What is a sraightening perm??
bangs , bangs , and bangs?
What's the rarest eye-hair color combo?
Dying red hair dark blonde/light brown?
I need your opinion!!! =] ?
Should I put black under my hair?
quick! my mom put olive oil in my hair last night................?
Does my hair look korean/kpop?
Would you accept $9,000 to shave your head & continue your normal activities without wig or hat sans?
How to keep hair straight when it rains?
best hair straightners ?
Light pink hair questions?
where can I find pictures of extra short women's hair that shows the back of the head?
i need some hair tips please help?
which hair color do you think looks best ?
Whats a good anti-breakage shampoo?
how do you sratan your hair at night?
Should I dye my hair?
Does anyone know how the create a beehive (hair style)?
hair style should i cut like this?? pic?
How can I style my hair like this?
any good products for thinning hair that really work?
what shampoo can make hair soft?
can i get new friends on my email cause i only have one friend on my ?
What is the best way to get tangles out of your hair?!?
I'm going to die my hair 2 colors what should they be?
What's Good for Your Hair ....?
Any advice on how to hide regrow?
Fun things to do at Gaylord Palms? need help! (:?
How Bright Would Purple Show Up in My Hair?
who likes Britney spears new hair cut?
ponytails for men?
Can you get your hair thinned if you think your hairs too thick?
How to curl ends of hair..................?
Blondes vs. brunettes?
How can I convince my parents to let me get a haircut ?
is Head&shoulders shampoo good for weavy hair?
Is mixing hair colors okay?
what website lets me try on hairstyles for free PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!?
green/bluey eyes - best hair colour?
Why is it important to follow manufacturer's instructions in hairdressing?
i would like to sell 2 pieces of hair that i have for extra cash. need places where i can go.?
What would be a good hairstyle for me?
how can i bleach my hair naturaly.?
Would i look good with Scene Hair? (picture included)?
I need more organic perm info?
I have really thick curly hair, and it's really annoying, what can I do?
what's a good product i can use to tame my really frizzy hair and keep it curly in the club or partying?
i have very dark brown hair if i put peroxide in it what color will it be?
Pony tail + make-up ideas?
Help! I want to dye mmy hair blonde on top and black on the bottom?
hair color???? please answerrrrr?
Fast! Answer Needed Please - Hair Dye Help?
What is the average cost of dreadlocks?
products for straightnening hair .. ?
All you girls with bangs?
how to make my hair thinner???
Best shampoo and conditioner for long, straight hair?
does anybody know how well spiker pomade works?
How can I change me hair colour to mahawgani?
How should I cut my hair? (tons of pics)?
Dyed hair light blonde, want to stop! help please.?
im a 16yo guy and i want to get a new hairstyle but i cant make up my mind as to what i want. any sugestions?
Tips on growing hair longer and faster?
Good haircut for slightly wavy hair?
how should I dye my hair for my 18th party blue,green or purple?
is was n curl shampoo good?
Do birth control pills make curly hair go straight?
What would hair care products for white people hair do on black people hair?
whats the best way to treat split ends?
Why is my bf telling me to dye my hair brown?
Need a site that shows how to french braid medium length hair...?
curly hair products?
Can you help me? SOME IDEAS?
How come my hair gets greasy often and how to keep it healthy?
Long hair or short hair?
Helppp. I really want to do my bangs like, thisss.?
Shaved head or not?
Hair is frizzy/bushy/wavy/thick HELP!?
My son's hair cut drama!!! PLEASE READ!!!!!?
Im thinking about going blonde. should i do it?
Is my hair/hairstyle nice?
does blond hair and look good?
what are bangs? - im english and have no idea what they are :L?
Im a guy, should i shave or wax my nuts?
How should i do my hair???
getting haircut tomorrow!urgent
Is it possible for a dry scalp to produce flakes, as well as make your hair oily?
Black hair??
OMG I just walked in on him!!!!?
i am looking for Brand name hair weave/wig supplier/agent/dealer..legit please?
i need hair extensions but dont knwo where to get them?
Where can you sell handmade pinup style hair clips and flowers?
I'm 13 and want to shave my legs, how do I ask?
Has anyone tried this?
Is hair supposed to frizz when it is raining and humid out?
Thin, frizzy hair when straightened?
Doe's anyone have any tips on how to recondition dry damaged hair without spending alot to do it?
do you think red heads are ugly?
trying to change my look and i need YOUR advice!! PICS!!?
Straightening my hair everyday...?
how long do hair extensions last and how much are they?
Why do people find such negativity in women of color wearing hair weaves?
What shampoo to use if you have telegon effluvium?
how do you french braid two braids in your own hair?
My hair feels dry & frizzy. Help?
how much is it to glue on hair extension?
Hair experts, can I get a perm or semi-perm with blonde highlights in?
Getting a perm for the first time, how do I take care of it?
I have Long hair. Help.?
How Much Time Do You Spend On Your Hair ........ ?
Henna hair dye or normal hair dye?
how long can you leave in rag curlers?
would i look good with this hair color?
what hair color is this? I was thinking it was dark blond.?
How long is this hair out of a bun? (PICS)?
Should I get a haircut?
I have a unibrow, should I shave it?
Does anybody know good hair products for curly hair?
Wht does chemically treated lightend hair feel ruffer than chemically treated darkened hair?
Thinking of dying my hair..would this look good?
What is the BEST drugstore straighter heat protector?
how do i get soft, longer hair?
Hey u smart and beautiful people out there pleaseeeee help!!?
What term is used to describe the trimming of men's body hair?
Does anyone own a mason pearson brush?
Do you think I would look good with dark brown hair? I am a guy.?
How do you spike your hair like lucas scott in one tree hill season 3?
Which Hair Styles Would Suit Me (Male)?
10 points for best answer!!!!!!?
Is this true?
Would i look good if i dyed my hair black?
how to take care of my hair?
What will happen if i use John Frieda radiant red?
What is the BEST shampoo + conditioner that doesn't damage your hair like Pantene and Dove?
how do you dip dye your hair without damaging it?
Is a pixie haircut good on girls?
HELP!! hair dye and cut!!!?
What should I do with my hair?
hi. how can i make my regrowth look lighter with out getting die.?
Can hairspray really make your hair fall out?
Why are people so down on my blue hair?
Haircuts for a 13 year old that are cute, sweet, sassy, and or chic?
Whats the best hairstyle to go to school with if you have long hair?
What base color looks best with platinum blonde highlights?
Does anyone know where to buy Regis Designline products online? Preferably for professionals.?
Blonde Or Brunette?
If my hair was highlighted in sept, can you dye your red in dec?
Should I put goin in my hair while using splat lightning bleach.?
which is better for my hair cold fusion extensions or a sew in?
how to reduce hair fall?
What would be the process to get my hair like this?
I died my hair Jet Black and I added high lights. Need help with this mess!!?
What color is eva longoria's hair in this photo?
I need help with my hair how do i do it to ask a guy out?
I have red hair but I want to go blonde.. and my eyebrows are red?
Photos of what it would look like if i died the middle layer of my dark brown hair bonde?
Women only: What do you think of this harstyle?
How to pass a hair drugscreen?
How much are hair extensions? (ballpark)?
Dying dark brown hair ideas?
I want to get a fringe like this?
What is the best new flat iron on the market? Sedu, GHD, HSI, Sultra, KQC?
trying to locate hair salon on corrine drive, orlando fl?
best hair color for asians?
What color should I dye my hair?
How can i grow my hair long fast?
Why are no hairdressers open late on a Saturday?
washing your hair everyday?
How would I do my hair like this?
knots in hair please help ? 10 points ;)?
I don't own a straightening iron and I don't want to buy one. Is there another way to straighten my hair?
about what age does a man start really growing thick facial hair?
How do I cut my hair like this?
What kind of gel grease or hair product can i use to make my curls come out good with the flexi rods?
What will happen if I dye dark/blonde/orangey hair?
anyone heard of the intricate criss cross updo and know how to do it or where to find how to do it?
Hair styles that would fit my face structure? (Pictures included)?
how do i get my hair "poofed" like this girls hair?
SOS formal is tomorrow! no idea of hairstyle?
what is the best hair colour for winter?
do girls like guys with long hair or short?
what kinda shampoo do you use?
What hairstyle/color would look good on my friend?
How to get your side bangs pushed back when curling? **pics included**?
i want to dye my hair blond?
where can i get a inexpensive but cool haircut in nyc?
I have 360's in my hair but one side of my head has no waves (the side i sleep on) can some one help my?
My daughter hair is growing to long?
What's your fav hair color?
How do I get ride of split ends?? Please Help?
my friend says that if you pull out a gray hair seven more will grow back?
I want to cut my hair like really short, like boy short, but i want it to look feminine?
My hair has been falling out alot. It's looking very thinned out?
Black hair to brown ?
What should I do with my hair ? (Pics of me now :] )?
HAirstyle/color ideas for the NEw YEar?
Is a pixie haircut good on girls?
i have fudge no lift creme developer and fudge permanent hair colour. how much of the two do i mix together?
Why doesnt Caillou have hair?
should I go blond again?
what will make my hair lighter?
Any gurls here? I need your help!!?
What Color Kool Aid Should I Dye My Hair With ( See Details)?
do all girls with natural black hair have a moustache?...I am fro sweden and all in my village are blonde.?
Why do very drunk people get messy hair?
what do you think of me.?
What's a good treatment for thinning hair?
Want to shave my head Bald have had enough of my long hair?
What colour should I dip dye my black hair?
What can i buy for my hair to make it look healthy?
How are black people's NATURAL hair ?
I love to go swimming but chlorine kills my hair color. Help!?
What is the best way to do my hair for school?
Does my hair look better curly or straight?
eyelashes always falling out?
Black hair and blue eyes????
what kind of comb should i use for my curly hair?
does it hurt the first time you get your eye brows done?
how do i get this hair?
i have thin hair and would like some more volume in it! any ideas?
which one do u think?
TRESemme Split Remedy?
buzz it or keep my hair?
Pubic hair, are you suppose to shave it off?
my hair gets wet when i sweat?
What do you think of this hair color?
What are some good hairstyles for long, thin hair?
Have you ever tried tanning spray as a hair lightener.?
Cutting And Dying My Hair?
how much do you tip the owner of a beauty salon if she is the one that does your hair?
How to get these kind of bangs/fringe?
bathing with a synthetic wig?
Do you like donald trumps hair?
go brunnette?
What's the best Shampoo and Conditioner for color treated hair?
I didn't want my hair cut this short!!How does it look?
What's yoru favorite hair color?
How do i get wavy hair?
What do you prefer?
what is the best hair product to make your hair really strait?
Would red hair Wth purple underneath be a good combination?
How to make baby hairs grow..?
Is there anything i can do to make my hair grow longer, faster?
would pink look good on a dirty blonde?
Hair turned orange!!!?
Does that Sun In Spray work?
Would I look pretty with dreadlocks...?
what kind of spray i should use .?
what hairstyle do you recommend?
When to Shampoo after Rebond?
i died my hair porple?
Where can I sell my hair in San Diego?
It true that straight hair grows faster than curly hair?
So I plan on bleaching my hair and then dyeing the same day, would it work?
What kinds of haircuts do girls like?
I have natural black hair but getting random redish hairs and blondish hairs?
How do I style it?
Is Mane N' Tale a good shampoo/conditioner?
What color would you call my hair exactly?
Well, I have cut my hair again, I feel attractive but why do I feel less attractive/more attractive w/ longer?
How do I fix my hair?
Straight hair or curly hair ?
Blonde hair, yes or no?
When is a good time to dye your hair?
What hair color is this?
I have too thick hair!?
Is this a medium length or long?
I Need Curly hair help?
What color is this hair (pic included)?
I put way too much detangler in my hair, and its stringy and greasy - what should I do?
Would i look good with dreadlocks and should i get them?
What do you think of my new hair? [[pics]]?
how can I lengthen my hair without drying and damaging it with heat of hair dryers?
Is there a fast way to make my very long hair straight?
I am planning on moving to England and was curious about what the requirements are for cosmetologists.?
What should i do with my hairr?
What to do,to get rid of dandruff?
How do ceramic coats chip away?
I want to cut my mid back long hair to a medium length punk style ??
dont you think guys who dip their heads in hair gel are annoying?
I have really curly hair and i can never find a way to tame it. can anyone help?
Will I damage my hair if I curl it everyday?
i want bangs really bad!?
What do you think of my new bangs?
how can someone with alopecia grow their hair back without surgery?
I dyed my black hair red but it didn't change much? and I want to be able to dye it properly? how?
Does anyone know how to effectively create this style?
What makes hair grow faster?
How long will it take for my hair to grow back?
Will Purple Hair look good?
How do I get blonder hair without dying it?
Why does curly hair turn poofy when it's dry?
how do i get dye out of hair with out buying anything?
Why does Wella koleston special blonde fades so much?
I'm thinking of getting a high quality straightener?
If I dye my hair brown will I become more intelligent?
highlighting my hair need some help?
should i cut my hair like Rhianna's hair right know?
I really want to get hair extensions like sara paxton in the movie auqamarine?
how to make your hair soft with eggs step by step?
Is it okay to die your hair blonde and still have brown eyebrows?
What is your opinion on the Conair Infiniti You Style Multi-Functional Styling Iron?
What developer should I use on my hair?
Question for girls who use hair straighteners ?
do everyday burbers do buzzcuts?
well short trimmed beard, or without?
so how do you make straight hair wavy?...... I don't want curly hair.....?
Where do most guys get their haircut?
what do you think of my hair?
Should I keep my hair natural or dye it? (pictures)?
serious hair loss question!!?
do any one know any products to make ur hair frizzy and curly?
How do you do your hair like this?
Will it my hair look thicker ?
Should I rebond my hair?
Does my hair look good like this?
A lot of Guys are shaving their head clean nowadays, Is this a new fad with the Guys now, Do you ladies like?
What color should I die my hair.?
How can I get rid of dandruff?
What is an alkaline ph balanced shampoo?And what is a neutralizing lotion?
What is a good hair product to use when curling your hair?
Does blonde hair make you look thinner?
HELP! Brunette to Blonde...?!?
i'm getting curly hair(can i keep it like that if i grow it?)?
Do you like this haircut?
Why do people freak out so much when you get a short haircut? It's just hair!?
i really need help?
Color stripping black hair?
My teenage daughters get white flaky bits in their hair after using certain shampoos. It's not dandruff.?
Hello Gurls, would you love a guy with a BEARD?
I'm blonde and about to put Peroxide in my hair. Vinegar afterwards?
Whats your Hair style preference?
blockish head need help?
Is it better to use a straightening iron or chemically straighten my hair?
I dyed my hair green and now nobody likes me...?
What are some ways to help hair growth?
Where can i buy some candy pink hair dye?
What can i do to bring my hair to life if it is dead after i dyed it then did a permanent a week later?
Hair straightening help?
What is a good conditioner I should use?
4a,4b Hair or Kinky hair!!!?
i want list of beauty parlour of hydrabad?
Do any of You Know about this dye?? (easy question)?
Best drugstore clear gloss treatment?
Hair trouble (im a guy)?
Hairy Situation?
laser question?
Hairstyle help please? :)?
What kind of hairstyle should I do to go with my dress?
GIRLS, what is the best hair straightener?
how can i stop my hair from falling off what shampoo do i use?
what natural thing lightens dark hair?
red heads, blonds, or brunettes?
When my dauschunds poop, after a few days, hair grows out of it.?
I want soft, natural curls on my hair, I have STRAIGHT hair, but i want to curl it like those famous stars.?
will i be able to repair my hair after bleaching?
I wanna get rid of my body hair?
What shampoo makes you hair grow long?
Where do you get a good crimper in Cuero,TX?
Is shaving your legs really important?
do i look better with curly or straight hair?
blondes or brunettes? and why?
can i perm/relax my hair now?
Would I suit blonde hair and do you like this blonde?
Which hair should I get? (Pics included)?
What's the best straightener for black hair?
Dark brown colored hair to bright red?
favorite hair color?
What happens if you leave conditioner in too long?
Are US made shampoos stronger in chemicals compare to other Asian made shampoos?
I have long and super straight hair what are some good hairstyles?
pics included..whats my hair type ?? (i did the big chop)?
why do body hair grows back after waxing?
Is Dapper Dan really a real hair product and if so were can I buy it.?
do u like this hair?(pics)?
I want to get my hair cut short, would it suit me?
hey guys i need some help with hairstyles?
Where can I buy Boar bristle hair brushes at a WHOLESALE price? For Brushing humans hair. Thanks?
Do men prefer women to wear their hair loose - or tied back?
How do I grow a fast mustache?
i need hair help and i need to know by today!!?
What are good blonde hair color products?
prolly a dumb question, sorry?
WILL it fade????PLEASE HELP?
How long does a home perm last? Is it safe to use after a couple of years?
So I got my hair permed and need help?
What looks better? (hair)?
What specific color are these highlights?
I have a question about a hair product?
Should i do this again with my hair. s best answer! PICS!?
How do I make my hair grow fast?
Chest hair! Hairy men! Women of all ages respond!?
Should i dye my hair or highlight it?
What's a good moisurizer for my hair?
Are there any less expensive hair straighteners?
Help with cosmetologist?
I have black hair and I was wondering what type of color eyes contact would be good for me?
Do you ladys like dudes with long or short hair?
How to do hair like this??????????????
please help me!!!..its my hair!!?
what color would you say my hair is?
Would it look good if i dyed the bottom of my hair red?
Remy Hair Extension?
How do I get my hair to grow ?
Is washing your hair every night bad for your hair?
Which hair colour is between natural and crazy?
how to make hair look like the girl' in music video of CHERRY PIE by warant
Where is the best place in Ottawa to get a (woman's) haircut?
Different Hairstyles. Bobbed?
What is the difference btween an s curl hair and texturized hair? can you put on curlers on texturized hair to?
Do they put in feather hair extensions at Beauty Brands?
Why do black people have tight curly hair?
What is the best yet cheap human hair to use?
how to explain to a salon i want layers?
So what do men really feel about women with red hair?
Do you think this haircut would look good on me? *PICS*?
should an 11 year old go from brunette to blonde?
what colour should i dye my hair?
how to straighten my bangs?
should i dye my hair red? or keep it black?
Where can I get a good hair cut/style in Newark/Elizabeth NJ? Not a barber shop, but a real salon-type style?
how do you tip your hairdresser?
Hair extension questions?
Is my hair red or orange?
which makes hair grow faster leaving hair down or braid ??
Why do i have to wait a week to bleach my hair after i just straightened it?
How do I get back to my natural hair colour?
how can i get my kinda straight kinda not hair wavy or in curls without getting a perm?
hair dye? need to know!?
my hair is curly and dry iwant to make straight is it possible?
how do you make loose curls useing a curling iron?
what is best shampoo brand in india?
Kevin Murphy's Mermaid Hair Kit?
Why is it that a lot of guys do not like redheads?
how to prevent hair in early age?
What are t-line highlights?
Maganda ba rebond ng INDEX SALON (commonwealth branch)?
Hair curler keeps ripping out my hair?
Still looking for suggestion on how to turn my frizzy wavy hair back to my bouncy curls...?
How could I get this hair colour from what my colour is now? (pics)?
cute hair styles?
How do I get my hair THIS colour? This is my ideal colour?
how to do cornrows on ur own hair?
Girls, Im a guy, need HAIRSTYLE help *(pic)*?
Which style do you prefer?..or are they the same?? im a bit confused! HELP! lol?
What is the best way to get your hair to grow quicker?
Long hair or short? Blonde or Brunette?
Skin Vs. Hair Question?
Best Shampoo and conditioner for DRY HAIR?
Would I look good with curls?
is it ok for a guy to straighten their hair?
How to grow hair on your legs in a week?
What should I do with my hair? (pic)?
do you have to use shampoo and conditioner?
Help Black hair question!?
Keep my hair short or grow it out!?!?
How does black people take care of their hair?
is it necessary to shave armpits?
Which haircut is cuter????????(PICS)?
curly hair in rain help?
Styling ideas for shortish hair (read for details)?
Do I look better with short or long hair?
Something is wrong with my hair?
Philips Norelco BG2030 Professional BodyGrooming System?
Which Shampoo and Conditioner is best?
How do men grow their hair long?
What hair style would look good on me (Pic Included)?
I have very curly, long hair, Is there anything I can do to make it less frizzy?
Should I dye my hair blonde? (Photo)?
Would you like to keep you hair long or short?
can i dye my hair that is already dyed?
Which hair style?
my hairs are rough and dry.what shuld before going to parties?
can non-permanent hair dye stain blonde hair?
I dyed some of my hair pink. I need advice?
What are some good websites for rad haircuts?
My hair is long and REAL. Should i cut it??
Should i get bangs like that??? (pic)?
where do I purchase French Barrettes wholesale undecorated?
girls with long or short hair?
My hair is falling out.!! help?
what hair color should i get?
are side swept bangs still in?
What color should I dye my hair? HELP!!!?
if u could dye your hair any exotic color... what would it be??
should i dye my hair? (pic included!)?
Hairdresser did it wrong! full fringe, taylor momsen (help please?)?
Please help!!! If I have to tie my hair up, how should I put it up. ?
Dish soap on hair for residue?
Needs LONG HAIR!!!!!?
I need suggestions on coloring my Beard and Mustache?
im looking 4 hair extentions that look and feel real in wear down or up?
LAST question about haircuts!?
how to do this? (spirt week)?
Would you let you 16 year old daughter dye her hair?
Should I go BLONDE? (Pic)!!!?
Is long hair considered unattractive or old fashioned?
straight or curly do you prefer?
Can damaged/fried hair be repaired?
shiny, healthy hair??????????
I have a mohawk, and I'm not sure how to do my hair for homecoming?
Question for people with naturally curly hair?
which haircut is cutest???
I really want to highlight the tips of my hair and my hair is layered how do you go about it?
i have trouble getting my small eyes to "pop" with make-up, any ideas ??
i don't like my new haircut. how can i make my hair grow faster?
What haircut should a round face male get?HELP PLEASE?
Faux hawk question?
How many boxes of hair dye do I need?
i bleached my hair, now it's REALLY REALLY dry?
Should I wear my hair straight of curly?
What's the best way to prevent frizz?
How do I tell my boyfriend to cut his hair?
Cute easy ways to style bangs??? 19 points?
I'm growing out my hair and my bangs are driving me crazy!?
Lightening Hair, Hair Dye Question. Can I reuse hair dye I mixed last night? Too soon?
I need help, with dying my hair. please help?
How does Ken Barlow keep his hair in such beautiful condition for a man his age?
I need a new hairstyle. Any suggestions?
What style should I cut my hair? (pic of my hair now included.)?
Why does my hair keep falling out?
what should i do with my hair? (pic included)
How damaged is my hair ?
i am getting a haircut soon but i don't know what to get?
What looks better--Pink hair or brown hair?
1yr after perm and hair still falling out?
Do guys really care about a girl's hair? And how do u make your butt small? lol?
Which haircut is the best out of these?
Should i get a Brazilian Blowout?
Is it bad to straighten hair every day?
How to keep my hair from getting greasy.?
How can I get rid of split ends in my hair? Please give me every single way to get rid of them! Thanks!?
Is my boyfriend trying to say I need a haircut?
i am 14 and im growing a mustache, should i shave it off ?
How to go from dark brown/purpley hair colour to blonde?
How do I get rid of split ends?
how do you shave nappy facial hair??
Which hair style?
Fall Hair...Your advice please!
Do you color your hair? What colors have you done?
Need hair cut advice - fine hair?
What is the best way to preserve your hair color after a dye?
Does anyone have brown wavy hair? I do, I was wondering if anyone has it?
what can u use on ur hair wen u straighten it so it doesnt get fried?
How to ombre your hair like Lea Micheles?
Gave the hairstylist too much money?
Bleaching hair???? helppp?
Why have my eyebrow hairs been falling out?
what is a platform stylist?
Should I dye the bottom layer of my hair red?
If you use a flat iron every day, does it damage the hair?
What are the names of the top hairdressing colledges in canada and where can I research for them?
For high school and college girls only...?
what do you think about japanese hair straightening?
What's the best way to take care of dandruff?
does the product pantene pro-v deep moisturizing treatment really reduce frizz ?
I have super curly, frizzy biracial hair! and i want to loosen my curl pattern with out a perm.any suggestions?
I'm balding so have lost all self confidence with guys?!?
IF I got a Wave perm?
What hair color is good for a pale girl with blue eyes?
Any good websites for haristyles?? PLEASE ANSWER.?
Dyed hair or natural? (on girls)?
What hair products are good for kids with curly hair?
Is it ok to go to the hairdresser's with gel/wax in your hair?
is there any way i can make my hair grow faster?
I have bangs covering my eyes but I have lots of trouble fixing them got any tips?
What do you have to do to take care of invisible braids?
Anyone else have epic FAIL with Ice Cream hair dye?
Hairstyles. [Please Read]?
Is hair this long unattractive or what?
Short haircut help?!?
When will the mullet make a comeback?
going blonde to brown? good idea? pics included?
Gals: you shave down there?
Does anyone know a good hair website with pictures?
I need major hair tips please?
Is it safe to flar iron hair while transitioning to natural hair?
my hair is in poor condition and is always breaking,how do i stop that.?
Does this actually help to get thicker hair?
I dyed my black hair red but it didn't change much? and I want to be able to dye it properly? how?
Dose waxing eyebrows hurt?
Do girls like long curly hair on guys?
Will my hair continue to grow this fast?
Is it possible to alter the roots of my hair??
How do i care,maintain and make my afro hair grow.?
How many hrs do you need to be a certified cosmotolgist?
Where can I get clip on hair extensions in Cheltenham?
whats your favouite hairstyle???
don't you think i shoulda won?
Which do i suit better? Blonde or brunette?
If i were to dye my hair??????????
Can anyone tell me of a great hairstylist in Edison NJ? I'm desperate?
As I've hit puberty i've noticed more and more body hair. Is this normal?
will my hair look good with blond highlights?? (with picture)?
what color should i dye my hair?
What type of bangs should I get? Bunch of pictures..?
Side bangs? pic included?
what is the best hair product to hold curls when curling with a curling wand?
Straw Sets?
Hair bleaching advice?!?!?
When I dye my hair at home it gets REALLY HOT!!! Why is that?
My hair is falling out heaps and I'm only 16!?
is Head&shoulders shampoo good for weavy hair?
Do you feel like you can grow more at your current job?
Does anyone know any tips to grow out hair faster?
what color should I dye my hair (pics)?
Can i re dye my hair in a week?
I'm a guy with a ponytail..should I get a short,cleancut haircut?
ok im 14 and im heading into high school and i have a line of hair comeing up on my belly.what do i do.?
How should I do my hair? PIC?
Can you thicken hair?
how many days a week do you straighten your hair?
How do I get my curly hair back?
Hair problem? please answer!?
Im thinking about dying my hair from blonde to very dark???
what age do you think it's appropriate to start dying your hair?
What colour is best to dye my hair?
Curling hair?
I just cut my bangs short...?
What do you ask the salon if you want an emo hair cut?
Should I get Axe Jet 2-in-1 shower gel + Shampoo?
I have bald spots on my eyebrows, is there anything i can do?
Help! i really need my hair to grow faster!!!!?
OMG my hair!?
how to get rid of dandruff cheaper but effective?
I feel like I'm killing my hair!?
Which hair color looks better on me? ?
what is the most vibrant BRIGHTEST red hair dye/color there is?
Is it safe to dye your hair the next day?
are side bangs out of style?
Should I dye my hair GREEN?
I have hair on my upper lip. how to get rid of it?
What's a hairstyle for my face shape?
How long will my hair grow in 19 months?
how do i get silky smooth hair?
hair dying question???
What do I do with my hair?
What colour should i dye my hair?
Ways to make your hair healthy after dying it to much?
how can i get s-curls?
Can you use dry shampoo on newly permed hair?
who thinks curly hair on girls is hot?/who think curly hair on guys is hot?
Blonde to brown?
Does brazilian blow dry really work?
What is a 'dry' shampoo?
When will I start growing facial hair?
I need to dry my hair FAST, how do I do it!?
what can i do to keep my hair straight?
HOw to make naturally curly hair look cute?
Should i get lowlights?
my boyfriend asked me to cut his hair for him. should i cut it all off and leave him bald?
What style should I cut my hair? (pic of my hair now included.)?
how can i convince my mom to let me dye my hair? pictures of hair color i want?
Should I dye my hair blonde?
How to dye/cut my hair like this [pic]?
What color hair dye should i go with?
A question for the hairdressers out there please :) ?
What is a good hair color for me?
PLEASE...I need help with my hair!?
Do guys like girls' hair up or down?
When you shower?
GIRLS:would you rather be bald and you couldn't wear a wig.OR you start to grow a mustache you cant shave?
Really want a new hairdo...?
help please?!!?!??!?!?!??!?!?
Which is the best hair straightener with reasonable price and which is light weight?
What are the best shampoos and conditioners for achieving soft, silky hair?
How can I make my hair smell better?
Do girls like Emo guys, or surfer guys?
Hair dying advice, pleeease?
Blow Dryer?
how to get hair like this picture rhiannon fish without using a curling iron or other products?
What do I do About my hair?!!!!!?
What is the best shampoo for oily hair?
How much do you pay for a mens haircut at a salon (not a barbershop)?
hair tips plz help?
Salons That Offer Crazy Hair Colors in Marietta Ga.?
How do i get my curly hair straightened without hurting it??
How should i do a Fishtail braid?
What's your favorite shampoo?
what products do u put on curly hair?
what's the best hair cut for girls?
everytime i use a curling iron it makes my ends fried
Do i look better with straight hair or curly hair??
how do i grow my hair long?
What are some cute haircuts?
How Do You Make A Hair Bow Out Of A Bandana?
what should i do with my hair (pictures included)?
what are the best shampoos and conditioners for swimmers that are in a low price range?
short lesbian haircuts?
What type of relaxer should I use?
How do i get this hairstyle??!? {picture provided}?
how to lighten Mahogany hair colur?
best shampoo?!?!?
Poll - Shampoo/Conditioner?
How do I dye my brown hair blonde for 1 day?
what is your rating on this hairstyle? (1-10)?
Would this hairstyle look good?
How to get your hair bleach blond at home?
I want a pixie cut, but I'm scared?
Hair ditry blonde with dark brown roots?
This is getting rediculous...My hair.?
should i shower in the morning?
Is lightening your hair color with hydrogen Peroxied safe for your hair?
Is your hair dyed?
help?:-( greasy hair/dye problem?
can you get curly real hair extensions professionally put into your hair?
Which hair style looks better on me? (pictures)?
im so torn in hair styling?
Hurry! Hair Help! (Sorry for the alliteration...)?
How to get soft smooth shiny hair?
Which is better for lightening hair: peroxcide or lemon juice?
will L'Oreal Excellence HiColor work on dyed black hair?
What do you put on your hair prior to using the hot tools curling iron?
Help! My son has head lice. Should I shave his head?
why does hair grow faster when you cut it?
Can I dye my hair champagne blonde over the pale yellow and orange in my hair?
Would this hairstyle fit me? Pic in description?
Do you blow dry your hair?
I want my curls back?
Looking to lease a small reasonably priced building in Cali. for a hair shop?
I trying to grow my hair long any suggestions on the yuck stage?
what hair color looks best on me? (pics)?
What should i do with my hair?10 points for best anwser?
Question about this hair treatment?
I am African American and i need some suggestions on how to make my hair grow?
How do i cut my own hair?
How can i make my hair straighter?????????any help?
Do people with natural blond hair loose there color after puberty?
How do I get gum out of my hair?
I have long hairs when i drive my scooty it gets spoiled how can i protect my hairs?
is it good to brush??
is shampoo really important?
Are you supposed to shave your pubic hair?
do you call someone with highlights gay?
would i look good blonde?
Is there a way to treat your hair as if it looked like you just woke up (frizzy and messy)?
Should I get a full fringe or stay without?
How do beauticians braid using human hair without bending it in half (if that makes sense)?
how do the electricity at work regulations affect the use of electrical equipment in the salon?
Question about sweeping bangs?
What do you think of black hair?
Post pics of your hair - INSPIRATION?
Ok someone just asked if they should cut their hair and have bangs? can someone pls tell me wtf bangs are ??
should i grow out my hair...but just for summer?
Hair color mousse name?
too short or just right? help?
would i look good with red hair?
I have to wash my hair everyday because it is so greasy. Is there any way to reduce the grease?
Should I dye my hair like this, pictures included.?
2 Quick hair questions :)?
how can u get rid of a bald spot that has no hair folicles on the top of your head?
what is the best heat protectant for frequently straightened hair?
GHD or CHI FLAT IRON hair straightener?
what magazine was the photo of nicole richie in ruffled booty shorts with short hair looking in a mirror?
Beard or goatee?
colouring my hair?
Box braids on natural hair?
should I shave my....?
will 5 to 6 weeks be long enough for my hair to grow out if my bangs are too short?
how do i press and flat iron my hair?
What is the best shampoo to rejuvenate hair?
Help! What color should I dye my hair?
Wash out color? Help?
Laser hair removal or pulsed light? Does anyone know which is better?
How to make hair grow faster?
Which footballer or singer has the best short & stylish mohawk. I want to have one. Need your help?
How do you grow long sideburns?
Please help, easy 10 points (pics included)?
should i dye my hair rainbow?
what is the best conditioning treatment for straight hair that tends to frizz when its not blow dried?
i wanna colour my dark skinned and will red highlights look nice?
Do scene girls have side parts?
will L'Oreal Excellence HiColor work on dyed black hair?
can you damage your hair by straightening it?
How to make hair grow faster?
how do i stop my hair from falling out?
What kind of hair do girls like?
coolway flat irons in europe ?
i want to grow out my hair from dark brown to my natural blonde?
How old do I have to be?
Can You Flat-Iron Freetress Equal Attrak Weave ?
HELP! Please answer!(:?
How do you do a waterfall braid headband?
How would i look with short hair?
Long Hair or short?
I need hairstyle ideas?!?!?
Do women prefer bald men or men with really short hair?
What should i do with my hair??
I have light auburn hair, if I use?
Did I remove silicone from my hair?
Any Temporary Hair Dyes...?
Which hair style do u like out of these pics?
Is it better to shampoo and condition your hair before you curl it?
after getn bleached hair at the salon can i dye it blonder at home?
herbal essance tousle me softly ?
Which is better: long hair or short?
how can i get hair like rihanna in the hate that i love you video?
Where in Houston can I get a Hair Braiding Specialty Certificate?
What color should i dye my hair? (pics)?
Help i'm dying my hair from a box for the first time.. I need advice i'm freaking out!?
Why does curly hair grow slower?
My husbands facial hair doesn't grow on his chin and right under. What can we do to make it grow fully?
besides taking hair skin and nail vitamins, is there any other way i can make my hair grow, and fast?
Can I straighten my hair follicle?
how long does your hair have to be to get kinky twist!?
which shampoo?
What time do you wake up in the morning?
What is the best why to get rid of lice?
what is the best way to remove hair?
Is it weird for girls to shave there arms?
How to make your hair grow faster?
how do you french braid two braids in your own hair?
I want scene hair but i have a big nose and oval head?
If i go get me hair thinned at the Salon will make my hair shorter?
How do I keep my curly hair straight all day?
what color do you think my hair is?
Long or short??
Matching hair extension colour?
Can i dye my hair before i get highlights?
Can you tell my hair is longer ?
Which straightening iron?
Would I look good with light brown hair?
What should I do with my roots?
what Highlight color is good for brown hair?
Hair help!! s. best answer!?
blonde or burnette whats hotter?
shall i go for rebonding? i think they'll not damage my hair?thanx!?
should i die my streaks purple?
Girls, what would you SAY and DO if?
hair dye not working!?
How should I dip-dye my hair?
My Hair is 2 colours recently? dont know what to do with it...?
Does anyone know any secrets to hair straightening?
i have blonde hair what will happen if i add baby powder ? i heard it makes it do somthing help?
how can I get rid of dandruff?
I want to change my hair! But how? Pictures of me included.?
how do you get this out of your hair?
how much will it cost to dye my hair?
Showering daily....?
why wont my hair stay curly?
Hair relaxer for thick coarse hair?
can you straighten your hair while it's wet? or does it hurt it?
Are chi straighteners worth the money ?
Should I cut my hair (pictures)?
should I do this?
long hair or short hair???
Do more men like blondes, red heads, or brunettes (this includes black hair) the most?
How Much Does Box Braids & How long does it take?
How can I make my hair grow faster?
would i look good with a darker color blonde hair style?
17/male long hair. should i cut it?
What're some hair care brands like Hollywood beauty?
how can i make my hair look more emo without dyeing it?
Do guys like when girls shave or wax pubic hair? (teenagers only)?
help! should i cut my hair *pic*?
how many styling products do you use on your hair to keep it from puffing up from humidity and frizz?
How can I make my hair look 80's?
Ladies, How Do You Feel About a Luxurious Chest Full of Hair?
Bangs, sidebangs, or NO bangs? 16yo girl?
How should I get my hair done?
What is the fastest way to grow my hair back?
how do you get copper out of hair ?
ladies... what do u think of my hairstyle? (pic)?
how does different kinds of shampoo work?
I have blonde hair and I...?
how do i treat split-ended hair?
wich specific stores can i get a job at without cutting my hair?
How to get hairstyle like that?
remember the revo? does it work?
I Burned my hair? Solution?
Is shampoo bad for hair?
hair color question?????
how to get my hair like the girls in this video?
Help with skincare please?
I am a brunette considering dying my hair blonde. What do you think? Pics included.?
where can i get proper permanent neon coloured hair dye in the uk, rather than semi-permanent?
Ladies only please - What do you prefer?
I have thin hair. Should I dye it light, or dark?
How do I use a hair straightener? (Im a guy with curly hair)?
how do you do your hair like mandy moore on a walk to remember?
Something About My Hair?
Should i wear my hair straight or curly for a dance?
this might seem like a weird question...?
How to make your hair grow long?
What are the laws and regulations for trainning under barber license?
Can I dye my hair blonde using only box dye?
Why do they shampoo the hair just before cutting it?
what should i do? Hair advice?
I had chicken pox 7 yrs back and I lost almost half of my hair so it isn't thick anymore?
please help me strange hair fall?
help me pick...(emo hair)?
Hair dye questions help please?
Which haircut would suit me?
i hate being flat chested!!!..... any advice??
Best brand for hair straightener?
I have short thick hairrr!?
Should I dye my hair blonde if I'm a boy?
How can i make my hair less oily?
How can i make my Hair Curly without using any type of iron? ?
which hair suits me best ?
Can I use different rod sizes for my perm?
When can I retouch it?
Don't you think £120 for a pair of hair straigteners is entirely unjustified?
what are some cute hairstyles?
what should i do to my hair?
Why do some people grow facial hair ?
Im blonde (but not bleach blonde) and i want to die half of my hair black underneath.?
hair 8th grade graduation???!!!!???
What color goes best with a girl with blonde hair and green eyes?
hair advice please?
Which hair color is for me?
what do you do with damaged hair? Is there some products to use?
What hair product for natural(curly) hair types can make your hair grow??
help color help?
Which is the best shampoo for making hair soft & silky?
how do you straighten your hair?
what do i do about i frizz problem?
whats the best remedy for rapid hair growth?
Why Are Men So Hung Up On Long Hair?
Would my hair lok okay like this? (pics)?
i want to change my hair?
what shampoo makes your hair really shiny and silky??
Which hair color looks best? The blonde or dark brown?
whats your faivorate hair colour and what colour have you got?
My hair seems thick all the time what can i do?
dont u feel prettier when u straighten ur hair ? ;)?
Which is best to get done at the salon for damaged hair?
what should i do......i need help!!!?
Should I Have A Side Fringe?
What unatural hair colours show up in brown hair?
Best smelling hairspray?
questions about how to pick the right hair colour?
what would make my hair grow?
easy 10 points I just want your opinion on my hair ! x?
how to do victory rolls?
Good websites to buy wigs, weaves, extensions and hair pieces?
how to get my hair and make-up like this...?
do i need a haircut because i think it is to long?
blonde or brown?
my hair is beautifully smooth and shiny brunette how is your hair?
What color hair will my baby have I'm white with blonde hair and my boyfriend is mixed?
One side of my hair is shorter than the other and it does not hold curl .. why?
What should i do to my hair?
How to make a mulan hair piece?
Fellow redheads, are u like me and hate fake or wannabe redheads?
I hate my curly hair!?
Selena's Hairstyle!! Help!! (pic included)?
can anyone help me with my frizzy hair?
Why do black people have different hair?!?
I am a 18 years old boy and my hairs are getting white. What i do ? Don;t suggest me to use dyes.?
Does Aloe Make hair hard?
Can I mix two different hair colours that are in the same brand and line?
What hair color is this?
Home remedy/drugstore lightening products?
permanent hair color is washing out, hair stylists please answer!?
Is there any possible way to get permanent hair dye out of my hair?
Are the PB Teen hair curling iron and flat iron really good quality?
Curling hair???
Do you think my hair would look good blonde?
How often should you wash black kids hair?
how can i make my hair grow faster ?
Hair questionnnnn!?!?
Will "dark blonde" hair dye with #10 toner lighten my dark brown hair TOO MUCH?
Can lemon juice come out of your hair once you use it for highlights?
Why do I feel self-conscious with my bangs up?
how do you fix a horrible haircut?
receding hairline... plz help!!!?
Do you like men with long hair?
Hair growth at sides of head?
Which hair style?!?!?!?
i know a girl who tries to get all her layers to go in the same direction?
Long or Short Hair: Looking for as many answers as possible.?
Coloring help for someone with bleach knowledge? Quick s!?
Blondes or brunettes?
Is it possible to be born with naturally Pink hair?
I have thin hair need help?
wat do guys actually prefer....blondes or brunettes?
What's this called exactly? its like a hair bun but it's not neat.?