how can i make my hair more managable?
What should I do with my hair? (Color, bangs, perm, etc)?
i need help with my hair? (pics)?
Need simple hairstyles!?
what do i do with my hair?
i'm a gal with an absolutely round and large face. i want to get my hair cut to shoulder length. what style?
I want scene hair, but i don't wanna cut it.. Plus i have SUPER thick hair and a part so i can't have bangs..?
i m 19 yrs old and my hairs r getting white and also falling. can i stop it?
Easy 10 points! How should I get my hair cut? ~pics~?
r u supposed 2 put hair oil/serum on the hair b4 or after heat protection?
I dyed my hair twice today?
How to get Die OUT of hair .... dose dish soap work?????
What hair color would suit me best? (Pics included)?
Do Hair Vitamins Make Your Hair Shed...?
Do men find shirley temple hair sexy?
Used L'Oreal's hair lightener, hair turned orange-y and it's uneven, help?
Hair Plus Shampoo and Conditioner?
i need a new hairstyle?
Can Dancers get Bangs?
Why is our pubic hair so hard?
What type of hair extensions are good?
my hair is screwed up need help please?
How to make my hair grow really FAST?
who's hotter eva longoria or beyonce?
How to get rid of greasy hair.?
Do you think bald head sre sexy??
What hair color would look good on me?
Can Someone Please Help Me Find or Suggest a Hairstyle that Will Suit My Face and Hair Type :(!!!!!!?
Hair Extensions in the Midlands (Ireland)?
Which hair straightener is better?
how to know your best hair color?
hair rebonding?
Would I suit dark red hair?
Tips for my long curly hair?
i have used straightner crem 5times in interval of 15 days between got damaged & like falling bushes?
do you dye your hair?
Can I use different rod sizes for my perm?
How do I get wavy hair?
How to make my hair thicker?
Does your hair go silly in the rain ?
Hair Cuttery?
can black hair be not-emo or goth or anthing?
Can I swim after having my hair dyed?
What to do with my hair?
How should I get my hair cut? (pics)?
what's your favorite shampoo?
HELP with Foil?
Its a Yes or No Question..please help me?
What web site could i go to for hairstyles that shows what it looks like on my face?
How do you braid short bangs?
black girl & blonde hair?!!?
How do you get your hair to stay back (pic included)?
How do you do a poof like snookies hair?
Where do i find a wig like Ciara the rapper wear?
I just dyed my hair. Does it look okay? pics?
my hair used to be blonde but it turned brown. does anyone know any ways to get it blonde again?
POLL: what colour is your hair?
If you get Hair Growing Shampoo on your face or other parts of your body, will hair grow there?
Does this look cute?
In which photo my hairstyle looks the best?
not proper facial hair..?
what color should my hair be?
Best curling wand on a budget?
What do you guys think, Blonde or brunette? Pics included...?
Do guys care if girl's hair isn't shiny?
Teens: What color hair/eyes do u have?
what colour should i die my hair!?!!?
Hair Coloring?
help i cut my own hair?
do you think...?
Rate these 4 guys from 1-10?
How can I make my hair look like this?
Should my Husband wax his chest hair?
girls what is ur fav shampoo/conditionar brand????
Red hair what to do uk only?
Do I look better with long or short hair?
What is the name of this hair style?
What happens at an open call?
How long do you wait before getting a haircut?
should i curl my hair or straighten it?
I have extremely dry, damaged hair, please help me!?
Women! Do you prefer men with smart or a more relaxed hair style?
What's wrong with redheads?!?
best blonde hair dye?
Help on hair frizz!?
Do you like my hair color ? ♥?
How can I get my hair to grow FAST FAST FAST ?!?
Should i dye the tips of my hair blue?
Best hair color for men?
ok so i really need your opinions(pictures)?
i dyed my hair toay and i didnt really like the color, can i dye it again in the same day?
Can i get laser hair removal or some other hair removal procedure done on my whole face?
Sylists I need help with developer and color?
What is best way 2 get hair curly?
How should I do my hair for my 8th grade graduation dance?
which way do i look better? curly vs. straight. pictttttures(:?
Hey guys - opinion?
crazy hair day ideas please help?
should i go blonde? (10 points, please :) )?
Will this haircut suit me? My pic included! If not, pls tell me what haircut will suit me.
Does my hair look better curly, straight, or up?
how should i wear my hair for school pictures?
how much does hair Extensions cost to get them done in a salon?
what hair color is right form me ?
How is 16 years old "too young" to get your hair dyed?
What is the best way to achieve maximum growth and health in African American hair?
What's your opinion on CURLY hair?
whats the best way to straighten afro carribean hair without a relaxer i have iron plate straigtheners?
Using amla oil as a daily scalp massage oil?
Would I look ridiculous with a short messy look haircut?
I got my haircut like.........?
can i use a conditioner the DAY BEFORE coloring my hair semi-permanently?
I have orange hair and want to go blonde Help!!?
Heart shaped face hair for guys?
I have black hair already bleach now its a very light gold color i want white hair what vol should i used?
How can I make my hair grow faster?
where can i find pictures of black hair w/ blonde highlights?
can any one tell me or show me some new ideas for long curly hair?
do girls like guys with curly hair? or wavy hair? or straight?
What kind of dry shampoo?
how do you get your hair to grow faster??
Do Guys Like Curly Hair?!?
My hair is taking long to grow back after being thinned! Help!!?
What is a good hair style for a guy with a receding hairline?
My 11 yr old daughter has very fine, straight blonde hair and we've tried everything I can think of.?
How can my hair grow longer PLEASE HELP?
Any good everyday modern Victorian hairstyles?
what shall i do with my hair?
for the girls here, tell me what you prefer, should i shave my hair pubic hair, or leave it?
what are good protection sprays for hair if ?
my really extreme haircut... do u like it? (pic)?
How do I get me hair more white blonde without using bleach?!?
how do i get thicker hair?
What is the best shampoo for smelly scalps?
How to get rid of nose hairs? (s. best answer)?
How do you get big sexy waves in your hair?
I need to find a store that sells wash'ncurl in my area; Chester, WV. Thank you. Patty?
How to style my hair like this? Who is this person?
brown or blonde hair? :)?
How long does kool aid stay in your hair?
can anyone tell me how to have longer hair faster? :)?
natural hair question?
which Straighteners are better?
Are Mohawks The Coolest Thing Ever?
How Do I Get My Hair Longer When I Can't Use Extensions????
what is a platform stylist?
How to put your hair in a bun like...?
I have dark brown hair and I want it blonde?
Cute way to dye hair?
Do girls really agree with the whole Axe Hair Crises Relief thing?
what to do with my hair?! need HELPPPPP!!!?
Any way to curl hair without a curling iron, and something that doesnt take too long?
How to get braids like ASAP Rocky?
Help!!! How do you get rid of slipt ends??? and fast???
Should I get this haircut ?
How do caucasian folks feel about black women with natural hair?
What is the difference when doing this to ur hair?
I want to cut my hair off?
Are highlights still cool?
Can you color over ombre hair?
Is it ok to wash your hair about one time every 3 months?
What is better? 10 POINTS!!?
best shampoo for me?
Hair dye question...?
Can you put pink dip dye over dark brown hair?
anything i can put on my hair to make it gorgeous?!?
My hair is frizzy!?
How long does hair dye last?
What colour would my hair turn if I used L'oreal casting creme gloss Plum 316? (Pictures included of my hair)?
is this a cute hair cut ? pic inside?
What color is your hair?
Should I get scene hair?
why do boys hair grow faster then girls?
Can I bleach over semi-permanent hair dye?
If I have a lot of split ends, is my hair ruined forever?
Has anyone tried Pantene Brunette Expresions conditioner?
Can somebody show me pictures of a 6mm haircut?
Pictures for goth fairy makeup and hair please!?
blonde or stay the same?[pics]?
Can you still do Zain Malik's hair style if you have small forehead?
how to protect our hairs? i have dandraff problem & hair fall problem & my hairs are getting white ?
anyway to make hair grow faster?!?
I need to know where I can get good free virtual hairstyling websites?
im growing my hair long good idea?
do chunky girlls look gud with short hairrr??
How many girls wear pigtails?
Can you help me make a decision?
does anyone knows what hair products do Korean celebrities / kpop artists use?
Is there any hairstylist on here?
Good Morning Sir.Sir My hair has been falling at regular intervals. I have tried many thing like oil,?
Is a flat iron and hair straighter the same thing?
How can i spike my hair?
Help!! Hair dye mishap...what do I do?
has anyone heard of this?
I've bleached my hair so much it is fried! Is there anything that I can buy that will reconstruct my hair???
How Can i make my hair grow faster?
Looking to get a new haircut, I don't know what style of haircut fits me. Any advice (pictures inside)?
Would I look good with a Pixie Cut?
is it possible for my hair to grow about 3 inches in 2 weeks?
what is a good shampoo and conditioner that WONT dry out my hair
how to make hair silky n shiny?
What short hairstyles would suit me?
is washing your hair everyday unhealthy?
my parner ( female) has very dry hair (frizzy) is there anything that will improve this.?
I have long, fine, straight hair that gets oily very quickly, what can help treat this?
What is a good mustache joke?
Is my hair color light enough to dye pink?
should i dye my hair red???????????????
I have dry frizzy and wavy hair. What can I use to straighten it out?
Whats a hair cut for a 15 year old guy?
Should I Shave My Head?
How would this hair cut look on me (pics!!!)?
what do you think of the hair colour?
Do you think I would suit dreadlocks*picture included*?
what black color brand covers grey hair and last long?
Is anyone on here mixed with black and white only, half and half? (question about hair)?
How can you curl unbelievabley straight, thin heair and make it look pretty?
Random pube question,HELP?
What is shower gel........?
If you have curly hair, should you wash your hair everday?
I'm chopping my hair off, what do you think (pic)?
every time i straghtin my hair and go out it just gost all fluffy again what can i do to stop it?
Does thinning out hair damage it?
Does drinking coffee make your butt hair grow ?
Is he cute and what do you think about his hair??? (pic)?
Does nickie minag have real hair.?
Would I look good as a blonde?
can i have your opinion?
Any hairstyles for thick medium- length hair (African-American)?
TUGAIN 2 or FOLIGAIN HAIR LOTION.. which one is more effective for hair growth...?? plzz help...?
KQC's thermal shine, is it sold in USA?
my graduation is at the end of the year i was wondering how should i do my hair i have brown straight hair?
Thirteen year old girl hairstyles?
Time for this teen to lose the combover?
Girls Only?
Hair Help?
micro link hair extensions?
Does hair grow faster if you trim it to get rid of split ends every other month?
Where can I find natural redhead hair extensions?
What is the best shampoo and conditioner?
i need help D: hair problems?
i need a new urban hairstyle but i dont know what to get?
what are some homemade hair colorings?
help! what's in my hair?
Is straighntening your hair getting out of style?
What should I do if i missed some spots when I dyed my hair?
Which shampoo/conditioner?
Im thinking of dying my hair green?
Does HyVee sell Loreal Hot Straightening Cream?
Whats more cuter short or long hair?
Is it better for your hair to straighten it or wear it in a ponytail?
Light pink hair questions?
How do I make this huge red scar thingy on my hair less red? :/?
how much should you tip a hair stylist who owns her own booth?
i want to die underneath my kind of dark brown hair a different color?!?
Long hair or short hair?
how do i get healthy,shiny dandruff free strong hair...?
How can i grow thin hair?
What wigs are best,human hair or synthetic?
if i just shaved my head bald, what can i do for it to grow back...FAST?!?
Does permanent hair dye actually mean permanent?
Hair products that actually work?
my hair is blonde right now,but i want to dye it brown.?
Why is my hair falling out?
How many inches does a woman need to have cut off her hair before a man notices?
How long should I wait after a weave to put in a relaxer?
Guy's haircut tip? what number do i need on the top? (More details in question)?
GUYS: should I dye my hair brown?
How do I get my hair like this is it braids or dreads?
hair highlights???
what is your hair colour?
What hairstyle do you think would look best on me?
IS it really bad to wash your?
What is my excuse.....?
how to fix my naturally curly hair?
hey does anyone know how u can make your hair really soft?
How can I get curls like this? picture included.?
severe broke damaged dry hair?
at what length is long hair considered too long and unattractive?
I don't know??????????
Thin or thick eyebrows?
My hair won't stay straight :(?
Do you think the "mullet" hairstyle will ever make a comeback?
Frizzy hair help!?
can you put hair moisturizer and grease at the same time?
Wht color is my hair? blonde brunnet or red?
How do I fix my hair like this??
How to give my hair more volume?
does my hair look better long or short?
im a male i i want to know what is the most effective want to make head hair grow?
Where is the best affordabe place I can get a hair cut in Orange County?
What is a good highlight color for black hair.?
what suppliments can i take to make my hair grow thicker and faster?
good products for curly hair? ?
how often did/do your French braids hurt (like they're too tight ) ?
Why does it fall out so much?
i let my hair down today & my mom flipped out and told me to put it in a bun,it was so dry, frizzy, and poofy!
help me decide?
Do you like JB changed hair style?
Best hair,skin and nails vitamins I'll take any suggestions?
whats this haircut called?
How can i stop my hair from falling out?
Can I use Manic Panic (Vegan Semi-Permanent Hair Colour) on top of Henna (pure henna, not compound henna)?
I used Shimmer Lights Purple Shampoo and turned my blonde hair gray?
What do i do to make my hair curly like Miley Cyrus?
How can i get more volume to my hair?
What is a nice hair color for african americans with darker skin I currently have dark brown?
Do you consider red hair ugly?
Ok so im going to dye my hair next year for 7th grade only the bottom half but i dont know what color help ?
permanent hair removal.. how much would you pay?
What is the best shampoo to get healthy hair?
My hair sucks!!!!!!!!?
I need to make my hair soft. Can anyone help?
Why does my head itch so dang much?
Is washing your hair every day bad for it?
How much does it cost at the hair salon to diye ur hair?
hair styling?
hair question?
any good ideas for my hair?
What should I do about my hair?
How long will it take for Kool aid dip dyed hair to fade completely?
How do u make my hair thicker? (im a boy with longer hair)?
Do i have a red or ash tone in my hair?
How do i cut my hair like this?
Can I own my own at home hair salon business?
Pubic hair?
Whats your Hair style preference?
Brunette or blonde???
I bleached my hair blonde and I hate it. I can't get it done in a salon- too much $. PLeeze help?
What color should I dye my hair?
What to do with my hair...?
What's the best vitamins to get for hair growth?
How do I thin my thick wavey hair ?
is it ok for a guy to straighten their hair?
How do I dye my hair two-toned? Dark brown on the bottom Blonde on top?
why is african american hair thicker than white people hair?
What kind of haircut would make me look better/my age?
New School.. New Style?
what hair cut should i get?
whats sexier curly or straight hair??
Hi their, I just came from a salon to try to go from black to platinum hair but its not platinum yet?
would you say my hair was short or long?
Aaaargh back hair at 18?
can i dye my hair without damaging?
I have fairly thick hair and i was just wondering if 120g hair extentions would be thick enough for my hair?
Are highlights in or out?
hair lighter?
what shampoo will work best for an oily sculp?
hair straightening tips...NEED SUM PLZ!?
Where can I buy Schwarzkopf "natural and easy" hair dyes in London?
How to make your hair wavy?
How long does it take for the sun to make natural highlights in your hair?
how can i soften my beard permanently its very hard as i shave regularly?
Best way to shave REALLY sensitive legs?
where can i go to get all kinds of free things sent to me?
What's the best hair growing product you can get?
Would blonde streaks look good on me?
What are some good websites to find good haircuts????
What brand of flat iron do you like best?
First time for everything?
Would I look good with dark brown, almost black, hair ?
what is the best kind of shampoo to use for fried damaged hair?
How can I get rid of split ends in my hair? Please give me every single way to get rid of them! Thanks!?
Please answer this and help me???
How can I do my hair like this? (pic)?
What hair colour is most attractive to guys?
Good Hair Straightener or No?
Do I look okay with a fringe? (picture)?
whats the best brand for curling iron and how much do they cost?
How to grow hair long and quickly?
Due you like body hair for guys or hairy?
decca hair products?
If you don't wash your hair every day, what do you do?
Hi guys , Please read?
Cutting my hair super short right now?
How can I fix my hair?
What's my natural hair type? African American female?
how to get my hair like.....?
lhave used evermatin for last 5 month but there is no improvement. but there is loss of hair going.?
Does hair dye really damage you hair?
I dyed my hair from a blackish brown (faded black) and it still has some brown. Why is this?
Good unnatural semi permanent hair dye?
should i get straight bangs? :)?
In general how do the majority of women feel about men with facial hair?
Should i get hair extensions again? (pics)?
Does the Redken All Soft line help damaged hair?
hair issue??? i need help???
How Nice Should We Be?
Amazing hair stylists, please help me answer this question, im clueless!?
How can i convince my mom I need a new hairstyle?
How do i make my hair wavy?
do the loreal feria red tones work well on dark brown hair?
I am having terrible dandruff!!!!!!!?
which straightner works better?
How can I get back my naturally JET BLACK HAIR?
does anyone know??
Wha hair colour will suit me ??(pic included)?
Should I dye my hair for the first time?
Which hair color lasts longer?
what to do in case the hair is rough?
Any hair color tips? (picture)?
Losing a lot of hair already?
How much biotin should i take for hair growth?
how to round off a dreadlock?
What to do with my hairrr [[Pics]]?
How should I cut/style my hair? Photos included.?
What hairstyle would work for me? ?
Have you ever cried over your hair?
Arm Pit Hair?
how do i spike my hair??
PLEASE HELP!!! patch of hair missing?
How do you think i should style my hair?
Hair weaving. How much hair is needed?
How to make my hair curlier?
would i look ohkay with shorter hair? PICTURE?
What kind of haircut should i ask for?
¿How can i get a straight hair?
Do I look better as a Blonde or Brunette (pics inside)?
Haircut help!!! (Pics Included) People please answer!!! 10 points?
would i suit black hair? x?
What are bangs I wanna know !?
How much does a CHI cost?
How to let the hair dye grow out?
rate mee 1-10 pleasee(:?
I want to become a distributor in the hair business where should i began?
Wearing a cosplay wig to school?
mohawk or reverse mohawk? i have blonde hair and i dont know which one to get. Which one looks better?
How to dye my hair a light blue? HELP PLEASE!!!!?
What is the quickest way to regrow hair that came out from stress?
My hair is so thick, how can I get it thin?
what shampoo is best for damaged hair?
What is the best way to get rid of dandruff?
why does my hair look best after swimming in the ocean? Is it the salt? Can I recreate this look at home?
how do u make your hair grow after u cut it a year ago?
How should I start to grow my natural hair if I have a perm?
What hair color is Sharon Osbourne's hair?
ladies, which 1 was it?
do you think that clean shaved men being the norm will change in the future so that beards become the norm?
I have long hair and im a boy?
im 47 a female and distraught as lm losing my hair at the front, please help me as im so depressed over it?
Good Hair Color For This Winter?
Can you straighten your hair when you have the brazilian keratin treatment?
which are the best ?
is split ends a disease of the hair?
how do i get my hair on 8Th grade promotion?
What type of hair is this?
Is salt water bad for colored hair?
i need some hair style advice?
I need a good hair cut?
how do i convince my parents to let me dye my hair?
Tricks to Keeping Your Hair Straight?
Should I get Blonde Highlights or Dip dye?
What should I do with my hair?
I want to dye my hair, but what colors would look good on me?
Recommended hair straighteners?
how much is it to get bleach blonde done at walmart?
how should i wear my hair with this dress?! [link below]?
Did any1 tried Ervomatin in INDIA?
why white british people haven't dark hair?
Should I get a bob? Need some help, please.?
what name brand is the best for flat irons?
Should I cut or keep...(MY HAIR)?
Im a dude and i have hair down to my shoulders should i cut it off?
Is 15 too young to dye your hair?
How can I make my hair grow faster?
I have short hair and its not long enough for the clip on styles of hair pieces any suggestions?
What haircut should I get? (pic included)?
Can a woman over 45 look good with long hair?
What do you think of bangs that sweep to one side?
fifth grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
How to get my hair like this at home?
Brunette, Blonde or Red-haired?
Am i treating my hair right?
s! How to get wavy/lax hair?
should i wear my hair straight or curly tomorrow?
platinum blonde hair with black underneath.. trashy or cute?
Dyeing my hair myself.. Need advice. (Bleaching, stripping, etc.)?
What color(s) would you dye your hair if you didn't care at all about what other people thought of you?
Where can I buy American Crew Thickening Shampoo?
Blondes rule?
Whats the best way to curl really straight hair?
My hairdresser ruined my hair, should I complain?
Should i die my hair?
will gasoline help get rid of lice?
how can you repair fryed hair? (fryed from being over straightened)?
Ways to make my hair less greasy?
Does anyone know when i can find pictures of Brown hair with blonde underneath?!?
What color should I dye my hair?
What color should i dye my hair?-pics?
I want to grow my hair long ?
How should i get my haircut?
How do I put hair spikes in, I'm an african american guy?
Which bangs would look better?
How long does it takes fr men leg hair to grow?
what color should i gett?
I love these two hairstyles on me, but which do you like better?
Could I be allergic to my own hair? second time?
HELP! What hair style should I get ? :)?
My bangs just wont stay no matter what?
Are bangs in?
How do i get my hair to be like this?
have i wasted my money? 10 points?
How do i do it?
Box braids on natural hair?
My hair feels crunchy?
What should I do with my hair...?
Shampoo\conditioner for stronger hair?
I have extremely dry hair, what can I use to rehydrate it?
Do i look better with brown hair or blonde?
How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back?
does dying your hair make it go bald?
Oil for curly dry hair?
How did she do Weeping Angel hair? Please Help!?
i need hair help!!!?
Is Mane N' Tale a good shampoo/conditioner?
If I put a little hydrogen peroxide in with my shampoo and/or conditioner?
What would be a good haircut for me?
what will happen if i put toothpaste on my hair, and then wash out?
In a salon, if a stylist does a bad dye job, is it okay to ask her to fix the problem at no extra cost?
How to make my curly hair look nice in a hat?
Do you think everyone could look good in blonde?
how do I tell my mom that I cut my hair with safety scissors?
Ok Someone Please Help Me Fast!?
How does hair transplant surgery work?
Can white people get their hair relaxed?
can frequent use of lemon juice on hair for dandruff etc causes greying of hair?
What Is the Best Straightner to use ?
Does this hairstyle suit me???? (pictures)?
Bedhead Moisture Mainiac or Foxy Curls!? 10 points for best answer!! :)?
What do think of the product Wen for your hair?
How often do you get your short hair or long hair trimmed from the hairdresser?
long, short, or medium hair?
hair style?
Do you think i would look good as a strawberry blonde?
blonde or brunette (pics)?
what do you think of my hair?
Can you recommend a good heat defence spray for hair?
Mahogany Brown without the copper effect?
Is there a Home Remody ??? ?
How gross is back hair?
which pictures the best??
How do you get split ends?
Where should I get my hair cut?
Guys: What length of hair do you,like on a girl?
How often do you straighten your hair?
Which haircut do you like the best?
is biotin good for hairloss if yes how much can i take a day?
Will Marilyn from Lush lighten my hair?
Beard growing faster and thicker than moustache?
why won't my hair straighten?
I'm thinking about changing my hairstyle, help please!?
Would i look good blonde?
what colour should i dye my hair next ?
Has Any Body Used Paul Mitchells Ink works????
Mohawks cool? pt2(how do you spike them?!)?
Could I pull off this hairstyle?
How to get my Natrual hair color back?
Where can i find blue hair dye?
Black hair.....:/?/????its annoying?
im serious?
How to keep hair dye from fading?
What are some cute brunette girl names?
Should i shave my armpits i am a male?
Do women prefer long hair or short hair on guys?
What are good hair products that can make my hair look teased?
How can i make the hau dye go away?
Is there a product I can put in my hair that makes it curl?
any ideas for a new hairstyle or color? I'm bored with mine!?
How to make my hair softer?
does pubic hair turn gray like other hair does when people age?
i got my hair done, supposed to be awesome but?
what brand of shampoo and conditioner do you use?
Which hairstyle is prettier on me?
What hairstyle should this dress go with?
What will make my hair grow faster?
ladies..short, cleancut hair or long hair for men?
Shall i cut my hair ?
HELP!I need help choosing my new hair colour *pics*?
What color should I dye my dark brown hair, including covering my gray?
what do you think about bleaching your hair blond??
what color should i color my hair?
What do you think of Garnier's Permanent Hair Colour?
How can I do my hair like this? (pic)?
Is an instant weave the same as Jessica Simpson hairdo?
Do u think I would look good with black hair?
Should I go blonde....?
long or short hair? <pics included>?
How can I grow my hair?
Cutting your own hair?
hair questions???
i wanted to make my hair silkly what should i do?
how often should you wash your hair?!?
what color is your hair????
How do I get "beach hair" at home?
what should i do with my hair?
Pubic hair on women?
Will you do my hair?
How do I change hairdressers without totally offending her. I am in a small town.?
How to keep you straightner in good condition???
Should I dye my hair black?
red hair keeps fading, is it because i bleached my hair previously?
Severely damaged hair. HELP.?
Do guys gross out when...?
Teenage hair issue????help?
recommended straighteners?
what should i do with my hair?! (pics)?
Would I look good with this hairstyle?
How do i dye the tips of my hair? Its really short though, is it possible?
where can i buy remi cuticle hair clip in extensions of the internet?
Is peppermint oil and tea tree oil good for african american hair?
Pics of dirty blonde hair with blonde highlights?
How often do you wash your hair?
Why God create the hairy thing to our private part?
If you are short should you have short hair?
Bikini waxing tips?
Can you bleach your hair afterusing the Organix Brazilian keratinhair treatment?
What items i can use to color/dye my pure black hair?
Dying hair and chemically straightening roots?
how many oz of 30 volume 9% developer should i mix with 1.74 oz of hicolor dye to dye my hair?
how do I make homemade hair coloring (permanent, dark red(?
can i dye my hair purple without bleach?
whats the best way to treat split ends without hairdressers?
Can anyone help with my hair?
..belly hair..:((..HELP?
Few questions about growing hair?
How do I take care of my daughter's Hair?
What are the best hair straightners?
I need a cool hairstyle, read details.?
i cut my side bangs a little short and i need help?
bleached my hair, now feels like elastic. ?
What's the most common reason for losing hair?
When will you?
I m looking for a good hair salon in Rochester NY, the main thing im looking for is that the stylist listen.?
Do I Look better blonde or Brunette(pics)?
Best products for Curly/Frizzy Hair?
How many hairs do a person exsist on their head?
lol i asked this b4, and its between 3, so which haircut should i get?
clairol natural instincts nutmeg or ebony mocha?
Quesiton about Megasilk relaxer w/ shea butter.?
i need to dye my roots?
Do you prefer GUYS with LONG HAIR or SHORT HAIR ?
How would I go about getting my hair like this?
whats a good flat iron?
what hair colour should i dye my hair? ~pics included~?
Is it normal for your beard and eyebrows to be a different color then your hair?
Should i cut my hair really short? (pics)?
does short hair look good on curvy women?
Who is smarter blondes or redheads?
How To Talk My Mom Into Letting Me Dye My Hair?
Should I get blonde highlights?
good hair products for curly hair ): ?
Is Argon oil is the best brand for hair ?
does shaving make your hair grow back thicker?
Whats an easy and quick (done in 5-8 min.) way for a tomboy ,11 year old to do her hair?
How do you tie knots at the end of Micro braids?
Period quiestion urgent?
my hair used to be blonde but it turned brown. does anyone know any ways to get it blonde again?
what shape is my face? (PICTURE INCLUDED) +10 points?
which hairstyle do you like the most(long hair)?
What color should i die my hair?
why do guys think blonds are so frieking hot and easy?
Should I dye my hair red?
Not Sure Which Cut To Get. Help Please ? :]?
Olive oil Relaxer System: How long and how often to use the conditioner?
Girls do you like long curly poofy hair on a guy. Please answer!!!!! 10points!!?
Can i make my strait silky hair to normal curl permanantly?
How can I make a sock bun more fun?
(PIC INCLUDED) what color should I dye my hair?!?
10 Points for Sure~ Anyone wanna help me look for hairstyles?
New hair style question ! ! !?
what is the best natural product for hair?
Do you think long looks good on guys?
how long does it take to grow your hair long?
who do you like the best? T.I ,or Yung Joc , or Lil Jon?
I have red hair. Do I shave my head or just kill myself?
Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Question?
my hair has become very dry , it used to be straight & now it has become curly how do i straighten my hair?
Do you have your bangs to the left side or the right side?
How to make your hair grow faster?
Which haircut is better?
Tips on layering(at home) and styling my hair emo/scene ? (pics plz)?
What color is my hair?
How to measure for a lace wigs?
HELP ME Growing hair long?
Ways to style shortish hair rockchick style?!!?
does anyone know how to make this hairstyle?
Bleaching my hair. Need help asap.!?
I need some cute hair styles?? like NOW!... Please?
I need help with my hair?
What should my Hairstyle be?
Besides old age, what really makes hair turn gray????
What should I do with my hair? (picture)?
How do I Style My Spiral Perm? Mousse, etc Preferably no scrunch?
i'm getting my hair cut in an hour... help...?
How do I make my naturally wavy?
how should I change my hair?
Would I look good in full bangs? *pix included!*?
Styling ideas for shortish hair (read for details)?
buying hair extensions?
IS it bad for girls to brush their hair a lot? ?
How can i curl my hair without a curling iron?
How do you make your hair grow long quick?
So I used facial hair bleach for my upper lip....?
whats the best leave in conditioners for the hair?
Does anyone know any good websites for finding hairstyles? (Girl hairstyles?)?
I want my hair to smell really good, like, fruity. Whats a good shampoo I should get?
Does any man in this here o!answer know how 2 treat a women?
Have you ever gotten a haircut before? I haven't.?
What should I do to make my hair grow faster? (That really works?)?
blonde? brunette?
Am I using the velcro rollers right or am I not applying enough hairspray?
Should I dye my hair...?
Can You Bleach Black Hair?
hairr!!!!!!!!!!! helpppppp?
I have long, silky, black hair and i want to .....?
What color highlights would look best on a redhead?
i have my hairline receding from the front and my hairs are also thin. what wud b the ideal hairstyle for me?
embarassing but i have a hairy problem?
How do i get wavy hair?
I need a new Hairstyle!?
Can any one tell me make a streight hair with home remedys?
From Curly Hair To Straight ...? ( Boys )?
POLL: which hair style and part do you find is the most attractive?
Need advice on African American hair care?
How do i use a bun ring (10points)?
Should I cut my hair or keep it long?
Which hair colour looks better on me?????
Coloring brown-red hair?
Would Revlon Colorsilk in Burgundy turn out bad on blonde hair?
Straighten Hair and new hair cut?
What colour(s) should I dye my hair next?
How can i grow my fangs naturally? I am a human. Tell me tips and tricks, naturally making big fan every thing?
this hair and my face? good?
hair extension help advice please?
How long does it take for hair to grow to 4-10cms?
Hair emergency!! please help?
Do raw eggs on your hair really make your hair grow faster?
Do you know any cute hair styles for neck long hair?
cute styles any one ???????/i tottaly need help?
What is so wrong with ginger hair?
Time To Shower?
How can I get my hair back to the way it was before?
I am Of Asian Ethnic... Do You Think I Should Go Blonde?
My hair is breaking off really bad but i wanna dye it?
Is a chi straightener worth getting?
Which of these straighteners is your favorite and why?
do you prefer short hair or long hair?
straight or curls?!?
Should I buy a straightener?
What are some ways that can prevent breakage and maintain growth in your hair?
Does a chin-length bob with sideswept bangs look cute?
Should I dye my hair dark brown?
What hair color do you like best on a woman?
Is it ok to have the same hair color/style as your girlfriend?
Why do women shave their legs? Does it hurt to shave that part of the body?
i got My hair bleached in Chunks , its horribly damaged .?
Please suggest a good shampoo that will make my hair soft.?
Is it okay to use a rusty Curling iron?
Remington Heated Massaging Spa Mitts?
Which Style of hair is better on me? 1 2 or 3?
Hairstyle Help?!?
15 year old boy shaving body hair, what do you think?
If im allergic to henna tattoos, am I allergic to hair dye?
Eww! Who thinks hair sceruncies are back in style?
what shampoo do you use?
Best Smelling Shampoo/Conditioner?
Should I colour my hair?
HELP! Hair problem- 2nd bleach session/yellow hair (pic inside)?
What is the color or ur hair !!!!!!!!!!!?
does my hair look okay?? (pics)?
Is it Normal to Have Greasy hair.!?
What colour do YOU think I should dye my hair? *Photo*?
i have dark brown color treated hair and i want highlights what color should i get ?
how should i cut my hair? (pics inside)?
curly or straight [pic inc.]?
how long till my hair grows like this?
is showing forehead sexier then side bangs?
What kind of hair is this and How can I get it?
Did grafts can damage after Hair transplant?
Help - I just turned 19 and I'm going grey?!?
Who thinks I should dye my hair?
Please help me on my hair??!?
would this hair cut fit me?? (pics included)?
How much do you tip a hairdresser?
Best Hair Straigheners?
how should i wear my hair for school pictures?
Help with hair color????
How can I wear my hair in pigtails without getting a headache?
How should I wear my hair for a a date?(pics)?
what is ja'Niece avery email address?
what is a good hair style for a year 11 ball?
Where can I buy highlights?
I can get my hair how i want it but i cant get it to stay that way. How can i get it to stay nice durin a day?
Guys, Girls, anyone?!?! Do you like this haircut?
what should you do when you ask somebody out with good hair?
how long should I grow my hair out?
What color is her hair ?
ladys plz tell me what i can buy to get my hair blonde !?
How to get rid of yellowy hair?
What type of haircut is hers? How do I get my hair like that?
I look ugly now that i got bangs help!!!?
please help!!?
Frizzy Hair Question.?
I want a straight look on my wavy short hair, Straightening or smoothening?
How should I cut my hair?
is hair supposed to be clean when you dye it
i need help with a hairstyle!!??
Hmm.. should I dye my hair !?
My hair will not curl with Iron?
Bleached my hair once and it still has purple.... should I use color oops or bleach it again?
would this look good? or would it look tacky?
i like long long hair. why ?
can i redye my hair the next day?
How do you make your hair grow faster?
When washing your hair, should you lather and rinse OR lather, rinse, and repeat?
Girls! question for you?
Does clairol loving care work on non-gray hair?
How to get rid of frizzy hair?
Which type of hair curlers works best?
Grow my hair longer and faster in the summer?
What's the best red hair dye?
i want my hair kinky/wavy!!!!!!!?
Will people think I'm emo if I dye my hair black?
I need a site that has pictures of super short hair styles....?
I have curly blonde hair down to the end of my neck its all one length but the front pieces are angled?
Does Strightening Your Hair Everyday Damage It?
Wich Is The Best Flat Iron?
which shampoo is the best!?
Does solid (single) colored hair slim the face more or highlighted hair?
What is your favourite shampoo/conditioner and why?
how to dyed hair super black?
New haircut for me? Help please!?
Do you think that someone's hair tells a lot about them?
Hair styles?
How do i get the "just got out of bed" hairstyle and make it stay all day? (also known as the "messy")
Is there really no bleaching needed for Loreal Excellence Hicolor?
Hey does anyone know how my hair can look shiny?
What do you do with side bangs when you curl your hair?
how to maintain clean shaved head ?(no hair growth again)?
How does relaxer work?
How can I get my Hair to get long?
What's a fast and easy way to grow out hair?
Which hair style should i pick?
How do you get rid of static electricity in hair?
Is it bad to never cut your hair in your life,not even get a little trim off since you where born up to now?
Help! I always wear my hair up?
Would my hair look okay if i dyed it blonde?
What colour would my hair turn if I used L'oreal casting creme gloss Plum 316? (Pictures included of my hair)?
Where do you go to find the BEST hair colorist in southern NJ Sewell, Depford, Cherry Hill, Marlton?
my daughter has afro hair whats the best cream or wax for her she is 5 years old?
Do you like this haircut?
Are Manic Panic Semi-Permanent hairdyes available in Xiamen China?
What should I do with my hair?
How to get rid of/prevent nits?
How can i make my hair look like a perm and make it look wet?
shampoo selsun jenis apa yang paling manjur untuk membasmi kutu?
Please help! My hair is orange!?
Should I shavve my head like my avatars?
Poll: do you shave down there?
I have curly hair but i dont know how to style it i have always straighten it but its to much work to do.Help!
Best shampoo and conditioner for extremely dry hair?
my hair has been falling a lot since 1 month?
what is the latest and best hair straightner out now?
if i want my hair to be like this...?
Should i straighten my hair?
Scalp itch?
I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow which should I get bangs or layers?
would i look good with hair extensions?
Verseo Hair Plus Shampoo & Conditioner?
How do i make my hair look less greasy today?
I have wavy and long hair, about my waist, how do i straighten them up without using an iron.. and at home????
Ways to make your hair healthy after dying it to much?
is there another food that you can put on your hair that lightens your hair when outside in the sun?
What does bleaching your hair do?
How to pass a hair drugscreen?
is it painful to get your hair dyed?
How do you braid hair?!!!?
Getting a haircut tomorrow! Kinda freaked!?
Opinions ? Hair color ? (:?
Does my hairstyle suit me?
how to make my hair long in a month?
Could i pull this off?
how do i get natural highlights or my hair more light brown without dying my hair? (my hair is black)?
how to grow hair like Johnny Depp?
This perm is really going to burn..?
Is there a hair dye for changing natural blonde to black? If so can you tell me the brand and where to find it
How to do this braid? (link below)?
help on haircuts.pleaseee helpp?
How to grow a thicker goatee?
hair colouring?
Is it bad to dye your hair?
I need help with hair please!?
ways to wear hair to school?
how wld i get my hair to wave?
How do I make alot of money in the hair business like the big names??
How can I make my hair thicker?!!?
straight hair please help?
can fresh pomegranate juice be used for hair dying?
Why doesnt Caillou have hair?
Any hairstyles i can use to hide the fact im growing my bangs out?
Would my hair look nice auburn?
Is this hairstyle cute?
what's sexier: a blonde or a brunette?
Ways to damage hair ?
Anybody ever try putting egg whites on hair?
Hairstyles to impress a guy?
I want to strip black hair dye out...?
Hair Extensions... Need your input.?
I have really bad dandruff, I have tried many shampoos nothing helps, suggestions?
Prom hair ideas HELP!!?
Instead of "wella" what kind of toner can i use to lighten blonde hair?
how would i look with red hair ?
Hair Straighteners???
how to prevent hairfall?
How to keep hair dye from fading?
Sensorineural hearing loss due to damaged hair cells in the cochlea: what is the reason fo rhearing loss?
Im a girl with a moustache, HELP !!!?
How can I get my hair like this?
How To Talk My Mom Into Letting Me Dye My Hair?
Is this an okay facebook picture?
straightening hair w/ a flat iron and maintenance?
is this true?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
What straighteners can I use to get my hair as straight as this?
would i look better with blonde or darrrrk brown hair?
shea butter for hair?
What color hair do you find to be sexier?
Eyebrow Trimming - Do you prefer Waxing or Tweezing to get your eyebrows in shape?
what is the best hair straightner in the world?
You be the judge of my hair :) rate my pics?
How to make my hair grow?
I have frizzy hair, is it okay to....?
How do u do a French plait??
Is this normal for hair?
Ladies..... would u b attracted..?
How to get this colour hair? (picture inside)?
Do you prefer staight hair or curly hair?
Will biotin tablets and Silicia Complex help my receding hairline or am I better seeking advice from a GP?
My hair sucks!!!!!!!!?
if you straightening your hair what can happen?
hair diaster!! pic included?
How often do you wash your hair girls?
Will this work for my hair?
Does my hair look better straight or curly?
How can i make my hair thicker???
Easy tips for getting healthy hair?
BFVIS?? Does anyone know about this brand?
Fastest way to go from dark brown hair to light brown hair?
should u straiten your pubic hair?
What is the difference between a regular perm and digital perms?
netural way to make hair darkest brown, without using chemical based?
some one told me that i could dye my hair by mixing kool aid into my shampoo is this true?
Ladies ....... is your hair your crowning glory ?
Question for the girls: Do you like guys with shoulder length hair?
How do you get bleach stains out of hair?
Could i pull off black hair? pics included?
Should I cut off my eyelashes?
Haircut??(pics included)?
Why does my hair decide to go ginger?
Short hair or long hair? What do you llike?
Bald Spots?
What type of Shaving razor is best to use to make designs in a woman's pubic hair?
HELP going blonde (pics) ?
where do i buy GHD curling iron from? thanx?
Can you guys help me?
My extensions went red but my hair went pink?
Hair trouble, please HELP!?
Do you know of a good leave-in conditioner?
Is my hair to long or should I let it grow a lil bit more?
Guys, what is hotter? long hair, short hair or...?!?
Any links for pictures of hair that has short layers on top and long layers on the bottom that is NOT EMO?
can a man get turned on sexualy by a hair dryer?
How can I get rid of split pieces in my hair?
What is the best way to take care of your hair?
every time i blow dry my hair i end up with all thiss flyaway hair along the top part of my head?what can i do
should i dye my hair 10points?
Rockaholic dry hair.?
I'm wondering which leave in conditioner is the best/your favorite?
which haircut/hairstyle is cuter?
which one.............?
can you get prom dresses with a fitted padded bra ?
Ways to thicken up hair? ten points :)?
What are some ways to make my hair gray?
My hair turned purplish gray from toner shampoo?
if you can pick any celebrity to give a hair makeover who would you choose and what would u cut there hair lik
how long do you think it will take to grow my hair to my shoulders from a short cut?
How long does it take for semi-permanent hair dye to wash out?
Would I look okay with blonde hair? or really horrible?
Which hairstyle do you like better?
What do you think of my hair?
did anyone use mane n tail's hair & scalp oil treatment creams?