What product can you shape your hair without looking glossy or stiff?
my bangs got messed up. are they that bad?
Anyone know how Wentworth Miller's hair cut is done?
When can you Swim after Dying your hair?
Guys: What color and length of hair do you prefer on a girl?
Do Hair Vitamins Make Your Hair Shed...?
'hair piece'???
Accidently sprayed nail enmal in my hair?
Hairstyles using bobby pins?
my hair turns green when i go ina pool or a hot yub?
Hair dye question?
How is the best way to straighten ur hair if its really wavy and thick cuz i use a flat iron??
who are the manufacturers of beautician's choice scalp food?
Girls what's your take on a guys hair?
Would I look good with black hair?
Dip-dying hair with Kool Aid?
Has anyone used Phytocyane shampoo?
I NEED HELP!!!!! my hair is frizzy?
Does anybody know how to do hair extensions?
Vitamin E Helps Hair Growth?
How good, are infinity straighteners, is it worth the $?
Are side bangs still "in"?
Hair Dye Question?
Which brand of shampoo gives off the strongest fragrance after use?
best hair steaightners?
Ladies please read and answer, very easy question.?
I have knee-length hair. Is it possible to get a perm with hair this long?
how to grow my hair in a week?
I am 34 yrs.old. woman. I have got many grey hairs.?
Purple Hair???????????
What should I do to my hair?
How to make my hair grow longer?
Should i dye my eye browls to match my dark hair? Mine are redish brown rightnow..?
Would i look good with scene hair? (pics included)?
Will my goatee grow any thicker? Plus another question. (Girls, I could use your help too)?
do you think this is true??
do the hairloss could be stop and regenerate the hair, or it´s just marketing?
Can you dye your hair bright red without bleaching it?
which hairstyle looks better?
Is my leg too hairy ?
How to remove dry hair dye from bed sheets?
Can anyone suggest a good website for a good modern hairt cut?
How do I grow my daughter's hair?
how do you figure out your boyfriend is cheating?
I want to dye my hair but...?
what do you think of this haircut?
Does anyone know if it is bad to dye your hair when you are pregnant?
Hairstyles for the Navy Ball?
good shampoo?
: / aw man hair dilemma!?
how to get straight hair without friz after using straighting iron?
I HATE my Curley hair!!!?
How would I look with bright red hair?
Is my hair ugly? EVERYONE at school says it's ugly. :'(?
Hair loss............?
will this hair colour suit me?
die my hair black and blonde non chemically black tea? help?
Could I pull of really short hair?
my beautiful long hair is falling out, what should i do?
Is sunsilk shampoo good for hair that was just permed?
How can I make my hair more flexible?
hair curler help!?!?
Hot comb or hair straightener for afro hair?
Mitzi....Blonde or Brunette???
what was the black people hair styles in the 80's?
i have a perm. i want to use a flat iron to see if i can make my hair straight. anyone have any advice?
where can I get 100% human hair extensions for fusion reasonably priced?
how stop hair thinning and curling?
can hair be relaxed after having it rebonded?
How do you prevent split ends?
How Short Is Too Short For A Buzzcut?
I want a change! Help me?
Will brunette make my the green in my eyes stand out?
Hair dye that washes out and does NOT bleach?
What could I use on my hair?
How to repair dry/damaged hair?
Is this hair style cute?
what should I do with my hair?
How can I get these curls/waves?
How can I scrunch my hair?
Pretty hairstyles for high school?
my hair is naturally light blonde but is dyed a medium brown what should i use to get it back to blonde?
ok do you belive kids should be shampooed at the barbers or hairdressers.and if so at what age?
bleaching my hair white...what do you think?
when you go to school do you straiten you hair every morning?
How do I get rid of these hair bumps on the back of my head?
Do you like me with curly or straight hair?
Can i put schwarzkopf live color xxl platnum blonde on already lightend hair?
how do i telll my mom?
is this hair way too long?
hair ideas for school?
is it bad to flat iron your hair when it's still a little damp?
Did I look better before or after my haircut? (pics included)?
can someone teach me how to do this hairstyle? (pic included)?
whats the best brush for a pitbull's hair?
does anybody have any recipes for banana bread?
Is a flat iron and hair straighter the same thing?
My hair is ORANGE. please help?!?
How do you add volume to hair?
Does anybody know where i could find this color hair dye?
what shampoo & conditioner would make my hair grow faster?
What hair products would you recommend?
how to keep my hair black without dying it?
Good idea to shave my head?
what is the color of your hair?
How do you bleach your hair? [10 Points!]?
After you shampoo your hair how long should you keep the conditioner in your hair until you rinse it off?
My mom won't let me shave, what do I do?
want to color my hair------but what color?
Relaxer on human hair extensions?
Need help with hair color!!!?
Is it ok for boys to have all pubic hair waxed off?
how do i get a sound when my mail arrives?
Hair Styles and Color 4 Girls?
Should I go back to this hair stylist?
how to make your hair curly after shower using braid techniques?
Do you like hair up or hair down?
I have a x on my head from wearing a hardhat, how can I get rid of it?
what shampoo could you recommend for greasy hair?
How often do you wash your hair?
A great hair product for natural curly hair?
Hair help! Please answer?
How to do a bun like this?
What to do with medium length hair for a winter formal.?
How to straighten curly hair with no heat?
What is a very easy/simple/fast hairstyle to do for school days?
is washing your hair every day bad?
im loosing my hears and i dont know what to do..?
How can you strighten you'r hair without damgeing it?!?
Where can i find Clairol Jazzing Hair color?
How to wash hair properly?
If I have brunette hair what color could I put in it that would look good?
should men be forced to wear chastity belts until they are married?
Hair Removal in Spice?
Blonde-dumb? Why do people call blondes dumb???
i have white hairs wht is the treatment plz helpme?
What doe you use to get your hair like this?
Is this a good haircut?
How to takecare of thick wavy hair?
HELP! What replaces original Redken Allsoft? I don't like new Redken Allsoft Shampoo or Conditioner?
which hairstyle looks better on me ? :D (PICS)?
how do the electricity at work regulations affect the use of electrical equipment in the salon?
do we like salim's new haircut?
The bump it hair piece?
Hair die black to purple ?
Hair question please help............?
how often is a 13 year old avrage girl sapost to shower and wash her hair?
should i dye my hair brown? ?
Which hair do you like better on him? [Pictures]?
About hair product?
How do you get rid of or fade black hair?
where can i find garnier color intense hair dye in shade 366 deep burgundy brown much obliged?
Embarrassed to go to hairdresser because obese, should I?
Which do you prefer, Murray's promade or 360?
How can I dye my hair black without damage?
Do I look good with blunt bangs?
Can anyone reccommend a good place to have my hair thermally reconditioned?
how do i grow my hair long?
Will It Come Out?!?!?!?!?!?
Are those new Tourmaline-Ion dryers really better?
Don't know whether to get this haircut?
What are the benefits of using Olive oil in hair?
Hairstyle for short hair?
Hair bleaching didn't quite work, should I do it again?
Which looks better? (guy hair)?
POLL : What do you guys think about this haircut ?
Look at these pics, Do you think my hair would look good this way?
my bangs are super short?
Do you like my hair cut?
i'm in my mid twenties and i'm starting to get grey hairs, help?
what is a perfect hairdo for hair that is thick ,frizzy wild hair?
For ladies:Does she want me to cut my hair?
How should I cut my hair?
i have dandruff and can you please tell me how to get rid of it?
I think I look too young with this haircut, pics included?
If I slick my hair back everyday, could I go bald?
How do I get my hair like this guy?
Straight hair to curly/wavy hair?
how we reduce dandruff with an homemade method?
I want to permanently dye my hair medium blonde, can someone help me PLEASE!?!??
How to make my hair longer?
what is a good ahirstyle to do with sweping bangs?
Should I curl or straighten my hair today easy ten points?
Cute Hair for a party?
cosmetoloist licening trasfer?
How much does the yuko cost and what will it do?
Niall Horan- Haircut question.?
should i dye my hair black?
What a good way to get defined curls?
best shampoo & conditioner for me?
Could I pull of really short hair?
Is medium brown hair and blue dark blue/greenish eyes common?
My Mom Thinks Because I'm Letting My Hair Grow Out That I'm......?
what are the best andis trimmers to cut a bald head?
can i go into a salon and ask for this style of cut?
if i use a flat iron and hairspray..will it still be straight in the water?
what does a hair pick do?
what would u rather be a blonde or a strawberry blonde?
should i dye my hair?
girlies, would love to get your help!?
hair question, getting hair cut on monday?
I Want My Hair Straight!!?
What do you call this hair style?
Hairstyling Problems! Plz Help?
Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?
How do you get your hair to look like this?
How to remove semi permanent hair dye?
Curly pixie hair?????
wanna go for my hair highlighting. how many days it takes to regain original hair colour? any side effects?
hair what should i do with it?
Would brown hair suit me?
Should I dye my hair? ?
Which one is more attractive: Blonde or brunette? (in a lady)?
Will my pores still be open if I don't rinse with cold water? (10 points)?
Where can I buy feather hair accessories for parties?
Can hair dye scab my scalp?
Please help! Question about Adolf Hitler!! 10 Points!?
tricks to help hair grow faster?
my sister got a really bad hair cut what should she do?
I want a punk hair cut but dont like mohawks or liberty spikes?
my boyfriend wants me to cut my hair to my chin, should i do it (pix)?
What quick easy cute hair styles can you do on medium length hair?
Why doesn't pulling a hair out by the root keep it from growing back? 10 points.?
Guys which hair color do you prefer?
Which is the best brand for ceramic flat iron for straightening carribean/latin hair?
How often do you shower? Do you wash your hair each time?
does N*E*1 have a good website that i can get some pics of designs for my 8th grade graduation 4 black people?
what's a good hair styles for short black hair? what of hip-hop fashion clothes are out there?
Do I look better with short hair or long hair?
How can i curl my hair without using a ton of hairspray?
anyone know a really good blow dryer?
Do girls prefer brunets or blonds and why?
Best hair color????????
have u wear a hair net be 4?
how do you get rid of curly hair ?
what are the starting wages of cosmotology graduates?
Is there any home-made products?
My friend seems to be losing hair, what she do to stop it?
Is teasing bad for your hair?
Can black people get hairstyles like white people?
What should I do with my hair?
what keeps your hair healthy?
I have thick hair? I'm a guy?
Blonde or brunette? With pictures?
Which type of hair curlers works best?
what color should i dye my hair......?
Straight or Curly hair?
what hair color do i look best in?
How to get full volume wavy hair that lasts hours?
How can you tell when your hair is dead and stops growing?
Hair cut help!?
my hair on my head is really hard and dry. kind of wiry and similar to pubes...?
any tips for styling my hair?
Do you put your hair up or down when you sleep?
How do I grow out my bangs faster?
should i cut my hair?
What is your natural hair?????
are bangs still in?
What are the names of the top hairdressing colledges in canada and where can I research for them?
i need straight hair ??? anyone help??
Will using colour b4 leave me with my natural hair colour and natural highlights?
how can i make my hair curly?
Is there a curling wand for really small/tight curls?
What hair color is this? (pics included)?
help me plz!?
do guys look better with short or long hair?
I gave myself a haircut and it's awful! I have school tommorow!?
which hair suits me best ?
Ladies , Guys with Medium Long Hair or Short?
Hair color for blue eyes and pale skin?
Would I look good with bangs? (pics included)?
How would I look blonde? (pic included)?
Hair help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What percent of women shave their forearms??
How long do I have to wait to re-dye my hair?
How does one make hair grow faster?
I'm losing hair and I don't know why?
Whats a good site that i can experiment with hair?
can anyone tell me step by step how to do a warp in my hair so it can be straight?
cute haristyles for going to the movies?
I have been using Salon Selectives Mousse for awhile now.?
is it safe to remove your body hair with mens razor?
Would coontail clip in hair extensions look fake on my short, red hair?
what kind of hairstyle is this?
Help with my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Should i get bangs? (picture included)?
Does a mono-brow or uni-brow make a man less attractive ?
whats the best way to add volume to hair? i have the flat and lifeless asian hair.?
HELP! my frizzy hair?
How do you get rid of oily hair?
What is the best shampoo?
I just colored my hair at home. But the dye fell on my skin and isnt comin off. how do i get it off? HELP!!?
What is in your opinion, the best shampoo and conditioner?
Hair TROUBLE!! =[?
what's some good Short Weave Hairstyles?
Hair ideas for work- tied back but different?
How many times a week should you wash your hair?
My hair feels dry & frizzy. Help?
Fast ways to do my hair?
Help! Please. 10 points for best answer!?
for the afro-carribeans: how best do you keep your hair from breaking.?
If i shave my arms would they turn green?
What is the most affective way to shampoo?
Grow hair really fast? !?
do i look better with curly or straight hair?
how should i wear my hair for school pictures?
non permanet hair dye?
I just dyed my hair and now cant get it out of my
how can i have spikes in my hair without it curlin over?
Hair Syles?
what texture is your hair?
My girlfriend has armpit/leg hair.?
How do you get popular at school?
Ladies: Which is better, baby smooth or stubble?
How to make hair grow long fast?
How much does it cost to Ombre/Partial Highlight hair?
How should I do my hair? (Braid)?
Short haircut for curly hair?
what kinda of shampoo do you use?
(for guys) which way do you like may hair the best?
Is aphogee for kids hair my daughter is 7 years old with natural hair but is so dry and wont grow.?
Is it good to not use shampoo at all?
how do you use the topsy tail?
frizzy damaged blonde colored long hair!!!!!!!!!! heeeelp?
Who else thinks that?
Where can i find pics of this haircut?
Would i look good with this hair color?
Do you think I could be a model?
what is ur fave colour of hair on a bf or gf?
Need Help With My Greasy Hair?
red hair on guys?
bride asked me to change my hair color. what do i do?
What is a good haircut for long, thin hair?
I'm going to have my eyebrows waxed, but i'm 13, am i too young?
how do you curl you hair with a straightener?
Have you ever tried Brilliant Brunett Shampoo from John Frieda? Did you see a difference?
Help me! About dying hair?
What should i do about my hair? help!?
What can I use to grow my eyebrow hair out?
i need some help.?
why do women hit the roof when men don't notice the new hairdo?
Can you go swiming after you get a perm?
Would your prefer pre bonded extensions or micro ring extensions?
Whate local hair salons in the Oakland/San Francisco area can I find Kerasome at?
Is her hair too long?
What can I do with my hair?
I'm a natural blonde and i want to dye my hair a light brown? not sure how it will look (pictures)?
Whats the best hair product to put in my hair after i take it out of braids?
What do you think of this hair style?
what percentage of women prefer bald men to men with hair and what is the age range?
Steps On how to get straight, silky hair? The best products and straghteners Too!?
Question about hair style for a round face?
why are sulfate-free shampoos not sold in stores?
is this hair cut/style cute???
What Highlights would look best on me?
I have curly, dry and very hard hair. How can i get silky and soft hair and how can i get healthy long hair?
I need some help over a hair problem?
Is it rare my hair changes color in the sun?
How should I cut my hair?
I need help with my dreads?
Would you rather be half-bald, or fully bald?
i need a nickname!?
Help Cutting FoxyLocks Extensions...?
do you wash your hair ones a day or ones every other day?
PIC INCLUDED: Bangs or no bangs?
how do i get scene hair?
What color should i dye my hair next?
What is a 'dry' shampoo?
please help me with my hair!?
Growing a Beard at 15?
What to do with my hair ( pics )?
Whats the best way to put red in my hair?
How do french braid?
Semi curly hair want it straight-men how to?
HELP! What is this hairstyle???? (pics inside)?
does everyone's hair only grow 1/2 an inch per month?
tomboy trying to be girlie any suggestions?
Should i cut my hair?????
any hairstyles for people with long, dark brown, naturally curly/wavy hair?
Do you judge people by the way they dress or fix their hair?
Hair problem please help me!?
i heard recently that new technology had been discovered restoring hair thru injection,is it true?
Dyeing my roots blonde?
Do you consider red hair ugly?
how do you get long hair?
I have welloxon herbal it peroxide fully or only α portion? I want my hair to turn red.?
which shampoo is good for oily hair?
Hair colouring advice (bleaching).?
I've been with my hairdresser for a long time. Recently, her salon has become one of the American salons that?
whats the best way of cleaning gold jewellery to make it look like new??
Need advice on Dark → Light hair dying?
What are some tips on having long hair but small face?
What kind of shampoo is good for oily hair?
what salon in brick nj will kno how to make my hair blond not yellow or orange?
i want purple and blonde hair..any body have any ideas!?
Help! I accidentally cut my hair too short?
I want to go from blonde to brunette?
What type of hair extensions are good?
How to regain my naturally curly hair pattern?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
Hair help???????????????????
has anyone used the burt bee's shampoo and conditioners?
Do biotin pills really help with hair growth?
How do u do this hair style?
my hair!?!?!?
Is ginger ugly? What do you think?
where do they sell 911 emergency hair treatment leave in conditioner?
how to make your big hair look thin?
I need a haircut should I shave it all off or get it styled whats the fashion?
Putting a hair texturizer in my hair?
I don't go to salons! But I really want to go back to my natural color! How do I bleach it w/o killing my hair
Do girls/women think long hair is sexy?
wedding day hair woes, to "do" or not to "updo?"?
do i look better with short or long hair?
Straiting irorn please HELP!!?
Girls, do u like afro's on black guys or fresh clean cuts?
Tips for blow drying hair?
I need help with Sallys Hair Extensions i-tips?
Why do we say we are getting our hair cut? It should be hairs?
Want To Dye Hair But Its Too Dark?
Locs/Dreadlocks. Who's wearing them & what do you think of them?
Should I go blonde?
Hair question ??? What age.............?
would i look good with black hair?!?
Free samples...?
How can I make my hair look more emo?
What would be a cute way to do my hair for the first day of school?
Nice N Easy hair dye?
How To Do My Hair On The 1st Day Back of School.?
i'm getting my senior pictures taken and i don't kknow what to do with my hair?
Does trimming your hair make your hair grow faster?
What are ways a stylist can make your think wavy/curly hair permanently less frizzy?
I have greasey hair?
Hair straightening..?
What must i do while my hair is fastly falling?
Hair extensions? Price? Good/bad? Where? Why?
how to make my hair more longer?
I am 22 yrs of problem is premture graying of hair?
Whould this look nice?
highlights for black hair?
does laser hair removal hurt? and how much does it usually cost?
hair tips for a guy please?
what is ur favorite kind of chip? easy ten points if u guess my favporite! easy!!?
How to clean my sock bun?
How can i style my hair wavy?its shoulder length long?
How can I make my hair a little curly??How can I make my hair a little curly??How can I make my hair a little?
What do you think of VO5 heat protector?
What shape of face do I have?
Who knows a way to grow black peoples hair?
i have gray hair, but applying color is causing hair fall... what should i do?
Can you wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo after a pre-poo treatment or do you use regular shampoo?
Can Doo Gro help stimulate my hair gowth faster?
why does pubic hair grow faster than other hair?
Blonde hair or Black hair? pics?
what kind of hot curlers work great?
Guys what do you think of short hair on girls?
How can I get my hair straighter?
The difference between.....?
Is it better to dye your hair first and then cut it or cut your hair and then dye it?
how should i do my hair for prom?
Asians? Hair Products? Excersise?
What colour should i dye my hair?
how should i do my hair?
Do my bangs look good? (i cut them myself)?
which straighteners are better babyliss tourmaline straighteners or vidal sassoon micro crystal straighteners?
I need some hair help!?
How to get silky shiny sleek soft hair plz help!!?
How to grow hair longer faster?
What color should I dye my hair?? (pictures)?
Is there any cream/substance that turns hair straight?
salon selectives used to make hair freshener/deodorizer i can't find it is there another product like it?
Hair Experts! I need to know something about going white blonde..?
answer asap about hair?
Why does the shampoo always run out before the conditioner? They are in the same size bottle!!?
is it ohkay to iron hair everyday?
is it weird for a guy to like doing hair even tho he isnt gay ?
how do i get my hair to look like this?
why do people hate gingers ?
What do you think is the best shampoo and conditioner?
what are cute styles?
Suave Professionals Styling Foam? (Extra Hold)?
Black hair to light brown ombre hair?
How often should you wash your hair?
I need opinions, Idk if i should dye my hair brown burgundy and then dye it brown?
Which hair color suits me the best? HELP NEEDED?
Hair growth?
Is the Bee Hive hair doo still popular? How do u feel about it?
Can I just test for a barber license if I already have a cosmetology license in California?
Ombre hair disaster help please?
how do i curl my hair?
is it healthy to straiten your hair every day?
Are there AfrAm sisters out there with suggestions of specific hair care products.?
Dark hair with purple.......?
I'm going to dye my hair with kool aid what color should I do ( see details)?
do you straighten your hair?
what should i do with my hair if it is big, naturally curly, and long. I have a slight heart shaped face?
Would I look good as a blonde? Photos available?
I need haircolors&a cut for tm !!?
What could I do with my hair?
OH MY GOODNESS....i found my first gray hair today!!! how old were you when you found yours??
Whats a good hairstyle that boys like? And for a concert.?
Does anyone know a hair stylist who specializes in styling natural balck hair?
Hair Problems!!! Girls I really need your help!!!?
Do guys like blondes better?
What color should I dye my hair?
where do i go to find a hairdresser who actually understands that i want my hair to look crazy and gross?
what to do about hair loss?
Clip in hair extension help?
short hair or long hair on a tall girl?
What is a good (but cheap!) flat iron?
how can i control my hair from dandruff?
Should I shave or use shaving powder ?
Has Anyone Tried L'Oreal Feria??
tresemme vs garnier fructis vs paul mitchell?
What's the best red hair dye?
Blonde hair, black facial hair....?
How Should i have my HAIR LONGER/SHORTER????
What do you use to prevent thinning hair?
Girls with natural hair please help me BC issue?
Which looks better curly or straight?
How long does it take to see results from Mane n Tail shampoo and conditioner, also...?
what can i use to stop human hair from shedding?
dying over peek-a-boo highlights?
What hair color would suit me best?
i want bangs really bad!?
Medium length haircuts with bangs?
How to curl my hair! Please help! ?
What color should i dye my hair (PICS)?
which would look better, brunette or blonde?
How to get my hair longer? tips..?
green/bluey eyes - best hair colour?
Guys! (over the age of 14 please. Lol)?
has anyone used conical rollers, because i need to do something with my hair because my long hair is to flat?
Hair:curly or straight?
i got My hair bleached in Chunks , its horribly damaged .?
I want to dye my hair blue?
i realllllllllllllllllly want long hair.?
Price of livon hair gain oil?
How can I get my hair like this?
does ironing of hair lead to dryness?
How long does it take for long eyelashes to grow back to where they use to be?
What will happen if???
Hair question ?? ( pic )?
I have natural black hair and this is my first time dying it .?
I have texturized my hair 3 times in the a period of 7 months , & I did a texturizer a week ago .?
Going blonde without bleaching?
what hair color is this? I was thinking it was dark blond.?
frizzy hair!!!?
A Hair Question. I have curly hair and I need help!?
My Hair is falling out! Please help!?
What color feather hair extension should I get?
do girls like pushed back puffey hair?
How to get these curls (after the jump)?
How often should i co wash my hair?
Will my hair be fine if i dye it blonde?
I have dandraff how many times a week should i wash my hair?
hw to keep my curls??
What do you like best - my straight, wavy or curly hair? *pics*?
is my hair too looong?
i need a cute hairstyle can you help?
Do people still sell their long hair?
I dyed my hair darker and now I look like a freak... :c?
does biotin work for body hair?
I'm 16 and thinking about becoming a hairstylist?
What type of hair color attracts you more? Girls?
Which girl is prettier? Thanks, :)?
Biotin Hair Growth Questions? 10 Points.?
Carol's Daughter Products?
Shaving, trimming?Best ways to keep downstairs neat and tidy?
What kind of hairstyle should I get? (pic inc)
I have been blonde for two years. Should I go back to my natural brunette hair? Just yes or no!!!?
Which color hair looks best on me? (with PICS)!?
what does featherd hair look like?
How do u keep pubic hair groomed?
question about rag curling hair!!!?
Balding Men. Cut it short or not?
does ash brown hair dye turn ur hair green?
What's the difference?
What's is your favorite hair color??**?
How do i get my hair to curl? (Curling Iron)?
Manic Panic hair dye?
I have never died my hair before but nowive tried but it wont take the colour ? why ?
Which hairstyle is better on me AND WHY?
punishment haircuts?
Can somebody tell me how to give my hair a wavy style?
Should I dye my bangs pink?
Heide klum's hair season 5
would you like it if a guy or boyfriend french braided your hair?
can we put on bleach for r hair??
What can you do to get extra shine in your hair?
so i have some stomach hair(pretty much a happy trail).would guys think this is ok?
Long hair in the worplace?
How guys spiked hair in the 80's?
Does massaging your scalp help hair growth?
How long does it take to grow hair?
Hi, How should I put my hair advice Pleaseeee?
Is it bad to wash my hair every day?
what colour should i dye my hair? (pitures included)?
which are the main human head shapes???
hair flicks at the ends after straightening?
What kind of hair (easy 10 points)???
How do I get rid of reddish tones in my hair?
Which haircut would suit me?
I posted a previous question about my damaged hair and my hairdresser's suggestion to cut it very short.?
Straightening my hair everyday...?
Is curly blonde hair rare for a boy?
Anyone tried Herbal Essences - help?
How do i get my hair to stay nice and curly through the day without damaging it?
how bad does my new hair cut look? (pics)?
battle of the hair dyes?
Is it possible to take my hair extensions out myself?
should i change my hair back to blonde? or keep it like this? Or maybe black?
Hair Bleaching Question! Please Help?
Is this too old looking for a 22 year old?
My hair is curly but i want it more ? how to do it without heat?
should i be shaving by now.?
What is a good hair product to hold hair in high humidity??
hair dye bleeding?
Perms? the process and damage?
Hair extensions?
So I'm a guy and I got a short haircut that looks rediculous, What should i do?
What color or hair would look good on me?
"Ladies" Do you find Pony-Tail (on men) hair style attractive.???
Is it healthier for my hair to brush when it's wet or dry?
is there any natural ways to make your hair grow bc i dont have $ for vitamins??
would this haircut look good on me?
How soon after dying my hair can I do it again?
My hair is really and when i use a conditioner its still kinda hard, how do i fix this?
what kind of hair cut should i get?
How can I straighten my hair...?
Would you ever dye your pubes?
What color would you call this?
Why are brunettes so bitter?
Do you think im attractive?
How do you get "beachy" hair?
how do i use oganic hair thickener?
Girls should guys leg be hairy or smooth?
Which looks better on me?
If I have level 3 brown hair, what do I need to use to streak one part of it blue without using bleach?
girls:long or short hair on guys?
Hair Growth Trick?
I feel really ashamed of my hair and think I look ugly. Help?
how to keep my hair wavy after you braid it overnight?
Is chest hair on guys gross or no?
Is hair color safe for a 22 year old?
Help! I cut my bangs too short!?
what can i do to get my sensitive hair straight?
have u ever had a perm?
Is there something than a straghtner 2 make my hair strait?
Do u feel is okay for boys to cut their eyebrows?
Will my hair grow back/ever b bak to normail?
hairstyles for oval face..?
can i spray deodorant on my hair?
Should I shave/wax my arm hair?
wat is electrolysis for hair removal.tell me in detail?
Kool Aid dip dying question?
How does Go Curly by Marc Daniels work on black hair?
how do you fell about this hairstyle?
Hello everybody! i need your help my snake hurt its leg.?
What color is popular for hair right now?
how to fix my hair for school dance?
hair help please how should i cut it?
What are the latest springtime styles of armpit hair?
Hair colors for super pale skin?
I need help learning how to take care of curly hair so i can straighten it?
if you have hair extensions, can you still put your hair in a ponytail?
How long should I leave hair dye on for?
where can you buy cheap hair extensions?
if you are short can you still have long hair?
Hair cut help?
Teenage beauty gurus on YouTube?
How gross is back hair?
how do i get my hair on 8Th grade promotion?
How should I do my hair?
how can I find out if Cherryhill Beauty Supply in Inkster Michigan has a website?
Black Hair Care: How long should I wait before putting a perm back in?
Who knows what a PUERCOESPIN is?
Best shampoo for wavy hair?
cute summer hair styles?
Question about red hair dye?!?
I have REALLY thick hair. How do i make it more managable.?
hi. I have a question about what hair style would look nice on me. please read details?
Do I really have long hair?
do u like curly hair or straight hair better?
which pic do you like best?
Tricks to cutting split ends?
Guy with long but DRY hair, how to make it healthy looking?
whats a website that you go on to see what your hair would look like a diffrent color/cut? you like a guy with a short, cleancut haircut or long hair?
Man wats tha best brushin method to gettin 360 waves?
is it really true love with me and my husband Rashid?
girls , favourite hair Color on a guy , guys favourite hair color on a girl?
Hair color question?
bleaching tips of hair to get dip dyed kool aid out?
How can I get rid of split ends without cutting my hair?
should i leave my hair colour as it is, or dye it red/redy brown im 13 pictures included guys?
I want an emo/scene haircut, Pictures?!?
Best blonde hair dye?
Seeking for professional's recommendations on organic salon-quality shampoo/conditioner?
Anyone know salons that do hair infusions in Los Angeels, Ca.?
Kay, I'm thinking about dying my hair red (pics)?
What color should i dye my hair ? (pic included)?
how to get your hair really shiny?
Am I ugly and fat and what should i do with my hair?
what color should i dye my hair?
Why does my hair change so much after I wash it?
My Hair is now 3 inches in 6 months after my Head was shaved. How many more Inches will it grow for 6 more m?
Tips on growing african american hair to the middle of my back ... help ?
Do you think that I should dye my hair blond?
Hair growth cream for beard patch?
Bathing Our Kids Together?
help picking next haircut?
some girls said curly hair is dorky and i should straighten it?
Hair question. need answer asap?
hair cut ideas ? pleasee?
Why do i have super fine/thin hair?
which hair products [sold at gnc] work?
Why am I losing hair?
what is the best heat protectant for frequently straightened hair?
Curly wavy or strait hair what's sexier?
i am in love in one person but he love me i dont no then iam very confused?
What should i do about my hair? help!?
I love to dye my hair red and I do it often,what can I do for the dryness I get from frequent dying?
what a good gel for permed hair?
is Herbal Essences a good brand?
how to do this hairstyle?
Question for black women with locs.?
Would this haircut look good on me?
How can I get him to play with my hair?
Dying hair blonde from brunette.?
for curly haired people!!!?
How can i help my hair not to be so dry?
Should I change my look?
Can 30vol developer mixed with color lift previously coloured hair?
Do y'all have any ideas for an awesome hairstyle for RELAXED HAIR?
what color should i streak or highlight my hair?
Apart from New York, where else in America does John Frieda® have a salon? Miami, Boston or Los Angelas.?
Does using heat protectant make your hair greasy?
What color is victoria beckham's hair?
What hairdryer and brush should I use?
Girls favorite teen hairstyles for guys?
how long does it take for purple toning shampoo to work?
What color should I dye my hair.?
Girls help! What hair straightners do you recommend??
How do I get my hair to grow thicker?
why people think that italians are dark,hairy?
How to keep your hair scrunched all day?
My 12 year old daughter wants to use shampoo!!!!!!!!?
haven't washed my hair in 2 months./?
What hairstyle should I get (pics included)?
What is a good app for colouring hair?
Where can one buy vintage decorative hair combs?
how much volume cream developer do I use?
Do I need to know exactly how I want my hair when I go to get it cut?
Would you rather have short healthy hair or long with split ends?
What color should I dye my hair?
How do i prevent greying of hair?
I have long, fine, straight hair that gets oily very quickly, what can help treat this?
What damages your hair more..?
Hair color question!??
Please .s. Sew in weaves ?
How do i get my mustache to grow faster for movember?
What hair color would suit me?
What are some ways i can fix my damaged hair?
I have black hair, how can I get my hair to be auburn with henna?
What does pink lotion do to your hair?
in need of new hair!!?
Hair Tips!? 10 points to the 1st helpful person!!!! I PROMISE!?
Is curly or straight hiar pretty?
is their something wrong with my hair?
What kind of reaction do you think I'll get if I go to school with white hair?
what would you think plaitnum or dirty blonde?
Any shampoos/conditioners i could use?
What colour did you dye your hair last time?
Would this hairstyle look good on me>?
How do I make my hair grow a tad bit faster?
Need help with hair coloring?
Will I look stupid with blonde hair?
would my hair look good blonde?
Best Redken shampoo for my hair?
how to take care of dry hair?
What is the best Hair/scalp shampoo/conditioner?
What is the longest hair you have seen on a female ?
MEN: your opinions please?
What is the best way to get rid of pubic hair?
What are some cute ways to style thick, curly hair? ?
What haircut fits my faceshape?
do pony tails look good on dudes? (pics)
would you let your daughter dye her hair purple?
How do you put in dream girl extensions ?
How to get my facial hair not to stand up?
how could i protect my hair from heat?
How can i keep my hair straight?
Best Highlight Color?
Do you think really thick curly hair is ugly?
Will this hair style look good on me??
Need a good haircut idea?
Why does the hair above my sideburns not grow?
Houston Colorist???
Manic Panic dye experts help meeeee?
How will these hairstyles look on me??please help!?
What is your idea of beautiful hair?
Cutting pubic hair?
Question about dying hair?
Idont understand how they do it!!! Please help!?
how can lighten my hair without dye?
Why does my hair change color?
How To Legitly Grow Damaged Hair Out?
What is a good straightning iron?
I am 5feet.My hair is upto my thigh.All i do is braids.Any suggestions for better hairstyles?
How do i get hair like...?
What can I do to make my hair longer faster?
I had razor bumps in the back of my neck and it took my hair what do i do ?
how often should I do aphogee protein treatments I just did one a few weeks ago?
What color should I die my hair?
Do girls prefer long hair on guys, or short?
need help with hair?
how to get a round brush out of my hair!?
i need pictures of the wigs the cast wore in cats the musical?
My hair falls out a ton?
How do i lighten my hair natually?
I have long, fine, straight hair that gets oily very quickly, what can help treat this?
what are hairstyles and haircuts that are face slimming?
what hair weave or name of weave is is beyonce wearing in the pic?
How do you go a few days without washing your hair?
What does it mean if hair grows twice as fast as it's supposed to?
tell me some home made recipes for fast hair growth and healthy hair.?
Can u think of any hairstyle?
What is the best flat iron for Afican American hair? (least damaging)?
Should I shave my head? Would I look stupid? How do you keep people from laughing at you?
Hair advice pleaseee?!?
Who to remove dandruff and stop hair falling?
Having white hair at a young age?
How can I get my hair straight without spending much or taking alot of time?
are electric tweezers permanent?
I really need prom hairstyle ideas?!?
not all blondes are stupid!!!?
I need help...What would be a good hairstyle for me?
how do i get my hair straight so i can spike it?
i have highlights in my hair, they are caramel, i have light brown hair, what is a good color highlight for my
short hairstyle photo for me? or help donate?
I hate my
What is your favorite hair color?
How much does it cost to get your hair dyed blond at a stylist??
I whant to change the colour of my hair but I am not sure?
Which hairstyle is cutest?
daniella monets bangs?
I Want To Change My Hair.............?
Women. Harry chest or shaved, which do you prefer?
Bleaching Help? My hair is yellow, orange, red.?
My hair is short and curly,i want it straight, do you thnk i should relax it?
Can I use 100% human Remy hair extensions in my hair?
I'm 35 and I have been growing some grey hair, would it be weird if I had my hair colored?
which shampoo is better pantene or suave?
How can I prevent hair loss?
would this be wierd to ask a hair salon on the phone?
Can your job make you wear straight hair?
what are some good volumizing sprays for wet sets?
Which hairstyle is better on me AND WHY?
How do I do the Belle hairstyle?
How do i untangle my hair extensions?
japanese hair straightening in singapore?
Ahh! Can someone please help me and not laugh?
Highlights or streaks?
im a guy and i want my hair soft, smoth and good looking like girl's hair , what do i do?
shaved arms ?? help?
What’s the best way to keep your hair healthy and shiny?
Why is my hair always dry?
What are some simple, easy hairstyles?
what should i do with my hair?
Guy needs hair product help?
reasonable teenagers hairstyles?
Please Help me out this IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!?
Where to get a good fade/blowout hair cut in little rock arkansas?
Why i have such greasy hair!?
do u think curly hair is better than stright?
How should i style (put up) my short, thick, wavy/frizzy hair?
help. how do you deal with frezzy hair?
Is washing your hair every day bad for it?
I want to grow my hair faster?
Would I look good with blonde hair?
how do I lighten hair by using the sun? I've heard of using lemon but does that really work?
do yall think i should dye my hair wat color?
Blonde or Brunett?
What should I do with my hair? (Pic included!)?
Would my hair be healthier if I did this. . .?
Do you like long hair or short on guys?
help me my hair!![bang]?
My sister permed her hair and hot combed it right after she roller set why is her hair falling out?
What Are The Best Straightners Around .. ?
What is better blondes or brunettes?
Wat do u thin about Platinume blonde hair?
Should i have my hair cut short?
Would black hair look terrible on me? (PICTURES)?
What's the best shampoo and conditioner to use?
my grandaughter has pink bubble gum in her hair, how do you get it out with out cutting the hair?
What is the best way to get curly hair without getting a perm?
What color should I dye my hair? ?
Do you prefer your hair to be curled, straightend, or teased?
burnetts or red heads?
Should I get Bangs? What Kind? Pic's Included
How to style my hair?
i neeeeeed a new haircut pic..?
My little girl wants pink in her hair.?
how can i do a tiny braid like Sean Paul . hair?
Short bangs ?? should i get them "PICS INCLUDED"?
what can i do to make my hair lighter?
Corkscrew Curls and what products to use to keep up the style?
How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back?
how can you make your hair short without cutting them?
How much do people usually grow their hair in a year?
Ugly Split Ends Damaged Hair ! Any Product Suggestions?
any good websites for toddler girl hairstyles?
beauty advice? :) 10 points.?
how can i get straight hair natrually without using hairstraitners?
If I wanted to pull out my pubic hair would you recommend doing it 1 by 1 or grabbing loads at the same time?
r those brunette gurlz pretty when they color the underneith section of their hair blonde?
Problem with hair? please help only 17 :(?
What type of people should avoid long hair?
How can i grow my fangs naturally? I am a human. Tell me tips and tricks, naturally making big fan every thing?
What can I do to keep my hair from getting frizzy?
How long does it take for the average human to wash their hair?
I got my haircut today, my pics included! Luv the change!?
Are clip-in hair extensions worth it?
How can I prevent fly-away, staticy hair in winter, without weighting it down?
Where can i find a good hair cutter place?
Will box braids suit me?
Girls: Which hairstyle do you prefer?
What is a good moisturizer for black hair?
i dyed my hair on october 23 and i want to know can i perm my head now or should i wait another week?
Will side swept bangs work for me?
blonde or brunette? help?
How should I cut my hair?
What are some tips that make my hair grow faster??
Good 360 wave method?
I washed my hair yesterday , if i wash it today would it....?
Would this hair color look good on me?
Manic Panic vs. Splat vs. Special Effects?
How to get rid of brassiness?
Do you know any negative effect of washing hair during night?
My hair is very thick and takes ages to dry, is anyone like me?
Facial hair with shaved/buzzed head?
Just took my braids out? I moistuze it everyday?
how many times a week do you wash your hair.?
Dark brown hair, what colour highlights should I get?
Can u add hair while you are backcombing for dreadlocks?
can i dye my hair when is humid or raining outside?
how i can protect my hair from fallen dowen?
How do you get hair dye from your hands :(?
prom hairstyle for a blue strapless dress and what kind of make-up color?
Hair half updos for grad?
Would I look good with dark blonde hair?
How often do you wash your hair, girls ?
What exactly is in hair relaxer (a chemical straightener)?
Does the lemon juice thing really work to lighten hair a little? (pics)?
Should I cut my hair?
How many times a week should I use conditioner on my hair?
How can I dye my hair a purple WITHOUT bleaching it?
im like super scene and stuff?
Which stores carry Special Effects Hair Dye in Canada?
Will Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Permanent Hair Dye Last?
dye blonde to red hair?
Does lemon juice lighten hair? :)?
which pre natal vitimin should i buy for thicker and healthier hairs? any name ?
What is a good haircut for a heartshaped Face?
how often do you wash your hair?
What shampoo/conditioner products would you suggest for the humidity? [please read before answering]?
Does anyone know of a Dominican stylist or hair salon in Hampton Roads Virginia? I live in Hampton. Thanks?
What hair style should i where to homecoming?
What are the characteristics of flat iron that is safe for your hair, and does minimal damage?
Do you really believe "shorter hair takes years off a face"?does it really make one look younger?
Can you tell me if straight bangs would go on me.?
Bleach blonde or no???
Are Super silky Jumbo Braid hair good for rope twist.?
what colors go well with medium blonde hair and brown eyes?
which hairstyle is better?
What are some short hairstyles I can tryout?
How do i remove the permant hair dye in my hair?
How should I get my hair cut?
how can i get my hair to get these beachy waves?
How to get rid of dandruff ?
Should I go blonde (pics)?
Whats the best vitamin to use to get your hair to growwwwww?
Why is my hair dark red?
What should I tell my hair dresser?
Blonde or Burnette???
How can I keep my curly-ish hair frizz free?
how should i cut my hair?
Why is my blonde hair turning green in the shower? havent been swimming!?