How long will it take my hair to grow this long? *pics! :)?
How should i change my style.. [SEE PICS]?
What is more attractive,Guys with long hair or short hair?
you like the rain?
im sick of my hair ...what to do??serious help!!?
what is the best shampoo for dry hair?
My Hair Color? Ideas?
Hair styles to sleep on to, to not damage hair while sleeping?
Even if I shampoo and condition my hair, will it still be hard to comb if I have not combed it in a long time?
Is it true that if u dye yr hair a lot, it falls out?
Should I keep coloring my hair?
Which hair style looks best on me? (pics)?
What color should i dye my hair?
Blowout Question ( a weird one:)?
Best brand of cheap mousse?
Does anyone know what this hairstyle is called?!?
Good hair styles?(pic included)?
How do u make ur hair longer?
how do i get my hair this way?
Quick Hair Fix for a day?
Does white hair look good?
Facial hair?
What should I do with my hair? BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!!?
Why do people hate ginger hair?
red hair color question..?
should i cut off possible split ends so that when i get my dreads, they can grow well?
I have dyed my hair black and now want it back to normal?
Are there any hair color shampoos?
Manic panic or splat..?
bored of my hair, pictures?
I had my Micros done w/ synthetic hair (fake) instead of human hair ( real)...?
how much do you pay for your hair-cut ?men ,women?
how can i put in hot rollers in my hair if the hot rollers didnt come with pins?
Can I use avocado and apple cidar vinegar as a leave-in conditioner?
Would you girls care?
How do you tell the difference between regrowth and when you need to re-perm your hair?
Hair Transplant in Dubai?
I want to grow my hair longer faster. Can anyone give me any tips?
Should I dye my dark brown hair ombre? (picsss)?
what colour will my hair turn out if i strip it?
what to do my with hair before school!
How do i do corn rows? I need a website that includes step by step instructions with pics please?
Can anyone help me find a good treatment for my dry hair?
Is it possible to take out dye?
How can I get my hair to grow faster. I already take a mulitvitamin. What else can I do?
hair growth in 4-5 days?
I need help with my hair :o?
what would be your first impression about me?
How to make upper lip hair go away ?
Where Can I buy Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Conditioner in Canada?
Hairdressers advice needed please? Level 4 dyed hair to Level 5?
what color should i dye my hair?
Hair ideas for a dance party?
how would you describe this haircut? 10points best answer?
I want dye my hair a plum color will it look right on me ?
How much would Professional hair extension's cost?
What can I do to treat colored, gray hair that is growing in frizzy.?
Can anyone recommend a good hair cut/color person in the Denver (Colorado) area?
What are some cute hairstyles for shoulder-length hair?
What hairstyle would be best for my wedding?, shoulder length hair and will be wearing a strappless dress?
What is better light or dark hair on a woman?
Question about bleaching my hair?
Do I Look Better with curly or straight hair??~Pics~?
What does it mean when someone has red hair and black eyebrows...?
Hair variety?
Tresemme made my hair thin?
is it ohkay to iron hair everyday?
where can i have cheap and good hair extensions in Singapore?
LADIES I need your help.?
is it true when u highlight your hair u get cancer?
What color is your hair???? Mine is black with some brown in it....?
What are some natural remedies for damaged hair?
Would this hair color/style look ok on me? (pics!)?
GHD straighteners? Are they the best?
Hair dye infomercial?
What haircut looks best on me and why?
Would a pixie cut look good on someone with a heart-shaped face?
what should i do differintley to my hair??picture?
my hair are curley how can i make them straight forever?
OK.. Guys... Do You Like Girls With Straight hair, or Curly?
not all blondes are stupid!!!?
can i scrunch fake extensions ?
What is strawberry blond hair? What does it look like?
Best Uk hair extensions - 10 points for best answer.!?
Is this really a honey blonde haircolor?
whats your favorite shampoo?
How much to tip?
Woman, how many times in your life, so far, have you dyed your hair?
how can i keep my hair from shedding? and how can i make it less oily?
What do you think of my long hair (pic)?
i have really nappy hair?
how can i get my hair to stay curled??
how much does it cost to get your styled at great clips?
How do I triple braid?!?
how can i get rid of split ends in my hair..?
how to do retro hairstyles?
What kind of haircut is good for me?
new cute hair styles?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?
How to take care of curly hair?
i hate my natural curls. is there anyway that i can get it straight without using an iron everyday?
What is a good hair product to hold hair in high humidity??
how to grow hair FAST!!!?
hair like this please?
What shade of blonde would look best on me?
I NEED HAIRCUT IDEAS! (please see details.)?
What color should I dye my hair? And a new cut maybe?
What style is tedy's bruschi hair? Please answer?
Does my new hairstyle suit my face?
I Want To Grow My Hair so I Have A Fringe (You Know, The Emo Style Fringe?) But My Mum Wants Me To Get My Hair
I want scene hair, do you think this is a cute haircut (pic included)?
This is so embarressing Im ashamed :(?
why people like to live more than 70 years even after getting white hair?
who prettier the brunette or the blonde?
Im about to use this Easy Straight System. If You've used it i want to hear honest feedback.?
How do you do these BANGS!! helpo?
Best way to remove hair on scrotum?
I have brown eyes pale skin should I dye my hair a light purple?
i want to put blue hilights in my you think they would look okay?
What do you think (Hair.)?
which bangs do you like better????
Bleaching Hair if its already dyed? Tips please?!?
which hair color looks best? picture included?
i just washed my hair it still looks like a grease ball!?
I've heard "shag haircuts" are back in fashion, what do you think, and would you get one?
Straight hairstyleeee?
how can i stop my hair from expanding after i straighten it?
HELP! How can i convince my dad to let me do my hair in streaks?
What type of hair style should i kept?
do you think ponytails suit boys?
I want to put some blonde chunking in my hair myself but dont know where to start. Advice needed. Thanks?
What are good ways to get rid of dandruff????
New Haircut Suggestions..(PICS!)?
How to get this hairstyle?
Hair dye colour idea's?
Should I bleach my hair?
What to do with my hair? ***PICS****?
what kinda of shampoo do you use?
what are good shampoos and conditioners?
Girls do you find this type of hair attractive?
What is the best permanent hair coloring product?
are my eyebrows to dark to have my hair blonde?
I left my hair straightener at my aunts house!! I'm freaking out!!!! Please answer!?
Thick and Curly hair help?
Why do some people say light hair is beautiful and dark hair is boring?
Should I dye my hair?
Which colours better.? Urgenttt.?
Heat protectant dilemma.?
Best hair bleach to lighten roots?
Why is my naturally “black” hair turning brown?
Home remedies for removing dandruff?
Trimming Layered Hair?
how can I grow my hair long?
What should I do horribal haircut?
My hairs are the biggest problem i have curly hairs i dont no how to make hair styles while going out for func?
What should I do after cosmetology school?
Karen Gillan Hair Colour?
Anybody tried Mane n Tail?
Is it better to only wash my hair once or twice a week and use dry shampoo in between?
what haircut suits on curly, wavy hairs?
girls, should i cut my hair back to short or keep it longish(picture inside)?
OMG!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!?
What (neon) color should I dye my hair?
what should i do to get my hair to grow faster?
how do you get sort of crinkled hair, not curly?
What should I do for my hairfall? It's worse than ever ! What oil/shampoo/conditioner should i use to stop it?
Pretty hairstyles for school? ( wavy mid length hair )?
Should I dye my dark brown hair ombre? (picsss)?
How can i get my hair to always be straight?
Do you think im ugly?
How do you make a French Braid?
Do you think light golden brown would suit me? (pic included)?
What are good hair products that can make my hair look teased?
why do people..?
How do you get extremely healthy looking, glossy hair?
how do i keep my synthetic long extensions for tangeling during the day?
Which color hair dye?
are you frustrated after a visit to the hair stylist?
give me some cheap n efficient tip to remove dandruff?
I want to have an emo hairstyle but not sure where to go?
I have light brown hair, would it look good if I get...? ?
HELP! Terrible hair, pictures included?
What to do with frizzy hair?
What should I do to avoid getting my hair butchered at the salon?
hairloss at the age of 20?
Heat damaged hair HELP!?
side bang hairstyle for 11 yr old girl?
I wonder what would happen if....?
Does Toni & Guy have shampoo assistants at their salons?
how do i make my hair lighter?
should i cut my hair shorter?(pic)?
I just bleached the hair on my face and on the box it does not say if i can use a face cream after use..?
I need a new shampoo and a conditioner?
im cuttin mii hair shaorter would this style look ok pic included?
What hairstyle would look good on me? (pictures)?
What is the most effective method of hair removal? cost? large areas?
I just died my hair, opinions? (pics) :D?
how can I get my mom 2 let me shave?
how can i make my hair grow faster?
Is there a website where one can upload photo and see how different haircuts would look?
Which girl has better hair? [pictures included]?
there is a boy and he was really cute but he just got a hair cut and now he isnt as cute what do i do?
i need help with my hair!!?
Does the kiyoseki hair straightener straightens african american hair?
Is dip-dying your hair really unhealthy?
I have a bit long hair and wanna straighten it without chemicals how to do it?
does bringing a pic of what u want ur hair to look lik to a haircutter get u wat u want?
Question for the girls??
how do i braid hair with weave?
Does vaseline make your hair look better?
Which hairstyle looks better on me?[pix inside!]?
Have you used mane n tail shampoo/conditioner?
i have long thick hair but suffering from hair loss past 2yrs since 2yrs due to dandruff any home made recipes
where can i get cheap hair extentions?
what are some good catchy names for a natural hair beauty supply store?
how to make my hair curly and silky?
How to I tame my hair ?
Is it bad to wash my hair often ?
if i were to get a perm and then get microbraids, will my hair break off vs. natural with micros?
Is HAIR TRANSPLANT surgery safe?
Banggss or no bangs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how can i grow my hair long soft and smooth?
How to get less hair?!?
what happens if u dont wash ur hair?
How do I keep my hair healthy if I swim a lot?
good hair washing routine?
How to get my hair silky in look and touch (black hair)?
what hairstyle will you wear if you want to look interesting but at the same time cool and hot?
Just a little curious..?
my hair wont stay straight. PLEASE HELP !?
how do i use a concorde clip in my hair??
When is a good time to dye your hair?
how do i bleach my very uneven toned hair?
I want to cut my hair like her but idk what to tell my stylist ?!!?
Is Sleek Synthetic weave good?
where do you get 100%human hair extentions from?
I think this style is hot, do you?
Is it bad to straighten my hair every day.............................?
What color should I dye my hair?
hair color helppppp please?
i want to grow my hair really fast how do you!?
can i dye my pink hair, purple?
Is this website a scam? (GHD hair product website)?
Does anyone else braid their pubes? Can they be cornrowed?
does facial hair due to DEPO shot ever disappear on its own??
How do i do my hair like the girl in this video?
(PICS INCLUDED) what color should I dye my hair?!?
what hairstyle suites me? (pic)?
Should I grow my hair?
What haircut should I get?
Brown hair to all over blonde hair by using foils?
new hairstyles?
How can I do my hair like this? (pic)?
Dying hair against mom's orders?
Hair Help?
Dyed my hair!!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK?
what age do beards start to go in?
is a ten year old girl allowed to have highlights?
Do you prefer GUYS with LONG HAIR or SHORT HAIR ?
Hair help. Please read.?
How do I get 80's style hair(poofy/bangs curled)?
How much hair grows in a month?
What is the waxy ingredient that is in some certain shampoos and conditioners?
The artistic view of hair color! Help please?
wat is da best hair style 4 a white teenage, 1-curly 2-afro 3-straight 4-brade or wat else n y ?
Prestige Hair Care in NYC on Manhattan Avenue?
whats the best heat protectant for straightening hair?
How To Dye My Hair Blonde From Virgin Hair?
Bad haircut... How can i make it grow?
What hair color do they put on the driver's license of a bald man?
which way does my hair look better?
How can I keep volume in my bangs all day?
Is it true that only the best men shave twice a day?
My hair is getting less curly?
how to get 360 waves without pomade/grease?
I have curly hairs...which hair conditioner i have to use and of what flavour???and after using hair conditio?
Do guys prefer long of short hair?
hair products?
Are side swept bangs and layers a good haircut for someone with really straight hair and and a side part?
Hair waves like this ?
Why do ginger haired people tend to be more angry and aggressive than other hair colours.?
girls what hair do u like best on guys ?
how should i grow my hair long?
How do I cut my hair like this?
what straightener do you use??
Would red hair look good on me? (pic included)?
About wen hair stuff ?
how to convince my mom...?
Henna for my hair Question!!!?
Straight hair!!!?
How do you get rid of Head lice?
How to bleach Black-Dark Brown hair?
best hair straightener????help plzz.?
If you wax your hair could you describe the level of pain when doing it. So you apply the wax,let it soak?
my hair color is changed every time i shampoo?
Good straighteners for extremely curly hair?
if ur a female with facial hair, how often should u shave?
Ideas for my hair? Please and Thank you!?
I have soft curly hair and i want to get dreadlocks any ideas how to twist it?
Blue + brown hair dye = ...?
Wanting to dye my highlighted hair a little darker than natural color (dark blonde). Help please?
Severe Hair-fall . HELP :(?
Is the texture of Great Lengths Hair Extensions diverse enough for African American hair?
how do i get my hair curly like this...pic?
How to stop falling hair?
leonardo dicaprio style hair?
does anyone know any websites that have pics of nice and different hair colors and cuts?
GUYS: What is you favourite hairstyle/length on a girl?
i want a new haircut, what are your ideas?
If I take a bath with bleach in it will it bleach my hair?
I had a bad perm and ended up more Kate Bush than Katie Melua! How can I get nice shiny curls?
Will Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Permanent Hair Dye Last?
Do you like Shakira's hair?
I have only had mens haircuts and i hate them. Are womens hair cuts different from mens?
How to make my hair like this?
Girls only please...?
dying my hair? opinions?
Whats the best way to get rid of split ends.?
What are some cute hairstyles to do?
why do most girls want to be blonde?
What should I do with my hair?
how to go from black hair to brown?
What should I do to get side bangs?
Should I dye my hair darker or lighter? *pic*
i need a good hair care website that will tell me how to make homemade hair products :]?
I really want scene hair is this an accurate pic to show my hair dresser? :))?
How do I stop the thinning /breakge to my hair due to recently putting a developer and perm in w/i 2wks apart?
PLEASE HELP where is a good place to get your hair colored permanantly?
are GHD's worth it?
Cocoanut oil treatment on recently colored hair?
what are the risks if you apply a store baught temporary (8 to 12 washes) dye to previously bleached hair?
Who has the best website for demonstrating the application of a full head sew-in weave?
MY PIC IS UNCLUDED! how should I do my hair?
why do i get so many split ends?
WhIcH sTrAiGhTnEr??
I have a chi ceramic straightener what is the best way to clean it?
im latina.. brunette, tan, brown eyes and model...u think i should die my hair blonde or a hunney color??
Dip dyed hair for dark hair?
i use REVLON TOP SPEED hair color-i notice im losing hair//getting thining hair-shd i change ?
Do you think I could pull off side swept bangs?? Pics?
quick! my mom put olive oil in my hair last night................?
How to make my hair really curly without heat or hairspray?
How to do foils and base color?
What's the best way to grow hair and keep it healthy?:)?
How can you get your hair to grow faster?
why do people hate on gingers?
Is there a way to straiten leg hair after shaving it?
how long will my hair grow......?
Should I dye a strand of my dark brown hair silver?
Please suggest hairstyles with messy buns and braids.?
Are you a brunette or a blonde?
What color should I get in my hair?
Would this red hair shade look good on me? (repost again-pics)?
Blow dry or straighten- which is more damaging?
Which do you prefer, Murray's promade or 360?
What are some good medium/long hairstyles/cuts?
Would this look nice on me? pics!?
how do u stop hair fall... its jst become a mess for me... nowadays too much....?
What is my hair type?
So I used Sun-In and now I have a slight dilemma?
My hair has extream volume and when I straighten it, it is still poofy. What is the best straightener to use?
Dying over blonde highlights?
How to keep dye from bleeding?
How should I wear my hair for a formal affair. I am wearing a black gown that has a halter top.?
whats a good shampoo and conditioner for puffy hair?
Which shampoo really works for getting rid of dandruff and making your hair sleek,shiny,and healthy?
Anybody know how to get this hair colour ? Pic included :)?
why don't some guys think redheads are hot?
I want my natural hair color back!!!?
Im 14 and I just got the Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamins. I'm 5'5 and weigh 130.?
good curly hairstyles?
Can adults use baby shampoo?
Emo Hairstyles? Where To Get It?
swimming pool is ruining the condition of my hair any ideas?
does melancor really work?
Easy to do hair styles that are fast and easy?
Before or after? Pics?
Girls do you think goatee is nice ?
What hair style is better?
how can i have a healthy and beautifull hair?
do you like my new dark hair (pic)!?
How to get your hair curly, (when hairs wet)?
Red hair or brown hair- men opinion please?
How to get dark hair dye out?
how can i take off gum from my hair?
If I color my hair today can I go swimming later day?
I am really hairy. is this normal?
hairstyle help side swept bangs?
hairstyles for boy teens...?
looking for the best hair salon in Edmond - help???
What is miley cyrus' hair colour in this pic?
How to make mens hair thicker?
Blondes or Brunnettes??
my hair always smells bad?
what do you think about hair extensions? pik.?
how to get my hair vibrant red with splat?
Dying my hair purple to brown?
Will purple hair look good on me if my skin tone was that of Tyra Banks'?
How to get Natural curly hair to red?
good colors for ombre hair?
Curly hair problems...?
How can I get my beard stronger?
Is Pantene shampoo good for hair?
So I got my hair permed and need help?
I Need Hair Help... badly.?
I think my hair has a taste for human hair. How do I tame them?
How do I get my hair like this .?
how to keep my hair wavy after you braid it overnight?
How do you dye the bottom half of your hair one color and dye the top another without mixing the colors?
How can i make my hair more silkier??(products)?
Does anybody else's hair naturally falls forward (in front of the face)?
Who, besides myself loves long hair on display all over their pillow each night while they are sleeping???
what do u think of this?
How to Style a Fringe Like This (Ellie Goulding) its cut practically the same, how to get it to sit like this!?
hair problem?!?
Question about hair coloring?
what would be a good hair style 4 me
Does mousse make your hair stiff after a few minutes?
whats the best way to purm or stratin my hair ??/?
which head and shoulders shampoo should i get to cure my dandruff?
Is red hair unattractive?
Can I use a clarifying shampoo from the same brand as my shampoo and conditioner?
Help fast!!!!!! Please. :)?
Any tips on making your hair grow faster?
Whatever happened to the original KMS line?
Does deep conditioning hair interfere with permed hair?
Best CHEAP deep conditioner, leave in conditioner, and anti- frizz?
would i look good with red hair? pics included?
I wanna straighten up my kitchen without the flat irons and leave in conditioner and all! Help?
would i look good with dark chocolate brown hair? (pics)?
Help with synthetic dreads?
hair style/care for my hair type?
Does dimeats have funny hair?
I have thin flat blonde hair does anyone have tips for it?
should i get blonde hair?
ok.. i really want long and thick side burns cuz i recently cut my hair short. any tips to grow em fast? ?
he girls should i wash my hair every day or every other day?
What is the best brand of white hair dye that I can obtain?
do you know any cool hairstyles???
loosıng haır about 8 strands a day ı thınk ı used to wash my haır too hard and rough?
I'm in High school now. i have long hair, but they're just so plain, what should i do with my hair?
How long will my hair grow in 6months?
need a haircut please help me?
How can I grow my hair longer ?
Guys, do you find this attractive?
have blue eyes, what hair color would make them stand out?
what hair dye is the best?
hair rebonding is like a straight hair..?
does having short hair make you look fat?
which sounds better?
What could I do with my hair?
help pleze.?
What shampoo and conditioner should I use?
what causes hair loss other than stress?
What are the best hair straightners?
Brunets or blands? who is better?
how do i get my hair to grow?
How can you get your hair to grow faster?
Is it just me, or are girls with mohawks extremely sexy?
how can i dye my hair red without messing up my hair, which currently has hilights?
first day hair help? any suggestions?
Does Special Effects hair dye come totally out?
Wet Curly Hair! Help?
Short athletic men's haircuts?
Where can I find the natural hair color in Montreal?
how long is michelle williams hair?
What do you call this haircut?
Meanie singed my hair?
how much do you tip a hairdresser?
How do you do the bandana quiff?
using a clothes iron really straighten your har?
I want a scene hair cut help?:)?
What color should I dye my hair?
DO you think I would look good with Black hair? (view pic)?
How do you do Hair Wraps? or is there a site that tells you how? Thank for your help.?
straightener temperature ?!?
what color of hair goes with blue eyes?
Did I pull off the look?
What is the best way to get rid of pubic hair?
How do you deal with being called perverted names for being a redhead?
what color should i die my hair?
i really need another opinion.............?
what are some homemade hair colorings?
Can hair stop growing?
My dad won't let me cut my hair?
My hair is full of split ends...but I don't want to cut it because I hate myself with short hair?
Curly hairstyles- not haircuts?
What is better, long black hair, or short black hair?
hair problem?
Which do you prefer : Curly or Straight hair?
need an guesstimate for a hair styling cost?
I got my bangs done last night?
Armpit and leg hair on a lady?
does my makeup and hair look okay or is it ugly?
How to do this hairstyle?
help mi wat should i do with my hair i wanna cut it if i dont find anything else 2 do..?
how many people coloed there hair?
Upper lip hair for girls?
Can a short woman pull off a short hair cut (pixie cut)?
What do you call this hairstyle?
Is your hair more managable and kept in style better when clean or dirty?
Is it true that prenatal vitamins can help your hair grow faster?
do i look better with long hair or short hair? pics VvV?
I always completely air dry my hair, would my hair look different if diffused it? How?
how would you describe this haircut to your barber? picture included?
Whats the best hair style for thin, curly soft hair ??
I have dirty hair, but no time to wash it in the morning. ?
What do you think about blonde hair and brown eyes?
not proper facial hair..?
what is the best way to straighten you hair with our damaging it, but it being easy and not very expensive?
What's Deena Nicole Cortese (Jersey Shore) New Hair Color on Season 6?
Do Beauty supplies other than Sallys Sell REAL HUMAN hair? Like the ghetto beauty supplies?
Is it possible to grow your hair over 1 inch per month, if so how?
What color would my hair be?
I bleached my hair blonde, I hate it and look awful!!?
How to get wavy hair over night?
What is the best straightener?
My hair is ruined, what can I do?
I am going to Disneyworld. I am Black with natural hair. I want 2 get a sew in. What type of hair should I get?
How can i stop pulling my hair out?
how many hairs are in your head?
Bored of my look, advise,please?!!(pics)?
How long does it take for Foxylocks extensions to deliver to irealnd? please help :)?
Straight or Curly Hair? *pictures*?
How to use barrettes in short hair?
Do these colors go together?
pomade tips !! and another question ^_^?
Weird hair parting at the front of my hair?
Blue/purple dye over green/blue dye?
Does lemon juice turn hair an orange color?
I need help with a haircut!!!!!!!!?
Hairdresser has given me a 'chav' cut!?
What are some good products for bleached hair? o;?
I want to permanently dye my hair medium blonde, can someone help me PLEASE!?!??
Is it ok to use Minoxidil (rogaine or other) if I have a Brazilian Keratin straightening treatment on my hair?
I want to cut my hair and get bangs but I'm scared! Help?
what color hair looks best on me?
What are the best dandruff products that get rid of flakes fast?
How would you describe this hair style.?
How should I do my hair for dance class? Please help?
What age should you start using adult shampoo's and conditioners..?
How Long Can I REALISTICALLY leave John Frieda Mousse Dye in my hair before washing it out?
Which hair color should I stay with?
just recently had my hair bleached and then used CHI salon hair care?
Hey, just wondering how i can get my hair looking like Liam's hair from 1D?
What color would Natural Instincts Cinnaberry #22 turn out on my hair?
Can anyone recommend a beautician or hair salon that specializes in African American hair, near Spring Texas?
How do you shave your hair? Girls only please :)?
Do you wash and style your hair before going to the hairdresser?
Is paying 350+ for a haircut too much?
good straightener?
Do you think its weird that i use shampoo thats ment for babies?
My hair is very POOFY FRIZZY and DRY !!! Plz HELP!!?
Hair?!?! Long or short?!?!?
Best way to straighten hair?
Where to get small colored braid put in hair?
should i go blonde?????//?
How do I curl my wet hair without an iron?
is it ok for teenagers to use kids shampoo?
Mkay, So I just got my hair cut.. How bad does it look? /:?
Would straight across bangs look good on me?
Whats your favorite shampoo and why?
Could someone recommend a reputable salon in Pensacola-Destin FL area?
I have BENDERS hot curlers but don't know how long 2 leave them in,how long do u think I should leave them in?
Can I leave it in? Will it damage my hair?
using temp. manic panic dyehard hair dye NEED HELP!?
what color is Rachel hair off friends ?
what should i do to my hair, pics?
Does that new Loreal "Long and Strong" really work for growing your hair faster?
how can i get my natural hair colour back?
I am naturally tanned and also have natural blonde hair.What colour will suit me best for my graduation dress?
I have a hair question, about 2 get it done in 1 wk!?
Which acne product has worked best for you?
Do i Look Better Scene Or Normal?
girls=do u prefer a man with a beard, a goatee,or fully shaved?
Would i look stupid if....?
How to make my hair grow?!?
Would I be able to dye over my hair without bleach now?
Ideas for hairstyles for school?
I hate my new short hair. Please help.?
Will this work in my hair?
best flat irons?
going from brown hair to strawberry blonde ok?
i only want girls to answer this question?
Is stragihtenign your hair realli that badd?
How did Kimberly Wyatt do her Mohawk when she had long hair?
How to grow out hair?
When did you get your first gray hair?
my hair is really dry and poofy. its not curly but its also not wavy. i have no clue what to do with it! help!
I dyed my hair light brown but it turned out yellowish brown. What color will make it light chocalate-y brown?
What colour hair do u have?
how much are those foam hair rollers?
How long does a guys hair have to be to get a perm?
How to lighten eyebrows color without it going orange?
Prom hair style ideas?
Cheer hair help!!!!!!?
Question about Manic Panic/Splat hair dye?
I hate my new short haircut! How do I get over it?
According to the bible, girls have to cover their hair and must not shave it?
favorite color of hair on girl/guy?
hair extentions classes in ct?
Different ways to wear long hair?
My hair frizzes up after shower?
i have wavy/curly hair and its nice when i style it with mousse/gel but when i let it airdry its really frizzy
Will Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Permanent Hair Dye Last?
What is a good mens shampoo?
what is the pros and cons on hairweaves(extensions)?
Can I die my hair again?
What hairstyle would suit a round face?
Easy hAirstyle ideAs??? plz!! :D?
What color should I dye my hair?
How come the hair on our heads can grow long but the ones on our arms only grow to a certain length then stop?
How can I get rid of dandruff?
Any hair shows in Texas around July 28 - Aug.12?
How can i keep my hair straight after it gets wet?
What is a good product to buy to control frizzy hair?
Help with my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Low maintenance colour that I could die my hair too? (Pic)?
How can i get my hair to grow fast !?
How do you get bleach stains out of hair?
How to fade black (dyed) hair quickly?
Hair Help !! pics of stacked layers that is not a bob.?
Hair help please- how do i stop tangles?
how do you get your hair straight?
straw hair?
How do guys get rid of pubic hair down there(balls) (-_-)?
Do you think I need a haircut?
What are people with black hair called?
Hair: How to wear extensions when cheerleading?
Is it ok to straighten my hair everyday if…?
I have medium curly hair, tame-able, with a tendency toward friz and falling flat?
whats the best blow dryer for curly hair?
how to make hair grow faster longer healthier?
Should people with red hair avoid wearing red?
Hair dye disaster, came out too dark?
Will my eyebrow hair grow back?!?
What color should i dye my hair?
allright i am 14 and i need a hari style that looks good i got brownish blond hair it is kindive short help?
i have really wavy hair........?
Girls, how do you wear your hair most of the time?
Has anyone taken HAIRTOPIA vitamins? Have they worked for you?
How should I dry my hair if I have dandruff?
how can i style my hair like this?
What do you think of this hairstyle? (I'm 16)? (please answer, no one else will)?
Does anybody know how to make ur avatar show?
Best way for me to curl my hair?
help for MAJOR frizzy hair!?
Why don't girls take a liking to guys with long hair?
my mom won't let me dye my hair?
Can you by hair bleach at wal-mart?
Hair styling ideas please!?
Can you have long hair and wear long dangling earrings when driving?
I have to wear a bandana for an activity at work i'm trying to find a different way to wear it. Some pics?
Best moisturizing conditioner for extremely dry hair?
What does more long term damage to your hair?
making my hair thinner...?
Is it true that getting your ends trimmed very frequently can make your hair grow longer?
I'm about to dye my hair and I need help?
should i buzz cut my hair or let it grow?
I'm looking for this on the Sally Beauty Supply website?
Should I dye my hair brown?
I want some waves? Can somebody help?
if i wanted to dye my hair two colors meshed into one, would it damage my hair?
Ideas of how to do long black hair look nice?
whats a good natural remedey for healthy hair??
do guys like long hair?
Which hair cut is better?
Is there any hair grease that i can use for a flattop/hi-top?
Can I get layers in my hair?
Would a CHI blow dryer make any difference?
Hair Coloring/At Home /Permenant Type?
I need help with my awful hair?
chow question Hes 5 years old and is loosing all his hair all way down to skin why?
Brief question to ask about hair dye?
I really want a haircut and need other peoples opinions please?
My extensions went red but my hair went pink?
I need a name for my salon! Hurry! Grand opening is very soon!?
What should I do to avoid getting my hair butchered at the salon?
Any Suggestions for hair breakage?Foods that can help?Vitamins?anything natural? I use profeshional products.?
My hair will not grow no matter what I do, help!?
Whay will hapen if you put windex in your hair????
Dyeing previously dyed brown hair ash blonde?
Do I look better w short hair or long hair?
Which hair do you like better?
Does miley cyrus have hair extensions?
Can I cut my own curly hair with the ponytail method?
what hair colour do you like?
I need advice or photos because I want to dye the tips/ends of my hair red. I have some pics for you to see.?
What can I do to add body to straight hair?
do you like blondes, brunettes, redheads, black hair, or all?
Haircut??(pics included)?
questions about hair need help please?
How can I lighten my hair naturally?
Im sick of my hair style. any suggestions? PICS INCLUDED.?
what is yoghurt?
Hair from black to blonde?
hair solution?
Do girls between 14-18 like facial hair?
is short hair in or out of fashion?
My shampoo is building up on my hair. What's the best way to get rid of this build up?
I really want a buzz cut. Should I get one?
dye my hair darker? (pictures)?
after shampoo and conditioner , it is advisable to put some drops of oil for sheen and moustrized or u guide?
How do i tell my friend her hair looks horrible?
i have light brown hair, what color highlights should i get?
How to give your hair soft waves?
what can i do with my frizzy curly hair?
hair help! how to get straight hair w/o a straightener?
Do you know if??
hair troubles?
Whats the BEST anti frizz product?
fantastic male hairdressers in essex / london!?
Hair dye strand test question?
Ombré hair. Yes? Or No?
I need major help with my hair and split ends.?
how can i cure dandruff?
I have extremely thin hair and it's depressing HELP!!!?
What color should i die my hair? (pics)?
how to make a scene hair girly?
Do i look better with neat or messy hair?
Should I cut my hair shorter??(pics inside)?
How do I do this hairstyle? (pic)?
Can I dye my hair two times the same day?
Why won't my hair get lighter when I bleach it? of prom updos that go more to the side then back of my head and have lots of curls... any ideas?
What do you think about this hairstyle?
Could I be a model/Actor? (male)?
Help on some new Hairstyles?
How to curl hair without heat or rollers?
tired of the
How to bear the pain when getting my eyebrows and moustache threaded?
*pics included* How should I get my hair cut?
Brunette or blonde???
How do I achieve this Jessica Simpson hairstyle look?
how do you take micro braids out really fast?
Would lightest blonde hair look nice on me?
How can I grow my hair longer faster?
My best friend is about to move away in two months and we just had a huge fight! What am i going to do????
Best Hair Straightner?
hair cut for medium length thin black hair?
Do wet to straight flat irons work?
Oily hair with dry scalp combo ???
How should i get my hair done for KingsDominion {Pics imcluded}?
Where can I buy a triple or double barrel hair curler from?
do u think ill look emo if i dye my hair black?
Ion Hairspray Help??
Would Nice 'N Easy Color Blend Foam be right for my hair?
How long /short is your hair? And What colour?
what can i do with my hair?
I have a question. Easy points, just asking for an opinion?
Should i wash my hair again today?
What are some hairstyles for thick sholder length hair?
which shampoo do you use for dry hair?
Should i straighten my hair?
should i starighten my hair or keep it curly?
Body wave?
hair color shade # in loreal for rich brown or coffee shade?
whats so great about the "professionals at john frieda"?
1950s Hair Pomades ?????
When should I be seeing results?
chemically straightened hair!?
What hair products can I use to style my curly hair?
help me please?
hair question, girls can you share some experience?
how do i curl my hair!?!?!?
where can i buy those head bands that go around the forehead?
tired of hairdo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Has anyone tryed the Herstyler flat Iron?
are side swept bangs still in?
caN I Or can I not dyE perMed haiR?
Which is better?
Does hair grow from the root or the tip? And does trimming make it grow longer and faster?
Whats the best way to get rid of nits and the eggs?
Will this work in my hair?
I dyed my haiiir dark brown from blonde(pictures)?
washing my hair everyday?
i am only 26 yrs. old and 10% of my hair is already white...?
What type of shampoo do you use?
How can I color my hair silver?
Brazilian Keratin Treatment in Connecticut?
What is your favorite shampoo?
Can braids keep my wet hair from frizzing?
Girls what do you prefer for a guy?
which hair colour should i choose?** pics **?
Why is my hair so oily/greasy?
can u put olive oil in your hair?
is it possible to dye black hair pink?
i need some hair style advice?
How do you shave your chest and private areas?
Why do girls always play with my hair?
How can I make my hair wavy?
How would you describe this hair colour?
What is the best method of hair extensions?
should i cut my hair like this?
Do I look ok without bangs, or should I keep them?
What is the best conditoner for your hair?
I feel so ashamed of my hairs.?
Is this bad?
My step daughter is losing her hair has anyone any suggestions. Serious answers only please.?
Brittle, damaged hair?
Can you tel my hair is Longer, and healthier?
What should you tip a hair stylist?
Is straightening your hair good for it?
Need new shampoo, HE isn't working for me?
I have curly hair, I love it, but my friends don't, what should I do?
would i look good with this haircut?? pix included...?
i need a good curling iron
is it cheaper to dye just the tips of your hair?
How to stop your hair getting greasy?
Should I go blonde?
What type of hair suit to girl ?
What is the best hair straightener?
I'm getting my hair cut! How should I get it styled? PICS OF ME INSIDE! help!?
What color hair do you have?
straightening gives my hair weird curve.... 10points for gud help!!?
How can I persauid my mum to gye my hair ?
will the miss tennesse usa pageant be on tv?
I used a box of hair dye.. and my hair is totallly screwed up, how can i fix it?????
hair straightening????
Does dying your hair stop it growing?
how long does it take for your hair to react to hair mayonnaise?
I need a haircut, but not short. What would be better..side bangs or straight bangs?
Hair is frizzy/bushy/wavy/thick HELP!?
how are bobby pins made?
Which hair color do you prefer on me?(pics)?
For guys, is there something you can spray in your hair to make it stay in place when it looks good?
HELP! What should I have done at the hairdressers? [Pic included]?
What's your favorite hairstyle?
how do you do the curly mohawk styles?
Red hair bleeding everywhere?
curly or straight hair?
Best Hair Straightener?
Which footballer or singer has the best short & stylish mohawk. I want to have one. Need your help?
my hairline on my forehead is shaped like an M, help?
what to do when it's wet an cold outside and I straightened my hair?
im almost 24 and still doesn't have facial hair . how can i get facial hair quick and hard?
Dying Black hair Blonde?
What would you call this hairstyle? Can anyone help me find a better picture to show to the lady?
Is it childish for a 21 year old to wear pigtails?
Please help!!! If I have to tie my hair up, how should I put it up. ?
How can I get my hair like this?
Can enyone go blonde if it is the right shade?!?
do any one think this pill change hair structure....?
whats the best shampoo for silky shiny hair?
i have long hairs but they r not very healthy. they break easily and r 'tshiny .how can i make them look good
Should I get my hair darker or lighter? green eyes and light brown/dirty blonde hair?
I'm so bored of my hair and makeup. What should I do? I'm open to anything!?
whats a good hair straightener?
will this hairstyle is perfect for me?
is it good to wash hair twice a day ?
should i dip dye my hair pleaseee helppp (10 points)?
How to take care of curly hair?
what if you have curly hair and the top layer is straight/wavy for some reason? can i fix that?
should i curl my hair?
whats the difference between a one inch straighener and a 1-1/4 inch?
my hair is already damaged from applying hair lightener to it, can i still bleach it?
How to get hair like River Song from Doctor Who?
Thinking about short haircut?
Why is dark brown hair dye so stubborn!!?
which is usually more pretty, blonds, or brunettes?
How to make my hair straight?
What is the length (in inches) of the Supercuts buzzer attachments?
help please ! what is the best thing to get black hair dye off skin?
Am I going bald :'((?
What should I do? Hair is growing back but.,.....?
Can a 14 year old pull this off?
How to fix hair so it doesn't flip in the back?
Will my hair straightener work in Europe?
Any good Hobbit wigs?
what is the new popular hair color?
How do you make your hair shiny? even after flat ironing?
10 points - what is this hair colour? and what dye can I use to get the same colour?
Unwanted body hair!!!!!!!?
RE: Hair style, what do you think, (guy, pics)?
Ladies with natural, kinky hair satisfied with shampoo & blowdry or press n curl at a WALMART salon?
How do I lighten my new dark red hair without bleaching it?
Should i dye the tips of my hair? What color should i do it? I have blonde hair?
smooth hair?
do u like bleach blonde hair with jet black underneath?
where can i get cheap extensions in new york?
a hairnet that has thin hair on it and you pull your own hair through it so it looks thicker?
Does "NouriTress" hair growth products really work?
Which hairstyle best suits me?
What colour should I dye the ends of my hair?
Does my new hair colour suit me (picture in description)?
Does it burn you?
Which hairstyle is better? 15 years old male
what kind of hair cuts do girls like?
Is it bad to get higlights if you are only 13yrs.old?
should I dye my hair black?
I need a new hairstyle but i dont know which one.?
what shampoo do you use?
any hairdressers out there?
how can i change my long curly hair to soft hair , plzz help me !!!?
My 13 year old daughter won't cut her hair?
what kinda bangs are these? hairstyle pics included!?
what color should i highlight my hair?
Curly or Straight hair?
Help! I am 14 and I have super dark upper lip hair.?
Bad or good to shave *down there*?
What color should I dye my hair?
How can I make my hair grow? ?
Short hair+Extentions=?
What do I need to do to get my hair healthy again?
Anything to make my hair grow?
My hair is changing..?
I have brown hair with blonde highlights, is it ok if i put an all over hair color to cover up the highlights?
what do you think of this hair color(pic)?
I am black My hair grows into an afro but i want it to grow into a skater hair style?
I have like a dark blonde hair color would it make my hair look werid if I dyed it brown?
What should I do with my thick, long, dark brown, unmanageable hair?
What colour should i dye my hair?
Did anyone see Zac Efron on The Teen Choice awards last night? Do u like his new hair cut?
Is it bad to wash your hair everyday?
what's better in your opinion blonde or brown hair?
Is this a good straightener? [pic]?
Need help with my hair.?
I need help having a lot of trouble with my hair!?
What is the best haircut?
Can i dye my hair two days in a row?
My lil sister has thick wavy hair is there a way to keep that straitened? (Straining iron we tried )?
RED LIPSTCK: hot or not ?
how do you do you hair like this? [pic included]?
best afro / caribbean hair salon around south east london?
Girls, which hairstyle do you think suits me better?
how to make hair straight all day?
does color stripper remove a red permanent dye?
Would the 2B Glue be as good or better than the moulding gum for styling short easy to manage hair?
Hey. Is this hairstyle cute?
how often do you wash your hair?
Will my hair turn orange?
i really need an honest opinion! PLEASE....?
Good haircut for 14 year old boys?
How can I fix my EYEBROWS!?
I have curly hair! What do I do?
Would this damage my hair (dip-dying my hair)?
What is the difference between.....?
Do people with longer hair still get their hair cut?
How to dye my brunette hair red?
dreadlocks pllllllllllllllz hellllllllllp?
my hair goes dry and ive got split ends what do i do ..?
Any cute camp name ideas? Farm themed?
21 and seeing gray hairs?
How can I make my hairline go straight down?
which of these Matrix biolage conditioner is the best for moisture?
hair problem !! please help best answer gets 10 points!! please please help?
can your hairline move forward, even when its moved back?
Do you dye your hair yourself or have it done at a salon?
help .. w/ hair color thanks!?
Peroxide or lemon juice, thats the question.?
What shampoo is good for slightly oily hair?
Can paroxide dye your hair?
I cut my hair. What do you think?
If i get my hair permently straightend will it damge my hair?
i straightened my hair 2weeks ago but it didn't take how soon can i try it again.i am using dark and lovely?
What would a FEMALE say a sexy chest looks like on a man? Hair,no hair? Muscular chest or semi-muscular, abs?
which looks better the old me or the new me?
dirty blonde hair ...natural blonde highlites (pictures)?
Does brown or blonde hair bring out blue eyes the most?
Is this haircut cute? Should I cut my hair like this?
ladies have u ever let your leg and armpit hair grow for a long time?
Teasing your hair......?
What shampoo makes your hair grow faster?
Has anyone tried the curly girl method?
Why wont my hair go back to tight curls?
Is putting honey hair mask on hair then applying a leave-on dandruff serum a good combination or a bad Idea?
when i go out after straightening my hair,it goes all poofy and there any way to stop this happening?
Curly or straight hair ?
which GHD's are best for me?
If I dye my hair platinum (professionally)?
hair help!!?
Wondering what new hairstyle to try?
Why is it so hard to get my hair to look nice?
Is this woman wearing extensions? or does she just have fabulous hair?
When going to a salon?
what would i look like with carmel hair?
Perfume or hair treatment products that contained alcohol?
Is there a way to fix split ends on hair without getting a hair cut?
My guy friend is getting his hair cut and wants me to find a style that is in for guys. Help please!!!?
Does your hair dry out when you wash it every day?
can anyone help me my hair get so greasy i try all sorts of shampoo's and conditioner?
What kind of hair do u like better - straight or curly?
chemical hair straightening.?
how do you make your hair curly or straight at home?
What qualifications you need to be a hair stylist?
Anyone know how to make homemade detangling solution that is safe for a toddler's curly locks?
Question about bleaching my hair?
Should i dye my hair.?
fried hair?..what should i do?