Will shaving my legs every night make the hair grow back faster?
What do you do to prevent split ends?
What should I ask the hairdresser to style this kind of hair?
change my look a little?
Got hair dyed blonde and it turned out orange! My hair is already fried how do I get it back to natural color?
Would Ash Blonde Suit me?
iam 25 years old from last 3 months my all hair fall no moer hair on my body any body help me to sovlmy prou?
Should I get a short haircut?
How to Repair Dry and Damaged Hair?
My hair is naturally stick straight and long(to my tailbone) & an inch and three quarters thick. Perm?
What is involved in air neutralizing a perm?
How long do you think it will take?!?
Hair disaster? Bleached my hair 9 times?
My hair is poofy, and wavy, how do i get it STRAiGHT ?!?
I'm taking about the law of color. I really don't understand if i had black hair and wanted to make it honey c
Need advice about hair dye ASAP!?
how do a make my hair shiny?
All my friends say I should?....?
How do I go lighter blonde?
Picture included!, what color should i dye my hair?
Which hair cut and colour will suit me?
what is the difference with sulfate and non sulfate shampoo?
how do i get prem...?
Haircuts for teen girls?
For all the Black women what is the name of your favorite salon?
Hair Culers?
i just washed my hair it still looks like a grease ball!?
Joker's Hair Color Ideas?
How can I get my hair this shade of purple?
Girls, what do you think of long hair on guys?
How long until my hair is this length?
How do I tame my frizzy hair?
Girls, what is your view of women out there who dont shave body hair and let it grow naturally?
Will oil pastels dry out my hair?
Should you shampoo or condition your hair first?
what hair cut is good for me?!?
ive got short hair and want it to grow?
Women, do you think I would look better with facial hair or without?
I'm getting my haircut tomorrow and have no idea how i should cut it. Any suggestion?
what color should i dye my hair?
How do i get wavy hair so i can have a flat top blowout like pauly d?
How do you get curly hair like this?
Anyone no a decent antid dandruff shampoo appart from head & shoulders?
does baby shampoo makes my hair more stronger,shiny and healthy?
Would I look fat with a shorter haircut?
should males have long hair or short hair?
Which haircut should I get? *pics included*?
I want to dye my hair chesnut red and have a new haircut, ¿your opinion?
what are bangs??????????????????????
How can I make my hair not frizzy after washing?
how to keep curly hair not frizzy!?
what is chemical straightening?
How do I tease my hair?
Is it necessary to change the parting of hair regularly?
Hair falling out after bout with westnile virus.?
How would I look like with glasses and bangs? (PICS.!)?
If I get my wavy hair chemically straightened will I still have to "touch up" my hair with a straightener?
How do I get splat out of my hair?
Half Up / half down hairstyle?
needs different hairstyles XD?
women only?
If I put red hair dye over blue, will it turn purple?
With reference to an answer I have just read I want to know.......?
short hair or long hair?
What should I do to style my hair for school or just hanging out with friends?
Shampoo to protect against chlorine in swimming pool?
what are good hair dyes names for pink and blue?
What are some good sites for getting hairstyles for my hair dresser?
wut shampoo do u use?
hair advice on going shorterr?
Hair!!! dry and frizzy?
my hair after sleeping becomes rough what can i do for it to be stable can any one answer?
is there a shampoo or conditioner to get your hair less puffy?
Shampoo or Conditioner?
Which unatural hair color should I get ?
how soon can you apply goldwell color acid to relaxed hair?
guys, is red hair hot? or ugly?
Best Shampoo For Long Fine Coloured Hair?
Is heat bad for your hair?
does herbavita chamomile hair lightener work?
What type of hair do you think it is?
What can i do with my hair?
what is the best ceramic hair iron out there?
How should i wear my hair for my first day of high school?
agree or not? when your hair goes grey your aging ok... but when your?
Longer hair (Hair growth)?
Side swept bang help?
How can I grow my hair longer faster?
I have these little hairs around my ears, and they always stick out when I put my hair up. Its annoying, help!
Do you think I should dye my hair BROWN?
Question about weave (sew in)?
Why does my hair fall out so much?
any ideas for crazy hair day?
Is anyone a hairdresser?
How should I dye my hair?
Home remedies to stop frizzy curly hair?
What kinda of hair would look good with my shape face?
Whats a good dandruff shampoo?
Need an idea on how to perfect my photo shoot pose (15 year old boy trying to make a breakout to Disney)?
Where do you part your hair?
does my hair look better curly or straight (pics)?
good hair straightener?
How to keep hair from getting greasy so fast?
I need to change the texture of my hair from afro to curly.?
Does anyone know how to have naturally straight hair?
Hair Transplant in Dubai?
What makes your hair hang further, twists or plats(individuals)?
Why is it important to blowdry your hair before straightening it?
Best treatment for dry hair?
Steam curlers harm hair?
Straight or curly hair?
I've just straightened my hair should I part on the left or right side!?
Should I keep my hair like this or dye it?
does anyone know a good web site to look at prom hair styles.?
POLL:Short hair or long hair?
Do egg whites make your hair shiny?
How to keep my hair from getting puffy?
I need some help with brown hair coloring?
Do blokes prefer women to have hair "down there" or not?
does anyone know what is the best shampoo and conditioner to repair dead hair?
what can make a mohawk rain proof?
What is the purpose of bleaching your ***?
can i dye my hair when is humid or raining outside?
What hair colour is this?
What to wear and do hair on camera!?
My friends call me gay because I straighten my hair, it gets my quite angry. What can I do?
Any tips to make my hair less poofy after a shower?
Ladies,does my hair look ok..<pic>......?
How can i get my hair like this?
hair problem need help please?
please suggest some way to get rid of dandruff!!?
help please!!!!my hair is so thin coz of rebonding?
Girls only please as I don't want sad men leaving stupid answers.?
Wanting to dye my highlighted hair a little darker than natural color (dark blonde). Help please?
Whats your natural hair color?
Do I look better as blonde or brunette?
How Long Do I Leave Splat Hair Dye In My Haor Without Bleach?
are there any products available for Asian hair?
How to take care of natural wavy hair ?
How can I keep my curls from falling during the day?
My hair is naturally straight and thick and doesnt curll.?
What can i put in my hair to make it soft?
bald patch a day before school!!?
Whats the best product for my hair?
i left my hair dryer on for too long?
Do you perfer curly hair? or straight hair?
What are the best quick/instant weaves your bought?
what hair colour is best on girls?
How to get my hair to grow longer?
I want straight and smooth hair?
Good flat iron for Brazilian keratin treatment hair?
Do eyelashes grow?
How do you properly wrap thick african american hair?
what is the best wax to use for your legs???
How should I do my hair for American Idol audition?
Plucking out hairs by the root?
Would dark purple hair look good with red underneath? :]?
Does my hair look better curly, or straight(pics)?
Any other guys cut their own hair? :)?
What color should i die my hair? Should i go blonde ?
I have Dark Brown hair what colour would my hair go if i dyed it bright blue?
Is this hairstyle cute?
What color will my hair be if I dye it cyclamen from Sally's beauty supply?
Updos for waist length hair?
what type of hair dye should i use?
What type of blonde is this called?
Can anybody else give me any pictures of like this exact haircut? picutres uncluded.?
How Can i make my hair wavy or curly?
Do I gotta be mixed for my hair to be like this?
What could i put in my hair after i shower to make it really soft?
girls - have u ever had an hairpulling catfight?
My wife got a new hair style and I cant stand it. ?
Does it bother you that your wife (or girlfriend) wears a wig?
how do you keep your hair in good condition when your on holiday ?
Is it better to put your hair in a french braid or a pony when wet?
does using a straightener damage your hair?
I have hair to my Butt, I have been thinking of cutting it, but don't want to cut too much.?
i like curly hair but my doesnt get curly how can or what product would work to get it curly?
What hair colour would look good on me? With picture?
From hairline to chin, how long is your face?
Blonde issues. -.- Please help?
Do you know of any home remedies for thin and scanty hair?Am 22/f.?
Do I look better better with my hair combed up or down ??
What is the most popular hairstyle of all time? I am guessing ponytail but wonder what you think?
How do i style my medium length hair using wax? Spikey wavy?
What is needed to grow knee length hair?
HELP ME Growing hair long?
Shaving legs!?
would i look good with an emo cut?
Do you think that this girl is pretty?
When can I straighten my hair?
How often do you get a hair cut?
Ombre Hair, Tricks and Tips?
Wat do u fink?
This one is for the GUYS!!!!?
What's the best hair style for me?
How do you remove bubble gum from your hair?
What is the best hair color for gray coverage for African American women (black to dark brown)?
Short layers on top of long hair?
Is it like one or the other? Please help :)?
do u think i should cut my hair?
How much developer to add to black hair dye....?
What is a good way to wear my hair?
should i go a bit blonder?
My brother's hair is so............................?
where can i buy stuff to do blue highlights in my hair????????????????????????????????????…
I bleached my hair twice in one night?
ohhhh i cant stand it advice plz?
like my new hair.?
i need some good haircut ideas for the new school year.
Dark hair dye that is good for your hair?
Do you have straight or curly hair?
Who is prettiest or at all pretty?(PICS)?
i am looking for john freids sheer blond"spun gold" shaping and highlighting balm, anyone out there know wher
im male& my hair r falling from sides but r there in middle suuggest hairstyle as i hav oblongish round face?
HELPPPPPP!! s best answer!?
Is it true that very long hair can cause headaches?
Looking for pics of cute layered haircuts with sidebangs?
Would bangs look nice on me?
would this hair cut look good on my -honest answers plz-?
Should one cut their hair befor coloring or color before cutting?
Are highlights JUST for gurls?
what do you think of middle partings/how to pull one off?
are braids russian traditional russian hair style?
Are you susopse to lose ALOT of hair in the summer or am I going to be bald if it keeps up ?
Hair Fall Help .............?
Can I get some words of encouragement to not chop my hair off again?
How to get shiny hair using regular household products?
My shampoo sucks or something...?
Which cut should I get?
Hair help. getting hair styled different?
what can i do to my hair before i straighten to make it more silky and not frizzy i dont want 2 buy products?
GUYS AND GIRLS!!!! I need your help RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how should i get my haircut? (pic included)?
What colour should I dye my hair? [pics inside]?
What hair gel should I use ??? (for boys)?
how fast do eyebrows grow back?
Guys - Do you find girls with short hair attractive?
What does it mean when someone has red hair and black eyebrows...?
how do i use hair rollers?
What Hair looks best on me?
How long do I need to have heat on my hair when I lemon juice it?
Am i treating my hair right?
How to do lilac/lavender hair?
is the maxglide iron really works??
What are the army hair regs?
Would I look better with brown hair or black? (pic included)?
I hate my hair? I want to shave it all off!?
My hair is damaged from straightening my hair!?
How do I get my hair to grow long and thick within a month?
No Scream Cream Where can i buy it?
How to get hair like this? (pics included.)?
Do girls prefer guyz with short or long hair??
I saw the color and fell in love but when I did it, disaster...?
If i plait my hair really tight tonight will it be wavy when i wake up tonorrow?
what should i do w/ my hair? {pic included}?
Any information about GUYS getting hair relaxer?
I have short, light brown/dirty blonde hair, oval face and ice blue eyes, what hair style would suit me?
do girls like guys with hair on the chest?
Hair extensions for thick hair?
Is shaving your head the only way to get rid of dreadlocks?
What kind of haircut should I get?!?
Which Side should i Make my side braid on?
Would this hair color look good on me?
waves...? help.?
does hair grow when you are awake? o.o?
Are my eyebrows weird?
shedding extensions !?
how do u get rid of hair die smell in your hair?
What color should I dye my hair?
i grew a foot this summer. and it wasn't true,i'm not twelve inches taller. i just need another shoe.?
how can i get blonder hair?
How can you make your hair grow faster?
Best products for repairing damaged curly hair?
hair problems need some suggestions?
Why does my hair keep breaking off in tiny pieces despite good care!?
how could i change my hair?
What do you think about scene hair?
i'm trying to go to a school for a trade?
I plan on bleaching my hair this weekend, but i don't think it'll work?
How can I grow my hair longer?!?
Does My Hairstyle suit me?
Hair salons in bay area that specialize in curly hair?
Does argan oil benefit fine, oily hair?
Anyone use Henna hut shampoo?
Does it look professional (ish)?I have new hair colour, like it or not me? [pics]?
Should I dye my hair lighter for summer???
Should I do this to my hair?
which one should i get? KERASTRAIGHT or SHISEIDO ?
How long is long hair?
Is a lot of oil good for straightening?
How to fix my natural hair?
Hair Advice Please?
How to style short hair?
How to stop my hair from going static on a long flight?
What is the best drug store leave in conditioner?
I am 16 and losing my hair?
What's the best way to get dreadlocks?
Getting my hair done on Saturday.... colour ideas please?
want to get dreadlocks?
What color should I dye my hair?
has anyone tried the
Has anyone tried the Pro-10 , Sensationnel or Ultima hair by Brandy?
Am I crazy? I am going to buzz off all my hair?!?
anyone know of some cute back to school hair styles??
What color style is this ? PLEASE HELP! thank!?
Is there any hairdresser around that can lighten light brown hair to a nice lemon colored blonde?
How to get rid of split ends?
It annoys me when people insist i have dyed my hair...?
how can i spike my hair up?
how to scrunch my hair like her. pic included*?
What color should i dye my hair?
who likes blonde hair girls named katie?
How much faster will your hair grow when taking Biotin?
Brazilian wax disaster!?
How can I get this hair color?
Is it possible for someone to have blonde hair as a baby,but brown when they're older, or vice versa?
Mahogany Brown without the copper effect?
If you Wax your legs, does it make your leg hair stop growing?
10 points for a quick good answer?
is it too young for my daughter to wax.?
i shaved my arms... HELP?!?!?
do u trust hairdressers ?
Do different hair colors change the way your skin looks?
What are good shampoos?
can we prevent graying of hair?
I have bleach blonde hair, how do I achieve Ash Blonde?
What Are The Names Of These Hairstyles?
Should i use mousse or gel to scrunch my hair?
Will using a temporary hair dye or rinse affect my natural hair color or texture after the color is gone?
Whats the difference between getting your hair layered or stepped?
Would I look good with hair like this?
I wanna grow my hair out one length and leave it hanging down rather than having it in a ponytail..?
How can I make my hair grow faster in 2 weeks?
Question about getting dip dyed hair?
where can i get instructions for giving a crew cut?
head kandy extensions question/help?
:S HELP .. ! Pics includedd?
Straightening curly hair!?!?
im thinking of colouring my hair red, do you think it would suit me?
Hair Bleaching Problem!?
Hair Straitner?
What kind of haircut should I get (w/ pic)?
!.s..which name is better for posh blonde boy?
Cute And Easy Hairstyles For Curly Hair?
i have brought berina hair straightner cream please give me proper directions to use it.?
Can a full fringe be cut back into a side fringe?
i need a cute hairstyle to go to the pool?
How do I get rid of split ends?
I dyed my hair blonde and is went green!?
i need major hair help!?
2 weeks ago i backcombed my hair into dreadlocks, I am not using wax. Any tips on maintenance?
How do I make my hair longer, faster?
what color hair do gils like on guyz???
I love men with beards?
advice for makeup??????????????
Ovation hair vs Aveda invati?
What hair colour would I suit?
Healthy Straight iron?
I need a hair straightener. Which one should I get?
Looking to style my hair in a certain way?
How can I keep my hair from being so oily?
i am looking for a site that can show me hairs styles for a bride?
what is the best hair product (as in shampoos,cond,brushes..)out there to make your hair completely straight?
Hairstyles appropriate for school?
How can I make my hair grow longer?
Scene hair help?! Needed ASAP!?
How shall I do my hair tomorrow?
ghd straightners are they dangerous?
Girls who dye there hair do you use permanent each month or semi?
im a guy with brown hair and my hair looks real ugly and im starting to use suave radiand brunette is this odd
How do you lighten blonde hair?
Brunnette or blonde?
How can I repair my damaged hair?
question about braids?
Is it true that redheads have a higher tolerance for pain?
Have you ever seen super thick side bangs?
hair cuts: what style should i get?
how do you feather the back of your hair?
My hair has lost its curls?
How to do this? ill answer yours!?
How would you describe this haircut????
do men preffer women with black or blonde hair???
Advice On This Haircut?
How do i remove perminant hair colour form my hair?
Which color would look cool on me?
How to cover up blue hair?
Is there anything besides medicine like types of food or whatever that can grow hair in youur scalp?
liese free arrange and super hard hair spray?
Hair Dying Prices!!! Please Help!!!!?
My hair makes me look so young!?
My hair are too brittle and dry. Can you advise me a good conditioner thats available in india?
what do i do with the roots of my hair after a quiting the relaxers?
Vodka for hair??
What is the origin of the name facial hair style, soul patch?
how do u keep ur hair straight w/out using a straightner???help i'm goin on a date!!!?
i dont have money??????????
a hair cut to a slimmer face?
Women only! Would you mind if a guy dressed as a woman was at your hair shop getting his hair styled like you?
what colour will my hair go if..?
Japanese hair straightening on previously relaxed hair?
Why does baldness not affect body or facial hair?
I REALLY WANT THIS hairstyle....?
Should I shave my arm hair?
How many times should you wash your hair with shampoo & conditioner a week?
Can I use ''Biotin'' along with ''hair vitamins'' to grow hair?
How should I get my hair cut?
Coconut oil before curling?
Japanese hair straightening in Seattle?
i dyed my hair but it came out retarted lol?
Is there hair dye out there that can be washed out? If so, whats it called and where can I get some?
How to remove copper out my hair?
Fellas, would you still go out with her if you found out she was ......?
new hairstyle? help meh!?
How should I cut/style my hair? Photos included.?
My hair is dirty blonde what is the best colors to streak it im looking for a change?
What's the Best Hair Bleach?? and NOT sun-in please?
Hair that goes VERY dry in the winter even though I condition it?
how can i straight my hair? What shampoo you should advise to use?
Is curly hair atractive to some guys?
Your opinion on hair:?
How should I get ride of this hair?(This maybe nasty)?
what kind of hair style should I get?
How braids affect hair?
what products are good for your hair?
do guys like the natural look?
Can anyone help me with my hair ?
Is it okay to get corn rows if your white?
Is it alright for breast feeding moms to dye their hair?
can I make my hair blond with splat bleach?
what haircolor is best for green eyes?
is kind of long hair hot on guys?
If you shave your head completely bald, will your hair grow back extremely straight?
Females: Facial hair?
Does hair ever stop growing?
How often should I wash my hair?
i started losing my hair whats the best way to stop hair loss and regrow new ones?
Blonde Hair, One Brown Streak?
Do girls find armpit hair attractive?
does any one know of any long blonde hair styles with black color in it?
нєℓρ! ι нανє αℓσт σƒ ѕρσтѕ! 10 ρтѕ 2 вєѕт αηѕωєя!!?
Short hair problems ????? help me please ...?
School picture tomorrow? QUICK! HELP! PLEEEEEEEEEASE!?
how to tackle oily hair? how many times it shoud be shampooed in a week?
Which haircut should i get (pics included)?
how can i make my hair super shiny?
Red hair to a natural blonde - urgent!?
How do I get curls like this?
How often do you straighten your hair?
How to heal my damaged hair?
what is cure for grey hair?
How can I get my hair to look radiant, golden blonde?
Do guys like curly or straight hair? ?
Treatments for fried hair?
Denied a perm...?
How do i get my hair like, really straight?
Will red highlights show in black hair?!?
What color should i dye my hair (ginger)?
how do i grow my hair as fas as i can?
will my hair fall out if i bleach it yesterday&today?
How to get curly hair without using curling tongs?!? HELP?
Non-damaging, effective shampoos?
Will I ever grow facial hair on my cheeks?
How does this girl do her hair? x?
Hair help please!?
What do u think looks better? blond or brunnette or red?
do most girls shave all their hair off "down their" or do they just shave a little?
Hair help?
i have ereally thin hair. how do i make it look thicker.?
silver shampoo made my hair silver apart from my light brown highlights?
Is it normal for 15 year old boy to shave body hair?
How to darken hair without dye?
What are some ways i can style my hair that's 2 inches long?
What do you think of my bangs? Please help?
best hair straighteners?
do most women shave their... area?
Curly hair kincky
Any good websites to show you the best hairstyle for your features and hair type?
Dying my hair black!?!?!?
Should I shampoo and condition before getting a spiral perm today?
Does biotin really help hair growth?
girls :what hair style is best for men?
how do you get hair like this? (link included)?
what is the best hair product to straighten?
Should i just get my hair cut or washed, cut and blowdried?
How does this sound for a hair cut...?
How do i get this hairstyle?!?
what treatment on my hair after a cellophane?
Pro hairstylist,teach me this styling tecnhnique?
How to straighten hair while blow drying??
My hair is totally uneven?
I am a tomboy and I want to no how to change.?
Should i dye my hair white blond?
does any one know if there is a web site to downlaod free movies or songs???or one for very cheap?
How can I do my hair like this? (pic)? Please help?
i have wavy beautiful hair but i have a small problem.?
How can I brush a wig?
How do I convince my mom to let me dye my hair?
Swoop bangs with heart shaped face?
Are these two color dyes the same shade?N-Rage Crimson Red & Manic Panic InfraRed?
Where can i find a hairstylist tote bag or something of that sort?
Blonde or Brunette: Which looks better on me?
Men, can shorter hair on women be as sexy as long?
What is america's hair like (Cosplay)?
Is semi - perminent at home, or permenant at a hairdressers a better option for hair dye?
haircut help pleasee?
Opinion on going blonde (pics)?
How do you feel about people who shave their head? Do you think it is socially acceptable?
Does massaging your head make your hair grow longer?
wat hairstyle is the best for a 14year old??
How do I get beach waves naturally?
should a man have long hair ?
How do I get gum out of my hair?
Which cream is best for hair maintain?
Problem with my hair plz help?
Do you think I could get bangs?
Men's Hair Cut Question?
I need a new hairstyle..?
I have wavy hair to my waist in healthy condition. I want to cut it?
What do you think of this hair color and highlights?
Is it safe to bleach my hair again?
Can i curly perm Keratin treated hair?
i want my hair soft again?!?
What color should I dye my hair? ( picture included )?
If i dont wash my hair for bout 3 days, how can i take away the oily ness of it?
hair question for cosmetology exam final?
How to DIY hair mask?
Just Got My Hair Done.. Do i Suit It? (Pic Inside.. )?
What color should I dye my hair?Pic included?
which hair colour suits me best? (i have pics with me and the diff colours!)?
What shoud i do with my hair?
How to keep my hair neat at school?
Videos and Pictures??
Which hair style do you like?
What colors looks good with certain hair colors?
Can I put hair mayonnasie on my hair when my hair is wet?
the best haircut for my face?
i dyed my hair, and it turned copper-ish..why, and what can i do to fix was supposed to be brown.?
Im dying my hair blonde and red highlights should i wait the for weeks before doign the highlights or no?
Would you define this as 'long hair' - ladies?
Hair problems?????????
!.s which name is better for a business guy?
Where can I buy Special Effects products near or around Northeast Philadelphia?
How to manage poofy bangs?
Is it okay to dye my hair?
secrets to grow hair long?
how to have a tidy hair?
i love to put too many gel on my hair.. does it damage my hair?
should I dipdye my hair?
would this haircut look good at me?
do i need a hair cut?
How do you tame frizzy hair?
I dyed my hair black and now i want to dye it blonde help?
Could a 14 year old girl go to the doctors for this?
is it any treatment is there to change the white hair into black hair, without using Dye?
what's a good shampoo for frequent washing?
Dyed my hair dark brown, it black?!? dont like . help!?
Moroccan oil products?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of growing a beard while in high school?
does colouring hair cause hair loss.....? my mother told putting hair colour can cause pre-graying....?
How can you make black hair brown with out using any chemicals?
What way does my hair look best!?? ((pics))?
Hair loss questions
how can i find a picture of hair of exactly what i'm looking for?
Do you think that I should have cut my hair?
HAIR DYE DISASTER! please help?
Can i dye my hair like this?
Hair cut and color help?
Long vs Short hair on guys??? - Girls?
Hairdressers/people with expierience in hair styling?
What are some cute brunette girl names?
has anyone here tried any dr. miracle products?
if I put hair dye remover on my hair what colour will it go? my hair is reddy brown?
a sophisticated hairstyle?
I just asked a question and no one helped!!?
why is my hair doing this????/?
Straightening African American hair without a perm s?
Interesting Hair Color Combinations?
My mum is not letting me dye my hair?
hair emergency for sun-in users?
How would I look with short hair?
how can get my hair curly ?
How long does it usually take for Biotin to work for hair?
SO bored of my hair???
Question about what type of shampoo I should use? (Aveda)?
How do you use Axe whatever messy look paste?
As a black woman, what hair product can help dye my hair blonde?
Herbal Essences "No Flakin Way" shampoo on Colored hair?
what do you think of my new hair?
How can i make my hair grow?
Bleached my dark brown hair, now its reddish/orangish/yellow?
Should i get my hair thinned?
How to strip color from hair?
how to make you hair grow faster? products at walmart or a drug store or at home remedies :)?
if i bleach my hair, from being black/dark brown, what color will it come out as from bleaching?
its been a month since ive let my hair grow what should i do to help it grow into dreadlocks?
Which Hair Looks Better. *Pic*?
help taming my curly hair?
what are some cute curly hairstyles?
What should I do with my hair?
How can I grow my hair faster?
Flat ironing curly hair?
My hair like selena gomez?
hey girls which shampoo do u use 4 bettr growth of hair?
What color should I die my hair..?
My Confomation is in April and my hair is up to my chest how long will it grow by April ?
Anyone know how to do Tamil brides hair - with flowers?
Should a guy use hair conditioner?
Wat cute hairstyles can u do with thin and shoulder-length hair?
How to dye eyebrows with refectocil?
What would be better for my mohawK???
How can I grow whiskers?
Does lemon work with lightening your hair in the sun.?
why do us girls fall in love quick and easy.?
What type of haircut should I consider?
What should I do first?
How do I take care of my hair?
Matte,Pomade or Wax? Best to spike hair?
Is she a natual blonde (pics)?
how can i get my hair curly without a perm?
Why does pubic hair become harder during sex?
Where can I get clip on hair extensions in Cheltenham?
How Can I Make My Hair Texture Like This?
How can a girl grow out a shaved head?
Do you like red hair and freckles?
My friend wants to die her hair red!!?
favorite ways to style hair?
Dying hair from Black to Light Brown?
What would be a good haircut for me?
what color should I keep my hair?
Best Chi Hair Straightener for my hair?
what should i do to my hair ? pictures included.?
Should I use Veet hair removal to remove hair from my testicles and pubic area?
What is better..Pic 1..Pic 2..Pic 3? (male)?
Have you felt shy and delicate while your bikini waxing at parlours?
I m worried to have less hair?
Hair Colors And Styles?????????
I want to grow a beard but it's ginger!!?
This is me. would I look good with short hair?
Bangs or no bangs?
hello,give top 5 hair care brands.?
Long hair or short hair?
I have very thin long hair. could i have a side fringe?
How to take Biotin 1000mcg?
How do you mostly wear your hair??
How to hide dyed hair?
How can I reduce the damage from straightening my hair?
How do I get hair dye out?
how long does facial hair grow if you shave it everday?
Hair falling out help?
Hair tips!?
When should my curling wand come?
What highlights to put into dark red hair? (Emo/Scene)?
Short hair can be hot too right?
who takes biotin? and have u noticed a difference in ur hair growth?
girls only! how should i get my hair for school? please help!?
Should I get a fringe (bangs) ?
my son came in contact with head lice today?
Want to dye my hair to a blonde from brown... please help?
Daily Regimen to keep relaxed hair looking healthy!?
i need the truth about dreads and rubber bands?
What happened to my hair?? *pics*?
How to tame naturally curly biracial hair?
How do you straighten your hair without it being TOO straight?
Was I right of doing this
i am 18 m and suffering frm hair fall since two months can any 1 help?
will this colour look good?
How old are u when u start getting gray hair?
Fast and easy hairstyles?
Why do guys hate short hair on girls? How short is too short?
Should I Get My hair Cut Like This?
My hair is a little over 2 in. long. Do I have enough hair to start dreadlocks?
Can you use creme developer with hair colour?
painful hair roots?
What type of redken should I use?
Cute hairstyle ideas for school?!?
what is your fave colour of hair?
good quality clip in hair extentions?
Question about washing hair?
Ladies, do you find body hair to be a huge turn-off?
please i need help what hair style shall i get ???? 10 points for the style i like most !?
Advice on getting a perm....?
Hi, is it possible to get a hair weave with REALLY short hair (like a boy's cut?) I need a change! Thanks!
Should i dye my hair brown?
I am growing blonde hair but my natural color is black. Normal?
would this suit me?
My hair is following out like crazy!?
I need help finding mohawk pictures.?
Natural hair lightner?
Where can I find a spiked shoulder jacket?
Does extra virgin olive oil really help get rid of dandruff? How do i do it?
Which hair style do you think would be best for the first day of high school[pictures included]
Why am i losing so much hair?
How do I straighten my hair?
what do u think to nose hairs?
Is there anyway to get rid of split ends.?
Which was my best hairstyle (pics included)?
what color hair would i look good with ?
Will red highlights show in black hair?!?
How can I lighten the color of my hair?
How do I trim my hair? can I do it myself? I'm a guy?
Should I cut my hair?
bleaching&coloring hair (serious answers only, please)?
what makes african american men hair grow fast?
Bleaching already dyed hair?
how would layers look on long hair?
conditioners/shampoos that leave hair sleek.?
School picture tomorrow? QUICK! HELP! PLEEEEEEEEEASE!?
How do i fix my bangs [picture inside]??!!!!!?
my waist is 29inch? is that thick?
Current hair color or natural hair color? (pics included)?
What hair cut should I get? (pic included)?
What is the difference in straighteners?
Gals, do you like guys with long hair?
Bleaching my hair? 10 points?
Does a ponytail look feminine on a man?
What causes split ends?
Is there a way to wax my eyebrows at home?
how to explain to a salon i want layers?
what are the best kind of straightners?
Best wella product for orange hair?
Isn' t it an old wives tale that if you shave you (for girls) mustache, it will can back thicker and coarser?
do girls like guys with hilites in their hair?
Cute hairstyles 4 school ?
Pink hair needs to be blonde! Help?!?
dying part of my hair this colour...?
how to grow long hair???????????
My hair is so frizzy?
I just had a baby. How do I stop my hair from falling out ?
What makes you want to try a new stylist or salon?
How or can i grow my hair back?
Would the hairdressers get my hair like this?
How to keep curly hair nice overnight?
Braid/Pigtail/or hairstyle for dance performance?
Hair extentions website?
How to straighten hair?
i cut my self & i dunno how too stop?
is my hair too long?
A few biotin questions, hair results?
Can I have a pony????????
How can i get super curly hair?
I wash my hair everyday and have had problems with dandruff. If I don't wash my hair it will not look right!
Which are better Blondes or Brunettes?
Should I dye my hair black?! [WITH PICS]?
What do you think?
could i pull off bangs?
is there a hair cut for a women with masculine features?
do you think this hairstyle will suit me? *pics*?
POLL: Ladies 18 and over, do you prefer long or short hair on men?
is it true that if you shave body hair it stops growing , or at least growth slows ??
will people make fun of me if i dye my hair red?
What shoulddd i have my hair like tmoz ! :O?
What hairstyle suits me best? [pics]?
How To Make My Hair Grow Faster.? :]?
How long does it take your hair to grow from shaved to shoulder length?
Help? how ahould i have my hair?
What are some ways to take care of your hair?
How much should I tip my hair stylist for extensions?
Have a flat black mole on my face any chance of skin damage with laser surgery need to know please?
How do I get a hair-cut like this:?
In your opinion, whats the best shampoo/conditioner out there?
How can i keep my hair strait???
what age do beards start to go in?
If I get my hair tree braided, will the cornrows show and can I pull my hair into a ponytail?
how many girlz out thier like guys with red hair?
somebody plz tell me what happens when u get your hair straightened japenese style or whatever it is...?
Do you think this Hairstyle is Ugly ?
how to keep hair dye from fading?
Help Me with my hair?
Different ways to wear long hair?
the ultimate question?
My aunts wedding is TOMMOROW! Help with my HAIR PLEASEEE!?
How do I get my hair to look like this?
I herd that using dish soap helps take out hair dye?
womans opinions on male pubic hair?
How do you know if long layers are for you?
how to get ride of tan from the face?
I need help looking for nice asian hairstyles?
PLS give me some information?
Best hairstyle?
is blonde hair outta style?
what do you think is the best job for me?
How should i get my hair cut?
I thin my hair with special shears and it won't grow?
How should I dye my hair? please take a look?
How do I ask my hair stylist...?
How to pin up wet hair?
im 15 i have a bush deep voice and some facial hair but no armpit hair why? Have i reached puberty yet?
pubic hair care?
Should I Go Blonde Or Stay Brunette?!?
Do you perfer my hair long or short [pictures included]?
I'm so sick of people telling me to cut my hair! What should I do?
My hair is so oily!!!!?
Myth: Don't wash your hair everyday!?
Wut should i wear now that i have cornrows when i go to sleep?
If I use this Mane n Trails product?
Go to a restaurant or get my hair done?
what would happen if you didnt wash your hair for a year?
How can I get all the shampoo out of my hair and not have it feel chunky?
What bugs live in hair other than lice?
I have blonde hair, should I dye the tips rainbow?
Dyeing my hair from blonde to black?
what kind of hair do you think is the sexiest..?
Shaving down there? Should I do it?
How can I grow my hair to be long?
do you think this is true??
I'm thinking of cutting my hair for cancer?
dyed hair too many times??
Need a new hair color! (pictures)?
Have you ever cut your own hair?
Girls, what do you think of this hair style for a guy?
How do I get my side fringe thicker?
im trying to grow my hair but it wont work wat can i do iv even tryed to cut my hair?
How to get rid of body waves.?
Is it a good idea to dye my hair red?
how much does my hair cut lady make in a year?
Best hair straightener?
What hair gel is the best for frizzy hair?
I'm a girl with a mohawk...guys do you like it?
how do i get long hair in like a month?
Can I donate my hair to locks for love if it is partially bleached?
What to do with my not so straight hair?
could a 14 year old pull of what u call scene hair?
are redheads pretty?
Is Vampire Red from Manic Panic Somewhat Natural-Looking?
Has anyone ordered from
Fried, bleach, dyed, colored hair?
My hair is falling off little by little...?
removing demi hair color?
what hairstyle?!?!?!?
Can you use lemon juice tp lighten your hair?
How can I get fine,straight hair to hold a curl on hot, humid days ?
Can you get your hair straiten if you have curly hair?
Hair Extensions human/synthetic?
I am 24 years old.?
i have hair dye problems?
what do guys think of girls with dreadlocks?
how to reduce hair fall?
Does my new hair suit me?
How can I change me hair colour to mahawgani?
how can I pin my hair in a faux-hawk or more like a mohawk?
Is there anyway of getting this color hair without bleaching or using permanent hair dye?
Should i go long or short hair?
Bleaching alternatives for red hair...?
Why so girls suddenly cut their hair and make it shorter? What does it mean?
What is the best place in New York where I can get a curly top hairstyle?? (I'm a black american)?
Exact name of shampoo used at New York Sports Clubs?
I have brown hair with blond highlights and I want to do something different but not sure what any ideas....?
whats the best way to get rid of head lice?
Can I get a spiral curl perm if my hair is eight inches long?
Nora is nice?
What cool hair ideas??
to all the ladies?
how to make dry brittle hair become pretty?
How to get my flo back?
wat does mane and tail do for your hair?
What color should i dye my hair?
Rogaine is suppose to make your hair shed or not?
why do we care about our hair?
Hair emergency!!! I have really dry hair, and i don't know how to fix it!!!?
what color makes my hair brown when my hair is black?
tips on how to make hair grow longer faster ?
Would I Suit This Hairstyle And Colour?
Best salon in fredericton?10 POINTS?
How in the world do you get oil-based paint out of your hair?
what is the best shampoo product?
Question about my hair? (pictures)?
how to get rid of my black hair?
Okay, so which haircut?
What hair color would look best on me? Blonde, Brunette, or Auburn?
how do you get rid of these sore bumps??
hair hair hair hair hair hair HAIR...?
if darkest brown hair looks good on me does that mean black hair would look good as well?
Let me know what's the latest trend in men hair style?
How can I make my realllllly thick hair curl?
I have short hair and am getting long hair extensions...will it blend and look natural?
Guys (and girls) do you like her hair? (pic!)?
*Guys (or girls), do you like curly or straight hair better on a girl?
What is the best toner for blond hair?
Hair Extension Related! ... ...?
Does my hair look better long or short?
Do i look better in...?
how to get my hair vibrant red with splat?
i need to know if i should do my red highlight before or after?
Do women look better with short, medium or long hair?
henna shampoo in montgomery al?
What should I do with my hair? Please help?
What do you think of this haircut?
how many of you shave your arms?
What do you think of MOHAWKS on black guys (PIX included)?
What shampoo and conditioner should I use?
Stylists, Hairdressers, Cosmetologists, Salon Owners... I have a question...?
How can my hair grow longer PLEASE HELP?
What is the best permanent hair dye to change ginger to chocolate brown?
Helppp?? for hairr!!?
How to turn medium blonde hair to light blonde?
I hav wavy hair and desperately need it to be straight. But i can't go 2a beauty shop. NE suggestions??????
Do you think its ugly for a guy to get highlights on his hair?
Whats the best and easy hairstyle for a 12 year old girl that only takes 10-15 minutes to do ?
Why won't my hair straighten..?
do you like the shampoo you use and would you recomended to others?
Can I dye my brown hair pale blonde?
Help with bleaching hair?
How do I STYLE my bangs to look like the ones in this video?
What should i do about my body
If you could dye your hair any color which would you choose?
do extensions make your hair fall off?
How should I dye my Hair?
In need of hair tips?
Short or long hair on guys?
How do I trim my mustache?
Why do some people bring shampoo and conditioner in their carry on?
Is there any way to make my hair grow faster other than pre-natal pills?
What's the best hair care product for naturally curly hair?
Dark hairline after cutting braids?
I hate my haircut!?
Do you have a low opinion of people with red hair?
How to best.....???????
Do I need to use Shampoo every day?
10 point which name is better for blonde hair boy?
Why do girls shave their viginas?
any websites for wedding hairstyles 2006?
Should I do my hair like this? Or a different way?
Which hairstyle would suit me (piccys included)?
Is there a way to tie up my hair and keep it straight?
What shampoo and conditioner do you use?
I am a white girl and am getting braids and i want to know how to keep them from coming out.?
how much would it cost to dye my hair at jcpenny's salon?
How to volumize hair?
If you dye your hair, will you make it orange or blue?
does strong chamomile-tea work as a silver-shampooo?
The back of my hair sticks up....?
How many times a week should i wash my hair?
Natural hair styles for long thick hair?
do u like my hair? should i dye it black?
Is Splat Washables bad for you?
What should I do with my thick poofy hair?!?
Does my hair really annoy people? Why?
How to put boyfriends hair in pony tail?
Got Bad Perm Done please help!!?
What are some good vitamins for hair, nails & skin?
how much money did african american women spend on hair products in 2005?
Would i look good with Skater/Side swept hair?
How do I get my hair like this?
How should i get my layers?
hair/makeup/anything help pic included?
Ways to keep my hair curly? Good curling irons?
kind of hair???
ive posted this 3 times. ill choose a best anwser just please anwser. its about hair?
Are there any moisturizing hair masks to make my hair healthier?
How much do i tip the hair cut lady?
please answer!! do you think i should dye my hair black ?
is there a way to make my hair grow faster?
Simple do-it-yourself homecoming hairstyles?
Hair color ideas. 10 points best answer!!?
what styles can i wear??
Can anyone tell me where i can get hair screws?
How do you fix dry, frizzy hair?
Time for a new hairstyle...?
How can I get big hair? any cheap solutions or hairdos? help!?
I need advise?
How do you braid hair!!?
Why women's wet hair got fragnance?
I want an afro, what is your best advice? method?
Hey I accidently shaved half my eyebrow.?
which is the best head-turner, blonde or brunette?
If you get in a fight,does your sew in weave come out?
What should I do with my hair?
My bestfriend wants to do my hair but I have big bald spots?
What color hair does Emma Watson have?
how do i get my hair to curl up at the ends? so it looks shaggy?
If I have had my hair highlighted at the salon......?
Hair Question! Using mayonnaise....?
How to loosen my curly hair?
What is a better Hairstyle?
Would blonde hair suit me?? Help please!?
every body my life is a living hell i have tough dry hair because of this my friends tease me.?
does the barbershop called Pro cuts do highlighting?
How to unfrizz or stop the frizz of my natural curly hair?
What Were Your Experiences With Mane n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner?
How to Straighten Hair???
Question about bleaching hair and dying it purple?
what color does mariah carey use to dye her hair?
is blonde spelt with an e?
What's considered 'too long' when it comes to hair? & is mine too long?
What should I do? (hair)?
will i regret cutting off my hair?
I screwed up, horribly.?
is remi goddes deep wave nice?
Will head and shoulders shampoo fade my hair color?
my daughter wants to be a hairdresser ---modern apprentiship or college?