I Want to Dye My Hair(pics)?
How to Straighten My Hair...?
Does Fantastic Sams do hair extensions?
Will my facial hair grow thick?
Blonde or Brunette?
How to get this orangish color out of my hair?!?
BLONDE or BRUNETT . which one you prefer , and why ?
What are the best products for fine/limp hair to get volume?
highlights for brunettes?
hello, i want to grow dreadlocks, i shaved my head yesterday as starting from scratch?
where can I buy Aussie 3 minute miracle ?
Mens haircut questions?
Finishing chemo next tuesay!!! Help about hair growth:)?
How do I get the hair on my temple area to grow?
Bored of my look, advise,please?!!(pics)?
is it heathy to wash your hair everyday?
hairstyle for messy hair?
how to make your hair grow super fast?
Which do you prefer: straight vs. wavy hair?
how do i get my hair to look damp?
would you rather???????????
free samples?
Foiling dark brown hair to caramel colour?
Blonde or brown hair?
what store sells the conair medium spiral curlers?
Is there any way that hair can grow faster?
I need a new Hairstyle!?
How can I dye my hair blond without it turning green in Chlorine?
Girls! Do you like slick back hair?
Hair Question...Opinion?
Should I dye my hair? ?
Would purple shampoo even out the different tones?
how to straigten frizzy hair? i just have a little frizzy hair on top and i do brush my hair?
could u plz tell me the address of Dr. Urjita jain's clinic in mumbai?
when you have long hair, will the hair grow slower?
My hair is damaged. What should I do?
Hair dye question about dark hair. HELP PLEASE?
Girls only! What's your opinion?
my hair was up to my shoulders.i want long and smooth shining hair.?
Help reduce damage in relaxed hair?
BAD haircut?!?
Should girls shave the hair on their arms?
could someone please answer my question? I keep getting no answers?
Will it harm me if I highlight my hair with Safranin or Phenolphthalein?
any websites that show you haw to de hair?
Gentle shampoo?
straight or curly?
How do I prevent hair from getting static after I curl/straighten it?
Which Hair Styles Would Suit Me (Male)?
I need a new hair style.?
What color is this girl's hair?
how much does a body wave cost?
What is the best way to press african-american hair. What are the best straightening products for black hair.
Which hairstyle do you prefer on me?
What's an easy, fast way to curl my hair?
Does hair grow faster in the summer or winter?
I died my hair Jet Black and I added high lights. Need help with this mess!!?
What does a water reservoir do in a straightener?
is egg yolk good for your hair?
what shampoo do you use?
I'm looking to buy Hair products to sell in a flea market,anyone know of good cheap vendors, to buy from.?
men do u like blonde, brunette or red heads?
sun in on medium dark hair?
Dying my hair darker..?
I am so bored with my hair!! how can i change it?
scene haircut picture?
Does my hair look good curly? pic!?
How long is too long?
how should a short white girl do her hair for the first day of high school?
I straightened my hair everday. Now i have reeally bad damaged hair. Even my hair sticks up! How can i fix it?
would i be betraying gingers if...?
how can i make my hair more managable?
what should i do with my hair for my 8th grade graduaction?
Why do guys like Blonde's better ?
Hairstyles for oval shape face ?
I need hair help please?
What do I need to do to become a licensed cosmetologist in Europe?
how often should I shampoo?
do you think red heads are ugly?
Is there a way to straighten a wig made of fake hair?
Would i have to bleach my hair if i wanted to dye my hair red i currently have it black ?
Seriously, can someone help me with my hair???!?
Do all Moroccan oils work the same no matter what the brand?
What color is your hair?
do you think red heads are ugly?
What kind of Hairstyles do 13 year olds do for school every morning?
Ethnic Hair Help?
How to make my hair less frizzy?
my haircut is in the morning! help me ASAP im begging u!!!!?
Thick, curly hair to straight and thinner.. wtf?
would a bob hair suit me?
are weft hair extensions comfortable and easy to put in a ponytail?
LONG HEALTHY hair??????
Is this guys hair do dreads or cornrows?
does anyone know ay cute short or medium hairstyles?
i wanna have emo hair. how?
Do you like me with curly or straight hair?
How come my I have bright blonde eyebrows but dark brown hair?
I was wondering if it was feasible to work in a salon seasonally.?
What is the best and most efficient way of obtaining healthy looking and feeling hair after bleaching it?
I have frizzy hair! Help! Any advice?
How can I make my hair grow faster?
tips on how to get longer, thicker hair?
How do I get rid of the white crusts at the end of my eyebrows?
I need to know good barber shops in miami beach?
is the chi straightener a good straightener?
I had brunette hair with highlights . . (read on)?
I need help with finding a new hairstyle?
Blondes or Brunettes?
How should I do my hair?
What can you use to restore the health of the hair after having it bleached?
What do you think of this hairstyle?
how do i get my hair to stay straight when i straighten it?
How Do i Create This Look?
How do I get healthy hair again?? Help please.?
Important HAIR problems! please help, thanks?
dreadlock help for kent/medway area in the UK?
Do u condition and wash your hair everyday?
I am 34, male. My hair start graying. How to get around this?
How long does hair chalking last?
I've had my period for about two years and i dont know if i'm ready for tampons.?
I cut my hair really short, does it look good?
how do you get rid of frizzy hair?
I want to become a hair stylist so practice ideas? easy 10 points!!!?
whats the best hair cut for a gay guy?
how can i make my hair grow faster?
Do you like me with curly or straight hair?
How fast does hair grow? I need a specific answer...?
Guys preferrably, do you like this?
Will my hair get darker?
Keratin Treatment questions. please answer :o?
blonde or brunette? (pictures)?
I need a way to make my hair longer.?
should i cut my hair?*pics*? you like guys with short, cleancut haircuts?
how to get nice hair again?
How do i stop my hair from curling?
HELP ! Chemically damaged hair from bleaching ! ):?
Do I look better blonde or dark? *photos*?
how can i make my hair look scene without spending too much money?
i want to dye my hair blue?
are people born with uneven hairlines?
how to get my hair to look goth?
I am desperate for a new hair style. Help please? x x?
which bangs would suit me?
I'm looking for some hair grease called rebound they sale it in jail but not on the streets I'm trying to find
What hair color looks best with green eyes?
Do you know?
Can white people do something to their hair to get it more like black peoples hair?
blonde or brunette?
My mum wont let me dye my hair blonde :(?
how can i get my hair to stick up at the top like this?
How to grow eyebrows back out?
Do I need to use developer?
What color should I dye my hair?
I need a buzz cut but how do I ask?
what can i use to make my hair not static after i straighten it?
I dye my hair blonde, is there any dye product out there that does not leave your roots brassy?
Best hair style for me?
How Old Were You When You First Dyed Your Hair?
How to make my hair look like this? (picture)?
Hair dye this color, redish tone?
How to grow your hair longer? Please Help?! PLEASEE <3 XXX?
Bleached all color out of my hair a week ago,dyed over ash blonde. Now blonde uneven. Can I dye it bright red?
Why doesn't my hair grow??
Places in Houston to get Hair Straightened?
How do i get my hair really straight in 2 hours?
s! Should I take a risk for awesome hair?
Pink tips(in my hair) help?!(:?
should i shave off my leg hair?
How'd i look with dreads?|pics here|?
How should I get my hair cut? (pictures are included)
I recently bleach my hair and a week later i PERM my hair and i have no hair on head what should i do?
how can i style my hair?
What is the best way to start dreadlocks?
Is it damaging to leave Manic Panic on longer than the label says?
How should I do my hair?
Side bangs for rounder faces?
How do you get your shampoo smell to stay in your hair?
How much does Toni & Guy academy in Scottsdale as cost?
Girls, what kind of facial hair would look better on a guy?
Which side bangs do you like the best?
Stylish men's hair for a longer forehead?
How can lowlights an highlights be done at same time on hair?
What do you like better (look-wise): Shoulder length bob, or waist length hair?
Which Flat Iron should I buy?
Why did girls do this to me?
how to dip dye hair blonde with household products?
how to get rid off hairs naturally..?
Girls Please Help! Hair Question?
poofy/frizzy hair problem?
How should I do my hair????
haircut? ?
Todays my first day of school and my hair smells like smoke... HELP?
What can I do with this haircut? ):?
cute hair styles?
Hair question!! Switch to blonde?
how do deal with THICK hair?
Realistic clip in hair extensions?
how to go from black hair to brown?
wats ur opinion on this straightener..?
how do i get my curls to stay all day !?
Long brown hair, getting really bored of it.?
Straight hair!?
Girls..long or short hair on men?
Does hair grease/gel cause damage to the brain?
What coldor should I dye my hair?
Hair Color Product that won't damage it?
hows this caled ?? the two colors i want to do it but i dont know how its caled?
i have wavy do i make it straight?
How do you get a side-part?
what is a cute hairstyle for an 18 yr old girl going to college?
i want something different to do with my hair besides a pony tail im up for complicated if theres directions?
how do i do my hair like this? x?
What do you do to a afro when you're going to sleep?
pls.answer if not it will resuslt to a bad hair day!?
ladies w/ big foreheads?
Could i pull off blunt bangs (PICS!)?
Why did the blonde hair dye make my hair darker instead of lighter?
Should I shave my pubic hair?
If I want to wrap hair around the elastic of a ponytail...?
are my eyebrows to dark to have my hair blonde?
does anyone know of some good quality HAIR STRAIGHTNERS?!?
does family dollar sell Africa's Best Kids Organics Gro Strong Triple Action Growth Stimulating Therapy?
Dying coloured hair (blonde) back to natural colour (chocolate brown)?
Sulfate free and sulfenate free shampoo and conditioner?
i have Marianna's Cream Peroxide Developer, what else do i need to bleach my hair?
I am lossing my hair......?
Hair color question? (pic of my hair included)?
Is this weird looking?
What color should I dye my hair?
Dying hair blonde or light brown?
how to win?
well i got my hair curled and now its frizzy and dry what should i do?
how do i style my hair like a scene girls hair?
ive noticed my hair is a bit boring....?
Is vegetable hair dye good?
I need a Shampoo and Conditioner that smells like Coconut : )?
Hairstyle advice... Big forehead...?
what is the best shampoo and conditioner?
Hair style right for me?
HELP!! ... bleached hair emergency!!?
what would go with a number 3 on sides, what should i get on top ?
split ends?
What kind of haircuts/styles are best for a woman with a round face and glasses?
I am growing a forest in my pants, nice, huh?
Scene hair help?! Needed ASAP!?
Don't want green hair!?
how is hair mousse different from hair gel?
major hair dillemmas... read on please...?
i am looking for john freids sheer blond"spun gold" shaping and highlighting balm, anyone out there know wher
Has anyone ordered a wig from ?
does anyone have female hair loss?
whats a good cut for this summer?
i have dyed my hair over 5 times in two weeks once was bleach i want to dye it just light brown over the blond
Black or red? Which do you prefer?
I like my hair Down mum wants my hair Up !!! why do we have to fight so much about hair stuff ?
how come white trash girls on vacation in mexico get corn rows or beads its so ugly?
I bleached my eyebrows to lighten them, now it looks like I have no eyebrows.?
Well ... should we go swiming or stay in an airconditioneed house?
how could i straiten my hair with less damage?
how to do a french tail (french choti ) (its a hair style )?read details?
What color should I dye my hair?
Is dying your hair dangerous?
How to get my hair like Miranda Kerrs?
Oily scalp, but not oily hair.?
Would i suit long hair?
very very damaged hair?
if i get my hair shorter then 1/2 inch, will they still be able to tell i done weed within 90 days?
Which style do you think looked best on me.?
How to achieve hair volume?
I have hair upstairs but not downstairs?!?
I'm getting this hairstyle! What do you think of it?
My hair is super do i make it wavy???
Tips on hair?
My hair its dry! And my freckles, are multiplying! Help, please!?
Magic treatment to repair hair?
will stress cause hair-loss?
How to stop gaps in fringe?? (MALE)?
can anyone give me tips on how to grow my hair?
how to get scene style hair?
Hair Care products Website?
if i dyed my hair black, is it possible to dye it in another color next time?
Homemade remedies for straight hair?
What kind of streaks should I do in my hair?
Using nair hair removal on bikini area?
hair style advice (picture included)
What are some ("scene") hairstyles that would complement me?
My hair keeps falling out?!?
How can I achieve this hair-style?
I need advice please.......PICS?
How to get hair like Regina Spektor?
What is this hair style called?
Guys do u like long hair or short hair?
What shall i wear while growing hair out?
How do I get my bangs to go off my face?
Which hair style suits me more? pic inside?
Why is blonde a color only for hair and not for rooms, crayons, etc.?
Do they make purple colored hair moose?
Redhead or brunette? HELP?
how to undye my hair?
Will i regret dying my hair orange?
how do you get blonde tips in brown hair?
Whats this hairstyle called?
Blonde or brunette hair?
Does dyeing your hair often damage it?
what color should i dye my hair?
make my hair less poofy?
black girls, how long after a perm can i re perm my hair?
How to get this hairstyle? plz help 10 points?
Best shampoo/conditioner/after product for thick / oily/ frizzy/ flyaway / curly hair ?
Wondering what new hairstyle to try?
could i ever be a model......truthely?
Are bangs just totally out?
What is the hottest hair color right now?
What is an easy way to style your hair with only one chopstick?
Can I dye over my Highlights?
Is there any hair grease that i can use for a flattop/hi-top?
Kool Aid Dip Dyed Hair?
How to get blonde hair naturally?
whats your favourite hairstyle???
Why is it with my hair?
Poll: Do you straighten your hair?
ia have straight long hair how can i get it to look wavy and messy?
Should I ditch being blonde?
Should I cut my hair or not?
questions about perms?
what kind of haircut would fit on me?
I need some hair color ideas...?
What makes hair salons better then barbershops?
How to find and purchase Japanese Hair Grow longer shampoo product online?
Is the KQC flat iron worth the money?
Which hair style do you like best? I am getting married March2?
Should i change my hair? (pics)
Do you thihk Oprah has TOO MUCH HAIR?
should a 13 year old dye their hair?
I ran out of shampoo and don't have time to run to the store. Will malt mix work just as well?
question about body wave?
Does anyone know a site or something where I can ask how I should do my hair by giving a photo?
Is washing hair frequently bad?
What do you think of this hairstyle?
Random pube question,HELP?
Need some good hair care products?
Piecy and wavy hair.?
Please help how can i fix my bad red hair dye job ! :(?
Is there any health issues with a 23 year old woman if she has 100% grey hair?
question about how to grow your hair faster? ♥?
What are the positives to being a brunette?
long male fine hair I am trying to grow a ponytail but my hair is really fine?
Can I dye my hair blonde temporarily?
Which hairstyle (with pictures) do you prefer?
Any feedback on Epilfree hair removal?
Does anyone know how to raccoon highlight my hair?
Should I wear my hair up?
Chi hair straighteners?
What sort of hair cut should a guy with a face like me get ?
I want to dye my hair jet black..?
Do you like getting your hair shampooed at the hair salon?
Dying my hair blue, green or pink?
Should i dye my hair dark brown ? Heres Some pictures of me?
How can I tame my frizzy hair esp at my temples without the cost of expensive hair straightening treatments?
What should I do with my hair and/or make-up?
How long should I leave Jerome Russell in my hair?
Hair Help please...need answers?
What shampoo/conditioner is better?
My hair falls out a lot, please help?
My hair is very POOFY FRIZZY and DRY !!! Plz HELP!!?
What to do with my hair and style?
Black girls only please I need hair advice!!!?
Is it okay to bleach your back and stomach hairs ?
I'm going from brown to blond next week...any hair care tips or pointers I should know?
I have brown skina and I want to dye my hair red?
I'm 16, why do i have a couple of random grey hairs throughout my head?
y do alot of girls have thir hair cut short?
What is the difference between tools and equipment?
Anyone have a texturizer? I'm thinking about getting one.?
My hair seperates into sections? Stringy? Help!?
My hair is fine when gelled but when i let it air dry it completly poofs! how do i deal with this?
is it ture that the pubic hair color is the same as hair color on the head?
How to curl my hair like this?
Regaring semi-permanent hair dye?
What color should streak my hair with? (pic included)?
A change of hair, blonde, bobbed or a fringe?
HELPME iam ugly.....?
Hot oil treatment question?
in a week how many times i can use chi ceremic flat iron wihouy damaging my hair?
Do I look better with long or short hair?
Any DIY help for severly dry & damaged hair?
Dreadlocks/bang question ?? (Serious answers only plz)?
CURLY hair problem!! HELP?
I need some advice from Samy about my hair.despierta america/samy hair stylist?
is it attractive to have a hairy chest or a plain one?
So guys I have asked a question about my eyebrows before.....?
what are some good sites to find short hair styles?
Hairstyles for girls ?! thanks xx?
battery powered straighteners?
i wanna colour my dark skinned and will red highlights look nice?
im a guy, my hair is curly. i want it straight , what can i do?
Fringe,Does anyone have any way to keep it in place?
why won't my hair look as good the day after i get it cut?
Hair questions? Bleaching, Going from dark red to blonde. easy 10 points?
Need help on deciding about hair style!?
Where can I buy some good clip in hair extensions?
Im a black gal and need some help with hair styles?
What should I do with my hair?
What's your natural hair colour?
What's the trick to non-frizzy straightened hair?
People make fun of my curly hair, what to do?
my hair got very frizzy after shampoo...i don't want 2 use iron..wat can i do give me some tipes?
How can i know if the a-line haircut is for me?
Lighten blonde hair naturally?
Should I dye my hair blonde? Pictures...?
What is the best Hair Care Product out there for Biracial Kids?
How does one stay bald?
I haven't had a perm for 3 months, can i Hot Comb it or will my hair fall out if i do?
Good colour hairspray?
I dyed my hairr!! DO YOU LIKE IT??!?
what is the atom?
What kind of haircut should a guy with a large head and forehead get?
can u plz ezplain why black women have very short hair that does not grow and breaks off the scalp?
curly or straight?
How to get long hair in a week without using oil?
short haircuts for people with glasses?
how to get rid of mustache!?
what do to bleach???
How can u straiten ur hair without getting split ends??!!! plzzzzz help!!?
How do you make your OWN hair dye?!?
Easy braids for very thick hair?
is my boyfriend chaeting on me.?
Pictures of girls with hair with black tips?
where can i buy skindoctors hair no more in singapore?
Can someone help me find this hair color ?
I have frizzy hair that is naturally curly. i put it in a ponytail and it is boring! any hair suggestions?
(Pictures)Which one is prettier? front bangs or no bangs?
need to do the puffy on top ponytail!!! help??
do you think could I go blonde?
best solution for dandruff?
Best human hair extensions?
Dying my hair from a darkish brown to golden brown?
Hairs not growing like they use to.(pics)?
What do you think of this hairstyle on boys?!?
Should I Keep My Bangs or Grow Them Out?
How do I get bangs like celebs?
Haircut like Brookelle Bones?
do i look better with blonde or dark brown hair? (pics!)
Is it safe to dye your hair the next day?
what do i do to get my hair how i want it ?
Which weave is better ocean wave or body wave? .. or are they the same thing lol? ( im talking about weaves )?
What is your favorite hairstyle on a female?
lighten up?
Does anyone know??
what is the most popular hair style this summer?
What is the best hair product for spikes?
Curly, Wavy, or Straight?
what shampoo do you all use in the uk ?
What is the coolest hair style for a long hair boy this fall at school?
what would be a good color?
How should I lighten my hair?
How should I cut my hair?
What is the best oil for your hair?
I want to make my hair longer?
do kemo patients lose their pubic hair as well?
Tips on how to get long hair?
Whats a good dandruff shampoo?
Hair cuts..................?
Dose anyone know where i can buy virgin or indian human hair , in the Los Angeles area ?
OPINIONS NEEDED! Do I look better with long or short hair???
How long will it take to grown my hair back ?
What is the best hair product for damaged hair from heat?
Are you happy with your natural hair?
Can I dye a dark brown over my blond highlights?
Is long hair for a man unprofessional for a high school teacher?
i need a good, cheap solution to frizzy hair?
do i look better with highlights or dark hair? pics provided?
How do you make curly hair straight without the chemicals?
How do you fix hair that's been overly straightened?
Should I wash my hair every day. My mother says I'm stripping away the natural oils?
is the hair up like a littal bun in my pictuer avatar the style still???
I bought hair extensions but they're not real hair,they're synthetic.can I put hair jelly/ foam on them ?
What is wrong with my hair?
Is strawberry blond considered red or blond?
What is a cheap but not permanent for for hair color.?
Swoop bangs?
getting a haircut:D AH AH AH AH!!!!!!!!! :)?
Do I Have The Right Skin To Go Light Blonde?
what age do you think it's okay to start waxing from?
How to get my hair to stay straight during the school day?
hair style sites?
Any websites of hairstyles with pictures of long and short layers ???
is anybody out there interested in a liquid hair vitamin?
Is this a good picture of me? Be honest!?
What would you like to ask?what hair best suits me *pictures*?
What shampoo do you use?
removing hair at a salon?
Alberto VO5 Red, Styling Mousse, Curvaceous Curls, extreme style for guys or girls or both?
best shampoo?
shall i have my hair like this?
hair cut ideas ? pleasee?
Do guys like girls with long or short hair? Tall or short? Blue or Brown eyes?
What color would look good on black hair?
Will my hair go lighter?
best salon in nyc for blondes?
my dad is going bald and he keeps saying hes gunna grow his hair long again!! help?
How to make my hair grow fast?!?
Is there really a difference between so called "male" and "female" shampoos?
How many inches will my hair grow in 3 months?
Can i wear hair clip extensions eventhough im still suffering from hair loss?
Hair Dye???????
what do you prefer.. light brown hair or medium brown hair?
whatever happened to that pill which restores gray hair to its natural color? i believe it was made in the UK?
girls do u like the guys whom shave their legs and chests?
Biracial daughter's hair?
The back of my head.. The hair always sticks up .. Help?
HELP ASAP!!!!! i cut my hair!!!?
what is the best store bought Shampoo in conditioner???
hat's good on african american hair that's natural and texturized?
how to keep my hair straight?
how long will it take me to grow out my hair to this length (pics)?
What indian hair dye is suitable for grey hair?
what type of short thick curly hair cut should i get?
Why is my hair so damaged and unhealthy? :(?
How do you do the hippie head band without your hair getting poofy at the top?
How do I get the scene hair?
How do you girls make your hair wavey but look nice?
How do I keep the color in my hair rich and smooth? answers pleaseee?
What's that haircut that all the guys had in the olden days?
Tips of healthy hair?
Help with hair for Prom 09!!!?
i have dark brown hair would black streaks look ok?
How do I clean the floating plates of a hair straightener?
Hair Transplant in Dubai?
How to naturally stop hair loss and start regrowing.?
How to achieve this hair color?
where can i get cheer hair curlers?
Store bought color COVER professional?
Does putting hairspray on your eyebrows make them fall out?
Would I look better with short, medium, or long hair? (pics included) plz answer!!?
How to get too much hair product out of hair?
Long hair or short hair?
i am a young woman with facal hair i dont want to shave it is there any tips on how to get rid of it?
How do i make my hair softer?
which is prettier on me straight hair or wavy?
Losing hair at the front and sides....?
Long Hair or Short Hair?
Bright red hair, yes or no?
can somebody please answer this?
How to avoid messing my hair up on the back of a chopper?
which hair color do you like best? (pics?)?
has any of you bought the rapunzel rapunzel hair extensions how was your experience with them?
Do You Have To Have Your Parents Permission To Get Your Hair Styled In A Salon?
Does anyone have tips for a hair updo for a wedding party?
How long does your hair have to be to cut it off for Locks of Love?
How can I make my hair more red?
why does razoring your hair make it split ?
how do you add shine to your hair?
How to get my bleached ginger hair blonde!?
i'm 14 years old and i shave on the side of my face(lower),and i'm noticing that i have hair on my upper cheek?
How do they cut long hair in a salon?
How to get really curly/wavy hair overnight?? or after the shower?
Is a bob cut sexy on a women?
my hair looks caz and al the boys hates it and i did to ?
Which curling iron with $20 maximum can make your hair like this?(pic)?
Does mane and tail make your hair grow?
is it safe...........?
How long would you estimate until my hair covers my neck?
How to have long hair?
I was thinking of growing a mustash...?
How can i "take off" my dreads?
how do u straighten ur hair with a flat iron??
Was this rude of her?
What can I put in my hair to make it grow faster?
What eye and hair combination do you like?
Can I bleach over semi-permanent hair dye?
who knows ...... kandy marie?
What are some good hair products to smooth down hair?
i'm dying my hair in 2010.... i need ideas!?
Side bangs: on the left or on the right?
Why does my blonde hair sometimes look red in pictures?
What shampoo for extremely oily hair?
Is it better to shampoo and condition your hair before you curl it?
How do I grow my hair longer and faster?
i have really dark brown hair but i want the underneath electric blue?? help plz?
Thinking of getting a new haircut.. help?
Does Color Oops work on hair that has had color in it for a long time?
I want to shave my hair and i am 16 years old?
Should I get my hair permed like this .. ?
Would I look good with blonde hair? (pictures)?
what are some cute hairstyles to wear to a quinceanera?
Blonde or brunette???
what is the best shampoo to use?
Fringe cut too short?
I have eczema, but want to color my hair. What would be the product you'd reccomend?
Any good hairstyles for men with larger noses....?
Do I have a weird hairline?
If you have dreads, can you answer this please?
Why don't old women ever have long hair?
my hair is dead how do i repair it and make it grow faster?
I need HELP deciding a new hair color!?
Does my long braid make me ugly?
Girls only please...?
how to do traditional rags on my daughters hair?
should i get blonde streaks?
Straightening hair help?????
Which hair do you like better?
what hair color is better for my shade of skin.?
Need a really good flat iron !?
If Jesus were alive today, do you think he'd shave off his beard?
what hairstyle to get?
How can I learn to hair braid?
why is that girls dont like guys whit long hair and piercings?
should i cut my hair?
Which haircut is better?
Why does my hair color turn out different than the box says it will be?
if the hairdresser digs eyes, or purposely clean wire of hairdryer then touch/do your hair, what will you do?
girls only.... what can i do to make my hair hair is short and has refused to grow me fast.?
should older woman wear their hair long when it is gray?
how can i restore my natural curl?
Bleaching black hair to light brown.?
What kind of a haircut is this?
How should I have my bangs cut?
im in need of some hair loss help...?
What is the best kind of hair???? and please show me!?
how to get rid of hair Lice?
My hair grows out, not down - what to do?
what hair dye should i buy?
Hairline growth/big forehead?
who likes hilary duff?
How long does it take you to straighten or curl your hair?
What hairstyle should I do with my new hair?
People say that I have a unobrow how do I get rid of it?
TreSemme Products... which are good?
Should I break out of my straight ways, and let my natural curly hair show?
Would black hair look terrible on me? (PICTURES)?
Should men shave their pubes?
wat is da benefit of coluring hair? is it gud 4 health?
Anyone who's had Keratin deep hair conditioning.. How much did it cost you?
What products are good for a firm, spikey hair style?
did i look better with dark or light hair?
What do you think I am? ethnicity?
Why do I get scabs on my scalp when I have a hair weave? Am I allergic to the hair glue?
Brunette or Blonde? (PICS)?
how can i get my hair to stay wavy for awhile?
how do i naturally make my hair blonder?
How to wash my hair without a shower?
Olive oil and eggs for hair?
Is my hairline too far gone? (pic inlcuded)?
What's the best way of getting rid of underarm hair?
Where is a good place to get a childs first hair cut in the Warren, Ohio area?
can anyone please post some linkswith pictures or hair color ideas such as blonde with black undearneath?
My hair is Orangey-Ginger and is brassy how to get it to Blonde, Please Help! 10 points?
What iz your favorite hair style for female??? [hair of head]?
cute haircut??
what should i do to get rid of dandruff?
how do i make purple/blue demi-permanent hair dye come out faster?
Girls Only! Please answer!?
should i get a feather in my hair?
If someone else shampoos your hair at a salon do you need to tip them--even if it isn't a formal salon?
which hairstyle is best for a party?
Is lightening your hair color with hydrogen Peroxied safe for your hair?
What's a good shampoo and conditioner?
can i use lavender essence instead of lavender oil?
Will this haircut suit me? My pic included! If not, pls tell me what haircut will suit me.
How to make hair thinner?
how can I make my hair curly without a curling iron or hair rollers?
my brothers mate keeps taking mick out of my ginger hair?
Is this hairstyle nice?
What is a good over the counter bleach?
Which head and face shape is the best for a buzz cut?
I need help about the care of hair?
Greasy forehead and hair dandruff?
how do you section short hair?
Ombre hair on medium short hair?
What crazy haircut should i get?
Is it normal to chew on other peoples hair?
A question for the girls?
Where can i find electric blue hair dye? That is permanent.?
Can I use toner 2 weeks after I bleached my hair?
My hair ..I can't find anything to do!!?
Should I dye my hair darker...? or lighter?
i ahve really thick poofy hair NEED HELP!!?
should i dye my hair in a salon or at home?
which haircut looks better?
Do girls care if guys have facial hair?
How should I wear my hair for a formal affair. I am wearing a black gown that has a halter top.?
Girls do you like when guys shave there pubic hair?
Do girls like guys who spike their hair with gel?
What color should i dye my hair?
is there any sort of remedy for baldness?
greasy hair ?
Dish soap for hair advice ?
What at home remedys can u do to get soft and shiny hair?
How can i make my hair become naturally curly like it was before years of straightening?
How to shave off my pubic hair?
Guys and girls, How do i fix my hair? (pics included)?
What is the best hair dye to use in order to get emerald green hair?
which pic do you like best?
How to curl hair using heat straightener?
Favourite colour hair on guys?
I want to color my hair at home ...Need tips !?
Do You Dislike Going to the Hair Salon?
How would this hairstyle look on me?
How to darken arm hair?
Dying my hair white & hot pink?
Thick Hair?
i want purple and blonde hair..any body have any ideas!?
what color should i die my hair?
What to do if my hair got little bit burnt with fire?is this a serious thing will anything happen to my hair?
Why is my perm flat after just getting it done?
Dying my hair pink from dark brown?
Getting my hair cut tomorrow but.........?
Castor oil or GroAut oil for hair growth?
need help for the new me! new hair color!!!! (: (facebook pictures)?
How do I make my hair softer?
what hair colour makes you look older ?
i have hair on my fat nose?
How do I bleach my dirty blonde hair several shades blonder? I don't want platinum blonde...?
what are cute hairstyles?
How do i style this hair? (pics included)?
Is it bad if i use a highlighter to dip-dye my hair?
New hair cut....[ 2 pics included]?
Getting my hair colored?
Hair falling out help?
Would I look good with red streaks in my hair? (pic)?
would i suit blonde? (pic)?
How Many Times Have You Dyed Your Hair?
Does Any One Think I Would Like Nice As A Brunnette ? I Prefer Being Blonde Just Wondering?
Ginger roots how to get rid of them?
What sites can i go to that give me pictures of hairstyles and how to do them?
Longer hair..?
does colouring hair cause hair loss.....? my mother told putting hair colour can cause pre-graying....?
What colour hair best suits pale skin and blue eyes?
What hairstyle looks best? [pics]
I have really thick and long hair and I need help with ideas on how to put it up for sports.?
What color is my hair?!?
About commercial hair color?
Palty Raspberry Macaron Hairdye?
What do you think of this hairstyle?
how do u grow ur hair long fast ?
Question about going natural and cornrows?
How to cut my hair myself?
quick hair dying question !?
Guys ONLY please: Opinion on my red hair.?
Where can I buy Black Castor Oil products or any other natural hair care products in Houston,TX?
Do you thinks bobs are cute?
What happens if you tie and wet your rebonded hair before 3 days?
I'm a boy, should i straighten my hair?
what can remove pubic hair?
What color should I dye my under layers of my hair?
Should i cut my hair?
How long will it take to grow my hair waist-length?
im going to be coloring my (really thick!) hair at home. whats a good way to make sure i get all of my hair?
I could just go off and...........?
How Do You Make Dry Hair Look As Good As When It's Wet?
Do you cut and/or dye your own hair? If so, how often do you color it?
Some one please help hair is dry, brittle and just wont gro past my neck...any gud products out there
i nedd a new hairstyle...?
i want to put blue hilights in my you think they would look okay?
HELP!!!!! plz plz fast hurry!?
What did Hayden Christensen, the guy who plays the grown Anikin in Starwars do to his hair?
Which hair color suits me best?
i want to be reallllly thin!?
How can I have healthy hair?
How to achieve straight relaxed hair without heat?
Minimum Length to Straighten Hair?
What Do you Think Of The Hair ... Should I Have It Like This For School ?
What is a really good conditioner for "de-poofing"?
How many hairdressers are there in the UK?
hair cut free at hairdressers?? will i regret this?
How to use Sunsilk waves of envy gel cream?
Volume for thin hair?
What's best for lightening hair, lemon juice or chamomile tea?
Question about frizzy hair? (10 points best answer.)?
Do you have to have your hair short too wear Clip-In extensions ?
My hair keeps falling ..Please suggest something to stop it..Please...?
Grey Hair?????
What do you think of my ankle length hair?
Hair help please?! What shampoo should I use...?
Best styling method for permed hair?
which is better??????????????!!?
Can you mask a hair follicle test to pass it?
I think ive ruined my hair?
ok. i bleached my hair from dk brown to blond. but its orange and yellow. what should i do?
how will a curly perm make my hair look?
How do you maintain dreadlocks?
Is there any home remedy to get rid and avoid split ends in hair?
Foxy locks or luxy hair?
Will straightening straight hair eliminate frizz?
Can you get micro braids with very long hair?
how do i look?
How to get long hair in a year!!?
Girlz Help!?
How can I get waves in my head?????
Where can i buy hair crimper/straightener/curler?
would i look good blonde?
I have thin straight hair, why can't I twist braid my hair, then sew in the extensions?
what is the best temporary hair dye (the ones in cans or hair mascara ) for dark hair?
What are some good products to get rid of hair?
Regis - Protein Boost Treatment.?
Is it bad to straiten your hair everyday?
i'm a guy with a moderately hairy chest, should i shave/wax it or just leave it like it is?
Is it a good idea to get my hair layered?
how to get wavy hair without heat?
Should I get bangs?!?!?!?
does Chlorine change the color of lightened hair?
Will a faux hawk/mohawk look good an asian?!!?
How should I get my hair cut? (pics)?
African american hair questions s?
my hair is damaged at the ends i am trying to let it grow out with out cutting it what should i do?
Pure coconut oil for hair?
What is a concentrator (hairdryer)?
I want some links for long layered hair?
any idea about my hair problem solution , does refectocil works , if so why i can found it ?
Can you help me pick a haircut?
Would this hair color work?
Is my hair considered medium or long?
How do i get my hair to look better?
would i look good in this hair color (pic included)?
Does my current hair colour suit me?
I have alot of dandruff in my hair please give me any desi totka that works,10 POINTS for a good answer, thanx?
Should I get full bangs again? (+pics)?
Punk hair dye question...?
What hair color would look best?
how can i get my scene hair like these scene hair links?
Why do so few barbers or hair stylists know how to give a decent high and tight hair cut.?
my partner says that if your hair is curly it means that its damaged at the roots. is this true?
To get a haircut or not to? (with pics)?
Please nobodies answering 10 points easy question. All u have to do is pick which cut u like better. Easy?
Hair helpp. First dayy of school?-pictures-?
what do you think of frizzy hair?
I have REALLY curly and frizzy hair, how do I get it straight?
where can i get a sorta scene/nice hair cut?
CLip In Hair Extensions?
Hair product help easy 10 Points?
what is he best way too remove hair from down there?
What color should I dip dye my hair? [Old picture btw]?
swim after higlighting hair?
I wanna dye my hair a freaky color, what color should I choose?
What should I do with my hair?
How do I do a quick tied-up hair do for school?
my sis is looking for a new hair due and i need some ideas can u help?
Hello. I am looking for a Bettie Page wig.?
do you think natural blonde hair is pretty?
What is the difference between a ceasar haircut and a half caesar haircut?
why do people dye there hair darker in the summer and lighter in the winter?
Do girls prefer goatees, mustaches, beards, or clean-shaven faces?
What colour should i dye/highlight my hair?
Bleached Hair and pools with chemicals?
Does Colour Really Matter To YOU!?
I have curly hair, and straighten it EVERYDAY, but it's beginning to get a chore, how can i make it last?
should i grow my hair longer? take a look. ?
What color(s) should I kool aid my hair? And where?
hair question for cosmetology exam final?
How do you keep your hair straight after takeing a shower?
how do i straighten my thick hair and make it stay str8? cause ti always puffs out in an hour or two?
To get a haircut or not to? (with pics)?
what a good hair color? :]?
What Will Happen To My Hair if I Dye it Blonde?
shaving head to get rid of dandruff?
does any one love zac efron like i do?
Does the Finally Free radio frequency hair removal tool work?
Guys, which hair color on women is hotter?
Hair Styles?
Hair color?
i have curly i want to straiten it but without bonding?
How to remove hair from back?
brunettes or blondes?
What should I do to my hair??? i want a change.?
i use this hair dye its superdrugs pure pratniumg but how?
Do you like long or short hair?
ok all of my hair is falling out i neeed tips of how to make my hair grow its falling out cuz i straighten it!
cut it or grow itt? (pics included)?
Should I get my hair cut?
I've got pin straight hair and i want cute beach waves!?
How should I change my hair?
Curly or Straight hair?
on a girl typically, do you like blonde hair or brunette?
Hair colour - Question about Going from Dark Ginger to blonde..?
What Does razoring your hair actually do?
What hair color looks best on asians?
How does hair get clean doing conditioning only washes?
i need help in looking for a facial hair/stubble style that will suite my face..?
What hairstyle should I do with my hair?
I have a chi ceramic straightener what is the best way to clean it?
What color hair do you have?
i have dandruff and i need help?
would i look good with blonde hair?
what is a good hair style for a year 11 ball?
What kind of hair do i have?
is it okay to die your hair dirty? or better to go ahead & wash yur hair then dye it .?
Can I use a peroxide treatment to remove semi permanent color?
Help! Getting my hair cut in 4 hours. Need styles plz help?
Does NoNo hair remover work on a man's legs?
I'm studying abroad in Morelia, Mexico, fall semester. Does Mexico have salons for african-american hair?
HELP.. I used shimmer lights on my highlights and it turned them PURPLE!!?
I'm 13, have black hair, should I dye it platinum blonde :O!!?
Losing hair, 18 YO Male?
Girls how important is a guys hair to you?
What is the best conditioner to use for black hair ?
Trying to grow out hair, and failing miserably; should I trim my hair, or just leave it?
Can I make a natural faux hawk with a cowlick ?
How often should I cut my hair if I leave it natural?
why do men judge women by there hair colour ?
How do I look better: with dark or blonde hair?
What colour level and shade is hair in this video?
Best product to use for locking and maintaining dreadlocks?
Would i look good with long emo/scene hair?
What hair color would suit me best?
is this hair dye even possible?
is it posable to die your hiar black natualy or not using a store bought item ?
do i look cute in bangs?
How do I (MALE) grow my hair long without it looking messy?
cute haristyles for going to the movies?
has anyone evevr had bang extensions?
i have brown hair and they are very dry.wat should i do to make them soft and shine?which is the best shampoo?
Should I let my daughter dye her hair?
Do you like curly hair or stright hair?
Should I dye my hair pink?
what is a good way to keep your hair healthy and looking good while wearing braids?
How do you make your hair grow long quick?
Do you see a girl named Jamie as a BLONDE or as a BRUNETTE. 10 POINTS ?
do i look better with straight hair or curly?? [pics]
my best friend wants to dye her hair what color do u think she should dye it.?
Poll:- Do you like short curly hair or long straight/wavy hair ?
I'm pale and have dark blond hair. What do you think I should do?
Do you like my mom's new perm && hair dye job?? (PICS INCLUDED?)?
Will this haircut look good on me? I'm a guy that really wants a new short haircut! PLEAsE HELP ME ASAP!!!!!!!?
bleach powder and shampoo, will it lighten my hair?
Dyeing Hair????
Advice on making my hair healthy again?
Why do so many black women have short hair?
please help me before i run out of time!?
I neeeeeeeeed hair help please!!!!!!!! ASAP (before friday)?
I bleached my eyebrows to lighten them, now it looks like I have no eyebrows.?
How can i make my hair un-poofy?
what is the alterative name for reddish hair?
For how long after using Mane n' tail does build up start happening?
Where can i find hot black women hairstyle images?
Can you dye brown hair blonde using temporary dye?
What time did I get my hair cut today?
I want curls like this?
my hair get dry after 1-2 hrs of head bath and i have spilt ends. I use shampoo?
Would this hair color look good on me?
Rate, steryotype, best feature, age, haircolor?
Is it okay to use Argon hair products on colord hair?
It's already been blue and electric purpley pink, what should I dye my hair next?
hair problems!!!! need help!!!!!!!!!!!?
what is the best shampoo for split hair?
How to get my hair to stay scrunched?
I dont know if blonde would suit me.. ?
hair styles to do wit bangs?!?
do you like this skirt? easy 2 points!?
should indians have short hair or long hair?
how can i convince my mom to let me dye my hair?
How do I dye my hair with peroxide?
My hair is gets greasy after one day.. Help?
How do I get rid of the brassiness in my hair?
Any blonde girls color their hair brunette?
moose or gell?
how 2 make my hair more silky and straight and fluppy........i need sum home remedy......i have thick hairs?
How long does red kool-aid last in brown hair?
Can you change the type of "curly" hair you have?
How would you describe your hair type? What do you do to take special care of it?
How can I make my hair shiny?
Does really hot water shrink hair?
Scene hair on me?!?!?!?
Is pantene,dove and suave really bad for your hair?
What foods are the best for thicker hair growth?
what color should i dye mah huur blue or purple?
whats in hair dye???????????
Which celebrity wears the most obvious wig?
Do you think by august i well have my hair this long ?
How should I do my hair for my 8th grade graduation dance?
Would I look better with my friend's hairstyle?
how do you clean a tangle teezer brush?
Where could i get weave fusioned into my hair in Dallas, Texas?
Will I go blonde if I strip my hair color?
Where can I find a texlaxing hair stylist in the NY/NJ area?
How do I "flatten" my short hair?
Does the Bead Head Extra Extra Straight (step 4) have a great hold?
What can make hair straight ?
Am I an attractive guy? and which hairstyle do you like better?
what hair color would look good on me?? i want a bright red or a light golden color almost like blonde?
How can I have my hair for an engagement party?
what is the best hair shampoo and conditioner in the market for color hair?
why do women insist on buying false hair?