why do women insist on buying false hair?
Why is is called head and shoulders ?
which hair iron is better?
whats some new hair stlyes that i can do without curling my hair because it never curls?
GIRLS on a guy do you rather blonde hair or dark hair?
Rock Hairstyles For Shorter hair?
Waist-Length Hair with Sideswept Fringe Bangs?
How can i grow my fangs naturally? I am a human. Tell me tips and tricks, naturally making big fan every thing?
I need to control the flyaways I have when I part my hair.?
Would I look good with dreadlocks?
i am blk and mexican and i want dreads mi ? is will they look frizzy when i get them done?
What Is The Normal Salon Price For Coloring/ Dying Your Hair?
Is 11 alright to shave?
What type of hair should i use for senegalese twist? ?
i want to buy a hair bonnet dryer, does anyone currently use one that they would recommend?
What are some great eye makeup tips?
what is hotter??
renaissance braids for long hair?
Instead of using a bleach, Is it possible to use Color Opps THEN color my hair blue?
Does yellow #5 seep onto hair from the conditioners which have it as an additive?
Which one is the best: blue black hair or normal black hair?
What Stores can I buy tea tree shampoo?? I have the oil but what kind of shampoo...?
Does my hair colour suit me ?
Would my hair be healthier if I did this. . .?
what color would you NEVER die your hair?
i need advice on a guys haircut?
is it a good idea to get your arms waxed?
How to make heat protectant at home?
Asian run hair salon in DC?
I am looking for before the perm and after the perm of tight curl perm. If you have one let me know.?
Can I pull off dirty blonde?
Why does my straightner...smell...?
hair styles for school?
Girls/women: do you remove your pubic hair or leave it alone?
Head lice problem.. Help PLZ!?
How should a 50 year old male get his haircut?
Will it dye the whole thing one color?
My Hair is orange!!! HELP!!!!!!?
How do you style your hair with a dry spiked look, like dane cook does?
10 points..which last name do you like best?
How do you get hair like Mathai's?
Hair Help Agen!?
How can I fix my EYEBROWS!?
How do you get Volume for roots??
If I leave these curlers in over night what kind of waves will I get? (Using no heat) and will it be damaging?
if I leave the pastel in my hair long enough,would the colour seep through my hair and become temporary dye?
I am only 16 but i notice that my hair is falling out.?
Do girls like guys with long hair(almost past the ear)?
how to get curly hair?
how do u forget about dead boy freinds?
What is an appropriate hairstyle for a formal?
does her new haircut look bad?
debating to get a small sidecut! will i regret?
POLL: Whats your favorite hair color?
Is conditioner good for your hair??
Anybody know this hair product or can name a good one?
Where can I get Mane 'n Tail shampoo and conditioner?
Sexy Soft Wavy Curls?
Frizzy Hair .. Suggestions ?
I have very curly hair, but the top wont curl?
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Best hair extension brand?
i am 14 and my hair is falling out?
will my hair look good with blond highlights? (with picture)?
Grow long hair fast? Thanks(:?
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Hmm.. blue highlights in my hair? *MALE*?
Do hair dyes dry your hair out?? 10 points!?
will the Brazilian blowout zero KILL my hair an not work?
White vs. Turquoise hair?
Do you find this boy attractive?
Do you have a brain?
Should I...?
How do you make your hair grow faster?
Rogaine is suppose to make your hair shed or not?
Hair Straightening?
How would you makeover me?(: 5 stars for best answer(:?
Do waves look professional?
i want make an dreadlock,is it a good idea?
Do I look like I'm losing hair? Should I get extentions?
What Color Is Your Hair?
Does the bosley hair transplant work? Can people tell?
What should I do with my hair?
does washing your hair too much cause hair loss?
are electric tweezers permanent?
How should I cut/style my hair?
Lee min ho hairstyle! Help!?
long hairstyles for a boy?
I have medium hair it comes down to bout 2-3inches past my shoulders would i look good in a perm?
Any Sikh women/girl, tell me about daily hair car and products to be used, also hair dye and shade?
how can you make your hair lighter naturally?
What would happen if i didnt wash my hair for 6 months?
What looks better? (hair)?
14 year old girl shaving hair for charity?
I miss my long hair!!!!?
I'm going to this water theme park tomorrow. I'm sure there will be lots of chlorine in the water. I need tips
Can execcive body hair lower testosterone levels in order to maintain hair growth when i am getting older?
How to get relief from hair lies ?
How do i get my hair like Niall Horans?
POLL: Black hair or Dark Brown hair? (Pic inside)?
How can I get a middle parting?
How to know if blonde hair would suite me?
Is it okay to wash your hair only with conditioner?
How often should I use my Hair Straightener?
My bangs are too short...anyone wanna help?
Are your eyebrows lighter or darker than your natural hair color?
How do I get my hair to curl??
Where can I find some great key points for maintaining hair without chemicals?
I have brown hair would john frida go blonde work to go lighter?
Haircuts? Help Please!?
My hairdresser ruined my hair, should I complain?
Any tips on how to grow my hair?
what should i put in my hair to make it soft?
Does lime juice lighten hair the way lemon does? Would more/less be needed for the same results?
will cortisone cream. 5 give hair growth?
L'oreal Everpure moisture or L'oreal Everpure smooth?
Why is my hair constantly falling out?!!!??!?
Does Fredric Fekkai Apple Clarifying Shampoo Really work?
what do u do when you have curly hair and want it straight?
what hair colour looks best on me? (pics)
What can I do with my hair? The specific details below.?
what to use to not get splid ends when you straighten your hair?
My hair sucks, help?
How do you straighten naturally curly african american hair?
a good hair straightener?
omg i need help big time?
Why do natural red heads get more attention then blondes now? Is Red the new Blonde?
What are some cool hairstyles to try?
what can i use to make my hair more sliky?
Is 14 too young for a perm?
will food coloring come out of your hair?
is it normal to shave ur arms?
how do i make my hair lighter?
My hair is a reddish brown do i still need to bleach it to go red?
i have black hair(dyed) and want to dye it blonde.. ?
A good, relatively cheap hair straightener?
What is the best medicine or herbal remedy for hair loss?
need help with niece's hair .......?
Does my hair have to be clean and dry before re dying it?
should i chop off all my hair?
what hair colour would you say this is?
what is the best way to get rid of lip hair?
Can I make a natural faux hawk with a cowlick ?
How can I get waves???
hiya i like need help... please answer...?
need help with my hairrr?
Lauren Conrad hair color ?
help please ! picture includedd !?
Ok, this is a needed answer?
What do you think of really short hair on girls?
What colored highlights for dark hair?
How Do I DO a Faux Hawk on my Friend?
How can I grow my hair faster?
I want to dye my hair..?
Does oil message into hair accelrate hair growh and reduce falling of hair?
Hair Color Help? :-p?
Please help me with the scalp thing? 10 points.?
I did this girl's hair and she didn't have enough money to pay. Do I have her arrested?
What emo/scene hairstyle should i get? (pics inside)
Do you brush hair when blow drying? What difference does it make?
HAIR HELP!!!Which style looks best on me(pics of me"made-over")i want a change!!!?
What are the goods and bads of short layers?
i need a home remedy to keep my short hair from frizzing when i blow dry it straight.?
What haircut should i get?(pic)?
Coloring from Reddish-Brown to Dark Blonde?
Questions about hair dip dye!?
For the girls - What male hair styles do you find attractive (include links to pics please)?
What Autumn/Winter hair color should i have ?
Do I look better as a brunette or as a blonde (pics)?
What's the best way for a guy to trim his leg hairs?
Please Help me with me and my hair ANSWER ME PLEASEE!!!?
What should I do with my hair?
I am 18 yrs old and i am u ever heard about a treatment for it?
what kind of wave bush should I use?
what should i do with my hair?!?! pics includes!?
haircuts for girls?
Straightening your hair and keeping it that way?