What is Deja Vue?
how did high taxes destroy rome?
What do you think is the best invintion ever made? For you and for man kind in general?
When did Europe become Multicultural and what were the reasons for it?
What was the role of the lawyers in the French Revolution?
What year did WW2 start?
Music and Poetry during the Holocaust?
Which is true for both the Great Stupa (Sanchi, India) and Taj Mahal (Agra, India)?
AP American History help?
Why didn't Jews protest during the Holocaust?
what are the main insitutions of the government of argentina? Name them and explain what they are?
who discovered America?
Did Native Americans' keep any history?
Am I the only one that still believes the Moon landing was staged?
Do you think Malcolm X was initially racist?
do you think what hitler did was right?
how was france geo-political map during clovis' gouvernment until traite de verdun?
Question about the Potato Famine.?
What is the capital of Assyria?
What happened to the social classes in brazil during the revolution of 1930?
what is the birthplace of Joséphine (wife) of Napoleon Bonaparte?
stalin's role in wwII?
Does this sentence make since?
Do you think Adolf Hitler authorized the holocaust?
What would you tell the founding fathers?
What did Mel Gibson mean when he claimed that - “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world”.?
I am looking for people interested in war memorabilia and antique books. Know anybody?
in what part of south east asia did spain have the most influence?
What is Napoleons attitude towards government?
If Leonardo da Vinci were alive today, would he be a computer geek?
How did the Napoleonic Code contribute to the development of modern law?
During what period Korean art was produced?
wow i thought it was Micheal Angelo..... anyway some of them came true: 2 big giants:twinn towers* ,hitler....
Will you help me on my Adolf Hitler essay?
whatare the birds and the bees?
Most important aspects in understanding Greek History?
When the Civil War began,President Lincoln's chief aim was to what?
How many Wind Talkers are still alive? Where?
How far did Lenin make Russia a totalitarian state?
how did bad relations in the middle east start?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of Federalist No. 10?
Did WWIII start when 9/11 occured?
in ancient days(befor Sahjahan era)was Tajmahel a hindu mandir(temple)?
what happened after joseph stalin claimed communism and capitalism could never work?
who's the greatest nation on earth?
what comes first to your mind when you think of the 80's?
how did the assassination of archduke franz ferdinand and the rise of nationalism combine to spark WWI?
Anyone notice many young men (soldiers ESP) study Military History but Neglect other History Fields?
Did more people die in 9/11 or in WWI?
Why didnt supreme court justice William Rehnquist vote in the U.S. vs Nixon trial in 1974?
Could some German surrenders have been avoided during WW2?
If the glorious revolution basically neutered the english monarchy then why was it about 100 years?
who is jethro tull?
If you could talk to any celebrity,past or present, or any historical personage, who would it be and why?
I need U.S history (til 1877) topics for a research paper in my 1301 history class?
Did James Madison invent some kind of underwear?
Woodrow Wilson's self determination and Quebec today?
who are the real semites today?
what is the history on slender man?
Is the history we read, biased by the historians, in favour of their respective nations ??
what are the Political ideas of Max Weber and Carl Schmitt?
What was the fashion like for Americans in the early 1800s?
What were the main affirmations of the declaration of the rights of man and the citizan ?
what makes you smile :)?
How did farming help settle the West?
Does anyone know anything about west african civilizations prior to colonization ?
what started world war 1?
What is the meaning of life?
What do you think of when you hear Adolf Hitler?
Where can I find information about the real Aryans?
Factors that led to the decline of the Liberal Party in the 1920's ?
who was the first country to gain independence in the world and which year.?
What was the marshal plan all about?
History Question Help???????
I need help with 4 questions about Anne Frank!!!?
Do you think The Lord visited Britain?
History.. 10 points to best answer...?
Did the Romans know about Ireland...?
who discover america?
how people get gold in oldden days in northarcot-tamilnadu?
Why is the Cuban Missile Crisis such an important part of our history?
how was free will significant in the renaissance?
Why did Russia enter World War II?
Why is it important to learn from complaints?
Differences in layout between Herculaneum and Pompeii?
Today, why would one call Adolf Hitler the "greatest man in history" or even a "great man" at that?
history question about the 1950's?
Who has Hitler's remains?
Was Adolf Hitler crazy or evil?
How many dynasties have ruled China?
Spanish fear of encroaching European settlements led to the 1769 colonization of present day?
Which of the following statements correctly explains economic conditions in the South during the Civil War?
what was it like being an ancient greece peasant?
what is act ii scene ii in shakespeare's henry iv part i about?
Did anyone else think that Tommy Mitchel's DVD on historic analysis of Darwin was insightful?
What are the causes of the 7 years war between French & British?
Copper the first?
Veterans day (what do you think?)?
Was democracy 1st started in United States?
did the Bolsheviks stay true to their aims after seizing power in 1917?
Was life as a slave as hard for all slaves?
What is the difference between these two questions? (URGENT!!!)?
Should history be changed (if wrong) or would it be best to leave it alone?
what do u think of history?
(pretty easy question) why did the government give into the workers??
what was the power of a medieval monarch?
What was Jesus' middle name?
Question about Medieval artwork?
who, in history do you have the most respect for?
What did people in the 70s believe regarding snakebites?
Who do you think really built America?
Why is ‘respectability’ so important to the 19th century bourgeois?
Why on my birth Certificate where my mother signed her names it says informants signature?
were can i find infomation on the real story of braveheart the film?
Isn't it ironic Germany tried to take over Europe 60-70 years ago?
How was teddy roosevelt seen by the Colombians and Panamanians?
Who knows the origin of these famous American names: Rooseveldt, duPont, Rockefeller?
Historians, Can somebody give me a list of the countries that Britain has Colonised, Occupied, Beaten in war?
Where can i get pics of the opening or any that of the Sanlam Golden Acre , Cape Town cira 1979-1990?
what composing era is bethoven in and especally his piece 'diabella variations'?
What was the political significance of Shays' Rebellion?
so wen we fought in that battle for usa independence u were jealous cuz we won usa rockz who agrees?
Philippine History? Give the names?
Explain how in a million years' existence as homo sapiens, 'civilisation' dates back only about 10000years?
What is "Fascism" and "Titular"?
What's the biggest secret of this world?
Calling all world history gurus! help for 10 points?
Was there any organization in Japanese internment camps?
If Catherine of Aragon had given King Henry VIII a healthy son, would England remained a catholic country?
What were Peter van Pels grandparents names?
What is the ambition of a powerful nation to high officials by political groups?
What was significant about the treaty of paris 1783?
What was the significance of 1920?
What were Leon Trotsky's views about what Russia should get at the Peace Conference?
What were the main causes of WWI?
Why Latin America fell behind?
why does everyone hate Hitler?
which of the following Native American tribes were known for their architecturl cities that were caverd into s?
when patriots and loyalists fought about who wanted to be free what were the patriots reasons towards wanting?
Why does everyone hate New Jersey?
When were the German POW's released in the USSR?
How has the early egyptians architecture influenced our modern day architecture?
Why is the American Dream still important?
4 Facts about Ashtoreth Poles?
Why do most people consider Hitler most ruthless man in history?
what president was abraham lincoln like 15 20th?
who are the republicans and federalist thanx~ william?
Describe the role of women in aaztec society.?
is the story of the ramayan real ?
for what reason did hitler torture the Jews?
World War I question?
Why do we hide eggs on Easter?
what about....december 20, 1984?
Did the US deliberately desert great Britain and France during the early years of WW2?
who was seigfried sasson?
Could more people on Titanic have been saved?
So what do you think would happen if hitler never made the holocaust?
How did America get its name?
When the Two German sides are United?
Important people with the name Francis?
it isn't funny that there is no mention of the devil in the satanic Bible??
What was the role of a stonemason in florence in the 1600's?
How has the role of women in the society has change?
What happened to all the hippys?
Was the Holocaust the worst human atrocity in World History?
when will the world end?
what modern ideas about government are derived from the enlightnement?
Historical and Presidential Sites in South Florida?
Who was Al Capone's get-away driver/ driver?
Who are the most important Historian Figures?
How old are you when the year of new millenium started?
How did Mozart die??Killed by Salieri,illness?????
What countries today are still influenced by the culture of the ottoman empire?
If the U.S, did not enter into WW 11, do you think Hitler could have acheived his goals, or doomed to failure?
USA-Vietnam war - who won?
Did the vikings ever make it as far as America?
what is the difference between a fiddle and a voilin?
What is the most important lesson that you have learned from history?
Evidence of Nubia being an Advanced City?
What is the truth of the Mizuage? Did it involve sex or not?
what are some interesting facts on the statue of libety?
did a knight or any other important figure of the middle ages ever face things as people tarnishing their name?
wear is the Ketchikan Rain bird?
10 points! American Revolution!?
What was the historical significance of Samuel Slater (1768-1835)?
What resulted from the patriotic fervor that grew in the United States during World War I?
World War 3 coming soon?
homework help on Arab-Israeli conflict?
Collage about france?
approx how painful is labour?
Why were the Atomic Bombs used on Japan?
What is Whampoa?Where did it originate from?
the centurion and his dying slave?
WW2 - Why didn't the Allies attack the Concentration Camps?
Quote About the Constitution?
Did Ireland invent Whisky or beer?
greatest humanity inventions?
How were the Indians involved in WW1?
where can I find 'The sieve of time : the memoirs of Leni Riefenstahl ' by Leni Riefenstahl in Brisbane?
Is There Anyone on Y!A Who Is Older Than 15?
Paper American Money?
Nineteenth Century African Americans?
What was the first instance of the use of nuclear power plants?
Would Gandhi have been just as successful in leading India's fight for independence if India had not been unde
Is it right that it was jews who crossed jesus but muslims believe in jesus?
Why are there so many Holocaust deniers?
Did the US commit crime when they bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima?
what were the social, political, and economic causes of westward expansion in the mid 1800s?
what did lewis and clark use to make their maps? and where did they stand to get a feel for the land?
Why is Jefferson Davis not given his proper due and respect in U.S. History ?
Do you think that the US was justified in supporting the french imperialist who controlled vietnam and ...?
Hi Im looking for battle Reenactment in illinois, indiana and michigan area this summer?
Need help disproving koran and islam?
Where can I find out more about old.(old timer) pocket knives.?
why hitler blame everything on the jewish people?
i need a possible dbq question regarding African Americans in the gilded age 1865-1900, plz any help?
Korean War?
How Successful was Canadas foreign policy in 19200 - WW2?
Why does history remember Hitler as the greatest villain?
Why is 'Great Briton', called 'Great'?
Is it Inca Empire or Incan Empire?
what started world war 2.?
Can you please explain me about the DeMolay?
Why was Herculaneum harder to excavate than Pompeii?
Did ancient West Africans have any middle eastern blood in them( like ancestry)?
Royal Navy prevented German invasion and not the Battle of Britain?
japanese immigrants, Picture brides?
Who were considered fashion/makeup icons during the 1940s?
why weren't names of cities changed when california joined union?
historians believe that Camp X probably saved thousands of lives. is this true?
In your opinion who have been so far the best and the worse presidents of the USA ?
Why was Nazi Germany's army so amazing?
Who discovered European algebra?
How did the law of the Salian Franks discriminate between the Franks and the Romans?
does anyone know anything about the First Indochina War?
Which country contributed the most to the defeat of nazi Germany?
WW2 Nuclear bombing: why the world was so forgiving?
who is rosa park hero/heros?
What was the goal of the womens rights movement, and what strategies were used to achieve these goals?
What did the ancient greeks import?
why were slaves used in the 1700s?
5 people to meet in history?
Do you know people like this?
My son wants to know.. what is the oldest antique in the world?
United States History?
who was karan in mahabharrat?
I am wearing a Roman helmet but I am not actually a Roman. Is anybody going to get a sad on about this?
Did bacon rebellion start before he sent his document to the king or after?
Can I get sued for posting the IPs of filthy, rich people who happen to be sharing everything on their PCs?
how does the abolitionist movement relate the effects of the cotton gin?
how has the role of civilians changed in warfare between 1850 and 1954?
What year did the Proclamation of 1763 end?
history of philippine churches?
_______________ the Great. (a conqueror)?
explain 2 reasons why the nazi's were not in power in 1928 and how they were stopped?
What role did Palmer Hayden, Paul Lawrence Dunbar, & Ella Fitzgerald play in the Harlem Renaissance???
Is the U.S. exhibiting signs of decline similar to what was seen in the Roman empire?
can you help me on my world history?
What happened when a faction lost in ancient warfare?
What do u thnk of interracial date, and the childrens that come from them.?
What role did Arabs have in the Atlantic slave trade?
How many years did it take for josep for his dream to be fullfil?
How is wilderness important to Aboriginal People?
who was the first American to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? (hint: he was also a President)?
why do the chinese have only one written languages but more than one spoken?
what role did president porfirio diaz play in restoring order to mexico and bringing economic modernization?
which features of ancient indian culture and society shaped later developments most profoundly?
Which country in Africa that was colonized by France did assimilation policy succeed?
What are some reasons why history class isnt important?
The statue of Paul Revere riding his horse in Boston - how, exactly, do we know he had a male horse?
What American writer and poet published “Leaves of Grass” in 1855?
Was Adolf Hitler miss understood?
what was the populationin minocqua wisconsin in 1910?
what were the main ideals of the enlightenment?
What year did Elliot Ness catch Al Capone for tax evasion?
explain how the American plan attempted to break up unions and why they were largely successfull?
Do you think The United States was morally justified in going to war against Spain in 1898?
was d-day the last battle in WW2?
Have you ever pulled up?
What are the song lyrics for romanes_eunt_domus in WW1?
Is the Victorian Era the same as the Regency England era?
why is the South African accent so bad?
How does President Jackson try to justify the removal of the tribes from their land?10points?
Hutus? What is that?
Jimmy Savile - It now transpires that a lot of people were aware of what he was like?
How did the Trail of Tears Affect America today?
the president of the u.s. who was the son of a former president was?
Analyze the reasons for the decline of the HRE as a force in European politics in the period 1517 to 1648?
When was the first postage stamp made?
Was hitler really MAD? and was he a genuis?
Why didnt the Bolsheviks listen to Lenin when he told them Stalin should not become the supreme leader?
i wanted to know what u have to say about this..?
What is one thing not many people know about Adolf Hitler?
Was George Washington Carver gay?
what caused the fall of the ancient Egyptian empire?
what are three major areas of american life permanently affected by the industrial revolution?
I would murder someone if....?
In Anchent Egypt how long did it take to become a scribe?
Would FDR's presidency be diminished significantly if it wern't for ER? Was she a significant social force?
Klu Klutz Clan?
how many kids did george washington have?
what is K2 is it diffrent from kunchunjunga?
How did the Enlightenment influence the French revolution ?
what happened in the year 1780 in the united states?
How did the drugging of children become acceptable?
Who was the first chief justice of the Supreme Court and a leading figure in NY politics?
who is the old man in nba?
jingles on corruption?
Who is the great Cornholio, and what did he do?
Information bout Malcolm X help!?
U.S History film/documentary?
When was the first iconoclastic period?
When was America founded?
Who is a great hero that I could write about?
What is the story of Ponce de Leon?
How did people prepare for winter in the 19th century?
why did the number of sheep increase during the black death?
What does a blue line do in hockey?
What does B.C. or B.C.E really mean?
Why was the Fall of Tenochtitlan significant?
Were the hanging Gardens in Babylon?
how do you go about fiding ancestors during the salem witch trials?
How did the Great Depression effect groups in society in Australia?
What does the Millennium Development had achieved and what do they want to achieve?
Why did Vietcong launch the tet offensive?
What two groups battled for power in southern Africa? (around 1700s and 1800s)?
Where were you on September 11th, do you remember what you where doing?
Who is Emile Renouf?
what was the red summer of 1919 about?
history help: what does Hitler mean by saying this?
How did the Cronulla Riots affect Australia today?
how did war posters differ from actual soldiers experience?
6 U.S History questions study guide 10 points best answer?
how do u find 100 people thats done with collge?
What did people do for entertainment during the Han Dynasty in ancient China?
what's the best hollywood movie depicting an historical event?
Some facts about Max Beckman?
What is the difficulties of a samsui moman's job?
Where were the Salem witch trials located?
who is the 1st prime minister of Malaysia?
History Discussion..help, please.?
Woodrow Wilson and the Industrial Revolution?
How was pompeii affectedd when vesuvius erupted in 79 ad?
What happend in holodomor can someone give me a summary of it 10 points?
What are the ideologies of conservatism, liberalism and nationalism?
Sumerians!! (I'll answer yours!)?
How did the colonists trick the Native Americans out of their land?
Can you please analyse this ww1 propaganda poster?
did Micheal angelo actually see visions ( twin towers , hitler.......? )?
Why did the Roman empire cease to exist?
What Are The Holy Cities Of Buddhism?
Does anyone believe that Hilter, wasnt as bad as everyone make out?
Not trying to be insulting to anyone?
Why is the leap year called a leap year?
What happened to the bus that Rosa Parks rode on back in 1955?
The service record for the Navy between 1910 to1919?
Who was Amanda Todd? and how did she die?
Can someone tell me who they think the most importatnt person the U.S. ever had?
What four people from history would you like to have over for tea?
Why did the first man invented GUN for?
what type of food did the Americans eat in the early 1800 & late 1700?
Are there any books on Fascism?
What company makes the Medal of Honor?
under genghis khan,the mongols conquored diverse peoples across asia and europe?
I Need a Real Answer here, Tell me what you think of native americans?
I am looking for Colosimo's Cafe menus from the 1920s. Big Jim was the owner?
how did poland choose its king?
Who remembers the country called " Dahomey " in Africa? What is it called now? Why did they change name?
Aren't the Appalachians Scotts-Irish?
They finally shut him down?
In 1914 would Germany still have declared war even if Austria- Hungary didn't ?
How had the population make-up of the United States changed? 10 points!?
When and where was linear perspective first developed?
who was Franchot Tone?
What was the ancient myth of Narcissus?
Was It Necessary for Truman to Drop Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
What was city life like in the 1880's?
How did early people spread around the world?
Can somebody explain me what exactly does the quote "Revolutions eat their children." mean?
In what year did the Hudson River, NY get its name?
how about an aphrodite's statu?
what was the ACTUAL date the Civil Rights Commission formed?
Who do you think is the most intelligent man in history?
Did the British lose one finger or two in the battle against the French?
Explain how the Panama Canal helped the world?
What happened during the British Raj Empire?
why have i writtten this?
Do you believe that dragons existed million years ago ?
What did Scott Joplin contribute to SOCIETY?
how did anne frank died?
are they worth anything?
What makes nationalism so appealing in the 19th century and today?
World History Help!!! PLEASE!?
Was WW2 winnable for the axis?
is it true about the dissapearance of the Anjikuni?
how is manifest destiny nationalism?
what could i could i put for entertainment in ww2?
I have a solid gold limited edition wristwatch made by the rolf. werthmuller & watch company. can anyone help?
Which war more important World war 1 or World war 2?
culture of baguio?
Who was the first king of England?
Fill in the blank. Reagan was the great communicator. Bush Jr. is the great______________________________?
if you could be anyone from history who would it be? and why?
need help with some info about greeks and romans gods!!?
Historic and Prehistoric Maps?
What was the greatest Empire in the world?
where were you born?
Who was Ludwig Chrongk?
Now i have found a date where it was passed down that these two people left Germany in the year 1856?
What kind of challenges did Charles II of England face during his reigning?
what is your opinion in Egypt?...clearly please!?
History Question Cold War Help !?
Washington Irving Thesis Statement?
Which of the three British Generals who were supposed to meet near Albany, New York, moved in the opposite ...?
what gifts did petrarch give to the bishop of cavaillon?
who was the egypian god "rha"?
Do germans celebrate Hitler's birthday?
give 4 factors that led to the collapse of the western roman empire?
don't let the days go by?
Japan History?
in 1775 what geographical features did boston and neighboring Charlestown share?
how did people back in the midievel times make straight arrow shafts in the woods?
How was Ancient Egypt a superior civilization?
how did ancient athens travel?
how much land did old salem cover in the 1600's?
Was 9/11 genocide or homicide?
Victorian's? I was wondering who actual founded Victoria- Batman *haha No or Fawkner? It's gotta have evidence
In Apartheid South Africa, were the African American inhabitants allowed to leave the country if they wanted?
What does Thomas Paine think about the role and purpose of governement? Why do government exist?
Who is Shmuel Gogol?
What personal luxuries was Louis XVI keeping for his family?
who was the first african-american surgeon general?
Why didn't General Grant go to Ford's Theatre with Abraham Lincoln?
Who was the president of the national bank and Andrew Jackson's chief opponent in t?
Were there any English, Dutch and French pirates in Florida?
Why Hitler was killing Jews only? why Nazi's were so against Jews? What is the history ?
Why were the priests upset that Hatshepsut's priestesses wore the masks of Horus and Thoth?
Why did this happen to one of my qestions on here?...?
why didnt anyone take take precautions on titanic ?
Why did the Nazis use the swastika as their symbol?
Why is education the most complete and important in a republic?
what are the religious beliefs of sumerians?
what year was the peacock throne built?
What was abyssinia like before and after the war in 1936?
who is the best leader in history?
Who was Amelia Earhart riding with when she went "missing"?
HISTORY HELP. What started Slavery in the South?
Should Germans Still Be Ashamed for WW2?
Davy Crockett's election to Congress was based mainly on his?
Was Zora Neale Hurston what is now liberal?
Which country is home to more Ancient Greek and Roman cultural heritage than Greece and Italy?
If you could have personally witnessed one event in History?
Who was Henry talking to in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter?
Was Alexander The Great a Hero or Villain?
do u think santa is satan?
My children asked me to explain a what is a patron saint to them, can you help in laymans terms please?
what did 19th century American civilian men wear?
why was yohonan ben zaccai important to the jewish religion?
What was the role of 14th century knights?
I would like to know, In 1962, on what day did the 13th of August fall on ?
is there a english version of the ku klux klan and where can they be contacted?
What is a native american sweat lodge?
Culturally, were the Hittites closer to Mesopotamia or the Minoans?
who are the real english people?
What Historically what was the most efficient type of village/community?
whats a major historical event?
did you think holocaust was real?
why dont ppl know what black is?
What was Thomas Jefferson's vision for the us?
What did geologist Jim Reinders call the 26 cars he planted on end in a Nebraska wheat field, as homage to an?
what transport did noble women use in 10th century Ireland for long journeys across land?
I am looking for information on Strandburg, SD. My mothers great grandfather John Strandburg founded the town.
The Catch 22 of "Black History Month"?
did the current pope ever write letters to catholic bishops saying to keep the sex abuse of minors secret?
US History help please specifically manifest destiny and expanisionism?
What are the social structures and the cultures of the pastoralists?
Anyone know anything about the Romanticism movement?
What made the ottomans empire/dynasty weak?
Who is regarded as the inventor of the simple microscope?
i have to make a propaganda picture for history about world war 1 getting people to join?
What were the most important or major results or impacts of World War II?
Name of P.O.W.number31334 held in Lamsdorf camp,Poland in WW2?
Was any part of the testament actually written by Jesus Christ?
What was Carl N. Gorman's family like?
how was the white house life like for JOhn Qunicy Adams?
Why did the Ku Klux Klan start?
Ten points for the first correct answer. Willie Park won the very first one on this date in 1860.?
to americans?
Why was neutrality misleading in the US in WW1?
What dieses were going on during world war II?
does the vatican archieves contain any of the scrolls from thr library of alexanderia?
Compare the north and the south during the civil war?
what is ST.georges day?
Which is more dangerous to mankind: Nationalism or religion?
How did the loyalist feel about how the patriots treated them?
What is the best book to read to learn about the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos?
what was marco polo? and why was it an important impact?
Do you agree or disagree that undocumented illegal aliens are taxing and lowering our middle class?
How and when did Adolf Hitler die, really?
Did Romeo and Juliet live happily ever after?
what were limitations of President Johnson Great Society Programs?
How is Terry worgan rememberd?
who came first in this world...black skinned or white skinned?
During the Harlem Renaissance?
which is longest river in world.
what were hitlers veiws on the jews?
Why do genocides happen?
What two groups were the colonies divided into?
Does Iraq touch Canada?
why did France, Russia and Britain join WW1?
If the greek letter omega symbolizes the end then what symbol means the beginning.?
What was happening in Germany in 1930s?
what was a cooper in in the 1800s?
describe trade during the gupta empire?
'what if europeans accepted the aboriginal peoples ways of life'?
What Progressive Era organization wanted to end child labor?
I saw articles, on many reliable websites, talking about Lincoln's plans to deport freed slaves- Does anyo?
How is the period 1850 portrayed by historians and in popular culture?
9th Grade Global Hw Question- Identify The Concerns and Attitudes Emphasized during the Renaissance?
What job did Andropov hold during the Hungaria revolution of 1956?
what was the usa called before it was called the usa?
fear of factionalism?
If you could bring one person back from the dead, who would it be? What would you ask them?
German "Enemy aliens" vimmy ridge? help please!?
How did the telephone evolve during its existence?
when was the last time you did something for the first time.?
What were the economic policies of the Whig Party?
what is virginia's state shell?
How and Why settlers came to Jamestown ? all of them are questionsss?
where did all people of the world originated from.?
Why do most visual depictions of clocks, watches, chronometers show the time as ten past ten?
what were some of the big issues facing the us in the 1980's?
how did the english bill of rights influence the us constitution?
what was gained and what was lost by the agricultural transition that took place 12thous to 5thous years ago?
what is a Royal patronage system ?
what is the worst thing that happened in mary I queen of england era ?
Who were the first people In America?
When day did Spain begin their year with before they accepted the Gregorian calendar?
How did Adam Smith's theory of Laissez-faire directly influence the independence movement in the colonies?
Why did GOD allow the tsunami, taking all those lives?
Who is Antoni Dobrowolski?
American History Help! - Free Enterprise?
Are all the buildings in Williamsburg historic or only in Colonial Wiliamsburg?
who was the first Pres in U.S.A?
Who was the bigger female icon of the 40's and 50's?
Did ancient Romans have soap, and did Roman women shave their underarms and pubic area?
how long did it take to transport slaves fom africa to america?
what is the history if the bible used in the inauguration of president barak obama?
3 History homework questions- I need help!?
What was the economic imbalance of the North and South?
history question about Thomas C. Peebles?
Ancient obscure history about the house I grew up in?
how old were the pilots that dropped the atomic bombs on japan?
Do you think the government should regulate the moral behavior of its citizens?
who is kerry m. armstrong? what are her credentials?
where are reveries used in A Midsummer's Night Dream?
What knowledge of disease and infection did the roman's or greek's have at their time?
who was the envoy of the Prophet Mohammad p b u h killed by the syrian in the year 6 .h?
Does anyone believe that a great civiliazation further advanced than ourselves walked the earth in the past?
what came first the chicken or the egg?
i'd never heard hitler using his secret weapon "V3" when he used it ? i only know he used V1 and V2 .
Is True that Japan wanted to invade Australia during WW2?
Significant events that occured....?
Was Reagan a good president?
What, proverbially, "comes in with the tea table" (eighteenth-century saying)?
I have an Old Oak Rocking Chair, how do I find out about the history of it...?
Why is Taj..............?
What's Your Opinion The World No Longer Experiences Major Movements (Enlightenment) As It Did For Millenniums?
Chinese daughter of han poem?
If you had lived in the 1820, would you have voted for Andrew Jackson? Why or why not?
How come that everything you eat the only thing that shows up in ur doody is corn?
Were the Japanese worse than the Nazis during WWII?
holocaust denial?
how did the role of the Native Americans in the war,in particular tha Navajo code talkers helped America?
On what basis did the anti-immigration emerge during the Progressive Era?
Questions about the Russian Revolution? 10 points!!?
What did German unification owe to nationalism?
What is Eubacterias phylum?
please write a 5 paragraph essay about texas history?
what the amircans are doing on Iraq up to now??
who killed lapu-lapu?
Who discovered Canada?
Was Adolf Hitler an atheist: yes or no?
The Battle of Britain was conducted primarily by?
Was the Fall of the Berlin Wall a turning point?
what year did segration end?
Mussolini's foreign policy?
auido meaning of easter?
Why God must become a man, not a woman??(My kids ask me bout this stupid question,but really hard to answer)?
What happened to Mohen-jodaro?
who wrote the national anthem of india?
help with worl history questions?
Pro-immigration in the 1800's?
how many people survived the titanic?
which is the first egg or chicken??
Which governments in the western civilization aided in the development of the nation?
To what extent did changes in british policies towards the american colines after 1763 cause the amer revolutn?
Which Afghan king of India is credited with the introduction of a brilliant administrative system?
How many Mosques were there in the United States in 1952?
How and when was god created can anyone answer that????
Question for the history buffs out there about the Indians?
What caused people in Europe to become a civilised society quicker than anywhere else?
Who is really Kaiser Sozay;is he a legend ,the devil or was he a real person?
During the Irish Potato Famines of the mid nineteenth century how many people fled the country?
I am looking for a Professor from Cleveland,Oh. Last name -Tiell anyone ever hear of him? He's retired.?
Was Abraham Lincoln gay?
Where did the dutch/ German colonies live in the 1500's-1700's?
After 1559 when France and Spain stopped fighting each other over Italy, who did they turn their attention too?
Is there any reality in The Da Vinci Code ?
The Gospel of Thomas, The Gospel Of Judas...every apostle had a Gospel.Are any authentic?
In what way was Roman law a civil law system?
How did events in Russia, such as the Russian Revolution, affect the American public?
if the usa was invaded by anouther country what would u do?
Who ruled morocco was it the french?
I am named after dogs. What am I?
what if you had a time machine where you go?
What does the Anceint Polynesian Tattoo Aplicator look like?
how can I get an appraisal of a letter written by Susan b anthony?
Reasons for and against the British Empire?
I wonder if anyone really believes in angels?
What are the beliefs of the liberal in europe from 1850?
Can the past and present offer any guidance for the future?
Who killed president J.F. Kennedy?
old mirror set found?
Are there any documents that would show that the Soviets joined the Axis powers in WWII?
who wrote Moby DIck?
UK football Hooliganism?
Did the feudal system glamorize military combat?
Why did Adolph Hitler kill himself?
Where Was the red cross founded?
What 18th-century hero’s remains were removed from their original burial site in France and placed in a crypt
Northerners opposed to the Union cause were known as:?
How does the Da Vinci Code affect the religious sentiments of the people?
why we human beings r on earth?
What is the true story of Carmen Winstead?
Is adolf hitler dead?
what jobs did people do in the iron age?
Did Hitler have children?
my dad and i have found out a lot about capt robert moorsom thanks to answers?
Why do "white" people try to justify all the evil in their history?
HELP!!! I need information about the Rape of Nanking genocide?
what is gaza plastine conflict ?
Does anyone know any members of the purple gang from the early 90s in Detroit?
During the 1917 February revolution March 1st what simply is 'order number 1'?
how was famke janssen childhood?
Good world war 2 and Nazi documentaries?
Was the UVF considered a terrorist force by the UK?
Why did the Scientific Revolution happen in the 1600 rather than any other past time?
What are you taking food or paper?Did you choose right?why or why not?
What does Seabiscuit, the horse symbolize for Americans during the Great Depression?
when did the first eclipse of the sun happened. who was the first man to enter the moon, and what did he see.?
Who really was Edith Piaf.?
what are your views on the holocaust?
trivai about jose rizal?
did the USA helps in winning WW2?
Was the Norman conquest a "permanent" invasion, because the normans never left and?
can someone please explain the first second and third crusade please?
i need info in salsa dancing?
What political institutions were common in the classical Mediterranean?
Members of the 13th century religious order that preached engagement with the world and reverence for nature w?
what is the history of bulimia?
what is the illuminati?
Explain this statement: "History is not the past; it is someone's record of the past."?
Does anyone know about a bottle from alexander city, alabama?
Do you believe in God? He created us. We all should thank him for our lives.?
were assassins located in italy?
what effects of history of colonialism / imerialism?
From whom did the Persians borrow their system of money?
I am pursuing my graduation through correspondence,I really confused which book to study?
Which languages was spoken in France,Spain,Romania,Portugal and Sardinia before being conquered by the Romans?
How do Henry Clay's ideas give an example to Americans today?
How did Mexico achieve their independence?
i have a antique silver gunpowder horn?
What would you tell the founding fathers?
besides giving the speech ath the diet of worms, what else did martin luther do during the reformation period?
What happened in the dominican republic in 1961?
Persuasive letter for history?
Do you think the United States can last another 200 years?
What jobs did women and men have during WW1?
Who was involved in the building of warwick castle?
Did you know Cheney almost died and they had to stop his heart and bring it back?
What was the best fighter plane of WW2?
If Christopher Columbus discover America, what did the Indians discover?
What is the Museum of Tolerance about? and is it worth going??
How effective was the counter reformation in the latter half of the 16th century?
I need helllllp! Por favor??
Does anybody perhaps know how westward expansion affected slaveholders?
How did the Lakota Indians make paint?
Most horrific type of modern slavery?
why are aliens brown like pakis?
What transforms Ernesto into the revolutionary Che ?
A comparison of the North and South during the Civil War?
when did franklin d roosevelt was born?
Why did the Protestant clergy welcome Adolf Hitler so warmly when he first rose power?
Why was George Washington chosen to lead the Constitutional Convention ?
first animation feature that a technical director presents?
Were there any Asians on the Titanic?
Which statement about the burial practices of the ancient Egyptians is fales?
who is Leonardo da Vinci?
Did Andrew Carnegie Attend Highschool?
What are some basic facts about the Boston Tea Party?**?
How did Hitler gain control by controlling prices in the economy?
Which leader won over his people more Mussolini, Hitler, or Stalin?
James Buchanan the only US President never to marry, was he homosexual?
American Megatrend - Problems?
History Help Pleaaasse!?
Did Adolf Hitler believe deep down inside that the British and the Irish are a superior Aryan race?
Does anyone know about the cloister garden from the medieval time? what does it like and any meaning?
union commander tracking robert lee's army?
Could Jesus read and write?
Who Invented the Cow towns and When?
Can anyone tell me what country had the highest per capita income about 120 years ago?
What is the meaning of life?
What was home-life like for teenagers in the 1930's?
Why did Hitler use the swastika...?
Why do you think the Armenian Genocide has been kept almost a secret for such a long time?
What did 1849 plants look like?
essay on the reformation??major helllpp?
did the Roman Empire take slaves from Africa? or where ? and why not more Africans?
was william shakespeare gay?
If the Brits were fighting one-on-one with the Germans would they have lost?
What Native American tribes settled in Northeast New Mexico?
what were the reasons that the Spanish believed there was gold in Texas?
What 18th-century hero’s remains were removed from their original burial site in France and placed in a crypt
Picture of John Qunicy Adams' son?
Where are the tombs of Ramses II located?
After the tenth one it did not matter that he belonged to an ethnic minority. who is he?
please help history..?
What is a brief explanation of " Renovation Romani Imperii?"?
What was the significance of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense?
What ancient egyptian invention STILL allows humans to see through walls?
Why does take the world suc a long time to respond to conflicts in Africa?
What are the diplomatic triumph for American negotiators embodied in the treaty of Paris?
After WW2, Britain had massive debts to America, yet Germany paid nothing, that's just not fair?
According to greek civilization who was Timarchus?
who was a greater "Genius": Adolf Hitler or Napoleon Boneaparte? (were BOTH "Geniuses"?)?
Why did the Allies bomb Dresden during ww2 and would this be considered a war crime ?
what was the fashion like during the 1980's and how did it change during the time?
Spoken in Europe, ____________ is a language that predates the arrival of Indo-European speakers in europe?
I need the biography of Augusto Pinochet?
Why did Columbus have some prisoner sailors?
How could the economic and political conservatism of the 1920s coincide?
Can someone provide me with an example of history being written by the victors?
The top five most influential people in the world in the past 1000yrs. and why?
Why was the mauryan society considered a empire?
Can you give me a general summary of US history from 1860 - 1900?
AL CAPONE what did he do after...............?
What was the Roman Shield/Scutum/ Made from?
What alcohol did Aboriginal have before white people came?
Why did Andrew Jackson support states' rights in the case of the Native Americans, but .....?
what did the articles of confederation explain?
who was the first egyptian woman to have her face on a coin?
what did the european settlers of south africa called themselves?
why was mecca an important city in western arabia?
Other People Like Adolf Hitler?
who was the greatest profit ever?
How do you analyze a critique?
Which president resisted pressure to increase the amount of paper money and silver coins in circulation?
What led to trade between the eastern and western himisphere?
Who did build Taj-Mahal in India?
What are Betsy rosse's accomplishments?
who is muhammed ibn abdullah?
How did become wealthy in money?
What impact did Columbus and his conquistadors have upon the Caribe and Taino peoples?
what was the ideologies of the 19th century poor laws?
American Revolutionary War and Vikings?
How many wars have been fought mainly or solely over religion?
can anyone give me info on 50's music in the philippines?
What's the Third Temple of Hera?
If Buddha had sacrificed his material life and Christ was not crucified will the world will have been differen
American revolution 1763-1783?
What did the authors of E&P mean by this claim:?
What did they do to babies during the holocaust ?:(?
Why did the Cuban missile Crisis happen?
World History Help.....!!!!?
Do you think the A-bomb in WW2 was America's final option or they just wanted to kill thousands ?
Why didn't the native Americans like Columbus?
How were the Great Awakening & Industrial Revolution similar?
What did Moses get his first glimpse of, from atop Mt. Nebo?
the northwest ordinance of 1787 established territorial representation, public education and prohibited __?
Did Karl Marx ever work in his life?
The Holocaust wasn't real? What?
What day was the day before the day after yesterday?
What was role of Ukraine and Georgia in USSR once Stalin was a Georgian and Khrushchev a Ukrainian?
What is the UN first commitee?
english as a second language in the philippines. agree or disagree?why?
what is the real history of malaysian batik?
where did the saying "geronimo" come from?
Who was Marcus Garvey SOLD FOR RICE?
History of the "F---" word?
can you please help me with a history essay on why the english civil war broke out in 1642 please?
What was the sugar act?
Did the holocaust really happen?
what did Asian immigrants bring in their bags to america in 1852-1900?
Is Black Slavery Of The Same Gravity As The Jewish Holocaust?
How did the Hapsburgs preserve their holdings and the role of "pragmatic sanction"?
How did Columbus government affect the people who lived on the islands?
what title is more appropriate: The American revolution or the War for Independence?
Why wasnt Germany allowed in the peace treaty.?
Would Hitler be a good leader?
Who had the first surname and what was it?
how did cortes finally conquer Tenochtitlan?
PANNOWITZ Where does this family name originate from?
where did the slit dress come from?
10 greatest American Presidents?
who is Hitler? and what did he do?
How did German U-boats cut off supplies in world war 2 (1939-1943)?
Several aristocrats specifically gathered to discuss Enlightenment ideas, what were these gatherings called?
Is the "golden fleece" really female, blonde pubic hair?
In Italian history, what is specifically significant about September 8, 1943?
How did the Jews have the Germans lose World War 1?
How did Manufacturing Cotton affects the U.S economically?
How did da evolution of da Virginia between 1607 n 1625 reveal da impact of New World conditions on aims n exp?
how adolf hitler die?
Please help on French and Indian war?
who was a better leader king Tut, Julius Caesar, Napoleon vanaparte, Hitler, Saddam or Cleopatra ?
PLEASE HELP! I am writing a DBQ(document based question essay) and have a small question!?
there were three groups of goths, visi-, ostra- and so called "late-"...what is the term defining "late"-goths
How were women's roles differnt and similar during the american revolution and the civil war?
Who do you believe was worse, Hitler or Columbus? ?
What was the historical significance of the Federalist Party?
Why was brown v. board of education important to the civil rights movment?
What happened to Julius Ceasar's wife after his death?
Who founded the Brahmo Samaj?
Who exactly is Rober E. Lee?
Was Abraham Lincoln the only US president ever granted a patent?
When did News networks really begin reporting all the "Doom and Gloom" of the world?
Before alarm clocks, how did people know when to wake up?
Are Jews today descendants of Abraham, or they are a mixed lot. I mean are there any Jews whoresemble Abraham.
What is the Beer Hall Putsch of November 8, 1923?
If Charles and Camilla have male offspring?
Explain why the Mexican war was an exercise in American imperialism?
The Battle of San Juan Hill?
Why America became involved in ww2?
Congress to curb opposit?
Was life better or wose during 1750 and 1900 in Britain?
Why did the Ottoman Empire decine?
why do girls were thongs?
Rockingham Castle's Kitchen?
what came first the chiken or the egg?
how long was the average workday and common jobs in france in the 900s?
Last two history questions please help...ASAP?
Who was the first man on this earth ?
Why would the Confederate states want to rejoin the Union?
was louis riel Metis?
name a person who faught for a right?
List the chief controversial issues of the Jackson administration.?
What didn't change in west Africa when Islam came in?
What is the true meaning of life?
How well did the factory workers live during the Industrial Revolution in Canada/U.S?
what were the top 7 events in Afghanistan from 1970 to now?
Is King Arthur fact or fiction?
Was Gaddafi elected???
What's up with coins that have D near the date or P near the date?
Aaron burr/Alexander Hamilton, john adams and the xyz affair?
I was trying to figure out what is the shortest way to say Marshal of France or Marshal of the French Empire?
Was T.E. Lawrence anti-Semitic?
Who really won the war of 1812?
What nationality of people was responsible for bringing slaves to America?
When was the law passed that African Americans could go to college?
why did herders move from Arabian peninsula to fertile tile crescent?
what role did american troops play in World War 1?
What is the difference between Stalin and Lenin's communism?
Who was the worst tyrant of the 20th century?
how Nyc was inflenced during the 1920's?
Who is buried in the family vault at Mount Vernon?
10 facts about world war 2?
What do YOU remember about the 1990's?
Do you feel sympathy for Adolf Hitler?
William "Shakefpeare" ? This picture ?
who got the miss earth 2008 paegaent?did miss india tanvi vyas get anything?who were the top 10?
The declaration of indpendence states that all people have unalienable rights which are?
What is it like in the Indus Valley today? PLEASE HELP!!!?
The 'rule of thumb'. When was it abolished? When was it established?
where is National Geographic's headquarters?
Who discovered America-Really?
what is the history of poverty?
Was the work and life of a freeholding peasant exempt from the feudal system? (about 11th century)?
How was British imperialism in Africa resolved?
What were the reasons for tr decline of Rome?
From the outset Massachusetts was the leader of the anti-British protest. Why?
How and why did the Great War for Empire change the balance of imperial power in north America?
how did in the 1920 cars change things in the usa?
during the 18th century era, did they have milk?
Nero, European emperours help ASAP :)?
is ST. PETER'S BASILICA in Rome, Vatican City is the biggest and the most beautiful church in the world?
In what ways did religion and economics influence the development of medieval Europe and Japan?
who was Areus I?
who was the main man Ghengis Khan or Alexander the great?
How did work of Leonardo Da Vinci exemplify or embody the ideals and the spirit of the Renaissance?
Why is the Vatican in Rome?
How many Verdi's symphonies?? and how many symphonic works of Verdi???
Were there any humanist ideas in Calvinism?
What was the significance behind a plague doctor's mask?
napoleon destroyer or preserver of the revolution?
Why was Nazi Germany Called the Third Reich (Trans.=Empire)?
10 POINTS FIRST GOOD ANSWER! Egypt or Mesopotamia Expert!? HELP ASAP?
I need some irony examples in inferno preferably in the punishments?
Does anyone have a book review on The Creation of Modern Georgia?
i have $1 dollar coin with thomas jefferson and liberty statue and another one with a lady face liberty?
Why was Japan involved in WWII?
Can someone give me a list of the allies and enemies of each of these ancient civilizations?
What connection was made between imperialism and the American frontier? Multiple choice history help!!!?
Progressive Movement...?
why dont American schools teach American history anymore?
Why is the Parthenon still standing?
Who sank the Titanic?
What country were the Europeans from that founded Detroit?
have there been any significant inventions by women,technologically or any other?
Holocaust I'm really confused, did it happen?
To what extend did the revolutions of 1848-9 fail in Italy due to poor leadership?
did the Normans know about classical literature since they spoke Latin?
was Peter the GReat an absolute monarch?
What castle is the most beautiful of the world?
Do you know a lot about UK during the Victorian Era?
One of the most pressing problems facing President Barack Obama in January 2009 was to direct the federal gove?
was cristovao columbus portuguese or spanish?
a name..... need to know ASAP?
What are the implications of the industry of revolution? Has the industry revolution made it everybody world?
Are the stories on Myspace about Carmen Winstead true, where can I get more info about this girl?
Who was the greatest president of all time?
what is the definition of elochai?
if yall know anything about the Holocaust tell me?
What materials were available during World War 2 (1940s) in the UK ?
What term was given to the institution of slavery?
In your opinion what peoples since the fall of the Roman Empire is the most villainous?
explain the rise and growth of slavery in the north american colonial times?
What were the most influential factor for the onset of the Industrial Revolution?
As General Robert E. Lee, would u have done a better job at the Battle of Gettysburg than he did?
Looking for 2003 AB Miller High School, Fontana, CA yearbook?
Patrick Henry's Virginia Convention speech.?
Do you think Germany was the cause of world war one?
In your opinion, who was the most original thinker in ancient history?
Fill in the blank about the Constitution?
did the Chinese do bad things to the Japanese in world war 2?
what is the best way to put on a Church black history program for youth ages 4-17? please give examples.?
explain the part that they played in the recovery of Germany in the years 1924–29.?
Why was the 1920s a time of contradictions?
Information on the murder of Sarajevo?
Will there be a World War 3?
Evidence of German brutality in the Soviet Union during WW2?
Help in making an original character for Hetalia?
What are the cultural differences between the Renaissance and Medieval periods?
Anybody a redneck who still wanted the south to win?
waht was the the plage during queen elizabethan?
How much did Chinese immigrants pay to become citizens in America in 1900?
Does anyone remember?
who was Louis XIV (14) help help me please ?
how long had Germany had the " Screaming style" speech popular among its political leaders?
What do you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger expressing admiration for Adolf Hitler?
Where did miss astor come from?
US History- Please Help?
what can be the relationship of history and society?
What do you think America would be like if it never achieved independence from Britain?
What role did imperialism play in the shaping of American foreign policy in the late 19th and early 20th?
Where was Ivan the Great born?
why was the 24 amendment established?
what role does poverty play in south africa?
I am looking for the history of Aunt Martha's Iron On Transfers?
How come that everything you eat the only thing that shows up in ur doody is corn?
What were the economic effects of the Crusades upon Constantinople?
who said, you have never lived until you have almost died?
How did Britain choose the names for the Arab states in colonialism?
Will there be a World War III soon?
after king henry Vll died, did queen catherine parr marry thomas seymour?????
What did people do for fun in the 1970s?
why are jews hated so much?
Who was Jack the Ripper?
How was life different on the titanic for rich people and poor people?
How did the American people face the 20th century?
how was the industry effected in the blitz?
Where can I find some information about W. A. Martin, the inventor of the lock?
Is the holocaust overemphasized?
If the Spanish had not brought horses to the New World, would John Wayne have sat on a moose?
how americans use coal in the olden days?
emily davisons death help me.......?
what to do for weight loos I am over 67years what food I should eat what not to eat?
I know that charles closed down parliament twice. What date was it the second time?
In your opinion, did Sanford B. Dole and other American planters have the right to stage a revolt in Hawaii?
what empire/nation did the most for the world?
Charles I or Cromwell?
why was the united nations founded?
Are there any half Greek/Scots out there?
What religion was America mostly consisted of before the Declaration of Independence was written and signed?
when did the celts moved from spain to ireland to the uk please read?
Thomas Jefferson's classical architecture?
Who is the biggest douche bag in history?
when did lapu lapu & magellan fought?
What kind of conclusion can you make about the France and the Spanish inquisition?
Do you Think Hitler was the most evil man in history or the best motivator of people?
What were Roosevelt, Taft, and wilsons view toward Impearlism?
What were the first signs that something was wrong on the titanic for crew and passengers?
What were the reasons behind the formation of the British Common Wealth?