Is Indola profession hair color good to use as a 1st time user?
Where can i buy anti frizz serum?
I have a question for users that use a hair straightner?
What shampoo do you use?
I have straight hair , How can i have curly hair?
How do i look...............
Should I get a hair cut?
Boy names..which one is better?
People who have had there hair thinned out?
would it look good if i died my hair darker? *pics*?
Hi! I have med brown hair,it is bleached blonde I would like to get my brown hair back how do i do it.ty steph
How to dye hair with lemon juice?
Will purple work on the tips of my hair?
Greasy Hair Techniques?
I'm going to bleach my hair soon, and what are some good bleaching kits?
Did nisim fast shampoo and conditioner work for you?
How can i back comb my hair to make it look like i have A LOT of volume?
How do you do your hair for school :) ?
Why do people tease people with ginger hair?""?
What are ways i can wear my curly hair?
Which semi permanent box dye is good?
hair dying tips. blonde to black.?
wt to do abt the split ends??
Would I look good with blonde hair? (pics) s?
Should I dye my hair Auburn?
help! i'm a werewolf girl?
Which Hair is Prettier ???
non permanet hair dye?
Homecoming hairstyle help?
Do guys like short hair on a girl?
want to dye my colour is brown.wat colour would suit?
Does My Hair Look Bad? Honesty Appreciated?
Do you agree? It is better to cut your own hair?
Will I suit side bangs and lots of layers?
i have brown hair&brown eyes&my bf has orangey red hair &green eyes wat color of hair/eyes will our kids have?
Changing my hair coloring?
how do u make ur hair grow faster? i there such a way.???
My hairline is changing?
Is it possible for hair to grow back after being chemically damaged?
Any way to curl hair without a curling iron, and something that doesnt take too long?
my hair is so frizzy what are some natural solutions to this??
at what age would it be approprate to....?
Should I dye my hair and get bangs?
hair problem????
Can you re attach your hair?
Whats the longest you can keep braids in your hair?
Hey. Is this hairstyle cute?
How can i get my hair to grow faster?
Which hair color do i look better with?
Sexy, messy, cute updo?
my hair is not growing?
If I dye my hair how long should I wait to go in the sum?
"Friends don't let friends get mullets." Do you agree? (No offense)?
shampoo (really easy 10 points)?
Is there any reason why I shouldn't brush my hair when it is wet?
Is the 'mullet' haircut known (and despised) around the world? Or is it only an Australian abberation?
What do i do? ill answer yours!?
Help me with my hair lol!?
What color is my hair?
Online Hair tips for both genders?
why the heck did i do it?
How do i stop my hair from frizzing?
Conair Temporary Hair Accents?
what's the best way to apply heat protection spray before straightening?
In your opinion, what is the prettiest hair color?
Do you like my hair curly or straight?
What product do use to stop your hair from frizzing?
Things to do with my hair?
Which shade (Brown) should I dye (Bleach?) my hair?
i need to fix up my hair a bit?
hey i have alot of hair on my head should i shave it?
How to use Curlers?????
is the proliss turbo hair straightner good?
What is the difference between a tape up and a fade..?
What do they call that hairstyle that Ala from Psycho Cyborgs has?
Best Drug store shampoo and conditioner?
What haircut should i get?
girls, how do i lighten my hair with lemons?
what kit should i use to highlight my hair with blond highlights ?
Do you lose hair if you use a lot of gel?
how does one dye only the grey area about an inch thats grown as the rest of your hair is still dyed.?
is it safe to bleach your hair with clorox?
BOYS- what do you find sexier?
have long wavy layered hairsn i got hair done 6 months backi want to keep my length what hair cut will suit me
i really love pink and would love it in my hair but dont no if to go blonde or dark with pink?
what does it mean if a girl takes her coat off in front of you or strokes her hair just a bit?
does any one have a picture of a person that have gotten their hair flat twisted into a bun?
how can i get my hair curly with a wet look?
How Can I keep my hair straight until tomorrow morning?
Is there something I can do at home to lighten my dyed blonde hair besides dye?
Hair product for curly hair seen on infomercial?
Question About Color?
I want this hairstyle what do you think about it?
How to get longer hair?
hair straightener question?
I really want to ombre dye my hair?
Dying my hair with Kool-Aid?
ladies do you prefer men with long hair(not past shoulder)or real short ?
I look like a 5 year old with short hair?
Please help! I hate my hair!?
What kinds of hairstyles do you do?
How to get BLUE not green hair when dying bangs?
are all blonds dumb?
OMG my hair is BLACK!?
Can I grow long hair?
What do you think of this makeover?
Hair question? 5 points for best answer?
Do you think I would look alright with short hair??
What Shampoo Makes Your Hair Soft?
How should i do my hair each day of the month?
How does the nair hair remover work?Is it good for eyebrows arching?How long do it takeB4 U HAVE 2 reapply.?
Which looks better (pics)?
How often do you wash your hair?
how can i avoid splits in my hair?
HELP!! How to fade red hair dye asap!?
Who is your hair icon?
How long will it take for my hair to reach to my ribs?
whats gud peopels why do so many people come out side looking crazy think that their appearance doesnt matter?
Curly or Straight?Pics included.?
i am 13 yrs old, and i need some ideas for my hair when i go to school. it is thick, and i have a relaxer.?
Should I bleach my hair?
Whats wrong with red hair?!?
How do I "un-red" my hair?
Why does my friend's hair do this?
how much do you tip a hair stylist?
Whats the name of this site?
how do you curl your hair and have it last the whole day?
should i cut my hair? pics included?
what kind of shampoo do u use?
washing hair??
i want to dye my hair blonde but..?
How to convince my parents to get me hair extensions?
what does girls do with their pubic hair?
Hair Bleach Help (This Needed Twenty Characters)?
Should i shave my legs?
Do I like cheetos,fritos,or doritos.?
flat iron?? Help.............?
my roots grow striaght but the bottom is wavy?? PLZ HELP! TEN POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have wavy hair and I need help!!.....?
what kind of hair do most people like?
Could someone please suggest a natural blonde hair dye?
I have a bunch of new little baby hairs that just grew this normal?
Any hairstyles for long hair..?
Kinky Twist Help?
How Long Does LOREAL Hair Dye Last ?
What is the best way to make my hair not so fluffy?
Why did Lynn refuse to cut her hair from on “What Not to Wear”?
how much do you pay for your haircut?
What kind of haircut should I get?
♥Well Imma Blonde♥?
My hair is falling out every time I wash, condition and brush...NO I'm not bald by any means.....?
how do eggs make you're hair softer ?
does anybody know how well spiker pomade works?
would i look good with hair extensions?
Hair Help!!!?
would i look better with blonde or darrrrk brown hair?
If you straighten your hair how many days will it last for?
if i dye my highlighted blonde hair will my hair stay multi-tonal?
How can I grow my hair longer faster?
how did people live without hair straighteners?
Is there a site where?
i need your help with my hair!?
How can you make your hair grow faster?
Is "i don't get it" a question?
i was thinking about getting dreadlocks and i have some questions..?
Would this type of hair look good on me?
I have long straight hair how do i do the wet and wavy look?
how do you get your hair curly like blake lively and leighton meester in gossip girl ?
How to make long hair look short without cutting?
If you are a girl, and you cut your hair short, how have the responses from others been?
HELP!!! fried hair!?
Im getting a haircut what should I get?
What color should I dye my hair? [pics]?
How do you make your stay where you want it?
Should I dye my hair black?
chemically straightening my hair??
Are bald men sexy?
how long will it take for my hair to grow back out?
How to stop thinning hair?
dandruff issues, need help.?
Relaxed - Colored Hair. I am black I have colored my hair in July and it's now October.?
How do you put those little extentions on your hair?
Why is my Hair Falling Down?
How to make hair grow longer, faster, and stronger?
I have my hair wavey. What shud i do now??
With a jean skirt and black leggings, straight or curly?
Bleachimg hair disaster, help?
A 'cold' brunette wants summer hair!?
Survey: What hairstyle and color do you have?
What is the single most important thing I can do to keep my hair from breaking off?!?
Poll: Short or long hair for males?
Will my facial hair grow thick?
Did John Frieda stop making the Radiant Red shampoo and conditioner?
what are some good shampoos and conditoners for damaged hair that worked for you?
Website that teaches how to cut hair at home and is free.?
White hair temples help?
straiting iron! HELP!!!!!!!!?
How Do I Get The Health Benefits Out of Essential Oils?
All right so im getting a hair cut i have 3 choises so far i need some opinions on which included!
How do I get rid of my dirty hair ?
is this hair curly or straight?
what helps your hair grow faster? longer?
Im thinking of dying my hair green?
How to do an Ian Somerhalder hairstyle?
My friend pulls her hair out? HELP ME PLEASE!?
what hair colour do you prefer and why?
How to go to blue hair to brown?
How to get dye out of hair?
Can i stick hair on my face and make it look real?
Hair/Fringe disaster!!!! Please help?
(PICS INVOLVED)!DO i look better with darker or lighter hair?
any idea's or suggestions on what i should do with my hair? [pic included}?
Best way to curl long hair? And to keep the curls in?
Is there any way of sticking your hair up using products and make it look and feel natural at the same time?
What is the best haircare for someone who swims everyday?
Where do you buy the hair to make extensions?
would this have made my hair this greacy? help?
What is the fastest way to straighten hair?
The Hair on my Arm's is horrible. which is the best way to get rid of it?
What is the name of this hair style?
Will pink hair dye go over orange hair?
What kind of Hairstyles do 13 year olds do for school every morning?
dreds or mohawks?
i just cut off 15 inches of my hair?
Can you save non mousse foam hair dye?
Hair style (picture)?
I need a ''dry shampoo'' (a shampoo that can clean the scalp without using water), please help!
How can I curl my hair?
do guys like girls with strawberry blond hair that is really curl can be kind of frizzy sometimes?
Is the mousse I just bought good?
How long does it take highlights to fade out?
Should i keep my pony-tail or shave my head?
What Does It Mean To "tease" Your Hair???
Hair problem, help!!!!!?
Bleaching hair with cap!! ?
ah i ****ed up dying my hair?
I am really hairy. is this normal?
Did anyone from India use panasonic hair styler EH8465 or EH7926 ?
why do girls wear high ponytails and guys wear low?
Does curling your hair cause PERMANENT hair loss?
Falling hair?
Deep conditioning replacing regular?
Whats better on me? straight or curly hair?
To all caucasian people on this site... please help me understand?
Toll free hairdressers phone numbers?
How can I copy Britney Spear's look?
Ok.. this is for the Men and Women....?
How Do I Get Rid Of My Dye-Line!?
10point..which last name is better?
HELP! My hair is really dry ???
How does this look?
What is a better haircut to have?
What color shoes would you wear with a black and white dress?
how do you straightnen yer hair w/out a hair straightner?
How do you dye black hair? (see details)?
blondes or brunettes?
Best battery powered straighteners for camping?
Why does everyone make fun of girls wearing hair rollers?
What is your best suggestion on how to replenish my hair?
What is the best hair straightener?
NEW--Trying to convince bf to grow hair longer. Your opinion? ((pic))?
Would this hair color look good on me (pics)?
Unibrow problems?
How do you tease your hair?
Do I look better blonde or brunette? (pics)?
Should I color my hair or get a perm?
How can you get rid of SPLIT ENDS?
To cut hair or to not -- that is the question (pictures included)
How to make your hair like Mikami from Death Note's?
Can anyone advise how to get henna colouring off my hair ?
What's the perfect shave for sensitive skin?
how much is a mary-kate and ashley 1800 watt blow dryer? where can I find one?
need wedding hair style with only 5 days to go?
how many threads of hair are normal to fall in one day?
Long hair good on me? (for girls)?
What's a safe way to get my hair straight?
guys: is my hair ok? a guy told me my hair was ugly today =(?
why is it not considered racist to constantly bully gingers?
where can you find hot pink temp hair dye without going to some gothic store?
Which Hair Style Should I get?
is it possible for straight hair to turn curly with age?
Wedding hair HELP only got limited time !!!?
How do you weave hair?
Should I dye my hair blonde? PICS INCLUDED!?
can any one tell me the best saloon shop in MALAKPET,HYD,INDIA
Would this look good?
What color is your hair?
does horse shampoo help your hair?
What hairstyle should i get?
Should an Asian dye her hair raven black?
how do i grow my hair faster?
what hair would suit me?
i have short hair root on my back head due to which when i grow my back hair it looks like a wig?
How should i do a Fishtail braid?
Will color 1b hair extensions blend with color 1 hair?
What should I do with my hair tomorrow?
What type of hair is this?
what color should i dye my hair ? (picturess)?
Black Hair Salon in Brooklyn?
How can I defrizz hair without straightening?
what color should i dye my hair pic?
What pills work great for hair skin and nails ?
10 point which surname is bette?
I wanna shave my head?
How can you fix fried hair without cutting it?
Why are my hair clippers vibration so low?
Is there some type of hair advise website?
i cut my bangs too short.. school dance coming up!!?
what can i do with my hair?
How can i make my hair straight?
When doing a home Keratin Smoothing, do you wash out the product after straightening?
Shall I start dying my hair?
im very curios about this hair stlye?
Would these highlights look Okay? or Stupid? Pics?
Does anyone have any suggestions?
how can i get my hair like this?
What is a cheap product to make your hair stronger?
I'm getting my hair cut soon...?
is there such a shampoo that makes your hair grow quicker?
what colour would you call this hair?
is shoulder length good for a ponytail?
I fried my hair and don't want to leave the house or even live?
What are some fast ways to grow out my hair?
Can anyone give me tips on how to get my bikini area completely smooth when shaving???
How come us guyz grow hair on our *** but women dont?
Help with new bangs?!?
Relaxer on European hair?
soo.. im getting my hair cut?
Greasy forehead and hair dandruff?
whats the difference between stacked and tapered cut styles?
I use a flat iron after blowdrying and its still frizzy. Can I straighten it while it's still wet?
would i suit blonde and why do you think that?
can i use the coffee to darken my hair if i have natural red hair?
Natural hairspray, how is it?
What is a good shampoo and conditioner combo I can find at a grocery store/pharmacy etc.?
Should I dye my hair brown?
What are good curly girl shampoos?
Is bleaching your hair worth it?
Do you have any suggestions for hairstyles and/or haircuts?
mixing mehendhi in iron bowl - is it safe for skin and hair?
dandruff..... how can i get rid of it?
is it possible to get a loose spiral perm with medium-long layered hair and it not look bad?
I am an 18 yrs old boy and I loose about 10 hairs when Icomb or wash so what can i do to avoid it?
I have hair everywhere, and I don't like it?
what is a good face wash?
when someone puts a wave in your hair what does it do? how do they do it?
Is Suave Professinals Men 2-in-1 good kind of conditioiner?
this is for the professional how do you dread fine hair and short on a child?
How Much Would This Cost At Toni&Guy?
Cool hairstyles to try?
What are the lengths of an aggressively tight taper haircut?
would this look okay?
Suave brand shampoo in the pewter colored bottle?
Would you accept $9,000 to shave your head & continue your normal activities without wig or hat sans?
Should I bleach my hair?
Would i look good brunette???And what colour would look better?
My hair is long and REAL. Should i cut it??
haircut ideas??? plz!!!!! {{pics}}?
why my BF hates my long hair undone,while making love ?
thinned hair or layers? help, poofy hair?
Hair Help!?
How can I tell if my hair is damaged?
how many hairs are on the average 38 year old male?
what to do with my hair? i have no idea?
how do I get my hair brown, now that it is red?
My mom wont let me buy a straightener, what are some good way to straighten my hair at home?
My hair used to be very straight until 1 day my got very dry and started curling it up and i want it to be?
Should I let my girlfriend shave my head?
my hair looks caz and al the boys hates it and i did to ?
why we have hair?
Is straighntening your hair getting out of style?
I want dreads badly but my hair isn't long enough and i don't want to wait can u get extensions put into dread?
do u like blonde over black hair?
Hair tips? I have really curly hair naturally...?
What hair color should I do?
Hair color?????
how would i look with dark blonde hair?
question on bleaching hair?
what color should i dye my hair please help!?
How can i keep curls in my hair?? see details plz?
Does any one know any good hair and makeup tips?
Christina Grimmie hair!? Help!!?
How do I get my hair to look like this? Any tips?
Would I look good blonde?
How do you break up with your hair stylist?
Where can i get a great Japanese straightening treatment in new york?
How to get my hair blonde?
Bleaching to white/silver/grey hair?
How much should quality extensions be?
what kind of hair should i get? (ima guy)?
I wanna do dreads but I've just permed my hair so is it possible????
What is my face shape and hairstyles for it? 10 points!?
if you had to chose a color of your hair what would it be?
ladies personal question?
What are the best shampoos and conditioners for light brown curly hair?
What hair color would look best on me?
ideas on how to have my hair for school?
salons in cary nc that do bright colored highlights?
what is the best shampoo for grey hair, no coloring, no perm?
Do I look better as a blonde or brunette?
I dont have a shower cap and I CANT get my hair wet, help?
What should I do with my hair?
What are you going to do about Clairol nice n easy I bought and it is crap.?
Looking for men's hairstyle advice?
do women prefer blokes with long hair or short?
Want to color my hair 1 or 2 shades darker.Will it make be look older,as i was told?
what can i do to tame a dry itchy scalp from hot weather?
Pictures of Swoop Bangs?
Why don't I want to cut my hair?
How do i get dark brown hair dye out of a beige carpet?
hey hair emergency!?
Hairstyle Blues (Pic Included)?
What's the best place to buy affordable tape hair extensions online?
is it true that if you have dyed red hair you should wash it in cool/cold water ?
Does naturally curly hair look better layered or just all one length?
What shade of dye should I use to go from naturally dark brown hair to auburn?
What vitamins can one take to make their hair stronger?
How to enhance blonde hairrrrrrrrrr... (without lemonjuice/sun)?
what color should i dye my hair?
What are the best humidity hair products for your hair?
How do I get curly hair over night?
What are the side effects of hair transplantation? is there any age limit for hair transplantation? i am 26.?
my hair is frizzy and I want it to be longer but how?
What crazy haircut should i get?
Spring Valley: Hair, Skin & Nail vitamins?
Hair colour - From Dark Brown to Golden blonde???
(for guys) which way do you like may hair the best?
where to put a purple hairstreak?
New hairstyle! Short or Long?
My hair is really dry and damaged?
Is it ok to shower everyday?
i cut my hair yesterday?
Mico Loop Hair Extension Web Sites!!?
Loreal hair product name?
Something different to do with my hair? (Color wise)?
Cut my hair completely off?
Hairstyle that i really need help on ppl!?
Quick and easy sexy hair ideas?
How do I get my hair like this? (Pics)?
Are you meant to put shampoo or conditioner on first?kz6ZqAA04650171806002"> *Soft Hair*?
Should I cut my hair or not?
Does Anybody know what sort of hair product he uses?
Buzz cut guy question?
How can i get my hair to look silky and soft? my hair is so damaged amd dull?
Is it me or is this just one of the coolest hairdo i've ever seen?
Do you think blonde hair would suit me?
reduce puffiness of hair?
what is your favorite shampoo/hair product?
The best hair bleach for dark hair?
Do you think this hair style might end up looking emo if i do it like this?
should i dye my hair black with a rainbow streak?
i use a straitner to stratin my hair and it is perfectly straight then later on its curly how do i fix this?
Please help me? what to do with my ginger hair?
If a man starts to have thinning hair, does that make him less attractive ?
how should I do my hair for my birthday tomorrow?? serious answers please?!?!!!!?
Dyeing hair with Manic Panic (Different Colors) Need Advice?
How do i get my hair to grow longer, faster.?
I can get my hair how i want it but i cant get it to stay that way. How can i get it to stay nice durin a day?
Is there a way to differentiate if a guy is bald <or partially bald> or if he is simply shaving his head???
does straightening your hair before hand make it easier or harder to curl your hair?
should i get my hair cut really short?
i am only 26 yrs. old and 10% of my hair is already white...?
Does anybody know what is good for hair to grow?
Would I suit blonde hair and do you like this blonde?
How to get buzz cut to look like this?
how do i stop my fair going frizzy?
how can I make my hair stand so stiff? like a hedgehog :D?
hair style web pages?
How much for a tip?
If you never dye your hair does that make your hair healthier then someone who does dye it?
Really oily and hard at top of hair?
Step Cut, Feather Cut or Layer Cut?
i have brown hair right . but i wanted to dye it black only at the bottom do you think it would look nice?
Why do people ask "how can I grow my hair long"?
What colour hair do you think i'd suit?
I had my head shaved today to raise money for charity. What are your thoughts ?
Hair problems?????????
Frizz Ease hair serum?
Blonde highlights, to medium brown hair, now I want to dye it brownish blonde? HELP!?
hey does the maxiglide work or not???
How can I style my hair like Taylor Lautner?
How to manage fluffy hair?
how should i wear my hair on humid days?
Is Sabino MoistureBlock work?
whats better straight hair or curly ?
Black And White Coon Tail Extensions?
Would I suit black hair?
What's the hair colour?
does anyone know a website to see how you would look?
Where can I get my hair dyed?
Are people with Red hair Ugly?
A haircut website for men?
hair advice please help!?
Ladies: What length of hair do you like on a guy?
I just bought a Farouk Chi Ceramic Hairstyling Iron[1"]?
I'm 16 and thinking about becoming a hairstylist?
Dale Bozzio: Make up and hair tutorial?
how to get hair like amber heard? :(( i tried to get it but my hair is long but thin?
For the girls - What male hair styles do you find attractive (include links to pics please)?
when you put those curling rollers in your hair do roll your hair inwards outwards or does it not matter?????
Why do people assume I'm stupid and a ditz because my hair color is blond?
Can I curl my hair with a straightener??
Can anyone recomend a good hairdresser?
What is the name of the shampoo that straightens your hair?
im so mad!! plz help girls?
What can I do to help my hair grow faster?
I need help with my awful hair?
Why doesn't my hair curl the right way?
I bleached my hair, can I get my old hair color back?
Will my hair turn a weird color if i dye it this?
I got some kinky twist in last wk and they look and feel heavy it reminds me of dred locks what went wrong?
Would bangs with very curly hair look good?
Do blondes and brunettes make gingers?
how should i do my hair?!?
do you believe that a mullet with a faux hawk is hot?
What should i do with my hair?
boyfriend broke up with me because of haircut?
what is the best hair straightner?
What color should i dye my hair?
i lost a bet with my cousin and now i either have to get platnium blonde highlights or caramel highlights?
how do i make my hair soft?
Where can i get.....?
Thinned out hair trouble ?
How can I KEEP my hair straight?
How to get rid of semi permeant aka tulip colour?
I need a ''dry shampoo'' (a shampoo that can clean the scalp without using water), please help!
i have red hair, and i want to know if i can bleach it to a yellow colour and put a white toner on it?
why is my Hair faling out WHY?
what is the most popualar color blue or sluty pink?
Is it a good idea to sell my leg hair?
What do I do? Hair help please!!!!?
I am 5feet.My hair is upto my thigh.All i do is braids.Any suggestions for better hairstyles?
i want my hair to grow
how do you curl you hair with a straightener?
I have oily head skin but very dry hair, so what kind of shampoo I should use for every 2 days ?
How can I grow out my hair?
Hair disaster help please?
My hair is no longer dying properly?
Do u use johnson's baby oil in ur hair? Do u like it?
Curling my hair?
should i get choppy layers?
At what age does (or did) your hair go grey?
Does your hair have to be damp to make sock curls?
in hairdressing what is the appropriate use of razors?
How Can I Get Rid of Split Ends?
how to make hair grow pleasehelpwhicharetheshampoo?
will waxing off of facial hair regularly cause any skin damage?
What kind of bangs should I get?
Is it possible to get your hair straight for long periods of time?
Do I have to bleach my hair to dip dye it?
how long does it take for your hair to start to grow faster?
GIRLS, what brand of flat iron would you recommend?
How much should I have tipped my hair stylist?
Is this website a scam? (GHD hair product website)?
Pics included...Do I suit blonde or brown hair more? Should I dye it dark?
Should i dye my hair like this and cut it...?[LINKS INCLUDED] *Easy 20points*?
VERY itchy scalp?
does my hair love me???
Dying hair brown from red hair?
What will happen if I dye my hair dark brown?
Blonde or Brunette?
i want curls but will it look good on me (pics)?
are we the only race on earth that don't have straight hair?
Need advice from a hairdresser asap! fuming.?
what color hair dye is dark brown but makes your hair look black from far away?
Long or short hair? (PICS)?
ideas for a haircut?
how should i get my hair cut?
I think my edges are coming out...?
how do use dabur vatika those hair cream?
What's the best treatment for hair with dry,broken ends? got it damaged because of treatments I availed..?
i really want curly hair. but i dont want to have to curl it every day.. how can i do that?
How often do people wash their hair?
What is the name of this hairstyle?
Unnatural color (highlight) that goes well with (dark) blonde hair?
How to make hair shiny?
Are you Blonde, Brunette, Black-haired, or a red head?
Body hair stays short but head/facial hair keeps growing?
My hair is to thick and i cant style it!?
I got told to dye my hair blonde..Should i? (Male brown included)?
What would be the best wasy to cut my hair?
how can you make it grow faster?
Where did the word "Mullet" originate from?
Hair becomes slightly curly at ends?
what colour would my hair look good in (pics)?
Lightening hair with Hydrogen Peroxide?
Please help me!!! Hairstyles?!? Thanks!!!?
I have naturally light blonde hair, I want dark brown chunky streaks throughout, how can I do this at home?
How should I do my hair for a wedding??
Weave for Sewin( The Cheap Kind)?
Does conditioner make the hair more difficult to style?
How to maintain long, dry, curly hair..?
how should i cut my hair?
how to lighten my hair naturally?
Which hair is better????
All of the hairdressers say my hair will fall out, I'M 13! Help!?
do you think i should do this haircut?
scene hair for round heads...?
Suggestions on how to use a hair straightener?
What are different types of fake braids?
hair dying tips please?
If I don't wash my hair for a week will it get healthier?
sence hair cut?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?
Where can I get a thermo cut (hot scissors haircut) in Virginia?
10 point which last name is better?
Blonde - Would it look good on me?
Greasy Hair? Plz help!!?
My bangs curl up and make little ringlets and i try to get rid of them but i cant. How can i straighten them?
Grow hair really fast? !?
Do prenatal vitamins make hair grow longer faster?
Does cutting your hair with home (not professional) scissors damage your hair?
wgat style do you have your hair in right now?
Which prom hairstyle do you like best?
are sidebanges in?
Where can I buy feather hair accessories for parties?
Puppies have hair lost around the eyes and crust?
Is Black Heena(Mehandi) Natural & it is safe for hair?
What's your natural hair colour?
what biological causes are the cause of excess hair growth?
i need a new hair style. i want lots of layers with side swpet bangs but i cant find anything help?
How to maintain hair without heat?
I need cute medium length hair pictures?
Is bleaching your hair permanent?
I want to naturally lighten my hair, using lemon juice?
I am a braider and I am looking for another alternative to using hair glue.?
what's the use of serum on hair?
what lightens hair colour?
How long will it take for my hair to grow back?
i want to change my hair?
Have any women here ever waxed ??
I made a horrible fringe?
does this hair style look good on me?[pics]?
BLONDE HAIR ON ME? (picture)?
I put dye in my hair and it's burning my head?
Can you use Rogaine if your 15?
Should I dye my hair black? [picture inside]?
Halloween party hair ideas?
Who knows that Beyonces hair is fake?
Can I bleach my blue hair?
What can i use to bleach my hair dark/gray?
How can I get him to play with my hair?
Which is more important to you (to spend more time on) in the morning: MAKEUP, or HAIR?
How much does getting your hair coloured professionally cost?
Can I dye my dark brown hair a blonde color to lighten it.?
could u tell how to promote my new product?
which haircut is it ?
how to that messy hair phase when you are growing your hair out?
Which can turn black hair to light brown: L'oreal or Schwarzkopf?
how do i get my hair like this?
10 PTS.! Hair Help! Calling all hair pros or experts!!?
how can i make my hair look like this?
What are the best clippers and outliners out there in the market?
how do i prevent split ends?
What is the best way to give black/dark brown hair some natural highlights w/o the dye?
Where in the UK can I buy henna shampoo?
is it bad to wash yout hair everyday?
Is this a good idea?
i have like a dark medium brown hair color and i wanted to see how i would look if i used sun in?
is this short hair cut cute/sexy or ugly?
Im 15 about to be 16 how long will it take for armpit hair to grow out?
Why does it do this?!?!?!?!?!?!?1?
What color should i dye my hair and how? (safely)?
Does your hair need to be thick to have scene hair?
Short hairstyles for an oval face?
How much does myles haddad cost for a haircut and style at the bungalow salon in Los Angeles?
Advice on my hair? PLEASE?
Question about Alison DiLaurentis from Pretty Little Liars?
How much does it cost to get box braids done in New York City?
How do you get pretty waves when you have Frizzy hair?
What Color Highlights Would Look Good With My Hair Color {Pics}?
My Hair won't grow!!?
How should I cut my hair?
How much does a hair transplant cost in india.Also suggest a good clinic where result is guaranteed?
So...Hair Perfume, anyone?
bad thinning hair dont want shaved head look though what to do?
I want to dye my black hair platinum blonde the quickest but still safe way. Help?
how to dye over colored hair?
Is farouk chi hair color in red better than or equally as good as pravana?
How to get the ppl at school to lay off my hair?
My hair is super thick! any suggestions?
Is there a really dark red temporary hair dye that washes out in like 3-10 washes?
Long hair with alottt of layers pictures?
after you shave your head, does it grow in wavy or curly?
easy question 10 points 4 best answer?
best remedy for dry, damaged har?
Anyone know where to purchase PPD free hair color in toronto?
What kind of bangs should i get?
Would Marilyn Monroe's waves be called finger curls?
Do you think it's True? Do Blondes really Have more Fun?
how to get lighter brown or blond hair?
Im blonde (but not bleach blonde) and i want to die half of my hair black underneath.?
Grey Hair?????
Senior pictures. Straight or curly hair? (pics)?
I am bulimic and aneroxic and my hair is falling out what can i do to stop it?
What is the best shampoo for long brown hair?
whats a good flat iron?
why does hair gel have bubbles?
Hair removal and shaving?
How to do this hairstyle?
Do sewn in/Weave Hair extensions ruin your hair?
Does hair removal cream damage plumbing?
Is it rare to have Dark Blonde Hair and Green eyes?
Flatiron frinze! please help... i wanna know!!!!?
Should I bleach my hair?
I am 16 year old girl.I shave my underarm hair.Is it ok?
Can you help me find a back to school cute hair cut?
What is a great hair straigtener!?
I dyed my hair brown after being platinum blonde for a long time!?
If you are around someone who smokes weed does it stay in your hair?
I am a man 40 and the top of my head is going bald what can i do?
why do we av eyebrows?
what should i do to my hair? .. picture of me included :)?
Which extensions looks best?
I need to make my hair soft. Can anyone help?
How do i get my hair soft, silky and non tangly?
How do I treat hair's dry ends?
What is the best way for girls to wear their hair?
Should I let my 15 year old get dreads?
what should i do with my hair?
Does my hair look better short or long? pics included?
My girlfriend started crying because I said she should dye her blonde like Blake Lively?
Highlight questions on dark brown hair?
is this heavey bangs[fringe]?10points?
Haircut ideas?
girls please help?
What hair relaxer cost 500 dollars?or around there
!10point which name is better for a blond?
What is a beautiful indian hairstyle to put my hair in ?
at fantastic sams how much would it cost to get your hair bleached and then colored?
I have very very thick brown hair. But when I straighten it the end naturally flips.?
How to get rid of oily hair?
Suitable length for hair?
is there anything or way to get hair to grow faster?
Wash in wash out shampoo?
Is blond hair natural or just a color?
Pubic hair questions - I am curious and would like an answer?
Do you prefer facial hair on a guy?
What can i use or do to make my hair grow longer?
When you get curls in your hair what do you do to keep them from messing up when you go to bed at night?
Any treatment for rough,hard and frizzy hair?
y do most of girls like short hair instead of long hair? ?
How can i do my hair like michael Jackson in bad?
Any ways to make hair grow faster?
How to stop the ends of my hair feeling so dry?
are these straighteners worth it?
Cute prom hair ideas ??! Please answer fast?
I have really wavy hair n it takes a while to straighten it soi need help to prevent it from fizzing in humid?
How could a do a bun like this?
How does one go about curing dandruff?
what is a good shampoo for thinning hair?
what is the secret to fast growing hair?
which haircut suits the best for curly hair?
Hair/Fringe disaster!!!! Please help?
What are tips for hair?
My hair is greasy after 2 days ):?
I have messy/bed head hair?
Whats a hair dye that will turn my hair bold red?
who likes dying their hair??
What's the benefit for brushing your hair before bed every night?
Underarm hair?
How to get lice out of medium lengthed hair.?
is it healthy to straiten your hair every day?
wheres a good site what sells cheap human hair extensions but are still decent?
What ingredients in shampoos or laundry detergents causes hair to fall out?
Real red or hypnotic red xxl?
growing long hair?
how should i get my haircut? pic included. plz read!?
what's the natural remedy for hair loss in male?
I need help on how to get this hairstyle!!!!s and 5 stars?
What are some hair salons in the utica, MI area that do edgy cuts?
I have very thin there a way to thicken it or at least make it stronger?
Did hair of arm grow thicker if shave them?
Will it really hurt my hair?
How can i keep my hair nice after swimming?
Would it be weird if I have a beard at 15?
, my hair started falling so i stopped.. but i have a prom comin up.. im scared they wont be able do my hair?
HOW DO YOU take OFF HAIR in YOUR AREA??does waxing in salons hurt?
What do you think of this hair style and color???
Does hair look longer either half up and half down or all down?
Hello do guys like red hair?
how can i make my hair grow faster?
For natual curly hair?
Help me with my wispy hair?!?
school trip!? help plzz?
Can you go swimming with a 27 piece hairstyle?
does brushing hair makes them grow?
A few questions about extensions .?
Highlights or lowlights?
Are Pony Tails in girls hair in Fashion.?
i have coloured hair n they are too rough whts the remedy?
I heard the generic Rogaine is very good. Has anyone had positive results?
Hair coloring Ideas for visiting a beauty college?
girls only!i need ur help?
how to deep condition ur hair at home?
Should I color my hair (Male asking)...?
Are women in Michigan allowed to cut their hair without the permission of their husband?
What hair color should I dye my hair?
How to keep a hairstyle overnight?
tips on curly hair :)?
Do you girls like facial hair?
Why on Earth or Heaven would a woman ever like to keep long hair?
Does your avatar look like you?
Looking for a free website..?
How do I get my hair back brown from black?
hair formula 37?
Is it true that if you pull a grey hair out 3 will grow in it's place?
I need some advise on what to do with my hair? cut color **pics?
Is it gross to wait 4-5 days to wash my hair?
grow longer, fuller, hair faster?? true?
How can I get overnight waves for thin hair?
Shampoo and or product for curly hair?
naturally curly hair.?
If i'm scrunching my hair , if i blowdry it without a diffuser would it be frizzy ?
I'm 14 years old and losing hair..?
should i get hilights?
My hair is..... horrible! help?
i have curly hair and i want it like miley cyrus's and i dont want to straighten or curl it?
what hair color is this?..PLESE HELP!!?
i am the uggliest girl in school!?
So guys I have drug hair test on mon and I need help?
Are the hot oil treatments good?If they are, what brand? Help?!?
i'm an 18 year old guy, i wanna get more facial hair...are there an tricks to do this?
Which American Crew styling product should i use ?
How to straighten your hair and get it shiny?
Hair gel on guys-- how much is too much, if any?
How to get hair style like this?
Im going to a concert does anyone have ideas as to what to wear and how to do my hair?
Best hair straightener $20-30?
If i want hot pink hair, Do i have to bleach it first?
hair question?
Dying my hair blonde at home?
do women prefer longer or shorter hair on blokes?
Need a new hairstyle/color for curly hair!?
how to get scene style hair?
GIRLS: how do you wash down there?
What Colour Should I Dye My Hair?
should i color my hair blonde or dark brown for the winter?
any one think i should get a mohawk?
hair dye emergency!! HELP!!!?
should i do this? -pictures- :]?
pink hair? yes or no?
What color will look good on me: blonde, cherry red, or redhead?
How would this hairstyle look on me>?
Do you like this hairstyle (pics included)?
What is the best way to curl your hair without going out to get a curling iron?
How long do you go between haircuts?
If my natural hair was black will it be healthier if i dyed it back to my natural color?
I need permanent wave 'root' end papers. A client desires a perm and only needs the root to curl. cant find.
how much does getting your hair dyed cost at fantastic sams?
is remi goddes deep wave nice?
Does your hair smell good after you take a shower?
flat hair iron? help me pick one?
How to style curly hair for men?
can i uncomb my dreads easyly?
Should i buzz my hair?
just blew my short coarse hair straight. should i have?
how can i protect my hair loss?
i moved from new jersey to oklahoma and i moved from my mom to my uncle so wutt should i do?
Can I Re-Use Bleach ?
How can I get hair like her?!?
Another Washing after Coloring?
does living in a humid place make your hair go all fluffy....?
can i get extensions?
If I mix two different haircolors from Natural Instincts?
What colour should I dye my hair?
is there any types of fruit or food to put in your hair to make it lighter?
What haircut should I get?
plz help my hair is falin out alot?
Hair problem?
how can i get my hair like this?
What size in MM on the hair trimmer should I use to "blend" my hair from the top to the sides?
What works best for someone with really oily hair?
How to save curly hair overnight?!?
I have really long hair and work in an office.?
Wil colour b4 work on my hair?
Should I dye my hair a really pretty brown and dye my bangs either magenta or hot pink?
Can I use Loreal Luo color as a toner without peroxide?
(Just out of curiosity) How to dye your hair to get this effect?
I went to the salon and my hair is a weird color?
What happens first usually will you grow arm pit hair first or will your voice change first?
I have a round face, how can I tie my hair back so it doesn't make my face look awful?
Is it bad to comb my hair too much?
What straightening shampoo works the best?
Which looks better curly or straight?
How can I brush my daughters frizzy hair without hurting her?
Where can you buy ginger (not copper as that just looks like brown) hair dye?
Products for Natural Curly Hair...?
do you??????????????????
What is a mushroom cap hair look like? Links?
How many of you ladies get split ends even if you DON'T use straighteners?
my hair is wavey and frizzy what product can help?
how to obtain semi straight/natural waves hair? or defined frizzy-free curls?
Does anyone know some way I can style my braids so it could look nice?
hair cut ideas! please im getting my hair cut tomorrow & well i want so suggestions please!!?
what colour hair would suit me, i want to dye it?
How to turn medium blonde hair to light blonde?
so i just got a hair cut i guess its sceneish so what would i use for product to get it to stay?
hair frizz!?
how can i convince my mum to let my dye my hair blonde?
Are there any homemade remedies to make hair grow thicker and faster?
How can i get hair like Amy Winehouse's?
curling my straigh hair?
Do you like how i styled my hair?
how to use bed head control freak serum 3?
what is the best hair treatment...?
Thick and Curly hair help?
What hair color is this?
What is a great hair coloring kit or frosting kit?
what is your style? mine is ghetto and fly.?
Did you ever get a bad haircut - how did you deal with it?
how can i convince my mom to let me dye my hair?
will a mohawk scare people when i get one?
which hair color for me? *pics inside*?
Would this hairstyle fit me? Pic in description?
Is it better to change up shampoos or be consistent?
Is it o.k to dye my hair with ammonia 4 days after I dyed it with-out ammonia?
Help from the pros, please.?
Hairstylists Only..Please!?
HELP! I curled my hair and it didn't turn out right! I don't have a straightener, what can I do!?
are ponytails on guys a turn on or turn off?
We are going camping. How can I keep our hair from looking greasy?
How old do you have to be to buy hair dye?
Which hair do you like better?
Which hair colour looks better on me?????
Aussome volume spray gel?
Need help with a new hair colour and style! Want a sexy grungy look?
how can i get taylor swift's curls in the video 'our song'?
What is this hairstyle called?
how to make ur hair straight and stay straight?
what color highlights should i get?
Could I pull off this hairstyle?
How can I grow my hair faster?
What colour should I dye my hair?
How long is your hair?
How do you make straight hair culy?
guys i need help, my hair is like light orange/strawberry blonde atm i wanna go blonde advice ?
Is this a good way to get wavy hair?
Would I look good with this hair cut?
what is the best straightner??? i have thick curly wavy hair?
how should i get my hair cut tomorrow?
Using olive oil in hair once a week?
Girls Only?
Hair loss & monthly cycle stopped?
Should i cut my hair like this?!?
good colours to dye dark brown hair?
I have thick hair, and it just does not want to curl with a curling iron. What do I do?
Help hair catastrophe! Need help with dyed hair!?
What hairstyle should I do with my hair?
Do plants go to the bathroom?
How to keep my hair from getting frizzy and poofy : /?
Quick hairstyles for school?
Best hairstyle for an inverted triangle head shape?
Haircut help? Please answer before Friday afternoon!?
Where to find a quality hair waver that isn't expensive?
[PICS] Would this Hairstyle work on me?
how much is cheap mousse?
I am severe alergic to chemical hair colors. Please suggest me natural hair color to cover my grey hair.?
Help!! Why won't my hair lighten? I have naturally Dark, dark brown hair, and it's long.?
Thick multi-textured hair.?
can women colour their hair?
A spot in my hair turned white and I'm only 18, does anyone know why?
I want my perm gone!!?
Straight or Curled??(pic??)?
I am mulatto and I have not ever dyed my hair but I want to know if getting hightlights will damage my hair?
What is a good hairspray brand?
Will spritsing milk in your hair really make it flat streight?
how do i get healthier hair?
The perfect bun for a VERY fancy event?
if i have naturally curly hair, and want to curl it with a curling iron....?
how do u use a straightener?
What are split ends ?
How to do this hair?!?
What can I use as a wig?
if a hair falls out,m can it regrow on your skin if it lands there and still has the follile attached?
Help! Should I cut my hair short or leave it long?
How Can I Make My Hair Grow Faster???
i have meduim thin wavy black hair and i wnt it to curl or straighten better. should i use any kind of gel?
What am I doing wrong? My coarse hair isn't getting longer?
How come hair on your head doesn't know when to stop, but hair everywhere else does?
What do you think about a person with scene hair?
Used a old flat iron on my hair did it do damage?
how can i make my hair grow longer and faster?
What colour should I dye my hair (pictures)?
Why does an itch eventually seem to overload our senses if it is left un-scratched?
how to stop a receding hairline?
the best eye color for my kind of hair.?
I hav a bald spot on the side of my head?
Poll: Do girls supposed to shave their legs?
i dyed my hair on october 23 and i want to know can i perm my head now or should i wait another week?
What is a good product to rejuvenate your hair?
What is a good hair care regimen for my african american type relaxed hair?
Is it normal to loose CLUMPS of hair a day?
should i dye my hair back it was brown now its blond?