How did lincion being elected effect the civil war?
What is a good essay question I could ask about the Missouri Compromise. i have to write my own DBQ. ?
How did Lebensraum contribute to the holocaust?
What were the trenches?
Why the center of the civilization keeps moving West?
Did we really go to the moon?
What role does ethnic rivalries play in the failures of some African nations?
what was a result of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 ( 10 points )?
Historians, is it true over 50% of wars in known history have religion as a cause or pretext?
how to make a propaganda poster??? 10 PTS BEST ANSWER!?
When Jesus was crucified on the cross, why did He say "Father, why have you forsaken me?" before He died?
Is it wrong to be interested in who was jack the ripper ?
describe how the provisions in the Townhend Acts were opposed or protested by the colonists?
what were the working conditions in sweatshops?
in what city did coca-cola get its start?
How did the Nazies gain power?
looking for info on pioneers toys for a kids project for school?
What is the roman-greek religion?
Did the Movie "Da Vinci Code" changed your beliefs as Christians?
How did Muhammad decend from Ishmael?
Federal taxes, in the founder's eys, would they have been seen as legal or ethical?
I want information on the area West of London called Metroland by the Metropolitain Railway?
why did Elizabeth I finally agree to execute Mary Queen of Scots?
if you went back in time and became hitlers babysitter?
Which people have been discriminated throughout history?
what are cash crops?
Who was the first to use glue to put together and waterproof their ships?
Leaving cert HISTORY project ?
How did the Roman catholic Church influence music in the middle ages?
What interest did the french have in vietnam???
Was Abraham Lincoln gay?
What historic events scares you?
When GB discover America?
Do you think Columbus is guilt of ...?
Why did Constantine move the Capitol of the Holy Roman Empire?
What does 'Genesis' mean?
what rough date did the Germans split forces in ww1?
why does everyone hate Hitler?
Martin Luther King Jr. Paper on his speech i have a dream and impact?
Will Sara Palin go down in history as one of the great political luminaries of the 21st century?
What are some similarities and differences between decolonization in India and Africa?
How to start a World War?
Maronites are from where. Discuss.?
what would happen if you jumped off a realy realy tall building and died?
how much is this jewish dagger set worth?
Who was the head of NKVD (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) during Stalin's rule ?
I'm interested in historical land prices?
what was the role of women in the french revolution?
What were the effects of the treaty of versailles?
I need help with my history project abt indian monuments...ajantha ellora caves?
Where can i I find a weabsite about The Far West and the Oregon Trail?
Who do you think the saddest person in history is?
brief history of queen margaret?
Were the Wright brothers familiar with the concepts of Leonardo Da Vinci?
Why did Oedipus kill his father?
was british imperialism good or bad on its colonies?
Why did the designer of the titanic boldly say that it was the safest ship ever built?
Who wrote the Book Jarhead?
how much SIMPLER were the lives of people before WWII in western Europe as well as the USA ?
Why did Britain and France declare war on Germany, but not the Soviets in WW2?
Describe the culture of the Gilded Age.?
How did the battle of Gettysburg affect the course of the civil war?
what was the importance for workers of cesar chavez?
Describe the character of Hannibal (exam in a few hours)!?
What do you know about number 22?
1. why exactly did the us intervene in the conflict with cuba in the first place?
How did king louis XVI change the...?
What is Persia called now?
Why did Augustus attempt such social reforms as his laws on marriage and the manumission of slaves?
Do you find that "Indian Removal" during the 1800's was a genocide committed by the US or was it necessary?
I have seen a picture of Mount Rushmore with 4 Native Americans above them. Who are the Native Americans?
do you think Marylin Monroe was assasinated by the Kennedys?
Are you happy to be alive at this time in history?
Adolf Hitler, was he really responsible for the killings?
Prebendary of the Prebend?
Who were some people who shared similar ideas as Locke? Who disagreed?
How old does something have to be to become an antique?
List and explain several grievances that colonists had against the British crown.?
who is the last ruler of mauryas?
Does anyone no anything about the Great barrier reef?
Renaissance music?
Name the village where the "teutons" built a fortified church in the XIII century in Eastern Transylvania.
Did George Washington have to run against someone to become president, or was he just chosen to be president?
What are some social injustices in America?
Isn't it a pity the Cold War ended, or we'd have had bionic beings and reached Uranus by now?
enjoy it americans (yanks)?
question about the all seeing eye?
Did ancient egyptian slaves have "days off"?
We hear about it all the time but what does the UN actually do and what has it ever actually accomplished?
What country did Fidel Castro bring communism to?
who was dejaz alamaieo?
is it possible to achieve total peace in the world?
U.s history test ch. 5-7?
what did the progressive movement focus on?
Is europe in the eastern hemisphere?
First American President: George Washington or John Hanson?
Why has no one even today, really searched for King Solomon's Lost Mines?
arc of the covenant segment (guiness world book of records )?
Adolf hitler just little information?
who was george washington?
What were the main causes of The Great Depression?
What do you think of the London riots? video included.?
Why did the U.N. leave Rwanda in its hour of need in the 90s?
A timeline of invasions into Ancient Britain?
How did languages develop the basic sounds?
What was the the kingdom of Kalingga in Indonesia?
what ist the meaning of the word tsunami?
Which port city replaced Liverpool and Bristol as the main shipping ports after WW2 & why?
When did wild boars became extinct in England?
What is the snake for on the doctor's symbol?
Was John Hawkin a pirate like Francis Drake or a an official navy soldier?
Do you believe the history we're taught?
Is there any way I can take a women's history class?
Does anyone know of a website full of information on 16th century france?
what led to the first crusade?
how did the independence movement fail?
According to the Code of Theodosius who were heretics?
What's your favorite war movie?
Was the slavery system really that bad?
What is the definitions of 'collaborators' in WWII?
what is the holocaust??
Moors were black? Says who?
How did World War 1 "Change" Western Governments and societies ?
what were the changes in vegetation on Easter island between 950 and 1980. And what cause those changes.?
compare and contrast the goals and strategies of the lincoln, johnson and cogressional plans for the reconstru?
How did the Mazatec indian shamans eat their shrooms?
who was the first person to discover north america?
Quick Question About the Emergence of Homo Sapiens?
im looking for a book about all longines watches?
What is Deja Vue?
what are the origins, methods, and ambitions of the student movement of the 196's?
What were a few trigger industries in the United States during the Industrial Revolution?
what was the nature revolution of 1848 in france?
why u choose this to answers the questions? :)?
Why was the ACTU established?
what was the meaning of writing the bill of religious freedom?
Need Major History Help!?
If all books of our world history were to be burn, which one would you want to keep?
why do many people still worship hitler????
Who is Raphael Sanzio?
Question about song lyric that has to do with African slavery?
Problems with and similarities and differences with USSR and US during the Cold War?
Question about the Thames in London.?
What were some jobs offered to the Chinese in the early 1900s in America?
A good American civilization book ?
Mughal period????????????????
what factors operated in America's favor at the beginning of the Revolutionary war?
what is the consequeces of castle building?
why are the british seen as bad rulers of india?
what is the cost to rent a apartment in Chicago in 1969?
what was the indo aryan government like?
What language did Jesus speak?
All about lutheranism?
What region in the North American continent did the British and French fight over that led to war? And why?
What were the three most important turning points in the Civil War that ensured A Northern victory?
Looking for info on James Mix, jr watch. Any help appreciated.?
How many soilders were in the union army in the New Orleans civil battle?
What moment of history that you have lived through will you tell your granchildren about ?
how can i fine the patterns robinson ransbottom made and make?
why did the USA collapse its own towers in NY?
what were the first nine capitals of the united states?
can some one, tell me why fan noli is a virtuous person?
What has happen to society?
Do you think the world would be better off, If Hitler won ther war world II?
i would like an example of a completed declaration that will acknowledge that i am telling the truth?
What did Ben Franklin think of the Scriptures?
Who were the first Europeans to explore.......?
Was the assassination the main reason for Austria declaring war on Serbia?
What are two greatest achievements of Terry Fox? the reason why those are his greatest achievement? Thanks?
"LIBERTY WILL NOT DESCEND TO A PEOPLE . . . " appears on one of the Secretriats. Anyone know the origin?
Why was democracy facing collapse and why was communism...?
is the knights of st jouhn of jerusaleam the oldest order of kinights or this there an older one?
Question about my ethnicity?
why vichy was capital of france?
GERMANY HITLER FLAG . what the flag of Hitler symbolizes ?
What was Hitler's nationality?
Did You know why Jesus Christ my son doesn't responded to your call?
Im asking about my ancestors in Serbia a place called Velika? if anyone knows anything. Im Albanian.?
What are the causes of the Industrial Revolution?
what did the watts riot in los angeles illustrate?
the history of weaving?
in what industry were the first major breakthroughs of the industrial revolution made?
was it wright to kill saddam without mercy?
whos the comander and chief of the chericowas ?
Are antiques becoming a thing of the past?
what is the name of first killer of mahatma gandhi?
which web site can I find more information on Houston TX museum district being free?
Edmund Burke's and Thomas Paine's main points on the French Revolution?
who is the person who painted monalisa?
The Vietnam War Lessons?
is the story of the British leader General Bernard Montgomery true?
Who's heard of king Aurthur. king of England?
what should I know about Henry V?
Where was Hitler born?
Who in your opnion was the best President from my list?
Who is (in your opinion) the best person from world history?
Historically, What was Calpurnia ( Julius Caesar's wife) dream?
How was hitler able to kill 11 million jews?
What Did The Cherokee Indians Live In?
What does A.M. and P.M. actually stand for???
Which statement about the burial practices of the ancient Egyptians is fales?
i have a project work ab8 the heritage of india?where can i find info &pictures?
One effect of the Cold War was?
There was a program called "Empire of the Seas" on channel 12 and I was wondering if I could find that on the?
Has anyone heard of the famous Revolutionary war hero, General Israel Putnam?
Do you think that Pinochet was a great man?
who is the most beautiful lady in the world?
British withdrawal from Kenya?
why do medieval knights use swords?
In spite of its name, the Revolutionary War Battle of Bunker Hill did not take place on Bunker Hill. Where was
Was Canada affected at all in the Battle of Arras (October 1914)?
Why did the French come to New France in 1663?
Who was the best President of the United States of America who was a Democrat?
Can you describe the “Bosnian” people?
Arrey Patrick a Camerounian Long time friend. how can i locate him now?
What side of the road did the Romans travel on.?
What Famous Black Man in the 1970s Was The Biggest Womanizer Who Slept with many Women?
How did Adolf Hitler die? and what belief system and group was hitler considered to be the founder of?
How was wine consumed? What does this tell us about the ancient Greek culture?
have u heard about Philippines???
slogans for aeschylus?
Main causes of French Revolution?
Why did High Royds Lunatic Asylum Menston close down in Yorkshire?
Did the ancients really now about and use electricity?
Who was the single most evil man to ever exist in the history of man???
Is Jesus a god to Christians?
Did Mr. Obama look like a boy that had been to the woodshed?
what was the proclamation of 1763?
15 bullet points about slavery in the civil war?
how did the redeemer movement attempt to instill white supremacy/racial hierarchy in the post Civil War south?
What was Adolph Hitler's favor meat?
what shakespear did in his lifetime?
When and who robbed all those egyptian tombs and what happened to the "treasures" ?
where did all the Nazi go after the second world war?
Marcel Duchamp did a good idea when put a toilet to thegallery?
Which is the tallest building in the world now?
who discovered America?
were Australian soldiers involved in the My Lai massacre?
what is the history of the Hopi Indians?
Ancient Roman Buildings...?
how succesfull were the progressive in late 1800 and early 1900's?
please answer me... u might have been in the same situation. I NEED HELP!?
Would everything be better if nobody had any notion of nationalism?
The Cambrian explosion is a period in Earth's history when what significant event occurred?
US HIstory "what if" on the revolutionary war?
I'm looking for the famous picture of JFK leaning over his desk.?
What factors motivated the founding of the Chesapeake Bay and Massachusetts Bay colonies? What unique difficu?
why was the promise land so important to ancient israelites?
What were people branded for by the Inquisition?
Why did Jesus and the Pharisees came into conflict over the Law?
If you could travel back in time, what specific historical event would you change?
What do these sections of the Declaration of Independence mean?
how would bahadur shah zafar feel when he was in prison in burma?
What was the March on Rome?
does slavery still occur in the 21st century?If so, where?
Progressivism tried to solve the problem of?
What is segregation designed to do?
What was the invention in 1793 which would allow slavery to be economically feasible?
Frank Whittle family tree?
Whether Atilla the Hun is Mongol or Turkic?
which country is the fiurst to host world cup?
How did Canada contribute to NASA in the 1960's?
How are Peter the Great and Maria Theresa similar?
Indian ocean trade vs silk road trade?
If you could go back in time and uninvent something what would it be? This is for an essay I'm writing.?
Is There Anyone on Y!A Who Is Older Than 15?
who was to blame for the death of Romeo and Juliet?
Should ppl feel guilty if family was nazis/slave owners, etc.?
what was zeus's mom name called?
Why did the U.S. invade Florida in 1817?
Can anyone tell me about the Sistine Madonna and its importance in history?
What culture do you think had the biggest Impact on present day ..The Greeks or The Romans?
Who would really win in a fight between David and Goliath?
Who was the first to discover laws of reflection of light.I know but just wanna confirm it.?
Does anyone really believe Iranian President Ahmadinejad's claim that the holocaust never actually happened?
Have u forgot when the twin towers felll?
who is the 15th president of the U.S.A.?
Why are Greeks and Italians really dark compared to rest of the Europeans?
Is Stalin’s system of communism that was expressed through command economy and command society, makes him a hi?
Why would't Chrostpher Columbus's nationality be important?
America: what happened to land of the "FREE"?
do u have a yunani script writing?
Do you know people like this?
I need a brief list of important dates in chruch history for Christianity and Catholicism. Esp. neg. events...
Examples of time in history where emotion hindered the pursuit of knowledge?
How can some people have the gaul to say that the holocaust never happened or that it wasn't as bad as we were
Whats found in some of the ancient Renaissance cities?
Who was the first ruler in history to establish a police force?
what is the annabelle lee?
Eithnic wise where did Austrians come from and how they differ from Germans?
Has there been a Presidential candidate who lost on the Presidential election but years later, he won?
What model Rolleiflex is this? The seller claims it belonged to Eva Braun but ...?
Since we as Americans are a nation of immigrants - Why is not not American History month ?
Who fought in the Civil War...?
1Which Bolsheviks always agreed with Lenin and never opposed him? 2Could one be a Russian AND a Soviet citizen?
QUEEN ELIZABETH . her original family name is Hanouver ; why changed to Windsor ?
what year was slavery abolished in the US?
Who was the second man to step in the moon?
Charles de Gaulle, French general and first president of the Fifth Republic (1958–69) of France, was born in
Best historical time period to live in?
If you had the chance to live in any period in History what era would you pick? And why?
Where does the saying "All roads lead to Rome" come from?
Why did this cause the fall of Rome?
4. Explain how human beings came to North America.?
What are qarmaqs?
What were two problems with Burgoyne's strategy in 1777?
Was Robin Hood, his men and Maid Marion just unintelligent deadbeats who robbed people?
What is the theme of "A War Like No Other"?
Whose fault is WW 1?
When and how was the "Crimea" created and why named this?
Who did leaders of Mesopotamia claim gave them the right to rule and how was ruled passed?
Was The Jay Treaty a controversial political issue during the early years of our nation.?
Did the French really help the USA during the independence war?
When and how did capitalism enter Spain?
what happened to the israelites in the middle kingdom?
What was the fallout from Britain making slavery illegal?
Did King Louis XIV use terror to reign?
History question !? 10 points best answer?
can someone tell me few reasons why the Pontiac resistance started?
Can someone explain how come this was possible?
Do you know any movie or presentation about industrial revolution of Europe?
What is the most historically inaccurate "historical" movie ever?
What was the average life expectancy in 1600, France?
General history of West Virginia?
Who was King of England during the American REvolution?
How did Luther’s teaching on the common priesthood of all baptized Christians undermine the traditional view?
Americans, why are we taught about how awesome America is when we are young?
who was killed by 5000 soldiers?
Can Austrians be considered a type of Germans?
Does anybody perhaps know how westward expansion affected slaveholders?
How many theories did Issac Newton have, and how many were proved wrong ?
By the 1920s and 1930s, Japan?
Martin Luthers King Speech 'I HAVE A DREAM'?
would the first world war have happened if ferdinand wasn't killed?
which people are called nubbins?
What was life like in the early 1800's?
When did Ramon Magsaysay say this quote?
What was more important to Pres. Jefferson: Liberty, or a strong government?
What are the main Historical theories from acient days to nowadays?
Does anyone no the origin of the seven citys of cibola?
what where Nazis called in WWII?
Was or can you consider Leonard Da Vinci as an architect?
What was Plato's contribution on democracy? Wat he do?
what was hitler up to what was he tryin to do?
what is the occupy movement? vs the Progressive movement?
is alexendar the great gay ,or bi?
How come the Romans never made it to Ireland?
Can anyone tell me some facts on the history of the Plymouth Colony {Massachusetts}?
Differences between the the reformation and the renaissance to the enlightenment and scientific revolution.?
Why did people at the time of WW1 say that World War I was "a war to end all war" ?
What does SUN YAT SEN say caused...?
why did otto van bismarck have a second founding of the reich in 1879?
What would have happened if Hitler would have won the war against allies?
what does the aztec name homeatl mean?
Is William Stayley anyone important?
Should'nt Britishers return the KOHINOOR diamond to India?
Mayan calendar do indicate the end of the world.?
WHO was martin luther?
Not trying to be insulting to anyone?
Maronites are from where. Discuss.?
Can you name a major North American Native American civilization?
What civilization did mesopotamia trade with?
who discovered america?
Did Britain ever defeat france and spain?
What are the causes and effect of the French VS Indian War?
why was jane eyre such a controversial text during victorian era?
How was Gunter Schabowski responsible for the fall on the Berlin Wall?
In what ways did the Holocaust develop from larger trends across that time era?
Name some great womens in the history of world?
Has anyone noticed that the face in the center of the Mayan calendar has it's tongue out?
which secondary school subjects you dislike most?
How great wall influences the modern world?
Can you plzz summarize how life was like for the puritans in america? .s?
which US massacre happened leaving a message saying evil is made not born?
By what nickname were the American soldiers called during World War II?
what should i bring for my history lesson? prop from ww1?
What is your favorite era of human history? Mine is the enlightenment.?
Do you think there is a secret war being fought between churches in America and Europe.?
What would be some stuff to include on a time line on the Korean War? Is there any websites that may help me?
What were the different impressions of Charles I?
Even though i dont drink everyday. I do every weekend!! Am i an Alcoholic?
How many US soldiers died in vietnam, and how many have died in irak????
Do you thnik it's unfair to judas to play painful, and obligatory role in a carefully pre-arranged script.
help me with history please?
HELP Homework report Mayan?
Who really killed JFK? was it a man with a mask ridding a white horse and using silver bullets? if not him,who?
What were the responsibilities of a Duke (if any,) in the 19th century?
Napoleon Bonaparte regulated the ___ . Fill in the blank please.(:?
Do you believe in the ''LOCKNESS'' monster?
Teapot dome how affected the American society?
I need to write a paper for school on art I need to find art in the years of 30000bce to 500ce were can I go?
Where would the Chinese Royal Family have lived before the construction of the Forbidden City?
Your Opinion on Settlers vs. Native Americans?
Did Lybians s0d0mize and torture ambassador Stevens before his death?
1st Crusade help with information?
Help With U.S. History PLEASE?
What year did the Europeans settle in American Indian lands?
Similarities and differences with the usage of terms old english and anglo saxon?
Why Did World War 1 Happen?
Did the U.S. and the Soviet Union compete by training better athletes or giving money to other countries?
Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus question!!?
Why did they attack Nagasaki and Hiroshima and was it necessary?
Did Marie Antoinette really say "Let them eat cake."?
Why did the British authorize the use of slaves?
Which states joined the US after ww2?
house made of coral in florida?
How long was Miss Jean Louis's "kale binge"?
Which major disaster happened in London in 1666?
Who were Margaret of Anjou and the Earl Of Warwick?
viking project?????????????????
what clothes did the convicts wear in the first fleet?
Who criticized the growth of bis business in late 19th century and why?
i heared someone say that hitler was a lil' gay or he is part jewish is that true?
what caused europe to be medival then change to renaissance?
How did people dress..............???
What French military heroine is also known as the model of an inspiring leader?
Hey, does this all make sense?
What were the goals of the reconstruction treaties with Oklahoma's native american people?
Why were merchants essential to the Industrial Revolution?
Who is the greatest person of all time?
Who would win in a fight, Teddy Roosevelt or Andrew Jackson?
what is a original name lord buddha?
What do you think is the reason behind Amelia Earhart's death?
I found a old bottle under a house and i was wondering if it was worth anything (buck's beverage columbus,GA
What do you think of us Brasilians?
I have a question about WWII?
If Jesus was a Jew..then why were the Christians persecuted?
who is the most influential man in history?
Who is the greastest person to have ever lived?
How did the events of world war 2 lead to the cold war?
Do you know people like this?
What is the papulation in india now?
How do you consider Patricia Nelson Limerick historical writtings?
Disease killed many Indians, but European settlers were not affected by disease.?
Differences Between Haitian and Cuban Independence?
What were the Saint Stephen day murders?
were there japanese pirates in the 18th century?
Who was the only President of the United States who was also formerly the king of another country?
Has their ever been a leader who was universally applauded by his/her people? Who?/ Who came closest?
where did queens live in medeival times?
did che guevara kill innocent people?
Need more info on Custodio the Toddy tapper who was killed by portuguese in revolt of 1912 by Rane's?
According to the declaration of independence, what rights did the English king and the parliament violate?
52 states of america?
What were some of the key events of the French and Indian war?
How do you think Unity Mitford felt knowing that two of her sisters had Jewish lovers?
Did everyone lust for Bianca as she was the only virgin left in the town, in Taming of the Shrew?
What dynasty rulled china from 1644-1911?
Holocaust History Help! 10 Points!?
All he did was weaken the country and waste money. How the fk did he get re elected?
Did Adam and Eve have navels?
who did you want to be when you were younger?
who build tower of pisa?
Unbelievable babies made out of clay?
Was MLK,jr a fake?
Did something like this ever happen in real life..?
Where're many Kingdoms around the globe?
is there a way i could write a persuasive essay on the gilded Age? What would I persuade people about if I did
In history has anyone ever survived a seating in the electric chair?
History Help!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
what was the economy of the mayas, aztecs and incas and the accomplishments of the aztecs?
What is a good essay question on the Alamo?
Who was jack the ripper?
Can you answer any or all of my questions about Henry Thoreau's Civil Disobedience?
What would Adolf Hitler do if he had the internet?
How long was it before Germany realized what Hitler was? Is it the same with Bush and the USA?
what will the world be like, if everyone does the thing u do ???
why was nelson mandela put in prison?
What were the two main findings in the PARC Case (1971) ?
HELP! World History!?
where to get a picture of the treat of ildefonso?
If the titanic had never sunk, how would that have affected us today?
List of great/important Hungarian knights?
why is adulthood now considered 18 when most of history people married at 14, 15, 16?
Why did the Iranians take Americans hostages starting from 1979?
Could Oda Nobunaga have become Shogun if he had not been assassinated?
To increase production output during the industrial revolution, what did businesses primarily invest in?
What were some of the economic and political gains for Europe? during imperialism.?
Why did george washington delay in accepting the invitation to attend the philidelphia convention?
Hi, does anyone know what "C Quarters" near the Portland Prison UK, was? My father was born there 25 Sept 1940?
Was Alexander great?
names of 5 famous spanish people please?
which of the follwing caused a split in the women's suffrage campaign?
What was the nature of the British state from 1689-1815? How and why did it change from 1815-1848?
why does our government feel that the holocaust is so terrible, but underplay what they did to african slaves?
How did the war of 1812 end?
who invented digital piano?
What is the most ridiculous invention ever?
what were YOU doing during the 9/11 attacks?
Why do we celebrate Queens Birthday In June?
How did canada's autonomy improve during and after world war one?
the liberty bell rang on someones funeral whos?
Is there anywhere to get a good poster sized detailed copy of the 1513 Piri Reis Map?
To what extent was Progressivism a fully articulated dogma which made all Progressives think alike on all subj
How true are the french rules of warfare?
Who really started WWII?
What was the Newfoundland Regiment in WWI?
If spain was fascist why didnt it fight with the Axis?
How did Bach come to develop the twelve-tone system of intervalic division, western music uses today?
how many people died during the crusades?
Is it true that Satan made love to Eve @ eden?
What is the BEST survey website for world history?
Should we continue sympathy for the Jewish Holocaust when they actively Persecute Palestinians Today?
Apart from the NewTestament and gnostic texts is anything known about Judas Iscariot?
What famous list sported a total of 451 male and 7 female fugitives during its first 50 years?
How does the United States dropping the bomb on Japan affect our lives today?
What are three major problems facing Europe in the next 3 decades?
when did charles darwin say “The mystery of the beginning of all things is insoluble by us; and I for one...?
How did the political boundaries of the medieval states compare with those of the ancient Roman Empire?
What is the significance of the debate between Luther and Cardinal Cajetan?
how was mt rushmore made?
Was Texas used to be part of Mexico?
what does swastika means(not political)?
Why is the balcony in Verona, Italy, called the Romeo and Juliet balcony?
What is the difference between wars against govt. regimes with armies and fighting against political ideolgies?
Does anybody know what was Socrete's method, except dialektiki and meaiftiki?
Did Adolf Hitler have any children?
What did the Europeans learn from the Arabs?
Who is the greatest woman in history ?
what are two interesting events of colonial Connecticut?
What were the work to women of london between 19 and 20 century?explain what led this changes?
Why were there never gas attacks on Britain during WW2?
What is the worst historical thing to EVER happen in the world?
Describe the significance of the twelve apostles as part of Aboriginal Heritage.?
what are achievements by the songhai empire!?
What period in history do you find the most interesting/fascinating?
Who would win in a fight, Stalin or Hitler?
How did the US Civil War (1861-65) speed up the settlement into the West?
Can you think of some of the great chickens of history?
who was Komyo?
Where did Giovanni da Verrazano expect to go?
Malcolm X: What did he do ?
I need a good greek history site, or source.?
Is history a lie? Just wondering don't trip?
Where can I find black & white pictures of the 1960's?
Who was the red barron??
If women weren't allowed in the ancient Olympic Games, how did Cynisca of Sparta win them?
what was the death toll of the 1906 quake in San Francisco?
Question about the atomic bombing of Japan?
how did the church effect science in the middle ages?
what comes first to your mind when you think of the 80's?
what was decided by the treaty of tordesillas?
What would Adolf Hitler do if he had the internet?
who said stay british was it nelson captain scott or captain of the titanic?
what are some things that the romans did that was really bad?
Emancipation proclamation help!! Homework help !! please read?
Is there such thing as a pure race? are we all mixed?
does any one have info on world war I?
which greek philosopher required his students to take a vow of silence?
how did the u.s. constitution address the grievances of the American colonists?
Who was worse, Stalin or Hitler?
How did the Mexican-American war affect the Missouri Compromise?
Wich president was nicknamed"Honest Abe"?
What is the American revolution?
where did the federalist's party get it's main support?
how did president j kenedys make his fortune?
DId you see my question about how the economy has always been better under democrates over the last 80 years?
Wich meeting was held in philalephia in 1787?
Underneath it all was Hitler good?
Are there any "Human Rights" that Stalin but in place in the Soviet Union after WW2?
Does anyone know anything about the contribution bille holiday made to the Harlem Renaissance?
who did the US consitution discriminate against when it was written and how did it do so?
Identify Augustas and discuss the characteristics of his reestablished roman republic?
When was the Da Vinci Code written?
What were the efforts of Spanish explorers?
Why is the Navy covering up the information about John McCain's 1964 Car Crash?
What did John Quincy Adams think about Native Americans?
what period is known as the golden age of athens?
Why was America's 1920/1930's policy of Isolation justifiable?
What were the end results of witchcraft?
all the following are true about the rise of "Jim Crow" in the South except?
HELP: I hate history so much?
do you know giraffes tongues are 1 foot long?
Art History Question: List 3 major pilgrimage sites favored by Medieval Europeam pilgrims.?
Fully Developed Answer; American History.?
In the 1920s what were the roles of?
Should King Edward VIII (later Duke of Windsor) be condemned for being a Nazi Sympathizer?
Do you ever look back at history and wonder how we made it this far?
Do you love my foot?
what was the ohio country?
Why did Hindenburg initially refuse for Hitler and his demand?
who was the first roman catholic president for united states?
what did the ancient romans think of fossils?
what is the meaning of India ?
Is it true that Napoleon Bonaparte II is a short man?
facts about the civil war?
What was worse Watergate under Nixon or the Teapot Scandal under Warren Harding?
Who is the most important person in history?
what was unified italy built aruound what kingdom?
Where did the city of Turku(Finland) take its name from??
the englands where catholic right? but how did they pass through catholic to proteztants?
What changes did the British make in India?
What is a recurring aspect of American history and or culture?
If Atlas is holding the world on his shoulders, what was he standing on?
What Latin American country is a communist dictatorship?
How has the bow and arrow influenced our world today?
how did the movement to enclose farmland affect english hope for colonies?
Why did Hitler think that his race was best?
what was the first language spoken by man?
Was Diana Spencer related to Sir Wnston Spencer Churchill? If so, how?
The recognized capital of the Enlightenment was:?
Is Auschwitz scary to visit ?
What were 3 important points discussed in the debate tonight?
why do birds fly south?
What are the first signs of the decline of an Empire?
Holocaust Research - Have the Museums Got it Wrong????
When Will WWIII begin and who will be the combatants?
~~~~~What did the Native Americans say in Kid Nation?~~~~~?
What is the timeline of the Sugar Hill Gang?
"the americans were justifiably right in dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
How were the ancient Hebrews influenced by the ancient Babylonians?
What is your idea for the turning point in the Civil War out of Gettysburg or Antietam?
what do u think about this topic sentence?
Iraqi Jews - is there a reliable source about the history of this community?
Did any US presidents play chess..if so, where they any good?
Does Martin Luther King approve of Malcolm X?
Do you think Male and Female cheat in Same Ratio?
How do you get the flu?
I want to look at my family tree for free. How can I do it?
What type of violence did the KKK use to control the lives of African Americans during Reconstruction?
who was worse Hitler or Stalin?
what is the enlightment?
Does anybody know where the name Ellenit comes from?
true and false History question.?
What is the meaning of life?
who was the first American to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? (hint: he was also a President)?
A civil war Qustion....help please...?
I found a duraglas windex bottle in very good condition Can some one give me a idea of how much it is worth?
What is the asnwer to Why?
How did the American colonies view themselves immediately following the American Revolution?
why did the Americans accuse the Japanese Americans of being spies?
what did Jesus do for us?
if america were independent, the nation could-?
did hitler really intend to kidnap pope pius?
what is low sodium bacon?
Who were the "Moors" and what did they actually do?
Why did the chinese destroy their records?
Cultures of North America ?
In the Roaring 20s was Salvador Dali trying to cling to traditional values, or was he with the younger gen?
Why was Walther Rathenau assassinated?
WW II Nursing Sisters.?
What was the best WWII fighter plane ? Me Bf109 E ? Spitfire ? Zero ?
Which was not expressed by Bartolome de Las Casas in A Very BriefAccount of theDestruction of the Indesin 1552?
Is there a Boy Scout Bible?
Can we learn a lesson on multiculturalism from Spain's Al Andulus region?
What is the significance of the October revolution?
what types of discrimination did homosexuals face through out history in the United States of America?
Since the end of World War II.....?
in the civil war why do u think Kentucky, missouri, maryland, and delaware never seceded?
If Anglo-Saxons came from Schleswig-Holstein, would not then the English be actually German?
which pyramid of giza was built first?
Was the Civil War fought over slavery?
The month of august was named after what man?
Was hitler really as dumb as every one though?
What is your opinion on the polish invasion?
Where can I get Chernobyl documentrys?
what were the causes, objectives, and consequences of U.S. wars from 1898 to the present ?
Why did many colonists protest the Stamp Act?
why oil in the middle east region is considered important for strategic global development and diplomacy.?
Can you give me the title of a book about the Magna Carta?
Donna Ludwig Fox still alive?
describe images/ideas of africa?
What happened in the Battle of The Somme and how did it shape Canada during WWI?
Discuss the evolution of empire in the mediterranean basin envolving ATHENS,ROMANS,MACEDONIANS,GREEKS?
History Paper Subject (U.S. Interest from 1880-1940)?
The first movie made about the sinking of the Titanic?
who knows the "Four Beauties"in the history of China?
in response to cold war, President Eisenhower rejected the "new look" strategy of containment which relied hea?
Why were European countries the first to dominate those in other continents?
What's YOUR opinion on "Last Supper" painting by Leonardo Da Vinci?
True or False!!!!!!!!?
How is the U.S able to have a base in Cuba when Fidel Castro is a sworn enemy. How long has the base been ther
How did the Cronulla Riots affect Australia today?
Significance of Hessians to the Revolutionary War?
How do you make a three corner hat??
Which is the best Jack the Ripper Tour at Whitechapel?
What good things has Scotland given the world?
Who was really the first president of the United States?
How did religion shape politics and culture during the medieval period?
The Siege of Paris? Who? What? How?
HISTORY? where did martin luther discover the revelation?
When Anne Frank died in a concentration camp, did her family die with her?
How did the role of women change in North America from 1607 to the 1840s?
Does any one know anything about the town of Bee,Minnesota in Houston County?
Which country in central asia is the original homeland of the rajputs of rajasthan?
Why Did the United States Help Create Israel?
What is the meaning of "辨数" ?
Industrial Revolution?
Nazi Germany: Hitler, the holocaust (help!)?
Where does the dialect Papiamento come from?
summarize the reasoning behind the anti-imperialist attitude during WW1?
What was The Battle of Naseby?
Would General Custer have survived the Battle at the Little Big Horn?
Any contemporary accounts of the blowing up of the Parthenon 1686?
Can anyone tell me about Henry Berrie Lowrie?
Does any one now how king tut died?
What exacty was the populist movement in America?
What Plants did Lewis and Clark discover between April,1,1805- August,7,1805?
Why didn't more countries join the Nazis?
Why was the Hartford Convention so controversial?
what was the townshend act?
what do you think was the worst and cruelest murdeer in the history of america?
how to make a inca supspension bridge model?
How did British colonies gain independance with out revolution?
what was life like for early puritans?
Whats ur opinion.... christopher marlowe faked his death to become will Shakespeare, or did he actually die?
Who was the worst US president ever?
to what extent was the late nineteenth-century and early twentieth- century United States expansionism..?
how to find a lawsuit that was filed in approx the 1960 by native americans vs the us goverment?
Could we have won the vietnam war?
What would it have taken for the US to back Germany in WWII?
What was the historical significance of Robert Fulton (1765-1815)?
what should i do at my school if i don't fit in with the others kids because I'm from another country.
Should we still disrespect people like Adolf Hitler, based on what he has done?
Did every soldier in WW2 smoke?
Where was the world's first university established?
Why does "Arkansas" have such a strange spelling?
In this community, who is Dr Answerswell ??? This person is a genius !!!?
Difference between the Italian culture and Canadian culture?
If you could take one modern invention back to 1600 to use, what would it be?
Explain why the British goverment and many frontier colonist were at odds over the Treaty in 1763.?
please review my site and tell me your opinion http://fashiontruhistory.blogspot.com/?
What were some of Ulysses S. Grant's important contributions? And how did they contribute to society?
Who is the president of the united states?
What were the main events that happened during the Weimar Republic? (timeline)?
In what ways did the enlightenment and the great awakening influence colonial views about government?
Why was the Archduke Franz Ferdinand important to Austria?
Andrew Jackson political cartoon??
What effect did British imperialism have on society at home?
Why is it important to honor the unsung heroes and often forgotten patriots?
Who was your favorite president?
Was lawrence of arabia homosexual?
United States History Help?
what the main difference between USA & UK culture?
Who Was the Greatest General of the Second World War and Why?
The rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?
What's your favorite speech or quote in American history?
did hitler like the british people? ?
i need information about "pagsasaling wika"?
How many years did Henry Hudson explore?
Who is the world's greatest battle strategist/conquerer?
Is this social or cultural?
Where the burial chambers of pharaohs more splendid/fancier than their palaces? (ancient egypt)?
What is the main purpose in Dracula? By Bram Stoker?
What area's of London were the homes of the rich in the 1970's ?
Do British drink tea because drinking the water unboiled could be a health risk?
What Are Some Great Careers Involving United States History?
Discuss the United States approach to colonizing the West from 1850 to the end of the century.?
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of indentured servants in Colonial America?
Why do you believe that Van Gog cut off his own ear?
What happened to the historical village outside the now-closed GM plant in Moraine, OH? What was the village?
Could someone explain to me how this is correct?
World War 1 question?
what provision did the compromise of 1850 have in common with the kansas nebraska act of 1854?
Did the Movie "Da Vinci Code" changed your beliefs as Christians?
what kind of state labor laws resulted from progressives' lobbying to protect workers?
Who was nicolo machiavelli?
Who like Sarah Palin for Vice President???? And why?
Was Hitler a real person or just a myth made by Zionists?
nationalism in the United States differed from that of continental Europe in that...?
Which country was most responsible for defeating Napoleon?
Which city has the world's oldest subway system still in operation?
What was our country called before winning the American Revolutionary War?
What are modern day examples of Asymmetric Warfare?
what's the significance of the middle passage?
Can you name a single person from history who having failed persistently is worth imitating?
What is a very creative tittle for a paper on the atomic bomb?
What's the difference between the Holocaust and the Genocides of the native americans and australians?
Which German leader do you think is most well known to people?
what were the key issues of the rebellions upper canada?
What do you know about Palestine?
what were indians called before?
Do you think ancient artifacts and works of art for example "The Elgin Marbles" should be returned?
when was the first camera invented?
what year did Calvin invent the frying pan?
dhurinder singh was a artist about 100 yrs. back.?
Help with History need to know if I am right... PLEASE HELP!!!?
How can i sharing the history of Ethiopia on facebook?
Where does the suburb or place name Alderley comes from?
Was George Washington Abraham Lincoln's grandfather?
what did hunter gatherers hunt?
Where did Central America get the inspiration for thier independence revolutions?
Did the Apollo landing really happen?
Why were the leaders of the 20th century more important than the events that they have brought?
What countries were in the German Empire during WW1?
aside from the holocaust, how else Hitler differ with other conquerers?
what is a primary document?
will the government of the UK ever give up the Falklands and other UK territories?
how did martin luther start the protestant reformation?
who was the largest federal employer in the decades prior to the Civil war?
Who was the first African American to receive the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor?
assess the factors which led to the decline of european capitalism?
What empire was bigger in is best moment? The Romans or Spain?
Why was Port Jackson (NSW Australia) chosen as a suitable site for the first settlement?
Is US' frngn policy infuenced by intelligence Community who are ruled by fear not facts?
Why did Egyptians chose to build their cities near the water?
Was the economy better in the colonial times?
was adolf hitler killed or did he get away?
According to historical study, is there an absolute truth or objective about history or historical events?
What do you think were the first words ever spoken?
What ended life on the western frontier for native americans (what were they scared of?)?
How did Russian Tsar's typically react to change?
For Friends of Bill W.?
Was the 'March West' by the Mounties unique?
Pope Gregory the Great was responsible for all of the following except?
Is this statement accurate?
Why do people think Hitler was all that bad?
What are three ways power corrupted the decisions of the conspirators in the play Julius Caesar?
the crucible is an allegory. why did arthur miller choose the salem witch trials as his settings?
Why would the region of Mesopotamia be a defining characteristic for the region?
What happened to the Luftwaffe after the defeat at Stalingrad?
Where do you think is the birth place of the Hamburger...and how did they get that name??
what is an ipod?
Who are famous Benedicts?
JFK illegitimate children?
Was there really a revolution in Germany in 1918? Should it be called a revolution?
What is your specialist history era or era/events you know most about?
I love the Titanic (the ship) who else loves it?
Is the press fair about reporting on Hitler and WWII?
How Frederic II Hohenstaufen - a secular sovereign - decided condemn religious crimes?
Who is the most demented, psychotic, evil person that ever lived?
What is the most important invention (out the internet) that all of times?
what was William T Sherman's role in the final phase of civil war?
what should we do with the ileagal immagrants?
did the Holocaust happen?
To what extent did the role of civilians in warfare change between the years 1950 and 1953?
How did America's foreign policy change from George Washington's farewell address to now?
How did the Spanish conquistadors treat people in Latin America?
One result of the social welfare reforms passed in Great Britain in the early 1900s was that?
why did the allies blame germany for world war 1?
when did electricity really get invented? Was it over 4,000 years ago?
What will historians write about the Bush family after they are dead?
the cities that florished on the bank of river indus are called?
What were some ways to interperate egypt art?
Why was the Vietnam War such a tragic failure?
Who were Mahatma Gandhi's opponents and what were some of the conflicts?
Principles of the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence?
was the Spanish consequent beneficial ?
how does an Argentina national costume looks like? can u pls post a picture? jessa?
If you could go back in time to any era/time period, to what date would you go?
what happend at the cuban missile crisis?
age 22 yers, but i studied 12th wat iwill studi at next?
did rome or greece have the bigges influenence on western society? give 5 examples of their current in western?
where can i find information on history of makeup in film industry?
Was Hitler the luckiest man alive?
which is the first egg or chicken??
who is the really builder of the pyramids the jews or the ancient egyptian?
What abt the 2 billion year old iron vessel that was found?
What was so good about Sir Isaac Newton ?
what is ias41?
History of last name Scherbak?
what was the life of a chinese girl in the old times?
Primaries were most powerful during the period of: A) 1900-1932 B) 1932-1960 C) 1960-1976 D) 1976-Present?
How did Babylonians form large numbers, like 616, using the Babylonian system of numeration?
whats the name of that library that is like a museum some rich person made fom silicon valley?
what is maundry thursday?
Does history repeat itself ?
What is the Defintion of Poor Richard's Almanac?
Who was Lizzie Bryce?
Who are the staffs of a death row faculty?
Are Arabs beginning to immigrate en masse to America?
Why China closed their country in the past?
Why is Galileo such an important component of the Renaissance?
Where can I find a comprehensive description of the battle of Didgori; did Frankish Templars take part and how
effects of the Hundred Years’ War. How did it change warfare? How did it affect politics?
Who do you think Jack the Ripper was?
German Project help plz.?
How were generational divisions apparent in American society during the 1950s and 1960s?
Is there a word used as "our" in 1800's english?
What is the name of the act that encouraged the settlement of the west by giving families 160 acres land?
In which year was the value of U.S exports to China at its lowest?in which year was it at its highest?10points?
Sharun israili president died?
What is a constitutional monarchy?
had Jack the Ripper been arrested in the 19th century ?
How did the world react to the Oklahoma City Bombing?
what is the most popular name in the world?
Did Benjamin Franklin discover electricity?
How have geopolitics in the middle east been changed by oil?
why did the japanese kamikazis use helmets?
Did Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg have any faults or failures as a ruler?
When did potery begin?
Questions about the 1920's in America?
why was the constitution of america needed?
Comparing the Army today with the Roman Army back than? 10 points?
Whatever Hitler did, was it right? Think again before u answer.....?
It seems to me we are more barbaric today than we were yesterday?
How do the chinese believe they arrived there? Is their story similar that that of the ark and a flood?
French Revolution (see details)?
what makes the nose become awry?
If you could choose anytime in history to live your life, when would it be?
Question about US History King Philip?
What are three major events of the war in the south?
where did the expression " I asked you first!" come from?
Can someone give me a summary of the Second World War?
Who was the most important person in the history of the world ever ever ever?
was hitler a good painter?
why did people come to california after the gold rush?
The Dust Bowl was caused by all of the following EXCEPT?
US History practice essay question?
Greatest ancient army Spartans,Mongols,Macedonians,Romans or Vikings?
a bed up in my attic how old is it? made by james shoolberd & co .?
General (but important) question, would you....?
what are the ill effects of era of computinghas brought upon the human race?arguewhether these ill effects are
molly candor?
could you please give me information on ancient sudanese civilization?
Does anyone know of the history of Colaiste Iosagain/De La Salle College in Ballyvourney, Co. Cork?
How did merchants and Monarchs contribute to the spread of Buddhism...?
who was the first man alive?
what was world war 1 called before world war two?
Inventor of the steamboat who really invented it?
Is there any historical evidences about the things that we always knew about Greek/Roman Myhtology?
What are the types of political groups in texas?
What are some of martin van burens accomplishments as president???
Why many Osho lovers not established new Osho communes?
When will we invade Hungary?
Can Any 1 help me with my voting poster?
What historical figure dead or alive would you like to meet or would like to have met and why?
Compare and contrast the governments that arose in Ancient China, Greece, and Rome. What was common?
Who wrote the twelve amendments ?
What did the Maya, Aztec, and Inca use to move water for agriculture?
How were President Wilson's 14 Points reflective of his idealistic philosophy?
Is it possible to time travel and kill hitler?
What did Albert Einstein like and dislike?
What are some cultures that have interesting traditional art?
When was penicillin first mass produced?
What was similar about the Roman and Byzantine Empires?
Some good things about America.?
What are websites that send out free catalogs about swords and such?
What can you tell me about Abe Lincoln that I might not know?
What is the meaning of the word Altamash?
Could we have won the vietnam war?
Who were some of Cuba's first explorers?
Could anybody explain to me the Native American map of universes?
who founded the bahai faith?
Do you think I'm approaching this prompt (for AP Euro History) correctly?
If the bible is only a story, what does history mean? ?
Who were the 12 apostles and what was their roles?
Do you think JFK Jr was assassinated?
who here thinks Halloween is a satanic celebration?? I?
Did Don Jensen win senate seat?
how did being interned in the camps create shame and destroy honor for the Japanese-Americans?
should the united states govrernmet limit the family size?
What was Catherine Parr's religious beliefs?
How did Equiano influence William Wilberforce?
did hitler have any relatives that would be alive today?
did lady byron live in solihull?
What were the failures of the Articles of Confederation?
How many soldiers were in the Mexican Army in 1846?
who was the first preident of america?
How did Bacon’s Rebellion contribute to the proliferation of the slave trade?
What were the positive and negative consequences of Spain's involvement in the silver trade?
why do Americans speak English?
What began the american colonization society?
could someone give me a detailed but brief accounts of the jews revolt of 4 years against the invading romans?
Elizabethan/Shakesperian Daily Life?
During the period of disunion, what would happen when other cultures came into contact with each other?
Where is the "Roman" stone on Gowan Hill, Stirling, UK?
Were the 1950s America's "Happy Days"?
Why the Silk Road was "closed"?
My Uncle Napoleon--PLEASE HELP!?
Do you think that spanish language will be more important tant american in the USA?
history help (1) PROMISE 10 Points?
what are 8 events in leif erikssons life?
the ways respect has been used in a good way?
when did capitalism start? (what year)?
what was the first city of the new world?
What are things like for an american soldier during war time ?
when and where was the social contract written by John Locke?
Why Americans say that they've never lost a war when they lost Vietnam's war ?
How does the American victory at Saratoga change the war for both sides?
What did Patron-client Relationships mean in ancient Rome?
Does anyone want to write a book about my life? Just Curious..?
is the aryan invasion of india myth or reality?
What GOOD things did the Nazi's do?
Who should be credited with finding America first, Amerigo Vespucci or Christopher Columbus?
Did the Egyptians use slaves to build the pryrimids?
Do you believe in Coincidence?
Where can I find major changes in American life since 1945 that has improved lives of minority groups?
Who was George Jacques Danton?
Who was treated worst? African-Americans or Native Americans?
A few History questions on famous peps.?
With technology becomes more advanced, it seems less geniuses are born in this world?
"As in the West, Asian nationalism was both a creative and destructive force"?
Most important musician in music history? And why?
During WW2 was the US really unaware of what was happening or did we just not care??
Confused about the French Revolution?
What is the historical relevance of fort santiago?
Is it true Hitler was Austrian and not German at all?
Salem witch trials: generally why did the poor accuse the wealthy?
informations on United Nations Organisation?
Discuss the Absolutism in England?
name a famous person. what he is famous for? qualities he possesses.how the person influence you?
Who is the greatest leader that ever lived?
What do you know about Vladimir Lenin? What do you think about him?