information about the Vikings? The Battle of Largs?
When did the world go down the crapper?
How did neutral Switezrland get supplies of food and fuel whilst WW2 was raging around.?
does ireland has an official language besides english and if not?
do u think we would be like 100 years ahead technology wise if the nazis won world war 2?
If the Black Panther movement advocated reform of capitalism with security, for the law abiding, at its core?
what were the attitudes of people in Napoleons Day's?
Why is William Penn's policy of relative religious toleration in Pennsylvania seen as important?
What is your favourite invention of all time?
overall, was the effect of the "new" immigrants had on american life in the late 1800s positive or negative?
did the titanic really sank?
What were the major advantages of the British and the colonist as the American Revolution began?
which was the worst thing in the world?
i need to find out if somebody is deceased?
who was the welshman to invade england in 1405?
Was women's contribution during World War 1 the main reason the majority gained the right to vote in 1918?
What trading system did the people of Babylon use?
do you think the puritans influenced the US positively or negatively?
I want to start learning more about world history, know of any good books?
How can greek alphabet help the modren people?
Some famous germans in the 1900s?
WHY did B A have such a bad attitude with all the looks and money he Has.?
who is more known in america?
Did the ancient Egyptians trade with Tartessos?
how were women living in 15 century in india?
Who else thinks Golda Meir is HOT?
I have a chandleir made by Arrow.The home it came out of was built in 1912. Need help finding Arrrow.?
Is There Any Proof That The Holocaust Even Happened?
what can I do with a bachelors degree in history? Should I stay in grad school or try to find a real job?
What do African Americans, Asians, Chinese, Indians, Mexicans, & South Americans have in common in US history?
5 Pargraph Essay? 10PTS?
What problems did the British government faced after the 7 years wor?
What was the length of the transcontinental railroad?
Was it the Greeks or the Romans, the ones who defined and influenced the Byzantine Empire the most?
history help history help please history help?
was d-day the last battle in WW2?
Trail Foods of the American Colonist and Eastern Long Hunters?
if a greek coin is dated 460 B.C., how will anyone know if it is real or counterfeit?
What effect did the death of Genghis khan have on the Mongols?
Which is the most significant event in the history of your country, according to you?
Where was the Minoan civilization based? Describe their way of life?
who first discovered United States of America?
What was the Importance of Henry Dearborn?
Did a historical Jesus exist? Do not answer until you have read below,?
Do you really think Cleopatra was beautiful?
what was robben Island in South Africa used for before it became a prison?
What would be the world situation if there was TWO Hitlers?
If LOS ANGELES is #2 in population, What city is FIRST?
What did a masterpiece in the Middle Ages (Craft Guild) look like and what were the requirements?
Wonders of the world?
How can I find out about an old framed document that goes back 1650?
I need 3 case laws of the supreme court pertaining trust..anybody can help me?
How old were you when 9/11 occurred? [PLEASE ANSWER]?
What do you know about the Velvet Revolution?
Were wolves ever used in circuses?
Can you admire Robert E. Lee and not be a racist?
Why is Genghis Khan important to east asia between 600-1350?
What did people do with their free time when there was no TV / Radio?
Can someone please tell me some basic facts about the Aztecs?
what is ngok in vietnam?
To bring peace world needs a hitler or couple of them.am i right?
Who came up with hieroglyphics? was it the egyptians?
How many Sonnets did Shakespeare write?
What was there about Miguel Hidalgo that inspired people to follow him in rebellion?
What Group of People Lived in North America Prior to the "Native Americans"?
was hammurabi concernd the pablic opinion?
what caused the demise of the Psychedelic style?
how to tell if my confederate notes is real?
why don't we do a bullistics test on oswalds rifle to see if it matches the magic bullet that was recovered?
true or false. the california gold rush in 1849 was after the us civil war?
What happened to Y2K?
what caused the townshend act of 1767?
Who was the magnificent Moslem leader, honored by his enermies, who used knowledge of biology to win a battle?
What's the tanslation for Anyadei?
WHo has been the most powerful person in history?
If you could meet anyone in history who would it be and why?
Anyone else entranced by Elizabeth Bathory and her story since "Stay Alive"?
Who here is a Christian and is not afraid to admit it!?
Who / What are the 'Confucius'?
What was the Ottoman Empire's role in World war 1?
what was benjamin franklin's club called?
The expulsion of which group negatively affected the economy of 17th century Spain?
how did the geographic locations of certain cities contribute to their becoming important trade centers?
how old is pyramids n leaning tower r?
Who was Hugh Watson?
who is jesus crist?
What are two examples of acts of resistance to modernity taken by conservative Americans in the 1920's?
how many people were unemployed in 1945?
why was Garibaldi willing to give up leadership of the nation during the unification of italy?
how were the first and second industrial revolutions similar to and diffrent from each other?
Stalin Or Hitler.......?
Was Winston Churchill the greatest PM The UK ever had?
i feel like a dumbA but who came up with the world ending in 2012??
California Gold Rush question.?
Who is the wisest historical figure?
what is the capital city of the kingdom Tonga?
Can someone help me with these US history questions?
What year did the 19th century begin and end with.I know this sounds stupid,but I would really like to know.?
Who Was the 1st person to be electrocuted in the electric chair?
what was the changing nature of christianity in middle ages?
where is the best website to value old uk coins?
when was Windsor Castle first built and how it compared in size to other Norman castles at first?
What was the Nanfan Treaty in 1701?
Which river system allowed mesopotamian civilization to devlop?
What was the difference between keeping someone as slave in their own country...?
Place these in chronological order.?
where does the term 'white trash' come from?
Did Christopher Columbus discover...?
Does anyone know if Noah's Arc really existed?
Event you can't get enough of from 1900 to now?
what are the reasons that germany lost world war 1?
when did the industrial revolution in europe happened?
Why did France restore its Monarchy again after the French Revolution?
What is illuminati conspiracy?
Is the Capitol Records Building in Hollywood, CA being demolished? If so, when?
why did pioneers burn their houses down when they moved?
german u-boat?
Did anything interesting happen on the day of your birth in history?
who was the first woman to perform a spacewalk.?
What is all the WWI & WWII about?Causes? Which countries were involved? Damages? Deaths? Crations?
could you give me a list of cornish celtic surnames please bye?
If time is based on the number 6, then why are there 7 days in a week?
Which war do you think was the most pointless?
Is it really possible to learn from history?
what is the 18th century french name for coins?
What is an Indian Nation, and by whom is it used or recognized?
TEN POINTS BEST ANSWER.history assignment ideas-ancient punishment?
Five most wicked women in history?
how did they seperate borders for states?
Who won Second World War?
how did boston get its nickname bean town?
info about uss eagle- 1871, capt. w. morris?
Who was the best president that the US has had, in terms of policy, philosophy and action?
Did the mayans invent the calendar round or did the olmecs?
The Tudors: What are the greatest inaccuracies?
main points that happened in American West History?
Is it true Richard the Lionheart was French, couldn't speak a word of English, spent less than a year of his?
Giles Corey From the Salem Witch Trials?
if you take away the holocaust was hitler really that bad of a person?
What did you think about todays AP test?
what could have prevented the holocaust ?
If you had the chance to meet one person and kill them, who would it be?
anyone familiar with Mary Rowlandson and William Bradford?
How can i become the father of the nation(INDIA)?
can you please tell me anything about the chamba people,language,tradition and how they came to settle nigeria
why is it that even during the COLD WAR, the american president was ofteed, "the most powerful man in th?
when were nurses capes last used?
I need help comparing and contrasing Roman and Persian Empire?
did the japanese died from mostly roits,raical discrimation or starvation in the camps?
what is albania's political system?
Kiowa tribe facts PLEAS HELP?
Do you believe in God? He created us. We all should thank him for our lives.?
Which reasonably populated part of the world was least affected by WWII ?
is the holocaust a turning point in history? how is it a turning point? please help.?
I want to know the back the ground of Jennifer Lopez?
the sleeping beauty in the catacombs?
Books about lost treasures?
What were conditions like in Victorian factories?
Villiers Bretonneux and ANZACs?
WW! propaganda poster?
Ten points for the first correct answer. Willie Park won the very first one on this date in 1860.?
Why did Hitler spare black people?
When was the first surname was used & who used it? :)?
Why do the English claim they invented football, when it was in actual fact, the chinese?
what is neron?
whos the current leader of vietnam?? n wat is his official title?
what was unique about the religion of the jewish people?
do you think the bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki was the worst decision made by the u.s military ever?
give the role played by each of the following during the american occupation?
why do you think changes occur in civilizations&cultures around the work at the same time but in diff location?
What were the underlying causes of the American Revolution? What was the immediate cause?
i am doing world war one in history does anybody know why it started?
Biographical/ Historical of the play the "Crucible"? Background of Crucible?
What date did the U.S finish the hydrogen bomb?
Educational Reform of 1820-1900?
what would be the best available source to know more about alexander the great??
Why has there only been one civil war in the USA?
Who was the richest man in the 1900s?
why was slavery finally abolished in America?
what were the 3 main impacts of the Korean war?
describe great britain/englands history in three words...?
why is the artical "common sense" by Thomas Paine so important?
How did the financial help and military support from other countries help the success of the Amer. Rev.?
How were Egpytian Kings able to consolidate their state?
Which of the following inventions had the greatest influence on American industrial development during the 19C?
What are some careers/majors for someone who likes foreign language,divrse cultures, biology, traveling, facts?
what year did blackburn beat blackpool 1-0,57,58, 59, 60 on Xmas day?
Can I get Video Clips of The Hiroshima Nagasaki blasts while they Took place?
why did people in mentle hospitles get treated so badly in the 1800's?
In which time and place in history would you like to have lived ?
What made the Athenian golden age "golden"?
Who kept the most complete record of the 1787 Constitutional Convention?
Why did Mahatma Gandhi, the great indian leader, chose a nonviolent tactic in liberating the inians?
how did napoleon bonaparte use nationalism and the ideals of the french revolution to spread revolution?
Who is the best American that never got to be President?
why did peg entwistle kill herself?
She was born in France and learned to fly in 1909. Who was the first licensed woman pilot?
what do you think about the Stonehenge?
Questions about Charles Darwin?
What was thought to be the main purpose of the Great Pyramids?
I want to know about the change iwitnessed in the socio-religious issues during the late 18 century to early19
what does apodosis mean?
who is the first copmputer programer?
I need homework help on history for ANCIENT CHINA AND INDIA!!!?
when, and which percentage of the jewish communities of netherlands came to the USA?
who is the cleverest man on the earth?Is it albert einsteins?
what did maybridge and issacs invent?
In your eyes what is the greatest invention of all time?
Which factor was the most important in aiding Spanish success in the Americas?
who is the first person that discover india and open a way to come britisher in india?
What did cleopatra wear as formal dress?
st. sophia isatnbil history and st. chora istanbul history?
Why is it that all canadians learn America's history but most Americans don't even know there own?
Why was french nationalism growing under the rule of napoleon?
I have alot of mexican friends. I won't to let them know I care about the whole immigration thing but how?
What history and events led up to the ratification of the 22nd and 26th amendment?
When was Ferdinand Magellan Discover the Philippines?
Why did Nero fiddle while Rome burned?
Why was the German campaign in the Eastern Front during WWII a failure?
find registed birth mother for margaret walsh born 1960 18 caroline street nottm?
What did Galileo mean when he said...?
what are some characteristics of a jacksonian democracy?
What are seven main events during the French revolution timeline ?
This is probably for those of you who are a little older, those who remember the JFK/Nixon debate....?
Did the Holocaust really happen?
How did the invention of money affect trade?
did anyone ever predict 9/11?
what was the motivation behind the founding of the english colonies in america?
What year did England officially recognize America's independence?
hello what was joan of fighting for in the middle ages?
how does chief justice earl warren use historical evidence to support the supreme court opinion?
Creative ways to present an assignment?
What good things did Hitler do?
Do you think one day that ALL people in the world will speak "American"?
Some world knowledge questions? (AP World Exam, not homework)?
what kinds of weapons did chinese soldier use in zhou dynasty?
Was circumcision common among Europeans in the 1600 and 1700's?
What is the term for the period when nations stop fighting so they can arrange peace?
What was dramatic change of Apple Computers in the mid- to late-1990s?
What tactics did Cavour and bismarck pursue in unifying Italy and Germany?
how old are the pyramids in egypt?
Which was the best human civivlization ?
what are the parallels between the Julius ceaser play and the historical event?
How long has BDSM been around for?
if 100 is centennial, 150 is sesquicentennial, 200 is bicentennial, what is 250 years?
What would of happened to Hitler if he wouldn't of comitted suicide?
Did thomas hobbes think people could govern themselves?
Who was Maximilien Robespierre? What were some of the ideas that he embraced?
where does the surname "waghorn" come from?
what do moden day germans think of hitler and the nazis?
What two territories were allowed to keep some Western Freedoms and markets? What European countries had pr?
what was the relation between the slavery and the stamp act?
I need help in finding the history of the building i work at?
who were the priests who hit themselves?
What was the "Great Awakening"?
What is difference between line of control and working boundry between Pakistan and india?
History - WW1 Assignment?
Does anyone know anything about a railway explosion during WW2 in barcs, Hungary?
HELP on my immigration/Migration report !?
How did the Romans spread Greco-Roman arts and culture throughout the empire?
Name the 52 states of the United States?
Did Germany reoccupy the Rhineland with Military ambition?
How did the 14th amendment spawn a trend of equal rights?
What was colonial society like in Vietnam (When the French Ruled)?
Why did European nations sit back while Jews, Gypsies and Poles were being slaughtered?
The war that never was?
Can history repeat itself?
judith jamison's childhood?
Who are the groups of people who settled in New Caledonia and how did they influence the natives?
why are african americans called african americans, when 90% of em have never been to Africa?
Besides weapons, what other factors contributed to the “successes” of imperialist nations in Africa and Asi?
life history of subashchandra bose
What was the purpose of bombing Hiroshima, 1945?
In your opinion, was Alexander the Great Macedonian or Greek?
What were the second palestinian intifada 2000-2005?
why do you think hitler was short, has dark hair and eyes?
Doles anyone have any info on Arbeitsdorf(concentration camp)?
What was the Great Compromise that led the constitution?
what are the different types of crime and punishments in medieval europe?
What was the historical significance of John Humphrey Noyes (September 3, 1811 - April 13, 1886)?
how did thomas jefferson and alexander hamilton argue for and against the creation of a national bank using...?
Hi, does anyone know the surname of a Russian composer who's first name was Serguy, who lived in France?
name the intellectual movement of the renaissance that forced on worldly subjects?
how long has india had a population problem? when did this problem first occure?
Who is the coolest person in the history of the world?
What can be said about Titus and Domitian?
If you could spend one hour with someone who has died who would it be and why?
The zhou preserved order in their kingdom by using a new system called what?
Who invented peanut butter?
what did the average american fear most during the cold war?
Where can I visit in LONDON to see amazing Viking artefacts? I'm a teacher and I wish to take my Class?
what color was the union flag during the civil war?
Why does US have a statue of RACIST Abraham Lincoln who says blacks are not equal & should never hold office?
why did Wilar Stultz ask Amelia Earhart to fly with him to Europe in 1928?
What were the goals of the Progressive Era and how did they try to achieve them?
Why was did the Third French Republic last so long?
I have two difficult history question. Please help!?
Was Nazi Germany all bad?
If a man in late 1600s/early 1700s dies, leaving a company and children, who inherits the company?
who was the first to design bras for women?
Did trains during 1890's have had electricity for its utilities (lights,etc.)?
The presidents of the United States from 1877 to 1897 can generally be described as?
When the war ended, did rationing end also?
Is it just me or is US history the most boring history ever?
Which entity did the states give the most power to when they wrote their constitutions?
In your opinion what's the most horrific event in history?
What kind of clothes can I wear for a 1940's p.i. look?
Were any rulers of France post French Revoltion dynastic ?
What does S.O.S. stand for? Like when you are trying to get attention when you are lost or something like that
Settlement of the South13 Colonies in 1730's First 13?
what right does the Supreme Court have under Fletcher v. Peck (1810) ?
7 Elements of Fascism: Mussolini and Hitler?
famous australians from 1788-1918?
Can anyone tell me what bad things napoleon (banaparte) did?
What were the different social classes of Ancient Egypt?
Historicaly speaking when did christianity start.?
What were the primary causes of World War One?
History homework help, American Revolution?
George Orwell questions please helppppp?
What were one of the biggest impacts on Canadian history?
What contributions did Malcolm X make to the world today?
Who is podora's judeo-christian counterpart?
{PLEASE?} What Was The Role Of The Catholic Church During he Renaissance?
how many women and men are artist?
why did all of the British colonies fight for independence?
Why did the Americans revolt against the British?
A history question for any old people out there, can you tell me what it was like in the 1980s?
Who killed John F. Kennedy. Please cite your evidence, oliver stone movie, warren commission, house committee
how did the cold war contribute to russias environmental problems?
decribe how you feel a knight in shining armor is like?
2. After the Great War for Empire ended, Parliament..?
if you could have a 15min conversation with anyone in history...?
If the first 2 people on Earth was white, how did black people come??
Who is Ted Dienstfrey and how was he inspired by the 1960 Sit-ins?
In what ways is Sudan’s north different from its south? What significant conflicts have affected the country?
What would Europe be like today if Germany had have won World War II?
Are you fascinated by ancient civilisations like me?
If Nostradamus was reincarnated in the present who would you think it could be ?
How did James Earl Reed kill his victims?
Why did ancient Athenians choose leaders by lot instead of by election?
Can someone explain this image?
Is it possible for the U.S.A to fall like many great empires before us?
Does anyone know what happened in New York in 1975 that caused the city to shut down??
Does the mail run on Columbus Day?
Does anyone really consider Confederate Flags to be symbols of hate?
Who will still be famous in 250 years?
Pop Quiz! German invasion of Russia?
who is the archaeologist that discovered paintings in the caves of Spain in the late nineteenth century?
Is it true that Hitler didn't mean for the Holocaust to happen?
Is this true about the Holocaust?
What does the williamsburg restoration mark mean?
I need help with history! (About the post war!)?
why does The Church of England comprises of two Provinces, Canterbury and York?
How did the britsh goverment improve great britains economy during the great depression?
How did so many come to believe the Civil War was about slavery?
The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass An American Slave. Briefly describe Frederick Douglas?
What were the darkest days in America's history?
Will Fidel Castro ever find his successor?
what dues rofl mean?
Who was the first president?
What happened in the last 30 years of the reign of Elizabeth I?
Which countries resisted Nazi Germany and which tried to save their Jews?
Who's good in history?? I need help please :) Double checking only!?
How did George Washington's leadership skills contribute to the success of the American Revolution?
How was food stored in medieval times (kingdoms and such)?
Easy 10 points.....just read + tell me wacha think!!?
Who were two famous Europeans born on the same day in the 19th century who hated each other?
Did Al-Qaeda achieve any of its aims?
Why was the US in a no-win Cold War situation by 1961?
what did the average american fear most during the cold war?
history question?
Was Hitler to blame for world war Two?
How did the lower class and English poor truly try to get social mobility in virginia?
how were the opium wars imperialistic?
Did George Washington have a dalmatian?
Will the UK always have to do what the USA says because the USA saved the UK during WW2?
what happened in africa after the second world war the influence decolonisation?
soviet union best country that ever to happen?
What does the renaissance have to do with commerce, trade, and banking?
what is the influence of warhol (pop art) in our days?
What did magna carta do?
if immigrant protestors want to make a stand shouldnt they fly the american flag not their own?
nation states prior to 1945 in africa?
What 1868 change to the US Constitution made much of the bill of rights applicable?
What was socialising like in the 1950s??
What were thevonly two nations in Africa to not be "imperialized" by European states?
What do you think is the connection between slavery and racism? Why did slaveholder begin defending slavery in?
im british. and i have a question regarding the american civil war...?
The Nazis failed to take over Sweden because Sweden had a very good base of Socialism?!?
why are we buried when we die?
Why is the world we live in so evil?
I am having trouble finding a history book about an event between 1500-1700 (less that 150 pgs) .?
Why are Italians and Southern Europeans in general so racist now a days compared to Northern and Central?
what was at stake during the Battle of Tours?
Was the westernized Jawaharlal Nehru not right choice to lead Indian people after British Independence?
Who was the Mayor of Clonmel (Ireland) around 1680?
US History Help! Can you help me?
Who was that lady who refused to change her underwear for 3 years?
How did the Moroccon, Bosnian/Balkan, and Moroccan #2 crises contribute to the outbreak of World War 1?
question about Bernal Diaz and the Aztecs...?
When, where, and what is or was the oldest celebration of the arts festival or galla in the United States?
New find of people from Europe to N. America.?
What were the strengths and weakness of John F Kennedy when he was a president of the United States?
Will all our questions and answers here?
Where can I find info and history on Anglo-Indians.. I want to make a family tree?
why did america have to bomb japan with 2 atom bombs? is 1 not enough?
What are Romania's Allies?
I think I am Hitler. What should I do?
antique spoon with cv hallmark?
Yo English ppl?
why did the South fail to benefit from the industrialization and economic growth and expansion that characterc?
1. What was the tactic used by Native Americans to clear the land and give it nutrients to grow crops?
What are the Dogood Letters by Benjamin Franklin about ? :(?
What led to the Civil Disobedience Movement?
why is the sky blue?
How was the council of Nicaea resolved?
Which female singers were popular with German troops during WW2?
American HIstory Multiple choice questions! Please help!?
When were Toast Toppers first available in the UK?
How did robert oppenheimer invention impacted on the society?
Whose story is history?
How safe were royals from assassination during Shakespeare's time?
In WWII Britain, what were the chances of an eligible man not being drafted?
most important invention to mankind from the past 200 years and why???
Is this the armaggedon? are we watching the end of the world as we know it?
how did Technology help the European domination?
Japan and World War II reparations, is it time now?
Is America is the North better than the South?
How did the Inca cut the rocks?
What was at stake during the siege of Vienna?
Why is Latin America dubbed "Latin" America?
Modern Dictatorship Article?
American Revolution Question?
Briefly explain how racial tension and prejudice played a key role in the earliest anti-narcotic legislation?
Why is the US the only previously Britished ruled state which successfully gained its indepenance by force?
I found a medal and I have a question...?
Y do people still have racism in there heart when that was so 80yrs ago.?
Is this from the Articles of the Confederation or from the Constitution of the United States?
Why didn't people smile during civil war photos?
Why do you think nobody has made a movie of the story of Cortez and the Conquest of Mexico?
Whither globalization?
What was the place and date of California's lst gated community?
What does 23 skidoo mean?
What type of project could I do if I am focusing on King Tutankhamen? (King Tut)?
What nation (people or land) has never been colonized, conquered, occupied, or governed by an external power?
vietnam war?
Was the year 2000 the 1st year of 21st century or the last year of 20th century?
Do jewish community loose anythink if Holaucost didn't exist?
Was Adolf Hitler influential world-wide?
Do you think that Adolph Hitler would've been judged differently as a world leader if he didn't ->?
Who is Mabel Firez?
Was WW2 winnable for the axis?
Why did the Klu Klux Klan (who were Irish-descent) hate Catholics?
Ok all England peoples......?
can you put these events in order? russian revolution?
what did the average american fear most during the cold war?
what is the meaning of Cinco De Mayo?
What caused the rise of the Ming Dynasty?
What was Helen Kellen like?
What was Robert F. Kennedy's opinion on the naval blockade?