what principles of the French Revolution still exist today?
What was one achievement under the Articles of confederation?
What are all the historical facts relevent to Homer, the Ionic poet.?
philosophy help please?
What were the accomplishments of the Radical Reconstruction state governments?
Anyone from Cuba who can tell me why many Cubans risk so much to come to US?
What is one reason that antropologist believe the sammerians had a more negative view of after life than egypt?
What was the most prevalent human disease in the late 1960's and early 1970's?
Were there any pirates during Pánfilo de Narváez's army?
what is mean by reglauting act?
location of konark on map of india?
whens your B-Day?
History BOUFFS Help please?
What did Henry Clay hope the 'American System' would do?
How much could sometime serve for attempted murder if they were caught on tape?
Who was the Inca and Aztec empires were defeated?
What does this poem mean?
What is the meaning of this quote from Mahatma Ghandi?
Why Did The Jamaican Government Not Like Bob Marley?
What is a central conflict? :/?
Could someone do a summary of the civil war?
did you know that Hitler made soap from those killed jewish? ?
Does any know if you could get money for origonal blueprints of parts of Michigan?
Till was down at work. Is this common in busy stores near xmas?
Why are a lot people from Britain delusional when it comes to WW2?
History Paper - The History of Science?
Why did the Mongolians invade Europe? and what did they achieve?
What decision did hannibal make and did it work ? social studie?
We're did the Jews people hide on a Danish boat?
does anyone know who Catherine Medicis is?
In history, who, omitting Hitler, is believed to be responsible for the most deaths?
How long did Queen Elizabeth I rule England?
U.S. History Help!!!?
History - USA - 1921 - 1940?
Hitler or Stalin?(or tiny moustache V's big fat moustache)?
do German schools learn about the Holocaust?
Who was or is a really bad dictator other then Adolf Hitler or Gehngis Kahn?
Who has a good understand of nike history ?
Answer ASAP please!!Where can I find information about France's debt during the French Revolution online?
How many states were needed to ratify the Constitution to make it final?
Answer these history questions?
which country (or countries) was ruling the lands that now constitute Israel before its creation?
What was the Federal Government's attitude towards the KKK in the 1920's?
Did Chris Colombus think that the world was flat?
Who is the best example of a modern day renaissance man?
What if martin luther king jr did not get assisinated?
Your Opinion about the decision made to drop the bomb on Japan?
What were you doing on Sept 11, 2001?
who was the founder of child language acquisition?
Why was Giuseppe Garibaldi important for France?
What physical characteristics does Physicist Nicolaus Copernicus have?
What was Albert Einstein most famous for?
artist from europe in the 1940s that came to america?
how did adolf hitler use his power for the bad?
compare and contrast the effects of mongol rule in China and The Middle east pleaseee?
why has America been named after the sailor, Amerigo Vespucci?
How did the Boer war help lead Canada to an autonomy?
Is the question "the Ukraine Holodomor was a deliberate genocide by Stalin" a thesis statement ?
What is your impression about Margaret Thatcher (in three words)?
were "The Highland Clearances" before or after the creation of Ulster Plantation in Ireland?
Which Spaniards came to Colombia?
how did the british government attempt to deal with britain's decline as a global power from 1945 to 1967?
What were the requirements to join the Gestapo? What about the NKVD?
How far back in history can we go and still have people alive who witnessed a war?
what was the nature of the administration of the Mongol Empire under Genghis Khan?
Ottoman Empire/Venice in the 15th Century?
Did North Indian Kingdom practiced cousin marriages?
was there a Siltone Pottery that closed down after the second world war?
3 US History questions - please help?
How did the passage of the Tea Act and the Coercive Acts work to prevent a third compromise between britain an?
Conditions in Ireland in the 1700s?
Who designed the American flag? (Hint: It wasn't Betsy Ross - She was the one who sewed it)?
If you had one trip shot at a time machine, which piece of history would you like to witness ?
Why was the aunch of Sputnik I in 1957 so significant?What did it's launch mean for Americans?
Who were the People Responsible for the Ending of the Death Penalty in New Zealand?
What is a good book on the history of the Arabs?
Where can I find photos of the old SUGAMO PRISON used by the military in Japan during WWII ?
What were the differences between north and south carolina?
what pops into ur mind when u think about the cold war?
Question about European Discovery of America?
'Should Rome have conquered Gaul?'?
Why did the Nazis place Jews in ghettos in WW2?
Aristocratic fashion for young boys?
If one US aircraft carrier was transported 2000 years back, could it take over the Roman Empire?
Explain how Israel came to be divided, what happened of note (spiritually speaking) in both kingdoms, and how?
What money did they use in Ancient Chinese? 1800bc – 220ad?
Is this Alexander the great on this coin?
What happened between Bill Clinton and Monica Luwenski?
Would more people have survived if the Titanic sank on a hot July afternoon?
Does anyone who knows why London called London?
despite the growth of professionals in the south in the mid 1800s, even they were dependent upon:?
what is an undrdeveloped country?
Which one of Cartiers voyages was most important in your opinion?
What was your experience on September 11, 2001?
What was discovered on April 6th 1909?
The unification of Germany is owed to Bismark. Discuss?
In 1900, among which of the following groups were labor unions the strongest?
how many societies have had female warriors similar to Spartans?
Why are so many ancient swords found in river beds?
A Real Easy 2 Points?
What Jobs can you get if you like history?
What was Hitlers first name?
what dyou think of the first half of my history essay?
How are horse saddles made? what components are used?
Was the Locarno pact signed under the League of Nations?
Was it weird in the 40s if the wife worked and the husband stayed home?
Right before the Monroe Doctrine, what would have happened had the Americans allied with the English?
Ancient Rome????????????????
How is Adam Smith relevant today?
Following World War I? History Questions?
what is the name of the crossdressing palace girls at the topkapi palace in istanbul?
summary of the second world war?
What are differences between the Antebellum South and the North?
Sumerians!! (I'll answer yours!)?
historic names such as "che"what does that mean?
Mayan Calendar? who, what, where, when, why, how?
Is it OK to believe that the United States is the worst country in the history of the world..?
Which upper Paleolithic cave has been called the Sistine Chapel of prehistory art?
in what date did Julian Chan donate newstead Abbey to the Nottinghamshire county council?
Do you like George Bush? Why do people say that he "invented" war? Do you hate him or do you worship him?
On radio one, they just asked who the greatest american in history was...who would you?
what is the name of the first man to go to the moon?
What innovations occurred as a consequence of French colonization of Africa?
How do i cite a source used from a history sourcebook?
What did the foundation of German Empire owe to Bismarck?
what events happend in 1900-2000?
were there any women's right movements 1960s-1980s?
how many kingdoms did they have in the middle ages?
When did knights completely disappear from the battlefield because of gunpowder?
I want to know that when muslims conquested the cities and areas of southern France.?
How much money did Oskar schindler spend on his jews?
when and how did isaac hayes invent gravity?
Did Adolf Hitler really want to start another war?
What happens during a nuclear fallout?
can you answer this question before I have finished typing it?
What were the weaknesses of the congress under the first constitution ?
abolitionists/ anti-abolitionist?
how did the catholic church disappear by 1603?
The wars fought in 1914 to 1918 and 1939 to 1945 was it really world wars or european wars?
how did the Victorians dig a well?
American history?!?
Does anyone know any interesting facts about Stalin?
How tall was Ronald Reagan?
what was the great fiji rush?
Rousseau's conception of the General Will meant?
Joe Clark or Stephen Harper: which canadian prime minister made a bigger impact?
Diversity in american history: What comes to mind??
What happened to Nevada after the Civil War?
Why did we not discover Chinese music till now?
Which country did the Hume & Hovell expedition explore?
Does Israel really not have the right to exist where it currently is?
Discuss United States forign relations between 1898 and 1920.?
Leaders that I can get their leadership skills on?
i need help with history?
What is the difference between the Cannons used today and the Cannons used during the Civil War?
jodhpur city map?
why did they build the great wall of china?
What is Tabliq Movement?
is the world actually gunna end 2mrw !??!?!?
In what ways did the Supreme Court boost federal tower?
comparison between suleiman the magnificent and peter the great?
What is the third secret of fatima?
where was the location of the cheyanne indian tribe?
When Hitler started saying we are the pure race and superior?
how has Universal ***** Improvement association improved the life of African American? (20 points)?
What was the purpose of the pyramid text?
did Hitler really think he had outsmarted Stalin when he "betrayed" his non-agression agreement?
what is the prize money for gunness book of records???
Did the Americans had an equivalent to the Dead Hand system made by the Russians?
What kinds of accommodations did Christianity make with classical culture?
Inventions of William Talbot?
how did the nazis knew who were the jews?
Questions about World War 2?
LVB was born in 1770, who I am talking about?
Was taxation around in Spain in the 1550's?
what did the nazis achive durring the holocaust?
1. What british in booston were forced to do...along with the loyalist supporters?
how did trade cotribute to the deveploment of minoan and mycenaean civilizations?
Who was the father of genetic?
If GOD made us where did he come from? I know He's always been but haven't u ever just wondered?
I need to know what kinds of homes are in Togo Africa?
why does barack obama's birth certificate designates him as afro american before it was officially used?
Martin Luther Vs. Calvin?
Did liberal Italy collapse in 1922?
What went into space on april 12th 1961?
who is the god of fire in the Indonesian mythology?
Why did the American colonists fight for their freedom from the British rule?
How did Marcus Aurelius use his power as emperer?
Question for History Teachers (Who Are These People?)?
what it garter belt?what make the men get excited?
Is the soviet union a rich country? i thought they were a superpower or something?
What are the four types of propaganda? How is propaganda effective?
i have a henderson ames tunic/fencing tunic?
The French and Indian War (1754 -1763) altered the relationship between Britain and its North American colonie?
What were the two major buildings in Muslim cities?
How did Lincoln make himself look soo good in the debates with Douglas?
What was Hitler's biggest mistake that cost him WW2.?
Did the USA ever support Hitler before WWII?
Is the Spaniard or the Aztec account of conquest of Mexico more accurate and why? Please help!?
Need help from someone smart please!?
Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?
Was Papa John alive during the Renaissance? (See Details)?
I need a diagram of all the wars that the us have been in, you know like a picture? I need it now, please:)?
Describe a project or some work that you did with others.?
Did the BILL OF RIGHTS effect the Native Americans?
How did the empire pass down in chinese society?
Who were Hernan Cortes competitors? 1521?
When will it stop?
In what ways was Thomas Jefferson a different kind of president from the two men who preceded him in that offi?
how many famous people use a?
1800s boat ride, europe to california, gold rush.?
What is collateral and how did it affect the stock market in the 1920s?
Who were the supporters of the Tea Act?
Why is it that progressive historical figures always end up becoming historical villains?
when and how did the Angles, Saxons, & Jutes convert to Christianity?
What was the name of an early 1900s american woman who helped woman immigrants?
how many people died in the dust bowl in the 1930's?
what happended dearing the Rio Grande vs. Nueces River.?
compare and contrast Alexander Kerensky and Nikolai Lenin?
History; Put these events in order?
who “won” the war in Vietnam?
Name of the thing that queens wear on their heads?
Why were "spices" a big issue in the latter part of the medieval era?
Do you really feel that Russia could single handedly take on Hitler without the allies' help in WW2?
I need help with some Articheture history?
what were some financial concerns in france due to the american revolution?
what were the names of each region in southern england?
Who is (or was) the most important person in the world?
How did Cleopatra died of?
Who introduced the 17th amendment?
Name the indian celebrities born on october?
what is opusday?
"Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492..."-for Spain! How did Britian end up claiming America?
I need to ask some questions about the history of an exclusive club.?
why weren't names of cities changed when california joined union?
Why do Cubans speak spanish?
How to become a museum curator?
Was Hitler really on drugs?
How did we end up with last names?
If you could be a famous historical person for one day, who would you like to be?
Was there a war where, the enemy was underestimated?
Who do you think was a better commander? Scipio or Hannibal?
how did henry hudson treat the natives?
who is kalpana chawala?
I Remember, Do You?
Why did the colonists fight for their freedom in the revolutionary war?
how did technology lead to the rise of exploration?
what are some news events and popular culture influences during the time period of the Battle of Iwa Jima?
Compare the methods ,objectives, and relative success of English, Spanish, French, and Dutch colonization?
What kind of warfare was used most during WWI pick one please help?
how do no if a guy that u like flirts with u?
what was the role of Africa in the evolution of modern humanity?
What did Maximilien Robespierre do?
What significance did the Moors play in the spanish conquest of the Inca?
Have any historic societies had gay marriage?
Could someone give me a influencial person in Europe that is still alive?
Is the press fair about reporting on Hitler and WWII?
Which of the following was NOT a result of the War of 1812?
Ohandler and price company?
What did Henry Louis Gates, Jr. mean?
why did jefferson win the election of 1800?
Wait... How could the Titanic have sunk?
Who was to blame for the sinking of the Titanic?
What/Who was a key person/idea/event in the civil war that had an impact on the war?
Why is easter three weeks later this year then last year?
What do u think is the greatest human accomplishment?
What was so revolutionary about the scientific revolution?
Civil Rights Era KKK?
During WW2 was the US really unaware of what was happening or did we just not care??
What type of violence did the KKK use to control the lives of African Americans during Reconstruction?
What is the real story behind the Hunchback of Notre Dame?
Why do empires fall?
if you were to present an award to a famous afro american what would the tittle of the award be?
What factors contributed to the defeat of the Aztecs by Cortes?
Had Kautilya provoked Chandragupta Maurya to Jainism ?
What is there in Taj Mahal which Hindus say that it is amonument built by Muslim King but it belongs to Hindu
Did Oscar Schindler's company ever make anything for Hitler and the Nazis ?
How did the treaty in ww1 effect the middle east?
Did Christopher Columbus really discover America?
What happened after president Lincoln died in 1865?
Revolts against the Spaniards?
The cruelest human that ever lived!?
Charles A. Beard thesis?
Any links to a REAL historic picture of a black death plague doctor mask? Easy 10 points?
What caused the Battle of Flers-Courceletteat 1916 and what was significant about the battle?
How can I learn about village life in the dark ages?
Who would really win in a fight between David and Goliath?
Was Hitler of German origin?
what was the reputation of Lorenzo Ghiberti back in the renaissance?
Did the US have a third atomic bomb left after those dropped on Hiroshima and Nagisaki ?
What did geologist Jim Reinders call the 26 cars he planted on end in a Nebraska wheat field, as homage to an?
if D Day never happened, how far would the Soviets "liberate"?
What were the economies of the North and the South based on at the start of the Civil War?
did augustus caesar wear a reef crown?
What service did the Byzantine Empire perform for European civilization?
Why was the Doors' jim morrison obsessed with death?
why did the united states enter world war two ?
Is there much known about how Nazi General Von Paulus lived , while in Russian captivity after WW2?
i want to know more about the great pyramid power?
what was the pin on annie oakley,s hat?
What is your view on Leonardo Da Vinci's brilliance?
Were conditions worse in world war one than any others?
history help please help me?
I know we won the revolutionary war but was it just cause Britain got tired of fighting with us.?
How does anne franks diary act as a resource to the history of the holocaust?
Top 50 most influential people in history?
History of American People?
What kind of people were the non-aristocratic colonist?
how did humans multiply after adam and eve?
why did the U.S create alliances such as NATO, SEATO, ANZUS, CENTO and the OAS?
What methods are effective for building an empire?
How did americans come to america?
Why were people dissatisfied in Russia during the 1870's?
what did women use before pads and tampons were inventeded (13-18 century)?
_ Did Gandhi ultimately fail when India was divided into two different countries?
1920s literature.........?
Vlad the Impaler?
How did the Reconstruction (era) of the south lead from the Civil War to hate and segregation.?
State 2 major problems or conflicts faced by latin americans after independence.?
Egg or Chicken?
What discovery in the last 200 years has benefitted MANKIND the most?
Bay of Pigs Invasion & the Cuban Missile Crisis ?
Is it true that Adolf Hitler's real name was Tubby Isaacs?
what does this quote mean?I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made?
What do you think of Cyrus the great comparing with Artaxerxes II?
where and when was the "Deitz 7-G" lantern used and for what purpose??
1.How did history evolve as a subject? 2. What is the difference(explained) b/w social studies n social sc.?
Describe the meaning of central administration?
Which firestation (pertinct?) was hardest hit on 911?
What year did False Advertising Laws begin in America?
How do you think Stonehenge was really built?
Help with Edwardian Era?
who is the greatest military leader of all time and why?
What kind of paints and pigments did ancient egyptians use?
The Roman colosseum ?
Was Thatcher Good or Bad for Britain ?
Is anyone good at blindly apraising coins, or have a good website that does?
why did the Britain take away troops from their colonies in 1800's?
Why did the Tainos greet the Spanish with respect?
Who was the victim of the race riot in America?
Who was responsible for the huge loss of life with the sinking of the Titanic?
fun facts about the civil war?
What was the most popular novel Vardis Fisher wrote?
what led to the great uprising of 1877?
European History...Martin Luther...Indulgences...Reformation? anyone know?
Who did Ali chose an the bachelorette?
HISTORY: Israel's land borders?
What were the post WWI american attitudes?
Is it true that America won world war 2?
how was tsarist Russia perfect for revolution economically, politically and socially?
Four of the eight border states sided with the North. Why was this important to the Northern war effort?
"We three kings" are given names in the carol. Where did the names come from? "Kings?" How so?
Which has more history, Ireland or the USA?
how did clara barton help the advancement in modern medicine?
Did hitler regret invading the soviet union?
President Truman contributed to the postwar Red Scare by:?
what kind of paper is used to make dollar bill?
Role of women in Egypt?
federalist vs democratic republican arguments?
what is the war called that was in Germany with the Jews?
do you think nazism can return back ??
what were popular colors during Baroque period?
POLL---Was it right when Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon?
how did photography affected sentiments and counterculture during the 60's?
is it true that scottish people are orginaly migrates from ireland???
Why was it important to call Machavelli's work political science?
hitler rumours??????
elizabethan view??
if you went back in time and became hitlers babysitter?
true or false the civil war only lasted about 6 months before union won .?
Do afghans have ruled india?
Is America any different than Hitler?
how did the agricultural adjustment act help americans?
Blair vs Thatcher - Which was the greater Prime Minister and why ?
explain the background to the riser of USA capitalism?
Why would one refer to Adolf Hitler as the "greatest leader in history" or even a "great leader" at that?
How did the French Revolution began and end?
what were the diseases during the Middle Ages?
A random question about how Canada and America became countries...?
dont understand Mein Kampf saying?
U.S History and Government Regents?
Old Parishes of London?
Art galleries london- south east asian culture?
why is the Renaissance considered the beginning of the modern era?
Why were the members of Lehi given a military decoration?
Help on Aztec calendar please!!!!!!?
History help? 5 question for ten points?
Why were Freemasons persecuted during the Holocaust?
Any good websites on the art of Thomas Cole? Thomas Cole?
What did Anne Frank do while in hiding to keep herself busy?
Why a country was not founded for Roma after the genocide as it was done for Jews by the USA?
Greatest Army in History?
examples of Demagogue leaders?
Was incest in the year 49 punished?
Good thesis statement for Alexander the Great?
describe the british colonial adminstration in the 18th century, England's relation with the colonies?
where do you belive bin larden is hiding?
Did the US have the right to use the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II?
what are the critirea of human body and face from anicient ages until now?
who were influential characters during the Australian history and how important was their roles?
why did jews come to america and what traditions did they bring with them?
The portrait of St. Matthew from the Lindisfarne Gospels describes the union of Early Medieval Christian art a?
Were the colonists justified in protesting British Policies?
Oriental Antiques?
Was Hilter part-Jewish?
Civil War Battles' HELP!?
How did the Puritans differ from the Separatists?
If you could have lived during one time period in past history, when and where would it be?
What was the first African American college to open in the US? Lincoln,Xavier,Morris Brown or Spellman?
What is france famous for?
History , american literature?
What treaties with Native Americans did the U.S. essentially keep?
Did Korea really just shoot a missile toward Hawaii?
Is there more than one American Declaration of Independence?
why did south carolina feel it had a right to a doctrine of nullification?
Is movies enough for learning history?
Which of the following was not a result of the Dreyfus affairs?
Any films related to either of the world wars that are mostly about France or the effects on french people?
Who was Tilly, the one who sacked the city of Magdeburg during the Thirty Years War?
"What did Barlett meant when he said that the root of the problem of the humankind is man's failure to underst?
Is the press fair about reporting on Hitler and WWII?
Farm prices in the Great Depression?
What was considered the most hazardous tour of duty in any of the Fronts together during WWII?
How was Selena Quintanilla a genuis? Define Genius.?
History, holocaust era...?
Has the UK come to terms with its historical role in the slave trade?
What medicine would have treated a headache or pains in the pre-aspirin era ?
Who is the most evil man in history?
which war was being fought when colonel roger morris and his american wife,Mary lived and then fled their mans?
Is Richard III guilty of murdering the princes in the tower? Is it true they found their remains in the tower?
Compare the ideologies and techniques of Martin Luther king Jr, and Malcolm X.?
what did the black death cause?
why do girls were thongs?
Is Catherine Carver (from the letter in Blue Bloods) a real person?
what is the most exterme form on torture ?
What are some symbols that represented Canada in WWI?
Why are totalitarian governments "comforting" during troubling times?
what was the reason of World War II??
How were the causes inter-connected in the Schlieffen plan-History?
Why did the United States use atomic bombs to end the war in the Pacific?
What was so special in 1969?
a race famous for the legendary seizure of its women?
in wat way did the townshend acts benefited the british?
where can I donate old history books about WW11?
hwta is the difference between a good story teller and a bad story teller?
Renaissance man: Medieval or truly renaissance?
The Nazi Party and Hitler?
I have many questions about America?
Rasputin and Alexandra from the Russian Revolution?
what was it like to be a farmer in the great depression in Canada?
Why was the scarab revered in Egyptian society?
How did Sieging armies await defenders to starve to death while getting shot at by enemy fire?
Effects on Mexicans during The Great Depression?
What were the strengths and weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?
What are cigarette holders you smoke through called.?
Japan attack on Pearl Harbor?
why were many arabs opposed to the balfour declaration?
What did it mean to slap somebody with a silk glove?
Who invented War?
difference between rounded and segmented ancient Rome arches?
How and why did the buffalo nearly become extinct?
When was the battle of Crecy?
70's sports headline?
is the turin shroud true?
what three states were the leading turkey producers in 2007?
What are some similiarities and differences between Brazil Independence vs. Spanish American Independence?
why did we have slavery?
Ancient societies' harsh laws?
why were the colonists upset about the taxes?
What were the kingdoms of Sunda and Galuh;explain?
Not trying to be insulting to anyone?
I want to know more about Amanda Todd ?
What do you think would happen to the world if there were no rules to keep people safe from harm?
Adolf Hitler, Boxers or Briefs?
Can anyone elaborate on who Lech Walesa was and Big accomplishments he made?
What is the Victorian Attitudes and Value?
what was the weakness of the mughal empire.?
What was the first document of the us?
Question for teachers - Why do kids need to learn history?
Why did Harlem evolve during the renaissance?
Where were you and What were you doing the moment you heard the news of the twin towers?
Why did John Lennon's killer kill him?
What is the significance of Heath Leger's death?
Did they ever find out what happened to Amelia Earhart?
history, bill of rights?
wha are seven wonders in the world?
any books on baby boomer?
crime of the century?
What elements of total war were shown in the eastern front and what elements were shown in the western front?
Did Vanderbilt and Morgan (the Robber barons) have monopolies on anything?
Im trying to find some information on DEAD CHILDRENS PLAYGROUND in huntsville alabama?
why does America is synonym of a nation that is United States?
what happened before isaac newton invented gravity?
what involvement did walter ulbricht have in the construction of the berlin wall?
who won the civil war? where? when?
where did civilazation start?
what presidents are on the nickel and the quarter?
Who Caused more Havoc in the world Hitler or Julious Caesar??
What did they use livestock for in biblical times?
How many left-handed presidents have there been?
Why Couldn't WW2 Have Been Prevented?
Expansion of Democracy in the US?
has alcohol ever been illegal?
What was your favourite plague?
British Empire?
Who REALLY discover America?
During world war 1 who lead The United States.?
What is the symbolism in this piece of art displaying history?
What was the civilization of Auschwitz?
What is your favorite period of American History & why?
what do you do if you have come accross some vital info that would effect the way of life,?
why indis and pakistan cannot be one???????
Portugal and slavery?
I’m looking for anyone who can make good quality early to mid Saxon jewellery?
give me info on the baker hotell?
When is the earliest Viking age reckoned to and where do they first appear?
French resistance WW2?
Why din't the Germans try to stop the nazis?
How long does it take to climb Mount Everest?
How are historical facts used differently between 1776 & John Adams?
what was the professional working relanship of george washington and john adams like?
what is the meaning of life?
Beckwith, WV history?
What are the causes for the 2nd world war?
I have some plates cups and saucers and serving platters Titian Ware 749349/52 Patent 79593 Adams Royal Ivory?
What were President Johnson's (LBJ) health problems? Did he have psychological issues?
Why is the modern purification of water important in world history?
Slavery, Black people, whats your philosophy?
1.Muawiya moved the muslim capitol to this city. 2. charles Martel led this army at the battle of tours.?
should the australian government say sorry to indigenous people? what are your thoughts?
Which of Woodrow Wilson's points encouraged the birth of new nations?
Popular songs, paintings, poems or speeches that caused or agreed to rebellion?
Three questions about World War 2(Battle of Britain)?
what types of discrimination did homosexuals face through out history in the United States of America?
Thrown to the lions. Is it true that some people volunteered?
Why do most historians claim the man Jesus existed, when they don't even agree...?
Who was the most powerfull person in history?
The most important contribution of Tang scholarship was?
Did FDR (President of USA 1932-1945) know the Peral Harbor attack was going to happen.?
Are we ever going to capture Osama alive?
were did the (BLANK) happen?
Why God not made five fingers are equal. Why difference in all fingers?
History?? Help please?
Is the Willie Lynch Letter real?
Which best describes the experience of African Americans during the Revolutionary War? ?
By the end of the 17th century, roughly how many Europeans were Protestant?
what is the couse of earthquake?
why iran history (like perspolice) is unknown for some body??
social, political, economic, and religious aspects of the Aztecs.?
why did napoleon invade all of europe after the french revolution?
What was life like in the trenches?
How did the Berlin wall prove communism just does not work?
how did louis pasteur improve our understanding on ill health?
I can't find information on post-world war II...when I search it pulls up information on world war II instead?
why did they lower the voting age to 18 and what was the age b4?
Colonial trade areoud 1750:?
How much does an original 1862 wall map of Glengary Prescott-Russell in "good" condition worth?
How Did American Business Respond to Growing Consumerism in the Postwar Years?
How did 1920's Men's fashion start?
When the bomb was dropped on japan why did the emperor never talk to them until then?
Why was the constitution written?
Questions on the Cold War?
did hitler kill people that were aryn(people with blonde hair and blue eyes) or jews?
what major ideological conflicts, security interests, and events brought about the cold war?
for what reason did hitler torture the Jews?
i have an old document from the 1600's 12 pgs, it looks maybe like old english? who checks these things out?
What is the Significance of the Bronze Age?
How did WWI encourage Europe's coloneal empires for independence?
who is the sister of oliver who happened to be the fiance of roland?
cold war destructions in different countires?
who thinks it's wrong for film to revise history?
wherer can i find information on the style of 1910's?
What will George W Bush's legacy be?
WWII and Cold War Research Paper Topics Need Help!!?
Was their anything fair about the treaty of versailles?
Arkansas History Question.?
what effects did islam have on the middle ages ?
How much would a joseph guarnerius violin dated 1736 be worth today?
Formerly used during the WW2 by armed forces.?
guy fawke lived in england during the 1800's did something negative against his mother land?
If i had 650 dollars to buy presents from a indian tride wat could i buy.?
what are seven wonders of today world?
i'd like to ask a question about abraham lincoln and the the slaverys expansion (plz read details)?
Had Britain been contiguous to mainland Europe, how easily would the Nazis have occupied the UK in WW2?
War of 1812? Why do Yanks Think They Won?
As a direct result of the XYZ affair,?
Which person from history would you most like to interview?
ancient assyrian project?
How was life like at the turn of the century?
" SWEET SIXTIES" . are fifties and sixties romantic & sweet , as some people think ?
Historical Events Affecting Federal Budget?
penguinas and esquilos PT2?
how were girls and boys portrayed in books in the 1930's?
Tension in Europe 1878 - 1920?
What happened to native americans as a result of westward expansion?
If you could go back in time. Which century would you go back to and why?
Would you have killed Adolf Hitler's mother before she gave birth to him?
Where did the expression"peachy keen or king" come from?
Why did the kennedy's hate lindon johnson?
Why do some Americans act they won WWI and WWII on their own...?
Compare the role of the state during the Maurice Duplesis era with that of the Quiet Revolution.?
i need to find a picture of the Grand Theatre. It was on 11 Clinton Ave. in Albany NY. It is now demolished.?
In history has anyone ever survived a seating in the electric chair?
WW2 project- OKINAWA...please help!?
i need an amusing topic for my lecture and i would rather to speak about ancient?
Question about hieroglyphs in the disney film ' the prince of egypt'?
Where did the Hawaii import its flour for bread since we did not have a mill on this island?
who is the explorer that found Korea?
In an attempt to raise revenue, government bonds called _ were issued against the sale of church properties?
why human bings sleep at night only?
How did the crusades lead to the Italian renaissance?
Who is Kyle Allen Lutz?
I would like to ask permission to use excerpts from Chapter 8.of David Andelsman's work, A Sattered Peace.
How was daoism spread?
Any good information or debates about strict and loose(broad) constriction?
what is the richest country with ancient monuments?
What period(s) in history interests you?
what was the reason y in the expansion west the killing of indians?
If you could have lunch with any 3 people from history, alive or dead, who would they be?
How did independence Rock receive its name>???
Is Dwights Speech really a speech from Benito Mussolini?
who is the greatest social leader in the history of mankind??
what led to the revolutionary war?
Why did United States support South Korea?
Model of the Pyramids of Giza?
What were the major accomplishments of Sani Abacha?
Alfred Reed's life in 1944?
Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?
What are the arguments in the development and ratification of the US constitution? Who was right?
ancient scrolls found in venice's jewish ghetto?
What is it called when black people want to be paid back for what happened during slavery.?
How was Catherine the great a poser?
who were the native americans of mexico?
aspects of african art and music?
Do you have a summary of the revolution of the U.S. before texas was anexated?
what was the last major development in the commercial revolution?
When did carter enact the pardon policy ? ?
What time period do you wish you had lived in? Why?
who was the last british governor in uganda during colonial rule?
Korean War, what were the social effects?
What was a "bad" roman citizen?
How did aqueducts influence the rise of the Roman empire?
During WWII, was it unspoken law not to shoot a medic who was attending to an injured soldier?
In the Great Depression what inventions, social practices and fashions did they produce?
Who won the war of 1812?
Constitution / History Question.. Need answer ?
Did you ever wish you were born in earlier times? Because I think the present SUCKS!?
how have the volunteers for Britain's militaries changed probably in past 150 years>?
In 1916 Britain, what led to the fall of Asquith and the rise of Lloyd George? And how was the party divided?
British fighting style of the 1700's?
was the attack on pearl harbour a war crime?
why is the ancient Greek reliable and why? with three examples.?
why was hitler a genius?
what were French and the Dutch royal armies fighting each other for in the 1600s? and where?
Who was Lewis and Clark and what did they explore?
What were the reasons for the Anti-federalists opposition to ratifying the constitution?
why is school dumb?
who was the president that contributed immensely for the freedom of america?
Why was Lincoln elected president a cause of the civil war?
When did the 100 days war with Napoleon Start and End (French)?
Who is the greek God of reading?
what is the correct usage of senior, junior, III, IV etc. What is the first?
Who was Louis Joseph Papineau?
what do you think about harriet tubaman?
how can you say that Hitler was a bad guy?
what are somali people?
If ! Answers existed on 9/11, what would be some of the questions asked?
who are liberia's main allies?
Who will still be famous in 300 years?
nickname of frederick second 1194-1250?
what were the benefits and negatives of imperialism in India?
What are two suffrage amendments ratified during the 20th century?
Were there really pirates in the Caribbean?
What ten ways is Ancient Greece similar to life today?
Should we raise taxes for all Ameicans in the United States?
What did Henry VIII contribute to the following?
does slavery still occur in the 21st century?If so, where?
Would You agree that... Wars cause more problems than they solve?
Where was Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus born? What city or place?
How did the Marshall Court effect the Market Revolution in the 1800s?
What important details did Ernest Hemingway leave out of "A Farewell to Arms"?
how did rock n roll start?
Architectural Structures built between 1000 AD and 1600 AD?
How was cultural, ethnic and religious diversity defined in the late seventeenth century?
Should the Anglo-Zanzibar War, the shortest war in history, even be considered a war in the first place?
What's the feudalism of Chinese Zhou Dynasty?
do you think it would've hurt to be burnt at the stake?
when was my hamilton pocket watch made?
Why did some sections of american society dislike the new jazz culture?
Could Britain have won the Falklands war without American help?
I dident think that this could happen but it did...PLEASE HELP SOON!!!?
What nation (people or land) has never been colonized, conquered, occupied, or governed by an external power?
Reason&Revolution. (Questions about the revolutionary period)?
Please help me!!!?
Who do you admire most in history?
what historical gains were maid buy and for african americans between 1865 and 1877?
What are the underlying problems of the regency of orlean?
Who was the Roman Emperor who had ten thousand Roman citizens killed to make it look like the Roman empire was
What river can build up the land?
Whats the difference between the FRENCH DECLARATION and the FRENCH DECLARATION OF MAN?
How did george frideric handel die?
why do people always say history repeats itself? Is it true?
why do african americans have sensitive eyes?
Whats a good website for biography's?? Lois Mailou Jones. Harlem Renaissance Artist..?
Royal Navy's fail-deadly system was the BBC?
Why do some people follow the lunar calendar?
is my friend going to be rich someday????????????
Why is an environment important to the study of history?
How could the split between Protestants and Catholics have been prevented?
What is the meaning of life?
How much did a gallon of gas cost in 1967?
Why is the U. K. so called?
Hey anthropologists or history experts, are the Etruscans and the region of Tuscany related???
how do i write a good outline?
Who would've won a fist fight - Joseph Stalin vs Adolf Hitler?
Why did the Medieval Church need protection?
How did the invention of the radio affect American society?
Questions in refference to Art History (Romanesque and Gothic Churches)?
What is your opinion on World War 1?
Discuss treament of cancer.For example,how does chemotherapy attackcancer cells more vigorously that normal?
What was the purpose of the leggings used by soldiers in WW2?
What determines a country's decision to fight or surrender in a war?
What happened at Tinneman Square?
Did the Chicago Seven got to prison?
When did the Latin American revolution start and end?
Which % of the British Protestants probably moved to the USA in the 1700s and why?
Why do Americans mistake stereotypes for facts about other countries?
did cavemen speak english?
why was the Dome of the Rock SO important to christian, jewish, and islamic religeons?
what are your favorite quotes from historical figures?
what is the meaning of "MEIN KAMPH"!!!?
short history of egypt?
Who were Julius and Agustus Ceasar and what was their impact on greece ?
Summarize The great awakening?
Who was the most evil woman in history?
who was the next president after FDR?
Was the Australian Civil Rights movement self motivated, or was it motivated by the American Movement?
How was King Henry VIII Catholic?
what english general led an attack on the french fort at the forks of the Ohio river which ended up being one?
Otto von Bismarck's plans?
Who are the major renaissance artists and what are their major accomplishments?
How do i find my family symbol?
how did the loyalist support great britain?
How long did the silk road last for?
What were the darkest days in America's history?
My earliest memories were watching the German planes flying over and dropping bombs on London. What were?
Does anyone know how tightrope walking first started?
im looking for a historical figure, that did something awesome, or cool.?
How Important was the church in the 16th century?
legend of Palustre Family?
Differences between the Ottomans and Mongols?
Who is Ignaz Semmelweiss and what was his contribution to medicane?
Please can someone write my history homework for me best answer gets 5 stars?
Who did Livia assassinated and why?
where is bermuda triangle situated?
What were the spaniards main goals in the 1500's?
Which country avoided European power from 1870-1914?
ok give me a song for the year of 1989 the best one ?
Why would people who commit acts of genocide try to save a few of the same people they were trying so hard to?
In what ways did islam influence sub-saharan african culture?
Some interesting facts about the Plague in Elizabethan time?
how was the osage indian tribe and missouri indian tribe different?
Why were slaves not allowed to learn to read and write?
If the titanic had never sunk, how would that have affected us today?
When and by who was the first glases discovered?
what can be the relationship of history and society?
what was britains population in the 19th century?
ESSAY TOPICS ! !!!! on king arthur , templars, the holy crusades or the Holy grail?
do anyone of you know Bonifacio?
How did pioneers stay safe from Indians?
What methods and writing styles does Tacitus use in The Annals of Imperial Rome?
what are 3 similarities between the treaty of versailles and the conference that ended ww2?
What was the influence of Islamic art and architecture on Post-Islamic Spain?
Where were you?
why was London built in England?
Why did Texas not join the United States after San Jacinto?
What did a painting of a key mean during the medieval era?
I need an argument for the Loyalists!?
Tobacco in Virgina during the American Revolution?
at the paris peace conference 1919 when japan was forced to hand back the 2 chinese colonies it won, what did?
what are 3 policies James I (the first) established?
BA in history?
What are interesting but specific turning points in history?
How many of Schindler Jew's are alive today?
Who really discovered America ?
Need help restoring M38a1 jeep any tips to find parts?
How many men did Rommel had for his North Africa campaign?
were the English "Christians" before 1066? did Normans force Church attendance on them?
what do you know about the sierra leone civil war?
Would the pro-Nazi David Lloyd George be the ideal Holocaust Denier if he were alive today?
History question: who was Cortes and why was he so important?
Any information regarding Witch craft ?
Which building hold the longest record for being the tallest building in the world?
Was Alexander the Great literate?
what is the history of waltham airdrome from 1940 / 1945?
How many years must the President be a citizen of the United States ?
What Important documents came from the American & French Revolutions?
Hitler and the Ocult, not the Show?
What are all the buildings on the acropolis?
The creation of the Constitution?
How did each of them(Jefferson and Madison) respond to the challenges facing the United States?
can anyone help with resources to prove to a teacher that Abraham Lincoln was a black man ?
Napoleon a great man or dictator in almost same league as Hitler or Stalin?
Please name some female heroes who died tragically.?
Explain the concept of the Adversity Theory?
What were some of the challenges facing American foreign-policy makers during the Crusades?
Karl Marx's contribution to history and how did these contributions impact history and the world today?
How was the Ottoman Empire established and how did it grow in power and influence?
what are the most important things of the Berlin Wall?
what are some really good ww2 movies?
were immigrants lucky to have america as there new home in the late 1800's?
Which crop was the most important to Jamestown and discuss why this crop was so vital to the existence of Jame?
What is your opinion on World War 1?
Would there ever be another slave trade?
where was the Inca civilization found?
What historical developments influenced modern ideas of individual rights?
Was the sinking of the Titanic a conspiracy?
Are horses native to America?
1945 liberty dime in fair condition?
Do you think Adolf Hitler was a genuis, in his own right, as a leader?
The Sugar Act Details?
can anyone tell me what were the complications in the short story " the bass the river and sheila mant" thanks
Is it a widely accepted fact that Leonardo Da Vinci was dyslexic, or is it considered speculation?
what were the welsh called during ww2?
american discovery?
What modern society would you consider to be in a "golden age"? HISTORY HONORS!!!!?
What was the greatest invention ever made ?
Briefly explain how Sparta customs were designed to promote a strong military?
Civil War question...?
If the Mayan calender predicted the end of the world in 2012..?
If the Victorian period was named after Queen Victoria,?
Why were the issachar tribe said to have understood the times?
What economic factors during 60's caused women to have to work outside their home... Help pleasee !!?
When did Isabel Allende die?
communism or captilaism which one are you?
Which of the following is NOT a counrty that occupied Berlin after WW2? -?
Are there any ancient languages which remain undeciphered?
How did the bombing of Pearl Harbor influence the United States involvement of World War 2?
History on sun yixian.?
what is western civilization?
How did the Frank's adoption of Christianity help development a large Christian cultural zone?
why even after the renaissance discoveries did doctors still not know what caused disease?
Where could I find Soviet newspapers/articles during the Cuban Missile Crisis?
Does anyone have proof/examples of William McKinley {25th USA president} being a man of character?
Who was a better First Lady?
Which feature of government was most developed most fully during colonial era?
How can I get my boyfriend to wear velvet tights and a cod piece?
Who do you think the most evil person in history is?
What techniques of Renaissance art did Da Vinci use in his "Last Supper" painting?
why is the rockefeller center so important?
How did Petrograds look like in the last 2 hours before the Bolshivik Revolution?
would woman of got jobs if it wasn't for ww2?
Who are some of the most influential people in US history that aren't Presidents?
Are African Americans still under educated today in 2012?
Is it wrong that I cried at a history video showing the bombings of Japan and Germany?
What happened in the Netherlands under Philip ll?
why hang Saddam,we never hanged the emperor. of japan- after world war two?.?
What effect did the quest for profits by industrialists have on factory workers and children? Provide 2 detail?
How did the franco American alliance of 1778 was a significance for the us?
what types of people were accused of beeing a witch in the 17th century?
is history important in our life ?
if the rainbows were near your house what should you do?
What was John hancock's job?Answer asap.?
Where do babies come from?
what is the bay that divided the colony of maryland?
How did the "country party" writers influence the political thought of the English colonists?
project on harappan civilisation?
was there ever someone who was rich enough to smoke 100 dollar bills?
how was harriet tubman killed?
What was the first form of government in Rome and how can you describe it?
Which people of France still were not equal despite the Declaration of the Rights of Ma.?
Did Adolf Hitler have low self esteem, but a high ego?
How did the Mexican ranchos socially, politically, and economically impact California?
Does Pearl Harbor justify Hiroshima?
Who was worse, Stalin or Hitler?
What does Hoo Moos mean??
how much is a nazi uniform worth?
What was the importance of the treaty between Hitler and Stalin?
Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
What is a better story setting? 1900 during World War 2 , 1800's or Today (2000)??
Why do people try and insult Hitler?
Why was it necessary to locate the headquarters of the Church in Rome?
what were some of the reason for dropping the atomic bomb?
A question on Geogre Mason . PLEASE HELP?
Are you for or against what Abraham Lincoln stood for?
Name a love story that is older than Romeo & Juliet?
what was the socialist challenge and why did it fail?
How did domestic slavery begin?
what were the achievements of people during the old stone age?
what are the social differences between the northern and the southern colonies, in the thirteen colonies?
It is often said that World War II was the inevitable outcome of the aftermath of World War I.?
Adam & Eve?
If you went back in time,where & when would you go?
why did wilfred bartrop join the war?
Where best to find records of WW1Deaths: W J Canham Died June 28 1918 France?
Will one country ever have another vast empire?
where were you when 9/11 happened?
how did the spread of information and knowledge compare between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance?
Why is Fifty-Four Forty or Fight significant to American history?
Childhood during WW2, any info?
How was the legal system brought under Nazi Control?
Why is the Great Enclosure named the Great Enclosure?
What is the significance of Roman Roads and how did the help the people in ancient times ?
How was the assassination of Abraham Lincoln a turning point in history?
History Questions Please Help?
was albert speer considered a true nazi?
I need help i did something stupid?
How did the 3 people escape from Alcatraz?
Could America ever have another civil war?
what were some of the challenges of the transcontinental railroad and how were they overcome?
Who were the Hebrews and what concepts did they bring to the western world? Explain their heritage to the west?
1.What beliefs were inspired in the Germans by the failure of the Allied troops to invade Germany in WW1?
why can't we all love one another, like the word says?
when did joseph the father of jesus die?
What would it have taken for the US to back Germany in WWII?
Did mankind come from another planet and this earth is the final destination until it is used up?
World Studies Question. I don't understand what is being asked.?
Why did the American Indians get robbed of their lands & treated so unfairly. There is'nt much said about it.
Does any body know the reasons that made U.S win World War II?
Why did the United States use atomic bombs to end the war in the Pacific?
Need help on Russian Revolution.?
What was the diet, Lifestyle, Caloric needs from 1800-1820's in America.?
what were the people who beat African Americans called?
Are Tyler, Buchanan and Harding forgotten presidents of the United States, never played in a movie ?
Did Atlantis ever exist?
what was the political climate like in the 1970's?
why everything including a human have a name? and who did the first time in human history..?
what were the names of ponce de Leon's kids and wife if he had any ?
FESS UP - would you rather have gone to see a Shakespeare play or dogs and bears tearing each other apart?
What did middle class people (in the colonial times) eat on?
I need some information on: Prejudice in 1930s USA Scottsboro Trails?
Did FDR intentionally cause the attack on Pearl Harbor?
How was the United States justified in dropping the two atomic bombs in Japan?
What was the significance of the Missouri Crisis?
who discovered the Philippines?
The beginning of age of big business started at the end of which of the following war?
If the Victorian period was named after Queen Victoria,?
how far can i walk into a forest?
Which Iroquois tribe(s) lived in Chenango and Broome counties in NY?
Gunpowder was invented by the...?
When Did Black Slavery end?
Why is the Haavara Agreement involving Nazi Germany not taught much about?
The folowing things we aren't suppose to know (see details). Do you believe them to be true?
Did the Rosenbergs trial go to the supreme court?
fancy a trip with me?
To what extent was nationalism..positive...or negative?
Imperialism in Africa History questions?
why did the settlers chose to set up James town where they did?
What is the imperial we?
Who can tell me something about Alaska? The more, the better?
what drinks did they have in the 1850s during the gold rush?
In which battle did The Grand Old Duke of York have 10,000 men?
Does Napoleon deserve to be considered a hero or traitor of the revolution and why?
What impact did Teddy Roosevelt have on the office of the President?
United states played a big part in ww2 correct ?
Why do Americans speak English?
what do historians mean when they say the "newtonian world-machine"?
what exactly happened to Hitler's body after he shot himself?
Evaluate Metternich's attempts to maintain the old order in Europe.?
Henry Clay's "Omnibus Bill," which provided the basis for the Compromise of 1850, included all of the followin?
what was the Peekskill Riots ?
Is it true Yitzak Rabin was diahheric?
Why would it be a good/bad idea for the US to use force to break through the blockade with supplies?
Documentaries on the french resistance during WW2?
according to what Quaker religious concept could the spirit of God touch everyone and they should joyfully sha?
Why was this image published about Smallpox Vaccination?
In what ways did the 2nd great awakening influence tow of the following:?
What problems did Samuel Adams face between 1776 and 1779?
North excluding Confederates after the Civil War?
3. How did the Quakers beliefs compare to Puritans beliefs?
How is the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution not supported today by our congress?
China-Tibet Conflict?
who started the first word war?
what were the internationalists?
Was Leonardo Da Vinci a basketball player?
Where did woman circumcision take place in history ?
deathdates of billy the kid, wyatt earp, john wesly harden & place of birth & death & burial sites& sites of a
do you know anything about freedom of speech?
what were the differences between the french and the english when relating with the first nations people?
What do you think about the Terracotta Warriors from China?
What type of weapon (and what color was it ) did Sokka"s Matrt help him forge?
why do the picture of Mona Lisa so famous???
why are the people from holland called the dutch when the germans refer to themselves as the deustch?
Do you think schools need to emphasize more about eastern history, and middle eastern?
If Charles and Camilla have male offspring?
How is traveling from the Midwest to California better by train than the methods used before the railroad come?
What were some of the efforts of FDR's adminstration to "solve" the problems of the Depression?
cars handed over in war effort?
Please Help! Project Tomorrow?
what are the names of some of Herman Webster Mudgett victims that he murdered? aka Dr Death?
What does the phrase 'a rank Socinian' mean?
is the bible a book you can trust?
What was the cause of Barbara Jordan's death?
Who is the best fighter in history?
policy of england 1763-1776?
if my grandpa was born in 1929 is is possible he fought in WW2?