How did women from the 40s, 50s and 60s have such small waists?
What were one of the biggest impacts on Canadian history?
If you had a time machine, Would you go backwards or forwards?
Film Title wanted?
What is your favorite conspiracy theory?
Could you joke about bombs in airports before 9/11?
how big were the choirs in the 1500's?
If Hitler had invaded Britain during WW2,what do you think the sequence of events might have been?
I need QUICK help. I need easy thesis paper topic in history: I need ideas of PEOPLE to do.?
What is worse?
how did spain establish territorial caims the caribean and South America?
when was the Stephenson rocket made?
What event was more significant, WWII or Civil Rights Movement?
the weather of the titanic?
Why 666 is the number of the anticrist?
What are those things that prisoners were kept in during medival times called?
hi ! do you know the meaning or the story of Christmas pine? i am not christian but i wanna know. thank you...
What ended World War II?
what are some stories about Ben Franklin?
when was the one piece bullet developed to replace powder-and-ball-and primer ???
Benito Mussolini....?
what kind of indian tribes was in lewis county kentucky? what was different about one compared to the other?
In what way did the John Peter Zenger case establish the concept of freedom of expression?
Northern and Southern colonies overview. Help?
what were the relevance of the steam engines, iron and railroads in the industrial revolution?
what are ten facts about the saxon justice system?
If i wore a Che Guevara shirt would it offend you?
Why was Napoleon exiled?
Was there racism in the world before the start of colonialism & the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade?
please tell me all about the following eras:?
According to Diamond, how did people populate Australia/New Guinea? How did people come to the Americas?
who was the 34th president of the united ststes?
Why is the U. K. so called?
History court case! please help!?
How did industrialization radically alter traditional social structures?
Who was Truman Capote?
The Salem Witch Trials, and The Crucible?
For all intents and purposes is Mexico the same as it was 100 years ago?
what were the arguments/reasons northerners were against slavery (being specific)?
Where did I put the remote?
Suppose you are an American survivor of the sinking of the Lusitania?
when was the downtown pier built in new london connecticut?
what was George Washington childhood?
Where did Griot Storytelling take place in the old days?
I would like to see an example of a Roman water bed.?
what are some european weapons between 1980-2005?
what did the Chinese government hide from the people?
Do you believe teleportation will happen?
Why did the government believe it was important to extend railroad lines west after the American Civil War?
What was "Capital" in The Industrial Revolution?
What is the roman name for the greek hero jason?
can u tell me above seven wonders in this world?
what city did Rome fight in the punic wars against?
Why do people deny the Holocaust ?
Brigadier General Tibbets, pilot of Enola Gay, died 1/11/2007?
What were you doing on 7 July 1993?
What would have happened if the south won?
i have a hibbard spencer bartlett & Co lantern No 3 o.v.b. chicago i am looking for info on age cleaning care?
Which of the wonders of the world do you find the most fascinating ?
In what ways did contact with Europeans affect the indigenous people of America?
History Debate and I need help asap!!?
All great nations inevitably end up committing suicide. Do you agree and why?
Why do pawn shops have the identification of 3 balls hanging above the front door?
5 most brilliant minds in history?
Is the story of Abraham Lincoln walking miles to return a penny a true story?
What's the last really nice thing someone did for you?
I have to do a report on Erebus, the god of darkness, but there is no info on him. Please post!?
Question on Barbarians at the Gate ?
What is the Bermuda triangle?
What are 5 character traits of Nelson Mandela?
The history of Bosnia over the last 25 years?
What are some examples of Cooperative Federalism during times of Crisis?
In fast 5 though guy who was is tokyo drift t to drift i thought he died but he is in it why?
Who was the world's greatest leader in your opinion?
why do medieval knights use swords?
When did the second world war commence? Which countries were involved in it?
who was the first president of the us?
Who thinks William Wallace was a Hero?
Is the United states of America the greatest nation In the history of mankind?
one for the men. should womens sanitry ad's be banned from TV?
Why was King Louis XVI's finance minister, Colbert, so brilliant?
How many of you can give evidence about caste Brahmins in World?
how DID hitler die?
Which US President would win in a fist fight?
What kind of America would we have today, if we gained our independence from FRENCH, not from BRITISH?
Can one become a volunteer for their local museum? How?
where is Iran?
Where did WWII veterans serve?
in a war who would win britian or china head to head?
What did the religious change in the renaissance have on people?
what is persian mythology?
What are the benifits of becoming a free mason?
who is the person that gave his town their first library?
chelmsley wood library completed?
how many years was the 100 years war?
why did germany want to take over france in world war one?
What is a good argument against Democracy?
were the Scythian mercenaries in China?
what are the enlightenment themes in the declaration of independence?
what was king yu's dailylife?
i have a report to do so help me out here. "what makes Martin Luther King JR a good leader? what was his trait
Abraham Lincoln's Failures DURING Presidency?
What positives did Philip II bring to England when he married Mary I?
ancient greek sailors did not have compasses.how do u think they navigated?
Ms Bhutto was a pretty woman who lived at a palatial estate in England. Why did she risk her life in Pakistan?
Who do you think Jack The Ripper Really was? & Why?
Why do some ill informed americans claim they saved everyone in WW2?
How long (maybe thousands or tens of) will it take for Anglos to become a minority in the world and for?
what were some bad things about australians during colonial australia?
How did they make the great wall of china?
Which countries have never lost a war?
Can someone explain to me this: Have the Jewish people accepted that they have killed Jesus? Or?
When was Hitler dictator in Germany?
who is the father of russian largest nuclear bomb?
What did feudalist call the peasants?
What did French Peasants eat and wear during 1804-1815?
how long do house cats stay pageant?
is there anyone who know about the history of sadat-e-bahra (of muzaffar nagar)?
how do i pronounce archigia in Greek?
where can i find pictures of animal hide scrapers?
how'south basis for their economy?in 1700 in 1860?
How did early American Revolutionary figures, successes or defeats influence American history?
How did the arrival of the Europeans affect the life's and culture of the natives?
mexico's religion?
Discuss each of the major factors that contributed to rapid industrialization between 1870-1900;?
Did Adolf Hitler die naturally or he committed suicide?
The Russian Revolution and Civil War?
Why were the Roman legions so successful in combat?
To what extent did the Ariticles of Confederation solve the problems America faced?
What did people used to throw at you if you were in the stocks and did they ever throw anything smelly?
write about chanakya[koutilya;auther of arthasasthara]?
What was the historical significance of the Seneca Falls Convention of 1848?
Help with Persian Question?
how did these new constitutions deal with the question of religious freedom? How did they deal with slavery?
in the 1900s who was Anne Hutchinson's primary opponent regarding her views and women?
What happened to the children that survived the holocaust?
how did the christian and muslim leaders attract common soldiers and knight that lead to the crusade?
If there was no US Treasury or US Mint for years until the 1790s then how were slaves bought?
during ww2, if the Soviets where beaten in ww2 how would the Axis of occupied the whole country?
When did the Post-WWII Period start in Australia?
History Question?
are there any famous people in history named eleanor?
How many excommunications did John Paul II issue?
What was a humanist during the medieval times?
Does race determine level of IQ.?
AP United States History?
In a war between the uk and the usa who would win ?
What day in Febuary was I born?
What did the hippocratic oath say?
Are there similarities between what African American slaves went through back then and today?
was Hitler that bad . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ?
what is my middle?
why did garibaldi step aside and let king victor emmanuel rule?
What were the consequences of mixing social classes in Elizabethan England?
Where were you when the lights went out in goergia?
Do u think that the predictions of Nauster Damus are true?
How was slavery in Africa before whites came there? And did whites in Europe have slavery with whites as well?
What are the attractions of St Petersburg ?
how did british policies change after the 7 years war?
Falklands war and Argentina?
what where some of the ways in which Chinese ans the Christians benefited from meeting each other in the 1500s?
How did the Aztecs treat people captured in warfare?
Is this worth any money?
massachusetts Colony Government?
Explain how the United States was able to defeat the Japanese in the Pacific war.?
how did misty get out of jail in the end of diary?
How do revolutionaries establish their legitimacy during a revolution?
What happened before the Rape of Nanking?
uses and limitations of field walking in archaeology?
How did the salem witch trials start? What were the reasons many were accused of witchcraft?
Why did Benchmade discontinue the 42?
Who is the greatest King of all time and WHY?
Why did the US go to war against Japan in World War II?
what does Viscount Morley and William Thomas Stead have in common?
What role did Theodore Roosevelt wives' play in society?
Why did more third class people die on the Titanic than first class?
At what point of time in civilization did religions form? Would the world be a better place without religion?
what made the french people in france leave thier country between the periods of 1870-1914?
Why is Bill short for William?
Was it America that saved the world in World War II?
How many JapaneseAmerican internment camps were there in the US during WWII?
I need help with history?
Is the movie 300 pushing the limit?
Jefferson favored an agrarian America, but he did not oppose industrial activity.?
Why does America Exist?
Who ruled the Roman Republic?
solve this history question, who's good at history?
What kind of material was used for construction during the Delhi sultanate?
if you were to die tonight would you go to heaven or to hell?
who was the oldest of the delegates to come together to the grand convention? how old was he?
if we are all Britons why did the Romans build there walls?
How did the views of Enlightenment thinkers contrast with those of absolute monarchs in Europe?
Why do historians argue that the wars of the roses ended in 1471 instead of 1485?
Why does the WHO promote circumcisions in Africa?
A teacher said that George Washington got his name because his ancestors came from a place called Washington. ?
a good web site for a junior high student doing research on children in german concentration camps?
What should be the planet's international language ?
what types of stone used in tajmahal?
who were the first mixed race coupel in britain?
Is there a Roman road crossing the Ipswich River Orwell?
Was the Jew 'holocaust' just a load of Allied Zionist propaganda?
who was Abu al-Fida?
Which country in Africa was the first to given women rights to vote?
who really freed the slaves ?
How can I be sure that the HISTORIANS of the holocaust are apolitical, that politics does not distort history?
What domestic animal did ancient Egyptians call Bast, a goddess of the home and the goddess of war?
Is the Statue of Liberty Crown closed?? Oct 2012?
Thinking greek/roman sculpture?
I would like to know, In 1962, on what day did the 13th of August fall on ?
If General Robert E. Lee had won the Battle of Gettysburg, and then the war, what would the result be today?
Does anyone know of any famous people from the Cosmetology industry that are known for their accomplishments?
What did the Indians think of the British during the British Raj and vice versa?
10 points/!!!?
how did Germany obtain their swastika symbol?
PLEASE PLEASE HELP! I need help answering these questions!?!?!?
Why did the holocaust go on for so long?
World Significant event that happened between the months Feb to April?
How did David Copperfield walk through the Great Wall of China?
where did people come from during this period?
What are the three elements of Western African culture that are passed from generation to generation?
What qualities define the new woman of the pre WWII era?
Why Was Beheading the Preferred Way of Execution In the Past?
in simple words, what is a puritan?
Books in Nazi Germany?
Why does communism never work out in the end?
What should I mention about Descartes in a 3-minute speech... Writing me the complete speech wud be great.?
How did enforcement of the Stamp Act and the Townshend Acts help unify diverse groups of colonists?
How did the U.S. Constitution reflect the experience of its framers both before and after the Revolution? How?
World History help? please...?
what did the Irish think of sex? refer to the book "how the Irish saved civilization"?
what things did Nelson Mandela do that were significant?
In first complex societies, one of the most important functions of literacy was?
Why didn't the USA drop atomic bombs on Germany instead of Japan?
What so-called "war" spawned the dueling slogans "Better Dead Than RED" and "Better Red Than Dead" in the 1950
What college in Kenya did Obama attend?
Who was the greatest President ever?
What was the Schenck v US case?
What was their method of governance?
If the Holocaust did not happen, would Israel have been created?
Map of ancient egypt?
When was the last time you were in WH Smiths and what did you buy?
US melting pot myth or fact?
The most multilingual person who has ever lived?
How are the KKK and the Nazis related?
Why do so many countries dislike america,what did we do?
when did Britain become a democracy?
Did Hitler have both Jewish and African ancestry?
What were the main causes of the civil war?
What would Hitler do if he invaded the U S?
How did Napoleon Bonaparte affect Europe's history?
Global Homework about roman , egypt , greece ! help???!!?
why did roman's believe they were the world's most advanced civilisation?
hitler. (:?
lets say stalin lived another 20 years, what would have happend?
knights of labor essay lol?
What are 5 main contributions to democracy of the English revolution?
"Name and describe 2 laws that support mercantilism"?
Silence of the day?
what are some landmarks in ancient asia?
Which of the following is true of the Sherman Antitrust Act? a. it had little impact on the regulation of lar?
What are some of the worst things that Heinrich Himmler did during the world war II?
What happened in Russia from 1815-1939?
What was the main feature of Islam's golden age?
x is immosible to get what is X?
who evented the first billfold or wallet?
What happened at the "showdown at Canossa?"?
What were the main causes of WW1?
How long did the Six Day War last?
why were "Yuppies" accused of acting "cocky" often times and condescending? was true?
Do you find it insulting when Japan has their ceremony for "victims" of Hiroshima?
Help on Judaism History?
What kind of economy did the Native Americans have?
African American leaders have responded to racial discrimination in the United States in a variety of ways.?
Thomas Jeffersons foreign policy prior to being elected?
Paul Revere: "1 if by land, 2 if by sea" - which was it?
why did the sale of indulgeneces become critical issue during the renaissance but not during the middle ages?
need help with history please?
what was the significance of alliances in WW1?
what ancient history books have been written on israel that were not religious?
why did intolerance towards immigrants and foreigners emerge after ww1?
i like to see how big ben clock works?
President Cheste A. Arthur?
How did the Glorious Revolution impact the rest of the world? and.....? and American Revolution and the French?
history buffs please help?
Which of the following occurred before the passage of the Social Security Act?
Can you tell me the name of any historical Democratic Leaders?
how/why did the british empire get so powerful after the 16th century?
BLack people were in America first with the native americans 1000 B.C. to 500 B.C.?
What is the origin of the "Lest WE Forget" Ode recited each night at the Returned Servicemans' League? Who wr
what are the sources of african history?
what single man has killed the most people?
Why didn't Hitler have children?
Did the Spartans have slaves?
why did indians cut off the forefinger of the right hand of captives?
where were you when 9/11 happened?
hi, Who is your favourite indian Freedom fighter?
Who saved Rome's ideas and how?
Which famous African American singer was shot at a peace rally?
To what extent did the new scientific theory and discoveries alter the concept of God and religion?
What are the best movies about Native American Indians ?
If the president and vice president can't serve out their terms, the next person person to govern is?
which city is called 'the city of sky scrappers'?
How many people died on the guillotine during the French Revolution?
The most important developments in eighteenth century medicine?
Jacqueline Kennedy?
ELi Whitney. Did this Happen to you?
Has the UK come to terms with its historical role in the slave trade?
What are some instances in history where an idea has failed then flourished?
Why did ancient Athenians choose leaders by lot instead of by election?
Who Invented Coffin?
What impact did Teddy Roosevelt have on the preservation of environment?
History Homework Help - World War 1?
Do any americans feel guilty about the history of their country?
who gave sir humphrey gilbert a charter to establish a colny in Nourth america?
How many people died of influenza worldwide?
What position did John C. Marshall hold for 35 years?
explain the growth of christanity in rome in the first and second centuries?
What's pseudo-aristocrat?
I am looking for Donna Lea Simpson's website or more books from her.?
What does 23 skidoo mean?
What songs wouldve Napoleon Bonaparte listened to?
Crops the New England Colonies grew?
Does anyone knows who Our Lady Mar Yam is?
Who commanded the Army of the Potomac at the end of the Civil War?
Like him or hate him, Hitler was a very powerful speaker?
What was the final event that drove america to declare war?
How will I fine my kids daddy if he and jail and Indiana.?
In medieval times, what was a cooper?
If Native Americans didn't believe in land ownership then how was "their land" stolen?
I need help with history!!?
how did disney change american and world culture?
How did John Wilkes Booth break his leg?
How many of you disagree with the fact that White European race is behind all inventions on Earth?
how were peoples rights expanded in urope and in the united states in the late 1800s?
What time in history is your favorite? Why?
Did Machiavelli believe the power of God or divine right?
how did shivaji maharaj died?
Where and When is this coin from?
Where did people sign up to volunteer or fight in WW2?
Mr.Fredrick Salt/ European Development Company in Nigeria,i need to know how he died?
Did we fight with the chinese in the korean war?
Was Hitler really on drugs?
Who was the worst president in American History?
Pets in the French Revolution?
How do creationists explain Adam and Eve procreating?
Shays Rebellion importance then and now?
what was the federal Indian policy from the late 1880s through World War II?
Theise statement about amelia Earhart!?
WW2 - was Hitler killed before the war ended in 1944?
Why did some animals become extinct?
Did any thing good come out of world war 1 or was it all for nothing?
foreign historical events from 1992-2008?
9/11 and JFK conspiracies additional evidence?
what is the crusader spirit?
What happened to the old industries?
Why was columbus lookin for india when he accidently found america?
if Britain was part of mainland Europe, would WW2 have ended differently?
why is the west so rich and most of the rest SO poor?
Who WAS Socrates? And what were his philosophies?
History help?! 10points for one question?
which is the oldest religion?
Would the Enlightenment have had as big of an impact on the French Revolution without the American Revolution?
I'm doing a humanities term paper on the Bilderberg Group...?
are the stories about carmen winstead TRUE (or) FALSE?
Did Hitler have plans to bring the war to the US during WWII?
What two aspects of Native American life was the Dawes Act supposed to eliminate?
What were three reasons the Americans were successful in their fights?
The Renaissance and The Enlightenment? In Simple Terms?
What were some of Tocqueville's views?
What exactly is the eye of the phoenix?
What's flexing "centurion style"?
if you could change any moment in history good or bad what would it be?
who deniesthe holocaust ever happened?
What was the most efficient contraceptive method during the XVII century?
Who is sexier: Stalin, Lenin or Kalinin?
What gains does man make from waging war if any? What does he lose by that?
I wanted to know what was the name of the pbs 70a or 80a show that had a man who was a scientist or a chemist?
What amendments tie to federalism?
Why were there so many conspiracies and mysteries surrounding da Vinci?
Battle with greatest kill death ratio?
Which historical figure would you consider the opposite of Ghandi?
How are Romeo and Juliet noble?
Johnny Tremain question: what is the name of the secret organization that meets above the print shop?
Was there a lumber industry in California in the late 1800's?
What was the most negative aspect of the internal slave trade?
How could a slave receive emancipation from a special project?
How many people need to be killed for it to be considered massacre?
What is dowry and its history?
What happened to Germany after the kaiser abdicated?
What's an aspect or example of China's commitment to private enterprise and free markets from joining the WTO?
Why dont they hold the New York Worlds Fair anymore? The grounds are beautiful.?
how did nationalism and democradic movements affect Europ in the 1800?
the HARDEST history question about Rwanda, can YOU answer it?
What were some of Erwin Rommel's belief's that effected him in the WWII?
How were the spanish and french empires in the new world different from eachother?
what is the actual date of Christmas eve?
in which city was president Kennedy assassinated?
Why didn't the U.S. attack the U.S.S.R. at the end of WWII?
Whats your favourite Bushism?
What are some good old-school objects?
is bloody mary real?
Where did the founding fathers first meet?
Who is the most evil man of all time?
Who is the greatest leader of all time?
when did india get its freedom?
another Jose Rizal question here?
Help with US History Please?
why did the united states intervene in nicaraguan politics throughout the 1920s and into the 1930s?
What was Rousseau's ideal government like?
Who is it that should receive the attribution for the following Historical statement?
who was the English king who decreed that English will be used from thereon?
American rear admiral George John Dufek was the first person to land an airplane where and in what year?
Who was Abraham Maslow?
The sneakiest people in the World?
How did Pasteur's germ theory improve our understanding of disease?
what is the main geographical features of civilazations?
Who is the most influential person in world history?
Why did the Roman Catholic church do nothing about the Nazis?
do you think this is the end of the world?
what is the origin of language in the wor ld?
Is there any Marie Antoinette's carriage kept to this day?
What is the greatest event in the history of mankind?
What was the reason the roman empire crumbled?
What's the importance of Louisbourg in Canadian history?
What lie did Ben Franklin use to get to new York secretly?
What is the opposite of history?
Who is this guy named Hitler?
Looking for easy topic for history essay (easy s)?
what do the kkk do ?????????????????
Summary of the Rise of Russia?
What is the greatest palace in the world?
How many living and non-living classical languages are there in the world?
what specific groups were affected by the immigration act of 1924?
What was some thing andrew jackson was known for?
Please help! What was Sir Francis Bacon's beliefs on government?!!?
What are the devices used to minimize black representation in the South after the Civil War?
Was the Taj Mahal really a mausoleum or was it a temple of Lord Shiva?
Does anybody know about the masons?
"The US Civil War was not about slavery"???
what year was Picasso born?
Please tell me some bombings and senseless attacks that the U.S has done to kill plenty of innocent people.?
Down fall of the 1920?
Why did the German hate the Jew so much..to want to exterminate them in WW2.?
who sent Juan Batista De Anza on his exploration?
Help! History!!!!!!!!!!!?
What were some lasting achievements of administration for George washington john adams and thomas jefferson?
what was japan's population in 1100?
Is it weird that I find the Holocaust interesting?
Stalinization of the USSR primary documents?
What were the two greatest achievements each of the Mayans,Aztecs, and Incas?
Why did many European powers overextend their budgets and flirt with bankruptcy in the sixteenth century?
The best year from the 80s?
Finish this sentence....? sept 11th.?
where can i study to be a jerusalem tour guide?
Explain, briefly, how republican ideology and American independence from Britain combined to change?
Who was the world's greatest leader in your opinion?
What food did the Nile River provide?
which was the worst thing in the world?
Identify two instances of the “tide of battle” turning on the European Front and two instances of the same?
what was the free trade agreement and why was it so important?
What was the size of the ancient city of Jericho?
what party did Abraham Lincoln belong to?
How did the Bill of Rights effect white males?
What is " The meaning of life"?
in which country did the second world war started and which year?
who was the greatest profit ever?
Why did feudalism emerge from the ashes of the western Roman Empire?
Did anyone ever try to stop slavery? And who were they?
Who won WWII?
Was the Boston Tea Party an act of terrorism?
Arab Spring vs. Historical Revolutions?
Who/what is the "Modern Illuminati"?
who was sally fleming?
Where do I find Information about antique brass beds with the inital M on the cast iron frame?
What evidence exists to show that the Holocaust happened?
did bette davis really want to be rememberd for being a good actress?
How many area of one castle? Tell me in square meters please.?
I Need to find a place for this art work I found from belart inc.?
Why was there a decline in cinema going in the 80's?
who is william toblert?
When did the Golden Age of Athens begin?
Who would win this battle?
What waters surrounded Ancient Isreal?
Why Isn't America Any Good At Winning Wars?
What is the real reason that blacks will never be repaid for 300 years of free labour?
What are some reasons marilyn monroe made an impact on USA society?
What were benefits of the Magna Carta?
Is there a one word term for the holes in Christ's hands and feet when he was crucified?
Socials help :( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!?
Hallo....who begin to use this word first ?where? when?
history question about the 1950's?
how big was germanys army before the treaty of versailles?
Most Important Cultural Center in the Hellenistic world was...?
Which of the following did Hitler try and do in order to establish his power over Germany? ?
In terms of manifest destiny what is imperial pretension?
Please answer some questions I have about The fall of Saigon, Iranian Hostage Crisis, etc?
who is jim toh?
Who are the main two economic problems of mexico?
Whats the name of the valley egpytian ruling class were hidden in?
what were some factors that contributed to hoovers election in 1928?
help finding the European governments reaction to early US immigration laws?
Beginning in World War II and ever since, the most powerful navies have relied upon _________ _________ to con?
What group has caused the most deaths in history?
How many women and children died in Pearl Harbor?
Explain the value of 20th century literature? Were the changes good or bad? Both?
How did the Bantu's migrate?
Why are people buried 6 feet underground when they die?
5.What paradox did the Italian Republic seem to present?
What was an African American newspaper in Chicago during World War I?
Help!!! Rutherford B. Hayes was declared the winner of the 1876 presidential election after he?
did kalinga university is ugc recognised?
who is the greatest man allover the history?
Do you see the Confederate Flag (ol' dixie, or rebel) as a symbol of racism?
Question on ancient India.?
what is the orgin of the idiom "a shot in the dark"?
How did the invasion of the 9th century contribute to the development of Europe?
Who had Had a significant impact on the growth and development of Massachusetts.?
Books about hitler, lenin or stalin?
who were the Pretender in spain ?(through swift writung)?
Trust the facts?
Do Wales and France have any historical ties?
What were the problems that Germans had in 1919-1923 caused by treaty of Versailles?
who was the first black american inventor?
If you were writing about "history," what's an academic description of "gender?"?
When did "Multi-Vitamins" become available in mass quantities..and are they naturally made?
Is there a non-Christian American President in history?
JFK: Dont tell me that Jack Ruby shot Oswald because 'he loved his country'?
Does anyone know where I can get information on hotels and/or cruise ships?
If history has taught you anything what is it?
How far did young people support the policies of the Nazis ?
based on night of the long knives, what is some evidence that genocide generally starts with wanting power?
Explain the issues that led to the Compromise of 1850.?
Was Christopher Columbus journey really worth it?
What was JFK's biggest foreign policy victory and what was his biggest fiasco?
Was the iraq war a just war? please answer!! urgent?
Which people you think are the descendants of the Huns?
what is the name of the largest river in the Unites states?
If you could change on historical event, what would it be?
Need Help With My Book About Assassins!?!?
who really discovered America ?
Why am I crazy if I don't believe the school taught holocaust story?
Not counting GW Bush, who is the worst mass murderer in U.S. history?
hitler and nazis?!!?
who was jack the ripper?
Is the world safer than it ever was?
What misconceptions did Europeans have of American geography during the 17th century?
With whose death did the Mughal empire become extinct?
What was the major cause of death for children on the Oregon Trail?
was stephen douglas christian? was abraham lincoln christian?
What were the goals of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)?
In your opinion who are the top three most evil people in history(in your OPINION so no arguments)?
Did the right mother win in Jewish mother of the year? (UK)?
who is the first man on earth?
What was The Manhattan Project?
What are some great differences between European and New World civilizations in the 1400's? Explain.?
Journal Entry: The Failure of the American Political System?
How did the barbed wire put an end to the open range and the cowboy?
When did Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, NC, open its gates to black people?
Humanities Research Paper Topic?
in what way did rinaissance through contribute to the age of exploration?
Who were the founders of all the southern colonies?
JFK assassination?
What were the outcomes of the First Continental Congress?
APUSH History Movie Review recommendations?
Why did the United States enter WWI in 1917?
Which was a major result of the Vietnam War ?
How did the free soil party contribute to the cause of the civil war?
what was hitlers last name?
In easiler days in some kingdoms, were most of the women prostitutes?
Anybody know the origin of the state Michigan?
Is Abe Lincoln black?
What factors bid stock prices up during the 1920s creating the bull market?
What was the most significant battle in history?
Anyone knows HISTORY Well... Axis Gains/Germany? 5STARS to Best Help!?
What is the history on mustaches?
if you were the only human on earth what would you do?
what was america like after the revolutionary war? How was property valued higher?
What was the first law declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court?
who assassinated Franz ferdinand?
Did countries other than the USA get involved in the Civil War?
Who was the first person to read the Constitution of the United States aloud?
Who is Simon Magus and how did he die?
so i heard hitler died.?
Can you help with History?
1945 photo Iwo Jima flag raising father brought back from WWII 3 1/2 x 4 1/2" Did all servicemen get one?
History help! role of church in the middle ages!?
1. In proclaiming the Good Neighbor policy toward Latin America, Franklin Roosevelt did what?
If you wanted to travel back in time, which time period and place would you go to?
Please give me a list of African artists which are part of the illuminati?
Speeches from Koreans during the Korean War?
why we use the word b.c(before Christ)in history, which is time before 0000 year.while Christ was born on3b.c
I am pursuing my graduation through correspondence,I really confused which book to study?
If you could go back in time...?
Where can I find a copy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech at the Denzier Hotel in Atlanta Georgia?
Alien and Sedition Acts? Attack on Republicans?
how did little rock 9 help to change the world?
What group of people would have governed an Indo-Aryan state or territory?
What were the effects of industrialization in Argentina?
What was at stake in the Battle of Salamis?
What does Benito Juarez & Thomas Jefferson have in common? Please Help.?
Why was coal important in the growth of British Industry?
Was Hitler Jewish?
Why did the New Deal lower minimum wage?
which is best cultural coontry?
Was Ptolomeus a close friend or just a friend of Alexander the great?
What are voodoo dolls?
Is the world safer than it ever was?
Should the history of Nazi Germany be normalised?
who was grander Alexander the Great or Ramesses II the Great? Why?
Which of the following correctly summarizes the work of archaeologists in the Indus Valley? A. Eighteenth-c?
how old is bob dole?
who are the happiest people onthe planet and what makes them happy.?
Was there free speech during Apartheid?
History Questions! Ile Ste Croix, Port Royal, Quebec and Ville Marie?
I'm born in the wrong time period..?
explain what FDR's "fireside chats" were and what they were about and how americans felt about them?
What did Erwin Chargaff do in science?
What is the message of the history Cartoon?
Art History Question?
What's the worst part of your nation's history?
What was the result of the French and Indian war?
don't be afraid!!?
So far, what is Africa's greatest invention?
dope wars help! transfer money?
How did nationalism manifest itself in Turkey and India during the early 20th century?
What's is the world's oldest flag?
What's the date for the greatest loss of German life in War ?
What battles was Fredrick the Great involved in?
IF... IF 9/11 was an inside job would you join in a revolution?
how many jews live in america?
Which of the following did NOT help cause World War I?
2 History Questions. Please Helpp?
What kind of policies did George washington have?
Why are people SO obsessed with dusty museum artefacts when REAL history is being created by us everyday?
What came first?
who was the first character made in nintendo history? and why!?
What didn't change in west Africa when Islam came in?
what state park in northwestern Oklahoma has a cave system available for tourists?
Can u give me a time line of Europe church midevil history?
Whose fault is WW 1?
How do empires go through transition from one to another?
Where did the Greeks derive wisdom from? 10 Points!?
First World War Memorial, Second Australian Division Mont St Quentin?
significance of the battle of trafalgar?
If Mitt continues to win, will he be as successful as Bobby Kennedy?
I need a list of the soldiers at the "Battle of Bunker Hill." Anyone know the names of the wounded?
Was Winston Churchill the greatest PM The UK ever had?
who was the first woman to perform a spacewalk.?
Do you think there were gay cavemen and women?
What was Trotsky's point in his book the History of Russian Revolution?
Important people with the name Francis?
what changes did pericles bring to anthens?
Do you consider Joseph Stalin a great man?
Where did I put the remote?
I need help with these final histroyy questions?
What technological developments lead to the decline of Rome?
How were slaves in Athens treated better than slaves in Sparta?
Who is "auto van bismarck"?
what is the key to life?
If you could go back to any era in history, which era would you want to visit? And why?
What river and what are of the country did explorer Zebulon Pike explore?
When Islam is most current religion "as mentioned in all Divine Books" why then whole world dont embrace it?
What was the historical significance of the Second Party System (1828-1854)?
In which year of World War II did the Japanese bomb Katherine in Australia?
Ancient Culture ** global history ***?
Who was the biggest influence in the constitutional convention?
what were the causes and effects of the haitian revolution?
How much violence is justified in order to create a greater society?
What kind of equipment did medieval soldiers use?
Who exactly was Peter?
what is Opec about?
Anyone good with history?
what role did the vice president serve in the legislative branch?
Help please how did ww1 start 10 points?
What are some of the rivers that run through Ukraine?
consequences of the Louisiana purchase?
Where is St Paul buried?
there is a diamond named 'kohinoor' in england, inqueen's cap.i argue they give it back2indians what u say?plz
Did the ancient Mayans have schools?
After Adolf Hitler died, what was done with his body?
Who was the president who kicked the Indians off their land with the buffalo pre-Dust bowl in the midwest?????
describe the roles Abraham and Moses played in the development of Christianity.?
What were a few challenges to the age of enlightenment?
How can anyone argue that any state ever had the right to sanction the ownership of a human being by another?
Who deserves more credit for the decline of the Soviet Union and end of the Cold War, Gorbachev or Reagan?
How many hundreds of years did Turkey(ottoman empire) rule Greece?
what is jamaica's land area?
what was the flag called that shakespeare hung outside the theatre during romeo and juliet?
Why did Stalin ue show trials?
Were there any African American Union officers in the American Civil War?
How much was a bag of wheat worth in Florence during the Renaissance?
how did the governor of puerto rico luis munoz marin die?
“Is anyone, or, apart from Adolf and his family, has anyone, ever been call ‘Hitler’?
How did centralized power in middle east affect trade, culture, urbanization?
What was FDRs theory on the origins of the Great Depression in America?
What did hippies protest?
describe the jobs done by irish immigrants in scotland?
rabbits r used to symbolize?
What is the 1st national union later replaced by AFL?
What effect did the wartime labor shortage have on unions, women, african americans, and mexican americans?
how did more than a century of debt contribute to the downfall of louis XVI?
Where were you when Kennedy was shot was a question for people around in the 1960s.?
when did the first world war and the second world war begin and end?
what did Benjamin Franklin do get Neutralist to the patriots side?
who are BALUCH Peaple?Is the tribe viable in the face of assimillation by the persians in Iran and the Punjabs
Who was more popular: Coolidge or Hoover?
Who do you think is the most influential person in history?
Why are Americans so ignorant of history?
Facts about The Black Hand Gang?
is human evolution is true?
What low-budget musical celebrated 40 yrs of New York City shows, on May 3 2000?
If Franklin D. Roosevelt was still alive, would he improve our economy or make it worse?
How did the Enlightenment & Great Awakening lead Americans to challenge traditional sources of authority?
How did cubism affect the future?
do you believe in god ?!?!!?!? tell me why or why not !!!!!!?
What are some interesting topics in modern European history?
Match the following areas with their status in World War II?
What is a referendum and how does it work? Can you name some famous referenda in the United States of America?
What does Gone With The Wind tell about the Civil War and Reconstruction?
Where were you on September 11th 2001?
How would a woman have gotten an abortion in the late 1800s?
hhhhhhhheeeeeeeellllllllpppppp meeee on history?
How did the enlightenment influence the development of American democracy?
Is there anyone in history that was worst than Hitler ?
What did Nero do to his mother because she frequently criticized him?
If you could go back in time and observe one battle?
Were trebuchet operators out of the range of the castle archers?
Are Lemba really a lost tribe of Israel?
Why wasn't Russia the most powerful and successful force in WWI?
help with history question?
i need to know who invented lumen printing and when is was first done?
What was the command structure in the U.K. for nuclear weapons, c1954? How would Churchill have ordered the ?
what was urged upon Pope Leo X when martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the castle gate?
Hey people its me again does any body know when Susan G Komen was born?
The holocaust ...what people say is ridiculous?
Who discovered America?
What led to the collapse of the Roman Empire?
whats the meaning of life?
in julius caesar act 4, how does brutus react to portia's death?
Is it possible that Dragons exist and what era could/would it have been?
Panama City, Central America's Famous Artist/Painters?
Does anybody really ever "win" in war?
What races of people have ever been wiped out completely?
Who were the two key players in the Roman Civil War? Who won?
American History Question?
Can someone describe to me what the 1990's were like?
League of nations - Finland & Sweden Aaland islands dispute, what happened?
where do I find an article written in the 1950's on civil rights?
What is the world's tallest building?
Does it forever vanish when i have deleted the history of website i visited?
Did the ancient Greeks invent the burka ?
Whats Queen Elizabeths maiden name and Prince Charles Last name?
Did Astonomers in the 1700s know about planets beyond Saturn due to "strange orbits" of other bodies?
What chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the 1990s saw four public schools named after him by 2000?
Does anybody know what was Socrete's method, except dialektiki and meaiftiki?
did john smith have an affair and dump pocahantis as alleged in pocahantis or is it all made up?
Today at work during break i came across a senior female colleague who was suddenly rude?
Im doing a paper in school about where holister clothing was founded and just history about it?
My girlfriend was watching the history channel with me...and she said she thought hitler was hot...?
king kamehameha?
Who said " Between nations as well as people, to give respect to other´s rights is PEACE"?
Who is more rich...American beggars or Indian High class?
How was Speer "the good Nazi'?
what do you think of hitler?
arc de triumphe, more than one?
I have to write a paper on a significant individual, institution or event in american economic/business?
My friend does not belive in god what should I do!!!???
How was america financed for WWI? Who was william douglas and what were his contributions?
have a sword and is marked woottey/anyone know anything about it?
How was teenage life in 1960s?
Why were Political Machines important?
What do i need to find how many people were in the united states in the 1930s?
Who was worst? Hitler, Napoleon or Nero?
how can anyone deny that the holocaust happened?
What does "SS" means?¡?¡?
In the history of Punk music, has there ever been any previous public governmental opposition to it?
How are the nobles from Louis XIV reign hypocrites in term of valors?
when did humans first perform movements that could be classified as dancing?
what are four bad things about the persian empire?
who was to blame for the holocaust?
British History. Nobel Peace Prize. Help!?
How was political unrest dealt with in the years 1919 to 1920 (germany)?
Book of Mormon: Hoax or not?
can u do my homework?
what are the obstacles African Americans had to overcome in their struggle to achieve full civil rights?
Who is Big Terrorist? Osama Bin Laden or Pope?
I used to laugh at those who don't believe in the moon landing..but after looking into it, I'm not so sure...?
What has been at 1346 Chestnut st, Philadelphia, PA 19103?
why did the british established the ***** education grant?
Moment in history you wish you could have witnessed?
why did business leaders create new forms of ownership like monopolies, cartels, and trusts?
How has western africa influenced todays lifestyles?
Why do some people deny the Holocaust ever happened?
The Klu KLux Klan KKK?
How did Pharaohs store food in Ancient Egypt?
What has happened to us?
How did man organized himself in states by the first time?
Why did Mary1st ban the holy communion?
Who was Grecian Venus de Milo ?
Roll if women in the Ancient Greek Culture?
Where is Railroad, Pennsylvania?
What was the Child Saver movement during the 1800's?
Who is your Hero, in history.?
Did you like your school uniform?
History question????!????
Jewish holocaust- Was it real?
During WWII, FDR put Japanesse American's in encampments. What was the feeling of people back then?
What are the differences and similarities between London and Medina (10 points)?
Where did people from Dalmatia originally come from?
What was New Jersey's position in the Second Continental Congress?
The Constitution made which concession to slavery?
Help with History?? I'm really stuck....?
300 movie.....a very BIG lie....what do you think?
What was the major reason there were more enslaved africans in the south than in the north during the 1700s?
Why was money even invented?
what happened on the 13th of february 1992?
upon what document was the declaration of independence based?
How did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 change life in the U.S?
What did southerners object to in the california state constitution?
How has diversity helped the American Colonies flourish?
Did any event or battle in American Revolution have an effect on a major event that happened later in American?
What were the effects of the Scientific Revolution?
What sort of deal could Britain have done with Hitler during WWII?
Was Jean de Dinteville humanist or religious? What about Georges de Selves?
In the Civil War (and other wars) why did they stand in lines and shoot at eachother? It doesn't seem logical?
I need help finding the divisions between North and South evident in the 1790s.?
What was the most astonishing, history changing event of the last century?
why do you think that our real purpose on this earth is?
who is the president of usa 1919?
Who is the better person of india ?
African Americans During The Great Depression?
What was different about the elections for the Congress of Peoples Deputies in 1989?
Who built the TAJ MAHAL and which year was it built?
neuton's date of birth?
What was the reason for the holocaust?
Who? What? When? Why? Where? How?
is there a modern evnt related to the texas revolution? if so, please say so?
why were there strikes in canada after the world war 1 and what else happened in canada during 1918?
how did medieval europe feudalism start?
What did Iraq have to do with 9/11?
Where can I find information about how Canada changed between 1920 and 1940 (Great Depression)?
How come the Canadians weren't in WWII?
"have you ever talked to the dead, I find myself talking to the dead all the time" who said this ?
"Name and describe 2 laws that support mercantilism"?
AP US History Essay Help?
Where was Albert Einstein Born, and Where was he Buried?
Ulysses S Grant --who whupped Gen.Robert E Lee -- in which war?
Why did European Christians believe it was acceptable to enslave other human beings?
What was the culture in England during the 1700s and 1800s?
Are the abnormally strict drinking laws in the US a result of prohibition in the 1920s?
what is it called to suffer the 3 physical wounds or thigs that jesus sufferes on the cross?
Describe how Leonardo da Vinci was influenced by the current views of the time?
What is the criteria for a war to be called a World war?
how to identify a medical student during the world war 2?i need facts.?
what US laws or policies were influenced by Adolf Hitler's actions?
how can i guess the date of some ones birth by only knwing their death date?
Industrial Revolution?
what can you say about our independence today?
Was there wave surfing on coney island beach in the 1920's? Proof??
what the love ????
What was the Kievan Rus';explain?
How did cavemen cut the grass?
5 symbols made by man during Paleolithic & Neolithic times (35,000- 4,000 BC)?
Who were the "Moors" and what did they actually do?
How did Greek sculptures define their community?
Has anyone seen a cryptex?
Views of Clemeanceau and Woodrow Wilson at Paris Peace Conference?
Where can I see the letters written between Abigail Adams and John Adams ?
what countries did the Astro Hungarian empire send its soldiers to fight in?
Adolf Hitler?
What do you know about Unit 731?
What year was world war 1?
what did the amber act/bill do?
What were you doing when you first found out about the 911 attacks?
what was the language of the kumeyaay indians would you like to ask?
Do you think that there is a difference in intelligence levels between people today and people who lived?
what was the proclamation of 1763?
What did male indentured servants in Colonial times wear -- clothing and shoes/boots?
Why Did The White People Treated The Black Folks Badly, When We Are All Equal?
What world events were going on during the romantisim [ in art ] era?
when did P.E.I join Canada?
Compare and Contrast World War I and World War II?
Daniel Headrick "tools of Empire"?
When were the "olden days"?
What diplomatic strategies were used by the US on Russia to reduce nuclear arms?
why is it called world war 1 if it was mainly fought by European nations?
Who is Morse?
how is the growth of the five new religions (islam, christianity, buddhism, hunduism, and daoism) a?
What dangers to a free society are posed by the kind of tactics used by HUAC and by the creation of blacklist?
What were the consequences of World War II on the United States and the world?
What was the domestic impact of the anti-Communist crusade of the late 1940s and 1950s?
Can someone provide me links to Holocaust sites saying that America did nothing to prevent it?
is adolf still a name used in germany?
Why was the merge of HBC and NWC important to Canada?
Can anyone tell me where i can find information about Major Seth Anthony?
how did american feels about communism in the 1920's 10points?
Who founded the Brahmo Samaj?
apart from your own country what other nations history interests you most?
Did Africans colonize or immigrate to the U.S.?
How does Shakespeare's Julius Caesar differ from what really happened?
Was Albert Speer the only prominent Nazi leader to escape the death sentence at Nuremburg?
Egypt and Mesopotamia?
If you could live in a certain time period?
Did the Nazis make lampshades out of human skin?
Can you tell me why these wars start?
Most common cause of death in the history of the world?
At the end of World War II, countries that had controlled and colonized African nations lost their holdings?
When was Tsawwassen, BC founded?
What was America called, before it was discovered ???
what are the intitutions for the history of the philippines?
What do you call people like Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler?
being a samurai?
World history bookwork help?
what type of dance was in ancient Phoenicia?
Role of religion in the medieval Christian west and India?
can someone tell me a famous freighter or famous ship (battle ect....) from world war 2?
President kennedy peace army became the peace?
what were some things Louis XVI was interested in.?
What are some ways you could improve the negative effects of the industrial revolution?
Ronald Reagan's role in the relationship between the USSR & USA?
What social and political problems did progressivism seek to remedy?
what is somalia geographical features?
Stamp Act Congress debate help. Taxation without representation?
What are three reasons why the southern states shouldn't have seceded?
In 1920s and 30s, the NAACP had success in challenging?
Textile arts were highly developed in ancient Africa. Which material did the artisans use to create stamps in?
What were the patterns of settlement of the English and Spanish in the 17th century?
Why were the Articles of Confederation replaced?
Where can I find firsthand accounts of people during the French colonization of Vietnam (1860s-1880s)?
Can somebody give me a website that has all of Japan's achievements?
Was abraham lincoln really a vampire hunter?
In the late 1800's, where did people buy clothes from?
Today india is indipendent countory.what you think "Mahatma Gandhi" was the main person for this?Yes.No.Detail
Historical CANADIAN events from 1950-1959?
Did Ponce De Leon ever find the River of Life, also known as the "Fountain of Youth" ?
what lessons can we learn today from the Holocaust?
Do you know the nickname of the state you live in and how that name originated?
What new social class emerged from Industrialization?
what was the main drawbacks during indipendence?
what was the primary focus of the reconstruction legislation after the civil war?
Was The Bombing in Heroshima Justified...?
What are the differences between ancient Roman education and modern education?
Why should the camobian massacre be considered a genocide?
did any one work on the atomic bomb?
Does anyone know any good sites for info on the day of pearl harbor?
who said this and were did they say this?
Was Pearl Harbor An Excuse?
Who won the 2nd world war?
The Egiptian - where do they come from? from the Atlantida?
what are the major battles of the battle of vicksburg?
what kind of jobs were given to irish immigrants in canada?
Have Britain and / or America apologized to China for the Opium Wars?
looking for Bonifacio dominguez born in Flagstaff in 1914?
who is a great american thinker from saint petersburg, florida?
Federalists advocated rule by?
Are there any examples of a country or state's capital, which was chosen from a few possibilities?
What is information on the Colosseum?
traditional dances of colima, mexico?
who is indian president?
What were the duties Giuseppe Mazzini believed that people owed to their country & humanity?
which development in Europe in the second half of the 19 century led to the revival of overseas possession?
I have a coin of pres.thomas jefferson1809 It looks like it's real?
How much silver is contained in a Morgan Silver Dollar? (weight specific)?
If it wasn't for American help, would the British all be speaking German?
How would a lower class yound man talk during the 1890's?
Help with information on the 1850 Congressional Elections?
Good sources for Fall of Communism?
what where and when did it all begin?
Can you give me a couple of examples of genocide?
Who's your favorite brutal dictator?
How did the Mongol Empire connect Europe and Asia?
Why did the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba failed?
Why did clemenceau and Lloyd George disagree over how to treat Germany?
dos anyone no the answers to these history questions ?
Anyone know a good site about life in England in the 1770's?
what was the average age of man at the time of Dinosuar era?
The first stirrings of the first Great Awakening took place in?
How do Holocaust deniers justify their opinions?
In Athens there is a Square named after Admiral Canning, why would the Greeks honour an English Admiral?
what is it against the jews?
What it might have been like to live in a medieval city.?
Civil war in the south?
Why was some of the "Vietnam war" fought in Cambodia?
Did Jesus Christ had white skin like portrayed in most media?
Why do Koreans get so insanely pissed off if you say they came from China?
What happend to Anne Frank and her family after they were discovered?
Is it a bit cocky to for Britons to call their country 'Great' Britain?
What do the brits know about Gospel music...its American?
when in history began " the buying Christmas present seasons"? and why then?
what is the zip code of nigeria, lagos?do you advice a female to join the force? give reasons pls.?
History question about the Romanov's princess anastasia?
When and who robbed all those egyptian tombs and what happened to the "treasures" ?